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always been mine.

“If people don’t know chickens then they won’t

realise what brilliant personalities they have. I’ve just

always found it so cool that you can buy an egg, put

it in an incubator and have a chick.”

After graduating with a BSc in animal science then

studying for a further five years to become a doctor

of veterinary medicine, Lewis works as a small

animal vet with a special interest in birds of prey and


He works with chickens for his day job but his

interest in them takes up much of his free time as


As part of a degree project Lewis created a red mite

treatment which proved 100 per cent successful in

lab tests and is currently being tested across the UK

in chicken coops.

He’s worked with chicken related companies

including selling chickens, feed and coops and

representing the British Hen Welfare Trust as well as

writing for various poultry magazines.

He’s given talks at The National Poultry Show, BBC

Gardeners World Live at the NEC, The Edible

Garden Show at Alexandra Palace and even ran a

day-long course at the Highgrove Estate, home of

Prince Charles.

If you’re keen to find out more about keeping your

own chickens then Lewis could well be your man.

He runs chicken keeping courses in his spare time

in locations including London, Wales, Warwickshire

and back home in Sutton Coldfield.

He runs one-day introduction courses as well as a

series of follow-on courses, including advice for those

who wish to rear then eat their own chickens.

Some sessions are one-to-one and others, when not







in the midst of a global pandemic, can involve up to

30 people staying in an eco lodge and taking a simple

butchery course.

“We’ve had chickens for 14 years,” he said. “We

started off with a trio of Belgian bantams and the

flock then grew with the addition of Pekins and

hybrids,” he said.

“We caught the hatching bug when I built my own

incubator from scratch and now breed and hatch a

few birds every year just to add to our flock.”

He currently has 18 chickens in his flock, including

pure breeds, hybrids and cross breeds.

Over the years he has rehomed a number of exbattery

hens through the

British Hen Welfare Trust and

helped them to have a happy


He also keeps ducks after being

given some as a surprise present

at his 18th birthday party.

Lewis keeps some of his

chickens longterm - and has

some that are up to 12 years old.

Others are reared specifically

for the table.

He’s noticed a definite increase

in interest in chicken keeping

since lockdown began in March.

“I’m getting an awful lot

of interest in courses and

information and I’ve also had a

silly number of emails this year


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