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Venture Magazine is a collaborative project that I worked on alongside three of my colleagues during my time at university. It's a quarterly magazine that highlights the wonderful hidden gems waiting to be found around the greater Sacramento area.

Autumn 2015 | Issue Nº 1


Which Way Will You Go First?


Change your perspective about the

local indoors & outdoors.

Find the best places for local sweets

and coffees.

Learn more about the events of TBD

and Second Saturday.

Get buzzed with the amazing local

brewery scene.




Which Way Will You Go First?

First Timer?

Venture Magazine is a quarterly magazine that publishes the

exciting things that happen in the local area of Sacramento.

We mostly cover the unknown and undiscovered spots that

contribute to the beauty of Sacramento.

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Autumn 2015


Beyond the




Pulse of

the City

In Search

of Beer

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Dear Venturer,

This magazine has been a blast to create.

I gained so much knowledge about the

undiscovered parts of Sacramento and

it was such a pleasure being able to

experience it at the same time as creating

it. My inspiration for this magazine varies

from using elements that can be found

in nature but also the use of a grid for a

dynamic structure.

This magazine made me more open minded

about the life of the people of Sacramento

and how they work in the community.

Experiencing through this magazine makes

me appreciate it more, and I want to

encourage my readers to venture out and

explore Sacramento as I have.

Niño Bautista




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the concrete



The numorous continents that rule

earth are knee deep in cities. Each one

mapped out like a star in the night sky.

Some are smaller, others considerably larger.

Each aglow, the people it’s loyal heartbeat.



Cities, just like people, are alive. They hug us

from both sides, call upon our curiosity and

wait for our response. The street are mapped

out like veins, pulsing with life, beckoning the

curious. When living in any city, the organic

and the man created aspects begin to morph

together yet often we do not set aside time to

be with nature and get stuck on the concrete,

safe side. We forget to step outside of our

boxes and dwell amidst the greenery, or in the

case of Autumn, the transition between colors.

In this concrete empire, taking the time to

interact with nature has to be a conscious

decision. School, work, and basic everyday

activities often revolve around the paved

comforts of the city which is understandable

but slowing down to the pace of the organic

world is a necessity. There is peace to be found

when we leave obligations and simply detach

from the material world. The argument could

be made that getting outside is a responsibility

that we have to ourselves and even to those

that surround us. Being in nature is important.

No question about it.



The outdoors is in our roots. There was a time

when humans solely depended on the land that

they inhabited, where the wild unknown truly

was alive and more apparent then in the current

world. Sacramento was this way less than 150

years ago. As a focal point in the history of

California many travelers and settlers found

themselves in the valley with the untamed

environment every way that they turned. Those

where the days when the soles of shoes made

contact with more unpaved directions than

city. As Summer beings to shut her eyes and

the oncoming winds pick up speed, we choose

to relish the wealth of outdoor activities that

are sprinkled throughout Sacramento instead

of retreating indoors. Although Sacramento

does not get very cold during these months,

layering can still be important for a successful

outing. Putting supplies like a windbreaker or

a beanie close at hand could be bene cial if an

impromptu adventure calls your name during

the chilly days. Any of these Sacramento outings

paved. Fast forward to present day and for the

majority of people being outdoors has evolved

into an activity rather than an uncontrolled

aspect of everyday living. Despite this shift, the

fact remains that being in nature has always been

good for us and should come ... well naturally.

We become healthier, more in tune with our

surroundings and as a result, happier. We have

always been meant to collide with nature. To

touch trees, watch sunsets, hear the hum of the

river. Our scenes thrive when we breathe a fresh

batch of ltered air while our joints move in

harmony with the wind.

The collision of summer ending and autumn

awakening ushers in not only a change in the

seasons but the way that we interact with the

can be a solo or a group experience. As long

as you are going somewhere, it doesn’t matter

which way you choose.

“The outdoors is

in our roots.”

