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October 22, 2020

Volume 109

No. 43


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Geese, geese and more geese! Thousands of birds including swans and geese that are ready to escape the brisk Canadian weather gather together in a barren field near Craigmyle, Alta on Fri.

Oct. 16. ECA Review/T.Huxley


Morrin village short $451,162 for operating, states Mayor

Dear Editor,

Re: Village of Morrin Financial Status

Due to circumstances beyond my

control I find it necessary to relate to

the Village residents the status of the

Village’s financial affairs which will

include numbers as well as some information

regarding the activities of

council and administration.

Since my election to office, October

2017, I have endeavoured to do my best

to understand the financial position of

the Village and act accordingly in decisions

that, for the most part, involve


Council relies very much on input

from the chief administrative officer

(CAO) to provide the financial information

to guide council to this end.

However, after having given the CAO

ample opportunity to do so, I must

report that this is not happening.

Council was led to believe from the

CAO that the budget for an upcoming

year could not be prepared until the

auditor had prepared the financial

statement for

the prior

year and that


duty was to


approve the


budget as an



So, council

dutifully did

this for 2018

and 2019-year


However, in 2018 council did ask the

CAO to prepare bank reconciliation

statements for presentation on a regular

basis but that never materialized.

Council then, which is not a requirement,

passed a resolution for same.

This, as

Municipal Affairs had

requested that adjustments be

made in the grants going back as

far as 2009 with regard to the

grants not being in separate

accounts and, as well, being used

to subsidize operations.

well, did not

and has not

changed the

status quo

(i.e.) to date

council has

not received a

bank reconciliation


from the CAO.

In January

2020, Deputy


Edwards and myself attended a

Municipal Affairs session in Big

Valley, Alta.

A portion of this session was a presentation

by a Municipal Financial

Consultant, Ms. Tamara Sloboda.

We learned from her presentation of

the financial peril that the Village was


Subsequently, council engaged Ms.

Sloboda to make this presentation at a

Village council meeting so as to expose

Councillor Wilton and CAO Plachner

to the information Deputy Mayor

Edwards and myself had learned.

When the Village budget was prepared

there were some anomalies

noted, so council engaged Ms. Sloboda

to attend for a presentation and further

to assist the CAO in a revision of the


This was accomplished and the

budget was eventually passed June 22,


Turn to No information, Pg 2


Clive council ....................... 3

Delburne council ................ 3

Coronation council ............. 3

Stettler town council .......... 4

RCMP ................................. 4

Elnora council ..................... 5

Forestburg council .............. 6

Real Estate/Homes ............. 7

Agriculture ..................... 8, 9

Classifieds/Careers ........... 10

Obituaries ........................ 11

Starland council ............... 12

Czar ATB

destroyed in

late night


Page 4


“Yes, Let’s



Page 6

Stettler reeve

responds to

oil and gas



Page 8

$ave the


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2 O ctober 22'20 HANNA/CORONATION/StettLer, AB. ECA REVIEW

No information provided despite numerous requests

Cont’d from Pg 1

It is important to note that

this budget was passed without

having an audited financial

statement for the year ending


As well, since that time,

although Ms. Sloboda provided

the Village with invaluable

insight into the financial situation,

Deputy Mayor Edwards

and CAO Plachner have made

unsubstantiated statements

questioning the qualifications

and integrity of Ms. Sloboda.

Extra Bookkeeping and

Accounting: Just a side note for

information. Deputy Mayor

Edwards stated that she felt that

outside assistance for the CAO

would “encroach on the CAO’s


The auditor has charged the

Village a total of $11,285 for four

years, (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) for

extra bookkeeping and


Does this extra bookkeeping

and accounting work compromise

the independence of the


This then leads into my next


The 2019 Financial Statement

was held up due to the fact that

Municipal Affairs had

requested that adjustments be

made in the grants going back

as far as 2009 with regard to the

grants not being in separate

accounts and, as well, being

used to subsidize operations.

When this was somewhat

sorted out, the CAO and auditor

took it upon themselves to

submit the 2019 Financial

Statement to Municipal Affairs

without having first presented

it to council for review.

It appeared on the government

website without council

even seeing it. This was

brought to my attention by a

Village ratepayer.

Throughout 2019 to date, I

have tried to obtain bank reconciliation

and budget to actuals

from the CAO so

council can be

aware and

approve of the

Village’s financial

position but

to no avail.

A bylaw was

prepared to engage a

Designated Officer with the

duties to obtain this

information and report to

council (the right of council to

do this was challenged by

Deputy Mayor Edwards and

CAO Plachner, despite the fact

that the MGA clearly outlines

that a Designated

Officer can be

established for any


But eventually

this bylaw was


Subsequent to

that, council agreed

to have the auditor

provide the service

that the Designated

Officer would have performed.

The logic being to keep the work

local, so to speak.

However, to date, despite my

requests, no information has

been provided by the auditor

nor the CAO.

My frustration is that I have

no support from my fellow

councillors to this end.

In a non-compliant (as per the

Municipal Government Affairs

Act (MGA) ) meeting held Sept.

25, 2020, Deputy Mayor

Edwards and Councillor Wilton,

made financial commitments

despite having no knowledge of

the financial position of the


I did not attend this meeting

as I will not be a party to a

meeting that is non-compliant.

Financial status

From the Audited Financial

Statement Year Ending 2019

(AFS) - (on the Provincial


The total Accumulated

Surplus: Restricted and

Unrestricted = $338,886. The

same amount shows as Net

Financial Assets. There was

$711,332 in 2018 and now there is


During 2019, over the course

of 12 months, the Village lost

accumulated surplus in the

amount of $372.449.

2019 2018

Unrestricted Surplus $350,427 $360,905

Restricted Surplus -$11,544 $350,427

Accumulated Surplus net Equity TCA (as per MGA) $338,883 $711,332

The decrease from 2018 to 2019 372,449

The Deferred Revenue

($790,045) means the ‘received’

conditional grant funding that

is to be available for capital projects

(cash received from

Government(s) but not spent as

of the year ending December



Temporary Loans Payable $0 $0 $0

Payable to Other Governments 142,738 19,351 30,702

Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities 43,916 64,187 58,736

Deposit Liabilities 8,244 7,234 6,789

Deferred Revenue 790,045 528,298 295,569

Long Term Debt 0 0 0

Other Current Liabilities 0 0 0

Other Long Term Liabilities 0 0 0

Total Liabilities $984,943 $619,070 $391,796

If the Deferred Revenue in the

amount of $790,045 is set aside

(as per the MGA, in a separate

bank account) to be spent for

capital projects only, probably

means the Village is short on

cash for operations by the difference

(total Accumulated

Surplus ($338,886) less

Conditional Funding received

but not spent ($790,045) equaling

a negative $451,162.

Although the Audited

Financial Statements shows

$1.3 million as ‘financial assets’,

in fact, the Village is short by

$451,162 for the operations as of

the year ending Dec. 31, 2019.

The deferred revenue

($790,045), 2020 Federal Gas Tax

($50,000) and 2020 MSI

Allocation ($147,410) would have

to be transferred from the

General Account to separate

accounts. That would total


To the best of my knowledge,

with information from the draft

2019 audited financial statement,

the following would be a

good indication of the current

financial status.

During 2019 there is reported

Acquisition of Tangible Assets

of $319,885. However, this is not

deducted from the MSI Year

Ending Dec. 31, 2019.

Is it because MSI documentation

and MSI capital projects

applications were

not submitted

through the MSIO

system which is

due every year by

May 1st?

Statements of

Funding and

Expenditures (SFE’s) for the

2019 program are due by May 1,


Was MSI operating

reported for the Village of

Morrin by May 1st, 2020?

The Acquisition of

Tangible Capital Assets

during 2019 equals $319,885.

However, this

amount was not

deducted from

the deferred revenue


Capital) of


Because if it was

deducted from

$790,045 the

amount available

for MSI

Capital would be $790,045 -

$319,885= $470,115.

In conclusion

In conclusion,

as Mayor, I take

responsibility for

not making sure

myself and

council were

more knowledgeable

of the

finances prior to

the January 2019


However, since that time

my attempts to ‘get up to

speed’ should not be

impeded by administration

and council.

I point to the most recent

Facebook postings by

Deputy Mayor Edwards

calling me a “bully” and a


I stand by the information

presented here which I can

support with



Howard Helton

Mayor of the Village of


3” wide version


3.75” wide version

Town of Coronation





Town of Coronation

Reduction in Numbers of Councillors

Bylaw 677-2020

First reading of Bylaw 677-2020, Reduction of Numbers of Councillors, has been approved

by council to reduce the sitting numbers to five (5) from seven (7) at their Organizational

Meeting Oct. 13, 2020.

Passing this Bylaw would come into effect for the 2020 municipal elections.

Second and the third and final reading will take place at the regular meeting of Coronation

Town Council on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020.

The bylaw would not come into effect until sixty (60) days to allow any residents to petition

the bylaw and request that the Bylaw be reversed for any reason.

If the Bylaw were not to be passed, the size of the Council would stay the same and have no

effect. If the Council prolongs Bylaw 677 – 2020 Reduction in the members of Council and

waits until after December 31, 2020, then the Bylaw would need to be established for the

2025 municipal elections for the reduction to take effect. The sitting Council cannot reduce the

allocated amount of council position within an election year.

