Whirlwind 10th Anniversary Edition: Longfellow's Literary Magazine for 2019-2020





Literary Magazine

10th Anniversary




“Build me straight, O worthy Master!

Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel,

That shall laugh at all disaster,

And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

From The Building of the Ship

By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Literary Magzine

Longfellow Middle School

2000 Westmoreland Street

Falls Church, VA 22043

June 2020


~Angela Y.

This edition of Whirlwind is dedicated to Principal Carole Kihm

for her generous support, inspiring leadership, and dedication to

student successes in Arts & Letters.


Faculty Advisor:




Cover Art:

Andrea Duggan

Diana Gibson

Tom Grady

Wendy Eaton

Carole Kihm

Fairfax County Public Schools


“Calm Sea”

By Ava S.

Whirlwind is a student magazine published annually.


Found Poem

I am a great bright flame

Slowly swinging in the wind

One by one my sparks fly out

Untame like an earth shattering shout

~Aidan S.


The Sky

Birds flying around

Blue canvas where pilots paint

Vast space around us

~Sanise W.


Where the grass is green

Where the sun is luminous

Where the sky is blue

~Drew L.


Golden streaks shine down

A warm hug from up above

Making the world bright

~Katherine Z.

Paper Airplane Skyscape

~Rita D.



A Windswept Sunrise

~Audrey H.



Untitled ~Aileen Z.

Your Imperfections

I am your imperfections

I hear you critique every one of me

I see you pick yourself apart about the smallest things

I want you to notice that I make you special

I see you envying other people

I want you to be self-assured

I am your imperfections

I want you to notice me as embellishments

I am not the dirt on the ground

I feel dejected

I dream to one day make you feel like a queen

I try to make you listen to me

I hope you gain confidence and admire your flaws

I am your imperfections

~Shriya S.


To judge someone else

You must first look at yourself

And see perfection

~Jackie P.


Near a shark, death is close

One bite from a snake and you’re toast

But say one thing

That surely stings

That is what hurts the most

~Jackie P.



Chain Reaction

A chain reaction is what we need

All you have to do’s a good deed

When one person is nice

It can turn into twice

The recipient’s heart will feel freed

~Willa S.


Although the Thoughts

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although the Wind…”)

Although the thoughts stab at my brain,

the whispers of light still seem to remain.

~ Ava R.


There once was a flower

As pretty as could be

But it had little power

It wanted to be a tree

Strong, brave, and tall

Mighty as can be

The embodiment of power

It wanted to be a tree

The flower had wilted

Knowing its dreams would never be

Its whole world was tilted

When it could not be a tree

Strong, brave, and tall

Mighty it may be

But being a flower

Is the same as being a tree

~Delilah F.

Hues of Happiness

~Libby H.

Although They Keep Talking

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although the Wind…”)

Although they keep talking

behind my back,

there’s always one nice comment

amidst the rumors

that keeps me walking.

~Gavin G. and Haneen A.



Potential not done

But the best days are finished

Dreaming to be green

~Oliver W.



A Love Poem for You and Crabs

I just think crabs are really cool

Their pincers and the way they move

One time I heard there was a crab

That stood as tall as seven cars

I’d love you like I love this crab

With all its legs and carapace

My face would flush as red as crab

That’s just been steam’d upon a dish

Their beady eyes are black as void

And they look like the starry night

That starry night is like your voice

Smooth and silky, neat and light.

I have a space inside my heart

That is reserv’d for you and crabs

Any other love would hurt

But not a crab claw’s gentle grasp

My mind is full of arthropods

I also think of your sweet smile

So I love nothing more than you

And also underwater crabs.

~Aileen Z.



The earth turns slowly

Comets race across the sky

We’re just little specks

~Nina N.


Traveling to stars

Exploring the universe

More to discover!

~Ron D.




You are like the moon

Always lighting the dark sky

So bright that it hurts

~Habeeba K.


~Riley P.

High above the world

Observing every action

Wishing for freedom

~Oliver W.





Time ticking away

Every second is precious

Forever endless

~Hugo J.C.


The unknown abyss

Infinite wonders to see

Heavens before me

~Max W.


A flash of light blinds

And the sight of a moment

Captured in a time

~Luke H.

c o r o n a


In captivity

You want to leave

But where will you go?

Streets empty

My soul dizzy


Of resisting the timeless calls

Of embracing a friend.

We have done nothing wrong

Why should we be imprisoned?

Trapped behind a glass screen?

Held from the ones we love the most?

Even birds can’t be free

When its legs are tied with paper chains


That we send from our cells

That we used to call




A broken world infested

With microscopic killing machines



More alcohol on hands than in mouths



Words that strike fear into the hearts of the


You will remember me

The virus says

And we will.

~Taylor K.

Flowing Out of Me ~Lily D.





By Megan Z.

The stars were as taunting as ever. They sparkled

brightly tonight, as if nudging me to make a wish.

Hm, ok.

I want to travel back to 7th grade.

Did it work?

I checked my surroundings.

Yeah, same old dusty room. Same old pile of stuff I

had yet to clean out.

7th grade… Just thinking of it made me sad. It was

like a ball of unexplained emotion that I had kept in the

dark. Indeed, 7th grade, cut short by a pandemic that

changed our lives. My mother always told me to forget

such sad things. I couldn’t forget 7th grade.

I sighed, sitting down, rifling through dusty essays,

cringey middle school writing, wrinkled tests, old notes

about things I learned what seemed like ages ago.

My eyes stopped at an old, battered up notebook. No,

not any notebook. Faded purple cover. Fine gold lines.

Math. It must be.

Memories flooded back to me in waves.

Suddenly I was back in that classroom. A white

board with notes on the sides. Desks in rows and rows.

The board with the week’s record of who got a perfect

skill drill. And the window, that led to outside where

the trees sparkled in the sun and the Kiss-and-ride line

stretched out below. I could hear the laughter in this

room as I remembered the jokes made here, the small

potato accusations, the lectures that I had recorded in the


The scene faded away. That’s in the past.

Beside the notebook, a pink binder caught my eye. It

was covered in stickers, ranging from Star Wars Jedis to

mini donuts to random flags of countries. I smiled.


My notes were still in this binder, perfectly intact, as

if time had never glanced at it. I flipped through them,

delving back into times of centuries ago. I could almost

hear the lectures again, as they ran through my head,

before quickly fading away. I set the binder down.

The sky outside was pitch black, save for the bright

moon in the sky. Moonlight streamed through the room,

illuminating two identical binders, both torn around the


One was filled with essays and writings, while the

other had papers of labs, lessons, and tests.

I flipped through the binder, reminiscing how I had

first used a microscope, and how I would sit, typing and

typing the whole period to finish an English assignment.

How I missed the eye-searing colors of the lab books and

the interesting packets of stories and questions I would


A slightly torn piece of notebook paper was wedged

in between the two binders.


9:27 PM

To my future self… Huh, you’re older now, right? I don’t

know if you’re reading this months, years, or even decades

from now, but hey, you’ve grown up, right? Are you healthy?

Are you doing ok? Have you achieved your dreams yet? I

do hope you are doing well. I am writing this currently in

a period of struggle. Everything has changed this year. The

pandemic of 2020, remember it? I hope you still remember.

It has been about a month since I’ve last gone outside. I

hope that right now you might be able to happily enjoy the

outdoors. But I won’t say too much about my dreary life

right now. I am writing this for you to remember. Do you

remember this school year? I want you to remember that

despite the sadness in this year, there were many, many

great things that happened this year. New friends from

other schools, crazy sessions after school when we would

decorate lockers for birthdays, epic chorus concerts, Model

UN conferences, Mathcounts, Math Lab, etc. I hope that you

can remember those beautiful songs you sang back in 7th

grade chorus. I hope you can remember that heartwarming

morning on your birthday when you saw your locker so

interestingly decorated. I hope you can remember that even

through dark times, you had your friends, and your twin.

We all got something from this year. I hope you can take

these memories as you grow old, until maybe this paper

fades to nothing and we all collapse into the ground. Stay

strong, older Megan!

You from the past,

Megan Zhang

Dawn found me with tears in my eyes, sitting in the

dust filled room, laughing at my naive self.

Perhaps I really did travel back in time to seventh




Wednesday Night

~Rojia K.



Although the Days

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although the


Although the days mindlessly drift away

like the magnolias scattered on my doorstep,

there’s one thing I know that’s keeping me sane:

the zombie apocalypse hasn’t begun yet.

~ Sabrina M.

I Didn’t Know I Loved Playing with My Friends

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t

Know I Loved…”)

I didn’t know I loved playing with my friends

outside like a dandelion seed

blowing freely to any place it wants to go.

