2020_Fall PeloNews

Read the latest edition of PELONews with PELOAcademy some topics are serum-free and chemically defined Media for MSCs and a new Micoenvironment for MSCs, Dyes &Cell Imaging Reagents, Covid-19, 3D Cell Culture,

Read the latest edition of PELONews with PELOAcademy
some topics are serum-free and chemically defined Media for MSCs and a new Micoenvironment for MSCs, Dyes &Cell Imaging Reagents, Covid-19, 3D Cell Culture,


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PELOBiotech Newsletter Fall 2020

"Logic will get you

from A to B.

Imagination will take

you everywhere.“

- Albert Einstein, German


Dear Scientist,

Some are leaving, we are growing. So we like to say welcome on

board our new Sales-Team members Dr. Ingrid Kautner and Dr.

Gautier Arista. Just go to page 6 to learn more about them.

Pic: Pixabay

As we get more and more questions about how we will handlle the

Brexit: We continue to deliver to the UK, no worries, stay happy. And

as fast as we can in the same manner you are used from PELOBiotech.

The exact delivery conditions will depend on the regulations as

UK will no longer be part of the Europen Union. But we already have

very good experiences delivering to e.g. Switzerland and other No-

EU countries. So we do not expect any major challenges.

You don´t know how long you will be able to work on the bench,

lab&office? We know that COVID-19 has impacted upon your research,

so we like to help you stay on track as fast as possible. We are ready to

support you in any kind you need.

If you would like to order your products now and hold delivery until you

are sure you can go on, please let us know upon ordering. Please check

with your facility whether there have been changes in your logistics routine

due to new safety protocols:

Are you still accepting and getting deliveries the same way? We will

check in with you before we send out your delivery as we ask you politely

to do the same. Thank you.

To discuss this our logistics, customer success&support are here for any

of your questions. Online resources are available to teams around the

world, so you can schedule an Online-Meeting and Support anytime via

phone or Go-to-meeting. We are just one click away.

On behalf of the global PELOBiotechTeam, we’re here for you.

Take very good care and stay safe!

Christiane Büchsel

Editor in Chief PELONews


Products related to CO-

VID-19 Research & Dyes


Can Cell Culture be as

good as in vivo today?

Truly defined serum-free &

chemically defined media for

MSCs & Advanced Coatings

New White Paper: How to

Revolutionise the Use of 3D

Cultures in HTS

NEW Products

Special ECM by Rokit


Mini Cell Strainer

Our Portfolio: Fill out and

see what we got


PELONews: Covid / Dyes


Download our special

Covid19-product list





Get the right dye

for your research

• Low toxic nucleus imaging

dye = NucleoSeeing

• Washable fluorescent dye

for cytoplasm = CytoSeeing

• Long term imaging fluorescent

dye for ER = ERseeing

• Highly sensitive fluorescent

dye for Lipid

Droplets = LipiDye

• Fatty acid degradation

(FAO) imaging reagent =


Intracellular temperature

imaging dye = Thermoprobes

To get more infos please

send an email to


biotech.com subjectline „cell


Get brochure ->



COVID-19 Research Products&Tools

find out more about viral infection and pick your human cell from healthy donors

or a huge number of lung cells from diseased donors (Asthma, COPD, Diabetes,

Hypertension) and smokers for your research, drug development and drug testing.

Together with 3D techniques it is also possible to work with more predictive

in vitro systems.

~3D Cell Culture & Systems:

• Cytokine release syndrome/cytokine storm (CRS): 3D CoSeedis. See next page

• SynAIL Air Liquid Interface based Lung Model

• 3D Dynamic Cell Culture Models: LiveBox

• Lung Epithelial Models: 3-D-Airway model

~Primary cells plus corresponding media

• Endothelial cells

• Epithelial cell

• Smooth Muscle Cells

• Airway from lung, bronchia, trachea, alveoli, tracheal smooth

muscle, etc.

• Healthy and diseased donors, also from Smokers, cells are sorted by disease

• Customized Cells

Special: Industrial lots available. Reserve your badge now. One unique feature

of these cells: They are antibody free. Get a biologically relevant tool and a more

effective way to enhance insights.