Franchise Fee

Increase Notice

from the Village of Halkirk

Please be advised the Village of Halkirk is proposing to increase the

local franchise fee, which is charged to ATCO Electric for use of the

municipal lands for its power lines, effective January 1, 2021, as per

Council Resolution. The fee is recovered by ATCO Electric from

customers that receive electric service in the Village of Halkirk.

The franchise fee will be increased from 3% to 5% on the delivery

charge of ATCO Electric excluding energy related riders. The average

residential increase has been estimated at $2.46 per month based on

the average consumption of 625 kWh.

Residents of the Village of Halkirk will have until November 4, 2020 at

4:00 p.m. to make their concerns known to the Village of Halkirk.

If you wish to express concerns, please contact Andrea Benoit, CAO at:

Village of Halkirk

PO Box 126

Halkirk, AB T0C 1M0

Ph: 403 884 2464



Clive council hears report on COVID-19 expense relief

Stu Salkeld

Local Journalism Initiative reporter

ECA Review

Village of Clive council heard some

positive information about a program

intended to relieve some expenses

caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The report was given at the Oct. 13

regular meeting of council.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Carla Kenney provided councillors

with a report about the Municipal

Operating support transfer, from

East Central Region continues

low COVID number streak

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

For much of the east central region,

cases have remained steadily low over

the course of the world-wide pandemic

caused by COVID-19.

In recent weeks, County of

Paintearth has one case, Special Areas

Drumheller at two, Wheatland County

at seven, County of Stettler at eight

active cases, MD of Provost at one and

the rest of east central Alberta at zero

as of Tues. Oct. 20.

A comment from Alberta Health

Services to the ECA Review shared

that there was a confirmed case in


“A confirmed case of COVID-19

attended J. C. Charyk Hanna School in

Central Zone while infectious.

AHS is already working directly

with the school to limit risk of spread.

This includes assessing the

classroom(s) setting and identifying

and assessing the close contacts of the


“Any individual considered exposed

to this case will be contacted directly

by Alberta Health Services, per standard

contact tracing procedures.

Infection prevention control measures

(physical distancing, masking,

hand hygiene, environmental

cleaning) have also been reviewed

with the school.

If the positive case did not attend

school while they were infectious, the

school would not be notified by AHS.

Information and guidance on what

schools can do before, during and after

an outbreak can be found at: https://


This document is also available to

all schools, to aid in their response to

any case of COVID-19 in their school


Coronation debates reducing

number of councillors

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Coronation, a town with a population

of under 1,000, is taking a closer

look at how many people will sit on


At the regular council meeting on

Tues. Oct. 13, the panel made up of six

councillors (usually seven) passed the

first reading of Bylaw 667-2020,

Reduction in the Number of


This bylaw, if passed, would reduce

their normal seven councillors down

to five.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Quinton Flint mentioned council

found both positives and negatives to

pursuing this.

The reason the bylaw came to light

was after council enquired about it as

some felt there aren’t enough boards

and committees to go around,

especially with many now being

online or not happening at all because

of the pandemic.

On the flip side of the coin, from a

democratic perspective, the extra

voices give more diverse input that

reflects the community.

If the bylaw passes all three readings,

the bylaw would not come into

effect until 60 days after.

This sixty-day period would allow

any residents to petition the bylaw and

request that it be reversed for any

reason. But if no one does, the bylaw

will stand and council will be reduced

to five members in the new election


The current six members

remaining will carry out the rest of

their term.

The town of Castor also runs using

a seven-member council.

More on

Community Enhancement

Grants Dispersed in 2020

“The Paintearth Regional Waste Management Board is always pleased to grant funds

to volunteer groups that carry out the work that holds communities like ours together,”

Chairman Wiart said. “We were happy this year to see funds used to keep recreational

programs going, as well as projects that benefit young kids and seniors. We’re fortunate

to have a community partner such as Waste Connections, which voluntarily funds the

Community Enhancement Grant program to keep volunteer groups focused on what

matters most – connecting communities.”

“Waste Connections is always honored

to contribute back to the community that

we live and work in,” said Dan Rochette

of Waste Connections.

Q4 Grant Recipients were as follows for 2020:

Castor/Halkirk Community Handivan $5,000

Town of Coronation $10,000

Coronation Choosewell $4,000

Coronation Health Centre Foundation $5,000

Castor Minor Sports Council $3,500

Total: $27,500

Date of board awards of these grants was Sept 29, 2020.

which the village is eligible for $70,000.

Kenney stated there are guidelines

for how the village can use the

funding, but after speaking to government

staff she stated the grant is fairly


It’s intended to cover expenses

incurred by the pandemic or to offset

reductions in revenue from the


She also noted that the grant could

be used if the village is paying somebody

outside due to the COVID-19


Delburne cat bylaw now

out for public comment

Stu Salkeld

Local Journalism Initiative reporter

ECA Review

The Village of Delburne council

passed initial reading of their new cat

control bylaw, and it will now be available

for public comment.

The decision was made at the Oct. 13

regular meeting of council.



Officer (CAO)

Karen Fegan

stated councillors


approved first

reading of Animal

Control Bylaw

1166/2020, which

also contains

rules for controlling

cats in the


Fegan stated the

bylaw now goes

Now more than ever,





AHS is offering influenza immunization to those under five

years of age and their immediate families or household

members only. There will be no drop-in immunizations at

AHS locations.

If you meet the criteria above, you can visit to

book an appointment.

Albertans not in this age group are asked to call a pharmacy

or doctor’s office to arrange a flu shot.

Alliance, Bashaw, Big Valley, Chauvin, Donalda,

Edgerton, Forestburg, Heisler, Hughenden, Irma,

Lougheed, and Veteran residents are asked to call 811 to

book an appointment at a nearby Community Health Centre.

To learn more,


Have Questions? Call 811

During discussions, councillors

heard that there will be some community

consultation about how this

funding should be used.

CAO Kenney noted in her report to

councillors two Public Works staff

were off work as they showed symptoms

which could be COVID-19. The

CAO stated the diagnosis wasn’t definite

but the village was being very

cautious anyway.

She noted daily checks were being


More on

out to the public for comment, and it’s

possible, if the public wishes, a town

hall meeting can be held to discuss the

proposed rules.

If there is no opposition, the proposed

bylaw may come back to council

in November for second and third

reading, then be implemented on Jan.

1, 2021.

Turn to Golf, Pg 6


4 O ctober 22'20 HANNA/CORONATION/StettLer, AB. ECA REVIEW

‘LiveBarn’ gives real-time video

option for Stettler Recreation Centre

Stu Salkeld

Local Journalism Initiative reporter

ECA Review

As the coronavirus pandemic

marches on, the Town of Stettler has

introduced an innovative method of

getting residents involved in sports

activities in a virtual manner.

The Stettler Recreation Centre

(SRC), the large multi-use facility that

includes ice surfaces, public library

and seniors centre among other assets,

recently had subscription-based

“LiveBarn” technology installed,

according to Brad Robbins, manager of

recreation and culture, who gave a

report to town council at their Oct. 6

regular meeting.

Robbins showed councillors how the

technology works.

Several LiveBarn cameras are

installed in the SRC including over ice

surfaces, which allow users to watch

events in several different ways as

video feed is available to spectators via

their computer or mobile device.

The cameras use motion sensing

technology to track the action, noted

Robbins, showing video feed of the

LiveBarn cameras following a hockey

practice at SRC.

Robbins also stated the cameras

have an extreme wide angle ability

that allows the entire ice surface to be

viewed at once, including all the action

it’s holding.

Of course, with pandemic protocols

still in place, there are serious limitations

from the provincial government

on how many people can be in the SRC

at one time, whether spectators or


Robbins noted the LiveBarn option

will help the town manage pandemic

protocols involving maximum


occupancy, as event spectators won’t

have to come to the SRC to watch


Coun. Gord Lawlor asked how the

LiveBarn option was being received.

Robbins noted he and his staff have

received only positive feedback about it

and everyone he knows who’s been

using it has liked it.

“People are pretty excited it’s in

there,” said Robbins.

He noted recordings of various

sporting events held at SRC will be

available on-demand via LiveBarn for

up to 30 days. Robbins predicted the

video option is going to get very popular

once the minor hockey and figure

skating seasons get into full swing.

Robbins also noted floor curling is

supposed to get going at SRC soon.

“So it’s getting busier all the time,”

he added.

A screening mammogram is

the best way to find breast

cancer early.

And it can truly save your




Hanna Round-up Centre

Christmas Market 400 Pioneer Trail

Fri. Nov. 6 2-3pm Seniors & those needing assistance


3-8pm General Public

Sat. Nov. 7 10am-5pm General Public (Turkey Lunch)

The SCREEN TEST mobile

mammography unit will be in

Provost Nov. 2 - 6, 2020

Hardisty Nov 7 - 9, 2020

Appointments are required. Please call

1-800-667-0604 (toll free)

Due to COVID-19, Screen Test is taking a number of

precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Details will be shared when you call to book your


Czar ATB destroyed in

late night robbery


Two suspects attempted to steal a

safe from the ATB in Czar on Oct. 15,

2020 at approximately 4:30 a.m.

The suspects used what is believed

to be an early 2000’s silver or grey

Dodge extended cab truck with a flat

deck to enter the ATB and then tied a

tow strap to a safe inside.

