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In this special 16-page issue, we cover things to do during Halloween while the pandemic still grips the world, mediums, a documentary about one of the world's longest ongoing paranormal investigations, and a special editorial page geared towards this year's election and the sincere hope that ideas can be discussed, protests can be had, and elections can happen, without the threat of violence.

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Released in May of this year, amid

the CoVID-19 pandemic, the Pentagons

official release of unidentified aerial

phenomena, Floyd protests, and the

rumor of an invasion of Asian giant

hornets, the decade long investigation

of a bonafide haunted house in

Mississippi - got lost.

Directors Steve Gonsalves and

Kendall Whelpton, both from A&E’s

Ghost Hunters, have taken an in-depth

approach to unusual investigative

circumstances. To briefly describe

the plot: ‘After years of experiencing

life changing paranormal activity,

Alice Jackson has refused to spend

another night in her own home.

Looking for answers she opens her

house up to film makers who conduct

the first ever, decade long paranormal

investigation.’ This is a spell binding

documentary that chronicles the real

story of a homeowner and a team of

religious, scientific and paranormal

professionals who tell the tale of what

it is like to live in a true haunted house.

Alice Jackson, the current owner

lived in this house amid constant

unusual activity, flashing lights and

September/October 2020

Mediums Surprise Historical Author With

Alleged Messages From the Spirit Realm

Marti Parry produces a sketch she drew of a spirit she saw at the Neff

House. Her husband Michael is in the background. A member of the

La Mirada Historical Preservation Advisory Council said the portrait is

reminiscent of Andrew McNally, whose daughter lived in the house.

Photo by Andrew Perry

mysterious physical phenomena until

2011 when in a moment of sheer fright

– she fled the home. “Alice originally

left in the middle of the night due to

the intense activity, but could not

bear to sell it. This was her dream

home,” said Gonsalves, “It’s not an old

home, and the problems predate the

construction, which makes it all the

more frightening.”

Seeking the help of John Bullard

and Brad Cooney, who conduct joint

and independent investigations into

Andrew Perry

In the shadow of an old historical

house, mediums Michael and Marti Parry

astonished a local author with intimate

details not of the house, but of the author’s

own deceased relatives.

TCT News went on an exclusive tour

of the historical Neff House, located in

La Mirada, California’s Neff Park. The Neff

House complex is made of three buildings

built in the late 1800s: a large family house,

a barn, and another slightly smaller house.

Michael and Marti Parry claim to

be mediums. Essentially, a medium is

a person or thing that spirits can use

to communicate to those of us in the

physical plane. Michael hears spirits, and

Marti sees them and creates portraits of

the spirits she sees.

As TCT News toured with the

Historical Society, the Parrys sat back,

separated from the group and from each

other. Marti sat in the living room of the

the activity, the film makers join these

two gentlemen to set up cameras

throughout the house to record any

and all paranormal occurrences. And

this is where the movie picks up as

the four investigators try to unravel

the mystery behind this disturbed

Mississippi site.

Jackson says her home in Florence

has been haunted since before

construction began, “When we finally

got it built, doors began to slam and

doorbells would ring for no reason

Neff House and drew several sketches

and Michael sat outside, listening intently

to whispers that no one could hear and

taking notes.

“It sounds like people talking very

softly,” said Michael Parry. According to

Michael, the voices are audible, as in he

can hear accents and tell whether the

person is male or female. But sometimes,

the voices are very soft and hard to


Raymond Fernandez is one of the

members of the La Mirada Historical

Society, and a co-author of the book

Reflections From McNally’s Mirror.

Upon finishing the tour with TCT News,

Fernandez and the TCT crew sat down to

listen to what the Parrys had discovered.

First was Marti, who produced two

sketches: one of an older bearded man

and another of a young girl. According

to Fernandez, the author, the man was

reminiscent of Andrew McNally, who is

‘Neff’ Continued Page 8

A House Inbetween: A Documentary On A Decade Long Paranormal Investigation

Father Michael O’ Brian blessing The House Inbetween.

For CoVid-19 Updates, Visit HMG at

and objects would move around in the

house. I stopped sleeping alone in the

house back in 2011, due to mysterious

lights that started to appear in odd

places. Sometimes balls of light would

emerge and project beams out of a

‘funnel’ and sometimes the entire

room would light up in a blinding

glow.” Investigators were not able to

capture this activity but speculate

that this was balls of energy trying to

manifest … while Jackson hints to the

possibility of alien evidence.

Over the years the house has

gain notoriety, “It’s not a spook show,”

says Whelpton, “It is actually a well

documented haunting and we use a

‘House’ Continued Page 12


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TCTN’s Editors-in-Chief don’t like bringing politics into the paper, but the Nation is only a few weeks away from one of

the most important elections of this lifetime. Our editors have differing political views and have added the new Opposing

Opinion column to prove that it is acceptable to agree to disagree and still be friends and colleagues. The question in this issue:

Did America Really Become Great Again?

We hope their conversation is an example of how true democracy and friendship can be achieved.


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We hate that, too!

We know that people experience

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But we are not scientists, we are

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America Has Become A

Failed State Under Trump

Andrew Perry

Is America great again? Almost four years after President

Trump took office, we can just look around. The answer is

easy. Hell no. While my opponent might parrot talking points,

what I say can be independently verified by you.

In 2016 we had an economy that was recovering well

from the previous Great Recession: the stock market was

trending upwards, and unemployment was still decreasing.

We had a positive relationship with our historical allies.

America was still the superpower.

After Trump first stepped into the office, this stability and

upward trend was his inheritance. What would he do with it?

Through sheer incompetence, he would run it like one of his

businesses and crash it into the ground in epic fashion. Most

Trump followers will point to the time before the pandemic;

I’m talking about where we are right now.

