Great West Way® Travel Magazine | Issue 03

Welcome to the Great West Way 2020 virtual issue. Discover the Great West Way 125-mile touring route between London and Bristol based on ancient routes, roaming through idyllic countryside, quaint villages and elegant towns.

Welcome to the Great West Way 2020 virtual issue. Discover the Great West Way 125-mile touring route between London and Bristol based on ancient routes, roaming through idyllic countryside, quaint villages and elegant towns.


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2020 Annual Edition<br />

TRAVEL MAGAZINE | ISSUE <strong>03</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

Don’t follow<br />

the herd.<br />

Be Curious.<br />

Be Responsible.<br />

#EscapeTheEveryday<br />

Follow the paths taken by generations of travellers through England’s idyllic countryside, quaint<br />

villages and elegant towns on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way touring route between London and Bristol






®<br />

®<br />

®<br />

Clifton Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Bristol Bristol<br />

Advertising based on a £24 <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer one-day pass for the <strong>West</strong> zone. Correct as of 1 November 2019. Selected routes only. Visit GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way for ful<br />

Clifton Clifton Suspension Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Bristol Bristol<br />

Advertising based on a £24 <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer one-day pass for the <strong>West</strong> zone. Correct as of 1 November 2019. Selected routes only. Visit GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way Clifton Clifton Suspension for full Bridge, terms and Bristol conditions. Bristol<br />

Advertising based on a £24 <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer one-day pass for the <strong>West</strong> zone. Correct as of 1 November 2019. Selected routes only. Visit GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way for full terms and conditions.<br />

Advertising<br />

Advertising<br />

based<br />

based<br />

on a £24<br />

on a<br />

<strong>Great</strong><br />

£24 <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong><br />

Way Discoverer<br />

Way Discoverer<br />

one-day<br />

one-day<br />

pass<br />

pass<br />

for the<br />

for<br />

<strong>West</strong><br />

the <strong>West</strong><br />

zone.<br />

zone.<br />

Correct<br />

Correct<br />

as of<br />

as<br />

1 November<br />

of 1 November<br />

2019.<br />

2019.<br />

Selected<br />

Selected<br />

routes<br />

routes<br />

only.<br />

only.<br />

Visit<br />

Visit<br />

GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

for full<br />

for full<br />

terms<br />

terms<br />

and<br />

and<br />

conditions.<br />

conditions.<br />

Advertising Advertising based based on a £24 on a <strong>Great</strong> £24 <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer Way Discoverer one-day one-day pass pass for the for <strong>West</strong> the <strong>West</strong> zone. zone. Correct Correct as of as 1 November of 1 November 2019. 2019. Selected Selected routes routes only. only. Visit Visit GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way for full for full terms terms and and conditions.<br />

Visit Bristol and other picturesque destinations along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, a new touring route between<br />

London and Bristol, with our combined rail and bus ticket.<br />

Buy a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer pass from just £24.<br />

Visit Visit Bristol Bristol and and other other picturesque destinations along along<br />

Visit Visit<br />

Visit Bristol Bristol<br />

Bristol and and<br />

and other other<br />

other picturesque picturesque destinations destinations along along<br />

the Visit the <strong>Great</strong> Bristol <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> and <strong>West</strong> Way, other Way, a new picturesque a new touring touring route destinations route between<br />

along<br />

the the<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way, Way,<br />

Way, new a new<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, a new new touring touring<br />

touring route route<br />

route route between between<br />

London London and and Bristol, Bristol, with with our combined rail rail between and and bus bus ticket. ticket.<br />

London London<br />

London and and<br />

and and Bristol, Bristol,<br />

Bristol, with with<br />

with with our our<br />

Buy a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way our our combined combined<br />

combined pass rail rail<br />

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Buy a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer pass from just £24. ticket.<br />

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<strong>Great</strong> a <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Way<br />

Way Way Discoverer Discoverer<br />

Discoverer pass pass<br />

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Find Find out more out more at GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

Find Find<br />

Find<br />

out out out<br />

out<br />

more more more<br />

at at GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

Find out more at GWR.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

Clifton Suspensi

Pictured Below: Blue Badge guide taking visitors on a tour of<br />

Bath and a lady visiting Newbury<br />

Before you start planning your next adventure along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, make sure you Know Before<br />

You Go; please plan your trip carefully, check for<br />

restrictions before you travel and book in advance<br />

where necessary. Be curious, but be responsible.<br />



WITH LOCKDOWN MEASURES being slowly<br />

and tentatively relaxed, and new safety measures<br />

introduced, we’re thrilled to see so many businesses<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way able to open their doors<br />

and welcome visitors back once more.<br />

Tourist attractions, shops, places to stay,<br />

activities and places to eat and drink are being<br />

awarded their “We’re Good To Go” mark, a signal that they have<br />

implemented Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines<br />

and have a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social<br />

distancing.<br />

However, when it comes to enjoying a day out at a popular<br />

visitor attraction, or dining in your favourite restaurant, prebooking<br />

is almost always now essential. So careful planning for<br />

your journey has therefore never felt more important.<br />

We hope this updated Digital Special Edition of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> will be your indispensable ‘go-to’ guide for<br />

planning your next <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way adventure. Please plan your<br />

trip carefully, check for restrictions before you travel and book in<br />

advance where necessary. Be curious, but be responsible.<br />

And if you're not feeling ready to travel just yet, we<br />

hope you enjoy taking a virtual trip along the route (see our<br />

special page 12) - We look forward to welcoming you to<br />

#EscapeTheEveryday with a holiday on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

Jessica x<br />

Jessica Way<br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Download your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way map:<br />

: <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/explore/maps<br />

The Chilterns<br />

North Wessex Downs<br />

Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain<br />

Bradford<br />

on Avon<br />

Trowbridge<br />

Iford Manor<br />

Gardens<br />

<strong>West</strong>bury<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


We’re proud to be the<br />

Official Airport Ambassador<br />

for the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way ® .<br />

Bristol Airport is the perfect place for you to<br />

start your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way journey. We’re just<br />

8 miles from Bristol city centre and 19 miles<br />

from the city of Bath.<br />

We’ve invested £225m in developments that<br />

have transformed the airport experience and<br />

now offer more than 120 destinations to our<br />

8.6 million loyal passengers.<br />



2020 Annual | Edition <strong>03</strong><br />

Pictured<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Cycling<br />

through the<br />

forest with<br />

Swinley Bike<br />

Hub; Tea and<br />

cake from<br />

Teashop By<br />

The Canal and<br />

Bozedown<br />

Alpackers<br />



08 57<br />


Highlights for autumn/winter and a look at<br />

what’s new on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

15 63<br />


Whether you're looking for inspiration before<br />

your trip, or you're not feeling quite ready to travel<br />

again, then let us bring the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way to you!<br />

47<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way has an array of adorable<br />

villages. We hope you enjoy our selection and are<br />

able to take time to visit them in your journey<br />


From canoeing, paddleboarding and cycling<br />

along the towpath to a enjoying a traditional cream tea<br />


With the GWR <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer<br />

pass you can hop off at any station along the way<br />

66<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way perfectly lends itself to<br />

the outdoors lifestyle, with open spaces of stunning<br />

countryside, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty,<br />

National Trails, Landscapes and Wildlife Trusts →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Escape the everyday,<br />

discover the extraordinary.<br />

2,000 years of history are waiting for you.<br />

Booking essential romanbaths.co.uk


Contista Media Ltd<br />

Mitchell House, Brook Avenue,<br />

Warsash, Southampton,<br />

Hampshire, SO31 9HP<br />

contistamedia.co.uk<br />

In association with the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />


Totteridge Farm<br />

New adult-only Camping Pods ready for the<br />

2021 season at Totteridge Farm, Littleworth,<br />

Pewsey, Wiltshire<br />

With a special thanks to:<br />

Bristol Airport, Canal & River Trust,<br />

GWR, and National Trust<br />

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©nicksmithphotography.com / p12 ©Isabelle Plasschaert /Alamy<br />

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Harding / p26/p27/p44/p45/p62 ©Jon Attenborough Photography<br />

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72<br />


Photographers are never short of inspiration<br />

for the perfect shot along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Vote<br />

for your favourite capture for your chance to win!<br />

76<br />


From the world famous to the well-kept secrets,<br />

here are some gardens along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way where<br />

you won’t be able to help but stop and smell the roses<br />

85<br />


The ancient route that inspired the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way was one of King Charles I’s <strong>Great</strong> Roads, with<br />

many castles, hotels and places to visit bringing you<br />

closer to England’s royal family heritage<br />

89<br />


From stargazing to light shows, there are plenty<br />

of experiences to try even when the sun goes down<br />


92<br />


Many hotels across the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are<br />

ready to welcome back guests once more, and there’s<br />

an abundance of choice along the route<br />

100<br />


As everyone else heads for the<br />

countryside, dare to be different and set your sights<br />

on an unusually quiet city break instead<br />

106<br />


From keeping fit to taking it easy at a luxury<br />

spa, there are some excellent ways to add a wellness<br />

element to your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way journey<br />

110<br />


Three local business owners tell us what is<br />

special to them, and what they love best about living<br />

and working on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

Pictured above:<br />

Bath Street<br />

Scene<br />

PLUS DON’T<br />



YOUR<br />


114<br />


GEMS<br />



WHERE TO<br />

STAY<br />

120<br />

126<br />

134<br />


WHAT’S ON<br />

Digital editions<br />

available at:<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/<br />

digitaltravelmagazine<br />

Contista Media Ltd cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited<br />

submissions, manuscripts and photographs. While every care is taken<br />

prices and details are subject to change and Contista Media Ltd take no<br />

responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and<br />

edit any letters. All rights reserved.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



A look at some of the highlights and what’s new since<br />

lockdown restrictions were lifted on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />




It costs £8000 a month just to feed the hundreds of animals at<br />

the zoo, and Polly Robertson, 8, wanted to help the zebra’s after<br />

she received a birthday letter from the zebra with the same name.<br />

Polly, the Zebra sent Polly, the human, a birthday letter, when she<br />

heard that the little girl was unable to visit due to lockdown.<br />

This prompted Polly to decide to walk 64 miles (a mile a day)<br />

during lockdown to ‘walk the distance’ from her house to raise<br />

£100 for Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s Animal Support Fund. Polly, who<br />

was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, spoke to the<br />

radio host about how she wanted to raise money to help feed<br />

the animals at Noah’s Ark. After her appearance on the show, her<br />

JustGiving page amount shot up to almost £11k, meaning that<br />

Polly had helped the zoo feed the animals for a whole month!<br />

› <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/plan-your-way/were-good-to-go<br />

Pictured: Noah's Ark<br />

Zoo being officially<br />

re-opened by 8 year<br />

old Polly Robertson.<br />

Look out for the new official UK “We’re<br />

Good To Go” mark to signal that a business<br />

has implemented Government and industry<br />

COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in<br />

place to maintain cleanliness and aid social<br />

distancing. Many tourist attractions, shops,<br />

places to stay, activities and places to eat and<br />

drink on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way have now been<br />

awarded the mark, with many more in the<br />

process of applying.<br />

8 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk



Businesses on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

have been working hard to make sure<br />

everything is safe before opening<br />

their doors and welcoming visitors<br />

back once more. Things may look<br />

slightly different though, so please<br />

be patient as we all get used to new<br />

ways of doing things. Check for<br />

restrictions before you travel and<br />

book in advance where necessary.<br />


Did you know?<br />

The new £20 note<br />

launched in February<br />

features J.M.W. Turner<br />

- one of Britain’s most<br />

important artists.<br />

Turner designed his<br />

house in Twickenham,<br />

today a museum,<br />

and you can visit<br />

Wednesday-Sunday<br />

to enjoy the events<br />

planned in support<br />

of the new note!<br />

turnershouse.org<br />


› If you want to visit a particular<br />

attraction, you may need to pre-book<br />

a time slot (even if you are a member).<br />

Check online before you set off.<br />

› When planning your trip, check that<br />

important facilities like toilets and car<br />

parks are open before you travel.<br />

› Some of the best known beauty<br />

spots on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are<br />

likely to be extremely popular. Don't<br />

follow the herd - get off the beaten<br />

track and discover our hidden gems to<br />

avoid the crowds.<br />



Stonehenge Skyscape is a new virtual<br />

experience of the skies above the iconic<br />

stone circle. With the help of Skyscape,<br />

a website showing a live view, you can<br />

explore how Stonehenge related to the<br />

skies and what these celestial bodies<br />

might have meant to Neolithic people,<br />

learn about movements of the sun,<br />

moon and planets - experience a live<br />

sunrise over Stonehenge, and see the<br />

journey of the stars and the moon from<br />

within the stone circle.<br />

› english-heritage.org.uk<br />



Created in the 1820s by King George<br />

IV, Windsor Castle's Inner Hall, which<br />

has been closed for more than 150<br />

years, is now open again for visitors<br />

to use as an entrance hall, just as<br />

official visitors to the Castle once<br />

did. See the State Apartments, the<br />

world's most famous dolls' house, or<br />

pause and enjoy refreshments in the<br />

new café. For guaranteed entry while<br />

capacity is reduced, please book your<br />

ticket in advance.<br />

› rct.uk<br />

› Keep 1 metre + apart from anyone<br />

outside your household – this not<br />

only applies to walking, but running,<br />

cycling, sitting and sunbathing too.<br />

› Wear your face covering at all times<br />

when on public transport including<br />

buses, trains, taxis, and minicabs.<br />

› Make sure you have a bank card<br />

as many outlets are currently not<br />

accepting cash.<br />

› Take hand sanitiser with you – you<br />

don’t know where will be open for<br />

you to wash your hands.<br />

› Leave the car behind where possible<br />

and visit nearby attractions by<br />

walking or cycling.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />





Visitors to Windsor Castle this autumn/winter will<br />

be able to see Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress in<br />

a special display. Designed by Sir Normal Hartnell<br />

and first worn by The Queen in the 1960s, the dress<br />

was worn by Her Royal Highness for her wedding<br />

to Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on 17 July 2020.<br />

To update a dress first worn nearly 60 years ago,<br />

Princess Beatrice made some clever alterations:<br />

sleeves were added to the straps and the fullskirted<br />

silhouette was softened to give a more<br />

contemporary, simplified shape. You’ll be able to<br />

see the dress, along with Her Royal Highness's<br />

wedding shoes, made by Valentino, and a replica<br />

bridal bouquet at the Castle until 22 November.<br />

› rct.uk/whatson<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk 11



Monkey Island Estate lies on a<br />

picturesque island in the River<br />

Thames in the historic village of<br />

Bray, Berkshire. The island has a<br />

rich history, centuries old, and<br />

has been the haunt of monarchs,<br />

aristocrats and artists, along with<br />

writers, famous performers and<br />

Berkshire locals and now is home<br />

to one of the finest hotels in Bray<br />

- and the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Due<br />

to the ongoing situation with<br />

COVID-19, Monkey Island Estate<br />

remains temporarily closed until<br />

October 31st 2020. Please check<br />

their website for more details.<br />

› monkeyislandestate.co.uk<br />

You might also enjoy: Hotel Indigo Bath: A brand new luxury 166-bedroom boutique hotel located in the centre of Bath. The designs<br />

of the stylish guest rooms and lounges has been inspired by the area’s rich architectural beauty, ready to delight guests with a true<br />

feeling of this historic neighbourhood. Hotel Indigo Bath is accepting bookings ahead of its opening September 2020. hotelindigo.com<br />




Enjoy an adventure on the<br />

Thames in 2020 with this family<br />

boating business and celebrate<br />

their 150th anniversary. To mark<br />

the occassion Hobbs of Henley<br />

have also launched their very<br />

own Gin 'Mr Hobbs'- a nod to<br />

their founding father Harry<br />

Hobbs who established their<br />

family business in 1870. So<br />

don't miss a sip or two of their<br />

cherished family tipple too!<br />

› hobbsofhenley.com<br />



2021 is the 900th anniversary<br />

of the foundation of Reading<br />

Abbey by King Henry I in 1121.<br />

To celebrate there will be an<br />

exciting mix of arts, culture and<br />

heritage events across the town<br />

including the 2021 Reading<br />

Water Fest, taking place across<br />

the weekend of the 19th/20th<br />

June. Many of Reading's talented<br />

local arts and community<br />

groups will also be featured.<br />

› readingabbeyquarter.org.uk<br />



The world’s first great ocean<br />

line and the most experimental<br />

steam ship of her time, SS <strong>Great</strong><br />

Britain in Bristol, celebrates<br />

two big anniversaries in 2020;<br />

50 years since her epic salvage<br />

and homecoming; and 175 years<br />

since arriving in New York City,<br />

becoming the largest and<br />

most-efficient ship (at the time),<br />

and being greeted by crowds<br />

of New Yorkers.<br />

› ssgreatbritain.org<br />

Don't miss! We hope you<br />

will notice our new welcome<br />

town signs on your <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way journey installed<br />

in the historic market town<br />

of Hungerford, famous for<br />

its antique shops. Make<br />

time to visit and take a boat<br />

trip onboard MV Rose of<br />

Hungerford from the Wharf,<br />

stop for coffee and cake at<br />

the Tutti Pole, or join one of<br />

the expert-led walks.<br />

› hungerford.co.uk<br />

12 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Pictured<br />

above:<br />

National Trust's<br />

Runnymede<br />

and Ankerwycke,<br />

near<br />

Old Windsor;<br />

Pictured right:<br />

Dyrham Park,<br />

near the village<br />

of Dyrham in<br />

South<br />

Gloucestershire<br />


Following lockdown restrictions being gently eased, more<br />

than 135 gardens and parklands have opened again, including<br />

Tyntesfield, Dyrham Park, Prior Park Landscape Garden, and<br />

Lacock, along with many many cafés and shops - but you’ll<br />

need to book your visit in advance, including some car parks.​<br />

2020 also marks the 125th anniversary of the National<br />

Trust and to celebrate this special birthday year, you might<br />

like to visit some of the properties and gardens along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way throughout the Thames Valley, Berkshire,<br />

Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol. Find everything you need to know<br />

about how to book and what to expect from your visit online:<br />

› <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/national-trust<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Scale the rigging, clamber<br />

through the cabins and<br />

dive under the glass sea<br />

to marvel at the ship<br />

from below.<br />

For the best ticket<br />

prices, book online:<br />



If you are looking for inspiration before planning your trip, or you're<br />

just not feeling quite ready to travel again, then sit back and enjoy<br />

these virtual tours - letting us bring the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way to you!<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />


to step aboard the<br />

stunning SS <strong>Great</strong><br />

Britain, Bristol with a<br />

virtual tour of the<br />

famous ship<br />

BRUNEL’S<br />

SS GREAT<br />


<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk 15


BATH<br />

SPA<br />



to take a virtual<br />

tour of the stunning<br />

rooftop spa at<br />

Thermae Bath<br />

Spa, Bath


to explore inside<br />

We the Curious<br />

museum, Bristol<br />

with this fabulous<br />

virtual tour<br />

WE THE<br />


18 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk




to find out all you<br />

need to know about<br />

visiting this magical<br />

tree garden in<br />

Gloucestershire<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


THE<br />


WATER<br />

PARK<br />


to take to the water<br />

for sailing, stand-up<br />

paddleboarding,<br />

kayaking and<br />

water skiing!


for a virtual tour of<br />

Hampton Court<br />

Palace, a Tudor<br />

treasure built to<br />

house monarchs<br />


COURT<br />

PALACE<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk 21

22<br />


to discover lots of<br />

fun activities and<br />

videos and for a<br />

virtual tour of<br />

Aerospace<br />






to float up, up and<br />

away over Bath and<br />

the stunning<br />

surrounding<br />

countryside!<br />

BAILEY<br />


24 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


ABBEY<br />



to join over 18,000<br />

people attending the<br />

reopening festival of<br />

Reading Abbey.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />




BRIDGE<br />



for virtual video<br />

tours, educational<br />

resources and<br />

creative challenges<br />





aerospacebristol.org<br />

Bristol Aero Collection Trust: charity no. 1010632<br />

TripAdvisor<br />




to see the stunning<br />

interior of Bristol<br />

Cathedral with a<br />

360° virtual tour<br />



<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />




to learn more about<br />

visiting the Royal<br />

Borough of Windsor<br />

and Maidenhead<br />

for a day out<br />

30 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

O N L I N E | M O B I L E | I N - S T O R E<br />

Celebrating a special occasion<br />

on your jourey? Mark the moment with a<br />

Wylde Flower Diamond<br />

# W Y L D E M O M E N T S<br />

Q E D A<br />

n i c h o l a s w y l d e . c o m



to learn more about<br />

the Roman Baths and<br />

Pump Room with<br />

this informative<br />

virtual tour<br />

THE<br />

ROMAN<br />

BATHS<br />



to browse a worldclass<br />

collection of<br />

contemporary and<br />

historic dress at the<br />

Bath Fashion<br />

Museum<br />


MUSEUM<br />

34 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

IFORD<br />

MANOR<br />


to visit Iford Manor,<br />

internationally<br />

renowned gardens,<br />

with a virtual tour<br />

by the owner<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



LOCKS<br />


to experience what<br />

it's like to travel<br />

through one of the<br />

locks at Caen Hill<br />

near Devizes<br />

36 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

CASTLE<br />

COMBE<br />



to explore the racing<br />

circuit at the <strong>West</strong><br />

Country's Home of<br />

Motorsport, Castle<br />

Combe Circuit<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



SAFARI<br />

PARK<br />





to meet the animals<br />

with Longleat's 3<br />

part virtual safari<br />

tour narrated by<br />

Kate Humble!<br />




40 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk




to explore this<br />

stunning building<br />

with a virtual tour<br />

of their new Spirit<br />

and Endeavour<br />

exhibition<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />





PALACE<br />



to explore Blenheim<br />

Palace, Oxfordshire,<br />

a masterpiece of<br />

18th century Baroque<br />



CASTLE<br />


to step inside the<br />

family home of<br />

British kings and<br />

queens for almost<br />

1,000 years!<br />




› Keeping busy at home with Wiltshire Museum's new At<br />

Home programme featuring do-it-yourself craft activities,<br />

learning resources for kids, stories about intriguing objects<br />

from their collections, interesting documents from the<br />

libraries and more:<br />

www.wiltshiremuseum.org.uk/donations/at-home/<br />

› Take a Google Street View tour of the Roman Baths:<br />

www.romanbaths.co.uk/walkthrough<br />

Or have a go at these online games:<br />

www.romanbaths.co.uk/online-games<br />

› Test your fashion knowledge with the Fashion Museum<br />

and Assembly Rooms online quiz: www.fashionmuseum.<br />

co.uk/quiz and download some children's activities:<br />

www.fashionmuseum.co.uk/childrens-page<br />

› Keep an eye on the Youtube account for The Pounds<br />

Art Centre, where they post videos of performances,<br />

readings and more:<br />

www.youtube.com/user/PoundArts/videos<br />

› Pop in to virtual pub The Henry, launched by the<br />

wonderful people at Wadworth Brewery, for live music,<br />

pub quizzes and more:<br />

www.facebook.com/groups/thehenry/about/<br />

› For any foodies out there, you can now book a virtual<br />

food tour of Bath to enjoy from your own home thanks<br />

to Savouring Bath. You can even purchase a box of tasty<br />

samples to eat during the tour, which will be delivered to<br />

your door:<br />

www.savouringbath.com/tours/virtual-food-heroes<br />

Enjoy a live view of the ancient standing stones at<br />

Stonehenge with their Stonehenge Skyscape tool.<br />

Watch the sun rise and set and experience the<br />

atmosphere and mystery of the iconic stone circle.<br />

www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/<br />

things-to-do/stone-circle/skyscape/<br />

Admire the wonderful views from the hillfort at<br />

Old Sarum (the site of the original Salisbury Cathedral)<br />

with a 'Postcard from Old Sarum' from English<br />

Heritage.<br />

www.youtube.com/<br />

watch?v=QhCZM9kXx8k&feature=youtu.be<br />


MADE OF<br />




Wiltshire is rolling green downs, ancient<br />

woodlands and bustling market towns.<br />

It’s parish churches, grand historic<br />

houses and country inns.<br />

Timeless monuments and contemporary luxury.<br />

Local ales and picnics in the park.<br />

The England you love in one County<br />

Visit Wiltshire, at the heart of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

#EscapeTheEveryday<br />

It’s Time for Wiltshire<br />




As well as its colourful cities and towns, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is<br />

remarkable for its array of adorable villages. We hope you enjoy our<br />

selection here - and are able to take time to visit them in your journey<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />

LACOCK<br />

You’ll find this National Trust<br />

village - a film set for Pride<br />

and Prejudice and Harry<br />

Potter and the Half-Blood<br />

Prince - just a few miles<br />

south of Chippenham. It’s<br />

been so beautifully preserved<br />

that it feels like a living<br />

museum. Its medieval streets<br />

are lined with charming stone<br />

cottages, and there’s a Tithe<br />

Barn and traditional bakery<br />

too. Stop and peer in the<br />

windows at 2 High Street. If<br />

you thought the UK’s buzzing<br />

coffee culture was something<br />

new, think again! Although<br />

the old shop window now<br />

replicates a local store at<br />

the beginning of the 20thcentury,<br />

it was previously a<br />

busy coffee tavern. Other<br />

attractions in the village<br />

include Lacock Abbey and<br />

the Fox Talbot Museum - the<br />

birthplace of photography.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



Cookham, Cookham Rise and<br />

Cookham Dean are referred<br />

to locally as ‘The Cookhams’.<br />

Although Kenneth Grahame’s<br />

children’s classic, The Wind<br />

in the Willows, was mainly<br />

a product of the author’s<br />

imagination, the sleepy<br />

riverside village of Cookham<br />

Dean, where he lived as a<br />

boy, may well have inspired<br />

him. (Try the National Trust’s<br />

3-mile Wind in the Willows<br />

walk.) In fact these wellheeled<br />

Berkshire villages by<br />

The Thames have attracted<br />

plenty of creative residents<br />

over the years, including<br />

artist Sir Stanley Spencer<br />

and actress Jessica Brown<br />

Findlay - Lady Sybil Crawley<br />

in Downton Abbey.<br />

48 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


Museums, 16th century<br />

manor houses, megalithic<br />

stone circles, some villages<br />

have it all. As home to the<br />

largest stone circle in the<br />

world, some of Avebury<br />

village lies within the stones.<br />

Go on one of the National<br />

Trust’s regular guided tours<br />

to find out more about all<br />

the strange sarsens and<br />

burial mounds around you.<br />

Make sure you check out<br />

Avebury Manor, too, and the<br />

Alexander Keiller Museum,<br />

which shines a light on the<br />

many archaeological finds<br />

from the area. Follow up with<br />

a cream tea in one of the<br />

cafés, and maybe even stay<br />

the night in a cosy B&B so<br />

you can capture that misty,<br />

mysterious morning view on<br />

camera.<br />


PEWSEY<br />

Pewsey is the perfect place to<br />

base yourself when exploring<br />

the ancient landscape of<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. The<br />

characterful village even has<br />

its own chalky White Horse,<br />

just a mile or so south of the<br />

village. It’s also an excellent<br />

launchpad for some great<br />

walks, (visitpewseyvale.<br />

co.uk/things-to-do) as well as<br />

bike rides along the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal.<br />

But don’t be fooled into<br />

thinking it’s all sleepy and<br />

rural here - the Pewsey Vale<br />

is known for its Carnival<br />

every September and top<br />

country pubs, many offering<br />

accommodation.<br />



Hungerford<br />

The Heart of the North Wessex Downs<br />

History, culture, scenic walks, antiques,<br />

shopping, pubs and restaurants.<br />

For a wonderful day out, Hungerford has<br />

something for everyone.<br />



Historic Ramsbury is just<br />

a quick jaunt east from<br />

Marlborough. The Bell, a<br />

300-year-old coaching inn,<br />

was awarded Pub of the Year<br />

2017-18, with a restaurant<br />

that’s as well-regarded as<br />

its comfortable rooms. If<br />

you enjoy a tipple, take one<br />

of the Ramsbury Estate’s<br />

guided distillery or brewery<br />

tours - they make their<br />

own gin, vodka and beer<br />

with chalk-filtered water.<br />

Try Honey Bee Nectar, a<br />

golden pale ale produced<br />

in cooperation with North<br />

Wessex Downs Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty<br />

- except for the hops, all<br />

the beer's ingredients come<br />

from within the AONB.<br />

When you’ve had your fill of<br />

food and drink, explore the<br />

village’s rich heritage which<br />

goes all the way back to the<br />

Saxons. The magnificent<br />

mosaics at Littlecote Roman<br />

Villa are a must-see.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



ASHTON<br />

Steeple Ashton is a<br />

quintessential <strong>West</strong> Country<br />

Village, offering visitors an<br />

opportunity to marvel at<br />

its historic architecture set<br />

amidst beautiful Wiltshire<br />

countryside. There is also<br />

a warm welcome and<br />

refreshment to be enjoyed at<br />

the Village Shop and at The<br />

Longs Arms public house.<br />

Starting life as a manorial<br />

Village in the 9th Century,<br />

in 1266 a Royal charter was<br />

granted for the holding of a<br />

weekly market and an annual<br />

fair. By 1420 the village<br />

had become a prosperous<br />

settlement profiting from<br />

the local cloth industry,<br />

able to initiate the building<br />

of a magnificent Church<br />

which survives to this day<br />

- despite ravages inflicted<br />

by the English Civil War and<br />

lightning strikes.<br />

At the centre of the Village<br />

is the green with its lock-up<br />

gaol and market cross. A<br />

variety of architectural styles<br />

spanning 700 years can be<br />

seen nearby, from the Manor<br />

House to more humble<br />

cottages.<br />

In the former School House<br />

is the Village Community<br />

Shop, staffed by local<br />

volunteers. Inside there is<br />

a coffee shop which acts<br />

as a hub for locals, visitors,<br />

walkers and cyclists www.<br />

steepleashtonvilageshop.<br />

co.uk and on Facebook.<br />

The surrounding<br />

countryside offers scenic<br />

walks to destinations such as<br />

Luffenham Field, conserved<br />

for public access by The<br />

Friends of Steeple Ashton.<br />

Keevil Airfield is also nearby,<br />

still in use for military training<br />

after serving in World War 2<br />

as a fighter and glider base for<br />

American and British forces<br />

as well as the assembly of<br />

Spitfire fighters. Guides to the<br />

village and for local walks can<br />

be purchased at the Village<br />

Shop.<br />

Explore at leisure from<br />

Coachmans Self-Catering<br />

Holiday Cottage, an idyllic<br />

ground floor 2 bedroom<br />

retreat for 2-3 guests at<br />

the heart of the village. (Tel<br />

01380 870764).<br />



<strong>Travel</strong>ling the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is all about<br />

discovering the real England, and alongside<br />

the picturesque sights and seasonal events<br />

there are all sorts of quirky customs and<br />

traditional events that you can discover in this<br />

vibrant swathe of England too!<br />

Wassailing<br />

An ancient pagan celebration performed in January<br />

to encourage fruit trees to give a healthy harvest.<br />

This ancient tradition still takes place in certain<br />

village orchards, particularly in cider producing<br />

country - and there is plenty of cider country along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way!<br />

Morris Men<br />

Morris Men are one of the most well known of<br />

England's ancient traditions. Troupes of Morris Men<br />

dress in white with bells and ribbons and dance<br />

traditional dances together, with much slapping of<br />

knees and hitting of sticks! You'll likely see Morris<br />

Men at local fairs and festivals taking place along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way - a reminder that you're<br />

undoubtedly in England.<br />

Hocktide<br />

The charming Berkshire market town of Hungerford<br />

is reputed to be the only place in England where<br />

locals still dress up to celebrate the medieval<br />

festival of Hocktide. The residents of Hungerford<br />

throw themselves into the many customs<br />

surrounding Hocktide, which takes place annually<br />

after Easter, including dressing up, decorating their<br />

houses, welcoming the 'Tutti Men' and exchanging<br />

oranges and kisses.<br />

Swan Upping<br />

In Windsor, the ancient custom of 'Swan Upping'<br />

takes place in July each year, with uniformed 'Royal<br />

Swan Uppers' travelling in traditional rowing skiffs<br />

on the Thames to assess the health of the local<br />

mute swans, which are by tradition the property of<br />

the British monarch.<br />

Oxford Traditions<br />

Within easy reach of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is the<br />

university city of Oxford, which has a whole host of<br />

quirky customs and traditions of its own, including<br />

penny throwing, May day singing, and boat burning.<br />

Don't forget to tag #<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way so<br />

we can see your pictures!<br />


56 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


Relax with a gentle stroll and traditional<br />

cream tea, or for the more active there’s<br />

an amazing variety of activities, from<br />

canoeing and kayaking to paddleboarding<br />

or cycling along the towpaths<br />

Words: Charlotte White<br />

THE RIVER THAMES and the Kennet & Avon Canal<br />

meander their way through the heart of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way route from London all the way to Bristol,<br />

connecting at Reading.<br />

Passing through towns and cities, the waterways offer<br />

tranquil spaces in urban areas, as well as stopping-off points<br />

to discover England’s heritage. The more rural sections offer a<br />

wealth of wildlife and natural beauty and along their lengths<br />

is living history. The waterways have also inspired festivals and<br />

regattas through the ages.<br />


What do you love about autumn? The glow of leaves and their<br />

crunch underfoot?<br />

The romanticism of misty landscapes and jewel-like berries<br />

that punctuate the hedgerows?<br />

You can find these and so much more along the beautiful<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

