Destination Lefkada 2024

Lefkada island: The visitor’s guide to Accommodation | Sailing | Shopping & Dining | Tours & Activities | Cafes, Bars & Nightlife | Culture

Lefkada island: The visitor’s guide to Accommodation | Sailing | Shopping & Dining | Tours & Activities | Cafes, Bars & Nightlife | Culture


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<strong>2024</strong><br />

Visitor’s guide to:<br />

Accommodation | Sailing<br />

Shopping & Dining | Tours & Activities<br />

Cafes, Bars & Nightlife | Culture<br />

Kathisma beach<br />

view from<br />

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<strong>Destination</strong><br />


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<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Today only a few areas<br />

remain in Mediterrenean<br />

Europe of such outstanding<br />

and unspoilt beauty as the<br />

island of Lefkas. See our<br />

exceptional portfolio!<br />

4<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Lefkas<br />

Broker<br />

Land<br />


www.lefkas-landbroker.com<br />

Your International and multilingual team of estate agents, architects, engineers and<br />

solicitors offering you a complete service in the land and the property market<br />

Lefkas Landbroker<br />

Petrou Filipa Panagou 18, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 26450 23789<br />

+30 6981 069338, 6934 586192<br />

info@lefkas-landbroker.com<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


A large number of areas on <strong>Lefkada</strong> are of an amazing natural beauty.<br />

It is our dream that far more people can enjoy the recreational benefits our island has to offer.<br />

Since 2010 we have been working towards making many remarkable places on the island available<br />

to our clients, providing the greatest selection of properties in all geographic areas of <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

No matter if you prefer the wonderful beaches of the West Coast, the picturesque bays of the<br />

South or the cozy village life of the East Coast – <strong>Lefkada</strong> is a treasure island.<br />

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Lefkas Realty has been guiding buyers and sellers for over a decade. We have an extensive<br />

knowledge of Greek law and finance as well as of our local market. Consequently, we provide full<br />

brokerage service and complete guidance in all details when purchasing a property in Greece,<br />

including the handling of all legal issues. We will be delighted to hear your concerns in order to<br />

support YOUR particular needs.<br />

Konstantinos Politis<br />

Real Estate Manager

lefkasrealty.gr<br />

Welcome to <strong>Lefkada</strong>!<br />

16 Lordou Vyrona St., <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 697 51 23 702<br />

info@lefkasrealty.gr<br />

konstantinosp78@gmail.com<br />

Lefkas Realty - Real estate & More

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sailionian.com<br />

info@sailionian.com | +30 26450 95137<br />

Vliho, <strong>Lefkada</strong>, 31084<br />


index<br />

DESTINATION LEFKADA | A visitor's guide<br />

Τravelling to <strong>Lefkada</strong> ......................10<br />

Planning a <strong>Lefkada</strong> Trip ...................12<br />

<strong>2024</strong> The Best Things to See and Do ........14<br />

Ionian Day Cruises .......................50<br />

Your Guide to Family Fun ..................18<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Sports Mecca ...................58<br />

History Facts .............................22<br />

Beaches near <strong>Lefkada</strong> Town ...............62<br />

Amazing Free Things to Do .................26<br />

East ....................................68<br />

Shopping and Wellness ...................28<br />

Nydri: the Cosmopolitan Village . . . . . . . . . . . .78<br />

Having Fun in <strong>Lefkada</strong> .....................32<br />

Dimossari Waterfalls .................... 80<br />

Accommodation in <strong>Lefkada</strong> ...............38<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> the Home of Odysseus ............82<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> is Just Better by Boat .............42<br />

South .................................. 88<br />

Agiofylli .................................94<br />

Cape Lefkatas ...........................96<br />

West ....................................98<br />

Pefkoulia ...............................102<br />

Agios Nikitas ...........................108<br />

Milos: the Beach Fated to Win your Heart ..116<br />

Kathisma ...............................120<br />

Avali ...................................122<br />

Egremni ................................124<br />

Porto Katsiki ............................126<br />

Mountainous ........................... 128<br />

Local Products ..........................134<br />

Wine from <strong>Lefkada</strong> ......................136<br />

Just like Mom’s .........................137<br />

Choriatiki: How to Make the Perfect Greek<br />

Salad ..................................144<br />

Find the House of your Dreams .......... 148<br />


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Preveza<br />

Thessaloniki<br />

Alexandroupoli<br />

Aktion<br />

Vonitsa<br />

Igoumenitsa<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Paleros<br />

Amfilochia<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

GREECE<br />

Meganissi<br />

Mytikas<br />

Patra<br />

Athens<br />

Kalamos<br />

Kastos<br />

Travelling to <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

By air<br />

Flights from/ to Aktion airport<br />

During the summer months there are direct flights to<br />

Aktion airport from several European cities. There is bus<br />

connection (route <strong>Lefkada</strong>-Preveza), as well as taxi available.<br />

You can also rent a car from one of the travel<br />

agencies at the airport.<br />

By bus<br />

There are 4 departures daily from/<br />

to Athens (4h 30m) by coach (KTEL of<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>) and 1 per day from/to Thessaloniki<br />

(4h 40m). There are also regular<br />

itineraries from/to Igoumenitsa (1hr and<br />

half) and also one scheduled trip from/<br />

to Patra (2 hrs and half).<br />

How to get to <strong>Lefkada</strong> from Athens International<br />

Airport by car, coach or taxi<br />

There are several car rental companies operating at the<br />

Athens International Airport. If you fly to Athens there is<br />

a bus X93 (formerly E93 by OASA company) connecting<br />

the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (door 5) with Terminal<br />

A, the Athenian bus terminal at Kifisos.<br />

There are 4 departures daily from Athens by coach (KTEL<br />

of <strong>Lefkada</strong>). Otherwise you can take a taxi from the airport.<br />

By sea<br />

Coastal link with <strong>Lefkada</strong> is not directly<br />

possible. The visitors can be assisted<br />

through the port of Igoumenitsa and<br />

then continue by road (95 km away).<br />

Alternatively there is the port of Patra<br />

(distance 176 km).<br />

10<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Floating bridge<br />

By car<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> is the only island accessible by car,<br />

without the cost of a ferry. It is connected to<br />

the Akarnanian mainland by a floating pontoon<br />

for a constant flow of vehicle traffic, and is also<br />

a swinging bridge.<br />

If you are driving from Central Europe to <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

via Italy you have 4 options<br />

Option 1: Drive your car to Ancona and then catch<br />

the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa (trip duration: 16<br />

hours). Then you have to drive from Igoumenitsa<br />

to <strong>Lefkada</strong> (110 km).<br />

Option 2: Drive your car to Brindisi and then<br />

catch the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa (trip duration<br />

varies from 7hrs 30min to 10hrs depending<br />

on the ferry operations). Then you have to drive<br />

from Igoumenitsa to <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Option 3: Drive your car to Bari and then catch<br />

the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa (trip duration varies<br />

from 8hrs 30min to 12hrs 30min). Then you have<br />

to drive from Igoumenitsa to <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Option 4: Drive your car to Venice and then catch<br />

the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa (trip duration varies<br />

from 25hrs to 28hrs 30min). Then you have<br />

to drive from Igoumenitsa to <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

If you are driving from the Balkans to <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

You have to drive to Northern Greece and then<br />

take the newly constructed Egnatia Motorway<br />

until Ioannina. When you reach Ioannina you<br />

head to Preveza and then through the Aktio-<br />

Preveza undersea tunnel. After 20km you will<br />

reach your destination.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Planning a <strong>Lefkada</strong> trip<br />

Egkremnoi beach<br />

12<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



When is the best time to visit <strong>Lefkada</strong>?<br />

The best time to visit the island depends on what<br />

you are looking for.<br />

If you like the great outdoors, spring will give<br />

you the best views. In April the temperatures are<br />

comfortable, even though it can also be chilly at<br />

times. During this period of time, the whole island<br />

is covered in a blanket of colourful petals, so just<br />

bring a light jacket with you and start exploring<br />

the amazing nature! In May, things warm up a<br />

touch and the sea is pleasant enough to take a dip.<br />

June is one of the best times to travel around<br />

Greece because the number of visitors is still low<br />

enough to comfortably enjoy the beaches and the<br />

sights. Also, hotels and airfare are less expensive<br />

and you will have a better chance of experiencing<br />

the Greek hospitality at its best. For summer<br />

lovers, July is ideal, but since it’s considered high<br />

season, expect higher prices and all of the most<br />

famous beaches to be packed with travellers.<br />

What to pack for <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Two basic rules suffice, select clothing that’s<br />

easy to wash and pack smartly. Don’t forget to<br />

leave a bit of room for the items you’ll acquire<br />

in <strong>Lefkada</strong>, as you won’t be able to resist<br />

shopping at the island’s tasteful boutiques.<br />

The weather in <strong>Lefkada</strong> is usually very good<br />

between May and September, so you’ll need<br />

light and comfortable clothing, certainly your<br />

bathing suit, comfortable walking shoes and<br />

beach sandals, a light jacket and a waterproof<br />

windbreaker for the rare chance of a sudden<br />

downpour. Must-have items include sunscreen,<br />

sunhat, sunglasses, beach-bag and mosquito<br />

spray. Don’t forget the proper traveler’s<br />

emblematic gear – your camera, chargers, power<br />

bank, travel insurance and luggage locks.<br />

August is <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s warmest month and surely the<br />

busiest, the most vibrant and the most expensive.<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> in autumn is a dream for anyone who likes<br />

pleasant weather. The sun still warms the skin and<br />

this period of time is ideal for sailing holidays,<br />

beach hopping and watersports. Furthermore<br />

the tourist peak season gradually closes so it’s<br />

much easier to get a table at any restaurant you<br />

want and of course laze on uncrowded beaches.<br />

From November to March the overall rhythm slows<br />

down and the island presents a very different<br />

ambiance. Many hotels are closed, the weather<br />

is rainy and cold but everything is cheaper and<br />

there are countless spots to catch stunning views<br />

and take amazing pictures.<br />

Book your stay in advance<br />

Usually the longer you wait to book your room,<br />

the more likely it is you will pay higher rates.<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> is a very popular destination so book<br />

early! Although in general, approximately one<br />

month in advance is the best time to book, if you<br />

want to visit <strong>Lefkada</strong> from mid-July to mid-September<br />

I suggest planning your trip 6-8 months<br />

before coming to the island.<br />

Renting a car is the best option<br />

to move around the island<br />

Exploring <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s stunning landscape by car<br />

or motorcycle is a wonderful way to get around.<br />

Its natural surroundings of rare beauty, its lacy<br />

shores, its varied landscape, its charming small<br />

villages and its unique Venetian architectural<br />

style, give a distinct look to this island which still<br />

holds its traditional character. The whole island<br />

has a good road network but bear in mind that<br />

some roads connecting smaller villages are pretty<br />

narrow, so when you pass other drivers just be<br />

careful.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


CAN’T WAIT<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

The best things<br />

to see and do<br />

in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Home to dreamy sandy beaches, amazing<br />

landscapes and spectacular food, <strong>Lefkada</strong> is<br />

one of the best places to visit this summer!<br />

Uncover the alluring Porto Katsiki beach<br />

Porto Katsiki<br />

No wonder that Porto Katsiki is one of the top beach<br />

destinations in Greece. Surrounded by towering white<br />

cliffs and lush green vegetation, this picture-perfect<br />

beach with the unexpectedly milky emerald waters has<br />

to be visited to be believed. The beach is located 44 km<br />

southwest of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s capital and is by far one of the<br />

most instagrammable spots in the island. Furthermore<br />

Porto Katsiki is definitely one of the most romantic spots<br />

to witness flame-colored sunsets, so after a day spent<br />

in the sand and sun, stay a little more.<br />

14<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Kavalikefta<br />

Find your own little peaceful paradise at Kavalikefta<br />

Close to the charming village of Kalamitsi, you can find Kavalikefta, one of the prettiest<br />

-and least visited- beaches of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. Beating many strong contenders, Kavalikefta beach<br />

is a place with huge, white rocks and incredible turquoise waters that beg you to dive<br />

right in. All you need to do is chuck your towel on the sand, and enjoy the sun.<br />

Island-hop to Meganissi<br />

From <strong>Lefkada</strong> it’s worth jumping on a ferry and<br />

getting over to Meganissi island for a day. You can<br />

expect secluded beaches with cerulean water,<br />

authentic, laidback atmosphere and amazing, seafront<br />

tavernas.<br />

Papanikolis cave<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Egkremnoi<br />

See the clearest waters in the world<br />

at Egkremnoi<br />

If you find yourself on the island of <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

you won’t want to miss a day spent enjoying<br />

Egkremnoi beach. You can expect awe-inspiring<br />

steep cliffs, striking cerulean blue waters and<br />

pearlescent white sand. Without doubt Egkremnoi<br />

snags the title of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s top swimming spot<br />

but make sure you arrive with supplies in hand<br />

because there are not cafes or beach bars here.<br />

Go diving<br />

It’s hard to find waters more crystal than those in<br />

the island. With such clarity and such abundance<br />

of marine life <strong>Lefkada</strong> is the perfect spot for<br />

scuba diving. There are several experienced diving<br />

centers in <strong>Lefkada</strong> which offer a comprehensive<br />

range of diving courses of all levels.<br />

Visit the beautiful village of Agios<br />

Nikitas<br />

Agios Nikitas<br />

Agios Nikitas is probably the prettiest seaside<br />

village in <strong>Lefkada</strong>. Wander around the<br />

village to discover tiny, traditional houses,<br />

cozy cafes and picture-perfect taverns.<br />

Agios Nikitas beach is also a great pick for<br />

families with small kids thanks to its chilled<br />

atmosphere, its white sand and clear waters.<br />

Explore <strong>Lefkada</strong> town<br />

A visit to <strong>Lefkada</strong> will show you that there<br />

is so much more to the city than what it is<br />

known for. You should definitely visit the<br />

town of <strong>Lefkada</strong>, wander the tiny streets,<br />

visit cute churches and local boutiques<br />

and ogle at the brightly-colored houses.<br />

Find your zen at Karya village<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> town<br />