From the beginning we knew that he wasn’t scientifically

literate, but we imagined he would put the appropriate people

in charge of the appropriate departments. For example, like

his predecessor we trusted that Trump would put a scientist

or environmental expert in charge of the Environmental

Protections Agency.

That didn’t happen. Instead, he put in Andrew Wheeler. Not

a scientist, but he was an executive in the oil and gas industry.

In his current capacity, Wheeler worked towards removing as

many regulations as possible that would benefit his former field.

That’s just one example. He has placed many former corporate

executives in charge of various departments so that they would

see their respective industries benefit, at the expense of that

department’s responsibilities and putting us at greater risk.

Over and over, Trump put monied interests over science

and the public’s interest. That is corruption. In some cases, like

with Ben Carson and the Housing and Urban Development,

he put in people who were not of that field. Ben Carson is a

neurosurgeon; not a civil engineer. This is incompetence.

Corruption and incompetence are the hallmark of

Trump’s one term in office. Where does that leave us today?

Consider that we are basically in a Second Great

Depression: tens of millions unemployed, record amounts of

small businesses permanently closed, massive civil unrest, a

global pandemic where America is failing but the rest of the

world is doing okay. Because of Trump’s follies, the United

States is kind of a joke to the rest of the industrialized world.

During the pandemic’s early months, as tens of millions of

people were laid off, many of these people became in need of some

sort of financial assistance. Guess who got all the assistance?

The people who don’t even need it. Corporate interests and the

wealthy received trillions and trillions of free money to prop up

the stock market. What did regular Americans get: peanuts.

And we can’t forget the effects of climate change, which

became such a prominent feature these past few years, and this

year in particular. Aside from the global toll, like giant glaciers

in the Arctic and Antarctica breaking off and melting, consider

America’s toll: record wild fires in the American west, record

heating trends, record hurricanes in the South, and severe

droughts. Under President Trump’s administration, America is

actively trying to do the opposite of what is needed.

This isn’t a left or right issue anymore. This is simply what

happens when a leader is both incompetent and corrupt. So

no, America is not great anymore. It is a failed state.


President Trump Has Made

America Great Again

Scott Kline

Voting Republican in 2016 was the best choice I could have

made. The economic policy of the Barack Obama administration

was characterized by moderate tax increases on higher income

Americans, designed to fund health care reform, reduce the

federal budget deficit, and decrease income inequality.

Trump did not inherit a stable economy. Trump has rebuilt a

depleted military by authorizing a historic $738 billion for defense

spending. The National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA]

provided the Administration requested for a 3.1% pay raise for

our troops which is the largest in a decade, with $5.3 billion being

authorized for disaster recovery at military installations across

the country. This bill also established the Space Force as the sixth

branch of the Armed Services, marking the first time a new

branch of the military has been established since 1947.

Being the leader of the free world carries immense

responsibility. Trump’s goal was to make sure the United States

became ‘energy independent’ and not reliant upon any other

nation, as a matter of fact he is leading an energy revolution.

American energy production is reaching new heights. Under

the Trump administration the United States has become the

world’s number one producer of oil and maintained our position

as the number one producer of natural gas. The deregulatory

actions taken by the Trump Administration are simultaneously

benefiting the American consumer and the energy sector by

lowering cost, speeding up projects and removing unnecessary

bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles.

Countries around the world are in support of Trump, flag

waving processions, boat parades, and non violent protests

for this American President. Democrats support the kneeling

and disrespect of our flag and country, allowing the names of

convicted felons on helmets, crime is rampant in Democratic

cities and states.

Those who want to blame Trump for the pandemic

crisis need to take a second a look. From January to June, the

coronavirus disease [CoVID-19] has evolved from an isolated

disease in a region of China to a global pandemic that has

brought countries to a standstill, pushed hospital systems to the

bring and dragged the global economy into a global recession.

During the earliest days of the pandemic, Trump was chastised

for cutting off travel to China, while Democrats focused on

impeachment. Trump took swift action to release guidance

recommending mitigation measures to slow the spread, with

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx attesting to the fact that Trump took

action as soon as the data was presented to him.

When you have one party sabotaging the other party

continuously, you have a failed state. Yes Trump is arrogant

and brash and his Twitter feed needs to be monitored. But

he is bringing peace to nations. It was a Norwegian politician

that put Trump’s name forward for the 2021 prize, citing the

president’s role in the recent peace deal between Israel and

the United Arab Emirates. Trumps third nomination, from

Australian law professors, stating “The Trump Doctrine is

something extraordinary.’ He decided that we would no longer

have America in endless wars, which achieved nothing but the

killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts

imposed on the American public, and nothing solved in the

countries in which they were waged on.

There is a bigger picture if you can step outside of the

liberal shelter.


Ask the Oracles

Tammye McDuff

Many would tell you that an Oracle

is a method or vehicle of divination…a

person, object, or place who predicts the

future, offering mysterious answers

to life’s questions. An ancient priestess

who speaks words from another world,

a bag of stones cast on the ground

or cards laid on a table or a whistle of

wind through the trees … An ancient

medicine person entering into trance

and speaking in strange tongues. These

perceptions would all have truth to

them, if you lived in ancient Greece but

this is the modern era of zoom and –

well it is 2020.

Ask the Oracles is a brand new

weekly zoom where you can actually

speak with three of the wisest

visionaries you could ever have the

pleasure to meet. Monte Farber, Amy

Zerner and Jeff Pulver offer a 90 minute,

free, zoom talk show every Monday.

They offer insight and valuable advice

on everything except politics ….

Monte Farber is a master

astrologer, whose precision in reading

what the stars hold, and is by far

the most accurate forecaster of the

modern age. Farber is witty, inspiring,

articulate and his insights are laser

focused. Amy Zerner comes from a long

line of artisans and is one of the leading

collage artists in the world. Her use

of appliqué, found materials, vintage

textiles and amulets truly infuses her

tapestries, clothing and tarot cards

with mystical wonder. For forty years

these two have combined their love for

each other with self discovery to truly

create ‘The Enchanted World of Amy

Zerner and Monte Farber’.

