SleepTech September 2020


SleepTech September 2020


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Devan shows high activity of

BI-OME against SARS-COV-2

and other viruses after intense


Boyçelik wires itself tight on

success and greatness!



Heimtextil presents the

2021/2022 trends

Özen İplik

sews success!



Boyteks.............................................Back cover

Boyçelik................................ Inside back cover

Elektroteks............................. Inside front cover

Elektroteks.......................................................... 1

Durak Tekstil....................................................... 2

İpeker................................................................. 5

VK Makina......................................................6-7

Kırayteks............................................................. 9

Comfytex.................................................... 10-11

Nova................................................................. 13

Bedcovers................................................... 14-15

Polifelt............................................................... 21

Bedco............................................................... 23

Kosmos............................................................. 25

Feryal................................................................ 27


Histeks............................................................... 31

Özen İplik.........................................................35

Nano Yay......................................................... 41


Giz Grup......................................................50-51



Nerteks – a respectful brand

in the yarn and sewing thread

industry for over 4 decades

VK Mattress Machinery

offers innovative solutions for

mattress manufacturers


Lineer Makina: “We are one

of the three manufacturers

of Horizontal Foam Cutting

machine, LM-FS-300 in the


İşbir Sünger takes pride of

its human resources












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Repreve® Unify, Inc.

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From The Editor

The rules of

the game have

all changed!

The experts would say that nothing would be the same after

the outbreak of coronavirus. It happened as they said. Everything

from education to nutrition, from manufacturing to

exports has changed. There is a new lifestyle now. The health

professionals urge social distance in daily life, but the distance

was put in between everything. Let me talk about the distances

in magazine publishing.

We would print around 10 thousand hard copies of a magazine

and make wise distribution of those hard copies. We would also

place the PDF format of the magazine on our web. Now we

prepare differently interviews conducted through email, we get

ready pictures from the sources and arrange the magazine to

print fewer copies than before. But the rules of the game were

completely changed to reach wider audiences with a more

hygienic and more effective way.

We arrange PDF format of the magazine and place it on our

web, which was strengthened through professional ways. We

announce the new issue’s being published to our database of

over 30 thousand. We upload the magazine to most famous

international magazine portals such as Issu, Magzter and Yumpu.

We post the link of the new issue from various social media.

Last but not the least, we send the link to select members of the

industry through WhatsApp groups we set up. In other words,

the magazine would be red by maximum 10 thousand people

before the pandemic but now it reaches over 50 thousand

professionals. In other words, we are minimum 5 times more

effective, more practical and more hygiene. From this point of

view, the pandemic caused us to improve ourselves with the

most contemporary way. What is more is that this five-time effective

way is less expensive than the other one. I will not thank

to pandemic but I will have to say that we adapted ourselves to

play the game with the new rules because of the pandemic. We

took the lessons, let it go away!

w w w . s l e e p t e c h m a g a z i n e . c o m


Managing Editor


Editorial Consultants



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The VTC series are designed to achieve the highest

productivity for the production of bonnell spring units.

The improved transfer mechanism, the updated software with

new automation program, the new options for

furniture spring units ensures the best experience for the

production of any type of bonnell spring units.

+90 216 466 36 90

Machinery that never sleeps.

VKY Series

The VKY series offers a variety of

features that makes the coiling process

much easier and more efficient, such

as the improved knotting systems,

automatic lubrication system and the

digital heat treatment system are all

ensuring the best experience for the

production of any type of bonnell

springs. And just like all our machines,

the build quality is at the highest levels.

VKD Series

The VKD is a base machine for the

assembling process of bonnell

springs for every mattress and sofa

producer. The VKD Series has a robust

build structure with high quality materials

that allows for an easy handling of

the touch screen, a simple width

change of bonnell spring units as well

as the possibility to add extra jaws to

suit your needs.

NEXUS Series

The Nexus 3500 is designed to achieve

the highest productivity with an

ergonomic and highly efficient tape

edge operation. The motorized conveyor

belt, the mattress flipping system,

the automatic sewing head adjustment,

slowdown in the corners and

easy height and speed adjustments are

ensuring the best experience for the

sewing operation of tape for any type of

mattresses or furniture.


Devan shows high activity of BI-OME

against SARS-COV-2 and other viruses

after intense washing

RONSE, BELGIUM – Devan announces new test results confirming the high

performance virus-reducing capabilities of its BI-OME fabric coating technology

on both unwashed and intensely washed fabrics. According to independent testing,

BI-OME is proven to achieve 99% and higher virus reduction, including of SARS-

COV-2, on samples before washing and retains 98.5% even after 25 wash cycles.

“In view of the COVID-19

pandemic and fast-approaching

autumn/winter flu season, we

were keen to provide textile

manufacturers with concrete assurance

regarding virus reduction

performance on washed samples

according to ISO 18184. This

exceeds the limitations of the

post-wash antimicrobial results

most commonly shared for other

technologies, giving the textile

industry a clear, more precise

overview of performance and

wash durability,” comments Sven

Ghyselinck, CEO of Devan.

Over recent months, Devan has

worked closely with a series of

international third party laboratories

to test different fabric

substrates against a wide

of enveloped viruses. Before

washing, samples treated with

Devan BI-OME score very good

to excellent (99% and higher

according to ISO 18184) results

on virus reduction. Different

substrates, like polyester,

cotton and polycottons, were

exposed to enveloped viruses

like SARS-COV-2 (known to

cause COVID-19), Feline Corona,

Vaccinia (the EU standard for

enveloped viruses) and Porcine

Respiratory viruses. After 30minutes,

BI-OME already reduced

99.96% of the activity of SARS-


After washing, a decrease in

virus reduction performance of

coating technologies is normal

and expected. However, BI-OME

is confirmed to deliver only a

minimal reduction, retaining up

to 98.5% virus reduction even

when the fabric is washed 25

times. Devan is further improving

its formulas to improve

wash resistance even more and

at the same time keep the

economical add-on cost as low

as possible.

Devan’s BI-OME is already

endorsed by a wide range of

companies. Their collections

span diverse applications including

bedding, clothing, travel

accessories, and transport.

BI-OME is a non-metal

non-leaching quat silane-based

chemistry. The product is BPR

(EU, TR) and EPA registered

and Ökotex class 1 registered.

Through its nature it is inherently



Turkey hits all-time high

September export figure

this year, says trade


Turkey this year hit an all-time high in September export figures --

$16.01 billion -- Turkey’s trade minister announced on Friday.

The country’s exports rose 4.8%

on a yearly basis and 28.5%

on a monthly basis in September,

Ruhsar Pekcan said.

Turkey’s exports also climbed

34.5% in the third quarter of

this year from the previous

quarter, she added.

These export figures confirm that

Turkey’s recovery and normalization

from the pandemic period

are continuing successfully,

Pekcan stressed. Meanwhile, the

country’s imports in September

totaled $20.89 billion, with an

overwhelming 89.3% made up

of raw material and capital

goods, she said.

In the first nine months of this

year, Turkey’s exports totaled

$118.35 billion and imports

$156.24 billion, the trade minister


The country’s exports to France

rose by 12.8%, while Germany

(10.6%), the UK (3.2%),

and Spain (2.3%) followed

it in September, the minister

stressed. Italy and the

Netherlands posted drops by

7.2% and 5.9%, respectively,

she added. Exports to the EU

increased by 5.6%, to America

by 22%, to Asia 6.8% and to

Africa by 1.7% in September,

she said.

Stressing that the pandemic

narrowed the world economy

at an unprecedented level and

reduced demand in important

markets such as the EU, Pekcan

said Turkey has posted a

significant performance in the

export side.

Touching on Turkey’s supports for

exporters, she said the country’s

Eximbank in the first nine months

raised its supports by 7% to

$30.4 billion. She also said the

country organized 24 trade delegations,

covering 40 countries this

year and made 4,200 business


Pekcan highlighted that the number

of Turkish exporters increased

by 6.8% year-on-year in September.


Boyçelik wires itself tight

on success and greatness!

Ranked 222nd on

Turkey’s Top 500

Industrial Establishments,

Boyçelik, an affiliated

company of Erciyes

Anadolu Holding, is the

leading raw material

supplier of Europe and

rest of the world mainly

for the mattress and

furniture manufacturers.

Boyçelik has been manufacturing

and exporting steel wire, spring

system and tubes mainly to the

mattress and furniture industry.

It has a worldwide reputation

thanks to its commitment to

innovation and quality both in

manufacturing and services. We

asked, the guides and principles

which carried the brand to an

internationally acknowledged

success and top of the list in

Turkey to Feridun Tosun, Export

Manager of Boyçelik.

You were ranked 222nd on the list

of “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial

Enterprises” that Istanbul Chamber

of Commerce announced according

to the 2019 survey. What are your

main building stones that bring

your company to this position and

what are your principles?

Feridun Tosun

Export Manager of Boyçelik

Boyçelik has been doing its

facilities since 2006. When

we established this company,

our mission was firstly to be

one of the main manufacturer

companies in the world. In this

respect, we started to build up

all required technological possibilities

such as; machines, R&D

and of course the best employees

as well.

How do you evaluate the position

in your sector? Do you have bigger

goals? What are your goals and

plans in the short, medium and

long terms?

Boyçelik is one of the most

outstanding investments of

Erciyes Anadolu Holding, an

industrial leader in Turkey and

all over the world. It is the raw

materials supplier of Europe’s

largest mattress and furniture

manufacturers. Our main sector

is firstly mattress industry. We

manufacture steel wire, spring

system and tubes mainly to this

sector. Mattress industry had

seemed to be a part of the

furniture industry for a long time

but it is not true anymore. The

mattress industry is definitely a

different sector than the furni-


ture industry. If you look at the

USA or Europe than you easily

can see this difference. Until

a few years ago, the bedding

industry would be thought as a

part of the furniture industry but

this idea almost changed here

in Turkey as well. When we

see this industry, we can see

there are a lot of new companies

who started to manufacture

mattresses separately than the

furniture industry. The importance

of mattress is increasing

day by day. It is very important

to have a comfortable mattress

for sleeping quality. People

started to care more about their

health than previous time. We

plan mostly long term to reach

our targets. Our main target is

to be a very well-known company

in the world. So, we give

priority to our brand. We export

more than 80 countries today

and would like to reach to all

countries in long term. This is

our main goal.

2020 was a year of extraordinary

developments in the global

economy. What strategy did you

follow in this negative times? How

were you affected by this period

and how did you manage the


Our target for 2020 was to

grow up around %20 and we

were doing great business till

the end of March before pandemic

occurred. When Covid-19

started to show itself all around

the world and here in Turkey

as well, we have seen a big

panic in this sector. Many of

factories shut down temporarily

and some of them even closed

completely; many of customers’

orders were canceled or

reduced. It was not easy to

manage this situation because

no one knew what was going

to be next. But we already

knew it and made a short-term

plan with our teams to manage

production, customer demands,

financial risks, etc. We did

those all things within a correct

way and finally succeeded this

situation. We are now in a

wonderful situation and doing

great job with our teams.

What would you recommend to

companies operating in your field

to be successful internationally?

First of all I can easily say that

firms should not make short

plans if they want to make investment

for internationally and

they should not worry about it.

They should just be patient and

just do it and manage all their

required things with a correct

time, and place than they are

going to see success soon.

How do you evaluate the position

of your brand in the global market?

What do you owe to your success

in export?

If your company is thinking

globally than the most important

thing is the brand but it is not

easy to be a well know brand

in the world. There are lots of

things which you have to do.

Firstly, you are going to believe

this idea from top management

to the lowest employee than

you can be successful. Boyçelik

is very open and global company

and we all know brand

is very important and we do

all the necessary things to be

one of the main brand in this



The new and assertive player of the felt industry

Polifelt launches second

felt production line

Polifelt, been in Politeks, one of the largest suppliers of raw

materials of felt manufacturers in Turkey for 20 years, announced it

will open the second felt production line in December.

Polifelt General Manager Murat

Cengiz, said that when the first

felt line, assumed as the first

one in Turkey according to the

quality and the capacity, begin

to produce, the second felt line

of which building was decided,

will produce on December, declared

that their aim is to open

4 felt lines and to be among

the best ones.

As the new player of the sector,

can we first get information about

Polifelt Company?

Polifelt entered the non-woven

sector in 2020 by the founders

of Politeks Fiber Company with

its experienced team of experts

and all domestic production machines.

The current monthly production

capacity is 600 tons per

month, and it plans to start the

second production line at the

end of December and reach a

monthly capacity of 1200 tons

with 2 production lines in 2021.

70 personnel are employed in

our company; this number will

exceed 100 at the beginning

of the year. Politeks fiber has

been the largest supplier of

raw materials producers felt in

Turkey for 20 years.

We know that felt is a very old

product; can you talk about the

history of felt?

Felt has been used as a spring

protector especially in the


furniture industry in our country

for about 40 years. It is also

widely consumed in the automobile

and white goods sector.

It has been used as an insulation

product in the construction

sector in recent years.

“It is only one in

Turkey in terms of

quality and capacity”

We know that you also produce

domestic machines for felt

production. You will also add a

new line. Can you give detailed

information on this subject?

Buying machines to be used

in felt production from abroad

requires a lot of budget. In

addition, our preference is for

the domestic machine, as the

supply period is long. With the

decision taken by Politeks fiber

partners, we decided to make

the felt line completely local

with engineers and team who

have served in the sector for

a long time. It was decided

to make the first felt line in

Kayseri. 6 months as a period

ending manufacturing and assembly

have its production and

assembly have been finished in

6 months and began to produce,

and also is the only one

in Turkey in terms of both quality

and capacity are considered

only in Turkey.

We decided to produce the

second felt line when the first

felt line was put into production.

Production has started with

engineers and their team, in

our factory and 60 % of it is

completed. We are planning to

start production in December. In

addition, our goal is to establish

4 felt lines (2400 tons /

month) and become the leading

company, leading the sector.

Ahmet Demir,

CEO of Polifelt

The usage areas of the felt are

very wide. Which are your target


We operate in markets such as

furniture, beds and sofas. After

achieving the capacity and success

we target in this market,

we aim to be a strong and

reliable supplier in automotive

and white goods markets. It will

give us happiness to hear the

Polifelt brand in the following



If felt is also considered as a

recyclable product, it prevents

substitute products, can this be

seen as an economic support for

the sector, and should the use of

products be increased?

It forms a very good market

in this sector as the felt is

produced from recycling, textile

waste, carpet waste and

similar products. This provides

employment in the sector, and

the best part is that it prevents

pollution of the environment.

