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Two day<br />

International Conference<br />

For Health Professionals, Patients & Carers<br />

A VIRTUAL EVENT FOR <strong>2020</strong><br />


#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


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A0110-PRO-1020-V01<br />

LS/01-4/0005/1.0<br />

2 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />

3<br />

Hi, I’m Scott Benton. I am the Member of Parliament<br />

for Blackpool South and I’m delighted to extend a<br />

warm welcome to everybody who is listening and<br />

watching at home to this 5th International Head<br />

and Neck Conference <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Chris Curtis does a brilliant job here in Blackpool<br />

working with the charity to support those patients<br />

and carers who are suffering. I was delighted a few<br />

weeks ago to run the <strong>2020</strong> London Virtual Marathon<br />

in which part of the donations I received supported<br />

the brilliant work you do here in Blackpool.<br />

As Covid continues the implications of that on<br />

peoples healthcare are obviously significant and<br />

I continue to work with ministers to make sure<br />

everyone’s cancer treatment is delivered in the<br />

usual way, which is so important. I hope everyone<br />

has a great conference and please do continue<br />

the brilliant work you do across the whole world<br />

supporting those who need it.<br />

SCOTT<br />



Member of Parliament for Blackpool South<br />



Join from 09:45 GMT and<br />

use the Q&A feature to<br />

join the discussion<br />



@H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong><br />




This conference will deliver an exciting mix of<br />

keynote speakers, themed around the patient<br />

and caregiver journey (pathway) and will invite<br />

delegates to ‘Think Differently’ as a result.<br />

4 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

World Head & Neck Cancer<br />

Patient Ambassador<br />


A warm virtual welcome, to both new and<br />

returning visitors, to this our 5th Head & Neck<br />

Cancer Conference. After another successful<br />

conference in Brighton in 2019, we continue to<br />

expand and provide a greater platform for health<br />

professionals and patients alike to mix and learn<br />

more about Head and Neck Cancer.<br />

‘Head and Neck Cancer is a life changing disease,<br />

affecting all aspects of your life. Eating, talking and<br />

socialising all becomes very hard to deal with’.<br />

‘You just go along with what your doctor says and<br />

try to survive the journey; my journey was hell. Your<br />

body stops belonging to you and is handed over<br />

to doctors until you go into remission. You lose all<br />

independence and that is very scary’.<br />

This conference will deliver an exciting mix of<br />

keynote speakers, themed around the patient<br />

& caregiver journey (pathway) and will invite<br />

delegates to ‘Think Differently’ as a result.<br />

This year, the conference will pose questions<br />

about ‘Quality of Life and the aspects of a patient<br />

& caregiver journey’. Inspired by leading national<br />

and international thinkers, it will explore how, by<br />

introducing greater passion and understanding into<br />

the patient & caregiver journey (pathway), people who<br />

work with them will make informed choices, continue<br />

learning and aspire to world-class performance.<br />

Huge thanks must go to our conference sponsors and<br />

supporters and we hope you enjoy and take away a<br />

fresh perspective from this year’s virtual conference.<br />

We hope to see you back in person next year!<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />



Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid<br />

Surgeon NHS Lothian | NRS Fellow | Honorary<br />

Clinical Reader | Edinburgh University<br />


It is our pleasure to virtually welcome you to Edinburgh<br />

for the 5th International Head and Neck Conference<br />

organised by the Swallows.<br />

Clearly <strong>2020</strong> has been a strange year in many ways.<br />

However, the plight of patients affected by head and<br />

neck cancer remains a priority to many of us. Although<br />

you are likely not to be visiting Edinburgh physically, the<br />

city blends history and culture together to make a trip<br />

well worthwhile.<br />

The old and new towns of Edinburgh are a UNESCO<br />

world heritage site, with Royal Castle which can trace<br />

its roots back to the 12th century. The Edinburgh<br />

Festival and Fringe have evolved since the 1940s to be<br />

the largest arts festival in the world. The Royal College<br />

of Surgeons of Edinburgh is over 500 years old, and<br />

continues to promote professional standards as it has<br />

since its inception. Of course, much has changed<br />

during that time!<br />

NHS Lothian now provides a head and neck cancer<br />

service for a population of over 1.1 million people in<br />

South East Scotland. We were honoured to be asked<br />

to host this event which is increasingly recognised for its<br />

ability to bring patients and clinicians together at local,<br />

national and international level.<br />

We hope that you enjoy this year’s meeting and find<br />

the format both engaging and convenient. The range<br />

of topics and speakers promises to deliver a great<br />

experience for all involved. So, enjoy the next two days<br />

and hopefully we will see you in Edinburgh when life<br />

returns to normal!<br />

6 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Clearly <strong>2020</strong> has been<br />

a strange year in many<br />

ways. However, the<br />

plight of patients<br />

affected by head and<br />

neck cancer remains a<br />

priority to many of us.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />



2019<br />

It was a great<br />

opportunity<br />

for meeting<br />

friends old<br />

and new.<br />

8 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

NOVEMBER 2019<br />


Attracting an array of health<br />

professionals, caregivers and<br />

patients, the 4th Head and Neck<br />

Cancer Conference was held in<br />

Brighton in November 2019 and the<br />

sun came out to greet all our visitors<br />

from around the world. Check out<br />

the gallery for a look back at the<br />

action from across the two days.<br />

There was a lot of laughter in the<br />

room, it all started from with me<br />

being rescued from the Brighton<br />

sea by the dashing Dr Richard<br />

Simcock in his private helicopter,<br />

with attendance of our very own<br />

20’s beach babes, Anne and Brenda.<br />

Our keynote speakers attended<br />

from all over the globe including<br />

USA, Romania, India and the Czech<br />

Republic. We also had a guest<br />

appearance via the Live Stream from<br />

Marty in Australia for the second<br />

year running.<br />

Eva, from the USA, both inspired<br />

us and very much entertained<br />

everyone in the room with her<br />

unique story telling style; what a<br />

journey Eva had.<br />

We also welcomed back Arthur<br />

from the USA who very much told<br />

his story from the point of being a<br />

surgeon, with humour and style that<br />

is very much “Laughter is the Best<br />

Medicine”. He has since become the<br />

Swallows Charity overseas patron<br />

and we are honoured to have such a<br />

prestigious surgeon in our family.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />



Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid Surgeon NHS Lothian<br />

NRS Fellow | Honorary Clinical Reader | Edinburgh University<br />

<strong>2020</strong> CONFERENCE PRESIDENT<br />

iain Nixon is a clinical and academic ENT surgeon with an<br />

interest in head and neck and thyroid cancer. Following<br />

undergraduate and higher surgical training in Glasgow, he<br />

completed fellowship training in both Guys and St Thomas’<br />

Hospital, London and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer<br />

Centre, New York. In addition to clinical training, Iain<br />

completed a PhD in thyroid cancer clinical outcomes in<br />

2013 in Amsterdam University. Since joining the faculty in<br />

Edinburgh in 2015 he has developed skull base and thyroid<br />

services in NHS Lothian.<br />


Stage 4 Cancer Survivor<br />

Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in September 2017, after<br />

seeing the doctor for a persistent sore throat and cough,<br />

Ben was originally only given 50% chance of survival. At the<br />

start of treatment his cancer was identified in the left tonsil,<br />

throat, roof of mouth and lymph nodes. He went through the<br />

sadly all too familiar route of having a PEG fitted, operations,<br />

followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy with all the<br />

challenges they bring. When treatment ended in December<br />

2017 Ben was left feeling mentally low, sore, no voice and with<br />

no energy. Despite the challenges Ben’s drive, determination,<br />

and inherent desire to grab life “firmly by the balls” meant he<br />

won a new contract and returned to work in January 2018<br />

and joined a local gym in the February. Ben lives with his wife<br />

Sarah, whom he calls his rock, as without her he maintains he<br />

would be in the wrong side of that 50%.<br />


Elaine graduated from The University of Liverpool in<br />

2004 with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Genetics. She undertook a<br />

Ph.D. in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology at the<br />

University of Manchester, receiving her doctorate in<br />

2010. Following this, Elaine worked as a post-doctoral<br />

research associate investigating the effect of ageing on<br />

cutaneous wound healing.<br />

In 2013 Elaine moved to the University of California<br />

San Francisco to begin a Postdoctoral Research Fellow<br />

position in the Program for Craniofacial Biology. In<br />

2017 she was awarded an independent research<br />

position within The Centre for Regenerative Medicine<br />

at The University of Edinburgh to study salivary gland<br />

regeneration following head and neck radiotherapy.<br />

10 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>


Artist in Residence at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine<br />

Emily Fong is an artist exploring life and death, embodiment and<br />

emotion; the experience of existing in a human container. Emily<br />

studied Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University<br />

in Brisbane, Australia and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art<br />

and Design in Dundee, Scotland. She has a BA in Architecture from<br />

The Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and l’École<br />

Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble, France.<br />

As Artist in Residence at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine since<br />

early 2019, Emily has been exploring art-science collaboration as a<br />

model for public engagement with the pilot project G Lands: An<br />

Out Of Body Experience, a groundbreaking art-science collaboration<br />

between herself and Dr. Elaine Emmerson in partnership with<br />

ASCUS Art and Science and a multitude of healthcare professionals<br />

from NHS Lothian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde.<br />


Macmillan Consultant Radiographer<br />

Emma is a Macmillan Consultant Radiographer at The Nottingham<br />

Radiotherapy Centre. After qualifying in 1998 she specialised in<br />

information and support and in 2013 dedicated her role to support<br />

head and neck cancer patients throughout the treatment pathway.<br />

In 2013 she developed and now leads the Award winning Macmillan<br />

Nottingham Radiotherapy Late Effects Service which has been a truly<br />

humbling experience. This bespoke service, the first if its kind within<br />

the UK helps patients with any physical or psychological late effects<br />

that patients may have as a consequence from their treatment.<br />

In recognition of her commitment to her profession Emma was<br />

awarded Radiographer of the Year for the Midlands region 2016 and<br />

other awards include a Quality In Care Award for managing long<br />

term conditions and a Macmillan Excellence Award for developing an<br />

innovative service.<br />


Founder of Salivary Gland Cancer UK<br />

Emma is the founder of Salivary Gland Cancer UK, a Charity focused<br />

on both patient and carer support, and, furthering research into<br />

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and other rare Salivary Gland Cancers.<br />

Emma is Consumer Lead for the National Cancer Research Institute<br />

(‘NCRI’), Chairs the NCRI Consumer Forum and sits on their Head<br />

and Neck Group. She is a member of the European Reference<br />

Network (‘ERN’) Head and Neck EURACAN domain, sits on the<br />

Patient Group Steering Committee and in addition, Emma is a<br />

member of The BMJ patient advisory panel.<br />

She graduated in Experimental Psychology from Corpus Christi<br />

College, Oxford, and more recently she embarked on a Professional<br />

Doctorate Programme in Occupational Health, Psychology, and<br />

Management, having completed a related Masters’ degree in<br />

Occupational Psychology. Emma also holds a MSc in Criminology<br />

from the London School of Economics.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />




Dr Knight has been working in Higher Education (HE) for<br />

the past 10 years and is now Associate Dean for Learning<br />

& Teaching within the School of Engineering & Applied<br />

Sciences at Aston University.<br />

For the past 20 years she has been researching the Human<br />

Papilloma Virus (HPV) life cycle to better understand how it<br />

causes cancer. This research investigates the epidemiology<br />

and natural history of oral HPV infection in the healthy<br />

community, to understand the risk factors associated with<br />

contracting HPV but also to determine how life style can<br />

influence oral infections and investigating the life cycle of<br />

HPV infections in healthy tonsils. Both of these studies are<br />

furthering our understanding of the natural history of HPV<br />

in the oral-pharyngeal region.<br />


Throat cancer survivor and volunteer at The Swallows Charity<br />

John is 72 years young and has been married to Lynda<br />

since 1980. He had planned big celebrations for their ruby<br />

wedding (40 years) in April <strong>2020</strong> but corona virus scuppered<br />

that. He lives in sunny Blackpool and has two married kids<br />

and 6 fantastic grandchildren.<br />

In 2009 he was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and<br />

had Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, but no operation.<br />

