The Indian Weekender, 16 October 2020

Weekly Kiwi-Indian publication printed and distributed free every Friday in Auckland, New Zealand

Weekly Kiwi-Indian publication printed and distributed free every Friday in Auckland, New Zealand


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16 OCTOBER2020 • VOL 12 ISSUE 31



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17 Oct

The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020




Like most of the things this year,

election-2020 is also going to

be etched in public memory

for quite some time for being the first

covid-elections, regardless which

side of the political divide one’s

opinion rests.

Although, we hope that this should

also be the last covid elections as

well, assuming we get a vaccine

soon, and the world returns to the

pre-covid normalcy, even if slowly,

yet there is no escaping from the

fact that this is the first-ever covid

elections for New Zealand.

The covid-19 is responsible for

bringing almost the entire world

to a standstill and causing major

disruption to every aspect of modern

life in a manner unseen since the

days of the two world wars almost

three-quarters of a century ago.

In New Zealand we are certainly

placed better than many other parts

of the world; however, we are yet not

out of the woods – in both – health

and safety challenge and bearing

the financial cost of our elimination

approach in managing the tricky


Given the scope of disruptions

that we all are starting to face in

the immediate future, there was a

huge expectation that this election

campaign could have been different

than what we have become used to in

last many years, if not decades.

At least, many would have

expected some deviation - if not

complete disruption - in the major

party’s respective traditional belief

system, world views and ideology

and expected them to come up with

some radical new approach.

However, sadly though, both major

parties have chosen to remain static,

repetitive and predictable in their

outlook and failed to capture this

opportunity to embark upon some

new, untested paths of addressing

long persisting social problems.

On most of the persisting social

issues facing our country, both

major parties have chosen to stick

to their traditional worldviews,

without conceding ground on

campaign been widely off the mark?

anything that was either not

working for them despite

their best intentions, or

acquiescing to the need for

changing tac.

Those on the side of

the political left, continue to

believe that all social progress and

transformation can only happen

by remaining aspirational, and not

following up with smart measurable

actions on the ground. Their urge to

tax wealth - either inherited or selfcreated

– remains insatiable, and for

those on the far left of the political

spectrum, even non-negotiable.



unapologetically aspirational, to an

extent have become clueless.

In the last term, the failures of

some of their most aspirational goals

of Labour-led coalition on Kiwibuild,

housing, Light rail, or immigration is

long and listless, yet they refuse to

subdue aspirations with measurable


To make it worse, one of their key

election promise in this campaign

is for more sick leaves and public

holidays, almost unmindful of the

current chaotic economic climate and

future of those very same businesses

where the workers need

to be working,


though, both

major parties have

chosen to remain static,

repetitive and predictable

in their outlook and failed

to capture this opportunity

to embark upon some new,

untested paths of addressing

long persisting social

before being

able to take


of leaves

a n d



It is

problems. not to

suggest that

the National

Party has been better in

any respect.

In fact, the manner in which their

traditional world view has been

presented in this election has been

responsible for the recent flight of

voters from its fold.

National’s obsession with

“personal responsibility” for most of

the socio-economic challenges – be

it law and order or even obesity – is

simply confounding.

The rationale advanced by the

party for their “tax-cuts” in 2020

election when the country is staring

an economic downturn, has been

completely opposite for the same tax

cut earlier being promised in 2017

elections when we were supposedly

doing well and therefore deserved

tax cuts.

The party also remains status-quo

in every realm of human activity, be it

managing the economy, agriculture,

climate change, uplifting those

facing generational socio-economic


Sadly, immigration remains the

only area where both major parties

have odd convergence, and that too,

in remaining equally evasive and

non-committal that offers no clarity

to either businesses or migrants.

This election has indeed come

down to a choice between two

leaders and their political persona,

rather than any substantive policies

that their respective parties intend to


In that regard, both the major

parties have remained wide off the

mark in this first-ever Covid election,

which could have seen far more bold

politics than what we have seen in

this campaign.

Yet, we will have a new government

soon, with a fresh mandate to act on

the same problems that we have been

trying to fix for quite some time.


Friday, October 16, 2020

The Indian Weekender

Election 2020: Has Judith Collins been served

well by National’s key tacticians and strategists?


Opinion - Sooner or later this question will

be asked - if National Party Leader Judith

Collins has been served well by her key

tacticians and strategists in this campaign,

writes Sandeep Singh.

One of the key tasks cut out for her

tacticians would have been to shore up

National’s chances and lead the party to

electoral victory and form the next government.

However, successive opinion polls show that

National is still lagging behind with just few

days before election night, with just one more

leader’s debate still pending tonight.

Will Collins be able to produce something

scintillating to sway a large voter base

decisively that can eventually turn around the

wheels of fortune for the National Party? That

remains to be seen.

However, until then, a quick review of

National’s key tacticians providing inputs to

Collins in decision-making and deciding the

party’s broad future trajectory is in order.

So far it seems that in the manner in which

Collins campaign is being shaped the focus

is on how to project “brand Judith” vis a vis

“brand-Ardern” - a formidable adversary -

and the one solely responsible for torpedoing

National’s-ship which was until six months

ago, sailing reasonably well.

In this endeavour, the choices available to

them were severely limited as they have to

emphasise the point of difference between

the two leaders, their personality and style

of leadership so as to offer a starkly different

choice to prospective voters in this election.

If you are done with Jacinda’s so-called

“waffle” in last three years then you have

Judith’s “firm, assertive style” on the offer to

choose for the next three years - that’s how

probably her advisers would have hoped to

frame the debate in the public narrative.

This was definitely the thinking that would

have propelled Collins in declaring resolutely

on national television during a live leader’s

debate that she will not hesitate clawing back

from businesses which have taken wage

subsidy from the government despite making

huge profits - causing some confusion and

concern - in the party’s supposedly core base of

business community.

Not to waffle unnecessarily and not to shy

away from taking bold assertive decisions

seems to be the key emphasis on which Collins’

strategy team would be working behind the


There’s nothing completely wrong about

this approach, except that there would also be

the expectation to firm-up “brand Judith” in a

manner that further accentuates the credibility

of the National Party, as the alternative viable,

and stable government, and not otherwise.

However lately, on many occasions the

manner in which Collins has presented herself

out in the public domain - be it on announcing

policy on the hoof, or attacking her opponents

in Labour and Green Party and criticising

their policies vehemently to a level seen as

fear-mongering by some - seems that while

“brand-Judith” might be shoring up, it might

not have helped the cause of the National

Party in presenting itself as a viable and stable

alternative government.

The successive polls so far where National’s

vote share is seen to have plateaued at around

32 percent while Collin’s popularity as

preferred Prime Minister continues to rise,

seem to confirm worst fears in some quarters of

the National Party.

The recent media leak by a relatively low

profile National MP expressing dissent on

Collin’s Auckland Council policy announcement

without any communication with her also hints

at how some caucus colleagues might be seeing

a seeming lack of alignment between “brand-

Judith” and National’s credibility as a viable

alternative government.

The latest episode of doubling down on the

need for “personal responsibility” to address

the major societal issue of obesity, is another

example of how “brand-Judith” operates.

For a long time, this “brand-Judith” has

co-existed and operated without having

to simultaneously lift the responsibility of

nourishing the credibility of the National Party

amongst prospective voters.

That responsibility has been resting with

another leader, while Collins had the freedom to

operate without having any additional burden.

Things have changed in this election, and we

don’t know with confidence, how much “brand-

Judith” been able to shore up chances of the

National Party.

To be fair, she was reined in by her caucus

colleagues as an opportunistic last choice as

party leader, after their previous collective

decision of rolling then incumbent leader, by

a fresh, unseen, and untested challenger had


Clearly, they were hoping to be rescued by

the personal brand that she has assiduously

built and cultivated over last two decades in


She is indeed National’s battle-hardened foot

soldier who resonates and reflects the party’s

core values, albeit in her own combative style,

which constitutes her own personal charisma.

However, if “brand Judith” was suited for

this critical phase of our nation’s history,

especially when New Zealanders seem to have

less appetite for any transformational change

for the benefit of future-generations, and are

more worried about maintaining the statusquo

- a status quo of safety - only remains to

be seen.

*Sandeep Singh is the editor of Aucklandbased

community newspaper The Indian

Weekender. The views expressed are

author’s alone.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020


Asking for spare change,

landing a job instead!