Since it is environmentally

friendly, the use of felt consumption

should be increased.

How many types of felt do you

have to produce, will you have

innovation products in the future?

We will have innovation products;

we began to study on this

topic. Our currently felt products


• Soft felt

• Hard felt

• Ultra hard felt

• Felt with interlining

• White felt

• Felt under carpet

• Nonflammable felt

As the names behind the Polifelt

brand, where do you position the

future of your company?

The Polifelt brand will be

among the best in the industry

in the future. Our main goals

are to reach more capacity, to

become a better quality and

reliable brand, to provide more

employment, and to provide

foreign currency inflow to our

country by exporting to more


“We ship felt to about

30 countries”

You work for domestic and foreign

markets, what is the rate in this?

To which countries do you mainly

ship your products in foreign


We have a current capacity

of 600 tons. We are sending

approximately 45 % of this

figure abroad the rest is sent

as pressed to many cities in

Turkey. In the foreign markets,

we mainly export felt to major

European countries such as

Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland,

England, Ireland, Bulgaria

and Macedonia. We ship certain

amounts of felt to approximately

30 countries. Our goal is to

give more focus to abroad in

the future.

Where do you see the future of

the mattress industry and what

should the industry do for a rising


As the world population increases,

the mattress industry is

increasing day by day in line

with the supply and demand

ratio. This situation increases

the consumption of felt in our

industry. As a company, we find

the future of the mattress industry

very positive. As sector our

firm’s principle will be always

• Reliable supplier

• Expert staff

• Timely supply.



presents the



With the overarching

theme “Nothing New,

Everything New”,

Heimtextil launches

the motto of the trend

season 21/22 and

provides an outlook on

the design topics for the

international trade fair

for home and contract

textiles, taking place from

12 to 15 January 2021 in

Frankfurt am Main.

Together with the Heimtextil

Trend Council, the management

established a trend forecast for

the coming season and presented

it live via an online conference

on 1 September 2020 from

Frankfurt am Main. Trend Council

members Anja Bisgaard Gaede

from SPOTT trends & business,

Anne Marie Commandeur from

stiljinstituut amsterdam and

Kate Franklin and Caroline Till

from London studio FranklinTill

shared their insights into

the future of the industry and

created a vision for the trend

theme “Nothing New, Everything

New”. The subsequent design

topics are already brought to

life in the trend book, which

is available now. In terms of

trends, this season’s highlight is

the comprehensive presentation

offering during Heimtextil in Hall

3.0. For the first time in Heimtextil’s

history, SPOTT trends &

business from Denmark directs

all trend activities.

“Nothing New, Everything New”

For many years, the lifestyle

industry has asked “what is

new this season?” Newness and

cultural erosion are core drivers

of lifestyle products, and the

foundation of this began in the

20th century when shopping

shifted from necessity-driven to

pleasure-driven, and consumer

products were no longer made

to last a lifetime. Now is the

time for a new perception of

new itself, as both consumers

and the industry are beginning

to change existing systems and

ways of working in different

ways. Welcome to “Nothing

New, Everything New”.


Crisis as a driver of innovation

The first two decades of this

millennium brought several

challenges for industry and

trade – above all, the current

coronavirus pandemic. But crises

are also drivers of innovations.

In the textile industry, digitalisation

and sustainability are

currently omnipresent innovation

topics. The coronavirus pandemic

ensures that both topics are

becoming even more important

in the home textile industry.

Heimtextil Trends 21/22 provide

an overview of the status

quo of those developments. In

addition, visitors of the Trend

Space can look forward to a

presentation of the new colours,

materials and designs. Four

areas showcase the collective

trends: “Repurpose”, “Rewild”,

“Reinforce” and “Revive”.

New materials on a sustainable


After its premiere in January

2020, the Future Material

Library returns to Heimtextil in

2021, with FranklinTill presenting

a new curated collection of exciting

material innovations from

around the world. The Future

Materials Library celebrates experimental

approaches, new materials

and revolutionary thinkers

who are creating a blueprint for

a new model of production.

Sustainably designed Trend Space

Designed by Danish space design

studio MODUS A/S together

with SPOTT trends & business,

the 2021 Trend Space embodies

the overarching theme with its

commitment to the Heimtextil

Material Manifesto in repurposing

materials during build.

The task is to produce as little

waste as possible, to use recyclable

materials and thus keep

the ecological footprint as low

as possible.


Health and safety precautions

Overall, the Trend Space design

adheres to vigilant health and

safety considerations. Attendees

will have full ability to maintain

a safe distance from others,

with the option of attending

trend tours and lectures that

meets the official COVID-19 regulations

from authorities.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022



Repurpose is not a passing

trend. Rather, it is a way of

changing the product development

narrative within the

textiles industry, shifting from

creating original textiles to

curating existing textiles to form

new visual expressions. Unlike

the traditional design process

which starts with an idea, Repurpose

starts with considering

what can be made from existing

fabrics. From creation to curation,

it gives existing textiles

a new purpose and cherishes

what’s already made.


Rewilding is the act of returning

nature back to its original

wild state, yet the trend Rewild

goes beyond returning to

nature. It is not about making

nature authentic, but rather

understanding nature’s genuine

wisdom. In the urban and

postmodern world, generations

have largely lost connection to

the surrounding ecology. This

has significant influence on how

individuals use and understand

the ecosystem they live in. From

authentic to genuine, Rewild

means rediscovering nature’s

resources and applying these in

a modern context, delivering on

sustainable or even regenerative

solutions. The visual and textile

expressions of the Rewild trend


focus on directions like nature’s

lab, Indigenous, wild and basic



Resilient expression and Brutalist

architecture are key

elements in the Reinforce

trend. To reinforce is to make

something stronger. Longevity

is a key influence on colours,

materials and design. Reinforce

has a simple and bold Scandinavian

mood with a resilient,

honest and minimalistic look.

From short-lived to longevity,

Reinforce is about visual and

compositional longevity within

textiles and materials. It draws

inspiration from how Scandinavian

design merges design

durability with pared back functionality.

This approach, proven

over time, adds heavy and enduring

materials to create visual



Reflecting youthful activism

within our present perspective,

attitude and behaviour toward

our world of “stuff”, Revive

is an exploration of creativity.

With a focus on achieving

greater emotional satisfaction

through the process of creating

rather than on the result, no

rules apply to the mending,

processing, learning and experimenting

in Revive. From result

to process, Revive is to feel,

sense and reconnect with human

skills. It revives and honors the

intangible state of flow that occurs

while creating as opposed

to focusing on the final object.

Once a household practice, the

act of repairing is now seen

as creative method. The Revive

trend subsequently focuses on

process, modern mending and



An innovative R&D technology product from Aksa Akrilik:

Aksa Akrilik launches its textile product

with permanent antimicrobial effect

Aksa Akrilik, the world’s largest

acrylic fiber producer, has added

yet another line to its innovative

efforts. Developed in the R&D

center after extensive research,

the product “Everfresh” will bring a

breath of fresh air to the industry.

Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz

Taş stated that the textile products

used in many different fields

will stand out with their innovative

features, and emphasized that there

is no example in the world matching

the features and cost-effectiveness

of this product.

Aksa Akrilik’s textile product “Everfresh”

offers a solution to consumers’

hygiene expectations with its

permanent antimicrobial properties

and stands out by being environment-friendly

and contains no

harmful chemicals to human health.

Thanks to the zinc ion technology

and by being trapped inside

the product during its production,

Everfresh provides strong antimicrobial

effects, and prevents harmful

bacteria, mold and fungi formation.

The fact that zinc ion technology,

the active ingredient that gives

Everfresh its antimicrobial effect, is

contained in the fiber, ensures that

the antimicrobial feature is permanent,

while not causing damage

to the skin during or after use.

On the other hand, it is stated

that the antimicrobial properties

introduced using silver in similar

products are more costly, and they

have harmful effects on human

health and nature.

In addition to the mask that has

become compulsory due to the

coronavirus pandemic, Everfresh can

also be used in clothes such as

thermal underwear, socks, jeans,

shirts, baby products and active

Cengiz Taş

General Manager of Aksa Akrilik

clothing. It is also possible to use

in home textile products such as

hand-knitted products, pillows and

quilt covers, bedding, carpets, blankets

and towels.

Permanent antimicrobial property

With its thermal insulation, vapor

permeability, air permeability and

quick drying properties, Everfresh

stands out with its resistance to

wear and aging and offers endless

washing durability for all products.

Even after dozens of washing, the

product does not lose its strong

antimicrobial properties.

No bad odor on clothes

With its antimicrobial properties,

Everfresh technology prevents the

bacteria that cause bad odor from

arising in clothes. Keeping socks,

underwear, thermal underwear, daily

clothes and performance products

dry, Everfresh eliminates bad odors

and makes users feel cleaner and

fresher for much longer. Everfresh

reduces the need for frequent

washing in clothes and supports

the use of less water and energy

while also extending the product


“Will set an example to the world”

Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz

Taş stated that Everfresh has a

wide range of usage advantages

thanks to its antimicrobial properties,

and added that there is no

product similar to this new R&D

product, which was introduced to

the global textile industry, thanks

to its usefulness, special features

and cost-effectiveness. Taş stated

that silver is used in other products

with similar features to Everfresh,

which results in a higher cost and

that the effects of these products

on human health and nature were

known. Taş underlined that Everfresh’s

zinc ion technology not only

reduced costs but also made a

product suitable for health.

Taş said, “Everfresh is one of the

newest members of the Aksa Akrilik

family. We aim to change the user

habits with the convenience we

offer consumers with Everfresh. With

its antimicrobial properties, we offer

solutions for increased hygiene due

to the pandemic. We developed

a pioneering product that created

its own market as a result of the

meticulous efforts of our experienced

R&D team. A first with the

technology used in its production,

Everfresh is getting very positive

feedbacks from the industry. We

believe that the demand from the

market for Everfresh, offering users

a comfortable and hygienic experience,

will further increase in the

coming days.”


Ümit Makina

didn’t walk, but ran…

With our belief that any crisis

can be turned into an opportunity,

the need for an emotional

perspective is indisputable in

this period when realism has

peaked in order to manage the

process correctly. Together with

Covid-19, we dedicated our

priority to working in a safe

and healthy way in order to

turn our face to power. In this

sense, the measures we took

at the beginning of the pandemic

process, ensured that the

production continuity could be

maintained for a long time, and

that our shipments could arrive

on time without interruption.

At such times, it is necessary to

bring your emotional perception

to the forefront as well as professional

and a little academic

thinking. The reason for this

is to ensure that the stones

stuck on your feet do not drop

you while you are traveling,

and to be able to stay balanced

in all directions. Covid-19

was the unpleasant surprise of

2020, unfortunately. Despite the

shock caused by Covid-19 in all

directions, Ümit Makina continued

to walk with faith. During

the period when the borders

were closed, our orders were

delivered to our customers on

time. Only our technicians had

to wait for the flights to open.

The biggest problem for us was

the accumulation in the installation

of our machines. The biggest

factor to be able to cause

the production rate to drop was

incidents within the factory. We

have seen the benefit of taking

this precaution as soon as the

pandemic begins. We made an

emergency action plan for the

pandemic like the earthquake.


Ümit Makina is a big family

with its employees. Each staff

member is a part of this family

with their spouses, children,

mothers and fathers. The pandemic

reminded us once again

how important it is to feel this

way. The importance of the

health of every member of your

family in terms of controlling

the process has emerged even

more. At this point, we delivered

the regular staff Covid-19

action plan made in the factory

to the families. The fact

that the safe chain against

Covid-19 is so strong, the tests

performed at routine intervals

ensured that the disease could

not enter our institution for a

long time and could be kept

under control with a limited

number of people in the future.

And production continued uninterrupted.

Ümit Makina did not

walk but ran.

In our foreign relations, it is

very possible to understand the

feedback of the importance of

giving the message that we

are here, we are by your side,

making them feel that we are

accessible as usual, with the

rising graphic in our sales. In

such a period, you can provide

a great reliability and continuity

energy to be able to sell and

call sales as export.

It is another aspect of working

through the period in a health

way to work from home. At

least, it was right method to

make sales operations from

the house instead of the office

to continue customer relations

and in order to increase the

performances of the motivations

of our workers. With

these radical measures, we,

Ümit Makina, took, today are

proud to contribute to the rising

graph of exports in Turkey.

In this period when fairs, oneto-one

meetings and customer

visits are interrupted, it is

more important than ever to

say that we are here. It was

necessary to answer the question

of why Ümit Makina is in

relation to this subject, again

and again, insistently.

A bed manufacturer is the

person who controls the quality

of human life by shaping sleep

quality. Getting people ready

for the day from sleep in the

best way is the mattress manufacturer’s

endless pursuit of comfort

and perfection. The goals of

providing the most comfortable

and productive sleep allow the

architect to build houses, the

scientist to continue to explore


knowledge, and the doctor to

continue saving lives.

And such a noble purpose requires

the most ideal machine;

the machines that will not leave

you in the middle of an important

production period; the

machines to produce the most

comfortable mattresses, the machines

to tightly wrap the beds

leaving the factory to reach

their new homes.

However, with these quality machines,

a reliable and sensitive,

long-term service can be provided.

The machine supplier should

always be a trust and safety

provider ready to send technical

support teams, regardless of

which country the mattress manufacturer

is located in. As being

in the global market means

adapting to all time zones,

the supplier must be ready for

phone calls and emails 24/7.

In the fear and panic of Covid,

we asked, answered and

brought forward the questions

which will make the companies

feel safe for the companies

that postpone investment. After

purchasing your machines, will

you be able to contact your

machine supplier at any time

despite Covid? Will you be able

to receive quality controls and

services of the machine you will

purchase despite Covid? In the

event of a breakdown, will the

supplier’s top representatives be

just a phone call away despite

Covid? Will you be able to

encounter the same technician

regardless of how much time

has passed by establishing

a personal relationship with

all health guarantees despite

Covid? Despite Covid, Ümit Makina

will always be with you.

That was the message.

Ümit Makina defines the quality

in the mattress machinery

sector. With our decades of

experience and machines in 95

different countries, we proudly

represent the best production

and support that the industry

can offer. We are honored to

be part of any mattress manufacturer’s

pursuit of the most

comfortable sleep and will

always continue to redefine

mattress manufacturers’ expectations

of the industry’s best.

For the 2021 growth target of

Ümit Makina, we continue to

walk without losing our belief

that we can reach our right

and left by looking forward

and working without seeing the

negativities. Remember, even

though it’s hard to believe, at

some point, normality will begin

and our industry will undergo

change. Be ready for change

when it is finished, Ümit Makina

will always be online and ready

for change in order to be able

to move forward together as

the sector comes alive.