Not taking questions about politics

is understandable; however Farber

will not take queries about someone’s

health. “I take health very seriously, and

I don’t take questions about people’s

health,” noted Farber. He says that your

attitude does affect your health to

certain degrees and if you have some

psychic tell you things, that may or may

not be true, he added, “I just don’t think

others opinions should be in your head.”

Jeff Pulver is a visionary intuitive

who changed the way the world

communicates. Literally. Throughout

his career, he has helped to launch


the VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol]

in 1995 to what is now a two trillion

dollar global industry. Pulver is known

for his shrewd perception, always on

the cutting edge of new technology. “I

launched the first phone internet back

in 1995, created the company Vonage

and in 2003, based on a premonition,

I petitioned the U.S. government for

regulatory clarity,” says Pulver, “and

in 2004 the FCC issued a ‘Pulver Order’

which opened the doors for people

like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Zoom

to offer communication services.”

Through this premonition, Pulver

changed the communication policies

not only for America but the world.

Farber calls Pulver ‘the Ryan

Seacrest of Zoom’. Through Zoom

you can capture the intimacy of

conversations that you could not on

other platforms. “It is one thing to

broadcast, where the speaker can

be seen by various people ~ but,” says

Pulver,” you can’t ‘feel’ them. By bringing

together a virtual audience you can

see the people that you are connecting

with, we can answer their questions

and build a community with a sense of

comfort and familiarity, holding a real

positive space.”

“Jeff is an old friend of ours, and we

have always considered him ‘our oracle’,

we advise each other,” stated Zerner,

“He has helped tremendously with

our social media presence. During this

pandemic it is a learning time for all of

us to find new ways and new tools to

communicate with each other.”

Pulver had invited the couple to

guest on one of his zoom talk shows

and as things go, the conversation

quickly turned to the three friends

building something together. “Which

is pretty much how we live our lives,

spontaneous and magical,” she added.

Pulver has his own psychic

techniques and usually the three

will converge in one complete and

synchronistic answer.

“ We are going to be learning new

channels to communicate one to one

and one to many,” said Pulver,” Making an

investment in home studio equipment,

makes total sense.” There you have it

from the tech-oracle himself!


Herbie J Pilato

Think your home decorating can beat this? Show off your spooktacular

Halloween Spirit!

Halloween Decorating Contest in

Buena Park

Buena Park City News

Bring the Halloween spirit out for

everyone to enjoy! The City of Buena

Park’s Beautification-Environmental

Commission is holding their first

ever Halloween Decorating Contest!

The contest is free and open to all

residential homes in Buena Park.

Commission members will

judge homes based on creativity,

arrangement, special effects and

overall appearance. Because of

COVID-19, commissioners will not get

out of their car, they will judge the

display based on what can be seen

from the street at night. Judging will

take place during the week of October

19th through 23rd in the evenings.

Decorations should be turned on by

5:00pm during this week.

Winners will be notified Friday,

October 23, 2020. Winners will be

announced on the City’s website, and

awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will

be presented by City Council at the

City Council Meeting on Tuesday,

November 10, 2020.

Submit entries no later than

5:00 pm, October 16th to egenera@ or call(714) 562-3655.

Please include name, address, phone

number and email.

Harness the

natural healing power of

your body, mind, and spirit

Television host & acclaimed

author focusing on the lives of

classic television stars.

Check out Herbie on Amazon

We carry a wide variety of

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Andrew Perry

While researching information about

psychics and mediums, I had the pleasure

of being in contact with the Chair for the

Center for Inquiry Investigations Group,

Mr. James Underdown. This group offers

$250,000 for proof of the paranormal or

supernatural. This is the largest prize for

paranormal claims. The previous largest

prize was through the ‘Amazing’ James

Randi fund, which offered $1 million for

the same. So far, nobody has collected.

Underdown and I spoke about people

who claimed to be able to communicate

with the dead. These people are referred

to as ‘mediums.’

“First, who wouldn’t want to be in

contact with a dead loved one?” asked

Underdown, rhetorically.

This desire to be in touch with a loved

one who has passed away leaves people

vulnerable to potential scams.

The Mechanics of A

Cold Reader

Every medium that Underdown has

encountered was found to be a fraud.

Usually, they are practicing something

called ‘cold reading’.

Cold reading is basically a set of

techniques used by a wide variety of seers:

including psychics, mediums, fortune

tellers, and mentalists. By applying these

techniques, these people can obtain a

great deal of information by analyzing

body language, and deploying guesses

based on high probability, which when

answered allows the medium to gain

more information.

These people are very good at

churning out guesses at a high quantity.

They’ll give disclaimers, like: ‘It may be

fuzzy, it might not be inaccurate, I’m

not hearing well’ to lower expectations.

They’ll use a whole set of language that

is also fuzzy and allows for multiple

interpretations,” said Underdown.

For instance, the phrase ‘older male’ is

a fuzzy word, especially because everyone

in the world knows an older male who

has deceased - whether it is their father,

an uncle, or a grandfather.

“In a group of people, it’s easy to get

bites,” said Underdown.

The reason is that if the medium

says something like, “I’m getting an ‘A’

name, he’s an older male, and he passed

away because of some heart condition,”

that combination is likely to get a hit,

and someone in the audience will chime

in, usually with something like, “My Uncle

Alex passed away because of a heart


With that piece of information, the

medium has a piece of information that

can be exploited.

“If it’s one person, it’s a little bit harder,”

said Underdown. The best ones that are

reading body language.”

“They’re looking for someone who

is hoping to get a right guess.,” said

Underdown. And in an audience who are

there specifically to see a medium, that’s

probably entire audience.

The Believer

“When people pay to go to a psychic

or medium, that filters out the skeptics,”

said Underdown.