Karya is one of the most adorable villages in<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>. This is a nice place to stroll around<br />

the small, artisanal shops and have a coffee<br />

in one of the many cozy cafes at the shaded<br />

square. Don’t miss Karya’s Folk Art Museum to<br />

learn more about the famous “karsanic stitch”<br />

and the fascinating life of Maria Koutsochero.<br />

16<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Your guide to family fun<br />

Blessed with crystal waters, unique natural beauty and diversity, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

has all the ingredients for family adventures. <strong>Lefkada</strong> is neither small nor<br />

big so it is perfect for families as it doesn’t require long drives while at the<br />

same time there are plenty of family-friendly activities, including lots of<br />

things that children and adults alike will enjoy.<br />

What to do<br />

The archaeological museum<br />

It is a small but important museum,<br />

whose findings date from the Middle<br />

Paleolithic Age up to Roman Years.<br />

There is a separate room exhibiting<br />

the findings of Schliemann’s<br />

assistant, the German archaeologist<br />

Wilhelm Dӧrpfeld.<br />

Orfeas museum of folklore<br />

It exhibits more than a thousand<br />

functional objects of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s farm<br />

life, tools of old crafts as well as<br />

traditional costumes, embroideries,<br />

etc.<br />

The castle of Agia Mavra<br />

At the entrance to <strong>Lefkada</strong> town the<br />

castle of Agia Mavra stands proudly,<br />

a model of fortification architecture<br />

of the Middle Ages, with a central<br />

core in the shape of an irregular<br />

heptagon reinforced at its seven<br />

corners with bastions and three<br />

external ramparts. It protected the<br />

capital from the first decade of the<br />

fourteenth century until 1684.<br />

18<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



The best beaches in <strong>Lefkada</strong> for<br />

families with children<br />

Kastro<br />

It’s no wonder Kastro is a top choice for locals, who frequent it<br />

on account of its proximity, but especially for its pristine waters.<br />

Though there’s no natural shade here, you’ll find an abundance of<br />

reasonably-priced umbrellas and sun loungers for rent.<br />

Ammoglossa<br />

Ammoglossa sports crisp sparkling waters, a wide crème-colored<br />

sand beach and sprinklings of pebbles. And all this, just a hop,<br />

skip and a jump from <strong>Lefkada</strong> Town! It’s perfect for families with<br />

children as it’s always sheltered from the wind. You won’t find<br />

umbrellas and loungers here, so bring your own shade and water<br />

along with some fresh fruit.<br />

Agios Nikitas<br />

With powder sand and crystal-clear water,<br />

calm as a pool, Agios Nikitas on <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

west coast is a beach you’ll return to again<br />

and again. The lack of umbrellas and sun<br />

loungers surely adds to its charm. If you<br />

arrive early, head to the left end where you’ll<br />

find some natural shade beneath the boulder.<br />

Otherwise, bring your own umbrella. In<br />

the village you’ll find everything you need,<br />

from minimarkets to adorable little shops<br />

plus taverns with delicious food.<br />

Safe Water Sports:<br />

Download the free application<br />

to find the water sports<br />

businesses that are licensed<br />

and have all the necessary<br />

safety certifications.

Lygia<br />

With greenery that literally stretches to the sea, and only 5 kilometers<br />

away from <strong>Lefkada</strong> Town, Lygia feels almost magically serene. Aromatic<br />

eucalyptus trees offer generous shade at this beautiful and loosely<br />

organized pebbled beach that’s always sheltered from the wind. Lygia is<br />

a favorite of families with children because of its shallow, pristine waters,<br />

idyllic landscape and surrounding plethora of amenities. It’s worth noting<br />

that Lygia beach is equipped with a Seatrac system that offers independent<br />

access for people with mobility issues.<br />

Gyra<br />

Calm and sheltered from the wind, Gyra is the ideal family beach<br />

as it’s here that most of the locals first learned to swim. There are<br />

large expanses between the organized sections where you can<br />

enjoy the seaside undisturbed. Take care to avoid submerged<br />

rocky areas and sea urchins, a small nuisance that is nonetheless<br />

a testament to the water’s purity.<br />

Nikiana<br />

Nikiana Beach is highly developed and offers travelers a plethora of<br />

services and accommodations without conceding, in the least, its<br />

picturesque character. At Nikiana’s small sheltered beaches, children<br />

can enjoy cool dips in the sea and endless fun in the sand while their<br />

parents soak up the sun and savor the tranquil and lush Lefkadic<br />

scenery. You won’t find sun loungers and umbrellas here, but trees<br />

provide excellent and plentiful natural shade.<br />

Perigiali<br />

Continuing east past Pasa beach, we come to Perigiali, a<br />

large golden sand beach with calm turquoise waters,<br />

juxtaposed with an unending landscape of green. A<br />

substantial part of the beach is organized, but there<br />

is plenty of room to place your own umbrella if you<br />

wish. The tranquility you’ll feel here is unparalleled.<br />

With the beach’s natural shade and child-safe waters<br />

that deepen ever so gradually, the only thing you’ll<br />

hear is the lapping waves and the drone of the cicadas.<br />

20<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Desimi<br />

In a small cove near the village Vlicho, the snow-white pebbles<br />

of Desimi beach sparkle under the dazzling June sun. Umbrellas<br />

and loungers are available on part of this magnificent beach<br />

while the rest remains as mother nature made it. Desimi’s<br />

beauty is not the only attraction, as it offers everything you<br />

need for a perfect day at the beach with your family - calm seas,<br />

translucent waters, thick shade, sand and pebbles, picturesque<br />

taverns and easy accessibility.<br />

Mikros Gialos<br />

Despite its name, Mikros Gialos is nothing but small. This<br />

wonderful beach, shaped like a perfect crescent moon, lies<br />

30 kilometers from <strong>Lefkada</strong> Town on the island’s south<br />

coast. Here you’ll find everything you need, a campsite,<br />

villas, cafes, taverns and a mini market. Lush mountains<br />

embrace the cove, offering protection from the prevailing<br />

winds and daily calm seas. Let your children run free on<br />

the brilliant white pebbles, splashing their feet in the sea<br />

for hours while you relax under the glorious sun.<br />

Vassiliki<br />

Vassiliki is likely <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s most picturesque<br />

fishing village and the heart of the island’s<br />

sea-sports community. The area is perfect<br />

for windsurfing, with shallow warm seas and<br />

thermal winds that blow all summer long.<br />

It’s a great choice for families with children<br />

of all ages, easy to reach and with a diverse<br />

selection of cafes and restaurants.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


History facts<br />

The Castle of Agia Mavra<br />

Built in the 14th century by the Venetian ruler Giovanni<br />

Orsini, the Castle of Agia Mavra aka Santa Mavra<br />

is a wonderful historic relic and one of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

highlights. It is a model of fortification architecture of<br />

the Middle Ages, with a central core in the shape of<br />

an irregular heptagon reinforced at its 7 corners with<br />

bastions and 3 external ramparts. The Castle which<br />

has protected the capital from the first decade of the<br />

fourteenth century until 1684, has undergone many<br />

changes over the centuries and a visit is a must.<br />

22<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Lefkada</strong> town today is the third capital of the island since the days of antiquity,<br />

when it was ancient Nirikos, situated in the Kouloumos area and then<br />

medieval Santa Mavra enclosed within the walls of the homonymous fortress.<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> town today is the third capital of the<br />

island since the days of antiquity, when it was<br />

ancient Nirikos, situated in the Kouloumos area<br />

and then medieval Santa Mavra enclosed within<br />

the walls of the homonymous fortress. In 1684<br />

the island capital was transferred to its present<br />

location, until then a small settlement of workers<br />

in <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s fishery and salt pans. The choice of<br />

location was for defence purposes, surrounded as<br />

it was by sea, providing the town with a protective<br />

shield. Furthermore, the Venetian administration,<br />

whose seat was the fort, could more easily exercise<br />

control over the town. When the Venetians decided<br />

to establish the capital where it is situated today,<br />

they designed it on the model of their own towns.<br />

They thus applied the principles of town planning<br />

of medieval Europe, and so effectively that<br />

the result is more faithful to that layout than<br />

in any other capital city of the Ionian Islands. A<br />

characteristic of medieval towns, present also in<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>, is the human scale – an element of great<br />

value sadly lacking in modern town-planning.<br />

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The layout of the town’s historical centre resembles<br />

a fishbone: the central axis, the Agora or<br />

Pazari as it is called today, cuts through in a<br />

north-south direction, and plays an important<br />

role in the conduct of daily life in <strong>Lefkada</strong>. The<br />

side streets (alleys called sokakia), perpendicular<br />

to the Agora, are connected by debouching into<br />

narrow streets running parallel to the Agora. Street<br />

blocks are formed in such a way as to favour<br />

parallel lines in a north-south direction so as to<br />

expose the town to the ventilating action of the<br />

north winds for reasons of hygiene. The street<br />

blocks are also favourable for the creation of<br />

gardens round the houses, which embellish the<br />

layout of the town by making nooks of greenery<br />

that look like a stage set.<br />

24<br />

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The town began spreading to the right and left<br />

of the Agora (the market street). Until World War<br />

II, the town limits extended almost up to the<br />

church of Agios Minas, and from there on were<br />

the inns where the farmers used to leave their<br />

beasts of burden when they came into town from<br />

their villages to market and for errands. The<br />

town grew from the end of the market in recent<br />

times, to form the quarters of Neapoli among<br />

others. Until the major earthquake of 1948, in the<br />

neighbouring area of Kouzounteli, other than a<br />

few country coffee houses -facing Pefaneromeni<br />

Avenue- there was the refugee settlement of the<br />

Greeks who sought shelter in <strong>Lefkada</strong> Island in<br />

the aftermath of the Asia Minor catastrophe of<br />

1922. After the earthquake and re-building<br />

of Neapoli, the town began to expand to the<br />

west, on the site of the refugee district and<br />

beyond, into the olive groves towards the<br />

seaside of Gyra and Ai Giannis.<br />

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DON’T MISS<br />

Explore the stunning<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> neighborhoods &<br />

visit historic churches<br />

Wander through the picture-perfect neighborhoods<br />

of the historic center, explore the<br />

prettily cobbled streets with the colorful<br />

buildings and the verdant corners and find<br />

some time for hanging out in the central<br />

square. Another one of the free things to do is<br />

to visit the beautiful churches of <strong>Lefkada</strong> town.<br />

Amazing free<br />

things to do in<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> city<br />

Spend an afternoon strolling<br />

around Gyra and Ai Giannis<br />

A very pleasant stroll starting out from the town<br />

of <strong>Lefkada</strong> is round the western lagoon, the<br />

walk of Gyra ending at Ai Giannis beach. It is<br />

7 km long and the great attraction is that all<br />

along the views are exceptional, a pleasure for<br />

nature-lovers. The lagoon and the town lie to<br />

the east and to the west the vast stretch of the<br />

Ionian Sea.<br />

26<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Visit Lafcadio Hearn Historical<br />

Center & the Folk Festival Museum<br />

The visitor with the help of texts, photographs,<br />

exhibits and audiovisual applications will<br />

explore the milestones of the extraordinary<br />

life of Lafcadio Hearn along with the cultures<br />

of Europe, USA and Japan of the late 19th and<br />

early 20th century through the open mind of<br />

Hearn writings, lectures and tales.<br />

1Sikelianou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> city<br />

Admire art at Th. Stamos<br />

Exhibition Hall<br />

This exhibition hall is dedicated to the talented<br />

Lefkadian painter Theodoros Stamos,<br />

known worldwide for his large-scale gestural<br />

abstractions. From April to October, the hall<br />

hosts a variety of interesting solo and group<br />

exhibitions, displaying the work of local and<br />

international artists working within painting,<br />

sculpture, installation, photography, textile etc.<br />

1 A. Skiadaresi St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> city<br />

Uncover the hidden gems of<br />

Angelos Sikelianos museum<br />

It is a remarkable museum of international<br />

standards that does not only exhibit rare<br />

manuscripts, photos, books and objects of<br />

A. Sikelianos life but also by highlighting the<br />

different phases of his literary life, sheds light<br />

into the ideas, the personality and the life of<br />

the famous lyric poet.<br />

Kyprou, <strong>Lefkada</strong> city<br />

Admire the view from<br />

Faneromeni Monastery<br />

Located on a green pine clad hill above the<br />

city, this peaceful and inspiring monastery<br />

provides a fascinating glimpse into <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

religious traditions. One can marvel from there<br />

the lagoon, the town, the beach of Ai Giannis,<br />

the mountains of Epirus and Acarnania<br />

and more.<br />

Frini village, 3km from <strong>Lefkada</strong> city<br />

The little bridge: an amazing<br />

spot to enjoy sunset in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> offers a charming mix of places to take<br />

outdoor photos. This small wooden bridge is<br />

one of the city’s most iconic and photogenic<br />

spots. Stand in the middle of the bridge and<br />

you will have the best view over the canal. The<br />

best time of the day to shoot this bridge is<br />

during the golden hour (shortly after sunrise<br />

or before sunset).<br />

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Shopping and Wellness<br />

Take time for yourself<br />

Be prepared for shopping excursions when you visit <strong>Lefkada</strong>. The island has a wide range of shops<br />

for every taste and wallet, from souvenir shops to amazing clothing, shoe and jewelry stores. Your<br />

holiday in <strong>Lefkada</strong> can be the perfect opportunity to get away and concentrate on your well-being:<br />

try a massage and a hammam rub, improve your overall look with a new hairstyle, pamper yourself<br />

with a refreshing fish spa session and enjoy a manicure and pedicure experience.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