~Jihyun M.

Cherry Blossoms

~Laura Z.

Cherry Blossoms

The signal of spring

In the warm heart of DC

Cherry blossoms bloom

~Ally C.

Rhododendrons ~Jiayin Z.

Although There Are Terrible Risks

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although

the Wind…”)

Although there are terrible risks,

the sun is up

the trees are normal

neighbors are near you

some animals come around

Everything didn’t change that much

Maybe it could just be a cold for the Earth

~Nayeon K.



Spring ~Mathilde L.




Books should be cherished

Escape from reality

Get lost in stories

~Delilah F.


Books, humanity’s collection of ideas

Old or new, they inspire innovation

Old or new, they bring joy

Knowledge-packed food for thought

Sold in bookstores near you

~Kyle N.

The Silence of Autumn ~Jackie P.



Tree of my Mind

~Angela Y.

A Bookworm’s Dilemma

Books, taking up all my time

Day and night I read, no matter the time

I love reading stories, myths, and legends

Every day, to the library I go

And every day, I find a new book or two

Carrying the books through the halls

Holding them steadily so none fall off my stack

Most days are the same, though not today

There are no books to spark my interest

Picking at random now, losing my mind

Looking at the shelves, over and over

The librarians save me yet again

Recommending books left and right

Then, there! A book just for me

I can’t wait to read it

~Sophia S.


Discover the stories of all

Endless tales from chivalry to horror

Fantasy about unicorns big and small

Galloping hordes racing to their lords

Happy or sad, anything you’d like

It’s not that hard if you read a book

Joke books or acrobats riding a bike

Kites that fly so high, take a look!

Long and far the prince shall explore

Mighty dragons blocking his way

Nothing compares! You’ll love it, come


Oh lad, take my advice and be sent on an

adventure far, far away

~Amelia E.



Windy Shores ~Zaid L.



Calm as the ocean

Yet fierce as the howling winds

A frigid steel trap

~Addison H.


Grass is rattling

The ground is soaked with water

So peaceful it is

~Eli A.


Water swiftly flows

Through and around the forest

The only sound there

~Virginia W.

Winter Snow

The green and lush world

Suddenly turns into white

Winter is now here

~Yantang L.

The Cold

The winter is harsh

The cold breeze is everywhere

Summer where are you

~Alina M.


Coming from the clouds

White blankets cover the land

Enjoy while it lasts

~Elena J.



I Wish I Could Be a Bird

I wish I could be a bird

Flying freely without a care about anything

Surrounded by glorious mountain views and waterfalls

Flying through fluffy white cotton candy clouds

Through many terrains and biomes

Fleeing the gentle, cooling breeze of the wind

Observing cities and people below you

Flying towards the scarlet red and beautiful blue sunset

Oh how I just envy birds so much

To just be equipped with two large, magnificent wings

You could fly the world with those glorious wings

I wish I could be a bird

~Hannah G.



Noises made by birds call you awake

Adventure lies ahead in the forest

Trees stand proud and tall, not bothered by the


Uncover sights of amazing animals and plants

Regardless of day or night

Every part of nature is beautiful

~Yantang L.

I Am: After the End

I am the ancient tree towering in the


I hear sounds that have long since

been silenced

I see the work of man fade away as

time trickles on

I want the want to rustle my leaves

before he steals them

I see the seasons come and go, green

to gold to white to pink

I am the silent witness to all that has

come before

I want the woods to conquer the

kingdoms of concrete

I am all that is left of a bygone age

I feel the marks carved into my trunk

by loving hands

I dream of a world where man walked

with his head held high

I try to remember the time when their

metal trees towered above us all

I hope that the Earth will begin to heal

I am the tree that watched the fall of

the world

Abigail S.

Cathedral of Trees

~Jiayin Z.



d Laughing

Language of all

Amusing, but can get out of hand

Underestimating laughter is a huge mistake

Going on and on, never knowing how to stop

However, laughing too hard can be dangerous

Intensely concentrating on the cause of such laughter

Never enough fun without our friends

Great feelings only, the joy shall never end

~Malina R.

Social Media

Social media can be very useful

Of course, it can also be toxic

Can’t go a day without checking my phone

Instagram oh my gosh, I forgot to post

And of course I can’t forget my Snapchat streaks

Love comparing ourselves to each other

Media is a thing that’s very powerful

Eagerly checking and liking celebrities’ posts

Dying to know the newest trends

It is all a part of social media

And the cycle goes on and on

~Hannah G.



You should love your life

Everyday do something new

Things you won’t forget

~Eva N.


I believed in Santa

I believed in the Tooth Fairy

I believed that I knew everything

I believed what everyone told me

I believed that every human was good

I believed that there was no bad in the


I believed everything was easy

I believed that everyone had it the


I believed that no one would do

anything to harm anybody or


I believed that my problems were the

only ones that existed

I believed that there was a monster

under my bed

I believed that if you stepped on a

crack it would break my mom’s back

I believed in everything.

~Nicole C.

What Goes On in My Mind

~Kailin K.



Serenity ~Karina B.


Song of the Sirens

By Abigail S.

Listen dear children as you drift off to sleep

I’ll tell you of sirens who lurk in the deep

Sweet are their voices, soft is their song

As they lure in sailors and drag them along

They spin visions of water, dreams out of sun

When they pull you in there’s nowhere to run

They’ll drag you town to a place dark as night

Where there never has been a trickle of light

Ten year ago a great adventure began

A man faced the sirens with a sword in his hand

Brave was his heart and fierce was his mind

Yet still he managed to be loving and kind

He battled the monsters who lurk in the sea

Ignoring their voices, that is the key

To staying alive to greet the new day

But Sirens are clever, so they found a way

To spin visions of water, dreams out of sun

They pulled him in, leaving nowhere to run

Dragging him down to the place dark as night

They sang him to death, snuffing his light

So listen dear children as you drift off to sleep

For I’ve warned you of Sirens that lurk in the deep

Sweet were their voices, soft was their song

As they lured your father and dragged him along



Siren song so sweet and fair that lures me to the


Drag me down beneath the waves to live there


Though name and face are lost behind the

melancholic mist

I trust with her my soul to keep; I know it won’t be


Falling, falling from the ship into an onyx sea

Suspended in the waves perhaps I’ll finally be free

Then sinking deeper, far away from the sky I used

to know

I find myself surrounded by creatures darting to

and fro

Siren song

By Alison K.

I panic finding I can’t breathe and surely I will die

I’ve sunken in, I’m far too deep, too deep to reach

the sky

Kick and thrash and try to scream with voice that

now is gone

The voice I hear is not my own, become a Siren


Siren song so sweet and fair that lured me to the


Brought me down beneath the waves to live there


Though name and face are lost behind the

melancholic mist

I trust with her my soul to keep; I know it won’t be


The Octopus’s Garden

~Natalie N.



I Didn’t Know I Loved Nature

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t Know I


I didn’t know I loved nature with its cold winds

Blowing as if to greet you

Even in your times of despair

Even when there’s a virus

The wind will always be there.

~Santhony C.

Under Spring

~Sabrina M.

I’ll Make It Fine

No matter how many times

You want to go home and cry

Don’t shed the tears

Come over here

And I’ll make everything fine

~Habeeba K.


Eyeing the person next to you

Noticing their perfections

Viciously thinking about how to make them yours

Insane amount of jealously

Overseeing everything they do like they’re your puppet

Unfriendly because you don’t think they deserve it

Spiteful about whatever they do or say

~Cece H.


Some things don’t always work out

No matter how they turn out

Changes sometimes happen

Just keep adaptin’

And keep moving without doubt

~Martina G.


~Kailin K.



Excerpt from “The Good Thief ”

By Alexandra L.

Cover Art By Lana F.

With wings the color of midnight, Torment

the darkwing flew through the night. Eyes from the

ground would never see him in the darkening sky.

Being a runaway was definitely a way to get unwanted

attention. Always hiding from the spotlight, this was

his worst nightmare.

What did he do to become wanted by the most

powerful king in existence? Well nice of you to ask. He

had stolen the king’s daughter and half of his treasure.

He hadn’t escaped the palace totally unharmed,

though. Five weeks later and the stupid fire wound on

the right side of his neck hadn’t healed. Half of his left

wing had gotten scarred as well.

Dipping down a bit, he moved out of the higher

air current. He began his descent, moving down in a

soft spiral. Through the trees he went, managing to hit

every single one of them as he landed.

