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A word from the Principal...


It’s incredible how time flies. It doesn’t seem like yesterday when we were planning for our return

to school in September and yet, next week is the final week before half term. I am so proud of how

all the children and staff have adjusted over the past 6 weeks and it has been a pleasure to see

how quickly the children have returned to their love of learning.

If you have not yet seen your child’s Knowledge Organiser for their topic this term, please go on to

our website and it is available on the Curriculum 20/21 page. This document will explain some of

the key learning for your child and enable you to support them to learn the facts, understand the

vocabulary and discuss your child’s new learning with them.

Unfortunately, we have had a number of incidents this week where careless or irresponsible parking

or waiting have led to children or parents being put in danger. Please do not ignore the yellow

lines; they are there to ensure our entire community is safe. You are able to park at the community

centre and the walk across the community path in less than a minute and its use helps alleviate

the pressure on the road directly outside the school. Thank you for your continued support in this


Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


What’s General... been going on...

Breakfast Club Booking System

Thank you to those of you who are using breakfast club, it’s great to see that the increased

opening hours are helpful to many of our working parents. However, please ensure you book

in online through the school money portal as due to the popularity of the provision, we need

to use pre-booking to ensure we have adequate staffing. If you are unable to login to your

schoolmoney account, please let me know or contact Mrs Badcock in the office.

Out of hours

We have always been committed to offering a place for children in our community to socialise

and so have always kept our school site open during evenings and weekends. Unfortunately,

we have been coming into school in the mornings to litter strewn across our site. If your

children, of primary school age or older, use our school site outside of school hours, please

remind them to treat it with respect so that we can continue to keep it open.


Please remember to park/wait/drop-off in a sensible and responsible manner at the start

and end of the day. The community path takes less than a minute to walk and alleviates the

issues of trying to find a space on the main road.

Rock River

You will have seen how fantastic our Rock River is now looking. We would like to extend it

further, so please send in any further painted pebbles and stones. Thank you.

BlackbirdPie magazine goes virtual!

The virtual magazine is filled with great things to do, videos, links and interactive stuff.

There are lovely places to visit, wonderful walks and museums and galleries to visit (with

safety measures in place).

Please follow this link to view the magazine:

Disabled Parking Space?

Unless you are a Blue Badge Holder, please do not park in our disabled parking space under

any circumstances. We appreciate on-site parking is limited, but this space needs to be

available throughout the day. Thank you.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

7th September – 17th December (Half term: 26-30 October)

Spring Term

5th January – 31st March (Half Term: 15-19 February)

Summer term

19th April – 21st July ( Half Term: 31 March – 4 June)

In term Inset Day

7th June

Coronavirus related absences – a quick reference guide

What to do if… Action needed by family Action taken by school Return to school


My child has



My child tests

positive for


Someone in my

household has



Someone in my

household has

tested positive for


NHS Test and

Trace have

identified my

child as a ‘close

contact’ of

somebody with


We/my child has

travelled and has

to selfisolate as

part of a period of


We have received

medical advice

that my child

must resume


• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Keep any siblings home

• Self-isolate

• Get your child tested by ordering a test

• Inform school immediately about

the test result

• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Inform school immediately about

the test result

• Self-isolate for at least 10 days

• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Self-isolate for 14 days

• Household member to get a test

• Inform school immediately about

the test

• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Self-isolate for 14 days

• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Self-isolate for 14 days

• Do not take unauthorised leave in term


• Consider quarantine requirements and

FCO advice when booking travel

• Provide information to school as per

attendance policy Returning from a

destination where quarantine is


• Do not come to school

• Contact school

• Self-isolate for 14 days

• Do not come to school

• Contact the Headteacher

• Shield until you are informed that

restrictions are lifted and shielding is


To get a test visit

Bubble to continue as normal

Letter to be emailed and sent

home to children from the

class bubble. This group

instructed to self isolate for

10 days, school to provide

home learning

Home learning to be provided

if isolating for 14 days. If FSM

(not universal) School to

provide lunch provision

Home learning to be provided

if isolating for 14 days. If FSM

(not universal) School to

provide lunch provision

Home learning to be provided

if isolating for 14 days. If FSM

(not universal) School to

provide lunch provision

Home learning to be provided

if isolating for 14 days. If FSM

(not universal) School to

provide lunch provision

Learning at home to be

supported by school. If FSM

(not universal) School to

provide lunch provision

The test comes back


After 10 days,

providing they are

feeling better

The household

member test is


The child has

completed 14 days of


The child has

completed 14 days of


The quarantine

period of 14 days

has been completed

When you have


notification that it is

safe to return to


Broad and Balanced...


