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From the editor

They say building a new home is one of the most stressful things

you can do in your life. Maybe so. But as homeowners we talk to in

this issue of Home & Leisure found, having a building company

that works alongside you to create the home of your dreams can

make it an exciting and rewarding process.

The homes we are profiling are as diverse as the owners

themselves, and they showcase the quality and range of materials

and fittings we Kiwis are lucky enough to have available to us. And

where sustainability was part of the plan, these homes demonstrate

how that can be achieved.

One of the homes we are featuring is a little older than the rest –

by about 150 years or so! It’s the beautiful Claremont homestead in

Amberley. Badly damaged in the Kaikoura quake, it required some

major repair work. It’s a fascinating story I think you will enjoy.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your

existing one, what you do with your kitchen and bathroom can

create the ‘wow factor’. So, take a look at the trends and ideas on

pages 38 & 50, and in our featured homes. But if all those stunning

designs just confuse you, then have a word with the professionals

in the field. They can help you zero in on what you really want and

need and guide you through the process.

House plants are back in vogue, so time to ditch those dustcatching

artificial varieties and bring some living décor into your

home. They not only look wonderful, they are good for your health,

too. See pages 40-41 for tips on what plants to put where.

And with Covid-19 keeping us firmly onshore for a while, our

landscaping expert Craig Wilson suggests bringing that holiday

feeling to your own back yard with some landscaping projects.

For an indulgent treat – yes, you deserve it after all that hard

work, try our scrumptious Raspberry & Lemon mini cheesecake

bites – recipe on page 76.

Talking of sustainability, our motoring expert Ross Kiddie brings

you the latest buzz on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Plenty in here to get you thinking and dreaming, so sit down

with a cuppa and enjoy.

Christine de Felice


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Christine de Felice


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Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd, is not responsible for any actions taken on the information in these articles. The information and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinion of Allied Press Ltd

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this $26,000

eLeCtriC Car






Rex Lawrence - Build Right

In today’s world everyone needs more space.

Building ‘up or out’ are the classic ways to make

more interior space. But taking on a six-figure

project may not be in everyone’s budget. Our

experts explore ‘inward’ options on how to turn

wasted areas into functional extra space.



Talk to our friendly


team at show stand 14



Attend our educational Build Right show seminars:

Friday 21 & Saturday 22 August – 12.00pm



Rex Lawrence

774 Main

- Build



Road, Christchurch

In today’s world everyone needs more space.

Building ‘up or out’ are the classic ways to make

more interior space. But taking on a six-figure

project may Ph not 03 323 be in 5771 everyone’s budget. Our

experts explore ‘inward’ options on how to turn

wasted areas into functional extra space.


Talk to our friendly team at show stand 14



Rex Lawrence - Build Right

Using weary old bones as a character backdrop

that complements new contemporary layouts and

additions can be an overwhelming process to start

from. In this session our renovation experts share

ideas of how the marriage of old and new can work

beautifully to rejuvenate an older style home.

Sunday 23 August – 12.00pm



Rex Lawrence - Build Right

Using weary old bones as a character backdrop

that complements new contemporary layouts and

additions can be an overwhelming process to start

from. In this session our renovation experts share

ideas of how the marriage of old and new can work

beautifully to rejuvenate an older style home.

774 Main North Road, Christchurch

Ph 03 323 5771

Servicing Canterbury, buildrighthomes.co.nz

North Canterbury and Kaikōura

Servicing Canterbury, North Canterbury and Kaikōura

home & leisure | ??

home & leisure | ??




Christine de Felice


Charlie Rose Creative

Mother Nature caused some serious

damage to this beautiful homestead.

Modern experts, applying the

centuries-old methods used in its

construction, restored it completely.

home & leisure | ??

Tucked away in the beautiful countryside west of

Amberley township is one of New Zealand’s most

distinctive Category 2 listed heritage buildings –

the historic homestead known as Claremont Estate.

A restored Claremont

stands proudly, more

than a century and a

half after it was built.

Built in 1866 from hand-cut

limestone blocks excavated from

the property, it features a traditional

method of construction using lime

mortar, one that had been developed

by the Romans and used successfully

for over 2000 years, says owner

Richard Goord.

The farm and historic homestead

was acquired in 1997 – prior to that

it had been in the same family for

70 years. Then, in 2000, Richard

embarked on a full restoration project,

the aim being to bring the homestead

back to its original style, with

sympathetic additions.

“The house had not been improved

very much since it was built, but

during the late 1950s and 1960s, when

it was fashionable to modernise period

homes, most of the original features

such as period fireplaces, panelled

doors and scalloped skirting boards

were removed, so these features had to

be reinstated,” Richard says.

Over the next two years, he and

70 subcontractors worked on

the considerable task of bringing

Claremont back to its former glory.

An annex mirroring the original house

was also added, doubling the size

of the residence, full central heating

was installed and six new en suite

bathrooms incorporated. Gorgeous

traditional hand-made wall tiles

imported from Italy, while not strictly

of the period style, added a fitting

touch of elegance to the bathrooms.

Over the following decade Richard

and his wife ran the six-bedroom

homestead as a luxury lodge,

attracting visitors from around the


Disaster strikes

Despite the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes

wreaking havoc on multiple buildings across the

region, Claremont was barely touched, save for some

minor cosmetic damage.

It was not so lucky in November 2016. The

Kaikoura quake caused extensive damage, evident in

the stepped hairline cracking that appeared in the

mortar joints of some of the exterior walls.

The critical question was how much the structure

might have been compromised and how the

structural integrity of the building might be

restored, Richard says.

“I could see that the principal challenge of the

quake repairs would be how to remediate this

stepped cracking in the mortar joints, due to the

construction method that had been used.”

FMG Insurance took on the managed repair,

appointing Inovo to scope the work and project

manage the job and selecting Build Right Homes as

the main contractor.

Inovo’s solution to the challenge of remediation

was to adopt a process long used and accepted in

the restoration of historic stone buildings around

the earthquake-prone Mediterranean. This involved

the injection of 12 tonnes of liquid lime mortar

grout into the cracks and voids to reconsolidate the

structural stonework. Due to the pencil line exterior

mortar joints, this was a process that had to be

undertaken from inside the building.

In preparation for the stonework consolidation

work, Build Right Homes and their subcontractors

needed to strip out the interior of the homestead.

Everything had to be removed, including skirting

boards, architraves, scotia, fireplaces, chimney stacks

and bathrooms, taking the interior of the house

back to the exposed bare stone of the walls that

are the fabric of its construction. The ground floor

timbers also had to be removed and the floor piles

replaced to meet the new building code.

Then, when all the work was completed, all the

period features had to be replaced and put back

again. The interior walls had to be re-plastered using

traditional lime plaster techniques and the internal

decoration undertaken using natural breathable

paints imported from Germany – all in all, a major

job in anyone’s estimation.

home & leisure | 9

Top: The hand-cut limestone blocks are Richard's favourite aspect of

the home. Above: The traditional stairway leads to bedrooms, that

once accommodated international guests.

Classic or Contemporary?

For the kitchen you want

New homes or renovations

Design – Manufacture – Install

Finesse Joinery

Ph: 03 352 3457 Mob: 027 2299 762

E: David@finessejoinery.co.nz

423 Main North Road, Belfast

home & leisure | ??

Above: Tiles imported from

Italy work perfectly in the

period-style homestead's


Top right: All the period

features have been

reinstated, like this beautiful

mantelpiece support

Perfect results

The project took almost two years over 2018

and 2019, during which time Richard and

his partner moved into the cottage onsite,

with their furniture placed in storage. Being

there also allowed Richard to keep a daily

watching brief on the process, having project

managed his previous restoration.

The couple moved back into the house in

December 2019, and were delighted with the


“The results speak for themselves – it’s

an impeccable restoration. Having gone to

immense trouble and expense on restoration

in 2000, I wanted it to be reinstated as

authentically as possible,” Richard says.

In the end, the cost of the remediation work

was more than double the original scope

cost estimate, Richard says, with all variation

orders having to be approved by the insurer.

“We were well insured and had a

reinstatement policy, so costs were not an

issue. My intention was to have everything

done right. Claremont is one of very few

notable buildings of this traditional type

of stone construction to be found in New

Zealand and was worthy of preservation.

FMG, Inovo and Build Right Homes have

done us and our historic home proud.”

Are you dreaming

of a better kitchen?

Dream Doors Kitchens specialise in facelifting your

existing kitchen as well as complete new kitchens. They

will work with you to give you that dream kitchen within

your budget. The Dream Doors team prioritise keeping

disruption to a minimum with facelifting services often

completed within one or two days.

Stand 19 – 21

Show visitors get a 10%

discount (conditions apply)

dreamdoors.co.nz | Ph: 03 338 1081 | adrian@dreamdoors.co.nz

home & leisure | 11

“The insured has nothing

but positive things to say

about the responsiveness

of FMG to the restoration

of this building to save

this heritage.” – FMG

Site Board


Build Right Homes.

Land size:

647.5 hectares

Consent/build time:

Two years.

Home size:


Favourite feature:

Unique hand-cut stonework.

Hardest decision:

Demolition of original chimneys and

replacement with lightweight chimneys

with stone veneer to reduce risk of

masonry damaging the building.

home & leisure | ??



It’s highly likely you’re living

in one, and your neighbours

probably are too – and their

neighbours, for that matter.

Open-plan homes have become

the people’s choice in recent

decades – a development that

has necessitated some creative


home & leisure | 13

As well as an enhanced sense of spaciousness, openplan

layouts foster a greater sense of connection among

the members of a household and are excellent for

entertaining, plus fewer interior walls means more

natural light. Sometimes, though, pockets of that

abundant space can end up being wasted. Put a stop

to that with some clever tactics for putting every bit to

good use, not cluttering your home but improving its

functionality through the well-considered use of colour,

texture, furniture and lighting.

Deck the hall

Though not having traditional long hallways, open-plan

homes generally include thoroughfares. Make yours a

fun play area for the kids by painting a hopscotch court

with Resene Walk-On tinted to your colours of choice.

Or, add a vintage bench seat that can fit baskets or

containers beneath it to stow away shoes or accessories

painted in a different colour for each family member.

Paint or stain the timber in a Resene hue, and top with

flat cushions or squab.