He still wasn’t used to his dragon form. Landing in

a crouch, Torment looked up and wished to become a

human again. When he looked back down, his human

form stood in the place of the mighty dragon.

Spots danced in his eyes but he shook his head and

started the trek through the woods. The branches on

both sides of the small winding path seemed to reach

out like claws, snatching at his clothes as the thorns

tore at his skin, but he kept going.

Wiping the sweat out of his eyes he looked around.

This was the right place. The overturned log, the

gurgling brook, the boulders. But something was off.

He could smell it in the air.

Turning around he saw footsteps leading into the

clearing. Two pairs. Leading out on the other side of

the clearing were the two pairs of footsteps but they

were pushed deeper into the mud. Like their owners

were carrying something heavy.

Torment turned and called out in a sharp cry. The

boulders rolled back a step to reveal a dark hole dug

into the soft ground. The second he stepped closer he

smelled something burning.

He felt his heart race. Something was obviously,

really wrong. He jumped feet first into the hole.

His breath became ragged as smoke filled his lungs.

Landing in a crouch, he looked down the earth made

tunnel. A shape was pressed up against the tunnel wall.

He felt his heart jump into his throat. He stumbled

down the hall coughing non stop. When he reached

the lump he turned the princess onto her back.

Ash covered her face and her soft and silky hair

was covered in a thin layer of grime but her chest still rose and

fell. He grabbed her and threw her over one shoulder racing back

up to the tunnel.

He stood at the base of the hole. The smoke and heat was

becoming more oppressive. He leaned against the wall and


steadied his nerves. He hugged the princess needing extra

support. He could feel her heartbeat against his chest. He took a

deep breath and pushed off the wall. Looking down the hall one

more time, he shed a silent tear and transformed.


Oh what a wonderful creature!

This slimy critter with many odd features.

Looks like a snake, but is actually a fish.

In Asia, it’s considered a yummy dish!

With its white stomach and body mostly brown,

The shape of the eel is fairly round.

It has no legs, so it swims on its tummy,

To go look for a friend or something yummy.

Eels are common in the freshwaters of the bay.

Small fish and crustaceans are its prey.

The eel’s favorite dish is crab.

Lurking in the dark, it waits to attack

The American Eel

By Rita Y.

Of course, the eel still has to make sure,

To stay away from its predator.

Deep in the sand it slowly stirs,

Making sure to keep away from fish-eating birds.

This interesting creature has no legs,

Goes to the Sargasso sea to deposit its eggs.

And there the adult eels begin to die,

With a new generation about to arrive...


~Isabella G.



Make Anew

~Sabrina M.


~Logan S.


~Olivia A.

Rose Cake

(Inspired by Beauty and the Beast)

~Caroline H.



I Am a Compliment

I am a compliment

I hear nervous laughter

I see shy smiles

I want to make people happy

I see surprised faces

I want to make people confident

I am a compliment

I want to make you feel good

I am a compliment

I feel cheerful

I dream of a joyous world

I try to empower people

I hope to be positive

I am a compliment

~Carmen Henick

A Take On The Fifties

2020 Regional Scholastic

Art Award - Fashion - Silver Key

~Natalie N.

Alien Zen

2020 Regional Scholastic

Art Award- Fashion - Golden Key


~Natalie N.



Life with Covid19

~Marjan Rezva

~Kiyan S-R.



Although Times Are Hard

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although the Wind…”)

Although times are hard

And we were caught off-guard

This is a wake-up call

Nature threw a fireball

We couldn't dodge it

But we will not quit

We are tasting defeat

But we will not retreat

We will not stop

Till workers can go to their workshop

We will get through this misery

This is not as bad as the others in history

We need to get prepared

Can you imagine, masks are being shared?

This is America

Quite hysterical

But there is light at the end of the tunnel

We will crack this puzzle

~Aahil V.

Crazy Quarantine


Caused a quarantine.

We all stayed home,

And were told not to roam.

We watched as every public event was canceled,

While our lives were slowly dismantled.

Toilet paper all out of stock,

The doors were silent, without a knock.

But as long as we can cope,

And wash our hands with soap,

This will all be over.

And we can escape our enclosure.

~Alexander M.

The Curve

6 feet away, every single day

It may get slow, but it’s all okay

Stay inside, seclude and guide

Flatten the curve, set Covid-19 astray

Stay inside, or you’ll catch the virus

Stay inside, thank workers for their kindness

Make the most of our time,

For it might get boring

Let’s abide,

As the world starts restoring

from the wildness

Together with teamwork,

and with strength we preserve

Together with teamwork,

we can flatten the curve

~Noah C.

Four Years Gone

It was no chuckle but a struggle

Four years gone just like that

When the news came out, the tears came about.

“I hate it” turned into “I miss it”

No goodbye to the last year at the high.

Entering a new era and ending an old one

What seemed so short is now all gone

They leave with their heads held low

Saddened by the fact it’s over

It seems unreal but sums up the year.

It was no chuckle but a struggle

Four years gone just like that

~ Anonymous


~Serene H.




Eighth grade was going so well, but then we

had to say goodbye

Coronavirus had to interrupt, the end came

so abrupt

This year I was thriving, I thank my teachers

for this year

For making class fun, and for helping us get

our work done

For dealing with us when we were chatty,

and for checking on us through

challenging things

For grading our assignments, and for

pointing out our mistakes

Now that we are all stuck in quarantine, we

have nothing to do

No one knows when this will end

No one knows when we will be able to go

out, without worrying about our safety

No one knows when life will be back to


We can only stay positive and wait

All we can do is read and see what happens


~Juliana Galang



Can’t stop this virus

Overpowering humans

Reigning over China

Over the enormous population

Neglecting the lives of humans

And constantly stealing them

Very scary virus

Indeed, a pandemic

Rarely ever happening

Unless it was an accident

Severe danger is coming

~David Cao

Silently lurking

In the depths of the jungle

The viruses wait

~Benjamin Cohen



It is infecting thousands

Many are dying

~Austin Huang

Nature Spirit ~Pedro G.



Visual Journal Cover Design

~Riley P.



Jungle Night ~Elinor B.

Tiger ~Marissa U.



Cat’s Eye ~Zoe W.


A lion stomps through

Grass ripples as it passes

The last of its kind

~Mary J.

Cost of War

Wolves sing their goodbyes

Some will not make it alive

Others will survive

~John B.


The long gone forest

Once the home to many birds

They all disappeared

~Daniel L.


Waiting silently

The small black cat is hiding

Thinking of dinner

~Max S.

Time at the End of the World

There thought a time

when the skies were bright

and the seas were clear

and the land was purged

with things we hold dear

And lived did those

in harmony and peace

with the unphased land

the unphased seas

But then they came

and came they did do

bringing loss

and sorrow

and destruction too

And then the sky fell

and oceans denied

the land corrupt

the stars will hide

What have we done

with what was our pride

where will we go

when our destruction strives

to kill us

and force us

to die

~Sophia F.



Rhino ~Madeline S.

Thawing Out

~Sophia R.




~Logan S.


The Difference

Any human is more advanced than some of the animals

But some of the animals are more advanced than some humans

Creatures in our world are all the same, made of the same cells

DNA is in every cell to copy it if it is damaged

End will come to all of us, death will come

Fighting will not change then end result

Giraffe, butterfly, human, we will all fall

Humans are no more different from giraffes than giraffes from


It is wrong to separate humans from all the other animals

Just as wrong it is as putting men in front of women, or white people

in front of black

Knowing that all, can you call yourself tolerant?

~Ron D.

The World

The earth was once green and the sea was blue

The trees once stood tall all over the land

Animals lived in the wild not zoos

No plastic is littered throughout the sand

You ignore people who say it’s not fair

You think that one person can’t make a change

So give the world just a little more care

Even though others may think you are strange

The world’s plummeting on a downward slope

This world has already been through a lot

But your generation is the last hope

So you know what? Trying’s better than not

We made this mess and we can fix it too

But this change we speak of, it starts with you

~Claire T.



Although I Pick Flower Petals

(inspired by Izumi Shikibu’s “Although the


Although I pick flower petals

To blow them away in slow motion,

They move too fast-

Like the rest of the world.

~By Peyton R.



Flowers are blossoming

Colors spread everywhere

It is spring time here

~Iman M.

Lotus Flower

~Laura Z.

Dandelion in a Field

I am a golden dandelion

I hear the soft whisper of the wind

I see the clear blue sky above me

I want to be picked and admired

I see my family of flowers around me

I want to be given to a child

I am a golden dandelion

~Ava Soong

I want to be a gift for someone’s love

I am a golden dandelion

I feel common in this sea of gold

I dream to be something special

I try to bring happiness to those that

gaze at me

I hope to be loved and cherished

I am a golden dandelion

~Ava S.