28<br />

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Rains<br />

Greek Archaic Kori<br />

Ioanna Kourbela<br />

Sun of a Beach<br />

Pepper Vally<br />

Natural World Eco Shoes<br />

Sandalista<br />

Nomadic State of Mind<br />

T. +30 6945381718 | info@tshirtgallery.gr | tshirtgallery.gr<br />

T-Gallery<br />

tshirtgallery_gr<br />

Pharmacy<br />

Vasilis K. Vandoros<br />

37 I. Mela St. - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

• tel: +30 26450 25620<br />

• info - inquiries: +30 6944 618033<br />

• email: vandorosv@hotmail.com<br />

Medicines - Prescriptions<br />

Herbal cosmetics<br />

Compounding services<br />

Infant care<br />

Prevention - Improvement<br />

Dietary supplements<br />

Orthopedic care<br />

Oral hygiene<br />

Skin cosmetics<br />

Foot care<br />

201 Ι. Μela St. <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

T. +30 26450 25509 | M. karfakioptica@gmail.com Οπτικά Καρφάκη karfakioptics<br />

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A magical bookshop every booklover must visit<br />

Fagottobooks<br />

in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Fagottobooks is a super-cute little bookshop in a<br />

lovely alley of <strong>Lefkada</strong> town. It is located on the<br />

ground floor of a renovated traditional Lefkadian<br />

house and has a beautiful yard where expositions<br />

and workshops are being organised during the<br />

summertime. The place offers a warm, friendly and<br />

relaxing environment to all its visitors.<br />

Here you can find a carefully curated selection of<br />

literature, fiction, music and art, children’s and<br />

philosophy books, as well as books about <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

and the Ionian islands, maps, educational toys and<br />

music instruments. Our favourite souvenir is their<br />

amazing selection of fagottobooks notebooks-flip<br />

books.<br />

7 Zakynthou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> town, T. +30 26450 21095<br />

fagottobooks.lefkada<br />

Fagottobooks <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

30<br />

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Since 2006<br />

Walking on sunshine<br />

top picks<br />

1<br />

2<br />

1. Νuxe Merveillance Expert Cream, Aquabella<br />

Moisturising Emulsion & Super Serum.<br />

Vandoros Pharmacy (37, I. Mela St., <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

tel: +30 26450 25620, vandorosv@hotmail.com)<br />

2. Handmade gift decorated with “karsaniki velonia”<br />

the local embroidery, known as karsanic stitch.<br />

Έαρ - Aravani Chara (Karavella & I. Gazi St., <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

tel: +30 26450 26996, fb/instagram: Έαρ - Aravani Chara)<br />

3<br />

3. Plan Toys Wooden Balancing Cactus (age 3+).<br />

Έαρ - Aravani Chara (Karavella & I. Gazi St., <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

tel: +30 26450 26996, fb/instagram: Έαρ - Aravani Chara)<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Let’s get loud!<br />

Amente<br />

Having fun in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

In the summer season, the bars of <strong>Lefkada</strong> are the center of the island’s<br />

party scene. During the day you can enjoy a coffee or a refreshing drink and<br />

when the sun sets and the party mood turns on, you can drink some exceptional<br />

cocktails and dance to the music.<br />

Copla Maraboo beach bar restaurant<br />

Karma<br />

32<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



+30 694 485 3530<br />

VARKO Summer Bar Resto<br />

varko_summer_bar_resto<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


9 Dorpfeld St., <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Gonia Bar Agios Nikitas<br />

+30 26450 25558 www.stavrakasweets.gr<br />

info@stavrakas-shop.com Stavrakas<br />

Gelatopolis<br />

34<br />

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<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Festival & Events<br />

Let’s celebrate<br />

The island has multiple names but none as appealing as ‘the island of poets’. The name<br />

stems from the famous poets and writers who have been born or lived in the island<br />

such as Valaoritis, Sikelianos, Malamou-Dipla, Golemis, Hearn etc. In <strong>Lefkada</strong> you<br />

will discover the amazing landscapes that inspired the poets and you can satisfy you<br />

cultural curiosity by visiting several interesting museums.<br />

36<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



The International Folklore Festival<br />

The International Folklore Festival is well known<br />

all over Greece and many of the world’s countries.<br />

It takes place in the last week of August. After the<br />

inauguration ceremony in <strong>Lefkada</strong> town there is the<br />

appearance of dance and music groups. It closes<br />

with a special ceremony and the Dance of Peace.<br />

It is thanks to the festival that significant artists<br />

have performed in <strong>Lefkada</strong>; the great Maria Callas,<br />

in 1964, made an unscheduled appearance in<br />

the town’s square, in what was to be her last live<br />

performance in Greece.<br />

Provincial Marriage Feast of Karya<br />

It takes place every summer in Karya. The first day<br />

is the day of the presentation of all the customs<br />

that are preceding the mystery. It is a series of<br />

preparations concerning the dowry of the bride,<br />

the house, her costume and everything needed for<br />

the mystery and revelry.<br />

The International Sailing Regatta<br />

The international Sailing Regatta is a charity event<br />

which takes place annually amongst the beautiful<br />

Ionian islands to the south of Lefkas. All levels<br />

of ability are welcome & Regatta is split into two<br />

classes depending on boat type.<br />

Green Half Marathon<br />

(21km route/ 10km route/ 5km route & 1000m.<br />

for kids). Is one of the fastest Half Marathons<br />

in Greece, with great resonance in Greece and<br />

abroad and it is named Green since most of its<br />

route is around Gyra <strong>Lefkada</strong>s, an environment<br />

of great ecological importance.<br />

Lentil Festival at Englouvi<br />

Every August the famous Lentil Festival takes<br />

place at the yard of Agios Donatos church, above<br />

the villages of Englouvi. Don’t miss the excellent<br />

lentils, famous for their taste and aroma.<br />

Varkarola<br />

A traditional Ionian custom that is reenacted<br />

every August. A small boat decorated with lanterns<br />

sails across the canal of the western beach<br />

while the island choir sings nostalgic songs<br />

on its deck.<br />

Jovani Mountain Race<br />

(5km route/ 11km route/ 27km route)<br />

A great mountain running event, dedicated to<br />

the memory of the marathon runner Giannis<br />

Kontogiorgis (1866-1960) aka Jovani, a shepherd<br />

from Englοuvi, who won the Marathon of the<br />

Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Accommodation in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

The island of <strong>Lefkada</strong>, oriented towards milder forms of tourism, has a great<br />

selection of accommodation offers according to your aesthetic preferences and<br />

your financial planning. In <strong>Lefkada</strong> you will find exactly what you have been<br />

looking for, from rooms for rent to hotels, luxury villas and beautiful traditional<br />

dwellings, so you can enjoy the holidays you have been dreaming of.<br />

make the most out of your stay<br />

Agatha Hotel<br />

38<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



GNTO L.N.: 0831K10TK6896000<br />

Aeriko Villas<br />

Aeriko villas occupy a superb sea front position on Agios<br />

Ioannis beach {Blue Flag Award}. Facing to the North West<br />

the villas receive a refreshing sea breeze from the Ionian.<br />

Each villa has been individually furnished to provide its<br />

own character. The open plan living room and kitchen<br />

opens on to a garden and patio with private pool and a<br />

stone built BBQ with pergola. All bedrooms are generous<br />

size, have a balcony and offer a spectacular view to<br />

the open sea.<br />

Agios Ioannis, <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645023317 • +30 6974643386 •<br />

info@aeriko-villas.gr • www.aeriko-villas.gr<br />

Agrikies Villas<br />

Close to Ag. Ioannis sandy beach, surrounded by silvered<br />

olive groves, these two contemporary villas have it all.<br />

Each villa has its own garden with private pool, stone built<br />

barbeque among the olive trees, all fresco dining area,<br />

stylish furniture, modern designed and well equipped<br />

kitchen and spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.<br />

Inside the villas every room has air-conditioning (fan coil),<br />

TV, WiFi, all bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, shaded<br />

dining terrace and are in front of the pool.<br />

Agia Marina, <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645023317 • +30 6974643386 •<br />

info@agrikies.com • www.agrikies.com<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831Κ91000546701<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K013A0008201<br />

Hotel Ianos<br />

Our hotel is placed in the heart of Lefkas’ Marina, just<br />

200m far from the city center of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. The benefits<br />

of its position include a wonderful view of the<br />

city and the sea nearby. Ianos’s architecture and its<br />

warm and hospitable interior, create a dreamlike setting<br />

for a truly memorable stay. Also it is conveniently<br />

located just 19km away from the airport of Aktion.<br />

An unforgettable stay in a luxury hotel!<br />

Marina <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645022217 •<br />

ianoshotel@hotmail.com • www.ianoshotel.com<br />

Townhouse <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

At Townhouse <strong>Lefkada</strong>, our visitors enjoy a unique experience<br />

of urban accommodation at the heart of the city of <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Located at a central point of the town, Townhouse <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

can serve as a base to explore the city life and the beauty<br />

of the island’s nature. Townhouse <strong>Lefkada</strong> consists of nine<br />

diverse and fully equipped apartments, where the modern<br />

design meets comfort and a homelike atmosphere. Our<br />

parking area is located nearby with easy access, and you<br />

can explore the city on foot or by bike.<br />

Karavela 8, <strong>Lefkada</strong>, <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645025848 • +30 6957217010<br />

• info@townhouselefkada.com • www. townhouselefkada.com<br />

GNTO L.N.: 1242154<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Dairpfeld 1, Tseveleki Sq. | +30 26450 <strong>2024</strong>4 | www.boschettohotel.com | E Hotel Boschetto<br />

GNTO L.N. - 0831K91000378500<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K91000378500 GNTO L.N.: 0831K060A0190201<br />

40<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Lefkada</strong> Cozy House<br />

In the heart of <strong>Lefkada</strong>'s old city, close to east pier<br />

7 Zakynthou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 6973668610 lefkadacozyhouse@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


42<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Lefkada</strong> is just better by boat!<br />

ideal for boat rides and sailing<br />

Imagine sailing the alluring crystal-clear waters<br />

of the Ionian sea, swimming and sunbathing at<br />

endless sun-baked beaches, exploring picturesque<br />

villages steeped in history, discovering<br />

idyllic bays and tempting anchorages and waking<br />

up in different places each morning. <strong>Lefkada</strong> is a<br />

mecca for sailors and this summer you can make<br />

your dream come true!<br />

The Ionian sea encompasses a wonderful chain<br />

of small and bigger islands. It’s a real pleasure to<br />

navigate through this region which is considered<br />

by experts to be one of the best and safest seas<br />

for sailing in the world. Weather conditions here<br />

are rarely extreme while one has a multitude of<br />

protected anchorages to choose from, delightful<br />

coves and stunning beaches, on a number of<br />

islands scattered around <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

When is the best time to sail<br />

in the Ionian islands?<br />

The prime sailing season in <strong>Lefkada</strong> stretches<br />

from the beginning of April to the end of October.<br />

In April <strong>Lefkada</strong> island is luscious filled with<br />

wildflowers that bloom in abundance after the<br />

spring rains of March, most of the shops and<br />

tavernas are open and the weather is ideal for<br />

sailing. Bonus fact: April is the cheapest month for<br />

yacht charters. In May, the waters are exceptionally<br />

inviting and daytime temperatures range on<br />

average between 18°C and 23°C, but the nights<br />

are usually a little bit chillier, so bring a jumper<br />

with you. During the morning, the winds blowing<br />

in the Ionian reach a force of 2-3 Beaufort,<br />

followed by a stronger 4-5 B in the afternoon.<br />

The first month of summer, is a moderately hot<br />

month, with an average of 21°C at the start of<br />

June, slowly warming up to 27°C as the month<br />

goes on. July and August are the hottest and<br />

the busiest months of the year and temperature<br />

will rarely drop below 21°C even at night. During<br />

the summer period (especially in July and<br />

August) the wind blowing in the Ionian Sea is<br />

a northwest, gentle and pleasant wind (3-5 B),<br />

which rises in the afternoon and usually dies at<br />

sunset. Fortunately, the Ionian sea is not affected<br />

by the unpredictable, strong, dry north winds of<br />

the Aegean, known as Meltemia, which usually<br />

disrupt sailing routes.<br />

With the end of summer, the rhythms have abated<br />

and the weather is most enjoyable. On average,<br />

September, is a magical time to sail, providing<br />

ideal winds and calm, warm sea. The average<br />

temperature is 22°C reaching a high of 25°C in<br />

the height of the day. Expect sunny days with very<br />

little rainfall. Although cooler than the summer<br />

months, October is still a wonderful (and cheap)<br />

month to sail in the Ionian and the sea is still<br />

delightfully swimmable. Plus, as the crowds of<br />

the summer have departed, you will not have to<br />

share your anchorage with other sailboats!<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


44<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Lefkada</strong> Base: Lefkas Marina | Athens base: 15 Aristidou St., Piraeus<br />

+30 210 4128041, +30 210 4127674 | +30 6932 606223<br />

charter@aquariusyachtcharter.com | www.aquariusyachtcharter.com<br />

E Aquarius Yachts<br />

ada<br />

super market | coffee | LPG | boat refueling<br />

+30 26450 25771, +30 26450 95547 +30 6974471547 chrisnakavadas@yahoo.gr<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


46<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Bareboat, skippered or crewed?<br />

Well, it’s up to you!<br />

The bareboat yacht charter comes without a skipper, so you can be your own captain as long<br />

as you are an experienced skipper with a valid international sailing license. Keep in mind that<br />

in that case you should also need a co-skipper, an assisting crew member (up to 18 years old)<br />

with some boating experience.<br />

The skippered charter is a very common option for those who don’t have a boat license or<br />

they just want to have more free time on board and fully enjoy their sailing vacations. You can<br />

hire a sailing yacht with a professional skipper. With the freedom to create your own itinerary,<br />

your skipper will help you explore the Ionian islands and discover a secret summer paradise<br />

only a few knew about. Keep in mind that this option comes with an extra cost, the skipper<br />

has to get paid.<br />

The crewed yacht charter offers you a superlative sailing charter experience and a more luxury<br />

vibe on board! Your yacht or catamaran comes with an experienced captain and hostess who<br />

will take care of all navigation and organisational, as well as the cleanliness and the tidiness<br />

of the boat, leaving you free to enjoy your tour.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Sail<br />