Rainbow class has been busy learning all about themselves, their families and

their bodies. They have enjoyed talking about who lives in their house, what

their house looks like and the people in their family; they then used their

amazing drawing skills to draw them. The children have been learning about

their bodies and have made split pin people. They enjoyed listening to the story

‘Bumps in the Night’ and making their own skeletons using straws. In maths,

the children have been learning all about the number 3; including counting

to 3, identifying 3 sided shapes, how to make 3p and finding 3 on a clock. In

phonics, the children have learnt so many sounds! The newest sounds they’ve

learnt are: d, t and i. Even though the weather has been wet and very autumnal

this week, that hasn’t stopped the children getting outside and having lots

of fun! Well done for a brilliant first half term Rainbow class; we couldn’t be

more proud of how you have settled into your new school!

Broad and Balanced...


We have had lots of fun in Class 1 learning all about Medieval houses and Tudor

houses. The children enjoyed trying to make Medieval round houses from clay,

soil and straw. (Not that easy !!). They learnt lots of interesting facts about

Tudor houses and then worked with a partner to make their own Tudor house.

This week we took part in a Virtual PE Competition, our challenge for Year 1

was a super slalom run. The children were very competitive. In science we

explored the different textures of materials and the children used simple adjectives

to describe them.

I have been very impressed with the amazing work the children have produced

after listening to the story of The Princess and the Castle. They made castles,

boats, painted sea pictures and used lovely descriptive words in their writing.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have had a busy week. Firstly we have been learning a lot about materials.

We designed our own dream houses and then we chose suitable materials

we would need to build them. Some of the houses had circus tents (Holden),

discos (Archie), a frozen lake (Elowyn) and a whole manner of pools and

football pitches and so on. Then we received an email from Humpty Dumpty

asking us to help him choose a material for a landing pad that would stop him

breaking each time he fell. We used eggs and designed a fair test to discover

the best material. Plastic bubble wrap was the winning material to protect him,

with straw coming in a close second! Following this, we finished our own Tudor

houses and they are now on display in our Great Fire of London topic corner.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have continued to work hard over the last few weeks. We have finished

our African sunset pictures and look amazing! We have drawn some lovely

portraits this week. They have also been learning about Mount Kilimanjaro and

comparing this to Ben Nevis. In computing the children have been learning

how to email each other and the appropriate language around this. This week

the children carried out an investigation in Science to find out if males have a

larger skull than females. In Class 3,we found out that the males head is


Broad and Balanced...


This week, year 4 were having a great time exploring the digestive system

and the journey of our energy source from consumption, to getting rid of the

waste. There was lots of technical vocabulary that we learnt and the experiment

of creating our own stool was messy but informative.

Continuing our Roman themed topic, we have been busy refining our artistic

skills relating to drawing, shading, textures, symmetry and proportion in order

to design our own image of Julius Caesar. As you can see from the examples,

we have a very talented group of budding Da Vinci’s within our midst. Furthermore,

Felix had spent many hours preparing for a Roman rebellion by creating

his own shield and sword at home with a relative. The design was worthy of

Nero himself.

Broad and Balanced...


The children in Class 5 have really enjoyed being back at school; the first half

term has flown by so quickly, as they’ve been having so much fun. In PE, the

children have been learning new skills in basketball such as bowl pass; bounce

pass; dribbling through cones; defending and shooting under pressure. They

loved putting these skills into practice during a game. The children have continued

to be extremely creative in class and at home. In Art lessons, they have

been accurately drawing a leopard that gives the illusion of movement; I was

so impressed at the outcomes. At home, lots of children have been drawing

pictures and making 3D versions of endangered animals which are excellent.

Our class topic is ‘How do humans affect the lives of animals?’, we have been

researching a number of reasons behind this question as well as locating areas

in South America that have a number of critically endangered animals. In

addition to this the children have been locating countries, capital cities, rivers,

mountains and oceans on a map of South America. The maps were extremely

accurate and beautifully presented.

Broad and Balanced...

Year 6

Year 6 have had another amazing week! They have been working hard on their

drawing skills in Art over the last few weeks and have been building up through

drawing features, faces and simple figures. Soon, we will try adding these together

to create a detailed drawing. The drawings created so far have been so

impressive, using so much focus and detail. This week, Year 6 also attended

a surf day down at Gwithian beach. The conditions were blustery, to say the

least, but all of them were so resilient and eager to make the most of the day.

So many of them were standing up and catching some great waves, all leaving

the beach with a huge smile. Well done Year 6!



Starting Saturday 17 th October at St. Uny School

£5 each, boys and girls, and all abilities welcome!

Ages: 4 – 6 yrs

Ages :7 – 9 yrs

Ages: 10 plus

Time: 9 – 10am

Time: 10 – 11am

Time: 11 – 12pm

Sessions are outside, weather permitting, so please

bring a warm coat, hat, gloves and a drink.

Each session is limited to 15 spaces so booking is

essential. To book a place, ring or text

Scott Goodchild with your child’s name and age to


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