Daffodil Study 1 ~Logan S.



Fresh Start to Everything

White sprinkles melting

Blooming tulips all at once

Dear Spring, you are here

~Leah L.


Flowing through the field like waves on

the shore

Lovers love to adventure more

Outside is a great place to stay

We people, however, choose to play

Even the kids that are only ten

Really would rather watch TV in their


So I lay here wondering if anyone will

come enjoy the flowers with me

~Carter G.

Coral Creation

~Libby H.


~Katherine Rylatko


Sunflowers blooming everywhere

Popsicles in children’s mouths

Reminiscing about when we had snow


Internal and external happiness

Nobody sitting on their couch at home

Girls and boys laughing everywhere

~Neha P.


It is bright and fun

Sunshine, flowers, and smiles

Yet unloved by some

~Addison H.


It is bright and fun

Sunshine, flowers, and smiles

Yet unloved by some

~Ashlee S.

Daffodil Study 2 ~Logan S.



All was black.

The moon hid behind the clouds, only faint rays

emerging to touch down. Just barely enough to see. A harsh

north wind blew across the snowy hills. Not a single living

creature was seen. This was the darkness of winter.

And yet a single pair of footprints trailed through the

snow, resolute and determined. A single girl, making her

way slowly across the field, boots crunching softly as the

wind roared fiercely around her.

Tears had frozen on the girl’s face, even though now

she had no memory of why she had even cried. Everything

seemed to have disappeared. Her memory. Her emotion.

Her name. Her very identity had been stripped away, much

like the scarf she had lost to the fierce blizzard earlier.

Or had there ever been a blizzard earlier? There must

have been something to explain this feeling of numbness.

She didn’t even feel cold anymore, just a hollow, inhuman

emptiness. It was as if something had cast a shadow over her

soul. One that would not go away. It was as if she had felt so

much that now she simply could not feel.

A thick mist lay over her thoughts, making them

sluggish and confusing. That feeling was now creeping into

her heart as well, only there was one thing the girl still held

on tightly to.


Hoping that this dreadful snowy night would end. That

she would wake up, in a warm bed, and see that the snow

had all melted, and she would be able to go outside and

breathe in the sweet scent of Spring and—

Would it ever come? Would this just be the end?

Perhaps hope never existed at all. Perhaps this dark


By Victoria Z.

winter would last forever.

The wind howled sharply as if agreeing. And yet the girl

continued on, steps getting slower, but still moving forward


Because like a fool, I still believe it exists.

Every time the girl stopped, when she wanted to give

up, that tiny familiar voice at the back of her mind would

whisper “just a little farther.” So just a little farther the girl

went. Again and again. Carving a path of footprints through

the snow. Until she finally stopped. Her fists clenched.

“This isn’t going to end, is it? So stop giving me false

hope!” She screamed into the darkness, tears sparkling in

her eyes. She angrily raised a hand to wipe them away.

More rose again, she didn’t bother this time. They

simply rolled down her cheeks silently, dropping down like

raindrops onto the snow. The girl lowered her head, arms

hugging her shaking body.

The wind blew harder, reminding the girl of her

loneliness. She hugged herself tighter until the silence was

broken. Footsteps, crunching in the snow.

Something warm brushed against the girl’s shoulder.

Surprised at the sudden warmth, she lifted her head but saw


“You’re not alone, you know,” a voice softly rang out

from the emptiness.

The girl stared blankly at the space before her.

“Where are you?”

Silence. For a moment, the girl worried that the

mysterious person had disappeared. Then the voice spoke


“I’m here with you. But you can’t see me.”

Rose ~Abigail S. Flower Close-up ~Abigail S.



Blossoms ~Melody W.

As if to prove her point, a warm hand pressed lightly on

the girl’s arm, though it wasn’t seen.

“Say, do you like flowers?” The voice asked.

The girl did not respond. She was in shock, for that

sentence reminded her of something awfully familiar, but

she just couldn’t remember.

“Look down.”

The girl did. A small flower, it’s head barely poking out

from the snow. Violet petals surrounded a vivid golden


The girl crouched, a hand reaching out to touch the

delicate flower. A gasp of wonderment escaped her mouth.

“A flower blooming in the snow….but how?”

The snow crunched as the invisible person shifted to

crouch too.


The flower shifted slightly as the wind roared through

once again.

“When the snow crocus blooms, Spring will come


With those words, the sky began to brighten, much

faster than the girl could have ever thought possible. It

didn’t stop when the sky was clear, it continued until the

landscape seemed to have faded away, and the girl had to

shield her eyes from the overwhelming luminescence.

“I believe it’s time for you to wake up now.”

For a second, the girl could almost see the outline of a

familiar smile, before all faded to white.


Blinding sunlight poured in from a window, waking the

sleeping girl.

A young woman peered over from the window.

“Finally awake, are you? You must have had a nice dream

for you to sleep this long.”

Her sharp tone of voice startled the girl, who now sat

up. She hesitated, staring out at the blank wall across from


“Actually...I forgot what it was about.”

The woman shrugged nonchalantly, going to open

the other window. The girl winced at the sudden rush of

sunlight. The woman peered outside.

“Hmm, not all the snow has melted yet. Not surprising,

given that the storm last night was quite rough.”

Her eyes suddenly widened as she stared at something

near the window. “Will you look at that! A flower managed

to bloom through all this snow. It really did persevere

through the storm.”

The woman turned, one hand still lingering on the

window frame, surprised at the soft murmur from the bed.

The girl was still staring blankly at the wall. Then she turned

to face the woman, eyes bright, a small smile dancing across

her lips.

“Spring will come soon.”




Waves come tumbling

Like a rhythm without end

Crashing to the shore

~Carmen H.


Ocean shore, soft sand

Sparkling in the sunlight

Summer has arrived

~Carter G.

Box Jellyfish


Beast-like creature

Creative little animal

Deep in the ocean

Endangered because of


Forever it will live in mystery

Growing population

Hiding for you to find

~Grant D.


Beautiful sights to see

Every day there is a surprise

Animals filled with glee

Coral reefs in the sea

Hugging me with the breeze

~Ty S.

Clear Skies ~Audrey H.



Diamonds on the Water ~Skye M.


The black curving trunk

And the rainbow colored leaves

Stood out on the hill

~Bella C.


City wed to sea

Shone only behind a smile,

An echo of the past

~Megan Z.




I am just a seashell,

And I sit on the ocean floor

Wondering where everyone has


My home, once crowded, is now free

of people

I can see through the water again

And my fears of being collected

And sewn into a necklace

Are no more.

Sand wiggles between your toes while the

gentle breeze whispers in your ear

The sun rays reflect off the turquoise water

just like a golden chandelier

You sip your ice tea, so sugary and sweet

And that scrumptious, strawberry scent you

love flows down the street

You spot a small, sandpiper steadily

succuring out of sight slipping on the

seashore’s sandy scallops

And up ahead the bumbling, blue and black

butterflyfish bob their heads above the

blue beachy waves trying to regain their


The gold encrusted sun shines over you like


While you watch all around, observing all the

glistening fishes and the designs on their

backs looking like squiggles

Tiny Houses line the coast, all indulged in

lush plants creeping up their spines

You put down your book, gazing up at the

sky wondering about the fading cloud’s


You later join the scuttling crab to take a dip

into the twinkling, aqua ripples

You waddle in deeper where the seaweed

starts giving you tickles

The ocean waves rumble back in and out, in

and out, slipping over the shimmering,

streaked shells

The dolphins and manatees swim through

the reef which takes the color of pretty


Though carefree and as bright as the sky

sometimes you, you will never know the

value of a moment until it’s a memory

So summer begs remember me

by Sarah S.

I am Just a Seashell

By Peyton R.

Talk from the nearby seagulls


That it hasn’t been a few weeks,

But years

That the humans have been gone.

Perhaps my home

Will never be crowded again.

However, I am just a seashell

How would I know?


Paddy ~Caroline H.

The Only ABC’s That Matter To Me

A dog that’s what I am

Being there for you is my plan

Calm to crazy in just one second

Doing tricks for treats when I’m beckoned

Every second of every day, there with you

and here to stay

Family is my everything, and I love to play

Going to the park is what I like to do

Hi, my name is Tucker—who are you?

Mira B.


The Door

I am a canine

I stare in complete silence

Waiting at the door

Isaac C.