After being left with no saliva, John has had to adapt and<br />

overcome in everyday life.<br />

He joined the Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Support<br />

Group and Charity in 2015 as a volunteer, fundraising,<br />

attending events and using his 7 seater car to pick up and<br />

deliver items for the charity shop (which he says is probably<br />

the best charity shop in the world!).<br />


President Mouth Cancer Foundation and Dental Surgeon<br />

Philip is proud to have been recently elected President of<br />

the Mouth Cancer Foundation, a National charity supporting<br />

sufferers and survivors of the disease, spreading awareness<br />

of mouth cancer to professionals and the public. He’s been<br />

involved with the early detection of mouth cancer for many<br />

years and lectured all over the country, written numerous<br />

articles for the professional press as well as giving interviews for<br />

radio and national newspapers. He’s published online training<br />

courses for dental team members, liaised with medical<br />

practices and prepared information for the general public.<br />

In his spare time he runs a full-time dental practice on the Isle<br />

of Wight with the help of a dental therapist. His wife Joy and<br />

daughter Chloe both work at the practice with him and are<br />

both involved with the Mouth Cancer Foundation so it’s really<br />

something of a family effort!<br />

12 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>


H&N Cancer Survivor and Academic Pharmacist<br />

Ros Dowse has lived with recurring HNC for 22 years, having had<br />

6 occurrences and multiple operations, with the 2 major ones<br />

being a hemiglossectomy (2002) and mandibulectomy (2013).<br />

She is an academic pharmacist, and a researcher with a focus on<br />

health communication.<br />

But it was her 3-week stay in hospital for her mandibulectomy,<br />

and the unnecessary suffering she endured there that prompted<br />

her to make her voice heard as a patient. She now talks as a<br />

patient advocate to the health professions at HNC conferences<br />

around the world, integrating her life roles of patient, researcher<br />

and health professional to provide much-needed insight into “my<br />

world, the real, lived world of HNC patients, with all its immense<br />

physical, functional, and emotional challenges that affect every<br />

aspect of our lives every single day”.<br />



Director of the Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine within the<br />

Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh<br />

Professor Tim Aitman is the Director of the Centre for Genomic<br />

and Experimental Medicine within the MRC Institute of Genetics<br />

and Molecular Medicine. He is Professor of Molecular Pathology<br />

and Genetics at the University of Edinburgh and Consultant<br />

Physician in NHS Lothian.<br />

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of the Royal<br />

Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh and of the<br />

Academy of Medical Sciences and co-PI of the Scottish Genomes<br />

Partnership, a nationally important collaboration with the NHS<br />

and Genomics England. He was the Specialist Advisor for the 2009<br />

House of Lords Inquiry in Genomic Medicine.<br />


Registered dietitian, board certified specialist in oncology nutrition<br />

and certified nutrition support clinician<br />

Whitney Christie is a registered dietitian, board certified specialist<br />

in oncology nutrition and certified nutrition support clinician.<br />

Whitney works for Morrison’s Healthcare at Mary Washington<br />

Healthcare’s Regional Cancer Center in Fredericksburg, VA. She<br />

has been working “in the trenches” with patients for 15 years, the<br />

majority of that in the cancer setting.<br />

She has participated in multiple quality improvement and<br />

research projects related to head and neck cancer. She helped<br />

form a head and neck cancer support group at her hospital and<br />

helps organize monthly care planning conferences for head and<br />

neck cancer patients. Whitney has a Bachelor’s of Science in Food<br />

and Nutrition from West Virginia University and a Master’s of<br />

Science in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />



Advocate for Head & Neck Cancer Carers<br />

Derek is 66 years old and retired, having spent most of<br />

my working life in sales and marketing roles for various<br />

manufacturing and distribution companies in the UK. His<br />

wife was diagnosed with mouth cancer in October 2018<br />

and it was at that time he became aware of The Swallows<br />

Charity as well as the start of his journey as a carer.<br />

It was a relatively short journey as his wife lost her fight<br />

against the cancer in May 2019 but it was packed with<br />

‘highs and lows’ and ‘good and bad’ experiences of<br />

a typical head and neck cancer carer in the UK. It is<br />

from those experiences that he decided to become an<br />

advocate for carers in an effort to try to improve both<br />

communication with and acceptance of head and neck<br />

cancer carers within the treatment system.<br />


Oncology Dietitian at Lowell General Hospital’s Cancer Centre<br />

in Massachusetts, USA<br />

Kylie is the Oncology Dietitian at Lowell General Hospital’s<br />

Cancer Center in Massachusetts, USA. Kylie is a Registered<br />

and Licensed Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition<br />

and works as a member of a comprehensive multidisciplinary<br />

care team in the Cancer Center.<br />

She focuses on nutrition assessment, identification and<br />

treatment of malnutrition, provision of medical nutrition<br />

therapy (MNT) and education and counseling to improve,<br />

maintain or optimize nutritional status through the course<br />

of treatment. Kylie is also a member of the Cancer Center’s<br />

head and neck clinic, which includes ENT, Radiation<br />

oncology and Speech Therapy.<br />



Consultant Speech and Language Therapist<br />

Justin is a clinical-academic and service lead, specialising<br />

in dysphagia in benign and malignant head and neck<br />

disease. He is the Clinical Service Lead at the National<br />

Centre for Airway Reconstruction/ ENT Service at Imperial<br />

College Healthcare NHS Trust and Consultant Speech and<br />

Language Therapist (SLT)/ Joint Head of the Department<br />

of Speech, Voice and Swallowing at the Royal Marsden<br />

NHS Foundation Trust. He holds an honorary academic<br />

appointment in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at<br />

Imperial College London. He is a Royal College of Speech<br />

and Language Therapists (RCSLT) Specialist Advisor for<br />

head and neck cancer and palliative care and member of<br />

the COVID-19 Advisory Group.<br />

14 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>



Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Psycho-oncology<br />

Alex leads the specialist Psycho-oncology (cancer psychological<br />

support) team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS (London, UK)<br />

and is actively engaged in the development of psychologicallyminded<br />

cancer pathways (e.g. TCST London psychosocial care<br />

<strong>2020</strong>) and programs (PREPARE prehabilitation program, winner<br />