California’s wide range of geographical markers

makes it an ideal place for outdoor exploration.

More speci cally, Sacramento, is home to a great

number of spots that provide access to nature

at its nest. Some are wild, some are more tamed

but each grants the opportunity for one on one

connections with nature.





The Sacramento River

runs for over four-hundred

miles through the middle

of California with many

branching rivers enticing

visitors to come and spend

time with her. One of her

many forks is the American

River which is accessible

from many different areas in

Sacramento. The following

two areas to venture to

the river are just a few

local spots that are easily

accesible, filled with wild

animals (like deer and hares),

and good areas to view the

shifting of seasons from.

Ancil Hoffman Park

6341 Tarshes Dr, Carmichael

The first spot is called

Ancil Hoffman Park, this

park includes a nature

center called Effie Yeaw

which can give you a more

in depth explanation and

understanding of the plants

and animals that live in the

nearby area as well as basic

California knowledge that

is helpful for any visitor or

dweller to know. The beauty

of this location is that there

are many winding pathways

that end up at the river. It

is sort of a maze and what

ever direction you choose,

you will eventually run into

water. You can interact with

other individuals on the trails,

breathe in the fresh Fall

smells and discover new ways

to get to the river.

The second river accessible

spot is called William B. Pond

Park. During Autumn this

area shows a wide range of

transformation which can be

witnessed from the bridge

going across the river. Biking,

shing, wading, walking,

running, stargazing, this

section of land gives you

room for many different

activities that can be a

whole day event or an hour

long retreat. This section


is never


William B. Pond Park

5700 Arden Way, Carmichael

stretches for many miles

without interruption and

although I have gone there

numerous times, I always

spot new sights. Nature is

never boring. At this location

you can keep to a paved

path, walk along natural

paths or do a bit of both.

Because of it’s location,

Sacramento has many creeks.

The Arcade Creek is one that

has great sections ideal for

explore. There is a nice and

quite section near Discovery

Park. Trees lean in from

both sides of the creek and

a mystery fills the silence.

There are small trails leading

you yet it is important to

be alert because in the wild,

nature is queen and even in

the colder months plants

like poison oak and ivy are

not dormant. When being in

the great outdoors it is also

important to be polite and

remember that we are guests,

the land will live on long

after we are gone so “leave

only footprints, take only

memories” is a good motto

for outdoor exploration.

Sadly, California has been in

a drought for some time so

small bodies of water like

creeks are often the rst ones

to dissapear. Despite this

setback, the land near these

rivers is often still alive and

awake with life. If you get

to a location that is void of

water you can still carry on.

Explore the dents were the

creek used to run, where the

leaves falling off of trees

make there home.



The Nimbus Hatchery

2001 Nimbus Rd, Gold River

A third local area is The Nibus Hatchery which is found

in eastern Sacramento County. It is home to Chinook

salmon and steel head raised for release into the Amer- ican

River. Autumn hosts the yearly fish run’s and this section

holds some spectacular views of the natural phenomenon.

Making the opportunity to watch the beauty of nature at the

Hatchery is well worth it and you don’t have to be a sher to

appreciate the moment I can tell you that! For those curious

about the fish there is information available.

Within walking distance from the hatchery is the Sacramento

State Aquatic Center. Here, even in the Autumn months, you

can rent out equipment like a kayak, canoe, or hydro bike

and set off across the water. The price is affordable and the

experience is both fun and rewarding. You may think these

activities are reserved for the hot summer months yet there

is a sense of achievement when embarking on the water in

the colder months, the only thing you have to remember is

to not ip over. Walk, bike ride, jog, skate, roller blade, heck

even scooter over to a foreign part of town to take in the

changing of the season. We tend to notice things that are

in our neighborhood, but we take in a greater quantity of

things when we embark into the unknown. Nature is ever

changing, if we take a moment, we may learn a lesson or

two from her. During the autumnal months a wide range of

shifts start to occure. Take in the environment. You can go

out and document the changes you are witnessing through

photographs, sketches, words or simply go out and notice

the organic world that is around you always.