Autumn is a terrific time for foraging for blackberries,<br />

elderberries and sloes and for the more adventurous, why not<br />

collect some rose hips to make teas, jams and jellies.<br />

As temperatures drop the canal is a great time to see birds<br />

on the move. The hedgerows will start to empty as birds such<br />

as warblers leave for warmer climes. It won’t be long before<br />

fieldfare and redwing move in joined by greater numbers of<br />

more common species – blackbird, robin and bullfinch.<br />

Sparser winter vegetation makes it easier to spot deer and if<br />

you’re out at dusk you may even see a fox. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Take your<br />

time on the<br />

Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal

Bewick and whooper swans are also winter visitors and<br />

will gather in impressive flocks over the cold months.<br />

Undoubtedly spending time by our waterways keeps us<br />

mentally and physically well during these uncertain times.<br />

You needn’t worry about visiting as we are supporting the<br />

national effort to keep everyone Covid-safe.<br />

We continually review and update the situation in line<br />

with government guidance. Just please remember to keep<br />

socially distanced from other towpath users and boaters.<br />

The 87-mile long Kennet & Avon Canal is in fact the<br />

River Kennet and the River Avon, linked by a central canal<br />

section built in the Georgian period. Created originally as<br />

a trading link between London and the west coast, it is<br />

a masterpiece of engineering with 104 wide beam locks,<br />

including the second longest continuous series of locks in<br />

the country at Caen Hill, Devizes.<br />

Despite this, the canal fell into obscurity and disrepair,<br />

and was almost lost to the nation with competition from<br />

the newly built railways. It took a passionate band of<br />

dedicated volunteers to restore the waterway which is<br />

now open for everyone to enjoy.<br />

The Kennet & Avon Canal is a great way to travel the<br />

route, with time to take in some magnificent sites (and<br />

sights) from the Crofton Pumping Station to a World<br />

Heritage Site and historic battlefield - not to mention 21<br />

conservation sites, 14 Sites of Special Scientific Interest,<br />

and many spectacular landscapes including Wiltshire and<br />

(just a short detour off the route) the Northern Cotswolds.<br />

The canal has awesome examples of canal<br />

engineering too. The 16 locks of the steepest part of<br />

the flight at Caen Hill are not only a scheduled ancient<br />

monument, they are an Olympic-sized challenge for<br />

every boater – so remember to take a snack with you, as<br />

it will take 5-6 hours to pass through the locks. One of<br />

the most impressive structures on Britain's waterways,<br />

the Avoncliff Aqueduct at over 100 metres long and 18<br />

metres wide, carries the Kennet & Avon Canal over the<br />

River Avon. Cycle just over 2.5 miles (4k) up the towpath<br />

and visit the equally magnificent Dundas Aqueduct,<br />

opened in 1805 - both were built by the architect and<br />

engineer, John Rennie. Or you could walk the other way<br />

along the towpath, passing the Barton Farm Country<br />

Park and you easily reach the bigger market town of<br />

Bradford on Avon. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



The Thames is the longest river in England with 45 locks.<br />

It boasts three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty<br />

and is the only river in Europe with a national trail, The<br />

Thames Path, along its entire length. Starting as a small<br />

trickle in the Cotswolds, the River Thames travels over<br />

210 miles through the heart of some of England’s loveliest<br />

towns. The Thames offers an excellent array of riverside<br />

locations to stay and play. It curves past some of the most<br />

significant sites in history including Runnymede where<br />

Magna Carta was sealed, the Royal Palaces at Windsor<br />

and Hampton Court, and the Parliament buildings at<br />

<strong>West</strong>minster. It carried the bodies of Henry VIII and his<br />

daughter Elizabeth I to their final resting places. While<br />

a flotilla, led by the Havengore vessel, carried Winston<br />

Churchill’s coffin up the Thames to Temple Pier, on the<br />

first stage of his journey to Bladon near Blenheim Palace,<br />

his final resting place. →<br />


îBradford on Avon<br />

This town offers a rare combination of river, canal<br />

and architecture from the Romans, Saxons, Normans,<br />

Georgians and Victorians, who have all left their mark.<br />

Bradford-on-Avon Wharf is a Trip Advisor <strong>Travel</strong>ler’s<br />

Choice Winner for receiving consistently great reviews<br />

from travellers.<br />

Don’t miss The Bridge Tea Rooms, a double winner of<br />

the UK Tea Guild's 'Top Tea Place', step into the newly<br />

refurbished canal-side pub, the Canal Tavern, or board the<br />

MV Barbara McLellan for a sightseeing boat trip.<br />

îHenley on Thames<br />

Discover the history of Henley, rowing and the Thames at<br />

the River & Rowing Museum, then join a sightseeing cruise<br />

along the Thames with Hobbs of Henley.<br />

Head out of Henley (5.4miles/8.7kms) to Stonor Park,<br />

dating back to the 12th century and take a tour inside and<br />

walk through the gardens.<br />

îReading<br />

From boat trips along the Thames to its historic Reading<br />

Abbey Quarter which covers the former precinct of one of<br />

Europe's largest royal monasteries. Visit one of the town's<br />

free museums, the Reading Museum or The Museum of<br />

English Rural Life, also known as the MERL, before enjoying<br />

its great shopping area and evening entertainment.<br />


Bristol Packet Boats<br />

Hear about the origins of the Floating Harbour and<br />

Brunel's famous Bridge as you cruise underneath on an<br />

Avon Gorge Cruise in Bristol, along the River Avon.<br />

French Brothers<br />

Celebrate a special occasion with a luxury cream tea<br />

cruise on board a beautiful genuine steamboat.<br />

Henley Rowing Association<br />

For a unique experience on the Thames in Henley book<br />

a Champagne Rowing Taster Session designed for ladies<br />

who lunch!<br />

Boat Trips on the Kennet and Avon Canal<br />

Take a trip on the Kenavon Venture, a wide beam boat,<br />

from The Wharf in Devizes, or The Jubilee, a traditional<br />

narrowboat, from the Wharf in Newbury, or the Rose of<br />

Hungerford trip boat from Hungerford.<br />

Salter's Steamers<br />

For an unforgettable experience while in Oxford try an<br />

afternoon of punting on the River Thames.<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

Sit and relax as beautiful scenery glides by on a cruise<br />

along England’s greatest river.<br />

60 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Explore Bristol by Boat!<br />

Hop aboard our daily waterbus service or hire<br />

out any of our boats for educational tours,<br />

boat parties and much more!<br />

bristolferry.com • 0117 927 3416 • @BristolFerry<br />

Majestic Marlborough<br />

visitmarlborough<br />

The ancient market town that<br />

packs a postcard-perfect punch<br />


Roseate Hotels & Resorts, the uber luxury hospitality brand offers a new spectrum<br />

of hospitality with well-appointed luxury rooms & suites, world-class Aheli Spa<br />

and unique dining experiences at the European-cuisine inspired fine dining restaurant<br />

‘The Hyde’ (Roseate House London), the award-winning restaurant ‘Cerise’ & in house<br />

patisserie and boulangerie ‘Roasted by Roseate’(The Roseate Reading), opulent dining<br />

space ‘Henrietta Bar’ (The Roseate Villa Bath).<br />

Image: The Roseate Villa, Bath,<br />

Some pictures<br />

have been taken<br />

pre-coronavirus,<br />

please wear a face<br />

covering when<br />

travelling on<br />

public transport.<br />

R O S E A T E H O T E L S . C O M | +44 20 7479 6600 | #ROSEAT E H O T E L S | info.rhl@roseatehotels.com


With the GWR <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer pass you<br />

can hop on and off at any station around the route<br />

- Reading, Swindon, Chippenham and Bath Spa, or<br />

London Paddington to Windsor & Eton Central<br />

Words: Jane Freeman<br />


RAILWAY. The sound of the<br />

whistle that announces the<br />

train’s departure, the clackclack<br />

rhythm of the rails as they pass<br />

beneath the wheels, and the everchanging<br />

view that passes by the<br />

window. Settling in to a railway carriage<br />

is a treat – one that heralds adventure<br />

and can be accompanied by a steaming<br />

cup of tea or a cooling bottle of beer, no<br />

driving required.<br />

Seeing the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way by<br />

train means becoming a part of its<br />

history. Trains have chugged and<br />

steamed along this route for over 175<br />

years, bringing produce to market and<br />

business to towns, holidaymakers to the<br />

countryside and rural folk to the capital.<br />

Join the story of England’s railways on a<br />

journey along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way with<br />

the GWR <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer<br />

Pass.<br />

The Discoverer pass makes travelling<br />

the route easy and hassle free. It includes<br />

unlimited off-peak train travel from<br />

London Paddington/Waterloo along the<br />

route to Bristol Temple Meads via Reading<br />

and/or Basingstoke circular routes with<br />

options to branch off towards Oxford<br />

and Kemble (bus only). It also includes<br />

unlimited travel on the bus services along<br />

the route.<br />


One of England’s great long-distance<br />

railway lines, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

runs along the full distance of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way – from London’s Paddington<br />

station to Bristol Temple Meads. It’s<br />

chief engineer was Isambard Kingdom<br />

Brunel and you’ll travel the course he<br />

plotted back in the 1830s, including<br />

his Box Tunnel, infamously said to be<br />

impossible to build. Before he built it.<br />

In one go, the journey takes just<br />

1 hour 40 minutes, but stopping en<br />

route to explore the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is<br />

far more fun. First stop is Reading, for<br />

a cruise on the River Thames, a stroll<br />

through Caversham Court Gardens and<br />

the chance to watch a professional<br />

football match at Reading FC’s Majedski<br />

Stadium. Next stop is Swindon, →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


There are three <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way Discoverer routes<br />

available, (East, <strong>West</strong> or all)<br />

giving you the opportunity to<br />

explore your chosen area in<br />

one-day instalments or over<br />

the duration of a week. The<br />

Discoverer pass allows you<br />

to travel flexibly. If you know<br />

what trains you'll be aiming<br />

for, reservations on particular<br />

services can also be made in<br />

advance.<br />

Book online at gwr.com,<br />

prices from just £24.<br />

Visiting from overseas?<br />

Three-day or seven-day<br />

international passes can be<br />

purchased (costing £98 /£129<br />

respectively for adults) online<br />

at ACPRail.com<br />

home to STEAM, the Museum of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway. Here you’ll see famous locomotives from<br />

throughout the railway’s history, drive a train simulator and<br />

work the signals in the interactive GWR signal box. Right<br />

next door is the McArthurGlen outlet shopping village,<br />

where more than 100 brands are on sale at up to 60% off.<br />

Armed with your new skills – and perhaps a souvenir or<br />

three to take home – head next to Chippenham, a historic<br />

market town in the rural county of Wiltshire. On the banks<br />

of the River Avon, Chippenham is a flourishing small town,<br />

with an enticing market to explore on Fridays and Saturdays<br />

on the High Street and plenty of proper English pubs.<br />

It’s just 15 minutes by bus from here to Lacock, seen on<br />

screen more often than Judi Dench. This picturesque village<br />

has been the backdrop to film and TV titles such as Harry<br />

Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey – see if<br />

you recognise Lacock Abbey and the High Street from your<br />

favourite scenes.<br />

Your final calling point en route to Bristol is the<br />

beautiful city of Bath. You’ll want plenty of time here, for a<br />

stroll past honey-hued Georgian buildings and a dip in the<br />

natural hot springs that bubble up from the ground.<br />

Don’t miss the original Roman Baths, too, not to<br />

mention the Jane Austen Centre, where afternoon tea is<br />

served Regency style.<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway ends in Bristol, a vibrant<br />

city where you can climb aboard the last Concorde ever<br />

made (built right here in Bristol) at Aerospace Bristol, and<br />

clamber up the rigging of one of Brunel’s other famous<br />

creations, the SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain, the world’s first great ocean<br />

liner. SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain celebrates two big anniversaries in<br />

2020; 50 years since her epic salvage and homecoming;<br />

and 175 years since arriving in New York City.<br />

Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge is here too, beckoning<br />

you on along the River Avon and out to Avon Gorge.<br />

Set foot atop this world-famous bridge and quietly thank<br />

Brunel for the journey he made possible – along the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way by rail.<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway is far from just one main<br />

line. Take an alternative rail journey and you can get off<br />

the beaten track and out into more rural areas. Consider<br />

returning to London via a different route, taking the train<br />

from Bath to Bradford on Avon for example.<br />

This glorious small town sits on the edge of The<br />

Cotswolds and straddles the River Avon. Cross the waters<br />

in ancient footsteps, on the 13th-century town bridge, and<br />

stand dwarfed in the 14th-century Tithe Barn, its lattice of<br />

timbers soaring for over 50 metres far above your head.<br />

Change at <strong>West</strong>bury and head east for Bedwyn, where<br />

you can disembark for a stroll along the water’s edge on<br />

64 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


When travelling by train try to go at quieter times,<br />

carry hand sanitiser with you and wash your hands<br />

before and after your journey, and please remember<br />

that you must now wear a face covering. Tickets<br />

for the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway can be bought from<br />

ticket offices at stations along the route but to avoid<br />

any queues we recommend buying in advance.<br />

Stay alert, and travel safely.<br />

For more info go to gwr.com/safety<br />

the towpath of the Kennet & Avon Canal, which runs from<br />

Bristol all the way to Reading. After just over two miles you’ll<br />

encounter a surprise – the world’s oldest steam-operated<br />

beam engines. The Crofton Beam Engines are fed by a handstoked<br />

coal-fired boiler and are still capable of doing the<br />

same job they were designed to do more than 200 years ago<br />

– pumping water up to the highest point of the canal.<br />

Back on the railway there are two other stops worth<br />

making en route to Reading – at Hungerford and Newbury.<br />

You’re travelling through the North Wessex Downs Area<br />

of Outstanding Natural Beauty here so press that nose up<br />

against the window and pick out the perfect place for a<br />

stroll. There are several short loop walks from Hungerford<br />

(an ancient town also known for its antique shops) or you<br />

could walk the nine miles to Newbury along the canal.<br />

Once you’re in Newbury you could stop for a flutter<br />

– there’s a world-class racecourse here. While closer to<br />

London, trains between Reading and London Paddington<br />

call at Twyford, where you can change onto the line to<br />

Henley-on-Thames, home to the famous regatta and<br />

plenty of messing about in boats.<br />

Trains also call at Slough, where you can catch a train<br />

to Windsor to poke your head into the State Rooms of the<br />

Queen’s favourite castle.<br />


Savour the unmistakable sights, sounds and smells of steam<br />

at the Didcot Railway Centre, as you relive the golden age<br />

of the famous <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway. Find the entrance<br />

through the ticket hall and original steam age subway of<br />

Didcot Parkway railway station. Just outside Bristol is the<br />

Avon Valley Railway, where you can ride three miles of<br />

preserved track from the Victorian Bitton station through<br />

the valley, listening to the puff and whistle of the steam<br />

train. Reach Bitton by taking the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

from Bristol to Keynsham and following the brown signs on<br />

foot for 1.5 miles. Near Swindon you’ll see the steam of the<br />

Swindon & Cricklade Railway rising above the Taw Valley.<br />

Ride the rails for more than two miles from Taw Valley Halt<br />

to Blunsdon on a heritage steam train. You’ll need to take a<br />

bus to get here, the number 15 from the centre of Swindon<br />

stops at the Tawny Owl pub, close to Taw Valley Halt.<br />

Did you know?<br />

There are 200 bus<br />

routes along the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way to help you<br />

complete your journey<br />

- Visit your nearest bus<br />

station and/or tourist<br />

information<br />


Based on average journey times:<br />

London Paddington to Bristol î1hr 40 mins<br />

London Paddington to Bath Spa î1 hour 11 minutes<br />

London Paddington to Heathrow î35 mins<br />

Reading to London Paddington (via Slough) î30 mins<br />

Bristol to Bath î11mins<br />

Bath to Salisbury î55mins<br />

Salisbury to Stonehenge î33mins (bus)<br />

Salisbury to Swindon (via Melksham) î90mins<br />

Swindon to Reading î30mins<br />

Reading to Windsor (via Slough) î35mins<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


66 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk



The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

perfectly lends itself to<br />

the outdoors lifestyle,<br />

with open spaces of<br />

stunning countryside,<br />

Areas of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty and<br />

links to National Trails<br />

Pictured leftright:<br />

Couple<br />

walking<br />

their dogs in<br />

Avebury;<br />

Cycling in the<br />

North Wessex<br />

Downs<br />

Words: Samantha Colbourne<br />

If walking or cycling in nature,<br />

exploring the roads and paths<br />

less travelled, finding hidden<br />

gems and a host of native<br />

wildlife is your idea of the<br />

perfect short break, then why<br />

not plan a walking road trip<br />

down the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way over<br />

the course of several days?<br />

There are a host of fantastic<br />

accommodation options<br />

along the route, from bed and<br />

breakfasts in quintessential<br />

villages and rental options<br />

in quaint cottages, to luxury<br />

hotels in grand houses. Find<br />

inspiration from our Where to<br />

Stay article p78, or you can<br />

find everything you need at<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/stay<br />

THE GREAT WEST WAY OFFERS a curated touring<br />

route comprised of road, rail and water links<br />

between London and Bristol. Direct it runs 125<br />

miles - but if you include all the off-the-beaten<br />

track walking and bike trails and other tempting detours<br />

then there’s over 500 miles to explore. So where to begin?<br />

Pick a starting point - any starting point - and that in<br />

itself may uncover new realms of possibility. This route is all<br />

about finding your own way. Embracing the unknown and<br />

being open to whatever crosses your path.<br />

Enjoy some of England's best national trails, three areas<br />

of outstanding natural beauty, winding waterways, and<br />

beautiful views. Feel inspired to enjoy some of England's<br />

finest landscapes, breathe fresh air, relax and enjoy the<br />

sights along the way.<br />

And exploring the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way by foot or bike, you<br />

will never be far from a pub or café along the route for<br />

lunch, afternoon tea or a refreshing drink at the end of your<br />

day. Find time to explore and unwind without the need of<br />

your car or public transport.<br />


Your adventure might take you through one of the three<br />

National Trails that cross the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, perfect for<br />

day trips or for longer holidays. You might enjoy a river walk<br />

along some of the 184 miles of Thames Path National Trail<br />

passing Windsor Castle. This trail is mostly flat and<br />

relatively gentle with water meadows, sleepy riverside<br />

villages and nature reserves interspersed with historic<br />

market towns. The Ridgeway National Trail is an 87-mile<br />

National Trail follows Britain’s oldest road, a route that’s<br />

been walked by travellers since prehistoric times. It passes<br />

through the North Wessex Downs and the Chilterns. Along<br />

the way you’ll glimpse remnants of the Iron, Bronze and<br />

Stone Ages, passing stone circles, white horses and ancient<br />

woodlands. If it's picturesque villages you are searching<br />

for then you can't beat The Cotswold Way National<br />

Trail offering just over 100 miles of magical walking, with<br />

long distance views from the Cotswold escarpment, and<br />

journeys past famous ancient sites. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


photo - Ash Mills<br />

connect to The Stonehenge Tour from<br />

Salisbury railway station regularly from London<br />

thestonehengetour.info<br />

Avebury and Stonehenge Private Guided Tours<br />

Wiltshire’s wonderful countryside, full of internationally important monuments, is a very special place to visit<br />

Find out more online or call Laurence<br />

oldburytours.co.uk | +44 (0)7947 488665

69<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

There’s nothing<br />

like a good map<br />

to make you<br />

feel like a true<br />

adventurer.<br />

With 125 miles<br />

of twists and<br />

turns and new<br />

discoveries<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way our map will<br />

help you plan your journey,<br />

and also includes 125 great things to do!<br />

Of course, while these maps will steer<br />

you towards incredible attractions,<br />

beautiful landscapes and top places to stay,<br />

eat and drink, please wander off course<br />

and find things to see and do that are not<br />

marked on our maps. This dreamy part of<br />

England is set up for surprising discoveries.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/explore/maps<br />


From ancient trees to butterflies and otters, National Trust look<br />

after some wonderful landscapes, that are full of life. Try Bath<br />

Skyline for example - only a short stroll from the city centre.<br />

Explore the skyline hills above Bath and beyond, through six<br />

miles of meadows and ancient woodlands to secluded valleys.<br />

The limestone grassland slopes support a great variety of<br />

plants and attract a number of butterflies, great for some<br />

spring and summer wildlife spotting. This is a circular walk and<br />

will take around three to four hours of moderate walking. For<br />

a more exhilarating walking trail you might prefer Cheddar<br />

Gorge & Caves dramatic 3-mile walk – 450ft above sea level<br />

– with views over the Mendips. And it’s not just the landscape<br />

out to impress. The gorge is a dedicated conservation area,<br />

home to an abundance of rare plants and wildlife – see if<br />

you can spot the Cheddar Pink (dianthus), which isn’t found<br />

anywhere else in the world.<br />

There are a variety of fascinating sites across Wiltshire<br />

too, including parts of the Stonehenge and Avebury World<br />

Heritage Site. At Avebury you’ll find the largest stone circle<br />

in the world, a prehistoric artificial chalk mound, Silbury Hill,<br />

as well as many other Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments,<br />

including Windmill Hill, The Sanctuary and <strong>West</strong> Kennet<br />

Long Barrow. A bit further afield, discover the Stonehenge<br />

Landscape where there are remarkable prehistoric<br />

monuments such as The Avenue, several Bronze Age barrow<br />

cemeteries and the huge henge monument of Durrington<br />

Walls, which contains the remains of a Neolithic village.<br />

Just outside Marlborough, Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene’s<br />

unusual sarsen boulder stream, creates a striking landscape,<br />

from which the standing stones of Avebury were probably<br />

sourced. At Cherhill there’s the white horse<br />

on Calstone and Cherhill Downs. North of<br />

Chippenham discover Sutton Lane Meadows, an<br />

unspoilt natural wildflower meadow which blooms<br />

in May and June. →<br />

50. Step inside a fourteenth century tithe barn, complete<br />

with a staggering timbe roof of wooden arches that<br />

stretch for more than 50 metres above your head.<br />

Bradford on Avon’s tithe barn is so historica ly important<br />

that it’s protected by English Heritage. GRID REF: C4<br />

51. <strong>Travel</strong> through the historic centre of Bath (B4) on a<br />

stand-up paddleboarding safari with Original Wild, or<br />

take a lesson in Bristol (A4) with SUP Bristol.<br />

52. Play disc golf in the park, at Ashton Court in<br />

Bristol – you’ l be trying to get a frisbee, not a ba l,<br />

into each hole. GRID REF: A3<br />

53. See paintings by English masters Thomas<br />

Gainsborough and John Constable, housed together<br />

at Bath’s Holburne Museum. GRID REF: B4<br />

54. Climb to the top of Roundway Hi l and gaze down<br />

into the “bloody ditch” – scene of the greatest Royalist<br />

victory of the English Civil War, in 1643. GRID REF: D4<br />

55. Tune into alien energies on the hunt for one of<br />

Wiltshire’s infamous crop circles with a visit to the<br />

Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre. Many<br />

people think these large and often ornate pa terns<br />

that appear overnight in the county’s wheat fields<br />

are the work of extra-te restrials… GRID REF: E4<br />

56. Walk along the River Thames on the Thames Path,<br />

stro ling from Kew Gardens to the upscale London suburb<br />

of Richmond, home to some great pubs. GRID REF: L3<br />

57. Take a stroll through 45 acres of serene greenery<br />

at Bristol’s Arnos Vale Cemetery, a Victorian garden<br />

cemetery surrounded by unspoiled woodland and<br />

home to numerous fascinating monuments. GRID REF: B4<br />

58. Try a hot chocolate seventeenth-century style at<br />

Dyrham Park – you might be surprised to learn that<br />

it has cayenne pepper in it! GRID REF: B3<br />

59. Scan the skies fo red kites in the Chilterns –<br />

the bes time to see these glorious birds of prey<br />

is between October and April and the best chance<br />

of seeing them is in the far south of the Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty. GRID REF: K1<br />

60. Get a new insight into Shakespeare, at a<br />

contemporary performance of the Bard’s best work<br />

at Bristol Shakespeare Festival (July). GRID REF: A3<br />

61. Find dazzling carpets of bluebe ls in the woods at<br />

<strong>West</strong> Woods just outside Marlborough. April and May<br />

are bluebe l season here. GRID REF: E4<br />

62. Try Wiltshire cured ham in Calne, the town it<br />

originated in back in the eighteenth century. It goes very<br />

well with cheese and pickle! It’s also on the menu at<br />

plenty of pubs along the Way, including the Queens Arms<br />

at East Garston. GRID REF: D4<br />

63. Find your next new favourite story in one of Bath’s<br />

independent bookshops. Mr B’s Emporium and Topping &<br />

Company both have great selections. GRID REF: B4<br />

64. Watch for the colourful flash of a swooping kingfisher,<br />

its orange and blue plumage catching your eye on a walk<br />

through the marshland at Jones’s Mi l in Pewsey Vale (E4),<br />

cared for by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The Trust also has<br />

sites at Blakehill Farm (D2) and Lower Moor (D2)<br />

in north Wiltshire.<br />

65. Wear out the kids at Bowood’s fabulous adventure<br />

playground. There’s a pirate ship, aerial walkways and a<br />

Flying Fox zip wire – kids up to the age of 12 wi l be hard<br />

to drag away from here! GRID REF: D4<br />

66. Walk acro s Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension<br />

Bridge, gazing acro s the dramatic Avon Gorge GRID REF: A4<br />

67. Get up close and personal with the trees on<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt Arboretum’s Treetop Walkway. It runs<br />

through the tree canopy for 300 metres and features<br />

interactive information panels and telescopes to teach<br />

visitors abou the collection a the national arboretum.<br />

GRID REF: C3<br />

68. Hear classical music echoing around an ancient<br />

cathedral. Bristol Cathedral hosts regula recitals,<br />

featuring classical music from both local and<br />

international musicians. GRID REF: A3<br />

69. Treat the whole family to a luxury stay at Woo ley<br />

Grange, a hotel that puts family first – and even includes<br />

two hours daily free childcare in its room rates. GRID REF: C4<br />

70. Hear nothing but silence in the designated Silent<br />

Space at Prior Park Landscape Garden, near Bath. This<br />

was once the site of a Gothic temple; today it’s a serene<br />

spot where mobile devices are banned and silence is<br />

requested (every Thursday noon-3pm). GRID REF: C4<br />

71. Take a dip al fresco at Thames Lido in Kings<br />

Meadow (H3), Reading. This beautiful Edwardian<br />

swimming baths has been fu ly restored and<br />

o fers non-member swimming sessions every<br />

weekday from 1-4pm. The same company operates<br />

a Lido in Bristol (A4) too, which dates from the<br />

Victorian era.<br />

1. Sit in the Devil’s Chair – a natural seat sculpted<br />

in stone at Europe’s largest stone circle, Avebury.<br />

GRID REF: E4<br />

2. Soak in the UK’s only natural hot springs at Thermae<br />

Bath Spa – home to a rooftop al fresco pool with views<br />

over the city’s ancient rooftops. GRID REF: B4<br />

3. Fly down mountain biking trails that weave through<br />

ancient woodland in Swinley Forest. The 13km Red<br />

route is not for the faint-hearted – expect jumps,<br />

drops and twists a l the way. GRID REF: J4<br />

4. Count the deer in Richmond Park<br />

(hint: there are hundreds!). GRID REF: L3<br />

5. Wave to the Queen as she rides in the daily<br />

Royal Proce sion at world-famous horseracing<br />

event Royal Ascot (four days every June). GRID REF: J4<br />

6. Feast in one of the world’s best restaurants, the<br />

three Michelin star Fat Duck in Bray, where chef<br />

Heston Blumenthal takes guests on a sensory<br />

journey – all the way to the seaside. GRID REF: J3<br />

7. See where the earliest surviving photographic<br />

negative was taken, by Henry Fox Talbot in 1835<br />

at Lacock Abbey. GRID REF: C4<br />

8. Climb the rigging of a Victorian ship, the SS <strong>Great</strong><br />

Britain and reach heights of more than 25 metres above<br />

Bristol Harbour! If you’re feeling rea ly brave you can<br />

even walk out along the main yard. GRID REF: A4<br />

9. Check ou the world’s oldest pot plant, a prickly<br />

cycad that lives at Kew Gardens and was planted<br />

in 1775. GRID REF: L3<br />

10. Run a bath with natura ly ho thermal waters at<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa hotel, where selected<br />

rooms are plumbed directly into Bath’s thermal waters.<br />

GRID REF: B4<br />

11. Poke your nose into the world’s oldest and largest<br />

inhabited castle at Windsor Castle, the home of the<br />

Queen – and said to be her favourite castle.<br />

GRID REF: K3<br />

12. Learn the ropes on a rock-climbing le son at<br />

the high limestone cli fs of Avon Gorge. There are<br />

750 climbing routes here, some of them so physica ly<br />

and menta ly cha lenging tha they’ve only been<br />

climbed once. GRID REF: A4<br />

13. Test your muscle power on a na row boating<br />

journey up one of the longest continuous flights of<br />

locks in England. You’ l rise 72 metres (237ft) in just<br />

two miles at Caen Hi lock flight en route to the<br />

market town of Devizes. GRID REF: D4<br />

14. Soar like a bird above the Wiltshire Downs on a<br />

paragliding le son. GRID REF: E4<br />

15. Stand on the site of the sealing of the Magna Carta,<br />

on the banks of the Thames at Runnymede. GRID REF: K4<br />

16. Waterski on a private lake at Cotswold Water Park.<br />

GRID REF: D2<br />

17. Escape to an English country garden at The Bath Priory<br />

hotel, where dinner is taken overlooking the kitchen garden<br />

and your bedroom is named after a flower. GRID REF: B4<br />

18. Swim in the pool that plunged the UK into chaos<br />

at Cliveden – backdrop to the infamous Profumo A fair.<br />

GRID REF: J3<br />

19. Mount your steed and thwack a polo ba l acro s the<br />

lawn on a half-day polo mastercla s at Coworth Park.<br />

GRID REF: K4<br />

20. Have a “meet and greet” with a red panda, one of<br />

several behind the scenes experiences at Bristol Zoo.<br />

GRID REF: A4<br />

21. Dre s like Jane Austen, bonnet and a l, and dance<br />

the night away a the Regency Costumed Masked<br />

Ba l in Bath, part of the annual Jane Austen Festival<br />

(September). GRID REF: B4<br />

22. Ride the rails of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s<br />

(arguably) greatest achievement, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway from London to Bristol. GRID REF: A4<br />

23. Se tle in for a traditional afternoon tea, served on a<br />

tiered stand in the restaurant of one of England’s finest<br />

country hotels. The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa (B4),<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa (C3) and Cricklade House<br />

Hotel (E2) are a l much-loved for their afternoon teas –<br />

which can be served with Champagne.<br />

24. Sail up into the sky in a hot air ba loon at<br />

Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air ba loons,<br />

the Bristol International Ba loon Fiesta every August.<br />

You needn’t wait for the fiesta though, Bailey<br />

Ba loons o fer flights a l year round above both<br />

Bristol and Bath. GRID REF: A4<br />

Discover an essential strand of England on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Based on one of the first <strong>Great</strong><br />

Roads commissioned by the Kings of England,<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way winds for 125 miles through<br />

the very soul of England, from the capital city of<br />

London to the vibrant western gateway of Bristol.<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way brings you to world-famou site such as Stonehenge,<br />

Roman Bath and Windsor Castle, but the real joy is in discovering somewhere<br />

different, a real slice of England that you can take back home with you – as<br />

memories, as photographs, or even as a bottle of craft ale or piece of local art.<br />

You can explore by road, by rail or by water. Slow right down to the pace of<br />

two feet or two bike wheels, base yourself in one place for a while and find<br />

your own story on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

72. Sme l the rhododendrons at Bowood’s Woodl<br />

Gardens, open every spring during flowering seaso<br />

Two miles of paths wind their way between the v<br />

coloured plants, many of which have been pu ting<br />

this display every year since 1854. GRID REF: D4<br />

73. Spot a Banksy – an artwork by the anonymou<br />

street artist – in the city he hails from, Bristol. You<br />

also watch other street artists at work, painting th<br />

as part of Europe’s largest street art and gra fiti fe<br />

every July. GRID REF: A3<br />

74. Get eyeball to eyeba l with some very cheeky<br />

monkeys at Longleat Safari Park – as you drive thr<br />

their habitat expect them to clamber onto your ca<br />

po sibly to take some of it with them! GRID REF: C5<br />

75. A tend the weekly ma s at Stonor Chapel, bui<br />

late thirteenth century on the site of a prehistoric<br />

circle and resolutely Catholic ever since. GRID REF: H<br />

76. Seek out ghosts on a creepy walk around the<br />

town of Devizes with local historian John Girvan.<br />

Devizes Ghost Walk has been te rifying children a<br />

alike for more than 20 years and includes a trip to<br />

of the town’s old ga lows. GRID REF: D4<br />

77. Step into the 1930s a the Atwe l-Wilson M<br />

Museum in Calne, where a 1930s garage has b<br />

reconstructed and fi led with classic cars. GRID<br />

78. Drink English wine direct from the vineyard a<br />

award winning Alder Ridge Vineyard (F4) or Aldw<br />

in Bristol (A4). English sparkling wine is ge ting es<br />

popular so be sure to give it a try.<br />

79. Stro l through a “living work of art” at Stour<br />

of England’s greatest landscape gardens. The be<br />

to visit is the autumn, when the trees turn gold<br />

at any time of the year you can seek out the cla<br />

temple above the lake – a great shot for your In<br />

GRID REF: B6<br />

80. Discover the history of the shoe at the Fash<br />

Museum in Bath, where you’ l find a co lection<br />

runs from Georgian silk shoes to Nike trainers.<br />

GRID REF: B4<br />

81. Eat international street food in the heart o<br />

The street food market runs year-round on Tue<br />

and Fridays on Wine Street and has everything<br />

Indonesian street food and vegan Thai snacks t<br />

cooked doughnuts and Tibetan dumplings. GRI<br />

25. Gawp a the super-elite school that educated<br />

Princes Wi liam and Ha ry – as we l as 19 British<br />

Prime Ministers. The tour of Eton College includes<br />

the School Yard and Co lege Chapel. GRID REF: K3<br />

26. Take the wheel of a Formula Ford 1600 or Lotus Elise<br />

on a lap of Castle Combe Motor Racing Circuit. GRID REF: C3<br />

27. Find out just what you can build with 42 million<br />

LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND. GRID REF: K3<br />

28. Get confe t in your hair at the u terly unique Devizes<br />

Confetti Battle (August). GRID REF: D4<br />

29. Visi the Wiltshire white horses, carved by local<br />

people into chalky hillsides around the county. There<br />

are eight that can be seen today including two in the<br />

unspoiled countryside of beautiful Pewsey Vale, and<br />

some are as old as 300 years! GRID REF: E4<br />

30. Go organic with food from the farm at Helen<br />

Browning’s Royal Oak (E3), where portions are<br />

generous and as much as possible is home-grown.<br />

You can visi the farm too, and buy delicious bacon<br />

and sausages to take away. Also in Wiltshire you’ l<br />

find Bu tle Farm (D4), where you can buy pork<br />

and charcuterie, and Roves Farm (E3), home to an<br />

extensive farm shop.<br />

31. Ride a steam train kept alive and running by<br />

volunteers, at Avon Valley Railway. GRID REF: B4<br />

32. Lose yourself in the UK’s oldest surviving hedge<br />

maze at Hampton Court Palace. GRID REF: L4<br />

33. Taste local brew Good Old Boy in the Taproom<br />

of the brewery that crafted it, <strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery.<br />

