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LIvIng LIfe


DisCOv ERing

P O siT ivE


new audIo tour


CIty’S antarCtIC




offer your tIme

and SkILLS

Category: retaIL

assisting in op Shops – a great way to be

part of a team, meet new people and pick

up or enhance your customer skills. Charity

shops play a valuable part in assisting people

to recycle and also provide affordable quality

clothing and other goods to those who need

them. In an op Shop there will be roles for

those at the cashier desk, sorting donated

goods, preparing donated goods for onsale in

the shop. So a great variety of opportunities

within one location. these shops play an

important part in fundraising for the charity

which they support. Check out available roles

in these shops at,

category ‘retail’.





Ōtautahi Christchurch’s links to the icy

continent are celebrated in a new interactive

audio tour through the city centre.

The Antarctic Gateway City Trail has been

put together by ChristchurchNZ and The

Christchurch Antarctic Office and starts on

Colombo Street, near Victoria Square.

The trail takes listeners on a comprehensive

tour of the city and includes 17 geo-location

audio clips detailing a rich Antarctic history

and the stories of scientists, artists and

experts who have visited the icy continent.

The trail provides exclusive insight into

the two new pieces of street art, including

the Scott Base and penguins mural in

Cathedral Square, which is one of the city’s

largest murals. It was created by Oi You! for


To access the tour, download the Listen Up

Ōtautahi app in the App Store or Google

Play, or follow the tour on your computer


Experience the connection.

Category: drIvIng

there are always not for profit organisations

looking for assistance from drivers – you could

be taking patients to medical appointments,

older folks to social/activity programmes, or

others to courses. Check out the available

roles that require a clean driver’s licence at, category ‘driving’.

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living life october 2020

Discovering Positive retireMent





As lawyers, we are required to

meet with you and take your

instructions in order to help

you complete the particular

legal task you are planning.

Sometimes when we do this,

we need to take a little extra

time to consider your mental

capacity to make decisions.

Mental capacity is a client’s

capacity to make a decision.

Decision making requires

living that a client:


of the mind that could distort

life • understands the decision their decision making.


they are having to make

• can discuss with us the

possible options available

to them in a way that shows

they appreciate the risk and

or benefit of those options

• understands the impact

that a decision, or the lack of

a decision, may have on them

or their loved ones

• is able to articulate and

discuss all of the above with


It is important to note that

the level of capacity required

isn’t the same in every

situation. For example, to

make a Will, the legal test

is whether the client knows

they are making a Will

and the effect of doing so,

whether they understand the

extent of the assets they are

dealing with, whether they

comprehend the moral claims

which they ought to give

effect to, and finally whether

they are free of any disorders

However, when giving

instructions to complete

Enduring Powers of

Attorney, the test is lower

and is satisfied if a client

understands the broad

consequences of granting an

enduring power of attorney

and can process the relevant

information and appreciate

the nature and effect of the

power they are giving.

Having these discussions can

be difficult. However if there

is a risk that a client’s Will or

Enduring Power of Attorney

or other decision of a legal nature might

be challenged it is wise for the client to

obtain a medical certificate in respect of

their capacity in consultation with their


A failure to take this basic precaution

may cause uncertainty, delay, cost and

distress later on.

If a client is concerned about this risk it


is best to discuss with your legal advisor

or general practitioner.

At Harmans we have a specialist seniors

team to help you through the process of

setting up your legal deeds and dealing

with any queries you may have. Contact

Phillipa Shaw on 352-2293 to arrange an

appointment to discuss your situation.

Family Owned & Operated

RetiRement Village

Apartment for sale

Priced from $215,000

1 bedroom

Inquiries to Karen 021 668 140

Get In touch:

437 Armagh Street,

Linwood, Christchurch 8011

Call Jess for care bed inquiries.

General Inquiries:

(03) 982 2165

living lifE OCTOBER 2020


SharIng joy

through bISCuItS

C ommunity inf luencer

The aroma of biscuits has filled the home of Gianni

Barbafiera since childhood. Moving his wife and

young daughters from South Africa decades ago

in the quest for a safer environment and a more

opportune life, Gianni spends his days working

for Hamilton Jet and his Saturday mornings at the

Riccarton Farmers Market showcasing his variety

of cultural delicacies at his booth, Wooden Spoon.

Referred to as the ‘biscuit man’, we caught up with

him to talk about his customers favourites.

what’s your history with


My father was born in a small Tuscan town in Italy.