The thing about nature is that she never ceases to give us

her full attention, it is we who stop at times, too caught up

in the hustle and movement of everyday living. We take her

for granted, forgetting that it is not she who needs us, but

we who need her. There is no excuse, no matter what city

you live in, for not setting aside time to go outside. You

never know what you’ll find when you dare to venture out.

It doesn’t really matter if you choose a form of tamed or

wild nature as long as your feet are moving and your lungs

are expanding. Even if it means scheduling it in, get outside,

look around. Be present.

Photographs by Angelina Sorokin





ARTICLE BY Niño Bautista


The baristas at Chocolate Fish Coffee

Roasters take the extra time and use

these big coffee roasters to make the

rich flavor of coffee very noticeable in

their hot and cold drinks. The coffee

houses in Sacramento also hold classes

for the public to gain knowledge on how

to use these machines.

{“Sweet spots and coffee shops have become a

major part of the culture of Sacramento”


Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento

The sweet smell of coffee in the

autumn wind can have the power

to send your cravings through the roof especially

with this current fall season. Many local sweet

shops have skyrocketed around the Sacramento

area and are calling everyone for a treat. Small

businesses have been popping out and are ready

to serve the city what it needs. Many of these

small businesses have their own unique influences

and different ways of marketing their products.

These local, small businesses have been the talk

of the town for years, they’ve been giving the

locals what they do not expect at a normal café

or a chocolate store. Sacramento is starting to

become a well-known city for many people who

have a sweet tooth and are café goers. However,

sweets and coffee shops are not just for eating

and drinking nowadays, but for socializing as well.

Sweet spots and coffee shops have become a

major part of the culture of Sacramento because

it has an array of places to offer when it comes

to these kinds of things. Many locals enjoy going

out to places that are only known in this city.

However, they may not be aware of the least

popular cafes and sweet spots which can offer

more exciting ways to enjoy your experience.



Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

1801 L Street #60, Sacramento

Insight Coffee Roasters

566 Pavilions Ln, Sacramento

Everyone loves coffee and desserts,

especially in the fall season. Many

people gather throughout the chilly

days of fall at local cafes and sweet

shops for a treat. This has been

done throughout the year, but the

season of autumn gives a hint of

specialty to these activities.

Many of us crave sweets and coffee.

In fact, we crave more sugar in the

winter because we get less sunlight

and less exercise. Around this time

of the year, there are more warm

desserts and baked goods available

such as pies and muffins. Ice creams

and cold treats may be disfavored

throughout the fall, but Sacramento

knows how to tie in the cold treats

with its warm counterpart.

There are so many benefits to

eating sweets and drinking coffee.

Research shows that dark chocolate

helps your heart to become stronger

and can lower blood pressure.

Dark chocolate is a great partner

with coffee to satisfy everyone’s

cravings in the cold autumn days.

The caffeine in coffee can make

you smarter by the substance being

absorbed into the bloodstream and

then traveling to the brain. Coffee

can also burn fat by boosting

metabolism levels.

BJ’s Restaurant’s Pizookie, a dessert

that has an ice cream and a warm

cookie combined together has been

a popular treat in the city. Cold

desserts have been experimented

with warm cookies, brownies and

doughnuts lately and have been

successful with the audience. The

warm coffee of Sacramento is the

best way to wash people’s palettes

after all the delicacies.

Coffee shops become more

crowded as they begin selling their

seasonal drinks like the famous

Pumpkin Spice Latte and pumpkin

muffins or bread. Many people

favor these flavors because of

its association with the season.

Every time the leaves turn red,

Sacramento never disappoints to

offer an unforgettable season with

all of its local flavors.