Marina<br />

Agios Nikitas<br />

Mylos<br />

Mellisa<br />

gorge<br />

Sfakiotes<br />

Karyotes<br />

Katouna<br />

Alexander's Salt Marsh<br />

Lygia<br />

Exantheia<br />

Karya<br />

Nikiana<br />

Nydri<br />

Vathy<br />

Marantochori<br />

Kondarena<br />

Egremnoi<br />

Vassiliki<br />

Agiofylli<br />

Afteli<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>, basic orientation map LEFKADA TOWN & ENVIRONS EAST SOUTH WEST INLAND<br />

48<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Vassiliki is where it’s at.<br />

In the picturesque fishing village of Vassiliki, you’ll find two of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

biggest attractions, drawing visitors from all over Europe and beyond.<br />

Wildwind<br />

Europe’s best sailing experience<br />

The bay of Vassiliki offers unique<br />

climating conditions for sailors:<br />

almost without exception, the<br />

mornings are quiet and the<br />

afternoon winds allow you to blast<br />

at full speed with Europe’s widest<br />

range of dinghies and cats.<br />

Visit wildwind-sailing.com<br />

Healthy Options<br />

Relax, recharge and rejuvenate<br />

It’s the Yoga, Pilates and fitnessexperience<br />

that helps you return<br />

home more relaxed than ever!<br />

With excellent classes every day<br />

of the week, we offer something<br />

for everyone, from beginner to<br />

experienced Yoga-enthusiast.<br />

Visit healthy-options.yoga<br />

(+30) 264 5031 610<br />

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Ionian Day Cruises<br />

hop on hop off the coast of lefkada<br />

Barefoot at the bow, cyan seas glimmering beneath the<br />

August sun and the fresh breeze of the open sea. You’ve just<br />

embarked on an odyssey that will reveal the Ionian’s hidden<br />

gems. Beaches with irresistible translucent waters, lush little<br />

islands with emerald coastlines and larger ones with rich<br />

histories and vibrant cultural heritage – fairytale villages,<br />

natural harbors, tiny coves and caves reachable only by sea,<br />

all waiting to be discovered. This is summer’s best edition!<br />

You can choose a scheduled day-cruise or hire a private<br />

boat and create your custom itinerary with the captain.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong>s differ depending on the cruise and the weather.<br />

Anchors aweigh!<br />

50<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Meganissi<br />

Largest of the Prigiponisia, Meganissi lies just 25 minutes away<br />

from <strong>Lefkada</strong>. Over the last decade, it’s become a top contender<br />

for travelers seeking authenticity and affordable luxury. Dreamlike<br />

seas, picture-perfect villages with traditional stone houses<br />

and the island’s cosmopolitan aura will keep you coming back.<br />

Papanikolis Cave<br />

A series of caves lie southwest of Meganissi.<br />

The most spectacularly beautiful and unique<br />

among them Papanikolis, the largest sea<br />

cave in the world named for the submarine<br />

“Papanikolis” that is said to have sheltered<br />

here during WWII.<br />

Kalamos<br />

Kalamos is the Ionian’s best-kept secret,<br />

with clear, turquoise seas and rare vegetation<br />

that stretches right to the coast. The<br />

island’s gorgeous pebbled beaches, quaint<br />

scenery and sophisticated air set it apart.<br />

Kastos<br />

Tiny, lush and peaceful, Kastos is<br />

made for travelers seeking serenity.<br />

It’s the apotheosis of slow living with<br />

its enchanting seas, gorgeous landscapes<br />

and handful of notable food<br />

and coffee options.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Madouri<br />

Directly opposite chic Nydri lies Madouri,<br />

gem of the Televoides Islands and a treasure<br />

of the Valaoritis Estate. Its ageless olive<br />

groves and dense pine woods offered the<br />

renown poet the seclusion and inspiration<br />

to create his work.<br />

Scorpios<br />

A mythic island, inseparably entwined with<br />

the legendary life of Greece’s most famous<br />

shipping magnate. Aristotle Onassis purchased<br />

Scorpios in the 1960’s for his private<br />

resort. The island soon became an invitationonly<br />

vacation and party destination for the<br />

international jet-set. In 2013 Scorpios was<br />

leased to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev<br />

who plans to create an “art island” here.<br />

52<br />

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Nydri Harbor, 31 100, <strong>Lefkada</strong> info@emerald-cruises.gr +30 6996 298 898<br />

Ionian Luxury<br />

Yours to Explore<br />

Discover the Ionian Sea’s hidden gems and stunning<br />

beaches aboard our luxurious yachts, guided<br />

by our skilled crew, for an unforgettable, exclusive experience<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Porto Katsiki<br />

With its alabaster pebbles, pristine emerald waters<br />

and a stark crown of cliffs, Porto Katsiki justly holds<br />

the title of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s most beautiful beach. “Stunning”<br />

is an understatement for the wild and imposing<br />

landscape that, until recently, was enjoyed<br />

solely by the goats for which it’s named.<br />

Egkremnoi<br />

A coast of unrivaled beauty that will leave you<br />

speechless at first sight, with golden white<br />

sand, Caribbean-blue seas, fine sparkling pebbles<br />

and a backdrop of sheer white cliffs. It’s<br />

no surprise that Egkremnoi beach has consistently<br />

appeared on the covers of international<br />

travel magazines for over a decade.<br />

Agiofylli<br />

You’ll fall in love with Agiofylli at once! A tiny<br />

pebbled beach with unbelievably translucent<br />

water perfect for diving and snorkeling. It’s almost<br />

always sheltered from the wind which makes it<br />

the perfect place for families with kids to enjoy<br />

swimming and playing in the water.<br />

Mylos<br />

Enchantingly wild, Mylos displays an<br />

almost unreal beauty, with thick sand,<br />

white pebbles and imposing cliffs<br />

enveloped in lush vegetation. Enjoy the<br />

sheer pleasure of swimming in these<br />

pristine emerald-green waters.<br />

54<br />

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Daily Cruises<br />

Weekly Charters<br />

Events<br />

Perigiali, <strong>Lefkada</strong> Greek / Italian<br />

contact@ionianspirit.com<br />

www.ionianspirit.com<br />

ionian_spirit<br />

+30 6994795895<br />

Greek / English<br />

+30 6986822453<br />

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Porto Katsiki<br />

Daily Cruises from Nidri - Safety & Luxury<br />

Book Now<br />

Nidri, <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 26450 93170 +30 693 709 2080 cruises@nidristar.gr<br />

www.nidristar.gr NIDRI STAR 1<br />

56<br />

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SINCE 2017<br />


BOATS<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong><br />


WhatsApp & Viber<br />

+30 6909756486<br />

(Dimitris)<br />

www.sivotabayboats.gr<br />

Sivota Bay Boats<br />

Sivota Boats<br />

Dimitris Maria<br />

sivotabayboats<br />

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<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s sports mecca<br />

There is never a dull moment in <strong>Lefkada</strong> island<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> is a destination that dazzles with its sand<br />

beaches and vibrant ambience.<br />

Myloi<br />

58<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Water, wind and sail<br />

at Agios Ioannis<br />

Mylos and Agios Ioannis<br />

are an adrenaline lover’s<br />

paradise. Mylos traditionally<br />

draws a kitesurfing crowd<br />

while neighbouring Agios<br />

Ioannis is preferring by windsurfers.<br />

The area is renowned<br />

for its steady thermal winds,<br />

a local phenomenon that’s<br />

sought especially by freestyle<br />

kitesurfers. From spring to<br />

autumn, roughly from noon<br />

to dusk, the winds blow from<br />

the west and northwest.<br />

©Wildwind Adventures<br />

Vassiliki, Greece’s<br />

California<br />

Vassiliki is among the top windsurfing<br />

destinations worldwide.<br />

Here the Eric phenomenon, that<br />

results from the area’s unique<br />

terrain, provides ideal weather<br />

conditions for all skill levels:<br />

steady winds that increase<br />

gradually in force. Beginners<br />

usually practice in the morning<br />

while more experienced athletes<br />

slalom and surf freestyle<br />

in the afternoon.<br />

SCHOOL<br />

· windsurf · wingfoil · sup · surfschoolvasiliki.gr @surfschoolvasiliki +306987023132<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Sports<br />

Water sports means playtime<br />

If the sea, for you, is synonymous with playtime,<br />

you’ll find innumerable options here. Have a<br />

ball riding the Ringo across <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s ethereal<br />

sapphire seas, enjoy hours of laughter on<br />

the Crazy UFO or entertain your friends while<br />

admiring <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s singular landscape on the<br />

Banana. The Pedal Boat is a great choice if, in<br />

addition to having fun, you want to burn the<br />

calories from the ice-cream you ate.<br />

Underwater exploration<br />

in the Ionian sea<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> is one of Greece’s top destinations for<br />

recreational diving. The impressive seabed and<br />

surreal visibility of the seawater will mesmerise<br />

divers of all experience levels. Colourful fish,<br />

beautiful coral reefs and a plethora of seashells<br />

welcome visitors straight away. Gorges and valleys,<br />

rock formations and caves are just a few<br />

pieces of the magnificent underwater mosaic<br />

waiting to be explored. If the aquatic world<br />

intrigues you, just visit the diving schools in<br />

Nikiana, Nydri and Vassiliki.<br />

TRY OUR<br />

NEW <strong>2024</strong><br />

JET SKIS<br />

ada.gr<br />

Nydri, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

t. +30 26450 92084 / +30 6972 688547 / +30 6944 529538<br />

stefanoskavvadas@gmail.com / www.watersportsinlefkada.gr<br />

Kavvadas Water Sports KavvadasWaterSports<br />

60<br />

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Dive Shop / Diving Trips / Diving Lessons / Safe Air<br />

Nikiana, <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 26450 72105<br />

+30 6977 576555 info@lefkasdivingcenter.gr<br />

www.lefkasdivingcenter.gr Lefkas Diving Center<br />

Human Sports Windsurfcenter<br />

31082 Vasiliki - info@human - sports.de<br />

www.human - sports.de -Tel: +30-26450 - 31563<br />

Windsurf lessons in english, german Windsurf hire, SUP<br />

Best location for beginners and advanced windsurfers at the age of 8 to 99 and canoes<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Beaches<br />

near <strong>Lefkada</strong> town<br />

The beaches closest to <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s center may not enjoy the<br />

status of the island’s west coast beaches, but they’re perfect<br />

for refreshing dips and relaxation far from the crowds.<br />

Ammoglossa<br />

Crystalline sand, blue-green seas and a view of the emblematic Agia<br />

Mavra Castle. What more could you ask from this splendid alternative<br />

to <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s most visited beaches? Ammoglossa beach sits just to the<br />

right of the floating bridge at <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s canal entrance. Though it’s<br />

not organized and doesn’t offer natural shade, it’s a favorite choice<br />

for those seeking calm waters. If you’d rather not walk (approximately<br />

15 minutes from <strong>Lefkada</strong> Town’s old wooden bridge) you can take the<br />

bus that runs along this route in summer – see the timetable for daily,<br />

mostly morning, service hours. If you have a car, limited parking is<br />

available at the beach.<br />

Ammoglossa<br />

Kastro<br />

62<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Kastro<br />

Adjacent to Ammoglossa you’ll find Kastro,<br />

a fine-pebbled beach with dreamy translucent<br />

waters perfect for hours of sun<br />

bathing and exhilarating dips in the sea.<br />

The once thriving TAOL winery, a regional<br />

landmark, maintains a vivid dialogue with<br />

the island’s past. The beach is relatively<br />

quiet and attracts mostly locals that come<br />

for a quick, refreshing, work-break. Sunloungers<br />

and umbrellas are available on<br />

a small portion of the beach where you<br />

can also order coffee, snacks and anything<br />

else you’d like to enjoy as you relax under<br />

the sun. Like Ammoglossa, you can reach<br />

the beach on foot as well as by car or bus.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Mili<br />

64<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Gyra<br />

Further along, beyond Kastro, lies Gyra beach, a narrow<br />

strip of land that embraces the lagoon and stretches<br />

the few kilometers to Mylos and Agios Ioannis. Calm<br />

and sheltered from the wind, Gyra is the ideal family<br />

beach as it’s here that most of the locals first learned<br />

to swim. There are large expanses between the organized<br />

sections where you can enjoy the seaside undisturbed.<br />

Take care to avoid submerged rocky areas and<br />

sea urchins, a small nuisance that is nonetheless a<br />

testament to the water’s purity.<br />

Mili<br />

Here luscious sand, petit pebbles and deep-blue<br />

waters keep company to the 4 surviving windmills<br />

for which this expansive beach is named. A small<br />

portion of the beach is organized with umbrellas and<br />

sun-loungers with plenty of free space in between. Mili<br />

is the top choice for kite and windsurfers on account<br />

of the thermal winds that blow here all summer long.<br />

The colorful kites and sails offer a dazzling spectacle<br />

as they sway in the water and though the waves might<br />

keep you ashore some days, your photo opportunities<br />

will more than make up for it.<br />

Gyra<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Agios Ioannis<br />

Agios Ioannis, with its emerald waters, is adjacent<br />

to Mili beach and the absolute mecca<br />

of kitesurfing. It attracts more and more visitors<br />

each year, not just for the spectacular<br />

swimming and easy accessibility, but for the<br />

plethora of gastronomical experiences available<br />

here. The water is crystal clear but care<br />

should be taken to avoid submerged rocks in<br />

certain areas. Swim shoes are recommended if<br />

you have tender feet! At the beach’s edge, the<br />

cliffs offer plentiful shade. Here swimmers can<br />

take a break from the blazing Ionian sun and<br />

enjoy the picturesque chapel Agios Ioannis<br />

“Antzousi” for which the beach is named. The<br />

view from this spot is sure to be one of the<br />

highlight of your visit so don’t miss it. Along<br />

the beach you’ll find elegant beach bars and<br />

taverns where you can replenish the calories<br />

you “burned” swimming with a cold bear and<br />

a delicious meal! You can reach Agios Ioannis<br />

by bus (only morning routes), bicycle or on<br />

foot. If you come with your own car, please<br />

note that parking is only available along the<br />

road. It’s best to leave your vehicle as you<br />

approach, rather than drive to the farther end<br />

of the road where, if there are many visitors,<br />

it may be difficult to maneuver.<br />

Agios Ioannis<br />

Agios Ioannis<br />

66<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Agios Ioannis<br />

Agios Ioannis<br />

Agios Ioannis<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


68<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Destination</strong><br />


