Slipstream - October 2020

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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Taycan. Rhymes with icon.

With life getting back in motion, now is the perfect time to discover a classic in the

making: Taycan. It’s the first all-electric Porsche sports car, with two permanent-magnet

synchronous motors generating up to 750 hp and acceleration faster than a skydiver in

free fall. Plus, an 800-volt battery that can be partially recharged to add up to 62 miles of

range in just over five minutes. And at Park Place, this new Porsche icon comes with a total

commitment to sanitation, safety and comfort every time you visit the dealership.

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.

Porsche Dallas

6107 Lemmon Ave.

Dallas, TX 75209



2020 Taycan

Starting at



©2020 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Excludes options; taxes; title; registration; delivery; processing and handling fee; dealer charge.





The ladies of Maverick PCA come together to support each other

and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

photo by Michael Durovick


7 | National Breast Cancer Foundation: Janelle Hail

8 | Porsche, It’s not just a car, it’s the experience: Pier Burgess

13 | My Story About Breast Cancer: Phyllis Gallegos

14 | Did Somebody Say “Road Trip?”: Joann Talty

16 | Driver Profile: Dawn Marie Gray

17 | Autocross Series: Event 7, Lone Star Park

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: Porsche Rennbow

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation: Fran Ussery

24 | Maverick Forever Friendships: Wendy Shoffit

25 | From Autocross to Parade to Scenic Drives: Linda Wilkins

26 | My 18-Year Love Affair with My 968: Pam Carson

27 | Club Racing: Stress Reliever by Irene Kieweg

28 | Maverick’s Virtual Happy Hour: Teri & Mike Mahoney

29 | How Mav PCA has Affected My Life: Linda Bambina

30 | The Red Car: Betty Perrine

33 | My Start with Mavs Breast Cancer Philanthropy: Julia Cleath


2 | Board Botschaft (Executive Board Member Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

11 | New Mavericks

11 | Member Moments

36 | Porsche Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

38 | Oversteer (Guest Editor’s Column)


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar


Mav Virtual Board Meeting....................................................... (Wed) 7

Mavs & Mochas: NBCF Frisco..................................................... (Sat) 10

Mav Happy Hour: Jose on Lovers Lane.....................................(Thu) 15

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 17

Maverick “Texas Showdown” Club Race & Solo DE........(Sat-Sun) 17-18

Autocross: Challenge Cup #9 .................................................. (Sun) 18

Halloween Rally........................................................................ (Sat) 31

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 31


Mav Virtual Board Meeting....................................................... (Wed) 4

Autocross: Challenge Cup #10 ...................................................(Sun) 8

Maverick Patriot Paws Tour .........................................................(Sun) 8

Mavs & Mochas: Historic Granbury Square............................... (Sat) 14

HPDE: Motorsport Ranch..............................................(Sat-Sun) 14-15

Mav Happy Hour.......................................................................(Thu) 19

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 21

Tech Tactics West: Eastvale, CA......................................(Sat-Sun) 21-22

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 28

On the Cover

Maverick Cancer survivors and a few of their

friends at the headquarters for the NBCF.

Photograph by Michael Durovick

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Board Botschaft: Midnight Mental Musings

by Olga Taylor, Interim Region Secretary

Let’s face it: love for Porsche is often misunderstood

by those who view cars as mere transportation.

Maverick events provide a unique time to fellowship

with like-minded Porsche lovers and we miss each other.

In the absence of time together, I will fill you in

on things you might hear at a Maverick PCA event.

When I asked members to reveal what Porsche

things keep them up at night, 63 members

shared their midnight mental musings.

Not surprising, anticipation of the next mechanical

issue accounted for one-fourth of Mav concerns. While

some fear a dreaded IMS issue, an equal number worry

about bore scoring. Then, there is the conundrum

of replacing the timing belt or changing oil ahead of

schedule. Regarding the “check engine” icon that was

posted, my Dad would remind us that vintage cars don’t

have such fine messaging. Indeed, one vintage owner

simply prays that fuel will reach the carburetor. Still, I

am in full agreement in the need to be proactive.

On a happier note, Mavericks dream about our next

Porsche(s) a lot. Whether trading up or thinking of

owning the ultimate PCar, members love to talk about

Porsches. In all cases, addition is considered better than

subtraction. Naturally, every Mav event includes talk

about the next mod to make things better. I send a

special shout-out to the member who worries about oil

leaking from his Ferrari onto his Porsche. Oh, the places

we can go when dreaming about our next Porsche.

Honorable mention must be given to the member

whose new baby keeps him up, literally. A few shared

ZERO concerns related to Porsche, but someone loses

sleep because of binge watching Gunsmoke. I share a

concern regarding tornados as shared by one member.

This non-scientific report on the midnight mental

musings of members is written for those who miss our

time together at Maverick PCA events.


Chantel Tennyson

Chantel is going on her fourth year with the PCA. Over that time she has been helpful at

several of our club events. She has affectionately become known as our Northern Roads

Scout for the construction updates and county sheriff hideouts on some of our favorite Collin

County Farm-to-Market roads. We can always count on Chantel to help us make sure we

have at least one Panamera at our car events. She’ll give “Zara” (yes, women name their cars

too) a quick bath, sometimes in the dark, just so she’s looking her best at the morning events.

Chantel’s love of animals has played a big part for our club. She recently joined JimmyG’s

Charity Team to help out with our partnership with Patriot Paws. She helps keep tabs on our

club sponsored Service Dog, “Porsche,” and is currently working with their leaders on a

lunch and tour of the training facility in Rockwall, TX. This event will include a driving tour

ending at the training facility, lunch, and T-shirt, so be on the lookout for more details. This

is another one of those great reminders of how our club stays Fueled By Volunteers. Please

join me in congratulating Chantel as our Maverick of the Month.

2 September


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• Track day preparation

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• Superior customer service and free loaner cars

• PCA discounts

• Porsche factory computers

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3221 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com


2020 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


William Kruder



Vice President

Carey Spreen



Interim Secretary

Olga Taylor



Chris Flaugh



Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr


Charity Chair

Jimmy Gallegos


Club Race Co-Chair

David Hodges


Club Race Co-Chair

David McBee


Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate



Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Matt Wilson



Concours Chair

Scott Kellogg


DE Co-Chair

Keith Olcha


DE Co-Chair

Renee Hayden


DE Chief Driving Coach

Craig Janssen


DE Medical Chair

Dr. Jeffery Komenda


Merchandise Chair

Peter Wen


Region Historian

Carey Spreen



Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Kendall Awtry


Marketing, Web Chair

Bill Orr


Membership Chairs

Beckie & Tom Gomer


Monthly Social Chair

Claudia & Jeff Reynolds


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Sam Bryant


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Ted Martin


PCA Junior Ambassador

Brady Stogner


Photography Chair

Paul Moseley


Rally Chairs

Ginger & Tom Heuerman



Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit


Safety Co-Chair

Nikolaus Klemmer


Slipstream Advertising

Mike Mahoney



Slipstream Content Editor

Carey Spreen



Slipstream Editor

Kurt Scaggs



Slipstream Event Ad Design

David Tierney


Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears



Special Events Chair

Debi Kruder


Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Michael Baynton



Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Mike O’Hare


Tub Club President

George Maffey


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo



Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner



Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



COVID Communications Chair

Wendy Shoffit

Link to





Ken Chandler


2020 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Tuffy von Briesen



Phil Daigrepont



Brian Swope



Chris Hines



Bryan Kerrick



Doug Carroll



Dennis Halmai



William Kruder



John Showalter



Robert Handy

not listed


Leonard Zechiedrich



Chuck Bush

(703) 577-0562



4 September


6 September

National Breast Cancer Foundation

by Janelle Hail, NBCF CEO

photos provided by Michael Durovick

One of the most fun days I

remember was taking a spin in a

newly purchased Porsche 944, a car I

had dreamed of owning for years. My

Janelle Hail with son Kevin Hail

husband, Neal, and I loved driving the

champagne-colored Porsche with its

classic design and sleek lines. One day

I backed the Porsche out of the tightly

packed garage when I heard the heartcrushing

sound of metal scraping past

a bookcase that jutted out too far. In

one minute, I scraped a line of paint

off the side of our car. I tried to

patch up the scrape with touchup

paint, but it was a job that

only a pro could handle.

Isn’t that the way life

happens sometimes? Things

are going your way, and life

changes in one moment in

time. As a 34-year old wife and

mother of three sons, breast

cancer unexpectedly swiped me

off my feet. What could have

been a destructive force in my

life led to an open door that

fulfilled a vision born from the

heart, to help others in need.

Eleven years after breast cancer,

Neal and I founded the National

Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

I transitioned from a stay-at-home

mom to the CEO of NBCF in 1991

to give help and hope to women with

breast cancer who have no money or

insurance. That dream of the heart

became a reality.