Carve out a niche in a larger open-plan space to create a

small casual reading nook like this one. The wall is painted

Resene Duck Egg Blue while the floor is in deeper Resene

Inside Back, the door frame is in Resene Black White, the

shelves and brackets are in Resene Passport, the basket

planter is in Resene Half Evolution and the small plant

pot is in Resene Grass Hopper. Styling by Claudia Kozub,

photo by Melanie Jenkins.





Measured, made

and installed by our

team of experts.

5 year warranty.


88 Gasson St, Sydenham | 03 379 3740 | www.homeplus.co.nz

home & leisure | ??

Try a textured wallpaper

design like Resene

Wallpaper Collection

KOS401 on an accent

wall to define a particular

area that you want to

serve a different purpose

from your greater space.

The book nook

Let’s start in your living space. You may

have a central seating area, but how about

turning that disused corner into a snug with

a comfortable armchair you can quietly read

in? Create zonal definition within a neutral

colour scheme by painting the walls in a

contemplative counterpart, such as perennial

favourite Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue,

calm-and-misty green Resene Pale Leaf or

dusty umber Resene Soothe. Cosy textiles

such as linen cushions, or a woollen throw

will further invite relaxation, and you could

extend this sentiment to your walls with a

textured design from the Resene Wallpaper

Collection to provide both colour and depth.

Visit your local Resene ColorShop to see the

latest releases in their wallpaper library.

A ceiling treatment is a high-impact way

to give a corner its own identity. You could

keep your walls as they are but apply Resene

SpaceCote Flat in a dramatic grey like

Resene Nocturnal for a luxe look or go for

a bold geometric ceiling print created using

paint and stencils or paste up cut out motifs

from a graphic Resene wallpaper design.











Contact us: 0800 218 010 or Email : orders@shuzi.co.nz




Design Consultant


021 845 148

021 845 148 info@z500.co.nz Z500.co.nz

TXT Z500 to 4989




& Design register Consultant for your

FREE plan book


021 845 148


home & leisure | 15

Business and pleasure

A study nook neatly housed in your living area lets you clock

up extra hours while keeping up with the everyday play.

A built-in desk will truly maximise the space, or update a

second-hand desk and chair with paint, opting for a distinct

colour or one that ties in with the room. Wipe it with a clean

dry cloth, then apply Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface

Sealer for an even finish followed by Resene Lustacryl semigloss

or Resene Enamacryl gloss tinted with your chosen hue.

Separate your study zone from the rest of an open-plan space


• A bank of freestanding open shelving in a chic shade, such

as pale green Resene Edgewater or Resene Colorwood

Driftwood timber stain. Shelving forms a low-key partition

that also works as storage for essential professional

accoutrements and decorative objects.

• A curtain you can draw around your nook when you are

working and fling open when you are not. Choose a fabric

that looks good from both sides – an ethereal sheer or

heavier weight to mitigate noise such as the Harmony Voile

or Evolve designs from the Resene Curtain Collection.

• A foldaway screen. Timber or rattan room dividers are a

natural fit for a neutral colour scheme, but could also be

customised with Resene paint or timber stain in the same

way you would a desk.

Take a seat, light the lights

Modular seating is ideal for allowing spaces in an

open-plan living area to do double duty, providing

visual cohesion. An L-shaped sofa will define your main

relaxation area, and you could reconfigure additional

modules with some easily moved chairs to form a separate

conversation zone – with or without a coffee table on

castor wheels. Matching ottomans and oversized cushions

are great for children to move from A to B.

Lighting is an easily manipulatable way to set distinct

moods. Affix a wall light near your desk or a pendant

light over your snug. If beautifying a rice paper or fabric

lightshade with Resene testpots, use the paint sparingly,

lest it gets too wet and rips the paper or loosens the glue.

Collector’s items

Keepsakes and curios can imbue open-plan areas with

individuality. Collect pieces that are meaningful to you –

scented candles, ornaments, vintage vessels, dried flowers,

foraged shells and feathers – and arrange them on shelves,

sideboards or tables using the golden rule of odd numbers

(three, five or seven items). A tray can pull a vignette

together, perhaps crafted from metal or given a metallic

finish with Resene FX Metallic paints in Resene Solid

Gold, Resene Rose Gold or Resene Allusive.


0800 22 22 36

ome & leisure | 16

If you don’t have a spare room to use as a dedicated

home office, look for other opportunities for reclaiming

space such as in a closet, underneath your stairs or in

an odd corner. Back wall in Resene Just Dance, corner

wall in Resene Smoulder, floor in Resene Colorwood

Mid Greywash, tall vase in Resene Cleopatra, short

vase in Resene Soulful and Resene Sorbet, plant pot

in Resene Half Tea and pencil cup in Resene Soulful

and Resene King Tide. Styling by Laura Lynn Johnston,

photo by Bryce Carleton. Lamp, clock and cushion

from Nood, chair, desk, large rug and basket from

Freedom Furniture, artwork from endemicworld.

Top tips:

• Colour code individual zones within an open-plan space,

but include key accents from your home’s overall palette as

a unifying constant.

• A change in flooring can be useful to announce a shift

in purpose or set a new mood. Use a rug to herald the

transition from social to solitude or paint a concrete floor

with Resene Walk-on tinted to the hue of your choice.

• You could also turn redundant space into an indoor garden

with potted greenery. Pots are easy to customise with your

favourite Resene colours. To transform terracotta into

something more your style, add a coat of Resene Aquapel

& Terracotta Sealer inside and out and allow to dry, then

brush on two coats of your chosen paint, allowing it to dry

between applications.

What’s in store

Storage can be at a premium in open-plan homes. Remedy

the issue in a generous master bedroom by installing a halfwall

that can become a headboard on one side and cupboards

on the other, painted in a hue that complements your décor.

If storage for children’s toys is lacking, paint timber cubes

or wooden boxes in playful pastels like Resene Tuft Bush,

Resene Snowy Mint and Resene Onahau. If there’s a void

under your stairs, you could store them here and turn the

space into a children’s craft station with a desk painted in

Resene Shalimar.

Visit our stand at the

Home & Leisure for


Ellen Estate Interiors is here

to assist with New Build,

Re-build, Renovate or

Zhooshing up, it’s our job

to make you look good.

Including design & install

from kitchens, bathrooms,

laundry, through to

furniture, flooring &

window treatments.

Retail Showroom

Normans Road, Strowan

Contact 027 369 7639



with HRV this August!




Sign up for an HRV home ventilation system by

31 August and you’ll be in the draw to win back your bucks!

One lucky winner in the South Island will win back the entire purchase and installation cost

of their HRV home ventilation system. So once you’ve decided to treat your home to HRV

home ventilation, start thinking about what you’ll do if you win back your bucks!


You need to sign your HRV sales agreement

by 31 August 2020 to enter the draw.

Terms and conditions apply.

See hrv.co.nz/offers/win-back-your-bucks for full details.

0800 HRV 123

home & leisure | ??

home & leisure | ??


a family

For the Srivastav family, the one

thing they absolutely had to have

in their new home was living areas

filled with light and sun….


Christine de Felice


Charlie Rose Creative

home & leisure | ??

Originally from Delhi, India,

Amit and Garina Srivastav and

their daughters Tanu and Mauly

arrived in New Zealand seven

years ago, settled in Christchurch

and for a time rented a home in

Burnside, where the girls attended

Burnside High.

The black bench and

black tile splashback

bring contemporary

style to the kitchen.

Amit’s career was in IT and business

development, and he worked for Bartercard

here in Christchurch too, but a few years in

he was ready for a change.

“Real estate was a booming industry so I

decided to join real estate, and as a lot of

people preferred to build a new house rather

than buying an existing house, I decided

to join a reputed builder and that was

Generation Homes, in March 2018.

“After joining the company, I started

thinking of building our new house

with them.”

Next decision: where to build.

“We looked at Rolleston, because we

could have had a bigger house there for our

budget,” Amit says, “but we decided the

distance from Christchurch was too far for

commuting so we ruled that out.”

Instead they opted for Copper Ridge

Estate in Halswell Junction Road.

“The location was good, and there was one

north-facing corner site available. This meant

we could have sun right through the living

areas – that was most important for us.”

The family selected Generation Homes’

Abode design. The four-bedroom, twobathroom

home has an open-plan kitchendining-living

area and another separate

living space, all this providing plenty of room

for having visitors to stay, and guests over

to eat – the generous island bench easily

accommodates the array of tasty dishes they

regularly serve up.

Our shOW hOmes are Open.

neW hOme and land packages

in christchurch and selWyn.

We build all our new homes for a fully

fixed price and a guaranteed build time.

Visit Our shOW hOmes in

halsWell and rOllestOn.


generation homes christchurch

home & leisure | 21

Not only practical, with its black-and-white colour

scheme the kitchen is also super-contemporary – bench top

in Jet Sequoia Laminex laminate, black tile splash-back that

extends from bench level to ceiling behind the stove top

and extractor fan, Melteca Alaskan (Pearl finish) cabinetry.

Adding a unique touch is the pendant light hanging above

the island bench top, while a custom-made wall cabinet

fills an otherwise empty wall space, with the glass doors

allowing glassware and china to be displayed.

And making this a Generation Homes family affair,

the person that created the interior décor, not just in the

kitchen but throughout the house was eldest daughter

Tanu. She joined the company as a colour consultant at the

beginning of 2020 after completing her Bachelor of Design

at ARA last year.

Tanu chose half Dulux Manorburn for the majority of the

walls in the home, with variations of tone in the bedrooms.

Drapes made from beautiful Indian fabrics contribute

colour and texture. The carpet is Tongariro Solution Dyed

Nylon, colour Alpine.

Both bathrooms, one including a bath as well as a shower,

repeat the crisp black-and-white theme.

And while Tanu suggested the décor ideas, the family all

had a say and agreed with the decisions.

“We all like the same things so there was no conflict.”

To fit with their lifestyle, the family made some

amendments to the standard features.

“It had a computer nook, but we didn’t want that, so we

had the space converted into a cupboard,” Amit notes.

A storage cupboard on the plan was changed into a guest

toilet, and sliding doors were installed to create privacy for

guests. To accommodate the girls’ clothes collection, builtin

wardrobes were enlarged to become wall to wall and

floor to ceiling.

At the front of the house the entrance area was changed

from having a small gable over the front door and two

supporting pillars, to a larger gable that extended

further along.

“This looks more grand and makes the entry look wider,”

Amit explains.