Sacramento has their own coffee

community within the city. As a

contribution to this community,

Sacramento holds the The

Sacramento Public Latte Art Tour

(SPLAT). SPLAT is a tournament

where baristas compete monthly

for the label of Sacramento’s Best

Latte Artist, a grand prize, and a

trophy. This event occurs every

second Thursday for about three

consecutive months of the year and

each tournament holds a winner.

“There are so many

benefits to eating sweets

and drinking coffee.”

Another event held in Sacramento

surrounding coffee is Specialty

Coffee Week. This event celebrates

coffee with tasting and learning

more about specialty coffee which

puts an emphasis on coffee being

created from the farms to the cup

you drink from. This year, it will be

held on October 12-18th and events

will be held at different businesses

throughout the Sacramento area.




Specialty coffee has become more familiarized in society

that Temple has created a coffee photography class that

will take part of Specialty Coffee Week. About four

popular Instagram users will be teaching a class on how to

take pictures of coffee and more. Different stations will

be focusing on different photography skills to help people

learn more about photographing coffee and pastries.

Sacramento is in the top ten ranking for local coffee

marketing. According to Small Business Research Reports,

Sacramento is ranked number five with 20% of local

market coffee bar patrons. This shows that Sacramento is

getting recognized for all of the local coffee shops around

town. It also opens up a possibility of the city becoming a

coffee capital in the country.

Coffee also correlates to art and music. Shine Sacramento

is a local coffee shop that serves coffee while engaging

with art and music. They hold live performances and

feature local artists every month on their walls for all

to enjoy. Son of A Bean Coffee and Art also provides a

mixture of coffees and displays of local art pieces. These

specific coffee shops attract locals and visitors that enjoy

listening to live music and seeing the work of local artists

in Sacramento while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Sacramento has a variety of places around its vicinity that

offers these dessert spots and coffee shops. These sweet

spots include Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, Gunther’s Ice

Cream, and Sacramento Sweets & Company. As for cafes,

it includes Insight Coffee, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters,

Old Soul Company, and Temple Coffee. These are just a

few of the places around this city that offer great quality

delicacies and coffees.

Sacramento Sweets Co

1035 Front St, Sacramento



These locations are scattered throughout the city

and could be visited by driving or just simply

walking around the city. Everywhere you look there

are coffee shops or sweet spots ready to cater to

you. Every part of this city has different places to

offer; many diverse sweets and coffee shops can be

seen in every corner.

Places such as Bella Bru have a Latin inspiration

behind their well-known local café. There are also

Asian influences from Boba Cafe which provide

tapioca and milk tea drinks as well as Asian inspired

food. Crepeville has a French inspiration to replace

fast food restaurants with a healthy food option that

keeps the prices at a reasonable rate. Sacramento

offers a big selection of diverse spots for everyone

to enjoy in only a 15 mile radius.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is a French inspired

shop that offers different types of chocolates

mixed with many flavors as well as macarons with

a variety of essence. They use all local and organic

ingredients that come from a variety of farms

around California like Stockton, Oroville, and Rio

Linda along with many other locations. Anyone

who visits Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates will have a

wonderful selection of different flavors mixed with

the original flavoring of chocolate all made from

local ingredients.

In the spirit of celebrating the fall season, close

knit families and friends use family recipes to

come together. Friends and family have started

their modern traditions with getting sweets and

coffee during the autumn and winter seasons.

Some families go to a certain place every year as a

tradition to bring the family together to take a break

from their busy schedules. Some friends make it

a tradition to go out at least once a month to try

different places around town. This is great way to

keep family traditions as well as giving business to

local sweets and coffee shops in the city.

The future of coffee and sweets looks very bright

in the city of Sacramento. Old Soul Company is

already planning to expand their business into

another location on R street in Spring of 2016. This

cafe will be in an old electrical storage warehouse

which will be transformed into one of their nicest

patios. This extension of Old Soul Company

will also be opening a restaurant along with a

bar. The new location will be called Old Soul Co.

and Pullman Bar. This new concept of a cafe is

very revolutionizing and will expand the coffee

community of Sacramento.

