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october 2020

for the love of local


your wings

Awaken the

senses amidst



Diffusing the hype

What essential oils

actually do

Your mum’s

recipes remade

From ginger crunch

to fudge cake slice

Take a hike

Insider know-how to

get you started

the collective

Arguably the most

innovative scooter in the

world Scoot and Ride

are now available in New

Zealand at Collective.

Starting at 12 months, the

seat height is adjustable

and can be turned into a

handle bar without tools,

making this the perfect

scooter for children aged

1-5. Guaranteed to be

loved throughout the

years, this is the perfect

gift for any grandchild!

Spring flowers

arrive every week

to brighten up your

shopping and lunch

experience at

The Colombo.


These drink bottles by Chunky are a great way to

stay hydrated and support NZ artists too! Super

cool and practical water bottle that you’ll wonder

how you ever lived without it! All bottles are

double walled, food-grade 304 stainless steel and

will keep drinks hot for 12 hours, or cold for 24.

500ml. Non - toxic and BPA free.


Embrace the rad ’70s and ‘80s

with trainers inspired by the

past. The slimmed down Adidas

NMD_R1 combine comfort

with street style, while Reebok

Classic Legacy oozes attitude

with its fierce sculpted look.


Everyone’s favourite and oh-so

functional Frankie Tis shoulder

bag is constructed in beautiful

pebbled textured leather. Frankie

features a tubular top handle, plus

a long detachable and adjustable

shoulder strap with gold plated

hardware. She is the perfect

partner from Monday to funday.

Use the pockets-a-plenty to

organise your life.

nordic chill

This foldable carrier bag is made of recycled

polyester, mostly PET bottles, to reduce

waste of resources and give new life to the

plastic. Perfect to have in the bag and use,

over and over again.

Be transported back to your childhood

with these gorgeous and whimsical ARABIA

Moomin mugs. Featuring a range of beloved

Moomin characters, there is bound to be a

perfect mug for any occasion.

Got that



Pick it up at


trade aid

We can’t live without the Trade Aid

Chocolate in our fridge. Buying this

chocolate empowers small-scale sugar

and cocoa farmers to improve their

lives, businesses and communities

through fair trade. Trade Aid organic

chocolate is gluten, soy and palm oil

free, and is the only 100% guaranteed

fair trade chocolate that’s made here

in New Zealand.


The ultimate summer

skirt this mock wrap

skirt with sassy front

ruffle is designed

to help you dance

through summer.

Team up with logo

T-shirts and blazers

for a modern take on

casual, or pair with

the matching Alexa

wrap top for a dressy

and polished look.

This easy midi skirt

will make dressing

for hot summer days

a cinch. Made here

in New Zealand

by our store.

Bindy’S top BookS at the colomBo BookStore

Searching for Charlie

– Tom Scott

Charles Upham is a bona

fide Kiwi hero - twice

awarded the Victoria Cross

his courage under fire is

legendary, and whilst he was

of a previous generation, the

story is as extraordinary and

fascinating today as it was

back then.

Boy Swollows Universe

– Trent Dalton

An utterly wonderful novel

of love, crime, magic, fate

and coming of age, set in

Brisbane’s violent working

class suburban fringe –

from one of Australia’s

most exciting new writers.


Charlotte Smulders

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Deanna Copland, Getty Images, Marilyn Wightman,

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A note to you

Kate Preece


Awaken. It’s a powerful word. It suggests not only new

beginnings but realisations, becoming aware of what’s going

on around us. ‘Awakening’ is the driver behind this edition’s

content as we continue to adjust to our new reality.

Full immersion into the New Zealand landscape is becoming

an increasingly popular way to reset your mind, and die-hard

hikers will be particularly miffed their secrets are out. The

checklist to get started really isn’t as intimidating as one might

think. (Trust me, I’m a convert.) Let us show you the way.

Connecting to nature and its extraordinary power is seeing

a hike in essential oil sales too. Shelley Robinson often has her

diffuser puffing away as she types and, having spoken to some

local experts, is now honing her blends like a pro.

Nostalgia was what it was all about when we came up with

our ‘recipes reinvented’ spread. I was constantly on the phone

to Mum as I baked the fudge cake slice, not only asking advice,

but talking about Nana’s version. Up until now, I had no idea

they both used the same recipe. Nana always iced hers and

Mum obliterated the biscuits in the kitchen whizz. (It took me

so long with the rolling pin, I’ll follow suit next time!) Realising

three generations had followed the same steps, in different

kitchens over different times, was surprisingly sentimental. Food

stirs the mind in a myriad of ways.

I hope you find something that resonates with you, in Style.


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In this issue
















A $469 new skincare regime, tea

treats & other good things!



The guides’ advice to Routeburn &

Milford tracks


Delving into the business of

essential oils


The active skincare range 16 years

in the making

Beauty & Fashion


What to keep, buy & recycle


Floral inspiration from the runway


The hues, the quirk & the layers


Save or splash with new season

skirts & dresses

62 WE TRIED . . .

Beauty products as tested

by the Style team


Style is something unique to each of us. Each month Style encapsulates what’s remarkable, exciting or

emerging in the vibrant communities from Canterbury down to the Southern Lakes. Be assured, the

best of lifestyle, home and fashion will always be in Style.





DJ Hewitt Builders have enjoyed

their fair share of earthquake related

work in recent years. And it’s fair

to say this property holds a special

appeal, having built it twice!

Designed by O’Neil Architecture and

originally built by DJ Hewitt Builders

in 2005, the generous single level

home with high stud, raw materials

and strong horizontal and vertical

lines, was well suited to the 10

hectare Tai Tapu site. Constructed

with block walls cleverly designed

to resemble a ‘pinwheel’.

But 2010 saw a rebuild having

been irreparably damaged by

earthquakes. Owners Gabrielle

& Martin did not hesitate about

inviting the DJ Hewitt team back to

reinstate their much loved home -

with just a few tweaks. A glowing

endorsement of the original build

quality and attention to detail.

A 25 year reputation that extends beyond award winning building.

Transforming imagination into reality, from land selection, planning,

budgeting and design to building expertise.

Let our experience and reputation be the foundation of your next build.



Phone: (03) 384 7470


“DJ Hewitt Builders are true

craftsmen and renowned for their

attention to detail,” Martin says,

indicating the negative detail

between the raw blockwork and the

internal cladding, “just one example

of the superb workmanship





Play with light & bring in comfort


Save or splash with the latest trends


Get the most out of your crop


Your quick ‘how-to’ guide



All good walks end with gin, right?






It happens to 50 per cent of women,

but there is a treatment


Adopt the lifestyles of those who live the longest






Food & Drink


To pair with green tea


Journey through nature’s fields with gin


Reinventing classic Kiwi recipes

It’s time to reawaken

the senses.

Photo Getty Images


Friday 6 November • 7:00pm



Free Admission

Saturday 7 November

9:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday 8 November

10:00am – 3:00pm


St Margaret’s College


Joining Cavalier Bremworth

on their Journey to Natural

In a recently announced move, Cavalier Bremworth are

transitioning out of synthetic carpet to natural materials

and wool, making a genuine difference to the wellbeing

of people and the planet without compromising the

design and performance attributes customers care about.

“We at Floorpride Mandeville Street have always been champions

of pure wool carpet,” explains owner Alastair Murcott, “so we are

very happy to be joining Cavalier Bremworth on this journey.”

Why choose wool carpet for your home?

“Floorpride’s 20+ years of experience tells us that wool is the best

carpet fibre to use from a design, innovation and performance

perspective,” Alastair continues.

In addition to this, wool has a host of benefits

that quietly work away to enhance your home:

• Warmer/cooler/dryer – wool is thermally smart and acts

as a natural dehumidifier absorbing and releasing moisture

to stabilise temperatures.

• Non-allergenic – wool carpet naturally absorbs and filters

toxins and odours that can cause irritation.

• Warm and soft to touch.

• Naturally resilient – Wool fibre has a unique spiral crimp

which naturally springs back into shape year after year.

• Easy to clean – wool fibre has a protective membrane which acts as

a natural stain resistant – that’s how sheep stay white on the farm.

• Naturally fire resistant – slow to burn making it a very safe choice

on your floor.


Cavalier Bremworth has a 50+ year heritage of producing the finest quality carpets made from 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Their generations of experienced craftspeople colour, blend, spin, felt and tuft pure locally-grown wool into carpet right here in

New Zealand for you to enjoy living your life on. By buying wool, you’re also contributing to our regional economies with locally sourced

wool and Cavalier Bremworth teams in Napier (wool spinning plant), Whanganui (wool felting plant) and Auckland (carpet making plant).

For more information, visit Floorpride Mandeville Street in store or online.


10 Style | Newsfeed


Get your jog on

One of the best motivators to get moving is getting friends

to exercise with you – or to train for an event, like the

Queenstown marathon. Both of these aspects prompted The

Joggers Club to form. Behind the free weekly runs are Stirling

Sports, O-Studio, The Hiit Squad and The Welder, from

where the runs start every Tuesday at 5.40pm.

Instagram: @thejoggersclub_

Shopping made easy

Looking for some statement earrings? The ones by

Ear Confetti are one of a kind, lovingly made in a

little Christchurch kitchen. Colours are blended and

clay is shaped by hand, before being baked in the

oven. Find yours at Industria (The Colombo).

Making great sweatshirts is one of Nudie Jeans’

specialties. Made in a heavy, organic jersey with a

soft, brushed inside, this crew neck boasts an ontrend

vintage look. The beautiful shade is a result

of the pigment-dyeing process and garment stone

wash and will continue to fade with time as you

wear and wash it. Try one on for size at Stencil

(The Colombo).

Beauty inside out

How’s this for a collab: Lewis Road Creamery and

Jeuneora. The result? Jersey milk with 5g of bovine collagen

in every serve. Jeuneora, a beauty company that started in

Christchurch four years ago, is launching a bunch of products

this year, including vegan supplement Beauty Brain, designed

to boost skin health and support cognitive awareness.

Satisfy the craving

Discover the guilt-free pleasure of the Dark Chocolate

Raspberry Tart at Christchurch’s Untouched World Kitchen

(155 Roydvale Avenue, Burnside). The intense bold flavour

of dark chocolate is beautifully balanced with fresh raspberry

to deliver you a decadent dairy-free, refined sugar-free and

gluten-free delight.

in the Current











Every now and then (think maybe once

or twice in a decade), I’ve been witness

to a form of general real estate madness.

Good madness, but madness nevertheless –

unforeseen and unexplainable.

Against every prediction, including the

predictions of expert economists and bankers,

and despite everything that has happened, real

estate sales (both in terms of volume and value)

are exceptional right now.

There’s an incredible hunger to purchase, to

push higher than expected when buying, to

compete and to utilize auction.

Unlike in other periods, this phenomenon

doesn’t restrict itself to one particular price point

or demographic: it’s every price point and over a

great variety of locations.

We have had spectacular results in our auction

rooms, and it’s a sure sign that the market

is favouring owners when they request an

auction campaign for their property rather than

challenging the idea.

So, here are some personal observations:

Current Activity

July, August and September, so far, have been

extraordinary, with July’s figures showing the

highest number of sales in five years nationwide.

I’m expecting this to be no different for August

and September, with our own company

seeing lofty sales records exceeded and then


Interest Rates and Interest Returns

Yes, interest rates are low, in fact, they are tiny

in comparison to anything any of us (including

those with memories of up to 21% in the ‘80s)

have ever had.

And this is giving people the chance to upgrade,

get on the property ladder and make lots of

property decisions, e.g. why rent when I can buy

for the same, if not less, weekly outgoings?

It’s also creating a massive dilemma for those

with bank investments who are seeing changes

to their life and retirement choices pushing them

into property purchases. This group is looking

to create returns that, whilst lower from a yield

perspective, are still better than the banks.

This pool of buyers sitting on savings or large

equity in their properties is buying in force and

it’s easy to see why.

The Election

Is having no discernible effect on people’s

property decisions.

And if that’s a surprise, it’s supported by a recent

study undertaken by Trade Me, where 82% of the

1,700 survey respondents said the timing and

result of the election had no bearing on their

decision to buy or sell.


As I told someone recently, who asked, ‘is it true

expats are coming home and buying?’, I can only

reply ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.

Even with border restrictions, Statistics NZ has

reported that up until June, annual migration

showed a net 79,400.

What are they looking for? It appears to be

location, which is everything. New is preferred,

proximity to schools, cafés, the parks and city

centre is desired, and they are shopping with big

sums. Family members are often scouting and

advising first.

Less Available Listings

Which feeds the elements already mentioned,

pushing prices – and, sometimes, tempers –

and generally adding to the current state of

‘madness’ in the current market.

My final observations are probably the most

important. Despite the current climate,

most buyers are still tough on compromised

properties, those poorly presented and with title

or structural issues.

And please work with professionals rather than

risk underselling. Just one of our recent success

stories had owners enjoy a campaign that saw

them sell for 68% above RV, creating a new local


For results, or even just a conversation about real

estate, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Summer is on its way!

Lynette McFadden

Harcourts gold Business Owner

(03) 352 6454

PAPANUI 352 6166 | INTERNATIONAL DIVISION (+64) 3 662 9811 | REDWOOD 352 0352



12 Style | Newsfeed



Fun, yet fierce

Tony’s Chocolonely has landed on our shelves to treat taste

buds and banish slavery. Its six flavours (including a delicious

milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt) are not presented

in straight rows, but rather irregular shapes that represent the

social inequality in the chocolate industry. It’s the best-selling

chocolate brand in the Netherlands and it takes fair trade very

seriously for something that looks like it’s come straight out of

Willy Wonka’s factory. (Available at New World)

Wash Creek Organic Lamb Rack with double reduction red wine and

mint sauce, mashed potato, and pumpkin puree, served with sweet

pea, asparagus and courgettes.

Meat works

For the best-tasting rack, you’ll want the natural flavours

of organic meat to be the hero. The Wash Creek Organic

Meat team told us to go easy on the seasoning and never

overcook it. Get it right every time with this simple method:

1. Sear both sides of lamb rack in a cast iron pan for 1

minute (with plenty of oil).

2. Cook for 10 minutes at 200°C in the oven.

3. Rest for 10 minutes.

4. Serve with seasonal vegetables.

We’ll cheers to that

It is the month of wine – according to the old Anglo

Saxon calendar. October was referred to as Win Monath,

which means ‘wine month’, because it was a fine time for

making (and presumably drinking?) wine. When the French

revolutionaries were brewing up their Republican Calendar in

1792, they called the period from September 22 to October

22 Vendémiaire, the time of vintage in the wine districts of

northern France.

Special days

They say the early bird

catches the worm, but the

catch of the day seems far

more appealing if you ask

us. A recent dish du jour

at Lyttelton’s Fisherman’s

Wharf (Norwich Quay) saw

salmon served on a ricotta

and spinach filled cannelloni

with chilli and pesto cream,

topped with a Parmesan

crisp and served alongside

portobello mushrooms

stuffed with chorizo and

onion. On sunny spring

afternoons, you won’t want

to miss what the new day

could bring to your table.