GRID REF: G3<br />

34. Sniff out the best cheeses at Winston Churchill’s<br />

favourite cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield in Bath.<br />

GRID REF: B4<br />

35. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle.<br />

GRID REF: K3<br />

36. Join the party at one of England’s biggest and<br />

best-loved music festivals, Reading Festival (August).<br />

GRID REF: H3<br />

37. Shop while walking on water at Pulteney Bridge<br />

in Bath. This gorgeous Georgian bridge is one of only<br />

four worldwide to have shops lining both sides and<br />

is a classical masterpiece. GRID REF: B4<br />

38. Step aboard the last Concorde ever built at<br />

Aerospace Bristol, on the site that built every<br />

British Concorde ever made. GRID REF: B3<br />

39. Climb a 120-foot Neoclassical tower built for<br />

Europe’s wealthiest man at Beckford’s Tower just<br />

outside Bath. GRID REF: B4<br />

40. Shop for a bargain at McArthurGlen Designer<br />

Outlet Swindon, where more than 100 designer<br />

stores o fer discounts of up to 60%. GRID REF: E3<br />

41. Discover Nordic walking on an introductory<br />

session with Bristol Nordic Walking. GRID REF: A3<br />

42. Mess about in boats on the Thame surrounded<br />

by hundreds of others doing the same, at Henley<br />

Royal Regatta (July). GRID REF: J3<br />

43. Watch stately Shire horses deliver local beer to<br />

the pubs of Devizes, fresh from Wadworth Brewery,<br />

based in the town. GRID REF: D4<br />

44. Stand in Harry Po ter’s footsteps in the very room<br />

he first saw his parents, reflected in the Mi ror of<br />

Erised (the Chapter House in Lacock Abbey).<br />

GRID REF: C4<br />

45. Come face to face – safely – with 33 di ferent<br />

native shark species a the Bristol Aquarium.<br />

GRID REF: A4<br />

46. Peer down from steep cli fs into England’s<br />

largest gorge before descending beneath this<br />

dramatic landscape on a caving adventure at<br />

Cheddar Gorge & Caves. GRID REF: A5<br />

47. Discover Bath’s food scene on a tasty tour<br />

with Savouring Bath – the “naughty but nice”<br />

tour is especially indulgent, focusing on treats<br />

and temptations. GRID REF: B4<br />

48. Follow in Poldark’s footsteps on a stro l along<br />

Corsham’s gorgeous honey-stoned High Street<br />

– it appeared on screen as eighteenth century<br />

Truro in the BBC drama. GRID REF: C4<br />

49. Discover the gardens of legendary landscape<br />

gardener ‘Capability’ Brown at Elizabethan mansion<br />

house Corsham Court. There’s a glorious one-mile<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Walk planted with cedars and planes,<br />

a Gothic bath house and a ha ha to keep<br />

the deer out without spoiling the view.<br />

GRID REF: C4<br />


<strong>Great</strong> things to do along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

125<br />

En<br />

for th<br />

31<br />

86<br />

13<br />

29<br />

66<br />

123<br />

tep inside a fourteenth century tithe barn, complete<br />

a staggering timbe roof of wooden arches that<br />

ch for more than 50 metres above your head.<br />

dford on Avon’s tithe barn is so historica ly important<br />

t it’s protected by English Heritage. GRID REF: C4<br />

1. <strong>Travel</strong> through the historic centre of Bath (B4) on a<br />

tand-up paddleboarding safari with Original Wild, or<br />

ake a lesson in Bristol (A4) with SUP Bristol.<br />

52. Play disc golf in the park, at Ashton Court in<br />

Bristol – you’ l be trying to get a frisbee, not a ba l,<br />

into each hole. GRID REF: A3<br />

53. See paintings by English masters Thomas<br />

Gainsborough and John Constable, housed together<br />

at Bath’s Holburne Museum. GRID REF: B4<br />

54. Climb to the top of Roundway Hi l and gaze down<br />

into the “bloody ditch” – scene of the greatest Royalist<br />

victory of the English Civil War, in 1643. GRID REF: D4<br />

55. Tune into alien energies on the hunt for one of<br />

Wiltshire’s infamous crop circles with a visi to the<br />

Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre. Many<br />

people think these large and often ornate pa terns<br />

that appear overnight in the county’s wheat fields<br />

are the work of extra-te restrials… GRID REF: E4<br />

56. Walk along the River Thames on the Thames Path,<br />

stro ling from Kew Gardens to the upscale London suburb<br />

of Richmond, home to some great pubs. GRID REF: L3<br />

57. Take a stro l through 45 acres of serene greenery<br />

at Bristol’s Arnos Vale Cemetery, a Victorian garden<br />

cemetery su rounded by unspoiled woodland and<br />

home to numerous fascinating monuments. GRID REF: B4<br />

58. Try a hot chocolate seventeenth-century style at<br />

Dyrham Park – you might be surprised to learn that<br />

it has cayenne pepper in it! GRID REF: B3<br />

59. Scan the skies fo red kites in the Chilterns –<br />

the bes time to see these glorious birds of prey<br />

is between October and April and the best chance<br />

of seeing them is in the far south of the Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty. GRID REF: K1<br />

60. Get a new insight into Shakespeare, at a<br />

contemporary performance of the Bard’s best work<br />

at Bristol Shakespeare Festival (July). GRID REF: A3<br />

61. Find dazzling carpets of bluebe ls in the woods at<br />

<strong>West</strong> Woods just outside Marlborough. April and May<br />

are bluebe l season here. GRID REF: E4<br />

62. Try Wiltshire cured ham in Calne, the town it<br />

originated in back in the eighteenth century. It goes very<br />

we l with cheese and pickle! It’s also on the menu at<br />

plenty of pubs along the Way, including the Queens Arms<br />

at East Garston. GRID REF: D4<br />

63. Find your next new favourite story in one of Bath’s<br />

independent bookshops. Mr B’s Emporium and Topping &<br />

Company both have great selections. GRID REF: B4<br />

64. Watch for the colourful flash of a swooping kingfisher,<br />

its orange and blue plumage catching your eye on a walk<br />

through the marshland at Jones’s Mi l in Pewsey Vale (E4),<br />

cared for by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The Trust also has<br />

sites at Blakehi l Farm (D2) and Lower Moor (D2)<br />

in north Wiltshire.<br />

65. Wear out the kids at Bowood’s fabulous adventure<br />

playground. There’s a pirate ship, aerial walkways and a<br />

Flying Fox zip wire – kids up to the age of 12 wi l be hard<br />

to drag away from here! GRID REF: D4<br />

66. Walk across Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension<br />

Bridge, gazing across the dramatic Avon Gorge GRID REF: A4<br />

67. Get up close and personal with the trees on<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt Arboretum’s Treetop Walkway. It runs<br />

through the tree canopy for 300 metres and features<br />

interactive information panels and telescopes to teach<br />

visitors abou the co lection a the national arboretum.<br />

GRID REF: C3<br />

68. Hear classical music echoing around an ancient<br />

cathedral. Bristol Cathedral hosts regula recitals,<br />

featuring classical music from both local and<br />

international musicians. GRID REF: A3<br />

69. Treat the whole family to a luxury stay at Woo ley<br />

Grange, a hotel that puts family first – and even includes<br />

two hours daily free childcare in its room rates. GRID REF: C4<br />

70. Hear nothing but silence in the designated Silent<br />

Space at Prior Park Landscape Garden, near Bath. This<br />

was once the site of a Gothic temple; today it’s a serene<br />

spot where mobile devices are banned and silence is<br />

requested (every Thursday noon-3pm). GRID REF: C4<br />

71. Take a dip al fresco at Thames Lido in Kings<br />

Meadow (H3), Reading. This beautiful Edwardian<br />

swimming baths has been fu ly restored and<br />

o fers non-member swimming sessions every<br />

weekday from 1-4pm. The same company operates<br />

a Lido in Bristol (A4) too, which dates from the<br />

Victorian era.<br />

72. Sme l the rhododendrons at Bowood’s Woodland<br />

Gardens, open every spring during flowering season.<br />

Two miles of paths wind their way between the vibrantly<br />

coloured plants, many of which have been pu ting on<br />

this display every year since 1854. GRID REF: D4<br />

73. Spot a Banksy – an artwork by the anonymous<br />

street artist – in the city he hails from, Bristol. You can<br />

also watch other street artists at work, painting the wa ls<br />

as part of Europe’s largest street art and gra fiti festival,<br />

every July. GRID REF: A3<br />

74. Get eyeba l to eyeba l with some very cheeky<br />

monkeys at Longleat Safari Park – as you drive through<br />

their habitat expect them to clamber onto your car, and<br />

possibly to take some of it with them! GRID REF: C5<br />

75. A tend the weekly mass at Stonor Chapel, built in the<br />

late thirteenth century on the site of a prehistoric stone<br />

circle and resolutely Catholic ever since. GRID REF: H3<br />

76. Seek out ghosts on a creepy walk around the market<br />

town of Devizes with local historian John Girvan. The<br />

Devizes Ghost Walk has been te rifying children and adults<br />

alike for more than 20 years and includes a trip to the site<br />

of the town’s old ga lows. GRID REF: D4<br />

77. Step into the 1930s a the Atwe l-Wilson Motor<br />

Museum in Calne, where a 1930s garage has been<br />

reconstructed and fi led with classic cars. GRID REF: D4<br />

78. Drink English wine direct from the vineyard at the<br />

award winning Alder Ridge Vineyard (F4) or Aldwick Estate<br />

in Bristol (A4). English sparkling wine is ge ting especia ly<br />

popular so be sure to give it a try.<br />

79. Stro l through a “living work of art” at Stourhead, one<br />

of England’s greatest landscape gardens. The best time<br />

to visit is the autumn, when the trees turn golden, but<br />

at any time of the year you can seek out the classical<br />

temple above the lake – a great shot for your Instagram.<br />

GRID REF: B6<br />

80. Discover the history of the shoe at the Fashion<br />

Museum in Bath, where you’ l find a co lection that<br />

runs from Georgian silk shoes to Nike trainers.<br />

GRID REF: B4<br />

81. Eat international street food in the heart of Bristol.<br />

The street food market runs year-round on Tuesdays<br />

and Fridays on Wine Street and has everything from<br />

Indonesian street food and vegan Thai snacks to freshly<br />

cooked doughnuts and Tibetan dumplings. GRID REF: A4<br />

82. Bet on the horses at Newbury Racecourse, which has<br />

race days year-round. GRID REF: G4<br />

83. Check ou the largest co lection of Americana<br />

outside the US, including some fascinating ancient maps<br />

and more than 200 quilts, a the American Museum and<br />

Gardens in Bath. GRID REF: C4<br />

84. Get geeky about local ales with the helpful bar sta f at<br />

the Beer Emporium, in the heart of Old Bristol and se ling<br />

beers from local craft breweries. The bottle shop upstairs<br />

has loads to take away too. GRID REF: A4<br />

85. Shop for local goodies at the twice-weekly market<br />

in Marlborough, set along the second widest high street<br />

in the UK. GRID REF: E4<br />

86. Wait for Corsham’s free-roaming peacocks to fan out<br />

their bright coloured tails – then take the perfect picture.<br />

You might even spot them admiring themselves in the<br />

shop windows of the High Street. GRID REF: C4<br />

87. Join the debate over Silbury Hi l, part of the prehistoric<br />

complex at Avebury. Just why did ancient man build a<br />

mound as large as a contemporary Egyptian pyramid?<br />

GRID REF: E4<br />

88. Take your seats for a performance of local<br />

talent a the Barn Theatre in Cirencester (D2), one<br />

of England’s best regional theatres and home to<br />

state-of-the-art facilities. Or se tle in for a jazz<br />

concert a the Wiltshire Music Centre (C4) in<br />

Bradford on Avon.<br />

89. Haggle for a bargain at Hungerford Arcade Antiques,<br />

home to more than 100 antique dealers – and plenty of<br />

weird and wonderful finds. GRID REF: F4<br />

90. Se tle in for some pub grub with a di ference at The<br />

Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the first<br />

UK pub to be awarded two Michelin stars. GRID REF: J3<br />

91. Saddle up for a trek along the Ridgeway, riding through<br />

the North We sex Downs to reach the River Thames in the<br />

Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. GRID REF: H2<br />

92. Spot bri liant blue poison dart frogs, one of the<br />

world’s most brightly coloured animals, in the Lowlands<br />

glasshouse at the Living Rainforest in Berkshire.<br />

GRID REF: G3<br />

93. Work the signals in the interactive GWR signal box<br />

and drive a train simulator at STEAM, the Museum of<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway, in Swindon. GRID REF: E3<br />

ever built at<br />

built every<br />

REF: B3<br />

al tower built for<br />

kford’s Tower just<br />

rthurGlen Designer<br />

than 100 designer<br />

o 60%. GRID REF: E3<br />

on an introductory<br />

Walking. GRID REF: A3<br />

the Thame su rounded<br />

ng the same, at Henley<br />

REF: J3<br />

horses deliver local beer to<br />

h from Wadworth Brewery,<br />

REF: D4<br />

ter’s footsteps in the very room<br />

s, reflected in the Mi ror of<br />

ouse in Lacock Abbey).<br />

ce – safely – with 33 di ferent<br />

s a the Bristol Aquarium.<br />

m steep cli fs into England’s<br />

re descending beneath this<br />

pe on a caving adventure at<br />

& Caves. GRID REF: A5<br />

th’s food scene on a tasty tour<br />

Bath – the “naughty but nice”<br />

ly indulgent, focusing on treats<br />

ons. GRID REF: B4<br />

Poldark’s footsteps on a stro l along<br />

orgeous honey-stoned High Street<br />

ed on screen as eighteenth century<br />

e BBC drama. GRID REF: C4<br />

ver the gardens of legendary landscape<br />

‘Capability’ Brown at Elizabethan mansion<br />

orsham Court. There’s a glorious one-mile<br />

alk planted with cedars and planes,<br />

ic bath house and a ha ha to keep<br />

er out without spoiling the view.<br />

EF: C4<br />

94. Take a guided tour of the picture-postcard<br />

fifteenth-century <strong>Great</strong> Chalfield Manor and check<br />

out its beautiful Arts and Craft style garden, complete<br />

with some very we l-manicured topiary. GRID REF: C4<br />

95. Se tle in for an authentic English pub experience. There are<br />

hundreds of traditional pubs along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, where<br />

you can play pub games in the beer garden in summer, or cosy<br />

up by the open fire in winter. We love the Three Tuns Freehouse<br />

in <strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn (F4), The Old Be l in Malmesbury (C3), the<br />

Royal Oak in Ya tendon (C3), The Red Lion Freehouse in East<br />

Chisenbury (E4) and The Newbury Pub in Newbury (G4).<br />

96. Pootle along the Kennet & Avon Canal on your<br />

very own na rowboat, mooring up at pub gardens<br />

and in market towns along the route and feeling the<br />

pace of life slow. Boats can be hired just for the day<br />

from Devizes Marina (D4) or for a longer holiday from<br />

Honeystreet Boats (E4). Don’t fancy driving yourself?<br />

Take a na rowboa tour instead, on the Jubilee from<br />

Newbury Wharf (G4), The Rose of Hungerford from<br />

Hungerford (F4), the Kenavon Venture from Devizes<br />

Wharf (D4) or the Barbara McLe lan from Bradford on<br />

Avon (C4).<br />

97. Check in to England’s oldest hotel, The Old Be l<br />

Hotel in Malmesbury. It’s Grade I listed and stands<br />

right nex to the twelfth century Abbey. Fu ly restored,<br />

it o fers elegant modern accommodation and relaxed<br />

dinners.GRID REF: C3<br />

98. Take a horse-riding lesson with Rein and Shine in<br />

Swindon. There are horse riding experience packages<br />

of two and three hours, including the chance to learn<br />

about stable management. GRID REF: E3<br />

99. Marvel a the world’s oldest working steam<br />

engines, the Crofton Beam Engines. Fed by a<br />

hand-stoked coal-fired boiler, they’re sti l plugging<br />

away at the job they were designed to do more than<br />

200 years ago – pumping water up to the highest<br />

point of the Kennet & Avon Canal. GRID REF: E4<br />

100. Bring the binoculars for some winter<br />

birdwatching at Cotswold Water Park. Look out<br />

for great crested grebes, tufted ducks, coots and<br />

pochards. GRID REF: D2<br />

101. Check ou the work of English twentieth century<br />

painter Sir Stanley Spencer in the eponymous ga lery on<br />

the high street in Cookham, the Thameside vi lage he<br />

lived and worked in for many years. GRID REF: J3<br />

102. Go orchid spo ting in Hartslock Nature Reserve,<br />

home to the rare monkey orchid which flowers here in<br />

May or early June. There is also a hybrid of the monkey<br />

and lady orchids here, the only place in Britain tha this<br />

has been recorded. GRID REF: H3<br />

1<strong>03</strong>. Pose for the perfect postcard-worthy shot on<br />

the arched stone bridge in the heart of Castle Combe.<br />

This protected vi lage is like a time capsule, with not a<br />

modern building in sight. No surprise then that it has<br />

appeared on screen numerous times – in Spielberg’s<br />

War Horse and the original Dr Dooli tle film to name<br />

jus two. GRID REF: C3<br />

104. Canoe the Kennet & Avon Canal, pushing o f in<br />

a Canadian canoe at Bradford on Avon and paddling<br />

eastwards to Seend Cleeve and the canalside Barge<br />

Inn, where you can moor up for a pub lunch before<br />

the return journey. GRID REF: D4<br />

105. Bring a blanket and se tle in for an al fresco<br />

performance of a Shakespearean play at Dyrham<br />

Park (August). GRID REF: B3<br />

106. Take a turn around the organic gardens at<br />

Highgrove, home to the Prince of Wales. Book a<br />

champagne tea tour and you’ l finish with afternoon<br />

tea and a glass of Highgrove Champagne. GRID REF: C3<br />

107. Lace up your skates for a spin around the rink at<br />

one of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way’s winter ice rinks. There are<br />

rinks at Mi lennium Square in Bristol (A4), Royal Victoria<br />

Park in Bath (B4), Alexandra Gardens in Windsor (K3) and<br />

Hampton Court Palace (L4) (November-January).<br />

108. Ge the stones (almost) to yourself by booking<br />

the Inner Circle tour at Stonehenge and rising early to<br />

be inside the stone circle before it opens to the public.<br />

You sti l can’ touch the stones, but you wi l get some<br />

great pictures of them. GRID REF: E6<br />

109. Stoop to enter <strong>West</strong> Kennet Long Ba row, a<br />

Neolithic tomb built around 5,650 years ago. You can<br />

walk along inside for about 13 metres before reaching<br />

the final chamber. Bring a torch! GRID REF: E4<br />

110. Set out on foot through the Cotswolds on the<br />

102-mile Cotswold Way, one of England’s national trails.<br />

You’ l start at Bath Abbey (B4) and head north along the<br />

Cotswold escarpment, stro ling through idy lic vi lages<br />

and passing ancient churches, abbeys and mansions set<br />

in some of the country’s most celebrated – and best<br />

protected – countryside.<br />

111. Eat a traditional ploughman’s lunch – a pla ter of<br />

local cheese, pickle and onions accompanied by bread and<br />

(usua ly) a salad. Try it at the twelfth century Castle Inn<br />

in Castle Combe (C3) or at Beese’s in Bristol (A4).<br />

112. Have a proper English cup of tea – served strong<br />

with milk of course – in a traditional tearoom. There<br />

are hundreds of tearooms along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

but some of our favourites are St Peter’s Co fee Shop in<br />

Marlborough (E4), The To lgate in Dyrham (B3), the Teapot<br />

in Cookham (J3) and The Tu ti Pole in Hungerford (F4).<br />

113. See a 2,000-year-old lime tree, sti l going strong<br />

in Silk Wood at <strong>West</strong>onbirt Arboretum. GRID REF: C3<br />

114. Test your navigational ski ls on the orienteering<br />

trails at Ashton Court in Bristol. There are three to try<br />

– pick up a map from the golf kiosk. GRID REF: A4<br />

115. Cycle along an old railway track, fo lowing the<br />

13-mile Bristol & Bath Railway Path between the<br />

two cities. This was once the route of the Midland<br />

Railway and some evidence of its life as a railway<br />

i sti l visible. The route is tarmac, tra fic-free and<br />

almost entirely level – making it a breeze for<br />

a l levels of ability. You could even try it on a<br />

tandem, hiring a two-seater bike from Bristol<br />

Tandem Hire. GRID REF: B4<br />

116. See the cave where two giants, Goram and<br />

Ghyston, are said to have once made their home.<br />

You can walk to this sma l cave overlooking Avon<br />

Gorge in Bristol from the Observatory above it,<br />

through a tunnel carved in the nineteenth century<br />

by artist Wi liam <strong>West</strong>. GRID REF: A4<br />

117. Go bu terfly spo ting in the rare chalk grasslands<br />

of the Chilterns, the perfect habitat for a wide variety<br />

of wildflowers – and the butterflies that love them.<br />

GRID REF: H3<br />

118. Play a round of golf on one of England’s best<br />

parkland courses. Try Richmond Park Golf Course in<br />

<strong>West</strong> London, North Wilts Golf Club in Wiltshire or<br />

Bristol & Clifton Golf Club.<br />

GRID REF: L3<br />

119. See what’s biting in the Kennet & Avon Canal<br />

– home to some of England’s most bankable angling<br />

spots. Fishing is permi ted along much of the towpath<br />

here, bu two of the best places for a bumper catch<br />

are Bathampton near Bath (C4) and Hungerford in<br />

Berkshire (F4). Contac the local angling association<br />

for a permit.<br />

120. Discover the area’s military might with a visit<br />

to REME, the museum of the Royal Electrical and<br />

Mechanical Engineers, at MoD Lyneham. See large<br />

armoured vehicles, listen to soldiers’ stories and get<br />

hands-on with the recovery task simulator. GRID REF: D3<br />

121. Indulge yourself by booking a mind-melting<br />

in-water massage – or watsu. Bath’s Thermae Spa<br />

o fers these dreamy treatments in the natural thermal<br />

waters of the Hot Bath. Just don’t plan anything too<br />

strenuous for afterwards! GRID REF: B4<br />

122. Wild swim in the Thames at Cock Marsh near<br />

Cookham, where you’ l find sandy beaches to paddle<br />

out from and clear, clean waters. GRID REF: J3<br />

123. Go behind the scenes at Downton Abbey with a<br />

visi to Highclere Castle, the building Julian Fe lowes<br />

i said to have had in mind when he wrote the TV<br />

drama. The Victorian castle remains the family home<br />

of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, and visitors<br />

can see the <strong>Great</strong> Ha l, backdrop to much of Mary and<br />

Ma thew’s romance, and the Dining Room, scene of<br />

many a family drama and plenty of acerbic comments<br />

from the Dowager Countess. GRID REF: G5<br />

124. Have a crack at clay pigeon shooting in the<br />

grounds of Donnington Grove in Berkshire. GRID REF: G4<br />

125. Learn how stop animation works in Bristol, home<br />

to Aardman Animations, the Academy Award winning<br />

studio who brought the world Wa lace and Gromit.<br />

We the Curiou science centre hosts model making<br />

workshops with experts from the studio – you’ l even<br />

ge to take home a plasticine Gromit. GRID REF: A4<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


England<br />

for the Curious<br />

31<br />

86<br />

13<br />

66<br />

123<br />

2<br />

In partnership with:<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way and England’s <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are registered<br />

trade marks. A l rights reserved.<br />

Recommended accommodation<br />

Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk GRID REF: B4<br />

Apex City of Bath Hotel, Bath<br />

apexhotels.co.uk GRID REF: B4<br />

Avalon Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Devizes<br />

bed-breakfast-devizes.co.uk GRID REF: D4<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

bathapartmentbreaks.co.uk GRID REF: B4<br />

Bath Self Catering<br />

bathselfcatering.com GRID REF: B4<br />

Beanhi l Farm B&B, Chippenham<br />

beanhi lfarm.net GRID REF: D3<br />

Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel, Wiltshire<br />

bestwestern.co.uk GRID REF: C4<br />

Brooks Guest House, Bath<br />

brooksguesthouse.com GRID REF: B4<br />

Buttle Farm, Wiltshire<br />

bu tlefarm.co.uk GRID REF: D4<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages, Wiltshire<br />

churchfarmco tages.com GRID REF: C4<br />

Cricklade Hotel, Wiltshire<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk GRID REF: E2<br />

Cumberwe l Country Cottages, Wiltshire<br />

cumberwe lcountryco tages.com GRID REF: E2<br />

Devizes Marina Vi lage, Wiltshire<br />

devizesmarina.com GRID REF: D4<br />

Donnington Grove, Newbury<br />

donnington-grove.com GRID REF: G4<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton, Swindon, Wiltshire<br />

doubletree3.hilton.com GRID REF: E3<br />

The Farm Camp, Wiltshire<br />

thefarmcamp.co.uk GRID REF: C4<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Northern Hotel, London<br />

gnhlondon.com GRID REF: M3<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport, Bristol<br />

hamptoninn3.hilton.com GRID REF: A4<br />

Helen Browning’s Royal Oak, Wiltshire<br />

helenbrowningsorganic.co.uk GRID REF: E3<br />

Heritage Bed & Breakfast, Wiltshire<br />

heritagebandb.co.uk GRID REF: D4<br />

Holiday Inn Salisbury–Stonehenge, Wiltshire<br />

hisalisbury-stonehenge.co.uk GRID REF: E6<br />

The Langley, Buckinghamshire<br />

ma rio t.com GRID REF: K3<br />

MacDonald Bath Spa Hotel<br />

macdonaldhotels.co.uk GRID REF: B4<br />

Manor Farm B&B, Wiltshire<br />

manorfm.co.uk GRID REF: E5<br />

Meadowbank House Bed & Breakfast, Wiltshire<br />

meadowbankhouse.com GRID REF: E3<br />

The Old Be l Hotel, Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

oldbe lhotel.co.uk GRID REF: C3<br />

The Old Chapel, Wiltshire<br />

airbnb.co.uk/rooms/29073443 GRID REF: E4<br />

Queens Arms, East Garston, Berkshire<br />

queensarmseastgarston.co.uk GRID REF: F4<br />

The Red Lion and Troutbeck, East Chisenbury<br />

redlionfreehouse.com GRID REF: E5<br />

The Roseate Villa, Bath<br />

roseatehotels.com/bath/theroseatevi la GRID REF: B4<br />

Roseate House, London<br />

roseatehotels.com/london/roseatehouse GRID REF: L3<br />

The Roseate, Reading<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/theroseate GRID REF: H4<br />

The Royal Oak, Yattendon, Berkshire<br />

royaloakya tendon.co.uk GRID REF: C3<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath<br />

royalcrescent.co.uk GRID REF: B4<br />

The Swan, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire<br />

theswanbradford.co.uk GRID REF: C4<br />

Totteridge Farm, Pewsey, Wiltshire<br />

to teridge-farm.website GRID REF: E4<br />

Tucking Mi l, Bath Apartments & Cottages<br />

bathselfcatering.net GRID REF: B4<br />

Whatley Manor, Wiltshire<br />

whatleymanor.com GRID REF: C3<br />

Woo ley Grange Hotel, Wiltshire<br />

woo leygrangehotel.co.uk GRID REF: C4<br />



We've put together some further pointers to help you respect,<br />

protect and enjoy our lovely English countryside while you<br />

travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />


The Chilterns, the North Wessex Downs and the<br />

Cotswolds offer exceptional landscapes, and thanks<br />

to their legal protection they are perfect countryside<br />

playgrounds for cyclists and ramblers.<br />

If you are starting your journey from London,<br />

you will be close to the southern section of The<br />

Chilterns - a section of the 324 square miles which<br />

fall within the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way corridor. It’s a haven<br />

for wildlife. Keep an eye out for red kites - the<br />

bird of prey now thrives in the region, having been<br />

reintroduced in 1989.<br />

It is likely you may have heard of the North<br />

Wessex Downs - it is the third largest Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain (there are<br />

46 AONBs in total). The area lies at the heart of the<br />

chalk band that stretches across southern England<br />

and was once under a warm sea. Its landscape is very<br />

diverse; as well as the chalk habitats, there is a rich<br />

mosaic of woodland, pasture, heath and common<br />

land.<br />

It is an ancient landscape etched by the impact of<br />

humans for over 5,000 years, including fascinating<br />

features such as the World Heritage Site at Avebury,<br />

eight Chalk White Horses, Savernake Forest,<br />

Highclere Castle, historic market towns and the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

Or you might find yourself walking some of the<br />

Cotswold Way which really is England at its prettiest.<br />

Here you could cover more ground with a leisurely<br />

Sunday road cycle through the sleepy Cotswolds<br />

villages before stopping for a well-earned roast dinner<br />

in one of the many pretty pubs or award-winning<br />

restaurants.<br />

Whichever direction you take, be it by bike,<br />

foot, water, or a mix of all three remember to slow<br />

down to enjoy the journey as much as you do the<br />

destination!<br />

Be Curious<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is perfect<br />

place to be curious and explore<br />

the great outdoors by getting<br />

off the beaten track. But don’t<br />

forget to:<br />

Respect our local landscapes and<br />

communities as you discover the<br />

many hidden delights of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way. There are hundreds<br />

of miles of stunning countryside<br />

for curious travellers to explore<br />

along the route, but please stick<br />

to Public Right of Ways as you<br />

wander and do not picnic or<br />

exercise on private land.<br />

Protect yourself and others by<br />

avoiding busy beauty spots that<br />

might attract crowds. Don’t<br />

follow the herd. Instead, explore<br />

off the beaten track to find a<br />

quiet, peaceful spot away for<br />

others where you can maintain<br />

social distancing. Be prepared<br />

to go elsewhere if you arrive at<br />

a destination and find that too<br />

many other people have had the<br />

same idea!<br />

Enjoy discovering and supporting<br />

our small local businesses. From<br />

pub takeaways to village shops,<br />

many businesses are now open<br />

again and waiting for you to<br />

discover them. Please support<br />

our local businesses by shopping<br />

with them and abiding by their<br />

social distancing protocols.<br />

Be Responsible<br />

As Lockdown restrictions start to<br />

ease, remember the guidelines<br />

that are in place to help keep<br />

you safe and to look after our<br />

wonderful countryside:<br />

Respect our wildlife and<br />

landscapes. Please tread carefully<br />

and keep an eye out for wildlife<br />

that may have moved into<br />

unexpected places during the<br />

lockdown. Keep dogs on a lead<br />

and do not stray from footpaths<br />

and bridleways, as you might<br />

disturb ground nesting birds<br />

and other wildlife. Take all litter<br />

home with you and follow the<br />

countryside code when exploring<br />

rural areas.<br />

Protect yourself and others<br />

by maintaining strict social<br />

distancing and staying 1 metre+<br />

away from anyone outside your<br />

household whilst exercising,<br />

sitting and socialising. Avoid<br />

parking too close to other people's<br />

houses and remember to wash<br />

your hands regularly. Some<br />

historic towns and villages along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way have narrow<br />

streets that make it hard to<br />

maintain social distancing - plan<br />

in advance to avoid these areas.<br />

Enjoy the glorious countryside<br />

of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Here<br />

curious travellers will find<br />

rolling green hills, peaceful<br />

forests, pretty nature<br />

reserves, picturesque villages,<br />

quaint canals, glorious open<br />

countryside, charming historic<br />

towns and more. Please follow<br />

any specific guidelines from our<br />

friends and partners, including<br />

the National Trust, Forestry<br />

Commission, English Heritage,<br />

The Canal and River Trust,<br />

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, North<br />

Wessex Downs AONB, Wildfowl<br />

& Wetlands Trust, and local<br />

councils. Plan ahead before you<br />

travel and check which facilities<br />

are open. Some car parks may<br />

need to be booked in advance.<br />

Please stay curious and stay<br />

responsible while you explore<br />

this area of quintessentially<br />

English beauty, and plan carefully<br />

before visiting.<br />

70 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk



Photographers are never short of inspiration for the perfect shot along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Vote for your favourite capture from our ten<br />

finalists for your chance to win a luxury short break for two to Bristol!<br />

THANK YOU to all the wonderful For the opportunity to<br />

photographers out there who have make the finalists of our<br />

been helping build our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Capturing the Moment 2021<br />

Way Instagram page. With so Competition follow our<br />

many wonderful shots it has been difficult<br />

Instagram page<br />

to narrow down the photos to a top 10<br />

instagram.com/<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

of finalists. Readers - I hope these images<br />

and tag @<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

inspire you and thank you for helping us to<br />

choose our Capturing the Moment<br />

or use the hashtag<br />

Photography Competition 2020 winner!<br />

#<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way<br />

72 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />


7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />


Our Capturing the<br />

Moment Photography<br />

Competition 2020 winner<br />

will not only be featured<br />

in our next issue, on our<br />

website, and across our<br />

social media platforms but<br />

will win a hamper of tickets<br />

to visit five of the best <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way attractions!<br />


îKew Gardens<br />

1 @angelacoomey 6<br />

îClifton Suspension Bridge<br />

2 @tobypickardphotography 7<br />

îBradford on Avon<br />

3 @wordyelaine 8<br />

îWilton Windmill<br />

4 @declan.spreadbury 9<br />

îPulteney Bridge, Bath<br />

5 @ellisreed 10<br />

îRoyal Crescent<br />

@balazsromsics<br />

îRichmond, Surrey<br />

@veevs<br />

îAlton Barnes White Horse<br />

@declan.spreadbury<br />

îWindsor Castle<br />

@alfs_ig<br />

îCaen Hill Locks<br />

@esined636<br />

74 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

WIN!<br />

The talented winner of our<br />

Capturing the Moment<br />

Photography Competition<br />

2020 will be spoilt for choice of<br />

places to visit on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way -<br />

hopefully still with their camera in hand!<br />

We will be providing them with free<br />

family tickets to visit <strong>West</strong>onbirt, The<br />

National Arboretum in Gloucestershire,<br />

English stately home Longleat in<br />

Wiltshire, Cheddar Gorge & Caves,<br />

Britain’s highest, inland limestone<br />

cliffs rising up 450ft, in Somerset, and<br />

Berkeley Castle, with origins dating back<br />

to the 11th century, in Gloucestershire.<br />

Plus, they will also be treated to a<br />

Bombay Sapphire Cocktail Masterclass<br />

experience, for themselves and up to<br />

three guests!<br />

And that's not all. As a thank you for<br />

voting we are offering you the chance to<br />

win an overnight stay for two, staying<br />

in the stylishly boutique, Brooks Guest<br />

House, situated in the heart of Bristol's<br />

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within easy walking distance of Bristol's<br />

city centre.<br />

The lucky winners will also receive<br />

tickets to visit Brunel's SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain,<br />

the world’s first great ocean liner, as<br />

well as enjoying a private guided tour,<br />

discovering Bristol's famous street art,<br />

with Graft! To find out more about<br />

Bristol please visit visitbristol.co.uk<br />


îVote for your favourite finalist<br />

for your chance to win<br />

Help us to choose our Capturing the<br />

Moment Photography Competition 2020<br />

winner and you will be automatically<br />

entered into our competition! Simply<br />

visit our website to submit your entry:<br />

î<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/competition<br />

Closing date for all entries is 31 December<br />

2020. The winner will be announced in<br />

January 2021. Terms and conditions apply,<br />

please see website page for details.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


76 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


Scenic gardens with lashings of space and fresh air make the<br />

ideal day out post-lockdown. Avoid the crowds and feel safe<br />

outdside in these socially distanced times. From the world<br />

famous to the well-kept secrets, here are some gardens along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way where you won’t be able to help but<br />

stop and smell the roses<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Moments to to<br />

remember<br />

made with the<br />

National Trust<br />

Visit Visit the the National Trust Trust places along the the the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way®</strong> for for for spaces to to to relax, relax, gardens<br />

and and countryside to to to explore and and and stories stories to to discover. discover.<br />

These are the places that make us.<br />

These These are are the the places places that that make make us. us.<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk/south-west<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk/south-west<br />

© National<br />

© National<br />

Trust<br />

Trust<br />

2019<br />

2019<br />

. Registered<br />

. Registered<br />

charity,<br />

charity,<br />

No.<br />

No.<br />

205846.<br />

205846. ©<br />

National<br />

National<br />

Trust<br />

Trust<br />

Images<br />

Images<br />

\Alana<br />

\Alana<br />

Wright.<br />

Wright.<br />

© National Trust 2019 . Registered charity, No. 205846. © National Trust Images \Alana Wright.