of the 2017 BMJ Awards for Surgery and Patient Partnership).<br />

He obtained his BSc with combined honours in social<br />

psychology with computing at the University of Kent and his<br />

MSc in psychoanalytic developmental psychology and D.Clin.Psy.<br />

doctorate of clinical psychology at University College, London.<br />

Clinically, his approach draws flexibly on cognitive-analytic,<br />

solution-focused and cognitive-behavioural models, and he has<br />

a particular interest in treatment decision-making, coping on<br />

acute inpatient wards, and long-term effects.<br />

Lead Nurse for Research at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and<br />

a Professor of Practice in Cancer Nursing at Imperial College<br />

Mary graduated as a nurse from Guy’s Hospital and South Bank with<br />

a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies in 1988. She has a Masters<br />

in Cancer Care (with Distinction) from the Institute of Cancer<br />

Research (1995) and a PhD from the University of Dundee (2007).<br />

She moved to Imperial in November 2017 from the University of<br />

Stirling, where she was a Professor of Cancer Nursing Research and<br />

Practice at the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions<br />

Research Unit (NMAHP-RU). She was previously a Senior Lecturer<br />

at the University of Dundee, and has a clinical background in<br />

radiotherapy and oncology, and head and neck cancer care. Mary’s<br />

main research interest is cancer rehabilitation and survivorship and<br />

she has published widely on this topic.<br />


Chairman, <strong>2020</strong> Voice Cancer.org<br />

Phil was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2009. He started chemo/<br />

radiotherapy but after a year his consultant was concerned that things<br />

were no further forward that when he was initially diagnosed. His life<br />

was saved; at the cost of his voice box, but he now speaks fluent Dalek<br />

using an electro-larynx after being a full lary on Nov 9th 2010.<br />

Although Phil’s care and treatment was superb, he was greatly<br />

aggravated that his specialist team bemoaned the fact that spending<br />

cuts were having a direct affect on the equipment needed, which<br />

was vital to treating the condition. It took Phil 2 years to ‘get back on<br />

his feet’ after which he set up a charity call 20-20 Voice Cancer to help<br />

other larys where hospitals can’t or couldn’t due to NHS cuts.<br />

Nearly 4 years on from that original promise they are a fully registered<br />

charity, having their best year yet, and gathering more and more<br />

supporters as we become more widely known with a solid ‘backroom<br />

team’ of Trustees.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />



Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon<br />

Medical Director of Otolaryngology Multidisciplinary Clinic<br />

Arthur is an otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon in<br />

Lowell, Massachusetts.<br />

Board certified in Otolaryngology and in Clinical Informatics,<br />

he serves as the Medical Director for the Lowell General<br />

Hospital Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Clinic and is<br />

the former Chief Medical Officer of Circle Health at Lowell<br />

General.<br />

He also teaches at Harvard Medical School, Boston University<br />

School of Medicine, and Tufts University School of Medicine.<br />

He is dedicated to quality improvement, evidence based<br />

medicine, and the use of clinical informatics to maximize<br />

the benefits of the health care system.<br />


Senior Research Fellow in the Supportive Cancer Care group<br />

at Oxford Brookes University<br />

Jo has conducted health research for over 25 years, firstly on the<br />

psychological consequences of cancer screening and early signs<br />

and symptoms of cancer, and more recently on the psycho-social<br />

impact of cancer survivorship. She works across the different types<br />

of cancer conducting research on the information and support<br />

needs of cancer patients and their caregivers to inform patient<br />

centred care pathways. More recently she has been involved in<br />

digital media and augmented reality to support cancer survivors<br />

live well after cancer.<br />

She is currently a co-applicant on two large National Institute<br />

for Health Research Programme (NIHR) grants and principle<br />

investigator/co-applicant on several charity funded studies,<br />

including CR UK, Blood Cancer UK, Bowel Cancer UK,<br />

Pancreatic Cancer UK and OCCTOPUS – The Oxford Colon<br />

Cancer Trust.<br />


Chief Medical Officer, Rutherford Health Plc<br />

Professor Edward Karol Sikora has fifty years of experience as<br />

an oncologist treating patients worldwide and is a founder<br />

member of Rutherford Health Plc. Rutherford Health is at<br />

the vanguard of advancing cancer care, developing and<br />

building a UK network of oncology centres known as the<br />

Rutherford Cancer Centres, offering a comprehensive range<br />

of cancer treatments including proton beam therapy.<br />

He is the Former Chief of the World Health Organisation’s<br />

Cancer Programme and is the founding team member and<br />

Clinical Director of Cancer Partners UK. Karol has gained<br />

unprecedented social media following during the Covid-19<br />

pandemic – leading the way for Rutherford Health and<br />

Rutherford Cancer Centres to stand up for cancer patients<br />

who he could see were getting ignored in the face of the<br />

Coronavirus surge.<br />

16 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>


Journal Development Specialist, Frontiers<br />

Dominic Kaye, a King’s College London honours graduate in<br />

Biochemistry, has several years of experience in the Oncology field,<br />

having worked in both the United Kingdom and Switzerland.<br />

Dominic first worked in the pharmaceutical industry researching<br />

anti-cancer therapeutics, and later made the move to scientific<br />

publishing, currently working for Frontiers in Oncology in Switzerland.<br />

Since joining, he has overseen over 3,500 research papers and more<br />

than 100 article collections, working with collaborators from around<br />

the globe.<br />

Dominic is a member of the European Society for Medical Oncology<br />

(ESMO), and the African Organisation for Research and Training in<br />

Cancer (AORTIC). In parallel to his role with Frontiers in Oncology,<br />

Dominic is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree with the<br />

