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Mona Kassfy is a teacher by profession and she has also done volunteer work as well. She has also founded her own cosmetics line and operated full-service makeup. To know more about her visit her official site

Mona Kassfy

F o u n d e r a t M o n a

C o s m e t i c s , M o n t r e a l , Q C

Mona Kassfy has more than 15 years of professional experience

in teaching and business. She launched her own cosmetic line

as well in 2007.

Mona Kassfy has worked at Helen’s Day Care Montreal, QC,

Canada for a year. After that, she started working as an active

member of the parent and teachers association in Gardenview

Elementary School, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Mona Kassfy has also worked as an account executive at Christian

Dior Cosmetics, California, the USA for 6 years. She is also doing

volunteer work in Senses Centre, Dubai, UAE. She helped children

with special needs in areas including playing sports and activities,

reading, writing, and basic maths.

Mona Kassfy completed her education from Cal State Fullerton,

California. She did a Bachelor in Arts. She has also completed

online courses in Child Behavioral Management. She is a mother

of 2 children ages 7 and 10 and she likes to work with young

children to enhance their educational experience.


To know more about her visit her

official site

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