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An Interview with:

Connoisseur Genetics

by Stoney Tark

The 420 Comic

Jeffrey Peterson

by Jarrett Ashley


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Horace Small For Massachusetts

Cannabis Control


by Mike Crawford

NETA Fires Workers to Slow


by Mike Crawford


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7 Top Tips on How to Silence

the Growroom

by Stoney Tark

This Issue is Dedicated to the Late,

Meen Green


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“Bonanza of Green”

An Interview with

Connoisseur Genetics

The U.S is certainly dominating the scene in terms of genetics, branding and marketing. However,

across the ocean there are some breeders who have been putting in the work since the early days.

Green Leaf Magazine sat down with Haze specialist and purveyor of the best of the best...O.J.D

from Connoisseur Genetics to find out more about his genetics, breeding projects and much more!

Can you tell our readers more about how you

got started in Cannabis and when did

Connoisseur Genetics begin?

I first started smoking Cannabis as a young

kid around 13 and it instantly felt right, and

I've been heavily involved with Cannabis my

whole life since that first day. Connoisseur

Genetics the company began around 2007

officially, but I've been making seeds since I

started growing in 1999.

What are some of the strains that you have


Some of the strains I made include Lemon

N Lime Jones, Cheese N Chong, Cheesedog

Haze, Strawberry Cookies, Diesel Dipped

Cookies, Chem D Cookies, Triangle Kush

Cookies, Old School Haze, and Australian

Dead Head.

How much do you work with the old school

Haze cultivars?

I work with a lot of Haze as they are some of

my favourite varieties with that exotic high

and flavour you just can't beat. I use cuts and

seeds that are from old school Haze and exotic

hard to source Hazes, not the new Haze

varieties that I find have become watered

down these days.

Can you describe the Haze scene in Europe

and how much of a player was Neville


The Dutch scene was originally a Haze mecca

20 years back when Neville Schoenmakers

used to dominate the whole scene. Making

seeds for many companies including Greenhouse

Seeds and Sensi Seeds, and many

more plus also supplying many coffeeshops

with Haze buds. Neville also won many cups

with Greenhouse coffeeshop and really put

them on the map 20 plus years back.

Do you think the U.S plays a big role in the

direction of the current market place?

Yes...the American scene plays a huge roll

on how our industry evolves including trends

of strains etc. Most of my customers are in

the USA, as they have the biggest market for

seeds greater than any other country worldwide.

What are your top 3 personal favourite strains

you like to smoke?

My top 3 Strains ever to smoke are Soma's

old famous New York City Diesel (red grapefruit

cut), Neville Haze (the old original cut

from Holland 20 plus years back) and Triangle

Kush USA clone. My top 3 seed strains I like

to smoke from my seed lines are Australian

Dead Head (Mullumbimby madness x Nevil

Haze x Casey Jones), Triangle Cheese Dog x

OG Chem and Strawberry Cookies.


by Stoney Tark

Can you tell us more about your recent

O.G Kush breeding lines?

My new OG Kush project uses an OG Kush

S1 (the first ever OG kush offered in seeds

around 15 years ago) made by Orgnkid

many years ago, and was called OGers

kush. A friend had a pack and hooked up

the cut back then, and I made a cross with

Chemdog bx2 Male from Reservoir seeds

and sold the strain as Ukem a decade


Last year I worked with the Ukem and

picked the most OG Kush dom looking

male. I hit some of my best cuts for the OG

Kush dom project, including a bunch of

old rare OG Raskal Seeds and other rare

exclusive genetics you can not buy anymore

from a decade plus back.

Did you use to make lines for Reservoir

Seeds back in the day?

Yes, I used to make seeds for Reservoir

seeds including SSSG, SSSDH (multiple

batches he sold as different runs), Chemdog

IBL and other Chemdog batches and a

Sour Diesel IBL run.

What do you look for when starting a new

breeding project?

When starting a new breeding project, I'm

trying to bring my special clone into seed

form for everyone to taste that flavour and

effect. If making feminized seeds then I will

use 2 of my favourite clones and reverse

one onto the other to make a feminized

hybrid, or the same clone reversed on to

the same variety to make S1 selfed seeds.

When making regular seeds, I will pick the

strongest smelling male that has the same

terpene profile and growth structure of the

female clone I'm looking for in the line.

Which is your preferred method to pollinate

plants, and how do you store male or

feminized pollen?

I prefer to pollinate with fresh pollen from

live plants every run to guarantee good

seed set, instead of using stored pollen.

You can store pollen in the freezer for long

term use but I don't advise that unless that

is your only option, or it is some rare pollen

you have saved. Moisture kills pollen

so it needs to be vacuum sealed to stay


Which Connoisseur Genetics strains

would you recommend to fans of gassy,

fuel and straight dank terps?