Pictured<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Stourhead;<br />

Strawberry<br />

Hill House;<br />

Cliveden<br />

House;<br />

London<br />

Wetland<br />

Centre.<br />

ENGLAND IS RENOWNED for its stately homes<br />

and gardens and many of the finest lie along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Here's our pick of some of the<br />

best from east to west!<br />


The gardens of 300-year-old Cliveden House hold<br />

just as much interest as the house - itself known for<br />

exuberant high society parties, political scandals<br />

and, most recently, its connection to a certain royal<br />

wedding. Meander through the six acre Parterre,<br />

with its distinctive triangular beds, be uplifted by the<br />

fragrant intermingling of fresh spring flowers and<br />

classical statues in the Long Garden and come over<br />

all romantic amid 900 roses in the heavenly-scented<br />

Rose Garden.<br />


London Wetland Centre, an award winning nature reserve,<br />

brings the countryside to London. Although close to the<br />

heart of the capital it is a haven of tranquility for both<br />

wildlife and people.<br />

The lakes, pools and gardens are home to kingfishers<br />

nesting in a bank, sand martins zipping over the ponds,<br />

wading birds searching for food at the lake edges and<br />

ducklings waddling after their mother in the spring. For<br />

keen bird watchers there are bitterns in the winter and<br />

yellow wagtails on the grazing marsh in summer. It’s a<br />

wonderful place for a relaxing walk through the scenic<br />

paths that meander among the lakes and gardens.<br />


For an unforgettable horticultural experience, make a<br />

beeline for Kew Gardens - a UNESCO World Heritage<br />

Site. Hop aboard the Kew Explorer Land Train, which<br />

will wizz you round the main sites in around 40<br />

minutes. Current highlights of any tour include the<br />

Palm House, built with a rainforest climate to nurture<br />

the plant life brought back by Victorian botanists;<br />

The Hive, an immersive experience that echoes the<br />

life going on inside a real beehive; and The Princess of<br />

Wales Conservatory, which is packed with all sorts of<br />

prickly curiosities from cacti to carnivorous plants.<br />


As host of the prestigious RHS Hampton Court Palace<br />

Flower Show, with 500 years of royal gardening<br />

experience, Hampton Court Palace is certainly no<br />

amateur. The gardens you see now are all a product<br />

of its rich history - the Baroque-style <strong>Great</strong> Fountain<br />

Garden for instance was executed by King William III and<br />

Queen Mary II’s gardener, in the shape of a goose foot<br />

as was fashionable then. Elsewhere you can navigate The<br />

Maze, which featured in Jerome K. Jerome’s novel, Three<br />

Men in a Boat, and tour the immaculate Royal Kitchen<br />

Garden with its heritage vegetables.<br />


Strawberry Hill House, the former summer residence<br />

of Horace Walpole, author of ‘The Castle of Ontranto’,<br />

is famous for being Britain’s finest example of Georgian<br />

Gothic Revival architecture. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk 79

Pictured<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

The Savill<br />

Garden;<br />

Bowood<br />

House &<br />

Gardens;<br />

Stonor<br />

Park<br />

You can visit the house and gardens in Twickenham - it<br />

has been open to visitors for over 250 years! Inspired by<br />

William Kent and the ideas behind the English Landscape<br />

Movement, Horace Walpole created a romantic garden to<br />

complement his Gothic castle. Formal borders mixed with<br />

groves of trees and shrubs crossed by winding paths, and<br />

flowers and fragrance, a fine lawn, an open terrace and<br />

meadows that led straight to the River Thames.<br />

The five-acre garden has been, as far as possible, restored<br />

to its original appearance using Eighteenth-Century<br />

maps and paintings as well as Walpole’s own writing. It is<br />

Grade II listed and of national importance as a reminder<br />

of a fascinating period in garden history. It is a charming,<br />

compact garden full of a variety of beds, borders, walks,<br />

groves, lawns and woodland.<br />

Learn more about its history by joining one of the<br />

experienced guides on a garden tour at 1pm every<br />

Wednesday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from March<br />

until October.<br />


Starting life in the 1930s, these 35-acres of gardens are<br />

home to a whole spectrum of flora and fauna, from glades,<br />

woodlands and winter beds to spring bulb meadows and a<br />

Mediterranean garden. See flaming stars shine bright orange<br />

along the herbaceous border, spot purple globes of alliums in<br />

the dry garden and watch as the Summer Gardens become<br />

a circus of life and colour in season. But that’s not all - other<br />

gardens, also part of Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park, include The Valley<br />

Gardens, Virginia Water and The Long Walk and Deer Park.<br />

80 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Set in a valley in the Chiltern Hills, Stonor Park offers a lush<br />

mix of ponds, fountains and pleasure gardens. Stroll amid the<br />

neat box hedges, and see if you can find the hidden Japanese<br />

retreat. Or head to the Old Kitchen Garden, laden with<br />

bounty in summer, and be inspired to grow-your-own back<br />

home. The estate even has its own arboretum, which is a<br />

treat to visit during spring when the cherry blossoms fall - the<br />

ideal scene for budding photographers.<br />


Fashionable 18th-century gardener ‘Capability’ Brown has<br />

become synonymous with manicured English landscapes.<br />

He worked his magic on 100 acres of parkland at Bowood<br />

House, and it is now widely held to be the best preserved of<br />

his masterpieces. Sit for a while by the mile-long lake, behold<br />

the sweeping lawns from the terrace and learn more about<br />

the highly skilled designer, and his work, on a themed tour.<br />

Other highlights include an arboretum, woodland gardens<br />

and Lord and Lady Lansdowne’s secret walled garden - best<br />

in early summer when it blossoms with fragrant swathes of<br />

lavender, honeysuckle and peonies.<br />


Home to 2,500 different species from the far corners of the<br />

globe and five national tree collections and the STIHL Tree<br />

Top Walkway. Enrich your visit to <strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National<br />

Arboretum by pre-booking a seasonal guided walk with<br />

an experienced guide for only £50 (plus admission fees).<br />

A guided walk of the Arboretum (up to an hour and a half)<br />

unpicks all the myths and stories behind the trees and<br />

the Arboretum’s history, as well as capturing the garden's<br />

magical seasonal highlights along the way. →

<strong>West</strong>onbirt The<br />

National Arboretum<br />

Explore the world’s finest<br />

woodland garden, and<br />

discover trees and plants<br />

from all over the globe at<br />

the National Arboretum.<br />

forestryengland.uk/westonbirt<br />

Make memories in Marlow<br />

Situated along the new 125 mile<br />

touring route <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, the<br />

charming and characterful town<br />

of Marlow awaits you. Welcomed<br />

by the iconic suspension bridge<br />

spanning the River Thames,<br />

soak up the idyllic riverside by<br />

boat or on foot, mooch about<br />

the boutique high street shops,<br />

enjoy impressive, award-winning<br />

food and drink or explore the<br />

quintessential English villages that<br />

lie on the doorstep…<br />

www.<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

www.VisitThames.co.uk<br />

Explore the Marlow<br />

Midsomer Murders Locations Trail<br />

Follow the local discovery trail based on<br />

locations used in the popular TV detective<br />

series Midsomer Murders in and around Marlow<br />

and the picturesque Hambleden Valley.<br />

The 17-mile trail starts in the historic market town<br />

of Marlow and you will very quickly find yourself<br />

immersed in scenes from Midsomer Murders.<br />

Following the trail you can sample local beer and<br />

wine, taste fine food, spend the night in a filming<br />

location and walk the Chiltern Hills of Midsomer.<br />

Download a copy from:<br />

www.visitbuckinghamshire.org/midsomer<br />

Group enquiries: info@visitbuckinghamshire.org

Bradford on Avon<br />

is perfectly set in the<br />

dramatic Avon valley<br />

in Wiltshire and only<br />

a few miles from the<br />

World Heritage City of Bath; it is<br />

a combination of river, canal and<br />

architecture of true character.<br />

From small weavers’ cottage to<br />

grand clothiers’ houses; handsome<br />

public buildings, medieval barns,<br />

ancient places of worship and<br />

meandering alleyways making it<br />

the perfect place to explore!<br />

Explore BoA visitor centre: 01225 865797<br />

www.bradfordonavon.co.uk<br />

eboa ad 091219.indd 1 09/12/2019 12:45<br />

www.corsham.gov.uk/visit<br />

Come<br />

and<br />

discover<br />

Wiltshire’s<br />

hidden treasure<br />

History, heritage, arts and crafts, great places to<br />

eat and drink and lots of independent shops –<br />

plus Poldark was filmed here too.<br />

Just 8 miles from Bath on the A4, 4 miles from the<br />

M4 (J17), or 3 miles from Chippenham Station.<br />



Pictured<br />

above then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Visitor to<br />

The Courts<br />

Garden;<br />

Hidden<br />

Gardens of<br />

Bath<br />

The National Garden Scheme<br />

There are hundreds of private gardens<br />

to explore on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way not<br />

usually open to the public, hosting special<br />

open days, thanks to The National Garden<br />

Scheme. Visit unique gardens during special<br />

open days and as a paying visitor you will<br />

also be contributing to charity. Simply go<br />

to their website (ngs.org.uk) and search<br />

for your perfect garden - pre-booking is<br />

essential. Fancy having it all to yourself?<br />

Following the coronavirus pandemic a<br />

number of gardens are offering private<br />

visits. One of the safest, most comfortable<br />

and most enjoyable places for a a family<br />

get-together, or meet up with friends.<br />

The Hidden Gardens of Bath<br />

Behind the honey-coloured stone facades<br />

of Bath’s houses and hotels lie beautiful<br />

private gardens, rarely seen. With The<br />

Hidden Gardens of Bath guided tours, you<br />

can explore these hidden gems meeting<br />

their creative, passionate and hard-working<br />

owners before then sitting down to enjoy a<br />

quintessentially English afternoon tea!<br />


This garden, near Bradford on Avon, offers an<br />

enchanting glimpse of the quintessential English<br />

country garden. Less well known than some of the<br />

others on this list, it’s a lovely place to spend a summer<br />

afternoon. The formal garden, with its topiary and jolly,<br />

tulip-lined borders juxtaposes beautifully with the<br />

wilder arboretum and quiet lily pond. Keep your eyes<br />

peeled for benches, placed in perfectly peaceful spots<br />

around the garden. Alternatively, treat yourself to a<br />

sugary something in The Rose Garden Tea Room.<br />


This is the only museum of American decorative and folk<br />

art outside the US. Take a journey through the history of<br />

America, from its early settlers to the twentieth century,<br />

and delve into the museum’s remarkable collections.<br />

Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the<br />

hilltop site of the Museum’s home, Claverton Manor,<br />

takes full advantage of the spectacular views over the<br />

Limpley Stoke Valley and River Avon. Remnants of the old<br />

Italianate style manorial pleasure gardens and parkland,<br />

dating from the 1820s, can be seen within the grounds,<br />

including period features such as the balustrade and<br />

curtain walling, as well as ornamental stone work.<br />


At Iford Manor Estate’s remarkable gardens you will find<br />

Cypress trees, sweet-smelling lilies and draping branches<br />

of wisteria. Set on a steep hillside, the garden offers<br />

inspiring views of the Wiltshire countryside. For a unique<br />

way to enjoy this special place, join one of their guided<br />

tours, or attend a health and well-being workshop.<br />


At this elegant 18th-century garden in Regency Bath,<br />

it’s easy to imagine parasolled ladies walking over the<br />

Palladian bridge in their flowing gowns. But there’s much<br />

more to see in real life, silky white snowdrops and bright<br />

yellow daffodils, swans floating around together in the<br />

lakes, and tiny wild raspberries emerging in the woods.<br />


A little way off the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way in south Wiltshire, but<br />

a must-visit if you’re in the area, Stourhead is one of the<br />

most famous gardens on the list. Its classical architecture<br />

includes a grotto, used to escape the summer heat, a<br />

gothic cottage and its own Temple of Apollo - built in 1765<br />

to rival the Temple of the Sun at Kew Gardens, which was<br />

then destroyed by a storm in 1916. It’s also known for its<br />

colourful rhododendrons.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Explore one of the<br />

greatest royal<br />

residences ever built<br />

Walk in the footsteps of Henry VIII and discover<br />

the magnificence of Hampton Court Palace<br />

www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace -


The ancient route that inspired the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way was one of<br />

King Charles I’s <strong>Great</strong> Roads, with many castles, hotels and places<br />

to visit bringing you closer to England’s royal family heritage<br />

Words: Dominic Parkes<br />

Pictured: Her Majesty the<br />

Queen at Windsor Castle<br />

ALONG THE GREAT WEST WAY you can trace the<br />

history of the nation, from neolithic times to the<br />

present day, riding The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway,<br />

a marvel of Victorian ingenuity, to walking the<br />

ancient Ridgeway National Trail - or why not head out on<br />

an ancient road trip of your own along the A4 <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Road, with a plethora of royal attractions to visit along<br />

the way? We hope you enjoy our pick of the best...<br />


îSet in the heart of royal London, Wellington Arch was<br />

built as an original entrance to Buckingham Palace, later<br />

becoming a victory arch proclaiming Wellington's defeat of<br />

Napoleon. Visit this spectacular landmark and feast on the<br />

glorious panoramas over London from its balconies.<br />

Next, visit Hampton Court Palace, a short journey<br />

upstream from central London. It’s a towering testament<br />

to King Henry VIII’s power complete with a complex of<br />

Tudor kitchens, a <strong>Great</strong> Hall and jousting tournaments in<br />

the gardens. Or head to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and<br />

Kew Palace - King George III’s summerhouse.<br />

In Bath, a city famed for its Georgian-era architecture and<br />

Royal Crescent, you can visit the Victoria Art Gallery →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Pictured<br />

left-right:<br />

The <strong>Great</strong><br />

Park by<br />

horse<br />

drawn<br />

carriages<br />

with<br />

Windsor<br />

Carriages;<br />

The Royal<br />

Crescent,<br />

Bath<br />

opened in 1900 for Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. While<br />

in Bristol you can head back further in time to the reign of<br />

Queen Elizabeth I, who found St Mary Redcliffe ‘the fairest,<br />

goodliest, and most famous parish church in England.’ Inside<br />

the church there is a colourfully-painted wooden sculpture<br />

of her, believed to be painted by a contemporary.<br />

Head 30 minutes north of Bristol and visit Berkeley<br />

Castle. Considered by many as a hidden gem, it was built in<br />

1153 by the Berkeley family, who still live there today! Over<br />

the centuries it has changed from a forebidding fortress to<br />

a welcoming family home. Henry II gave the Castle to the<br />

family in 1153 and it has received royal guests ever since:<br />

Edward II, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, the Countess of Wessex<br />

and the late Queen Mother have all visited Berkeley Castle.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> throughout time and history, from the Keep with its<br />

dungeon, the room where Edward II is said to have been<br />

murdered, to the Drawing Rooms with their fine upholstery,<br />

chandeliers and silver lamps. Finally, if you have time to<br />

explore more of the Cotswolds, the Prince of Wales and<br />

The Duchess of Cornwall live at Highgrove, near Tetbury,<br />

Gloucestershire. You can visit their impressive gardens on<br />

selected dates, and also pop into the Highgrove Shop in<br />

Tetbury which sells luxurious souvenirs and organic treats<br />

inspired by the gardens.<br />


îWhile kings and queens of England were traditionally<br />

educated by a personal tutor at home, times have changed.<br />

Both Prince Harry and Prince William went to Eton College,<br />

which you can visit on a guided tour between May and<br />

September. While the Duchess of Cambridge went to<br />

Marlborough College - stop for afternoon tea at the café<br />

she used to visit with friends, The Polly Tea Rooms. A<br />

little off the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, there’s the esteemed Oxford<br />

Colleges. King Edward VII and King Edward VIII are both<br />

alumni. As one of the best universities in the world, it also<br />

attracts royals from other countries. Both HM King Abdullah<br />

II of Jordan and Harald V, King of Norway studied there.<br />


îMalmesbury is England’s oldest borough with its stunning<br />

12th Century Abbey still very much in use today. Visit the<br />

original Market Cross, the Norman Abbey with its tomb of<br />

King Athelstan and the free Athelstan Museum.<br />

And have you noticed that some place names in England<br />

have ‘royal’ in the title? Although the prime minister and<br />

organisations can request the addition, for either their royal<br />

heritage or current royal connections, it is ultimately a gift<br />

bestowed by the queen. Along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way you can<br />

visit the Royal Borough of Windsor and the Royal County<br />

of Berkshire - thanks to the location of Windsor Castle,<br />

one of the Queen’s three official residencies. Take some time<br />

out here to visit the Castle's wartime pantomime pictures<br />

revealed in the Waterloo Chamber, or to experience <strong>Great</strong><br />

Park by horse drawn carriages with Windsor Carriages -<br />

The only carriages licensed to operate tours throughout the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Park. There’s also the Royal Borough of Kingston<br />

Upon Thames, as well as Royal Wootton Bassett, near RAF<br />

Lyneham - the most recent place to receive the Queen’s<br />

blessing. Be sure to visit Jubilee Lake when you’re there.<br />


îSometimes nothing but a 4-poster bed and some<br />

medieval tapestries on the wall will do. See what it’s like to<br />

live like a royal by staying at a hotel with royal connections.<br />

There’s the effortlessly elegant Cliveden House Hotel,<br />

where Meghan Markle - now the Duchess of Sussex -<br />

got ready for her wedding to Prince Harry. There’s The<br />

Georgian House, which although built as humble kitchens<br />

for George, Prince of Wales in 1719, occupies a privileged<br />

position in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.<br />

In Bath, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa has often<br />

found its opulent interiors and prime setting in the World<br />

Heritage City attractive to visiting royals. And a short<br />

journey from Bristol you’ll find Gloucestershire’s Thornbury<br />

Castle - where Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed when<br />

they visited in 1535 (ask for the Duke’s Bed Chamber).<br />

86 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

The stunning film location of...<br />

The stunning film location of...<br />

Poldark Wolf Hall The White Princess Johnny English Strikes Again<br />

Poldark · Wolf Hall · The White Princess · Johnny English Strikes Again<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

A Family home for almost 900 years!<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

The stunning film location of...<br />

Poldark · Wolf Hall · The White Princess · Johnny English Strikes Again<br />

A<br />

Family<br />

Family<br />

home<br />

home<br />

for<br />

for<br />

almost<br />

almost<br />

900<br />

900<br />

years!<br />

years!<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

A Family home for almost 900 years!<br />

The oldest Castle in England still lived in by the family that built<br />

The oldest Castle in England still lived in by the family that built it!<br />

The<br />

The Free oldest<br />

oldest Castle Castle<br />

Castle Guided in<br />

in<br />

England<br />

England Tours still<br />

still • 8 Acres lived<br />

lived<br />

in<br />

in of by<br />

by landscaped the<br />

the<br />

family<br />

family Gardens that<br />

that<br />

built<br />

built & it!<br />

it! Ground<br />

Free Castle Guided Tours • 8 Acres of landscaped Gardens & Grounds<br />

Free Fabulous Castle paintings 16th Century Tapestries • Historical artefacts<br />

Fabulous Guided paintings Tours • 16th Century Acres of Tapestries landscaped • Historical Gardens artefacts<br />

Grounds<br />

Free<br />

Wire<br />

Castle<br />

Wire Guided Tours<br />

Sculpture Trail •<br />

• Family •<br />

8<br />

Fabulous paintings 16th Century Family<br />

Acres of<br />

friendly Tapestries friendly<br />

landscaped<br />

Events throughout Events<br />

Gardens Historical the throughout<br />

& Grounds<br />

Year artefactsthe Year<br />

Fabulous<br />

Wire Sculpture<br />

Tropical<br />

paintings Butterfly<br />

• 16th<br />

Trail •<br />

House<br />

Century<br />

Family • Yurt<br />

friendly •<br />

Tearoom<br />

Tapestries<br />

Yurt Events Tearoom<br />

• Gift Shop<br />

• Historical<br />

throughout<br />

•• Plant<br />

Gift<br />

Saleartefacts<br />

Shop the Year • Plant Sale<br />


01453 81<strong>03</strong><strong>03</strong> • INFOBERKELEY-CASTLE.COM<br />


10 mins fr<br />

Jct 1<br />

•<br />

30 mins<br />

10 mins from M5<br />

10 mins<br />

Jct<br />

from<br />

14<br />

M5 of Bris<br />

Jct 14 •<br />

30 mins • 6 north miles from<br />

30<br />

• of<br />

mins<br />

Bristol<br />

north Dursley S<br />

of Bristol<br />

•<br />

miles from •<br />

•<br />

SatNav Cam 6 miles GL<br />

Dursley<br />

from<br />

Station<br />

Cam &<br />

Dursley Station<br />

• SatNav GL13 • 9PJ<br />

SatNav GL13 9PJ<br />

10 mins from M5<br />

Jct 14<br />

30 mins north<br />

of Bristol<br />

6 miles from Cam &<br />

Dursley Station<br />

SatNav GL13 9PJ<br />

Wire Sculpture Trail • Family friendly Events throughout the Year<br />

Tropical Butterfly House Yurt Tearoom Gift Shop Plant Sale<br />

Tropical Butterfly House • Yurt Tearoom • Gift Shop • Plant Sale<br />


Start your adventure at the Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport<br />

A 201 room, contemporary hotel based just steps away from Bristol Airport<br />



North Side Road, Bristol, BS48 3AQ | 01275 405 966 | BRSHX_Hampton@hilton.com


From stargazing to swimming, spooky city tours to light shows,<br />

there's plenty of experiences to try even when the sun goes down<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />


Coronavirus Changes<br />

Event information may have<br />

changed or been cancelled<br />

due to the coronavirus<br />

(COVID-19). While we have<br />

tried to bring you the most<br />

up-to-date information<br />

available when publishing<br />

please confirm details with<br />

event organisers. Check<br />

websites for the latest<br />

information on new booking<br />

procedures, event timings and<br />

safety requirements.<br />

Be Curious. Be Responsible.<br />

1<br />



20TH NOVEMBER 2020 - 3RD JANUARY 2021<br />

The Heart of the Stars are scattering shards of light<br />

across the lawns of Blenheim Palce with a scented<br />

fire garden that adorns the Water Terrace. Walk towards<br />

dynamic, colour-changing neon tunnels, lakeside<br />

reflections and onto a mesmerising place where, beneath<br />

the branches of a sprawling tree, softly glows the fairy-fire<br />

known as Will-o-the-Wisps. blenheimpalace.com →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />





Visit Bath's iconic Roman bathing place in the evening and walk on the<br />

22000 year-old pavements. Take in the magical atmosphere of the<br />

graceful columns and intricate stonework lit by torchlight. All tickets must be<br />

pre-booked in advance - please see website for further details and availability.<br />


Illuminate your senses in a dazzling<br />

4 land of light, this winter (7th November<br />

to 10th January 2021). The Longleat Estate<br />

will spring to gleaming life, creating a<br />

spellbinding sensory walk of discovery for<br />

everyone to enjoy. A myriad of magical light<br />

installations will emerge across the Park<br />

and its sprawling grounds in seven unique<br />

zones. In the Land of Light, you can discover<br />

motion-detected splashes of playful colour<br />

and movement and immerse yourselves in<br />

enveloping blankets of soft, synchronised<br />

light and sound.<br />



On a clear evening, there’s nothing better than a spot of stargazing.<br />

3 Wiltshire being a predominantly rural county lends itself to stargazing<br />

with the advantage of less light pollution than more urban areas.<br />

Try Stonehenge, described by the National Trust one of their top<br />

stargazing spots in the south west of England, or with minimal street<br />

lighting and being surrounded by countryside, the village of Lacock.<br />

Cranborne Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with plans<br />

to achieve ‘Dark Sky Status’, and there are plenty of other places that are<br />

perfect for enjoying the night skies including Tollard Royal (and the area<br />

near to the Larmer Tree Gardens), Broad Chalke and Dinton.<br />



A jam-packed programme of events<br />

5 and exhibitions weaving science and art<br />

together to celebrate our dark skies is due to<br />

take place September/October 2021.<br />

This Marlborough Town Council event is in<br />

partnership with North Wessex Downs Area<br />

of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and will see<br />

stargazing Workshops and Solar Astronomy<br />

Prof. Chris Lintott, and interactive Planetarium.<br />

90 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk




Book a Late Swim Lido & Dine package and use the pool and spa<br />

6 facilities (outdoor hot tub and saunas) followed by a 2 course a la carte<br />

dinner in the poolside restaurant. Swim from 7.30pm, and dine at 9pm.<br />


9<br />

Re-opening in November, every Thursday<br />

night, wander into the giant silver ball<br />

at We The Curious, Bristol for your very<br />

own evening tour of the known universe.<br />

Enjoy stories of ancient stargazers as you fly<br />

to far away galaxies and admire the views<br />

from distant and newly discovered planets.<br />

Whether you are an amateur astronomer or<br />

completely new to stargazing, you'll be able<br />

to escape the everyday and leave inspired to<br />

discover the night sky for yourself.<br />



The evening is a great<br />

8 opportunity to start or<br />

complete your Christmas<br />

shopping. Pick up a bargain<br />

while also enjoying the festive<br />

entertainment and why not treat<br />

yourself afterwards with a meal<br />

in one of the many restaurants<br />

or bars. Try Parkway in Newbury,<br />

or The Oracle in Reading.<br />



Flicking the switch to turn<br />

7 on the Christmas lights and<br />

town decorations is a big event<br />

in in many Wiltshire towns and<br />

villages, including Trowbridge,<br />

Corsham, Marlborough, Warminster,<br />

Chippenham, Bradford on Avon,<br />

Swindon and Melksham. Check the<br />

websites and get in the festive spirit<br />

as Wiltshire lights up with sparkling,<br />

glorious Christmas decorations!<br />



Get ready for a cinema experience<br />

10 like no other! Enjoy your favourite<br />

movies from the comfort of your own<br />

car - perfect for social distancing! Drive-In<br />

Theatre is showing movies such as Love<br />

Actually, Bohemian Rhapsody and The<br />

<strong>Great</strong>est Showman. Located at the Southern<br />

Counties Auctioneers, just 3 miles away<br />

from the center of Salisbury accessible from<br />

the A3094. Safe family entertainment from<br />

the comfort of your own car, with contact<br />

less booking, swift entry, spaced out car<br />

positioning, a bag of popcorn and your<br />

favourite movie makes the perfect evening!<br />

For further inspiration, follow and share:<br />

#EscapeTheEveryday<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



Hotels across the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way have been working tirelessly<br />

to implement new government procedures and guidelines<br />

before opening their doors safely once more. Many are now ready<br />

to welcome back guests, and there’s an abundance of choice<br />

along the route. Here are just some of our favourites...<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />



& SPA<br />

Bath<br />

A world of hidden delights<br />

awaits your discovery behind the<br />

door of No. 16 Royal Crescent at<br />

the iconic Royal Crescent Hotel<br />

& Spa. This Georgian gem has 45<br />

luxurious suites and bedrooms,<br />

award winning restaurant,<br />

The Dower House, elegant<br />

champagne and cocktail bar,<br />

The Montagu bar, tranquillity<br />

spa with 12m relaxation pool<br />

and not forgetting the acre of<br />

private gardens. Enjoy afternoon<br />

tea in the garden, a treatment<br />

followed by a swim in the indoor<br />

pool, or of course overnight<br />

accommodation in one of the<br />

sumptuous suites.<br />

Prices from £350 per room, per<br />

night: royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

92 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


Hampton Court<br />

One of the UK’s most exciting hotel openings this<br />

year, The Mitre is the closest hotel to Hampton Court<br />

Palace, located on the bank of the River Thames. As<br />

beautiful and impressive as its prestigious location,<br />

the hotel is a Grade II-listed property built-in 1665 by<br />

order of King Charles II to house some of the King’s<br />

Courtiers who could not find accommodation in the<br />

Palace. Each of the hotel’s 36 bedrooms and signature<br />

suites are unique. Choose from a​​private terrace and<br />

jacuzzi, your own courtyard and fire pit, to hand forged<br />

copper bath tubs, with views over the River Thames,<br />

Hampton Court Palace and or the picturesque internal<br />

courtyards. Each room is named after historical<br />

references linked to the hotel, ​such as King King<br />

Charles II’s wives, The Gardener’s Hut, Penny Farthing,<br />

and Catharine Parr Suite.<br />

You might enjoy dining in the 1665 restaurant, a<br />

brasserie, boasting a huge outdoor patio terrace for ‘al<br />

fresco’ dining at its best, or The Coppernose<br />

restaurant, which takes its name from King Charles<br />

II who was nicknamed “Coppernose” after he issued<br />

cheap currency. The Mitre even has its own riverside<br />

jetty and boat for hire, ​perfect​​for a picnic and gentle<br />

jaunt along this beautiful stretch of the river. Popular<br />

trips include Richmond-Upon-Thames and up to<br />

the Tower of London and back. Not to mention<br />

the world’s first stand-alone whispering angel hut,<br />

perfect for sundowners on the terrace, and a place<br />

to watch the boats sail by along the River Thames<br />

with a cold glass in hand. Rooms from £200 a night:<br />

mitrehamptoncourt.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


From quintessential cottages and country houses<br />

to quirky windmills and lighthouses…<br />

Find your special place<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

A portfolio of over 550 luxury, self-catering<br />

holiday properties in the UK and Ireland.<br />

Call for our brochure 01386 897 959<br />

View the properties ruralretreats.co.uk<br />

12 July to 8 August 2020<br />

From Creative Arts to Science, History and Culture<br />

to Life Skills and Wellbeing, Summer School offers<br />

learning experiences and entertainment for all ages.<br />

Request a brochure today and discover<br />

over 500 courses waiting for you.<br />

01672 892388 | summerschool.co.uk


Wiltshire<br />

The Old Bell Hotel & Restaurant is<br />

a comfortable, country hotel full<br />

of character and charm, reputed to<br />

be the oldest purpose built hotel<br />

in England (c.1220) and Grade I<br />

Listed. The hotel nestles in the<br />

beautiful medieval Cotswold town of<br />

Malmesbury.<br />

With crackling log fires, cosy<br />

corners, squashy sofas, plump<br />

duvets, fine linen and fabulous food<br />

and wine - this is pure indulgence.<br />

oldbellhotel.co.uk<br />


Bath<br />

A unique country house, one of<br />

the only two Grade II Listest hotels<br />

in the city. It started as a private<br />

residence in the early 1790s and<br />

retains all the glories of that era,<br />

thanks to £10m restoration in<br />

2013. The hotel is set in 20 acres of<br />

grounds just minutes from the city<br />

centre with free car parking. Perfect<br />

for Bath weekend breaks or a day of<br />

indulgence away from the hustle and<br />

bustle.<br />

handpickedhotels.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



MANOR<br />

The Cotswolds<br />

Whatley Manor is a luxury<br />

getaway set in 12 acres of<br />

gardens with 26 distinctly<br />

different areas. Try Grey’s<br />

Brasserie for a leisurely<br />

lunch, dinner or chilled glass<br />

of wine. Or the innovative<br />

tasting menu with specially<br />

selected wines by their<br />

sommelier in The Dining<br />

Room. Discover The Green<br />

Room where chefs prepare<br />

small plates of expertly<br />

crafted food in front of<br />

you. Immerse yourself in<br />

tranquillity at Aquarias Spa<br />

featuring Natra Bissé Pure<br />

Air Bubble Suite, or simply<br />

cosy up watching a film in<br />

their cinema room. Prices<br />

from £363.50 per night:<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />


Wiltshire<br />

Standing in over 30 acres of peaceful, secluded<br />

grounds on the edge of the Cotswolds,<br />

Cricklade House Hotel offers a traditional,<br />

warm and friendly welcome for those in search<br />

of tranquility, comfort, good food and wine,<br />

with extensive recreational facilities.<br />

This beautiful and dignified country house,<br />

built at the turn of the last century, has been<br />

tastefully restored and carefully extended.<br />

Perhaps the most impressive addition is the<br />

magnificent Victorian-style glass conservatory<br />

which runs the full length of the original<br />

building, making the most of the hotels<br />

elevated position, with wonderful panoramic<br />

views over Wiltshire countryside. Prices from<br />

£70 per room, per night: crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

96 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk






▶ the award winning museum has 8 modern, interactive galleries<br />

▶ displays include huge armoured vehicles, medals, uniforms and weapons<br />

▶ discover incredible stories; how reme saved volkswagen, why the museum has the brass boots<br />

from mussolini’s statue and so many more.<br />

▶ there is a large free car park and the excellent crowns café for refreshments.<br />