A concrete patio outside the living-dining area has been

replaced by a timber deck.

Landscaping is a work in progress and keen gardener

Garina has planted camellias and magnolias along the fence

line, which will eventually provide greenery and privacy.

Construction of the house took 18 weeks and the family

was kept informed of progress throughout.

“With Generation Homes there’s a fixed price contract

Top: The generous bench top and bar stool seating allows

plenty of space for sharing tasty dishes.

Above: With a second living area there is ample room for

family and visitors to relax.





P: 021 067 3256

E: scott@strathclyde.co.nz






home & leisure | ??

and on-time delivery,” Amit says.

“It was well planned with a clear schedule

and there were no delays.”

“Clients always make some changes, but

with Generation Homes there are still no

delays,” Tanu adds.

Happily settled into their new home

since last October the family love Halswell

and know many of their surrounding


“They’re my clients!” says Amit. “And

it’s a very cosmopolitan neighbourhood.

There are Indians, Fijian Indians, Filipinos,

Afghanis, Chinese and Kiwis living here.”

Sounds like a microcosm of today’s

New Zealand, with people from around

the world coming here to be part of our

diverse community.

Left: Tanu with family pet,


Top right: Personal touches

provide a welcome at the

front door.

Bottom right: An aquarium

is an attractive feature of

the living space.

The Srivastav family’s tips

• Make sure the orientation of the house on the

section maximises the sun.

• Try to be realistic about your budget. Know what

you have in your pocket and how much you have

to spend.

• Make a realistic list out of your wish list.

• Make sure you get the basics done first.

Save money. Save the planet.

Find out how much

you could save


0800 876 527

home & leisure | 23

Site Board

Top: Curtains made from

beautiful Indian fabrics bring

colour and texture to the home.

Bottom: The black and white

theme is carried through in the



Generation Homes

Land size:


Build time:

18 weeks

Home size:


Favourite feature:

Kitchen wall cabinet.

Hardest decision:

Having to opt for standard bricks on

the exterior due to budget constraints–

would have preferred larger, dark grey


Would like to have:

Ducted heating, but too expensive to run.

AV&_Bur_Home and Leisure_1/2page_ad.indd 1

29/07/20 1:20 PM


home & leisure | 24

make a




Smiths City

Oslo Dining Set


Aluminium Stool

Simply Furniture




Linea Highboard

Botanica Furniture

Madison Golden Velvet


home & leisure | ??



New trends, firm favourites…

today’s choice of window coverings

gives plenty of scope to bring

individual style to your rooms.

WORDS Christine de Felice

home & leisure | ??

The double track

curtain provides

both heat retention

and a fresh,

contemporary feel

for your room.

Source: Venluree

Window coverings have a huge role

to play in your overall home décor

scheme, and while the type of window

will largely govern your choice, you

will also want them to work with the

other furnishings in the room and

complement the style of your home.

Are you ready to grow?

Kiwi Gardener is your practical guide

to gardening in New Zealand.

Residential & Commercial

Window Tinting


0800 77 77 10





• 99% UV Control

• Privacy

• Heat & Glare reduction

• Decorative & Frosted Tints

• Safety & Security

• Anti Graffiti

Contact us for a free no obligation quote

Ph: 021 681 808 E: info@nztint.co.nz

home & leisure | 27

One of the newest trends, Jamie

Harris of Venluree tells us, is the

double track. Combining heat

retention with a modern aesthetic, this

has a block-out thermal curtain on

the back track and sheer fabric as the

feature curtain in front.

With several different shades

available in the thermal fabric, you can

tie it in with your colour scheme and

highlight the sheer curtain when both

are pulled across, while on its own

the sheer lets in the light, at the same

time bringing a feeling of lightness

and freshness to your room, which you

will love!

Shutters are a stylish option for any home – from cottage to

multi-million-dollar residence. Source: Venluree

Making a comeback on the windowcovering

scene are shutters. These

have been around for a long time

and used to be quite expensive, but

with improved, more cost-effective

manufacturing processes, demand for

them has grown, Jamie says, especially

over the last 12 months.

Shutters come in timber, polymer or

aluminium, with some materials better

for certain areas of your home. Stylewise,

though, shutters work

well in all situations and across any

type of home, from the traditional

cottage right up to the multi-milliondollar






Shutters Curtains Roller Blinds Venetian Blinds



for over

50 years

We come to you with our mobile service.

www.venluree.co.nz Ph. 365 4666 See us at the Home Show site 31-32

home & leisure | 28

The new Veri Shade is a stunning

alternative for the contemporary home.

Source: Venluree.

The added benefit is their thermal

capacity – keeping your home cosy in

winter and cool in summer.

The drapes and blinds combination

remains a favourite with many New

Zealand homeowners – there’s so much

choice in blinds and drape fabrics that

completely individual looks can

be created.

The sun filter blind is extremely

popular, Jamie says, as it cuts out up to

95 per cent of those damaging UV rays,

protecting furnishings from fading.

Alternatively, you might prefer venetian

blinds or the top-rated energy-efficient

honeycomb blinds.

Another option is the double roller

blind – using the sun filter blind during

the day and a block-out fabric blind at

night. Not necessarily a plain, neutral

block-out blind, though. With the

colours and textures available you

can bring your own flair to your

window space.

Nothing makes a statement quite

like drapes, and even more so with

the current trend being a swing back

towards printed linen fabrics and

brighter colours. The more muted tones

of recent years are taking a step back.

Floral patterns, vibrant tones – with

so many gorgeous fabrics available

you will find many ways to express

your personal style and bring a fresh,

modern look to your décor scheme!

For something completely different

for your windows, the latest product

to arrive in New Zealand is the Veri

Shade. Jamie describes it as a cross

between a curtain and a blind, and

for the contemporary home, it’s a

stunning alternative.

829 Colombo Street | Phone 379 0600 | www.accentlighting.co.nz


it up

home & leisure | 30




Fabian Vertical

Accent Lighting





Accent Lighting

Balt Timber

Lighting Plus


Accent Lighting


Lighting Plus

Black Note Keys

Accent Lighting

“A fire is the heart of the home”

Controlled heat all night long

Pellet and Wood Fire Specialists

Showroom: 472 Blenhiem Road Phone: 03 343 1651

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm Sat: 10:00am – 1:00pm


home & leisure | ??



Just weeks ago, Cath Parr and Andy Robertson

moved from Heathcote, where they had lived

for 17 years, into their brand-new home high up

on Moncks Spur with spectacular views across

Pegasus Bay – a plan finally come to fruition.

home & leisure | ??


Christine de Felice


Charlie Rose Creative

home & leisure | ??

“We had always had an idea that we would like to

build a house,” Cath explains.

Top: Cath's input into the kitchen

design ensured she has the working

space and appliances she wanted,

Above: The Flaxpod cladding suits

the home's contemporary design,

while the front door is painted in one

of Cath's favourite colours, orange.

“Then a few years ago, when we

were talking to an agent about life

insurance and said we were planning

to build, he advised us to buy the

section outright first. So, in 2017

we started looking at sites. We are

mountain bikers so we like being out

on the hills. We were not interested in

a flat section.”

The couple looked at hill sections

from Halswell to Scarborough before

finding what they wanted.

“We stood on this section and the

views were fantastic. Two different

views – the sea on one side and the

gully with native plantings on

the other.”

The other benefit was there were no

houses looking on to it, plus it was

within their budget.

Thinking about what they might

build on the sloping 720sqm section,

they went on several Super Home

Tours, where they looked at 10-12

different homes to get some ideas.

“We wanted a passive, sustainable

house on the hill. We talked to

several builders, and Robert from

Whitehouse Builders came and

looked at the section. He could see

what we wanted to achieve, and he

had experience building on hill sites.”

As a design and build project, it had

the company’s in-house designers

Drug Free Pain Relief

We are here to introduce you to the Tenspro tens device and accessories

for pain relief, through working with the body’s natural healing

processes using electronic stimulation.

Our portable, rechargeable, state of the art device is handy for on-thego

– at work, home, holiday or for sports injuries. Relieving and toning

sore muscles, it’s a great stress reliever as well! Muscle and nerve

stimulator, acupuncture combo, made available for sale to manage your

own health and well-being.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Call us on 0274 586 009 or wendee@healthco.co.nz

Visit www.healthco.co.nz for more information

home & leisure | 35

working with Cath and Andy to develop the ideas and

the design. The couple provided an architectural brief,

which included questions and answers on what sort of

home they wanted to live in and how long they would

want to live there.

“The brief helps you decide how you live and how the

design supports that,” Cath explains.

“We had looked at different house layouts online, and

one we liked was an L-shaped design called Vermont

cabin. It had social areas in one part of the ‘L’ and quiet

spaces in the other part – we loved that, so we put it in

the brief.

“One of the important things for us was that we didn’t

want to dig up any more of the site than we had to.”

To achieve that, the foundations were anchored into

rock, and the house comprises a series of platforms on

poles. Cath and Andy also wanted to expose a rocky

outcrop on the site as a feature of the landscaping,

maximise the views to the sea on the east side of the

house, and have an outdoor area from where they could

enjoy views of the native gully on the west side.

“We had a deck built at the west side of the house to

avoid the easterly wind,” Cath says.

They chose Stratco Superdek cladding and roofing

in the colour Flaxpod, which suits the contemporary


As having a sustainable home was a ‘given’ for the

couple, the house was designed on passive house

principles. It is well insulated and airtight, with

a ventilation system maintaining a constant air

temperature and distributing air throughout the house.

Being filtered, the air is also free of dust and allergens.

Floor insulation is achieved by having two levels

of floor with a 10mm layer of polystyrene insulation

between them, while the walls are insulated with

Earthwool insulation.

Design-wise, décor-wise this home perfectly reflects

Cath and Andy’s unique style. And while they have

different ideas on some things – he likes a pitched

roofline, for example, and she prefers a horizontal plane,

they’ve compromised with a blend of both.

Inside the house, the sloping section has given rise to

different levels. Steps take you up from the open-plan

kitchen-living area to the separate dining room.

“We wanted to have the dining area as a peaceful place

away from the busy kitchen,” says Cath.

With its 90cm-wide Belling oven and serious bench

space, the kitchen, by Misco Joinery, is a gourmet chef ’s

Top: Away from the activity of the kitchen/living area, the

dining area provides a peaceful oasis. Centre right: Jimmy the

cat likes to keep an eye on things. Above: Both bathrooms have

been painted in Half Periglacial Blue from the Resene Karen

Walker No. 4 palette, creating a sense of calm and seclusion..

home & leisure | ??