Valentine’s With My Favorite Boy

When you smile my eyes light up with joy

For your happiness is my happiness

You are such a lovely and loyal boy

Without your love I am a dreadful mess

So when this Valentine’s arrives for me

For it draws nearer and nearer each day

My eternal love for you, you shall see

When I buy dog toys with which you will play

And give you a delightfully good treat

Possibly a peanut butter filled bone

I know how much you love to eat your meat

We can spend time together, not alone

All of your time today, I want to hog

A day to spend with my cute little dog

~Ava S.



The Wolf

Apparitions in the dark

Beasts feared for bite and bark

Conifers hide their stealthy treks

Dogs of ice and frigid snow

Eating the wild deer and caribou

Fur soft but strong against the chill

Gales of wind are no match for it

Howling, howling, howling

~Kyle N.

Red Panda ~Maggie N.


My Dog Likes Flowers

Flowers are gorgeous

Until my dog gets to them

My lawn’s flowerless

~Thomas T.


Scamper, scamper, hop!

They prepare for the long sleep

Winter is coming

~Bennett B.

Food Chain

Nature can be cruel

From grass to rabbit to hawk

Eat then be eaten

.~Zayden T.

Biome Landscape ~Jaya R.



~Zoe W.


Running Away



Running away is easy

Bolting at the first sign of trouble

Turning to look the other way

It’s easier

A life free from stress

A life free from pain

It is not that simple

It is a life of regret

It is a life thinking, “What if?”

Have courage

Do not look away

Do not bolt

Do not run away

~Katherine Z.


Everything given to me

Living gratefully

~Natalie T.

Lost Personality

Way back then you could be yourself

If you wore odd clothes nobody stared

Even if I was weird we could still be friends

It was okay to be different; nobody cared

Now I’m confronted with rude remarks like

Don’t wear that outfit, it’s so un-cool

That necklace is so babyish

Don’t wear those shoes; you’ll look like a fool

That book series is only for nerds

Don’t watch that show; it’s so last year

Your taste in music is horrible

And only 5-year olds have that stupid fear

I’ve listened to them; I’ve covered it up

What you see now, it isn’t me

As I grow up, I’ve realized something

I’m losing my personality

I wish I could go back then, back when

If you wore old clothes nobody stared

Even if I was weird we could still be friends

It was okay to be different; nobody cared

~Zsa Zsa A.


~Elissa T.



A Collection of Dreams

~Angela Y.


It is always better to tell the truth

Lies are no good; they always harm and hurt

At least that’s what I was taught in my youth

So from being honest I don’t divert

Some hear this and are pretty positive

They smile and say that’s what friends are for

Some hear this and are really negative

They frown and then start to mock me some more

Being honest can get me in a mess

Offending others, not something I meant

Yet it ends up the same way nonetheless

My careless words I then start to resent

I don’t know why I am so very blunt

It’s a problem I have yet to confront

~Ashlee S.



Anxiety comes

And you free fall a long time

Anxiety goes

Everything is the Meaning of

~Shriya S.

Everything is the Meaning of Nothing

They ask us what’s wrong

When people say nothing’s wrong

Most mean everything

~Malina R.


Just temporary

Weakness leaving the body

It makes you stronger

~Hunter C.




Alone again you hear a noise

Bedtime it is, but you don’t snore

Cracking comes from the front door

Demons and monsters are coming for you

Evil creatures of your mind

Frontal lobe can’t keep them out

Guilt and sins are getting closer

Hey, they can’t hurt you if you don’t let


Inner thoughts and deepest fears

~David H.


Man always standing

In the middle of a field

A crow perched, waiting

~Luke H.


~Samara C.



Creatures in Color

~Angela Y.



Chair Personified

~Angela Y.

Dancing on Clouds

~Jackie P.

With a jolt the music starts

I try to calm my beating heart.

The curtains open to reveal

A little girl dressed in teal.

The Salbauhms looking their very


Greet all their Christmas guests.

The march starts, girls dance with


All eager to open their new toys.

Drosselmeyer arrives, with a box tied

Shut with a silver cord

Clara opens it to reveal a Nutrcracker

With a shiny sword

Fritz gets jealous, Fritz gets mad,

Fritz breaks the Nutcracker making

Clara sad.

The party ends, changing Things.

Time to meet the mouse King.

Mice attack, armed with claws

Snapping with their sharp jaws.

The NutCracker

By Olivia A.

Soldiers defend,

the Nutcracker Turns into a real man.

Clara watches, her eyes wide with


Staring at the terrifying sight.

Clara hits the mouse king with her


Letting the Nutcracker run him


Time for another change of scene,

Time to meet the snow queen.

Snowflakes dance, ice sprites waltz

It is truly amazing to watch

The snow queen and the king dance

A pas de deux.. Gracing everyone

With their beautiful moves

Now we visit the land of sweets

A place with lots of tasty eats.

The sugar plum fairy introduces


Now we begin the fun

The Spanish chocolate with their

fierce attitude.

The arabian coffee with their mystic


Chinese tea bring energy

Next is the powerful Russian lead.

Afte rhtat is a Marzipan treat.

Mother Ginger dances on

With her little bon bons.

Following that is the flowers waltz

It is beautiful to watch

Last but not least

Is the sugar plum fairy dance

Putting everyone into

a beautiful trance

Clara and the Nutcracker wave


and off they fly

Time for bows, its been fun

But now it’s all done.




Rehearsals, training, it all comes down to this

Every fluorescent colored light stings your eyes

Costumes twinkle in the light, illuminating excited faces

caked with makeup

It’s time to wipe away the blood, the sweat, the tears, and

most of all, the frown

This is ballet, a dance for warriors, so get out there

And no matter what it takes,

Love every second of it

~Zsa Zsa A.



Lightning Bugs

~Sabrina M.

Spring Elf

~Angela Y.

Flashing bugs of light

Speeding through the darkened sky

Instantly vanish

~Ava B.

I Used to Dream

I used to see fairies and mermaids

I used to see people as perfect

I used to see imaginary friends

But I was blind

I used to think wishes were real

I used to think dreams came true

I used to think everyone was as

fortunate as me

But I was naïve

I used to dream a million dreams

I used to wish upon a star

I used to think I was a princess

I used to be ignorant

But I was happy

~Olivia A.

Meadows of Peace

~Jackie P.




~Pedro G.


The bright green forest

The trees lush with brilliant leaves

Nature is wonderous

~Teddy W.


Provide oxygen

Constantly helping nature

But slowly dying

~Ashley M.


We always chase it

Not knowing that it’s inside

Find the little things

~Emily J.

Circles of Nature

~Rachel N.



I Wish I Were Robert Frost

Poems are hard things to write

They make you stay up all night

I wish I was Frost

‘cause he wouldn’t be lost

And he’d get the rhyming all right!

~Elliot Lee

Antelope Canyon

~Jiayin Z.



cmd+n ~Sabrina M.




This Is My Secret

By Haya A.

“This can’t be true,” I mumbled. I just stood

there with no feelings, no emotions, with my tearful

face in great shock. What should I do? What should

I expect? I was looking at my mom and my grandma

crying, I felt empty inside. I would ask myself, “Is

this really it? Is this the end?” It was one of the

saddest moments of my life. I know you’re thinking

to yourself and wondering, what is happening here?

But this is something special I own.

I’m very grateful for my loving family. I have a

big family, especially from my mom’s side. She has

four sisters and one brother. My sister and I really

love seeing them and our cousins. So we try to see

them once every one or two years. They all live in

different countries.

In 2014 It was my aunt’s wedding, and

everybody was there. We all gathered on this special

occasion, we were ecstatic. Then everyone returned


After a few months, my uncle came to my

country, Iraq, where I lived at that time. I remember

me and my sister running up to him and saying,

“Uncle Ahmad, we are so happy to see you, we

missed you so much.” We had so much fun with

him, it was very joyful.

Then he left for Jordan, and he would send us

pictures. One day when my uncle returned to his

home, in Jordan, something happened. We were at

my grandparents’ house eating lunch when my aunt

called my mom.

My sister and I didn’t know what was

happening, but when my grandmother started to cry,

we were scared, frightened. Then we knew the bad

news, It was my uncle, my only uncle, he had died. It

was horrible and miserable, it was very shocking.