Today women are acutely aware

of the importance of early detection.

Thank you, Maverick Region of the

Porsche Club of America, for helping

us reach women with life-saving

information. Your pink ribbon Porsche

t-shirt fundraiser will give hope and

comfort to many breast cancer patients

through our Hope Kit program.

Within 30 years, NBCF has become

a leader among non-profit breast cancer

organizations. Two years ago, Neal

passed away, but our vision for NBCF

continues. Our son, Kevin Hail,

President and COO of NBCF works

diligently with me and our skilled staff

to offer services for needy women.


Porsche, It’s not just a car, it’s the experience!

by Pier Burgess

No other car has such a tumultuous history, racing spirit,

artistic craftsmanship, and innovation as the Porsche. This

is what has drawn us to love and learn about these iconic

cars, and this is what also led my husband and me to find

and join the Maverick Region PCA Club.

In 2008 my husband Glenn and I bought our first

Porsche, a Carrera S. But it was not until we purchased

our 2013 911 Carrera S that we really began to appreciate

the cultural significance of these cars. Our fascination and

love of Porsches has grown ever since. Since Glenn and I

have become members of the Maverick Region of PCA,

we have met so many wonderful people. It has been such a

positive influence in both our lives. Its members are diverse

in their interests and personalities, and the passion for their

cars resonates on and off the roadways. Maverick Region

members will never hesitate to pass along their experiences,

history, and knowledge they have gained while being care

takers of their fabulous cars. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

If not for the Mavericks, we would never have participated

in the local car shows and Concours events. We never

would have experienced the excitement of the Hill Country

Rallye in Kerrville, or spied Wayne Carini at the Concours

at Amelia Island. It felt great to be confident enough to

talk with car owners about their vehicles, and we learned

so much more. Our Maverick friends did not hesitate in

sharing tips or warning us about areas that might lead us

astray in our searches for that special car. For that we are

very grateful. I never imagined I would want to crawl under

the belly of a car with a flashlight looking for rust or the

excessive use of bondo, or even checking out door gaps or

deciphering engines. I did buy a miniature engine kit just to

learn about the parts of a motor and how it all works. Yes, I

did make it run! We traveled from one end of the country to

the other visiting sellers and dealers and watching auctions,

looking at cars, enjoying our time together in anticipation

of what we might find. Imagine my surprise as I watched

my husband using the translator to speak with a technician

from Stuttgart, Germany, and researching parts from the UK

and leathers from Italy! This all due to the friendships and

comradery of the Mavericks.

We are still the proud owners of our 2013 911 Carrera

S. I love those spirited drives. There are also times when we

like to slow down and smell the flowers. For those times,

we love to drive our iconic 356s: our ‘61 T5 and our ‘62

T6 D’Ieteren Roadster, and we can’t forget our steady and

sturdy ‘64 356 SC. We are always ready to hit the road. Our

kids and grandkids love the cars as well. Many a weekend

is spent rubbing little fingerprints from the car doors, the

steering wheel, and windows from the grandchildren who

beg for rides and want to hear the engine roar and imagine

themselves as Speed Racer!

Even now in these unusual times, our Mavericks leadership

has kept our spirits high. We still enjoy the comradery of

virtual happy hours, weekend rallies, and Mavs & Mochas.

Smaller gatherings for Pop Ups add relief to those feeling pent

up. But most of all, in times where there are many people in

need, or people must quarantine themselves, the Mavericks

community service activities are so critical. The continuous

food and advocacy donation drives help ease much needed

voids in our community. The Mavericks also support the

fight against Breast Cancer, which holds a special place in

my heart. I lost my sister in such a battle. With all of this,

the coming together to support each other renews our faith

in the goodness in people’s hearts. It is an honor to be a part

of a membership such as this.

We’re looking forward to the continued love of Porsche

cars and newfound friendships that make the Mavericks

so special.

8 September
























10 September

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

by Becky and Tom Gomer, Region Membership Chairs

New Members August 2020

Sean Abellana Sunset 2006 Cayman S

Skip Alderson (Molly) Southlake 2009 911 Carrera

Dana Avery Keller 2013 911 Carrera 4S

Dennis Bainbridge (Wendy) Plano 2014 Cayman S

Ben Banks Springtown 1999 911 Carrera

Rob Baroch Euless 2006 911 Carrera

Rafy Betances Allen 2016 911 GT3 RS

Carl Calhoun Fort Worth 2010 Panamera S

Chuck Christopherson Keller 2020 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Michael Davis Frisco 2018 911 Turbo S

Leo Dertouzos Dallas 2013 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Thomas DiFonzo Flower Mound 2017 718 Cayman

Sean Duffy Dallas 2018 Panamera Turbo

Sport Turismo

Rich Duft North Richland Hills 2013 Boxster S

Rob Edgecombe Flower Mound 2012 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Jeffery Ellefson Frisco 2001 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Preston Eller Fort Worth 1980 911 SC

Daniel Enlow N. Richland Hills 2015 911 GT3

Moe Haddad (Dina) Fort Worth 2015 911 Turbo S

Jim Johnston Wichita Falls 2006 Cayman S

Mark Kogut Dallas 2019 911 Targa 4 GTS

John Lane Frisco 2017 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Gregg Neel Granbury 2000 911 Carrera

Jason Nichols Dallas 2020 718 Cayman GT4

Srinivasa Potluri Frisco 2015 911 Carrera GTS

Katie Powley (Bob) Dallas 2013 Cayenne GTS

Daniel Pullin Fort Worth 2008 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Gordon Sato Lewisville 2020 911 Carrera S

Vinay Sedey (Verinder) Parker 2020 Taycan 4S

Shishir Singhania Allen 2006 Boxster

Gavin Sternberg Frisco 2017 911 Carrera S

Noel Tuason Richardson 2017 718 Cayman S

James Weiss Arlington 1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Rashad Weston Dallas 2008 Cayenne S

Transfers In

Claude & Karyn Draillard (CAR) Fort Worth 2002 911 Carrera

Joseph & Lorie Gates (GCT) Flower Mound 2007 Cayman

Peter Lambe (RIV) Heath 2019 911 GT3RS

John Lane (ALT) Frisco 2017 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Stephen Noble (CPA) Frisco 2013 911 Carrera

Theodore & Robert O’Shea (SCH) Flower Mound 1999 911 Carrera 4

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them

Member Moment

Debbie Maschmann

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Tom or

Becky at membership@mavpca.org

Matt and I met on Thanksgiving

Day at Champps in Addison. I was

there to watch the Dallas Cowboy

game, after a Thanksgiving dinner with my

family. Matt came over and talked with me. Due

to a recent break up, I was not interested in guys

then, but Matt was persistent. He asked about

the last guy I dated and how we met. I told him

we met at TMS doing laps for charity and he was

in a silver Porsche in front of me. Matt asked me

if I only liked guys with silver Porsches? What??

He explained that he had a red Porsche. I really

did not believe him. He also told me he was a

professional motorcycle racer. Wow, could this

guy tell a story! We talked some more, watched

the rest of the game and when it was time to

leave, we walked out to the parking lot together–

I wanted to see this “Red Porsche.” To my surprise,

there was actually one sitting there, a beautiful

Guards Red 1996 993S! I am still suspicious, so I

told him to open the door. Well, I guess he really

was not lying, because the key fit and he opened

the door! He really did race motorcycles too, go

figure! Fast forward, we dated and got married

a few years later and have been married for 12

years. So, I guess you could say Matt and I met

because of his red Porsche! (what can I say, it was

love at first sight, and Matt was kind of cute too!)

We had not had a Porsche in several years, but

we were fortunate to find the perfect black 2007

911 Turbo last summer. We recently joined the

Maverick Region PCA, and look forward to going

to more events with other Porsche enthusiasts!

Member Moment

Barbara Geiger

(Tony Geiger, deceased)


retired - UT - Dallas

First Porsche

1987 - 911

Current Porsche(s)

1987 - 911

Favorite Porsche

1987 - 911

Favorite Maverick or PCA event:

Sunday Drives

Best thing about Porsche:

The cars

Maverick Membership Statistics as of September 1

Primary Members: 2166 Affiliate Members: 1038 Total Membership: 3204


Your mind’s been racing.

Catch up.

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The 911 Carrera.

Porsche Plano

5924 W Plano Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75093

(214) 579-1911


©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.


The World’s Finest Timepieces

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400


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12 September

6/13/2020 5:12:28 PM

My Story About Breast Cancer

by Phyllis Gallegos

photo provided by Michael Durovick

In 2006, I decided to do the Breast

Cancer 3-Day walk to raise money

for Breast Cancer research. The walk

was to be 20 miles a day for three

days, totaling 60 miles! My mother

Jeanette was already a two-time

survivor, so I was quite aware of the

disease. A best friend from high school

was also a survivor. Several friends,

old and new, formed a team. We were

each to raise $2300 to qualify. I sent

out a letter to everybody that I knew,

and I raised $2800!