East<br />

Kalligoni, Karyotes<br />

Ephorate of Antiquities<br />

of Aitoloakarnania & <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

The east side is predominantly green with<br />

tranquil landscapes and calm seas. Setting out<br />

from <strong>Lefkada</strong> town in the direction of Nydri, is<br />

the community of Kalligoni, built on the site of<br />

ancient Nirikos, the island’s first capital from<br />

antiquity to the 13th century AD, when it was<br />

given the name of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. There are still clear<br />

traces of the enormous masonry blocks of the<br />

Cyclopean wall at the site called Koulmos and<br />

the remains of houses, the aqueduct, water<br />

reservoirs and vaults.<br />

Karyotes is the next village along the route.<br />

It was built in its present location in the 50s,<br />

and before then stood higher on the hill up<br />

above. The ruins are still there.<br />

Archaeologists have recently uncovered the<br />

ruins of an almost unknown ancient Greek<br />

theater in the area of Koulmos hill. Little is<br />

known so far about the sizeable theater but<br />

we will learn more in the future as the excavations<br />

continue.<br />

Ephorate of Antiquities of Aitoloakarnania & <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

70<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Nikiana<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


East<br />

Perigiali<br />

Katouna, Lygia, Episkopos,<br />

Nikiana, Perigiali, Skaros hill<br />

Moving south from Karyotes, you come to the<br />

picture-perfect harbour of Lygia, the outlet to<br />

the sea of the mountain village of Katouna. It is<br />

one of Western Greece’s most important fishwharfs.<br />

Nowadays, besides fishing and farming,<br />

the inhabitants find a lot of employment in the<br />

tourist sector and there is a number of newly-built<br />

hotels, rooms to let and seafront taverns serving<br />

fresh fish and a variety of other dishes.<br />

It is worth making a detour from Karyotes area<br />

towards the Alexander’s Salt Marsh to see the<br />

remains of the old salt works which were particularly<br />

important to the economy of <strong>Lefkada</strong> in the<br />

past. The scenery here is interesting and unusual.<br />

The beaches of the eastern side begin just after the<br />

picturesque harbour of Lygia which is 6 km from<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> town. As far as Nydri you will find countless<br />

and quiet beach spots. The scenery is striking,<br />

especially in the Nikiana area and the greenery<br />

reaches almost to the water’s edge. There are<br />

restaurants and lodgings all along the coastline.<br />

Skaros hill is one of the best spots in the interior<br />

of <strong>Lefkada</strong> with rare plants, a forest of a rare<br />

species of oak with spectacular geological formation.<br />

The top of the journey will reward you with<br />

a magnificent view over the islands of <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

72<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



6<br />

2 honeymoon suites - 2 studios<br />

Luxury<br />

Ministry of Tourism Notification No.: 1244566<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K91000430701<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


East<br />

Alisahni Seaside Studios<br />

Alisahni studios invites you to experience an unparalleled<br />

level of comfort, elegance and convenience. Our renovated<br />

complex, provides a perfect relaxing atmosphere<br />

as it is ideally located within walking distance from the<br />

beaches and is the perfect base to explore <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

natural beauty. All rooms have fully equipped kitchenettes,<br />

private balcony, bathroom with cabin shower,<br />

air-conditioning, TV and free WiFi internet.<br />

Nikiana • Tel:+30 2645025229 • +30 6981389137 •<br />

www.alisahni-studios.com • info@alisahni-studios.com<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K111K0239800<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K132Κ028100000<br />

Digenis Studios<br />

Digenis Studios is located, at the seaside village of Lygia,<br />

only 5 km from <strong>Lefkada</strong> town. It is an organized, family<br />

business, which in recent years, has been accommodating<br />

people in its spacious and comfortable apartments.<br />

Located 300m from the sea and away from the noisy<br />

roads, it is the ideal place for relaxing holidays. Digenis<br />

Studios can be the perfect base, to discover the magnificent<br />

island of <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Lygia • Tel: +30 2645071066 • +30 6979395423 •<br />

info@digenis-lefkada.com • digenis-lefkada.com<br />

Avra Hotel<br />

If you seek a beautiful and also easily accessible destination<br />

you should come to Avra Hotel in <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

Greece. Our family hotel is located in a beauteous<br />

fisherman’s village on the east coast of the island of<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>, named Lygia just a breath away (4.5 kms) from<br />

the town of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. The innumerable natural beauties<br />

of the island of <strong>Lefkada</strong> and the hearty hospitality of<br />

our family hotel guarantee you a wonderful stay and an<br />

altogether unforgettable vacation in <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Lygia • Tel: +30 2645071706 • +30 6979806632 •<br />

info@hotelavra.eu • www.hotelavra.eu<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K012A0086900<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831Κ112Κ0091000000<br />

Matina Studios<br />

Overviewing Nikiana beach, Matina Studios is a complex<br />

of accommodations with beautiful views over<br />

the the Ionian Sea. Enjoy your family holidays in our<br />

pleasant rooms and studios which feature terraces or<br />

balconies, and free WIFI throughout. Matina Studios is<br />

just 200 meters from the beach and 500 meters from<br />

Nikiana village.<br />

Nikiana • Tel: +30 6938841963 • info@matinastudios.gr •<br />

matinastudios@gmail.com • www.matinastudios.gr<br />

74<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



www.portogalini.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K014A0088900<br />

Nikiana - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 26450 93290<br />

Porto-Galini Hotel<br />

porto_galini_seaside_resort<br />

welcome@portogalini.gr<br />

Porto Galini<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


76<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Porto Ligia is built<br />

in the traditional<br />

Ionian style in<br />

perfect harmony<br />

with its surroundings.<br />

Ligia - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 26450 71441<br />

+30 26450 71900 (f)<br />

Hotel Porto Ligia<br />

info@portoligia.gr<br />

www.portoligia.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K013A0185900<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Nydri: The cosmopolitan village<br />

that will astound you<br />

Nydri is the embodiment of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s worldly character,<br />

boasting an island ambience, top-notch tourism<br />

infrastructure and significant environmental<br />

and archeological sites. Whether you’re a beach<br />

fanatic or water-sports fan, a restless hiker or a<br />

seasoned cyclist, a bar hopper or a foodie, you’ll<br />

find everything you’re dreaming of.<br />

To a large extent, Nydri owes its repute to Aristotle<br />

Onassis’ private resort on adjacent Scorpios, a small<br />

island purchased by the shipping magnate in 1963.<br />

Here Onassis threw legendary parties and hosted<br />

the crème de la crème of his jet set contemporaries,<br />

spawning the rise of Nydri from a humble fishing<br />

village to a cosmopolitan destination that gained<br />

worldwide publicity.<br />

It remains one of the island’s top picks for travelers<br />

who appreciate its harmony of excellent services,<br />

simplicity and beauty. Two parallel streets lined<br />

with a plethora of cafes, restaurants and boutiques<br />

comprise Nydri’s “commercial center”.<br />

During summer Nydri is abuzz with energy, with its<br />

lively promenade and charming palm-tree lined<br />

harbor where locals and visitors love to meet. Take<br />

a leisurely stroll and absorb the divine raw beauty<br />

of the picture-perfect surroundings, especially if<br />

you’re a newcomer.<br />

78<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />




A day cruise<br />

Once here, don’t miss the opportunity to take a day cruise to<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s most popular beaches and adjacent islets - Scorpios,<br />

Madouri, Prigiponisia - as well as the closest Heptanese<br />

islands, Kefalonia and Ithaca.<br />

Visit Dimossari Waterfalls<br />

Dimossari Waterfalls are proof that <strong>Lefkada</strong> is blessed with<br />

places of rare beauty and a natural environment so versatile<br />

that it never fails to enchant. Swim in the waterfalls’ natural<br />

pool with its blue-green water and impressive lush surroundings<br />

or dive in from the cliffs if you dare!<br />

Spend a day at the beach<br />

With its incredible turquoise water and thick champaign sand<br />

peppered with tiny shells, Nydri’s beach is tailor-made for<br />

endless hours of lounging and relaxation under the sun, with<br />

its calm seas and all the amenities you need.<br />

Get wet<br />

Lounging on the beach and having a leisurely swim are OK,<br />

but sometimes you need a bit of adrenaline. And Nydri is the<br />

earthly paradise of water-sport devotees. So if you’re in the<br />

mood for fun in the sun, try it.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


80<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



eyond the beaches<br />

Dimossari Waterfalls<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> island is home to a staggering array<br />

of amazing beaches with fine, icing-sugar sand<br />

and inviting turquoise waters, you know that<br />

right? What you may not know about <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

is that this green, lush and gorgeous island<br />

has a hidden treasure called ‘’Dimossari’’. Well,<br />

to be honest the place is not exactly a secret<br />

because this beauty cannot be hidden but<br />

believe me, these waterfalls create a peaceful<br />

oasis of freshness that you won’t forget. So a<br />

visit here is a must!<br />

Dimossari waterfalls (aka Nydri waterfalls) are<br />

located in the eastern part of <strong>Lefkada</strong> island,<br />

on the outskirts of Nydri. Before reaching the<br />

centre of Nydri you will see in your right a ring<br />

road Follow that road and after a while, on your<br />

right, find a sign that leads to the waterfalls.<br />

The water in this amazing natural spot is<br />

refreshingly cool. Usually is not crowded and<br />

the hike to get there is equally amazing. The<br />

best time to visit Dimossari waterfalls is from<br />

May to September.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>:<br />

the home of Odysseus<br />

according to W. Dörpfeld<br />

He carried out excavations in Olympia and in many other areas of archaeological interest<br />

in Greece. He worked together with his compatriot Heinrich Schliemann at the excavations<br />

of Troy and Tiryns. In later life he maintained the theory that <strong>Lefkada</strong> is Homer’s<br />

Ithaca. To support his claim, he drew on geographic observations and finds from excavations,<br />

mainly from the area of Nydri, writing the work Alt Ithaka on the subject.<br />

© Dörpfeld<br />

82<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



His theory is rejected by some and<br />

accepted by others, one of his supporters<br />

being the known contemporary French<br />

Homeric scholar E. Miraux. Dörpfeld is<br />

buried on the promontory of Agia Kyriaki<br />

on a hillock which he himself had named<br />

‘’Lofos ton Nymfon’’ (Numphs’ Hill).<br />

© Dörpfeld<br />

Wilhelm Dörpfeld<br />

(26 December 1853 – 25 April 1940): Architect-Archaeologist,<br />

a pioneer of stratigraphic<br />

excavation and precise graphical<br />

documentation of archaeological projects.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


© Dörpfeld<br />

Choirospilia<br />

In a cave south of the village Evgyros,<br />

Wilhelm Dörpfeld had discovered traces<br />

of prehistoric habitation, of life in the<br />

Neolithic era, which led him to surmise that<br />

this was the site of Eumaeus’ (the Odyssey’s<br />

swineherd) stables. The cave’s name,<br />

Choirospilia (frome the greek hoiros- pig)<br />

comes from his theory.<br />

84<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Ancient Farmhouse<br />

High up above the village of Poros, at the<br />

site of Pyrgi on the outskirts of a vale of<br />

olive trees, there are some ruins of an<br />

ancient farm house, dating from the Hellenistic<br />

period (325-100 BC), indicating the<br />

construction of tower houses (pyrgospita).<br />

Prehistoric tumuli at Nydri<br />

South of Nydri there are sites of special<br />

archaelogical interest. There are tombs and<br />

ruins of buildings dating to the Proto-Helladic<br />

II period of the third millennium BC. Among<br />

the finds are objects suggesting a stratified<br />

society and the existence of a ruling class.<br />

The German archaelogist Wilhelm Dörpfeld<br />

was the first to carry out excavations in the<br />

Nydri plain from 1901 to 1913. Many of his finds<br />

from these excavations are displayed in the<br />

Archaelogical Museum, in <strong>Lefkada</strong> town.<br />

© Dörpfeld<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


East<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K011Α0085400<br />

Eva Beach<br />

The hotel is situated in an ideal location on the beach of<br />

Nydri and close to all amenities. The hotel has modern<br />

and comfortable rooms and offers a warm and friendly<br />

atmosphere. All rooms are spacious offering sea and<br />

mountain views and are equipped with all modern<br />

amenities. The rooms offer free WiFi, air conditioning,<br />

TV, fridge, hairdryer, bathroom and balcony or terrace<br />

overlooking the sea or mountain views. There are studiotype<br />

rooms that feature a kitchenette.<br />

Nydri • Tel: +30 2645092545 • info@evabeach.gr •<br />

www.evabeach.gr<br />

Nydri Beach Hotel & Beach Bar<br />

Nydrion I & II offer panoramic views overlooking the<br />

nearby islands of “Onassis” Scorpios and “Valaoritis”<br />

Madouri. With a total of 32 rooms both hotels offer facilities<br />

including indoor bar, snack-cafe beach bar. All rooms<br />

are equipped with free Wi-fi, telephone, air-conditioning,<br />

satellite TV, mini bar-fridge, bath/shower, w.c., individually<br />

controlled central heating, safe, hair-dryer and balcony<br />

with view to the sea or mountain view.<br />

Nydri • Tel: +30 2645092400 • +30 6932660006 •<br />

info@nydrionbeach.gr • www.nydrionbeach.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K012Α0085000<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K122K0333200<br />