Özen İplik sews


Özen produces sewing threads, which are designed according to the technical

requirements of companies at home and abroad and are approved with

quality certificates and standards.

Founded in 1972, ÖZEN İPLİK,

an İstanbul-based company has

become a leading firm in the

industrial sewing yarn at home

and abroad.

The company produces sewing

yarns at international standards

for different sectors, mainly

technical textile, furniture, home

textile, leather goods, automotive,

and denim thanks to its

investments in the recent years.

We asked the details of their

success story to Engin Kalkan, a

company partner at Özen İplik.

Full text of the exclusive interview


Could you give us some

information about your products

and current product groups?

Our company produces synthetic

(polyester and nylon) and cotton

sewing threads, as well as

many products such as bonded,

elastic, antistatic, waterproof,

water repellent, non-flammable

(aramid), knitted (oil-freesemi-wax-waxed)

according to

sectoral needs. In addition to

sewing threads, we started to

produce solvent-based adhesives

for our customers in the

furniture and bedding industry

developing Vera chemicals in

January 1, 2020.

What are the main features of your



We produce the sewing threads

which are designed according

to the technical requirement of

companies in Turkey and in the

world and it is approved with

quality certificates and standards.

Regarding this purpose,

we continue to develop VERA

adhesives that we started to


Why should the companies who are

producing mattresses and serving

in the sleep products industry

prefer Özen İplik products? Can

you tell us about your sales and

after sales services?

We provide the requirements

of our customers with the fast

production possibility and the

special production planning

regarding minimum price and

maximum quality and shipping

the orders by being produced

and shipped as block.

With our technical support team,

we aim to benefit the technical

and quality infrastructure of

the industry in R&D and P&D

studies both for ourself and our


Engin Kalkan, a company partner at Özen İplik

Could you tell us about your export

map and the locations in your

export target?

We continue our exports to

approximately 68 countries with

the centers of our company in

the United States of America,

Russia and Europe.


How did your domestic and

international sales activities follow

in 2020? Which product was more

preferred in 2020?

As well you know, the first

quarter of this year was an

unstable period due to the

epidemic. All domestic and

international fairs and customer

visits were canceled. During this

period, we never break contact

with our customers and analyzed

all their troubles and needs

correctly. During this period, our

company nonstop continued the

production by taking all precautions.

Although the movement

in the market decreased in

April and May, we achieved our

production and sales targets in

September. Additionally, due to

the raw material and product


supply problems that occurred in

the market during the pandemic

process, our company continued

to serve without interrupting

any product supply with its

strong structure. On the other

hand, our products such as waterproof,

antistatic and bonded

sewing threads were in highly

demanded which are produced

during the pandemic process.

Are you planning fair attendance

for 2021? Which fairs are you

planning to attend in 2021?

We currently plan to attend for

the Texprocess and Interzum

fairs in Germany in May and

Intermob in Istanbul in October

2021. We will revise our plans

according to the development of

the process.

Can you tell us about your

domestic and international

references where your products are

used in the mattress and furniture


We are the approved supplier

of many national and international

brands that produce both

domestically and abroad.

Do you have new investment and

branding projects, can you give

some information about them?

In order to increase our sewing

thread production capacity, the

management decided to invest

in additional buildings and machinery

and the contracts were

signed in September 2020 .In

addition, we are continuing to

set up facilities for HOTMELT,

AEROSOL and water-based

adhesives to further increase

the sales of VERA brand solvent-based

adhesives, which we

started to produce at the beginning

of 2020.In addition to

our sewing thread products, we

are trying to serve our customers

with this group.

In the Covid-19 epidemic,

which affected the whole world,

economic activities were also

changed along with social life.

How has your sales operations

changed during this period? How

have your export markets and

rates been affected?

With Covid-19, our production

and sales order had to be

changed. Our company took

very fast action and gave the

necessary trainings to all personnel

in the company without

any delay and put all the

measures into action. When

we look globally, many sectors

suffered from sales and finance

problems and many sectors had

an increase in production at

the same time. Our company

has analyzed this process in

the market for 7 months and

took the necessary measures.

We hope that this process will

end as soon as possible in our

country and in the world and

we can enter the normalization



Comfytex: “Increasing bed

change trend due to Covid-19

caused an increase in our export


Gözde Seven, Comfytex Research Development Chief, comments on

their sales operations and export activities after Covid-19.

“As people stay at home for a longer time,

the trend of renewing old items has become

popular all over the world.

While the interval to renewing the beds of

people before the corona was 5-6 years,

this has completely changed with the

thought of the virus being settled.

On the mattress fabric side of the bed sector,

we are trying to manage our sales and

density by directing our domestic and foreign

market customers to make long-term plans.

As a result of these increasing of our sales,

our exporting statics showed us 80-90%

range has led to growth and our shipment

quantities have also increased. On the other

hand, we and our customers are aware that

everything planned can change day by day.

Because even if the business plans and management

are done in the most correct way,

the uncertainty of who will be quarantined

or who will be infected the next day has

become the reality of our lives, both for us

and the shipping companies we work with.

As a result, we are now struggling to manage

our increasing sales in the best way,

admitting the fact that everything planned

can change at once.

On the other hand, we constantly warn our

customers to plan long-term purchases and to

be prepared for disruptions that may occur.”


BETA Kimya adds value to the

chemistry industry with its new

production facility investment

BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus, which is prepared to become

the production base of high-tech new generation adhesives to be

produced locally and nationally for the first time in the Turkish

chemical industry with an investment value of 315 million TL,

will provide employment for 500 people by operating with an

annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons.

BETA Chemical Co. one of

Turkey’s oldest chemical companies,

laid the foundation of

the largest adhesive and glue

production facilities in Eastern

Europe and the Middle East.

The groundbreaking ceremony

of BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus

was realized with the participation

of T.C. Industry and

Technology Minister Mustafa

Varank, T.C. Trade Minister Ruhsar

Pekcan, TIM President İsmail

Gülle, BETA Kimya A.Ş. Chairman

of the Board Adil Pelister

and BETA Kimya A.Ş. General

Manager Cihat Sayacı. BETA

Kimya GEBKİM Campus, which is

the new integrated production

facility of BETA Kimya A.Ş., and

fully compatible with digital

transformation in the industry,

and green building technology

with LEED certification, will offer

one hundred percent local and

national innovative products for

use in many strategic sectors

such as automotive, defense

and aviation.

Varank: “A new breath to the

chemical industry”

Minister of Industry and Technology

Mustafa Varank, in the

speech at the groundbreaking

ceremony of the Beta Kimya

GEBKİM Campus in Gebze

Chemistry Specialized Organized

Industrial Zone (GEBKİM), said


that they witnessed an exciting

day for the real sector which

continues its path without stopping

even during the epidemic

of the new type of corona virus


Stating that they are together

to lay the foundations of

the largest adhesive and glue

production facility in the Middle

East and Eastern Europe, Varank

said “Beta Kimya GEBKİM

Campus, which will come to

life with an investment of 315

million liras, will make new

employment opportunities for

500 citizens. From the first day

of our visit to the Ministry with

the appreciation of our President,

we have demonstrated

the vision of national technology

and strong industry. We

are concerned with developing

new policies that will take this

vision further with every step

we take. We try to dominate

the real sector in an approach

that encourages localization

and directs our companies to

innovation. With BETA Kimya

Inc.’s new integrated facility

investment, the polyurethane

reactive hot-melt adhesive

products and different variants,

so far imported, will begin to

be produced in Turkey for the

first time. Thus, an important

input of the packaging, automotive,

furniture, construction,

defense and aviation industries

will be procured domestically.

In the medium term, an import

of 120 million dollars will be

prevented. After domestic needs

are met, of course, the export

potential will also be evaluated.

When this factory goes into

mass production, it will be one

of the most modern production

facilities in our country. I wish

the BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus

investment, which will bring

a new breath to our country’s

industry and the chemical industry,

and I congratulate everyone

who contributed especially the

BETA Chemistry Board and İKMİB

President Adil Pelister.”

Pekcan: “Chemistry is the

locomotive sector for Turkey”

T.C. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan,

in her speech at the Beta

Kimya GEBKİM Campus Groundbreaking

Ceremony, by attending

with video conferencing,

said that she is pleased to be

at the groundbreaking ceremony

of an investment of strategic

importance for the country. Minister

Pekcan said “BETA Kimya

Inc.’s investment in the new

integrated production facility is

really very important for Turkey.

Because it coincides with our

country’s high technology and

high value added production

and export strategy. Under the

leadership of our President, we

will take all necessary steps to

bring our country to the level

of high-income countries together

with its political stability

and effective management

system, more technology, more

value-added production and

exports. BETA Chemistry GEBKİM

Campus will make added value

of Turkey’s production deficit

and imported products and also

will provide making exports to

new markets. In our country, it

will provide domestic input to

many sectors such as automotive,

construction and defense

industry, and make employment

for 500 people. I congratulate

the BETA Kimya Family for their

valuable investments and wish

them good luck for our country.”

Pelister: “It is a product of our

vision to make high added value”

Stating that they will bring

a new value to the chemical

industry and Turkish industry

with BETA Kimya Gebkim Campus,

Adil Pelister, the chairman

of the Board BETA Kimya Inc.,

said “As BETA Kimya, we have

focused on growing, produc-


ing and always creating high

added value for 34 years. With

our Apel and Mitreapel brands,

we have managed to become

a large industry family that

exports to 75 countries on 5

continents, with approximately

150 products in 9 different

categories, from furniture to

automotive, textile to construction

and even to health with

its COVID-19 pandemic. Today,

BETA Kimya Gebkim Campus,

which we have laid the foundation,

is a product of our excitement

to make high added value.

Our new integrated facility,

which will be commissioned with

an investment value of 315

million TL with 100 % domestic

and equity capital, will be

the largest adhesive and glue

production facility in the Middle

East and Eastern Europe.”

Pelister: “We will take a step in 5

new products categories”

Expressing that they will focus

on domestic and innovative

products for Turkey’s strategic

sectors with BETA Kimya

GEBKİM Campus, Adil Pelister

said “With our new integrated

facility that will have an annual

production capacity of 150 thousand

tons, we will employ 500

people and we will step into

5 new product categories with

high added value. Our LEED-certified,

eco-friendly green building

production campus will be

one of the most modern chemical

facilities not only in our

country but also in the nearby

geography, as a giant integrated

production facility built on a

total of 50 thousand m2, with

a closed area of 35 thousand

m2. We take pride in signing

one of the best examples of

digital transformation in industry

that our state and ministries

expect from us, a step that will

add value to our country and

the chemical industry. With our

new production facility, which

will be operational in the next

year, we will be ready for the

future digital production technologies.

I wish it good for our

chemical industry, country industry

and our company.”

Sayacı: “We will produce new

generation pur hotmelt adhesives

for the first time”

Stating that they are among

Turkey’s 250 companies that invest

most in R & D and always

focus on innovative products, Cihat

Sayacı, General Manager of

BETA Kimya Inc. said “With our

BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus,

we are signing a modern integrated

production facility project

that is of great importance for

the Turkish chemical industry

and fully complies with the

principles of digital transformation.

As BETA Kimya, we have

gained power from

R&D and innovation

for 34

years and

we are


to developing

high-tech products. We are also

signing an important investment

move for R&D in our new

integrated facility. We are

preparing to grow our innovation

base, which has an R&D

Center Certificate and consists

of all Turkish engineers, exactly

7 times here. With a R&D team

of 50 people, we will step

into new MS technology adhesives

terminated with silane

and PUR Hot-melt products that

we will produce for the first

time completely locally. We will

carry BETA Kimya to the future

with new generation innovative

products that we will develop

specifically for the automotive,

packaging, building and furniture

sectors as well as nationally

strategically important sectors

such as


and avia-



Nerteks – a respectful brand

in the yarn and sewing thread

industry for over 4 decades

Working with leading manufacturers at home and abroad, the company

renders services for all production stages such as quilting (top and bottom

threads), tape edge, lockstitch, furniture upholstery, and decorative sewing

Nerteks is one of the leading

industrial thread manufacturers

in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1969,

Nerteks was established as

a family company to provide

industrial yarns, threads, and

textile sub-products. With 18

years of experience in production,

Nerteks develops new

products and produces high-quality

threads in its manufacturing

plant which has a 12,000

m² closed production area. Its

environmentally friendly factory

is located 40 miles from Istanbul

and is equipped with the

latest technology. We asked the

details of their success story

to Merve Erdogan Sombatpanich,

member of the board of


Which products does Nerteks

manufacture addressing to the

mattress and furniture industries?

Nerteks provides an extensive

variety of threads used during

all sewing operations in mattress,

bed, and furniture manufacturing.

We produce our goods

in a wide range of thread

types and colors to create

solutions for all production stages

such as quilting (top and

bottom threads), tape edge,

lockstitch, furniture upholstery,

and decorative sewing. We are

growing day by day.

With more than 40 years of


experience in the yarn and

sewing thread industry and

long R&D works, Nerteks Iplik is

excited about producing antimicrobial,

flame retarding, meta-aramid,

and para-aramid threads.

Our products are specifically

enhanced in close collaboration

with mattresses, bedding, and

furniture producers to deliver

maximum productivity and the

best quality of seams in the

finished product.


• Continuous Filament Polyester

Sewing Thread (HOT)

• Textured Polyester Sewing

Thread (NERTEX)

• Cocoon Bobbins (NERKOZA)

• Polyester Corespun with Polyester


• Staple Spun Polyester Sewing


• Polyester Corespun with Cotton

Wrap (JOKER)

• Mercerised Cotton Sewing

Thread (ON)

• Cotton Sewing Thread (MISRA)

• Stretch Sewing Thread (NER-


• Monofilament Nylon Thread


• Technic Threads (Antimicrobial,

Flame Retarding, Meta-aramid

and Para-aramid)

How are the yarns of Nerteks

used in the bedding and furniture

industries developed?

Choosing the correct thread

for a high-speed machine is

important to achieve maximum

performance in production, meet

specific demands about targeting

the most efficient production,

and deliver maximum

performance by machines. Our

superior quality products are


engineered in collaboration with

leading manufacturers in the

industry. Nerteks, with a professional

team, develops an extensive

variety of threads depends

on your machine needs. We

find solutions for the problems

encountered in bed, quilting,

and furniture manufacturing.

Why should the companies

operating in the mattress and sleep

products industry prefer Nerteks


I wish to specially mention that

we are a customer-oriented

company that has a strong relationship

with customers based

on trust and certainty. To

solve problems and add values,

we always aim to understand

the needs of our customers.