The Cancer Walk was scheduled

for the end of October, so a friend

and I started training and walking

in March. She mapped out routes

and recorded number of miles. I had

never walked that much in my life,

but walking with friends brought

motivation to keep going. I bought

two pair of walking tennis shoes to

ensure my feet had proper care. When

it got Texas hot in the summer,

we were out way before the

sun came up! My dear husband

knows I like my sleep, so when

I would get home, he had the

bed ready for me to go back and

get my beauty sleep! There were

times when I questioned my

sanity, and my feet were asking

questions as well. We were told

in the preparation meetings that

you are helping other women that

might face breast cancer some day

or are facing it today. I kept up my

training for them and my Mom.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day walk

came, and we arrived at the old

Cowboy Stadium in Irving. Everyone

was so pumped and excited to get

started, and off

we went! Once

we were on our

way, the time

and miles seemed

to melt away

because we were

talking with other


stopping for

snacks and water

along the way.

And there were

lots of people

along the way

cheering us on!

Jimmy and our


Stacy found me

somewhere in

Arlington. It

was fun to see

them and others

cheering us on.

The nights were

spent in a twowoman

tent in River Legacy Park,

wherever that was! OMG . . . the

temp dipped to 48 degrees and it

was COLD for sleeping! I remember

eating breakfast with my mittens on,

which is not an easy task.

At the end of day 3, we ended up

in the Fort Worth Stockyards, where

we were all greeted by friends and

family, and it seemed like everyone

else in the city! What a great

experience! There were over 2,500

participants, and over $6 million

was raised!

The whole event was very special

and rewarding. But one of the best

things to come from the entire

experience was making people aware

of Breast Cancer. It is a disease that

women try not to think about and

often ignore the signs. I have a

cousin that I rarely hear anything

from and she got my email about

the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk that I

was intending to do. I do not know

how long it had been for her, but

she decided to get a mammogram.

She ended up getting a double

mastectomy, which saved her life. At

my father’s funeral the next May, her

husband came up to me with tears in

his eyes and just said “Thank you!”

She is still doing fine . . . .

In loving memory of my Mother,

Jeanette Mathistad, who died in



Did Somebody Say “Road Trip?”

by Joann Talty

photos provided by author

At breakfast on March 15, I read a Facebook

post about Coronavirus spread and wondered why I

continued to work while many of my friends had already

transitioned to working from home. I painfully decided

to shut my business doors one week before our governor

did it for me. The pandemic evolved, as we all know, and

touched each of our lives in one way or another.

I had been looking forward to a fantastic year of

planned travel and events. I hoped to attend Maverick

socials, drive all the local tracks during DE days, and

maybe even try Autocross. I couldn’t wait to get back

to Europe in July to hike the Camino de Santiago in

Spain and Portugal. But, like a wildfire spreads, so did

cancelations. One by one it all went up in smoke.

I consider myself a realist, quick to change directions

when things don’t go as planned. Refusing to sit home

and sulk, I pondered over what to do. Slowly, 2020

evolved into a year on the road. I received some sad

family news later that same day. Two days and an oil

change later, I hopped in the car and drove 1,100 miles

to spend 10 days in Florida with family. I left rainy

Texas in my rearview mirror to cruise empty interstates

with a few truckers and an occasional state trooper.

With gloves, masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer, sunny

top-down social distancing felt quite safe.

Quarantining back home during April, I watched

social media posts from struggling stylist friends eager

to return to their salons. I easily decided to dedicate my

time and drives to serve others. One afternoon,

I baked four batches of homemade brownies.

Nothing beats a three-hour sunny afternoon

delivering bags of cheer to colleagues and

friends. I provided at-home hair color kits for

my clients. With the cash from those sales,

I loaded my boot and bonnet with food for

Minnie’s Food Pantry. I did it with the club,

and I returned again a few weeks later with

both food and clothing.

In May, we canceled our summer Spain trip,

so I quickly looked for other opportunities. I

thumbed through my file of Maverick tours

and suggested a Sunday morning spirited

drive on FM 455 to a few friends. Our small

group of five cars carried Mavericks thankful

for an excuse to get out.

Getting to know our neighbors was a positive

result of this pandemic. At least once a week for

two months, my husband organized sociallydistanced

happy hours in various front yards.

Soon, more businesses opened their doors in

June, so we secured a reservation for pizza under

the stars at Ancient Ovens in Saint Jo. Two brave neighbors

sat in our passenger seats for some triple digit backroads

fun. We visited Arché, 4R, and Blue Ostrich wineries. This

little trip inspired even more summer travels.

In 2011, the Dallas Morning News had published an

insert about one-tank getaways. It’s amazing what you

find when you clean during quarantine! We agreed on a

handful of locations and began with a July 3 overnight

to Kiepersol Bed and Breakfast in Tyler. We wanted to

make sure we felt comfortable out and about before

planning a week worth of stops.

Avoiding most highways, we pulled up to a

vegetable stand not far from Canton and listened to

a young worker share his dream of owning a GTS.

Next, we contacted a local Tyler friend for a BBQ

recommendation. He suggested Country Tavern in

Kilgore if we were willing to drive another 20 minutes,

so we kept driving. Bellies full and returning to Tyler on

SH 31, I spotted an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

At the top of a hill gazing at a long straightaway, I saw

14 September

no one. I assessed

the safety of the

newly paved road

and noticed the

trees, brush, and

fences set far

away from the

road. If an animal

appeared out of

nowhere, I might

have time to react, so I hit the gas with a big smile on

my face. Let’s just say my little Boxster holds the new

speed record in the family.

Our July Texas tour continued two days later with

a little help from Jack Griffin, who loaned us his Hill

Country Rallye map collection. We swapped Boxsters

and headed southwest. Our first destination was

Chandor Gardens in Weatherford. Five bucks gets you

a self-guided tour of peaceful, scenic gardens. Down

FM 1884 in Tolar, we visited The Windmill Farm and

pulled off the gravel road for some sweet car photos

among the owner’s collection of vintage windmills. I

particularly liked stop number three in Hico, where I

forked over $56 for a small bag of gourmet goodness at

Wiseman House Chocolates.

Not caring that the governor closed bars and banned

wine tasting, we headed to Fredericksburg for some

curves and elevations along the famous Twisted Sisters

(Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337.) We spent three

nights at a little cabin complex with a pool and drove

throughout the hill country each day. This gave us an

idea of what Boxtoberfest might be like. Driving home,

we stopped briefly at Horseshoe Bay Resort near Marble

Falls, Magnolia Market at the Silos and the Dr. Pepper

Museum in Waco, plus the square in Waxahachie.

Our Texas summer drives didn’t stop there. We took

the “kids” out to play one Sunday morning after a Kona

Coffee meet. We smiled and shook our heads when a

curious Mav or two asked, “You both drove?” This time,

we took FM 455 northeast from Frisco through Prosper

towards Melissa, safely passing anyone in our way. Later

that week, I found myself without Friday plans and took

a solo backroads trip to Gainesville to see Lavender

Ridge Farms for a quiet lunch in their café. Finally, I

ended my summer with the Maverick tour to Granbury

and watched the odometer advance past 50,000 miles.

For the most part, I did not let this pandemic get me

down. In fact, I sometimes call my Beast my

antidepressant. While 2020 was not the year any of us

expected, I did my best to enjoy it and hurry it along.


Driver Profile: Dawn Marie Gray Racing Yellow 2014 Cayman S

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr: HI Dawn, can you tell us

a little about yourself, your Autocross

Experience and your Porsches?

Dawn Marie Gray: I had a pretty dull

driving history (minus a few speeding

tickets) and an even duller Buick

growing up in west Texas; I finally

started enjoying driving later in college

once I was upgraded to a 142 hp 5-speed

1996 Acura Integra SE. I had no idea

how to operate a manual, and my Dad

gave up on teaching me after about 10

Top: Steely-eyed focus

Bottom: Dawn’s 2014 Cayman S hard at work

minutes, but I’ve clearly figured it out

since. That Integra was my first taste

of speed and agility, and I was hooked.

Competition has also been a big part

of my life. I played softball for years,

competed in Drum & Bugle Corps,

16 September

Varsity Cross Country, and Varsity

Rowing in college, and later started

racing Cyclocross and joined a cycling

team when I lived in Kansas. However,

since moving back to Texas three years

ago, I had difficulty finding time to meet

new friends, as I was busy being a single

parent (my husband Scott didn’t move

here from Oregon until the summer of

2019), and trying to grow the PT clinic

I just purchased in Rowlett (M3 Physical

Therapy Recharged Performance) -

which, by the way, won the 2020 Living

Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for

Best Physical Therapist! But making it a

point to make time for myself, wanting to

meet interesting people, and getting back

to doing something fun is what drove me

towards Autocross.