University of Edinburgh.<br />


Hospital & Community Development specialist for Kapitex Healthcare<br />

Joanna joined Kapitex Healthcare in June 2019 after 14 years<br />

of working for another leading DAC with Laryngectomy and<br />

Tracheostomy Products. Her experience, passion and knowledge<br />

of the laryngectomy market, coupled with the fact that Kapitex<br />

Healthcare are one of the most respected companies within their<br />

field was one of her main reasons for joining Kapitex. Working<br />

directly with the Marketing Director and Sales Director, Joanna is<br />

one of the key personnel responsible for supporting the launch and<br />

promotion of Kapitex new Phoniq Laryngectomy Range of products.<br />

As her role is nationwide it enables her to work closely across the<br />

country with Speech and language therapists, Head & Neck CNS<br />

as well as having the opportunity to work directly with the many<br />

laryngectomees who attend patient support group meetings.<br />



Consultant Otolaryngologist, University Hospital of Wales<br />

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University<br />

David is a Consultant ENT surgeon and have been working at the<br />

University Hospital of Wales and as part of the South East Wales Head<br />

and Neck Cancer Network since 2011. He has a research interest and<br />

is involved in a number of trials aimed at improving treatment. He<br />

has been involved in studies evaluating survivorship issues in people<br />

following treatment for Head and Neck Cancer.<br />

As part of his clinical role, he has found it a privilege to work with<br />

and treat many people who have suffered with Head and Neck<br />

cancer, assisting them through their entire journey from concern<br />

to diagnosis, treatment, post treatment care and survivorship. The<br />

journey can be hard and is often difficult for the patient, their families<br />

and the health professionals involved, but working together eases<br />

the burden and enhances care.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />






LIVE FROM 10AM<br />

EMMA KINLOCH (ENGLAND) Founder of Salivary Gland Cancer UK<br />

TALK: ‘Meeting the unmet needs for Salivary Gland Cancer’<br />

KYLIE GIARRUSSO (USA) Oncology Cancer Lead<br />

TALK: ‘The Role as Head & Neck Cancer Navigator’<br />

DR JUSTIN ROE (ENGLAND) Consultant Speech & Language Therapist<br />

TALK: ‘Patients as partners improving care pathway’<br />

WHITNEY CHRISTIE (USA) Specialist in Oncology Nutrition<br />


TALK: ‘Benefits of working with a Nutritionist before,<br />

during and after Head & Neck Cancer’<br />

TALK: ‘Taking care of our Caregivers’<br />

ARTHUR LAURETANO MD (USA) Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Live Q&A Session with all speakers’<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong><br />





IAIN NIXON (SCOTLAND) Conference President, Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Welcome address’<br />

PHILIP LEWIS (ENGLAND) Dental Surgeon & President of the Mouth Cancer Foundation<br />

TALK: ‘Keeping well in a COVID-19 World’<br />

ROS DOWSE (SOUTH AFRICA) Head & Neck Cancer Survivor 22 years<br />

TALK: ‘We survive treatment, and then have to live with its after effects; we can do it’<br />

JOHN HOLMES (ENGLAND) Head & Neck Cancer Survivor<br />

TALK: ‘No spit, managing dry mouth and no saliva for 11 years’<br />

EMILY FONG (SCOTLAND) Artist in Residence Centre of Regenerated Medicine<br />

TALK: ‘G-Lands an out of body experience/Journey of the Salivary Gland’<br />

DAVID OWENS (WALES) Consultant Otolaryngologist, University Hospital of Wales<br />

ARTHUR LAURETANO (USA) Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Live Q&A Session with all speakers’<br />

IAIN NIXON (SCOTLAND) Conference President, Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Day 1 closing address’<br />

18 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>




LIVE FROM 10AM<br />


TALK: ‘Day 2 welcome address’<br />


TALK: ‘What’s happening in head and neck cancer survivorship research?’<br />


TALK: ‘Working with next generation of researchers’<br />


TALK: ‘Saliva Gland Project’<br />

PROFESSOR TIM AITMAN (SCOTLAND) Director of the Centre for Genomic & Experimental<br />

Medicine within the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh<br />

TALK: ‘Liquid Biopsy for diagnoses of Head & Neck Cancer’<br />

DOMINIC KAYE (SWITZERLAND) Journal Development Specialist, Frontiers<br />

TALK: ‘Research Awards presentations from the winners and Live Q&A’<br />





IAIN NIXON (SCOTLAND) Conference President, Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Day 2 afternoon session introduction’<br />

EMMA HALLAM (ENGLAND) Consultant Radiographer<br />

TALK: ‘Supporting patients living with & beyond late effects of treatment’<br />

BEN SHEARD (ENGLAND) Stage 4 survivor<br />

TALK: ‘Keep Moving, Keep Smiling, Keep Going’<br />

DR ALEX KING (ENGLAND) Consultant Clinical Psychologist<br />

TALK: ‘Psychologist care for cancer treatment & recovery’<br />

PHIL JOHNSON (ENGLAND) Larynegectomy survivor<br />

TALK: ‘Life begins on the table’<br />

ARTHUR LAURETANO MD (USA) Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Live Q&A Session with all speakers’<br />

IAIN NIXON (SCOTLAND) Conference President, Consultant ENT / Head and Neck / Thyroid Surgeon<br />

TALK: ‘Day 2 and conference closing address’<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


We are in the business of breakthroughs – the kind that transform<br />

patients’ lives. Dedicated to our mission of discovering, developing<br />

and delivering innovations that help patients prevail over serious<br />

diseases and strengthen our communities. We’ll never give up on<br />

our search for more hope, for more people, around the world.<br />

Visit bms.com/gb to see how we’re driving meaningful change for patients, their loved<br />

ones and for the communities and societies we all share.<br />

© <strong>2020</strong> Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. All rights reserved. October <strong>2020</strong> NOUK2000982-08<br />