Our business relationships and

fast-moving industry keep us

motivated and maintain doing

new researches and developments

for our production. We

push limits to serve the latest

and the best quality goods

with our investments in innovation.

We believe the reason makes

us one of the leading thread

manufacturers is being aware

that we are responsible for our

customers, our people (employees),

our society, and nature.

Are you making your plans

for participating in trade fairs

in 2021? Which fairs are you

considering to attend in 2021?

As a regular exhibitor, we are

planning to join Interzum Cologne

in 2021.

Do you have any new investment


We are working on increasing

our production capacity by 30%

in 2021. With new advanced

winding machines, we believe


Nerteks Iplik will have a rapid

climb in our domestic and international


How is 2020 going? In the

Covid-19 epidemic, which affected

the whole world, economic

activities were also changed along

with social life. How have your

sales operations changed during

this period?

Manufacturing during a pandemic

has been a learning experience

for us. Most suppliers and

producers (both domestic and

international) agree that demand

across much of the industry

ground to a halt in March

and April led by the shutdown

of factories. Beginning in May,

that situation changed. Ordering

began rising quickly in May. By

June it had exploded. The rapid

rise in retail orders puts enormous

pressure on manufacturers

and suppliers to reverse shutdowns

and get up and running

quickly. The global demand for

bed products has also increased

to a substantial extent. Nerteks

Iplik has been running heavily

during the whole year.


Pros and cons of Covid-19

from the perspective of


Kırayoğlu: “I believe that the most positive gain for Turkish

manufacturers is that Turkey’s being a leading supplier drew a

great deal of attention during this period.”

Kırayteks, a Bursa-based company,

is known for its countless

designs in its unique product

range as mattress ticking

fabrics, varieties and blends

of roller blinds, and technical

textile fabrics. The company

also placed itself amongst the

top-quality producers in the

region, with the diversity of

fabrics it offers for the bedding

industry and its commitment to

internationally acknowledged

standards of bedding fabrics.

The Kırayteks fabric qualities

possess high quality natural and

synthetic yarns consisting of

polyester, polypropylene, polyamide,

cotton, linen, viscose or

blend of these fibers. In addition,

fabrics are given properties

such as anti-flammability,

antibacterial, light and heat

resistance depending on the

student and various improvements

are being made.

We asked the question which is


on the top the agenda of every

indusry and every businessperson

to Onur Kırayoğlu. This is

the question of the year:

We are tired of talking about

face masks and other precautions

against Covid-19. Instead,

there has been a lot of changes

in the export activities.

Have your sales operations

been changed? How were your

export markets and volume been

affected? Are there any positive

changes such a new markets,

products or innovations by

COVID-19? What would you say

about the changes?

Kırayoğlu commented on the

issue with a clear and informative


The biggest problems arose

at border passages with different

quarantine applications.

We faced difficulties in finding

vehicles for international transportation.

These were overcome

in the meantime; however, we

were confronted with restrictions

on travels and cancellations

of international fairs. All these

caused converting to virtual


Meanwhile, because of the continuation

of the risks over China,

the main supplier country of

the world, we have witnessed

new market alternative searches

by all industries. This has reflected

us as volume increase in

existing countries in addition to

gaining customers from different

countries as well. I can say that

our West Europe and American

market have been continuing

without any considerable loss. I

believe that the most positive

gain for Turkish manufacturers is

that Turkey’s being a leading

supplier drew a great deal of

attention during this period. I

hope this disaster gets vanished

in the soonest time and

the world starts normalization.

Until then we should play the

game with the new rules.


VK Mattress


offers innovative


for mattress


VK Mattress Machinery company supplies outstanding

competitive machines and solutions to manufacturers all

over the world for over half a century.

VK Mattress Machinery has

always been excited to develop

innovative solutions for the mattress

manufacturers. We asked

the details of their success

story to Recep Kütüklü, Sales

Engineer of the company. Full

text of the exclusive interview


You have been manufacturing

mattress and spring machinery.

Could you inform us about your

target markets?

Our mission, since 1968, as a

mattress machine manufacturer is

to provide quality and long-lasting

equipment to help small,

medium size and big mattress

& furniture producers, either to

automate or to increase their

daily production numbers.

Our machines proved to be one

of the highest quality machines

on the market throughout the

years. Our target market is

local and international; we

had the pleasure of providing

manufacturers with our machines

and solutions all over the globe

along the years.

You have made the first mattress

machinery of Turkey. Will you

have new innovative products for

the market?

At VK Mattress Machinery we

thrive for innovation and developing

innovative solutions.

We have an excellent flexibility

and attention to details while

developing machinery according

to the market demands.

Our technical team is working

nonstop on finding new technologies

and implementing new

ideas into the market that will

help the mattress and furniture

industry. Our focus is mainly on

machinery for the production of

bonnell and pocket springs for


Now our automatic machine for

the production of bonnell spring


solutions and to increase our

production numbers. As the company

Veysel Kütüklü we have

rebranded our name and design

to promote the name VK in the

new market, as in the future

we are planning to bring our

brand more forward.

units is known worldwide as

the machine with the highest


Do you have any new investment

and branding projects to be

implemented soon?

We are consistently making

investments for our machine

park to automate our production

process for machinery. In

the last few months we have

invested in many machines for

metal working to develop faster

The machinery industry is rather

open to innovations. What is

the situation of VK Mattress

Machinery in terms of applying

and adapting new technologies in

the mattress machinery industry?

Just like in every business, the

machinery industry is moving

fast, and getting more advanced

by time as technology

is catching up. At VK we are

considering every idea on the

table to improve and implement

new solutions into our products,

our goal is always to improve

and develop, so whichever idea


gets brought up in our meetings,

we pursue it and see

where it can take us and what

can it bring to our products. We

are currently in the process of

implementing some new design

changes that will help our customers,

we are very excited to

launch that in the near future.

You are supplying products

to domestic and international

markets. What is the market

percentage at this regard? Which

countries are you mainly shipping


We have many amazing relationships

with companies around

the world, from Africa, Europe,

the Americas and Asia. Our

machines are working in more

than 60 countries. As well as

in Turkey, we have machines

all over the country and mainly

in Kayseri, where the mattress

and furniture industry is based.

We have no focus in a certain

market, we are very excited

to help companies all over the

world. Now we have working

machines from Puerto Rico to

Kenya, Kazakhstan to USA,

Paraguay to Ireland, South Africa

to Ukraine and in every part

of the world. As the demands

have risen up, a lot of companies

started reaching out to us

for more machines to grow their

production capacity.

In line with the influences of

Covid-10 pandemic there have

been changes in economic

activities in addition to the social

life. What changes have you going

through? How were your export

markets and rates affected?

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped

every business in the world, so

of course it affected us as well,

beside taking all the measures

required by our government in

how we work, we also tried

to let some of the staff that

can work remotely do so, and

reduced some of our production

staff count to have more manageable

workspace and respect

social distancing.

We tried to take more steps

into digitalizing our sales

process, using tools that allowed

us to communicate with

clients, showcase our machine

and more. Our approach overall

was great, and we got amazing

feedback. Generally, there

is no replacement for exhibition

where we can meet our clients

face to face, because of that

we are really looking forward

to the next event. Beside all

these development and measures

taken, we also discovered

the importance of automation

during this pandemic, and we

hope that our clients have also

realized the importance of that,

so we encourage them to invest

in more of our automated machines

and solutions.

There are many tools that allowed

us to get in touch with

customers in the most professional

and creative way possible,

for example, our marketing


team created an interactive presentation

where we showcase

features and technical details of

our machines, with more details

and information than the classic

catalogues. That is just one of

the solutions we tried. We are

also working on multiple projects

currently that will help us

even more.

expected to reach 43.2 billion

USD by 2025, the demands from

the hospitality and real-estate

sectors is growing, especially

in developing and emerging

countries such as India, China

and Brazil, this will create a

robust demand for mattresses

and furniture in general, which

implies on machinery demands

as well. The mattress industry

market will get more digitalized

by time, and companies will

move into digital platforms to

showcase their products and

solutions instead of the traditional

marketing. On the customer

side, people became more

conscious about the health and

benefits of a good mattress,

and that will only increase the

demands of high quality mattresses.

So, we expect a good

increase in production numbers

as well as machinery demands.

What are you targeting for short,

medium and long runs?

For the past 52 years, we

always thrived for consistency

and quality. Everything we produce

at our company is at the

highest level in every detail,

from the design, software and

the materials we use. Our goal

was always and will remain to

provide amazing machinery and

solutions for the market, and

reach more places around the

world, as well as focusing on

making more efficient and robust

wire forming and mattress

production machines for the

mattress industry.

What foresights do you have for

the future of the bedding industry?

What suggestions do you have for

a rising trend?

The global mattress size is


20 percent employment

target in the pandemic from

Erdemoğlu Holding

Erdemoğlu Holding, which set a growth

target between 20 percent and 30 percent

in 2020, stated that the pandemic process

that swept the whole world did not make

a change in their growth plans, and that

they aimed at a growth of 20 percent in


In the new period, Erdemoğlu

Holding’s POY facility of 1000

tons / day has been commissioned

in this process, which

has accelerated its works in

order to make its existing

facilities more modern, especially

POY and Texturizing. F or

the PTA investment, the raw

material of polyester, which is

its main plan, it started. While

continuing the negotiations with

many world-famous companies

on this subject, it has also

decided on the technology to

be used. Erdemoğlu Holding announced

that it will utilize the

2020 pandemic process as an

opportunity and accelerate its

new investments by completing

its existing investments.

“We have a 20 to 30 percent

growth plan”

Stating that they did not make

any revisions regarding their

growth plans in this period

when the pandemic process

wreaked havoc on the whole

world, Sasa Board Member

Mehmet Erdemoğlu said: “We

have a growth plan of 20%

- 30% until the end of the

year. The pandemic process

has seriously affected human

health and the economies of

the country. In this process, we

have set priority on a healthy

and safe production plan. Our

first priority was the health of

our workers, we tried not to

make any institution we produce

a product victim to, and

we were successful in this. We

implemented work plans such as

working from home and working

part time. We rearranged our

workers’ working environments.

Thus, thank God we did not encounter

any negative incidents

regarding the health of our

workers during this period”.


“We experienced increases in

both our exports and our domestic


Stating that during the pandemic

process, they continued production

by increasing the capacity

of their facilities working in

the hygiene group primarily to

meet domestic needs, Erdemoğlu

said that they did not victimize

any domestic customers. He

stated that in the rest of their

production, they export to their

customers abroad by producing

the healthy and quality goods

they want, and that they have

experienced increases in both

exports and domestic sales in

this process.

“We focused on the hygiene


Erdemoğlu, who determined its

production to put human health

first in this difficult period of

our country and the world,

stated that they focused on the

hygiene group. The company,

which increased the production

of raw materials to companies

in the wet wipes, diapers,

disposable materials, packaging

industry and agriculture sector,

contributed to the production

both in our country and in the

world. He added that especially

since the products produced

by their companies in the field

of health are pharmaceutical

industry, hygiene and health

group products, they are making

a work program to meet the


needs of every customer without

compromising on this issue.

“2021 will be a new beginning

year for the world”

Making important statements

regarding the pandemic process

and the year 2021, Erdemoğlu

continued his words as follows:

“2020 will be a really difficult

year for the world and our

country. Production was cut,

factories closed, unemployment

increased. There has been

uncertainty about the future

around the world. However, we

think that this situation will

disappear at the end of 2020

and that 2021 will be a new

starting year for the world.

We believe that investments

that are more environmentally

friendly, more humane and that

prioritize human health will pave

the way, and our country will

achieve a growth of around 5%

in 2021. We expect that the

last quarter of 2020 will be a

serious recovery period, and the

impact of the virus on the world

will decrease in the next three

to five months. We think that

if new treatments and vaccines

are found, the world will grow

very rapidly in economic terms.

We anticipate that our country

will be more successful from this

process and will differentiate

positively among developing

countries. As Erdemoğlu Holding,

we believe that we will contribute

significantly to this growth

both in terms of turnover and



Commercial electronic message

management system records

has been extended

The mandatory implementation of the “Commercial Electronic Message

Management System”, which was started by the Ministry of Commerce and

whose infrastructure was completed, was extended until December 1. Lawyer

Burcu Kırçıl made a statement on the subject and stated that those who want

to send commercial messages within the scope of the regulation must register

in the system.

In order to provide management

and control of commercial electronic

messages; The Commercial

Electronic Message Management

System (MMS), which allows for

commercial electronic message

approval, the exercise of the

right of rejection, and management

of complaint processes,

has been extended from September

1 to December 1, 2020.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl, Founder

and Manager of Kırçıl Law Firm,

stated that the Law No. 6563

on the Regulation of Electronic

Commerce was created in order

to regulate the responsibilities

of commercial communication,

service providers, and intermediary

service providers, the

obligations to inform contracts

made with electronic communication

tools and electronic commerce

and the sanctions to be

applied, He noted that some

changes were made in the current


Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl stated that

the regulation prepared according

to the authorization given

by Article 13 of the Law has

been in force for a long time

and the legislation in force with

the Regulation on the Amendment

of the Regulation on

Commercial Communication and

Commercial Electronic Messages

published in the Official Gazette

dated 04.01.2020 and

numbered 30998. He explained

that the changes were made.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl explained

that by making some changes

in the legislation in force,

a reorganization was made in

the temporary article 2 of the

Regulation regarding the time

allowed for the transfer of the

approved recipient lists of the

service providers to the system

until 01.09.2020. According

to the regulation published

in the Official Gazette dated

28.08.2020; The period of transfer

of the approvals received

within the scope of the regulation

to the İYS by the service

providers has been extended

until 1.12.2020.

Referring to commercial electronic

messaging and the concepts

brought to us by the Law,

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl said that

the Law’s commercial electronic

message concept is’ telephone,


call centers, fax, automatic call

machines, smart voice recorder

systems, electronic mail, short

message service. He emphasized

that he defines it as’

messages with data, audio and

video content, which are carried

out electronically and sent for

commercial purposes, and that

the legislator does not limit this

concept to exact expressions,

but leaves it open with the

sampling method following the

rapidly developing technology.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl, “Law; Except

for domain names and e-mail

address, all kinds of communication-related

to electronic commerce

for gaining profit within

the scope of professional or

commercial activities are considered

as commercial communication,

and natural or legal

persons engaged in electronic

commerce activities are also

called service providers. “ said.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl continued her

statements as follows:

What is the scope of the regulations?

