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Z)~g~ fJN EASY TERM - Local History Archives

Z)~g~ fJN EASY TERM - Local History Archives


~Two THE GROSSE POINTE REVIEW • NAn At EDITORIAL I SSOCIATION AWVS Coaaumer DiYiaioa Graduatee •TIME OUT Save with Queen for Defense Stamps You'll find :-lrs Re)- no!ds pIe a san t. understanding and \en help- ful "Ith ) our clothes problem. There is quite a margin of ~a\ing bet\\een the cash and earn' and the dell\ erv price on cleanlOg Put that sa \l1Il:' regularl) lOtO De- fense Stamps and \\atch It ~ro\\ You'll be happy and so \\ III \\ e, for It \\ 111 help no end on thIS labor shortage. FI4100 Gettinl:' aCfJuainted with th .. G R 0 S ~ L POI:\TI: RR \"en \1111 he illn. It'~ l1c\.t to the ,\ & P, 171-W I-.:rchelal 1L 2-7010. CJ,1.,ci. '~1..r , ...,"d c],.,the< 'Ult ('''ale fl'e« ... hhu'''' clad ... drlperll'< .tnrl .tnv. t": n~ .. Ice 1\.. \1' f~,rl:'()ttPn t"l mpn'lon In 11 thrr. r1..~ an'; 11'1 nt') t,m .. flat lhl" 1I he ,' ..aned and read) for )OU to pick up \ nu 11 11k.. th .. \\;j.\ thl'\ are d,.,ne too THE GROSSE P(')INiE R£VIEW tramees m the afternoon mspectlon party lIas off to a tine start. techniques course II blch IS bemg ~Irs Gilbert CUrrie and Mr. gl\ en at Grosse POinte high school Fred 0 Rlslllg. II ho are m cllarge of ThiS course IS under tbe auspices of the hostess;s, of course knew el er) the Grosse Pomte board of educa- gIrl there A number of new hosttlon and the ~i1c1"gan slate board esses hal e been tmolled recently, of control for locatlonal education ~lrs. RISing said, lllcludlllg the Bluepnnt readlllg. shop mathe- corps' tirst t\\ lllS, Lenore and Elean. matlcs and the use of all t;\pes of or Keff, and their Sister, Dorothy Navy Theme of Hostess Corps partv Held I To thl!! ~;I",n~ nf tht I .., ,,",1.; 1. ; I .. (&"'1 Graue POinte Communlllw I,reen CO\ tr .:..';r;' 'Ii,~ ';~~,i~;~~ I I I,I Last Saturday Night at Neighborhood Club 'The Grom Pomle cou~cll for mwd, of ,ollie hourI of work Victory Gardenl ta~es thiS oppor. ~h,ch the ~hole communlly \\dl ap- ~ AnOlhtr splendldl\' managed party Ed~ards', the Bruce Tappens, the IUnlt), afforded to II Ihrough the preclale. --IS, BONNIE ESSERT-- "'a, g.""n for senlce IIltn Saturda~ John Bo)delllrAm :,,.rabAndr t< .. mI"AU M.(Onw~lI. ""lon()b In 0 M ,nOr Op 3t N" 2 S".I},,,.... '~Iud~ tn F M"j

: an. poJic.e lectured a 14-year I old GrOlM Pc:iDte Woods )outh -Manda" afterllOOll when the lad was &pPrelleaded with a 10 cent maga- ame which be had .tolen from the drv, ,tore at Kerchev~1 anel Fisher I'oad. 0.. die East Side It', IluJJJl ~ /0,. Curtain Laundering For IS ,..,. - Specla1ioh .. Iallllderiq aad cJeaaiDr fine cur. taiu. tahlec:Jotht ..... ....., ... Lenox 8633 ....... C.-taill La-v,. 14m KercM-1 An. Free! .-. Vernier School ' N-E..W-S • about other cities Verheyden's connections in other cities throughout America are with institutions of high character. We are able to take complete charge of funerals no matter where shipment of body is to be made. NIAGARA 6(0) Charles Verheyden, Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 16300 MACK AVENUE, AT OUTER DRIVE GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Prices Effective Thursday, April Free! Get J'CMII' COP), of the Otfic:ial Table of e-~ PoiDt Value. for Meat, Fall, ...... aDd Oaeeae, HEREI III U i7!ttzlA1I11 I II "U~~~ '- -'- ~, -_ )-,,1)"1\;[ --,~:-;. '. FI"elIIa Geaaine Calves Liver Prime Standiaa Rib .... Ib. 69c Roat Beef ..... .lb. 38c s,n.. - /!my Size Leg 0' Lamb ..... .,..w. lb. 42c Oleomargarbe . . . lb. 24c SIIo.Jder-With Pocket for Dresamg Roast Veal ....... lb. 29c Premium Quality Sliced Bacon For BroiliDa Sirloin Steak is, Mason School N.E-W-S Some very interesting things have been sent to Graham Totzke by his father, Capt H G. Totzke, who was stationed With the U. S Marines at Guadalcanal in the summer-of 1942 He '" as in the original "push" eon the island in the first battles startIng in August. These are evidences of J ap' anese life on the island • Included in the collection are pictures of Japanese sailors, an officer's kit made of pressed paper, a Japanese reader (about second or third grade level), some fans. sandals, a gas mask, and several shells There is also a trench mortar which is fired from a sittIng position, many ten-yen notes, ~ach of which is "'orth about $3 10 in American money and a coin made of compressed paper, a non-essential matenal. .. Ib. 43c THE GROSSE POINTE REVIEW Defer School N-E-W-S This collection 'f"as proved to be very interesting to all the chlldren of the Mason school and helps to give us some insight into Japanese ......................... 'hfe dunng wart,me. I - w.n w •• n I"~ --- McMillan Quality SFIRE'S PRICES Through Wednesday, April 14 .lb. 46c G. &:: R. MeMiUa'h Delicioaa Butter . lb. 52c Famoul Go &:: R. McMillan Turkey Pies .... each 50c ,'Ie.~Ja__ • with GraY)' California Lafer Salad Dressing (Not Rationed) 8 oz. 19c Pt. 25c Qt. 39c Genuine Werk'. T.. Laundry Soap 10 bars 45c While the Supply Luta utra 1.arIre California Asparagus .. Ig. bnch. 59c 'F~~:-~EC~~E~~,(~~ Cmots bnch. Lake Trout Pickerel White Fiab Haddock Perch Shrimp Libby., Lar,e 47 oa:. Grapefruit Juice 3 tins $1 Only • Pointa Each SFIRE BROS.-Succe.sors To 5c Sweet Juicy Florida-Half Cue Oranges . mesh bag $2.25 Sweet Juicy Seedleaa Florida-l/2 caae Grapefruit mesh bag $1.95 Store Hoan - 8 A. M. to I P. M. 16822 Kercheval Avenue Phone NIagara 3200 Grosse Pointe - W.t McNkboIa - PItoee UN'~ ,....,. SFIRE'S .~ Store - PItoM 111. • • • • • •Juvenile Riders ~!J": th~'YareCI.ub~Classes Open at Pointe Hunt Club The 'Var Clubs ,\crc organized to V...... ier PTA- Mrs H Lyndrup, representIl'g the I The next PTA meehui wIll be msure complete partICIpatIOn of cv- The VernIer school PTA had an- Grosse POInte Garden club, ",th th~ held on Monday eVnIug, Apnl 12, ery famIly m an)lhmg pertammg 10 other successful meetIng Wednes- a~,istance of Mrs Stanley MacKen- I 1943 at 7 30 pm, In the g) mnaslum the war effort and 10 cl'"han welday nlght The Rev. Thoburn Brum- Zle and M1S~ PaulIne Saga la, ar- • fare. baugh, who has spent 17 years In d I b f V' t G d Thp teachers, aSSIsted by the room range an ex 11 It 0 IC ory ar. The Block Plan I> a lecbnIque for J.p.n. gave a \tr) 1Illci c.llng talk en mformatlou for the PTA meet- mothers, '" III hold open house 'n spreadIng mformatlon and draWIng on the past and present condmons ing on Tuesday night. theIr class rooms from 7.30 until every last person Inlo concerted acin that country. Vincent DePetns, chairman of the 8 00 pm. The buslOe.s meetlOg amI lion j more than that, It IS a '" orkIng A-I Wall Washm'g The audience participated in group VICtO"'! Garden counCil of Grosse program will follow immediately phIlosophy-a. way of breakmg down p-- CIMaiD .., Interior ...