You said it

The crew at Wanaka’s Edgewater Hotel are still on a high

having recently been awarded a 2020 Travellers’ Choice award

from Tripadvisor. Based on guest reviews and feedback, it’s a

darn good pat on the back, positioning the hotel among the

top 10 per cent of those listed on the travel platform.

14 Style | Newsfeed



Walk among the creations of New Zealand’s

leading and emerging artists and sculptors at

the SMC Foundation Art Exhibition & Sculpture

Garden. Featuring over 300 works, this event

is not to be missed. November 7 and 8, St

Margaret’s College, Christchurch. Entry is free.

F.A.W.C! ahead

If you’re planning on a trip north, hone in on Hawke’s Bay

as they’re pulling out all the stops for this year’s F.A.W.C!

(Food and Wine Classic). From November 6–15, long

lunches, dinner deals and special guests are in the makeup

of 60 wine and food experiences.


Paul Ouakli

North Canterbury’s Paul

Ouakli grew up surrounded

by the hustle and bustle of his

mother’s busy Paris restaurant.

Fascinated by the creation

behind the dishes, he trained

as a chef and worked around

France and London before

moving to New Zealand 30

years ago. He has owned

several restaurants, including

Michael’s in Christchurch, and

is the founder of the Frenchies

range of keto products. His

take on a Ginger Crunch slice

is served up on page 76.

Sara Faull

Sara Faull is a Christchurch

stylist on a mission to help

people ‘find their fabulous’.

Armed with years of

experience, her business Sage

Styling is about empowering

people through fashion. Sara is

a voracious reader of anything

from magazines through to

novels. To rejuvenate, she

walks through Hagley Park

each day, and is kept busy

with four adult children and

three grandchildren. Wake up

your wardrobe using her style

advice on page 52.


for the Spring Market

Great presentation is critical when you are looking

for the best price. Keep these tips in mind when

presenting your home to it’s potential new owner:





Declutter!! But don’t necessarily


Embrace the Spring market

by arranging seasonal blooms

in decorative vases around

the home.

Clean windows make rooms look more

inviting, brighter and help highlight

fresh paint, hardwood floors and other

characteristics of the home.

Keep lawns mowed,

paths edged, hedges

trimmed and

gardens weeded.

Maximise indoor/

outdoor flow. Open

doors, unblock

doorways, and

make your outdoor

living space inviting.




what sellers say:

Mary is very hardworking, honest,

approachable, sincere, looks after

her clients’ interest, and always

available. The best agent ever!



No. 2 Harcourts Sales Consultant

Christchurch 2019-2020

No. 4 Harcourts Sales Consultant

New Zealand 2019-2020

No. 4 Harcourts Sales Consultant

Internationally 2019-2020

$595 million in Settled Sales

- Margaret K.

Mary was very helpful, supportive

and pro-active. I am very

grateful for her help and her

professionalism - I couldn’t have

done it without her.

- Cherie H.

03 352 6166 or 0275 252 959



your tracks in comfort this summer

Milford & Routeburn Track

guided walks

Space available | Book now | | 0800 659 255

Style | Feature 17

The insider’s guide

Ready to connect back to yourself and nature? Two local guides

describe how to find that bit of magic on the Milford and Routeburn tracks.

Words Shelley Robinson

ABOVE: At the end of the Milford Track walk, you may be greeted by a spectacular view of Mitre Peak.

18 Style | Feature

Tony Phillips has a way of talking about Milford Track

that makes you want to send a quick note to your

boss and say you’ll see them in five to six days.

He is describing a part of the track where he is still,

even after nine years of leading groups, awed by the

“sheer power of Mother Nature”. Just with his words he

transports you straight on to the track, to the point you

can almost smell the forest.

“The rains bring out the waterfalls. When you see just

the sheer amount of walls on the mountain that come

alive with water and the greenness of the forest that

shortly follows – you just don’t know how many shades

of green there are until you see a wet Milford forest in

all its glory. It brings you to life,” says Ultimate Hikes’

head guide.

There is a bit of silence down the line after that,

because, well, what can you say?

To hear someone who has done thousands of walks on

the 54km track through Fiordland National Park to Milford

Sound still talk with reverence, makes you understand the

type of beating-heart relationship tramping guides develop

with an area.

In a year where things have certainly not been the

norm, with Covid-19 lockdowns creating upheaval and

international travel off the cards, many New Zealanders

have a new-found fervour to rediscover what is closest to

home – and what we have is quite extraordinary.

Ultimate Hikes Track Operations Manager Shaun Liddy

agrees. Like Tony, he has been finding adventures in New

Zealand’s vast natural playground since he was a teenager

on school camps. And after he finished a Bachelor of

Physical Education degree at Otago University, he got a

job with Ultimate Hikes and never left.

Yes, the views are majestic, he says, but for him, there

is another layer. The tracks provide the medium where

what he calls the “real magic” happens. People not only

form a connection within themselves but with others

around them.

“You’ll often get people who’ll say they’ve read about

Milford Track and Routeburn at school and have wanted

to do it since. They say, ‘I’ve finally got here and I want to

do this.’ But often they are a bit sceptical as to whether

they can do it.”

For them, he says, these tracks are “their Everest”.

“They may not do it again or anything like it again, but

when you get these people through to the end and you

can see they’ve grown as a person as well through it, that

is so rewarding.”

The bonds that are formed on the track between

people can develop into life-long friendships, he adds.

“I think the tracks are a great leveller; it is a shared

effort. You take out the distractions of everyday life, you

can’t use a cellphone or internet, and it comes down to

the basics of living. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in

your life or your job. You are a person walking these tracks

with other people and that shared experience is the glue

– and it is pretty strong glue, I’ve got to tell you,” he says.

And that is why guides keep coming back year after year.

“The guides are also making those connections and

it is a real thing – we’re not just putting it on. You are

influenced by those people. The place has a strong pull,

but it is the people who set it apart,” says Shaun.

ABOVE: The 32km long Routeburn Track is filled with natural wonders with a range of ecosystems.

Style | Feature 19

Routeburn Track – Fiordland National Park

Distance: 33km Walking: 2–4 days

The Routeburn Track is pretty special, says

Tony, because it changes around each corner.

“You go through a whole range of ecosystems,

which is really cool.”

Day 1: 12km, 4–6 hours

If it is a warm day, you may find yourself

swimming underneath Earland Falls, a

174m-high marvel, while looking across at

glaciated mountains on the first day.

“You’ll pass waterfalls and kind of skirt

along the edge of the rainforest, so you are

seeing that slow change through to the alpine

environment,” says Tony.

Day 2: 11km, 5–6 hours

Most of your time will be spent above the tree

line, enjoying incredible views while immersed

in the subalpine area with tussocks and hebes.

Day 3: 9km 3–4 hours

On the third day, the descent begins through

a forest of big red beech trees and into the

Routeburn Valley. You’ll see birds that prefer

to hang out in the lower altitudes.

“There are some rare species you don’t

get to see a lot in other areas, like the mohua

(yellowhead). You may seem them a bit

on other parts of the track but their real

stronghold is in that valley. Same with k k riki,

the whio (blue duck), and some other rarer

birds who seem to make it home,” says Tony.


Tony: “It’s hard to beat the Harris Saddle. It is

after lunch on the second day. You are sidling

along the mountain looking over Lake Harris

and you are in an amphitheatre, just about 360

degrees of surrounding mountains, overlooking

the lake. It is just a really special place to be.”

Shaun: “There is a valley right at the head

of the lake [Lake Harris] called the Valley of

the Trolls, and the views up through there are

pretty special. You feel like you are above any

care in the world. Walking down to Routeburn

Falls Lodge, you head into the hanging valley that

has these amazing cascading waterfalls down

from Lake Harris. It is just a special place.”

Tip: Your feet aren’t the view

Tony: “It can be easy just to look at your feet

then stop. Look up. It can be easy to miss some

of the views just because you didn’t look behind

you, especially on the Hollyford Face. If you take

the time to do a 180, you get a whole different

perspective behind you. In the forest, look up

because lots of the birds are up in the canopy

of the trees.”

ABOVE: Ultimate Hikes’ Tony Phillips (left) and Shaun

Liddy. TOP: Lush views of the forest can be enjoyed

on the Routeburn.

20 Style | Feature

Milford Track – Fiordland National Park

Distance: 53km Walking: 4–5 days

With thousands of waterfalls,

including New Zealand’s

highest permanent waterfall,

Sutherland Falls, Milford

Track is quite different to the

Routeburn, says Shaun.

“On the Routeburn, you

get above the tree line for

a bit of it and look down

on the landscapes. On the

Milford, you are actually in

the valley for the most part,

looking up at the vertical

cliffs with these sheer granite

faces. It’s a completely

different perspective.”

NOTE: The descriptions are

based on the guided walks

and not the Department

of Conservation walks.

The two are booked

separately and have

different opening seasons.

Day 1: 1.6km

On the Ultimate Hikes trek, you access

the Milford Track by taking a boat across

Lake Te Anau to the Glade Wharf.

With just over a kilometre to the night’s

accommodation, it’s a nice easy start to the

track, says Shaun.

Day 2: 16km, 6–7 hours

Walk through the Clinton Valley next to

the Clinton River and over a swing bridge.

It is a good way to get an introduction to

what will come on the third day, which is

climbing the steep Fiordland mountains,

says Shaun. Enjoy the beech forest as you

go, and you can also take a side track to

Prairie Lake for a swim.

Day 3: 14km, 6–7 hours

This is the day not only when your legs

will get a thoroughly good workout, but

where you can opt to see the incredible

Sutherland Falls.

Walk through Clinton Valley before

the climb begins over the Mackinnon Pass

via the “famous” Milford Track zig-zags.

Vegetation changes from rainforest into the

subalpine zone.

“You’ll get some amazing views back

down into the Clinton Valley and into

the Arthur Valley. You are surrounded by

impressive mountain peaks, including snowcovered

mountains even in summer. The

glacier across the way is pretty impressive.

There is a side walk option to see

Sutherland Falls, the world’s fifth-highest

waterfall and New Zealand highest

permanent waterfall. The 580m waterfall

doesn’t rely on rain, but is fed by a lake and

a glacier, says Shaun, which means it is a

pretty spectacular sight all year round.

“It was one of the main reasons the

track was put through in the first place,

other than getting through to Milford

Sound, because at the time it was the

highest known waterfall in the world to


Day 4: 21km 6-7 hours

Because there can never be too many

waterfalls, this day has even more water

features on the way to Milford Sound,

including Mackay Falls followed by Giant

Gate Falls. Then it is off to Sandfly Point

(aptly named, according to Shaun) before a

boat ride to Milford Sound.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: Reach the summit of Mackinnon Pass by the ‘famous’ Milford Track zig-zags;

Sutherland Falls is New Zealand’s highest permanent waterfall.

Style | Feature 21

Tip: Take your time

Shaun: “Walk at your own pace, there

is plenty of time in the day. I always say

to people at the back, you are getting

the best value for money because you

are interacting with what is around you.

I like being the back guide because you

are really enjoying the journey.”

LEFT: A 360-degree photo of Milford

Sound showcases the ‘eighth’ wonder

of the world.


Shaun: “When you get on the boat to

Milford Sound, as you come out of the

Arthur River and hit Milford Sound itself,

the sounds just open up before you. It’s

just an amazing sense of arrival to this

eighth wonder of the world. It is a pretty

special moment.”

Tony: “Spotting the rare rock wren up

in the alpine environment. You can hear

it squeaking away but it can take you

half an hour to spot it. Sharing that buzz

with a walker is quite cool. The birds are

really special because they are our only

full-time alpine bird. The kea will duck

into the forest when the weather isn’t

flash, whereas the rock wren will tough it

out, diving around the rocks in metres of

snow to keep warm.”


There are Department of Conversation huts on

both walkways and camping sites available on

the Routeburn. They need to be booked. If you

walk with Ultimate Hikes, they have their own

lodges on the track, complete with three-course

meals and beer and wine available.

Myth buster

No, helicopters do not take your packs into

the accommodation for you, says Shaun.

You are expected to carry your pack, which

weighs around 5–7kg.

Greg and lyn marshall

Good old fashion service from a

owner/operated local business.

• Full mechanical repairs • Vehicle servicing

• woF repairs

• Tyres

• wheel alignments • Puncture repairs

stockists of all brands of tyres

walk ins welcome. Greg and Lyn Marshall and their

experienced team look forward to welcoming you.

496 Wairakei Road, Christchurch | Ph: 03 359 4114 A/h: 0274 356 484

RecoveR youR loved fuRnituRe

Quality furniture


100s of fabrics to

choose from

Hours: Mon - Thurs, 7am - 4.30pm, Fri 8am - Midday,

or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909

424 ST ASAPH STREET PH 371 7500



by the water’s edge

Stay by the lake, explore Wanaka

0800 108 311

Complimentary welcome drink on

arrival. Use promo code: STYLE


Jytte Glintborg has always felt a connection to nature to support her wellbeing.

After her husband had a health scare, it led them on a journey

to source top-quality essential oils from around the globe.

Words Shelley Robinson

Style | Feature 23

24 Style | Feature

Was it a whim or intuition? Jytte Glintborg ponders

out loud and surmises she possibly still doesn’t

know. Eight years ago, when the existing owners of

Christchurch’s Zurma Botanical Oil Studio, an essential oil

and natural health business, said it was for sale, within a

split second Jytte had offered to buy it.

Perhaps it was an unconscious decision, she decides,

as she has always had a deep connection to nature and

its healing benefits. And after 40 years as a massage

therapist, there

was a practical drawcard that it could be something for

her to do next.

But life, as it sometimes tends to do, delivered Jytte

and her husband Tremane Barr, a curveball. Tremane

was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer that had

spread to his liver.

“He was given about six months. We declined

treatment because they couldn’t offer much anyway. But

it set us on a course that we were very dedicated to

finding everything natural that could help and essential

oils were part of that, as well as a large range of other

things,” she says.

And now, hearing Tremane pottering away in the

background, it means this story has a happy ending.

Seven years after the diagnosis at Christchurch Hospital,

he is still alive and well.

“But it was the catalyst, and we became very serious

about optimal health and wellbeing because we know

how important it is,” she says.

Their journey to find the “absolute best quality oils”

led them via the internet all around the globe, developing

a network of professionals who guided them to the best


“For every oil we get a report which specifies each

component in the oil so we can see the quality. Some

companies won’t supply this, so we buy from suppliers

who have that documentation so we know what we

stock is very potent. We don’t go for price, we go for

quality,” she says.

Simply because, she says, their family knows how

important health is, and people need to have trust that a

product will help support it.

“We have a few key people we work with; very small

companies that specialise. Some of them are a little bit

of a closed group and to get in took recommendations

from other people. This is because they are exceptionally

dedicated to quality,” she says.

The rise of essential oil in recent years has led to

harmful improper use, says Jytte, and though essential oils

are natural, they are a hundred times more concentrated

than their plant counterparts and must be used properly.

Working with Jytte and Tremane is their daughter Kiri

Barr-Glintborg, Matt Wilham and two aromatherapists,

Belinda Nicholls and Gillian Parkinson. The team has

been kept busy as people seek support for anxiety and

health boosters with the onset of Covid-19. The team


their own blends, which can take weeks to test.