The safe was removed out of the

building but the suspects were unable

to load it into the truck before fleeing

the area.

There was substantial damage done

to the building as a result of the break

and enter but nothing was taken.

Hanna home search warrant

On Oct.16, 2020, members of the

Southern Alberta District CRU (Crime

Reduction Unit) and members of

Hanna Detachment concluded a threeweek

long investigation which resulted

in the execution of a search warrant on

a residence in Hanna.

The search resulted in the seizure of

seven grams of fentanyl, two grams of

cannabis resin, one gram of cocaine, a

scale, documents that support trafficking,

a 22-caliber semi automatic

rifle with a modified barrel, a machete,

unlawful tobacco, ammunition and

stolen property.

As a result of the evidence seized,

35-year-old Victor Foley has been

charged with the several offences

breach of a release order, possession of

fentanyl, cocaine, stolen property, prohibited

firearm with no license for

same, and unlawful tobacco products.



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Wreckage of the Czar ATB after a

break-in on Thurs. Oct. 15.

Photos courtesy of

Jacqueline Manning

Foley has been remanded into custody

and will appear by CCTV on Mon.

Oct. 19, 2020 in Strathmore, Alta.

He was on a release order at the time

of this investigation for weapons and

drug offences stemming from investigations

out of Blackfalds and Red Deer

earlier this year.

Stettler Walmart shoplifting

Stettler RCMP are investigating a

shoplifting incident which occurred on

Oct. 3, 2020.

At approximately 3 p.m., the

unknown male allegedly went into the

Stettler Walmart and, using tools he

carried in with him, removed a display

laptop and left the store without paying

for it.

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project Profit Shares Campaign publication East Central Alberta Review

client Vision Credit Union size 4.6457" x 7.25"


Elnora council looking at Medical Clinic possibilities

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The Elnora Medical Clinic may be

switching hands in the near future.

The building was brought into conversation

amongst council and staff at

their meeting on Tues. Oct. 13.

A potential renter approached the

village to see about renting the vacant

clinic for their business.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Sharon Wesgate stated that under the

current land use bylaw, it is zoned as

R-1 Low Density Residential Family

and under recent revisions to this

bylaw, it is potentially changing to PS

(Public Service).

Neither of these zonings allows for

commercial development meaning

Funds returned to Flagstaff

Intermunicipal Partnership

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Council agreed to return funds to

the Flagstaff Intermunicipal

Partnership (FIP) regarding a partnership

agreement between the towns

of Daysland, Hardisty, Killam,

Sedgewick, and the Villages of

Alliance, Forestburg, Heisler, and


FIP requested that the funds dispersed

by the group in 2019 be

returned to FIP to fund future


The amount of funds that had been

dispersed to Forestburg was $2998.43.

Organizational meeting

Incumbent Blaise Young was nominated

as mayor and Bob Coutts for

deputy mayor.

In an effort to accommodate interim

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Corrine Newman, council chose to

change the meeting date to the first

and third Wednesdays of the month

rather than Thursdays.

The only exception will be this next

meeting which will take place on a

Thursday as Dep. Mayor Coutts has

another important meeting to attend

on Wednesday.

Committee appointments stayed relatively

the same with a few minor


FRACCA grant request

The Forestburg Dance Society was

approved for the $1,000 Forestburg

Recreation, Arts and Culture

(FRACCA) Grant despite the request

for $2,000 for maintaining a high level

of instruction for the dancers.

It was determined the policy only

allows $1,000 per group per year and

with that, all funding within this

budget year has been depleted but will

allocate new funding in 2021.

Community Enhancement Fund

Council readily accepted a motion to

support this year’s annual Forestburg

School Awards Program which will be

celebrated through an in school virtual

assembly this year due to

COVID-19 restrictions. A total of $1,600

will be distributed between scholarship

winners. A member of council

will attend to present the awards.

Employee code of conduct policy

Considered a ‘housekeeping item’,

council accepted the employee code of

conduct policy as presented.

No changes were made but policies

are meant to be reviewed annually or

at least in a period of three years.

It was last reviewed in 2015.

Dep. Mayor Coutts asked if social

media was incorporated as it has

become a more prevalent part of communicating

with locals.

Interim CAO Newman said there

was a separate social media policy

which meant there was no need to

overlap the two policies.

Flags lowered

Forestburg couple Matthew Kozak

and Zabrina Ferrier were known to be

active volunteers in the local area

including fire fighting. The pair were

found by helicopter in the Verdant

Pass area in Jasper National Park a

day after a missing persons report was

made public. According to RCMP, the

couple were hiking and succumbed to

their injuries after falling from a steep

bank. Coun. Dwayne Giroux, on

behalf of the Forestburg Fire

Department, asked council at their

regular meeting Oct. 16 about having

village flags at half mast for the

weekend to honour Kozak and Ferrier.

Council passed a motion to lower all

flags they own at half mast for the


More on

they cannot rent out the building at

this time.

In the past, it was said former commercial

ventures who occupied the

space were ‘not in compliance with the

village’s land use bylaw’.

In speaking with Alberta Health

Services (AHS), it was found that the

building belongs to the village as the

fundraising for this service was all

community-run at the time.

It was understood before that it was

owned by AHS but turns out, they

gave the land to the village allowing

them to do what they want with it.

Mayor Leah Nelson mentioned that

it should be changed to discretionary

use to allow for renting with the regular

process of going through the

Municipal Planning Commission in


Dep. Mayor Kerrilyn Mose mentioned

that the upcoming open house

for the revised land use bylaw on Nov.

24 would be ‘a perfect time to approach




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people about this’ to see what residents

have to say about its future usage.

More on

Please join us

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“Yes, Let’s

work together”

Brenda Schimke

ECA Review

Not all debt is equal, some grow the

economy and wealth, and other debt

takes us down. It’s understanding

which debt is good and which is not

that makes or breaks governments,

households, individuals and


Excessive household, small business

and consumer debt is bad and often

unsustainable when economic blips

happen. The same can be said for

municipal debt. None of these entities

have the power to increase revenues

during an economic downturn.

Provincial governments, on the

other hand, are in a stronger position.

They have many levers of power that

enable them to

stimulate economic



a downturn and

still maintain a

sustainable debt

to gross domestic

product (GDP)

ratio, especially

with such low

interest rates.

(Debt to GDP is

equivalent to a

household’s debt

to annual



The federal


stands alone in its ability to borrow

and sustain debt, but they, too, can

reach unsustainable debt levels as witnessed

in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s.

The federal government borrowed

money at high rates (interest rates on

debt was on average four percentage

points higher than revenue growth),

and most of that debt was structural—

year after year program


Finance Minister Paul Martin’s

second budget in 1995, slashed program

spending and within three years

Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio was

reduced from 65 per cent to 30 per cent.

Before the coronavirus pandemic,

the federal government had a modest

budget deficit of one per cent of GDP,

and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 31 per cent—

it’s why economists and the Bank of

Canada Governor keep assuring

Canadians, we have the capacity for

this one-time spending spree.

Today’s deficit spending is not stimulus,

it’s not structural, it’s emergency

recovery spending. That’s why there

was unanimous support in the House

of Commons to expand government

spending to unprecedented levels not

seen since World War II (WWII).

Temporary support measures,

although far from perfect, will sustain

the majority of people and businesses

from complete disaster, keep our population

healthy, stop many from having

to go deeper in debt, and keep our

economy positioned to come out of the

pandemic relatively quickly.

Approximately 60 per cent of the projected

2020 federal deficit is due to

these temporary recovery measures.

Another 30 per cent is cyclical

reflecting economic loss during shutdowns.

As with WWII spending, the

government’s unprecedented deficit

financing will stop after the pandemic

is tamed.

Wealthy countries such as Canada

get rid of debt when economic growth

is even slightly larger than the cost of

debt. After

WWII, Canada’s

debt-to-GDP was

109 per cent. Low

interest rates

and economic

growth quickly

evaporated that

debt and got our


ratio back in



investors are

bullish about




reported, in the first quarter international

investors bought $39 billion of

federal government and corporation

debt and in the single month of April, a

stunning $54 billion. It’s another clear

indication that Canada is fiscally wellmanaged

and considered a safe and

prudent place to weather storms—as

was proven during the 2008 economic


Citizens hyper-ventilating about the

size of the recovery-generated deficit

are being purposefully distracted. Our

focus should be on our personal debt

loads and what the government is

doing to grow and diversify our

economy for the 21st Century.

The recent agreement between Ford

Motor Company and the Governments

of Ontario and Canada to build electric

cars and batteries is a perfect example.

There are many 21st Century projects

in Alberta complementary to

hydrocarbons— hydrogen energy,

carbon capture, carbon-reducing technology,

industrial plastic

recycling—any of which the feds

would happily work with the Alberta

Government to grow.

Premier Kenney just has to say, “yes,

let’s work together”.

Citizens hyperventilating

about the

size of the recoverygenerated

deficit are

being purposefully

Golf ball protection

Cont’d from Pg 3

Fegan noted councillors held a special

meeting Oct. 7 to approved netting

at the golf course to protect nearby

houses from errant golf balls.

Fegan stated the project will cost

$42,500 and councillors approved the

quote from a company that specializes

in installing these barriers.

The netting will be 50 feet high and

80 feet long.