20 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Our Caregivers<br />

are important too<br />

Carers are the unseen heroes,<br />

so we are shaping the future for<br />

all our carers<br />

The reality is that when someone is diagnosed with a long-term health condition, like<br />

cancer, those around them - particularly those living within the same home - inevitably<br />

become a carer to some degree. The truth is, however, the caring role is usually an<br />

additional, and sometimes all consuming role added lo existing roles of partner, parent,<br />

or friend, for ex<strong>amp</strong>le. It can mean time previously spent on yourself is now taken up<br />

with caring.<br />

If this is sounding familiar then it’s time to take some positive action. Seek some<br />

help and advice from your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. Carers’<br />

organisations are an excellent source of advice, help, and resources.<br />

There’s no shame in asking for help - we all need help sometime.<br />

“ ”<br />

You guys are great listeners<br />

and offer so much support<br />

when we needed it.<br />

(Patient, <strong>2020</strong>)<br />

You are not alone<br />

Please join us at our monthly meetings<br />

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month<br />

Email: info@theswallows.org.uk for meeting info<br />

Frustated • Isolated • Neglected • Emotional<br />

24/7 Patient and Carer support line service:<br />

07504 725 059<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


The Swallows<br />

support box<br />

project takes<br />

first flight!<br />

As COVID-19 took hold The<br />

Swallows Charity looked at how<br />

they could best assist patients and<br />

carers during this pandemic. After<br />

speaking with patients, carers,<br />

health professionals and medical<br />

companies it became apparent<br />

that help was needed in the form<br />

of support boxes with products that<br />

would assist the patient with the<br />

various side effects that they may<br />

have during and post treatment.<br />

These products had become harder<br />

for them to source themselves due<br />

to the pandemic restrictions.<br />

So, our project ‘Swallows Head &<br />

Neck Cancer Support Box’, was<br />

born. In these boxes we put copies<br />

of our Patient and Carers Book,<br />

awareness posters, information<br />

leaflets, and a large selection<br />

of product s<strong>amp</strong>les from varies<br />

companies.<br />

These s<strong>amp</strong>les are complimentary<br />

to the patient and are supplied by<br />

companies we partner with and<br />

are known as our Friends of the<br />

Swallows.<br />

Our funding request<br />

The cost of each box we send is on average<br />

£10 and we are sending around 20 a week,<br />

so if anyone would like help us by funding a<br />

week’s deliver cost that would be fantastic,<br />

just email: sharon@theswallows.org.uk with<br />

your pledge.<br />

The Swallows support group is for all people<br />

suffering from any Head & Neck Cancers and<br />

we offer support in several ways:<br />

• Patient & Caregiver book Filled with<br />

advice, experiences and resources for<br />

patients and caregivers.<br />

• Patient & Caregiver meetings are<br />

held on the 2nd Wednesday of every<br />

month, from 7pm to 8.30pm. These<br />

meetings give you an opportunity to speak to<br />

like-minded people who have been affected<br />

by this cancer. You can find more information<br />

on our website (www.theswallows.org.uk)<br />

• 24/7 support line (07504 725059)<br />

This is a manned phone line offering 1-2-1<br />

support with either a patient or a carer. We<br />

offer an ear and can relate to what you are<br />

going through as we have been there. We<br />

can signpost you for further help, we are<br />

not medically trained and will not give out<br />

medical advice.<br />

22 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

We need you to get in touch<br />

We are also very keen to speak with health professionals<br />

to let them know more about our charity and the support<br />

we offer. If you would like us come and talk to your team<br />

please contact Chris and he can arrange a meeting.<br />

If you are a patient or caregiver needing one of our<br />

support boxes please email:<br />

info@theswallows.org.uk or<br />

call the 24/7 Support Line 07504 725 059.<br />

Hi Chris, can I say a big thank<br />

you for your box of items for<br />

My partner Ian he was so<br />

overwhelmed with everything<br />

you have sent and I must admit I<br />

had a wee few tears too.<br />

Your organisation is a wonderful<br />

support to people like ourselves<br />

and I will certainly let people<br />

know what a help you have been<br />

to us both.<br />

God bless all of you.<br />

Caregiver<br />

We received the box, many<br />

thanks, John used the milkshakes<br />

as extra calories when he was<br />

just starting to eat again whilst<br />

coming off peg feeds, he is now<br />

completely off the peg. He did<br />

have very thick mucus, but that<br />

has gone and now he has a dry<br />

mouth, he has found the mints<br />

good, and the Saliveaze and<br />

mouthwash has helped too.<br />

Caregiver<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Support for all affected by<br />

Head & Neck<br />

Cancer<br />

You are not alone<br />

Please join us at our<br />

monthly meetings<br />

Meet like-minded people at our monthly meetings<br />

across the UK - every 2nd Wednesday of the month<br />

24/7<br />

Patient and Carer<br />

support line service:<br />

07504<br />

725 059<br />

Patients, carers and family members all welcome<br />

To find your local support group visit<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk or call 01253 428 940<br />

24 theswallowscancersupport @swallowsgroup H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Visit www.gelclair.net<br />

Gelclair ®<br />

relieves Oral<br />

Muscositis<br />

pain in an easy<br />

and safe way<br />

Gelclair ® is an oral gel that helps to<br />

relieve the pain associated with oral<br />

mucositis and other treatment-related<br />

oral lesions.<br />

Gelclair ® does this by forming a<br />

protective coating inside the mouth,<br />

which quickly and effectively helps<br />

to manage the pain and can help<br />

improve a person’s ability to eat and<br />

drink. Gelclair can help provide pain<br />

relief, soothing mouth lesions including<br />

those caused by medication, disease,<br />

radiotherapy, chemotherapy and<br />

traumatic ulcers caused by dental<br />

braces, dentures and ageing.<br />

How does Gelclair ® work?<br />

Gelclair ® is a Poly-Vinyl-Pyrrolidone (PVP)<br />

and Hyaluronic Acid-based viscous oral gel<br />

that forms a protective film that adheres to<br />

the oral mucosa and is very well tolerated.<br />

The protective film shields the exposed<br />

nerves, due to oral lesions, for 5-7 hours<br />

from the first administration, offering a<br />

92% of pain reduction2,3. Gelclair ® can<br />

help patients maintain a normal dietary<br />

and fluid intake and undertake a full dose<br />

of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Dry Mouth?<br />

Don’t ignore it.<br />

R<br />

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia), is a distressing and debilitating<br />