Domino’s pizza franchise owner Rishi

Sharma was on his way to work one

morning in Lower Hutt when he spotted

a man using a pizza box to ask for spare change

from passers-by.

One thing led to another, and instead of

giving him a few coins, he ended up giving him

a job at one of his outlets.

Rishi told Jesse Mulligan how he came to

chat with Brian ‘Sooty’ Wallace.

“I saw the pizza box of my brand and so I

parked my car and approached this amazing

guy Sooty and I just said ‘hi mate how are you

doing?’ and I wanted to see what was written

on the box on the other side. He was asking for

spare change. As soon as I spoke to him, the

manners were very nice,” Rishi says.

Rishi noticed Sooty was shivering so offered

him a coffee and the pair walked to a nearby


“It was just a great conversation, he was very

humble, and I just made up my mind I just have

to give this guy an opportunity.”

After the coffee Rishi offered to make Sooty

a pizza at his Lower Hutt store.

“We had a coffee and I said did you have

something to eat and he said nothing today …

can I make a pizza for you? I have a Domino’s


“I invited him to the store, ‘what pizza would

you like to have?’ He asked for a ham and

cheese and I said ‘mate can I make you a meat

lovers? And he said no I like ham and cheese

it’s my favourite.”

While the pizza was cooking they chatted

and Rishi discovered Sooty was homeless.

“I read somewhere the world is full of nice

people, if you can’t find one, be one and I said

"It was just

a great

conversation, he was

very humble, and I just

made up my mind I just

have to give this guy an


‘Sooty would you like to work for me?’ And he

said yep.”

Three weeks have now passed and Sooty is

learning the ropes and getting his life back on

track, Rishi says.

The journey is great, he’s very happy

learning a lot of new things.”

Rishi says business has an obligation to help

where it can. He has three stores in the Hutt

Valley employing between 80 to 90 staff and

says Sooty is happy in his new role.

“He is very happy, he has a house in Taita

now and Work and Income has been very

amazing. I spoke to them last Monday and a lot

of things have been sorted.

“Today he’s at the store right now he’s

working and I’m just looking forward to going

back and working with him,” Rishi says.

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Friday, October 16, 2020

The Indian Weekender


temporary migrants pre-warned of

consequences of border closure?


Following Kiwi-Indian MP

Priyanca Radhakrishnan’s

assertion during our interview

last week about giving a pre-warning

to temporary migrants on the full

consequences of the border closure,

we have done a fact check for

reader’s and viewers benefit.

To give a little context, a multiparty

immigration debate was hosted

by the Indian Weekender (on Zoom)

on Wednesday, October 7, with

Labour MP Priyanca Radha

Krishnan, National MP Stuart

Smith and ACT Party candidate Dr

James McDowall, discussing their

respective party’s immigration plan

for the next parliamentary term.

Among many interrelated issues,

one of the important issues fiercely

debated was the issue of temporary

migrants stuck overseas due to


Tens of thousands of temporary

migrants who were ordinarily resident

in New Zealand are currently stuck

overseas after the government had

announced border closure on March

19, and are now facing a grave risk

of permanently losing their ability to

return back to the country.

So far both the Labour-led current

government, and the main opposition

National party both have remained

equally evasive, and non-committal,

on allowing back them into

the country.

When the Indian

Weekender’s moderator made the

point if the government would

have been slightly more clearer to

temporary migrants before closing

borders irreversibly on them

about the full consequences of

border closure then some of them

might have returned back timely

– Radhakrishnan pushed back that

such a warning was given by the


“We couldn’t have done that… So

we gave as much notice as possible,”

Radhakrishnan said.

There was no notice for

temporary visa holders,” the

interviewer interjected.

“No that’s untrue,”

Radhakrishan affirmed.

Both, the interviewer and

Radhakrishnan stood ground

affirming to follow-up later, although

Radhakrishnan quickly clarified in

the next sentence that there was a

notice for everybody which said

that if they want to come back as the

borders were closing.


Chronology of decision on

border closure

The earliest clear warning related

to overseas travel was issued by

the Minister of Foreign Affairs and

Trade Winston Peters on March

"From 11.59 tonight, we will

close our borders to any nonresidents

and citizens attempting to travel

here. This will stop tourists, temporary visa

holders, including students and temporary

workers from coming to and entering New


19, advising New Zealanders not to

travel overseas.

“We are raising our travel advice

to the highest level: do not travel,”

Mr Peters had then said.

“This is the first time the New

Zealand Government has advised

New Zealanders against travelling

anywhere overseas,” Mr Peters said.

“Mr Peters has also urged all

New Zealanders currently travelling

overseas to consider returning home

immediately,” the official press

release from his office stated.

This was shortly followed by an

announcement by Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern the same day on

the national TV in her 4 pm Covidaddress

to the nation.

“From 11.59 tonight, we will close

our borders to any non-residents and

citizens attempting to travel here.

This will stop tourists, temporary

visa holders, including students and

temporary workers from coming to

and entering New Zealand,” Prime

Minister Ardern had then said.

“NZ citizens and residents will be

able to return. And of course, that

includes children and partners of

citizens and permanent residents,”

Ardern said.

A quick analysis on how

things unfolded around

border closure

Undoubtedly, the government was

given clear advice then by the Health

Department to close the borders – an

unprecedented event in NZ history –

for everyone.

As the health department was

rightly focussed on offering a piece

of advice to the government, which

they believed was the best possible

advice to keep everyone safe, the

government had taken the conscious

call to keep the borders open for

permanent residents and citizens, and

their partners.

That decision was unequivocally

supported by one and all, including

the temporary visa holders, who were

ordinarily residents in NZ, and were

on the line to bear the maximum

brunt of the border closure decision.

While the decision, undoubtedly

hard one, as it required to balance

between mutually competing

interests of - safety for everyone, and

the rights of citizens and residents to

return NZ - obviously appeared to

be taken in disregard of the fact that

there were at least around 200, 000

temporary migrants ordinarily living

in the country.

Notably, the number of temporary

workers in the country (mostly on

different types of work visas) has

consistently hovered around 200,

000 since last few years.

According to a report released

by MBIE (Ministry of Business,

Innovation & Enterprise), the number

of temporary workers present in

New Zealand on June 30, 2017, was

16% higher than the year before at

152,432. Since then there had been

more years with a significantly

higher number of net-immigration.

The government’s abrupt decision

of border closure had clearly put

the future of that vast number of

temporary workers at risk and just a

matter of luck, depending upon where

they were right at that moment.

Those who were travelling

overseas, which according to

government’s rough estimate are

around tens of thousands – were

simply unfortunate – and now locked

out of NZ.

The biggest risk they face is that

with each passing day, their visas

are expiring, making their huge

investments of money, work, and

efforts of creating a life in New

Zealand permanently jeopardised.

To be fair to the government, New

Zealand was not the only country to

take such a decision of border closure

whereby leaving temporary visa

holders locked out of the country.

No political party willing

to offer any relief to

temporary migrants

stuck overseas ahead of


Despite all criticism flaked by

the government especially those

seeking entry of temporary migrants

stuck overseas back into the country,

what is notable is the fact that with

elections around the corner, none of

the political parties, including the

main opposition National Party has

so far offered any promise for an

early return into the country.



Weekender’s immigration debate

that involved National’s Stuart Smith

and Act Party’s Dr James McDowall,

along with Labour Priyanca

Radhakrishnan heard an equally

evasive and non-committal response,

on this important issue from

every party.

Immigration portfolio, at best has

been made subsidiary to the policy of

border-management, in this election.

The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020


Govt to allow small number of

international students to return NZ


The Government has established a new

category that will allow 250 international

PhD and postgraduate students to enter

New Zealand and continue their studies, in the

latest set of border exceptions.

The health, safety and wellbeing of people

in New Zealand remain the Government’s

top priority. Tight border restrictions remain

critical to protecting New Zealanders against

COVID-19 and ensuring that Kiwis can return

home,” Education Minister Chris Hipkins said.

There are many calls on the Government

to grant exceptions. So far around 10,400

exceptions have been granted for people such

as essential health workers, other critical

workers and family of New Zealand citizens or

permanent residents.

“Just last month, new exceptions were

announced for some normally resident

temporary visa holders, more partners of

New Zealanders, and a limited number

of veterinarians, deep water fishing crew

and agricultural and horticultural mobile

plant operators.