Fegan stated residents in the area

are pleased to hear council approved

protection for homes in the area.

Funds will come form the subdivision

restricted surplus account and

work could begin this fall on the

project. It will definitely be completed

before the next golf season begins,

stated the CAO.

FCSS update

Councillors heard an update from

the Family and Community Support

Services (FCSS) worked Carol Kihn.

She gave an update on how COVID-19

has affected FCSS programming.

Fegan stated Kihn has done a fantastic

job thinking outside the box. “It’s

been pretty incredible,” said Fegan,

noting Kihn has been working hard to

offer programming while adapting to

pandemic rules.

School division

Fegan stated councillors ratified an

agreement with Chinook Edge School

Division regarding use of municipal


Fegan stated the agreement covers

the Main Street park, skate park and

the community hall.

The school board must still book the

hall but they can use the other venues

as needed.

Facility requests

Councillors forwarded on two

requests to use the community hall,

one from the Boys and Girls Club and

the other from the Delburne Gospel


The CAO stated both groups wanted

to use the hall for activities because

the hall is big enough to meet pandemic

guidelines, and other facilities,

like the school, aren’t available.

More on

Alix Emergency Management Tabletop Exercise hosted on Oct. 13, 2020 was a discussionbased

exercise that offered the participants the opportunity to explore different ideas in the

context of a real-world scenario that could pertain to the Village of Alix in an emergency.

In attendance from Alix Emergency Management Agency were Director of Emergency

Management – Janene Anderson, Deputy of Emergency Management – CAO Michelle

White, Logistics and Finance Chief Tanya Meston, Alix Public Works rep Terry Allen, Alix

Fire Department Deputy Chiefs Corrie Anderson and Ken Henry, FCSS Coordinator Glenna

Carlson and Information Officer Chelsie Giesbrecht Also, in attendance were Alix councillor

– Ed Cole, Alix Arena Board rep Leah Simeniuk, AEMA Field Officer (Central Region) Brain

Boutin, Town of Bentley Director of Emergency Management and LREMP COO Julian Veuger

and Lacombe County Director of Emergency Management Drayton Bussiere as the facilitator.

ECA Review/Advertorial






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Public Sale of Land

(Municipal Government Act)

Village of Alix

Notice is hereby given that, under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Village of

Alix will offer for sale, by public auction, in the Village Office, 4849 50 Street, Alix, Alberta on

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., the following parcels:

Land Parcels

Roll No Lot Block Plan C of T Reserve Bid

7.100 18, 19 6 RN30 962 012 422 $29,500.00

3.000 31 2 RN30 092 245 534 $49,640.00

1. A parcel of land offered for sale may be redeemed by payment of all arrears, penalties and costs by guaranteed

funds at any time until the property is declared sold.

2. Each parcel of land offered for sale will be subject to a reserve bid and to the reservations and conditions contained

in the existing certificate of title.

3. The lands are being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis, and the municipality makes no representation and

gives no warranty whatsoever as to the state of the parcel nor its suitability for any intended use by the successful


4. The auctioneer, councillors, the chief administrative officer and the designated officers and employees of the

municipality must not bid or buy any parcel of land offered for sale, unless directed by the municipality to do so on

behalf of the municipality.

5. The purchaser of the property will be responsible for property taxes for the current year.

6. The purchaser will be required to execute a sale agreement in form and substance provided by the municipality.

7. The successful purchaser must, at the time of sale, make payment in cash, certified cheque or bank draft payable to

the municipality as follows:

a. The full purchase price if it is $10,000 or less; OR

b. If the purchase price is greater than $10,000, the purchaser must provide a non-refundable deposit in

the amount of $10,000 and the balance of the purchase price must be paid within 20 days of the sale.

8. GST will be collected on all properties subject to GST.

9. The risk of the property lies with the purchaser immediately following the auction.

10. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining vacant possession.

11. The purchaser will be responsible for registration of the transfer including registration fees.

12. If no offer is received on a property or if the reserve bid is not met, the property cannot be sold at the public


13. The municipality may, after the public auction, become the owner of any parcel of land that is not sold at the

public auction.

14. Once the property is declared sold at public auction, the previous owner has no further right to pay the tax arrears.

Dated at Alix, Alberta, August 13, 2020.

Managed by: TAXervice


The following briefly described parcels located within the County of Stettler are offered for sale by tender,

subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing Certificates of Title

(subject to Seller paying out and removing existing mortgage encumbrance):

Legal Description Property Description

SE 28-35-16-W4 160 acres – approx. 115 cultivated acres, remainder native grass and bush, with

dugout and 4 wire fenced on all sides (1 side needs improvement). Portable corrals

and grain not included and subject to arrangements for removal.

SW 28-35-16-W4 161 acres – approx. 125 cultivated acres currently sowed to tame hay, remainder

native grass and bush, with dugout and 4 wire fenced on all sides (1 side needs


The sales of these parcels are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the size/measurement, condition or

environmental status of the parcel.

2. Seller shall retain ownership of and reserves the right to remove all portable corrals and grain

from SE 28-35-16-W4.

3. Bids must be submitted for each parcel individually and not both parcels together.

4. Successful Bidder to be responsible for all costs associated with registration.

5. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T.

6. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon

on November 25, 2020. Tenders should be forwarded to Schnell Hardy Jones LLP in a sealed

envelope marked “Tenders #156401”. The Tender shall include certified funds or bank draft

equal to 10% of the tendered price, payable to “Schnell Hardy Jones, in trust”. Deposits of all

Unsuccessful Bidders will be returned.

7. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or

before December 21, 2020 (“Possession Date”). Failure by the Successful Bidder to complete

the purchase will result in forfeit of deposit to the Seller.

8. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

9. The highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.

To obtain a Tender Package, please contact lawyer noted below. All Tenders must include full name, phone

number and email address


Barristers & Solicitors

Attention: Daniel J. Wilson

PO Box 1240, 4902 - 51 Street

Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

Phone: 403-742-4436

Michelle White, Chief Administrative Officer

Village of Alix

Land Offering

Rick and Janet Yarham

Strome, Ab

Land: SW-9-43-15-W4 ACRES: 66.26

Acres Arable Dugout/Creek/Trees Price/Acre Well/Power $/yr

66.26ac (60approx.) (6.26approx.) ($5000/ac) ($4024/yr)

A very good piece of land with a large dugout, small creek in corner,

nice treed area, good arable cropland or use for animal grazing or good

hay production. Hillside gravel seams used by the owner, perfect for

farm gravel use or possible commercial crushing sale. Additional well

and powerline revenue.

Market Price: $330,000 (gst applicable on land if not gst registered)

Annual 2019 Revenue: Well revenue $3300, Powerline revenue $724.50

➣ There are no “First Right of Refusals” or ongoing lease agreements.

➣ Opening 11am October 23, 2020

➣ Second round if necessary, by 8pm October 23, 2020

➣ Buyer notified by 9pm October 23, 2020

➣ Possession date planned for Oct 30, 2020

➣ Exclusively listed contact Realtor below.

Call Jeff Golka 780 888 4030

for further details

or viewing of the land.

Jeff Golka | Agent

RE/MAX River City

Direct: 780.888.4030

Fax: 780.888.3754

Direct: Box 171

Hardisty, Ab T0B 1V0


The following briefly described property located in Paintearth County between Castor

and Halkirk, north of Highway 12, is hereby offered for sale by tender, subject to the

reservations, exceptions, and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title:

Parcel 1

Part of SW-18-38-14 W4, 145.32 acres, more or less, perimeter fenced, including approx.

90 acres tame hay with dugout; separately fenced from the balance of this parcel is approx.

55 acres of partially treed native pasture with abundant wildlife and which also has a deep

dugout suitable for stocking fish. Variable revenue from Capital Power, averaging $80. to

$200. / mo; Atco Power Line pays $525. annually; Karve Energy pays $2462. annually (in

process of reclamation)

Parcel 2

Part of SW-18-38-14 W4 described as Descriptive Plan 9925445, Lot 1, 10 acres, more

or less, including approx. 1564 sq. ft. residence, plus fully developed basement with

in-floor heating, cold room and sewer alarm, 3 bedrooms and bathroom in basement, 3

bedrooms on main floor with one ensuite bathroom and one additional bathroom, main

floor laundry room with toilet and sink, spacious kitchen, mud room, natural gas heating,

productive water well, bus service to door, 30’ x 40’ heated shop with cement floor,

benches and storage; smaller metal storage shed with electricity, garden shed, greenhouse/

garden shed, steel pipe riding arena and corrals, barn with stalls, additional small pasture

with dugout.


The sale of the property is subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned:

1. These properties are sold as is”.

2. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement,

condition or environmental status.

3. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration.

4. GST will be added to purchase price where applicable.

5. Tenders in writing will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after

12:00 o’clock noon on November 18, 2020. Tenders should be forwarded to E. Roger

Spady Law Office in a sealed envelope marked “Bertschy Tender’. A certified cheque

equal to 5% of the purchase price must accompany the tender.

6. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified

funds on or before December 18, 2020 (“Possession Date”). ·

7. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

8. Mineral rights, if any, are not included in the sale.

9. The 2 parcels may be sold individually or as a unit.

10. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Seller may reject any or all


11. Deposit cheques on unsuccessful tenders will be returned promptly.

12. If successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after acceptance of that tender,

the deposit shall be forfeited.