According to the law, a service

provider will only be able

to send commercial electronic

messages provided that the

recipient has received the prior

consent of the recipient either

electronically or physically with

a wet signature. The situations

that do not require approval in

sending commercial electronic

messages to the recipients in

Article 6 of the Regulation are

as follows:

• If the buyer provides his /

her contact information in order

to communicate with him/her,

sent for the change, use, and

maintenance of the goods or

services provided,

• Messages containing notifications

regarding ongoing subscription,

membership or partnership

status, collection, debt

reminder, information update,

purchase, and delivery or similar

situations and sent to the service

provider regarding the obligation

to provide information

under the relevant legislation,

• Sent to electronic contact

addresses of buyers who are

merchants or tradesmen,

• Following the legislation on

the capital market, there is no

requirement to obtain approval

for commercial electronic

messages sent by companies

engaged in intermediation activities

for informative purposes.

Stating that in Article 5 of the

Regulation, service providers

who will send commercial electronic

messages are obliged to

register with the MMS system

and transfer the approvals they


have already received from the

buyers to the MMS and that

sending commercial electronic

messages to the recipients who

do not have an approval record

on the MMS is prevented, Lawyer

Burcu Kırçıl said, “ Although

commercial electronic messages

sent to and tradesmen are not

subject to approval, the contact

addresses of these recipients

should be recorded in the

MMS system and it should be

checked whether the merchants

and tradesmen exercise their

right of rejection before sending

the message. “ she spoke.

Message recipients also have


The MMS will be available to

the recipients of commercial

electronic messages in the coming

days. In this way, buyers

will be able to log into the

MMS system and view the service

providers they have given

commercial electronic message

approval, approve a new service

provider or have the opportunity

to use their right to decline.

The temporary article 2 of the

Regulation, which entered into

force after being published in

the Official Gazette dated 28

August 2020 and numbered

31227, brought an extremely

important obligation for the

buyers. Within the scope of the

latest regulations; A message

will be sent by the MMS to the

recipients, informing that the

approvals have been uploaded

to the MMS and that these

approvals will be deemed valid

and the possibility of rejection

can be used through the MMS

if they are not checked until

16.1.2021. With the new regulation,

buyers are obliged to

check the approvals registered

in the MMS until 16.1.2021.

Commercial electronic messages

sent after the end of this period

will be deemed approved.

In addition, the Ministry will be

able to postpone these dates

for six months, considering the

quality of service providers and

the size of commercial electronic

message approvals.

With the new regulations introduced,

the Commercial Electronic

Message Management System

envisages a transparent environment

that allows the recipients

to carry out approval and

rejection transactions, keep their

records, and make complaints,

and the lawyer Burcu Kırçıl,

with the regulations, may be

subject to sanctions in case of

violation of the legislation, the

service providers and the electronic

commerce environment He

emphasized the importance of

obtaining information about the

rights and obligations of the intermediary

service providers that

install them within the scope of

current changes.


A new

project alert

by Bed


Duygu Günaydın, Deputy General Manager of Bed Covers, gave the good news of

an existing project that they will soon launch as “deg-GÜNAYDIN” on pillow, quilt,

mattress and bedding sets.

In our interview with Bed

Covers, we talked about new

products, catalogs and company

projects. Saying that the export

rate of their companies is

nearly on 70 percent, Günaydın

states that they mainly export

products to Europe and England.

Can you give information about

your new collections?

Our new collections are shaped

by design and technology in

line with the needs of our

customers. We prepare covers

enriched with materials and



Is it possible to make innovations

in the mattress cover business?

What are your studies on this


As development and technology

can be achieved in every field,

it is also making progress in

mattress cover. The user’s health

and comfort should be considered

at all times. We work

together with our partners to

provide better quality sleep on

how comfortable the end consumer

will be, and what we can

add more or what we can offer.

Do you have any new investment

and branding projects? If yes, can

you inform us about them?

We have a new formation,

but this formation is more in

the category we call white

products. We have a project

that you can see soon as

‘deg-GÜNAYDIN’ on pillows,

duvets, mattresses and duvet

cover sets.

Mattress ticking fabric is

the showcase fabric in the

mattress industry. You are

also a company that makes

its collections. You shape the

bedding fabric. Can you tell

us about the manufacturing


I think it’s a situation that

everyone simplifies. Of

course, it hurts us manufacturers

a lot. It goes through so

many processes to produce

something, even if it is a

very simple cover or a pillow/


quilt. Shaping the fabric, enriching

it and transforming it into a

final product ... Today it is as

important and meticulous as the

production of evening dresses.

The processing of the fabric,

cutting and putting it into

production, sewing side materials

in production, accessories

and sending it to the customer

after the final quality control

is a very demanding situation.

My greatest desire is that no

production should be considered

as simple by saying this one is

little that one is much.

Duygu Günaydın

Deputy General Manager of Bed Covers

The pandemic process has blocked

the fairs for a while. Have you

missed the fairs? Which fairs are

you planning to attend?

We missed them very much. We

missed to meet our customers,

run from a fair to another but

we will be patient. It is very

difficult to plan which fairs we

will attend yet. I will make

a clear evaluation after this



What is the most preferred cover

segment currently? For example,

with or without a zipper?

Now I guess all consumption

preferences in the world favor

natural products. It is the same

for our customers. Natural and

organic products are preferred.

In addition, being washable and

antiallergic ones are among the

important details.

As the names behind the Bed

Covers brand, where do you

position the future of your


We work by aiming to do our

jobs in the right way today and

in the future. In this direction,

our goal is always to be

among the few companies that

do their job properly.

You work for domestic and

international markets, what is the

rate in this? To which countries do

you mainly ship your products in

foreign markets?

Our export rate in mattress covers

is around 70%. We mainly

export products to Europe and


Where do you see the future of

the mattress industry and what

should the industry do for a rising


The mattress sector is a sector

that will not get old. But it

should never stop its development.

I believe that as an

industry, we should all work

together and add value to each



CEO of Koelnmesse:

“We are looking forward

to our trade fairs in


The global coronavirus crisis is

having tremendous consequences

on the international trade fair

business and leading to repeated

cancellations and postponements

of events at all locations,

with impacts for numerous sectors.

The most sweeping effect

was announced on 21 September

2020 by Messe Frankfurt,

indicating that it would not be

organising physical trade fairs

of its own at the location in

Frankfurt up through and including

March of 2021. Against this

overall backdrop, the management

of Koelnmesse takes the

following position:

Gerald Böse, President and

Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse:

“The timing of the Frankfurt

decision is surprising, especially

with the trade fair market now

coming back to life in Germany,

too. But every trade fair location

has to face the effects of

the pandemic in its own way

and take decisions of its own

based on the particulars of its

own portfolio.

Naturally, we here in Cologne

will continue to pursue our

plans to begin organising fairs

on our trade fair grounds in the

near future. These plans have

been discussed and coordinated

extensively with our exhibitors


and visitors. The sectors want

to start taking part in trade

fairs again – always subject to

the premise of safety and, of

course, approvals by the authorities.”

Oliver Frese, Executive Board

Member and Chief Operating

Officer of Koelnmesse:

“Here in North Rhine-Westphalia,

as our colleagues in Düsseldorf

in particular have shown in the

case of Caravan Salon, trade

fair operations can now resume,

subject to certain conditions.

This is how we will proceed for

each individual event, guided

by the needs of each of the

sectors involved. We do not

expect a return to the international

dimensions of previous

events right at the beginning of

the new year. Participation will

become much more focussed:

the art fairs in November will

revolve more around the German

market; the emphasis at

imm cologne in January, for instance,

will be heavily directed

towards Europe. But the trade

fairs are going to take place.

Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse

We will meticulously prepare

them in close consultation with

our exhibitors and partners. We

know what our customers need

in the key fields of expertise

of our trade fairs, and we will

benefit from the experience of

gamescom and DMEXCO @home

– which were held in purely

digital form for the first time –

to enrich the other trade fairs

in our portfolio with additional

digital reach at a global level.

We remain confident and look

forward to our trade fairs in



Form Sünger – serves at

high standards, tops the list

Rendering services for different sectors from automotive to textile, furniture to

insulation and especially for mattress manufacturers, Form Sünger (Form Foam

Company) expands their markets and reaches to different success day by day.

Stating that they firstly aim to

provide continuous service in

order to support their customers

and keep good relations, İdris

Göktur Babacan, Export Manager

of Form Sünger talks about

Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial

Enterprises List that the company

was included and describes

their short, medium and long

terms plans.

You were ranked on the list of

“Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial

Enterprises” that Istanbul Chamber

of Commerce announced according

to the 2019 survey. What are your

main building stones that bring

your company to this position and

what are your principles?

Erciyes Anadolu Holding’s

leading brand in the chemical

industry, Form Sünger, started

its activities in February 2002.

When the date showed year

2015, we commissioned our second

factory. Thus, we doubled

our production capacity. Today,

we have the highest production

capacity in our region, and we

have been providing service to

our customers at high standards.

As Form Sünger, we make

production for a wide client

portfolio. We serve to our group

companies, domestic business

partners and worldwide export



We have a wide product

range with our high technology

machines for cutting styles,

densities and foams types.

That makes us an ideal solution


How do you evaluate the position

in your sector? Do you have bigger

goals? What are your goals and

plans in the short, medium and

long terms?

As a leading company, we

improve our services and also

products with innovation. Following

market needs and join the

trends, we are increasing our

innovative products range day

by day. We focus on increasing

comfort, support healthy sleep

and sustainability at our products.

Although we supply different

sectors from automotive to textile,

furniture to insulation, our

main customer group is mattress

manufacturers. While maintaining

sectoral diversity, we will continue

to strengthen our position

in the market with the awareness

of the importance of the

mattress industry. Until now, our

export sales reached to over 60

countries from Far East to America.

We want to increase our

export sales in this manner.

2020 was a year of extraordinary

developments in the global

economy. What strategy did you

follow in this negative time? How

were you affected by this period

and how did you manage the


The pandemic that started in

China in December 2019 took a

few months to spread to other

countries and finally spread

all around the world, and we

started to feel the real impact

of the epidemic by March. By

the month March 2019, the

epidemic effect began to be

İdris Göktur Babacan

Export Manager of Form Sünger

felt more and more in Europe

then America. In this process,

we started to receive returns

such as decrease in orders,

postponement of existing orders

and cancellation of orders. This

period continued until June then

we witnessed recoveries in the

market. Companies resumed

working and consequently the

demands started to increase. All

companies are trying to adapt

working under these difficult

conditions. As Form Sünger with

the belief that our employees

are our most valuable capital,

we continue our activities by

prioritizing employee safety and

health. All the measures we

take for our production process

and working conditions are complying

with TSE Covid-19 safe

production standards.

How do you evaluate the position

of your brand in the global market?

What do you owe your success in


In this period firstly we aim to

provide continuous service in

order to support our customers

and keep our good relations.

Thanks to our high standards of

production and flexible solutions

at export we expand our market

day by day. Since international

fairs and travels are not available,

we should contact directly

more through online channels.


interzum cologne in the

road to the “new normal”

Good registration figures for interzum signal success of forthcoming edition of the

best meeting point of the industry, 4-7 May 2021

“We are starting out on the

road to the new normal,” says

Maik Fischer, Director of interzum,

describing the preparations

for the world’s largest trade fair

for suppliers and interior design

– interzum. “We want to work

with the industry to redesign

the future. That is our goal and

our challenge,” continues the Director.

With the next edition of

interzum, Koelnmesse is organising

the first event of worldwide

relevance for the industry since

the start of the coronavirus

pandemic, giving it a suitable

platform on which to showcase

innovative and inspirational

products, discuss current issues

and revive business – and all

this in compliance with the

applicable hygiene and safety


Given the repeated emergence

of new hotspots in Europe and

the persistent occurrence of infections

around the world, there

is still a strong sense of uncertainty

in the industry. “We can’t

wait for a return of the old

days. Instead, we have to be

optimistic and bold, and set out

into the future together,” says

the Director, commenting on

current developments.: “After all,

as far as the global furniture

industry and interiors professionals

are concerned, interzum

2021 is essential for generating

fresh ideas and discovering

innovative products, thus helping

them to reinvigorate and grow

their own businesses.”

To ensure the safety of exhibitors

and visitors, Koelnmesse

has worked in cooperation with

the public authorities to develop

#B-SAFE4business, a concept

that makes provision for all


measures relating to hygiene,

medical care and organisation.

Exhibitors can therefore expect

a trade fair with a high standard

of safety for all participants.

The event’s importance to the

industry and the well-thoughtout

safety and hygiene concept

are also being acknowledged

by the exhibiting companies.

When the first early-booking

discount period came to an

end in mid-June, the number of

registrations was almost on a

par with figures on the equivalent

date for the record-breaking

interzum 2019. “Receiving

such an encouraging number of

registrations in these difficult

times supports our belief that

the exhibitors are looking to

interzum 2021 as the trigger

to restart their global business,”

says Maik Fischer, giving

his assessment of the figures.

So, with layout planning now

beginning, more than two thirds

of interzum’s planned exhibition


area has already been booked.

In addition to many well-known

exhibitors, ranging from market

leaders to small creative powerhouses,

Maik Fischer’s team is

also looking forward to welcoming

some notable returnees

to Cologne next year – among

them the Kastamonu Group and

the companies Yildez Entegre

as well Financiera Maderera

(Finsa). Together with a startup

area, the focus on digital

printing and floor coverings is

generating additional appeal

and is a guarantee of further

exhibitor potential in the

remaining months. Companies

that have not yet registered for

interzum 2021 still have until 30

September 2020 to reserve their

stand area at a special rate.

Key target groups are within reach

With a justified shot of confidence,

the interzum team is

starting the visitor acquisition

process much earlier than


usual. “A lot of explanations

are required at the moment, of

course, but we get the sense

from our conversations with

visitors that they not only see

the necessity of attending a

trade fair, but that they are

also looking forward to interzum,”

reflects Fischer. “However,

it will all depend on the extent

to which travel restrictions are

lifted. Nevertheless, we are

already reaching around 70

per cent of our trade visitors

despite the limitations that are

currently in place”, he continues.

At the same time, the interzum

team is also developing a

hybrid event format for those

participants unable to travel to

Cologne. “We will develop a

permanent digital extension to

interzum that will be fit for the

future. We will learn from the

digital formats we are offering

this autumn – for gamescom

and DMEXCO – as well as from

imm cologne and LivingKitchen

2021,” Fischer explains confidently.