Cath and Andy chose

laminated flooring, which

brings warmth and

cohesion throughout the

home as seen here in the

master bedroom.

dream. As a keen cook, Cath had a lot of

input into the layout and appliance choice.

“I wanted a big oven, and a large bench

that could be used as a preparation area.”

Black with starry sparkles, this main

bench not only meets Cath’s needs, but is

also a striking feature, complemented by

the black oven and black fridge. White

pendant lights above the bench look like

they were made to be there.

“I got them from Mitre 10 about a year

ago,” Cath says. “I knew they were

right and if I didn’t get them then, they

would probably not be around when we

wanted them.”

The three bedrooms, one currently being

used as a home office, are also on different

levels, as are the two bathrooms. Well

apart from the living areas, they offer space

and privacy for the couple and for guests.

Cath and Andy opted for laminate

flooring throughout the house, rather than

carpet, and the warm timber toning is

the perfect companion to the colours on

the walls, taken from the Resene Karen

Walker range - No. 4 palette.

Overall, the home has a strong sense

of cohesion – everything seems to flow

seamlessly from one level to the next, with

the glorious views providing the ultimate

finishing touch.

Construction took just over 12 months

to complete, with Covid-19 lockdown

causing some delays.

Cath and Andy are thrilled with

everything that has been achieved with

their new home.

“Whitehouse Builders did an amazing

job with superb craftmanship. They have

built us a home that is custom-built and

suits the way we live. We’ll be staying here

for quite some time!”

Your structured wiring &

Audio Visual specialist

We can design and install a smart wired, “Structured

Wiring System” that integrates all your current and

future Audio Visual, CCTV, Security, Music, Lighting and

Communication needs.


Call Brad on 027 689 9816 | www.e-technology.co.nz

home & leisure | 37

Site Board


Whitehouse Builders Ltd

Land size:


Home size:

218sqm incl. garage

Cath & Andy's tips

• Write up an architectural brief before you start.

• Use your current house to measure up spaces and get a feel for

what size things need to be.

• Purchase the best windows you can that your budget allows.

• Look at fixtures and fittings before you need to decide. That

way it’s not overwhelming or pressurised.

• Know your site, where the prevailing wind comes from and

how the sun traverses across the site, so you can align your

house for maximum sun and shelter.

Build time:

One year

Favourite feature:

Large lounge windows overlooking

sea view.

Hardest decision:

Starting! Nerve wracking buying the

section, everything much easier after


Wish they had:

Done this sooner, loving living on

the hills.


Energy Efficient


5 passive house principles

1. Thermal Bridge

2. Airtightness

3. Mechanical ventilation

4. Passive house windows

5. Thermal insulation



• In house architectural designers

• Hill build specialist

• Taking your dreams and

making them a reality with

our gifted designers



• Gold Standard

• First time home grants

• Kiwi Savers

• House and land packages

• Downsizing

• Investments


For more information, come ask us how

03 375 0000 whitehousebuilders.co.nz



home & leisure | 38

turning the spotlight

on bathroom

National Kitchen and Bathroom Association member

Trish Frankland from Christchurch has worked in

the design sector for 40 years so has a great depth

of experience. She enjoys staying ahead of the latest

trends in kitchen and bathroom styles, from colour

palettes, to innovative appliances and beyond. Trish

shares with us the latest in bathroom trends…


Sutton of

Detail by



home & leisure | 3

What does the word trend mean to you?

To me, a trend, is either a style or colour that is currently

being seen in many aspects of design not necessarily just

kitchens or bathrooms. A trend can come and go very quickly

or be far more enduring. For example, both ‘Art Nouveau’ and

‘Art Deco’ started as style trends but are now very much icons

in the design arenas.

In bathroom design, what was the biggest trend for 2019

and what is likely to take over in 2020?

Industrial looks were very strong in 2019, pared back with

dark colours and metals. However, 2020 could well become

known for a return of strong Art Deco influences and a reemergence

of the ever-sophisticated black-and-white chic,

which often features richly veined stones, and luxe touches

such as vintage brass.

Bold, retro looks are also likely to be showcased with vintage

shapes and eclectic mixes of mid-century and ’70s styles.

What else can we expect in 2020?

I believe the bathroom area will see a softening of shapes in

2020. Vanities will show soft Art Deco-style rounded edges

and corners, baths and bowls will follow this shape. Great

tiling, used as a feature, will be important with some clever

usages of herringbone and mosaic effects.

NKBA designers will likely be creating increasingly smarter

designs with creative use of space for both usage and storage

coming into play.

Michelle Quinn of

Lume Design

Magnetic therapy?

A force of nature!

Magnetic therapy

is a safe, noninvasive

method of

applying magnetic

fields to the body

for therapeutic


Wearers report relief from:

• Relieving pain

• Reducing swelling

• Speeding up


• Restful sleep

• Blood circulation/


• Energy

• Skin Problems

• Arthritis

• Travel Sickness

• Magnetic thearpy

because nature

knows best!

“I wear it, because it works”

Vic Rieter, NZ Motorcross Champion

P 03-548-7888 E support@zenteq.co.nz

W www.zenteq.co.nz



Not only do houseplants make

us feel relaxed and happier

but they also naturally clean

the air of toxins and refresh

oxygen levels. indoor plants

give life to otherwise simple

rooms with their wide variety

of shapes, sizes textures and

colours—they are a fantastic

way to decorate any room.

home & leisure | 41

indiaka Cyclamen

the indiaka® will captivate you by their

original contrast of their colours and

flowers: petals cut in two

horizontally with white

and vibrant stripes. easy

to care for plants which

are exceptionally hardy

outdoors, whilst still

performing superbly

on your patio, or

indoor areas.

Peace Lily

Classic indoor plant, perfect

in most areas of the home.

Renowned for their clean air

properties that remove toxins

from the air. Feed regularly

with general indoor fertiliser

and water as needed.

maidenhair Fern

the essential indoor

fern perfect for most

low-light areas in the

home. Perfect plant for


Large range of

plants available at

Mitre 10 Mega

Hornby, 370 main South Rd

Papanui, 54 Harewood Rd

Ferrymead, 1005 Ferry Rd

Rangiora, 1 Southbrook Rd


Bold statement

plant with stunning

dark red flowers

and an upright

growth habit,

easy care and low



an exciting mix of


cactus plants, well

suited to an indoor

environment. Range

may vary by store.


Silver Lady

a lovely, fast-growing

fern featuring elegant,

silvery-green and slender

fronds that arch and form

in the shape of a rosette.

home & leisure | 42

helpful plants for a

happy home

Not only will houseplants make your interiors look amazing, but you can aid your

health by placing houseplants around your home and in offices, bathrooms, and

bedrooms. With the amounts of pollutants in our air, our bodies must adapt to more

stress. Scientists have discovered that houseplants can bring many health benefits.

This spring Oderings have fresh plants arriving weekly in-store to aid your healthy

lifestyle, so come and see us at any of our five locations in Christchurch to find the

best houseplant to suit your interiors.

1: Air quality

Since most of us spend about 90

per cent of our time indoors we

should consider our air quality.

Did you know that one plant

can filter a 10-square-metre

space? Houseplants can assist

in filtering pollutants from our

air. They do so by absorbing

the toxins and replacing these

toxins with fresh oxygen, which

in turn gives you and your

family clean air to breathe.

2: De-stress

Houseplants make you feel great too! Plants

are known to lower blood pressure, reduce

stress levels and provide mental clarity.

3: Quality sleep

If you struggle to sleep well, or wake tired

and not feeling refreshed, why not try

plants in your bedroom? Houseplants in

a bedroom can help soothe the space and

purify the air. Come and see us for bedroom

plants to suit your room.

Selection ideas:

Full sun lovers: cacti,

succulents, yucca & snake plants.

Filtered light: hoyas, pothos

varieties, palms, ZZ plants,

orchids, dracena & peace lily.

Low light options:

ferns, zebrena, some peperomia

types, ZZ plants & peace lily.




Oderings Landscaping make

homes complete with unique

solutions to reflect you, incorporating

insightful planting combined with

inspiring design.

MOBILE 021 913 747

EMAIL admin@oderingslandscaping.co.nz


For Your Lifestyle Solutions

It is our Aim always to:

Find the right solution to meet your

specific needs

Provide a personal service of the

highest quality

Deliver excellent value for money

Your insurance

requirement is our


All inquiries call Dean on 03 390 9889 or 021 369 601

www.logansmythe.co.nz | dean@logansmythe.co.nz

Payback your system from the savings!

Finance available for Commercial !



home & leisure | ??

home & leisure | ??



This builder’s home shows how

to achieve affordable living in a

sustainable, energy-efficient home.


Christine de Felice


Canterbury Registered

Master Builders


home & leisure | 46

When Chris Haughey,

owner of NZ living Homes

in Christchurch, got the

opportunity to purchase a

piece of TC3 Red Zone land

in an erosion zone of South

Brighton, he says it had

“all the hallmarks of a good

builder’s section”.

The design and board

and batten macrocarpa

cladding of the detached

double garage mirrors

that of the house.

Tongue in cheek, of course.

“There were lots of difficulties to overcome, but I wanted

to build an affordable home on the site,” Chris says.

The question is, he says, what is an affordable home?

“It’s different for different people. To me, it’s about if you

lost your job, or became ill and couldn’t work, you can still

live there without having too much to worry about.

“Affordable living should be a house with good insulation,

good ventilation and be made from sustainable products.

Book an appraisal

with me at the Star

Media Home Show

and take $1,400 off

the marketing of

your property

home & leisure | 47

This house is 99 per cent sustainable.”

Chris’s commitment to those principles led

to the home being the Lifestyle Award winner

for a Sustainable Home and the Silver Award

winner in the Canterbury section of the 2017

Master Builders House of the Year competition.

Energy efficient, it has R3.6 spray foam

insulation in the walls and R5 in the ceiling, the

window frames are PVC rather than aluminium,

and there is a heat-recovery ventilation system

that distributes clean air throughout the home.

A wood-burning fire and a small heat pump are

there to provide additional heating if necessary.

“The temperature is between 18 and 22

degrees all year round and the humidity is

45 to 55 per cent, which meets world health


Hot water is supplied with the 1.8-kilowatt

solar thermal panels on the roof, plus there are

3.2-kilowatt photovoltaic panels.