After seeing an ad in Slipstream for

an ER AX event, I showed up to my first

race in August 2018. Since then, I have

only had the time to compete in about

10 events with ER -

initially a few with

the Racing Yellow

GT4, one with a Yas

Marina (F82) BMW

M4, and the more

recent races with our

Cayman S - but each

of those races has

been so much fun! To

have the opportunity

to race an amazing

machine in a safe

environment, and

get to spend time

with the wonderful

friends I’ve made at

Autocross has been

absolutely fantastic,

and I am so blessed

to get to compete in

such a fun sport.

My more recent

car is a manual

2014 Racing Yellow

Cayman S - She’s

classed as P5 in ER

(and for sale!):

She came to us in the Fall of 2019

with all the modifications and very

well-priced for the work she’s had done:

Brakes/Tires: Upgraded rear rotors

and OEM front rotors / Potenza RE11;

Engine: Stock 981 Cobb tune and Soul

Performance Catted Sport Headers;

Suspension: GT3 lower control arms,

GT3 sway bars, Tarett front and rear

drop links, toe link, camber plates,

Motion Control Systems 3-Way

Coilover Kit;

Safety: 997 GT2 carbon bucket

seats, roll bar with 6-point harnesses,

subframe tow reinforcement hook, and

of course, a fire extinguisher (that’s

removed for AX).

My next car is a 2011 Aqua Blue

Metallic 997.2 Carrera GTS (and is


Mark: Thank you! We look

forward to seeing that 2011 911 at

an event soon.

Autocross Series: Event 7, Lone Star Park

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

We are getting comfortable

running larger events under

the Covid-19 restrictions, and

had 120 total entries, 16 of

them being Porsche drivers, at

Autocross #7. We got a total of

720 timed runs in overall.

This course was designed by

me and had some choices on

two of the slaloms that led to

indecision and trial and error by

some. There was pain in either

selection. Some highlights from

this event: Ed Mayo continues

his winning ways in class P1

with his 1972 911S over Sigrid

Schnoerr in her 914 and Julia

Underwood in a 911S. In Class

photos by Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images

P0 - 'PCA Zero'


1T P0 958 Igor Tulandin Silver Cayenne GTS 54.294 -

P1 - 'PCA 1'




1T P1 5 Edward Mayo Silver 911S 53.185 -

2T P1 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Ravena Green 914 55.907 2.722

3 P1 9 Julia Underwood Silver 911S 61.631 5.724

4 P1 3 Joe Wilkinson Blue Carrera DNS

P2 - 'PCA 2'



1T P2 906 Carey Spreen GT Silver Boxster S 53.263 -

2 P2 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 54.781 1.518

3 P2 37 Russ Rosenberg Grey 911 55.383 0.602

P3 - 'PCA 3'



1T P3 43 Reid Cloud White Cayman S 50.095 [-]2.940

2T P3 33 Calvin Yeh Grey Cayman S 53.035 2.94

3 P3 428 Owen Coulman Guards Red 911 GT3 53.103 0.068

4 P3 91 Greg Samson Silver 911 Carrera S 56.63 3.527

P5 - 'PCA 5'



1T P5 9 Mark Schnoerr Racing Yellow Cayman S 51.114 -

2T P5 7 Charlie Fick GT3 RS 52.839 1.725

3 P5 98 Dawn Marie Gray Racing Yellow Cayman S 57.509 4.67

4 P5 56 Scott Wolthuis Blue 911S DNS

P6 - 'PCA 6'


1T P6 65 Robyn Howard Red 996 53.99 -









Can use, but gravels up. Can use, but gravels up.

Can use, but gravels up. 1









Above: Porsches ready to rumble

P2, Carey Spreen drove his Boxster S

to the win over two 996s driven by

Doug Edney and Russ Rosenberg.

Reid Cloud was first quick Porsche

and won Class P3 in his Cayman

S, followed by Calvin Yeh in his

Cayman S and Owen Coulman in his

GT3. In Class P5, Dawn Gray let me

co-drive her Speed Yellow Cayman S

to the class win over Charlie Fick in

his GT3 RS and Dawn in her Cayman

S. Robyn Howard ran alone in Class

P6 and put down some very nice

times. Performance index: Reid, Ed,

and Calvin took the podium spots.

Final results are attached.

Event 3 (a make-up date) is Sunday,

September 6, followed by events 8, 9,

and 10, all at Lone Star Park in Grand

Prairie. Covid-19 registration policy is

pre-register only; entry fee is $45.00

or $35.00 if you join Equipe Rapide

Sports Car Club. See the rest of the

dates elsewhere in Slipstream.





18 September

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: Porsche Rennbow

by Peter Wen

As we celebrate Women

Mavericks this month, I couldn’t

help but notice their pcars in the

featured articles. The ladies brought

some fancy, bright, and uniquely

colored Porsches. Most people

would agree, colors have an effect

on value. While some rare colors

may increase a Pcar’s perceived

desirability, it may also severely

reduce its marketable audience

size. So, is a Paint-to-Sample (PTS)

pcar more expensive than a black

or a silver one in the collector car

market? Perhaps. I, for one, sure

enjoy the uniqueness of them.

To learn more about Porsche

colors, I encourage you to visit

National PCA’s Rennbow site. The

site touted that “Rennbow is the

largest collection of Porsche images

on the web, organized by color.

You can see a giant color chart and

images of nearly every color ever

offered by Porsche.” Currently, they

have identified and categorized 504

colors! You can also submit images

of your pcars to be added to their

database. https://www.rennbow.org/

Recent auction results of rare,

colorful pcars are listed below for

your review. May you dream in


Fun with Colors:

How rare is your pcar color? At Rennbow, each color is assigned from 1 to 5 Paint Cans. 5 Paint Cans indicate the rarest of rare.

For example: Lizard Green is 3 Paint-Cans Bahama Yellow is a 2

2012 Cayman R

Sold for $64,600 + $3,230 buyer fee

32k miles shown

Peridot Metallic/Alcantara

3.4L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Color rarity:

1981 911 SC Targa

High bid $36,300 - reserve not met

88k miles shown

Wine Red Metallic/Tan/Black

3.0L Flat-Six

5-speed manual

Color rarity:

2002 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Sold for $27,500 + $1,375 buyer fee

39k miles shown

Zanzibar Red Metallic/Black/Black

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Color rarity:

1968 912

Sold for $40,100 + $2,000 buyer fee

56k miles shown

Ossi Blue/Black

1.6L Flat-Four

5-speed manual

Color rarity:

1979 911 SC

High bid $36,750 – reserve not met

108k miles shown

Tobacco Brown/Brown

3.0L Flat-Six

5-speed manual

Color rarity:

2003 911 Carrera Coupe

Sold for $36,500 + $1,825 buyer fee

55k miles

Speed Yellow/Black

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Color rarity:

2008 Cayman S

Sold for $22,000 + $1,100 buyer fee

58k miles shown

Cobalt Blue/Gray

3.4L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Color rarity:

2001 Boxster

Sold for $15,201 + $760 buyer fee

54k miles

Orient Red Metallic/Savana Beige/Black

2.7L Flat-Six

5-speed automatic

Color rarity:

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our

business forward, allowing us to offer you better

classic car insurance coverage for less.


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

by Bill Kruder

photos provided by author

So she never knew this, but I have

read about this female legend and

followed her through Slipstream

since joining in 1996. Now as

many of you know, I didn’t become

active in the club until about four

or five years ago. And even then

we still had not met in person until

about three years ago when we

coordinated a 914 presentation at

Zims Autotechnik. It was then I

finally put a name to a face and a

car. It’s only fitting that it worked

out that we had a chance to sit

down (via FaceTime) and chat, as

this is our first of many October

issues to come that we celebrate

the women in our club.

BK: Ahh and was this certain printer

Ussery Printing?

FU: Yes sir it was and is today. It

was Carl’s family business.

BK: So is this how you met Carl?

FU: It was. We were a client of

theirs and so through business calls

I knew his parents, brother, and

knew who Carl was. One day I had

to drive over to pick up some boxes

BK: And I understand you have two kids?

FU: We do - Erin was born in

1988; she lives in Canada and is

an Environmental Scientist for

the Canadian government. Adam

was born in 1989, and he lives in

Houston working for Clampitt

Paper. It’s a Dallas-based paper

company. Both kids grew up around

Porsches and started to autocross as

soon as they were “legal.”

BK: Let’s talk cars now. What

was your first car?

FU: Well it was a hand-me-down

from my mom: a 1961 Mercury

Comet, something to get me

through high school.