Jytte’s passion for essential oils is evident throughout

the conversation. She speaks knowledgeably about them,

in a way that only people with a true connection to their

work do. She describes recently opening a new box of

oils like an excited child would when opening a present.

Even though it made no sense at the time, trusting her

intuition all those years ago has led Jytte and her family

very much in the right direction.

ABOVE: Zurma Botanical Oil Studio is family owned and operated.

From left: Tremane Barr, Kiri Barr-Glintborg and Jytte Glintborg.

Style | Feature 25

The don’t dos

Never apply undiluted oils topically to your

skin. Essential oils are a hundred times more

concentrated than their plant counterparts; if

they’re not diluted with a carrier oil before applying

to skin, you could get a rash, feel sick or develop

other symptoms. For those who have been using

them a long time undiluted, they may no longer

work and be tolerated by the body, says Jytte.

Never ingest essential oils. They are very strong

and can cause damage to the oesophagus and liver.

How do essential oils work?

Each essential oil has different benefits

and gets into the bloodstream by being

absorbed through the skin or when


“They can also work locally. For

example, if you have an essential oil which

is an anti-inflammatory, it will work on

that area,” Jytte says.

Oil and water don’t mix. Some people think if they

put essential oils in water it means they can ingest

them. But even if you shake the bottle, says Jytte,

they don’t mix; instead, they become little particles.

This is important when using essential oils in baths.

“Think about what hits the water first on your

body, the very delicate skin; you can really burn

yourself,” she says. Dilute them first in a carrier oil.

Diffusers are the exception, as they are not

applied to the body but inhaled.


Christchurch designer

Marc Bendall turns old

metals and forgotten

jewels into flawlessly

designed, quality pieces.

Transform worn-out

jewellery into something

that will bring you

joy once more.


26 Style | Feature


For using topically, the safe amount is 1 per cent dilution with a

carrier oil (see below). As a guide, 3 drops of essential oil to 10ml

carrier oil; 6 drops to 20ml carrier oil and 15 drops to 50ml carrier

oil. But it is always important to check the instructions that come

with the essential oil.

There are different dilution rates for babies and the elderly,

so care is required. Only those professionally trained use higher

percentages, and then only for a very short time, says Jytte.

Carrier oils

The ‘carrier oil’ is what you use to dilute your essential oil in order

for it to be used on your skin. Look to nut or seed oils, like almond,

apricot or blackcurrant. You can also use lotions and moisturisers

with the same dilution rate of 1 per cent.

“Carrier oils can have their own wonderful properties; they can

be so moisturising. Some are very calming, like tamanu oil, which

can help eczema and psoriasis,” says Jytte.


In an average-sized room, aim for about six drops of essential oil to

100ml of water, and don’t have it going for more than an hour. You can,

however, switch it back on after another hour has lapsed. Have it on too

long and you may start to feel unwell – with a headache or nausea, for


“After a while, the scent disappears because you have become so

infused and can’t smell it anymore. The enjoyment is no longer there.”

How do I know which oil to use?

Consider what you are trying to achieve (calm, motivation, health) and do

some research around which oils are known for supporting the desired

result. Not every essential oil will resonate the same way with everyone,

however, so trust what you are drawn to.

“For example, vetiver is very grounding and soothes the nervous

system, but not everyone responds well to it,” Jytte explains. “For some

it is lavender; others don’t respond to lavender. At different times we will

be drawn to different oils, depending on what we need at that time.”

Looking to seLL

your home?

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“We couldn’t have been in better hands”

Leigh and Mel, Fendalton

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FALL IN Mari LOvE – Upper Riccarton AgAIN

“Warm, friendly, helpful and honest”

Charlotte, Waltham

Christchurch designer

Marc Bendall turns old

metals and forgotten

jewels into flawlessly

designed, quality pieces.

Transform worn-out

jewellery into something

that will bring you

joy once more.




Gordon and



“Sarah went above and beyond on so many things”

Anton – Mairehau

Debi Pratt

Business Owner/Sales Consultant


“Professional, incredibly empathetic and a joy to

work with.” Halee and Ray, New Brighton


021 480 155

The Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement and wedding ring should be perfect.

There’s no question about it. You want a ring that

will last for years to come, made to an exceptionally high

standard. Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design creates

the most accurate and perfect jewellery and can offer you

something that will last the distance. Polished Diamonds

has the ethos that buying an engagement ring is about

trust in the jeweller. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD),

3D printing, laser welding, and MRI scanning, they can

produce any ring design and draw it up in an accurate

model for your review. This enables design adjustments

to ensure perfection and your total satisfaction. Dan

Joines and his team guarantee that their clients end up

with the highest quality engagement or wedding rings at

the best price – this is the future of jewellery.

Each ring is 3D printed, then hand polished and set

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Diamonds design and produce the world’s most

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Belgium, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Israel, plus

an amazing supply of the finest gemstones imaginable.

Any jewellery design can be modelled and produced

with perfectly fitted wedding rings. Any gemstone can be

supplied, and any price point achieved. Also, on offer is a

range of men’s wedding rings, in titanium, zircon, classic

gold, and platinum. As manufacturing jewellers, they

offer a great price, high quality and ensure your complete

satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee. So, for Wedding,

Engagement or just because… why go anywhere else?

Freecall 0800 233 299

Christchurch Showroom

30 New Regent Street

Auckland Showroom

269 Ponsonby Road

Online Showroom

Style | Feature 29


The idea to create a New Zealand-made active skincare range was hatched 16 years ago.

A few babies and a pampered pug later, it became a reality for

Julia Heywood and Adele Harrison.

Words Shelley Robinson

ABOVE: Adele Harrison (left) and Julia Heywood, the Christchurch-based duo behind Phi Cosmeceutical.

30 Style | Feature

It wasn’t the telltale little finger marks that gave

away an eight-year-old’s dalliance with her mum’s

face cream, but the angry red rash emblazoned on

her face by night-time.

Julia Heywood is laughing as she recalls how long

she yearned to smear her mum’s cold cream on

her face, only to have it backfire so spectacularly.

“Mum said, ‘What have you done?’ And I said,

‘Nothing!’” Julia comedically pulls the innocent

face of her eight-year-old self and, because her

storytelling is so infectious, her business partner

Adele Harrison starts chuckling alongside her.

The two are the founders of Phi Cosmeceutical,

a Christchurch-made and developed range of

cosmeceutical-grade active skincare – and they’re

great friends, if the way they finish off each other’s

sentences is any indicator.

Julia’s skin journey has been a fickle one. Her skin

is “ridiculously” sensitive and she also has melasma,

a pigmentation disorder that causes brown patches

to appear on the skin. None of the numerous

products that came to her as business manager at

KM Surgical did the trick. In 2004, she pondered

developing her own active skincare range. She had

a good professional network around her, including

her husband and dermatologist Dr Ken Macdonald,

owner of KM Surgical.

“Lots of people were trying to sell us their stuff,

but there were no [active] New Zealand-made

products and I thought, ‘Why are people not

making this?’” she says.

It lurked in the back of her mind until three years

ago, when she hit her forties.

“I said, ‘Right this is it. You’re getting old.’ You

know when you hit your forties and you think, ‘I’ve

got to do something? It’s either now or never. Let’s

do this. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If it does,

great,’” she says.

“And then you say, ‘Adele, do you want to get

on board?’” grins Adele.

Julia met Adele when she joined the KM Surgical

team in 2016 as a registered nurse and skincare

educator, after managing a Christchurch day

spa. Adele has been an advanced skin therapist

for more than 12 years and has always had a

fascination with skin.

“When I was about eight, I started to notice

good skin. My aunty always used good skincare and

my mum never used it. My aunty has got beautiful

skin and there was a big difference. I don’t know

why that became something I noticed, but I started

using skincare at age 10,” she says.

With their shared knowledge, the duo began

developing their own products. They knew what

ABOVE: Launching with five products last year, Phi Cosmeceutical is now steadily expanding its range.

Style | Feature 31

active ingredients worked well and got to work with

the biochemist at a Christchurch lab.

There is a difference between active skincare and

other products. We turn to Adele, who has a knack

for explaining things that sound a bit scientific.

“A lot of products you will see, mainstream brands,

they’ll say retinol and vitamin C, but they will be very

low quality. Whereas with active [skincare] you go

for what is actually going to get into the skin and

work within the skin cell at a rate that is going to

make a change to the skin. [Active skincare products]

contain more active and higher concentrations

of ingredients in order to get optimal results. It is

scientifically backed with clinical studies, such as antiageing

and removing pigmentation,” she explains.

People will know the difference straight away, she

says, because it doesn’t get a “film on the skin” as it

actually absorbs into the skin.

Their range, says Julia, is not a “coat and cover”

fix – unlike many others on the market, from major

brands to natural products. Real skincare is about

creating and supporting a good skin barrier, so you

are not turning to things to fix it later in life.

The duo are realists when it comes to life and

skincare. Both work, and Adele, who lives in Pegasus,

has two children, including six-month-old Roczen

who is having a great time bouncing on his mum’s

knee as she talks. Julia has two “grown-up” children

and a very “pampered” pug dog called Boo, aka

Queen Bee. Not only does this particular pug have

its own TikTok and Instagram page, but she has been

dubbed the Queen of Cashmere (soon to be the

Queen of Swannanoa, when Julia moves). “Very high

maintenance indeed,” grins Julia, as she whips out her

phone to show photos.

So, skincare must be easy because people don’t

have time to be involved in a rigorous routine.

They also set realistic expectations. In spite of what

the photos on social media platforms suggest, no

one has flawless skin, says Adele. She sees the results

of the anxiety created with young girls worrying

over whether their lips are too small, or they don’t

have big enough cheeks. Instead, Adele and Julia are

committed to “functioning skin”. That means it is

healthy and, as a result, it looks good.

Last year, Julia and Adele launched their first five

products – moisturisers, a cleanser and an all-in-one

product – and they have steadily added to the range.

They now have 11 products.

Word of mouth quickly spread due to the

effectiveness of their products, says Julia, and seeing

their products finally give people healthy skin makes

it all worth it.

“We had this guy that came in, in his nineties,

and he wanted IPL, but his skin was so fragile and

we said, ‘Look, we need to build your skin barrier.’

He started using our Hero and Repair products. A

month later he didn’t need IPL, he was really happy

with his skin and how it was looking,” says Julia.

It has been a bit of journey, 16 years from when

Julia first had that initial thought, with a few babies

and a pampered pug dotted in between.

It was a shared passion that drove Julia and Adele

past the burnout and through the long delays

involved with setting up a business from scratch. But

it was also made easier, they say, when you have a

business partner who you can share a few chuckles


“We are a bit crazy,” admits Julia, smiling. “We

have nicknames for each other, but we aren’t going

to tell you what they are... Adele is looking at me

with dagger eyes now!”

And once again, their laughter bells out while baby

Roczen gurgles happily away.

Their range, says Julia, is not a “coat and cover” fix – unlike many others on the

market, from major brands to natural products.




The Phi Cosmeceutical range is the vision of Julia and Adele and

embodies the vitality of Christchurch. Made in Christchurch – The Phi

Cosmeceutical range is formulated by Julia and Adele in collaboration with

a manufacturing specialist of beauty products in Christchurch. These are

simply the products you need: cleansers, serums and moisturisers, with

active ingredients including antioxidants and peptides.

Considering New Zealand’s harsh sunlight, melanin inhibitors are

included to combat increased pigmentation. These ingredients change the

metabolism of the skin, rather than just masking problems. These active

ingredients are scaled in a way that prevent adverse reactions. As your

skin adapts, the percentage is increased according to individual treatment

requirements. We reach a higher therapeutic level than most other

cosmeceuticals on the market.

Julia Heywood

adele HaRRison





Contains a combination of various

surfactants and conditioning

actives, this low foaming cleanser

helps to remove excess oil, makeup

and surface impurities while

assisting in maintaining skin’s

natural moisture balance leaving the

skin feeling refreshed and clean.

RRP $60

Polish is a deep exfoliating cleanser

which gently removes impurities,

while polishing away dead skin cells

for a healthy, glowing looking skin.

Pink Australian Clay helps to restore

and replenish skin and is an essential

skin care ingredient. Pink Clay is rich

in Silica, which may help to improve

skin elasticity and cell renewal for

supple, younger looking skin.

RRP $60

Spotless is a mild-peel and exfoliator

in one, high powered lactic and

salicylic acids gently loosens

and breaks apart desmosomes

encouraging exfoliation of dead

skin cells and unclogging congested

pores. Can help reduce acne, treat

hyperpigmentation, age spots and

other factors. Spotless can only be

purchased after consultation by

phone or in person.

RRP $60

Light weight moisturiser specifically

designed for problematic skin. Helps

reduce excessive sebum production

leaving skin feeling refreshed and

balanced. Control will help improve

skin condition and regulate oil


RRP $100

Full range




ingredients that

treat the cause

rather than

mask the skin






The skin’s hero is for anyone who is

wanting to improve skin appearance

and balance skin tone for a more

radiant complexion. This powerful

blend of scientifically backed

actives is packed with Niacinamide,

antioxidants, peptides and lightening

ingredients designed to target

hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne,

rosacea, improve barrier function

and even skin tone.

RRP $130

A gorgeous non-greasy rich

moisturiser which penetrates

deep into the skin along with

a combination of scientifically

backed actives that soothe, repair

barrier function and hydration

leaving your skin feeling instantly

loved and nourished.

RRP $120

Rewind is designed to help turn

back the clock by normalising the

appearance of skin abnormalities

and damage. Retinol is a superhero

anti-ageing ingredient, which helps

reduce the appearance of fine lines,

wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

Retinol also helps the skin cells to

turn over at a faster rate, decrease

oil production, and helps the skin

to exfoliate.

RRP $130

This beautiful combination of

enriched oils can help to rebalance

oil production, providing moisture

to keep skin clear and give powerful

anti-ageing properties. Rescue is

enriched with lanolin, manuka honey

& squalane moisturizers and provides

an anti-inflammatory protective

barrier to your skin. Rescue aids the

healing of acne, eczema, chapped

lips/nipples, sunburn & nappy rash.

RRP $99

avenue HealtH, KM suRgical, 202 Bealey ave, cHRistcHuRcH

34 Style | Promotion

Mooching around

in Merivale

Change has been a regular occurrence for this

salubrious suburb and we are not complaining.

While some Merivale stalwarts remain, those beyond

the mall are adding plenty of reasons as to why

pounding the pavement of Papanui Road is going to see

a smile on your face – and your wallet lighter for it.

There are many places to tempt you in off the street.

Whether you’re hunting for gifts, a treat for yourself,

some time out or the key ingredients to perfect your

next soirée, there’s more worth knowing about this

northwestern corner of Christchurch.


Tucked away in the Village Gate Arcade, discover a welcome

that’s as warm and robust as the coffee, complemented by a

tempting array of delicious home-made specialties. Paul and his

dedicated staff look forward to seeing you.

03 355 1481


Every time you donate clothes to, or shop at, our Hospice

Shops you raise money for the Nurse Maude Hospice.

We love you for that.


Discover Merivale’s only manufacturing jeweller and a

destination for all your jewellery requirements, from remakes

and repairs to valuations. Create something special with a

bespoke Mason Carter design that will stand the test of time.