“In doing so, we will be

giving the exhibitors the added

ability to present their products

digitally, communicate with virtual

visitors and thereby increase

the overall reach of their interzum

appearance. To supplement

our digital matchmaking options,

we are not only expanding the

business opportunities available

to our exhibitors but also

reaching a broader spectrum of

visitors.” Thanks to all of these

steps, the world will definitely

meet in Cologne for interzum

in May 2021 – in person and



Lineer Makina: “We are one of

the three manufacturers of Foam

Splitter Machine,

LM-FS-300 in the world”

Gülfidan Yaşar, Sales and Marketing Manager at Lineer Makina

stated that they were one of the only three manufacturers of Foam

Splitter Machine, LM-FS-300 in the world.

Having been asked about what

would lie ahead, precautions

taken by the companies during

and post pandemic periods and

other major issues such as new

investment plans and branding

processes, Ms Yaşar informed

us of the fact that they were

planning to participate in two

game changing exhibitions;

Interzum Cologne-2021 (Cologne,

Germany) and Expo-Foam-2021

(Stuttgart, Germany).

First off, I’m kindly asking for your

overview of present situation of

mattress industry in Turkey with

your future projections.

The solid economic structure

of our country still promises

the continuation of dynamic

and sustainable growth in the

mattress market despite the

notorious pandemic that came

out of nowhere hitting global

economies including ours, along

with other undesirable incidents

occurring in and around our


Geographical location of Turkey

to the Middle East, Europe,

North Africa and Russia provides

our country with commercial

advantages. Speedy service, in

particular, as is known to all,

is vital; therefore, geographical

proximity and quick delivery

time are highly important.

Compared to production in

Europe, Turkey has much better

conditions in terms of the ratio

of youth population and labor

costs with additional benefits

such as technology used in

production as well as production

and labor-force efficiency

against Russia, the Middle East

and North Africa.

Our overview on mattress

market in Turkey is that mattress

production has not grown

enough considering the present

population, demand and income

per capita and that it will keep

growing. The use of ready-made

mattresses took a comparative

surge particularly around 90s,

following hand-made wool mattresses

made mostly at homes.

Looking into the growth in demand

to ready-made mattress-


es, one can easily account for

possible reasons such as transformation

of extended family to

nuclear family, ever increasing

income, thus living in bigger

homes and soaring urban settlement.

Building and operating a

mattress facility was also a low

cost investment. That production

costs were also reasonable was

another factor that boosted the

ready-made mattress industry.

It’s assumed that mattress

industry has not grown enough

basically because it’s overshadowed

by the furniture industry.

Mattresses are sold along with

peripheral bedding furniture in

our country while in Europe,

mattress and furniture industries

have gone their separate

ways. Mattress manufacturers in

Europe are quite professional in

terms of production and advanced

sales network.

What are your projections about

Turkish mattress industry today

and tomorrow globally, taking into

account the present figures?

Due to the pandemic and its

consequence, a widespread

recession by the beginning of

2020, our sector has suffered a

lot and almost came to a halt,

so to speak, just like industries

of all sorts globally. However,

an increasing demand followed

such a tragic period fortunately

before the industry fully shut

down. Demand from abroad

during and post pandemic

period was and has also been

another driving force to industrial

recovery. Now the arrow on

the chart is on a steady pace


Turkish mattress industry, in

short, goes full steam ahead

to be one of the global major

players, thanks to its geographically

advantageous location and

easy, raw material supply from

domestic market.

“We are one of the

3 manufacturers

of Foam Splitter

Machine, LM-

FS-300 in the


Would you please inform us of

Lineer Makina’s production line?

Lineer Makina was founded in

Kayseri in 2011 for the sole

purpose of manufacturing machinery

to mattress manufacturers.

On top of the prerequisites

did we put ‘customer satisfaction

and top-notch technology’;

then came sector-related demands

from our clients, which

led us to take part in associated

fields such as furniture,

foam, packaging and isolation;

five sectors in total.

Our primary objective in the

sectors that we are engaged in

is providing our clientele with

the cutting-edge technology machinery

as well as sustainability

on customer satisfaction by


maintaining satisfactory customer


Our innovative and dynamic

R&D department strives hard to

update the machinery, already

on the inventory along with

attempts to put new ones on

our machinery range. Our recent

addition to the list is LM-

FS-300, a Foam Splitter Machine,

for which we have been working

for over one year. We are

now the third company in the

world manufacturing the machine

in question.

Foam producers, in general,

needed Foam Splitter Machinery

for long but they avoided

manufacturing it since it was

a high cost investment, thus

resulted in concerns on foam

and similar investment projections.

Lineer Makina’s state-ofthe-art

Foam Splitter Machine, a

product of more than a year’s

day and night effort now makes

the investment plans of foam

producing companies possible,

providing them with relatively

low cost production.

Machinery industry, in general,

is open to innovation. How are

things at Lineer Makina in terms of

applying innovation and innovative


As you know, competition is

getting harsher and harsher

every day; producers, therefore,

are committed to carry out their

production through automation

and machinery trying to minimize

their workforce. In this

respect, enhancing efficiency

and industry 4.0 gain more and

more significance. Lineer Makina

is determined to apply its

solid R&D perspective on all

the steps of design, innovation

and machinery manufacturing to

provide its clientele with full


How about new investments

and branding projects at Lineer


We are planning to focus more

on marketing strategies and

in the forthcoming period to

transform our company into a

globally recognized brand. Hopefully,

with the termination of

pandemic period, our participation

in international exhibitions

will escalate. So will our client


Does the government provide

machinery industry with particular

subsidies? Any expectations you

have of the government?

There is no such subsidy,

particularized for the machinery

industry. Granted by the government,

KOSGEB (Small and

Medium Enterprises Development

Organization of Turkey) subsidies

are always available for all

the sectors.


“We are planning to

participate in two

grandiose exhibitions;

Interzum Cologne-2021

(Cologne, Germany)

and Expo-Foam-2021

(Stuttgart, Germany).”

Covid-19 constituted a huge

impediment for exhibitions; Have

you been looking forward to them?

What exhibitions are you planning

to be a part of?

Unfortunately, we have been going

through hard times in 2020

due to the notorious pandemic

with travel bans and cancellation

of exhibitions. Exhibitions

and travels sure are significant

for all the players in business

world. We believe things will

get much better right after the

suspension of bans and confinements.

Lineer Makina is

planning to participate in two

grandiose exhibitions; Interzum

Cologne-2021 (Cologne, Germany)

and Expo-Foam-2021 (Stuttgart,


Where do you think Lineer Makina

will be positioned in the future?

Lineer Makina is committed to

position itself in a place where

it’s highly recommended worldwide

as a globally recognized

company that offers full customer


You are operating both in domestic

and international markets.

What countries are you most

concentrated on?

We were deeply focused on

domestic market sales during

the early stages of our foundation.

International market share

of the company has gradually

increased to a certain degree

that one can see our brand

almost all corners of the world

including Canada in the far west

to several countries in Europe

like Portugal and Germany and

Azerbaijan, one of the major

markets among Turkic Republics.

Our goal is to increase

the ties with potential markets

and strengthen the connections

already established.

What are your assumptions

concerning the future of mattress

industry? What measures do you

assume that the industry needs

to take for maintenance of the

increasing momentum?

Growth in the mattress industry

will prove to be continuing

in the forthcoming years. For

the industry to fully meet the

growing needs at the market,

machinery manufacturing associated

with all the sub-industries

and manufacturing of mattress

components should go hand in







The major event

of the furniture


and woodworking

machinery was


held with the


of Chinese


Suspense and great anticipation

accompanied the launch of the

first Koelnmesse event since the

coronavirus crisis began: interzum

guangzhou in China (27

to 30 July 2020) demonstrated

that trade fairs with strict

hygiene rules in place and a

limited number of admissions

– in the food-service areas, for

example – are possible in spite

of the pandemic and can result

in a good commercial outcome.

‘The international participation

was good and in keeping with

the circumstances; thanks to

digital business matchmaking,

exhibitors were also able to

reach visitors who were unable

to travel to the event’, according

to Gerald Böse, President

and Chief Executive Officer of

Koelnmesse. ‘This corroborates

our efforts to begin hosting

trade fairs again in our halls in

Cologne as soon as possible.

The success of interzum guangzhou

encourages us to set the

course for this outcome, together

with our customers.’

interzum guangzhou marked

the first major platform for the

international furniture manufacturing

and supply sector in the

second half of the year. More

than 800 exhibitors from 16

countries and almost 100,000

visitors took the opportunity to

meet vendors, customers and

business partners again in person,

building and strengthening


relationships and reconnecting

as an industry. ‘In the current

situation, the most important

thing is for our customers to

feel comfortable and safe at our

events’, Keith Tsui, Managing

Director of the Chinese Koelnmesse

subsidiary, explained. ‘As

event professionals, we see ourselves

in a position to create

conditions that are conducive to

trade fairs, even in times such

as these.’

As expected, there were fewer

exhibitors than seen in the

statistical results of the previous

interzum guangzhou, but there

were international exhibitors

who made use of the event as

well. Among other things, there

was an official German group

entry comprised of a total of

eight German exhibitors; their

appearance was successfully

supervised by local employees

or sales partners on location.

Among visitors, the trade fair

was focused primarily on the

Chinese market. From the first

day of the trade fair, it recorded

excellent and only slightly

lower numbers of national visitors

when compared to the previous

event. On the third day

of the event, a record number


of visitors was even achieved

compared to previous events:

“This shows that our visitors

feel safe and enjoy spending

several days and more time at

our show,” says Tsui.

This makes the event a role

model for returning to normalcy

following months of uncertainty

– and a successful digital

extension of the event’s reach:

For international customers who

were unable to travel to the

venue due to travel restrictions,

interzum guangzhou offered

‘Offline2Online Live Business

Matching’. International visitors

joined in the proceedings

digitally from home, virtually

meeting with the exhibitors

on hand to cultivate business

relationships and present new

products. Exhibitors’ feedback

on these virtual meetings and

on the event as a whole was

consistently very positive: Dr.

Rajat Agarwal, Henkel (China)

Investment Co., Ltd., Corporate

Vice President

“So, I am quite impressed with

the quantity of exhibitors and

people. We also see that the

exhibition overall is extremely

well organized and very clean.

So, I’m very happy to see a

well-organized exhibition.”

Mr. Simon Jenkinson, LINAK

(Shenzhen) Actuator Systems

Ltd., President “My personal

opinion is that the show is busier

than I was actually expecting

it to be. There are more

people here than I thought

there would be, and we are

meeting many of our old friends


as well from within the industry,

that we haven’t seen for a long

time. This has been the first

opportunity to catch up with existing

customers and contacts.”

The kick-off in China will be

followed by further outbound

Koelnmesse events in the food

sector: THAIFEX – Anuga Asia

in Bangkok in September, and

yummex Middle East in Dubai in

November. The trade fair team

in Cologne is looking forward to

a re-start there, with ART CO-


& DESIGN (18 to 22 November


‘For all of our events – whether

in Cologne, with our B-SAFE-

4business concept, or abroad

in coordination with our subsidiaries

– we have developed

detailed hygiene concepts that

enable our customers to conduct

business with one another

directly’, Böse assured. ‘Trade

fairs have an absolute systemic

relevance for the global

economic fabric, and for many

participants they are actually

of existential importance. 90

percent of the exhibitors in

the Koelnmesse programme are

small or medium-sized enterprises

for which international

trade fairs represent the main

gateway to the global market.

Our mission, as an international

trade fair organiser, is to

give the industries involved the

propulsive power they need for

their business. And we take this

mission very seriously.’


Sunan Malzemecilik

turned the pandemic into

an advantage!

The negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, which affects all life globally, as in

our country, continue. With the measures taken to ensure that its customers and

employees overcome the process with minimum damage, delivering the pandemic

process into an advantage is presented by Sunan Malzemecilik.


The Covid’19 epidemic, which

swept the world, deeply affected

our country as it did every

other country. The destructive

effects of Covid-19, which

enable us to encounter a new

world order, are countless measures

and struggles. The economic

dimensions of this difficult

process, which was spent with

masks, gloves, social distance

and efforts to fit life into the

home, were also very heavy.

With the Covid-19 epidemic,

which obliged revision in economic

activities as well as in

social life, the companies made

some changes in their service


“Companies with innovative

thinking skills turned the pandemic

into an advantage”

Sunan Malzemecilik Foreign

Trade Manager Büşra Sunman

said about the pandemic process

and the measures taken

by her companies during this

process: “Radical cyclical changes

negatively affect companies

that lack flexibility, as well as

provide advantages to companies

with strategic plans, innovative

thinking and adapting to

changing conditions.

In our sector, the sales character

and rhythm of our company

Büşra Sunman

Foreign Trade Manager of Sunan Malzemecilik

has changed due to the prolongation

of deadlines due to

the slowdown in production and

the contraction in domestic and

foreign demand. Since electronic

commerce showed a significant

increase in this period,

the sales of products with low

shipping costs increased both at

home and abroad.”

Promoted R&D products with

‘Mobile Fair Vehicle’

Delivering pioneers in the industry,

Sunan Malzemecilik did not

allow its quality service to be

interrupted by further strengthening

its online sales infrastructure

during this period. Sunan

Malzemecilik realized ‘Mobile

Fair Vehicle’ project because

of cancelled exhibitions at the

pandemic period and company

serves their R&D products for

customers’ attention in Turkey.


Pakfiks: “Despite all

negativities, our exports


Şenol Öksüm, Production and Sales Manager of Pakfiks, briefs the success of the

company during the pandemic. The key points are being flexible and adapt the new

rules of the game such as launching written calls and teleconferences as alternatives

to onsite visits. Öksüm detailed their success story as follows:

The pandemic coronavirus not

only caused a large number

of deaths globally, but

also threatened public health,

disrupting the supply-demand

balance, bringing trade activities

to a halt. Also, significant

contractions were experienced in

international trade.

The quarantine measures implemented

by the countries within

the scope of the epidemic

started to affect the foreign

trade of our country as in many

countries due to reasons such

as the cessation of production

in factories and the increase in

border controls where goods are


If we check the main reasons

for the decrease in our exports,

we can state that the restrictive

measures implemented due to

COVID-19 and the narrowing in

demand due to the virus, has

an important effect in the countries

we trade.

Another factor affecting our exports

is that China, from which

we import raw materials, has


Covid-19 effects very severely.

However, the first measure taken

in customs procedures was

to ensure the entry of goods

into the country after a disinfection

process in imports from

China. This causes a waiting

(warehouse) cost on products

imported from China.