Because of this desire, audience

members who believe that the medium

is speaking to their deceased loved one

“will often misremember or shoehorn

information that the medium is giving,”

explained Underdown.

Shoe horning is basically making a

medium’s guess fit even if it isn’t quite

accurate. However, the guess might be

‘‘close enough.’

For example, if the medium says he

had a big beard, the believer will agree,

even though the deceased may actually

have had only a goatee.

Protecting Against


Generally, it’s always possible that

there is a genuine medium who can

speak to the spirits, but it’s also extremely


What’s a good way to determine if a

medium is genuine?

If there’s a genuine medium, that

person should have access to very candid

and private information.

Underdown said, “Ask for specifics.

Give limited feedback. Pretend like you’re

in the middle of a poker game and you

don’t want to flinch when the next card

comes. Don’t give any information to a

medium. “

Another interesting strategy if you

want to go out of your way to find a legit

medium is to try to fool them.

“Dress, act, and speak in any other way

than you currently are,” said Underdown.

Underdown recounted an incident

he had with a tarot card reader. He went

twice, but each time he wore something

different. In the first reading he dressed

relaxed, and the reader said he was laid


Cold Reading: An Interview with Center for Inquiry’s James Underdown

James Underdown is the Chair for the Center for Inquiry Investigations

Group, and has investigated many claims from psychics and mediums.

back and in need of a job,. In the second

reading he wore a high quality suit, and

the reader said that he needed a vacation.

If you are a medium, psychic,

mentalist, or fortune teller who thinks

they are the real deal, you are invited to

apply for the Center for Inquiry’s $250,000

prize at

Underdown was even willing to

explain how they will test the medium/

psychic, etc. “We’re going to ask to talk to a

very specific person, and ask the medium

to give us very detailed information that

can not be guessed,” said Underdown.

In this video, Illusionist Derren Brown demonstrates how cold reading

can fool unsuspecting members of the public.

Check out Season One of Then

Again with Herbie J. Pilato,

starring classic TV stars like

Ed Asner and Burt Ward.

Find it on Amazon Prime.

For more information, visit


Book Review

Living With the Paranormal:

A Memoir

Tammye McDuff

“Living with the Paranormal” from

Jim Kelly is a potent account by the

author who, as a young man realized he

had a sympathetic paranormal gift. He

first became drawn to one particular

haunted house in the 1970s, and from

then on continued to capture strange

entities on camera at vortexes or life

and death sites … all of which prove

more than ever that there is a parallel

world to this one.

Kelly, a spirit photographer from

Allegany, New York, currently works

with a suicide prevention organization

to give troubled souls a reason to

live and has completed his new book

“Living with the Paranormal”, as a

chilling memoir.

The story begins with Kelly’s

introduction to paranormal activity

and spirits when he investigates

the odd happenings at a local spirit

inhabited site called the Hinsdale

House. Shortly after this, as he

developed the photos, he was

flabbergasted by what appeared to be

showing up in the pictures.

He embarks on a quest, searching

for the answers to why this is all

happening. Why has he been blessed

with such a gift? Spirits are appearing

in photograph after photograph as the

shutter snaps at all sorts of occasions.

Finally, Kelly receives his answer,

his eyes are opened. He has seen the

light. The story continues as Kelly

begins to share his personal thoughts

and experiences on his path to


Published by Covenant Books of

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Kelly’s

book is an earnest effort to spread

awareness of the spiritual side by

sharing his truly unique gift and the

spine-tingling events that have helped

him understand the divide between

here and the hereafter.

Kelly humbly and confidently

manages to convince and shed light on

the relevance of these occurrences in

the lives of readers who refuse to turn

a blind eye to what they cannot see.

Readers can find “Living with

the Paranormal” at bookstores

everywhere, online at the Apple iTunes

store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Covenant Books is an

internationally owned and operated

publishing house, which specializes in

all genres of work.

For additional information or

media inquiries, contact Covenant

Books at 855.877.9820

Author Jim Kelly proudly reviews Living With the Paranormal.

The Hinsdale House, where author Jim Kelly says he was first introduced to paranormal activity.



En La Casa: 7th Annual Downey Dia De Los Muertos Festival

Staff Report

Due to the pandemic, the seventh

annual Downey Dia de Los Muertos Art

Festival will be going live on-line, Sunday,

November 1st beginning at 11:00 am.

An easy to navigate interactive

map connects viewers with the

Festival’s many attractions, including

movies, George Newnam’s “Casa

Calaveras” experience, a photo/music

montage; music from cumbia to juke

n’ jive, ballet folklorico performances,

DIY arts & crafts, shopping, and photo

galleries from past festivals.

Special this year are two new

original art exhibits: a Dia de Los

Muertos themed collection curated

by the Stay Gallery, and an interview

with urban artist Martin Sanchez that

includes a private, guided tour of his


Prior to November 1st, the Downey

Civic Theater will upload links, clips,

and tips to social media platforms

with “all you need to know” to make,

bake, buy, and decorate your own home

for a traditional Dia de Los Muertos

family gathering, from a recipe for pan

de muertos, to tutorials for face

painting, altar making, and how to

make and decorate calaveras (sugar

skulls) and where to buy the molds and


Were you at past Festivals? The

Theatre is collecting your selfies,

pictures and memories. They will

post them on the virtual Festival

site. Upload your photos to social

media and tag #DOWNEYDDLM

Call to Community

Performers: Send in your videos of

performances: dance, music, and art.

If chosen you could be featured at the

virtual Festival! A performer

application must be completed and

submitted along with a video link to

Since 2013, the Festival has been

recognized for its authenticity and

wide range of how Dia de Los Muertos

is expressed through art.

Another spirit of a little girl who allegedly appeared to Marti Parry. No

one is quite sure who this girl is supposed to be.