The exception today is a balanced decision

that recognises the vital role international

education will play in the recovery and rebuild

of New Zealand and the need to continue the

fight against the pandemic. It will enable us to

welcome back a good portion of those PhD and

Masters students who are caught off-shore, and

who need to be in New Zealand to complete

their work.

These are students who hold or held a visa

for 2020, and whose long-term commitment

to study here was disrupted by COVID-19.

Priority will be given first to those who need to

be in the country for the practical components

of their research and study.

The first students are likely to arrive in

November 2020, with the majority arriving in

the new year.

The number of international students we

are granting exceptions for is a very small

proportion compared to the numbers we are

used to. I acknowledge that other international

education providers, such as schools and Private

Training Establishments, will be disappointed

that their students are not a part of this border

exception group.

“Our approach is pragmatic and allows us to

carefully manage the demand on our quarantine

facilities and the complex nature of bringing

students back into the country.

“Allowing these students to travel to New

Zealand is a step in the right direction for the

international education sector. The Government

will review other possible border exceptions, as

and when it is safe to do so.

“International PhDs and other postgraduate

students make a significant contribution to our

research and innovation systems and boost the

global reputations and competitiveness of our

institutions,” Chris Hipkins said.

The Ministry of Education will now contact

Tertiary Education Organisations to work

through student identification and selection.

Students that have questions about this

process should contact their providers in the

first instance.


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274 7744


Queen St / Botany / Mt Eden / Newmarket / Henderson / Glenfield / Albany



Labour List MP based

in Maungakiekie

Maungakiekie Office

09 622 2660


Level 1 Crighton House, 100 Neilson St,

Onehunga (entrance via Galway St)

| | priyancanzlp

Authorised by

Priyanca Radhakrishnan,

Parliament Buildings, Wellington


Friday, October 16, 2020

The Indian Weekender

Multicultural NZ Spearheads National

Community Conversation and Celebration


Multicultural New Zealand’s

31st Annual General

Meeting was a historical

moment in the journey of NZ’s

move to becoming a truly Te Tiriti

based nation. It brought together a

unique group of prominent national

community leaders along with

kaumatua Maori and multicultural

delegates from 19 different regions

of Aotearoa.

The weekend event was held

at Te Wharewaka o te Poneke,

and began with a powhiri where

delegates were welcomed on by Te

Atiawa, some of the mana whenua of

Poneke Wellington and the Iwi that

MNZ’s kaumatua and patron Ihakara

Puketapu belongs to.

The first day involved a Wananga

with kaumatua Maori o te motu,

opened by Wallace Haumaha Deputy

Police Commissioner, and facilitated

by Race Relations Commissioner

Meng Foon and E Tu Whanau

advocate and Ngati Kahungunu

member PJ Devonshire.

This Wananga challenged notions

of biculturalism and multiculturalism

in Aotearoa and explored what a

Treaty-based Pathway to Citizenship

would look like to both Tangata

Whenua and Tangata Tiriti. MNZ

launched their latest Huarahi Hou

report, covering the blessings and

wisdom received from tangata

whenua for this hikoi.

MNZ’s Annual General Meeting

saw the re-election of Pancha

Narayanan as President, Prem Singh

as Treasurer, Rabeea Inayatullah

as Secretary, and a new Vice-

President Marion Kerepeti-Edwards

from Whangarei.

Community Service awards

were presented to individuals from

the regions that had demonstrated

sincere service to the community.

The publication of MNZ’s

2020 Advocacy document was

acknowledged as the powerful

voice of Aotearoa’s multicultural

communities’ recommendations for

Government in the lead up to the

2020 Election.

The day was closed with a very

colourful Community Dinner and

Awards Ceremony with an opening

kapa haka from Ngati Poneke.

The opening address was provided

by Pancha Narayanan, National

MNZ President. This was followed

by a serious message on racism by

Sir Mark Solomon of Ngai Tahu.

Chief Human Rights

Commissioner, Paul Hunt, talked

about the need to ‘re-imagine’

human rights based on the ‘3-

Rs’: relationships; responsibilities

– not only the responsibilities of

government but the responsibilities

of all of us to each other; and rights.

Human rights, he said, are not about

‘I’ and ‘me’, they are also about ‘we

and ‘us’, and they are grounded in

Te Tiriti.

With Wellington down to

Alert Level 1 MNZ was able to

open the doors to more than 120

people from the community and

partners in government and the

multicultural sector. Merit Awards

and Life Memberships were given

to members of MNZ who had shown

longstanding commitment and

service to their communities and

to the organization. The highlight

of the evening culminated in the

Distinguished Service Awards, given

to four esteemed individuals who

have demonstrated exceptional and

selfless contribution to Aotearoa and

its people.

• Dr Te Maire Tau, University of


• David Dome, Wellington Phoenix

• Acting Superintendent Rakesh

Naidoo, New Zealand Police

• Kate Frykberg, Te Muka Rau

• Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director

General, Ministry of Health

The message coming up

throughout each part of the weekend

centred around the same word:


“MNZ looks forward to engaging

the relationships with its member

Regional Multicultural Councils,

Tangata Whenua, government

agencies, organisations and

individuals that are committed to

the marutau (safety), kotahitanga

(unity) and mana of the rich diversity

of communities that call Aotearoa

home,” a spokesperson from

Multicultural New Zealand said.



Vote now in the

referendums on

End of Life Choice

and cannabis.

Vote close to home to

make voting quick and

easy. Find your nearest

voting place at vote.nz

or call 0800 36 76 56.

ELE0196 ReferendumsVote_IndianWeekender_255x175 v2.indd 1

10/09/20 12:03 PM

The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020


For the first time, Mahatma Gandhi Centre

cancels its most popular ten days Navratri event


Mahatma Gandhi Centre owned

and operated by Auckland Indian

Association Inc. has cancelled its

one of the most popular festival events of the

year ‘Navaratri’ assessing public risk of huge

gatherings in the era of Covid scare.

Even though AIAI witnessed a sharp fall in

revenue due to cancellations of events for the

last six months and Covid lockdowns, they

have decided not to host this event as massive

gathering at the mega event for ten days pose

a greater risk for the community and under

Auckland’s AL1, indoor assembly is limited.

Auckland Indian Association Inc. is the

oldest Indian community organisation in New

Zealand and since 1920 has been working on

preserving and promoting the Indian culture in

New Zealand.

Due to Covid restrictions from early this

year, the organisation saw scores of events of

different scales being either postponed infinitely

or cancelled. The only prominent events the

centre has been able to hold are Janmashtami

and its Annual General Meeting after the first

lockdown under Alert Level 1 before Auckland

went back into Level 3.

Under AIAI is the iconic Mahatma Gandhi

Centre on Eden Terrace, Auckland, and is

one of the most renowned Indian community

centres in New Zealand.

The venue is generally booked well in

advance for various community events,

celebrations, functions, meetings, weddings and

cultural programs. The Radha Krishna Temple,

adjacent to the Centre hosts and celebrates all

religious occasions and programs.

Like many event centres around New Zealand

who have seen cancellations of bookings or

organising them on a much smaller scale to

adhere to gathering restriction, MG Centre had

to face a big blow in 2020 with almost every

event axed from its calendar, thereby, cutting its

main revenue streams.

Auckland Indian Association’s Navratri

celebration is one of the most popular

celebrations amongst the Indian community in

Auckland and attracts over 15,000 people over

ten days and nights from all corners of the city.

The event also brings a team of famous artists

from India who stay in Auckland for at least

two weeks and perform at the Navratri event.

“Aucklanders eagerly wait for Navratri

celebrations at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre,

and it also allows the organisation to connect

with its members, volunteers and supporters.

“Auckland Indian Association Inc. is not

immune to the impact of COVID-19, and just

like many other businesses in NZ, it has also

covered all operational costs while no revenue

has been generated during the lockdown and

to an extent even now,” president of Auckland

Indian Association, Narendra Bhana told The

Indian Weekender.

He added that Navratri cancellation also

hugely impacted the Indian businesses, food

suppliers, small vendors supplying different

amenities to the annual event.

Mr Bhana says the cancellation has

disappointed the community they would look

forward to the event and come with families

and friends and participate in the ‘Navratri

Garba’ till late in the night.

One of the most important events besides

the nine-nights of Navaratri celebration

in September-October is the centennial

celebrations of the establishment of the

Auckland Indian Association.

The Auckland Indian Association had formed

a centennial celebration committee to plan the

100 years completion mega event.