Akrogiali Studios<br />

Situated in a central spot in cosmopolitan Nydri, 15m from<br />

the sea and 30m from the main street. The ambience is<br />

ideal for families and couples who prefer a quiet holiday<br />

in a friendly atmosphere. Twelve furnished apartments<br />

and studios fully equipped with TV, A/C, WC, refrigerator<br />

and big patio are waiting for you. Most rooms have a<br />

view to the nearby islands. They have been designed to<br />

enable visitors enjoy the sea and the calm atmosphere<br />

with the wonderful view.<br />

Nydri • Tel: +30 2645092442 • info@evabeach.gr •<br />

www.akrogialistudios.com<br />

Andreas Rooms<br />

We are a family business operating for the last 10 years,<br />

trying to steadily upgrade our services. We are well situated<br />

just 9 Km away from Lefkas town and 7 km from Nydri, at<br />

the lively and tourist village of Nikiana. You can find us<br />

on the main road, just 12 meters from a sandy beach. The<br />

village has a wide variety of shops for eating, drinking,<br />

shopping. All our rooms are equipped with Air-Conditioning,<br />

Refrigerator, TV, balcony, WC/Shower.<br />

Nikiana, <strong>Lefkada</strong>, Greece • Tel: +30 6944501934 • 2645 071313 •<br />

panaservos@yahoo.co.uk • www. andreasrooms.com,<br />

fb: Andreas Rooms Nikiana <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

GNTO L.N.: 1242154<br />

86<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Maraboo Beach Bar - Restaurant Nidri<br />

The unique choice<br />

0030 26450 93302 0030 6945 914914<br />

thomasoldatos@ yahoo.gr www.maraboobeach.com<br />

maraboo.beach maraboobeach<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


88<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Destination</strong><br />


South<br />

Mikros Gialos, Sivota, Ammouso<br />

Below Poros village, on the road to the sea, there is<br />

the pretty little beach of Mikros Gialos, a peaceful<br />

and attractive beach with pebbles where the sea<br />

is unpolluted, in sheltered Rouda Bay. Being an<br />

organized beach, it is on the top of the visitor’s list.<br />

On the main road, some 6 km from Poros, a<br />

road goes down to the sea and to Sivota. This<br />

enchanting village is built right on the shore in<br />

the embrace of green hills. It offers mooring and<br />

refuelling for many boats and a rest for the crews.<br />

According to Dörpfeld’s theory, this is where Odysseus<br />

landed on his return home. Today it offers<br />

some of the island’s best known fish tavernas<br />

serving delicious fresh fish, lobster and seafood.<br />

Ammouso is a beach worth visiting on the southern<br />

coast, that usually attract fewer visitors. You<br />

get there by a detour of the main road after Marantochori.<br />

It is small, with pebbles and there is a<br />

taverna and a cafe with a nearby camping site.<br />

Ammouso<br />

90<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Sivota<br />

L.N.: 01109722<br />

bluecaveslefkada.com<br />

<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


South<br />

Vassiliki<br />

Vassiliki<br />

Vassiliki is a magnet for tourists for its<br />

beautifully beaches, the greenery crowding<br />

right down to the pretty houses of<br />

the harbour, organized hotel complexes<br />

and rooms to let, camping, tavernas and<br />

nightlife. It also enjoys the advantage of<br />

cool currents making it one of the best<br />

seas in the world for windsurfing.<br />

It is a great place for a stopover, a meal,<br />

a swim or a cup of coffee by the sea.<br />

Remains have been found on the plain<br />

of Vassiliki indicating the existence of<br />

an ancient city. The plain of Vassiliki is<br />

ideal for bicycle tours and hikes. There<br />

are ferries to Ithaca and Kefallonia or<br />

small boats to beaches in the vicinity<br />

and Cape Lefkatas.<br />

For nearly 30 years Vassiliki has been<br />

home to some of the top sailing and<br />

windsurfing holiday companies and<br />

centres in the world, and it is on the<br />

back of this reputation for watersports<br />

excellence that has seen Vassiliki grow<br />

from a very sleepy fishing village into<br />

one of the best loved and most returned<br />

to spots on the island.<br />

Agiofylli<br />

92<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



GNTO L.N.: 0831K121K007200<br />

Stavlos Cottage<br />

Stavlos Cottage is situated in the middle of Vassiliki<br />

beach just a few minutes away from the market on foot<br />

and 38 km away from the city of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. It includes<br />

four Lux apartments, fully renovated in February 2011, in<br />

the middle of wonderful scenery which offers you many<br />

recreational activities and an interesting night life. Each<br />

apartment is 35 sqm with one bedroom and one kitchen<br />

with cooking equipment. There is also one single and the<br />

option of one folding bed.<br />

Vassiliki • Tel: +30 2645032005 • +30 6944584089 •<br />

info@stavloscottage.gr • www.stavloscottage.gr<br />

Vassiliki Bay Hotel<br />

Vassiliki Bay Hotel is located in the center of Vassiliki,<br />

about 60m from the city beach and 80m from the marina<br />

and the sea. The warm and family atmosphere, as well<br />

as the comfort of the hotel, will make you feel like home.<br />

The hotel was recently renovated and it’s an ideal place<br />

for families. Our services include breakfast, 24/7 customer<br />

service and free internet. Vassiliki Bay Hotel is simply the<br />

best choice for anyone looking for accommodation in the<br />

center of Vassiliki.<br />

Vassiliki • Tel: +30 2645031077 • +30 6976516376<br />

hotelvassilikibay.contact@gmail.com • www. hotelvassilikibay.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K012A0086100<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831Κ91000451501<br />

Vassiliki Lefkas +30 6983614751, +31 651085106<br />

info@towervillas.eu www.towervillas.eu Tower Villas<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


94<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Where’ve you been so long, Agiofylli?<br />

You’ll fall in love with Agiofylli at a glance. Lilliputian,<br />

charming, divine, it’s just what you<br />

need to unwind this summer. This south coast<br />

beach resembles Porto Katsiki. Though it’s not<br />

included in <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s 3 super-star beaches, it’s<br />

not to be missed, with its dreamy emerald water<br />

and sparkling snow-white pebbles cradled by<br />

lush green vegetation that clings to the coast.<br />

Always sheltered from the prevailing winds, the<br />

cove’s deep water remains unrustled and clear,<br />

perfect for swimming and frolicking underwater.<br />

The innumerable fish and impressive seabed are<br />

perfect for snorkeling so don’t forget to bring<br />

your mask and fins.<br />

Take your beach umbrella!<br />

A portion of the beach is free while the rest is<br />

organized with beach umbrellas and loungechairs<br />

(the cost is 15 Euros for a set of two<br />

lounge-chairs and one umbrella). In July and<br />

August, it’s completely packed so come early in<br />

the morning or in late afternoon to avoid the<br />

crowds. There’s no natural shade here until the<br />

sun starts to set, so you’ll need an umbrella.<br />

How do I get to Agiofylli?<br />

During the summer months, boats depart Vasiliki<br />

for Agiofylli about once an hour. The dreamlike<br />

20-minute journey costs 7 Euros round trip. You<br />

can also reach Agiofylli on foot. Drive southeast<br />

from the marina at Vasiliki. Take care as the dirt<br />

road is rough and narrow in places. There is a<br />

private parking area close to the beach where<br />

you can leave your car for 7 Euros.<br />

You can also park it anywhere you find space<br />

without paying and walk the rest of the way. Note<br />

that if you come on foot, you must descend several<br />

steps to reach the beach. There is a canteen<br />

near the parking area that offers cool refreshments<br />

and snacks.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Cape Lefkatas<br />

From Athani, the last stop has to be Cape Lefkatas or<br />

Kavos tis Nyras or Kavos tis Kyras. The landscape takes<br />

your breath away. Sheer cliffs and bottomless, ranging<br />

seas create scenery of unimaginable wildness. They<br />

say that it is these white cliffs that gave <strong>Lefkada</strong> its<br />

name. Cape Lefkatas gives the impression of having<br />

been touched by a divinity, evoking in the contemplator<br />

a feeling of eternity: here the most ancient legends meet<br />

96<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



The most fantastic view is<br />

from a spot shortly before<br />

arriving at the destination:<br />

just before the lighthouse<br />

there is a stretch of scree<br />

on the right<br />

the mystical breath of nature. According to legend,<br />

Sappho, the most significant poetess of antiquity,<br />

jumped off from the Cape of Lefkata for the love of<br />

Phaon. Sappho was highly regarded by all ancient<br />

savants and Plato characterized her as the ‘’tenth<br />

muse’’, while coins were minted and sculptures were<br />

made in her honor. In her poetry she praised the<br />

beauty of love, the gods and marriage and she set<br />

her poems to music playing the harp.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


98<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



<strong>Destination</strong><br />


West<br />

Faneromeni, Tsoukalades, Pefkoulia<br />

Starting out from <strong>Lefkada</strong> town, follow the signs<br />

to Agios Nikitas village, passing the monastery<br />

of Panagia Faneromeni, also called the ‘Island’s<br />

Palladium’. There is an exceptional view to be<br />

enjoyed to the right. After a bit, you reach the<br />

village of Tsoukalades, built on a height and<br />

hemmed in by olive trees. There are gorgeous<br />

views from there of the Ionian Sea from a number<br />

of various different angles. Continuing along<br />

the asphalt road, a few kilometres further on<br />

there is a breathtaking sight of the vast Ionian<br />

Sea. The first beach on the route is one of the<br />

best: Pefkoulia. Here the pine trees descend<br />

down the slopes, all the way to the seashore.<br />

The sea is wonderfully clear and the strand is of<br />

fine, rice-like grains, as on almost all the beaches<br />

on <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s west coast, a caress for bare feet<br />

and easily flicked off the skin.<br />

Pefkoulia<br />

Pefkoulia<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

100 LEFKADA<br />





Breathtaking sunset spot | Remarkable place for social events<br />


For restaurant and beach/pool reservations please call<br />

Sunset Dinners<br />

+30 26450 97070<br />

+30 6972 721800<br />

deckbeachside<br />

info@deckbeachside.gr<br />

deckbeachside.gr<br />

deck_beachside_cafe<br />

GNTO L.N. 0831K112K696500<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

102 LEFKADA<br />


At Pefkoulia you’ll realize “how much blue God spends so we cannot see him”<br />

The only problem visitor’s encounter in <strong>Lefkada</strong> is choosing between so many incredibly beautiful<br />

beaches. Let’s take Pefkoulia, for instance, a stunning beach that has the “misfortune” of being situated<br />

on <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s superstar west coast. This year come see for yourself why Pefkoulia deserves to be<br />

on your “must visit” list.<br />

At the cusp of an emerald green pine forest and the infinite blue of the Ionian sea lies the small earthly<br />

paradise aptly named Pefkoulia. This cool oasis of golden sand, sparkling pebbles and crystal clear water<br />

in every shade of blue is the postcard perfect beach you’ll never forget, perfumed by the scent of pine.<br />

A portion of the beach is organized with umbrellas and sun loungers, while the rest if free. There is<br />

little natural shade, so if you don’t intend to rent an umbrella, be sure to bring your own. The perfect<br />

spot for basking endlessly under the hot August sun, cooling off with a plunge and, naturally, exploring.<br />

Pefkoulia - Bikini, 1 - 0<br />

There’s room for everyone on this spacious beach<br />

cohabited by families and groups of friends, romantic<br />

couples and naturists. Even in August, you’ll find<br />

a secluded niche. If you like to skinny-dip and bask<br />

in the sun just as you came into this world, the<br />

clothing optional “section” is just past the large<br />

boulder on the left.<br />

You’ll come for the sunset (too)<br />

The magic doesn’t end with the aquamarine waters.<br />

Make sure you plan to stay until sunset and see the<br />

iridescent sea awash in every imaginable shade of<br />

orange and red.<br />

How do I get to Pefkoulia?<br />

Pefkoulia lies on the island’s northwest coast,<br />

between <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s old town and the seaside village<br />

Agios Nikitas. The beach is just 10km from the<br />

town and the road there is excellent. There is a free<br />

parking area as you approach, but from mid-July<br />

to mid-August, it’s likely you’ll have to park on the<br />

roadside. If you don’t have your own vehicle, take<br />

one of the buses that run frequently along this<br />

route in the summer months.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


olive grove<br />

c o t t a g e<br />

Book here<br />

Frini, 31100, <strong>Lefkada</strong> Tel. +30 6973668610 olivegrovecottage1@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

104 LEFKADA<br />


Tsoukalades - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 26450 26346<br />

+30 6973 045 950<br />

info@artbluevillas.com<br />

www.artbluevillas.com<br />

Artbluevillas<br />

GNTO L.N. 0829K10TK7712001<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K122K711600<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


West<br />

Agios Nikitas<br />

A few kilometres further on is Agios Nikitas,<br />

listed as a village of the national heritage.<br />

It has attractive stone-built houses,<br />

shouldering one another with their roofs<br />

almost touching, not only because of<br />

limited space but also facilitating escape<br />

in case of the pirate raids of the past.<br />

Despite the unavoidable additional<br />

buildings in the surrounding area, the<br />

village preserves its charm. The sea that<br />

laps the seafront is crystal-clean and is a<br />

joy to swim in, with the added enjoyment<br />

of its setting amid enchanting scenery.<br />

Agios Nikitas<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

106 LEFKADA<br />


GNTO L.N.: 0831K122K0333200<br />

Nikolas & Sofia Studios<br />

Located in the west side of the island, only 1.5km<br />

from the traditional seaside village of Agios Nikitas.<br />

This privileged location, close to all the beautiful<br />

beaches (Kathisma, Milos, Pefkoulia, Kavalikafta)<br />

makes it the perfect destination for every visitor.<br />

The studios offer a comfortable and friendly stay<br />

in a quiet environment surrounded by lush growth<br />

everywhere you look, perfect for families, couples<br />

and groups of friends.<br />

Agios Nikitas • Tel: +30 6974993866 •<br />

info@studiosnikolas.gr • www.studiosnikolas.gr<br />

Wild Sea<br />

In the center of the traditional village of<br />

Agios Nikitas, only 30 meters from the sea,<br />

we renovated our father’s house and we<br />

created a stone house consisting of two<br />

apartments that can host five and four<br />

guests respectively. Combining tradition<br />

with technology, we offer you the comfort<br />

you are looking for your holiday.<br />

Agios Nikitas • Tel: +30 2645097119 •<br />

+30 6976389749 • info@wildsea.gr • www.wildsea.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 1242154<br />

t. +30 2645097369 / +30 6974549830<br />

Agios Nikitas, <strong>Lefkada</strong>, Greece<br />

Hotel selini hotel_selini_<br />

GNTO 0831Κ012Α0089700<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


Just 15 minutes away from <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s old<br />

town is one of the island’s most enchanting<br />

traditional villages, the seaside fishing<br />

hamlet of Agios Nikitas. Located on the<br />

northwest coast between Pefkoulia and<br />

Kathisma, it’s a harmony of simplicity and<br />

sophistication. Here, amid the amphitheatrical<br />

cluster of stone houses, the meandering<br />

cobblestone streets, the gardens<br />

that overflow with bougainvilleas, geraniums<br />

and basil plants and the tiny crystal<br />

cove that beckons visitors for a refreshing<br />

dip, you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled back<br />

in time.<br />

Swimming in an earthly paradise<br />

Agios Nikitas beach is a favourite for Instagramers<br />

and, when you set eyes on it, you’ll understand why.<br />

Refreshing cyan waters, awarded Blue Flag status<br />

year after year, golden pebbled sand and lush green<br />

as far as you can see. The small cove offers shelter<br />

from the prevailing winds, making Agios Nikitas the<br />

perfect beach for families with small children. Of<br />

course, the sea is quite deep here, as is the case<br />

at all of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s west coast beaches where care<br />

should be taken by inexperienced swimmers.<br />

The beach has very little natural shade, in the<br />

afternoon only, and there are no beach umbrellas/<br />

loungers for rent. So make sure you bring your own<br />

umbrellas, mats, hats and sunscreen, of course! Also<br />

keep in mind that this small beach usually draws<br />

a large crowd between mid-July and mid-August,<br />

so come early in the morning or in late afternoon<br />

to enjoy this singular place.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