Feminized loud dank strains include Dead

Chem Head, which has a very loud Chemdog

funk, Strawberry Cookies for her

delicious strawberry dank flavours, Girl

Scout Haze Cookies because of the strong

Cookie flavour with a touch of Haze. In

regular form Triangle Cheesedog x OG

Chem (Triangle Kush clone x Cheesedog

Male x OG Chem) for her pungent, strong

greasy kush terps, Wood Green (Fuel cut

x Church/GSC Male) due to the loud sour

fuel dank and OG Chem (Pisces Genetics

Motorbreath) x Chemdog bx2 Male for its

meaty Chem/kush profile.

Which Connoisseur Genetics strains

would you recommend to hash makers

and extractors?

My Top 3 strains for making Hash are

Triangle Cheesedog x OG Chem, Diesel

Dipped Cookies and SSSDH OJD cut (Super

Silver Sour Diesel Haze).

Which Connoisseur Genetics strains

would you suggest for anyone in search of

the old school heart thumping Haze?


Which Connoisseur Genetics strains would

you recommend to hash makers and extractors?

My Top 3 strains for making Hash are Triangle

Cheesedog x OG Chem, Diesel Dipped

Cookies and SSSDH OJD cut (Super Silver

Sour Diesel Haze).

Which Connoisseur Genetics strains would

you suggest for anyone in search of the old

school heart thumping Haze?

Strains I suggest for that heart thumping

Haze in feminized form Australian Dead Head

(Mullumbimby Madness x Nevil Haze x Casey

Jones Reversed), Silver Nevil (Silver Nevil

clone S1) and Dutchie Jones (Nevil the G

x Casey Jones Reversed). In regular form,

I would suggest Dangerous Dog (Mullumbimby

Madness x Nevil Haze x Super Silver

Chemdog Haze), Nevil the G (Nevil Mango x

G13 Haze Male) and Dutch Dog (Nevil the G x

Super Silver Chemdog Haze).

Swiss Thai x Nevil Haze

(Nevile Schoenmakers) Fully

Pollinated by the OG Kush

Dominate Male

Finally...where can our readers find out more

about your work on social media?

Thank you very much Green Leaf

Magazine for your time. Your readers

can follow me on Instagram under

@connoisseurgenetics, where you can

see my work and latest projects. Also

on Icmag.com under Connoisseur Genetics

breeder forum , which has many

grow logs, pictures, smoke reports. It

has a lot of my info from the birth of

Connoisseur Genetics up until now.

My seeds can be found on Puresativa.

com, who is my official UK distributor

for shops and websites to stock my

brand. Any retailers wanting to stock

Connoisseur Genetics, can hit up Pure

sativa for pricing enquiries.

Wood Green=

Fuel Cut x Church_GSC Male

OG Chem Fully Pollinated by

the OG Kush Dominate Male


The OG Kush

Dominate Male Keeper


South Shore CBD

Take Back

Your Health.



It’s not just a

glass, metal, ceramic

& surface cleaner.

It’s the



The Science of Ultimate Clean


by Jarrett Ashley

The 420 Comic


Jeffrey Petterson

I t would be easy to dismiss someone calling

themselves "The 420 Comic" as a stereotypical,

pot-themed, one-trick act. Surely they're bound to

pigeon-hole themselves into oblivion, right? Well

Jeffery Peterson is anything but stereotypical and

his niche becomes more cultural/political nuance

than cheap schtick. His ideas on entertainment

as activism are simple and powerful. The kind of

ideas that are liberating for an activist, allowing

for expression in many creative ways. As I chatted

with Jeffrey, I quickly understood just how

difficult it is to peg the man down. He really is all

over the map, literally and figuratively. Only

somehow, in his case, it’s in all the best ways!

I was as impressed by his eclectic resume as I

was surprised at his steadfast commitment to

the cannabis community as a whole. So whatever

your mind conjures up when you hear "420

comic" probably isn't completely wrong (let's be

honest here) but I invite you to save a little room

in that stony noggin to be surprised by a solid

dude who's bringing people together, fighting for

the cause -- and having a damn good time doing

it -- Jeffery Peterson, The 420 Comic

Coast-to-Coast Shuffle

For a guy who says he’s “in the business of fun,”

he’s surprisingly serious about his pot politics.

He has been fighting the good fight since before

“medical marijuana” was made legal in California.

Not only that, but living in L.A. at the time, he had

a front-rowseat for the gateway that victory would

eventually become. Long before that though,

Jeffrey was an east coast kid. Being born in Connecticut

and spending his early years there instilled

that community-centered, east coast mindset

in him that he’s carried with him ever since.

As we will see soon, field parties are in his blood!

Before long, he carried that mindset from coast

to coast and found himself in Southern California.