“The house is air-tight, but it’s not a passive

house,” says Chris. “It’s comfortable to live in

and affordable to run. Our power bill averages

out at $60 to $80 a month.”

Scratch Architecture designed the timberclad

board and batten house, which fits into

its seaside environment with ease. As Chris

explains: “I wanted to build a beach-style house

in a lovely part of the city, New Brighton, which

is an up-and-coming growth area for families.”

The scene is set with native grasses lining the

driveway leading up to the house, where angled

steps take you up to the imposing front door.

Imported from China, this unique statement

piece opens to a front entrance way surprisingly

lined with weatherboard.

“I wanted to have the feeling of going into a

bach,” Chris says.

A small hallway, again lined with

weatherboard, leads into the large open-plan

kitchen/living area. An expansive concrete

bench takes centre stage in the kitchen area and

is one of Chris’s favourite pieces in the home.

“It’s a one-off, and it took seven people to

lift it in,” he says. A double sink was put in at

Chris’s request.

Behind the gas cooktop and electric oven the

tile splashback adds colour and practicality.

All the fittings

in both the en

suite and family

bathroom are

standard and

readily available.

Needing Landscaping?

• Landscape Design

• Decks/Pergolas/Paving

• Irrigation Systems

• Plant Supply & Planting

• Ready/Hydro/Artificial Lawn

• Digger & Truck Hire

The Landscape Specialists

2018 Landscapes of Distinction Awards

Silver Medallists

Phone: 03 349 4363

Email: greenscapes@xtra.co.nz


home & leisure | 48

Taking centre stage

in the kitchen is the

expansive concrete

bench with double sink.

At 11x4 metres, the large open-plan

living area provides plenty of relaxation

space for Chris, his partner and their

young child, while double french doors

open out to an extensive 120sqm deck

area offering more living space, and the

important indoor/outdoor flow.

With his penchant for individuality,

in the living area Chris has installed

a wine rack made from recycled clay

pipes on the wall under the TV.

“That’s the adults’ side for entertaining

– the kids’ entertainment is on the

other side,” he quips, this being one of

the three bedrooms, which he says is a

“disco room” for his son.

There is an en suite bathroom with

a tiled shower in the master bedroom,

while, as well as a shower, the larger

family bathroom boasts a stunning,

free-standing bath.

“All the fittings in the bathrooms are

standard,” Chris says, “and are readily


Another set of double french doors

leads from the master bedroom to the

deck and outdoor entertaining space.

Two sliding glass doors with printed

images – one between the bedroom

and en suite featuring nikau palms,

the other between the lounge and the

master bedroom portraying the Empire

State Building – again show Chris’s


The exterior cladding of the house is

macrocarpa, with the windows snugly

nestled into the walls.

“We used the off-cuts from the timber

to make indoor shelving,” Chris says.

“There was only one per cent wastage

from the whole construction process.”

Imported from Switzerland, the

roofing is made from recycled paper

saturated in bitumen and pressed in a

World War II press.

And mirroring the design of the

house is the detached, 57sqm double


Chris’s desire for sustainable living

also extends to the garden, where he

grows a number of fruit trees and

vegetables for the family.

The need for sustainability is

becoming increasingly evident around

the world. Chris Haughey’s South

Brighton home is an example of

how easily that can be achieved, with

comfort and affordability built in.

home & leisure | 49

Left: An expansive deck, accessible from the

living area and master bedroom, provides plenty

of space for outdoor entertaining. Above right:

A wood-burner provides extra warmth if needed.

Above left: One of Chris's unique creations - the

wine rack made from recycled clay pipes.

Chris Haughey’s tips

• When having your house built, look at every quote for every

item and query the builder if you are not sure about any pricing.

• Look at the margins.

• Get all variations in writing.

• Don’t assume that something has been done – ask the question.

• Take ownership – it’s your house, your money.

• Have regular site meetings.

• Trust your builder, that’s most important.

And enjoy the process.

Site Board


NZ Living Homes

Land size:


Build time:

10-12 weeks.

Hardest decision:

There wasn’t one.

Home size:

133sqm plus 57sqm garage

Favourite feature:

Kitchen bench top & bath.

Wish they had:

Put in attic trusses.

Stand 30





Crazy talk? Nope.

Head to our stand for more info on our

Open Book policy and how we achieve

this wild vision of a free design service

included in your home build.

Design-led master builders


Whole home heat recovery for homes

with a good roof cavity

Decentralised in the wall heat recovery

systems & multi room solutions

For all advice on design

and technical please call

0800 866 855 or email


Passiv Haus certified whole home

heat recovery systems for all homes

even with restricted access




home & leisure | ??

We asked the team at Kitchen Studio

to tell us about new trends in kitchen

design. And the word is, warmer and

deeper tones are right to the fore.

home & leisure | ??

• Warm woodgrain/timber veneers are

providing beautiful accents when teamed

with deeper tones, or with the still favoured

fresh white cabinetry.

• Earthy colours are being combined with

natural elements and textures, whether that

is in your stone, splashback, or bar back.

And a clever way to introduce warmth is

with wooden panelling for your bar back or

feature walls.

• Stainless steel products provide that

industrial look many homeowners like, with

timber accents bringing it on trend.

• And now that house plants are staging a

welcome comeback, an open display area for

plants in your kitchen works well with those

earthy themes.

• Benchtops are getting slimmer with the

20mm benchtop creating a sleek, clean, and

minimal look, while integrated handles or

overlay pulls continue the look.

• Clever, innovative storage solutions inside

your drawers make everything easily

accessible and future proof your kitchen for

years to come.

• LED lights recessed under panels and

downlights in displays or bulkheads

highlight working spaces and enhance the

features you have incorporated on your

splashback or displays.


You can receive up to


of discounts, upgrades and free gifts

Ask in-store for your special voucher that

you can share with friends and family!

Call us now on

0800 177 177

or visit: kitchenstudio.co.nz

home & leisure | 52

Form & function

Having the kitchen as part of your

open plan means it needs to interact

with your living spaces so you can

socialise while you are cooking, and

to be designed so the working spaces

can function with more than one


If you don’t want to have your

appliances exposed in your open

plan living/dining area, these can

be concealed or integrated into the

overall design.

95 Byron St, Sydenham, Christchurch

www.simplyheat.com | 03 365 3685

home & leisure | ??

Your kitchen, your style

It’s not all about trends, though, it’s also about what you

love and enjoy in your home. If you are renovating your

kitchen, this will take into account what you have now,

and how that can be incorporated into your existing home.

The kitchen is a place you use every day, and for Kitchen

Studio, designing it is a collaboration of functionality and

your personal style. As they say, it is all in the detail, and

their focus is on getting it right for you.

Aspiring Kitchens & More are a family owned, independent

kitchen & bathroom design and installation company in

Christchurch with a wealth of experience in renovation

projects. Like most great ideas, Aspiring Kitchens & More

grew from hands-on experience and some creative thinking.

John Harris, our Managing Director, ran a successful

building & property maintenance company for 10 years,

installing kitchens & bathrooms across the UK; and with his

wife Hazel established a thriving kitchen company here in

New Zealand for more than 8 years.

In Christchurch we have realised there was a real

demand for exciting, innovative & design-driven ways to

update your home.

We appreciate that most types of renovations are big

investments so we listen closely to your ideas and work with

you to achieve the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

We have our in-house designer who will help you plan

your next kitchen or bathroom on our fantastic 3-D VR

software to allow you to visualise the finished project.

Our experienced & qualified team include Licensed

Building Practitioners, Master plumbers, & gas engineers,

electricians, tilers, plasterers & decorators to give you the

most professional finishes possible.

We also have an innovative & talented architect, with an

in-house structural engineer, for when you want to take

that project to the next level.

We offer a fully project-managed service, with one point

of contact throughout, to ensure a smooth transition

through to completion.

Aspiring Kitchens & More

Kitchen & Bathroom Design & More Renovation Services


0800 202 171






For Exclusive Homeshow Deals

217 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 03 348 0256 www.carpetmill.co.nz 0800 255 855

Retrofit Double Glazing Specialists

Canterbury Owned

& Operated

Take advantage of our




What do we do?

ComfortGlaze retro-fit new double glazed panes

into your existing Timber or Aluminium window


3 easy steps …

Step #1 Consultation

We come to your home for a free consultation,

discuss different options available and find the best

glazing solution for what you would like to achieve.

Step #2 Quotation

We supply you a detailed customer friendly

quotation within 24 hours (individualised

room by room).

Step #3 Installation

We come to your home and install your new high

performance retrofit double glazing …It really

is that easy, your improved home comfort is our


0800 COMFORT | 0800 266 367



home & leisure | ??


Let's talk

Soft and sophisticated, this exceptional

new carpet will bring a natural, earthy feel

indoors. Source: Cavalier Bremworth


Christine de Felice

ome & leisure | 56

Building a new home,

or redecorating your

existing one? Then the

furnishing will be a key

factor, with colours and

textures creating the

environment where you

and your family can feel

relaxed and comfortable.

Valenciana 100 per cent Solution

Dyed Nylon carpet, colour Metallic.

From Carpet Mill.

For many New Zealanders, the feature

that plays an important and unifying role

in the overall scheme is the carpet. We

love the feel of it and the continuity of

tone it provides from living areas through

hallways and into bedrooms and with

so much choice now – in materials, pile

type, quality and colour, there’s plenty to

think about when making the decision.

Paint & Varnish

Stripping Products

No Sanding - So Easy

Show Special

50% Extra Stripper


0800 678 678




Decks & Floors






Stand 172

home & leisure | ??

Start with research

Talk to your carpet retailer about what type of carpet will be right for

your home. Do you have a busy family life with lots of people and pets

coming and going, are you a professional couple, or perhaps you are just

starting on your home ownership journey? Your lifestyle and budget will help

determine what quality, durability and price point is best for you.


For a long time wool was the front runner in the carpet

stakes for New Zealanders. Offering the special qualities of a

natural fibre, such as sustainability, fire resistance, and noise

absorption, as well as a luxurious look and feel, wool carpet

has seen millions of sheep earn their keep over the years.

However, it is more susceptible to fading and difficult to get

stains out of.