For further particulars please contact Dustin Bertschy at 403-350-0399 or

Christina-Lynn Bertschy at 403-740-6588.

E. Roger Spady

Barrister & Solicitor

5015 Victoria Avenue, Box 328

Coronation, Alberta, T0C 1C0

8 O ctober 22'20 HANNA/CORONATION/StettLer, AB. ECA REVIEW




Sale conducted by:

➵ 7 RED ANGUS BULLS - 80-82 lb. B.W. Bulls will be

• 2 yearlings • 2 - 1 ½ yr. old.

semen tested

• 2 - 3 yr. old. • 1-4 yr. old.

} in 2020

by a Vet.

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34 New rubber. Quad power shift transmission SN# 102412521989 JD 4955 Tractor with 280 loader- Dual tires, Power shift

transmission, Triple Hydrolic, PTO, Cab, Air, Radio, Top end redone, new water pump, new head, 9000 hrs, comes with

counter weights. SN# RW4955P0010111845C Case Skid steer with bucket - Diesel, one owner SN#8860HP Case Swather - 4

cylinder Diesel Engine, 25’ double swath grain header, 18’ hesston hay header, 5000 hrs, SN# 1989 9500 JD combine - great



running condition, 914 pick up, JD 466 Diesel Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, comes with straw chopper, 24.5-32 front

rubber. SN#H09500x655746

Trucks & Vehicles

Saturday October 31, 2020 at 11 AM

1999 Volvo Semi - N14 18 speed road ranger cummins diesel engine, Red, sleeper, All new air dryer and air compressor,

like new rubber. SN# 4VGDAJH2XN780780Manoe 53’ Box Trailer - 27.5R/30R 24.5 tandem dual tires, SN#


2M5921612110750041985 Chrysler 5th Avenue Edition car - 4 door, Grey exterior, blue interior, needs transmission work,

SN# 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 - 4x4, 6 speed standard transmission, Green exterior, Tan interior, 600,000 kms, toolbox,

Brand new 6 speed tranny and dif box, New rubber. SN#1B7KF23711J5999351981 Chevrolet Tandem Grain Truck - 427 V-8



Stettler reeve responds to oil and gas assessment review

have no recourse to recover the lost

revenue; no changes to this system

were made by Allard in her


Over the last five years the County

of Stettler has lost $7.6 million in revenue

due to unpaid property taxes,

almost an entire annual budget for the


Clarke stated most of this is owed

from oil and gas companies.

Clarke said

Stu Salkeld

taxpayers,” said Clarke, who noted he

Local Journalism Initiative reporter doesn’t predict a lot of new drilling in

ECA Review

the County of Stettler while the oil and

gas industry copes with a downturn.

The reeve of the County of Stettler Clarke stated if there’s any new construction,

says the provincial government’s Oct.

it will probably be in

19 decision on the oil and gas assessment

northern Alberta.

review shows Edmonton listened The announcement on Oct. 19 by

to rural municipalities.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Allard

Reeve Larry Clarke stated by phone was the result of a tense summer that

Oct. 20 the announcement of a threeyear

even saw rural councillors protesting

program for new oil and gas proposed assessment changes at the

developments appeared to address concerns

Alberta Legislature.

even though

from everyone involved, both Certain energy industry members Allard didn’t

municipalities and the energy

have claimed that rural municipalities make any


are taxing industry so highly it’s changes to

“I think that’s what they were trying threatening to put some oil and gas unpaid property

to do,” said Clarke, a farmer who has companies out of business.

taxes, he felt optimistic

also worked in the oil patch.

Another major issue that’s been

that Allard

Clarke stated when the review first facing rural municipalities in the oil heard that rural

came to light under former Municipal and gas downturn is unpaid taxes. municipalities

Affairs Minister Kaycee Madu, four Some members of the energy

are very concerned

scenarios had been proposed, with scenario

industry have declined to pay their

about this

#4 the preferred one, which property tax bills, and municipalities problem.

benefitted the energy industry the

most, apparently at the expense of

rural municipalities. FOR SALE

However, Clarke stated that once ➵ 144 REPLACEMENT HEIFERS

incoming Minister Tracy Allard took

over, the tone changed and STETTLER it appeared AUCTION • Excellent Quality MART (1100 lb. average 2016 weight LTD by Dec. 1/20)

Allard listened to concerns voiced by • Quiet disposition

rural municipalities about the effects


of reduced tax revenues. ➵ 79 Reds • 52 RBF/RSF • 5 BIacks • 4 BBF • 4 Tans

Changes amount to a three-year program

that allows new wells, pipelines


and other new equipment to enjoy zero

property taxes, along with the SATURDAY provin-

OCTOBER 31ST, 2020 @ 11AM

cial government dropping assessment

for wells that don’t produce highly. LUNCH PROVIDED BY: SAM CAFE

These announcements are on top of

those tax cuts made last year by the


provincial government for shallow gas



Clarke stated the three-year TO program

shouldn’t have FROM huge BYEMOOR effects here. 7 MILES NORTH TO 36-2 1 MILE EAST FARM ON NORTH SIDE ROAD


“I don’t really seeing it affecting our

Field & Haying Equipment

engine, 5 & 2 split speed tranny, SN# 1GBN7D4E8BV139771, 8’ x 20’ steel box with nordic hoist, saddle tanks, 8000 original

2290 Allied Diesel Tractor with 794 loader and bucket 567 JD Round Baler - SN#E00567X157408276 New


- comes with bale spear.1000/540 PTO- Dual Hyd - Holland Square Baler 30’ Brandt auger MC 216

8000 hrs - 23.1 x 34 New rubber. Field Quad & power Haying shift Equipment Frontier Hyroswing 16’ sprayer30A Hesston Hay

transmission 567 JD Round Baler SN# - SN#E00567X157408276 102412521989 JD New 4955 Holland Tractor Square Baler Stacker 30’ Brandt 28’ Case auger cultivator MC 216 Frontier HM Swather Hyroswing mower 16’ Swath

with sprayer30A 280 loader- Hesston Dual Hay tires, Stacker Power 28’ Case shift cultivator transmission, HM Swather Roller mowerSwath New Roller Pacer New Pacer pumpHP10-2000 Sankundiak 61’

Triple Sankundiak Hydrolic, 61’ grain PTO, auger Cab, Brandt Air, 7” grain Radio, AugerInternational Top end 17’ grain cultivatorGraham auger Brandt Home 7” 19’ grain cultivator60’ Auger flexi International coil 17’

harrow packerCase 16’ disc210 Kelo 14’ Disc36’ Easy on cultivator with 2210 Air cart with hydro fan.3000 Versatile sprayer,

redone, new water pump, new head, 9000 hrs, comes cultivator Graham Home 19’ cultivator60’ flexi coil

SN#1033 Bale wagonJD Roller - 3 point hitch.10 wheel candy rakeJiffy Hi dump358 New Holland mixer mill Misc mountain

with counter weights. SN# RW4955P0010111845C harrow packer Case 16’ disc210 Kelo 14’ Disc36’ Easy

morris 3 bar harrows JD 7’ sickle mower JD 7’ sickle mower for parts 552 Ram Grain Vac - needs pto shaft.881 Case silage

Case cutter Skid for parts steer 60’ Versatile with bucket sprayer for - Diesel, parts.42’ Co-op one owner cultivator vibershank on cultivator for parts with Case 2210 rototiller, Air cart Case with lawn hydro mower, fan. 3000

SN#8860HP Jones post punder, Case Swather Kelo stack - 4 mover, cylinder post hole Diesel auger Engine, with 3point Versatile hitch, 15 stooke sprayer, bale SN#1033 stooker, set Bale of pushing wagon stock JD Roller - 3

25’ double swath racksNH grain 269 header, Square Baler 18’ Metal hesston Slid with hay store point racksMorris hitch.10 mounted wheel harrows candy rake Jiffy Hi dump358

header, 5000 hrs, SN# 1989 9500 JD combine - great New Holland mixer mill Misc mountain morris 3

running condition, 914 pick up, JD Tanks 466 Diesel & Livestock Engine, bar Equipment harrows JD 7’ sickle mower JD 7’ sickle mower


1000 gal fuel


tank4- 500 gal


fuel tanks,


2 with









552 Ram



fuel tank










bottom fill3- 300 gal Diesel fuel tanks with gauges.Grain Auger motors, New cultivator shovels and spikes, combine belts,

24.5-32 front rubber. SN#H09500x655746

Case silage cutter for parts 60’ Versatile sprayer for

misc hydrolic cylindars,100 Gal slip tank, Bale elevator, Gates, Hi Qual maternity pen with headgate, pull type Quad

sprayer, Calving Trucks supplies, & banders, Vehicles taggers, needles, syringes, tags, parts.42’ calving cradle, Co-op wings cultivator for a vibershank, vibershank pacer for pumps parts Case

and hoses, Pantera wolf side-by-side for parts, Katolight PTO generator,

1999 Volvo Semi - N14 18 speed road ranger cummins

rototiller, 3- Case 2150 Westeel lawn mower, hopper grain Jones bins, post 3- 1650 punder, Kelo

westeel grain bins, 2- 1000 bushel Westeel grain bins, Tote tanks

diesel engine, Red, sleeper, All new air dryer and air

stack with hopper mover, bottom, post Horse hole drawn auger wagon with with 3point seats, hitch, 15