That may sound like a dream come true to

some, but probably not so much to a young white

kid who was suddenly thrown into the projects

with his two lesbian moms. He may have gotten

his ass kicked on the way to school, at school,

and on the way home from school -- but he was

cultivating a fighting spirit while collecting comedy

gold as life experience.Not least of which is the

fact that he has carte blanche on lesbian jokes,



than Ellen


funnier too. In

middle school,


happened to

him that would

change his life

forever. No,

not puberty.

Young Jeff

met sweet

mary jane. As

an upstanding

Christian kid,

he was a bit hesitant but after some not-so-subtle

encouragement from friends, he turned to his older

stoner brother for guidance and became a life

long partaker of this powerful plant. What kind of

a Christian smokes pot you may ask (and people

did). Jeffrey’s answer was simple and elegant:

“the kind that smokes pot”. There was no conflict

to him between his faith and his newfound past

time and in fact he found an inherent value added

by his experience with the herb. He couldn’t

put his finger on it but even though he was just

getting stoned and having fun, he felt like he was

getting into something bigger than himself. In

1991 he would find out far more than he expected

and his journey as an activist would take off.

Entertainment as Activism

Jeffrey was no stranger to entertainment. Raised

by illustrators and animators he had an edge and

the talent to ride it out. He started working as

an animator when he was still a teenager. I was

surprised to find out that I had grown up watching

a lot of the shows he’d worked on right up till I

was a teenager myself. Shows like Sonic Underground,

The incredible Hulk, Batman, X-men,

Johnny Quest and even obscure titles like Biker

Mice from Mars! The cartoons he animated

brought my childhood to life. During this time he

worked with greats like Stan Lee, who is well

known for including political and civil dialogue in

his widely read Marvel comic books. It may have

been Stan, or any number of other influences,

but one thing was for sure - Jeffrey Peterson was

going to use entertainment as a form of activism.

Why yell at people with a megaphone when you

could scream at people over bitchin guitar riffs?

That’s just what he was going to do. Now all he

needed was a cause. Enter Jack Herer.

After watching a TV documentary in 1991 based

on Herer’s book, “The Emporer Wears No

Clothes”, Jeff was intrigued. He found the book

for himself and set out to read what would become

his manifesto to action. He had sensed the

value in cannabis up to this point but suddenly

his eyes were open to the vast usefulness of this

one plant from health & diet to industrial applications

and beyond. He was hooked. He had the

great fortune of meeting Jack shortly after and

the two became friends. As Jeffrey puts it, he

would play “court jester” for Jack and in turn Jack

would school him on all things cannabis and the

injustice of prohibition. I can only imagine the

thought process of a rebellious Christian kid with

an unconventional upbringing that not only found

pot, but now found out we'd been lied to He had

sensed the value in cannabis up to this point but

suddenly his eyes were open to the vast usefulness

of this one plant from health & diet to industrial

applications and beyond. He was hooked.

He had the great fortune of meeting Jack shortly

after and the two became friends. As Jeffrey puts

it, he would play “court jester” for Jack and in turn

Jack would school him on all things cannabis

and the injustice of prohibition. I can only imagine

the thought process of a rebellious Christian

kid with an unconventional upbringing that not

only found pot, but now found out we'd been lied

to about it for decades! What would Jesus do?

You know what he'd do? He'd fucking rock, man

-- HARD! So hard he'd make Iron Maiden look

like Billy fucking Ocean. In the words of Señor

Quintana: "NO ONE fucks with the Jesus." This is

only speculation on my part, of course, but nevertheless

Knightriot was born. I can't know for sure

if he had visions of a Jewish carpenter decked

out in KISS army boots with nine-inch nails for a

necklace, but Jeffrey did figure out exactly what

the world was missing - a Christian heavy-metal

band. Knightriot made their debut on the sunset

strip later in ‘91 and their library included the

aptly named "Ballad of the Unsung Hero". No

it isn't about Jesus. There are literally 1000s of

songs about Jesus as a hero. This unsung hero

was cannabis! Honestly, it's one of the best pot

ballads I've ever heard. Gotta love youtube!

It’s a funny story...

After a while in the music scene Jeffrey branched

off on his own to explore stand up comedy. He

quickly realized how he could sprinkle in cannabis

activism much more easily when people were

laughing. Not only that but people enjoyed it! He

could set the crowd at ease and once their guard

was down he could educate them however he

saw fit. It may have been hazy and smoke-filled

but it wasn’t an easy transition. Jeff was doing

weed jokes when it was still somewhat unpopular.

He certainly wasn’t the only one but he was

new to it. Even still, there was something bold

about the handful of people that were going out

and making jokes about something that people

were going to prison over and he was no exception.

This is a fact that he has never taken lightly.