The committee had planned grand

celebrations in September this year that

included exhibition, art, music, Mahila Samaj

activities, religious katha and a gala dinner.

The committee had also invited high profile






An all-purpose indoor facility close to the heart of the city makes Mahatma Gandhi

Centre a versatile and attractive Venue for Indian Weddings, business functions,

social gatherings and religious functions. Our knowledgeable priest provides

religious services and ceremonies including weddings. A large commercial Kitchen

facilities and a wide range of catering options available for all occasions.



dignitaries from India and New Zealand, but the

celebration was postponed due to the pandemic.

The centenary celebrations will be planned


indian association


1 9 2 0 - 2 0 2 0

Tel: (09) 357 0665 or (09) 377 2424

Email: office@aiai.org.nz


as soon as the international border is open and

we are able to invite dignitaries from overseas,”

Mr Bhana said.

Website: www.aiai.org.nz



Friday, October 16, 2020

The Indian Weekender

'There was no impact of Covid-19 on property

market so far because demand is still more

than supply,' Global Financial Services


One of the leading and most awarded

mortgage, and insurance advisors

in New Zealand, Global Financial

Services (GFS) has affirmed that Covid-19

lockdowns had minimal to no impact on the

property market of the country.

Speaking with the Indian Weekender,

Director of GFS Ajay Kumar says the year

2020 has left a strong mark on the country’s

property market and the demand for properties

is still higher than the supply despite the

country being several levels of lockdowns and

closures. Earlier this month, GFS launched

its new product ‘Mortgage Genius’ that will

help Kiwis manage their finances. Excerpts

from the interview, and more about Mortgage

Genius below:

IWK: How has the property market

and mortgage industry fared in the last

two lockdowns?

Ajay: Due to Level 4 and thereafter, level 3,

2.5 and level 2 and then now back to level one,

banks are taking more time (two to three times

more) because many bankers are working

from home. There was no impact of Covid-19

on property market so far because demand is

still more than supply.

IWK: Do you think there is a blessing

in disguise for property buyers (both

commercial & residential) due to conditions

in the market?

Ajay: Not in property prices but of course

relief due to lower interest rates.


Saturday 24th October 2020



in association with

Proudly present

New Zealand’s



WhatsApp your short Audio/video sample

on this number - 021339519.


IWK: How easy or difficult will it be

for an individual or family to buy their

first house/business given banks are

more cautious giving loans?

Ajay: Landings from banks are as usual as

before; in fact, it became easier for homebuyers

to service home loans due to lower interest

rates. The cost of servicing, in general, is now

32% of gross income which was earlier 48%.

IWK: Tell us about your new product

‘Mortgage Genius Plan’?

Ajay: Considering the devastating

financial impact COVID-19 has taken on

economies around the world, Global Finance

has developed an amazing product that will

change the way Kiwis manage their finances.

The ‘Mortgage Genius Plan’ is carefully

designed and developed on a unique basis

whereby it highlights the need for everyday

New Zealanders to take hold of their financial

destinations and have access to a smarter way

to manage their loans.



Residential Sales

021 02629790


Cash Prize


$250 each


Karaoke singing


Sunday 15th November 2020


In this low-interest rate environment,

we wanted to highlight the many enduring

benefits this product delivers; not just saving

you interest.

Not only does it save you interest it allows

people to become financially stronger, give

support to your family, give you financial

peace of mind, and minimise financial

worry whilst building equity and ultimately

gives you the freedom to strengthen your

financial security.

The extraordinary results of our customers

speak for themselves.

Mortgage Genius Plan is a very efficient and

effective money management tool designed

to put you in control of your mortgage

repayments, saving years as well as hundreds

of thousands in interest or more.

IWK: How will it help an individual

and family to pay their mortgage/

loans quickly and easily?

Ajay: Mortgage Genius Plan is a very

effective money management tool designed to

put you in control of your mortgage repayments

within your capacity, saving interest, reducing

the number of years on your loan, creating

equity faster to enable you to buy another

property, accumulating cash reserves which

can be helpful to manage many situations such

as Covid-19 when sometimes people lose their

job or their income has been reduced, and they

are worried about servicing their loans.

We know providing people with the same

old loan structure doesn’t work for everyone.

Everyone’s circumstances are different; your

current situation can change from time to

time, so is the need for a solution to paying

off your loan that is suitable and works for you

and within your capacity. We want to make

the benefits enduring and make a significant

contribution to your financial wellbeing and

peace of mind knowing that we have got

you sorted.

IWK: How can GFS help people ease

their financial plans and make better

financial decisions?

Ajay: Global Finance provides a tailormade

solution enabling you to take control

of your mortgage repayments. It will allow

for a plan that is dedicated to fulfilling your

personal needs and future goals.

When your unique plan is followed as

planned, you can expect to save hundreds of

thousands of dollars on your home loan by

reducing interest costs– and become debt-free

sooner, minimising financial worry enabling

you to take better and informed decisions.

Whilst following this plan, you could

potentially purchase investment properties,

businesses which you like and enable you to

support your family and ultimately create a

family-oriented lifestyle that you want as per

your capacity.

It also helps you to create reserves without

any increase in your loan instalment to

minimise your financial worry in a situation

like Covid-19.

HummFM 106.2 scores

big as per GfK survey


Resonating with the hearts of Kiwi

Indians and instep with their growing

entertainment needs is Auckland’s

leading Indian Bollywood radio station, 106.2

Humm FM.

With over a 59,000 listeners as per GfK

radio audience measurement, commercial radio

stations, Auckland survey 3, 2020, cumulative

audience Monday – Sunday 12mn – 12mn,

people 10+. HummFM has consistently been

on top as per the GfK survey.

The survey catapulted Humm FM’s

listenership to new heights, across all its

program segments including weekends and latenight

shows. More people tuned in, enjoying

the best in Bollywood music, interactive shows

and a hard-hitting weekend talkback show.

The range and variety of shows combined

with wide demography of listeners tuning

in to 106.2 Humm FM, affirms the growing

engagement of our communities with the

broader society as well as their demand for

holistic entertainment.

“Listeners are at the heart of our achievement,

and we are committed to providing only the

best in entertainment and community issues,”

Managing Director of HummFM, Roshila

Prasad said.

HummFM Program Director Vijay Varma

said, “our quality programming, on-air

presentation, HummFM team and the listeners

play a vital part in our achievement.”

At Blockhouse Bay Community Hall

524 Blockhouse Bay Rd, Blockhouse Bay



Junior 6-12

Youth 13-19

Finals At Avondale College Theatre

on 19th December 2020 at 5.30pm




For more details contact Arif 021339519 or Joseph 021 151 3569

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Design & Print

The most visited Indian news

website in New Zealand

For online advertising options, email at


The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020


Five reasons why the community

should be excited about Wellington Diwali


The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing

lockdowns have caused massive

disruptions to our normal working,

social, business and cultural lives this year,

including the abrupt cancellations of several


The fact that the Wellington Diwali Festival

2020 is still going ahead, under Alert Level 1,

albeit in a slightly abridged version from its

earlier avatars, is a source of much celebrations

and joy not only for the Wellingtonians but

from the wider event industry.

Notably, New Zealand’s event industry,

including organisers, producers, performers,

artists and related businesses are

experiencing the maximum brunt of Covid-19

inflicted disruptions.

The festival is scheduled to be held on Sunday,

October 25, at TSB Bank Arena and Shed 6 and

is eagerly awaited by all Wellingtonians and the

wider Kiwi-Indian community who might have

been quietly watching the constriction of the

calendar of the broader Indian cultural events.

Here are FIVE reasons why the community

should be enthralled about the Wellington

Diwali Festival 2020

1. Festive season and


Diwali is the biggest and most popular

festivals in the Indian calendar, and it’s not

just one day of celebration for the community

but a season of festivities, lights, sweets

and celebrations.

This might be first, or perhaps, one of the

most prominent of many big events planned

for the community in

New Zealand and the

celebration will bring

a change of weather

for people- an escape

from worries of the

year to dance, music and


2. Exhilarating


Diwali events in the past years has

imprinted an unforgettable memory in the

minds of thousands of visitors and is known

for magnetic performances at the show- be

it classical music, contemporary Bollywood

or fusion of different

cultural performances on

the stage.