Canola seed (80 bags) Cow staunches, 5 gal pails

compressor, like new rubber. SN# 4VGDAJH2XN

stooke bale stooker, set of pushing stock racks NH

-780780 Manoe 53’ Box Trailer - 27.5R/30R 24.5

269 Square Baler Metal Slid with store racks Morris

Tools & Misc Shop Supplies

tandem dual tires, SN# 2M5921612110750041985

mounted harrows

Tap Die sets, wrenches, Hammers, Screw drivers, Hydrolic hose crimp, Drills, Drill press, tool boxes, Hydrolic press,

Chrysler Bolt bins with 5th contents, Avenue Edition ladders, misc car - tires 4 door, of all Grey sizes, exterior, generators, pumps for parts, Misc truck parts, extention cords, jack

alls, Anvil, Air compressor for parts, scales, Power hacksaw, Bolt bins, grinder, Tanks handpress & Livestock drill, circular saw Equipment

on steel stand

blue interior, needs transmission work, SN# 2001

belt driven or pto driven, tow ropes, Tie down straps, Chicken waterers 1000 and gal feeders,Truck fuel tank4- tool 500 boxes, gal fuel Engine tanks, hoist, 2 3 with - double

Dodge Ram 2500 - 4x4,


6 speed





overhead hoist, rims, compartments Roof flaring for volvo with truck stands4000 gal fuel tank with 12v

Green exterior, Tan interior, 600,000 kms, toolbox,

pump and bottom fill3- 300 gal Diesel fuel tanks with

Brand new 6 speed tranny and dif box, New rubber.

Household gauges. Grain Auger motors, New cultivator shovels

SN#1B7KF23711J5999351981 Chevrolet Tandem

Misc greenhouse supplies, Pea Sheller, weed eaters, rakes, shovels, and Bird spikes, houses, combine Bird feeders, belts, pots, misc Dresser hydrolic with mirror, cylindars,100

Grain Roll up Truck hutterite - 427 made V-8 desk, engine, misc 5 office & 2 supplies, split speed TV stand, tranny, 2 antique dressers with mirrors, record player, metal frame

Gal slip tank, Bale elevator, Gates, Hi Qual maternity

SN# desk, 1GBN7D4E8BV139771, Antique dresser, Chest/Trunk, 8’ Antique x 20’ windows, steel box Eavestroughing, with Dressers, cream seperator, Antique wash tub, Beam

pen with headgate, pull type Quad sprayer, Calving

nordic hoist, saddle tanks, 8000 original platform miles scale, 1986 20’ x 76’ Mobile home

supplies, banders, taggers, needles, syringes, tags,

TERMS – Cash or Approved Cheque - Nothing removed until settled for.

TERMS – Cash or Approved Cheque - Nothing removed until settled for.

Sales Reps: Gary Rairdan - 403-740-6823; Jim Abel - 403-740-9609;

Sales Reps: Gary Rairdan - 403-740-6823; Jim Abel - 403-740-9609; Crystal - 403-741-5850

Brad Lohr - 780-679-5500; Terry Silbernagel - 403-318-5873;

Brad Lohr


- 780-679-5500;

Stulberg - 403-740-3863

Terry Silbernagel - 403-318-5873; Larry Stulberg - 403-740-3863

Auctioneers: Terry Silbernagel, Del Jordan Auctioneers: Terry Silbernagel, Del Jordan Cashier: Lona Benjamin

Cashier: Lona email: Benjamin website:

email: website:

Lic. #003546 For Details Call 403-742-2368

“I think they do realize that,” said

the reeve.

Clarke stated he was very impressed

by Drumheller-Stettler MLA Nate

Horner’s help through this process.

“He lives in a rural constituency

that’s very much affected by oil and

gas,” said Clarke, noting Horner went

to bat for the rural municipalities in

his constituency.

Jeff & Alison Southworth, bringing 17 years of experience

• Water well drilling & servicing • Well pump installation

and servicing • Pressure systems • Cost effective solar

pasture watering system • Backhoe services for water

lines and septic systems • Water well Chlorination

• Ritchie waters

Emergency services • 24 hr on call

Serving the east central Alberta region

Legacy Drilling Ltd

403-854-0172 • Hanna, AB

403-396-2254 • Delburne, AB



45 Minutes East of Drumheller 1425 Acres of Tame

and Native grass, good corrals, grass & water.

Not grazed in 2020. Mostly new fences. New steel posts

and barb wire available. Water Pipeline with riser.

Barry Lowe 403-854-4456

Lic. #003546 For Details Call 403-742-2368

Having Received Instructions From


We Will Sell By Public Auction

on Their Farm at SE 17-36-16 W4M

Directions From Stettler: Head Down

Hwy 12 east - 14 miles south on

Byemoor pavement to 36-2. 1 Mile East

farm on north side of the road.

From Byemoor: 7 miles north to 36-2 1

mile east farm on north side road

calving cradle, wings for a vibershank, pacer pumps

and hoses, Pantera wolf side-by-side for parts,

Katolight PTO generator, 3- 2150 Westeel hopper

grain bins, 3- 1650 westeel grain bins, 2- 1000 bushel

Westeel grain bins, Tote tanks with hopper bottom,

Horse drawn wagon with seats, Canola seed (80 bags)

Cow staunches, 5 gal pails

Tools & Misc Shop Supplies

Tap and Die sets, wrenches, Hammers, Screw drivers,

Hydrolic hose crimp, Drills, Drill press, tool boxes,

Hydrolic press, Bolt bins with contents, ladders,

misc tires of all sizes, generators, pumps for parts,

Misc truck parts, extention cords, jackalls, Anvil, Air

compressor for parts, scales, Power hacksaw, Bolt

bins, grinder, handpress drill, circular saw on steel

stand belt driven or pto driven, tow ropes, Tie down

straps, Chicken waterers and feeders,Truck tool boxes,

Engine hoist, 3 - fiberglass septic tanks, overhead

hoist, rims, Roof flaring for volvo truck


Misc greenhouse supplies, Pea Sheller, weed eaters,

rakes, shovels, Bird houses, Bird feeders, pots, Dresser

with mirror, Roll up hutterite made desk, misc office

supplies, TV stand, 2 antique dressers with mirrors,

record player, metal frame desk, Antique dresser,

Chest/Trunk, Antique windows, Eavestroughing,

Dressers, cream seperator, Antique wash tub, Beam

platform scale, 1986 20’ x 76’ Mobile home



New Kneehill County greenhouse can move ahead

Stu Salkeld

Local Journalism Initiative


ECA Review

A family wishing to develop a

new greenhouse in Kneehill

County can move ahead with

the project after councillors

approved the re-zoning after a

public hearing at their regular

meeting Oct. 13.

David and Isabelle Price previously

applied to rezone about

121.56 acres of agriculture land

located at SW 30-29- 25 W4 to

Agriculture Business zoning.

Barb Hazelton, manager of

planning and development,

stated the proposal already

received first reading and was

publicly advertised.

“The subject parcel is bound

by Highway 575 on the south

and Range Road 26-0 on the

west,” stated Hazelton in the

agenda memo.

“This is a 121-acre parcel. The

lands being considered in the

re-designation are directly

Hanna council ups gas

franchise fee 2.5 per cent

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Hanna council has chosen to

increase the natural gas franchise

fee up from 15 per cent to

17.5 per cent after their regular

meeting on Tues. Oct. 13.

Franchise fees are intended to

compensate the town for direct

costs and restrictions on planning

and development relating

to utility rights of way as well as

related inherent risks.

Council had the option to

raise this percentage to a maximum

of 35 per cent.

Based on the 2021 franchise

fee estimate prepared by

AltaGas using the existing 15

per cent fee, the town anticipated

generating $232,582.61 for

that year.

The increase will bring in an

estimated additional revenue of

$38,763.00 in 2021.

This represents an estimated

increase of $21.36 annually to

each residential consumer

using the average annual residential

use of 120 GJs per year.

The natural gas franchise

fees are charged by the Town to

AltaGas Utilities for the exclusive

right to provide natural gas

services within the municipality

as well as for access to

town land to construct, maintain

and operate related assets.

Through the fees, the utility

provider is charged an appropriate

amount for the use of the

land and the exclusive rights to

deliver those utility services

within the Town.

The utility provider then

passes these costs to each consumer

(not necessarily property

owners but natural gas customers)

as a separate charge on

the natural gas bills, based on

their energy demand.

AltaGas collects the revenue

and then pays it to the Town.

The latest agreement was

signed in 2017 for a term of 10

years but the town has the

option to review every year to

make adjustments as seen fit.

Helmer Dam study

Council accepted a large document

about a recent study of

the Helmer Dam for


Over the last several years

there have been concerns about

the viability of Helmer Dam as a

recreational fishing area

because of less than satisfactory

water quality.

In January, Hanna applied for

funding through the Alberta

Conservation Association to

undertake a revitalization of

Helmer Dam to improve the

water and habitat quality of the

reservoir to support a recreational

fishing area.

The town was successful with

its application and received

$10,000 in funding to conduct

the first phase of the project

which includes a summer and

winter fish and fish habitat

assessment to determine if the

reservoir can support various

species such as Rainbow Trout

or Yellow Perch throughout the


The information collected

during this time is intended to

allow the town to make recommendations

for the

improvement and revitalization

of Helmer Reservoir for multiseason

fishing use.