While he gets laughs for a silly pot joke in one

breath, he advocates for the rights of those who

have been locked up because of this insane drug

war in the next. People who are still behind bars

today despite the changing laws. This would go

on to become a central pillar of Peterson’s activism,

just as important as legalization itself. At

first he second-guessed himself and what he was

doing but lucky for us he found encouragement

in a good friend, George Lopez, who told him not

only to keep going in comedy - but specifically to

keep doing the pot comic thing. The 420 Comic

was born! He took the advice to heart and stayed

focused and before long he was opening for

some of his personal heroes, Cheech & Chong,

and doing impressions for them in the back room.

been very vocal about this kind of “cannabis opportunist”

and even outed Whoopi Goldberg as a

stoner to TMZ. It’s not out of jealousy or a sense

of “I did it first” as much as it is loyalty to the

cause. Too many celebrities are banking off the

image of being a stoner but don’t stand with the

community and fight for the little people who have

been stepped on and affected most by years of

unjust prohibition laws. While Jeffrey continues

to build his comedy career, during this time he

also begins channeling his rock & roll energy into

something other than music. One of his many

side projects, an adult-themed pot periodical

called Cali Chronic X. If heavy metal stoner rock

was a magazine, this was it. With this publication

he would widen his audience and continually

push the envelope, giving zero fucks along the

way - always the steadfast cannabis crusader!

The biggest difference between Jeff and other

contemporary cannabis acts is that you can find

them both at big-name festivals with massive

turnouts BUT you can also find Jeffrey at a small

town, 500-head, potfest in the middle of a field

somewhere in rural USA (You can take the kid

out of Connecticut but you can’t take the Connecticut

out of the kid.) You might be able to get

an autograph from some of these guy but ask

them to smoke your stuff with you and they too

often show their elitist colors. Jeff will not only

Besides the weed and lesbian jokes, Jeffrey has

a rather impressive repertoire of impressions. He

does one of the best Obama impressions I’ve

ever seen, hands down - and he’s a white guy!

He is definitely talented but his work ethic is also

off the charts. He does small clubs and headlines

shows all over the country while also organizing

and fighting for key turning points in the cannabis

battle. As cannabis becomes more and more

normal and legalization sweeps the nation, other

celebrities have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Suddenly people that only ever smoked

pot in private were openly starting pot product

lines and comedians that previously shied away

from cannabis comedy were changing their whole

image and becoming commonplace. Jeffrey has

Jeff Peterson, 420 Comic & Tommy Chong



ff will not only sign your blunt, he’ll SMOKE IT with you too.

You can find more than one example of him expressly and

emphatically stating, “I WILL SMOKE WEED WITH YOU!”

Back in the day there were the "acid kool-aid" tests and

while those days are sadly gone, today its the "stab and

dab" test - you're not real unless you're dabbin’ out with

the many grassroots geniuses in the community. Of course

it doesn't hurt to have blown trees with godfathers like

Cheech & Chong or Willie Nelson, among others. Jeffrey is

as real as they come and he stands out for the hard work

he has put in with the cannabis community and his downto-earth

approach to being forever a part of it.

Shark Tank for Stoners

By now his experience in comedy and print had reached an

apex and a new idea was brewing; an idea that would take

Jeffrey right back to his roots in illustration. In a weird sort

of self-replicating way, the 420 comic gave birth to the 420

comic. His new idea was to make pot-themed comic books.

He wanted to bring cannabis out of the realm of simple

comic material and solidify it as its own genre. The cannabis

comic book. Whoever said superheroes couldn’t smoke

weed AND save the day?

In 2014 Jeffrey took his new idea, Cali Chronic Comix, to

a brand new reality “ganjaprenuer” web

series, The Marijuana Show. Think Shark Tank meets Half

Baked. Out of hundreds of initial applicants, hewas chosen

as one of the final ten who got to put their ideas before potential

investors on the show. The biggest difference in his

approach was the questions he was asking. Questions like

“What do you do onceyou’re high?” Stoners need something

to do and putting a funny, 420 friendly comic book in

their hands just made perfect

sense. In contrast to

the other contestants, who

were pitching the usual

growing gear, glassware

or ganja laden grub, Jeffrey’s

comic books stood

out as fresh and unique.

So much so that he was

the ONLY contestant

awarded an investment.

King of Quality Productions

partnered with Peterson

and gave him $25k as

seed money. Since then

Cali Chronic Comix has

grown to include several

titles including “The

Achievers”, the flagship

“Superstoners” and even

canna-coloring books.

The jump from printed

comic to animated series

is already underway. I told

you - this guy is anything

but stereotypical with a

work ethic and drive that

is to be admired for anyone

but especially for a stoner. You could say Jeffrey’s a bit

of a super stoner himself.