In addition, the cancellation and

suspension of most of the fair

organizations and the insufficient

demand, and the interruption

of our foreign customer

visits are among other negative


With the start of the pandemic

process in terms of exports, we

can say that a great decline

was experienced, even stopped,

especially in April, and that

this process gradually gained

momentum as of May.

Although we cannot make our

international connections with

on-site visits, we continue this

process by providing written

calls and teleconferences. We

do our best to keep our contact

with our business partners as

active as possible.

We hope that; as all sectors,

we will overcome this challenging

process with the least

damage in terms of the global


Despite the negativities, our exports continue to increase day by day.


İşbir Sünger takes pride of

its human resources

Listed in Second Top 500 Enterprises

of Turkey, the company

attributes its success mainly to

its talented, experienced and

dedicated team. We asked the

details of their success story

to Metin Gültepe, CEO of İşbir

Holding to which İşbir Sünger

(İşbir Foam) is affiliated.

You were ranked as “Turkey’s

Second Top 500 Industrial

Enterprises” that Istanbul Chamber

of Commerce announced according

to the 2019 survey. What are your

main building stones that bring

İşbir Sünger to this position and

what are your principles?

First of all I want to express

how proud and pleased we

are to be among the ISO 500,

which is quite significant for the

business world in Turkey, with

our 2 companies.

As you know we are not unfamiliar

with this list as İşbir

Holding. The greatest secret

behind this success for years

has been superior quality human

resources of each whom is

a part of our family. Also taking

lessons from past experiences

and developing strategies

according to our vision for the

future play an important part in

this success. Embracing rules of

ethics and working under the

guidance of innovation, science

and rationality comprise the

building stones of the success

we have achieved over the

years. “To summarize: Honestly

and respect for people is the

foundation of our work method.

Understanding and grasping the

rules of impact and spreading

this throughout every aspect of

life is the greatest wealth we

can pass on to the future.”

How do you evaluate your position

in the sector? Do you have bigger

goals? What are your goals and

plans in the short, medium and

long terms?


All of our companies are in

leading positions in the sector

they are active in. In terms of

İşbir Sentetik, we have taken

a position at the top among

select bigbag producers in the


İşbir Sünger is one of the biggest

producers of the Turkish

furniture industry. Today, Turkey’s

Expert in Mattresses, İşbir

Yatak, has know-how that goes

back many years.

Our goals for the short and

medium term are to work on

increasing productivity from bot

a qualitative and quantitative

aspect on the investments we

have made to raise production

quality. Also, our responsibility

to the world is to develop ecologically

friendly projects.

For example, we are investing

in ecologically friendly production

models like the Viscostar

Aqua Fixing Technology, which is

a water based adhesive technology

we have brought to our

production lines. We support

conservation in every field.

We save electricity with the

Solar Energy Panels we have installed

on the roofs of the İşbir

Sentetik production areas. With

this investment not only do we

produce in an environmentally

friendly way, but we manifest

İşbir’s vision on ecology. In

terms of our long-term plan,

we want to become an influential

brand in the world with

a highly competitive edge. We

want to practice environmentally

Metin Gültepe

CEO of İşbir Holding

friendly production and develop

it in every area to leave a

better world for the future, to

support our country’s economy

and represent Turkey economically

in the world with pride.

2020 was a year of extraordinary

developments in the global

economy. What strategy did

you follow in these negative

times? How were you affected

by this period and how did you

manage the crisis?

The pandemic provided us with

a good opportunity to see our

values in the best possible

way. As soon as this period

started, we worked with our

focus on “people”. We took

additional measures to protect

employees in all our companies

against Covid 2019.

The increase in costs and the

slow economy in March, April

and May, especially due to the

pandemic, pulled us away from

our goals to a certain extent;

but as of June a rise in demand

occurred thanks to the

economic support provided by

our government. I think I can

say that meeting the rising de-


mand was the biggest challenge

for companies this year.

We, as İşbir, did not stop our

investment plans we made at

the beginning of the year even

in the pandemic period. We

were able to meet the rising

demand that started in June

with the investments we made

to increase the supply.

As a result, even if we fell

short of our goals in March,

April and May we exceeded our

goals in June, July and August.

We continue, in the last quarter,

with even higher goals.

What would you recommend to

companies operating in your field

to be successful internationally?

The most important element

that holds a company together

is human resources that are

loyal to the company, happy

and good quality. Showing

your employees that they are

valuable to you, supporting

their professional and personal

development and making the

company an attractive organization

to work in are the greatest

strengths of a company to

achieve success.

To make science, research,

objectivity and rationality the

culture of the company.

To analyze the future, trends

and customer tendencies well

and to keep track of expectations.

To combine R&D, innovation and

novelty with production culture

of course.

How do you evaluate the position

of your brand in the global

market? To what do you owe your

success in export?

We are active in over 50 countries

as İşbir Holding, whether

it is with İşbir Sentetik or İşbir

Sünger or the Mattress Expert

İşbir Yatak.

Economic trust, quality and

delivery time are the secrets of

our success in locations where

we work B2B.

In the areas where we operate

as B2C, the most important elements

of our success are analyzing

shopping habits that vary

by country well and providing

solutions that suit the benefit

consumers are seeking the best.


Dow and Eco-mobilier enter into

an innovation partnership for the

RENUVA Mattress Recycling


The new partnership will address the composing of

new markets for post-consumer waste mattresses.

HORGEN, Switzerland and PARIS,

France – Dow (NYSE: Dow) and

Eco-mobilier, the French mattress

and furniture EPR (Extended

Producer Responsibility) organization,

announced a new collaboration

for the collection and

supply of post-consumer polyurethane

foam for the RENUVA

Mattress Recycling Program.

As part of this innovation partnership,

Eco-mobilier will employ

its used mattress collection

and dismantling capabilities to

supply post-consumer polyurethane

foam to Orrion Chemicals

Orgaform’s recently announced

chemical recycling unit in Semoy,


In Semoy, Dow’s RENUVA

Mattress Recycling Program will

use chemical recycling to convert

this recovered foam into

new valuable polyurethane raw

materials (polyols). Dow aims

to validate and work towards

creating a market for these

recycled polyols.

“At Dow, we are addressing

the challenge of discarded

mattresses head on. We have

been actively reviewing centrally

organized waste collection, dismantling,

and recycling systems

for end-of-life material for years.

France has set an example by


creating the EPR scheme and

Eco-mobilier is leading the way

in mattress and furniture waste

collection,” said Neil Carr, president

of Dow Europe, Middle

East, Africa and India. “This

collaboration is a demonstration

of a completely new eco-system

being built to create a circular

economy for polyurethanes.”

Eco-mobilier has been collecting

used mattresses since 2013.

In 2019, the volumes collected

already reached 66,000

tonnes, and Eco-mobilier’s

actions enabled a significant

improvement in post-consumer

mattress recycling. Nonetheless,

the markets for such materials

remain limited.

“Eco-mobilier and its manufacturer

and retailer shareholders*

are proud to support this first

industrial plant dedicated to

PU foam chemical recycling right

here in France. Thanks to this

pioneering project with Dow,

we are closing the loop by

opening a new era for mattress

recycling. This aligns with our

strategy of implementing industrial

tools for mattress recycling

in France”, added Dominique

Mignon, president of Eco-mobilier.

The announcement is the latest

step in the development of the

RENUVA Mattress Recycling

Program, which aims to recycle

up to 200,000 mattresses a

year in France and address the

problem of waste landfilling and

incineration. Initial production of

RENUVA polyols is anticipated

in the first half of 2021.


COVID-19 to boost demand for

Turkish products globally

The demand for Turkish goods

will continue to grow globally,

day after day during the pandemic,

Murat Özyeğin, the head of

Turkish conglomerate Fiba Holding,


European countries will turn to

closer-distance alternatives and

reliable countries such as Turkey,

said Özyeğin, also the chairman

of the Foreign Economic Relations

Board’s (DEİK) Turkey-Netherlands

Business Council.

“As in many countries of the

world, as a result of this (pandemic)

process, the trend of

diversifying supplier countries will

also rise in the Netherlands,” he

noted. After the COVID-19 pandemic,

which first appeared in

China last December, several sectors

were affected by measures

to stem the spread of the virus.

Several manufacturing firms in the

developed countries faced supply

shortages due to the closed

factories in China.

“The pandemic showed that the

dependence on one country, China,

within the global supply chain

poses severe risks,” Özyeğin


He reminded that Turkey and

the Netherlands’ bilateral trade

volume has been expanding every

year. In the first four months of

2020, Turkey’s exports to the

country amounted to $1.7 billion

while imports from the Netherlands

totaled $1.2 billion. Last

year, the bilateral trade was

around $9 billion – $5.8 billion

exports and $3.2 billion imports,

official figures showed.

The Netherlands is one of the

largest investor countries in Turkey,

with 16% or $25.5 billion of

the total $160.6 billion foreign

direct investments in the last 18

years. Turkey’s foreign investments

in the Netherlands totaled

$13.8 billion over the same


Among the largest 20 world economies,

in terms of gross domestic

product (GDP), the Netherlands is

17th and Turkey is 18th, Özyeğin

recalled. Increasing cooperation

with the Netherlands will be

beneficial for both the countries,

he noted.


Mattress Industry


Source: ISPA, International

Sleep Products Association

Adjustable base: An electro-mechanical

or manual bed frame construction

that permits the raising

and lowering of the head and/or

foot portions of the mattress.

Airbed: An air mattress with a core

that is an air-filled vinyl bladder.

Better airbeds are multichambered,

covered with cushioning, upholstered

with ticking and sold with a


Anti-microbial fiber and foam:

Treatment that inhibits the growth

of microbial contaminates.

Backing: Any fabric or sheeting material

that is used during quilting to

anchor the stitches.

Batting: See Cotton Felt.

Bedding: Commonly used as a

generic term for a mattress and

foundation set, but may also apply

to accessory items such as blankets,

sheets, pillows, comforters,

mattress pads, etc.

Bedding ensemble: A complete

sleep support system, consisting of

a metal frame or a bed, a foundation

and a mattress set.

Bed frame: A metal or wood

frame with legs used to support a

mattress and foundation. Conventional

height is 7-1/4 inches and

the low-profile version is 5-3/4

inches when measured from the

floor to the bottom of the foundation.

Generally a headboard

can be attached. Metal frames

are sometimes known as a “Hollywood”


Bedsprings: Open-spring or wire

fabric box springs without upholstery

materials or cover.

Binding tape: Fabric tape used

to bind and close the mattress

or foundation where the vertical

and horizontal panels of outer

ticking come together, providing

the edge trimming for the mattress

or foundation. See Tape

and Tape Edge.

Body impressions: Indentations


occurring on the surface of a

mattress over time, due to the

compression of materials by the

human body.

Bonnell: A knotted, round-top,

hourglass-shaped steel wire coil.

When laced together with crosswire

helicals, these coils form the

simplest innerspring unit, also

referred to as a Bonnell.

Border: The vertical side or edge

of a mattress or foundation. Prebuilt

borders are constructed by

stitching together the ticking, foam

or other filling materials and a

backing material. Commonly quilted

or vertical-stitched.

Border rod: A heavy gauge wire

rod attached to the perimeter of

the innerspring unit (top and bottom)

by means of a helical wire or

metal clips.

Boric acid: A chemical additive

applied during the garnetting of

cotton and/or other fibers to provide

cigarette ignition resistance


Box spring: Also referred to as

a “foundation.” A base for an

innerspring mattress, consisting

of coils or other forms of springs

mounted on a wood or metal frame

and secured with a wire-interlaced

or welded-wire grid, topped with

upholstery and insulating materials

(felt, urethane or other resilient

materials), and covered on the

top and sides with ticking and on

the bottom with a dust cover. It

is an important part of a bed set

since it serves as a shock absorber,

distributes weight, and supports

and interacts with the innerspring

mattress to properly support the


Box-top mattress: A mattress

featuring a raised surface finishing

treatment where a separate, sided

and rectangular encasement of

soft materials–usually with a tape

edge–is attached via a welt to the

entire surface on top of existing

cover and upholstery.

Bunk bed: A two-tiered wood or

metal frame designed to accommodate

two mattresses, typically

twin-size, one above the other.

Some models allow the upper and

lower units to be detached and

used as separate beds.

Bunkie: A mattress, usually twinsize,

and platform base used on

bunk beds.

Cal 117: Refers to California Technical

Bulletin 117, which specifies a

vertical flame testing procedure for

bedding and furniture component

materials. Foam referred to as “Cal

117 foam” has passed this test.

Carbon: The principal hardening

element in steel. The higher the

carbon content, the harder the metal

and the more temper it will take,

thus giving longer “memory.”

Cellulose acetate pad: Woody fiber

compacted into a pad and used

as an insulator. May be glued or

sandwiched between plastic netting

to help hold it together.

Coil count: The number of coils in

an innerspring unit. Though the

count can effect weight distribution,

it is not the determining factor

for firmness. The count is usually

based on the number of coils in a

full-size unit.

Coils: The individual wire

springs that form an innerspring

unit. See Hourglass, Continuous

and Offset Coils.

Coir pad: An insulator pad


made from coconut husk fiber,

garnetted, needled, bonded and

pre-cut to size.

Comfort system: Refers to the

upholstery layers of the mattress,

generally consisting of a combination

of materials (cover, cushioning,

topper pad, insulators, etc.).

Conjugate polyester fiber: Spirally

crimped fiber that is crimped chemically

rather than thermally. Is very

durable and resilient.

Continuous coils: An innerspring

configuration in which the rows of

coils are formed from a single piece

of wire.

Conventional bedding products:

Mattresses and foundations in the

conventional adult sizes of twin,

twin extra long, full, full extra long,

queen and king.

Convertible sofa: A sofa with a

bed folded beneath the seating

surface, generally consisting of a

mattress resting on a metal mechanism.

Also called “sleep sofa” or

“sofa sleeper.”

Convoluted foam: Better known as

“egg-crate” foam that is specially

cut to produce hills and valleys,

giving gentle softness and more

surface comfort. Foam surface

treatment is available in multiple


Cornell test: Devised by Cornell

University School of Hotel/Motel

Administration. Designed to test

cosmetic performance of bedding

sets, such as body impression or

support firmness. Two round surfaces

are pounded into the finished

product 100,000 times and checked

periodically for failure or changes.

Corner guards: Molded plastic or

metal, (sometimes upholstered)

fittings secured to foundation

corners to prevent material damage

from the bed frame.