After we heard, my father and my mom’s uncle

came, as well as one of my aunts. It was one of the

most miserable moments of my life. Everything

happened so quickly; it was like a stroke of

lightning…. After a few months, when the summer

break started, we went to Amman, Jordan, that was

where one of my other aunts lived. All the family

planned to meet there. We got to spend time with

my cousins, it was a thrill for us, we had so much

fun. After a few days, me and my cousins heard

my mom and aunts sobbing and crying; they had

luggage with all of my uncle’s things in it. I felt very


We went into the room, where they were sitting

and sat down next to them. My sister asked, “Can

we take something from the luggage.” She took

something that was put in a little box, she opened

it and saw a beautiful black and white pair of

headphones. They were very smooth and soft. We

took and kept them. After we came back to Iraq,

we kept it in a special place. These headphones

are very special to us. Sometimes when I smell the

meaningful headphones, I can imagine him wearing

it. It was very hard for all of us. We would always

try to make mom feel better and say, “Everything is

going to be okay,” or, “Be strong, Mom.”

Those headphones have been with us for four

years. They have a lot of meanings. Every time

I look at them I remember old memories like,

when he came to visit us, or when we went to my

aunt’s wedding. These might look like any other

headphones, but they mean a lot to me. They have

so many beautiful memories behind them. They are

not ordinary headphones; they are filled with love

and wonderful memories.


Rehearsals, training, it all comes down to this

Every fluorescent colored light stings your eyes

Costumes twinkle in the light, illuminating excited faces

caked with makeup

It’s time to wipe away the blood, the sweat, the tears, and

most of all, the frown

This is ballet, a dance for warriors, so get out there

And no matter what it takes,

Love every second of it

~Zsa Zsa A.


A room full of instruments

Being tuned for playing

Conductor waves her baton

Deciding the key in which to play

Excited to perform in front of an audience

Forever being grateful for the experience

Going to after school rehearsals are a pain

Happy about the amusement park trip at

year’s end

~Julia G.



The Tale of the Lonely Sock

Oh what a lonely sock I am!

Waiting each day to find my match

The problem is my owner Sam

Is very messy, that’s the catch

Oh what a lonely sock I am!

I have been here so many days

And yet it seems my owner Sam

Matches socks in all the wrong ways

~Ella K.

Oh what a lonely sock I am!

I’ve met polka dots, stripes, and more

I sometimes think my owner Sam

Will never take me out of this drawer

Oh what a lonely sock I am!

I sit here biding my time

Clinging onto the hope that Sam

Will match me with the one that’s mine

~Kyra M.

My Cat

My cat has lots of hair

To see her awake is rare

She has a small head

She likes to be fed

If I died she wouldn’t care

~Hemin C.

The School on the Moon

There was an old school on the moon

That was built in the shape of a spoon

The students were pink

Wore shoes made of ink

The hallways were lined with spittoons

~Nour A.


There once was a man in a cave

He desperately needed to shave

After he had

He was very mad

For a large scar he had engraved

~William Heslep


I decided to cut my own hair

For I thought it just wasn’t fair

To pay someone money

For hair that looks funny

But now I just look like a bear

~Alison K.

Girl in Black

~Birka C.




Mosquitoes they always bite

Little bugs you cannot fight

Your blood they acquire

It itches like fire

Malaria, oh what a fright!

~Jaren T.

Blood Suckers

Blood sucking monsters

You see them and “SPLAT!”

Just like that, they’re dead

~Jaren T.

~Ariana A.

Counting the Sheep

I rumble and tumble at night

The time is about midnight

I count the sheep

Without a peep

And now I can sleep tonight

~Kevin S’

Sam the Man

There once was a man named Sam

Who really liked honey with jam

It was so very sweet

And was such a nice treat

That he would always put it on ham

~Victor V.


~Serene H.

~Sarah L.



Artists Statement “Spring in Paris”

Our taste palette is based on the feel of spring: mint, blackberry,

lavender, raspberry and lemon. We were inspired by how spring foods

in general taste: light, fresh, new and unique to the season. We created

Spring in Paris to reflect that.

We focused on how desserts are often quite rich and heavy, like a

triple chocolate piece of cake, and wanted to create a confection that was

fresh and delicious without being over the top. In our take on two of

the classic French desserts, the millefeuille (meel-foy) and the macaron,

dessert is still rich but tastes light and airy, just the way spring should feel.

The bottom-most layer is a fresh lemon whipped cream piped into swirls.

Next is the macaron layer: we have a blackberry macaron filled with

lavender whipped cream, and a mint macaron filled with a peppermintvanilla

cream. Following that, your taste palette is again refreshed with

the breezy taste and texture of the lemon cream. Finally, our springtime

dessert is topped with mini blackberry-lavender macarons, tiny lemon

dots, decorative leaves, and raspberry jellies.

The elegance and delicateness of these flavors is magical without

being intrusive or soapy tasting. Dessert and Paris, magical and light,

together: Spring in Paris.

Spring in Paris

Ava R., Ellie S,

Katharine Z., Mara S.

The Ice Box

Ariel R.

Graham S.

Andrew G-C.

The Breakfast Club

Winner Longfellow Clay

Championship 2019-2020

Kayla C,, Anna C.,

Audrey H., Fiona K.

Delicious Confection

I love thee my sugary sweet donut

Quickly you flip in the skillet to bake

But before you must take shape as I cut

So yummy to eat, one more I must take

In the glaze and sugar you slowly roll

Rumbling in my stomach is all I hear

As I place thee softly in the great bowl

I love thee so much that I shed a tear

Wild Strawberry

Booming with flavor

Blooming with lively color

The wild strawberry

~Talia B.


My mean siblings take thee away from me

“No, do not do it, it is mine,” I cry

They slowly bring you up to eat I see

I holler and lunge as I grab and pry

You can never compare to fruit or meat

Because you are just so lovely to eat

~Mary J.


Longfellow Clay


Clay Cakes & Confections

Out of This World

Rolled Ice Cream

Eva M,

Margaret M.

Angela C.

Liam F.

Abigail L.

Henry T.

The Happy Accident

The Mythical Cake

Lauren A.

Elliott B.

Mercutio O.

Luther S.

Holiday Season

Rita D.

Emily H.

Danielle H.

Diana S.

The Height

of Spring

Carter B.

Veronica B.

Tejasvi C.

Blake P.




~Valentina S-P.




My stomach falters and starts to grumble

The fridge is empty, and food is missing

I search the drawers and start to mumble

“Where is all the food?” I’m nearly hissing

I walk the long halls and shout out her name

“Mother, where art thou? I need food badly”

She snaps back at me, “Do not be some lame”

“Without food you’re nothing,” she says sadly

I beg her for a sandwich, chips and Coke

“Why don’t you go clean up your dirty room!?”

My mother snarls and gives me a big poke

I nod my head, smile, and go grab a broom

Minutes later, as she prepares my meal

We’re both smiling, happy about our deal

~Solei S.

Origami Iris Flowers ~Sarah L.

The Color of Hope

The color of hope brings happiness and joy

To any old, or young, girl or boy

We all have this color painted inside

This is something you don’t need to hide

This is the thing that can change the world

The color of hope varies person to person

Almost everyone has a different version

From pink to gray, or purple to yellow

The color of hope will cheer up any sad fellow

This is the thing that can change the world

With hope you can make someone happy

Whether their name is Anna or Jackie

Alden or Bella, Lily or Quinn

This is the color they have within

This is the thing that can change the world

If you use it

You can change the world

~Kalyna M.

~Katie W.



The Maple

Kyoto-Shi, Japan ~Abigail S.

Maple tree stands true and tall,

Leaves bright green before the fall,

Bark is worn throughout the years,

During storms it sheds no tears,

Safe inside we watch it grow,

Braving wind, and hail, and snow,

Why do we lament our pain,

Warm inside, no sleet, no rain.

~Luke S.



When the heat and the sunlight of summer give way

And the colors of fall instead carpet the day,

A small leaf held aloft on a cool, gentle breeze

Is seen laughing and dancing along through the trees.

It has left its old life on the branch far behind,

It is bathed in the light it once struggled to find,

And its thrilled acrobatic routine clearly shows

That the glory of freedom is all it now knows.

~Shira G.


Where I’m From

I’m from the rice fields of China,

The rolling hills of California,

From Falls Church, Virginia

I’m from far travels and bright minds,

the active and adventurous

The hardworking and determined

I’m from the red rosebush in my front yard

And the maple tree

Whose changing colors grow with me

throughout the year

I’m from fresh fruit and stir fry

From warm cups of coffee on Saturday


I’m from the Yamaha piano by the bay


And my dad’s old guitar

In my basement there are photos

That go years back

A collection of the past

I’m from those dusty albums

Those memories that shaped me

~Sandra C.

Lanterns and Blossoms

~Hannah R.