Photo by Andrew Perry


NEFF, from Front

the founder of La Mirada, and the Neff

family who lived at the house was married

to one of McNally’s daughters. McNally

is famous for being the cofounder of the

Rand-McNally publishing company. As for

the young girl that was drawn, Fernandez

did not recognize her.

Michael was next. After a few

moments, he was presumably able

to speak to Fernandez’ grandfather, a

man named Jorge, and a friend named

Oscar who passed away. Astonished,

Fernandez confirmed this, and several

other statements that Parry said were

communicated from the deceased.

“I’m a bit amazed,” said Fernandez.

“Well, you should be,” quipped Michael,

in his British accent. “I’m very good at this.”

So, are the Parrys really mediums?

Fernandez seems to think so, and TCT

News is still on the fence. TCTN did some

additional research on the subject of

mediums and found some interesting


Back in 2003, James Underdown,

Director of the Committee for Skeptical

The Festival is presented by

the City of Downey, and produced

by Downey Theatre staff.

The Downey Theatre is an area

landmark that has presented topnotch

drama, dance, and music to the

City for the past 50-years.

Join them November 1st the

Day of the Dead at http://ddlm.

Inquiry Los Angeles, wrote an article

about mediums titled ‘They See Dead People

- Or Do They?’ in the magazine Skeptical


“Cold reading, in a nutshell, is an

interactive technique where one fishes for

information while giving the appearance

of receiving that information from

supernatural sources,” wrote Underdown.

In an interview, Underdown

explained a little more about cold reading.

Underdown asked, “Who wouldn’t

want to be in contact with a dead loved


“But, these people are very good at

churning out guesses at a high quantity,

and providing disclaimers that the

messages may be fuzzy, inaccurate, or

that the spirits are speaking too softly.

Michael and Marti have appeared

on shows like Ghost Adventures and are

available for private readings. Marti is

also an artist, and sells beautiful portraits

of various spirits she’s come across.

Find out more about them at


Rust Moon

Rust or iron oxide, is created when

iron comes into contact with water

and oxygen; two things the moon

does not have, or so we have been told.

This has left the researchers at Indian

Space Research Organization who

obtained the data puzzled as to how it

has been created.

A reddish-black mineral form

of iron called hematite has been

discovered to be forming, especially

near the Moon’s poles, which is giving

it this unique coloring. Lead author

of the paper detailing the discovery

is Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii,

who described the findings ‘very

puzzling’. He added that ‘the Moon is a

terrible environment for hematite to

form in’.

Li then turned to JPL scientists

Abigail Fraeman and Vivian Sun to see

if they could help.

Based on the conditions present

on the Moon, this should not exist.

But since water has been discovered

water on the Moon, people have

been speculating that there could

be a greater variety of minerals than

we realize. After taking a closer look,

Fraeman and Sun confirmed that Li’s

data did indeed indicate the presence

of hematite at the lunar poles.

Sun said, “In the end, the spectra

were convincingly hematite-bearing,

and there needed to be an explanation

for why it’s on the Moon”.

The data found that the Moon had

more hematite present on its Earthfacing

side, which Li believes could

be due to traces of Earth’s oxygen.

According to NASA, the Moon has been

moving away from Earth for billions

of years, so it could be possible that

some of Earth’s oxygen transferred

over when the two planets were closer

to each other.

In regards to the water needed

to form rust, while the majority of

the Moon is bone dry, there has been

ice discovered on it; however, this is

located on the opposite side to where

the hematite was found. With this in

mind, Li proposes that fast-moving

dust particles that regularly pelt the

Moon could release its surface-borne

water molecules that are present

across the whole planet, mixing them

with iron in the lunar soil.


Following his findings, Li has

dubbed it an exciting time for lunar


Original article from UNILAD.

Niamh Shackleton

Good Year Blimp Stops New Jersey Traffic, Drivers Thought It Was Aliens

Andrew Perry

A Good Year blimp stopped freeway traffic

in New Jersey on the evening of September 14, as

numerous passers by thought it was some sort of

alien spacecraft.

Technically an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)

at the time, it very quickly became an Identified

Flying Object when Good Year acknowledged that

they were flying in the area at the time.

One of the people recording said, “Look, the

whole street is stopped! There’s a flying spaceship!”

Sure enough, dozens of cars were pulled over

on the side of the freeway gazing at the UFO.

“I don’t know, but everybody is stopped to see

the aliens,” said another.

Good Year said that the blimp was flying in

the area for the New York Giants game at MetLife

stadium that night.

So how could hundreds of people see the same

thing and all think it was some unknown aircraft?

The answer can be found in psychology.

In an article from LiveScience, writer Benjamin

Radford explains, “It’s not hard to understand

why there are so many UFO sightings. After all,

the only criterion is for some “flying object” to be

“unidentified” by whoever is looking at it at the


Radford goes on to say that the human

perception is rather limited. While we might know

that a car in the distance isn’t really that small, in

the sky it is much more difficult to gauge things

like distance and size.

Psychologists have also noted that when there

is missing information, the brain fills it in. And

of course, the imagination might also fill in the


Radford used the example of the planet Venus.

Venus is about 25 million miles away, but at night it

appears to be bright.

Over the years, numerous sightings have been

revealed to be Venus. Imagine - a planet 25 million

miles away was interpreted as aliens five miles


This in no way dismisses the concept of

extraterrestrial life. Almost all astrophysicists

believe that in this vast universe, there has to be

other forms of life out there. Have they visited

Earth? Maybe. But if we can keep in mind our own

limitations, we’ll be better able to spot the real ones

if they ever decide to make an appearance.


Halloween House: Spooky Drive-In Films At Heritage Square in Los Angeles

Staff Report

A new type of drive-in theater

is emerging just in time for October

festivities. Inspired by Tim Burton’s The

Nightmare Before Christmas, comes a

2020 version of Halloween Town.

Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween

returns! And this year they are taking

the annual Halloween event on the

road – literally. Even ghosts need to

stay socially distant and Halloween

House won’t let social distancing

or a pandemic get in the way of a

spooktacularly haunted event.

From October 2nd through

October 4th visitors can drive through

still-to-be-detailed tricks and treats,

play games and enjoy performances

inspired by nostalgic picks from Hocus

Remembering 9/11: The Night America Changed

Deb Smith

It was the evening of September 10,

2001, a night like any other. That day had

been completely normal, but that night

changed me forever. I have always been

a sensitive with precognitive tendencies.

My dreams began coming true at the

tender age of nine, a blessing … or curse…

that continues today. But, on September

10th all night I had nightmares, tossing

and turning all night long, getting very

little sleep. And what I did get was filled

with terror.

Fires, I kept seeing huge fires, fires

everywhere, buildings collapsing and

thousands of animals sitting … waiting

at doors or looking out windows ….

waiting for owners to come home. No

one ever came home. I sensed confusion.

Dogs whimpered and barked, cats cried

and jumped wildly about. They were

hungry, they were thirsty, and they

needed to go to the bathroom. This left

me and them so baffled.

When I finally dragged myself from

my bed on Tuesday, September 11th, I

poured my coffee and turned on the

television only to see the first aircraft,

hijacked American Airlines Flight 11,

flying into the Twin Towers. The flames

were the same I had seen in my dream

the night before. As the country watched

in horror, I sat there praying for all the

beautiful animals that were left in their

homes to either die of starvation, heat

exhaustion or fire.

Three days later Doreen Virtue

held a memorial service to help all the

deceased souls to pass into the light.

During the meditation, a pup wondered

into our group and refused to leave. This

beautiful golden retriever came and

sat directly in front of me, looking me

Pocus and Ghostbusters.

Halloween Road promises more

sets inspired by Freeforms October

month long marathon of family

friendly Halloween movies, everything

from Casper to Willy Wonka and

The Goonies, an outdoor immersive

experience all behind the wheel of

your car.

It all goes down at Heritage Square

straight in the eyes, reminding me that

all the beloved pets needed help too.

The owner later told our group that she

could not get the dog to heel or stop; the

dog literally dragged the owner into our


I explained to Virtue the need to pass

these fur babies over for five days. Some

were still waiting at the door of apartments

and homes near the devastation. The

owner and her dog stayed with us through

the meditation and then left.

Our small group of people helped to

soothe the souls of all the confused and

lost pets that perished at the time, we

helped their souls find peace, to know they

were loved and know they will be missed.

Each year on the anniversary of 9/10 I

relive the horror of those innocent babies

waiting and waiting for the owners that

never come. I am deeply honored to the

ones our group was able to cross over.

Museum, Northeast of Los Angeles

final resting place for some very scary

and appropriate Victorian Homes.

Tickets are totally free; look for

reservations to open and immediately

fill on Saturday September 12th

beginning at 10:00 am.

Drive through ~ if you dare!

Check out the movie schedule on

Page 11.







Alice Jackson just wanted to build and live in her dream home. The unseen

had other plans....

House, from Front

lot of science based experiments mixed

with the supernatural equipment. It

was as if the house was predetermining

who was going to be involved to tell its

story. I have never seen anything like

this house before.”

Earlier this year These Curious

Times had the opportunity to interview

Jill Marie Morris, the psychic medium

who worked on the film. Morris

arrived on a Saturday in the afternoon

and the crewed filmed until midnight.

“I will usually begin to sketch on the

impressions I receive on a particular

property a few days prior to actually

visiting the place. I was already picking

up on things.

One of the sketches I sent to the

directors ~ and I can share this ~ is a

walking stick beside a door. The owner

of the home collected walking sticks

and it plays a prominent part in the


The movie presents believable

proof of the paranormal and does it in

a way that is completely genuine. The

House in Between is a highly interesting

and truly authentic documentary that

captures the attention of the audience.

It’s scary because it’s real. “We have

never seen anything like this place,”

said Gonsalves,” It is an absolute game

changer for the paranormal field.”

As the documentary winds up

and film crews pack up and attempt

to close the doors … there appears to

be one last testament from the spirits

who inhabit the house. Not going to

spoil it for you, but when you do rent

the movie …. Watch it all the way to the


Now available from Gravitas

Ventures on Prime Video.

“The House in Between” Directors

Kendall Whelpton and Steve Gonsalves

frame up a selfie.


Christopher Ludwig & Dakota Berger


A scene at the LA Natural History Museum that is familiar to millions.

Here Come the Dinosaurs

Staff Report

People have been taking bets on

what unusual event will occur this

month and if you placed your bets on

dinosaurs, you win!!!

For over a century people from

around the world have been inspired

by the dinosaurs at the Natural

History Museum of Los Angeles

County. Dinosaur fossils are just

some of the 12 million specimens

that comprise NHM’s paleontology

collection, which is the largest on the

West Coast.

Celebrate this rich history of

exploration and the impressive

collection, by joining in a weeklong,

online festival celebrating dinosaurs,

their prehistoric past and the

science that brings their world

back to life. Meet world renowned

paleontologists from the Museums

Dinosaur Institute, dig into hand on

activities at home, and explore the

famous Dinosaur Hall and the world’s

only Tyrannosaurus Rex growth

series online.

Begin the journey on Tuesday,

September 22nd with a live Paleo chat.

During this discussion attendees

will meet Erika Durazo and Valeria

Jaramillo, two alumni of Proyecto

Dinosaurios [Project Dinosaurs].

They will share their journey into

paleontology and their favorite

excavation will be moderated

by Michelle Barboza, Science

Communicator and Professor of

Geology at California State University,

Fullerton. Tune in at 11:30 with the kids

for the live animal program ‘Survivors

of the Dino Age’, to find out which

animals actual survived the great

extinction and why.