Style | Promotion 35


Recently awarded THA-New Zealand Beauty and Day Spa

2020, Nicola Quinn’s talented skin therapists create bespoke

solutions for your skin concerns. Looking for the perfect gift?

Spoil someone special with a luxurious, relaxing spa voucher.


Specialising in naturally aged meat, Traiteur European Butchery

also carries a wide range of small goods, café-style lunches,

home-style take-away meals, desserts and South Island wines.

There’s even a party service and delivery options to boot.


All the delights of antiques, collectables and art have finally

returned to Merivale. The Vintro Room specialises in oneoff

and eclectic pieces that will add old-world charm to your

home. New stock arriving daily.


Fleur by DK Floral design is transforming this month for

Christmas Beautiful fresh bouquets, wreaths and table

arrangements to delicious gourmet hampers and not

forgetting our stunning gift lines and furniture.

36 Style | Promotion


Issimo is an owner-operated boutique with a select range of

women’s footwear and fashion accessories. Proud stockists of

both European and New Zealand designers that will see you

stepping out in style.


Professional, private and personalised hairdressing created by

Jonny, Ellen and Jill. • 03 356 1245


St Tropez Tan

Relaxing Care

Ultraceuticals home base in Merivale.

Cosmeceuticals products and results driven facial treatments

and beauty therapy with Robyn Prinsep and her team.

Start your skin journey today with a skin smoothing

microdermabrasion for your best skin.



Store directory

Belle Coiffure Of Merivale

03 356 1245 • 209 Papanui Road (Upstairs)

Chicoti’s Fine Food

03 355 1481 • 186 Papanui Road

Fleur By DK Floral Design

03 355 0464 • 2A/186 Papanui Road

House of Beaute

03 355 6992 • 184 Papanui Road (Upstairs)


03 355 5975 • 174 Papanui Road

Mason Carter

03 355 3352 • 186 Papanui Road

Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa

03 355 6400 • 209/211 Papanui Road

Nurse Maude

03 355 6295 • 186 Papanui Road

Traiteur European Butchery

03 355 7750 • Corner Aikmans & Papanui Roads

Vintro Room

027 269 6290 • 186 Papanui Road

Step in Style

this Spring

and Summer

Whether you are heading off to the beach, out on a date or chasing the horses on Cup Day; Rolleston

Square have you covered with exceptional Speciality stores to provide the glam for these upcoming seasons.


is a high end salon specialising in blonde

and balayage as well as their usual colour

and hair styling services. Owners Charlotte

and Margaret welcome all new clients

including families, gents, school children

and seniors. Check out their selection

of hair and beauty products including La

Biosthetique Paris, Nak, Pureology, Loreal,

De Lorenzo and more instore. Book now for

Cup Day, bring your fascinator – bookings

recommended. Book by ph: 03 347 2001 or

online at:


is committed to offering

exceptional service alongside

exciting shoes, bags and

accessories. Cappeli Rossi made in

Brazil are a perfect example of the

store’s unique offering. If you are

looking for something that turns

heads, then pop in to any one of

their four stores or check them

out online www.fascinoshoes. and on facebook.

Ph: 347 0000


With the cooler months well on the way out,

new season styles have filled the shop, with

colour, florals, prints, sparkles and everyday

work wear ready for the warmer days ahead.

Shades of pinks and orange are definitely a

popular choice for this season and animal

is still topping the popularity, with a strong

influence in leopard and zebra. Get ready for

Cup Day ladies with some fabulous outfits.

We are loving the Hot Pink of this outfit

from Wish the Label. Ph: 03 347 1151 or visit:


wants you to have beautiful hands and

feet this summer. Expose your toes

to the sun after a relaxing pedicure -

enjoy a foot soak, manicure, hot stone

massage, and warm towel wrap. Get

your gel manicure in time for Cup

Day and while you’re there enjoy a

relaxing hand massage or soothing

back massage on the massage chair.

Ph: 03 260 0406 or book online




has you covered for any occasion you might

be planning for at a low price. Come and

try on our latest spring/summer styles. We

have a great range of women’s, men’s and

children’s clothing from pinafore suits,

merino and puff sleeve tops, t-shirts, denim

wear, embroidered dresses, linen culottes &

an organic range. Plus boys and men’s short

sleeve shirts are back in with the same print

for all ages for those planning on getting

a family portrait done. Ph: 03-347 7741 or




With more than 30

Find ou

With specialty more than stores, 30 you Find can out more: rollestonsq

With more than 30

Find out more:

specialty do stores, all your can shopping in

do all your the shopping heart of in Rolleston.

the heart of Rolleston.

specialty stores, you can

do all your shopping in

the heart of Rolleston.


Hayley King, aka FLOX, has built

her artistry on street art and her

trademark native birds, ferns

and flowers are a celebration

of Aotearoa’s environmental

taonga (treasures). Her works are

always vibrant and confident in

colour. Check out her bamboo

plates, cards, jigsaws, teatowels

and journals at Industria. Call

instore, Ph: 03 420 0996 or visit:

38 Style | Home

Outdoor haven

Taking a hard look at your outdoor area?

With a few easy additions you can turn it into a place to while away the spring days.

Words Michelle Laming

Style | Home 39

Preferring the shade to the sun doesn’t mean

you have to stay inside. Lush pergolas and

sculptural trellises aren’t just for looks; they

provide relief from the sun’s harsh rays while

still allowing for a cool breeze to pass through.

The options to create an outdoor room vary,

from a gazebo to adding an extensive covered

barbecue area, but the end result is always

worth it. Simply sit back with a refreshing drink

and a good book, while taking in the view of a

spring garden in bloom, a gleaming skyline or a

sparkling swimming pool.

ABOVE: Beautiful patterns can bring in playful light. Photo: Ellen Estate Interiors

WIN $1000



insect or security




Request a free measure

and quote from

HomePlus and go into

the draw to win $1000

towards your Insect

Screen or Security


Make the most of the warm

weather while still being


*Promotion finishes 31st Oct 2020.

Measured, made

and installed by our

team of experts.

5 year warranty.

88 Gasson St, Sydenham | 03 379 3740 |

40 Style | Home


Manage light with retractable

canvas or metal fins so they can

be automated to close with the

onset of inclement weather.

Express yourself through light

Exterior rooms can be witty and have

beautiful patterned trellis to enhance the

way the light falls through the day or walls

that slide away or close up to protect from

the elements. Fireplaces and pizza ovens are

now commonplace to create a cosy feel.





Now you can include chowders,

grills, pot roasts and pizzas to

your skill set — all sorts of tasty

dishes and finger food with the

Jetmaster radiating its warmth

and your hospitality.

• Removable pizza oven

• Removable BBQ plate

• 7.8l Potje Pot on swivel arm

• Smaller solid grill plate

Come in to our display of fires

and cookers at our outdoor

showroom, 95 Byron Street.

95 Byron Street, Sydenham, next

to Rockgas, opp Clip ‘N Climb

Call today 03 365 3685

GAssoN sT

Moorhouse Ave


BYroN sT



Style | Home 41

Uniquely furnished

Create luxury through daybeds

with big squishy cushions that

have self-drying inners. Make

good use of the wide range of

outdoor fabrics available to bring

in a whole new feel, through

texture and colour palettes.


the Best

Premium care facilities

ready soon


Real estate agent

Father and daughter team

John Tooby and Olivia Cleave

Our rest home and dementia care rooms will be available

this October to be followed by our modern 60 bed hospital.

Call Sarah Jacobson, our Village Manager, to make a

time to view our facilities and chat about you’re needs.

Want to know, the value of your home in the current market ?

Call me now for a Free Home Appraisal

Phone: 0212 506 921

210 Kittyhawk Ave, Wigram, Christchurch 8042

03 341 0543 | 027 3411 464 | |

Licensed REAA 2008

42 Style | Home

Time to eat

Dining tables with mediums of

metal, ceramic and glass with timber

or metal bring in a unique new

direction to outdoor furniture.

Add flair to outdoor dining with unique sculptural elements like David Shaw’s River Chair.

Fake it

For a cohesive

look, ensure your

furniture echoes

the architecture of

the exterior room.

Incorporate large

pots and planters

into your outdoor

space, and don’t

be afraid to mix

real and faux

plants into the


Style | Promotion 43

Take it outside

Outdoor living at its best this summer.

Siena Corner


A timeless classic, the

Siena range is a Kiwi

favourite. Rust resistant

aluminium frame,

all-weather half round

6mm wicker. Durable

olefin cushions and GRC

coffee table, $2899.

Montego Sun Lounger

The Montego Range is defined

by its fashionable use of premium

Costa Rican teak, bold aluminium

frames and soft, long-lasting olefin.

Brings a contemporary look to

your deck or outdoor area, $799.

Siena 3 Piece Bistro Set

This stunning setting encapsulates

style with comfort and practicality.

With a rust resistant power coated

aluminum frame and all weather

wicker chairs, you can easily enjoy

all of that summer sun, $499.

Nouveau Siena

Triple Seater

Lounge Chair

Mixes contemporary

style with classic

comfort. Perfect for

your family outdoor

living space, $1499.

Basso 3 Piece Setting

Chunky FSC 100% teak dining table with

two bench seats. Comfortable seating

for dining alfresco, this summer, $2399.

Large range of outdoor furniture and accessories available at

Mitre 10 Mega

Hornby, 370 Main South Rd | Papanui, 54 Harewood Rd | Ferrymead, 1005 Ferry Rd | Rangiora, 1 Southbrook Rd

44 Style | Home

SPLASH Radial Stool,

CITTA $540


Hudson Bar Stool,




French Country

Workshop Stool,



Take a seat


SPLASH Kartell Charles Ghost




Living & Co

Metal Stool, THE




Fuji Bar Stool,




SAVE Bar Stool,


SAVE Living & Co Mackenzie Bar Stool,


You bring the dream,

we’ll bring the

perfect patios - how

to prep for spring

To extend the al fresco dining season and

experience all-weather outdoor living,

Stratco has a range of options that can

be custom designed to suit your needs.

Whether you choose an opening and

closing louvre, or a fixed roof verandah,

you can relax in the knowledge that your

custom-made, stylish roof is built to

withstand local conditions.

contact stratco today and let us

create your perfect outdoor space.

CHRISTCHURCH | 55 Hands Road | Ph: (03) 338 9063

46 Style | Promotion


A carefully curated showcase of local businesses and their gorgeous wares.


Designed to be

intentionally irregular, this

Etch Soapstone Vessel

($149) is carved from

raw pink soapstone using

traditional techniques

passed through the

generations. Designed in

New Zealand and handcarved

in Kenya within a

fairtrade environment.


Influenced by the motorcycle heyday of the 1960s bikes,

when the Café Racers and California Beach Cruisers ruled,

the Rayvolt Cruzer e-bike is a head-turner. Paired with smart

technology and powerful dual batteries, it’s a new classic.

Test ride one today at 484 Cranford Street.


The ever-popular bronze hare

sculptures from Folklore are back

on the shelves and ready to add a

twist of character to your home or

workspace. Don’t be fooled by their

laid-back charm – these critters run

out the door! From $89.


If you are looking for a gift for that person

who seems to have it all, look no further

than this timber Armchair Rest ($44.99).

Fitting over any furniture arm, it creates a

flat surface right where you need to rest

that drink. Available in natural or black.

Style | Promotion 47


Nationally acclaimed artist Sofia

Minson’s works are in public

collections and could now be in

your home. Gallery De Novo

has some of her incredible

works available as high quality,

limited reproduction prints.

Pictured is Sophia, measuring

107 x 107cm, framed and

priced at $2750.


A more nutritious and

contemporary approach to

baking kits has arrived thanks

to Hill St. Available in four

delicious flavours, each ‘Base’ is

carefully crafted with everything

you need to create a variety of

home-baked treats. All proudly

made in New Zealand.


With a nip still in the

air some mornings,

Icebreaker’s new

Women’s Cool-Lite

Rush Vest ($249.99)

is just the ticket when

you are pounding

the pavement. With

merino wool content,

the jacket protects

from light weather

while actively wicking

away moisture.



Jillian Porteous’

Bird Totems stand

as silent sentries

before the beautiful,


painting Sweeping Sky

Symphony by Kathryn

Furniss. The ceramic

totems are 21–27cm

tall ($150–$159).

Kathryn Furniss’s


painting measures

84 x 84cm ($1650).


Reawaken your home with Robyn Buis

Interior Design. Delivering contemporary

designs through a thoughtful use of

colour, cohesion and layout, alongside

effortless elegance. The result? Not only

a functional home, but one to luxuriate

in. Create a home to be proud of that

will outlive any trend.

Including a special

competition for

the kids

Varieties ideal for

ground cover

Upcycling tricks

that will see your

garden grow

$8.00 incl. GST

9 416770 121318

48 Style | Gardening

Make room for tomatoes

Rachel Vogan shares with us the secrets to

a successful crop of home-grown toms.



• ‘Beefsteak’ – a large, flat, round,

fleshy tomato, with exceptional


• ‘Moneymaker’ – medium-sized,

tasty fruit, with a long and

heavy cropping season.

• ‘Potentate’ – a popular midseason

tomato, with good

flavour and cropping capacity.

• ‘Russian Red’ – reliable in cooler

climates, producing masses of

good-flavoured, round fruits.

• ‘Tasty Tom’ – a seasoned

campaigner, it’s one of the

most reliable, medium-sized



• ‘Black Cherry’ – dark purple,

almost black, cherry-sized

tomatoes, with a sweet flavour.

• ‘Gum Drop Black’ – expect

tangy, sweet, juicy dark-plumcoloured

cherry tomatoes to

hang in clusters from the rather

tall plant. Firm fruit, ideal for

using in any fresh dish.

• ‘Sweet 100’ – quick-growing,

mini cherry tomatoes that are

sweet. Needs plenty of room

to grow and is an abundant

cropping variety.

• ‘Tomaccio’ – the raisin tomato

is the sweetest variety. It’s a

vigorous grower, too.

• ‘Tumbling Tom’ – a compact,

low-growing variety perfect

for tubs, hanging baskets and


• ‘Yellow Pear’ – super-sweet,

teardrop-shaped fruit.

Left to their own devices,

tomatoes will fruit and, in some

cases, flourish. However, with a little

attention and care you will easily

double the bounty and its quality.

Do not compromise on full sun,

as this produces the best flavour. It

ensures the maximum number of

flowers and ripening of the fruit.

When growing outdoors, dig over

the soil prior to planting and work

in sheep pellets and tomato-growing

mix, providing the best platform for

the roots.

For an under-cover crop, replenish

last year’s beds with tomato fertiliser,

compost and SaturAid (or a waterstoring

crystal) to help keep the root

zone cool and moist.

Put a stake in the ground, then

plant the seedling next to it. If added

later, the stake could sever the root

ball from the plant. Choose only

the healthiest seedlings, avoiding tall,

straggly ones with yellow leaves. The

shorter the plant, the stronger the

root system will be. Then tie the stem

to the stake and water in.

For more practical advice for gardeners of all levels,

pick up the latest edition of Kiwi Gardener.

As the plants begin to grow, remove

the laterals as they appear. Laterals

are leafy side branches that divert the

plant’s energy into producing more

leaves than flowers.