~iPS cells

~Cell Culture Media & Reagents for Passaging

~Media for Cryopreservation

~Biomatrices & Coating Proteins for Cell Culture Application

~Tissue Specific Extracellular Biomaterials

~ Diagnostic antibodies:

• SARS-CoV-2 • ACE-2 • CD147 • IL1a • IL1b • IL6 • TMPRSS2 • TNFa

PELOAcademy: Our Webinar-Series

New Defined Serum-free and

Chemically Defined Media for MSCs


presented by Dr. Peter Frost, CEO, PELOBiotech

Date: Thur October 22, 2020

Time: 10 AM German & 3.30 PM English

Save ticket -> www.pelobiotech.com/pelo-academy

We discuss ou the most important steps during your

workflow. This time it will be about: Mesenchymal Stem

Cells (MSCs) are widely used in regenerative medicine; in

research as well as in clinical application. The in vitro

culture and expansion is done by mainly using Fetal Bovine

Serum (FBS) or human Platelet Lysate (hPL) based

media. Media containing hPL are very popular as this

facilitate a xeno-free culture of MSCs; in 2D as well as in

3D. As hPL is a human blood product safety issues are of

high priority and authorities ask for virus inactivated hPL

for clinical application. To overcome these safety issues,

defined serum-free and/or chemically defined media for

MSCs are needed. It is also necessary, for the production

and investigation of extracellular vesicles (EV) using primary

cells (e.g. MSCs), to have defined serum-free and/

or chemically defined media to prevent an EV contamination

by serum or hPL.

We present data using the defined serum-free (CellCorTM SFD MSC) and

chemically defined (CellCorTM CD MSC) media of our partner XCell

Therapeutics. We will show that these media can be used for MSCs culture

as well as for MSCs expansion; Also a short overview of the most

advanced Extracellular Matrices.

PELOAcademy continues

its series of Webinars:

Can Cell Culture be as

good as in vivo

today? Roadmap to a

better Worfkflow in y-

our lab. each 4th Thursday

of the month in Ger-

Product list

MSCs, Tools and Media

See what we got… Yes, it is so nice to work with great

products. Find out now…




New Products & New Partners





3D CoSeedis comprises a

family of chips suited for various

amounts of 3D constructs.

They range from 200 spheroids

(3D CoSeedis Chip200) to

880 spheroids per chip (3D

CoSeedis Chip880), both in 6

-well plate format, and also

include a version for 680

spheroids per chip (3D

CoSeedis Chip680) for 24-

well plates. Chips can either

be purchased in single packages

or in bulk.

Download your copy of the

paper here

and contact us for further

questions and information.

NEW White paper by abc biopply: How to

Revolutionise the Use of 3D Cultures in HTS

Our partner abc biopply has released a white paper demonstrating the unprecedented

quality of 3D CoSeedis in the production of highly homogenous

and uniform spheroids for the use in high-throughput and highcontent

screening applications.

The paper was done in collaboration with Union Biometrica, Inc. (USA) and

shows how 3D CoSeedis can be used as a manufacturing tool to produce

large quantities of homogenous and uniform 3D spheroids in a HTS/HCScompatible

384-well format.

The 3D CoSeedis

platform thereby not only

sets new standards in highvolume

production of 3D

spheroids but it also helps

to substantially increase

screening efficiency. It’s

based on a 24-well plate

format for aggregation,

growth and harvesting and

the resulting spheroid suspension

is used to seed

384-well plates with individual

spheroids using Union Biometrica’s large particle sorter. The resulting

384-well plates contain viable and uniform spheroids in more than 98% of

all the wells and show minimal size variability from one plate to another.

3D CoSeedis thereby helps to decrease screening failure rates and

consequently increases overall screening efficiency.

Papers, Papers, Papers

Mechanical communication of endothelial cells and

its influence on the organization of cellular structures

The formation of new blood vessels from existing ones is called angiogenesis and plays an important

role in tissue development, healing and homeostasis as well as in pathological processes, such as tumor

growth. During this process, coordinated cell movement is essential for which endothelial cells use a chemical communication

via the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The extracellular matrix (ECM) regulates many tissue

processes and influences cell behavior. The dynamic cell-ECM interaction enables a mechanical communication

between cells. This thesis aims to validate, whether endothelial cells also use a mechanical communication for

coordinated cell behavior. For the investigation of the endothelial … read more …..

https://edoc.ub.uni-muenchen.de/26600/index.html by Daniel Rüdiger, Jena. Congrats on this Diss!

New Products

NEW Partner Rokit Healthcare for Human Nativelike

Coating and Targeted Cell type Growth

PELOBiotech welcomes a new partner aboard: As of today we happily offer

HumaTein products from Rokit Healthcare (South Korea) in Europe. Cell Culture

Expert PELObiotech widens its extensive portfolio of specific matrices.