Field technicians were on site

this summer, where they spent

two full days conducting both

trap and gill netting.

The results are documented

within the interim report and

note the presence of Lake Chub,

Fathead Minnow and Rainbow


Both lake chub and fathead

minnows are smaller, with the

trout a larger size (trout netted

were 13 – 14 inched in length).

While this is only the interim

report for the first phase, the

final report on the first phase of

study will be completed and

available in the spring of 2021.

The work over the winter will

include more water testing to

determine the quality of the

water body to have fish survive

the winter.

Core Ag agreement

Two motions were approved

for the new Core Ag


Palliser Regional Municipal

Services (PRMS), acting as the

planning authority for the

Town of Hanna, received

Subdivision Application 11/202

(PRMS No 2020-015) from Tony

Overwater acting as the agent

on behalf of owner Thomas

Arthur Marshall.

The application is to subdivide

a portion of the Block 4,

Plan 3931 EX (C of T 861 210 998)

within the SE . Sec. 09 - Twp. 31

– Rge. 14 W4M.

The purpose of this subdivision

is to create a 3.182-acre

parcel for a farm service and

support business regarding

crop production, finance, seed,

grain marketing, fertilizer and


It is proposed to build a 24x60

ft. engineered building to serve

as an office complex and a 50x80

ft. agricultural chemical


The existing subdivision was

registered in 1945 which created

six parcels of land including

Block 4 which is 20.82 acres in


The new parcel will be

located adjacent to the west

boundary of Block 4, creating a

new north-south line, 200 ft.

(60.96 m) to the east, leaving the

larger parcel at 17.6 acres.

Council accepted the Cash-in-

Lieu for Municipal Reserve

Contribution of $4,500 plus tax

from Core Ag to address the

fifth condition of their application

for the property.

north of Acme. These lands

do fall within the


Development Plan and have

been highlighted to be commercial

or industrial lands

within this plan.

“The long-term plan is to

have 70 to 75 acres of commercial


producing locally grown


“The expectation will be

that they can tie into the

Village of Acme system as

the capacity allocated to

Soleterra is not fully


“Approximately 50 jobs

will be created by phase I.

Production from the greenhouse

will be strawberries

and tomatoes.

“No retail sales will be

available from the greenhouse

itself. Biosecurity is

very important, so visitors

will be limited.

“The products are

expected to be available

locally through existing

retail food stores and also

sold across Alberta, the

prairie provinces, and


“The output will equal

about one semi-truck load of

product per day so additional

traffic will be


Fall Salt & Mineral Sale

Oct 21-Nov 20



6 30 /blk


bag or block

50 ¢ off

We carry a complete line of

feed & vet supplies,

pet food and bird seed, canola seed,

seed treatment & pea innoculant

David Price stated a

greenhouse was a good

opportunity for this region

and noted that if strawberry

sales go well, that end of the

operation will be expanded.

Price noted there’s not a

lot of strawberry production

in Alberta. He noted plans

call for the tomato part to be

expanded over the next few


Coun. Debbie Penner

asked about “black out

blinds.” Price answered they

reduce light escaping from

the greenhouse, plus prevent

heat loss.

Hazelton stated the

Village of Acme sent a letter

of support for the greenhouse,

which stated they

supported the project as

having great benefit for the


It was stated at the

hearing that water wells for

the greenhouse would be

licensed through Alberta

Environment, which would

monitor water usage and

that the greenhouse could

also access the municipal

water system.

After the public hearing

was closed, councillors

unanimously approved

second and third reading of

the re-zoning bylaw.




1 00 off/bag

Molasses tubs


10 00 off

For more info phone Peggy or Velma at




10 O ctober 22'20 HANNA/CORONATION/StettLer, AB. ECA REVIEW

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All Classified Ads are on a

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There will be a $5.00

service charge on every

classified not paid for prior

to publication.

We accept cash, cheque,

e-transfer, VISA or MC.

It is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

the 1st week and call us if in

error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C




sale a beautiful,

recently renovated

Senior’s Life Lease

Unit in Oyen’s

Prairie Estate. This

two-bedroom, one

bathroom 875 sq. ft.

open concept floor

plan features brand

new vinyl plank

flooring, new paint

and a private balcony

overlooking the

courtyard. Owning

your own Prairie

Estate Life Lease

Unit is similar to

condominium ownership,

however, has

the advantage of a

guaranteed buyback.

Interested parties

must be 50+ to

qualify for purchase.

The Life Lease Units

are attached to the

Oyen Lodge and

managed by the

Acadia Foundation.

For more information

regarding the purchase

of this unit

please contact

Sandy at 403-577-

7973 or sandy.

DUCKS unlimited

Canada is selling 6

project lands in its

Revolving Land

Conservation program

in Beaver,

Camrose and

Minburn counties.

Call Brent Thygesen,


ca or 780 678-0150.


WHITE spruce trees.

5’ average $50.

Installation only $19.

Includes: hole

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enzyme injection,

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Minimum order 20.

One-time fuel

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820-0961. Quality




buying green, heated

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Canola. Buying: oats,

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Farm Pickup”

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Roadex Services

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Company is now hiring*

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Carpenter’s helpers.

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Brownfield Rec.

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Competition #PLSD-762

Prairie Land School Division is urgently seeking a fun and energetic individual

to safely transport our students to Morrin School. This is a permanent route to

commence as soon as possible. Training to obtain Class 2 driver’s license, first

aid certification and “S” Endorsement training may be provided, however preference

will be given to a candidate who currently holds these designations.

Please send cover letter and resume, by e-mail to lenore.etherington@plrd. Applications will also be accepted by mail or fax to:

Lenore Etherington, H.R. Administrator

Prairie Land School Division

P.O. Box 670

Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0

Fax: (403)854-2803

Competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Thank you to all applicants, but only those who will be interviewed will be contacted.

The successful candidate will be required to provide a Criminal Record

Check and Child Intervention Check satisfactory to PLRD prior to commencement.

Please quote competition number on application.

Join us for Regional Meetings

November 17-26, 2020

All meetings will be held in person from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

with an online option available.


Nov 17, 2020

Nov 18, 2020

Nov 19, 2020

Nov 23, 2020

Nov 24, 2020

Nov 26, 2020

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& Regions


Region 1


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The Coast Hotel

Strathmore Civic Centre


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County of Stettler No. 6

Business changes,

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

the need for staff, 3” wide version 3.75” wide version

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277

with an Lots online option for available. Sale




& Regions Venue


The Coast Hotel

Region 1

Plan 4374DN, Block 2, Lots 12 and 13

Section 70 (1) of the Municipal Government Act states if a

AWC & ABC Bowden Community


Region 3


Nov 19, 2020


Bowden Community Hall

municipality proposes to transfer




grant an estate or interest in land

AWC & ABC Bonnyville Centennial


Bonnyville Centennial

Region 4


for less Nov than 23, 2020 its market Bonnyville value, the Region proposal 4

Centre must be advertised.


Westlock Inn


Region 5

The County Nov 24, 2020 of Stettler Westlock No. 6 has received a Westlock proposal Inn

Region 5

for the purchase

AWC Region 5 &

Rycroft Ag Centre

of the above parcel to be sold as AWC one Region in 5 & the Hamlet of Endiang

ABC Region 6

Nov 26, 2020 Rycroft

Rycroft Ag Centre

ABC Region 6

for $750.00 plus G.S.T. per lot ($1500.00 |

plus G.S.T.). Purchaser is

responsible for the cost of 1.800.265.9111

transferring the title at Land Titles.

The current market value of the land is $2030.00.

3” wide version 3.75” wide version

The property to be sold on an “as is-where is” basis. The County

of Stettler No. 6 makes no representation and gives no warranty

whatsoever Making as to changes the adequacy of service, soil conditions, land

use districting, to your farm? building and development conditions, absence or

presence • Expanding of environmental farmable contamination, or the development ability


of the


Fixing drainage



• Land use changes

Anyone • Fencing wishing to comment on the proposed sale can either write or

email the undersigned.

You may not think you

live near a pipeline,


but are


you 100%

be received


by November 6, 2020.

Prevent pipeline incidents

by County finding of out Stettler what’s No. 6

below, BEFORE you start

c/o Sharon Larsen

your work. Visit www. PO Box 1270 to

request a locate at least

36602 days



44 Avenue

Safety can be

that Stettler simple. AB T0C 2L0

Telephone 403-742-4441 ext 124





Rycroft |


Making changes

to your farm?

• Expanding farmable


• Fixing drainage issues

• Land use changes

• Fencing

You may not think you

live near a pipeline,

but are you 100% sure?

Prevent pipeline incidents

by finding out what’s

below, BEFORE you start

your work. Visit www. to

request a locate at least

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Join us for Regional Meetings


November 17-26, 2020

All meetings will be held in person from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Nov 17, 2020

Nov 18, 2020




Region 2

Support our local legions

by sponsoring our



Special Section

Nov. 5

Deadline Mon. Nov. 2

Contact your rep or

call the office at


Strathmore Civic Centre

check us out online

Town of Bashaw

Job Opportunity: Municipal Treasurer

The Town of Bashaw is seeking an energetic, motivated, highly

developed individual with analytical capabilities to fulfill a

Full-time position (35 hrs per week) of Municipal Treasurer for

the Municipality.