With the continuous growing of the coffee

community, modern twists have impacted the

culture and the society of the locals of Sacramento.

Sweet spots and coffee shops have changed with

the generations. In the past generations, college

students didn’t go out for coffee as a socializing

aspect of their lives. They would get coffee just

for the extra energy to finish their homework and

study for school. In this generation, it has been well

known to meet up at a coffee shop to drink coffee

and do homework together as friends.

The fall season celebrates socializing while drinking

a nice cup of coffee and eating a slice of sweets

that tingles your tongue. The future of sweets and

coffee shops in Sacramento has a bright future

ahead bringing in continuous customers and

delicious attractions. The coffee community within

Sacramento will continue to grow from here on out

with new and exciting events and locations. These

local Sacramento coffee shops and

dessert shops are on the rise and continue to

become more frequently visited by locals and

visitors of the city.


Photographs by Niño Bautista


Insight Coffee Roasters located in the

Pavilions Shopping Center is known

for using each type of method and

machinery in the making of their drinks

to create different types of coffee for a

variety of tastes, looks, and smells.




EST. 1940

2801 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento










If you asked anyone to name a place in California with

a great art and music scene, their first, second, or even

third response would probably not be “Sacramento”.

And that’s exactly why we locals love it here.

A visitor might be surprised to discover a

melting pot of culture and possibility, accented

by a thriving, community-based art and music

scene. Unlike many major metropolitan cities,

Sacramento’s art and music scene is host to

a creative community that is warm, open and

inclusive much like the capital city itself.

This vibrant local art and music scene has been

bubbling below the surface for some time now.

Even Sacramento suburbanites are just now

beginning to make their way to the epicenter of

the action, exploring such events as the Second

Saturday Art Walk and TBDfest, the annual 3-day

festival celebrating music, art, design, and food.



Second Saturday

Downtown Sacramento

For the past several years, the Second Saturday Art Walk has

served as Sacramento’s staple cultural event, so much so that

it has now far outgrown ‘art’ alone. The event began as an

opportunity for galleries located throughout the city (though

mostly clustered in the midtown area) to open their doors to

meandering spectators and potential buyers. It runs 5:30pm

until 9pm or later, with many of the artists present, meeting

and mingling with thousands of viewers. Local papers, such

as the Sacramento News & Review, provide a monthly guide

to the event, highlighting notable exhibitions.



Warm Sacramento autumn nights are an especially exciting

time to experience Second Saturday, with free food and wine

in many of the galleries, and live music and performances

around every corner. The open house feel for the evening

lends itself to spontaneity, as wandering art aficionados

bump elbows with young couples on dates, and families with

strollers, all observing the art as well as each other. This

activity in the heart of the city has grown in recent years,

nurturing Sacramento’s culture of local art appreciation.

In a continuing effort to support the burgeoning arts scene

in the city, Sacramento is now home to the Warehouse Artist

Lofts, also known as “WAL”. The industrially-styled WAL is

a retrofitted factory designed as “live/work” spaces, made

available to local artists at affordable, rent-controlled

“When did

Sacramento ever

get so popular?”

prices. The ground floor of the building contains a selection

of local restaurants and retailers, including Art Gallery 1810,

a mini art space that features the works of a small selection

of local street-style artists. WAL also boasts impressive

murals painted by its residents on the outside of the former

brick garment factory, as well as the entrance to each floor.

The WAL collective recently celebrated its first Second

Saturday with a neighborhood street fair featuring artists

booths, live music, and food.

“When did Sacramento ever get so popular?” asked Danny P.,

an Emeryville resident. “There were so many random things

going on at Second Saturday. From random independent

bands on every block to a graphic artist battle (using Adobe

Illustrator), you really don’t know what to expect.”


As Sacramento’s art

and music scene grows,

the local creative

community strengthens “along with it.



