Festa Offering the Best Soft Drink Juice flavours

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Festa offers Carbonated soft drink (CSD) juice flavors such as Cola, Tangawisi, Lemon, Orange, Grenadine, Ananas, and many more flavors in Kinshasa, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Africa. View more at https://www.festa.cd/en

Festa Offering the Best Soft Drink Juice flavours

DR Congo, 28 th September 2020 – Festa was founded in 2016 and since then

has been committed into exploring new products that possess dynamic flavours

and tangs. Festa has successfully launched its amazing flavours for you and

your curiosity.

Festa has been keeping up with the game of flavours and taste by introducing

you with these delicious and energetic relishes – Tangawizi, Lemonade, Cola,

Orange, Ananas and Grenadine. Festa has a unique distinctiveness and over the

years has managed to gain the trust and love of people. With time we are

progressing and steadily transforming into something that people will love,

enjoy and thirst for.

Festa is marketed by Swissta, which provides fresh drinking water. Festa is one

of the leading brands in cool drinks juice in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Festa offers a rich range of flavours that has managed to captivate consumers.

Our product range includes Grenadine, Orange, Ananas, Cola, Tangawizi, and

Lemon. We are constantly motivated in providing you with the rarest energy

booster flavours, available near you at your disposal.


Call us at +243 818899000/ +243 858899000/ +243 903899000

Join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/festaRDC/

Join us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/festardc

Join us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/festardc/

Email us at adminfesta@swissta.com, salesfesta@swissta.com

Visit our website: https://www.festa.cd/en

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