The day-long event

includes inauguration

by MPs, Ministers and

Indian High Commission

team, evolves into some

live drumming and music

performances and continues

through the evening ascending into highoctane

dances including bhangra, classical

songs, ramp walks etc.

3. Food and craft stalls:

It’s the time and event of the year where one

can find almost every Indian snack and delicacy

under one roof. From classic chhole-bhature

to Idly, Parathe, gulab jamun, chai, dosa, to

samosa chat, Lassi and jalebi etc.

People while watching the show treat their

taste buds with amazing snack items offered by

over a score of vendors at Shed 10.

Visitors also shop for traditional Indian

clothing, arts and crafts for themselves and

their houses that are on display inside the TSB

Bank Arena.

Shopping there and having the tasty

delicacies offered by food vendors help these

small businesses thrive, especially after coming

out of precarious business situation earlier

his year.

4. Biggest Indian festival

happening in 2020:

Several big events around New Zealand had

been cancelled or kept on hold not just due to

lockdowns but also lack of funding, and it is

fortunate that the biggest festival of the Indian

community, Wellington Diwali Mela 2020 is

happening despite several alert level changes

and postponements.

5. Spectacular Fireworks:

Diwali stands for lighting, music, sweets and

most certainly fireworks.

This year, not many big Diwali events might

happen, but the Wellington Diwali will have

the spectacular fireworks lighting up the skies

in hundreds of colours and sparkles.

So, this Wellington Diwali Mela 2020 is

certainly not to be missed by the Wellingtonians,

as it might be the only big Indian event

happening this year in New Zealand.

Our workforce is

too precious to

be wasted.

According to a study reported by the National Institute on Drug

Abuse, employees who tested positive for marijuana had 55%

more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries and 75% greater

absenteeism compared to those who tested negative.

Vote NO to Cannabis Legalisation.



Authorised by SAM NZ Coalition, 28 Davies Ave, Manukau City.

Thought of the week

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the

influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in

this notion: The potential for greatness lives within

each of us.” —Wilma Rudolph


IPL 2020: A panorama

for cricket lovers

The panorama that the Indian Premier League (IPL) brings to a cricket lover is wonderful.

Watching matches after matches unfold with such precision and in a professional manner is

truly a remarkable achievement. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) must be complimented

on being able to host the IPL, and from the looks of it they may become the hub of sports events

in the future.

UAE is now the center of excellence for sports in this period of pandemic. India seems far away

in reviving sporting activities at present and so one may see the UAE as a convenient alternative

till normalcy returns.

One does miss the hustle and bustle and activities that keep one entertained by spectators at

stadiums, but to have cricket back on the screen is in itself a satisfying experience.

All eight IPL teams, unfortunately, have not had the normal preparation that they go through

as a pre-tournament routine to strategise, plan and evaluate the squad. In the normal course, they

also spend time in identifying players useful for conditions known to them at the various venues

in India.

The IPL auction is where they bid for specific players to enable them to get the entire spectrum

of skills and capabilities that were necessary to implement their plans

Unfortunately, the playing surface and the ground conditions at the three venues in the UAE,

which were unknown to them, have put several of the team’s management and thinkers in disarray

The teams that can quickly put their playing squad in order are the ones that will benefit in

qualifying for the playoffs.

At present, Mumbai Indians and the young and aggressive Delhi Capitals seem to have

managed the change for the better, solely on account of the variety of player skill they have in

their armory. Every other side, understandably, is on a chop-and-change mission, hoping to crack

the combination as soon as possible.

The outcome of the trial and test, which the teams have had to undergo, has turned out for

the better and is just the opportunity and golden platform for India’s international and domestic


With no domestic cricket and tournaments in the near future in India in sight, the IPL is their

only opportunity to stake their claim to either retain their place or get recognised. India have two

very important series in the pipeline, against Australia and England. The venues and details for

both these tours are being finalised, but with the UAE as an alternative option, cricket for the three

top playing nations looks a good possibility.

The quality of young dashing cricketers being churned out in India is heartening to see. Cricket,

for each one of them, is their key to a successful life and the passion, maturity and approach that

most of them have shown when given an opportunity in the IPL has been quite astonishing.

Batsmen such as Prithvi Shaw, Shubman Gill, Devdutt Padikkal, Suryakumar Yadav, Sanju

Samson, Ishan Kishan, Rahul Tripathi, the phenomenal power hitter from Haryana, Rahul Tewatia,

and many more have shown how Indian cricket has progressed.

Young bowlers such as Shivam Mavi, Navdeep Saini, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Kartik Tyagi,

Thangarasu Natrajan, Mohammed Siraj, and Ravi Bishnoi have already started rubbing shoulders

with their elders in speed and ability.

All these young dynamites, along with the seasoned domestic performers and the India’s

international stars, have brought a rainbow of joy to Indian cricket. One can envy the task of the

new selection committee under Sunil Joshi, who very shortly will have to select the team for the

T20Is, ODI, and the Test teams play Australia in November.

The fielding has had its ups and downs in the IPL. Players have dropped some simple high

catches, which must be due to the lights and atmosphere. However, we have also seen some

stunning catches. The highlight as regards fielding was the incredible save by the Kings XI Punjab

and the West Indian player, Nicholas Pooran.

His effort to save a boundary has gone into the annals of cricket history as arguably the best

fielding save ever! With 22 of the 49 matches to decide the four teams that will qualify for the

playoffs stage completed, one does not see any one team showing superiority over the rest. The

team management and the captains are getting a better insight into the potential in their squad and

the success of many of the Indian players has brought about a feeling of comfort for some of them.

The Mumbai Indians, under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, seem to have their batting, the

power hitting, and their fast and spin bowling in place.

Delhi Capitals, on the other hand, have a young talented side with both their bowlers and batters

aiming to make their presence felt.

Rajasthan Royals, unfortunately, are still waiting for their superstar all-rounder Ben Stokes to

stoke their fire. Royal Challengers Bangalore are breathing a sigh of relief with Virat Kohli back

in form. They, along with SunRisers Hyderabad, have a super topline batting order but lack big

hitters who can finish the innings.

Kolkata Knight Riders have a captain struggling for runs and they need to utilise the batting

skill of England World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan sensibly. He needs to bat much higher

in the order as he is an established performer who could single-handedly win them matches.

One feels sorry for Kings XI Punjab, as they have lost some very close encounters and although

KL Rahul, their captain, is in sublime form, he along with Mayank Agarwal are not being able to

carry their team to the winning post.

The race is still open for the four slots to reach the playoffs. However, the IPL has turned the

lives of cricket lovers all over the world into a blessing. While we applaud and revel in the exciting

cricket and watch some unbelievable shots being played by the batsmen, “let the best team win”.

16 October – 23 October 2020

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu


rain and







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This week in New Zealand’s history



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and pactcy


17 October 1877

Chief Justice declares treaty 'worthless' and a 'simple



A few



Chief Justice Sir James Prendergast’s statements when delivering judgment in the case of Wi

Parata v The Bishop of Wellington would influence decision-making on Treaty of Waitangi

issues for decades.

18 October 1924

First trans-global radio transmission to London

From the family sheep station in Shag Valley, East Otago, amateur radio operator Frank Bell

sent a groundbreaking Morse code transmission that was received and replied to by Londonbased

amateur operator Cecil Goyder.

19 October 1966

New Zealand’s day with LBJ

President Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, arrived at Ōhakea air base at the start of a

whirlwind 24-hour visit to New Zealand. His visit, the first by a United States president, was

primarily to shore up support for the war in Vietnam.

19 October 1992

Fred Hollows Foundation launched in New Zealand

The foundation was established in Australia by the Kiwi-born ophthalmologist (eye doctor)

to treat eye problems in poorer countries. Within six years, 200,000 people had their sight

restored via cataract surgery.

23 October 1869

New Zealand ensign proclaimed

The design of the New Zealand ensign that was to be flown by ships owned by the colonial

government was established by the publication in the New Zealand Gazette of a proclamation

by the governor, Sir George Bowen.

23 October 1948

Mt Ruapehu air crash kills 13

On the morning of 23 October 1948 two experienced pilots, Commander Max Hare and

Second Officer Brian Russell, flew ZK-AGK Kaka, a Lockheed Electra of the National

Airways Corporation’s fleet, from Hamilton to Palmerston North.