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Municipal Treasurer performs

administrative duties that support the financial processes of the department and

in conjunction with the CAO, oversees the financial performance of the Town of



Applicants should be in possession of, or working towards, a recognized

municipal designation or have appropriate knowledge in the field of municipal


An extensive background of municipal accounting and payroll software would be

an asset. Applicant must also be highly efficient with word, excel and be capable

of assisting in the management of the Town website and be proficient to perform

clerical, and front desk duties.

A Criminal Record check will be required.

Job posting closes at 4:00pm on October 27, 2020.

Qualified applicants are invited to submit their cover letter and resume, in

confidence, to by fax to 780-372-2335, or in person.

For further details, please go to the /Municipal Services

/Employment Opportunities.


Dedicated life to building a successful farming operation

Ronald James Rairdan

June 18, 1943 -

October 6, 2020

With deep regret, we

announce the unexpected

passing of Ronald James

Rairdan in Stettler, Alta. on

Oct. 6, 2020.

Ron was well-loved for his

kind and gentle nature as

County of Stettler No. 6

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277


Tax Deadline

Last working day: OCTOBER 30, 2020

To avoid 10% penalty, payments must be received by 4:30 p.m. or

postmarked October 30, 2020.

Tax Payments can be made by CASH, CHEQUE, INTERAC, and ONLINE

at most Financial Institutions (Online payments please choose ‘tax’).

For more information please contact our office at (403)742-4441.

In person payments are only accepted at the County Admin Building

at 6602-44 Avenue Stettler, AB. Please note that due to COVID we are

restricted to having two (2) people in our foyer at a time. If you are able

to make payment by one of the remote payment methods it would be

appreciated and help with line-ups and wait times. Thank you.

Yvette Cassidy, Chief Administrative Officer

County of Stettler No. 6

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277



The following County of Stettler properties in the Hamlets of Byemoor

and Endiang are being offered For Sale by Tender on “as is - where

is” basis. The County of Stettler No. 6 shall make no representation

and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the adequacy of service,

soil conditions, land use districting, building and development

conditions, absence or present of environmental contamination, or

the development ability of the subject land for any intended use by

the purchaser.


Plan 4684CL, Block 1, Lot 12

Plan 4684CL, Block 1, Lot 13

Plan 4684CL, Block 2, Lot 1 and 2

Plan 4684CL, Block 4, Lot 20

Plan 4684CL, Block 4, Lot 21


Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 1

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 2

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 3

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 8

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 9

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 10 & 11

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 22

Plan 4374DN, Block 1, Lot 23

Plan 4374DN, Block 2, Lot 4 & 5

Plan 4374DN, Block 2, Lot 6

Plan 4374DN, Block 2, Lot 7 and 9

Plan 4374DN, Block 2, Lot 8

Plan 6643DO, Block 3, Lot 16

Sealed tenders will be received up to 2:00 p.m. on November 6, 2020

at the County of Stettler No. 6 Administration Building.

County of Stettler No. 6 reserves the right to accept/reject any or all

tenders. Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly

marked “Tender - Lots for Sale” plus include the Legal Description of

Property bidding on.

Please submit all tenders or inquiries to:

County of Stettler No. 6

c/o Sharon Larsen

PO Box 1270

Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Telephone: 403-742-4441 ext 124

Fax: 403-742-1277



well as his constant willingness

to lend a hand whenever he was


Ron’s passion was

farming, and he was able

to embrace that passion

right up until the day of

his passing.

Ron resided on the same

piece of land where he was

born, the property that

was homesteaded by his

father in 1906.

He dedicated his life to

continuing his father’s

entrepreneurial legacy,

building a successful

farming operation through

nearly six decades of hard but

rewarding work.

In his later years, he turned

his focus towards passing his

knowledge and experience on to

the next generation of farmers

in the local area.

Ron was the seventh child of

Albert and Isabelle


He is predeceased

by his

parents and his

wife Sandra, as

well as his five

brothers: Ken


Murray (Eileen),

Ross (Norma),

Larry and Jerry;

as well as his two

sisters Helen

(Glen) Munro and Eileen Krejci.

Ronald leaves behind two

sons, Greg (Nomi Steen) and

Bryan (Wendy) as well his two

grandchildren, Asa and Maya.

Also mourning Ron are his

special friend Maureen

Gongaware; two sisters-in-law:

Norma (Larry) and Kelly

(Jerry); one brother-in-law

Ward Krejci (Eileen); numerous

nieces, nephews, cousins and

many close friends.

Family Funeral services will

be held with webcast – live

streaming on Oct. 24, 2020 at 1

p.m. at website

and where

condolences can be sent to the

family on the tribute wall.

Memorial donations may be

made to Stettler Health Services

Foundation or a charity of your

own choice.

Stettler Funeral Home &

Crematorium entrusted with

the care and funeral arrangements.


Perseverance, dry wit, sideways

smirk, evidence of her resilience

Esther (Gebhardt) Trefz

1930 - 2020

Esther (Gebhardt) Trefz

passed away on Oct. 5, 2020 at

Michener Extendicare, Red

Deer, Alta at the age of

90 years, 7 months, and

22 days. Our strong,

reliable, pretty Mom,

Gramma and Great-

Gramma was born on

Feb. 16, 1930 to Jacob

and Matilda Gebhardt

at Our Lady of Rosary

Hospital in Castor, Alta

as the youngest of six


Esther grew up with



her farming family and schooled

outside of Castor until she met

the love of her life, Robert

through family/friends.

They married on June 23,

1951, and moved to Mission City,

B.C. where they built a home

and worked, as Robert had a job

making cedar shakes. Esther

was no shrinking violet and as

shown throughout their entire

life, she learned his skill and

soon learned how to make

shakes herself along with the art

of bundling.

Later they moved to 100 Mile

House, where they worked and

discovered their mutual life-long

interest, fishing.

They moved back to Alberta

in September 1955 to pursue

their full-time farming career in

the Paintearth District until

they rented out their land in

October 1983.

Robert and Esther sold their

farm and retired to Botha in

April 1985, where they picked up

the hobbies of golf and floor

curling and continued fishing

whenever possible. Esther was a

proud volunteer at the Lutheran

Ladies Club and Superfluity

Store in Stettler.

They remained in Botha until

the spring of 2009 when they

moved to Willow Creek Lodge,

Stettler, Alta.

She loved shopping, and it was

a running joke between Esther

and Robert of how many shirts

could one-person wear at one


During Esther’s 28 years on

the farm, she participated as an

active member of the Paintearth

Sewing Club, enjoying the skill

of quilting, which her family has

received the benefit of to this


Her handiwork, like anything

she took on, was done to


Her family was blessed many

times by her dedication to canning,

baking, sewing

Christmas dresses, a

clean home and most

of all, her presence.

Esther’s strong faith

in God was a treasure

she passed along to

her four children:

Victor (March 30,

1959), Gail

(May 16, 1962),


(February 19,

1966) and Sheila

(February 20, 1968).

Following the loss of

not one but two children,

with the help of

many close friends and

family, it was this faith

that helped her overcome

and move forward

to her last day.

This resilience was

evident when she was

diagnosed with

Parkinson’s disease as

there was never a complaint,

just perseverance

with a dry wit and sideways

smirk to get her


Following the passing

of Robert in 2011, Esther

experienced a fall while

at the Stettler Hospital

and sustained a broken


Since she required

more care, Esther

moved to an extended

care facility in Red Deer

to be closer to family

where she was loved and

cared for to her last

breath on Oct. 5, 2020.

Esther’s memory will

be cherished by her two

daughters: Pearl Willsie

and Gail (Richard)

Pochylko, four grandchildren:


(Blake) Vickery,

Matthew Pochylko,

Pamela (Chris) Hejnar

and Tom Willsie, and

five great-grandchildren:

Dylan & Gabrielle

Vickery, Sebastian

Hejnar, Chase and

Grady Pochylko, as well

as extended family and



$$ $

A graveside service was

held at the Castor Cemetery,

Castor, Alta. with Pastor

Jonathan Aicken officiating.

Memorial contributions

may be made to the Parkinson

Association of Alberta and

Alzheimer Society of Alberta.

Condolences may be sent to

the family at

who are

entrusted with the care and

funeral arrangements.

3” 403-742-3422.

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12 O ctober 22'20 HANNA/CORONATION/StettLer, AB. ECA REVIEW

Starland expresses interest in Tolman Bridge east campground

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

In a proactive move, Starland

County has made it known they would

like to retain the Tolman Bridge East

Campground. At their regular meeting

on Wed. Oct. 14, a letter by Chief

Administrative Officer (CAO) Shirley

Bremer to Keith Bocking of Alberta

Environment and Parks stated that

although unsure of the status of this

particular campground, the county

wanted to acquire the property if it

were ever up to be no longer publicly


She said, “We have had many of our

residents express their concern about

the possible closure of this campground

and the county would like to

work together with the provincial government

to ensure that thesis does not


A portion of the campground is

already in the county’s name.

In talks with Kneehill County, CAO

Bremer mentioned they would be

equally interested in taking over the

western portion of this campground,

willing to work with Starland to maintain

the joint campground spaces

separated by the Red Deer River.

At this point, there is no interest in

not supporting current parks by the


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