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Z)~g~ fJN EASY TERM - Local History Archives

Z)~g~ fJN EASY TERM - Local History Archives

..... SIx Grosse Pointe

..... SIx Grosse Pointe Schools Losers in State Aid Bill Passed by State Legislature ~ile the heroic last stand bolt-I senate two or three lIeeks alo and tie in the c10smg session of the leg. came up for passage on the floor of isLature ",hen Repr~s~nt.l.t"e Gard-I the h"use the last t",o or three days lief of V,vandotte sought to place:& of the legl>lature The bill pro\ lded tooc under of state aid of five for SO n,,1"':>n dollars of school aid cibes. the ltgl~lature linally !UC- for the comYlg school year whIch ~ed lD deteatmg these efforts and WII four ana a half mIllion dollars ia passing a bIll for lDcreasmg state more than had been appropriated m i pasSlD& a hIll for IncreasIng state the precedmg blenlllum. aid by fi\C and a half mllhon dollars, "Althoull'h.1I other distrIcts exbat at the lame time decreaSing the cel>t the nl e named are slated for aid of Fordson, Grosse POinte, Ham- con~lderable lDcreaSe 1ft the amount tr&mck, Ecorse and Alpena. lof state a,d to be receJl cd, DetrOit Tbe ncw state aId bill passed the for example recelVlnll' o\tr a mil, WELCOME ROTARIANS • ~ Dl.trlet Ccmvention f)f ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Edw. J. Poncracz, Jr. I Watchmaker and Jeweler 17008 Kercheval 1 Grosse Pointe Don't Have A 'Clothes-Call' this Spring! ..... ,-- tIPI .., Iaa", .-1,. the 1lllC8NU'y __ .... .,.' .., III _ - -a III ai- _ ., ..... ,-- will _ ..... SUPREME DRY CLEANERS .............. om- lID.MacIr A_ PI.-HI.I_ e.- .....W..... -.Ia, a7It A--. ~ AaJt. ............ 0.0- ., to 7, ....... GERALD DEHOMME, p tor ... *8i1l 444dJ&i!iY&i!&i&J& Automatic Hot Water Heaters 30 Gallon - 40 Gallon WHILE THEY LAST ". BUCKERIDGE & SON 111. Kercbenl AftIUle &1@iiIiJ*ffl,e'p'flHNlW* LE. 1741 THE GROSSE lion IDd I half dollars There 'P-I tax pa}'ments, the llcvple d Ameri. peared to be In the tOalmon of ca "'1!l face an aCId test In thll .tnforces of educators frem the rest of pendOllS lob of financml, the larlest the state an attitude of 'sock'n& the ever undertaken by alll ,overnment rich' rather than an attitude of de- in the world's history. l'elopll1g a fair boll of equahtatlon,. High governrnoent officials have accordrng to Dr. Paul L usert, su- pOlDted Ollt that the nahon must penntendent of SChools. not fal! ID thIS dUly to our men It "Whenever Grosse Pointe repre- IS obVIOUS10 elery thmklUc man and scn16lJves appeared In !.anslll' to woman that a. the Uillted Nations diSCUSSthe maIler of the state ald talee the offensive a,alnst the dlcwith legIslators, there would be an talora, the COlt of war operations Immediate stlrrln, of voices and increases in proportion. spreadmg o! poison relrard1nr the So StrlOUS and important is the Illtention of the so-called wealthier succen of the campaign that official dlstllCt. RI those communities in educationzl quahtles whit'h ue low except by tearing down the qualit" 01. education in d IStricts where th e standard is /ugh." "Frankly," the .uperintendent concluded, "I do not see what hope there is for us to look forward in Grosse Pomte to meeting the demands for mcreased cost of educati on Of' of m alII talD 109 our personne~ m the face of inflation and hJlh. er IIlaries in other areas and in other industries, in any way except by resorting to increases in local taxation. The only other manner is for the commuDlty to tlghten its belt and expect to take its losses in quality of Its fine educational progralll." - GALLANTS- (Continued from Page One) ee ...... kIIMujilJji!jjl!jj!!j!!M!jm!!jiliIIjIjIljiIIjiIIji!!jil!j!ljilpi!lil!jipiil ward K. hbey, A. Buell Quirk and aaud Brook •• WELC OME ••.• 163rd District ROTARIANS We're Glad to Have You Here! Give Your Lawn a Chance Sow SCOTTS SEED It's CFl91"" \\e~dfree, nardy ard s ,re jlro\\- In;t \\ ,,1 ~l\e jOU a drnr T""n Dr H It ,,' r~'1Ulem m>

- - ~ • .- , HE G ~ 0 ~ S~ POt N 'r '! ~E V t ! W ..... Pa~ !.~etf ----------------------- -- - -. --------------------------- . , SliPS * TANIS * GUNS* PLANES * * FOR VICTORY It Is a Privilege And An HonfW loBE One Of ffl he Gallant 60,000". • • Only a limited number Df f)()/unteersfrom this county may be received into membership in April! ... HURRY, •. Seeyour local War Bond Chairman, , . ENLIST TODA Y THIS FULL PA •• AD SPONSORID IY A. J. FORSTER JEWELER & OPTO~IETRIST 14400 CHARLEVOIX AVENUE LENOX 5376 ';iI~ YIU CAlI BE ONE IF "THEUUJIIT 18.808" If you have the iD.terest of A.merica aDd lreedoal • heart ... if you are willing to make a pledge of boatII' to work for me goal of "The e;.tJant 60,000" to the best of your ability ••. thee you IN privileged to H one of "The Gallant 60.000:' 'Thit is DOC the place 'half-way measures. This taSk demands all-out eft'ono It's for V;~IM1' 1fIw MUSTA MElli 107 '9OIUDteer In "Tbe Ga11aat 60,000" __ pled .. himself to.U $1.000 or more worth of Series 'T'...-. Bonds during [he monch of April Each volunteer m\1lC be willing to give up leisure boon, Bonds fur Victory! Each volunteer to work aDd leD mult make noery effort to sell hiS friend, .•. relatives ... business aIOo dates and fellow.worken _'fir. War Bonds ..... addition 10 mo.e they are now buying regularly. 1(/Uc MUST THE JOB BE DONE 7 The answer is now ... RIGHT NOWi The ranb 01 "The Gallant 60.000" may be joined immediately IDCI you can help Michigan meet its pleclge to me natioa to sell ItS share of che chineen billion dollars wonh of War Bonds chat must be sold in America in the mouda of April "The 6tHaot 60,000" wtll help to put Micbigan over the lOp by selling an ulrll 60 million dolI.,. 'Worth of Series "E" War Bonds in April YOU aDd YOU. . and YOU are urged to act at otIC'e! 1(/~ CAN YOU JOIN . liTHEIAWNT 60,008" Apply at A W V S Headquarters, 17027 Kercheal Avenue, Grosse Pointe

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