He migrated to South Africa in the early sixties,

where he met my lovely mother and my four

siblings, and I grew up.

My earliest recollections, when I was very young,

probably only three or four years old, include

wonderful memories of a weekly home baking

routine. My grandmother employed a wonderful

cook, who would make a selection of biscuits,

my favourites being the flower shaped one with

a cherry in the middle. Baking was part of my

childhood and upbringing.

The nineties were a period of uncertainty in South

Africa, and so my young family at the time, arrived

in New Zealand, ready to re-start our lives.

a biscuit smorgasbord

Most of our early biscuits had an Italian origin,

but not being bound by the restrictions of Italian

traditions, we were free to explore the entire world

of biscuits. Not only Italian Ricciarelli, Cavallucci

and Biscotti, but German Pheffer Küken,

American Snickerdoodles, Scottish shortbread,

English Garibaldis and more.

My wife is the baker and I’m the front of the house.

We pride ourselves on tradition, authenticity and


any time for a hobby?

Week days are spent with a job I enjoy, Saturdays

are filled with talking with customers who have

become friends, family and I do like to sing in our

Parish choir. Stop by the Biscuit stall, The Wooden

Spoon Saturday morning 9-12 at the Riccarton

Farmers Market.


enter to win a bag of one

dozen cookies of your choice

from the wooden Spoon.

email your name and contact

details to giveaways@

drawing held november 15th.



Pet Pet friendly friendly around


New Zealand

around New Zealand



If your family includes a

If your family includes a

If your dog,

dog, family cat,


bird includes bird or



other a dog, furry

furry cat, bird

creature or other then furry we creature have some then some

we have good some news good for news you

for you

Pets Can Come Too has a long list of holiday

Pets Can Come Too has a a

homes throughout New Zealand that will give

long list of holiday homes

your whole family a warm welcome

throughout New Zealand

that that will give your whole

family a warm welcome

family warm welcome

Ph 021 255 5859

Ph 04 293 2705

Ph 04 293 2705

living lifE OCTOBER 2020





nzteCh refLeCtS new

zeaLand’S future

Thanks to COVID we are in the middle of a digital

revolution that is changing the way the world does

business. Technology is supporting the industries

and people that are being disrupted right across

society. Yet the tech sector fails to reflect the

diversity of the world it is enabling.

In a committed move to address this long-standing

issue, NZTech campaigned hard for more diverse

candidates to consider standing for its board.

The message was well received and NZTech’s new

board is the most diverse the sector has ever seen,

which puts the NGO in a great position to better

help the tech ecosystem, and New Zealand, adapt

and evolve in the time of COVID.

NZTech is the voice for technology in New

Zealand. It is a not-for-profit, organisation which

brings together 20 tech associations and more than

1500 member organisations which collectively

employ more than 10 percent of the New Zealand

workforce. The companies and people work

together to help create a more prosperous New

Zealand underpinned by technology.

With three Maori tech leaders on the board the

organisation is well placed to evolve to support

better inclusion in the sector. The NZTech board

has seven women with three in their thirties

spread across New Zealand including Auckland,

Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Maori and Pasifika tech success will be a

critical driver of economic well-being for all

New Zealanders in coming years, presenting

opportunities for the development of new tech

businesses, new jobs and the creation of a globally

unique approach to New Zealand tech.

While covid is having a detrimental impact on

much of the economy, the New Zealand tech

sector continues to grow and create jobs.

There are more than 100,000 people employed

in New Zealand in the tech sector with several

thousand new tech jobs created every year.

Tech exports are likely to be the second biggest

export earner for New Zealand in 2020, generating

more than $12billion in revenue last year for the

top 200 tech exporters.

“NZTech is working with the Ministry of Business,

Innovation and Employment on the development

of an industry transformation plan designed to

further increase the growth of the tech sector so

it can help economic recovery with increasing

exports and jobs,” says NZTech chief executive

Graeme Muller.

SoLutIonS PuzzLeS



Luxury Seat

Full Suspension

LED Lights

Speed 14kph

Distance 40km

Full Warranty

Thinking about pre-arranging

your funeral?

A funeral plan provides you

and your family peace of mind

in knowing that your funeral

wishes are in good hands.

The Lamb & Hayward Funeral

Trustee Ltd. is a secure scheme.

For more information call

0800 99 22 00

or to request a free information pack

We Come To You Canterbury / South Canterbury wide

Call 0800 1155 76 Showroom: 18 Main North Rd, Papanui

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