Vegas Daze

More recently Jeffrey has been kicking around Sin City,

keeping himself busy as ever. While he continuesto work

on his various projects, he’s still racking up the laughs and

continues to be a prominent voice in the ongoing fight for

cannabis. Las Vegas, now being dubbed the “New Amsterdam”,

is one of those rare places where the crazy never

ends. Best of all you can smoke weed openly there so and

its become a whole new attraction for visitors. Maybe it was

his unconventional upbringing or the 12 years of Burning

Man, but somehow The 420 Comic just fit into the Vegas

crazy like a glove. Now he’s living a comedians dream,

doing his unique canna-comedy shows in the heart of Las


All of sudden people are coming to vegas to get high. You

can openly consume which is a complete head trip for anyone

used to living under paranoia-inducing prohibition. Jeffrey

once asked, "How often does Vegas get a new vice?"

Not often and never quite like this! The timing really couldn't

be better for a ganja guerilla-warrior like Peterson. Vegas is

the El Dorado for creative performers and now Jeff is now

is finally reaping the comedy gold he was collecting as a

young kid constantly going against the grain. Few people

can claim to be a staple in the cannabis world and even

fewer are as vocal an advocate for pot as Jeffrey is. Other

comics would give anything for what he has accomplished

and he deserves every bit of it. Right down to the very last

diamond dab.

Q&A with the man himself:

1. How did you first get into cannabis and the culture around it?

In 8th grade, after some peer pressure, I was encouraged to hit the bong. That was all it took. I found

My happy place. Pot. I went out and bought a bag the next day. Fortunately, my big brother Dan was

a huge Stoner and taught Me the ways of the weed. I'm never not high now and that has kept Me


2. What made you take the leap from stoner to activist?

In 1991, I watched a show called "Hemp For Victory with Richard Marcella" on LA cable access. The

guest was Jack Herer, speaking about His book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. I was fascinated. I

never knew pot had so many attributes or such a rich history. I met Jack shortly after and He and I

became great friends. His book influenced My metal band Knightriot to record a Cannabis/Hemp

song, "Ballad of the Unsung Hero" in 1991. From that point on, I was a Cannabis Activist.

3. Why do you feel that entertainment makes for good activism?

As a kid, I went to acting school briefly, but it was Rock n Roll that really inspired me to Perform. I

started singing in Hollywood with Knightriot in 1988 and later with The Justice League in 1993. Both

bands were Cannabis advocates and songs like 'Dope" from 1994 reflected that. I had known an up

and coming comedian at that time named George Lopez and in 2003, I got the courage to do stand

up and on George's advice, do Pot Comedy. We remain friends to this day. There is a strong message

about the many benefits of this super plant that I deliver through Humor. Making people laugh

gets them thinking and that way I can slip in some truth between one-liners and Celebrity Impressions.

4. Who has been your biggest inspiration(s) along the way and why?

I am highly influenced by stand up comedy and sitcoms. Seinfeld and Carlin are some of My Favorites.

The SNL guys: Eddie Murphy, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Jim Breuer and Adam Sandler. The

Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski has greatly inspired me but more than anyone though, it's the

movies and the records of Cheech and Chong. I would listen to their albums as a kid and try to mimic

them. George Lopez told me that I could be like them if I stayed focused. In 2014 thanks to King Of

Quality Productions, I opened for them in Denver. In My 18 year career, I have worked with Legends

in comedy in music such as Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marley, Joe Rogan, Doug Benson, Mike Epps, Afroman,

Ludacris, Roseanne,

Wayne Newton, Louie Anderson, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Too Short, E40,

Twiddle, Fishbone, Ozomatli and many more greats.

5. What has been the biggest change you've seen in the culture over the year?

It's astonishing to see something so vilified become so acceptable. No apologies, just CBD at 7-11,

Hemp at Walmart, 24-hour dispensaries, billboards, TV commercials, celebrities becoming spokesmodelsfor

Cannabis. Meanwhile, thousands of pot POWs rot in jail or suffer in the system for Cannabis

offenses. What is weird to Me is that I used to be kind of disrespected as a Pot Comic when I

started in 2003. Now, in 2020 there are 420 comedy shows everywhere and every comic is up there


6. What's the worst change you've seen?

The worst part about the Green Rush is definitely

the Greed. Corporate weed and Celebrity

opportunists taking advantage of the struggle

We were in and they did Nothing to help. That is

why I outed Oscar Winner Whoopi Goldberg as a

pothead to TMZ in 2011. These celebs start CBD

companies and grow operations yet never caring

about the incarcerated pot POW or Legalization.

Free the prisoners, then get rich.

7. Is there anything that concerns you

about the direction the industry is heading?

My concern about the industry is that there is no

loyalty. Money is the central focus and not the

Food, Fuel, Fiber, Medicine and Joy that Cannabis

brings. This plant is special among all others

on this planet and has been a major part of all of

humanity. Cannabis gives me a purpose.

8. What advice would you give someone

looking to step into the spotlight within the

cannabis culture?

