My Town


This is a photo essay of simple things around my town that holds memories for me.

My Town


Small towns are my favorite. They are

filled with so many unique and cute things.

These simple things have so much

meaning to the people who live there.

Each of the pictures I took, to you will

have no meaning just something cute and

simple but to me it holds memories and

values. I’ve lived in this small town my

whole life and I wouldn’t change it for


Sometimes in life, you get so caught up in

everything that you forget about all the

little things. We need to take time and

enjoy the simple things life brings us. I’m

so thankful for this town and all the

meaningful memories it gave me. I have

definitely got caught up in life and needed

to just slow down and appreciate what I

was given. As you look through these

photos, I want you to think about simple

things that hold meaning to you and

appreciate them.

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