Nor'West News: October 22, 2020

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4 Thursday <strong>October</strong> <strong>22</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

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Risk design will fail<br />

• From page 1<br />

St Albans resident Mark<br />

Wilson was satisfied with the<br />

board’s decision not to consider<br />

a clearway for any future<br />

changes to the road but was still<br />

disappointed with the outcome.<br />

“I’m disappointed<br />

that<br />

we’re still not<br />

making a<br />

commitment<br />

to investing<br />

in public<br />

transport. But<br />

Mark Wilson<br />

at least what<br />

we’re doing by<br />

not opening a<br />

clearway is not facilitating more<br />

traffic,” he said.<br />

“We’re appreciative that the<br />

clearway wasn’t approved, but<br />

it’s not an outright win for the<br />

community because we haven’t<br />

seen the traffic demand management<br />

solutions we were looking<br />

for.”<br />

Even though a bus lane was no<br />

longer on the cards, which they<br />

preferred, Wilson said the community<br />

was looking forward to<br />

some certainty.<br />

“The key thing is they need<br />

certainty, they’re getting pretty<br />

tired of this,” he said.<br />

“They’re sick of consultations<br />

when everyone feels like there’s<br />

an ulterior motive, so that’s<br />

why we wanted the community<br />

board to provide some certainty<br />

and to make a decision.”<br />

Supported by the board, periodic<br />

traffic monitoring will take<br />

place to measure the impact the<br />

new motorway was having on<br />

the community once completed.<br />

A report by city council staff<br />

said there was a risk that the<br />

current design will fail to accommodate<br />

all traffic, resulting<br />

in more than 30 per cent traffic<br />

increases through local streets.<br />

If traffic exceeds more than<br />

30 per cent, then a clearway or<br />

managed lane option will be<br />

explored.<br />

Board chairwoman Emma<br />

Norrish said the current design<br />

was endorsed because it offered<br />

flexibility to quickly make<br />

changes to the road layout in the<br />

future if it does not manage traffic<br />

sufficiently.<br />

“For me, it made sense to wait<br />

and see what the traffic does<br />

when the motorway opens first.<br />

If changes do need to be made<br />

then the planning’s already been<br />

done and decisions can be made<br />

and implemented faster,” she<br />

said.<br />

She believed community<br />

feedback was considered and<br />

that the design was enough to<br />

manage traffic levels.<br />

“If we were putting cars<br />

before the community then<br />

we would’ve put the clearway<br />

option in.”<br />

Positive child development<br />

one of foundation’s goals<br />

• From page 1<br />

She accepted the award on<br />

behalf of the organisation’s<br />

Kiwi Can team, who work with<br />

rangatahi on the front lines.<br />

“They are the ones who are<br />

face-to-face with the students<br />

each day. They are the ones<br />

that were there for them the<br />

day of the shootings when<br />

most of our schools went into<br />

lockdown. They stayed in their<br />

schools until all students were<br />

back with their carers and safe,”<br />

she said.<br />

Kiwi Can is an all-inclusive,<br />

12-month weekly programme<br />

at schools across Christchurch<br />

and is split into two parts –<br />

weekly lessons and an annual<br />

community<br />

project.<br />

Both are aimed at making<br />

an impact, with themes having<br />

direct links to positive child<br />

development by engaging<br />

students, reducing bullying<br />

and truancy, and improves<br />

communication skills.<br />

“As I visit our 19 schools, I see<br />

the big smiles on the children’s<br />

faces. I get to see the evidence<br />

first hand of how it impacts so<br />

many lives of so many incredible<br />

children who all deserve to be<br />

loved.<br />

‘The ethos of our<br />

foundation is focused<br />

on helping young New<br />

Zealanders overcome<br />

obstacles.’<br />

– Sir Graeme Dingle<br />

“No matter what challenges<br />

they face in life, what they have<br />

inside them is greater than any<br />

obstacle,” Guerin said.<br />

Sir Graeme Dingle said<br />

this year’s awards, at a time<br />

when Covid-19 changed lives,<br />

showcased what the foundation<br />

was all about.<br />

“The ethos of our foundation<br />

is focused on helping young New<br />

Zealanders overcome obstacles.<br />

We want them to have a life full<br />

of possibilities so they can achieve<br />

their dreams and make the most<br />

of their unique talents. We want<br />

to help them make a contribution<br />

to society.”<br />

• Hornby High School student<br />

Jaleel Aratuara-Collins was also<br />

an award winner, receiving the<br />

Project K Excellence Award for<br />

her outstanding achievements<br />

when overcoming difficult<br />

obstacles at the Graeme Dingle<br />

Foundation <strong>2020</strong> Excellence<br />


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