Plant at least two per person in the

household to enjoy fresh tomatoes,

and four to six per person if you wish

to have extra to preserve and pickle.

Tomatoes enjoy fertiliser, but don’t

overload them with nitrogen. Apply

specific tomato fertiliser that is high

in potash as potassium is essential for

enhancing fruit, flower production, and

the ‘juiciness’ of the fruit.

Tomatoes are a top crop for pots

and containers. Choose something at

least 20 litres or bigger to cope with a

fully mature plant. Full sun and staking

remain necessary. Cherry tomatoes

and dwarf varieties are good options.

Ensure tomato plants are well

watered during dry periods.

For the best flavour, allow tomatoes

to fully ripen on the plant, which can

be a challenge as birds enjoy ripening

tomatoes. Netting and fine mesh will

keep the birds at bay.

growing with you Three Time winner of NZCNA Best Magazine | October 2020 | 100%

Five super

seasonal crops

TomaToes, sweeT corn,

courgeTTes, celery

+ cucumber

Win one of

three bumper

Yates hampers

A bed of roses

Cheap thrills

Why companion planting is so last season

How to grow witH biodiversity in mind

50 Style | Gardening

Gardening for the kitchen

Plucking herbs from the garden and adding them straight to food is about as fresh

as you can get – but where do you start if you want to grow your own?

Words Marilyn Wightman

What is in your herb

garden will depend

on the culinary tastes of

your household.

There are two groups of

culinary herbs: those that

flavour cooked meals and

those that can be added

fresh to food as a garnish, as

well as to add flavour.

Which herbs?

Draw up a list of what is required. A starting point can be all

the familiar herbs used most commonly in cookbooks: start

with herbs such as parsley, chives, rosemary, sage, marjoram

and thyme. Then you can add some other options to

diversify the mix, including basil, rocket, tarragon, chilli, dill,

mint and coriander.

Seeking the sun

Most culinary herbs

prefer as much

sunlight as they can

get. They thrive in hot

and sunny spots so

all day sun is the best,

but it’s often hard to

achieve on a smallsized

section. If your

garden is north-facing

and sunny, you will be

fine. If the light is just

on the eastern side

of the garden, then

as long as it gets all

morning sun things

will be okay.

Pluck often

Herbs gain their fragrance and taste from tiny oil sacs on their

stems, leaves and flowers. Plucking out the top growth and tips

encourages the plant to grow more shoots and leaves, so you

can enjoy even more fresh herbs in your cooking.

Container herbs

Containers allow you to grow herbs where they will capture the

most sun and warmth. Herbs grown in pots absorb heat too,

encouraging good growth. Containers can be moved and sited

in a dedicated area, preferably near the kitchen door for easiest

access when cooking.

The best tip for growing herbs in containers or pots is to plant

just one variety per pot. This allows each herb to absorb all

the nutrients it needs without any competition from another

nearby plant.

Container growing is contrived in a way, as the plant isn’t

growing as nature intended. Most slow-release fertilisers work for

a few months or more before the soil needs a boost, so repot

and refresh every year, replanting back into the same container

after a root trim or moving up a pot size as the plant gets bigger.


with Tim Goom

Add value to

your lifestyle

and property

Andy Ellis: diving into summer with Compass Pools

Andy Ellis: devoted family man, rugby player and Cantabrian.

The former All Black and Crusader is known for his positive

down to earth attitude and zest for outdoor living, so it was no

surprise when he chose to install a Compass pool during the

recent construction of his stunning Fendalton property. He was

so thrilled with the ease of the installation process and the end

result, he was happy to come on board as brand ambassador

for Compass Pools Christchurch, part of the Goom Group. I sat

down with Andy for a quick chat.

You were in Japan playing rugby until recently when

the current pandemic kicked off, it must have been

surreal deciding whether to stay or return home?

One minute I was captaining my team, the Kobelco Steelers,

during my farewell season - the next I was on a plane back to

Christchurch to join my family after the competition was shut

down by Covid. With all the enforced home time that came

with the lockdown, I was incredibly grateful to have our pool.

It provided hours of entertainment for the kids and kept us all

active. I missed seeing family and friends but having our pool

made it more of a holiday than a prison sentence.

We were lucky that we had such warm weather

during lockdown - what has been happening with

your pool since temperatures dropped?

During the cooler months, I consider our pool the ultimate winter

water feature. Because Compass pools self-clean, there is no need

to have an unsightly pool cover keeping out leaves and debris.

Our pool is perfectly

situated close to our

indoor living. During the

day, the reflections dance

off the water, and in the

evening with the lights

on the pool it becomes a

pretty impressive focal

point. Day or night, looking

out onto the crystal-clear

water is soothing. We

had a spa pool installed

by Compass adjoining

our pool. The spa gets

lots of use when it’s

colder, we love to relax

in the warmth on a crisp

Christchurch evening and

it’s the perfect way for

the kids to unwind before

bed. My wife Emma and

I have also been known

to use our pool for a bit

of homegrown cold-water therapy! As a rugby player, I’ve

experienced how an ice bath reduces inflammation after

a game - but we’ve also read it can boost immunity and

circulation. It’s also highly entertaining for the kids to see

Mum and Dad gasping in shock during a quick plunge in the

unheated pool - needless to say, we climb back into the spa

pretty quickly!

What is next for you?

I’m kept pretty busy with a number of business interests

I’m involved in. My continuing passion for rugby may see

the family and I on our way to New York shortly for a few

months to get involved with a rugby team there - which is an

incredible opportunity. Like everyone else, I’m aware of the

need to be adaptable in these uncertain times. If Covid forces

a change in plans, I can’t complain about a summer relaxing

around my pool! With warmer weather coming, flicking the

switch on the heat pump isn’t too far away. There are many

benefits to a Compass pool, but for me the best thing about

Compass pools is the unique Vantage self-cleaning system.

I spend my time enjoying my pool not cleaning it. The friendly

team at Compass are fantastic to deal with - if you want to

talk pools, give them a call.

Call Deacon to arrange a consultation - 03 343 3040


52 Style | Fashion

Wardrobe wake-up

Before you splurge on the latest spring sensations, stylist Sara Faull

has six tips for you to consider first.


Not analysing your

wardrobe before

heading to the boutiques

is like not writing a

grocery list before you go

supermarket shopping.

Yes, those new season

dresses may be as

tempting as a Pinky bar

in the confectionery aisle,

but in the same way you

can’t make a healthy meal

out of a marshmallow

treat, a wardrobe full of

dresses can’t effectively

earn its keep.

1. Before you even touch a hanger,

allow some time with pen and

paper. Partition the time you

spend at each activity in your life

and really think about whether

you have the appropriate clothes

in the right amounts for your

real life, or whether you need to

address the balance. Do you have

a large amount of sparkly goingout

tops but yet you only go out

once a month?

2. Now, either take all your clothes

out, or systematically work

through the hangers and drawers.

Look at the clothes you really

like and ask why. You may find

that not only do they suit your

body shape and colouring, they

also reflect your lifestyle and your


3. Next, address those that you

don’t wear often. Why don’t you

wear them? If they don’t suit your

shape, your face, your personality

or your lifestyle, it is time to ditch


4. Assess whether you have enough

investment pieces. The timeless

staples of a classic jacket, white

shirt, straight-legged pant, trench

coat and jeans are the best

ingredients because they allow

you to effortlessly mix and match.

5. Garments should span the

seasons. Layering up or down

is the key. A stylish dress that

works with a merino cardigan

and coat plus tights and boots

on cold days, may only need a

denim jacket and ankle boot for

spring, and nothing but a sandal

in the heat.

6. Don’t underestimate the crosspollination

of modern styling.

The days of off-duty-denim and

dresses-for-dress-ups are long

gone. We expect to get dressed

once and have our clothes

collude with our busy lives. Shoes

and accessories are key. Dresses

or jeans with flats/sneakers by

day turn into party-perfect pieces

when paired with heels.

So, write a list of investment pieces or missing linking/layering elements.

The challenge is for your wardrobe to reflect the authentic

you and your real life, rather than current fashions.

When you do this, you will awaken the full potential of

your wardrobe and save money to boot.

Shoes effortlessly transition an outfit from day into night. Swap out a casual shoe, like Miss Wilson by Kathryn Wilson’s Candy Trainer (top centre, $299), Kathryn

Wilson’s Sienna Trainer (bottom centre, $369) or La Tribe’s Studded Sandal (right, $319.90), for high heels like these Kathryn Wilson Deanna Sandals (left, $320).

Style | Fashion 53

A stylish dress can be interchangeable

with the seasons through use

of shoes, jackets and accessories.

Crux Jacket



Kathleen Frock, $412, CHARMAINE REVELEY

Minson Blazer $749, HARRIS TAPPER

Timeless staples like this

Beau Shirt by Juliette Hogan

($499) and Harris Tapper’s

Minson Blazer ($749) are

worth investing in.

Beau Shirt $499, JULIETTE HOGAN

The Indiana Dress $250,


稀 攀 戀 爀 愀 渀 漀

䴀 愀 愀 椀 欀 攀

䌀 甀 琀 愀 琀 攀

匀 椀 爀 攀 渀

娀 愀 欀 攀 琀 ☀ 倀 氀 漀 瘀 攀 爀

54 Style | Fashion

Emerge and discover something new by embracing florals

in different hues, in forms both structured and free.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: Baum und Pferdgarten; Pertegaz; Zimmermann; Leonard Paris; Victor Virgile

OPPOSITE: Zimmermann

Style | Fashion 55

56 Style | Fashion

Top trends that you won’t want to miss out on this spring.


Pink and cornflower blue give a softer edge,

even when paired with strong silhouettes.

ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: CHANEL; Suit Trouser $179.90, Double Breasted Jacket, $349.90, WITCHERY; Get ’Em Girl Dress 2.0 $865, MAGGIE MARILYN;

I Want Candy Blazer $449, I Want Candy Trousers $359, STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB; Fern Pinafore $449, JULIETTE HOGAN









And we don’t want to be. A bit

of quirk works, such as teaming

a spring jersey or statement

T-shirt with a light-layer bottom.

Pick Pocket T-Shirt $249,


Cross Town Sweater $350, STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB

Bowie Tiger Tee

$119, STORM

The Sweet Pleat Skirt




Tilt Sweater $327, Washed Mode Slip Dress $297, Washed

Station Pant $397, Convex Bag $697, TAYLOR


Tunics in different colours.

Transparency Jacket $557, Groundwork Tee $89, Belted Transpire

Pant $447, External Pocket Wrap $267, TAYLOR

58 Style | Fashion


Tiers of joy



Flounce With Me,




Whistle Tiered Midi Skirt,




Silk Tiered Skirt,




Capture Tiered Maxi Skirt,




Short Sleeve Tiered Jersey Dress,




Petrol Lace Guipure Tiered

Midi Dress,




Taffeta Tiered Dress,




Cotton Poplin Tiered Skirt,



Thoughtfully designed. Consciously created.

Introducing our exclusive new CoolTree Collection. Sustainably made from a breathable yarn blend derived

from eucalyptus trees and fully traceable ZQ certified New Zealand merino, these ultrafine knits are easy care,

easy wear, and easy on the earth.

Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch | Wanaka

There’s a very good chance you’ve seen our work.

But you would never know.

The revolutionary

is now available.

Experience the latest anti-aging

skin treatment taking Europe by storm.

For a personal consultation at no charge please call

03 363 8810

145 Innes Road (corner of Rutland St and Innes Rd),

Merivale, Christchurch

eveRyone Is a masteRpIece

The skin rejuvenation innovation of the decade.

5 Points skin Remodelling

• Innovative approach

• Hydration stimulation

• Remodelling of collagen and elastin

• Improves tissue laxity

• Long lasting results

Visit dr Philip Frost and the Face Value team to see how profhilo ®

can work for you, to deliver your best skin for summer.

62 Style | Beauty

Tried and tested

The Style team trial the latest beauty products.





Mita GEMTIPS Detangling Brush

I can finally brush my five-year-old’s hair.

With ultra-soft, flexible bristles as pretty as

they are practical, the latest Mita brush truly

does as it promises. The gem shapes at the

end of each bristle are designed to detangle,

as well as deal with dandruff and support

scalp health. Highly recommended!

RRP $14.99






Weleda Skin Food

This cream has been heavenly during the cold winter

months, a time when dry skin is a very common problem

for me. With natural ingredients like organic sunflower

oil and skin-calming extracts of wild pansy, organic

chamomile, calendula and rosemary, it has been both

soothing and hydrating. A little goes a long way as well!

If used too liberally, I found it didn’t absorb as well and

was a bit heavy (though great if using as a night cream).

In the mornings, it worked best to apply a small amount

all over my face and then add a bit extra to any problem

areas. My skin felt hydrated for the whole day – plus,

Skin Food smells delicious!

RRP $22.90


Style | Beauty 63






Ardell Nail Addict Premium Artificial

Nail Set

When I put on fake nails, I want two things. One,

to make that fake-nail-tapping sound; and two,

to still be able to go about my daily routine. This

set had a lot of flexibility in the tips, so they failed

on the tapping sound and, being overall a lighter

product, after making my daughter’s bed, they tore

at the ends. Disappointed, I managed to salvage the

situation as I still loved the nail design (Matte Blue)

and wanted to wear them out! I cut the fake nails

to my natural length and off I went.

Each kit contains 24 nails, nail glue, file, a cuticle

stick, and easy-to-follow instructions. I found the

selection of sizings a little limiting, but loved the

‘squoval’ (square/oval) shape tip and was attracted

to the different shades of blue, glitter and design.

In conclusion, these aren’t daily nails, but they’re

a great ‘pop them on before you go out’ option.

RRP $21.99





Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

Fresh on the shelves is this five-minute masque that

combines exfoliation and hydration in one clean

sweep, ideally saving you precious time.

The thick aqua-coloured mixture is complete

with slightly darker biodegradable spheres, which

are rubbed into the skin on application. Apply

generously, pop a timer on and go have a cuppa.

A lingering smell of the cucumber extract will

have you conjuring images of vege slices on your

eyes, but there’s no need for that. It’s actually the

snow mushroom doing the hard work, providing

extra moisture, antioxidants and vitamin D.

Bamboo is in charge of the exfoliation, which you

won’t feel until you wash off the masque, when a

fine grittiness becomes noticeable.

It feels luxurious to use and there is no doubt it

leaves the skin silky smooth. Great remedy for a

dehydrating weekend or general pick-me-up.

RRP $108

64 Style | Promotion

The panel

The Style team trial the latest

beauty products.

Emma Rogers

Best aspect? Though taking more time than my

usual cleanse-and-moisturise routine, I felt I had

given my face (and neck) some good quality

loving with these Arbonne products. They all

had earthy aromas that complemented the

range’s vegan ethos.

I wish… my eyes weren’t so sensitive to eye

creams, as this one is so creamy.

Results? My favourite product was the Collagen

Nurturing Serum. You don’t use a lot but it

glided on so smoothly and seemed to refresh

the skin. Overall, my face felt smoother and

more hydrated. If your husband compliments

your glowing skin, it must be working, right?!

Kate Preece

Best aspect? The thickness of both the day

moisturiser and night cream added a feeling

of luxury to the six-product regime. Going

through the step-by-step process also saw a

welcome bit of me-time snuck into the day.