108 LEFKADA<br />


From Agios Nikitas to Mylos<br />

It takes approximately 20 minutes by foot,<br />

along a beautiful shady path, to walk from<br />

Agios Nikitas to Mylos beach. The route is<br />

marked and begins at the pedestrian street<br />

west of the village. Alternatively you can<br />

take one of the small boats that run every<br />

half hour and enjoy the same route by sea.<br />

Mylos beach, named for the old windmill<br />

at its edge, will take your breath away with<br />

its wild terrain, its sparkling thick sand dotted<br />

with white pebbles and its diaphanous<br />

cyan waters.<br />

How to get to Agios Nikitas<br />

A 12km route leads to Agios Nikitas within a lush<br />

green landscape. You can leave your car in the<br />

parking area just over the road, or park roadside.<br />

Keep in mind that cars are not allowed inside the<br />

village. Another, greener option is taking the bus,<br />

in which case you won’t need to look for a parking<br />

space. Just check the timetable for the next,<br />

frequent, departure when you’re ready to go. Find<br />

the entrance to the village after the stoplight or<br />

use the central pedestrian street and walk down<br />

to the square.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

110 LEFKADA<br />


Pantazis Studios<br />

Ag. Nikitas<br />

L.N. 1267274<br />

+30 26450 97327<br />

+30 6943 880 303<br />

info@pantazis-studios.com<br />

www.pantazis-studios.com<br />

Agios Nikitas, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 6974 123 234<br />

+30 26450 29 415<br />

info@evridikivillas.gr<br />

www.evridikivillas.gr<br />

evridiki’s villas<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831Κ100042260000<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

112 LEFKADA<br />


Ag. Nikitas <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 2645097330<br />

+30 6972316723<br />

eskirianou@yahoo.gr<br />

www.pansion-vasso.gr<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K111K11420000<br />

OSTRIA<br />

pension<br />

c o<br />

f<br />

f e e<br />

- b a r<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K132K0587401<br />

Agios Nikitas - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

T. +30 2645 097300<br />

ostrialefkada@hotmail.com<br />

E Ostria Pension<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

114 LEFKADA<br />


Agatha hotel is a small hotel, that will charm you with the beautiful simplicity.<br />

Combining contemporary design with a Zen like atmosphere for the ultimate cool and calm retreat.<br />

Agios Nikitas, <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 6948620615 30 210 7523798<br />

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<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Milos: The beach in<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong> fated to win<br />

your heart<br />

A beach like no other<br />

If we had to pick just one place that embodies the essence of Greek<br />

summers, it would be Milos Beach - a 730 meter stretch of thick sand<br />

and white pebbles nestled beside dramatic rock formations and cream<br />

sand dunes. No matter how much you’ve heard about the island’s<br />

energy and unbridled charm, words can’t describe the exhilaration of<br />

diving into the sparkling azure waters here for the first time.<br />

To the north stands yet another ornament of an already perfect<br />

landscape, the stoic windmill from which Milos takes its name. Until<br />

recently, the more impressive beaches of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s western coast, all<br />

accessible by car, steadily stole the spotlight and Milos remained an<br />

insider’s secret. But now the beach’s popularity rivals even <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s<br />

“star” beach, Egkremnoi.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

116 LEFKADA<br />


Take a Boat - the easy way<br />

During the summer months, small boats run<br />

between Agios Nikitas and Milos Beach every 20<br />

minutes. It’s a 5-minute ride. Tickets are available<br />

on the boat. If the weather is rough, keep in mind<br />

that boats can’t approach the beach so the only<br />

option is to go on foot.<br />

Take the Trail - the hard way<br />

The more demanding way to reach Milos is on<br />

foot. You may work up a sweat but trust me, the<br />

journey will repay you above and beyond your<br />

expectations. Start from the main pedestrian<br />

walkway in Agios Nikitas, follow the sign next<br />

to Asperous restaurant and you’ll soon find the<br />

lush and shaded footpath. The medium-difficulty<br />

20-minute hike requires good physical condition<br />

and reasonable caution.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


West<br />

Kathisma, Porto Katsiki,<br />

Egkremnoi & Gialos<br />

Kathisma wears different colors throughout<br />

the day and is well worth the stay until sunset<br />

when you’ll see the sky adorned in pink.<br />

Porto Katsiki, is undoubtedly the crown jewel<br />

of the island’s remarkable coast. Steep cliffs<br />

lace the pebbled shore and cyan waters of<br />

this aptly named “Goat Cove”, which was, until<br />

its recent discovery, inhabited exclusively<br />

by adorable katsikia. Your awe will remain<br />

undiminished, no matter how many times<br />

you return.<br />

Egkremnoi is definitely one of the best silky,<br />

milky-powder-white sand beaches of Europe<br />

with perfectly translucent clear waters and<br />

dramatic white limestone cliffs. For more<br />

than 6 years the only way to reach remote<br />

Egkremnoi was by boat, but now the beach<br />

is again accessible by foot. Those who don’t<br />

enjoy travel in small boats can take the picturesque<br />

winding road to Gialos, a beach very<br />

similar to Egkremnoi.<br />

Egkremnoi<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

118 LEFKADA<br />


Kathisma<br />

Gialos<br />

Gialos<br />

Kathisma<br />

Porto Katsiki<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


With its sweeping sand beach and heavenly cool<br />

water, Kathisma aspires to become your favorite<br />

seaside destination this summer. As soon as you<br />

set eyes on this sun-bathed earthly paradise -<br />

with its stark, almost “Caribbean” antithesis of<br />

turquoise and white - you’ll discern the unique<br />

aura that keeps people coming back for more. If<br />

you’ve been dreaming for months about working<br />

on a deep summer tan, you can rent a loungechair<br />

and umbrella set or just lay your beach<br />

towel anywhere there’s room in the golden sand.<br />

After all, this queen of cosmopolitan beaches is<br />

over a kilometer long, so there’s room for everyone.<br />

You’ll get your fill of sunbathing, swimming,<br />

diving and non-stop snorkeling while paragliders<br />

launch from the lush slopes above and land on<br />

the beach. Whenever you feel like having a bite or<br />

just want a break from the hot August sun, you’ll<br />

find beach bars, sophisticated restaurants and<br />

cafes to choose from right by the beach.<br />

Another of the beach’s highlight attractions is the<br />

instagrammable sunset that paints the horizon a<br />

scarlet red. If you visit the beach in the afternoon,<br />

take care to prolong your heliotherapy until dusk<br />

and experience this mesmerizing spectacle. As<br />

the sun strokes the boundless sea, you’ll whisper<br />

the vows of your eternal connection with <strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

120 LEFKADA<br />


FYI - Kathisma Beach<br />

There is a lifeguard on duty at<br />

Kathisma Beach, but extra care should<br />

be taken, especially if you are escorting<br />

children, as the sea deepens abruptly.<br />

Often, if it’s windy, the waves are quite<br />

steep, so even if you consider yourself<br />

a good swimmer, you should probably<br />

avoid testing your skills in these<br />

conditions.<br />

“Don’t forget your hat. The sun really<br />

burns at Kathisma!” is what our mothers<br />

would say when we went to the beach,<br />

and they were right. Remember to take<br />

your sunscreen too, unless you prefer<br />

the lobster look.<br />

How to get to Kathisma<br />

Starting from the Old Town, a lush 15<br />

kilometer route through enchanting villages<br />

and dense, aromatic vegetation<br />

takes us to the incredible beach that<br />

tops the charts of tourist guides across<br />

the globe. Follow the sign for Kathisma<br />

to the right, after the village of Agios<br />

Nikitas. The road is paved and an easy<br />

drive, but you may have some difficulty<br />

finding space to park* between mid-<br />

July and mid-August, something you can<br />

avoid by going early in the day. If you<br />

don’t feel like driving, you can take one<br />

of the frequent buses there.<br />

* Restaurants and cafes have their own private<br />

parking areas, but are reserved for patrons only.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />

A V A L I<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

122 LEFKADA<br />


Avali, the postcard perfect beach with crystalline<br />

waters, white pebbly sand and golden green cliffs<br />

has for years attracted a small tribe of fanatic<br />

devotees. It’s the ideal choice if you’re seeking a<br />

secluded refuge away from the August crowds but<br />

aren’t willing to forego the unsurpassable natural<br />

beauty of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s west coast beaches. Avali is<br />

the quintessence of Greek summer - carefree,<br />

authentic and liberating simplicity.<br />

Don’t expect to find an organized, cosmopolitan<br />

beach with umbrellas and lounge-chairs. This<br />

sanctuary, defined by the absence of human<br />

intervention, is the perfect place to indulge in<br />

hours of reading or simply surrender to summer’s<br />

sweet tranquility.<br />

For the past several years, Avali boasts an unconventional<br />

canteen that serves coffee, cold beer<br />

and remarkable food in a laid-back atmosphere<br />

of sublime taste.<br />

Sunset at Avali<br />

A mysterious ambiance drapes Avali at dusk,<br />

preluding a transcendental experience for those<br />

who remain on the beach to witness sunset. The<br />

horizon takes on a deep pink as the sun dips into<br />

its liquid canvas and the myrrh-scented breeze<br />

strokes your hair to the quiet rhythm of the cicadas<br />

and the lapping waves.<br />

How to get to Avali<br />

Take the road towards Kalamitsa, turn left at the<br />

sign and continue for another 4-5 kilometers until<br />

you reach the parking area for the beach. It’s a<br />

winding road, but you’ll be amply rewarded for<br />

the somewhat dizzying drive.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

124 LEFKADA<br />


The wild beauty of Egremni<br />

The truth is that this super-photogenic place<br />

which is hugged by vertical limestone cliffs<br />

and lapped by aquamarine waters that look<br />

almost too good to be real, will grab your<br />

full attention the moment you set eyes on<br />

it. Egremni beach beckons beachgoers who<br />

seek the tranquillity of being one with nature<br />

and a big part of the appeal is its impeccable<br />

scenery combined with its glistening, champagne-hued<br />

sand. The beach itself stretches<br />

for 2.5 km and despite its popularity, has<br />

somehow managed to remain pristine.<br />

No visit to <strong>Lefkada</strong> would be<br />

complete without soaking up<br />

the sun at Egremni beach.<br />

Access by land<br />

The beach is located on the south-western<br />

coast of the island and it’s a 30-minute drive<br />

from the city of <strong>Lefkada</strong>. For more than 6 years<br />

the only way to reach Egremni was by boat,<br />

but from 2021 the beach is again accessible<br />

on foot. The road which leads to the wild<br />

virgin beach of Egremni begins some kilometres<br />

south from Athani. There is a parking<br />

area above the beach. You may also leave<br />

your car on the road but be careful because<br />

the road is not so wide. To go to the beach,<br />

you have to go down a flight of stairs (it will<br />

take you about 10 minutes) but the prize you<br />

receive when you finish down it, is beyond<br />

your imagination.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Lefkada</strong>’s Perfect Beaches<br />


A strip of pure white sand at the foot of a towering<br />

white rock: the picture is familiar as it was awarded<br />

the prize of the loveliest beach in Greece. The<br />

most impressive of all the beaches in <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

with an extraordinary natural landscape. Follow<br />

the downward road with the 100 steps that starts<br />

from the parking space (which is full of canteens).<br />

You can also get to the beach by taking a small<br />

boat from Nydri or Vasiliki. However, when there<br />

are high waves, you should pay extra attention<br />

even if you are an experienced swimmer.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

126 LEFKADA<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

128 LEFKADA<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />


delightful small villages<br />

As the island bathes in the noonday sun and before your swimsuit has even dried, take a<br />

break for a bit of tsipouro and delicious mezé where there’s always a cool breeze - under<br />

the shady plane trees in the village square of Karya. Once you’ve had a few tumblers, enjoy<br />

a stroll among the beautiful stone houses, friendly satiated cats and well-groomed gardens<br />

where old women sit creating their renowned silk-thread Carsanic embroidery.<br />

Then head west to Drimona, a traditional village with cobblestone streets, well-preserved stone houses<br />

and lush Wisterias that adorn the idyllic scene with their lilac blossoms, each year, in celebration<br />

of spring. Next stop is Exanthia. Here the scent of wild oregano and sweet lemon verbena abounds<br />

Mountainous <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

and grapevines cling to the freshly white-washed<br />

houses like a lover’s embrace. The village, built<br />

amphitheatrically, feels like a suspended dreambalcony<br />

with arguably the best view to be found<br />

in the Ionian Sea. One of the island’s oldest villages,<br />

Englouvi, is also the village with the highest<br />

elevation in <strong>Lefkada</strong>. Here lentils are still grown<br />

according to generations-old farming traditions.<br />

The well-deserved fame of these local legumes is<br />

indisputably a matter of taste best described as<br />

love at first bite. Hiking uphill along the footpath<br />

you’ll reach St. Donato, a beautiful small church.<br />

Each year on August 6th, the eve of St. Donato’s<br />

feast, women from the village gather to prepare<br />

their traditional lentil soup.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