Roseate Hotels & Resorts, the uber luxury hospitality brand offers a new spectrum of hospitality<br />

with well-appointed luxury rooms & suites, world-class Aheli Spa and unique dining experiences<br />

at the European-cuisine inspired fine dining restaurant ‘The Hyde’ (Roseate House London), the<br />

award-winning restaurant ‘The Reading Room’ & in house patisserie and boulangerie ‘Roasted by<br />

Roseate’(The Roseate Reading) and opulent dining space ‘Henrietta Bar’ (The Roseate Villa Bath).<br />

We have remodeled and enhanced our standard operating procedures to provide greater care<br />

and ensure a safe environment to our valued guests. As we plan and prepare to serve you, our<br />

new initiatives of ‘care’ will be curated in a way such as to provide our guests unparalleled<br />

experience and utmost satisfaction keeping all hygiene and safety standards in place.<br />

ROSEATEHOTELS.COM | +44 1189 527 770 | #ROSEATEHOTELS | info.tflr@roseatehotels.com


Reading<br />

Described as 'The UK's Sexiest<br />

Townhouse Hotel' by The Evening<br />

Standard, The Roseate Reading<br />

is also recognised for its artful<br />

conception and luxury. The hotel<br />

prides itself on it's attention to<br />

detail, to the facilities available<br />

to make a stay cherished and<br />

memorable.<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/<br />

theroseate/<br />


Surrey<br />

Set in 123 acres of rolling Surrey parkland, this<br />

elegant 19th-century manor house features<br />

124 luxury 5-star bedrooms, state-of-the-art<br />

bathrooms, one of the UK's best spas and a finedining<br />

restaurant. Dating from 1849, the sumptuous<br />

rooms at Pennyhill Park have free WiFi, four-poster<br />

beds, quality linens and a pillow menu. The beautiful<br />

bathrooms have fluffy robes, bespoke toiletries and<br />

rain showers.<br />

The award-winning Spa features 8 pools, including<br />

the impressive ballroom with underwater music.<br />

Guests can relax in the spa bath, thermal cabins or<br />

award-winning treatment rooms.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/pennyhill-park/<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



As everyone else heads for the countryside, dare to be different<br />

and set your sights on a city break instead. Take the opportunity to<br />

visit and discover the bright lights beyond London at this unusual<br />

time when city life will be much, much quieter than usual<br />

Words: Katherine Holt

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


V<br />

ISITORS HAVE BEEN travelling the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way, visiting cities and embracing the varied<br />

culture at each place, for hundreds of years.<br />

London, of course, needs no introduction. As the<br />

country’s capital it may be where you begin your journey.<br />

But just a short train ride west lie some of the most<br />

exciting cities in the UK, like Bath and Bristol.<br />

Bristol, the city furthest away on the touring route,<br />

is only a 1 hour 45 minute train ride from London. Take<br />

your time to enjoy the diversity of each city, with its own<br />

artisan produce, independent shops, artists, museums,<br />

bars and restaurants.<br />

A twin-city break Bristol to Bath (or Bath to Bristol)<br />

is just 12 minutes by train. Your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way City<br />

Culture journey could begin simply by hopping on a train<br />

at London Paddington to Bath, (1 hour 11 minutes), or you<br />

might prefer to fly directly to Bristol airport. From here<br />

you could take the Airport Flyer Express Link to Bristol<br />

City Centre, Bristol Harbourside, Bristol Temple Meads<br />

Station, Bristol Bus Station, or Clifton.<br />

Unlike many a metropolis, in Bath the pace of life is<br />

gentle. Or should that be genteel. For Bath is a dignified,<br />

fashionable sort of place. It has been since its most<br />

famous former resident, Jane Austen’s day. Given that<br />

so much of the handsome golden architecture from the<br />

Regency period remains, you might wonder if anything<br />

has changed. But spend a day here and you’ll realise it’s as<br />

contemporary as it is classic.<br />

Given the compact layout of the city, and its UNESCO<br />

World Heritage status, a self-guided walking tour is highly<br />

recommended. So grab a flat white and a croissant at one<br />

of the hip cafés in the centre - Colonna & Small’s perhaps<br />

- and take a leisurely stroll to get your bearings.<br />

Without too much ado you should pass sights<br />

including The Circus, Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey,<br />

Bath Assembly Rooms and the arc of golden homes<br />

synonymous with the city: the Royal Crescent. The latter<br />

was specifically designed to give city residents the feeling<br />

of living in the countryside.<br />

Treat yourself to a leisurely lunch at one of Bath’s cafés<br />

or a tour of Bath’s culinary delights with Savouring Bath.<br />

There’s a buoyant foodie scene in the city so you won’t<br />

be short on options. Amid the selection of vegan Indian<br />

wraps, Filipino chicken boxes and modern British salads,<br />

you’re bound to find a favourite.<br />

Fully energised, it’s time for some culture. Bath is<br />

blessed with some amazing museums. Highlights include<br />

the Fashion Museum (where you can dress up), the Jane<br />

Austen Centre (where you can meet Mr Darcy) and some<br />

very respectable art, design and history museums in the<br />

form of The Holburne Museum, Victoria Gallery and No 1<br />

Royal Crescent - a time capsule back to the 1770s.<br />

Some more niche options include Bath Museum of<br />

Architecture, the Museum of East Asian Art and the<br />

American Museum in Britain - the only American folk art<br />

museum outside the US is in an elevated position on the<br />

outskirts of the city.<br />

If you’re here in the summer, have a torchlit dinner at<br />

the Roman Baths. Then, tired and happy, relax back at<br />

your hotel.<br />

There are some really interesting places to stay in Bath,<br />

ranging from the University of Bath campus in summer,<br />

just a short bus ride from the centre, to the literarythemed<br />

Tasburgh House where Jane Austen once slept.<br />

As the ‘capital of the Southwest’, Bristol has a very<br />

different feel to Bath. In some ways it more closely<br />

resembles London, with its distinct, characterful<br />

neighbourhoods to explore - from the leafy avenues of<br />

Clifton Village to the graffiti-splashed streets of Stokes<br />

Croft. Since one of Bristol’s most famous sons is Banksy,<br />

start your day with a Bristol Street Art Tour.<br />

Or, better yet, arrive early enough for brunch at one of<br />

the Harbourside cafes, and then go on one of the weekend<br />

walking tours. Choose between a heritage tour, where<br />

102 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

you explore the history of the city, or a street art tour,<br />

where you are taken to see a mix of brand new and wellpreserved<br />

artworks - including some Banksy originals.<br />

If your legs are in need of a bit of a rest Bristol Insight<br />

will show you around their wonderful city from a seat on<br />

one of their lovely bright red buses!<br />

You could then take a leisurely stroll around the<br />

Regency streets of Clifton Village and visit its stylish<br />

boutiques. Or head to Bristol Shopping Quarter and flit<br />

between High Street staples and one-off wonders<br />

If retro and vintage tickle your fancy then leave some<br />

time for exploring the alternative shops of Stokes Croft<br />

and Gloucester Road – the latter boasts Europe’s longest<br />

street of independent shops!<br />

Bristol does street food lunches very well. So,<br />

depending on what day you’re visiting, some options to<br />

try include St Nick’s Market, The Harbourside Market<br />

and the Tobacco Factory Market. Vendors inevitably<br />

change, but there’ll always be a great mix of global<br />

cuisine to try, from Jamaican curried goat to Nepalese<br />

momos. You could also check out Cargo, a cool new<br />

container development at Wapping Wharf where you<br />

can get delicious bites to grab and go, like chip-stuffed<br />

Greek wraps, fresh Indian curry boxes and melty cider<br />

and cheese toasties. When you’re suitably stuffed,<br />

discover Bristol’s other famous son: Isambard Kingdom<br />

Brunel. Although the Victorian engineer may not seem<br />

to have much in common with Banksy, he too was a<br />

brave pioneer. You can visit one of his most remarkable<br />

achievements, the SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain - the world’s first great<br />

ocean liner - and get a feel for how the passengers from<br />

steerage to first class experienced long voyages across the<br />

Atlantic. Included with your ticket price is the new Being<br />

Brunel exhibition, an immersive experience which takes<br />

you inside the brain of the man himself.<br />

If you have time, venture up to Clifton Suspension<br />

Bridge - another of his projects that, sadly, he didn’t live<br />

to see finished. The arts are alive in all their guises in this<br />

creative, cutting-edge city. After dinner at one of Bristol’s<br />

many independent restaurants, seek some of it out.<br />

Depending on your tastes, you could catch some<br />

theatre at the Bristol Old Vic, which is thankfully back →<br />

Pictured top left<br />

then clockwise:<br />

UNESCO World<br />

Heritage status,<br />

Bath; The Mild<br />

Mild <strong>West</strong> Mural<br />

by graffiti artist<br />

Banksy; Stall<br />

Street, Bath.<br />




Relax in the warm, mineral-rich waters of Bath’s<br />

natural thermal Spa. Bathe in the open-air rooftop<br />

pool and indoor Minerva Bath, refresh your senses<br />

in the multi-sensory Wellness Suite and choose from<br />

over 40 spa treatments and packages.<br />

Open daily from 09.00 – 21.30<br />

(pools & Wellness Suite close at 21.00)<br />

01225 33 1234<br />

www.ThermaeBathSpa.com<br />


and live again following the coronavirus pandemic - this<br />

is the oldest continuously open theatre in the Englishspeaking<br />

world, even throughout its exciting recent<br />

renovations.<br />

You could also enjoy live music, see stand-up comedy or<br />

do something thoroughly subversive like go an immersive<br />

dining experience in a mystery location.<br />

Local go-tos for experimental entertainment include<br />

Old Market Assembly and Tobacco Factory Theatres.<br />

If you have time, venture a little off the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way to find Salisbury, a city that embraces everything arts<br />

and culture. Visit Mompesson House, the 18th-century<br />

property featured in the all-star film version of Jane<br />

Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (1995).<br />

There’s also Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury Museum and<br />

Salisbury Cathedral - or pop into the Old Sarum Airfield<br />

Museum where you can sit in more aircraft cockpits than<br />

anywhere else in the UK! And of course those sacred stones<br />

aren’t too far away… If you’re heading north, don’t miss<br />

the learned university city of Oxford. Of course, it’s not<br />

all lounging around in the the Bodleian Library, pretending<br />

to study. Discover some of the city’s more unexpected<br />

attractions, like the Pitt Rivers Museum, full of alarming<br />

anthropomorphic artefacts, or The Eagle and Child pub,<br />

where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien used to meet and swap<br />

stories. There’s also bikes, board game cafés and strange<br />

sculptures to find - including a curious headless shark.<br />

Please remember that since reopening their doors<br />

in light of the current government advice in relation to<br />

COVID-19 many attractions mentioned in this article will<br />

have new booking and safety procedures in place.<br />

Whilst we are updating information as much as<br />

possible, we would advise you to check directly with the<br />

relevant venues for the most up to date information.<br />

Pre-booking is almost always essential so please prepare<br />

before you visit and abide by Government social distancing<br />

guidelines at all times, travelling together safely.<br />

Did you know? Bristol has its own currency, the<br />

Bristol Pound, which helps boost local businesses.<br />

You can buy the colourful notes at the Tourist<br />

Information Centre on the Harbourside...<br />

Pictured top left<br />

then clockwise:<br />

Clifton Suspension<br />

Bridge; Bristol<br />

Harbourside;<br />

Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong><br />

Britain Mast; The<br />

Oracle, Reading<br />

Or that Reading is the UK’s largest town much thought of<br />

as a defacto city? Soak up the energetic atmosphere at<br />

The Oracle Shopping Centre, or visit the independent<br />

and craft stores in the nearby streets or Harris Arcade<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



Whether you’re keen on keeping fit or prefer taking it easy in<br />

a luxury spa, there are some excellent ways to add a wellness<br />

element to your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way journey. So remember to<br />

take some time out for yourself along the route.<br />

Words: Sarah Caswell<br />


At the atmospheric Roman Baths you’ll get to see the<br />

steamy <strong>Great</strong> Bath, the cold plunge pool and even have<br />

a nosy in the crumbling old changing rooms! You might<br />

also bump into a few Romans. The costumed characters<br />

who roam the complex, including a soldier and a travelling<br />

merchant, are based on real characters who frequented the<br />

Roman Baths around 2,000 years ago. Enjoy an elegant<br />

lunch (or afternoon tea) at The Pump Room, followed by a<br />

shot of mineral-rich water from the spa fountain. It may well<br />

be good for you, but as you’ll soon discover - it definitely<br />

has a distinct taste! There are lots more lovely cafés and<br />

106 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Did you know? Although we’ve discovered a lot about<br />

what is in Bath’s famous spring water 42 different<br />

minerals including sodium and magnesium to this day<br />

no one is quite sure where exactly it originates from.<br />

restaurants around the city too, with some excellent vegan<br />

and vegetarian-friendly places such as The Green Rocket<br />

and Acorn. Take a daytime or twilight dip at Thermae Bath<br />

Spa, followed by one of their indulgent treatments. Watsu,<br />

perhaps, where a therapist stretches and guides your body<br />

through flowing movements in the warm water. Or the<br />

Roman Trilogy, which includes a salty body scrub, a soothing<br />

body massage and an invigorating facial.<br />

Continue your pampering with an overnight stay at a<br />

luxury spa hotel. You might enjoy The Gainsborough Bath<br />

Spa, just a short stroll from Thermae Bath Spa, where<br />

you can experience the original thermal springs in natural<br />

thermal pools at their award-winning Spa Village, or try<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street and relax in their luxurious<br />

cedar wood hot tub and sauna.<br />


Bristol is a city that normally makes waves for its edgy art<br />

scene, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wellnessthemed<br />

break in the city. You might even find yourself<br />

embracing a totally new approach to exercise.<br />

Try for example a stand-up paddleboard lesson with SUP<br />

Bristol on Bristol’s Floating Harbour or a swim at Clifton’s<br />

Victorian Lido. Later on, once you’ve refuelled at one of the<br />

many health-conscious, flexitarian-focused restaurants - No<br />

1 Harbourside, Watershed Café & Bar, Thali Café to name a<br />

few - try something totally different.<br />

There’s a class for just about everything, from circus skills<br />

workshops to Beyoncé-inspired jazz dance. Not to mention<br />

all the yoga and holistic therapies that are hugely popular in<br />

Bristol. Wild Wolf’s Yoga, Bristol City Yoga and Bristol Yoga<br />

Space are all fairly central.<br />


If the wellness you seek is spiritual, you’ll find plenty of<br />

absorbing sacred spaces along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Early<br />

travellers between London and Bristol would surely have<br />

found comfort in these places, as every journey was a leap<br />

of faith that came with the threat of highwaymen and<br />

unforeseen hazards.<br />

Some suggest Stonehenge was constructed as a place of<br />

healing, and that the smaller bluestones used were dragged<br />

all the way from south Wales because they were imbued<br />

with healing powers from nearby hot springs.<br />

Or visit one of the almighty cathedrals on or near the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way. There’s the inimitable Bath Abbey, perfect for →<br />

Pictured<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Aheli Spa<br />

at The<br />

Roseate<br />

Reading;<br />

Spa Village<br />

at The<br />

Gainsborough<br />

Bath<br />

Spa; spa at<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong><br />

Pulteney<br />

Hotel &<br />

Spa<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk 107

Make memories<br />

with your loved ones<br />

as you discover<br />

England’s only koalas<br />

Book online and<br />

save up to 15%<br />

plus group discounts<br />

are also available<br />

Follow the paths taken by generations of travellers…<br />

Longleat is within easy reach of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way boasts an exciting<br />

abundance of new experiences assured to<br />

leave you feeling inspirited and rejuvenated...<br />

but please check websites as information<br />

may have changed or been cancelled due to<br />

the coronavirus (COVID-19).<br />

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge<br />

Each year in December visitors gather at<br />

Stonehenge early in the morning to mark the<br />

Winter solstice and to see the sunrise above the<br />

stones. We hope to see you there for sunrise!<br />

pondering higher spiritual planes, as well as Bristol, Wells,<br />

Salisbury and Gloucester Cathedrals. Amid those, you’ll also find<br />

churches, temples and mosques.<br />

Or why not feel the power of England’s pagan past with a lesserknown<br />

wellbeing experience at Stanton Drew? Pagan rituals are<br />

held on the four Fire Festivals usually on Saturday 11am for an hour.<br />

Park at the Druid's Arms, upper level, (by kind permission). You<br />

don't need to be a pagan to attend, and ritual dress is optional.<br />


Find balance in body and mind at a Casterley Barn Wellness<br />

Retreat, Pewsey with their series of retreats focusing on self-care<br />

and mindful living. Danesfield House Hotel & Spa, Marlow-On-<br />

Thames offers three, five or seven-day retreats based around<br />

healthy eating, conscious movement, bodyweight exercises,<br />

personal training, relaxation and yoga.<br />

In Hungerford you could buy a day pass to the Herongate Club<br />

and take part in an aerobics class before enjoying a fresh juice<br />

from their first-floor lounge café.<br />


If lounging about in a robe at a nice hotel, with a glass of bubbles<br />

in one hand and a magazine in the other sounds like just what you<br />

need then try an overnight stay (or three!) at one of the spa hotels<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way (see p126 for more).<br />

You might enjoy breaking up your journey with a stay at The<br />

Roseate Reading where they have recently unveilled a new spa.<br />

If you really want to splash out, make like a princess (or prince)<br />

for a spa retreat at Cliveden House Hotel. As well as various<br />

enticing pools, flotation experiences and treatments, they offer<br />

a Garden Oasis Purifying Experience - a combination of body<br />

brushing, massage and reflexology that promises to tease you<br />

back to tip top condition.<br />

Moored on the banks of Monkey Island in the historic village<br />

of Bray this first-of-its-kind floating luxury spa is the ultimate<br />

escape, while on the edge of the Cotswolds, a short detour from<br />

the route, both Cricklade House and Woolley Grange Hotel offer<br />

spa hotels in scenic locations too.<br />

A Hot Air Balloon Ride<br />

Fancy an adventure? Why not watch the world go<br />

by from a different perspective for a while and take<br />

flight with Bailey Balloons or Bristol Balloons.<br />

Wild Swimming in The Thames<br />

Take a dip in fresh waters at Cock Marsh near<br />

Cookham, where you'll find sandy beaches to<br />

paddle out from and clear, clean waters<br />

A Tandem 1300ft Skydive<br />

From the thrill of your first jump, right through<br />

to the exhiliration for those who take it to the<br />

extreme with Wingsuit flying, this sport has it all!<br />

Climbing an 120-foot Neoclassical Tower<br />

Built for Europe's wealthiest manclimbing<br />

Beckford Tower, just outside Bath is an<br />

experience you won't forget!<br />

Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard<br />

Take to the water for a yoga session! Experts SUP<br />

Bristol and Original Wild will show you the ropes<br />

Exclusive use of The Cross Baths<br />

You might want to upgrade your Thermae Bath<br />

Spa experience for a more intimate open-air<br />

thermal bath, located just across the street<br />

Fly an exciting Spitfire flight simulator<br />

One of only two in the UK, and of very few such<br />

devices found anywhere in the world can be found<br />

and flown at Maidenhead Heritage Centre<br />

Meeting some animals<br />

Visit the big cats, giraffes, zebras, curious<br />

monkeys, rhinos and more at Cotswold Wildlife<br />

Park, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm<br />

or Longleat Safari Park<br />

Taking a road and river adventure<br />

Take a trip through scenic Windsor and enjoy<br />

fantastic views of Windsor Castle from the<br />

water with Amazing Duck Tours<br />



Whether you want to indulge in a splash of Edwardian<br />

opulence, down a chilled glass of Britain’s finest fizz or take a<br />

ride in a Rolls Royce phantom, these three locals hold the keys<br />

Words: Belinda Richardson<br />

110 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

TOM NEWEY IS STILL reeling at the success he<br />

has had with his Alder Ridge vineyard, eleven<br />

years on from its launch. “Times are changing,”<br />

he says. “Who would have ever thought they’d<br />

find an internationally recognised vineyard along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way?” Critics said it was too hairbrained<br />

and wouldn’t work so Tom set out to prove them<br />

wrong and was rewarded with the cat’s whiskers when<br />

he went and won silver for his Blanc de Noirs at the<br />

International Wine Challenge in 2016 - not bad for his<br />

very first vintage.<br />

“Of course we have had our ups and downs, not<br />

least, with the challenge of dealing with the ongoing<br />

situation of COVID-19, and the weather will no doubt<br />

continue to surprise us with its uncertainty. I watch the<br />

weather a lot more than I used to but for the time being<br />

– and I hate to say this – global warming is working in<br />

our favour. The chalky ridge and the flinty topsoil have<br />

many of the key characteristics of the Champagne<br />

region, which not only means strong grapes but a<br />

beautiful place to live.<br />

Visitors are welcome to come and explore our<br />

stunning Southerly facing vineyard over the summer<br />

months. We host a series of vineyard tours between<br />

June and September - so please book with us for 2021."<br />

(Private tour packages start at £35pp) › alderridge.co.uk<br />

Tom's best thing about the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way:<br />

It promotes slow travel, which means we get our heads<br />

out of our sat navs and take time to appreciate our<br />

surroundings on our journey”.<br />

Tom's favourite day out: “A gentle browse – and a spend<br />

- in my favourite town Marlborough while I am waiting for<br />

my electric car to charge, followed by a wander in <strong>Great</strong><br />

Bedwyn and lunch at The Three Tuns.” →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


RICHARD ALDHOUS HAS been a car enthusiast all<br />

his life. Now a director of Calne’s Atwell-Wilson<br />

Motor Museum, he started working here as a car<br />

parking attendant. “Back then, we were three<br />

staff, now we are a grand nine,” he says. “We will never<br />

be as big as Beaulieu or Haynes but we don’t want to be,<br />

we are quite happy being small but spectacular. We have<br />

everything here from the expected to the unexpected,<br />

including all those makes you can remember from being a<br />

kid, like the Trojan, Morris Minor, Model T Ford, Austin 7s,<br />

gleaming Daimlers, a prototype Mini – you name it.”<br />

Refreshingly free from the glitz and the trailer queens,<br />

Atwell-Wilson is packed to the rafters with a whacky<br />

collection of about 100 everyday classic cars (some<br />

available to hire), lorries, motorcycles, mopeds and push<br />

bikes from days gone by, set against the backdrop of a<br />

1930s garage. Pretty much all the vehicles are in useable<br />

condition rather than being pampered showpieces and<br />

poking round them is like taking a casual, rather fun stroll<br />

through motoring history.<br />

“I feel as happy as a sandboy living and working here in<br />

Calne,” says Richard. “There is so much here to discover.<br />

Calne has always been a place of discovery – first you had<br />

Priestley discovering oxygen in Bowood, which in turn led to<br />

discovering the process of photosynthesis. Not forgetting<br />

the good old pigs and the Wiltshire cure, invented here<br />

by the Harris family in the eighteenth century. When we<br />

lost the pigs, it is fair to say that Calne had a good 15 years<br />

of depression but now we have fallen back in love with<br />

ourselves and our community is as strong as any.<br />

At the time of publishing, in order to protect volunteers<br />

and visitors, the Museum remained closed. Please check<br />

website for further details › atwellwilson.org.uk →<br />

Richard's best thing about the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way:<br />

“I love that it focuses travellers on a route but then guides<br />

them north and south of it too, which means they do<br />

actually find little gems like us”.<br />

Richard's favourite day out: “Cycling the track from<br />

Avebury to Calne and out to Chippenham with a stop off<br />

at The Lansdowne Arms on the way and dinner back in<br />

Calne at the Italian restaurant (Antica Roma) that’s always<br />

booked up”.<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Richard<br />

Aldhous,<br />

Director<br />

of Calne’s<br />

Atwell-<br />

Wilson Motor<br />

Museum; the<br />

museum;<br />

The Red Lion<br />

Avebury;<br />

Cycling on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way; Calne<br />

High Street<br />

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MARK THWAITES, DIRECTOR at Thames Lido, has<br />

come up trumps with his restoration of both<br />

Bristol and Reading lidos, leading the charge in<br />

the renaissance of some of our finest Edwardian<br />

outdoor pools. “Thankfully our lee-dos are not what most<br />

people remember as lie-dos from childhood – all floating<br />

plasters, empty crisp packets and wagon wheel wrappers,<br />

“he says. “These are much more grown up – escapist places<br />

to be pampered and well-fed.” With his background in the<br />

fitness industry and his half Finnish heritage, Mark and<br />

Swedish developer Arne Ringner, have created glamorous<br />

outdoor oases, delightfully free of lane ropes, flags and pace<br />

clocks, secluded in glass-walled courtyards, with steam<br />

gently rising from the ambient 25 degrees C water.<br />

Scandi-style saunas and massage rooms and a chi-chi<br />

restaurant complete the picture. Both the Thames and<br />

Bristol Lido have re-opened, please see websites for further<br />

details › thameslido.com, lidobristol.com<br />

Pictured<br />

top then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Thames<br />

Lido; Mark<br />

Thwaites,<br />

Director at<br />

Thames Lido;<br />

Bristol Balloon<br />

Fiesta<br />

Mark's best thing about the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way:<br />

“All the beauty and variety and tranquility you find along the<br />

way. Thames Lido has a natural place in this market since<br />

unwinding and being calm is at the heart of what we do.”<br />

Mark's favourite day out: “Much as I like Reading, it would<br />

have to be in Bristol. For a long time Bristol battled against<br />

Bath for tourism but at last Bristol has broken through as<br />

a mecca for great music, culture, arts and restaurants –<br />

namely our very own at the Bristol lido”<br />

Discover new themed itineraries from canal<br />

boating to exploring the beautiful great outdoors<br />

of the North Wessex Downs on our website:<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk /plan-your-way<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



GEMS<br />

From antique stores and<br />

independent shops to stylish<br />

shopping centres and malls<br />


Shop like the Victorians and go in search of the ultimate<br />

memento of your travels. Books by local authors,<br />

artworks, traditional crafts and handmade memorabilia.<br />

You’ll find independent bookshops, such as the<br />

award-winning Hungerford Bookshop at the heart of the<br />

historic town, stores and pop-up boutiques such as We<br />

Make Bristol in <strong>West</strong>bury-on-Trym, which only stocks<br />

products by local artists and designers, hidden in all<br />

corners of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

Bath is a fantastic shopping destination for<br />

independents - whether you’re into antique jewellery,<br />

antiquarian books, bohemian interiors or fine cheeses,<br />

you can take home some really unique finds. Head to<br />

Milsom Place to discover a fantastic mix of both famous<br />

names and breakthrough brands.<br />

Don’t dismiss the gift shops at top tourist attractions<br />

or tourist information offices either. Stonehenge gift<br />

shop, for instance, sells striking lino prints of the stones<br />

by local artist Caroline Day. Or pop into The Mill Shop<br />

following your visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill for exclusive<br />

silk gifts that have been woven right there at the Mill.<br />


In line with the latest guidance from the Government<br />

The way we all shop is going to feel different for a while<br />

due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please expect one-way<br />

systems, signage to help guide you while you shop, hand<br />

sanitiser stations and enhanced cleaning procedures around<br />

the centres. Face coverings are compulsory throughout the<br />

centres, including in all stores. Shops and car parks will only<br />

accept card or contactless payments. Please respect the<br />

need to social distance, and avoid shopping in large groups.<br />

Look for shops in unexpected locations, too. St Peter’s<br />

Church in Marlborough is now home to a craft shop<br />

selling all sorts of cute, colourful gifts. Or visit for their<br />

twice-weekly market, located on the High Street - one<br />

of the widest in the UK and lined on both sides with<br />

characterful old buildings housing an array of chic cafés<br />

and independent shops.<br />

In Bristol, the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter is a<br />

hidden-away haven for one-offs including musical<br />

instruments, herbal remedies and fine spirits. There’s also<br />

some marvellous markets selling everything from local<br />

crafts to artisan delicacies. Check out the Charter Market<br />

in Salisbury on Tuesdays and Saturdays or St Nick’s Market<br />

in Bristol, every day except Sunday.<br />

Did you know? Bath has its own Gift Card that is<br />

accepted across the city in shops and restaurants,<br />

hotels and bars, museums and manicurists. The<br />

best of Bath in one little card! To find out more visit<br />

bathgiftcard.com<br />

114 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Pictured top<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

The Oracle,<br />

Reading;<br />

visitors<br />

to Bath;<br />

Marlborough<br />

High Street;<br />

Henley on<br />

Thames<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is proud to be home to one<br />

of the largest covered designer outlets in Europe -<br />

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Swindon, or a short<br />

detour from the route, Clarks Village, Somerset are<br />

great places to pick up discounted top name brands like<br />

Hobbs, Jack Wills, Molton Brown, North Face and Osprey.<br />

Then there’s Kilver Court Designer Village, a short<br />

distance south of Bath, where as well as fashion there are<br />

luxurious lifestyle brands like Liberty London, known for<br />

its iconic floral prints, plus a gorgeous garden to explore.<br />

For a truly personalised service, and exclusive couture<br />

clothing, visit one of the posh boutiques along the<br />

touring route. Fluidity in Henley-on-Thames attracts<br />

high flyers near and far and is rumoured to be former<br />

Prime Minister Theresa May’s favourite.<br />

For jewellery, consider getting a bespoke piece<br />

made by a local jeweller. Goldsmith Paul Newton in<br />

Malmesbury crafts exquisite pendants, earrings and<br />

rings set with dazzling jewels (good to know if you’re<br />

thinking of making a proposal while you’re away!). Or<br />

for sensational silver jewellery, go to Tundra Jewellers in<br />

Devizes, or visit Deacons Jewellers in Swindon.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />




Somerset Outlet Shopping; discover<br />

up to 60% off gifts, fashion and more.