My advice to anyone looking to get into the Cannabis

Spotlight so to Speak: Read The Emperor

Wears No Clothes. Know about the plant, it's

history and the modern players in the industry.

Social Media has become a vital tool to build a

following. Much to my surprise, Social Media Influencers

smoking weed on camera has become

a form of popular entertainment. I tell pot jokes in

front of live audiences so this perplexes me.

9. What are the 3 things you are most

proud of throughout your years of fighting

for the cause?

3 things I am most proud of in my many years in

420 comedy would be #1. Opening for comedy

idols Cheech and Chong and doing impressions

for them backstage at their request. The only other

comedian that has opened for them is Shelby

Chong. #2. Winning Season One of the Marijuana

Show (Amazon Prime) and getting an Investment

from King Of Quality Productions. I was an

underdog but my Cannabis themed Comicbook

idea proved to be the winner. I tried out for Last

Comic Standing, The Voice and Who wants to be

a Superhero. In 2014, this Reality Show, I won.

#3 Smoking Weed with Willie Nelson and talking

about the time I got to perform at The Buddha

Fest in LA with Him in 2011. He is beyond cool

and that was a magic moment.

10. What's next for the 420 Comic?

Lots of stuff in the works. New Comicbooks, An

Animated Series. Kushstock and Neon 420 Las

Vegas in April, Bringing The Dopest Show On

Earth to Portland in May, Oklahoma Cannabis

Expo in August and Wasteland Weekend in September.


--If you could only have one strain for

the rest of your life, what would it be?

One Strain? If I had to choose one strain it would

probably be an indica, Grandaddy Purps or Blueberry


--You mentioned that you were an animator

for some of the older cartoons.

What did you work on and where can

people see them? Cartoons?

I was an Animator for 18 years in LA, starting with

working for Stan Lee in 1990. My resume includes

X-Men, Batman, Iron Man, The Incredible

Hulk, The Fantastic Four: Sonic Underground, My

Little Pony and dozens more. These shows live

on every day on Disney Plus, DC Channel, Tubi,

Pluto and YouTube and I love that.

--What’s your go-to snack when you get

the munchies?

Go to Snack - Blueberry Pop-tarts can be enticing

but frankly I curb my appetite with pot like I did in

High School.


The 420 Comic


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Horace Small is the Founder & Executive Director

of Union of Minority Neighborhoods and a member

of the Massachusetts state Cannabis Advisory

Board (CAB).

On our live-streaming show and podcast The

Young Jurks, we recently interviewed Small,

about the issues that are blocking cannabis economic

empowerment (EE) applicants from receiving

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

(CCC) and local approval. We also discuss

the campaign that Micro-cannabis applicant Ed

DeSousa has started to have Small appointed to

the CCC.

Below are some of his comments from the sitdown.

by Mike Crawford

Horace Small for Massachusetts cannabis

Control Commissioner

Follow @theyoungjurks & @mikecannboston on Twitter

& join The Young Jurks Facebook group

Why are applicants still not being treated fairly?

What has hurt us tremendously has been our

inability to communicate to communities around

the state. The Bay State Banner refuses to write

articles about cannabis, the black dispatch if you

will, the average black person has nothing to read

the same is true for latino papers. So there’s no

information getting out.

If there was? There would be a lot more accountability

than right now.

On local cities and towns being allowed to decide

which applicants receive a host community hearing?

What did you hope for with your work on the CAB

and what actually happened?

For the first time in essentially 400 years, it’s the

first time poor black and brown people have had

a seat at the table...but what really happened was

a lot of monied interests came through the door,

there’s Mike Costello, a friend of mine, a lobbyist,

Mike Ross went from being a city councilor to

becoming a millionaire, a lot of people got paid...

people got paid and the people who have not got

paid have been the equity applicants.

I feel like we’ve let equity people down we haven’t

given them sufficiently a voice and a seat at

the table...We have to rethink this.

What’s lacking currently on the Commission?

You have to experience a level of oppression to

really understand social justice and this has been

my whole life.

What I’ve noticed is that the people who seem to

get priority are the ones who have names, friends

of mine but Billy Johnson has to wait his turn,

while the former Secretary of Public Safety got

approval right away.

We have to develop a game plan, we have to be

thinking of this industry as the opportunity we all

dreamed of and fought for. I feel like it’s being

usurped from the people, there are weed lobbyists

who have access, our people don’t, poor people

don’t, working people don’t, veterans don’t,

we have to create that space. I think Shaleen

(Commissioner Title), did as good of a job as she

possibly could by herself.

Question we posed to our callers, “Would you like

to see Horace Small appointed to the CCC?”

Chauncy Spencer, EE applicant in the city of Boston,

“Absolutely, but I'd also like it after you serve


a quick term on Boston’s new board.”