I wish… I had started on such a regime earlier.

Results? I experienced no breakouts with the

change of routine and, while my skin became

dry at times, it seemed to be remedied through

continued use of the range. I enjoyed the glow

the products gave my skin for those nonmakeup

days and looked forward to going

through the product pattern twice a day.

Arbonne’s AgeWell range has been developed for women aged

30–55, who are starting to or already experiencing skin ageing.

Key to the hype is the ingredient trifecta – bakuchiol, vitamin

C and plant stem cells. The powerful combination is designed to

reduce the look of wrinkles and visibly firm the skin.

The six products the Style team put to the test were:

1. Cream-to-foam AgeWell Silky Cleanser with vegan


2. Alcohol-free AgeWell Refreshing Toning Mist with vitamin


3. AgeWell Collagen Nurturing Serum with 2% bakuchiol and

stabilised vitamin C;

4. Ophthalmologist-tested AgeWell Enriching Eye Cream with

caffeine, bakuchiol and stabilised vitamin C;

5. AgeWell Moisture Restoring Cream with 0.5% bakuchiol,

shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and squalane complex;


6. AgeWell Intense Repairing Night Cream with 2% bakuchiol

and beech tree bud extract.

Janine Oldfield

Best aspect? The products soaked straight into

my skin, leaving no greasy film. I felt like they

were actually working, penetrating the skin, not

wasted by simply sitting on the surface.

I wish… I had tried the day cream option with

SPF15. I’m a sunscreen fanatic and so needed

to pop my sunscreen on top. Mind you, as the

moisturiser melted into my skin so beautifully

I didn’t end up with the usual ‘balling effect’

I have experienced with other brands when

layering them up.

Results? My favourite product was the eye

cream. I have never drunk coffee, but totally

feel like the caffeine ‘woke up’ my eyes

perfectly every morning.

Discover Arbonne’s new new

vegan skincare range

Arbonne Arbonne presents presents the AgeWell the AgeWell Trifecta. Trifecta.

Formulated Formulated using a using range a of range unique of unique

ingredients ingredients that work that to work deliver to deliver more more

youthful youthful looking looking skin with skin a with vibrant a vibrant glow. glow.

The trifecta The includes trifecta includes the latest the must-have latest must-have ingredient ingredient

in skincare skincare – a plant-based – a plant-based alternative alternative to retinol to called retinol called

Bakuchiol Bakuchiol (pronounced (pronounced “buh-koo-chee-all”).

Bakuchiol Bakuchiol helps target helps the target look the of wrinkles look of wrinkles and uneven and uneven

skin tone, skin without tone, without retinol’s retinol’s harsh effects. harsh The effects. super The super

ingredient ingredient is better is tolerated better tolerated on skin and on skin is gentle and is gentle

enough enough to be used to be morning used morning and night, and plus night, it is plus derived it is derived

from plants! from plants!

The AgeWell The AgeWell Trifecta Trifecta also includes also includes another another top top

ingredient: ingredient: Vitamin Vitamin C, to help C, support to help support the skin’s the collagen skin’s collagen

by providing by providing moisture. moisture. Completing Completing the AgeWell the AgeWell Trifecta Trifecta

is Arbonne’s is Arbonne’s Sustainable Sustainable Plant Stem Plant Cell Stem Extract, Cell Extract, which which

helps skin helps to look skin more to look vibrant more and vibrant improves and improves firmness. firmness.

For a For powerful a powerful skin skin routine routine follow follow

these these steps: steps:




Use the Use AgeWell the AgeWell Silky Cleanser Silky Cleanser with Vegan with Surfactants

Vegan Surfactants

morning morning and night and to night sweep to away sweep impurities away impurities helping helping skin skin

to feel soft, to feel smooth soft, smooth and supple. and supple.


Use the Use AgeWell the AgeWell Refreshing Refreshing Toning Toning Mist with Mist Vitamin with Vitamin B3 B3

morning morning and night. and The night. non-drying, The non-drying, alcohol-free alcohol-free spray spray

instantly instantly refreshes refreshes the skin’s the look skin’s and look feel and by delivering feel by delivering

nourishing nourishing hydration. hydration.


Apply AgeWell Apply AgeWell Collagen Collagen Nurturing Nurturing Serum Serum with 2% with 2%

Bakuchiol Bakuchiol morning morning and night. and This night. silky This concentrated

silky concentrated

serum helps serum nurture helps nurture skin and skin reduce and the reduce appearance the appearance of of

3. fine lines fine and lines wrinkles, and wrinkles, helping helping skin appear skin appear even-toned, even-toned,

smooth smooth and firm. and firm.

This harmony This harmony of three of ingredients three ingredients works to works target to visible target visible

signs of signs ageing, of without ageing, without being harsh being on harsh your on skin. your That’s skin. That’s

the power the of power the AgeWell of the AgeWell Trifecta. Trifecta.

The new The AgeWell new AgeWell range from range Arbonne from Arbonne is made is up made of up of

eight gorgeous eight gorgeous products products including including a Silky Cleanser, a Silky Cleanser,

Refreshing Refreshing Toning Mist, Toning Collagen Mist, Collagen Nurturing Nurturing Serum, Serum,

Enriching Enriching Eye Cream, Eye Moisture Cream, Moisture Restoring Restoring Cream, Cream,

Moisture Moisture Restoring Restoring Cream Broad Cream Spectrum Broad Spectrum SPF 15, SPF 15,

Intense Intense Repairing Repairing Night Cream Night and Cream Firming and Firming Neck Cream. Neck Cream.





Gently apply Gently the apply AgeWell the AgeWell Enriching Enriching Eye Cream Eye with Cream with

Caffeine Caffeine + Bakuchiol + Bakuchiol to the eye to the area. eye The area. enriching The enriching

formula formula reduces reduces the appearance the appearance of the key of the signs key of signs ageing of ageing

around around the eye the area eye such area as such puffiness, as puffiness, fine lines, fine wrinkles lines, wrinkles

and dark and circles. dark circles.


Customise Customise your moisturiser your moisturiser for the day. for the day.

Apply the Apply AgeWell the AgeWell Moisture Moisture Restoring Restoring Cream Broad Cream Broad

Spectrum Spectrum SPF 15. SPF This 15. multipurpose This multipurpose formula formula provides provides


critical moisture critical moisture to the skin to the to hydrate, skin to hydrate, smooth smooth and firm and its firm its

appearance appearance while also while protecting also protecting against against UVA / UVB UVA rays. / UVB rays.

Or Apply Or AgeWell Apply AgeWell Moisture Moisture Restoring Restoring Cream with Cream 0.5% with 0.5%

Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol. The go-to, The daily go-to, plant-powered daily plant-powered cream helps cream helps

replenish replenish the skin’s the natural skin’s natural moisture moisture barrier, barrier, leaving leaving it it

feeling soft feeling and soft smooth. and smooth.

Apply AgeWell Apply AgeWell Intense Intense Repairing Repairing Night Cream Night with Cream with

2% Bakuchiol 2% Bakuchiol to enhance to enhance your skin’s your nightly skin’s nightly reparative reparative

cycle with cycle intense with intense moisture, moisture, so you can so you wake-up can wake-up feeling feeling

glowing. glowing.


Enhance Enhance your skin your routine skin routine with the with AgeWell the AgeWell Firming Firming Neck Neck

Cream with Cream 0.5% with Bakuchiol. 0.5% Bakuchiol. By targeting By targeting the appearance the appearance

of wrinkles of wrinkles fragile in skin fragile like skin your like neck, your décolletage neck, décolletage and and

jawline, jawline, the skin the can skin appear can appear redefined redefined as it regains as it regains a a


smoother, smoother, toned and toned youthful and youthful appearance. appearance.

To find To out find more out more about about Arbonne Arbonne AgeWell AgeWell visit

visit *These ingredients *These ingredients support the support overall the benefits overall when benefits used when as a part used of as the a part complete of the AgeWell complete skincare AgeWell regimen. skincare regimen.

66 Style | Wellbeing



Living with Genitourinary Syndrome

of Menopause can be a painful and

uncomfortable experience, affecting about

half of all women at some point in their

lives. Painful sex, genital dryness, burning,

irritation and recurring urinary tract

infections are among the symptoms.

The good news is that MonaLisa Touch, a

non-surgical treatment, available right here

in Christchurch, can alleviate symptoms

and deliver long-lasting results for 80 per

cent of women. Oxford Women’s Health

is the first South Island clinic to offer this

quick, pain-free treatment for Genitourinary

Syndrome of Menopause, previously known

as vaginal atrophy.

By stimulating the body’s regenerative

processes, MonaLisa Touch works to

create healthy, hydrated cells, improving the

vagina’s health and function.

Specialist care

and treatment for

every stage of a

woman’s life.

Style | Wellbeing 67

What can I expect when I have the MonaLisa Touch treatment?

Each session only takes 10 minutes and there is no downtime required! A course

of treatment requires three to four appointments, staggered one month apart, and

most patients start to notice an improvement after their very first treatment.

Is it painful?

MonaLisa Touch is a quick, pain-free treatment for Genitourinary Syndrome of

Menopause. It uses a laser treatment and has a low risk of side effects.

What changes will I notice?

MonaLisa Touch stimulates the fibroblast cells in the skin to promote the natural

regeneration process. In just 30 days, new tissue regenerates in the vaginal walls.

After the treatment, the natural pH balance of the vaginal mucosa is restored, and

many symptoms will greatly reduce or disappear in 8 out of 10 women.

Will every woman who has gone through menopause get

Genitourinary Syndrome?

No. It is estimated that about 50 percent of menopausal and post-menopausal

women will develop symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause.

Sadly, it can affect women both physically and emotionally, and have an impact

on intimate relationships.

Can Genitourinary Syndrome happen to younger women?

Yes, it can happen to younger women, who have prematurely gone through

menopause. Because it is a non-hormonal treatment, it can be used in conjunction

with or independent of hormone therapy, and is suitable for women who have

had cancer treatment.

At Oxford Women’s Health, we want you to leave every

appointment feeling better than when you arrived.

We understand it can be difficult living with health problems but

sometimes finding sympathetic expert help can feel even harder.

Our staff are friendly, respectful and professional, so you can feel

comfortable while receiving the very best advice and treatment.

We have 15 health professionals who are highly-respected leaders

in their fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, oncoplastic breast and

general surgery, physiotherapy, nutrition and endocrinology.

Women of all ages come to us for advice and treatment, including

those with endometriosis, menstrual problems, pelvic pain,

prolapse, incontinence, fibroids, menopause and hormone issues.

Call us today on 03 379 0555.

Level 1, Forté Health,

132 Peterborough Street, Christchurch

68 Style | Wellbeing

Living fully

Ready to include a new healthy habit in your day?

Naturopath Deanna Copland has some suggestions, based on

the lifestyles of those who live the longest in the world.

What do areas around the world that have higher concentrations

of centenarians have in common? Well, researchers have

been exploring more into the Blue Zones, where people seem to

live the longest, to find the commonalities. The areas are: Ikaria

(Greece), Okinawa (Japan), the Ogliastra region (Sardinia), Loma Linda

(California) and the Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica).

Of course, not everyone in any given place lives a long life, and no

set of behaviours can guarantee someone will make it past 100. But

healthier communities tend to have healthier people.

Here are some of the things people who live in the Blue Zones have

in common and what we can learn from and perhaps start including in

our own lifestyles.


They have cheap,

easily accessible produce,

and eat plenty of fruits

and vegetables.


Their kitchens are set up

so it’s easier to make healthy food,

and meals are usually celebrated

with friends and family.


They have plant-based

diets, often high

in complex carbohydrates

and beans. This is

interesting, considering

New Zealand has one

of the highest

red meat intakes

and also one of the

highest bowel cancer

rates in the world.

Style | Wellbeing 69


They don’t overeat.

Okinawans say, “Hara hachi

bu,” which means “Belly

80 per cent full.”

Maintaining a healthy

weight is paramount

to good health.


They drink four to five cups of

green tea a day. This is the go-to

drink for those in Okinawa and

also for the people of Bama,

China, who also live

for a long time.


They walk more places,

often because their

communities are



They don’t lead

sedentary lives. They do

regular movement for

about 20 minutes a day.

Incidentally, engagement

in pleasurable, productive

activities has been associated

with lower levels of

C-Reactive Protein (CRP),

an inflammatory marker

in the body. Volunteering,

especially in older age,

is thought to be



They do tasks that could be

done with a machine

by hand, like chopping wood,

gardening and cleaning.


There is a sense

of community.

Close family networks

or a sense of

belonging in a group

has been shown

to improve mental


whereas social

isolation has been

shown to do the

opposite, as well

as increase

blood pressure.

AmAzing islAnd

mirAcle oil

Dilo Oil - The remarkable skin rejuventor

• Remarkable skin anti-aging and healing


• Can penetrate all three layers of the skin offering

exceptional cell hydration & regeneration

• Ideal for scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and skin ailments

• 100% natural, certified organic, absolutely no additives

• Highly effective

AmAzing Price 50ml Only $19.90 / 100ml Only $32.50

As seen

on rAchel


tour of



26 SEP – 28 OCT

Clare Reilly


Bringing You The BesT in naTural healTh


388 5757 | 101 seaview rd, new Brighton

03 325 1944,


Nutella Truffles

Words Deanna Copland

Ready to add green tea

into your daily routine?

Pair it with some of these

healthy truffles for a nourishing

treat. Remember, green tea is

best when made with 80°C

water, not boiling water,

which destroys some of the

antioxidants and draws out

bitter tannins.


1½ cups hazelnuts, soaked for at least two hours, then rinsed

8 medjool dates, pitted

¼ cup raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder), plus extra for rolling

1 vanilla pod, split and scraped (or a dash of vanilla extract)

¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup coconut oil, melted

pinch of salt flakes


1. Put all ingredients into a food processor and blitz until

well combined and starting to stick together.

2. Using damp hands, roll the mixture into balls then

roll in cacao powder.

3. Pop into an airtight container and store them in the

fridge or freezer.

4. A delicious chewy treat when taken straight

from the freezer; limit to one or two, as a treat.

Over 2,000 titles for young readers

The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo

should ever set foot in the deep

dark wood. Celebrate 15 years of

this bestselling classic.

An elegantly understated

portrait of patience and faith.

Stunningly illustrated.

An interactive ABC guessing

game, with peep-hole pages and

amazing fold-out flaps. Written

by the bestselling author of

The Gruffalo.

A funny, stylishly illustrated fact

book about dead things, from

dinosaurs to dead stars.

Rundell’s lyrical words feel as

though they were written to be

read aloud in front of a fire... it’s

impossible not to imagine a room

full of younger kids transfixed by

the hypnotic action.

They scream, they shout, they see


Experience 12,000 years of history with

Steve Noon’s award-winner.

The Clocks Bookshop is a new, independent

bookstore specialising in children’s, cooking

and crime books (with an excellent general

fiction and non-fiction selection too).

12 Normans Road,

Strowan, Christchurch

03 355 0995

72 Style | Drink

Busting out the botanicals

Give your senses a wake-up call with gins

known for their flower power.