There’s no better way to buy a piece of art than direct<br />

from the artist - and at Reading’s art events, including<br />

Whiteknights Studio Trail, Caversham Arts Trail, and Artline<br />

art market, you can do just that.<br />

Or why not head to Previous, a wildly eclectic vintage<br />

shop (and café) located on Corsham High Street, for one-off<br />

homewares and quirky retro items. Then wander across the<br />

road to explore Paul Martin from BBC’s Flog It! antiques<br />

shop - The Table Gallery.<br />

If you’re mainly in the market for antiques, you’re sure to<br />

stumble upon more rare finds in Marlborough, Chippenham,<br />

Bradford on Avon, Marlow and Tetbury.<br />

Head to Pewsey and call in at Crystal Clear – a gemstone<br />

of a shop, located on the High Street, and be charmed<br />

by unique natural crystal jewellery, crop circle artwork,<br />

crystals and minerals, and hand made gifts. There’s also the<br />

delightful McNeill Gallery, located in market place, and a<br />

leading contemporary gallery, or try Woodborough Yard, full<br />

of independent shops, workshops and cafés.<br />

For original artworks you can’t beat Turville Studios<br />

located in the picturesque village of Turville, the filming<br />

locations for Midsomer Murders, Vicar of Dibley, Chitty<br />

Chitty Bang Bang and most recently Killing Eve.<br />

If you’re happy to travel a short distance north of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way, you should definitely have a rummage at<br />

Antiques on High, an Oxford institution where you’ll find<br />

original oil paintings to adorable writing desks. →<br />

Pictured top<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Parkway<br />

Shopping<br />

Centre,<br />

Newbury;<br />

McArthurGlen<br />

Designer<br />

Outlet<br />

Swindon;<br />

McNeill<br />

Gallery;<br />

Shopping at<br />

The Oracle,<br />

Reading<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


Back in the beautiful city of Bath, their Vintage & Antiques<br />

Market, held on the last Sunday of every month at Green<br />

Park Station, has a good mix of everything - mid-century<br />

furnishings, jazzy retro frocks and one-of-a-kind antiques.<br />

While Vintage to Vogue can style you in top quality<br />

fashion, from the 1900s onwards, then have it tailored<br />

specifically to your shape. Very dapper! And there are<br />

exceptional restaurants to stop and refuel wherever the need<br />

takes you - keep an eye out for The Circus, Acorn and The<br />

Olive Tree at The Queensberry Hotel.<br />

Nearby Bristol is known for its alternative outlook,<br />

making it a go-to place for vintage and offbeat fashion finds.<br />

Established in 1743 St Nicholas Market is the oldest and best<br />

loved market in Bristol, famous for some of the best food in<br />

the city, or head to Stokes Croft and adjoining Gloucester<br />

Road - the longest street of independent shops in the UK.<br />

There you’ll discover artfully-curated charity shops<br />

alongside intriguing second-hand stores (with lots of hip<br />

cafes in between for when you need a coffee break).<br />

Love tea? Learn all about the art of tea blending and tea<br />

tasting at a Bird & Blend Tea Masterclass.<br />

Good to know: If you’re a guy or gal who likes Americana,<br />

Uncle Sam’s on Park Street is the best place to find a pair of<br />

cowboy boots or classic Levis you can cherish forever.<br />


Try and catch one of the Duck Pond markets, which take<br />

place regularly in various scenic locations not far from<br />

London such as Henley-on-Thames and Chalfont St Giles.<br />

Their ethos is local, ethical and sustainable, so you can<br />

feel good about supporting the planet as well as local<br />

businesses when you buy.<br />

Pictured top<br />

left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Signage while<br />

shopping in<br />

Bath;<br />

St Nicholas<br />

Market,<br />

Bristol;<br />

Shopping<br />

at Corsham<br />

street market<br />

118 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


There’s much to explore at McArthurGlen Designer<br />

Outlet Swindon – let us show you around<br />

Discover over 90 coveted designer labels<br />

and iconic brands like Ted Baker, Reiss, Levi’s,<br />

Molton Brown and many more. The best bit?<br />

They’re all up to 60% less than the RRP.<br />


VISIT US<br />

Find out why we’re Wiltshire’s premier shopping<br />

destination, just 50 minutes drive from Bath and Bristol.<br />

Find us off the M4 motorway, junction 16.<br />

Visit us online to discover our latest opening times and<br />

any additional measures in place to help plan your trip.<br />


Housed in a beautiful Grade II listed building,<br />

the centre was once home to the bustling<br />

workshops of <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway Works<br />

and boasts original brick arches and features.<br />

Take some time out to relax and unwind at<br />

our great range of restaurants and cafés<br />

including popular favourites like including<br />

popular favourites like Wagamama, Giraffe,<br />

Five Guys and Starbucks.<br />




The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way is home to some<br />

of England’s best foodie experiences<br />

THERE’S A TANTALISING buffet of food and drink<br />

experiences along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Discover<br />

award-winning high-end restaurants and cosy,<br />

traditional pubs, with a galaxy of Michelin stars<br />

and plenty of local food heroes serving up everything<br />

from vegetables hand grown in the kitchen garden to<br />

just-baked homemade cakes.<br />



The first pub to achieve two Michelin stars, a relaxed<br />

place to settle in for some proper English dishes,<br />

including a fabulous Sunday roast. Chef Tom Kerridge<br />

serves up sophisticated yet familiar dishes – think half<br />

roast chicken with oak gravy and pork belly with roasted<br />

pineapple and chorizo mayonnaise.<br />

› thehandandflowers.co.uk<br />


MARLOW<br />

Overlooking the banks of the River Thames in beautiful<br />

Marlow, Sindhu restaurant by twice Michelin-starred<br />

chef Atul Kochhar offers contemporary Indian cuisine<br />

featuring vibrant flavours, subtle blends of spices and<br />

incredible aromas. Located in The Compleat Angler<br />

Hotel, a stone’s throw from Marlow station.<br />

› sindhurestaurant.co.uk<br />


Clayton’s Kitchen is a perennial favourite for local foodies<br />

and discerning travellers. Robert Clayton, the restaurant’s<br />

Chef Patron, creates uncomplicated dishes that explore<br />

and showcase the freshest and very best ingredients. He<br />

is inspired by Mediterranean and modern French cuisine.<br />

Robert ensures that every dish is prepared, cooked and<br />

presented to perfection.<br />

› claytonskitchen.com<br />

Pictured<br />

above then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Koffmann &<br />

Mr. White’s<br />

English<br />

and French<br />

Brasserie,<br />

Bath; Whatley<br />

Manor Hotel &<br />

Spa, Wiltshire;<br />

Dessert at<br />

The Fat Duck,<br />

Bray; Hand<br />

and Flowers,<br />

Wycombe;<br />

Dessert at<br />

Hand and<br />

Flowers,<br />

Wycombe<br />

120 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Crown I n, To ldown, Dyrham, Somerset<br />

Try beers brewed with pa sion<br />

Bird in Hand, Knowl Hi l, Reading, Berkshire<br />



To discover more, visit <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

Wadworth Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire<br />

Bear Hotel, Devizes, Wiltshire<br />

Black Swan, Devizes, Wiltshire<br />

GGW advert.qxp_Layout 1 19/11/2019 15:26 Page 1<br />

A proper English afternoon tea is far more than just<br />

a hot beverage. In fact, it can be a whole meal in<br />

itself, no to mention a thoroughly pleasant way to<br />

jam and cream, and cakes. Most people ea them<br />

in that order, but since many of the most upmarket<br />

places will keep replenishing each level, you could<br />

switch back and forth for hours.<br />

Afternoon tea was invented in England, in the 19th<br />

century when the fashion for having dinner later<br />

(around 8pm) took hold among the upper classes<br />

lon<br />

M et our working shire horses<br />

George I n, Norton St Philip, Bath, Somerset<br />

Enjoy great food from pub cla sics to a special treat<br />

W W W.WA D W O R T H.C O.U K<br />


days and includes plenty of child-friendly activities.<br />


EAT READING (H4)<br />

Broad St and Market Place, Reading, June<br />

livingreading.co.uk<br />

Two-day festival showcasing Reading’s best foodie<br />

businesses, featuring live cookery demonstrations,<br />

street food tastings, cocktail mixology and a popup<br />

street café.<br />

Hungerford Town Ha l and High St, October<br />

hungerfordfoodfestival.com<br />

Fu l-day event featuring street food sta ls, talks<br />

and live cooking demos. Sustainability is a key<br />


Englefield, Reading (H4), June and<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt House (C3), August<br />

greatbritishfoodfestival.com<br />

This touring festival brings artisan producers and<br />

street food vendors together over two or three<br />

that includes tastings, chef demonstrations, film<br />

screenings and the finale Riverside Fiesta with<br />

street food and a floating gin bar.<br />

A fortnight o feasting, with a line-up of events<br />

ABBEY HOTEL (B4)<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

APEX HOTEL (B4)<br />

apexhotels.co.uk<br />


handpickedhotels.co.uk/bailbrookhouse<br />


Roman Baths, Bath BA1 1LZ 01225 444477<br />


roseatehotels.com/london/roseatehouse<br />


roseatehotels.com/bath/theroseatevi la<br />


16 Royal Crescent, Bath BA1 2LS<br />

THE FAT DUCK (J3)<br />

High St, Bray SL6 2AQ<br />


126 <strong>West</strong> St, Marlow SL7 2BP<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way and England’s <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are registered trade marks. A l rights reserved.<br />

If you can, time your visit for one of the food and<br />

drink-focused events along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

Some of the bigger ones include the <strong>Great</strong> Bath<br />

Feast, Bristol Food Connections, Longleat Food and<br />

Music Festival and the <strong>Great</strong> British Food Festival.<br />

There are also hundreds of sma ler events, alongside<br />

weekly produce and street food markets in market<br />

towns throughou the touring route. You might even<br />

stumble upon Chippenham’s Pancake Races!<br />

Enjoy dining while trave ling the route by train<br />

with our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way Discoverer pass.<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway serve delicious produce<br />

from their at-sea tro ley service, from classic<br />





Victory Field, Bradford on Avon, 30 May<br />

scrumptiousfoodfestivals.co.uk<br />

snacks and swee treats, to tasty sandwiches<br />

and wraps. Plus, a great range of soft drinks,<br />

beers, and wines to accompany your journey.<br />


Longleat, Warminster 4 and 5 July<br />

longleat.co.uk<br />

Join Longleat on the 4th and 5th July 2020 for a<br />

harmonious festival sure to tantalise your taste<br />

buds. You’ l enjoy diverse food and drink stalls,<br />

demonstrations by celebrity chefs, plus live music<br />

from an a ray of artists taking to the stage with<br />

Longleat House as the backdrop; each day’s line-up<br />

wi l be announced closer to the event.<br />




ale along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />




Did you know that 187 of National Trust’s cafés,<br />


The Tea-room and Tea Garden<br />


Kennet and Avon Canal Trust work in partnership<br />

with cafés along the canal at Bradford on Avon,<br />

Devizes, Crofton Beam Engines and Newbury,<br />

so you can be sure of some tasty refreshments<br />

whenever you visit. For more information on their<br />

cafés see katrust.org.uk/attractions<br />


katrust.org.uk/attractions<br />


p<br />

glorious views of the estate from its windows and<br />

hearty dishes such as guinea fowl and lamb loin on<br />

its menu. There’s also a fu l vegetarian and vegan<br />

menu and exce len traditional Sunday roasts.<br />

Malmesbury, SN16 0BW,<br />

01666 822344 • oldbe lhotel.co.uk<br />

The Old Be l Hotel & Restaurant is reputed to<br />

be the oldest purpose-built hotel in England and<br />

Grade 1 listed. The Refectory and Bar uses fresh,<br />

local and seasonal produce accompanied by a<br />

wide selection of drinks.<br />




Derry Hi l, Calne SN11 9PQ, 01249 822228<br />

bowood.org/bowood-hotel-resort<br />

The classy restaurant a this luxury hotel has<br />


whitehorse-comptonbassett.co.uk<br />


Hayes Way, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5BZ<br />

aerospacebristol.org/cafe<br />

Whilst enjoying a relaxing Spa, be sure to add extra<br />

time to your spa session so you can enjoy afternoon<br />

tea or a tasty meal at your leisure.<br />




HOTEL (M3)<br />

gnhlondon.com<br />

prepared hot and cold refreshments. Food is<br />

prepared and cooked onsite, whils the fresh bread<br />

is from Hobbs House Bakery and made using local<br />

Shipton Mi l flour from nearby Long Newnton.<br />


OPENING 2020 (K3)<br />

rct.uk/visit/windsor-castle<br />


rickstein.com/eat-with-us/marlborough<br />


theswanbradford.co.uk<br />


woo leygrangehotel.co.uk<br />


01934 864404 • aldwickestate.co.uk<br />



cobbsfarmshops.co.uk<br />


01488 686770 • alderridge.co.uk<br />


01380 816669 • abecketts.co.uk<br />



Rovesfarm.co.uk/farmshop<br />

The chalk soils and temperate climate of the south<br />

are pretty perfect for crisp, white, bubbly varieties,<br />

and English wines are winning international awards.<br />

Take a vineyard tour with one of the wine producers<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />


while autumn means squash and pumpkin.<br />

The café uses the same produce where possible<br />

and serves breakfasts and lunches including<br />

Wiltshire cured ham and homemade quiche.<br />

Down the road in Englefield, Reading you wi l<br />

find another Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen with<br />

a whole host of local produce.<br />



Cobbs Farm, Bath Rd, Hungerford RG17 0SP,<br />


(E5)<br />

Choldertoncharliesfarm.com/farm-shop<br />

One of the greatest pleasures of a drive<br />

through the English countryside is stopping<br />

at a farm shop café for a cup of tea and some<br />

tasty local produce. You’ l happen upon them<br />

Corsham Farmers’ Market 3rd Sat of month<br />

Harbourside Street Food Market Broad Quay,<br />

Bristol, every Wed & Thur<br />

Newbury Farmers’ Market 1st Sun of month<br />

01488 686770 • cobbsfarmshops.co.uk<br />

This exce lent farm shop se ls produce from<br />

the su rounding farm. Expect asparagus and<br />

rhubarb in spring and soft fruits in summer,<br />

as you travel along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />



BUTTLE FARM (D4)<br />

buttlefarm.co.uk<br />

Salisbury 1st & 3rd Wed of month<br />








(E5)<br />




donnington-grove.com<br />


claytonskitchen.com<br />



handpickedhotels.co.uk<br />




georgeinnnsp.co.uk<br />

city and su rounding countryside. Quench<br />

your thirst in tap rooms, fantastic beer<br />

shops and traditional pubs, or fo low the<br />

lead of the local tour guides at Bristol<br />

Brewery Tours or Bristol Hoppers.<br />

visitbristol.co.uk/beer<br />

Bristol is one of the UK’s leading craft beer<br />

destinations and is brimming with bri liant<br />

breweries – there are more than 20 in the<br />

BEAR, DEVIZES (D4)<br />

thebearhoteldevizes.co.uk<br />


birdinhand.co.uk<br />




WEST WAY<br />


blackswandevizes.co.uk<br />


thecrownto ldown.co.uk<br />




castlehotelwindsor.com<br />

monkeyislandestate.co.uk<br />


moonrakerhotel.com<br />


Malmesbury, SN16 0BW,<br />


Protect yourself and others<br />

Businesses have been working<br />

hard to make sure everything is<br />

safe for both staff and visitors.<br />

Things may look slightly different,<br />

so please be patient as we all get<br />

used to new ways of doing things.<br />

Websites and businesses will<br />

be displaying new certification,<br />

including the Nationallyrecognised<br />

"We're Good to<br />

Go" mark to demonstrate the<br />

measures they have in place to<br />

protect us all from COVID-19.<br />


A simply superlative restaurant from highly regarded English<br />

chef Heston Blumenthal. Awarded three Michelin stars for its<br />

creative menu, which takes guests on a sensory journey to<br />

the seaside and begins before you even arrive, with a phone<br />

consultation. Expect to be dazzled – and to be talking about it<br />

for years. Bookings essential, and well in advance.<br />

› thefatduck.co.uk<br />



The Dining Room at Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa has recently<br />

been awarded their second Michelin star, just two years after<br />

earning their first. Executive Chef, Niall Keating, who previously<br />

worked around the world at some of the finest Michelin starred<br />

restaurants was awarded a coveted Michelin star in less than<br />

a year of joining Whatley Manor. Niall draws inspiration from<br />

many different cuisines, including Korean, Japanese and classic<br />

French. Niall’s cuisine is very much ‘of the moment’.<br />

› whatleymanor.com<br />


An impressive Grade II listed former Victorian hospital on<br />

the harbour-side, overlooking Bathurst Basin, at Casamia<br />

the menu of seasonal dishes, from Wiltshire rainbow trout<br />

to Spanish winter truffle, are regularly changing, and are<br />

presented to you at your table by the chefs themselves.<br />

Vaulted arches give this innovative restaurant a light, airy feel<br />

and the state-of-the-art open kitchen acts as the focal point.<br />

› casamiarestaurant.co.uk<br />



A delightful English and French all day dining city centre<br />

brasserie created by culinary legends Pierre Koffmann and<br />

Marco Pierre White. The menu is homage to their 36 yearold<br />

friendship; a culinary combination of the chefs’ personal<br />

favourites, careers and homelands. Set within Bath's historic<br />

Abbey Hotel, the restaurant boasts an idyllic and classic setting.<br />

› mpwrestaurants.co.uk →<br />

Bristol Airport’s cafes, bars and restaurants<br />

stay open until the final flight of the day,<br />

so you can fuel up before you take off, with<br />

anything from a tasty snack to a sit down meal.<br />

Our pick is Cabin Bar - premium bar with rooftop<br />

te race. The Cabin, o fers fine wine, craft beers<br />

and loca ly sourced food in a relaxing environment<br />

– and includes a stylish outdoor te race with<br />

retractable roof.<br />

If its award-winning you’re looking for then you’re<br />

in for a treat. There are numerous celebrity chefs<br />

along the route and top-notch country pubs such as<br />

The Red Lion Freehouse. Listed are some of the best<br />

restaurants.<br />


East Chisenbury, Pewsey SN9 6AQ,<br />

01980 671124 • redlionfreehouse.com<br />

Thatched country pub with food so good it holds a<br />

Michelin star. There’s pub grub such as ham, egg and<br />

chips as we l as the more refined main menu which<br />

changes daily and focuses on what’s in season.<br />


HOTEL & SPA (C3)<br />

Easton Grey, Malmesbury SN16 0RB,<br />

01666 822888 • whatleymanor.com<br />

A Michelin-sta red tasting menu from the kitchen of<br />

executive chef Nia l Keating is served in this friendly<br />

but formal dining room. There’s often charcuterie<br />

from the manor to start, fo lowed by a creative lineup<br />

of modern British dishes.<br />



mpwrestaurants.co.uk<br />



castlehotelwindsor.com<br />



monkeyislandestate.co.uk<br />


moonrakerhotel.com<br />



16 Royal Crescent, Bath BA1 2LS,<br />

01225 823333, royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

This formal but friendly restaurant serves both<br />

tasting menus (one is vegetarian) and á la carte<br />

dishes, with a focus on seasonal British cuisine.<br />

The dining room overlooks the hotel’s gardens,<br />

where you can dine al fresco in summer.<br />

You’ l find many of the restaurants along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are dining rooms within our<br />

Ambassador hotels, many of which source their<br />

ingredients from sma local producers. You’ll also<br />

find several celebrity chefs including Rick Stein,<br />

Pierre Ko fmann and Marco Pie re White. There’s<br />

also plenty of di ferent cuisines to tempt you.<br />




donnington-grove.com<br />


WREN HOTEL (K3)<br />

sirchristopherwren.co.uk<br />


thelangley.com<br />


claytonskitchen.com<br />



handpickedhotels.co.uk<br />



thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk<br />


PULTENEY (B4)<br />

no15greatpulteney.co.uk<br />


& RESTAURANT (C4)<br />

guyershouse.com<br />


theharrowatlittlebedwyn.com<br />



hospitalityuor.co.uk<br />

Richmond Duck Pond Markets every Sat & Sun<br />

Swindon Farmers’ Market Swindon Designer<br />

Outlet, every Sun<br />

Thames Va ley Farmers’ Market Ascot, 3rd Sun<br />

of month; Newbury, 1st Sun of month; Reading 1st<br />

& 3rd Sat of month; Windsor, 1st Sat of month<br />

Trowbridge Weaver’s Market 2nd Saturday of<br />

the month (not winter)<br />

Wiltshire Farmers’ Market Devizes, 1st Sat of<br />

month; Royal Wootton Bassett 4th Sat of month;<br />

Salisbury 1st & 3rd Wed of month<br />


savouringbath.com<br />

THAMES LIDO (H4)<br />

thameslido.com<br />


thamesrivercruise.co.uk<br />


vaughanskitchen.co.uk<br />


wiltonwindmi l.co.uk<br />

Join one of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way’s best food<br />

experiences to rea ly ge to grips with the local<br />

cuisine. There are plenty of places to try homegrown<br />

tipples. Beer, wine and gin are a l made along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. You can take a brewery, vineyard or<br />

disti lery tour, try a hands-on foodie experience like a<br />

cookery school, or take a city food tour.<br />


aroundandaboutbath.com<br />


disti lery.bombaysapphire.com<br />


bristolpacket.co.uk<br />


frenchbrothers.co.uk<br />


hobbsofhenley.com<br />


lidobristol.com<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way runs through some of<br />

England’s most fertile agricultura land, so it’s no<br />

surprise that you’ l find regular farmers’ markets<br />

along the route. Check ou these markets for fresh<br />

local food and drink, direct from the producers.<br />

Bath Farmers’ Market Green Park Station,<br />

every Sat<br />

Bristol Farmers’ Market St Nicholas Market,<br />

every Wed<br />

Bristol Street Food Market St Nicholas Market,<br />

every Tue & Fri<br />

Corsham Farmers’ Market 3rd Sat of month<br />

Harbourside Street Food Market Broad Quay,<br />

Bristol, every Wed & Thur<br />

Henley Farmers’ Market 2nd Sat, 4th Thur &<br />

5th Sun of month<br />

Maidenhead Farmers’ Market 2nd Sun of month<br />

Malmesbury Artisan and Farmers’ Market<br />

every Fri<br />

Newbury Farmers’ Market 1st Sun of month<br />

One-day event featuring food sta ls from local artisan<br />

producers, cookery demonstrations by professional<br />

chefs and a children’s activity area.<br />


Bristol, June • bristolfoodconnections.com<br />

A citywide line-up of events over almos two weeks,<br />

including talks on food and health, lunchtime boat<br />

trips and cooking demonstrations.<br />


The Passenger Shed, Bristol, September<br />

thecoffeehouseproject.co.uk<br />

Bristol’s first co fee festival celebrates local, artisan<br />

roasters and independent food and drink retailers over<br />

two days.<br />


The Wharf, Devizes, July • camra.org.uk<br />

Long-running one-day beer festival with more than<br />

100 real ales and ciders served up canalside. Live<br />

music too.<br />

theme.<br />


Marlow, May and Royal Victoria Park, Bath,<br />

June • pubintheparkuk.com<br />

Celebrity chef Tom Ke ridge combines tastings,<br />

chef demonstrations, masterclasses and music<br />

from top live acts in his ‘ultimate pub garden’ over<br />

three lively days.<br />


Old Deer Park, Richmond, April<br />

surreyfoodfestival.com<br />

A weekend o foodie fun, with talks, tastings and<br />

demos in the marquee and an extensive line-up<br />

o food and drink sta ls, plus live music and a kids’<br />

zone.<br />


Corsham, June • corsham.gov.uk<br />

Fu l-day celebration of Corsham’s local food<br />

producers, with food and drink sta ls lining the<br />

High Street, live music and a silent disco.<br />


<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/food-and-drink<br />

FOOD &<br />

DRINK<br />

<strong>Great</strong> places to savour along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way roams between London and<br />

Bristol, passing through some of England’s most<br />

idyllic countryside and weaving a pathway from<br />

ancient market town to quaint village, thatched pub<br />

to beamed tearoom.<br />

This slice of quintessential England is home to some of the country’s best<br />

agricultura land, and with that comes exce lent local produce, from fresh<br />

fruits and vegetables to fine wines. Farms rear animals and nurture crops,<br />

breweries experiment with craft beers, and kitchen gardens cultivate seasonal<br />

veggies. While pubs and restaurants selec the best of it all for their menus,<br />

and family-run tea rooms whip up fresh cakes daily.<br />

A l of this adds up to one very tasty journey along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. From<br />

farm shops, international cuisine, Michelin starred restaurants, tours, tastings,<br />

cookery schools and more take a look at our pick of the best places to visit.<br />



Devizes, September-October<br />

devizesfoodanddrinkfestival.info<br />

Week-long celebration of local food and drink<br />

products, including a food market in the Market<br />

Place and visits to producers including a goat farm<br />

and vineyard.<br />


Henley on Thames, June • eatfoodfest.co.uk<br />

With so many great places to<br />

savour along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Way, from thatched pubs to<br />

beamed tearooms in ancient<br />

market towns to quaint villages,<br />

you might find you first need<br />

one of our food maps<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk/<br />

explore/maps<br />



5HB, 01635 49000 • thenewburypub.co.uk<br />

The Newbury offers an exciting British à la carte<br />

menu and fantastic atmosphere. It is also the<br />

home of 137 Gin, where multi-award winning<br />

Lumber’s Bartholomew Gin is disti led.<br />

Landlord Pete’s vision is at the heart of The<br />

Newbury and 137, from the distinctive branding<br />

to the stunning décor.<br />


Beer has been brewed in England for thousands<br />

of years – a fermented mixture of water, hops,<br />

malt and yeast. Although beer itself wasn’t<br />

invented here, the English have developed their<br />

own unique style which is quite unlike what<br />

you’ l find in other countries.<br />

This is called ‘real ale’, a name first coined in the<br />

1970s by CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale)<br />

to describe traditional draught cask beers that<br />

contain live yeast. Real ale is a living product,<br />

the yeast continuing to ferment until the beer is<br />

served – generally from a traditional hand-pu l<br />

pump mounted on the bar. This gives real ale<br />

bags o flavour and a natural light carbonation<br />

that is very di ferent from the more ubiquitous<br />

lagers and highly carbonated beers produced by<br />

the large international brewers.<br />

You’ll find real ale in almost a l pubs along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. It comes in numerous<br />

varieties including IPA (India Pale Ale), bi ter,<br />

mild, stout, porter and golden. Flavours can<br />

vary significantly within varieties, so don’t be<br />

afraid to request a taste first – and always ask<br />

for what’s local.<br />

These are some of the best places to drink real<br />



thebathbrewhouse.com<br />


Northgate Brewery, Devizes SN10 1JW,<br />

01380 723361 • wadworth.co.uk<br />

Stately red-brick brewery in Devizes town centre,<br />

producing a range of real ales including the widely<br />

distributed 6X. Ca l in to the Harness Room Bar<br />

for a taste and don’t leave without checking out<br />

the Brewseum.<br />


The Old Dairy, Frilsham Farm, Yattendon RG18<br />

0XT, 01635 767090 • wbbrew.com<br />

A menu of homemade pizzas, burgers and salads<br />

soak up the beers in the Taproom of this modern<br />

brewhouse. You’ll have views into the brewery on<br />

one side and out over the Berkshire countryside<br />

on the other.<br />




helenbrowningsorganic.co.uk/royal-oak/<br />

THE NEWBURY (G4)<br />

thenewburypub.co.uk<br />


princestreetsocial.com<br />


queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />


royaloakyattendon.co.uk<br />


theroyalwindsor.co.uk<br />


theswanbradford.co.uk<br />


tunsfreehouse.com<br />




WEST WAY<br />

BEAR, DEVIZES (D4)<br />

thebearhoteldevizes.co.uk<br />


birdinhand.co.uk<br />


blackswandevizes.co.uk<br />


thecrowntolldown.co.uk<br />


georgeinnnsp.co.uk<br />


visitbristol.co.uk/beer<br />

Bristol is one of the UK’s leading craft beer<br />

destinations and is brimming with brilliant<br />

breweries – there are more than 20 in the<br />

city and surrounding countryside. Quench<br />

your thirst in tap rooms, fantastic beer<br />

shops and traditional pubs, or fo low the<br />

lead of the local tour guides at Bristol<br />

Brewery Tours or Bristol Hoppers.<br />




The chalk soils and temperate climate of the south<br />

are pre ty perfect for crisp, white, bubbly varieties,<br />

and English wines are winning international awards.<br />

Take a vineyard tour with one of the wine producers<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />


One of the greatest pleasures of a drive<br />

through the English countryside is stopping<br />

at a farm shop café for a cup of tea and some<br />

tasty local produce. You’ l happen upon them<br />

as you travel along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />



Cobbs Farm, Bath Rd, Hungerford RG17 0SP,<br />

01488 686770 • cobbsfarmshops.co.uk<br />

This exce lent farm shop se ls produce from<br />

the su rounding farm. Expect asparagus and<br />

rhubarb in spring and soft fruits in summer,<br />

while autumn means squash and pumpkin.<br />

The café uses the same produce where possible<br />

and serves breakfasts and lunches including<br />

Wiltshire cured ham and homemade quiche.<br />

Down the road in Englefield, Reading you will<br />

find another Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen with<br />

a whole host of local produce.<br />

BUTTLE FARM (D4)<br />

buttlefarm.co.uk<br />


Choldertoncharliesfarm.com/farm-shop<br />



cobbsfarmsho<br />


Rovesfarm.co.<br />


01380 816669 •<br />


01488 686770 •<br />


01934 864404 •<br />

THE LANGLEY (K3)<br />

thelangley.com<br />

Experience an authentic Afternoon Tea in the<br />

classic decor of the Drawing Room. Appointed<br />

with historic features, original artwork and<br />

contemporary furnishings, this is the perfect<br />

spo to view our landscaped gardens and lake<br />

while enjoying our contemporary afternoon tea.<br />



Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9PQ 01249 822228<br />

bowood.org/bowood-hotel-resort<br />

Finger sandwiches, scones and colourful cakes<br />

served in the Shelburne Restaurant, Bar and<br />

Library. Fire in winter.<br />


crickladehotel.co.uk<br />


thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />


no15greatpulteney.co.uk<br />

restaurants and tea-rooms have received the<br />

Food for Life Served Here Award? The award<br />

recognises tha they serve fresh, local food that<br />

is ethica ly and sustainable produced. There<br />

are seven National Trust places you can find on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way and eight more which are<br />

within easy reach of it, so if you’re looking for an<br />

afternoon tea, a picnic or a food hamper to take<br />

back there should be something to tempt your<br />

tastebuds.<br />


The New Circles Restaurant<br />

Avebury Manor Tearoom<br />

Coach House Café<br />

Refuel in the café whilst on a visi to Aerospace<br />

Bristol. This light and airy café serves a delicious<br />

range of light meals, snacks and drinks. Produce is<br />

loca ly sourced where possible.<br />


thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />


holburne.org<br />


honeystreetmi lcafe.co.uk<br />


Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, BA1 1SJ<br />

01225 331234 • thermaebathspa.com<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way runs through some of<br />

England’s most fertile agricultura land, so it’s no<br />

surprise that you’ll find regular farmers’ markets<br />

along the route. Check ou these markets for fresh<br />

local food and drink, direct from the producers.<br />

Bath Farmers’ Market Green Park Station,<br />

every Sat<br />

Bristol Farmers’ Market St Nicholas Market,<br />

every Wed<br />

Bristol Street Food Market St Nicholas Market,<br />

every Tue & Fri<br />

Richmond Duck Pond Markets every Sat & Sun<br />

Swindon Farmers’ Market Swindon Designer<br />

Outlet, every Sun<br />

Thames Va ley Farmers’ Market Ascot, 3rd Sun<br />

of month; Newbury, 1st Sun of month; Reading 1st<br />

& 3rd Sat of month; Windsor, 1st Sat of month<br />

Trowbridge Weaver’s Market 2nd Saturday of<br />

the month (not winter)<br />

Wiltshire Farmers’ Market Devizes, 1st Sat of<br />

month; Royal Woo ton Basse t 4th Sat of month;<br />

121<br />


You’ll find many of the restaurants along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are dining rooms within our<br />

Ambassador hotels, many of which source their<br />

ingredients from sma local producers. You’ l also<br />

find several celebrity chefs including Rick Stein,<br />

Pie re Ko fmann and Marco Pie re White. There’s<br />

also plenty of di ferent cuisines to tempt you.<br />

while away an afternoon.<br />

romanbaths.co.uk/pump-room-restaurant<br />

An elegant space at the Roman Baths where a<br />

range of teas is served, from the smaller cream tea<br />

The Tea Shed<br />


thetuttipole.co.uk<br />

Henley Farmers’ Market 2nd Sat, 4th Thur &<br />

5th Sun of month<br />


WREN HOTEL (K3)<br />

mpwrestaurants.co.uk<br />

There is always tea, of course. Usua ly this is served<br />

to the fu l tiered stand of treats.<br />


Cow Barn Restaurant<br />


sirchristopherwren.co.uk<br />



by the pot and made from tea leaves, poured<br />

through a strainer into a bone china cup. A tiered<br />

cake stand is the mos traditional way to serve the<br />

accompanying food: sandwiches, scones served with<br />

THE ROSEATE (H4)<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/theroseate<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QS<br />

<strong>03</strong>00 067 4890 • Forestryengland.uk/<strong>West</strong>onbirt<br />

The <strong>West</strong>onbirt Restaurant o fers tasty, freshly<br />

Maidenhead Farmers’ Market 2nd Sun of month<br />

Malmesbury Artisan and Farmers’ Market<br />

every Fri<br />


thelangley.com<br />



and made the gap between<br />

01225 823333 • royalcrescent.<br />

Take a se<br />

CAN<br />

Royal Co lection Trust is in<br />


Join one of t<br />

thegainsboroug<br />

01666 822344 • oldb






Village pubs along the route are a great place to head for<br />

tasting British food traditions passed down generations, such<br />

as Sunday roasts and Friday fish and chips, or simply bread,<br />

cheese and pickles, known as the ‘ploughman’s lunch’.<br />

Gastropubs offer newer cuisines and often their<br />

restaurants are recognised with a Michelin star or two. And<br />

there are also plenty of homegrown tipples to try too. Beer,<br />

wine and gin are all made along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. Take a<br />

brewery, vineyard or distillery tour or just pull up a stool at<br />

the village pub and see what’s on tap.<br />

The Three Tuns Freehouse, <strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn is Sawdays<br />

“Most Authentic Pub” 2018/19. The Michelin starred<br />

Red Lion Freehouse, Pewsey offers private dining with a<br />

window into the kitchen to watch the team prep. Pigs,<br />

pies, pints and pillows is supplied by Helen Browning's<br />

Royal Oak, Bishopstone, set in the middle of an organic<br />

farm. Take lunch on a Friday and sample the fish menu at<br />

award-winning The Queen’s Arms, East Garston. The Swan,<br />

Bradford on Avon offers both Pub Classics or its Thai Chilli<br />

Restaurant. The Crown & Anchor, set at the foot of the<br />

North Wessex Downs has recently reopened following a<br />

three year refurbishment. Serving Royals and residents alike,<br />

be sure to pop into the Royal Windsor pub with spectacular<br />

views of Windsor Castle, specialising in handmade liquor<br />

and premium craft beers, including a house-brewed Royal<br />

Windsor Pint. You could plan your visit with a stay at The<br />

Royal Oak, Yattendon, a country inn with traditional British<br />

food, to coincide with a drinks festival, and taste their very<br />

own gin distilled on the premises in ‘Harry’ their still.<br />

There's also a'Beckett's Vineyard making english sparkling<br />

and still wines along with cider and apple juice from<br />

their vineyard near Devizes in Wiltshire. Or try The <strong>West</strong><br />

Berkshire Brewery at Yattendon and Wadworth Brewery at<br />

Devizes, offering tours and tasting of their award-winning<br />

ales. You might also enjoy Wadworth's 'Eat, Drink, Stay' trail<br />

from their Brewery in Devizes, to their four pubs along the<br />

route - The Bear and The Black Swan in Devizes, The Crown<br />

in Tolldown, and The George Inn in Bath.<br />

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Whitchurch is at the<br />

forefront of the English gin resurgence while the Newbury<br />

pub is host to Newbury’s first ever gin distillery thanks to<br />

a working micro distillery and private dining room open all<br />

year for tastings. →<br />

122<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Red Lion<br />

Freehouse;<br />

The <strong>West</strong><br />

Berkshire<br />

Brewery at<br />

Yattendon;<br />

Crown &<br />

Anchor, Ham,<br />

Wiltshire; The<br />

Royal Oak,<br />



Explore the magic of gin-making. We are reinstalling<br />

an appreciation for gin-making through a fun,<br />

hands-on experience. Enjoy tasting, distilling, and<br />

creating your very own bespoke gin blend.<br />

The Newbury is an imposing grade II listed gastro<br />

pub in the centre of Newbury. It is a multi-award<br />

winning venue which prides itself on its exciting<br />

British a la carte menu, a great selection of ales,<br />

extensive wine list & fabulous service.