TBD Fest

The Bridge District, West Sacramento

Out of towners discovering the ‘random’ delights

of Second Saturday reach a whole new level of

excitement during the outdoor music festival known

as TBDfest, which just celebrated its second year.

TBD began in true Sacramento style, as a humble

hotel party in 2008 that showcased local artists and

musicians. The goal of the event, then known as

LAUNCH, was not only to offer a platform for new

ideas and possibilities, but also to create a stronger

community of creatives and entrepreneurs with a

shared vision for Sacramento’s future. From the

Greens Hotel on Del Paso Rd., LAUNCH grew into

a two-day festival at Cesar Chavez Plaza, with an

impressive line-up of international acts, like Chromeo

and Dj Shadow, as well as a mixture of local artists,

like !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Sister Crayon.

By 2014, LAUNCH was re-born as TBDfest (to avoid

copyright issues with a technology conference of

the same name), adopting the apt acronym ‘To Be

Determined,’ and also the ‘Tower Bridge District,’

the location of its new home in West Sacramento.

TBDfest breaks the mold of typical music festivals

because of its grassroots origins, delivering a locallydriven

energy that is palpable from the moment you

enter the festival gates. As a “multi-disciplinary audio/

visual festival that connects people with art, music,

fashion, and design,” festival-goers cross the Tower

Bridge and find themselves transported into a distinct

world, where you can strike up conversation with

a local artist painting a mural live, take photos in a

forest of illuminated columns and mirrored ‘Portal’

with electronically programmed fluorescent lights, or

watch two local chefs throw down in a Food Networkworthy

cooking contest. Not to mention the music,

featuring line-ups that draw music’s biggest players,

with room dedicated to local talent.

The festival’s giant ferris wheel, now an icon for the

event, allows riders to enjoy a topdown view of TBD

in its greatness: food truck lines that aren’t too long, a

winding bazaar of local pop-up shops, and crowds of

people, both local and not, listening in unison to an

up-and-coming local DJ, as he performs on the same

exact stage as one of the weekend headliners, who in

turn began from humble Sacramento origins himself.

As Sacramento’s art and music scene grows, the

local creative community strengthens along with it.

Pioneering events like Second Saturday and TBDfest

pave the way for the next generations of contributions

to the arts and music scene. Whether in sculpture,

performance art, music or fashion, the only certain

features binding these future creations are a common

connection to a community, and city, that is open,

inviting and proud.

Photographs by Matt Matteucci







written by





one of the most

renowned beer hubs in


Old Town Pizza and Tap House

9677 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Elk Grove

With Sacramento being one of the most

renowned beer hubs in California, the

local breweries use these taps to produce

their beer in the freshest way possible for

all to enjoy the best flavor that it can be.


back to

when Sacramento Valley’s early

inhabitants journeyed across the

state in search of gold, the art of

brewing beer was hardly a new

concept. Home brewing was just

another household ritual alongside

washing the dishes and cooking.

Most breweries to first arrive in

Sacramento would only last a few

months before being forced to

move shop because the effect the

gold rush had on the economy.

Not all succumbed to the perils of

gold rush economics; a handful

of breweries emerged from the

confusion of the gold rush to

make Sacramento one of the most

renowned beer hubs in California.

Because of Sacramento’s history

and love for brewing craft beer

there has been a dramatic increase

of beer enthusiast over the last ten

years. According to Sonya Sorich,

Sacramento Business Journal,

“Sacramento is among the nation’s

10 cities that love craft beer the

most, according to a list released

this week. Sacramento ranks No.

5 on the list, which was published

by Market Watch. Cities on the

list “make craft beer a greater

percentage of their local beer

purchases than any other place,”

according to article. It says craft

beer accounts for 33 percent of

beer sold in Sacramento.” With

the steady rise of beer enthusiast

in Sacramento and the seemingly

endless amount of breweries

around town it can be difficult to

find a place where there is quality

beer and the place is not packed,

but there is always hidden gems.

