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Every corner of the world is worth seeing for people who love to roam

around. Traveling and picnic culture has spread rapidly in the last two

decades. Information from digital media, travel channels and travel

magazines have further enhanced the passion for this hobby. These

days the expansion of air services and cheap offers from corporate tour

agencies have opened new doors for Indians to roam the world. If you

are thinking of traveling abroad and you do not have a visa, then let us

tell you about some countries where you can roam very cheaply

without a visa.

Cheap Countries to Visit on Corporate Tour Without


1. Mauritius

This place is very beautiful, the waterfall and the beach here is no less

than a paradise. Indian tourists can stay here for 90 days with their

passports. The best place to spend precious time with family or friends.

2. Nepal

The less the geographical distance between Nepal and India, the less

political and cultural distance is there between these two countries.

This country is not completely different from India in terms of standard

of living, food, language, and dress. Nepal has Kathmandu where you

will have beautiful hills and views of natural beauty. For Indians, this

country is no less than a paradise for cheap travel.

3. Maldives

Maldives is a tourist country, situated near the Indian Ocean, this island

is in the midst of small beautiful beaches. If you are an Indian and are

planning your trip to a beautiful country, then Maldives can be a best

choice. You can stay here for about 30 days without a visa. Even after

coming here, you will not feel like you are outside India. It will be no

less than a paradise for you due to shopping, restaurants, fun on the

beach and beautiful views.

The special thing about Maldives is that here you will get a chance to

live a luxurious life very cheaply. Underwater photography, this small

country with a spectacular resort overlooking whales and dolphins, will

fascinate you. There is a direct flight from the Thiruvananthapuram in

Kerala to Maldives capital Male. From Delhi and Mumbai, you can get

information about it from any travel website and flight fares are also

very low.

4. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the happiest and quietest countries in the world. The

natural beauty here is not added anywhere in the world and you will

not require any visa to go here. Since the currency is cheaper than

India, walking here is not too heavy on the pocket. Apart from ancient

temples, this country is also famous for Buddhist temples

5. Macau

Macau is a place in Asia that is one of the richest cities in the world.

The special thing is that Indians can roam here without a visa. Here you

can visit many places like Macau Tower, Senado Square, Macau

Museum, Cathedral. This place is a great tourist destination for nightlife

enthusiasts as well as restaurants, glow-in-the-dark style.

These were some of the countries where you can make your corporate


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