No Ordinary Shoe

I am a pointe shoe

I hear the music

I see the mirror, the walls, and the barre

I want to leap and turn and fly

I see all the dancers laughing together

I want to shine from the stage light

I am so pretty, yet so painful

I want to live long, but my life is short

I am your wings, your way to fly

I feel the sweat and the blood of the feet inside me

I dream of being worn by a star

I try my best to help, I do all I can

I hope I will make your dreams come true

I am no ordinary shoe

~Madeleine A.

The Thousand Gates, Japan

~Abigail S.



Biome Landscape

~Logan S.

I Didn’t Know I Loved the Outdoors

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t Know

I Loved…”)

I didn't know I loved the outdoors

so much

until I was forced home

like an animal with a will to be free.

~Gabriel M.

I Didn’t Know I Loved Running

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t Know

I Loved…”)

I didn't know I loved running.

Being free, and untethered,

feeling the breeze rushing by,

and the fresh air.

Noticing things you have never noticed


~Hannah W.



Cat Surrounded by Alien Bushes ~Natalie N.



I Didn’t Know I Loved School

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t

Know I Loved…”)

I didn't know I loved


Yes, to get my education,

But mainly to talk with my friends.

Now, if we are within six feet,

They become afraid of me

Like an ugly rat

They don't want to be near.

I didn't know I loved

Being around people.

Now, I will never know

What it is like

To have a last day

Of seventh grade.

~Peyton R.

I Didn’t Know I Loved Getting Up at 6:15

(inspired by Nazim Hikmet’s “Things I Didn’t Know I Loved…”)

I didn't know I loved getting up at 6:15,

As tired as someone who just got off an airplane,

their internal clock

3 hours behind.

I didn't know I loved switching classes,

Navigating crowded hallways from one side of

Longfellow to another,

Within only 4 minutes.

I didn't know I loved having a schedule,

Always having something to do,

Attending a class, working on homework, never being


But now the COVID-19 has taken it all away from me,

I miss going to school.

~John F.

I Am An Agenda

I am an agenda

I hear pencils’ graphite touching my

crisp, clean pages

I see students’ stressed faces

I want to be used for something other

than school

I see a world of possibilities until I am

shoved into a backpack

I want to be more than a hall pass

I am an agenda

I want to expand my usage

I am a locker pass

I feel a ballpoint pen doodling on me

as a kid feels weary of class

I dream of the future where I can stay

white for the whole year

I try to remind scholars of their

academics but I fail

I hope to become a helpful studying

tool and not just a periodic table

I am a planner

~Hana K.

Covid Sucks ~Lisa H.



The Sun

Light bulb in the sky

Somebody turn it off, please

I’m trying to sleep

~Natalia C.



Powers more than computers

But you and me too

~Valentina S-P.


Phones control our lives

Hours spent on them daily

On, never off

Never-ending information

E mails and social media

Science and technology

~Owen K.

Complementary Colors ~Aiden C.

Watching TV

Pressing the remote with joy and content

The television turns on very fast

My eyes take in the light and the moment

And I know my time on the couch will last

Hulu, Netflix, there is so much to choose

And I have no idea what to see

Focus and brain cells they say I will lose

But I really want to watch some TV

JDM of the Future ~Aneek M.

I grab a handful of buttered popcorn

Shove it in my face and happily eat

I’m wearing sweats, they are torn up and worn

I won’t go outside; I don’t like the heat

So I’ll stay here, comfortable and calm

Do me a favor and don’t tell my mom

~Sloane M.



If there was a chance then I might

Lift off and simply take flight

But alas I have found

I am stuck on the ground

So instead I now fly this kite

~Megan H.




All day I think about diving

Boards bouncing up and down

Coaches correcting your dives

Daring to do new dives

Exciting wins and movements

Failure comes once in a while

Goals I set for myself

Happiness I feel when I do a

new dive

~Noah W.


Rugby, an amazing sport

Under non ideal conditions

Going out rain or shine

Battle ready are some players

Years of practice makes


~Kevin H.

Brown ~Pedro G.

The Home Run

I went with my friends to play

I decided to shout “hooray”

I hit a home run

It was very fun

Lost our only baseball that day

~Lars G.

Baseball Game

After the game the dugout is loud

Bats and balls all over the place

Catcher’s gear sweaty, the crowd loud as


Dirty cleats by the door

Eagerly waiting to be used again

Fans are cheering to no end

Giant screens with pictures of players

Happy teammates waiting to converse

Intensity levels slowly decreasing

Just the happiness of the team

Keeping the feeling in their heads

Little to no sleep while laying in bed



Lasers for shots

Accelerating faster than a racecar

Catching like I’m OBJ

Running down the sideline

Outstanding passes to the offense

Shoes shining in the sun

Score after score

Everyone cheers

~Sam A.


Back and up the court

Adjusting to a new play

Scrimmaging with your teams

Knowing how to succeed on the


Excitement and disbelief through

the crowd

Trembling to shoot a free throw

Baskets after baskets after baskets

Ascending to my maximum speed

Layups with the hole team

Love and passion for basketball

~Nicole C.



My Future

Everyday I think about my future

And what I want to do when I’m older

Because it will be here more than sooner

I want to be Miami’s upholder

I have millions of Olympian dreams

Doing synchronized with my twin brother

They will be here more quickly than it seems

We will be better than every other

We train harder than most of our dive team

Pushing ourselves to our limits is hard

Some people say that we are too extreme

But that is something we just disregard

Winning the Game

All dressed out and ready to win

Everyone’s patience was growing thin

If we lose we will be the blame

This is our very last basketball game

It’s time to jump, the ball flies high

The two girls almost touch the sky

We can have it—all the fame

If we win our very last basketball game

Shots go in; the ball flies all around

Almost never touching the ground

We hardly miss, we have great aim

It looks like we might win this basketball game

I have many role models here for me

They make this journey seem much more easy

~Noah W.

The game is tied, a minute to go

All we need is a very good throw

The crowd is shocked, the other team ashamed

We won our very last basketball game!

~Caroline K.

Red ~Pedro G.




They come and they go

I really hope that they stay

Goodbye my best friend

~Hana K.


Forever together

Annoying each other once in a while

Mother is always there to help

Inside of a family there’s love

Love is what keeps families together

You may get mad, but not for long

~Giselle C.

To you, my kind, enduring friend,

Our time together reached its end.

Our final meeting now has passed;

None knew that it would be our last.

And, though I may be pained to state

That next year we will separate,

I have a warm farewell to send

To you, my kind, enduring friend.

To You, My Kind Enduring Friend

By Shira G.

Whatever you may say or do,

Just know that I am there for you.

Across however many miles,

I’ll strive to send support and smiles,

In loneliness, a listening ear

On any day in any year,

In times of doubt, the will to try;

On sleepless nights, a lullaby.

May studies lead you to success

But never find you laughing less.

May projects never make you drown;

May others never let you down.

May silver line each cloudy day-

The rain is soothing anyway.

And when a challenge comes along,

May you still choose to stand up


If you feel worthless, slow, or lame,

I’ll gladly take an hour to name

The many reasons that you are

A wondrous and inspiring star.

In short, I wish you all the best,

And I’ll be there through all the rest,

Though different schools we will


For you, my kind, enduring friend.

~Rita D.



Surrealist Self Portrait ~Caitlyn L.




All the wood is covered up

Boys grab their axes

Cutting, cracking, and smashing

Don’t drop the match

Everyone sits down, soaking it in

Forget all the work that we just did

Grab your guitar, sing it out

Help put out the fire, our day is done

Into bed our dreams have begun

Just sleep tight and don’t let ‘em bite

~Luke H.

Lawn Gone

I push the mower through the lawn

I snip the grass like it is hair

And just like that the grass is gone

Just like a balloon lost in air

I aim and tame and push and pull

I feel the power as I go.

~Hailey B.


~Audrey H.

Oh Hail The Seasons

By Laura Zhang


Amber waves of grain

The mountains too high to touch

The best place on Earth

~Claire T.

Oh hail the Winter

With its glistening white snow

The fire crackling merrily

As the temperatures reach a low

The faint smell of cinnamon

From fresh made cookie dough

And my favorite of all

The Christmas lighting show

Oh hail the Spring

For its bright green trees

Beautiful blooming flowers

That bring buzzing bees

A gentle shower of rain

And a fresh cool breeze

The alluring beauty of Spring

Puts everyone at ease

Oh hail the Summer

With blinding heat in the air

The bursting shining sun

That causes you to glare

A glimmering blue ocean

With wind that whips your hair

And the loud bustling colors

Of the annual Summer fair

Oh hail the Fall

For it’s shimmering golden light

Leaves prancing downward

Provide a beautiful sight

Families at the park

Flying a bright blue kite

And the gleeful laughter of


On spooky Halloween night

Oh hail the seasons




And Fall

A beautiful cycle of nature

Pushing through it all

For even through disaster

And even if we sprawl

The seasons will remain

Strong and tall

Oh hail the seasons



The story I’m about to tell

Is not for the faint of heart

If you don’t like bloody stories

Then you’d better skip this part

This story is of a fateful day

In the mountains south of here

When a toddler saw and looked with


At an innocent creature coiled in fear

Our dad was by the fire

Battling with the smoke

Finn was busy fighting

When my sister Billie spoke

None of us were near her

When she spoke with wonder and fear

She repeated her message louder

So one of us would hear

It was James alone who realized

That one life was at stake

For Danielle was on the move

About to step right on a snake

“Look out” he cried and it seemed

That without him she’d be dead

For underneath her moving foot

There lay a copperhead

The Snake

By Clara M.