Constantly being over looked

because of the popular and

widely known breweries and tap

houses around town, Karma Brew,

Ruhstaller Tap House and Old

Town Pizzeria and Tap House are

three hidden gems that need to be

discovered, for their unique and

diverse beer selections and their

homey atmospheres.

Twelve Rounds Brewing Company

866 57th St, Sacramento


Whether it is enjoying a late afternoon with some friends or

ending the night with a craft beer and good conversation,

Karma Brew is the place to be. Located on sixteenth street

across from Fremont Park puts Karma in the heart of the

city. Even though it

is in a prime location,

it never seems to be

packed. This place

captures the attention

of beer drinkers with

their unique selections

and constant rotations

of beer from week to

week. But this place is

not just about the beer.

They have a friendly

and cheerful staff, they

make amazing food

including the kind of

salad that takes fortyfive

minutes to eat and

has fifteen things in it. Dog-friendly patio and dog-friendly

staff! Quirky decor that is not contrived or precious. And

everybody that comes here seems like they are on a first date,

which is quite charming. This place encompasses the culture

of Sacramento with its unique atmosphere and its cultural

diversity; and the best part about this place is how small and

unknown it remains.

While Karma Brew captures the attention of beer

enthusiasts for its homey Sacramento vibe and unique beer

selections, the next hidden gem that I will be discussing

remains under the radar and grabs attention for other

reasons. Ruhstaller Tap Room,

located on K and seventh

street, is well hidden and

has some of the best beer

selections in town. Its location

is unknown because of its

unique entrance. Walking down

seventh street you will see

two big metal doors with a

Ruhstaller sign in the window

above them, but you can’t just

walk in to this tap room. There

is a doorbell and the staff

welcomes you in, then you

head downstairs to a suave, low

lit and chic space with one bar

and ample space to relax and

enjoy a pint. I have never seen this place packed and even if

it was the space is spread out enough to where it wouldn’t

matter. Besides, the beer here makes a crowd of any size

worth it. The beer brewed by Ruhstaller separates itself from

all others downtown with its seasonal choices and year round

greats. The beer enthusiasts of Sacramento need to discover

this place if they haven’t already.

“…relax and enjoy a pint.”


Old Town Pizza and Tap House

9677 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Elk Grove

After the production of the beer, it is freshly

poured into glasses to keep the most natural

flavor for the customers to enjoy every sip.



Last but not least on this review of the my

top three hidden gems for their unique beer

and culturally significant diversity is Old Town

Pizza and Tap House. They are located in

Elk Grove which is close to the outskirts of

Sacramento, but this place is definitely worth

the drive. Driving passed this ordinary looking

pizza parlor, one wouldn’t think much of it.

But when you go inside and see the twenty

taps pouring the best beers you can find in

California you might change your perception.

For a small private owned business, this tap

house gets some of the toughest beers to find

frequently, even Pliny! Every Tuesday they have

a tap take over, where a brewery in California

hands out merchandise and brings the best

beers they have to offer. Even with events

of this magnitude every week the crowds are

never too great. You will have your beer and

dinner within minutes. Beer enthusiasts need to

check this place out. And it doesn’t stop there!

Old Town Pizza may be recognized for their

beer, but the pizza is anything but ordinary as

well. They make some of the best pizza you

can find in Sacramento; including my personal

favorite, the works. They bring the homey and

friendly culture of Sacramento and offer out

nothing but good vibes.

There are always going to be spots in

Sacramento that offer good beer and a good

atmosphere, because it is part of the culture

of Sacramento, but there isn’t always places

that offer that and small crowds. Searching for

hidden gems is always a thrill because these

places feel like they are there just for you to

enjoy. Karma Brew, Ruhstaller Tap Room and

Old Town Pizza are exactly that, they are there

for you, the avid beer enthusiast and seekers

of a good time without the hassle of crowds.

And once you try one of these places, you will

always want to go back.



Photographs by Nick Murrish


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