Ed DeSousa, micro-applicant, Newburyport, MA, “We need somebody like him, I’m so behind


Goldie Piff, EE applicant, Rochester, MA, “I’m all for Horace for the CCC, absolutely, all the way, we

need Horace there, I’d also like to see Grant Smith appointed.”

Ominique Garner, EE applicant, Rochester, MA, “Of course Horace for CCC.”

Mike Crawford is a Massachusetts medical cannabis patient, founder of The Young Jurks and midnightmass.substack.com. You can

listen to The Young Jurks atanchor.fm/theyoungjurks or wherever else podcasts are streamed. This article was produced with support

from Midnight Mass and The Young Jurks, where your contributions are greatly appreciated and help us deliver more local coverage.


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By Mike Crawford

NETA Fires Workers to Slow Down

Took advantage of people’s fears during a pandemic, using it to drastically change the

composition of their workforce in order to win an election

Jonathan “Bambino” Martins didn’t expect to get fired from his job in the kitchen at the Franklin location for NETA,

New England Treatment Access, a registered legal and medical dispensary chain owned by multi-state operator, Parallel.

Martins was fired, days after appearing on our “The Young Jurks” live show and podcast to discuss a UFCW

union campaign. Returning again to the show a few days after being let go, Martins recalled, “I figured they’ld be

kind of upset but not that upset.”


The United Food and Commercial Workers International

Union (UFCW) is a labor union representing

approximately 1.3 million workers[1] in

theUnited States and Canada.

Just a few weeks before on July 1st, Boston Business

Journal reported “that 60 workers at NETA’s

cultivation facility in Franklin cast votes to unionize.”

Martins said he would do it all again because,

“There are people there (at NETA Franklin) that

signed the (union) card that day after I got fired.”

Two employees at NETA in Franklin emailed

about the firing of Martins, we are withholding

their names to protect their jobs.

The first wrote: “I'm disappointed and infuriated

by what they did to him. All he wanted to do was

make NETA a better place for everyone to work

and they chose to make a martyr out of him. It

is exactly how you described it in your follow up

podcast with Bam, they wanted to make an example

out of him because they are desperate and

they know they are losing. They spread misinformation

about the ongoing struggle of other union

efforts at Brookline almost weekly and have since

told Leads in Franklin that speaking about the

union efforts in Franklin is a punishable offense.

We are being silenced from having any positive

outlook on union efforts while people in charge

can send out mass emails to every employee to

not only discourage unionizing but make it seem

like it is the more damaging of the two options.

While they hold group meetings in each room and

tell us what is appropriate to talk about and how

unions are bad.’

I wholeheartedly believe that what they did to

Bam has "rallied the troops" so to speak. As

much as I hate what they've done, they have shot

themselves in the foot doing it. People I never

thought would even consider unionizing before,

as I do my best to ask people about it and force

conversations on it despite what they try to do to

us for it (I refuse to be made silent in this), are

now more open to the idea than ever. Even people

who are actively against unions are furious

over what they did and know something needs

to change and that is at least a good start. I miss

Bam at work, but I know that he is still working for

the rest of us in this. I know that NETA is going

to regret what they did and that at least in some

ways, they already do. It’s up to the rest of us to

finish the job now.”

And the second employee noted the same exact

management behavior: “To quote an email from

a NETA manager, ‘If a union represents you, you

will, in essence, lose your individuality. You cede

the power to advocate for yourself. The union

will speak for you and make all decisions about

your working environment on your behalf. If a

union tells you things can only get better, they

aren’t telling the truth.’ If that doesn’t convince

you about NETAs integrity as a fair company I

don’t know what will. Jon was fired for speaking

on behalf of employees and the union yet senior

management can denounce the union as free as

they like.”

We’ve been covering mold, worker health and

safety issues at NETA for two plus years.

In January 2018, we reported NETA employees

who were speaking out on awful working conditions,

one of them filed an OSHA complaint,

“Mold was an issue at both [NETA’s] Franklin cultivation

center and the Northampton dispensary,”

Anne Hassel wrote in her complaint to OSHA.

In May of this year, we spoke to a new group of

employees about the same mold issues at NETA

Franklin and noted other worker safety issues.

One employee saw the near future, “There were

more fires when I worked there than fire drills

because we never had fire drills and we did have

a fire.” The employee predicted that there would

be more fires at the NETA Franklin location.

And sure enough, just a few weeks ago, NETA

had yet another fire at the Franklin location.

When employees successfully predict there will

be more fires on a very public podcast, and it

comes true in less than 60 days time, it’s definitely

a moment to do more than union bust. But

that’s exactly what NETA management has done.

In Brookline with a mail-in union election happening,

we’ve heard from many union supporting

employees that were laid off or furloughed under

the context of COVID-19.

UFCW organizers have indicated that as many

as 50 Brookline employees were initially let go to

stop the union from winning in Brookline as it has

in Franklin. It seems to have worked for now.