Gold coin entry

Find out more at




Friday, October 16, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Monument marks Fiji’s

New system

to assist

history and strive forward

Fijians during


No virus, no once-in-a-century

region and a destination for visitors

crisis could temper the love

from all around the world.

we share for our nation, our

The monument is one of many that NDMO

people, our home.

will be built throughout a new Suva Officiating at the launch,

That was the message relayed by

heritage walk which will tell the Minister for Disaster

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

city’s story.

Management Inia Seruiratu

yesterday at the unveiling of a

It also pays tribute to all frontline says disaster demands the

commemorative monument to mark

workers, including doctors, nurses, quick dissemination of accurate

Fiji’s 50th Year of Independence.

lab technicians and members of information to ensure Fijians

He said history would remember

the discipline forces whose tireless are updated with happenings

that even as Fijians endured great

efforts and sacrifice have spared around them.

adversity the country marked its 50th

Fijians from the worst of COVID-19. Seruiratu says Fijians must be

birthday with patriotism and pride.

Mr Bainimarama reiterated that equipped with vital information

The monument, as he explained,

while the pandemic continues to rage

before and when a disaster strikes.

was strategically located in the

overseas, the good health of Fijian

heart of nearly 140-years of history, before, all the way back to 1882 from its colonial past. I love that this citizens is the greatest blessing, due

along Queen Elizabeth’s Drive, in when the seat of the then-colonial city has grown and modernised, yet to successful containment efforts. "Every

the shadow of the Grand Pacific administration was moved here from kept its character. And I love that “We are safe – at home in the

Hotel, across Albert Park, Thurston Levuka,” Mr Bainimarama said. today we have a chance to celebrate safest place in the world. The lives of


Gardens, down the way from State “I’m proud of what we have done this city and its history. But today is our most vulnerable are not at risk,” knows how

House, and a stone’s throw away in recent years to bring life back not only about our past.”

he said.

important that

from Parliament and the seat of into this section of our capital, with He said Suva as a premier city He also mentioned that a nurse


upgrades and refurbishments which in the South Pacific must continue who contracted the virus while

“This new monument is dedicated have restored Suva’s shine.

becoming a better home for its working in an isolation facility had

to Suva City, our capital through “I love that we have been able to citizens, a hub of finance, technology, made full recovery and has since

our independent history and long preserve and use the architecture and telecommunications for the returned home.

Indian monthly magazine features

PM Bainimarama and PM Modi

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi are

featured on the front cover of this month’s

issue of the India Empire magazine.

The New Delhi based magazine was first

published in 2004. It focuses on Diaspora,

Diplomacy, Business and Politics.

In an interview with the magazine,

Fiji High Commissioner to

India Yogesh Punja said Fiji’s

achievements had been driven

by its strategic location in the

heart of the South Pacific and

cost-competitive location for


He said Fiji had become an

export-driven economy spurred

by high technology, knowledge-based and

capital-intensive industries to the Pacific.

The establishment of a modern and inclusive

2013 Fijian Constitution, along with an

unprecedented programme of administrative

reforms across Government; substantial and

Work on getting the multimillion

dollar New

Zealand and Fiji Police

Strengthening Program is expected

to get underway next month.

A joint announcement was

made by Prime Minister Voreqe

Bainimarama and his NZ counterpart

Jacinda Arden in February this year

to find new ways to improve the

health, wellbeing and resilience of

their people, both agreeing to expand

security partnership into policing cooperation.

Following a Zoom meeting held

this week with New Zealand Police’s

Inspector Paris Razos, senior Fiji

Police Directors and NZ High

Commission to Fiji Representatives

held discussions on preliminary work

to be carried out before his arrival in

Fiji in November.


has also

emerged as a

respected advocate

on some of the greater

challenges facing humanity,

including climate change,

sustainable development

and the preservation

of our oceans."

consistent public investment in infrastructure,

public utilities, education, health and social

inclusion; and a concerted effort to position Fiji

as the hub of economic activity and regional

engagement in the Pacific,” he said.

“Fiji has also emerged as a respected advocate

on some of the greater challenges facing

humanity, including climate change,

sustainable development and the

preservation of our oceans.”

Mr Punja stated that Fiji and India

shared deep and enduring ties of

history and culture and a common

global challenge of peace and

cooperation in the interlinked ocean


“India expands its cooperation in

defence and security, including assistance in

defence training and capacity building, enabling

environment for Fiji to expand its economic

diplomacy through trade and investments,

development assistance, cultural cooperation,

closer collaboration in areas of information

NZ and Fiji Police strengthening

programme to begin soon

Fiji Police Director International

Relations SSP Ulaiasi Ravula says

the first Zoom meeting was to allow

the Directors from the Criminal

Investigations Department, K9,

Training, Corporate Services and

Drugs to assist IP

Razos understands the specific

needs required in their specialized

fields. The partnership programme

between the New Zealand Police and

Fiji Police will focus on combatting

transnational crime and enhancing

investigative skills.

Ravula adds that the Fiji Police

Force is looking forward to working

with IP Razos who comes with

extensive years of experience in

international training development.

The New Zealand Government

will be investing $11million over

three years into the program.

technology with the establishment of centre for

excellence in information and technology in Fiji,

scholarship opportunities, cultural exchanges,

Agricultural, health, medical, education and many

more.” he said.

“Every Fijians knows how

important that mission must be as we

are already experiencing cyclones

in Fiji are becoming more severe.

Winston may have broken records

in 2016 but the next unprecedented

superstorm could strike anytime

of the year so we must be prepared

every time everywhere.”

NDMO Director Vasiti Soko says

the system will help Fijians identify

their nearest evacuation centre and

will also provide safety measures that

can be followed during a disaster.

“Preparedness save lives.

Introducing such a tool, we hope that

we can improve the ability of people

to move to the nearest evacuation

centre when threats are starting to

come their way.”

As we near the cyclone season,

the NDMO will be providing

awareness materials which will

create behavioural changes and

preparedness to help Fijians.

Ambassador Khan reaffirms

Fiji’s relationship with the UN

Fiji’s Mission in Geneva has

reaffirmed its commitment to

work closely with the United

Nations in Geneva and Vienna.

This is in advancing Fiji’s interests

and development priorities.

The Permanent Representative of

Fiji to the United Nation Ambassador

Nazhat Shameem Khan said Fiji

has made remarkable achievements

and recognition in areas of UN

peacekeeping, multilateralism,

human rights, climate change,

inclusivity and sovereignty.

She says Fiji’s Mission in Geneva

is working closely with the UN

Human Rights Council and the

Office of the High Commissioner for

Human Rights in ensuring the Bill of

Rights is relative to all Fijians.

Ambassador Khan reiterated

that integrating human rights and

climate action with a focus on Blue

mission must be

as we are already


cyclones in Fiji are

becoming more


Oceans Economy is central to the

work carried out by the Fiji Mission

in Geneva. In paying tribute to

all those who have supported the

Mission’s work, Ambassador Khan

thanked Fiji’s development partners,

Mission staff and diaspora for their

tremendous support to the Mission.

The Indian Weekender Friday, October 16, 2020


India: Coronavirus cases

Confirmed: 6,310,267 | Deaths: 98,708

Recovered: 5,270,007

India expected to have Covid

vaccine from more than one source

by early next year: Health minister

India is expected to have

a Covid-19 vaccine from

more than one source by early

next year and the government is

formulating distribution strategies

for the immunisation of people across

the country, Union Health Minister

Harsh Vardhan said on Tuesday.

“We’re expecting that early next

year we should have vaccine in the

country from more than one source.

We are formulating strategies for

planned distribution of the vaccine

in the country,” he said in a tweet

after chairing the 21st meeting of

the High-level Group of Ministers

(GoM) on Covid-19 through videoconference.

Vardhan had earlier said a Covid-19

vaccine is likely to be available by

the first quarter of 2021. He had also

said the Centre estimates to receive

and utilise 40-50 crore doses of a

Covid-19 vaccine, covering 20-25

crore people, by July next year.

On Sunday, the minister said

considering the large population

size of India, one vaccine or vaccine

manufacturer will not be able to fulfil

the requirements of vaccinating the

entire country and added that the

government is open to assessing the

feasibility of introducing several

Covid-19 vaccines in the country in

accordance with their availability.

Vardhan further said the country’s

preparedness to make a Covid-19

vaccine available to its citizens was

reviewed at the GoM meet.

He added that work is going on

around 200 vaccine candidates

across the world, of which 151 are

in pre-clinical stages and about

40-42 are in various clinical trial

stages. Nine vaccine candidates are

in an advanced clinical trial stage, of

which three are in India.