The other material to consider is synthetic. Today’s Solution

Dyed Nylons (SDN) are becoming increasingly popular,

with the higher-quality SDNs, such as Carpet Mill’s Nylon6,

offering excellent colour retention and fade resistance,

while their stain resistance makes them a good option for a

family home. Both wool and synthetic carpets provide equal


Carpet pile

You have the choice of loop pile, cut pile or combination of the

two – with variations in length and density.

Cut pile is easy to maintain and has a lovely soft feel underfoot,

making it a popular choice with many customers, Carpet Mill

tells us. Loop pile can add the ‘wow factor’ to your home and

is available in a range of textures. Your choice between cut and

loop pile will depend on what look you prefer.


Above: Pets could be a factor

when choosing your carpet.

Above Left:

'Aroha' by Cavalier Bremworth

Neutrals provide the ideal base, giving you scope to add

colour with your other furnishings such as curtains, cushions

and throws. The neutrals include cream, beige and fawn

shades, though shades of grey are currently highly favoured.

From pale through to deeper tones, greys offer elegance

and style for both the contemporary and traditional

home. Carpet Mill’s best-selling colour, recently, has been

Riverstone, a modern mid-tone grey with a soft fleck that

will blend beautifully in any home.

Caring for your carpet

Carpet Mill advises vacuuming your carpet regularly

including behind and under beds, behind doors etc. Use

a ‘turbo head’ on a loop pile every two months and on a

cut pile every four months. This will ensure the spare fibre

is removed and assist in keeping the carpet pile up to its

original height. It's important to use a good vacuum cleaner.

For carpet cleaning they recommend a professional clean

every 12-18 months.

Exclusive Home Show Specials

26 oz NyloN CArpeT $75.00

per mTr

36 oz NyloN CArpeT $100.00

per mTr

50 oz NyloN CArpeT $125.00

per mTr

40 oz Wool CArpeT $150.00

per mTr


Vinyl planks


per m2



6m by 6m

Garage Carpet

Fully installed

Some conditions apply



312 Wilsons Road North, Waltham Phone 366 0070

Q Card Finance


Mon to Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 10am-1pm

Check out our website! www.carpetkingdom.co.nz


on the inside

home & leisure | ??

Spring is on the way, but that doesn’t mean we

have done with cool days and chilly nights just yet.

So, we still need to keep our homes warm and cosy.

home & leisure | 60

And here in New Zealand we love our heat pumps!

According to Dr Marcos Pelenur from EECA

(Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority),

there are about 724,000 heat pumps in homes

across the country.

To keep your heat pump running efficiently, it’s

important to clean the filters regularly, says Dr


“Heat pump filters can get clogged – aim to clean

them every few weeks and your heat pump will run

more efficiently and save you money.”

Another tip from Dr Pelenur: using a dehumidifier

will help to heat a room faster. He advises running

the dehumidifier when you turn your heater on.

“Dehumidifiers work best in warm rooms and all

the electricity they use gets released as heat – so

your heater needs to do less work.”

To prevent cold draughts whistling through

your home, Dr Pelenur suggests putting lowcost

draught-stopping tape around windows or

doors and tightening up the hinges on doors and


“If you can’t do that, you can roll up a towel and

put it up against the door or a window.”

He says it’s important to avoid lots of moisture

in the home during the cooler months because

it increases the risk of mould. Air your home by

opening windows and doors a few times a day, even

in winter, he says.


Of course, the first step to a warm, healthy home is insulation.

Good-quality insulation helps keep the heat in during winter and

out during summer. So it is easier and cheaper to heat your house

properly and makes it more comfortable and healthy to live in.

The ceiling and underfloor should be the priority for insulating

your home, followed by the exterior walls.

And when it comes to selecting insulation, we are really spoilt for

choice. Insulation materials include natural products such as glass

and wool, and manufactured products such as polyester and foil.

Building or renovating?

Protect your investment from mould and condensation with a

DVS Home Ventilation System, and keep your home dry and happy-as.

Visit us

at stand




Air Quality


From $2,690

to install, 8c

a day to run


DVS_Home&LeisureShow_197x135.indd 1

23/07/20 9:51 AM

e in to win 100m 2 of

r3.6 ceiling insulation

Hide a Hose


The Retraflex Hide a

Hose system is the new

revolutionary design.

To Hide a Hose in your

wall - open the inlet,

pull out the hose from

the wall and start your

vacuuming. When

finished, release the

hose lock and the hose

disappears into the wall

- it’s that simple.

We offer a

wide range

of Earthwool


plus acoustic




for new



Multiple Function Home Ventilation Systems

Through positive pressure home ventilation we create homes that are

drier, easier to heat and with a much improved air quality. We achieve

that with advanced levels of automation and system intelligence.

Call us today and find out how we can transform your home

into a warm, dry and healthy environment for your family with

technology, expertise and service second to none.




Home Ventilation



Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

full range

L iving H ouse

Phone 0800 434 600

10d Sheffield Crescent, Burnside



Powerboat Centre has been operating since 1973 on the same

site, 401 Ferry Rd Christchurch.

During the last 4 Decades it has grown from 2 Staff members to

over 10 full time Staff. With the largest marine showroom in the

South Island, we can display boats under cover all year round.

Powerboat Centre is the Canterbury Dealer for Yamaha

Outboards, Stabicraft, Huntsman, Haines Hunter & Mclay boats.

We also stock a full range of water sports, marine electronics,

chandlery & spare parts.

Our workshop has factory trained technicians & has the latest

Yamaha & Evinrude diagnostic tools.

We would love to see you at the Star Home & Leisure

Show where we will be displaying the Latest Huntsman &

Stabicraft models.

401 Ferry Road 03 389 1146 sales@powerboatcentre.co.nz powerboatcentre.co.nz

home & leisure | ??


on board

New Zealand is a boaties’ paradise. Ours is a

beautiful country, and getting out on the water

is a great way to explore what there is on offer,

especially here in Canterbury.






• Part Boats & Hulls

• Turn Key Packages

• New Jet Units

• Custom Fabrication

• Expert Advice

• Spare Parts Retailer

• Jet Unit Refurbishment

• Engine Tune-Ups

• Insurance Repairs

• Impellor Reconditioning

John Connelly

03 962 0505


action power sports

me & leisure | 64

Whether you are a ‘newbie’ to boating

or have plenty of experience at the

helm, you will find when you set off

from shore the stresses of everyday life

will be left behind in your wake.

To help you gain confidence and get

the most out of your boating, Maritime

NZ runs courses for both new and

experienced boaties.

Having local knowledge of the area

is key, especially if you are new to

the water, so make sure to familiarise

yourself with tides and launching

facilities. Both Lyttelton and Akaroa

harbours provide several launching sites

from where you can take off to enjoy

the beauty of the natural environment

and spot some of the local wildlife as


Of course, launching can be a bit

daunting for newcomers, but as boaties

will tell you, while the adrenalin will

sometimes rise when you are on the

boat ramp, after a few smooth launches

this will soon disappear. They have all

been in the situation at some time, and

most are happy to help. And by joining

one of the local clubs you will be able

to share your experiences with other

members, and they will be pleased to

give you some tips.

Safety is paramount on the water,

and you need to know and follow the

rules. The Maritime NZ website has

everything you need to know about

your responsibilities when out on the

water, how to check the local bylaws,

how to maintain your boat to keep it

seaworthy, and the gear you need and

how to maintain it. Your local dealer

will also be happy to provide advice.

Lyttelton offers boat ramps at Naval

Point, Cass Bay, Charteris Bay and

Purau Bay.

Akaroa offers ramp access from

Daly’s Wharf and the Akaroa

Recreation Ground.











Pay only $12,990

now and the same in 12 and

24 months - interest free*

*Special conditions and credit criteria apply.

At participating FiGlass Dealers nationwide.

Fi-Glass Dominator

Fi-Glass trailer

Road cover

Ski pole

Marine carpet

Simrad Cruise 5” fish finder

CVHF Radio & aerial

75HP Mercury 4 stroke outboard

Registration & WOF

Special price

$38,970 .00

rrp $41,125 .00

Pay only $28,990

now and the same in

12 months - interest free*

*Special conditions and credit criteria apply.

At participating FiGlass Dealers nationwide.

Fi-Glass Lightning

Fi-Glass trailer inc. mag wheels

Road cover

Sun canopy

Ski pole

Lift-up back to back seat

Underfloor tank and filter

Boarding ladder

GO7 Simrad fish finder

Fusion RA 55 and speakers

VHF & aerial

115HP Mercury Pro XS 4 stroke outboard

Registration & WOF

Special price

$57,980 .00

rrp $63,965 .00











Pay only $26,650

now and the same in 12 and

24 months - interest free*

*Special conditions and credit criteria apply.

At participating FiGlass Dealers nationwide.

Fi-Glass Warrior

Multi Roller Trailer

Trailer Brakes

Anchor Winch

Blue water bimini

Road Cover

Boarding ladder

VHF & Aerial

12” Simrad Fish Finder/ GPS

150HP Mercury4 stroke outboard

Registration & WOF

Special price

$79,950 .00

rrp $85,650 .00

Pay only $24,997 .50

now and the same in

12 months - interest free*

*Special conditions and credit criteria apply.

At participating FiGlass Dealers nationwide.

Fi-Glass Cavalier

Fi-Glass trailer

Road cover

Sun canopy

Ski pole

Lift-up back to back seat

Underfloor tank and filter

Boarding ladder

Simrad Cruise 5”fish finder

VHF & aerial

100HP Mercury 4 stroke outboard

Registration & WOF

Special price

$49,995 .00

rrp $54,883 .00

247 – 251 Dyers Road,

Bromley, Christchurch

Phone: (03) 6680242

Email: sales@mrboats.co.nz


home & leisure | ??

home & leisure | ??



across the

A young refugee couple

finds a house, and a home,

in Christchurch


Christine de Felice


Charlie Rose Creative

home & leisure | ??

The story of Binod Mishra

and his wife Ran Subba’s

journey to their new home is

rather different from the other

homeowners we are featuring

in Home & Leisure.

The contemporary vibe is carried through into the

bathrooms, both in decor and fittings.

Originally from Bhutan, the two were among the

thousands of people expelled from Bhutan in the

1990s by the government, ending up in a refugee

camp in Nepal.

After 16 years there, they came to New

Zealand as refugees, spending the first three

months at the Mangere Centre in Auckland

before moving to Christchurch in 2008, where

a volunteer looked after them for the next three

months, helping them adjust to life in their

new country. Binod and Ran had originally

met during their school years and married after

coming to New Zealand.