Cotton felt: Produced by a garnett

machine which combs cotton

and other fiber binders into a

continuous web or layer. Several

such layers combined are called

cotton “batt”. For compressed

cotton felt, thick layers of garnetted

cotton fiber are mechanically

compressed to reduce body


Cotton linters: The short fibers

adhering to the seed after the long

staple fiber has been removed in

the ginning process. Used in making

cotton felt.

Cotton pickers: “Fall out” from

ginning or garnetting. These

shorter staple cotton fibers are

blended with linters to produce

cotton felt.

Crown: A convex surface on a

mattress. Mattresses with a

half-inch crown are a half-inch

thicker at the center than at the


Cushioning: Materials that lie

above the insulator and below the

fabric covering in an innerspring

mattress. These materials are typically

combinations of polyurethane

foam, cotton felt, and/or mademade


Damask: Woven ticking produced

on a loom that has yarns

running at 90-degree angles to

each other, the warp and the

weft. The damask design is

woven into the fabric rather than

printed on the surface.

Density: A measure of weight


per cubic volume, usually expressed

in pounds per cubic

foot. Often referred to when

discussing foam.

Double tempering: Heating of wire

components, usually in an oven, after

they have been given shape or

form and have been electronically

stress-relieved. Refers to tempering

coils as well as border rods and

helicals in a complete spring unit.

Dual-purpose: A broad term used

to include all sleep pieces, which

can be converted to other uses,

including: convertible sofas,

high-risers, daybeds, futons, etc.

See Convertible Sofa.

Dust cover: A woven or non-woven

fabric attached to the underside of

a foundation to prevent the collection

of dust inside. May also be

known as “sheeting” or “cambric.”

Edge guard: Generally an extra

component added to the edge of a

mattress and/or box spring to give

support on the sides.

Engineered edge support: A special

design where the coils on the

outer edge of an innerspring unit

are actually positioned under the

border rod. Most units have the

coils recessed from the edge, which

can contribute to a “roll out of bed”


Euro-top mattress: A mattress featuring

a raised, squared-off surface

finishing treatment filled with soft

comfort layers and attached to the

mattress upholstery at the tapeedge.

Fabric cover: Cloth or textile material

woven, knitted or felted of

any fiber or mixture of fibers. Often

referred to as “ticking” or mattress


Fales pad: Compressed cotton felt

that is stitched together to better

retain compression.

Fiber pad: Usually refers to manmade

or natural fibers (wool, silk,

etc.) that are garnetted, needled,

carded and/or bonded together.

Often used in quilting panels for

mattress tops.

Filler cloth: Refers to a plain fabric

used on the top of a foundation

instead of ticking. Commonly offers

non-skid characteristics.

Flanging: The process whereby a

strip of fabric is sewn to the edge

of the mattress cover and, in the

assembly process, secured to the

perimeter of the innerspring unit to

prevent the cover and filling materials

from shifting.

Foam foundation: Consists of a

built-up wood slat frame covered

with a sheet of cardboard or similar

material, topped with at least 2” of

foam and covered with ticking.

Foundation: Any base or support

for a mattress, sometimes

used as a generic term for box

spring. A foundation may be

made entirely of wood or a

combination of wood and steel

or steel springs. See Box Spring

and Foam Foundation.


Futon: A Japanese-style mattress

construction, consisting of a cover

and filling material, which is typically

cotton but can be innerspring

and/or foam.

Garnetting: A mechanical process

whereby short cotton fibers and/

or other fibers are combed into a

specific orientation and formed into

a thin web, which are then layered

to create a batting used as an upholstery

material. See Cotton Felt.

Gauge, coil: A measurement of the

diameter of the steel wire used in

coil construction. Wire gauge for

innerspring coils range from 12.5

to 17. The higher the gauge, the

thinner the wire.

Gel foam: Generally a visco-elastic

foam that is infused with beads or

swirls of gel during the foam pouring


Hair pads: Horse tail or mane, cattle

tail or hog hair, which has been

processed and curled for use as a

mattress or upholstery filler.

Hammocking: An undesirable

characteristic sometimes associated

with worn out or low-end

mattresses. When weight is

placed in the center, the corners

tend to rise and bow in

response to deep compression

much like a hammock. Terms

“dish” and “sagging” also used

to describe this phenomenon.

Hand: Term used to describe the

touch or feel of fabrics (e.g., soft,

smooth, etc.).

Hand-tied: The process of

hand-lacing the coils in a box

spring together with twine. Seldom

used, this process has been

replaced with modern technology

and new designs.

Headboard: An upright unit of

wood, metal, plastic, or upholstered

material, to be attached at

the head of a bed, usually with the

bed frame.

Helical: A tightly-coiled, elongated

wire used in the manufacture of

innerspring units to join individual

coils to each other and to the

border rod.

High-contour mattress: Measures

9” – 13” thick. A mattress under 9”

thick is considered “standard”; over

13” thick is considered “custom.”

High riser: Usually a frame or sofa

with two mattresses of equal size

without a backrest. The frame

slides out with the lower bed and

rises to form a full bed or two

single beds.

Hog ring: Metal ring used to

secure the insulator and flange material

to the innerspring unit. Takes

its name from its similarity to the

metal ring in a hog’s nose.

Hourglass coils: Coils that taper

inward from top to middle and outward

from middle to bottom, thus

resembling an hourglass in shape.

Employed in bonnell and offset coil


Hybrid: Commonly used industry

term for a mattress that combines

an innerspring unit with specialty

foams such as visco-elastic or latex.

Ideal weight distribution: Equalization

of support in such a way

as to eliminate pressure points

that cause discomfort resulting in

tossing and turning. Best achieved

with coil on coil construction and

properly designed insulation and

cushioning material.

Innerspring unit construction (for

mattresses): The spring construction

used as the main support system

inside an innerspring mattress.

Some common types are: pocketed

(see Marshall) and all metal (i.e.,

bonnell, offset and continuous


Insulator: Any material used on top

and bottom of an innerspring unit

to prevent the upholstery layers

from cupping down into the coils.

Some common types are: a fiber

pad, non-woven fabric, netting,

wire mesh or foam pad.

Knit: A basic polyester or nylon

ticking fabric produced through a

knitting process (tricot) rather than

weaving. Designs are printed onto

the surface.

Lacing wire: Finer gauges of wire

used to form helicals.

Latex: A flexible foam created

from a water dispersion of

rubber, either from the rubber

tree (natural latex) or a manmade,

petroleum-based product

(synthetic latex). Most latex used

in mattresses today is a combination

of natural and synthetic

latex rubber.


LFK: An unknotted offset coil

with a cylindrical or columnar


Link fabric: A wire foundation

for bedsprings, cots, studio

couches, sofabed mechanisms

and gliders. So called because

the fabric is a succession of

metal links.

Marshall: A type of innerspring

construction in which thin gauge,

barrel-shaped, knotless coils are

encased in fabric pockets. Also

known as “pocketed coils.”

Mattress: A manufactured product

to sleep on, consisting of various

resilient materials covered with an

outer ticking. Comes from the Arabic

term “matrah” meaning to throw

down. Early Arabs traveled with

their bedding and threw it down on

the ground or floor at night.

Memory: The ability of tempered

steel, foam or some fabrics to

return to their original state after

being compressed or stretched.

Mesh: Plastic netting generally

stretched across the face of an

innerspring unit as an insulator.

Microcoils: A low-profile metal

spring unit, typically with individually

wrapped coils, used in the top

comfort layers of a mattress.

Molded foam core (for mattresses):

A core made of flexible foam

is made in molds and used as the

main support system in a foam


Mounting: Attachment of a box

spring unit to a wood or metal


Needlepunched fabric: A manufacturing

process for which high

strength, lightweight, non-woven

construction fabrics are produced.

These fabrics are produced by

garnetting fibers, entangling or

inner-locking these fibers together

by a series of needles and

then mechanically bonding or

fusing them together via heat to

produce a fabric without glue or


Needlepunched pad: A manufacturing

process used to produce

insulator pads and non-woven

fabrics whereby loose, garnetted

fibers are inner-locked by a

series of “needles.” This process

usually requires additional bonding

to keep the fibers in place.

Offset coils: An hourglass type

coil on which portions of the top

and bottom convolutions have

been flattened. In assembling

the innerspring unit, these flat

segments of wire are hinged

together with helicals.

Orthopedic: Generalized term to

imply set gives proper postural

alignment and support. Should

not necessarily mean hard or

board feeling. Proper support

with a degree of comfort to contour

to the body is best.

Panel: The part of the ticking

that constitutes the top sleep

surface of a mattress, as well as

the bottom of a mattress on a


two-sided bed.

Pedestal-type metal or wood bed

frame: A low-profile bed frame

with a solid pedestal base underneath

each side of the frame,

instead of legs.

Pillow-top mattress: A mattress

featuring a surface finishing treatment

where a separate encasement

of soft materials is attached

to the entire surface on top of

existing cover and upholstery.

Plus 4 edge: Two border rods

engineered with one inside of the

other and designed so that they

make the edge 4% firmer than

the balance of the sleep surface

to eliminate that “roll out of bed”

feeling and edge sag.

Pocketed coil: See Marshall.

Polyurethane foam: See Urethane


Print: A ticking fabric, which can be

a woven or non-woven sheeting,

commonly of synthetic fiber composition,

on which a design has been


Quilting: The surface treatment in

which the cover, foam and/or other

fibers are sewn together, using

various stitch patterns on quilting

machinery, including scroll or

panel quilters (single needle) and

multi-needle quilters.

Resilience: Surface liveliness and

spring-back ability.

Rollator test: An approximately

230 lb., six-sided roller is

passed across a sleep set to

determine the structural strengths

or weaknesses of the set and

components (i.e., foam or quilt

failure, breaking of helicals and

coils). The industry standard to

duplicate the life of a mattress

is 100,000 passes.

Rollaway bed/cot: A portable

metal bed/cot with a frame that

folds in half with the mattress

when not in use so it can be

rolled away into a closet (or

elsewhere) for compact storage.

Sheeting: a woven or non-woven

fabric other than knits that have a

degree of sizing and are somewhat


Side rail: A metal or wood rail,

which hooks into the outside edges

of a headboard and footboard

to provide the support base for a

foundation and mattress.

Sisal: A product of the henequen

plant formed into a pad and used

as an insulator. Named after the.

small port of Sisal in Yucatan.

Slats: Narrow strips of wood used

to support the coils in the box

spring frame. Also used in a bedstead

to support the box spring.

Sleep Products Safety Council

hangtag: Used voluntarily by

bedding producers since 1987, the

safety hangtag program provides

critical consumer information about

the safe use of sleep products.

Manufacturers certify that they use

the tag only on mattresses that

meet the Federal Standard for the

Flammability of Mattresses and

Mattress Pads.The tag is available

in a hangtag or permanent label.

Smooth top: A plain surfaced

mattress, neither tufted nor quilted.

Also called button-free.

Spring wire: Wire made from high

carbon steel, characterized by

toughness, strength and ductility.

Typically furnished in 8 to 18 gauge

for bedding industry applications.

Steel unit construction (for box

springs): The spring construction

used as the main support system

inside a box spring.

Stitch bonded pad: See Fales Pad.

Straightline deflection: Pertains to

mattress innerspring construction

and refers to the constant ratio

between stress and strain, weight

and movement. The benefit is

that constant support is provided

regardless of the weight applied.

No bottoming out of soft spots.

Basically it means that two people

of unequal weight, sleeping on the

same mattress, receive the same


Stretch knit: A heavy-weight mattress

ticking consisting of a top layer,

bottom layer and filling material

knitted together and intermittently

stitched to keep the filling yarns


Super zoned box spring frame:

A support, generally wood,

attached longitudinally to the underside

of a foundation for added

support where the main body

weight rests. Another important

structural point is that the vertical

slats are turned on edge for

added strength. This is extremely

important on queen sizes and

for 4-poster beds where typically

no center support is provided.

Also known as a “center rail.”

Tape: Fabric material that closes

over the rough-sewn edge where

the top and bottom panels are

joined to the border of a mattress

or box spring.

Tape edge: A specified type of

sewing machine designed to stitch

binding tape around the top and

bottom edges of the mattress,

joining the panels with the border

and closing the mattress.

Tempering: Heat treatment of

wire to reduce brittleness. Accomplished

by electric charge,

oven heat or both. Also known as

“stress relieved”.

Ticking: Fabrics for covering mattresses

and foundations. Common

types include: stretch knits, woven

damasks, knits and nonwovens.

Torsion bars: A type of spring system

used in box springs characterized

by square-shaped wire forms.

Trundle bed: A low bed that is

rolled under a larger bed. In

some constructions, the lower bed

springs up to form a full bed or two

single beds as in a high riser.

Tufting: Consists of passing twine,

cords or tape vertically through

the mattress from top to bottom,

knotting and securing the loops

thus formed with tufts, buttons, or

lacing. The purpose is to hold the

mattress filling in place.

Uniflex grid: A steel wire grid used

to bridge the “mouth” of the coils

on an innerspring unit to prevent

“pocketing” of insulation down into

the coil and to eliminate “coil feel.”

Also helps to distribute the body

weight of a person.

Urethane foam: Synthetic (chemically

foamed) flexible urethane

used for mattress cores and as a

cushioning material. As a core, it’s

the main support system. Generic

term covering both polyester and

polyether foams.

Ventilator: Metal or plastic screens

attached to the sides and sometimes

the ends of mattresses to

permit the passage of air. Unnecessary

with normal high quality

materials used today, except for

hospital type mattresses with wetproof


Visco-elastic foam: Also known

as “memory foam.” Slow recovery

urethane foams that are temperature

sensitive. They conform to

the body and distribute pressure

according to body heat and dynamics.

Waterbed: A sleep system

employing a water-filled vinyl

bladder as its primary support

system. Original models relied

on rigid framing to contain

the vinyl components and were

known as a “hardside”. Newer

styles consist of vinyl components

(bladder and liner) typically

encased in foam and made to

look like a conventional mattress,

usually paired with a regular

upholstered foundation. Also

called a “softside” waterbed. All

versions are sometimes referred

to as “flotation beds.”


Welded grid top: Basic wire

welded into a lattice to which

box spring coils, formed wire or

modules are fastened. Offers

even weight distribution, yet

allows some flex and give.

Wood bed: A bed with a headboard

and footboard made of

wood, having side rails of wood or

metal that support the foundation

and mattress.

Wood frame (for box springs):

The wood frame in a box spring

on which the spring construction

is mounted.

Woven stripe: A once ubiquitous

woven ticking with colored

stripes. The style was referred to

as “ACA”, the traditional designation

for the 8 oz. blue- and

white-striped ticking that has

mostly fallen out of favor and is

seldom produced.

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