Meet on of the Dinosaur puppets

Creative Commons

and puppeteer from the Museums

Performing Arts team on Wednesday

for a virtual performance, where

you can see firsthand how these life

size puppets bring science to life. On

Wednesday afternoon join Science

Communicator, Dustin Growick in

conversation with Dinosaur National

Monument Paleontologist, ReBecca

Hunt Foster and Lead Paleontologist

of the Petrified Forest National Park,

Dr. Adam Marsh as they discuss the

scientific research that takes place on

public lands and the importance of

these national landmarks.

Thursday, September 24th,

attendees will be able to meet and

speak with museum paleontologists

Dr. Luis Chiappe, Senior Vice President

of Research and Collections; Gretchen

Augustyn, Director of the Dinosaur

Institute and Associate Curator of

the Dinosaur Institute, Dr. Nathan

Smith. They will share their journeys

in to paleontology, their favorite

excavation stories and all about the

museums fossil collection.

Winding up the week long

excitement is a Facebook Live story

time just for the kids, another dino

puppet meet and greet and digging

deeper into dinosaur’s discussion. Dr.

Lindsay Zanno, Head of Paleontology

at the North Carolina Museum of

Natural Sciences discusses what it

is like discovering new species of

dinosaurs and how these creatures

continue to inspire people of all ages.

Hands on activities will include dying

dino eggs, Dinosaur Hall Scavenger

Hunt, Dinosaur Shadow puppets and

coloring sheets.

For more information on the

festival and view the live schedule of

events visit their website at


Release Me


The tapping and spattering of

small raindrops slap at the window

and roll down the glass blurring her


Pressed against it hiding the pain

dripping from her eyes, her mascara

smudging and cloaking her face in a

mask of shadows ~ dark and light.

Watching the world through the

blurry glass, trees take odd shapes and

houses whir by as she tries her best to

hold herself together. Laughter erupts

in the cars around her, music blaring

out of the speakers, friendship tested

by time and trials bursts at the seams

unaware of the dying pain she felt


Assuming she was fast asleep her

face cloaked by a black hoodie, they

talk of love and sex and teasing one

another with their follies of growing

up and embarrassing mistakes made

when trying to learn. The conversation

turns to October’s adventure and

spending a week on the lake paring it

to Camp Crystal Lake.

Teasing and poking fun at one

another about haunted houses and

creepy woods that surround them,

she listens to them prattle on while

the pain of feeling lost and unattached

deepens within her heart. Why was

she here, she didn’t belong to this

group. These friends from childhood

they said …. She felt so distant so lost,

would they even notice her missing if

she was gone?

Would they be aware of her empty


The world whispers of haunted

homes and secret places but what

about haunted humans? She herself

was a haunted house; an empty soul

a dark and dusty shadowed attic. Do

people understand that souls and the

living can be hallow and haunted?

How do you explain that at night in

the quiet hours of evening time, when

hunters and innocent prey scurry

about ~ when your mind

is supposed to be resting

and quiet ~ that the empty

attic in your head comes

alive with spirit and fire?

Slithering on bellies

and crawling on knees

from the shadows, they

emerge to dance and

laugh and feed at the pain

in your soul.

The car hits a bump

and she cracks her

forehead against the glass

snapping herself back

into the present, looking

around as the trees grow

closer and the tires crunch

onto the gravel road.

Ten more minutes of

sloshing and sliding down

the road. The car pulls

into the driveway of their

home for the next week. Smiling and

in acknowledgment to her friends

their vacation begins. Everyone starts

to pull bags and boxes from the car

and head for the front door.

From behind she hears a sharp

snapping sound and turns to face it.

Looking deep into the woods, her eyes

play tricks as shadows dart and dance

from tree to shrub. Her eyes betray her

and hide the prying of those spirits

staring at her with intent.

Ignoring the calls of her friends,

she takes the first steps toward the

woods. There is a feeling in her chest, a

pull that begs her to come and play, she

feels the shadows of her mind begin to

dance and shout at the idea of chaos

being opened.

She feels the sloppy clay based

mud grab at her toes and yank her

flip flops off her bare tender feet. The

mud squishes between her toes as the

rain rolls down her face dripping over

her breast and body, sharp flashes of

lightning snap and bite at the top of

the canopy and thunder rattles in the

deepest roots of the old trees.

Short Story

As she walks deep into the woods,

darkness cradles her and the wind

whips and bites at her exposed flesh.

Unaware of how far she has walked

from the house and unaware of the

dangers swirling around her, she

saunters on, her black skirt getting

caught on the branches as she walks

by. The reach for her grabbing and

slapping her exposed pale skin. It

begins to marble from the cold wind

nipping at her thighs.

Emerging from the shadows and

standing firm in her way, brooding and

strong, she is cloaked in darkness. The

sputtering fires embers dancing off

the craggy bark catch her breath and

she stops and stares. Fear begins to

bleed out of her pores. She realizes she

is completely naked, having no idea

when her clothing was ripped from

her body. Scared wanting to turn and

run but being unable to free her feet

from the mud that was now grabbing

and locking into her ankles she is

sucked into the earth.

He steps toward her, his footsteps

rattle like the bass of a speaker, his

hand reaches for her bare exposed

throat, fingers clinching deep against

her flesh, her lungs wheeze and

whistle as oxygen becomes sparse

and her ice blue eyes grow wide in

terror. His hand lifts her dangling

body to the sky.... a quiet peace settles

over her soul as she starts to fade in

and out of consciousness. She lifts her

gaze upward as the sky seems to be

coming and going rushing at her face,

“Freedom!” he screams.

With a bright yellow flash of

brilliant energy, the woods ignite; her

body explodes into hundreds of bats

that take off, soaring up to the heavens

and the stars. Her essence is gone.