Words Kate Preece

Mother Earth approved

From a family farm on the Kapiti Coast comes the key ingredient

that will see a fresh flavour in your liquor cabinet. Kawakawa has

long been a plant praised for its medicinal properties, which surely

means you can only feel better from having it infused in a gin, right?

The Bond Store Kawakawa Gin smells earthy, has a clean finish,

without a lingering aftertaste, and is a rather refreshing number

overall. My fellow tasters described it as a trip through nature. It’s

also incredibly reasonable on price point (around $40), so there’s

little reason not to give this one a whirl.

‘Botanicals’ is the buzzword

you’ll hear as soon as you

step into the world of gin.

This is because gin starts its

life as a neutral white spirit,

which is then flavoured with

an array of tasty herbs and

spices. There will always be

juniper berries, as this is

what defines gin (a three-letter

term itself derived from

French and Dutch names for

juniper), but don’t be surprised

to find kitchen spices

and native plants in your

next favourite drink.

West Coast in a bottle

There’s a lovely story behind this Reefton number, but I’ll leave

you to discover that one for yourself. Let me instead guide your

senses around a glass of Little Biddy. For me, it was the liquorice

and cardamom that leapt out of the open bottle first. Then, with a

sip, you will wander through the other Kiwi natives (horopito, rimu

and tarata, to name but a few) and experience the spiced citrus

as the grand finale. In short, if botanicals and citrus are your thing,

you’ll be in there like swimwear.

Less is more

This is a crowd-pleaser. From the Bay of Islands, the rather

unassuming Black Collar Gin quickly makes its mark and demands

a refill. It’s not heavy-handed with the botanicals, but its choice

of coriander, liquorice and marshmallow do good things with the

juniper. This is one I’ll buy again.

A side of madness

My husband often tells me that if we were all normal, life would be

dull. Turns out, a bit of ‘madness’ in my gin glass is also a very good

thing. Method and Madness is an Irish brand that has finally put an

invasive weed to good use.

It’s not that I could distinguish the wild gorse flowers from the

other 15 botanicals (including lavender, bay leaf, basil, verbena,

nutmeg and ginger), but it’s wrapped up in lashings of spice and a

side of citrus, cued by the black lemon (aka dried lime). I enjoyed

every drop. It’s another one to serve nice and strong, to appreciate

all that’s going on.

Finally, a good use for gorse.

facials, massages, body treatments,

manicure’s and pedicures are all fantastic

options to have you looking your best

and don’t forget about your maintenance

waxing and tinting. Here’s the team’s top


GeT Social



Canterbury’s busy social season is fast

approaching and with no overseas travel in sight;

the team at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty have the

tools to get have you looking good while staying


• Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting • Eyebrow Threading

• Lash Lifts • Body and Facial Waxing • Massage

• Facial Therapy • Skin Peels • OBSERV AIS Skin

Consultations & Treatment • Microneedling • IPL Hair

Reduction • IPL Skin Rejuvenation • Eyelash Extensions

• Manicures & Pedicures • Spraytans • Spa Packages

Lash Lift & tint


Make even the shortest of lashes look longer

with no need for infills or messy in-between

times! Results last for 8-12 weeks.

Cryotherapy faCiaL

Allow 50mins | $99.00

Utilizing sub-zero temperatures and lymphatic

drainage; this treatment will rejuvenate a tired

skin by increasing circulation and reducing

puffiness. Perfect as a pre-event boost!

infusion faCiaL

Allow 60mins | $129.00

With the help of electrical impulses, collagen

production is stimulated and serums are infused

into the deeper layers of the skin resulting

in a more hydrated, brightened and youthful

complexion with no down-time!

ipL skin rejuvenation

from $100

Erase years of sun damage! Powerful

wavelengths of light will target and reduce

unwanted pigmentation spots and visible

capillaries in no time at all!

45/47 Merrin Street

Avonhead, Christchurch

Phone 03 358 8410

Photo: Olivia Woodward Photography

74 Style | Food

Recipes reinvented

There are some quintessentially Kiwi slices that most people have grown up with.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be made a bit

differently to cater to a range of preferences.


Fudge Cake Slice

Words Shelley Robinson

One of my first memories of baking is standing

on a stool over the sink, crushing biscuits by

hand in a blue plastic bowl with my sister next to

me doing the same in hers. Though your fingers

were rubbed red by the end, you knew the reward

– a tasty treat in your lunchbox – was worth it.

These days, of course, you can use a blender to

blitz up the biscuits. Don’t reduce them to crumbs

though; leave a good amount of medium-sized

pieces, because that’s what makes this slice extra


This is one of those recipes many Kiwi

households have grown up with. Our editor Kate

Preece remembers both her mum and nana making

their own versions of this family favourite.

So, straight from the worn covers of our

mothers’ handwritten cookbooks, we bring to you

this classic slice.


225g butter

225g sugar

2–3 Tbsp cocoa

2 eggs

2 packets wine biscuits (500g), crushed

1 cup sultanas (optional)


1. On a low temperature, melt the butter, sugar and

cocoa in a saucepan.

2. Remove from heat and cool slightly.

3. Add in two beaten eggs and mix thoroughly.

4. Add in the crushed wine biscuits (and sultanas)

and mix until well combined.

5. Press into a greased sponge roll tin.

6. Leave to set in the fridge and cut into squares.

Style | Food 75


Healthier Chocolate and Berry Brownie

Words Nadia Lim

Got no flour, but got a can of

beans? Well, you can still treat

yourself to a chocolate brownie. The

beans act as the starch that helps

bind the brownie together, and it

makes it extra moist and fudgey.


Nadia Lim’s




125g butter or coconut oil

½ cup brown or white sugar

250g good quality dark (60–75%) chocolate, chopped

4 eggs

2 x 400g cans black beans or kidney beans (rinsed and drained well)

2 tsp baking powder

a handful of berries or nuts (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 150°C. Line a 20cm x 20cm (or similar size)

square tin or baking dish with baking paper.

2. Place butter/coconut oil, sugar and chocolate in a medium pot

and heat gently, stirring frequently, until chocolate has melted.

Allow to cool slightly.

3. Transfer to a food processor or blender and add eggs, beans

and baking powder. Blend until smooth and well combined

(scrape down the sides as necessary).

4. Pour mixture into prepared tin and scatter with berries or nuts

(if using). Bake for 20–25 minutes (20 minutes if you like a

fudgey brownie, 25 minutes if you like it firmer).

5. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to allow to set slightly. Eat at

room temperature or cold. The brownies will keep in an airtight

container in the fridge for up to a week, or they can be frozen.

76 Style | Food


Ginger Crunch

Words Paul Ouakli

had never heard of Ginger

I Crunch until I came to

New Zealand, but I soon

discovered just how sacred

this neat wee slice is to Kiwis.

It was also one of the first

things people asked me to

create when I started doing

keto recipes and products.

The topping can be a bit

controversial. Those with a

sweet tooth like to pile it on,

whereas others like it thinner,

with a thicker base. But, like

all cooking, simply adapt it to

suit your tastes.

How you treat the topping

is the difference between

a good ginger slice and an

exceptional one. You are

almost creating a caramel

with the topping, so patience

is required. Nurse it on the

stove, stirring constantly until

it becomes thick and glossy.



125g butter

½ cup sugar

1½ cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp ground ginger


(half the amounts if

you want less)

225g butter

2¼ cup icing sugar

6 Tbsp golden syrup

1½–2 Tbsp ground

ginger (depending

on how strong you

like it)



1. Preheat oven to 190°C and line a slice pan with

baking paper.

2. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy.

3. Mix in flour, baking powder and ground ginger

until thoroughly mixed.

4. Press into a slice tin about 20cm in size. You can

use a wet teaspoon to help spread it and neaten

the edges.

5. Put in the oven and cook for about 10–12

minutes, until it is golden brown.

6. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to allow it to

set slightly.


7. Put all ingredients in a saucepan over a low heat

and stir.

8. Once it has blended and is thick and glossy,

remove from heat.

9. Add to the base while the topping is still warm.

(The base can be warm, but not hot.)

10. Refrigerate and cut into squares when set. Eat at

room temperature or cold. It’ll keep in an airtight

container in the fridge for up to a week, or it can

be frozen.

Style | Food 77


Keto Ginger Crunch



110g butter, melted

2 cups ground almonds

½ cup coconut flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 Tbsp erythritol (or your keto-friendly

sweetener of choice)

1 tsp ground ginger

pinch of salt


150g butter

1 cup erythritol (or your keto-friendly

sweetener of choice)

1½–2 Tbsp ground ginger

¾ cup cream



1. Preheat oven to 180°C and line a slice pan

with baking paper.

2. Mix all base ingredients in a bowl to make a

smooth dough.

3. Press the base into the slice pan, using a wet

teaspoon to help spread it and smooth the


4. Put in the oven and cook for 10–12 minutes or

until it is golden brown.

5. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to allow it to

set slightly.


6. Over a gentle heat, melt butter and add

erythritol (or your chosen sweetener), stirring for

about 3 minutes until it starts to froth.

7. Add ginger and cream and bring to the boil,

continuing to stir.

8. Simmer for 10–15 minutes until it has thickened.

It will be ready when it coats and stays on the

surface of a spoon.

9. Pour onto the base while the topping is still


10. Refrigerate until set and cut into squares.


There’s no doubt the biggest BMW ever built possesses a

commanding road presence. And, its magnificence continues

as you enter the sumptuous interior, crafted with exceptional

workmanship and attention to detail. Experience luxury that

exceeds every definition of excellence.

Book your test drive today, visit

Christchurch BMW

104 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch. Ph 03 363 7240.

Style | Promotion 79

A tour of great taste

The South Island is the drinks destination you didn’t know existed… until now.

Words Lucy Evans

The South Island spirits scene is constantly changing

with bucket list distilleries and breweries popping up

throughout small towns everywhere. Discover the best

of the best, while supporting local businesses and creative

start-ups, on a five day tour, flying around the South Island,

departing from Auckland

Blenheim, Marlborough:

Elemental Distillers

Blenheim, the home of great wine and cider, right? Now

add gin. Like the wine of the region, the gin is delicious and

world-class. Enjoy a tasting and tour at Elemental Distillers.

The Roots Dry Gin is worth the visit in itself, as is their

range of Elemental Bitters.

With flavours including grapefruit and hops, coffee

and pimento, and blackberry and balsamic, don’t expect

your normal gin cocktail. Tanked on the world stage for

a reason, their bitters have received awards at the Los

Angeles International Spirits Competition in 2018 and the

London Spirits Competition in 2019.

West Coast: Monteith’s Brewery & The

Reefton Distilling Co.

What happens when creative West Coasters get together?

Some delicious great tasting drinks!

After flying from Blenheim to Hokitika, refresh the palate

with a cold beer and a West Coast lunch at the Monteith’s

Brewery. Monteith’s has been brewing its family of fine

beers and ciders for near on 150 years, staying true to

the authentic process and recipes of the classic styles they


Inland from Greymouth is the small town of Reefton.

Explore a curious mix of funky antique shops, art galleries,

a museum to celebrate light and, our favourite little place,

the Reefton Distilling Co. The distillery is housed in one of

Reefton’s original buildings which has been carefully restored

to accommodate the working distillery and tasting bar.

The team will provide you with a truly unique West Coast

experience as they share the story behind the crafting of

their botanical gins, seasonal fruit liqueurs and vodka.

Wānaka: The Cardrona Distillery

Is there a better way to get to your next distillery than by

flying through the Southern Alps? We think not!

Within the Cardrona Valley, discover the famous Source

gin created by a family owned boutique. The Cardrona

Distillery has a reputation for premium artisanal spirits.

Tourgoers will also be joined by Wild Diamond, Dancing

Sands Distillery and McCashin’s Brewery for meals paired

with tastings and spirited discussions.

The details

Spirit of the South: Fly &

Sip Exclusive Hosted Air Tour

26–30 November, 2020

From $5995pp, all inclusive package, ex-Auckland

Wild Earth Travel

0800 945 3327 •


ABOVE: Blenheim’s Elemental Distillers home base; Shane Thrower and ‘George’ (1800L copper pot still) at the Reefton

Distilling Co.; The Cardrona Distillery.

80 Style | Travel

What a hike

Feel like it’s time you headed for the hills? Kate Preece proves a day walk

is within reach for even the most sedentary among us.

ABOVE: Woolshed Creek Hut. Photo: Tomas Sobek Photography

Style | Travel 81

Somewhere between Covid-19 outbreaks

came a time a five-hour Mt Somers walk

sounded like a good idea.

The WhatsApp group was duly formed and

the instructions shared. Six great girlfriends, who

normally convened for gin, would start walking

at 10am, equipped with a packed lunch, drink

bottle, extra layers and toilet roll, and be back

at the cars by 4pm at the latest. What could

possibly go wrong?

I am not a hiker. Had it not been for

lockdown, I would not have classed myself as

much of a walker either. However, my friend

Eila had recently walked the Mt Somers Track to

Woolshed Creek Hut, retracing steps from when

she was young and, while there were a couple of

uphill bits, she said the two-and-a-half-hour walk

to the hut wouldn’t be beyond us.

In fact, the return walk from the Jig Road car

park (10km from the Mt Somers township)

to the hut is described by the Department of

Conservation as suitable for children. And we

did meet a family along the way. We thought

they were crazy (we had left ours behind), but

it certainly motivated us to keep moving. The

thought of being overtaken by toddlers was


With sweeping views of Ashburton Gorge and

Alford Forest and an ever-changing landscape as

we crossed through both open country and rich

forest, the vista was impressive. Time seemed

to fly by as the chatter carried on down the

line, which was mostly single file but switching

in order, as different members of our newbie

walking party paused for a drink or to simply soak

in the surroundings.

The highest point gave us a clear view down to

the hut, our lunch spot, as a cheeky snowball flew

through the air.

Impressed by the standard of the hut

(complete with 26 bunks) and its amenities

(clean long drops), we unpacked our various

lunches – from borrowed children’s lunchboxes

– and watched as two, more serious-looking

hikers with poles and packs, emerged from the

opposite direction.

It wasn’t the first time the two Brazilians had

been to this hut, and they were soon keenly

sharing photos of our surroundings coated with

last winter’s snow. They had walked in from

the Staveley car park, past the other shared

accommodation option, the Pinnacles Hut.

It was in that direction a swing bridge

beckoned. We packed up and rock-hopped

across the narrow creek to see it up close.

Before reaching it, a couple emerged. They had

followed an alternative trail that also led back to

our starting point.

“It’s a steep uphill climb for the first hour, but

then it’s flat,” he said. The pair looked about

as prepared as we were and what would be

downhill for us sounded easy enough, so we

decided to follow in their footsteps instead of

backtracking on ours.

We crossed the single-person swing bridge

spanning a spectacular gorge, high enough to give

some the jitters.

The Brazilian friends caught us up, concern on

their faces.

“Make sure you turn off at the bus stop.”

Confident in what had so far been a very

well-marked, well-trodden track, we nodded our

heads and brushed off the peculiarity of what

they had said.

The other hikers had mentioned a waterfall

detour that was well worth taking and it was due

to this golden insider information we chanced

upon Mother Nature in all her glory.