While travelling the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way you are never too far away from<br />

a café or farm shop for lunches, afternoon tea or a drink at the end of<br />

the day. Drive through the North Wessex Downs AONB to Cobbs Farm<br />

Shop for lunch and enjoy a glass of wine from their vineyard, Alder Ridge,<br />

Hungerford.<br />

For those heading to Bath, stop off at the Bridge Tea Rooms in<br />

Bradford on Avon. Double winner of the UK Tea Guild's 'Top Tea Place',<br />

and one of the UK's finest spots for afternoon tea with a list of regal<br />

afternoon teas including the Queen Victoria. A Hansel and Gretel-style<br />

exterior leads onto the cosiest of dining rooms, filled with homely<br />

trinkets, hefty wooden beams and the soft chink of fine bone china.<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen in Bath serves seasonal British fine dining in a<br />

traditionally appointed 4-storey Georgian townhouse.<br />

In Bristol visit Prince Street Social, a welcoming modern-style<br />

British Brasserie located in the centre, or stop for lunch alongside the<br />

picturesque harbourside at Spoke & Stringer for a delicious home-made<br />

Shakshuka, or at Stokes Croft Restaurant for a quirky Pieminister Pie;<br />

everyone from Kate Moss to the Queen has tried one. The Tutti Pole,<br />

Hungerford is a tea shop and family restaurant and was originally the<br />

place where ‘Tutti Poles’ were made for an historic local ceremony, still<br />

continued today.<br />

At Whatley Manor, Nr Malmesbury traditional afternoon tea is served<br />

with a glass of Champagne Deutz. Other places for indulgent afternoon<br />

teas include The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa and The Abbey Hotel,<br />

Bath, The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury, Monkey Island Estate, Bray or<br />

The Langley, Near Windsor. Or why not take tea by the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal, there’s plenty of choice including the Aldermaston Tea Room, Canal<br />

Trust Café, Honeystreet Mill Café, The Engineman’s Rest Café, The Tea<br />

Shop by the Canal and the Wharf Tea Rooms.<br />

Or for a unique culinary experience in Devizes, book yourself a place on<br />

one of Vaughan's Kitchen Cookery School Masterclasses.<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Afternoon Tea<br />

at Whatley<br />

Manor Hotel<br />

& Spa; Bridge<br />

Tea Rooms in<br />

Bradford on<br />

Avon; Cobbs<br />

Farm shop<br />

& Kitchen,<br />

Hungerford;<br />

hot chocolates<br />

being served<br />

at Wharf<br />

Tea Rooms,<br />

Devizes<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


WHERE<br />

TO STAY<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way offers plenty of<br />

choice when it comes to places to stay<br />

WHETHER YOU PREFER the excitement of<br />

a buzzing city or a more rural countryside<br />

retreat, from a stylish boutique hotel, to<br />

a cool gastro pub – there’s always a great<br />

place to stay along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way. From 5-star<br />

city hotels, country house hotels, to boutique bed and<br />

breakfasts, to camping and glamping retreats, we hope<br />

you will find what is right for you.<br />


Starting your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way journey from London?<br />

You might enjoy a stay at Roseate House London just a<br />

short walk from Hyde Park.<br />

Roseate Hotels has two further luxury boutique<br />

hotels along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way; The Roseate Reading,<br />

described by the Evening Standard as ‘UK’s Sexiest<br />

Townhouse Hotel’; and located in the centre of Bath<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath. Stopping at Reading? The Bird<br />

In Hand Hotel, at Knowl Hill, recently acquired by<br />

Wiltshire brewer Wadworth, is a delightful 14th Century<br />

Inn with a history that spans 600 years.<br />

In Bath you are spoiled for choice of luxury hotels, but<br />

it could be claimed, none quite as grand and spectacular<br />

as The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. Built between 1767<br />

and 1775 this is a fine example of Georgian architecture,<br />

located in the most famous crescent in the world.<br />

Effortlessly combining AA Five Red Star service, an<br />

award-winning Spa and beautiful gardens.<br />

In the heart of Bath, Abbey Hotel Bath is an<br />

experiential art-driven hotel, for people seeking true<br />

Bathonian encounters - inspired by the city’s most<br />

celebrated icons - it blends the new with the old,<br />

the refined with the comfortable and the local with<br />

the worldly. Guests are immersed in rich history,<br />

architectural beauty, regional artistry and craftsmanship.<br />

Built in 1739, the building composed part of John Wood’s<br />

vision for Bath - essentially the playground for the<br />

pleasure-loving visitors of the Georgian haute monde.<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa occupies two Grade II Listed<br />

buildings, centred around the natural thermal, mineralrich<br />

waters. Dukes Hotel, occupies two magnificent<br />

Georgian Townhouses on <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, or try the<br />

Apex Hotel, Bath’s largest hotel, close to Thermae Bath<br />

Spa. Bailbrook House Hotel is a Grade II listed hotel,<br />

also in the city, set in 20 acres - here you can enjoy the<br />

historic Cloisters restaurant or contemporary dining in<br />

The Conservatory.<br />

Desire your own holiday home? The Apartment<br />

Bath is an award-winning two-bedroom luxury property<br />

in a fantastic central location, or try Bath Apartment<br />

Breaks. For a selection of independently owned holiday<br />

properties search online with the help of Stay in Bath,<br />

Tucking Mill Holidays in Bath and Bath Area Self<br />

Catering. For an elegant and vivacious new boutique<br />

townhouse hotel located on the grandest street in Bath<br />

head to No. 15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney.<br />


Coronavirus Safety<br />

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms whilst on holiday,<br />

please arrange a test using your holiday address. You can<br />

order a test from www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or call 119. You<br />

MUST notify your accommodation provider immediately.<br />

If you are contacted by Test & Trace whilst on holiday you<br />

MUST notify your accommodation provider immediately<br />

that you have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace<br />

and asked to self-isolate. If you are well enough to return<br />

home by private transportation then please do so and<br />

self-isolate at home. Do not use public transport.<br />

126 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk


Coronavirus Changes<br />

Hotel information may have<br />

changed or been cancelled due<br />

to the coronavirus (COVID-19).<br />

Please check websites for<br />

the latest information on<br />

new booking procedures and<br />

safety requirements and visit<br />

responsibly.<br />

Accommodation in Bristol is as colourful and varied as the<br />

city itself. From a city centre hostel attached to a vintage<br />

bowling alley to a luxurious lodge in the grounds of a<br />

zoo, you’ll find somewhere special to suit you. The city’s<br />

distinct neighbourhoods each offer different experiences,<br />

so it depends what type of trip you’re hoping for…<br />

For something unconventional, check into one of<br />

Brooks Guesthouse’s rooftop airstreams for a spot of<br />

urban glamping in the Old City. Right next to St Nicholas’<br />

Market, you’ll be in prime position for perusing local<br />

craft stalls and tucking into the delicious street food it’s<br />

renowned for, from sausage baps to falafel wraps.<br />

If it’s dining, drinking and nightlife you’re after, check<br />

out Rock & Bowl Motel right in the city centre, The<br />

Bristol Wing, a boutique hostel in the Grade II listed old<br />

Police Headquarters, or The Full Moon - a backpacker<br />

hostel adjoining the lively Attic Bar in arty, alternative<br />

Stokes Croft.<br />

If you would prefer somewhere more serene,<br />

close to University of Bristol Botanic Garden, opt for<br />

somewhere in Clifton. Although it has a village feel,<br />

independent shops, cosmopolitan restaurants and the<br />

iconic Suspension Bridge are all within walking distance.<br />

Number Thirty Eight, a boutique hotel in a refurbished<br />

Georgian merchant’s house, is in prime position. Relax<br />

in a room with a roll top bath or soak up panoramic park<br />

views. Alternatively, go for a really wild stay at Bristol<br />

Zoo Gardens. The Lodge is a super stylish apartment<br />

with safari-themed rooms and a private terrace looking<br />

onto the zoo’s glorious gardens.<br />

And if you’re just in Bristol for a flying visit - where<br />

could be more convenient than Hampton By Hilton<br />

Bristol Airport?<br />


Sitting proudly next to the 12th Century Abbey in the<br />

centre of the historic, vibrant and charming Wiltshire<br />

market town of Malmesbury, England’s oldest hotel The<br />

Old Bell Hotel has recently been restored to the height of<br />

elegance, glamour and English charm. Beechfield House<br />

also in Wiltshire, is a stunning 4 AA red star, 2 AA rosette,<br />

relaxed country house hotel offering a truly opulent<br />

place to stay. Or try The Manor House, a 14th Century<br />

luxury hotel and golf club in Castle Combe, part of the<br />

Exclusive Collection along with Pennyhill Park, surrey and<br />

Royal Berkshire, on the outskirts of Ascot. Or for a lovely,<br />

secluded and unique cottage on a working farm head to<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy with beautiful views of the steep chalk<br />

escarpment leading up to Salisbury Plain.<br />

Another gorgeous countryside retreat is the five-star<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa, in the Southern Cotswolds<br />

set in 12 acres of gardens. If you are travelling with<br />

children Woolley Grange Hotel in Bradford on Avon →<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise: The<br />

Gainsborough<br />

Bath Spa;<br />

Brooks<br />

Guesthouse,<br />

Bristol, rooftop<br />

airstreams;<br />

new bedrooms<br />

at The Abbey<br />

Hotel;<br />

swimming pool<br />

at Beechfield<br />

House.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


is a beautiful Jacobean manor house on the edge of the<br />

Cotswolds offering a very warm welcome to families.<br />

Or try The Langley, Buckinghamshire - the former country<br />

estate of the third Duke of Marlborough has a wonderful spa,<br />

exceptional dining and Capability Brown designed gardens.<br />

Guyers House Hotel & Restaurant, Corsham is a traditional<br />

country house with an award-winning restaurant.<br />

If you’re looking to stay somewhere quieter, away from the<br />

hustle and bustle, with farm-fresh produce on the table, and a<br />

‘home from home’ feel, then a cosy countryside B&B or selfcatering<br />

cottage make a great option.<br />

The Coachmans Self-Catering Holiday Cottage is an<br />

idyllic retreat in the heart of Steeple Ashton - a delightful<br />

quintessential village, with award-winning village shop,<br />

magnificent church, and beautiful historic architecture<br />

spanning 700 years, set amidst beautiful Wiltshire<br />

countryside. For an opulent and elegant stay close to the<br />

North Wessex Downs, Heritage Luxury B&B is perfectly<br />

placed on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way in Calne.<br />

Kingsbury @ No 8 is a boutique-hotel style B&B close<br />

to the centre of Marlborough’s historic high street. Stay<br />

here and dine at Rick Stein’s restaurant in Lloran House<br />

and enjoy a menu that features some of Rick’s most iconic<br />

seafood dishes like Indonesian seafood curry, Dover sole a la<br />

meunière and turbot hollandaise.<br />

Or you could try The White Horse Inn, Calne, a<br />

traditional country pub in the Wiltshire countryside with<br />

two AA Rosette restaurant and Gold award Bed & Breakfast<br />

accommodation.<br />

Donnington Grove Hotel & Country Club, Newbury<br />

is set in 500 acres of countryside and offers countryside<br />

pursuits such as fishing and clay pigeon shooting, while just<br />

a short drive away, in the picturesque farming village of<br />

Hampstead Norreys, are Manor Farm Courtyard Holiday<br />

Cottages luxuriously-appointed self-catering cottages.<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages offer self-catering<br />

cottages on a working sheep farm between Bath and<br />

Bradford on Avon with an indoor heated pool.<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages, Bradford on Avon, have<br />

converted an old Tythe Barn into luxurious self-catering<br />

cottages. Or try Beanhill Farm B&B, Chippenham - located<br />

on a farm with prize-winning cattle and sheep. Lorne<br />

House, near Corsham, the childhood home of Thomas the<br />

Tank Engine author, Reverend W.V. Awdry, is today a large<br />

Victorian villa with elegant charm. Stay as a B&B guest, or<br />

hire the entire house.<br />

You might enjoy having your own private Manor House<br />

wing? Try Sheephouse Manor Cottages, situated between<br />

Maidenhead and Cookham. →<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

The Langley;<br />

Guyers House<br />

Hotel &<br />

Restaurant;<br />

Lorne House<br />

B&B<br />


Experience Wiltshire at its Best!<br />

Adult-only Glamping in a glorious part of rural England<br />

CLOSED<br />

Due to Covid-19<br />

For reopening<br />

updates please<br />

check website<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

Pewsey +44 (0)7917 573407 Wiltshire<br />

www.totteridge-farm.website<br />



“Loved everything about this Guest House B & B.<br />

Rooms were excellent. Breakfast excellent. Hosts<br />

were spot on. Showers awesome. The homemade<br />

gold marmalade 5 star. What else can I say!”<br />

Judith, New Zealand<br />

“Lovely location, lovely guest house, lovely people”<br />

Sean, UK<br />

“Everything relating to Lorne House I can mark<br />

11/10! Staff, facilities, cleanliness, food, local<br />

information given on request...quite honestly,<br />

everything! I do, can and will recommend Lorne<br />

House to everybody that wants to know.”<br />

Holly, UK<br />

“Loved everything! Clean, comfy and quiet. Room<br />

Lorne House is a large Vict<br />

villa in the lovely Wiltshire<br />

London village Rd of Box, just six mile<br />

London Rd<br />

Lorne Box London House Rd is a large Vict<br />

London the Rd city Box - OUR of Bath. LOCATION We -offer e<br />

Wiltshire Box<br />

villa Box Wiltshire in the lovely Wiltshire<br />

SN13<br />

rooms<br />

8NA Wiltshire London Rd<br />

Wiltshire SN13 8NA and friendly, person<br />

SN13 8NA<br />

SN13 village 8NA<br />

service.<br />

of<br />

Lorne<br />

Box, just six mile<br />

Wiltshire House provi<br />

M4<br />

the M4 city of M4 SN13 Bath. 8NA<br />

an ideal base from<br />

We<br />

which<br />

offer e<br />

M4<br />

M4<br />

t<br />

M4<br />

rooms<br />

explore<br />

and<br />

Bath,<br />

friendly,<br />

the beautiful<br />

person<br />


M4<br />

M4<br />


M4<br />


service.<br />

Wiltshire<br />

Lorne<br />

countryside<br />

House provi<br />

- USEFUL<br />


INFORMATION and -<br />

an Box<br />

many<br />

ideal<br />

historic<br />

base from<br />

and beautifu<br />

which CHIPPENHAMt<br />

Box<br />

Box<br />

Box<br />

explore Onsite<br />

local villages,<br />

Bath, Facilitiesthe including<br />

beautiful<br />

La<br />

Lorne House offers guests Box a comfortable sitting<br />

Wiltshire room as well<br />

Castle Combe,<br />

countryside as a large verandah with outside<br />

Bradford<br />

and<br />

seating for the warmer weather. We also offer a<br />

on<br />

many selection<br />

Avon, Corsham<br />

historic of dvds and books and to borrow.<br />

and<br />

beautifu<br />

BATH<br />

Avebu<br />

local Parking villages, including La<br />

Lorne House Parking is on available was the built A4, onsite. London in Additionally, 1876 Road, and just at was six in<br />

miles Castle from weekends both Combe, Bath and from and 6pm-8am Chippenham Bradford on weekdays, and easily on<br />

known<br />

guests<br />

as Lorne<br />

are welcome<br />

Villa.<br />

to<br />

Between<br />

park in the adjacent<br />

1920–1928<br />

accessed from either Junction 17 or 18 of the M4<br />

Avon, house Doctors’ was Corsham the Surgery childhood carpark or and home across the Avebu of road the in Rev<br />


- OUR LOCATION -<br />


- OUR LOCATION -<br />

“Loved - WHAT everything OUR about GUESTS this Guest House SAY B -& B.<br />

-<br />

Lorne House is a large Victorian<br />


“Loved everything about this Guest House B.<br />

-<br />

Rooms were “Loved excellent. everything Breakfast about this excellent. Guest Hosts House B & B.<br />

Rooms were excellent. Breakfast excellent. Hosts<br />

were<br />

“Loved<br />

spot Rooms<br />

everything<br />

on. Showers were<br />

about<br />

excellent. awesome. - this WHAT Guest<br />

Breakfast The<br />

House OUR homemade<br />

B & GUESTS B. SAY -<br />

excellent. Hosts<br />

villa in the Rooms lovely spot Wiltshire<br />

on. Showers awesome. The homemade<br />

gold were marmalade<br />

were<br />

spot<br />

excellent.<br />

on. 5<br />

Breakfast excellent. Hosts<br />

gold marmalade “Loved Showers star. What everything awesome. else can<br />

star. What else about I The say!” homemade<br />

can this I say!” Guest House B & B.<br />

were spot<br />

village of Box, just<br />

gold<br />

on. Showers awesome. The homemade<br />

Judith, marmalade<br />

six Rooms New miles Zealand 5 were star. excellent. What<br />

from<br />

else Breakfast can I say!” excellent. Hosts<br />

gold marmalade 5 Judith, star. What New else Zealand can I say!”<br />

Each of our well-appointed rooms have been<br />

were Judith, spot New on. Showers Zealand awesome. The homemade<br />

Judith, New Zealand<br />

the city of Bath. We offer gold marmalade elegant 5 star. What else can I say!” designed and decorated uniquely with comfort in<br />

M4<br />

mind. M4<br />

Judith, New Zealand<br />

All rooms are en-suite; most have wet rooms<br />

M4<br />

rooms and friendly, personal<br />

with rain showers. M4<br />

M4 All of our rooms are available<br />

- OUR LOCATION -<br />

M4<br />

for either single or double occupancy, whilst some<br />

service. Lorne House provides<br />

London Rd<br />

of the larger rooms can accommodate additional<br />

Lorne House is a large Victorian<br />

- OUR ROOMS -<br />

an ideal base from Box which to<br />

beds for families or groups of up to four persons.<br />

villa in the lovely Wiltshire Wiltshire<br />

Our linen is all 100% Egyptian cotton and all rooms<br />

village explore of Box, just Bath, six miles SN13 the 8NA from beautiful<br />

Each of our well-appointed rooms have flat been screen televisions, tea and coffee making<br />

the Wiltshire city of Bath. We countryside offer elegant<br />

designed and decorated uniquely<br />

and its<br />

facilities with comfort and in<br />

BATH free wifi.<br />

mind. All rooms are en-suite; most have wet rooms BATH<br />

BATH<br />

rooms and friendly, personal<br />

with rain showers. All of our rooms are available<br />

M4<br />

M4<br />

many historic and beautiful<br />

Rooms are allocated<br />

BATH<br />

in accordance with stated<br />

for either single or double occupancy, whilst some<br />

service.<br />

M4<br />

Lorne House “Lovely provides<br />

location, lovely guest house, lovely people”<br />

Lorne House is on the A4, London Road, just six<br />

“Lovely location, lovely guest house, of the larger lovely rooms people” can accommodate specifications additional Lorne upon House booking. is on the A4, If you London have Road, a just six<br />

“Lovely location,<br />

an ideal local base villages, from which including to<br />

Sean, lovely UK guest house, lovely people”<br />

miles from Lorne both House Bath is and on Chippenham the A4, London and Road, easily just six<br />

“Lovely location, lovely guest Lacock,<br />

Sean, house, UKbeds lovely for people” families or groups of up particular to four Lorne persons. miles House requirement, from is on both the A4, Bath such London and as Chippenham a Road, room just with six and a easily<br />

Sean, CHIPPENHAM UKOur linen is all 100% Egyptian cotton<br />

accessed<br />

and all rooms miles from from either both Junction Bath and 17 Chippenham or 18 of the M4 and easily<br />

explore Bath, the beautiful<br />

“Everything relating Sean, to Lorne UK House I can mark<br />

have flat screen televisions, tea and<br />

bath miles<br />

coffee<br />

please from accessed<br />

making<br />

contact both Bath from<br />

us and either<br />

and Chippenham Junction<br />

we will do<br />

17 and or<br />

our<br />

18 easily best<br />

of the<br />

to<br />

M4<br />

Castle Combe, “Everything Bradford “Lovely relating location, on to Lorne lovely House guest I can house, mark lovely people” motorway. accessed We can from be found either close Junction to the 17 centre or 18 of the M4<br />

11/10! “Everything Staff, facilities, relating cleanliness, to Lorne<br />

Wiltshire countryside and its<br />

facilities food, House local and I can free mark<br />

accessed motorway. We can be found close to the centre of<br />

11/10! Staff, facilities, cleanliness, food, local wifi. accommodate Box village, motorway.<br />

from<br />

your adjacent<br />

either<br />

We<br />

Junction<br />

preferences.<br />

can to the be found Doctors’<br />

17 or<br />

close<br />

18<br />

Surgery.<br />

of<br />

to<br />

the<br />

the<br />

M4<br />

centre of<br />

“Everything<br />

information 11/10!<br />

relating<br />

given Staff, on<br />

to<br />

facilities, request...quite<br />

Lorne House<br />

cleanliness,<br />

I<br />

honestly,<br />

can Sean, mark<br />

food,<br />

UK<br />

local<br />

motorway. Box village, adjacent to the Doctors’ Surgery.<br />

many Avon, historic Corsham information<br />

and beautiful and Avebury.<br />

given on request...quite Rooms are honestly,<br />

Box<br />

We<br />

village,<br />

can be<br />

adjacent<br />

found close<br />

to the<br />

to the<br />

Doctors’<br />

centre<br />

Surgery.<br />

of<br />

allocated in accordance with stated<br />

everything!<br />

11/10! Staff,<br />

information Box I do,<br />

facilities,<br />

can<br />

cleanliness, food, local<br />

Box village, adjacent to the Doctors’ Surgery.<br />

everything! I do, “Everything and given will on recommend request...quite<br />

can and will relating specifications recommend to Lorne Lorne honestly,<br />

upon Lorne House booking. I can If mark YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUR ROOMS CHEAPER<br />

information given on request...quite honestly,<br />

you have a YOU WILL NEVER motorway. FIND We OUR can ROOMS be found CHEAPER close to the centre of<br />

Bargates.<br />

local villages, including<br />

House everything! Lacock,<br />

to everybody I do,<br />

House to everybody 11/10! that can and wants Staff, will<br />

that facilities, to<br />

particular<br />

recommend know.”<br />

wants to cleanliness, requirement,<br />

Lorne<br />

know.” food, such as local a room ON with BOOKING a YOU WILL SITES. NEVER<br />

everything! I do, can and will recommend Lorne<br />

ON BOOKING Awdry, SITES. author FOR THE of the BEST Thomas RATES the Tank En<br />


FOR<br />

OUR village,<br />


ROOMS adjacent<br />


CHEAPER to the<br />


Doctors’ Surgery.<br />

Lorne House was built in House 1876 and to Holly, everybody information was UKinitially<br />

that given bath wants on please to request...quite know.” contact us and honestly, we will do our PLEASE best to ON CALL BOOKING US<br />

Castle Combe, Bradford on<br />

Lorne House was built in 1876 and was in<br />

known as Lorne Villa. Between 1920–1928 the<br />

- stories. OR SITES. VISIT<br />


-later WEBSITE. THE acknowledged BEST RATES that it was<br />

BATH<br />

House to everybody that Holly, wants UKto know.”<br />

accommodate your preferences. ON BOOKING PLEASE SITES. CALL US FOR Local OR THE VISIT BEST Amenities OUR RATES WEBSITE.<br />

everything! Holly, I UK do, can and will recommend Lorne PLEASE CALL YOU US<br />

Avon, Corsham and Avebury. Holly, UK<br />

PLEASE CALL US known spent WILL OR<br />

OR VISIT Along<br />

here, NEVER VISIT OUR<br />

as OUR with Lorne lying FIND WEBSITE.<br />

WEBSITE.<br />

gorgeous Villa. in bed OUR<br />

countryside, Between listening ROOMS CHEAPER<br />

we 1920–1928<br />

have<br />

to the<br />

local<br />

st<br />

house was the childhood home of the House Rev. to W.J. everybody that wants to know.”<br />


Single house climbing £85-120<br />

pubs,<br />

was Box a post<br />

the Hill, office,<br />

childhood that small provided supermarket,<br />

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Lorne House is a large Victorian<br />


Samantha, Australia<br />

villa in the lovely Wiltshire 07779 650729

Avalon Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Devizes has countryside<br />

views and south facing balconies, free ranging hens and<br />

ducks and two rescue donkeys.<br />

There are also many pubs offering B&B in great locations,<br />

such as Troutbeck Guesthouse, East Chisenbury for boutique<br />

accommodation by the River Avon and the nearby Red Lion<br />

for food. The Royal Oak, Yattendon is a traditional English<br />

country pub with Michelin rated food, luxurious bedrooms,<br />

award-winning real ales, log fires and a walled garden.<br />

The Queens Arms, East Garston, is an award-winning pub,<br />

restaurant and hotel with large bar and log fire, dining room<br />

and covered terrace and garden.<br />

Or try Helen Browning’s Royal Oak, Bishopstone, a dining<br />

pub with rooms in the middle of an organic farm on the edge<br />

of the Wiltshire Downs.<br />


For those who really want to get in touch with their<br />

surroundings The Camping and Caravanning Club with sites<br />

in Salisbury, Walton on Thames, Cheddar Mendip Heights,<br />

Devizes and Chertsey is a great option - as is The Chilterns<br />

View, Wallingford's Luxury lodge accommodation in the<br />

village of Ewelme, South Oxfordshire, overlooking the<br />

beautiful Chilterns Hills.<br />

Mill Farm takes luxury camping to a whole new<br />

level with their high end luxury accommodation, set on<br />

their organic farm in the heart of the glorious Wiltshire<br />

countryside.<br />

Or head to The Farm Camp, an off grid, eco-friendly,<br />

luxury campsite near Bath offering plenty of activities.<br />

Totteridge Farm in the heart of the Vale of Pewsey, is an<br />

adult-only campsite with five glamping pods and spectacular<br />

views from the hills on either side of the Vale.<br />

Buttle Farm, Compton Bassett, has stunning barn<br />

conversions on a rare breed pig farm and runs charcuterie<br />

experiences. While Shillingridge offer Luxury Glamping<br />

Safari Lodges, nestled in the Chiltern Hills by the stunning<br />

riverside town of Marlow on Thames in Buckinghamshire. →<br />

Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Avalon<br />

Lodge Bed &<br />

Breakfast; Mill<br />

Farm; Helen<br />

Browning’s<br />

Royal Oak<br />


Pictured<br />

top-left then<br />

clockwise:<br />

Canal boats<br />

on the river;<br />

Henley<br />

Greenlands<br />

Hotel;<br />

Honeystreet<br />

Boats<br />


On the River Thames, Henley Greenlands Hotel, once home<br />

to the WH Smith family, is set within the 30 acre Henley<br />

Business School estate in the Oxfordshire countryside, while<br />

Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa is a 4-star comprising<br />

several characterful buildings clustered around a historic<br />

cobbled street by Eton Bridge and Windsor Castle, with a<br />

gym, spa treatments, outdoor whirlpool and sauna.<br />

The stunning hotel is located right on the River Thames,<br />

within easy walking distance of Windsor’s restaurants, shops<br />

and attractions including Windsor Castle. The world-famous<br />

Eton College is a seven-minute walk from the hotel, just over<br />

Eton Bridge and down the High Street. Also in Windsor, both<br />

Castle Hotel MGallery and Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa<br />

offer spectacular views of the Thames and Windsor Castle.<br />

Thought boats were just for day trips? Well, along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way you can sleep on them too. You’ll never<br />

forget waking up on the water, peering through portholes at<br />

passing ducks as you prepare to rise and shine.<br />

Canal boat hire in England is easy to organise and<br />

incredibly rewarding, enabling you to fully experience the<br />

pleasures of the wildlife-rich waterways, including such<br />

delights as Caen Hill Locks and Bathampton. The Canal and<br />

River Trust can give you all the information you need about<br />

how to take to the waters. Along the River Thames and the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal you can hire your own boldly painted<br />

boat and take the journey at your own pace.<br />

Consider a boating holiday on a self-drive barge or<br />

motor cruiser, or for a more relaxing break a river cruise on a<br />

hotel boat. Honeystreet Boats provides friendly canal boat<br />

holidays on the Kennet & Avon Canal. Sally Narrowboats, in<br />

the Bradford on Avon Marina, is great to cruise to Bath in a<br />

westerly direction and Reading in the east. Hobbs of Henley<br />

has 2 luxury Linnsen motor cruisers to cruise from Henley<br />

to Oxford or Henley to Reading. While Bruce Boats at <strong>Great</strong><br />

Bedwyn Wharf, Kennet & Avon Canal, offers canal holidays<br />

for older people and Devizes Marina Village offer selfcatering<br />

lodges with hot tubs and fantastic views.<br />

Or for somewhere where there’s quite literally water,<br />

water everywhere, visit the Cotswold Water Park, just a short<br />

detour off the route, and enjoy 40 square miles, with more<br />

than 150 lakes set in beautiful countryside.<br />

Fun fact:<br />

People who<br />

like observing<br />

England’s canal<br />

life from the<br />

sidelines are<br />

affectionately<br />

called<br />

‘gongoozlers’.<br />


Visit<br />

Chippenham<br />

Visit and stay in Chippenham as part of your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way®</strong> journey of discovery.<br />

Find out more at <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

www.chippenham.gov.uk<br />

Open all day for<br />

breakfast, afternoon tea,<br />

freeze shakes and dinner.<br />

Bite Me Burger, No 7 Kingsbury Street, Marlborough.<br />

Tel: 01672 514776<br />



From confetti battles to book festivals, canoe races<br />

to country shows and big-ticket exhibitions<br />

Words: Samantha Rutherford<br />


Coronavirus Changes<br />

Event information may have<br />

changed or been cancelled due<br />

to the coronavirus (COVID-19).<br />

While we have tried to bring<br />

you the most up-to-date<br />

information available when<br />

publishing please confirm<br />

details with event organisers.<br />

Check websites for the latest<br />

information on new booking<br />

procedures, event timings and<br />

safety requirements.<br />

Be Curious. Be Responsible.<br />

Pictured<br />

left-right: Pub<br />

in the Park,<br />

Marlow and<br />

The Bradford<br />

on Avon annual<br />

Duck Race<br />

** Please note that many events along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way are in the process of planning in light of the current<br />

government advice in relation to COVID-19. Whilst we are endeavouring to keep all information up to date,<br />

we would advise you to check directly with the relevant venue for the most up to date information. **<br />


JAN / FEB / MARCH 2021<br />

Celebration of light, Bristol<br />


This illuminating new annual<br />

event will celebrate the creative talents<br />

of local, national and international<br />

designers and collaborators in a playful<br />

outdoor gallery of light installations<br />

that will bring vivid colour to Bristol city<br />

centre's public spaces at a traditionally<br />

quiet and dark time of the year.<br />

îvisitbristol.co.uk<br />

Cecily Brown Art Exhibition at<br />

Blenheim Palace<br />

SEPTEMBER 2020-JANUARY 2021<br />

Made up entirely of new works inspired<br />

by the Palace’s collection, this is a major<br />

solo exhibition by acclaimed British<br />

Artist Cecily Brown. The exhibition of<br />

new work has been created in response<br />

to the Palace’s history as an English<br />

country estate and as the home to<br />

successive generations of the Spencer-<br />

Churchill family and their collection of<br />

paintings, tapestries and decorative arts.<br />

îblenheimpalace.com<br />

Wonder<br />

FEBRUARY 2021<br />

A new year-round programme and<br />

festival of children’s book events in<br />

Bath, Bristol and beyond that will<br />

capture imaginations and inspire future<br />

storytellers. Wonder’s aim is to not<br />

only bring some of the biggest selling<br />

children’s authors and illustrators on the<br />

planet to our cities, but also to celebrate<br />

emerging talent, offer workshops and to<br />

bring the magic of stories into creative<br />

spaces that spark kids’ imagination.<br />

îvisitbath.co.uk<br />

134 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2021<br />

Devizes to <strong>West</strong>minster<br />

International Canoe Race<br />

APRIL 2021<br />

This is the world’s longest non-stop canoe<br />

race, which starts in Devizes, following<br />

the Kennet & Avon Canal and joining<br />

The Thames, finishing just downstream<br />

of <strong>West</strong>minster Bridge, opposite the<br />

Houses of Parliament, a total distance of<br />

125 miles, 77 portages. îdwrace.co.uk<br />

Howard’s Day at Castle Combe<br />

Circuit, APRIL 2021<br />

Easter Monday is the traditional start<br />

to the motor racing season at Castle<br />

Combe Circuit and is marked by this<br />

popular race day.<br />

îcastlecombecircuit.co.uk<br />

The Bradford on Avon Duck<br />

Race, APRIL 2021<br />

At this the famous annual<br />

Duck Race over a 1000 ducks are<br />

launched into the river from the Town<br />

Bridge, where Rowing Club kayakers<br />

wait at the finish line to retrieve the<br />

lucky winners of many amazing prizes<br />

to be won!<br />

îbradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

The Bath Festival<br />

MAY 2021<br />

Having recently celebrated its 70th<br />

birthday, this 10-day festival celebrates<br />

music and literature, bringing<br />

prominent writers, musicians and<br />

cultural figures to the city.<br />

îbathfestivals.org.uk<br />

Highclere Country Show<br />

MAY 2021<br />

The estate better known as Downton<br />

Abbey, Highclere hosts one of<br />

England’s best country shows, with<br />

falconry, gundog displays and the<br />

chance to have a go at clay shooting.<br />

îhighclerecountryshow.co.uk<br />

The North Wessex Downs<br />

Walking Festival, JUNE 2021<br />

Featuring over 20 guided walks across<br />

the North Wessex Downs AONB<br />

and giving everyone an opportunity<br />

to explore this stunning landscape<br />

in the company of friendly and<br />

knowledgeable guides.<br />

înorthwessexdowns.org.uk/walkingfestival.html<br />

Calne Summer Carnival<br />

JUNE 2021<br />

The Calne Summer Carnival draws in<br />

over 5000 visitors to its historic town<br />

centre, with activities from live music to<br />

street entertainers, food stalls to local<br />

crafters, and the marvellous carnival<br />

procession. îcalne.gov.uk<br />

The Little Welly Obstacle<br />

Course & Festival, Henley on<br />

Thames, JUNE 2021<br />

Let your kids Go Wild, Get Muddy and<br />

enjoy tackling the 3km landscaped<br />

course with over 30 big obstacles –<br />

involving water, foam and of course<br />

plenty of MUD!<br />

îthelittlewelly.co.uk<br />

Royal Ascot<br />

JUNE 2021<br />

Arguably England’s most famous – and<br />

grandest – horse racing event, with five<br />

days of races each kicked off by a royal<br />

carriage parade.<br />

This is your chance to wave at the<br />

Queen and to wear a fabulous hat!<br />

îascot.co.uk →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



Henley Royal Regatta<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Established in 1839, this annual regatta attracts rowing<br />

crews from around the world to its five days of head to head<br />

knockout competitions and is regarded as an integral part of<br />

the English social season. îhrr.co.uk<br />

Kew the Music<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Kew Gardens hosts five nights of laidback picnic concerts,<br />

from big names in every genre of music from pop and<br />

rock to classical and jazz. Headliners include Craig David,<br />

Beverley Knight and Jools Holland. îkewthemusic.org<br />

Bristol Harbour Festival<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Bristol’s largest annual event fills the harbour from the<br />

SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain to the city centre with tall ships, music<br />

stages, dance areas and food markets. Expect water<br />

displays and circus acts too. îbristolharbourfestival.co.uk<br />

Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Few events can rival the intensity, drama, and spectacle<br />

on offer at one of the world's greatest airshows. Over<br />

300 aircraft typically take part in the flypasts and aerial<br />

acrobatics. îairtattoo.com<br />

WOMAD, Malmesbury<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Global fiesta of music, dance, art and food that started in<br />