With a nod to the rising storm

he turns to the wild woods, drops

to his knees taking the form of the

wolf. With eyes intense and as silver

as moonlight, he stares into the night

watching the last few traces bats and

lets out one lone long passionate howl.

Into the deep black of the sky and

the storm, with one last glance at the

house aglow with life he turns to the

woods that consume him into the

shadows of time.



ParaCon Season Continues With UK’s Festival of the Unexplained

Dee Dee Mason

We all enjoy a good ghost story

don’t we and 2020 has given the world

too much of a fright. This is the time of

year when many of us look forward to

the numerous paranormal conventions.

It is Paracon season and one innovative

events company located in the United

Kingdom has decided not to let nature’s

bad timing and a pesky pandemic get in

the way.

Karen and Eddie Fray owners

of Keap Paranormal Events [KPE],a

successful West Midlands based

business branched out into running

small to medium size festivals across

the heart of England and have gained a

loyal following not only from visitors but

vendors and exhibitors as well. For the

Fray’s the move to offering their festivals

online was an obvious choice. The Fray’s

knew they needed the right team and so

the search began.

It took a couple of months; many

emails, phone calls and planning to bring

everything together but finally after the

majority of the work load was dealt with,

they needed to add the final touches and

begin the massive marketing plan.

Doing due diligence, Mason & Gant

Multimedia Group was recommended.

MG was established in 2016 and would be

able to provide all the digital marketing.

The Frays were impressed by how MGMG

responded and decided it was a good fit.

MG also runs an Indi content

department and is in their first season

of a new paranormal web series entitled

True Paranormal Blogs. MG created

a brand new website within a week,

established a brand for the festival

and set out to market Festival of the


Things to Do for Halloween 2020

Stranger Things - Drive Into Experience

This Stranger Things-themed experience will

bring the Netflix series to life with an hour-long

adventure that transports visitors to Hawkins

and the Starcourt Mall circa 1985. And as the name

implies, you’ll be able to take it all in from the safety

of your own car. Hatched by the UK’s wildly creative

Secret Cinema, the experience will take groups of

24 cars at a time through “a world of bitchin’ tunes,

mullets and monster hunts,” including sets complete

with actors in costume and special effects. You’ll

drive through the Starcourt Mall, Russian labs and

the Upside Down and stop for extended periods of

time at each to see different scenes play out.

LA’s Haunted Hayride

Like seemingly all pop culture horror

experiences, this year’s Haunted Hayride is headed to

your car. For its 12th installment, the annual hayride

is pivoting into a “live drive up experience.” All from

within the safety of your car, you’ll venture down “All

Hallows Lane” for a slew of Halloween-y elements,


Festival of the Unexplained was host

to exhibitors such as …… who were able

to showcase their wares and services to

international customers from all over

the world.

Karen and Eddie sourced, booked

and confirmed a plethora of guest

speakers all with their own established

name in the paranormal world. There

were psychic mediums and witches

such asKatherine Sorilos; Marti/Michael

Parry and Thoth Witchcraft. Vlogers

Nicholas Bonanni of Haunted Diary,

Courtney Mroch of Haunt Jaunts, and

Dee Dee Mason True Paranormal Vlogs.

The two day festival held August

28th and 29th was a massive success that

has created a new type of fan following

who proudly and loudly demanded

another festival.

That is why the Frays have thrown

themselves right back into organizing

including a show screened on a 40-foot screen, scenic

environments from previous hayrides and live

characters from Midnight Falls—the sort of Sons

of Anarchy meets Twin Peaks setting from last

year’s traditional hayride. The switch to a car-based

experience isn’t the only major change: Griffith Park,

where the hayride has previously set up, simply

couldn’t accommodate a trail of cars, so instead the

event is moving a ways east to Bonelli Regional Park

in San Dimas.

Urban Legends Haunt

Halloween is basically canceled and seemingly

every other event in SoCal has made the jump to the

drive through. So it was only a matter of time: A drivethrough

haunted house is coming to Costa Mesa.

Urban Legends of Southern California will roll into

the OC Fair & Event Center most evenings in October.

The experience will translate bits of spooky folklore

into a series of special effects and creature-filled

sets, plus three interactive show zones that you can

park inside of. The event comes from the producers

of Winter Fest OC and the creators of the Queen

Mary’s Dark Harbor. As you might expect, you’ll need

to remain in your vehicle the entire time and keep to

a 3mph speed limit.

Hauntoween Los Angeles

Trick or treating will look a little different this

year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the whole

family together for a drive-through experience to get

spooky. Coming to Woodland Hills on October 9th, a

new Haunt’oween L.A. event promises jack-o’-lantern

tunnels, pumpkin picking, family-friendly sights

another event for Halloween week

October 24th and 25th , making it

bigger and better, overloaded with

everything that you could expect from

the best virtual paranormal convention.

Guests will include more international

interviews from across the globe and

will be the world’s first ParaCon to run

36 hours.

If you missed the first festival, no

need to sit and sigh, head over to the

dedicated website at:


com and catch up then save the date for

their next Paracon.

Check out Keap Paranormal Events


For your digital and marketing

needs head to Mason & Gant Multimedia

Group at www.mgmultimediagroup.


and even a bit of “door-to-door” trick or treating—all

socially distanced, of course. The new drive-through

event will run through Halloween and comes by way

of Experiential Supply, a company that recreates

sets and builds immersive activations for big-budget

movies like IT and Ready Player One. If you want to

keep the memory of Halloween going all year round,

and don’t we all, every car gets a photo op and a green

screen video to remember the trek.

Halloween Horror Nights

Confront familiar foes at Universal Studios’

annual Halloween festivities, where big-budget

scares meet iconic horror movie characters. Navigate

multiple mazes and scare zones—this year’s themed

attractions include the return of a Stranger

Things maze plus ones based on Ghostbusters, Killer

Klowns from Outer Space, Creepshow, House of 1000

Corpses, “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man” and

“Holidayz in Hell.”


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