So here is the next in my series

of “conversations” I would like

to share with you . . .

Fran Ussery, Member since 1979

Present cars: 1973 914

and 2000 Boxster S

Bill Kruder: Let’s start off with the

usual. Where are you from?

Fran Ussery: Well I’m a Dallasite

through and through, born

and raised in Lockwood, just

northeast of White Rock Lake.

I attended Bryan Adams High

School in neighboring Casa View.

BK: And how about college?

FU: Didn’t stray too far from Dallas.

I went to North Texas State (today

UNT) with a degree in Secondary

Education specializing in Biology

and English.

BK: I didn’t know you were a teacher?

FU: Most don’t as that lasted all of

a year; I quickly realized I was not

cut out for that gig.

BK: So is that when you got in the

print business?

FU: Not exactly. I went to work for a

small ad agency that just happened

to use a certain printer.

Top: Fran with their winning 1966 911 - Folly

Bottom: Fran and Carl at the ’86 Downeast parade

and I needed some help loading

them. I asked his mom if Carl could

help and she told me “no, he was

BUSY.” Well a few days later I get a

call from Carl and he asked me out.

BK: How long ago was this?

FU: This would have been 1974; I

think we went to Mother Blues, on

Lemmon and Oak Lawn. It was a

haunt of out-of-town musicians –

great music.

BK: And how long did you date

before getting married?

FU: We dated for about four years

before getting married in 1978 in

my mom and dad’s living room.

BK: Rumor has it before you got

into Porsches you were a muscle

car person? How come?

FU: True, my dad was a car guy

– a Mopar guy. Dad loved big

engines and fast cars like our 1957

Desoto Firedome! I remember

peeking over the front seat back

while mom was blissfully looking

out the window and dad would

be cruising at 100 in his 1961

Desoto (keep in mind seat belts

were not standard issue yet).

BK: So after the Comet?

FU: Well my dad thought I needed a

more dependable car to get me up

to Denton and home on weekends

so we bought an Avocado Green

1969 Plymouth Road Runner with

a white vinyl top and 8-track!

Freshman year was the Comet or a

Schwinn 10-speed, but sophomore

year was the ROADRUNNER – yes,

that Roadrunner: 383 cu in (6.3L)

335 HP, 14.2 in a quarter-mile.

BK: So when did the Porsches happen?

FU: Carl introduced me to Porsche,

and funny thing, he was from an

American muscle car family. In 1973,

he had read in the Wall Street Journal

that the German Mark value was

20 September

dropping, he drove directly to Forest Lane Porsche, trading

his 1959 T-Bird for a new 914. We still have it today.

BK: Have there been others between the 1973 and the 2000 S?

FU: There was. Back in 84-85, after an unfortunate

“oops” in the 914, we bought a 1966 911 (production

number 366) from Don Istook. He put in the rebuilt

motor and fixed the rust. I think we paid just over $5K.

Once we had the car home, that’s when the work began

with the help of Stan Mancil painting it in his garage,

Ed Mayo doing reassembly, Jerry Sutton helping with

electrical, Alan Bambina refinishing the wood dash, and

there were others – bribed with hamburgers!

BK: How long did you have it?

FU: We sold it about three years later but not before

driving it up the 1984 Chicago Parade which was

actually in Appleton, Wisconsin, about 3-1/2 hours

north of Chicago. I think we travelled about 2,400

miles round trip and autocrossed at Road America, all

in a car that had just been reassembled.

Then in 1989 we bought a 1986 Guards Red Carrera

Targa with a whaletail, and outfitted it with an authentic

Porsche baby seat. I mean what else do you buy when

you have a little one (laughing)? We sold that in 1997-

98 thinking we would buy two Harleys. Well I bought

one but Carl never did - funny how that worked out!

BK: Now let’s talk about the club. By now most readers know

you have been printing Slipstream since 1982 (see the ad in

every issue) but you really got involved quickly with the club.

FU: We did. We had our 914. Al Zim and Ed Mayo told

us about the club and introduced us to Steve Kent. Well

those who remember Steve know he could talk you

into doing anything. Steve went on to be President in

1981 and got us to start attending events, and helping

with events. Then in 1984, following Joan Gibbs (first

Maverick woman to be President in 1983), I become

the second female president. Following that I became

editor for three years (1985-86-87). Then I followed in

Charlie Davis’ footprint and joined the national Parade

Competition Rules committee (for 10 years).

BK: What would you say you are most proud of?

FU: I loved bringing more women and families into

club activities. But from a long lasting standpoint – it

would be publishing Slipstream for the club. We started

printing it in 1982 and have watched it grow, improve,

and become a winning newsletter. That’s a 38-year run

and at this year’s end we will have printed 456 editions.

We have always been so proud and thankful.

Thank you Fran for Driving Friendships for over 40

years, and congratulations again for being an inductee

into this year’s Crest Club!



22 September

Dust off

your flying broom.

The spooks are back for the

6 th Annual

Saturday, October 31st

9:00 AM registration

9:30 AM Drivers’ Meeting • 10:00 AM First Car Out


details will be posted on mavpca.org

Awards for over the top Halloween costumes.

Registration & Details: rally@mavpca.org


Maverick Forever Friendships

by Wendy Shoffit

photo provided by Michael Durovick

I have been a Maverick Region PCA member since

1997. In that time I have met some absolutely amazing and

inspiring women! I have developed great friendships which

have changed my life for the better. For women who haven’t

yet experienced that, I would encourage you to get involved!

Don’t be afraid to roll your sleeves up and pitch in to help.

OR if you’re already over-committed like so many

of us are, you can always opt for a little FUN instead!

What kind of fun, you might ask? DRIVING FUN! I’ve

heard from too many new female members who say, “Oh,

my husband NEVER lets me drive the car!” or “I could

NEVER do anything like that!” Trust me when I tell you:

involved husbands want involved wives. How else will he

get the wheels and tires without the side-eye from you or the

weekend “kitchen pass” to drive in a DE event? Couples who

play together stay together!

Now I’m not saying drive EVERY event, but enough to

show interest, spend quality time together, AND have a blast

doing it. At least TRY it out to see what you might have been

missing. Give yourself time and patience to improve.

Motorsports has made me a much more confident and

capable driver. Autocrossing has brought me a few really nice

trophies, and showing up regularly has cemented some of my

female (and male) PCA friendships. It takes a while to get

good at it, but you’ve got a cheering section to HELP you

through it. We support each other in and out of the club. My

PCA friends were there for me when my husband had his

stroke. They were there for me when I battled breast cancer.

I have other non-Porsche friends in my life, but I can tell

you, I have a HUGE list of people in PCA that I know I can

call day or night and they will be there for me no matter what!

Friends extend across the country, as we are Parade regulars,

as well. Nothing makes you feel more “normal” than meeting

up with 1,500 enthusiasts who love their cars and love having

a good time like you do! This year would have marked our

20th Porsche Parade. We were disappointed it was cancelled,

but are already looking forward to next year’s event.

I’ve passed this love and appreciation of the PCA

camaraderie to my daughter. She was only nine months old

when we joined (and is now 23), but she has grown up with

some amazing PCA kids and it’s a deeply ingrained part of

her life that I hope she will embrace when she starts her adult

24 September

life on her own. She has her own membership and will forge

more of her own connections as she spreads her wings. I

couldn’t be happier that she has such an amazing group of

people to support her, as well!

So, I urge everyone to GET INVOLVED, HAVE FUN,

and MEET OTHERS who will become great FRIENDS! If

you see me at an event, come say hi if I don’t get to you

first! I can always use more friends in my life! My life has

been forever enriched being part of PCA. I hope you can

find that, too!

From Autocross to Parade to Scenic Drives

by Linda Wilkins

I’ve had a lot of fun and made some

incredible friendships over the 28 years

that I’ve been a PCA Maverick Region

member. When my husband Lee and I

first joined PCA, I was driving a 1993

Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo, which was

a real blast in the autocross events. I

learned a lot about driving too!

Autocross lessons learned:

• Wherever your eyes are looking is

where you will drive your vehicle.

Don’t look at that wall!

• The experience of high performance

driving (like in Lee’s 1973 911 RS

[replica] race car) is not “smooth

as silk.” It may look that way

when you are spectating. The truth

is that the action in the cockpit is

violent! (I’m talking about Fast

Fred Seipp and Jim Buckley.)

• Never coast. You’re either hard on

the gas or hard on the brakes.

• Women can be great drivers.

Cases in point: Wendy Shoffit and

Fran Ussery.

Lee became the general counsel for

the Porsche Club nationally in 2001-

2005, and we began attending Parade

every year. I particularly loved Boise,

ID, Milwaukee, WI, and our own Fort

Worth Parade. I won the autocross

event in Fort Worth in the Cayenne

class with my 2005 model AND I got

to play golf with Peter Porsche!