Modi offers India’s COVID-19

vaccine capacity to ‘all humanity’

Prime minister says India moving ahead with thirdphase

trial before mass production as country’s

cases, deaths surge.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged at

the United Nations that his country’s vaccine production

capacity would be made available globally to fight the

coronavirus crisis.

“As the largest vaccine-producing country of

the world, I want to give one more assurance

to the global community today,” Modi said in a

prerecorded speech to the UN General Assembly.

“India’s vaccine production and delivery

capacity will be used to help all humanity in

fighting this crisis.”

Modi made the pledge even as India is struggling to

contain the spread of the virus, which has already infected

5.9 million Indians and left more than 93,000 dead

nationwide – the third-highest fatality toll in the world.

Modi said India was moving ahead with phase three

clinical trials – the large-scale trials considered the gold

standard for determining safety and efficacy – and would

help all countries enhance their cold chain and storage

capacities for the delivery of vaccines.

Modi said in August that India was ready to massproduce

COVID-19 vaccines when scientists gave the goahead.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been

pushing for a “people’s vaccine” that is available and

affordable everywhere and expressed concern on Tuesday

that some countries were “reportedly making side deals

exclusively for their own populations.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated

the "digitization" and "cyberization" of

engagements - work from Home has

become a new norm. There is a greater dependence

on digital payment platforms due to reduced cash


The 2nd ASEAN-India Track 1.5 Dialogue

on Cyber Issues held virtually focused upon

cooperation and security in the digital and cyber

domain in the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the

"digitization" and "cyberization" of engagements -

work from Home has become a new norm. There is


pledge is clear:

if we find the

vaccine we will share

it. That’s the pledge

we all must


“Such ‘vaccinationalism’ is not only unfair, it

is self-defeating. None of us is safe until all of us are

safe. Everybody knows that,” Guterres told the General

Assembly Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told

the General Assembly on Friday: “Whoever finds the

vaccine must share it.”

“Some might see short-term advantage, or even profit,”

Morrison said.

“But I assure you to anyone who may think along those

lines, humanity will have a very long memory and be a

very, very severe judge.

“Australia’s pledge is clear: if we find the vaccine

we will share it. That’s the pledge we all must

make,” Morrison said. Pope Francis told the UN on

Friday that the poor and weakest members of society

should get preferential treatment when a coronavirus

vaccine is ready.

a greater dependence on digital payment platforms

due to reduced cash handling. Presence on social

media has also increased. It was discussed in the

meeting that with increased interconnectedness, the

dangers related to cybercrime is also on the rise.

COVID-19 related frauds, phishing campaigns,

and online sale of fake medical supplies and PPEs

are on the rise too.

Vijay Thakur Singh, Secretary (East) in External

Affairs Ministry highlighted the dangers involved

with cybercrimes.

"Increased dependence on digital technologies

has created both pressures and opportunities for

World: Coronavirus cases

Confirmed: 34,153,075 | Deaths: 1,018,732

Recovered: 25,424,847


India's human space flight may face slight delay:

ISRO chief

India's human space flight mission Gaganyaan will be "slightly delayed"

owing to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic even as ISRO resumes

rocket launch activities from the first week of November, space agency

chief K. Sivan said on Monday.

Answering a query at the plenary session of the International Astronautical

Congress 2020, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman

said India's first human space flight was targeted in August 2022, but owing

to Covid-19's impact on the operations, the there will be a slight slip in

meeting the mission's target date.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his Independence Day speech

on August 15, 2018, had said when the nation is celebrating 75th year of

Independence in 2022, an Indian son or daughter will be flying into space

under the Gaganyaan mission.

Sivan said that the Gaganyaan mission has advanced well and the country

is taking the help of other space-faring nations like Russia for training the

astronauts and some other critical aspects, France in the space medical area

and is also approaching US space agency NASA.

India-Mexico exploring ways to promote tourism

To strengthen trade ties, India and Mexico will explore ways to promote

tourism and enhance people to people contact.

This was decided at the fifth meeting of the India-Mexico Bilateral High

Level Group on Trade, Investment and Cooperation (BHLG) held earlier

this month, an official communique said on Tuesday.

"Both sides discussed a number of bilateral ongoing and outstanding

issues, ranging from ‘Audio-visual Co-production, Bilateral Investment

Treaty', market access for agricultural products, a cooperation framework

on ‘Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) & Technical Barriers to Trade' (TBT)

measures between the two countries, co-operation in the ‘Intellectual

Property Rights', and exploring ways to promote tourism and people-topeople

contact between India and Mexico," the communique said.

"They also agreed to expand and diversify the bilateral trade relationship

to tap the potential of the complementarities between India and Mexico

through enhanced cooperation in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment,

healthcare, agro-products, fisheries, food processing and aerospace industry


Govt chalks out plan for storage of Covid-19 vaccine

With several experimental

vaccines against the

coronavirus disease (Covid-19)

reaching late-stage trials, the

government has started making

logistical arrangements for

procurement, storage and distribution

to ensure the uninterrupted delivery

of a vaccine, when one becomes available

The Centre has begun identifying both government and private facilities

to create hubs for vaccine storage. The focus is on maintaining cold storage

as most vaccines require to be stored and distributed at a fixed temperature,

failing which the vaccine becomes ineffective.

Under the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for

Covid-19 that is chaired by Dr VK Paul, member (health), Niti Aayog,

there are subgroups looking into various aspects of vaccine development,

procurement and distribution, including one that looks at cold chain


The subgroup has already mapped the existing cold chain that is presently

being utilized under the immunisation programme of the government, and it

has also made a projection of the additionality that will be required.

ASEAN-India Summit focuses on cyber security during Covid

creative policy solutions and regional collaboration

to foster a secure, resilient and equitable

cyberspace," he said.

In view of the lurking dangers involved with

it, Mr Singh laid stress on the enhanced need to

formulate and implement measures for securing

cyber domain from the malicious actors.

He also stressed on the Indian initiative to tackle

the situation with flagship Digital India programme

- Pradhan Mantri Grameen Digital Shaksharta

Abhiyan (Prime Minister's Rural Digital Literacy

Campaign) and National Cyber Security Strategy

2020 for the next five years.


Friday, October 16, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Kishore Kumar, Screen Sensation:


10 films that define the playback legend as actor

Tuesday marks the 33rd death

anniversary of playback legend

Kishore Kumar, who passed away

on this day in 1987. To define the versatile

genius as just the iconic singer that he was

would be unfair. Kishore Kumar is celebrated

till today as a maverick actor, too, besides

screenwriter, director, producer and composer.

Today, we look back at some of his memorable

performances as an actor.

NAUKARI (1954)

The film cast real-life siblings Ashok Kumar

and Kishore Kumar as brothers. "Bhai-Bhai"

was directed by MV Raman.


JHUMROO (1961)



An adaptation of the American film "The

Proud Rebel", this film was written, directed

and produced by Kishore Kumar. He also

starred in the film with son Amit Kumar and

Bengali film actress Supriya Choudhury. The

film received critical acclaim.

PADOSAN (1968)

Kishore Kumar played the lead alongside

Sheila Ramani in this Bimal Roy directorial.

Naukari is one of the initial films that helped

Kishore Kumar gain prominence as an actor.

ADHIKAR (1954)

The romantic comedy starred Kishore

Kumar and Usha Kiran in the lead. The film,

directed by Mohan Segal, did good business at

the box office.


The Bengali rom-com features Kishore

Kumar in a double role, opposite Mala Sinha

and Anita Guha. The film directed by Kamal

Majumdar, was produced under the banner of

Kishore Kumar Films. "Shing nei tobu nam

tar shingho" and "Ek poloker ektu dekha" are

peppy numbers sung by Kishore Kumar that

remain popular till today.


The comedy starred brothers Ashok

Kumar, Anoop Kumar and Kishore Kumar

with Madhubala playing the female lead and

Satyen Bose directing. "Babu samjho ishare",

"Ek ladki bheegi bhaagisi", "Hum the woh thi

aur sama rangeen" and "Haal kaisa hai janaab

ka" are popular Kishore Kumar numbers from

the film.

Kishore Kumar and Madhubala starred in

this musical romantic comedy film helmed

by Shankar Mukherjee. "Main hoon jhumroo"

and "Koi humdum na raha" in Kishore's voice

remain evergreen numbers from the film.


