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ff will not only sign your blunt, he’ll SMOKE IT with you too.

You can find more than one example of him expressly and

emphatically stating, “I WILL SMOKE WEED WITH YOU!”

Back in the day there were the "acid kool-aid" tests and

while those days are sadly gone, today its the "stab and

dab" test - you're not real unless you're dabbin’ out with

the many grassroots geniuses in the community. Of course

it doesn't hurt to have blown trees with godfathers like

Cheech & Chong or Willie Nelson, among others. Jeffrey is

as real as they come and he stands out for the hard work

he has put in with the cannabis community and his downto-earth

approach to being forever a part of it.

Shark Tank for Stoners

By now his experience in comedy and print had reached an

apex and a new idea was brewing; an idea that would take

Jeffrey right back to his roots in illustration. In a weird sort

of self-replicating way, the 420 comic gave birth to the 420

comic. His new idea was to make pot-themed comic books.

He wanted to bring cannabis out of the realm of simple

comic material and solidify it as its own genre. The cannabis

comic book. Whoever said superheroes couldn’t smoke

weed AND save the day?

In 2014 Jeffrey took his new idea, Cali Chronic Comix, to

a brand new reality “ganjaprenuer” web

series, The Marijuana Show. Think Shark Tank meets Half

Baked. Out of hundreds of initial applicants, hewas chosen

as one of the final ten who got to put their ideas before potential

investors on the show. The biggest difference in his

approach was the questions he was asking. Questions like

“What do you do onceyou’re high?” Stoners need something

to do and putting a funny, 420 friendly comic book in

their hands just made perfect

sense. In contrast to

the other contestants, who

were pitching the usual

growing gear, glassware

or ganja laden grub, Jeffrey’s

comic books stood

out as fresh and unique.

So much so that he was

the ONLY contestant

awarded an investment.

King of Quality Productions

partnered with Peterson

and gave him $25k as

seed money. Since then

Cali Chronic Comix has

grown to include several

titles including “The

Achievers”, the flagship

“Superstoners” and even

canna-coloring books.

The jump from printed

comic to animated series

is already underway. I told

you - this guy is anything

but stereotypical with a

work ethic and drive that

is to be admired for anyone

but especially for a stoner. You could say Jeffrey’s a bit

of a super stoner himself.

Vegas Daze

More recently Jeffrey has been kicking around Sin City,

keeping himself busy as ever. While he continuesto work

on his various projects, he’s still racking up the laughs and

continues to be a prominent voice in the ongoing fight for

cannabis. Las Vegas, now being dubbed the “New Amsterdam”,

is one of those rare places where the crazy never

ends. Best of all you can smoke weed openly there so and

its become a whole new attraction for visitors. Maybe it was

his unconventional upbringing or the 12 years of Burning

Man, but somehow The 420 Comic just fit into the Vegas

crazy like a glove. Now he’s living a comedians dream,

doing his unique canna-comedy shows in the heart of Las


All of sudden people are coming to vegas to get high. You

can openly consume which is a complete head trip for anyone

used to living under paranoia-inducing prohibition. Jeffrey

once asked, "How often does Vegas get a new vice?"

Not often and never quite like this! The timing really couldn't

be better for a ganja guerilla-warrior like Peterson. Vegas is

the El Dorado for creative performers and now Jeff is now

is finally reaping the comedy gold he was collecting as a

young kid constantly going against the grain. Few people

can claim to be a staple in the cannabis world and even

fewer are as vocal an advocate for pot as Jeffrey is. Other

comics would give anything for what he has accomplished

and he deserves every bit of it. Right down to the very last

diamond dab.

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