Since Lee retired from Club

Racing, we enjoy the Club scenic

drives in our Panamera.

Thanks to the women of PCA

Maverick Region for all you do for

the Club. And thank you for the

opportunity to “pink out” the October

Slipstream in recognition of all of our

Mavs breast cancer survivors!


My 18-Year Love Affair with My 968

by Pam Carson

photos provided by author and Michael Durovick

Once upon a time I was married to a Porsche fanatic - the

kind of guy whose walls were plastered with Porsche posters

in high school. It was always a dream of his and I just nodded.

When he got his 951 in 2001 it was a track car, and wow

was it fast. I learned to drive a Porsche in that car and I

loved it. LOVED it! We started looking for one for me and

ended up with a 944 & 968 which were practical frontengines;

my engineer hubby could do most of the work.

I started my search for a 968, knowing I wanted a

manual and a coupe. There weren’t many out there. After

two years of looking, I found my baby outside of Chicago:

a black 1994 coupe, a six-speed with 19K miles. I was in

love. I white knuckled it home in a snowstorm and have

been driving it ever since.

As it was my only car, it went everywhere with me and

did everything a car needed to do. Yes, it saw snow and

ice, and with extra weight over the rear wheels she was a

trooper. She took me on road trips galore and daily to work;

she’s been on country roads and tracked at Road America,

where I first understood what a transaxle was, and it was

awesome! To this day she’s my hauling car and the back is

often filled with mulch and potting soil.

Divorce brought me to Texas, an 1,100-mile straight

road trip with two cats and more luggage than you would

believe in a sports car. Strange being alone and in a new

state but getting into my 968 always felt like home.

I joined the PCA Mavericks in 2014 and haven’t made

as many events as I’d like. I don’t talk specs as much as

guys, but I know them for when I need to educate non-Pcar

people. I know my HP, my 0-60, my GVW, my engine

type, and what kind of oil I need. I know at the time it was

made that the 968 was the fastest 3L 4-cylinder naturally

aspirated production car on the road.

I know my car was one of only 4000+ 968s that made

it to America during four years of production, and 2000+

were coupes. Black was the most common coupe color and

mine’s one of 594 total made. You might be getting an idea

what a rare car this is and why I think it’s so special. I feel

privileged to use it as a daily driver. I wonder how

many are left on the road today? At 26+ years old

it’s a pretty rare car - 968 drivers get excited when

we see another one in the wild. Proper etiquette

is to pull over and discuss how much we love our


SO many times I’ve been stopped in parking

lots by men complimenting me on my beautiful

944; they’ve argued with me about the model until

I take them around the back and show the 968

logo tucked in under the fin, then back to the front

to explain my true frog lights (round, not square)

and my sexier rounder fenders. The front end of a

968 is a beautiful thing.

In 2013 I bought a three-year-old Cayman

S, mostly because it was Racing Green Metallic.

Another 6-speed (never owned an automatic car; I’m strangely

proud of that). I thought it was time to have a newer car, for

road-trips and hot Texas interstates. I bought it from a dealer

and remember the guy saying “OK, let’s talk about trade-in.”

I looked at him blankly, and then realized – “Oh! He thinks

I’m trading in my 968!” Without thinking I blurted out,

“Why would I trade her in? She’s not done anything wrong!”

The Cayman S was an addition, not a replacement.

I prefer the 968 - it’s more fun so I drive it more often. You

participate more in driving older cars, I think. The Cayman

S just floats quickly along, modern electronics taking care of

everything. In the 968 you’re more “aware” of your car. Don’t

get me wrong - I love my Cayman S - but the relationship still

feels new; we’re still getting to know each other.

But my 968? At 18 years it’s been my longest and most

successful relationship – I love my car and driving it brings me

pure joy. I don’t question it; I just look forward to the next 18

years and all the adventures life holds for both of us!

In loving memory of my Mother, Doris Lohr, lost to breast

cancer in 2005.

26 September

HPDE Track Days: Stress Reliever

by Irene Kieweg

photos provided by author

On a random day at work, my co-worker said,

“Hey you like cars and speed - why don’t you

come out to the track with the Porsche Club?”

I thought to myself, this is too good to be true

. . . I get to drive my car as fast as I want, be

around amazing cars, and have coaches help

me become an even better driver? I’m all in!

That was my first PCA HPDE

event seven years ago. Shortly after

that, I purchased my first Porsche,

a 2012 Cayman R in black, and I

love that car to this day. I have met

so many wonderful people through

these events over the years! Everyone

is so welcoming and fun - it’s

definitely a place where I feel at home.

I also learned to really drive and

understand the dynamics

and outer limits of my

cars. In the last couple

years, I became a HPDE

driving coach, which

allows me to ride in the

right seat and help others

to enjoy this sport. It’s

such a rewarding feeling

when they get the corner

just right, accelerating

through the turn and

closing in on the cars in front.

I also had the opportunity to put

my marketing skills from my day

job to work, helping to enhance the

Maverick Region HPDE program and

drawing more participants. It’s been

such an amazing journey and I would

love to have every Porsche owner to

come out to the track and try it out.

It’s very safe, fun, and fast!

About a year ago, I took on the

next challenge and purchased a Spec

Boxster so I can compete in Club

Racing. Racecraft and strategy takes

driving around the track to a whole

new level. This sport continues to

challenge me, there is always

something new to learn and improve

my skills. The Porsche Club has given

me a place of belonging, a break from

my stressful job, and like-minded

friends for life.


Maverick’s Virtual Happy Hour

by Teri and Mike Mahoney

photos provided by author

We were definitely not going to let a little thing like

a pandemic get in the way of our region happy hour.

No sir! But a

“virtual happy

hour?” Why not?

When you think

about it, it’s not

a terrible idea. So

why haven’t we

done this before?

I mean, it’s less

expensive, you get

to play bartender,

Top, left to right: Unofficial Maverick Chief

there’s no need

Mixologist Teri Mahoney, Rally Chairs Ginger and

for small talk, it’s

Tom Heuerman in their “favorite bar”, President Bill

Kurder and a view of the festivities from Becky and way safer since

Tom Gomer’s pool.

you’re home and

on your sofa - or

in the case of the Gomers - in the pool! And the best

part: the attire. Yes, we call it “Covid Casual.” We had

a lot of Mavericks on the Zoom call, and it was great

seeing everyone, even if it was virtual.

So on Thursday evening, August 20, five months

into our foray of foggy glasses, masks, grocery store

tantrums, and incessant debates with Karen, Facebook

Physician, my wife Teri crafted cocktails for our

Mavericks. Sponsored by The Phoenix Insurance Group,

the hour was hosted by Teri, where she composed three

tasty Porsche-themed cocktails. The first cocktail was

a new creation named “Maverick Mash”: it consists

of bourbon, blackberries, basil, lemon juice muddled,

with a mint garnish. Very tasty and refreshing! Next

up was the “LeMans”: Cointreau,

vodka, orange juice, simple syrup,

and a splash of club soda. Steve

McQueen would have loved

it. Lastly the “Vesper”: James

Bond’s iconic martini - it is a gin,

vodka, and Lillet blanc or Cocchi

Americano cocktail served “up”

in a martini glass. Yes, it was a

very happy hour! I’m glad we

were home!

We also held a three-part trivia

contest throughout the evening

that consisted of nine questions

related to each cocktail. Our own

Membership Chairs, Becky and

Tom Gomer, were the winners of a

very nice bottle of bourbon

provided by our sponsor and Slipstream advertiser The

Phoenix Insurance Group.

28 September

How Mav PCA has Affected My Life

by Linda Bambina

photos provided by author

Not long after joining Maverick Region

in 1981, Alan and I realized we were both

head over heels enamored with many, many

people in the club. We joined everything!

We also helped organize many things and

eventually were part of the Head Honcho

team, aka The Board. Our Maverick

friends became our “chosen family” and

some of them still are! Needless to say, I

have soooo many stories I could tell for this

article because I often have “crazy ideas”

and the Maverick Region has been part of

dozens of those ideas.

I also love photography, so I combined

that love and a plan that most people said

was ridiculous to try to pull off. Here’s the

story behind the photograph/poster aptly

named “Maverick Region Stages a Family

Portrait, April 28, 2012.”

This poster commemorated our Region’s 50th

anniversary in PCA. The phrase, “Driving Friendships”

was created for this poster by Fran Ussery when I put

her on the spot to give us a logo for the event. It’s great

that the club is finally using this fitting phrase regularly.

In the photo, there are 50 cars lined up (PERFECTLY!)

in year-order on a huge parking lot (without barriers)

with the Texas Motor Speedway Club in the background.

The picture was taken by practically professional club

photographer Charlie Davis from a crane perched 50

feet in the air.