- • P • iIItill', Houaehold singing and refreshments we r e served by Mrs. Ralph Cross and her commIttee. POInte, was the speaker. TlJe garden the lA's planted In ",th Dr. John C. Sullivan, I W sor of psycho ugy at ayne my, the featured speaker pro£es- . unlverof Ihe artificial baTTlers bet"'een Many feel that the \Var Just another orgamzatlon, people. Clubs are or club ~ .... ---- TOwD.encl6-17SO There thIS year Will be one more at which bme the meetmg election t helr tuce, room be"ns has and lO It ra dIShID es, turnips. et- even 109. r S 11 II Ik U Ivan WI ta to us on the problem of chIldren 10 the Th,s I'Snot true They form a clear- 109 house for till orgamzations now ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I of J offIcers . Reel ",,11 C take place. Important things to remember are fi,'e to 12-year age group. He feels functlonmg-so that there "'Ill be ..... or ro._ to gl\'e the plants plenty of sLlnshlOe that the QuestlOn hour he customar- no duplication of effort They fur- The bays and girls have heen workmg hard for the J umor Red Cross Durmg March they collected over five hundred magazmes for the and water. Later on '" eeds and 10sects Will have to be kept OLltof the gdrdeu That "'Ill be hard ",ork. 1 h f 11 h lk' t 1 Y as 0 01\ 109 IS ta s IS mos Important an d v.e h ope t h at parents II f I f k . h WI ee ree to as questIons a, e ms', - "method of reacillng all t'-e .. people to explaIn problems th"t Q arise from the "ar and get from soldIers. They brought money for Th e ra dISh es are ab out two0 mc h. es IS 10terested a nd ver'I WIII'ng 1 to help the Red Cross war fund too. Ih Igh Wh lee I th '- ueans - hal e Just come us so far as Is nAsslble Dr Sulhvan y- • • TI.e School Cardea- up. The lettuce looks good enough lS a very popular speaker In thIS Th I Id b . to eat but of course it IS not ready communIty, havmg been recalled to e c Il ren are egmnmg to ' i kif th ch I d yet Gardenmg lS fun but It IS also Pierce Junior high school severalma e pans or elr s 00 gar en. ' tImes You Will enjo hIS common They are go 109 to grow potatoes as hard work. l, • Y . II h hI -- sense aproac .. to hIS subject and hIS we as ot er vegeta es an d some flowers. E Qumlan's boys and girls are good rumor IS contagious. Male It k' d f th b' d h h a pomt to attend thIS meetmg I --------- eepmg a recor ~ e. Ir s w lC BrIO 'our nel hOOrs and frIends. them "uestlOns .. that are bound to arise concernmg our changed way of II\'mg. These quesllons are answered and problems solved through the \" Cl b b h I ar U s y t e organIzatIons .. - ready establlshed • A summary of the purpose of the G P ",. hb h d W rosse omte "elg. or 00 ar Oub Plan then, IS' To promote partirJpatlon in the BUY BONDS NOW they have seen t llS sprmg They are learning to recognize g). Our Girl g Scout Troop • No. 204 war effort Pomte. by every Cltlzen of Grosse alld • observe _ _ the _, birds ..... _ ill order to • __ •••• _.. WIll send a color guard to be prestnt at the meetml! dUrlDlI: the smll. To carry forward clvlllan war ac- ,H.G'cU JUU.l.iL V4 lU,,"U 4"1""'1'" ".h..... , Ing of the nabonal anthem and the I tl\lly, QUlck1y and efIectl'wely. ~ shelter, food, and habits. repeatwg of the pledge of allegiance To get vltal war mformatlon Into They pamted some lovely pictures to the flag. Scouts selected for this e\ery home, rapIdly anll accurately of the birds, which are dIsplayed in hbnor are: Barbara H~'ljaras, Ahce To collect Vital war informatIOn the kindergarten room. Savage, Muriel Kitchen, Janice