Comfort Express Inc Charter Bus in New York


Charter Bus Company Comfort Express in NY provides the best charter bus rentals & rates in NYC. Our Comfort Express Inc are in excellent status and assignment poser have services that will necessarily make your existence comfortably as you tour . By dint of the wondrous coach we have approachable, you are sure to enjoy your ride or ordinary entrance move to your assignment in a daily style, not thinking of the challenges you collision when you ride to voyage. No matter where you’re going or the scale of your group, Bus Company Comfort Express Inc is totally prepared to aid accomplish your transport easy and without stress. From entrance to a large range of bus rent, from 42-passenger buses all the way to full-sized trainers such carry 56 people, we can ever match you in the ideally bus at the superior cost. We’re available 24/7 to help plan your trip in NY. Our value is based on dedication, aspiration to superiority and quality bus service.

Bus Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile

56-Passenger Charter


$132 – $185 $1,320 – $1,675 $4.65 – $5.50

25-Passenger Minibus $130 – $165 $1,275 – $1,575 $4.40 – $5.25

20-Passenger Minibus $122 – $160 $1,225 – $1,460 $4.35 – $5.25

18-Passenger Minibus $120 – $155 $1,220 – $1,450 $4.00 – $5.00

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