The cars were chosen for two reasons: they matched

the years needed for our display AND they were owned

by Extremely Active Members of Maverick Region. If

you had been on the Board for many years or had given

some heavy-duty life’s blood for multiple projects or

car events, I wanted your car to be part of our Family

Portrait. OH, and you had to commit to being able to

get your car to our staging site on a specific day. It took

me from October 2011 thru April 27, 2012 to fit all the

pieces of this complex puzzle together. I had Ed Mayo

on speed-dial to help me find people who had certain

hard-to-find year cars or to ask if this year 911 looked

almost identical to that year 911 so I could substitute it

in the line up?

Yes, I was forced to “charlatan” a bit, but there was

no substituting when it came to the people. We had the

best reunion for this event! Club Officers, Board

Members, and Slipstream Editors from way back came

out to meet their Mav Family as the staging process

progressed. There is a ridiculous number of “engineer”

or “mathematically inclined” members in this club who

are picky, picky, picky about details. But I love ‘em!

And I love it that they have always let me do crazy ideas

with this club!

Asset Control

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• Consulting

Since 1994

Call me at 877-277-3812

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The Red Car

by Betty Perrine

I read an old book titled “The Red Car” when I was 16

years old. It was about a young boy who had acquired an old

British sports car, fixed it up with the local mechanic’s help

then after a lot of trials and tribulations, entered it in the ‘Big

Race’. I was officially hooked on cars! My Dad didn’t quite

understand his eldest daughter’s new found love for cars, but

he never laughed at me for it – he supported me. That was all

that mattered.

After a few years I had finally saved enough money to buy

my own car and of course it was going to be a British sports

car! Sadly, the only ones I could find in my price range were

projects that were waaaay above my skill level. Once I had

accepted it wasn’t going to happen, I started looking for a

Japanese sports car. Unfortunately every car I found was too

expensive or had been abused. One day in May, I drove out to

look at a car I had found in the Auto Trader. When I arrived

it wasn’t there, but there was a really different looking car

sitting off to the side. “That’s a 1974 Porsche 914” the seller

said. “Would you like to test drive it instead of the other one?”

“Really?” I replied, “that Z car isn’t going to be back anytime

soon? Well, ok, at least I can say I’ve driven a Porsche.”

Walking up to the car, so many things started racing

through my head. “It’s orange - I don’t like orange! It’s so

short - it has to be impossible to get in and out of!” Once I’d

sat down in it, I had to figure my way through the first real

challenge – how to release the darn park brake. I conquered

that, figured out the shift pattern, backed the car out of its

parking spot and started creeping to the end of the driveway.

During that short journey, all of the negative thoughts that had

been churning around in my head began to float gently out the

rolled down driver’s window.

“Ya know… sitting in here you don’t see much orange at all.

It being so short means it’s gotta handle great!” I stopped at

the end of the driveway and oh, so carefully creeped out onto

the residential street. I was hit smack dab in the heart with

LOVE AT FIRST TURN! I consider myself to be a practical

person, I don’t believe in love at first… anything, but there

I was, crawling along in first gear, rationalizing away every

single negative thing I had been thinking just minutes before.

I drove that 914 around three or four blocks, rolled back

photo provided by author

into the seller’s driveway and parked my new car, but nobody

else but me knew that yet! I came back a few days later and

bought him (yes, he’s a boy) with my parent’s financial help.

That was a little over 35 years ago.

Over the years (and over 400,000 miles) we raced in our

first autocross together; where I met my future husband as I

sat on the ground taping numbers on the doors. We even rode

in him on our first date. That car and I stormed to second

place in our class

in the local SCCA’s

Autocross Region

- in the men’s class

I might add. He

drove my husband

and I home from

our wedding.

Because of that

car we found

PCA’s Maverick

Region and all of its wonderful people. That car was present

for countless other happy (and not so happy) family milestones.

He is a member of our family, he’s one of our ‘metal children’.

He represents power, control, skill and freedom to me… he is

my happy place.

30 September

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Everything else is just practice


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vehicle names are property of their respective owners. Their use is meant to reflect the authenticity of the vehicle and do not imply sponsorship nor endorsement of Hagerty nor any of these products

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Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

You can test your

knowledge (or Google

search ability) of all

things Porsche by

participating in the

monthly trivia contest

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Answers are due by the

last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case

of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.

Here are the questions for the August 2020 Trivia, along

with the winner, John Dames, getting all 5 of 5 correct. We

have to give special congrats to both Tom Martin and Bill

Orr as they too had all 5 of 5 correct. In case of a tie, the

winner is chosen by random

drawing. Trivia this month

deals with miscellaneous

Porsche items from the 2021s

back to the 50s.

Answers: 1)d, 2)a, 3)b, 4)c, 5)d

1. Waiting for the 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS and the Boxster

GTS to have a 4.0 L Boxer 6 could really be a smart move. But

it will cost you ________ over the previous Turbo flat 4.

a. $4000 b. $5000 c. $6000 d. $7000

Sourced: https://tinyurl.com/y66ey42f

2. Porsche is now working with Coker Tire Co to provide very

accurate reproductions of the OEM Michelin ______ 165VR15

N-Spec tires that were used for the 1965-67 Porsche 911s.

a. XAS b. TB5 c. TB15 d. SX M

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y3ysbodx

3. These same N-Spec tires were also used on Porsche 912s and

914s, and some are even fitted back onto some 356s, which

originally had __________ bias ply tires.

a. 520-15 b. 560-15 c. 600-15 d. 650-15

Source: https://tinyurl.com/yyguqpmo

4. Which of the following is NOT considered when Porsche grants

its coveted N-Spec Rating? a. Speed Rating b. Road Noise c.

Treadwear d. Traction-Wet Weather, Braking, Handling

Source: https://tinyurl.com/yyguqpmo

5. Someone whom most Porschephiles have never heard of until

lately is Katie Mohler, but she is/was the ______________ !

a. Sales Rep liaison between Porsche and Mooney Aircraft

in Kerrville b. Mgr of Special Orders at PCNA c. No. 1

Salesperson for Porsches in America d. Youngest graduate of

the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program (PTAP)

Source: Porsche Panorama, July 2020, p 82

32 September

My Start with Mavs Breast Cancer Philanthropy

by Julia Cleath

Throughout my life I have been eager to lend a hand

where needed. While raising children fulltime, this

began to take over my life, as I was volunteering for

their schools, classrooms, PTAs, church groups, and

the like. When those volunteer efforts began to slow

during their high school years, I’d step up to the plate

elsewhere, for the city, the church, or just to help a

friend out.

I was certain in reaching the current season of my

life that my volunteer days would be winding down

to just lending a hand now and then. With the PCA,

my husband and I really enjoy the Mavs & Mochas

gatherings and meeting all the great folks. We have

made many good friends over the years. And as usual,

whenever we could, we would pitch in help here and

there if needed.

PLOT TWIST: So in steps my friend Jimmy Gallegos,

and his lovely wife Phyllis. On February 4 I received a

message from Jimmyg regarding the new philanthropy

efforts for the club. He was asking me to volunteer

with the Breast Cancer Awareness project. It would

involve bringing awareness, raising funds, and would

culminate in October. I wrote back that I wasn’t very

good at fundraising, and had never been personally

touched by Breast Cancer, but that I would try to help

where I could. Truth be told, some of the breast cancer

charities out there today have a bad reputation, and I

didn’t really want to align myself with them.

As I was pondering all of this I had a flashback

to a trick-or-treat Mav event at The Star in Frisco.

We happened to be parked next to a new maverick

member, Kevin Hail. As we were waiting for trick-ortreaters

to come by, I was taking the opportunity to get

to know him. At my prodding (I can be “like that”) he

told me he was the President and COO of the National

Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) here in Frisco. I

was a little brazen in my questioning about where the

NBCF foundations monies went to (sorry Kevin), but

- lo and behold - I was extremely pleased to hear that

the NBCF and its mission put all my personal issues to

rest. NBCF is NOT like other breast cancer charities

out there.

I immediately wrote back to Jimmyg with my

recollection and details of having met Kevin. From

that point forward we both KNEW that the National

Breast Cancer Foundation was who we would partner

with for this wonderful philanthropy!

We quickly set up a meeting with Kevin at their

headquarters in Frisco. We wanted to learn more about

their mission and tour the facility. While sleeping the

night prior to the meeting, I suddenly awoke out of the

blue, with an IDEA: a fundraiser T-shirt image I had

in my head. So I sat up in bed and created the idea on

paper so I’d have something to present in the morning.

Jimmyg, Phyllis, and I enjoyed our tour of the

very impressive NBCF offices, and learned so many

wonderful things about the foundation. We were

also lucky to happen to meet Janelle, Kevin’s Mom.

She started the foundation in 1991 after she survived

breast cancer.