130 LEFKADA<br />


Porto Katsiki<br />

studios & apartments<br />

GNTO L.N.: 00000034212 GNTO L.N.: 0831K10TK6796000<br />

Porto Katsiki Studios & Apartments | Athani<br />

T. +30 26450 33136 | M. +30 6973 983002<br />

info@portokatsikistudios.com | www.portokatsiki-studios.com<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Hiking in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

Mellisa Gorge<br />

Starting from <strong>Lefkada</strong>, we head towards the village<br />

of Karya. After 6km we encounter the monument<br />

of the village rebels against the English<br />

rule in 1819. The road leads us after 2km to a<br />

dirt road that is the beginning of our excursion.<br />

We reach an arch who signifies the entrance<br />

to the gorge. Right below is the cave’s spring<br />

where we can refill our water bottles. Walking<br />

on a beautiful path we reach a clearing and we<br />

head towards Kako Langadi, a path paved with<br />

small wooden bridges, waterfalls, small lakes,<br />

watermills where everything creates a breathtaking<br />

scenery.<br />

Booking and info: Mountain Trails<br />

www.lefkashiking.gr<br />



Nikiana - <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

T.+30 26450 72105<br />

M.+30 6940 613824<br />

info@mountaintrails.gr<br />

Q mountaintrails_lefkada E Mountain Trails in Greece<br />

GNTO L.N.: 0831K91000565001

Chortata <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

www.vissala-village.com<br />

Vissala<br />

LN: 1055491<br />

Epar. od. Lefkas-Vasilikis | +30 693 8213858, 694 888 4252 | +30 2645 021272 | reservations@vissala-village.com<br />

Drimonas<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Famous and unique products<br />

Local Products<br />

The most famous products of <strong>Lefkada</strong> are Englouvi’s lentils, thyme honey from Athani, sausages and<br />

wine. Also interesting are the local pies as well as mantolato and pasteli which used to be a specialty<br />

of the barbers! Ivari has excellent quality avgotaracho (roe) despite the fact that these are produced<br />

in small quantities. Also famous is the embroidery of <strong>Lefkada</strong> and the remarkable “Karsaniki” stitch<br />

which doesn’t exist elsewhere in Greece.<br />

In the villages pies are ubiquitous and easily made. In addition to the vegetable pie with aromatic wild<br />

greens, also worthy of note are the rice pie, pasta pie made with eggs and milk, olive oil and cheese,<br />

as well as the ‘briani’, pie made with thick green courgettes.<br />

Pites tis mamas<br />

& Once upon a pie<br />

Pites tis mamas*, which means Mother’s pies, is a<br />

bakery that offers traditional products of <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

made with care and with the purest ingredients.<br />

You also can visit Once upon a pie** and enjoy our<br />

traditional handmade delicacies and coffee! Our two<br />

shops offer a wide range of homemade pies, delicious<br />

cookies, seasonal and traditional sweets.<br />

*28 Ir. Politechniou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645025779<br />

**3 Stratou Tsegiou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645400554<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

134 LEFKADA<br />


You can’t leave without tasting<br />

this unique golden nectar<br />

The truly exquisite honey of <strong>Lefkada</strong> is mainly being<br />

produced in Athani, a small village close to Porto<br />

Katsiki. In <strong>Lefkada</strong> island you can find delicious<br />

varieties including thyme, pine or flower honey.<br />

A small jar will easily fit into your suitcase so you<br />

have to take some home with you to drizzle over<br />

your yogurt. If you want to try something different<br />

choose pasteli (the perfect energy bar), a Greek traditional<br />

type of nougat based on sesame and honey.<br />

Thyme area of Athani<br />

Thyme honey | Royal Jelly | Raki+honey | Pollen | Organic Olive oil<br />

Athani, <strong>Lefkada</strong> l Robotis Kostas l Tel: +30 6973906583<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Wine from<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

The most reclaimed, traditional wine varieties<br />

that grow in <strong>Lefkada</strong> is Vertzami and Vardea.<br />

Grown on the municipal units of Sfakiotes, Karia,<br />

Apollon and Ellomenos at an altitude of 200<br />

to 700 meters and considered among the best<br />

varieties our country produces. In recent years,<br />

thanks to the tourism development in <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

young winemakers with expertise and modern<br />

facilities undertook the task to highlight the<br />

local wine varieties, even succeeding special<br />

awards at wine fairs.<br />


Your leading specialist in<br />

quality Greek wines and<br />

the largest selection of Greek<br />

microbrewery beers.<br />

Delivery<br />

service<br />

English<br />

speaking<br />

Nydri | +30 26450 92023 | +30 6946 003320 | info@lefkaswine.com<br />

www.lefkaswine.com | deblanckgreekwines<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

136 LEFKADA<br />


Just like mom’s<br />

a rich culinary tradition<br />

You only get to truly know a place when you taste its cuisine. <strong>Lefkada</strong>,<br />

with its rich culinary tradition that follows the authentic Ionian cuisine,<br />

has to present some great dishes that will make you swear that<br />

they are one of the most delicious you ever had. There are countless<br />

food options in the island of <strong>Lefkada</strong> ranging from traditional taverns,<br />

cozy ouzeri and grills for yummy greek mezedes, to alternative restaurants<br />

serving ethnic cuisine and gourmet dishes.<br />

Ionio Tavern<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Taste<br />

Zolithros<br />



28 Golemi St., East Pier, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 2645024031 panagiwthskokkinos@gmail.com<br />

festino.gr Festino Restaurant<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

138 LEFKADA<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Αmente<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

140 LEFKADA<br />


Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa<br />

+30 26450 93290 int.: 440<br />

s_e_g_r_e_t_o<br />

Port of Nikiana<br />

Λɩμάνɩ Νɩκɩάνας<br />

Home-made Greek food & local fresh fish<br />

Σπιτικό φαγητό και ντόπια φρέσκα ψάρια<br />

+30 26450 71211 ww.pantazistaverna.gr Taverna Pantazis<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

142 LEFKADA<br />


Athani, <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

+30 26450 33149 +30 6932 611106 www.lefkatas.gr Lefkatas<br />

East Pier, 12 D. Golemi St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 2645024879 frini65@hotmail.gr<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Choriatiki:<br />

How to make the perfect<br />

Greek salad<br />

a rich culinary tradition<br />

Choriatiki salad is synonymous with the endless, Greek summer and it is<br />

served everywhere in Greece, in every tavern or restaurant and in every<br />

household. It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s super healthy and you gonna love it!<br />

Ingredients<br />

a large piece of feta cheese (200 g)<br />

2 fresh, large tomatoes<br />

1 crisp cucumber<br />

1 medium red onion<br />

1 green pepper (optional)<br />

8-9 black olives (whole, not sliced)<br />

4-5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil<br />

(be generous with the olive oil)<br />

1 teaspoon dry oregano<br />

1 teaspoon salt<br />

Wash and dry the vegetables. Cut the tomatoes<br />

and the cucumber in large pieces. Then slice the<br />

onion thinly and cut the green pepper into rings.<br />

After that put the veggies in a plate, add the salt,<br />

the oregano and the olives and mix them well. Put<br />

the feta cheese on the top and to finish, drizzle<br />

virgin olive oil on the salad.<br />

Tip: Toss the salad well and serve with bread<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

144 LEFKADA<br />


As you walk down the pedestrian area of Lygia by the sea,<br />

under a full moon, the place is magical. This is the sea<br />

We cook them in a soup or with fresh tomato. Our cuisine<br />

focuses on dishes of Lefkas. These are the tastes we grew up<br />

with and have been serving with special care for years.<br />

Lygia, <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 2645 072229 Ta Kanioria<br />

+30 2645025888<br />

fragkoulis79@gmail.com<br />

Central Square, <strong>Lefkada</strong> town<br />

Κελάρι κεντρική πλατεία<br />

kelari_lefkada<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />



Kyma<br />

The restaurant Κyma, meaning “the wave” guarantees<br />

its visitors, fresh quality traditional Greek<br />

cuisine. Its specialty is fresh fish and shellfish. The<br />

restaurant also offers a rich selection of wines (local<br />

and otherwise) and excellent homemade sweets,<br />

made with care. Its large exterior and interior are<br />

ideal for families with children.<br />

Finikas sq., <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645022280<br />

Tilegrafos<br />

Here you can enjoy a wide range of our Greek cuisine<br />

cooked fresh from our own private farms. For those<br />

interested in the bar life, we serve various drinks and<br />

fresh fruit juices. Tilegrafos rooms are located right<br />

across the street from the beautiful sea view of Agios<br />

Ioannis beach.<br />

Agios Ioannis, <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645024881 •<br />

contact@tilegrafos.eu • www.tilegrafos.eu<br />

Kollokas Tavern<br />

Kollokas Tavern offers authentic Greek - Mediterranean<br />

cuisine. It is located in the village of Katouna,<br />

just 8 kilometers from <strong>Lefkada</strong> town. A family run<br />

tavern that offers a menu of both meat and fresh<br />

fish, and of course delicious traditional dishes. Everything<br />

is made with care and vegans have also many<br />

options. Mouthwatering dishes cooked to perfection<br />

and great hospitality.<br />

Katouna • Tel: +30 2645071787 • +30 6947671790 •<br />

kollokasp@yahoo.gr<br />

Xouras Tavern<br />

When we dream of fresh fish, lobsters, shrimps,<br />

squids...When our appetite asks for home made food,<br />

then we eat at Xouras tavern. Apart from the fish,<br />

there are also varieties of meat and other cooked<br />

traditional dishes. For twenty years now, Xouras<br />

tavern promises you unique flavors. The owner is<br />

experienced and ‘’lover’’ of the good food. The tavern<br />

is built on the sea, at Lygia’s harbour.<br />

Lygia • Tel: +30 2645071312 • xouras@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

146 LEFKADA<br />


Breath of Zorbas<br />

Zorbas’ breath is one of the oldest and the most picturesque<br />

restaurants by the sea, located in Nikiana.<br />

Taste delicious dishes with fresh fish, seafood and<br />

local meat, all cooked according to traditional, greek<br />

recipes, accompanied by the famous wine or drinks<br />

of Lefkas. In the meanwhile, you may also enjoy the<br />

small, clear beach just in front of the restaurant.<br />

Nikiana • Tel: +30 2645071449 • +30 6951148881<br />

panagiotisdamianis@hotmail.com<br />

Tom’s Sea Side Restaurant<br />

Tom’s Seaside Restaurant is located right on the<br />

beach of Nydri with a perfect view of the Princess<br />

islands. Tom’s approach is ‘Simply Greek’ and you<br />

will find nice home cooked Greek dishes and fresh<br />

fish here. Tom’s is a must-visit during your stay in<br />

<strong>Lefkada</strong>.<br />

Nydri • Tel: +30 2645092928 • tom_skylakos@yahoo.com<br />

• www.tomsseasiderestaurant.gr<br />

Tsipourakias<br />

Tsipourakias is a fish shop and tavern in the center<br />

of <strong>Lefkada</strong> where you can taste Greek flavors and<br />

rich seafood essences. Here you can taste a variety<br />

of appetizers with ouzo, beer or wine in a pleasant<br />

family environment. Tsipourakias is also a fish shop<br />

where you can find the freshest fish and seafood for<br />

your home and pick them up cooked if you wish.<br />

10 Tsegiou St., <strong>Lefkada</strong> • Tel: +30 2645021502 •<br />

+30 6945252119<br />

Ionio Tavern<br />

Where the sky meets the sea like an endless horizon,<br />

this is where you will find us. Enjoy the unique<br />

view, while savouring our superb dishes. Mrs Dina<br />

and her family offer their Lefkadian hospitality and<br />

cuisine, with family prepared recipes. Enjoy fresh<br />

grilled fish, lamb or rooster, Lefkadian cheesepie,<br />

and many vegan specialities prepeared with local<br />

and seasonal ingredients.<br />

Egkremnoi • Tel: +30 26450 33000 •<br />

info@taverna-ionio.gr • www.taverna-ionio.gr<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Find the house of your<br />

dreams in <strong>Lefkada</strong><br />

the place where you belong<br />

If spending your vacations in <strong>Lefkada</strong> is not<br />

enough and you feel that this is the place where<br />

you belong and you are ready to face all the challenges<br />

of living in a small place then be welcome!<br />

You are a person of great courage and endurance,<br />

someone who knows what is best and is ready<br />

to go after it. From now on a great adventure<br />

will start! Maybe you will ask yourself a couple<br />

of times why you did it but be sure that by the<br />

end it is all worth it. A piece of advice from us:<br />

trust your instinct.<br />

There is by now a considerable colony of Europeans<br />

from other countries, most of them having<br />

chosen to live on the island permanently. Some<br />

have businesses of their own or are employed<br />

in island businesses, others are pensioners who<br />

enjoy its beauties to the full.<br />

It is well known that celebrities from the world<br />

of the arts, fashion and business have invested<br />

in the purchase of a home, all over the extent<br />

of <strong>Lefkada</strong>’s territory.<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

148 LEFKADA<br />



Ionian Prj<br />

www.theionianproject.gr<br />

17 Karavela & I.Gazi St. - <strong>Lefkada</strong> +30 6980990338 / +30 2645021108 info@theionianproject.gr<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />


Group of Companies<br />

Traveller<br />

the travel agent<br />

you can trust<br />






Lefkas Port<br />

(+30) 6975305010<br />

Lefkas Marina<br />

(+30) 6975305010<br />

Aktion Airport (PVK)<br />

(+30) 6970118161<br />

Paleros Marina<br />

(+30) 6972429171<br />

info@lefkastraveller.gr<br />

www.lefkastraveller.gr<br />

<strong>Destination</strong><br />

150 LEFKADA<br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />


<strong>Destination</strong><br />

152 LEFKADA<br />


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