condition that can have a profound impact on a person’s<br />

quality of life.<br />

Keeping hydrated is very important, but this alone is<br />

often not enough. Therefore, to help relieve Dry Mouth<br />

symptoms, clinicians often prescribe a saliva substitute.<br />

Due to its long history in clinically proven Dry Mouth<br />

relief, they often choose A.S Saliva Orthana to get the<br />

best results for their patients.<br />

Unlike most other Dry Mouth products, ours are pH<br />

neutral. This is important, as any increase in acidity<br />

levels can result in additional mouth soreness and<br />

accelerated tooth decay.<br />

The A.S Saliva Orthana Range<br />

Dry Mouth relief<br />

Available in 50ml oral pump spray, 500ml refill and<br />

lozenges, see our website for more details.<br />

• Clinically proven<br />

• Easy to use & long-lasting<br />

• Pump action spray, no propellent<br />

• Creates a protective oral coating<br />

• Mild flavoured and pH neutral<br />

• Based on natural mucin<br />

• On prescription<br />

26 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Relieve it!<br />

Dry Dry Mouth Mouth Relief Relief<br />

nt<br />

g<br />

Unlike Unlike most most other other Dry Dry Mouth Mouth products, ours ours are are pH pH<br />

neutral. neutral. This This is important, as any as any increase increase acidity in acidity levels levels<br />

can can result result in in additional mouth mouth soreness soreness and and accelerated<br />

tooth tooth decay. decay.<br />

For For more more information on on Dry Dry Mouth Mouth and and our our range, range, or or<br />

request request a s<strong>amp</strong>le a s<strong>amp</strong>le call call us 01264 us 01264 332172 332172 or visit or visit<br />