Startled we all backed away

Except Danielle did not

She refused to back away until

she managed to get a good shot

We stood from far and watched it

Uncertain and in shock

It was dad who was quick thinking

And hit it with a rock

It seemed the hit had been enough

To kill the copperhead

But suddenly it moved again

We knew it wasn’t dead

Dad took a long thick stick

And pinned it to the ground

Danielle said “use the machete”

But it was nowhere to be found

Finn said he’d go get it

And fetched it from our shed

He returned with it in hand

And hit the snake upon its head

It took him several tries

Hacking as hard as he could

After 5 or 6 we knew

The snake was gone for good

Dad put it on a stick

Spraying blood out on the lawn

The poor thing just hung limply there

It’s head was barely on

He threw it into the woods

And stepped back so we could see

He must have used bad aim because

He’d hung it on tree

It hangs there now as a warning

To all snakes living there

To stay away or else they’d pay

For giving us a scare

Because Danielle would get a picture

And Billie would spot it, James would


Dad would hold the snake in place

As Finn’s machete fell

And what was my part

What did I do?

I’d tell the story

Like I told it to you

Show Me ~Marissa W.




The cold tiptoes in on frosty feet

As the man trudges along the road

“Turn back,” the fearful townspeople


The man impervious to defeat.

The cold stomps in on its vicious paws

Biting the man on the endless path

Who pushes onward with equal wrath

And gives nary a moment of pause.

The Blizzard

By Benjamin C.

The cold tramples in with wild fury

Turning the world to a sheet of ice

As the man begins to pay his price

Down comes one lonely flapping


The snow flutters down on fluffy wings

While the icy man trembles and


Plodding on without thought of


As the angry frost thrashes and stings.

~Angela Y.

The snow pounds on with a howling


And the man wanders into the white

When, finally, in sets a great fright

Amid sheets of white making him


The blizzard rages on to the beat

Of the numb man’s solid-frozen tread

And it finally enters his head

That it is time to admit defeat.

I was born a miracle—a ball of talent

My mind worked like a well-oiled engine

Everything about me was a success, except for one

thing that failed me

The music around me began to fade until I could only

hear a faint ring in my ear at night

For years, I didn’t want to associate myself with the


But I didn’t let my suffering pull me down

I wrote music in my mind


By Serenna S.


I created concertos with my imagination

I conducted symphonies with nothing but my eyes

and vibrations touching my feet

By working harder, I grew further

The world around me is muffled

To me it’s filled with the sound of art

Was my incredible effort worth it in the end?

Does the world still remember me,

Or did my music die away like my hearing?


Divided borders of our Friendship

~Samara C.


The June sun beats down on the Atlantic

As a warm breeze blows over the ocean

But a storm system forms that’s gigantic

Setting a hurricane into motion

Above the water forms a rotation

As Cumulus Mediocris clouds rise

A hurricane is now in formation

It is incredibly massive in size

Beaufort Scale twelve winds are blowing around

A huge synoptic low pressure system

Now the hurricane is headed to ground

It’s flooding entire ecosystems

Storm surges and flash floods along the coast

If you survived one, you’re stronger than most

~Jaiden K.


Sounds full of feelings traveling to be


I can’t wait to be singing so that you could

hear me

No one could imagine the feeling of this

Going through the world and ending up


In every way I know to express me

Never would imagine a method like this

Ground, sky, and everyone here, I want

you to know that I love singing

~Valentina S-P.


The river flows fast

Currents will pull you under

A beautiful force

~Natalia C.


Going in and out

Never knowing what will happen

Such a mystery

~Meg M.



Beyond The Sky

(Writing From an Image)

By Natalia C.

I continue to retreat backward, but they still follow me.

Jack and his bully buddies just will not stop until they get me.

My feet stumble backward, and I fall to the ground. I brace

myself for impact, but it doesn’t come. Instead, I fall onto a

cloth, and it stops me from falling.

I turn around, and the sky is quivering. My hand seems to

reach out all on its own and touches what used to be the

thing my village knows as the sky. I slide my hand across it.

The texture is rough, almost like sandpaper, yet it moves so


The clouds are still moving somehow, and so are Jack and his

gang, but he is the least of my worries now. My hand moves

downward until I feel the bottom of the sky cloth. I grasp it

with a shaking hand and lift.

A lone tree stands in the distance. White clouds hover around

it in the surrounding sky, but something’s just not right. The

leaves …they’re the wrong shade. And the sky is bright and

alarming. It is none of the black and white shades my little

village knows as our world.

It is light and brilliant, shimmering with something I couldn’t

describe for the life of me. The green is more muted, and yet still

beaming with light next to the completely grey grass.

The whole scene is exploding with, with, oh, I can’t describe it. It

needs a word. A nonsense word that doesn’t have to be a nonsense

word anymore.

I think, and then, “Color!” I exclaim. Yes, color. It sounds

insane, but that’s what makes it perfect. The tree and the sky are

exploding with color.

“What do you mean, color, fool.”

I freeze. Jack and his boys have finally made it up the hill to me. I

drop the drab (in comparison) sky cloth out of pure surprise.

“Well? You gonna answer me, Iris?” Jack says, “Cause if you don’t,

we’re gonna have a real problem on our hands.”

“Color,” I begin, “Is this.” I lift the sky cloth for the little

scoundrels to see. Their jaws drop in awe of what they’re

witnessing. They don’t understand, and neither do I.

“It’s beautiful,” says one of Jack’s sidekicks, I think his name is Joel.

“For once in your sorry lives, you’re right, it is, and we don’t have

any of it here,” I reply.

“And the color is different on both. So I need two names. One for

the tree and one for the sky.” Micheal has a stutter, so when he

said his word, it ended up sounding like green.

“Perfect. The tree is green. The sky is…..blue. A calm name for a

calm looking color.”

The trouble makers all nod in agreement.

Seeing the colors isn’t enough. I want to feel it, the colors. The

green and the blue. The no-longer-nonsense words that describe

this electric sky and lively leaves.

I lift the sky cloth over my head and step out into a new world, a

new universe.


Image Courtesy Of The New York Times “A Year of Picture Prompts”

The heat hits me immediately. I look up, and there is a shining

ball of pure heat staring back down at me. I wince and turn away,

blinking the spots out of my eyes. But I am amazed. This thing

with heat and light is shocking to me. Another word is needed.


It’s beautiful. I look at this new sky around me, and I feel tiny in

comparison. I look back at the world I left behind--all shades of

white and black. Those were the only shades we ever learned in


The village is boring. It is nothing next to this excellence that

is color. I ook back toward that tree. I want to touch the green,

feel it. I run, fast as I can towards the colors, and as I run, I look


There are little flowers everywhere, and they have some sort of

color as well. They are not green or blue; these can be purple,

yellow, orange, red, indigo. One looks like the sun in the sky, and

I decide to call it yellow.

All these different colors surround me as I head for the tree—

thousands of different shades. I decide I am not particularly a fan

of orange, but I really do like the purples and blues.

I am in a new world. I am surrounded by change. I love it more

than words can describe. My life can never be the same again.

I reach the tree. The leaves are everything like the leaves in the

village, but they are bursting with color. Very light red colored

flowers are sprinkled about. They don’t really look like red too

much, so they will be pink.

The trunk of the tree is much much darker than the rest of the

colors, but not quite black. Brown. I climb up the limbs, carefully

placing each foot and pulling myself up. I make it to the top. My

head sticks out the top of the tree. I stretch my arms out and

embrace this new life, ablaze with life and excitement.

A light breeze hits me, and I breathe it in. I feel a joy I’ve never felt

in my entire life. The world stretched out below me, speckled with

light and brilliance. I am happy. I am ecstatic.

I am free.

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Defy Gravity


~Aneek M.

Longfellow Middle School

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June 2020

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