Initially renting a home in Shirley, the couple,

happily settled in Christchurch, were keen to buy

their own house.

“We wanted to buy a house in a good

subdivision,” Binod says, “so we looked at a few

subdivisions before deciding on Acland Park.

We liked the design of GJ Gardner’s houses, and

we really wanted to buy a finished house, but

GJ Gardner had a good deal on house and land

packages, so we chose that because of the price.”

Binod says he also did a lot of research into

building companies and had input from people

whose homes had been built by GJ Gardner.

That helped the couple make up their minds.

“They were one of the best builders we found,”

he declares.

home & leisure | 69

The home is clad in brick, colour Grecian.

During the building process, Binod

and Ran say they were given lots of

opportunities to visit the site to see how

the house was progressing.

“They also had good health and safety

practices – I liked that,” Binod says.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom

house was custom designed for the

couple, as with quite a narrow section to

work with, not many of GJ Gardner’s set

plans were suitable. And it was a morecost

effective way of meeting

their budget, too. The design the

company came up with for them also

makes the most of the sun with the

indoor/outdoor flow.

Cory Mitchell, the new home

consultant at GJ Gardner, worked

alongside Binod and Ran to create the

interior design and colour scheme of

their home.

“Cory was wonderful, we really

appreciated his help,” Binod says.

“GJ Gardner also helped us choose

the furnishings – there was great

communication between us.”

At the heart of the house is the openplan

kitchen/dining/living area, with a

black and white colour scheme creating

a fresh, contemporary vibe. Chosen by

Ran is the eye-catching Formica bench

top in Jet Sequoia, the Melteca cabinetry

is warm white, while the splashback in

brushed stainless steel provides a

sleek contrast.

The generous walk-in pantry –

something many of us aspire to, is Ran’s

favourite feature of the house. She also

loves the open-plan design of the kitchen

and living areas, as it means she can

be involved with visitors while she is

preparing the food.

A door at the end of the dining space

opens to the outside area at the back of

the house, where Ran plans to develop a

vegetable and flower garden.

There are three double bedrooms, plus a

study, an en-suite bathroom and a second

RecoveR youR loved fuRnituRe

No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest

top quality new furniture

Mon - thurs 7am - 4.30pm

friday 8am - Midday

or by appointment with

Keith 027 566 3909

424 St Asaph Street

Phone: 371 7500



Re-uPHolSteRy SPeciAliStS

KeitH HARtSHoRne 027 566 3909

home & leisure | ??

bathroom. One special feature that Binod and

Ran requested was the shelf inside the front

door to place their religious statues.

The house boasts a double garage; however,

it doesn’t accommodate the couple’s vehicles –

they are parked outside.

“I wanted to have a gym in the garage,”

Binod says. And he has certainly achieved

that. His extensive range of equipment would

be the envy of many a fitness fanatic.

He also plays football for the Christchurch

refugee team, Lhotshampa, with most

of the members also from Bhutan. Very

successful they are, too – regularly winning

the nationwide competition for the Tenzing

Hillary Football Cup, which is proudly on

display in Binod’s home.

And GJ Gardner supports the team,

providing the funding for the jerseys.

Binod and Ran moved into their new home

three months ago.

“The construction took six months,” Binod

says. “It was supposed to be 100 days, but

Covid-19 held it up.”

The Acland Park, Rolleston location works

well for the couple. Binod is employed at

Foodstuffs in Hornby, a 15-minute drive away.

“I started with a part-time job at Pak n Save,

then I moved to Foodstuffs, and I’m now a

supervisor there.”

Ran is a care worker at Nurse Maude in


From a refugee camp in Nepal to a new subdivision

in Christchurch is a long way, both

in distance and experience. For Binod Mishra

and Ran Subba, the journey couldn’t have had

a happier outcome.

A special shelf was

installed inside the front

door for Binod and Ran's

religious statues.

Landscape Design & Construction


• Landscape Design & Plans

• Landscape Construction

• Garden Design

• On-Site Consulting

• Pergolas

• Water Features

• Outdoor Kitchens

• Artificial Grass

• Gasfires

• Retaining Walls

• Decking

• Planting

• Concreting

• Paving

Phone 0800 211 119


home & leisure | 71

Site Board


GJ Gardner

Land size:


Home size:


Consent/build time:

Six months

Favourite feature:

Walk-in pantry.

Hardest decision:

Getting the shelf for their religious

statues designed and built.

Wish they had:

Put in a shoe drawer either inside the

front door or in the garage. Installed a

sunblind outside the living area.

Top: Ran loves the open-plan kitchen/living/dining

area as it allows her to interact with visitors.

The home boast three double bedrooms, plus a study.


Home Builders

home & leisure | ??




own backyard


Craig Wilson


Form Garden Architecture

home & leisure | 73

Our outdoor and garden spaces

are some of the most well-used

and well-loved parts of our homes.

Whether it’s kicking a ball on the lawn with the

kids, cooking on the barbecue, cultivating beautiful

hydrangea blooms or sitting around a brazier having a

yarn as the sun sets – we Kiwis love spending time in

our own backyards.





Allwood & Readylawn

Visit us at the

Home Show

and discuss

your landscape


Allwood Trees & Readylawn,

913 Shands Road,

Prebbleton 7676





If you love gardening, you’ll love Intelligro!

Whether you are a beginner or novice, have a small

project or large, Intelligro has an amazing range of

gardening and landscape products to choose from.

With generations of knowledge, our aim is to take

the guesswork out of gardening and make your

overall experience more enjoyable and successful.

Short on time?

Get your products delivered to your door –

hassle free, no heavy lifting and ready to go

when you need to start your project!

Open 7 Days

/igro.co.nz /intelligro_nz

261 Manion Road, Weedons

P: 03 347 9012 | E: info@igro.co.nz Shop online or check out our range at www.igro.nz

home & leisure | 74

Nothing highlighted this more than lockdown.

With a distinct lack of other options, our

decks, patios and vege gardens proved genuine

places of retreat when we needed to ‘take five’

from zoom calls, home schooling and work


Perhaps lockdown highlighted the fact that

your outdoor space hasn’t quite lived up to

its potential. Faced with the prospect of no

overseas travel for some time, you have decided

to re-create that resort experience you’re

missing in your own backyard. Maybe you

are contemplating putting in the sliding door

and building the deck off the living room you

have always talked about. Before you start your

backyard blitz, you may like to consider the

following pointers.

Sun and wind: How your house and section

is oriented toward ‘north’ will determine

where the sun and wind will be the greatest.

Outdoor sitting spaces are best positioned to

capture afternoon sun in a north-west aspect.

Be sure to factor in some shelter from the

Stop Rats, Birds,

Snow & Leaves!



Gutter Guards

0800 333 101


infamous afternoon ‘easterly’ wind

that plagues much of Canterbury. In

recent years, more of my clients have

been requesting shade structures for

respite from the summer sun – think

umbrellas, louvre roofs or shade sails,

depending on your budget.

Indoor/outdoor flow: The best

examples of ‘indoor/outdoor flow’

are seen in a careful blending of

architecture and landscape. A

seamless transition is created, where

the boundary between the two is

beautifully blurred. It works well when

the outdoor area is a destination space

with obvious function. These spaces

complement and extend the living

options and can feature high-end

items like fireplaces, sculptures, louvre

roofs, outdoor kitchens and quality

outdoor furniture.

A ‘level entry’ threshold with no

physical step down from inside to

out will enhance the effect. This can

be achieved with a timber deck at

finished floor level or a compliant strip

drain adjacent to your selected paving

surface. Recessed door joinery finishes

it all off nicely.

Architecture: The most successful

outdoor spaces are ones designed with

clear reference to the architecture

of your house. Observe the finishes,

colours and textures in your home’s

architecture. See how the materials

and ‘design language’ can be applied to

the built elements of your landscape

project. This will help to create an

integrated outcome.

Your individual expression: The above

principles must be applied in a way

that reflects how you choose to enjoy

and use your outdoor areas. Plant

selection is a great chance to express

yourself in the garden. Your choices

don’t have to be ‘on trend’ or appeal to

anyone else.

Make sure the garden you create

matches the effort you want to put

into maintaining it.

A well-placed piece of garden art

or ornamentation may prompt a

personal memory adding a rich layer of

meaning to your space.

Finally, make sure your project meets

the relevant building code standards,

and the requirements of the local

district plan. If it all sounds a bit

much, an experienced and qualified

landscape design professional can help

you with the planning and execution

of your outdoor spaces.

home & leisure | 75

FORM garden architecture can help you

create a personalised design brief and

prepare detailed concept and planting

plans for you or a landscape contractor

to work from. The design director and

founder, Craig Wilson, would be happy

to discuss your project to see how FORM

could assist you best.

home & leisure | ??

Raspberry & Lemon

Mini Cheesecake Bites



1/2 cup almond meal

1/4 cup walnuts

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup dates, soaked in boiling water for 30 mins

1 Tbsp chia seeds

3 Tbsp cacao butter, melted or coconut oil


1 cup cashew nuts, soaked for 4 hours or overnight)

2/3 cup coconut cream

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

1/2 cup raspberries defrosted frozen is fine

1/3 cup maple syrup or rice malt syrup

4 drops lemon essential oil

Topping deCoraTions

1/4 cup raspberries

3 Tbsp dark choc chips

These easy little bites

of heaven are velvety

smooth and taste divine!

4 hourS SoAk tIme

40 mIN + 4 hour chIll

SerVeS 10

VeGAN & GluteN Free

Recipe supplied by:

Nourished + Vibrant

North Shore, Auckland




• The night before, soak cashew nuts in enough filtered water to

cover them.

• Line or grease a muffin tin with baking paper or coconut oil

• place almond meal, walnuts and coconut in the base of a food

processor and blend until walnuts are roughly chopped

• add soaked dates, chia seeds and cacao butter (or coconut oil).

• press 1 tablespoon of mixture into the base of a muffin tin.

repeat 9 times until mixture is used up. This makes 10 mini

cheesecake bases.

• into a high-speed blender (for creamiest results) or a food

processor, place cashews, coconut cream, raspberries (if using

frozen, make sure they're defrosted), maple syrup and blend. slowly

drizzle in the coconut oil.

• once beutifully creamy (you don't want any cashew chunks), add

lemon essential oil.

