6 Tips to Select The right School in Gurgaon.


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6 T I P S T O S E L E C T T H E R I G H T S C H O O L I N

G U R G A O N .

• It is the dream of every parent to send their children to the best school possible so that they can

have a good future and career. With a plethora of great schools in Gurgaon, selecting just one

out of the many becomes very difficult for most parents. So, to help you with the procedure, here

are a few tips to consider while choosing the right school for your child.


• Travelling long distances after a busy day at school may drain your child's energy completely. It

will also be a difficult task for you to pick up and drop your child to school every day. To ensure

that going to class won't be tiring for your child, you should look for a school that is close to

where you reside. A minimum home-to-school distance is also important from the safety point

of view.


• The curriculum of a school should be theoretical and practical too. Check whether the all the

core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are covered properly by

experienced teachers. If your child needs special attention in a particular subject, check what

initiative will be taken by the school to help your child excel in that subject. Check whether

extra-curricular activities are given importance in the school in Gurgaon that you select.


• It is essential to have a proper student-teacher ratio to have effective classroom interaction. A

good student-teacher ratio also ensures proper attention to the comprehensive development of

every student in the classroom by ensuring proper attention and learning for each one. Thus,

parents should always enquire about the number of students studying in a class. Opt for a school

that has fewer students per classroom.


• The accreditations and credentials of an educational institute tell us a lot about the standards

and quality one can expect there. It is imperative that you carry out a background check on

different schools in Gurgaon with regards to their accreditation. Don't shy away from asking

relevant questions to the administration. Doing this will help you compare different schools in

Gurgaon and allow you to select the one noted for its excellence.


• A school must have good infrastructure and a cheerful atmosphere. Select a school that has

spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, a good library, and clean toilets. Also, look for facilities

like a playground, an auditorium, a large assembly area, extra-curricular workshops, and so on.

Good infrastructure helps students learn in a better way.


• The safety of your child should be the very first priority of a school. So, before you select a school

for your kid, look at the measures taken by the educational institute for the security of its students.

Check whether the school campuses are secured with CCTV surveillance and have alert security


• Hope this article helps you in selecting one of the many good top CBSE Schools for your child.

Good luck!



• Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A School In Gurgaon For Your Kid.

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