HumaTein composition is optimized for a target cell type growth and

proliferation in a native-like environment. The best possible Extracellular

Matrix (ECM) is most important for cell attachment, proliferation and migration,

and plays an import role as a growth factor reservoir.

Plus for Scientists:

Easy: HumaTein is not sensitive to temperature changes.

In-Vivo: Human primary cell derived HumaTein provides the most invivo

like environment to cells, great for translational studies

Specific: provides organ specific stiffness controlled environment

Native: preserves whole ECM components, so the is as human-like as


HumaTein offers a wide spectum of applications:

Cancer Research

Stem Cell Research

Drug Discovery

Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

2D Cell Culture as Coating for primary cells or HUVEC migration assay

3D Cell Culture for e.g. Organoid Culture, Natural scaffold for inital cell

aggregation (iPS cell spheroids)




#Cancer Organoids





#StemCells #MSCs #iPS



Available Products

HumaTein TM Essential Powder Type

HumaTein TM Essential Powder Type

HumaTein TM MSC Powder Type

HumaTein TM MSC Powder Type

HumaTein TM Atello Collagen


It is also well known in the research for Wound Healing and Anti Aging.

HumaTein Matrix is an ideal coating material for feeder layer free induced

pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) culture. Xeno free and human cell derived Huma

Tein is optimized for organoid research.

HumaTein will be produced in cell culture using human dermal fibroblast or

BM MSC. The product is whole ECM derived by these cells together with the

expressed cytokines and growth factors. HumaTein consists of > 300 components

which incudes collagen, laminin, fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans,

more than 500 cytokines.

It is offered as powder produced with human Fibroblast (HumaTein Essential)

or BM MSC (HumaTein Msc) and the HumaTein Atello Collagen a hydrogel

which is not a 100 % human product.)

If you like to know more about this , please let us know and email to




Cell Culture #Flow

Cytometry #FACS

Mini Cell Strainer

You need it?

We have it

Welcome aboard!

NEW Faces at PELOBiotech

Dr. Ingrid Kautner

has specialized in microbiology and

molecular biology with degrees from

Canada and Germany. After obtaining

her PhD she worked on dengue viruses

in Malaysia making her our most travelled

Account Manager. With her

profound knowledge of our portfolio

she will be able to offer advice on the

most suitable products for your projects.

How to

reach us

If you need any further

assistance or if you

like what you see, tell

us :-):

PELOBiotech GmbH

Klopferspitz 19

82152 Planegg |


Facilitate speedy cell separation

from primary tissues or

cell clumps

Slits on the rim avoid

overflow and help

speedy filtration

Fit for 5 ml sampling

and 15 ml conical tubes

Color-coded according

to mesh pore sizes (25

μm : White, 40 μm :

Blue, 70 μm : Clear)

Materials : Frame ; PP,

Mesh ; Nylon

EOG sterilized and individually


Good for speedy separation

for FACS. Ask for a sample.

Get quote here: ->



Details here->




„ I really love to be here at PELOBiotech, setting gears

in motion. I love the direct contact with my customers

and to find out what works best for their specific

projects“, says the native of Stuttgart who has made

Frankfurt her home from where she will serve customers in

postal code areas 3 and 5.

Email: ingrid.kautner@pelobiotech.com

P: +49 89 517 286 59-0

Dr. Gautier Arista

is our secret weapon for the French

speaking market. Together with our

on-site French Sales Team Michel

Vidal und Gilles Moraldi he will be

the first go to for our EU-wide

customers especially in Belgium,

Ireland, UK, Danmark, Slowenia and

Norway. He got his doctor in

Colmar, France, and was also in

Munich for postdocs.

Je m'appelle Gautier Arista et je viens agrandir la

famille PELOBiotech, votre expert pour les cellules, la

culture cellulaire et plus encore. Après un doctorat à

Colmar près de Strasbourg, je suis chargé des ventes internationales

à travers l'Europe et suis votre interlocuteur

pour questions techniques a PELOBiotech lorsque vous

désirez commander, si vous avez une question ou un problème.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter, en français ou anglais,

je reste à votre disposition.Vos contacts locaux en France

sont M. Michel Vidal (au nord) et M. Gilles Moraldi (au

sud). Ils attendent un appel à tout moment.

Email: gautier.arista@pelobiotech.com

P: +49 89 517 286 59-16


+49 89 517 286 59 0



Managing Directors:

Dr. Peter Frost,

Dr. Lothar Steeb

We like your feedback – tell

us what you love, don’t like

so much and what you would

like to get, please.

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