The water ran thick and fast in relentless

cascades, blocking our ears with its roar. Blasts of

polar-cold air came at us in waves and the spray

of water bouncing off the rock face was a source

of new energy. It was the highlight of my day

and the type of city contrast that makes such an

adventure all the more fulfilling.

We continued up and up. Our most intense

and longest climb, it was 500m to an 1143m

pinnacle along the Mt Somers Track’s south face.

Between pauses to ease searing legs, we were

acutely aware we still needed to find a ‘bus stop’.

Not a turn-off at all, the ‘bus stop’ proved to

be a rocky overhang (thanks Google), a steady

trail of fluorescent markers dotting the way to it

across the steep mountainside and beyond.

It became a little less glamorous as the

kilometres wore on. The eventual plateau proved

uninspiring, its flatness just flat – no comparison

to the dramatic landscapes we had scaled, from

rocky steps that required both hands and feet to

keep steady to winding trails through cold beech

forest scented by honeydew.

The last hour down the Rhyolite Ridge Track

taught us downhill could be as taxing as uphill

and it was suddenly every woman for herself.

But, we made it.

Back at our friend’s home in Glentunnel, we

sat on the floor, in various yoga positions, flicking

through photos of what we had achieved. We

felt like champions.

As we sipped on our gins, I realised just how

much ground we’d covered – and not just

literally. On a walk such as this, you’re seldom

out of breath and always with a friend nearby.

It was such a good way to have a decent catchup,

we had the chance to cover more topics

than our busy lifestyles would normally allow.

We now know what’s out there and are keen

to repeat the experience, somewhere new,

sometime soon. With this challenge under our

belts, we can do anything.

82 Style | Travel

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The swing bridge that prompted a change of plans. Photo: Tomas Sobek Photography; Kate in her happy place – the

memorable hidden waterfall. Photo: Catherine Ericson; Tussock-clad hillside made spectacular by the snow-topped mountain range. Photo: Catherine Ericson;

The river crossed. Photo: Catherine Ericson; The group en route with the Canterbury Plains in the distance. Photo: Catherine Ericson

Style | Travel 83

• Don’t make significant deviations from your

planned path. We followed known Department of

Conservation routes. It is important for people at

home to know what you are doing, and when you

are expected home.

• Do your research. Forewarned is forearmed! Be

aware of the track’s skill level and approximate

walking times.

• Take a map. Technology won’t necessarily be

available when you need it.

• Know what the weather is expected to do. We

would not have been smiling if we had to complete

the last few hours in the rain.

• Carry a First-Aid kit within your group.

• Take more water than you think you’ll need. Yes,

it will add to the weight of your daypack, but you

need at least two drink bottles.

• Snacks are good. Sustenance will get you through

that last hour, when your legs are over it. A bit of

chocolate will lift your spirits.

Lessons from a first-timer

• Layers are important. During our walk, I went down

to a singlet at one point; full hat, jacket and gloves at


• Footwear is important too. You don’t have to spend

a lot, but make sure the shoe is up to the task. A

trail or hiking shoe will be rigid, with extra ankle

support should you want it, and is designed for

this purpose. A trail running shoe will have more

flexibility and could see you walking off-road, rather

than just up the mountainside.

• Be prepared for the wet. We ended up crossing a

small creek, with most taking off their shoes to do

so. A small towel would have been handy.

• Throw in toilet paper and hand sanitiser. We had

toilets everywhere we went, but I could’ve done

with the hand sanitiser for a quick wash when the

taps didn’t run at the hut.

• Find yourself an easy track and just get out there and

do it. If the toddlers can do it, so can you! You will

feel much better for it.

84 Style | Promotion

Nostalgia revisited

Experience the adventure and the romance of steam train travel.

ABOVE: Experience the Ab608 Passchendaele steam train, Moeraki Boulders, Milford Sound, Larnach Castle and more!

Style | Promotion 85

Step aboard and straight into a bygone era,

all while exploring South Island’s majestic


ODT Journeys together with Pounamu

Tourism Group have created something quite

special to help us explore the beauty between

Christchurch and Invercargill, all while taking an

epic heritage steam train journey.

There are tour options from seven- to13-

day options, which take place in April.

13-Day Tour departing


The journey through postcard-perfect vistas

and dramatic scenery begins from Christchurch

via Arthur’s Pass on the TranzAlpine. The

transverse starts inland along the West Coast

on luxury coaches to explore the wonders of

Queenstown, Milford Sound and Te Anau.

At Invercargill, you will meet the star of the

show; the historic World War 1 memorial

steam locomotive Ab608 Passchendaele,

named honour of New Zealand’s fallen

soldiers at the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917.

Passchendaele is a “living, breathing, working

monument” to railway heritage and is quite

something to behold when it is thundering

down the track under full steam, says Pounamu

Tourism Group director Paul Jackson.

Travelling in the comfort of its vintage

carriers and a lounge car, the train explores

the length of the South Island: Invercargill to

Dunedin, amaru, Christchurch, Kaik ura and


The guided tour is escorted by a fleet of

luxury coaches that provide seamless transfers

from the train to the hotel each evening.


Franz Josef Hot Pools; Walter Peak Homestead

visit; Arrowtown Lakes District Museum;

Bill Richardson Transport World; OCHO

chocolate factory tour; Moeraki Boulders;

up close with Blue Penguins and takah ; TSS

Earnslaw visit followed by homestead dinner at

Walter Peak; high tea and garden tour

at Larnach Castle; seal colony guided walk

in Kaik ura.

Food and accommodation

Accommodation of at least 4-star rated

properties. Cooked breakfasts and sumptuous

dinners including: dinners at Walter Peak

Homestead and Wither Hills in Blenheim;

lunches at Tuatapere, Southland and at The

Store, Kekerengu; and high tea at Larnach

Castle. A fleet of luxury coaches will escort

the train throughout the journey, providing

seamless transfers to your accommodation

and excursions.


13-day tour departing Christchurch 24 April, 2021; 10-day tour departing Christchurch (return)

24 April, 2021; 7-day tour departing Invercargill 30 April, 2021.

Bookings or 03 974 1812

86 Style | Watch

What to watch

A nostalgic look to the past plus a bit of light viewing

fits the bill for this month.




High Score (Netflix)

If you’d like to inspire the gamers in your household

to stare at something a little more educational on

their screens, Netflix’s docuseries High Score may

be just the ticket.

Industry veterans behind famous retro classics

such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders share the

experiences, inspirations and hardships encountered

as they laid the foundations for all that was to follow.

Although it is, perhaps, not quite as comprehensive

as it could be, the series is a fun nostalgia-trip, and

the pixel-art animations that help to tell its stories

are a nice touch.

Even if you don’t know your Italian plumbers

from your blue hedgehogs, High Score is a fascinating

insight into the origins of the video-game industry

and the legacy that continues to inspire today.

Love Life (TVNZ)

I admit I first tuned into romantic comedy series Love Life simply because

Anna Kendrick is the lead (and executive producer). However, ‘Darby Carter’

has pulling power all of her own.

Each episode opens with a rather lovely narration in the dulcet British tones

of Lesley Manville. The scene is set and we launch into the latest of Darby’s


It’s not a string of love affairs gone wrong, nor is it wholly predictable or

overcooked. Instead it travels through the significant moments of a woman

navigating through her twenties, from first love to all the learnings that come


It nearly lost me around episode seven, when it steps into familiar and friend

relationships, but I still consumed the relatable 10-episode series at pace.

A second series has been confirmed, though, true to its anthology series

genre, not with Darby as the lead character. It will be very interesting to see

whose journey will be exposed next.

RIGHT: Anna Kendrick plays Darby Carter in Love Life, a

series that avoids being too “predictable or overcooked”.



Style | Watch 87

Family viewing

With the school holidays upon us, bedtimes are suddenly less important and popcorn is welcomed.

So, what could you actually sit through with the kids?


The Greatest Showman (Disney+)

Bumblebee (Netflix)

Aladdin (Disney+)

How To Train Your Dragon series (Netflix)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji:

The Next Level (Neon)

Any of the latest Star Wars films (Disney+)

Any Marvel film (Disney+)

Classics to share

Forrest Gump (Netflix)

The Princess Bride (Disney+)

Back to the Future (Netflix)

Labyrinth (Netflix)

Edward Scissorhands (Disney+)

Jurassic Park series (Google Play)

Indiana Jones series (Google Play)

Anything by Pixar: Up, Inside Out, Wall-E (Disney+)

TV series

Crazy Delicious (Netflix). A cooking reality TV series

that pushes contestants to create the opposite of

what you see – like a watermelon ‘ham’. Features Heston

Blumenthal as one of the judging panel of ‘food gods’.

Mythbusters Jr (TVNZ). Adam Savage returns to guide a

team of clever kids (12–15) through some seriously cool

experiments. Can a single domino create a chain reaction

powerful enough to crush a car?

Australian Ninja Warrior (ThreeNow). Crowd favourites like

Olivia Vivian and Ashlin ‘Flashlin’ Herbert will have you on

the edge of your seat as real-life super stars try their

hardest to complete the impossible. Better still, the little

guys have a winning chance!

Magic for Humans (Netflix). Mind-blowing magic and

comedy combine as hilarious magician Justin Willman

baffles and amazes unsuspecting onlookers with his

incredible illusions and belly-laugh-inducing humour.

88 Style | Read

The book nook

A place to discover what deserves a spot in your TBR pile.


The Silence of Snow (NZ)

Eileen Merriman

(Penguin Random House, $36)

After a routine procedure goes wrong, anaesthetic fellow Rory McBride is plagued

with anxiety and flashbacks and begins to treat his hidden inner pain with sedatives

and painkillers. He forms a bond with first-year doctor Jodi Waterstone who is

barely surviving the long hours and impossible workload at the hospital.

Merriman presents a wincingly real portrayal of the inner turmoil and voice of

someone who knows they’re descending into darkness as they grapple to maintain

a ruse of normality. Crafted beautifully alongside the development of a new

relationship, with all its heady wonder, readers will be swept into a book that shows

how we use masks to hide what we fear people will struggle to love – because we

see them as our greatest shame. And it also makes you start to grapple with the – at

times horrendous – burden and workload those in our medical professions can face.

– Shelley Robinson

The Smallest Lights in the Universe

Sara Seager

(HarperCollins, $36.99)

The darkest night can be illuminated by a myriad of shining stars, a reminder of the

sheer enormity of the universe around us. MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager – whose

career has been built on scanning the sky for signs of life – had never felt alone in the

universe, but the certainty of her work was spun into chaos when her husband died.

This artful memoir explores Sara’s grief through the prism of her research, her

relationships with others and her relationship with herself. As she grapples with her

loss – armed only with her husband’s thoughtfully compiled ‘Guide to Life on Earth’

to help solve such mysteries as how to run a home or find a plumber – she finds

comfort in an unexpected support network: the Widows of Concord. Sara balances

her story by revealing the progress of her research alongside the process of her grief

unfolding. Her personal and professional achievements – from fixing a light fitting to

securing a ‘genius’ grant – carry her towards an unexpected encounter that offers a

glimmer of hope for the future.

You don’t need a degree in astrophysics to appreciate Sara’s pursuit of novel ways

to view and understand the universe – and the people within it. It is a journey well

worth taking.

– Kerry Laundon

Style | Read 89



The Godmothers

Monica McInerney

(Penguin Random House,


Eliza Miller grew up as the only daughter of a

troubled young mother, but with two watchful

godmothers, Olivia and Maxie, she always

felt loved and secure – until just before her

eighteenth birthday, when a tragic event changed

her life. Thirteen years on, Eliza is deliberately

living as safely as possible, avoiding relationships

and working hard. Out of the blue, an enticing

invitation from one of her godmothers prompts

a leap into the unknown. Eliza begins to blossom

and is ready to explore her past, including

solving the biggest mystery – who is her father?

The Mystery Woman

Jane Harper

(Harper Collins, $35)

Fleeing from scandal in Sydney, new postmistress Rebecca

Wood thought Shipwreck Bay was a sleepy remote town in

which people were bored senseless with their little lives. But

its virtuous facade hides something darker and Rebecca is

confronted by a disturbing discovery. Her hopes for a quiet life

are soon threatened by the attentions of a dashing doctor, as

well as the watchful eyes of the town gossips.

Remote Sympathy (NZ)

Catherine Chidgey

(Victoria University Press, $35)

Moving away from their lovely apartment in Munich isn’t

nearly as wrenching an experience for Frau Greta Hahn

as she had feared. Her husband takes up a position as an

administrator at the work camp that lies just beyond the

nearby forest. Life in Buchenwald appears to be idyllic.

When Frau Hahn is forced into an unlikely alliance with

one of Buchenwald’s prisoners, Dr Lenard Weber, her naïve

obtuseness about what is going on around her is challenged.

Tree Beings

Raymond Huber & Sandra

Severgnini (foreword by Dr

Jane Goodall)

(Exisle Publishing, $34.99)

Tree Beings takes a fresh look at trees – not as

silent statues but as beings that enrich the whole

planet. Readers get to know trees through the

inspiring true stories of people who love trees

(scientists, protesters, planters): a scientist who

discovered how trees ‘talk’; a boy who mobilised

children to fight climate change; a young woman

with the world record for living up a tree; the

first brave tree-hugging women; and a man

responsible for trillions of tree-plantings.

The Meaning of Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey with Michaela Angela Davis

(Macmillan, $39.99)

Award-winning singer Mariah Carey’s story is an improbable

and inspiring journey of survival and resilience as she struggles

through complex issues of race, identity, class, childhood and

family trauma during her meteoric rise to music superstardom.

Carey walks through her battles with gender and power

dynamics, emotional abuse, public embarrassments, personal

failures, and phenomenal victories.

90 Style | Win


Win with Style

Every month, Style sources a range of exceptional prizes to give away.

It’s easy to enter, simply go to and fill in your details on the

‘Win With Style’ page. Entries close October 22.


Discover the performance-driven trio of bakuchiol

(a vegan alternative to retinol), stabilised vitamin C

and plant stem cells with the Arbonne AgeWell range.

Individually, the ingredients are powerful, but together

in one regimen, the trio delivers a potent boost to your

skincare routine, enabling this recently released range

to reduce the look of wrinkles and visibly firm skin. We

have one six-product set (the same as trialled by the

Style team on page 64), valued at $469, for you to try.


With T Ani tea founder Annette Eggers now based in

Christchurch, we thought you’d enjoy a cuppa. Packaged

in compostable 20g packs, all teas are 100% organic or

harvested from the wild in New Zealand. We have one

Kotahi gift pack, valued at $70, which will introduce you

to five T Ani organic and wild crafted teas.


Love From You is a new wellbeing and self-care

subscription box filled with self-care treats. Every product

is carefully sourced from local New Zealand businesses.

We have the $69.99 November/December box, filled

with full-sized products valued at more than $120, to

give away.




SONY SOUNDBAR: Adrienne Stone


Kevin Rait, Trish Allen


*Conditions: Each entry is limited to one per person. You

may enter all giveaways. If you are selected as a winner,

your name will be published in the following month’s

edition. By registering your details, entrants give permission

for Star Media to send further correspondence, which you

can opt out of at any stage.



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serviced you want apartments. to call home. We can help no matter what style of living

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