Charlton Park, Malmesbury and has since taken the party<br />

to more than 27 countries worldwide including Australia,<br />

Chile and Spain. îwomad.co.uk<br />

Marlborough College Summer School<br />

JULY-AUGUST 2021<br />

Established in 1974, this annual event is one of Europe’s<br />

largest multi-generational learning experiences; its<br />

popularity underpinned by the phrase “something for<br />

everyone”. The College’s historic grounds are conveniently<br />

located to enjoy Marlborough’s famous High Street and<br />

host over 500 courses encompassing the creative arts,<br />

history, science, body and mind, life skills, sport and<br />

country pursuits..! îsummerschool.co.uk<br />

Bath Carnival<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Bath’s biggest party features a procession of more than<br />

1,000 dancers and musicians through the city plus plenty<br />

of world music on the sound systems and at Party in the<br />

Park in Sydney Gardens. îbathcarnival.co.uk<br />

Bristol Pride<br />

JULY 2021<br />

Bristol Pride is an annual celebration of the LGBT+<br />

community. A series of events that take place across Bristol<br />

ranging from theatre, comedy, dance and their award<br />

winning film festival, Queer Vision. An incredible 40,000<br />

took part in their 10th-anniversary celebrations last year!<br />

îbristolpride.co.uk<br />

Malmesbury Carnival & Festival<br />


Malmesbury Carnival been going for over 100 years! The<br />

Carnival is now a whole month of events. It changes every<br />

year, with events ranging from open gardens to open mic,<br />

bands to beer festivals, high jinks to history talks, wine<br />

tasting to wine bluffing and of course the Carnival Parade!<br />

îmalmesburycarnival.co.uk<br />

136 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk

Pictured<br />

left-right:<br />

Marlborough<br />

High Street;<br />

fun at Devizes<br />

Festival; and<br />

Jane Austen<br />

Festival, Bath<br />

Festival of British Eventing, Gatcombe Park<br />

AUGUST 2021<br />

Held at the spectacular home of the Princess Royal<br />

and her family, incorporating the British Open,<br />

Intermediate and Novice Championships, as well<br />

as the Amateur Championship, The Corinthian Cup.<br />

îfestivalofbritisheventing.com<br />

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta<br />

AUGUST 2021<br />

Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons brings<br />

colour to the sky above Bristol with twice-daily mass balloon<br />

launches and the chance to take a ride yourself.<br />

îbristolballoonfiesta.co.uk<br />

Pewsey Carnival<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

A fortnight of madcap events and music, leading up to the<br />

finale which is the fabulous Carnival Procession – one of<br />

the oldest carnivals in the country. îpewsey-carnival.org.uk<br />

The Colour Rush and Confetti Battle, Devizes<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

Nobody knows why it started but Devizes’ Confetti Battle<br />

is surely the most fun you can have with torn up bits of<br />

coloured paper. Get stuck into the battle in the marketplace<br />

and stay for the fireworks! îdocadevizes.org.uk<br />

Jane Austen Festival, Bath<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of The Jane Austen<br />

Festival. Get your top hats, bonnets and lace out for<br />

this 10-day celebration of all things Austen to include a<br />

costumed Promenade through the city, and the Regency<br />

Costumed Masked Ball, with dancing in the Pump Room of<br />

the Roman Baths. îjaneaustenfestivalbath.co.uk<br />

Heritage Open Days<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

This national event sees normally hidden and closed<br />

places throw their doors open to the public. Highlights<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way include Reading Synagogue,<br />

Sevington Victorian School in Wiltshire and the Rolls-<br />

Royce Heritage Trust in Bristol - with many more besides!<br />

îheritageopendays.org.uk<br />

Mini Action Day, Castle Combe Circuit<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

Things go pocket-sized for Mini Action Day – the UK’s<br />

oldest, best and only track-based Mini event.<br />

Prepare to marvel at the hundreds of both old and new<br />

examples of this iconic car that make the venue their<br />

home for the day.<br />

îminiactionday.co.uk<br />

Henley Literary Festival<br />

SEPTEMBER – 4 OCTOBER 2021<br />

Bringing together punters and pundits from far and wide,<br />

last year’s line-up included Theresa May, Sir Alastair<br />

Cook, Kate Atkinson and Mary Berry, so expect an equally<br />

diverse and stellar line up for 2020.<br />

îhenleyliteraryfestival.co.uk<br />

Cliveden Literary Festival<br />

SEPTEMBER 2021<br />

Cliveden House has been at the centre of British political,<br />

royal and literary life since it was first built, and in the<br />

1960s became notorious as the setting for the Profumo<br />

Affair that brought down a government and changed<br />

Britain forever. Today Cliveden’s annual literary festival<br />

attracts writers from the world.<br />

îclivedenliteraryfestival.org →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />


5 JULY 2020 TO<br />

3 JANUARY 2021<br />

GP_MARCH_HALF—1.indd 1 19/02/2020 11:20<br />

- SHOP - EAT - DRINK -<br />

A warm welcome awaits you in Calne! Look no further and<br />

discover Calne’s Heritage Quarter with two hours free parking<br />

in the Church Street Car Park, and explore what Calne has to<br />

offer with a host of options to eat, drink and stay.<br />


Calne Town Crier<br />

Mark Wylie<br />

Discover Calne’s<br />

Heritage Quarter<br />

Calne<br />

Town<br />

Council<br />

Discover more at<br />




This is the Tale that River Told<br />

Team London Bridge<br />

A jaunt through time along one of the most famous<br />

stretches of the River Thames. The stretch of water<br />

between London Bridge and Tower Bridge holds many<br />

stories and treasures. From a Bronze Age burial mound,<br />

to Frost Fairs to the development of law and order in<br />

London.<br />

Wed 23rd Sep 2020, 1pm - 2pm<br />

Free tickets booked via Eventbrite, the event will<br />

stream live via Zoom.<br />

thamesfestivaltrust.org/whats-on<br />

Pictured: Windsor high street<br />

at Christmas<br />

Henley Literary Festival Online<br />

The Festival will take place online this year from<br />

Saturday 26 September – Sunday 4 October, 2020.<br />

They also hold one-off events throughout the year so<br />

check their What’s On page regularly for details.<br />

henleyliteraryfestival.co.uk<br />


LEGOLAND Fireworks Spectacular<br />

NOVEMBER 2021<br />

Make your visit to Legoland even more magical by timing it<br />

to coincide with the annual fireworks spectacular, part of the<br />

theme park’s spooky Halloween season.<br />

îlegoland.co.uk<br />

Cary Grant Comes Home Festival<br />

NOVEMBER 2021<br />

Bristol puts on a weekend of events celebrating the life and<br />

work of one of the city’s most famous sons: the Hollywood<br />

actor and style icon Cary Grant.<br />

Cary Comes Home for the Weekend Festival is a<br />

celebration of Cary Grant’s Bristol roots, with the aim to<br />

develop new audiences for his films and recreate the much<br />

loved golden age of cinema-going.<br />

îcarycomeshome.co.uk<br />

Hobbs of Henley Christmas Party Nights<br />

DECEMBER 2021<br />

Celebrate the start of the festive season in style by setting<br />

sail with Hobbs of Henley on a Thames Christmas Party<br />

Cruise. Guests are handed a welcome drink on arrival, enjoy<br />

a 3 course meal and spend the rest of the night dancing<br />

away to their resident DJ.<br />

îhobbsofhenley.com/christmas-party-nights<br />

Christmas at Kew<br />


A show-stopping trail of festive light installations. More<br />

than a million teeny glittering lights are installed along the<br />

route with a fantastic light show grand finale at the iconic<br />

Temperate House, plus enjoy festive treats such as spiced<br />

cider and toasted marshmallows. îkew.org<br />

Windsor On Ice<br />

DECEMBER 2021<br />

Alexandra Gardens plays host to two ice rinks – one indoor<br />

and one outdoor. You’ll also find the UK’s biggest dodgem,<br />

Bungees, Twister, Race-o-Rama, the Waltzer, the Toy ride,<br />

Mini planes, Helicopters and Santa's Sleigh roller coaster!<br />

îwindsoronice.com<br />

Bath Christmas Market<br />

DECEMBER 2021<br />

One of the country’s biggest Christmas markets, consisting<br />

of 180 stalls, set amongst Bath’s Georgian streets, the<br />

market sells hand-made ceramics, glassware, jewellery and<br />

local produce should be back for 2021 and is a must visit.<br />

îbathchristmasmarket.co.uk<br />

To discover more events on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way visit <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

/see-and-do/festivals-and-events<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />



Luxury for<br />

the curious<br />

bathgiftcard.com<br />

Enjoy your gift card across Bath<br />

Food & Drink • Health & Beauty<br />

Museums & Galleries • Hotels & Shops<br />

The best of Bath in one little card<br />

An elegant and<br />

vivacious boutique<br />

townhouse hotel<br />

and spa on the very<br />

grandest street in<br />

Bath, No.15 <strong>Great</strong><br />

Pulteney is well<br />

known for its<br />

curious collections,<br />

warm hosting and<br />

unique personality.<br />

15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street,<br />

Bath BA2 4BR<br />

01225 807015<br />

no15greatpulteney.co.uk<br />

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Stay in a Jacobean<br />

manor on your <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Way journey!<br />


■ A small, friendly museum just off the A4 in Calne<br />

■ 100+ exhibits - many are vehicles from the 1920s onwards<br />

■ Apr-Oct (Tues-Sun11-5) Nov, Feb-March (Thurs-Sun 11-4) Dec-Jan (Sat-Sun 11-4)<br />

www.atwellwilson.org.uk<br />

01225 864705 | woolleygrangehotel.co.uk<br />

Woolley Green, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1TX


Family Days<br />

at Stonor<br />

House • Play Park • Park & Gardens<br />

Stonor Park<br />

Henley-on-Thames<br />

RG9 6HF<br />

www.stonor.com<br />



Chauffeur driven tours with a Blue Badge Guide<br />

www.bbhtours.co.uk | hello@bbhtours.co.uk | 01985 840049




Tel +44(0)7990 505970 | www.madmaxtours.co.uk<br />




Step back in time to the glorious Victorian era,<br />

double winner UK’s ‘Top Tea Place’, and one of the<br />

finest spots for afternoon tea. Based in a former<br />

blacksmith’s cottage the Hansel & Gretel-style<br />

exterior leads onto the cosiest of dining rooms.<br />

A wonderful and atmospheric venue for groups.<br />

From morning tea or coffee, mini Cream Tea to an<br />

extended visit for Empire Full Afternoon Teas.<br />

24a Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1BY<br />

+44 (0)1225 865537<br />

www.thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

Honeystreet Mill Café<br />


Homemade · Freshly Made · Locally Sourced<br />

Breakfast · Light lunch · Afternoon Tea<br />

Snacks · Drinks · Wine, Beer and Cider<br />

OPEN Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm<br />

Sunday 10am-5pm<br />

www.honeystreetmillcafe.co.uk<br />

01672 851155<br />

Honeystreet Mill, Honeystreet Village, Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire, SN9 5PS<br />

Self Drive Classic Car Hire<br />

Based in Wiltshire<br />

with<br />

Vintage<br />

Classics<br />

Where? Windsor, Henley, Reading, Kennet and Avon Canal,<br />

River Thames, Chiltern Hills, North Wessex Downs<br />

How? Waterways trips, town and countryside walking tours,<br />

coach tours, themed tours<br />

Who? Graham Horn, GREAT WEST WAY® Ambassador,<br />

experienced Blue Badge Guide, local knowledge<br />

Contact me to enhance your GREAT WEST WAY® tour<br />

• www.tours2order.com<br />

• graham@tours2order.com<br />

■ Classic Car Rental<br />

■ Classic Car Tours<br />




BOOKING LINE: 01225 7<strong>03</strong>377<br />

View our fine range of classics online: www.vintage-classics.co.uk<br />

Q<br />

ueens<br />


Perfect place for<br />

long, lazy weekends!<br />

Daily Telegraph<br />

East Garston • Berkshire • RG17 7ET<br />

Tel: 01488 648 757<br />

info@queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />

www.queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />

3 miles off J14 of M4 (Hungerford & Lambourn)<br />


with Anne Bartlett<br />

Anne is an experienced<br />

Cotswold based Blue Badge<br />

Tourist Guide and Tour<br />

Director who provides a<br />

friendly, professional guiding<br />

service for groups exploring<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way.<br />

Email: anne@tourandexplore.com<br />

tourandexplore.com<br />

Ambassador for The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way

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100 bed hotel afternoon tea<br />

riverside restaurant fine dining<br />

weddings meeting & conference rooms<br />

private jetty<br />

www.hospitalityuor.co.uk/henley-greenlands-hotel<br />

Greenlands<br />

Greenlands<br />

Henley-on-Thames<br />

Henley-on-Thames<br />

Oxfordshire<br />

Oxfordshire<br />

RG9<br />

RG9<br />

3AU<br />

3AU<br />

Over 147 years of River and Boating Service<br />

Over Over Over 147 150 147 years of of River and Boating Service<br />

Over 147 years of River and Boating Service<br />

A great family<br />

day out come<br />

rain or shine!<br />

Luxury Passenger Boat Charter<br />

Luxury Passenger Boat Charter<br />

Self Self Drive Adventure<br />

Luxury Passenger Boating Boat Holidays<br />

Charter<br />

Luxury Passenger<br />

Self Drive Adventure<br />

Boat Charter<br />

River Trips<br />

Self Luxury Drive Boating Adventure<br />

Holidays<br />

Moorings and Storage<br />

River Trips<br />

Edwardian Luxury Chauffeured Boating Holidays Launches<br />

Edwardian<br />

Moorings<br />

Chauffeured<br />

and StorageLaunches<br />

Edwardian River Chauffeured TripsLaunches<br />

For bookings and enquiries please contact Hobbs of Henley<br />

For bookings For on bookings 01491 and Moorings 572<strong>03</strong>5 and enquiries or boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

please<br />

and<br />

contact<br />

Storage<br />

Hobbs Hobbs of Henley of Henley<br />

on Edwardian 01491<br />

on<br />

572<strong>03</strong>5<br />

01491 572<strong>03</strong>5<br />

Chauffeured or<br />

or boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

Launches<br />

For bookings and enquiries please contact Hobbs of Henley<br />

on 01491 572<strong>03</strong>5 or boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

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www.rovesfarm.co.uk<br />

Sevenhampton, Swindon, Wilts, SN6 7QG 01793 763939


The Tutti Pole Tea Shop<br />

Hungerford<br />


Explore the Living Museum of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

Breakfasts, Morning Coffee,<br />

Sunday Roasts, Luncheons, Snacks<br />

Cream Teas & Afternoon teas.<br />

now open<br />

RG170DN Tel: 01488 682515<br />

but with reduced<br />

please<br />

Traditional Family Run Tea Shop check website<br />

A Delicious www.thetuttipole.co.uk<br />

Stop Along <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Way<br />

for details<br />

hours due to Covid-19<br />





• 20 former GWR steam locomotives,<br />

including 2 replica broad gauge (7 ft)<br />

locomotives, 40+ GWR coaches, 50+<br />

GWR wagons, a working turntable,<br />

with demonstrations on steam days, a<br />

railway-themed playpark and a small<br />

relics museum.<br />

• Original (working) GWR locomotive<br />

shed, & many other original GWR<br />

buildings and infrastructure.<br />

• Special events include Day Out With<br />

Thomas (and to meet Father Christmas),<br />

special gala events and also non-railway<br />

related themed events.<br />



DIDCOT, Oxfordshire, England, OX11 7NJ TEL: 01235 817200<br />

E-MAIL: info@didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk<br />

Entrance at Didcot Parkway rail station signed from M4 (junction 13) & A34<br />







Skydiving vouchers — from Tandem to Solo<br />

Simply the best gift for every occasion!<br />

Near Hungerford Real Ale & and Craft Marlborough<br />

Beers<br />

Real Ale & Craft Beers<br />

Restaurant Real Ale & Craft Private Beers Dining<br />

Restaurant & Private Dining<br />

Delicious Food Locally Sourced<br />

Restaurant Delicious & & Private Freshly Food Locally Prepared Dining Sourced<br />

& Freshly Prepared<br />

8 Luxurious en-suite Bedrooms<br />

Delicious Food 8 Luxurious Locally en-suite Sourced<br />

Bedrooms<br />

Walker, Cyclist and Dog Friendly<br />

& Freshly Walker, Prepared<br />

Cyclist and Dog Friendly<br />

info@crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />

8 Luxurious en-suite Bedrooms<br />

01488 50 30 40<br />

Walker, Cyclist www.crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />

Dog Friendly<br />

01488 01488 50 3050 4<strong>03</strong>0 40<br />


OPENING HOURS Monday: Closed<br />

Tuesday - Saturday:<br />

Monday: Closed<br />

11am—11pm<br />

Tuesday - Saturday:<br />

11am—11pm Food served<br />


Monday: Closed<br />

Tuesday - Saturday:<br />

11am—11pm<br />

12 noon— 2.30pm Food served<br />

&<br />

12 Home noon— of the 2.30pm ARMY PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION<br />

& 6pm — 9.30pm<br />

6pm — 9.30pm Home of the Red Devils & with some of the best Military Instructors anywhere<br />

Sunday:<br />

Sunday:<br />

6pm — 9.30pm<br />

12 noon—6pm<br />

12 noon—6pm<br />

Military discount on Tandems & Courses on request<br />

Food served 12 noon—3pm<br />

Learn with the best!<br />

crownandanchorham.co.uk Sunday:<br />

T: 01980 670734 12 noon—6pm<br />

www.netheravon.com E: coursesmanager@netheravon.com<br />

Food served Airfield 12 Camp, noon—3pm Netheravon, Wiltshire, SP4 9SF<br />

Food served<br />

12 noon— 2.30pm<br />

Food served 12 noon—3pm<br />

crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />


nfo@crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />

01488 50 30 40<br />



Inspiring a passion for<br />

traditional weaving in Britain’s<br />

oldest working silk mill, in<br />

beautiful, rural Hampshire<br />

Explore the home of Bombay Sapphire<br />

in the heart of Hampshire<br />


www.whitchurchsilkmill.org.uk<br />

Accessible by train and shuttle bus from Overton and Micheldever Stations.<br />

Bombay Sapphire Distillery | Whitchurch | Hampshire<br />

HELLO@BOMBAYSAPPHIRE.COM | 01256 890090<br />


FIND<br />

YOUR<br />

HAPPY<br />

PLACE<br />




FIND<br />

YOUR<br />

HAPPY<br />

PLACE<br />

01749 01749<br />

988 988<br />

111<br />

111<br />



Tarr Farm Inn<br />

Tarr Steps, Dulverton, Exmoor, TA22 9PY<br />

Telephone: +44 (0)1643 851507<br />

Email: enquiries@tarrfarm.co.uk<br />




HELPED<br />


Title Ambassadors<br />

Bristol Airport<br />

Canal & River Trust<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

National Trust<br />

Destination Ambassadors<br />

Bath Business Improvement District<br />

Bradford on Avon Town<br />

Calne Town<br />

Chippenham Town<br />

Corsham Town<br />

Cotswolds Tourism<br />

Devizes Town<br />

Henley on Thames Town<br />

Hungerford Town<br />

Malmesbury Town<br />

Marlborough Town<br />

Marlow Town<br />

North Wessex Downs AONB<br />

Reading UK<br />

Royal Borough of<br />

Windsor & Maidenhead<br />

Steeple Ashton Village<br />

Heritage Site<br />

Swindon Town<br />

Tourism South East<br />

Trowbridge Town<br />

Vale of Pewsey<br />

Visit Bath<br />

Visit Bristol<br />

Visit Thames<br />

VisitNewbury<br />

VisitRichmond<br />

VisitWiltshire<br />

Designated Attraction<br />

& Hotel Ambassadors<br />

Aerospace Bristol<br />

Bowood House & Garden, Calne<br />

Cheddar Gorge & Caves<br />

Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen,<br />

Hungerford<br />

Longleat, Warminster<br />

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet,<br />

Swindon<br />

The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury<br />

The Roman Baths, Bath<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa,<br />

Bath<br />

Stonehenge<br />

Thermae Bath Spa, Bath<br />

Wadworth Brewery & Tours, Devizes<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery, Yattendon<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National<br />

Arboretum, Tetbury<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa,<br />

Malmesbury<br />

Windsor Castle<br />

Discover more about<br />

our Ambassadors at:<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

Gateway Ambassadors<br />

Devizes Camping and Caravanning Club Site REME Museum, Lyneham<br />

A Taste of England<br />

Devizes Marina<br />

River & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames<br />

Title Ambassadors<br />

a’Beckett’s Vineyard, Devizes Gateway Ambassadors Devizes Marina Day Devizes Boat Hire Marina<br />

Roman Prior Bath Park Private Landscape Hire Garden<br />

Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

Devizes Wharf Tea room Devizes Marina Day Boat Hire The Rose Queens of Hungerford Arms, East Garston<br />

Bristol The Airport Abbey Quarter, Reading Abbey Hotel Didcot Railway Centre Devizes Wharf Tea room Roseate Reading House Museum London, Tyburnia<br />

Canal & Active River Trust England<br />

The Abbey Quarter Donnington Grove, Newbury Didcot Railway Centre<br />

The Roseate The Red Reading Lion East, Chisenbury<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Alder Ridge Railway Vineyard, Hungerforda’Beckett’s Vineyard DoubleTree by Hilton, Donnington Swindon Grove<br />

The Roseate REME Museum Villa Bath<br />

National Trust<br />

Active England<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton, Swindon<br />

River & Rowing Museum<br />

Aldermaston Tea Rooms, Reading<br />

Dukes Hotel, Bath<br />

Roves Farm, Sevenhampton<br />

Aldermaston Tea Rooms,<br />

Dyrham Park<br />

Roseate House London<br />

Aldwick Estate, Bristol<br />

Destination Ambassadors<br />

Visitor Centre, & ShopDyrham Park, Chippenham The Engineman’s Rest Café Royal Berkshire, The Roseate Sunninghill Villa, Bath<br />

Alison Howell’s Foottrails Aldwick Estate The Engineman’s Rest The Café, Farm Crofton Camp<br />

The Royal The Oak, Roseate Yattendon Reading<br />

Bath Business All Saints Improvement Church, Alton District Priors Alison Howell’s Foottrails Fashion Museum, Bath French Brothers<br />

The Royal Rose Windsor of Hungerford Pub<br />

Bradford American on Avon Town Museum & Garden, Bath Alton Priors Church French Brothers, Windsor Glenside Hospital Museum Salisbury Roves Camping Farm and Caravanning Club Site<br />

Calne Town The Apartment Bath<br />

Apex Hotel, Bath The Gainsborough Bath <strong>Great</strong> Spa Northern Hotel<br />

Salisbury Royal Cathedral Oak, Yattendon<br />

Chippenham Town<br />

Arnos Vale Cemetery<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport Salisbury Cathedral<br />

Apex Hotel, Bath<br />

The George Inn,<br />

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum Tours<br />

Corsham<br />

Around and About Bath<br />

Hampton Court Palace<br />

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum Tours<br />

Cotswolds Apsley Tourism House, London<br />

Aspley House Norton St Philip Harrow at Little Bedwyn Sally Narrowboats, Salters Steamers Bradford on Avon<br />

Destination Arnos Bristol Vale Cemetery, Bristol<br />

Devizes Around Town and About Bath<br />

Atwell-Wilson Motor Guyers Museum House Hotel, Helen Corsham Browning’s Royal Oak<br />

Avalon Lodge Bed and Hampton Breakfast by Hilton Henley Bristol Greenlands Airport Hotel<br />

Salters Savouring Steamers, Bath Reading<br />

Shaw House Shaw House<br />

Henley Atwell-Wilson Thames Motor Museum, Calne Avebury Landscape Wiltshire Hampton Court Palace, Heritage East Bed Molesey & Breakfast Sheephouse Skydive Manor Netheravon Cottages, Maidenhead<br />

Hungerford<br />

Avalon<br />

Town<br />

Lodge Bed and Breakfast,<br />

Avon<br />

Devizes<br />

Valley Adventure<br />

Helen<br />

& Wildlife<br />

Browning’s<br />

Park<br />

Royal<br />

Hobbs<br />

Oak,<br />

of Henley<br />

Bishopstone Sir Christopher<br />

Stonor Park<br />

Wren Hotel & Spa, Windsor<br />

Malmesbury Town<br />

Bailey Balloons<br />

The Holburne Museum<br />

South <strong>West</strong> Heritage Tours<br />

Avebury Landscape<br />

Henley Greenlands Hotel<br />

Skydive Netheravon<br />

Marlborough Town<br />

Bainton Bikes<br />

Holiday Inn, Salisbury - Stonehenge South <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

Marlow Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Barbara Park, Bristol McLellan Henley Rowing Association Honey Street Boats & Café South <strong>West</strong>ern Stourhead Railway<br />

North Wessex Bailbrook Downs House AONB Hotel, Bath<br />

Reading Bailey UK Balloons, Bristol<br />

The Barn Theatre<br />

Barrington Court<br />

Heritage Bed & Breakfast, Hungerford Calne Wharf and Kintbury<br />

Herongate Fitness & Iford Wellbeing, Manor Gardens Hungerford<br />

Stay in SUP BathBristol<br />

Stonehenge The Swan, and Bradford Avebury on World Avon Heritage Site<br />

Royal Borough The Barn of Theatre, Windsor & Cirencester Bath Apartment Breaks The Hidden Gardens Inspirock of Bath<br />

Stonehenge Swinley Landscape Bike Hub<br />

Maidenhead<br />

Barrington Court, Ilminster<br />

The Bath Brew House<br />

Hobbs of Henley<br />

Jane Austen Centre<br />

Stonor<br />

Thames<br />

Park, Henley<br />

Lido<br />

on Thames<br />

Stonehenge & Avebury WHS<br />

Bath Bus Company<br />

Kenavon Venture<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

The Holburne Museum, Bath<br />

Stourhead, Stourton<br />

Swindon Town<br />

Bath Self Catering<br />

Koffmann & Mr. Whites<br />

Three Tuns Freehouse<br />

Tourism Bath South Area East Self Catering<br />

Beanhill Farm B&B Holiday Inn, Salisbury English – Stonehenge and French Brasserie Strawberry Tintinhull Hill House Garden& Garden,<br />

Trowbridge Bath Town Bus Company<br />

Berkeley Castle Honey Street Mill Café Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Twickenham Totteridge Farm<br />

Vale of Beanhill Pewsey Farm B&B, Chippenham Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel Hotel, Novotel Reading Museum Centre and village<br />

Sulis Guides Tour and Explore<br />

Visit Bath The Bear Hotel, Devizes Chippenham Hungerford Wharf The Langley<br />

The Swan Tours Hotel, 2 Order Bradford on Avon<br />

Visit Thames<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

Bombay Sapphire<br />

Iford Manor Gardens,<br />

Lido<br />

Bradford<br />

Bristol<br />

on Avon<br />

Swinley<br />

TransWilts<br />

Bike Hub<br />

Community<br />

Swinley Forest’s<br />

Rail Partnership<br />

Trail Centre,<br />

Visit Newbury<br />

Bozedown Alpacas<br />

Lytes Cary Manor<br />

Troutbeck<br />

Visit Richmond<br />

Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel, Chippenham<br />

Bristol Blue Glass<br />

The Jane Austen Centre,<br />

Macdonald<br />

Bath<br />

Hotel & Spa Bath<br />

Bracknell<br />

Tucking Mill Self catering<br />

VisitWiltshire The Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill Bristol Cathedral The Kingsbury @ No.8, Maidenhead Marlborough Heritage Centre Teashop Tutti By Pole The Canal, Newbury<br />

The Black Swan Hotel, Devizes Bristol Community Ferry Koffmann Boats & Mr White’s Manor English Farm B&B French<br />

Thames Tyntesfield Lido, Reading<br />

Designated Blenheim Attraction Palace, Woodstock Bristol Packet Boats Brasserie, Bath Marlborough College Summer School Thames University Rivercruise, of Bristol Reading Botanic Garden<br />

& Hotel Bombay Ambassadors Sapphire, Whitchurch Bristol Tandem Hire Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot The Matthew Museum Of and Bristol Village Three Tuns Vaughan’s Freehouse, Kitchen<strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn<br />

Bristol Zoo Gardens<br />

Meadowbank House<br />

Vintage Classics<br />

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Salisbury The Langley, Slough<br />

Tintinhull Garden<br />

Aerospace Bristol<br />

Brooks Guest House B&B, Bath<br />

Merchants House<br />

The Watermill Theatre<br />

Alder Ridge<br />

Bozedown<br />

Vineyard<br />

Alpacas, Reading<br />

Bruce Branch Boats<br />

Liberty Car Tours, Bath<br />

Mompesson House<br />

Totteridge<br />

Wellington<br />

Farm Camping<br />

Arch<br />

Pods, Pewsey<br />

Bowood The House Bridge & Gardens Tea Rooms, Bradford on Brunel’s Avon SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain Lido Spa & Restaurant, Montacute Bristol House<br />

Tour and <strong>West</strong> Explore Berkshire Museum<br />

Cheddar Bristol Gorge Blue & Caves Glass<br />

Buttle Farm Lytes Cary Manor The Museum of English Rural Life Tours 2 We Order The Curious<br />

McArthurGlen Bristol Cathedral Designer Outlet, Swindon Canal Trust Café Maidenhead Heritage MV Centre Jubilee<br />

TransWilts Whitchurch Community Silk Mill Rail Partner<br />

Fashion Bristol Museum Community Bath Ferry Boats Castle Combe Circuit Manor Farm Courtyard Newark Cottages, Park Thatcham Troutbeck Wiltshire Guest landscape, House, East Stonehenge Chisenbury<br />

Longleat<br />

Cheddar Gorge<br />

The Newbury Pub<br />

Wiltshire Museum<br />

Bristol Packet Boats<br />

The Manor House, Castle Combe<br />

Tucking Mill View, Midford<br />

The Roman Baths<br />

The Chilterns View<br />

Newbury Racecourse<br />

Wiltshire Music Centre<br />

Royal Crescent<br />

Bristol Tandem<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

Hire<br />

Chippenham Museum<br />

Marlborough College<br />

No.<br />

Summer<br />

1 Royal Crescent<br />

School<br />

Turner’s<br />

Wiltshire<br />

House,<br />

Wildlife<br />

Twickenham<br />

Trust, Blakehill Farm<br />

Stonehenge The Bristol Wing<br />

and Heritage Centre The Matthew of Bristol Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm<br />

The Tutti Wiltshire Pole, Hungerford<br />

Wildlife Trust, Lower Moor<br />

Thermae Britain’s Bath Spa Best Heritage Tours Church Farm Country The Cottages Merchant’s House, The Marlborough<br />

Old Bell, Malmesbury Tyntesfield, Wiltshire Wraxall Wildlife Trust, Jones’s Mill<br />

Wadworth Brooks Brewery Guest & House Tours B&B, Bath Clifton Suspension Bridge Mill Farm Glamping, The Poulshot Old Chapel<br />

University Woolley of Bristol Grange Botanic Hotel Garden<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brooks Guest Brewery House B&B, Bristol& Visitor Centre Mompesson House, Old Salisbury Sarum<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National Arboretum Cobbs Farm Shop<br />

Oldbury Tours<br />

Bruce Branch Boats, Marlborough<br />

Monkey Island Estate, Bray<br />

Whatley Manor<br />

Compass Holidays<br />

Parkway Shopping, Newbury<br />

Windsor Brunel’s Castle SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain, Bristol The Courts Garden Montacute House Pound Arts<br />

Buttle Farm, Compton Bassett Cricklade Hotel Museum of East Asian Practical Art, Bath Car and Motorhome<br />

Canal Trust Café,<br />

Bradford on Avon<br />

Crofton Beam Engines The Museum of English hire, Rural Chippenham Life, Reading<br />

Cumberwell Country MV Cottages Barbara McLellan, Prince Bradford Street on Social Avon<br />

Castle Combe Circuit, Chippenham<br />

MV Jubilee, Newbury<br />

Castle Hotel, Windsor<br />

MV Kenavon Venture, Devizes<br />

Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Club Site National Garden Scheme<br />

Cheddar Gorge<br />

Newark Park, Ozleworth<br />

Discover more about our Ambassadors at: <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong>Way.co.uk<br />

Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

The Chilterns View, Wallingford<br />

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre<br />

Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm, Salisbury<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages, Bradford on Avon<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen, Bath<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy, <strong>West</strong> Lavington<br />

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol<br />

Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen, Englefield<br />

Compass Holidays, Cheltenham<br />

Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney<br />

The Courts Garden, Trowbridge<br />

Cricklade House Hotel, Swindon<br />

Crofton Beam Engines, Crofton<br />

The Crown & Anchor, Ham<br />

The Crown, Tolldown<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages, Bradford on Avon<br />

The Newbury Pub<br />

Newbury Racecourse<br />

No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney, Bath<br />

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, Wraxall<br />

Old Sarum, Salisbury<br />

Oldbury Tours<br />

Original Wild, Bath<br />

Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury<br />

Pennyhill Park, Bagshot<br />

The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham<br />

Practical Car & Van Hire, Chippenham<br />

The Prince Street Social, Bristol<br />

Prior Park Landscape Garden, Bath<br />

The Queens Arms Hotel, East Garston<br />

Reading Museum<br />

Red Lion Freehouse, East Chisenbury<br />

Vaughan’s Kitchen, Devizes<br />

Vintage Classics, Melksham<br />

Visit Hillbrush, Mere<br />

Waddesdon Manor<br />

Walton on Thames Camping and<br />

Caravanning Club Site<br />

The Watermill Theatre, Bagnor<br />

The Wave, Bristol<br />

We The Curious, Bristol<br />

Wellington Arch, London<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Museum, Newbury<br />

Whitchurch Silk Mill<br />

White Horse Inn, Compton Bassett<br />

Wilton Windmill<br />

Wiltshire Museum, Devizes<br />

Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon<br />

Windsor Carriages<br />

Windsor Duck Tours<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel, Bradford on Avon<br />

WWT Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve,<br />

Swindon<br />

WWT Jones’s Mill at the Vera Jeans Reserve,<br />

Pewsey<br />

WWT London Wetland Centre, Barnes<br />

WWT Lower Moor Farm<br />

Wyvern Theatre, Swindon<br />

YMCA, Bath

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