mto every home, rapidly and ac- Skillman Mary Rohn and Ann curately. Palmer, ~ornetlst. To collect mformation whIch may Refreshments Will be served in the I;~ needed for commumly war plan- 1unc h room h t e program, d I f II nmg, and to brmg back to homes Imme late y 0 owmg h M D Id H I answers to questions whIch may WIt rs. ~na 0 - have been raIsed. hster and her committee In Clharge T o promote • a spmt f 0 cooperation On Thursday, April 8, 1943, at 7 :45 In netghborhood enterprises, such as pm, m Defer school Scout room, neIghborhood dISCUSSion meetmgs, there wIll be a meetmg for fathers rallies, car-sharing plans, the sharof boys who are now Cub Scouts, illg of scarce mechanical and houseand for btllers of bo)s who wish to hold equipment and allY other ac. be Cub Scouts, in Defer Pack No lJvlty of the co:nmunity's war serv- 147. \Ve remind you again, as did ices. Mr. Christensen at the p! etiminary If such a group is at work in your meeting on March 19, that without neIghborhood, cooperate With It to the ac!l"e il"terest of the parents o~ the limIt of your abIlity. If not, help these boys there can be no Cu to organize one. \V e need capable I Scouting m Defer school. Mr. Chns- leaders. NeIghborhood War Club tensen WIll agam conduct the m~et- headquarters are at 17027 Kercheval ing. The Cubmaster w1l1 be appomt- avenue, Telephone TV. 1-1050. Come cd and plans laId for the pack •• A In and see us, or telephone, and we meeting for den mothers now act.lYe shall be glad to eJlIIllam the Block and for the purpose ~f. ap~omtmg Plan or gl\'e you any further infornew den mothers and glvmg mstruc- mation. tlon 11'111 be announced very 50011. Let's win this war as Quickly as posuble. Every civiiJan a fignter. • • • Under the very enthusiastic and able leader5iIip of Mrs. George Pillsbury, 1104 Nottingham road, I Grosse Pointe Park is bemg very admirably lined up with a fine group of War club block leaders. A hst of those who have already SIgned up does not mclude all who ha\e slgni. fied mterest In the worle. TheIr names "0'111 he released later, after they ha\e offlclally SIgned up to take active part in all actl\lty. Mrs. Pillsbury, as zone leader for the Park, has stgned up all of the fol- Io" mg to act as block leaders iD their neighborhood, MISS Sally Sulll\'an, 17020 E. J efferson j Mrs. S. Chnshansen, 104{) Audubon; Mrs. E. F. GehrIg, 1230 BaHour; Mrs, Alnn G. Sherman, 700 Balfour i Mrs. George Goddard, 1058 Balfour; M1SS Vlrgmla A Borgman, 1252 YorkshIre j Mrs Richard Barn'lm, 1012 Yorkshire: Mrs. WlIham Mdunley, 1128 YorkshIre j Mrs. V. MOlsldes, 15215 Wmdmlll Pomte, and Mr. P K Watson, 16630 Maumee. Mrs. Rosaha Mc~renlmen, 16.394 St. Paul; Mrs. Dorothy Ramsay, 16818 St. Paul; Mrs R. C. Connelly, 1360 Three-}'flle dr,ve j Mrs. Frank Feeley, 958 Trombley; Mrs Helen Fmster, 1332 Harvard, Mrs S} IVla Dauch, 7Z9 Bedford; MISS Harnct Puffer, 939 Bedtord, and Mrs Moille Bell, 1414 Bedford Mrs. S. S Deputy, 1390 BedlOrd, ~fr. E C. L}man, 837 Beaconsfield. Mrs. On IHe Todd, 835 !\ottmgham, Mu. H. \\ algenback, 888 Bamngton, Mr. Fd ...ard E. \\Jl""er, 8.38 Berkshire, Mrs. Grace Strmp;stum 953 Berleslllre, !lfrs Cecil Peter, 2361 B,shop, Mrs James E. verne), 1117, Mrs Richard Kuehn, 1142 (,ral ton and ~rrs Andrew Carnegle,842 \\'estchester Churches Survey Need for Nursery Care Program A n Jmller of East SIde churches I are makInlit a 'un ev to dI

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