My T-shirt idea seemed to be a hit, and by March, I

was picking up the first 100 T-shirts! Since then, even

with multiple Covid-canceled events, we have met our

goal, and are almost sold out of the second batch of

100 shirts we ordered. At our October event, we will

see the fruits of all your generous donations! It will be

a great event.

So, between Jimmyg contacting me (of all people)

about the new charity and my light bulb moment with

the T-shirt idea, and also remembering having met

our fellow Maverick member, Kevin, I believe that I

was never going to be in charge of when or where to

volunteer my time. Seems there is a greater power at

work here.

See you in October, and wear something PINK!



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34 September

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2007 997 GT3

Most memorable Maverick or PCA event

Club races at Road America, Watkins Glenn, Road Atlanta, COTA, and Laguna Seca

Best thing about Porsche ownership

The club racing is the most competitive of the major car manufacturers. With my experience in PCA

club racing, I was able to seamlessly transition to IMSA racing. The camaraderie is fantastic too.

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36 September


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Oversteer: Nurturing the Fun

by Teri Davis, Guest Editor

Fran Ussery asked me to recount my history with Maverick

Region and PCA for a feature Slipstream issue. The request triggered

memories that popped out like the contents of an overpacked suitcase

when the latch fails. For me, it all began in 1973 when my thenhusband

Stan Mancil traded our red Austin-Healey Roadster for

a green 1968 Porsche 911L. An invitation to PCA was part of the

package, and a photo in an old Maverick Region scrapbook proved

that we joined the fun in time for a camping event in April 1973.

In 1974, we volunteered to take charge of Slipstream. I did the

info-gathering, writing, and typing. Stan

did the cut-and-paste operation. (Yes,

tools included a typewriter, X-Acto knives,

rubber cement glue pots, and Rapid-o-

Graph pens.) We were fortunate to be

friends with Dallas artist Terry Mashaw, a

Maverick who drove a 356. Terry provided

wonderful cover illustrations during the

two years we produced the newsletter.

Filling the newsletter was a challenge

in those days. Membership was under 200.

There were only four events per month: a

monthly dinner meeting with a Porscherelated

program, one activity involving

driving Porsches, a business meeting of the

elected officers, and a Slipstream “party,”

which was a small gathering of Mavericks

to collate, staple, and stick address labels

on the completed copies. One month, we

were desperate to fill enough pages to

justify “saddle-stitching” (stapling folded

sheets into booklets). So, we invented the

one and only edition of Slipshod. It was

deliberately sloppy and off-standard. But it got attention and laughter

-- enough that us old-timers still remember.

During our early years in the club, our son Tony was born, we

moved, changed jobs, and grew apart until finally I decided divorce

was the best option. I dropped out of the club for a couple of

years, but in time, I reconnected with my friend Charles Davis, past

Maverick president, and “Uncle Charlie” to son Tony. Charlie and I

established a partnership that lasted for the last forty years of his life.

Charlie and I married in the summer of 1979 and I experienced

my first Porsche Parade in the summer of 1980. I immediately

understood his Parade addiction! I was blown away! I watched

my husband use his skills and knowledge to gather in trophies and

together we won second place in Navigational Class in the rally.

It was my very first Time-Speed-Distance rally; such a high! But

I must give credit to Charlie; I didn’t do much besides read the

instructions. It was almost all Charlie. Also, his PCA friends from

across the USA readily enfolded me into their circle. Of course, they

were curious about the gal who had snared their perpetual bachelor

. . . and was visibly pregnant. From then on, I joined Charlie in

urging Mavericks to go to Parade.

Maverick Region became my extended family. If the club was

doing something, we were there, and in many cases, one of us was

in the lead. Charlie also had a national position on the Parade

Competition Rules Committee for several years and chaired the

group a couple of years. Naturally I got involved too and, since I was

an editor professionally, did a major rework of the document. The

rules had been patched so many times that discrepancies between

sections were causing all sorts of disputes.

As a stay-at-home Mom, it was easy to return to being editor of

Slipstream. Club finances were tight at that time, so my first act as

editor was to do a cost analysis of publishing costs. New members

Carl and Fran Ussery came onboard about this time and have been

a tremendous asset to the club ever since.

I was also aware that we had never

done well in the national newsletter

contests. All these factors led to a new

size and format for Slipstream. I pushed

hard for more technical information,

more photographs, and solicited better

coverage of events. Lots of people

stepped up to help. We improved so

much that we got our first ever First in

Class in 1985.

Also in the 80s, I took the lead

in introducing Mavericks to the idea

of multi-event weekends. These were

loosely modeled on the national Porsche

Parade. We dubbed the event “Round-

Up.” These weekends involved an

autocross when a venue was available, a

top-only Concours, a gimmick tech quiz,

and a gimmick rally. Many years later,

these almost-annual events began having

a “destination” that required overnight

stays. We had a couple of events at a

hotel on the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake and a couple years we

stayed at Fossil Rim. Those were fabulously fun weekends.

When Parade was scheduled to be at the Lake of the Ozarks in

1983, Charlie and I went into high gear to whip up local interest

in attending the premier national event. It was the first Parade to

be within a single day’s drive. I think we had 36 attendees that

year, and thus an enlarged group of Parade enthusiasts. Maverick

suddenly became a contender on the national stage, and we haven’t

slowed down since.

With local enthusiasm high, I stepped up to spearhead a bid to

bring a Parade to the region. With Charlie’s full support we planned

an event to coincide with the Texas sesquicentennial celebration. We

didn’t get the bid for 1986, but the national staff asked me to bid again

the next year and this time we were awarded the prize. The D/FW’87

Parade had several firsts: besides first female Parade Chair, we had

the first week-long planned activities for children, first computerized

scoring, first dual autocross courses with run-offs and the first RC car

competition. The hallmark of D/FW’87 was fun, fun, fun piled on

top of the competition. We had a tight-knit committee that converted

my vision to reality, and I love them all for putting their hearts into

the project. For many years thereafter, people still came up to me

at subsequent Parades and told me that D/FW’87 was their all-time

favorite Parade. That was very satisfying to hear, of course.

38 September

After D/FW’87, my interest turned to expanding Round-Up

events and upping the quality of our rallies. I’ve lost count of how

many rally schools I have taught for Maverick Region. I know I

taught two seminars at Parades. Local schools were always followed

by an actual rally and ended with a de-briefing of what the tricks and

traps had been. I owe so many people for support and guidance with

these events, especially Charlie Davis, Bob Benson, Joe McGlohen,

Ed Tix, and Carey Spreen.

When the Fort Worth ‘04 Parade was in the conceptual stage,

Charlie and I got involved, of course, but I had no interest in being

Parade Chair again and Charlie was deeply involved in other

pursuits. We threw our support behind Jan Mayo, knowing she

would be well supported by the region. I declared I had always

wanted to organize a Parade Goodie Store and I got my wish.

The next year, 2005, was PCA’s 50th Anniversary, and I began

my tenure as Facilities Chair for national Parades. I shadowed

Connie Waldrop that year to learn the job so she could step

down after 16 years of handling hotel contracts. The Salt Lake

City Parade in 2012 was the last Parade where I was involved

in hotel and facility contracts and bookings. In the meantime, I

was indoctrinating Kristy Heath from Conference Direct, who

would take over the hotel function. Her company brought a lot of

leverage to negotiations.

During the time I was in charge of facilities, and even before,

I became one of the advocates for having an executive Parade

Committee. Functioning several years as part of an advisory group,

it became clear that PCA had been re-inventing the wheel every year

and repeating newbie mistakes. As advisors to a new local group

every year, we spent at least sixty percent of our effort explaining to

newcomers why certain

things worked and

certain things were likely

to fail. At the same time,

no one wanted to hire

professionals to execute

the whole event. Only

experienced Paradegoers

would have the

right perspectives.

Finally, National began

staffing the committee

with experienced people

Almost unthinkable now, it worked in ‘87.

Everything is bigger in Texas

who would commit to a fourish-year term. Turnover was hoped to

include sufficient overlap to maintain consistencies.

My last Parade as an active participant was French Lick in 2015.

Although I didn’t recognize the symptoms or understood what was

happening at the time, I believe I experienced several TIAs during

the week, especially during the rally. I was having trouble keeping

my spatial orientation and experienced hesitation in right leg

movement. I know I dragged my foot over the passenger threshold

of our Boxster several times that week. Charlie was not happy about

that! After Parade, as we were returning to Texas from Indiana, I

had a full-out ischemic stroke. My whole world lurched sideways.

Dry your eyes and don’t worry about me. I have a new normal,

but I also have a jam-packed trunk full of happy memories and

many, many of those memories revolve around the wonderful

Mavericks I have played and worked with over the last 46 years.

My cup overflows


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