Kishore Kumar starred alongside

Madhubala in this Hindi classic directed by

Kalidas. His act as an overgrown little boy

seems hilarious even after all these years.

The musical comedy helmed by Jyoti

Swaroop is counted among Bollywood's

greatest comedies ever. Based on the

Bengali film "Pasher Bari", it stars Kishore

Kumar alongside Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu and

Mehmood. The film is remembered for RD

Burman compositions like "Mere samne wali

khidki pe" and "Kehna hai" sung by Kishore

Kumar, and "Ek chatur naar" by Kishore

Kumar, Manna Dey and Mehmood.

HUNGAMA (1971)

The SM Abbas directorial comedy stars

Kishore Kumar alongside Vinod Khanna,

Zeenat Aman, Mehmood, Johnny Walker and

others. With these and many more brilliant

performances, particularly in the comedy

genre, Abhas Kumar Ganguly -- known to all

by his screen name Kishore Kumar -- left an

indelible mark in the mionds of Bollywood


Does the thought of doing it make you anxious?

Are you worried your parents might walk in on

you? Or has a lack of experience been holding

you back?

Well, not to worry – there’s a voting booth out

there for everyone. Whether you’re 18 or 81,

everyone’s vote is equally important, and it gives

young New Zealanders a chance to shape their

future. That’s really all you need to vote; simply

caring about the world you live in, and what’s

best for your family and community. It doesn’t

matter how knowledgeable you are about

politics or what other people think you should

do, because your vote is a private expression

of your own beliefs. Plus, you can tell all your

friends you’ve finally done it.

Don’t be nervous about your first time voting.

There will be safety

measures at all

voting places.

Hand sanitiser is provided and physical

distancing will be practised when you vote.

vote.nz | 0800 36 76 56

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10/09/20 10:47 AM



Friday, October 16, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Street food style buns



• 1cup - coriander leaves

• 1inch - ginger

• 8 - garlic cloves

• 6-8 - green chillies

• 2tbsp - lemon juice


• Grind everything together into

a fine paste using little water

if needed in tablespoons.



• 1cup - tamarind

• 1cup - jaggery (gur)

• 1/2tsp - red chilli powder

• 1tsp - black salt (kala namak)

• 1/4tsp - dry ginger powder

(sonth powder)

• 1tsp - cumin powder


• Break tamarind into small

pieces and add it to the pan

along with 1 cup of water.

• Boil tamarind for 2-3 minutes

stirring continuously then

strain it.

• In a medium saucepan add

tamarind pulp followed by all

the other ingredients except

cumin powder.

• Boil them over medium flame

for 5-6 minutes, stirring in


• Add cumin powder, mix well

and cook for another 1-2

minutes then transfer chutney

into a bowl to cool.


• If you do not want to shallow

fry the tekkies immediately,

shape them and store in an

airtight box in the fridge.

• You can freeze these tekkies

for 15 – 20 days. Thaw them

at room temperature before


• Boil the potatoes in advance

and store them in the fridge.

Cold and dry potatoes make

the tekkies real crisp.

• Birds eye, bubble n squeak can

be used as the replacement.



• 6 - buns

• 2cups - plain flour

• 1tsp - salt

• 4tbsp - oil

Water as required



• 4 - potatoes, medium

• 4tbsp - oil

• 1tsp - cumin seeds

• 1/2cup - peas, boiled

• 1/2cup - water

• 1tsp - ginger paste

• 2-3 - green chillies

• 1/4tsp - garam masala powder

• 1tsp - red chilli powder

• 11/2tsp - mango powder

• 1tsp - salt

• 1tbsp - lime juice

• 2tbsp - coriander, chopped

• Oil for frying

• 1 - red onion, thinly sliced

• Tamarind chutney

• Green chutney


• Mix flour, salt and oil together in a large bowl.

• With your fingers rub oil into the flour until the oil is fully


• Add little water at a time just enough to keep the dough

supple and knead the flour gently to form a semi hard


• Cover with a damp cloth or plastic wrap and set aside for

15-20 minutes.

• Heat oil in a pan over medium flame.

• Add cumin seed and stir until they began to crackle.

• Add ginger paste, stir, add chopped green chillies and sauté

for few seconds.

• Add garam masala powder, red chilli powder, mango

powder, salt and peas, mix well with a splash of water.

• Peel, wash and dice the potatoes; add them and mix well

with a half cup of water.

• Cover and cook stirring in

between until the potatoes are done,

liquid has evaporated and the mixture is

completely dry.

• Remove from flame and cool slightly.

• Add lime juice and chopped coriander,

mix well.

• Knead the dough lightly again and divide it into

equal balls (big enough to make 20cm in diameter).

• Place the dough balls on a lightly floured surfaced. Flatten

each ball with a rolling pin into a round circle, approximately

20cm in diameter, and cut in half. ( you will get 2 samosas

from one circle ).

• Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan over medium flame (to fry).

• Using your finger apply some water along the edges of one

semi circle. Now fold it into a cone and slightly press the

edges and then place 1 tbsp of the potato mixture into the

cone and again using water seal the edges by pressing them


• Prepare all the other samosas in the same way.

• Deep fry the samosas in small batches over medium flame

until golden brown and crisp.

• Drain on an oil absorbent paper towel.

• Cut buns into half and over medium flame, fry the inside of

the buns with little oil.

• Spread green chutney on the inner side of the half bun;

break samosa with your hand and then place it on the green

chutney bun; sprinkle some sliced red onions and then

spread tamarind chutney on the inner other side of the other

half of the bun and place it with chutney side down on the


• Press the bun with your hand and cut it into 4 parts.

• Serve with a cup of tea.

Bun Tikki

Navigating NZ Health System

& Emergency Preparedness

10 am to 12 noon - Understanding NZ Health System – Services you are eligible for – Q & A

Facilitators : Parvin Kapila & Cathy Martin

12 noon to 1 pm – How to prepare a household emergency plan and be prepared – Grab bag

Facilitators : Maggie Chum & Good & Ready team

Friday 23 rd October 2020

Citizens Advice Bureau Pakuranga/ Eastern

Manukau offer free, face to face support to new

migrants. Phone : 09 5768331

Email: pakuranga@cab.org.nz

10 am – 1 pm

Tea / Biscuits provided

Howick Local Board Meeting Room, Pakuranga Library Building, 7

Aylesbury Street, Pakuranga

Vani , Migrant Connect Administrator Registration Necessary

Email: settlement.pakuranga@cab.org.nz Text/ Call : 021 459 520


• 6 - buns

• 6 - potatoes, large

• 4tbsp - rice flour

• 2 - onions, medium

• 4 - green chillies

• 2tsp - chilli flakes

• 1tsp - cumin powder

• 2tsp - coriander powder

• 1tbsp - chaat masala powder

• 1tsp - salt or according to taste

• 1 - red onion

• 1/2cup - green chutney

• 1/2cup - tamarind chutney

• 4tbsp oil


• Boil potatoes and drain them in a metal colander;

leave the potatoes for 5-6 minutes so that any excess

moisture in them drains out.

• Remove the outer skin of the potatoes, transfer them

into a large bowl and mash them with the fork.

• Peel and wash red onion, thinly slice them, then,

sprinkle some red chilli powder on it and keep aside

for later use.

• Peel, wash and chop onions, chop green chillies

then add them to the potatoes.

• Add chilli flakes, cumin powder, coriander powder,

chaat masala powder and salt, mix well using your

hand or the fork.

• Rub some oil on your hands; take a handful of

potato mixture and shape them into a tikki (make

the potato mixture into a boll then slightly press it

between your palms to flatten and then press the

edges to make it round).

• Repeat the process until done.

• Cover with a foil and let it rest in the fridge for 15 –

20 minutes (or till needed to fry).

• Heat oil over medium flame in a heavy base fry pan.

• Shallow fry the tekkies in small batches till crisp and

golden from all sides (add more oil in tablespoons if

needed as tekkies tend to absorb it).

• Drain the tekkies on an oil absorbent paper towel.

• Cut buns into half and in the same fry pan over

medium flame, fry the inside of the buns with little


• Spread green chutney on the inner side of the half

bun; place tikki on it, sprinkle some sliced red

onions and then spread tamarind chutney on the

inner side of the other half of the bun and place it

with chutney side down on the potato tikki.

• Press the bun with your hand and cut it into 4 parts.

• Serve with tomato ketchup.

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