NETA President Amanda Roisatano emailed her

employees, “The Brookline team members voted

against UFCW representation by a vote of 30 to

9.”She noted that the union has 7 days to contest

the election. It seems that’s likely.

She noted that the union has 7 days to contest

the election. It seems that’s likely.

UFCW Local 1445 Secretary Fabricio DaSilva,

“The entire election has been tainted with Union

busting activities by NETA”, he also noted that

NETA “took advantage of people’s fears during

a pandemic, using it to drastically change the

composition of their workforce in order to win an

election”, which he labeled as “both deceptive

and disingenuous.”


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7 Top Tips On How To Silence The Growroom

Acoustic Ducting Works A Treat

One of the easiest ways to reduce noise created

by air being blown through ducting, is to insulate

the ducting. Sound proof ducting can be purchased

a long side the standard commercial aluminium

ducting most growers use. What is great

about using acoustic ducting is the noise of the

air being sucked through by the negative drag of

the powerful exhaust fans is relegated to a very

light blowing noise.

Acoustic ducting can cost nearly five times as

much as the normal aluminium version, however

the investment will go a long way. By eliminated

the loud blowing sound from the ducting exiting

the grow room, air displacement will not be affected,

as neither will the performance of the exhaust


by Stoney Tark

Passive Cooled Lights

One of the best features about modern LED

lighting is how manufacturers have incorporated

passive cooling into the engineering of lights.

The advantages of this are removing the need for

cooling fans, meaning that the lights will power

up with no noise. HPS or metal halide grow kits

require a ballast to power the bulb.

Adding a Silencer Can Seriously Reduce Noise


Unfortunately ballasts can displace a great deal

of heat energy, which ultimately affects the overall

efficacy of the ballast and spectrum. By using

passive cooled technology, you are able to focus

all of the energy into light energy, without very

little heat and minimal sound from internal cooling


Adjusting Fan Speed Controllers

You may not think that adding a speed fan controller

will make much difference, however when

dimming the power of a loud inline fan or exhaust

fan can help reduce the loud noise. By simply

lowering the output of the fans, you will lower the

Hanging Equipemnt using Bungee Cords Reduces


Passive Cooled SANlight LED Reduce the Need for Internal Fans.

amount of air that is being recycled in the tent or

room every hour,.

It may pay off in terms of keeping close by neighbours

happy. They are not expensive to buy and

having many upsides also from allowing you to

choose the power output by hand, as well as

reduce electricity.

Be Careful How You Hang Equipment

A big reason why some grow tents are so loud

and noisy can be down to the way the equipment

was originally set up. Using chains on metal

poles can often lead to an annoying buzzing

sound, which can actually elevate overtime. Any

equipment that requires moving parts such as

fans should always be mounted securely and allowed

to hang from the top of the tents restriction


The difference by allowing an RVK fan to hang

in the air, incomparrison to tying with chain to

the tent poles can make a big difference. Avoid

placing sound proof boxes, and large intake fans

directly on the floor or screwing to a fixed wall. Of

course this can be done, yet better with a private

facility away from residential areas.

Soundproofing The Exhaust Fans

Building a wooden soundproof foam lined box

that can fit over your exhaust fan, will ensure that

the noise being created will pass through into the

foam, meaning there will be no external noise.

You can even buy acoustic boxes ready to buy,

or building one may be more practical. All that is

required is a wooden box and acoustic foam that

you would typically see in a recording studio.

Once you have made these boxes for the exhaust

fans and have your acoustic ducting attached,

then the best thing to do is to hang the

box in the tent. The reason why is to prevent any

reverberation passing through the tent poles and

down through the floor boards or walls. By this

point the noise that you can hear should be almost

nothing, and as long as you place the sound

proof box in the right place, then that loud industrial


noise will be

a thing of

the past.


Fans Off

The Floor

It is essential

to keep

a good consistent



your plants

and in the

garden. Using



fans and wall fans, alternating at different times is

an excellent way to keep air flow as fresh as can

be. However, the fans will be making a noise and

one way to reduce the noise and reverberation is

to place the fans on a foam bed.

Using wall fans are different, but if you are going

to install them, make sure that the people living

on either side of you do not pick up on the buzzing

noise the fans will emit through the wall. A

good tip is to use more smaller fans, instead of

large ones, which can allow the amount of noise

and vibration to dramatically reduce and ensure

the air flow is kept consistent and there is no

build up of stagnant air.

Using Silencers

A brilliant way to kill the noise of the air passing

through the ducting before it exits the grow room.

Silencers work by attaching them to the closest

part of the top, and due to the acoustic foam

lining the noise is instantly muffled. If you have a

really noisy extraction unit then using two silencers

either side of the exhaust fan quieten things

down a great deal.

Good Luck silencing your indoor garden.

Peace Out.




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