• Cover each cheesecake base with filling and smooth the top.

• Top with extra raspberries and choc chips (or cacao nibs) or

whatever takes your fancy!

• Transfer to the freezer for 4 hours. Take out and leave on the

bench for 10 minutes before eating!

taste lane

Follow the foodies to Taste Lane at the

Home & Leisure Show for delicious

flavours from these specialist food and

beverage producers and importers.

home & leisure | 77


The philosophy at ViBERi is about creating really

healthy New Zealand grown food products that are

nutritionally superior. The fully organic product range

includes shelf stable freeze-dried, soft-dried, and

organic blackcurrant powder, along with snap-frozen

straight off the farm. We also cater for the indulgent,

with a range of chocolate coated blackcurrants. ViBERi

products are available in selected supermarkets,

specialty/organic stores and online. viberi.co.nz

Aoraki Liquorice

Liquorice lovers will be licking their lips at Aoraki’s

extensive range of tempting sweet treats, all made in

New Zealand. Naturally they have everyone’s faves

like Liquorice Allsorts, Irish Moss, and Raspberry

and Liquorice Bites. More of a fudge fan? The

Chocolate, Russian and Irish Cream combination

pottles are very popular. The clear pottles are fully

recyclable and Aoraki also caters to gluten-free and

workplace customers. aorakiliquorice.co.nz

X50 Green Tea

Looking for a healthy energy drink without the sugar, caffeine

or Garana. X50 Green Tea has long-term health benefits

,detoxing and cleansing for inner-health ,assisting with weight

loss and slowly slowing the ageing process. Being one of our natures

most potent antioxidants with over 200 health benefits. Use promo

code southisland for a 10% discount. GreenteaX50.co.nz

home & leisure | 78

Eden Orchards

Did you know that cherries have powerful

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,

as well as melatonin that is beneficial to

healthy sleep? Customers keep coming back

for Eden Orchard’s 100% Pure Cherry Juice to

relieve everything from gout and osteoarthritis

to insomnia. One 750ml bottle has the

goodness of two kilos of cherries crammed

in. The Blenheim-based company also makes

a Sparkling Cherry Drink. Both products

have no added sugars, preservatives or added

flavours. The perfect substitute for a glass of

wine to finish the day! edenorchards.co.nz

Cannonhill Gourmet

We are a local food manufacturer that produces

a range of small-batch, handcrafted mayonnaise,

hummus, relishes, and more recently a range of

puddings. Our aim is to provide a classic-based

range with a modern twist, focusing on quality and

flavour. We believe in providing our customers with

products to inspire their culinary confidence and

imagination. We are available in most supermarkets

and specialty stores.


Maori Point Winery

At Maori Point, we grow superb

grapes using sustainable and

regenerative agriculture, and make

delicious wines using the principles

of natural ferments and minimal

intervention. Looking after our

special piece of earth is at the heart

of everything: we produce our own

solar energy, plant native vegetation

throughout the vineyard to encourage

native birds and insects, and cherish

our soil. All wines are vegan friendly –

but also, simply delicious!


home & leisure | 79

Fudge Cottage

For decades, The Fudge Cottage at

Christchurch’s historic Arts Centre has

been handcrafting the finest artisan fudge

from a traditional family recipe. Fresh New

Zealand milk and cream are combined

with carefully selected natural ingredients

to create confections that bring a smile

to the lips of young and old alike. With

a wide range of products, flavours, and

delightful giftware, you’ll find something

for everyone at The Fudge Cottage.


Straight 8 Estate

Straight 8 Estate is located in the heart of the

Canterbury Plains in Burnham. The vineyard is

over 30 years old and we aim to produce a range of

‘Seriously Drinkable Wines’ from our single-vineyard

block. Our cellar door is open seven days a week

from 9am to 6.30pm. Casual, wine tasting daily – we

look forward to seeing you. Cheers James & Mary.



Sovrano – the purest and most unique limoncello ever

made. Produced by growing some of the world’s best

lemons and oranges in the pristine natural environment of

Kerikeri. Combine the elegant simplicity of pure flavour

and a depth of taste that lingers forever and you have a

product of exceptional quality that’s beyond compare.

Sovrano Limoncello has taken the world by storm, winning

an extraordinary number of Gold Medals and World Titles.


The Original Smoke and Spice Co.

Made in Canterbury we hand smoke pure New Zealand sea

salt over Manuka then tumble roast with Marlborough Garlic,

Shallots, Coriander, Mustard Seed and the MIGHTY chilli....

The result is outstanding - a seasoning with complexity and depth

of flavour considered by chef's the world over to be the finest

seasoning ever produced.







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Electric WORDS

by choice

Ross Kiddie

Just like it was with internal combustion engines, as choice in the electric

vehicle market is becoming greater, so the prices are becoming lower. Today,

the EV and hybrid market is ever-expanding and prices are tempting.

One of the most popular models on our roads is the Nissan Leaf, the car which, in pre-owned form, accelerated

the awareness here of electric vehicles. Today, the latest-generation model can be purchased new from $60,000.

Luxury European car makers have also joined the party with offerings such as Volkswagen’s e-Golf coming in at

$69,490 and Audi’s e-tron at $149,900.

These are just a few of a raft of models in the New Zealand market – the choice is comprehensive, but as buyers,

just as we did with fossil fuel-powered cars, we are researching the models that are best suited for individual needs,

and knowledgeable buyers are taking to the roads in the belief they are doing something kind for the environment.

If you are building a new home and are installing the key ingredient to operate an electric vehicle – notably

compatible wiring and a designated power charging station – and have a healthy budget, consider these three fully

electric models: Mercedes-Benz’s EQC 400, Jaguar’s I-Pace and Hyundai’s Ioniq.

Hyundai Ioniq $65,990

The Hyundai Ioniq is available in three forms: hybrid at

$46,990, plug-in hybrid at $53,990, and fully electric at

$65,990. The latter’s sole source of propulsion is through

an electric motor powered by a 38kWh lithium-ion

polymer battery bank, charged through plug-in.

The Ioniq EV is there for those who want to make the

total commitment to move away from burning fossil

fuel. Those who do want totally electric should expect to

recover the cost, over and above its hybrid stablemates,

through a period of time; buying electricity is said to be

cheaper than buying petrol.

Hyundai claims about a $5 cost to recharge the Ioniq

EV from low charge to full charge. The Ioniq needs over

six hours to charge from empty, that using a designated

charge point. If you are at a fast charge station, 80 per

cent capacity can be reached in about an hour. From a

household supply using a 240v three-pin plug cable, a

full top-up will take up to 17 hours. That being the case,

regular top-ups would be more productive. Incidentally,

Hyundai claims a 311km range.

Driving the Ioniq needs no special effort – there are

just four central push buttons that are self-explanatory:

drive, reverse, neutral and park, which from that point

on you just drive as you would in a petrol-powered

car. The only notable difference is there is lot of motor

braking associated with deceleration. I particularly like

that, as it means you are less reliant on the brakes and it

feels reassuring.

Interestingly, the Ioniq also gets paddle shifters, which

are not so much a way of altering the gearing, but a

way of adding or reducing drag on the electric motor to

enhance or dull the feeling of acceleration.

Hyundai claims 100kW and 295Nm power outputs.

There is a solid pull of motor power when you ask for

it, and that steady supply is seamless and constant,

providing more of a sensation of speed than you would

otherwise imagine, although against the stopwatch the

Ioniq EV will accelerate from a standstill to 100km/h

in 10sec.

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Mercedes Benz EQC 400 $142,000

Mercedes-Benz’s first EV is all-electric, there’s no hybrid

technology here; the EQC 400 is powered by two electric

motors, one up front and one in the rear, obviously

creating drive to all four corners.

Pumping out 300kw and a massive 760Nm of torque,

power is developed from zero revolutions – the instant

you depress the accelerator full power is available;

consequently, the EQC 400 is quick – it will launch to

100km/h from a standstill in 5.1sec. That’s some of the

appeal you get with electric propulsion; there is a vibrancy

you don’t get with internal combustion engines, unless you

are buying a vehicle with an incredibly high-performance


On the road the EQC drives like any normal SUV,

and the way you drive is no different from any other

Mercedes-Benz SUV. The controls and instruments are

pretty much the same. There are even several drive modes

that you choose, from economical to sport.

Mercedes-Benz rates the EQC 400 as having a 430km

range, and that would be under the most favourable

operating conditions. When I picked up the test car it was

registering just 280km. It quickly dropped to 180km even

though I hadn’t driven 100km. You need to be mindful

that stop-start driving and exploring acceleration will

quickly deplete the batteries of their energy.

In terms of cost to replenish battery supply, there

are complicated mathematical equations to consider,

everything from service provider to night and day rates,

but a rough figure of around $5 to $10 to fully charge

from zero per cent is a guideline. And the length of time

you need to charge also varies on the supply and whether

you want to completely top up or maintain a mid-level of


Not only does the EQC 400 have the latest generation

mechanical and electronic technology, it is also the

quintessential SUV for today’s busy lifestyle. It has space

and functionality that will appeal to the modern family,

and it is loaded with all the gadgetry that will satisfy an

owner for decades.

Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar’s eco-friendly sport utility vehicle is also

fully electric.

In terms of propulsion, the I-Pace also has two

electric motors, one up front and one at the rear;

obviously drive is to all four wheels.

When I say there are two electric motors

providing the drive, I should mention they

are two very powerful electric motors. Jaguar

claims 290kW and a combined torque figure of

696Nm. Maximum power is available from a

standstill, and it will supply without falter until

the top speed (200km/h) is reached. Not that

I tested to that extreme, but the point is the

I-Pace is quick. It will also reach 100km/h from a standstill in 4.8sec.

These are amazing figures for a vehicle that weighs in tubby at almost 2.2-tonne, and the constant feeling of strong

acceleration never wilts. That’s the beauty of electric power, performance is swift and satisfying, the surge of power will hold

you back in your seat, and all of this without much sound. There is an electronic hum associated with the motors, but for all

money the I-Pace has whisper-smooth motion – it is very much the quiet achiever.

Jaguar claims a 470km journey is possible under the right conditions, while the satellite navigation system is preprogrammed

with New Zealand’s ever-increasing number of charge stations on display.

The I-Pace will fully charge from empty in around 10 hours, while a charge station boost will see the batteries reach 80 per

cent capacity in 85min.

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