www.CCMed.co.uk<br />


@DryMouth_Relief<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


The Burden of Xerostomia in Oncology<br />

Summary of complications of cancer treatment:<br />

• nausea and vomiting (early onset)<br />

• dental demineralisation<br />

• altered taste (starts about 2nd week)<br />

• mucositis/stomatitis (starts about 2nd week)<br />

• xerostomia/salivary gland dysfunction<br />

(starts about 3rd week)<br />

• hypersensitive teeth (early and delayed onset)<br />

• burning mouth<br />

• erythema and oedema of skin, facial tissues<br />

Source: Mouth Cancer Foundation<br />

Oral impact of radiotherapy treatment:<br />

• bacterial, viral, or fungal infection<br />

(secondary infections)<br />

• nutritional compromise, dysphagia<br />

• difficulty chewing and reduction in ability to<br />

chewing<br />

• altered speech<br />

Damage to the salivary glands<br />

After 1 week:<br />

• Decrease in flow of saliva<br />

• Increased viscosity of saliva<br />

• Changes in saliva composition<br />

• Decrease in pH<br />

• Decrease in the buffering action of saliva<br />

Long Term:<br />

• Saliva flow may not be reinstated<br />

• Dry Mouth state can be irreversible<br />

Oral impact of chemotherapy treatment:<br />

Probability of mouth infections:<br />

• Direct effect of the medication<br />

• Indirect effect of systemic<br />

immuno-suppression<br />

• Decrease in the buffering action of saliva<br />

• Decrease in pH<br />

• Increase in Candidiasis<br />

• Mucositis (extremely painful), ulcers, etc.<br />

Observations during treatment:<br />

• Decrease in saliva flow<br />

• Decrease in the antibacterial agents in saliva<br />

• Decrease in the buffering action of saliva<br />

• Decrease in pH<br />

• Increase in Candidiasis<br />

• Mucositis (extremely painful), ulcers, etc.<br />

Long term:<br />

• Salivary flow normal but antibacterial<br />

concentration low<br />

• Yeast rate still high<br />

• Dry Mouth can be irreversible<br />

28 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

In August 2018 I noticed a<br />

painful ulcer on the side of my<br />

tongue. After getting it checked, I<br />

was initially told it was due to my tongue<br />

scraping against my teeth. However, this didn’t heal.<br />

After a long waited hospital referral and several<br />

appointments later, I was finally given a biopsy.<br />

I was diagnosed in February<br />

with Stage 2 Oral Cancer at<br />

20 years old.<br />

At such a young age I struggled to even say the<br />

words ‘I have cancer’. I also had four months left of my<br />

psychology degree and couldn’t focus on anything<br />

other than how I was going to complete this.<br />

My parents got me private treatment quickly and as<br />

the cancer was aggressive, progressing to stage 3<br />

and on the way to my blood cells, I’m not sure I’d<br />

be sitting here writing this if wasn’t for them. They<br />

took a lot of the weight off, dealing with the letters<br />

and appointments, I just showed up. But seeing<br />

your parents go through it also, and see how much<br />

time they had to take off work, how much they were<br />

spending to keep me alive is one of the stresses as<br />

a young person I went through.<br />

In March I had my surgery. A hemiglossectomy<br />

with tongue reconstruction and a lymph neck<br />

dissection. Even though It was all explained what<br />

they were going to do to me, none of us were quite<br />

prepared for the effects of treatment. After a 14 hour<br />

long surgery, I was put into ICU and woke up a<br />

day later. 3 blurred days slowly went by and I was<br />

allowed to go up to the ward, making me feel a little<br />

human again. My expected stay was 2 weeks, but<br />

I wanted to get out as soon as I possibly could and<br />

challenged the doctor’s views. I sped up my healing<br />

with exercises every day and practiced positive<br />

thinking. This got me out of the hospital in just over<br />

a week.<br />

Rhianne’s<br />

Story<br />

After 6 weeks of recovery at home, I went for my<br />

PEG feeding tube placement procedure. My mask<br />

was made and I was ready for round 2 of treatment,<br />

radiotherapy. After about 2 weeks the symptoms hit<br />

me like a ton of bricks. Ulcers filled my mouth whilst<br />

my neck was burnt and bleeding. I had another<br />

3 months of pain with no ability to eat or at times<br />

speak. But every day was getting better, my 21st<br />

birthday came round in July and I went out for my<br />

first proper meal.<br />

Being a young female the effect cancer had on my<br />

appearance was a main worry. I remember dressing<br />

the best I could throughout treatment until I had<br />

to give in to tracksuit bottoms and scruffy hair. I<br />

embraced my scars and never let that worry me, I<br />

felt unique and they were my “tattoos”.<br />

I felt less confident with the swelling on my neck<br />

and face and how my tongue looked, but it’s<br />

something you realise people don’t really notice<br />

as much as you do. But the one good thing about<br />

being young with a cancer diagnosis is the drive. I<br />

had so much motivation and drive to get better and<br />

do exactly as the doctors advised that I exceeded<br />

recovery expectations. This drive also pushed me to<br />

graduate with my goal of a first, when told I wouldn’t<br />

be able to graduate in the first place.<br />

I’m now ready to utilise my speedy recovery to<br />

support others; whether it’s tips on what to eat<br />

during treatment, maintaining oral hygiene with the<br />

least amount of pain and remaining positive. Being<br />

a young female that had oral cancer was difficult,<br />

but with positive thinking and a great support<br />

system I’m feeling myself again.<br />

I can’t thank my family enough for all their support.<br />

My Mum and Dad; Maria and Tony Hollis who<br />

visited me in hospital and drove me to my treatment<br />

every day. Without them I might not be writing<br />

this. My sisters; Abbie and Alayna for the constant<br />

support and making me feel “normal”, and my<br />

boyfriend Jack Cox for visiting me every single day<br />

in hospital.<br />


#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />

To read more patient stories or patient support, visit: www.theswallows.org.uk<br />


Coping with<br />

Dry Mouth<br />

for Head & Neck<br />

Cancer Patients<br />

Living with<br />

dry mouth<br />

ORALIEVEsymptoms:<br />

Dry mouth is one of the most<br />

common complications during<br />

and after radiotherapy for<br />

head and neck cancer, and<br />

it is important to understand<br />

how to keep on top of your<br />

oral health to avoid further<br />

complications.<br />

Radiotherapy or<br />

chemotherapy to the head<br />

and neck can damage your<br />

salivary glands, causing a dry<br />

mouth. Your salivary glands<br />

may gradually recover but it<br />

can take 6 months or even<br />

longer to start noticing an<br />

improvement.<br />

If your mouth is dry from<br />

treatment you may notice<br />

some of the following<br />

A need to drink water<br />

which can lead to frequent<br />

urination and interrupted<br />

sleep<br />

Increased tooth decay or<br />

bleeding gums<br />

Difficulty in tasting and<br />

swallowing food<br />

Cracked or chapped lips<br />

Bad breath or a rough<br />

tongue<br />

A sore or sensitive mouth<br />

Thick, viscous, sticky saliva<br />

30 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Why water alone<br />

isn’t enough<br />

One of the most frequently<br />

used saliva substitutes is water.<br />

Water can be used as a saliva<br />

replacement however, it does ORALIEVE<br />

not moisten, lubricate and<br />

replace what your mouth has<br />

lost after undergoing head and<br />

neck cancer treatment.<br />

Furthermore, it has been<br />

reported that patients who<br />

compensate through frequent<br />

sips of water often show a<br />

decrease in sleep quality due<br />

to the increased frequency<br />

of urination.<br />

The importance of saliva<br />

It helps protect your teeth<br />

from the acids and sugars<br />

in your diet, helping to<br />

prevent tooth decay<br />

It helps remove bacteria<br />

and residual food from<br />

your mouth which can<br />

cause tooth decay and<br />

gum disease by flushing<br />

it into the gut<br />

The anti-microbial<br />

mechanisms help to<br />

control the balance of<br />

bacteria in the mouth<br />

It helps keep the tissues of<br />

your mouth including your<br />

tongue, lips, cheeks and<br />

gums healthy<br />

It helps you to swallow<br />

and digest food and even<br />

facilitates taste<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Top tips for dry mouth<br />

Add ice to drinks or try sucking ice<br />

cubes to soothe a dry mouth<br />

Consider the use of a<br />

moisturising gel or spray<br />

You may find eating cold food<br />

more soothing than hot food<br />

Avoid very dry foods, which can<br />

stick to the top of your mouth<br />


Keep food moist with gravies<br />

and sauces to aid swallowing<br />

If your mouth is sore avoid salty<br />

or spicy food that may sting, or<br />

rough-textured food such as toast<br />

Clean your mouth after eating with<br />

a soft brush and a mild toothpaste<br />

and choose an alcohol free fluoride<br />

mouthwash with a mild flavour to<br />

aid with cleansing<br />

If you wear dentures remove them<br />

for as long as you can at night<br />

and clean them with a specialist<br />

cleanser<br />

Tell your doctor or pharmacist about your dry mouth and<br />

ask your dentist for oral health advice<br />

32 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>


relief range<br />

comfort range<br />

To find out more about<br />

Oralieve and their dry mouth<br />

product range, visit:<br />

www.oralieve.co.uk<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


One cold and wet night<br />

late in January <strong>2020</strong><br />

A blog by Chris Curtis,<br />

Chief Executive Officer of The Swallows<br />

The COVID-19 pandemic in<br />

the United Kingdom is part<br />

of the worldwide pandemic<br />

of coronavirus disease 2019<br />

(COVID-19) caused by severe<br />

acute respiratory syndrome<br />

coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).<br />

On a cold and wet day in<br />

January <strong>2020</strong> the UK listened<br />

to a short news bulletin that<br />

COVID-19 had landed in the<br />

UK with its first case. I wonder<br />

how many people thought of<br />

the devastating impact it would<br />

have?<br />

I also remember talking to<br />

some friends and saying how<br />

bad it was in China, but never<br />

thought it was coming our way<br />

some six weeks later…<br />

23rd<br />

March<br />

In a televised address, Boris<br />

Johnson announces new<br />

strict rules applicable to<br />

the entire United Kingdom<br />

with the aim to slow the<br />

spread of the disease, by<br />

reducing transmission of the<br />

disease between different<br />

households. The British public are instructed that they must<br />

stay at home, except for certain “very limited purposes” –<br />

shopping for essential items (such as food and medicine);<br />

one form of outdoor exercise each day (such as running,<br />

walking or cycling), either alone or with others who live in<br />

the same household; for any medical need, or to provide<br />

care to a vulnerable person; and to travel to and from<br />

work where this is “absolutely necessary” and the work in<br />

question cannot be done from home.<br />

26 th<br />

March<br />

However, when<br />

restrictions cam<br />

force on 26 Mar<br />

statutory instrum<br />

England omitted<br />

limit on the num<br />

exercise session<br />

All non-essential<br />

libraries, places<br />

worship, playgro<br />

and outdoor gym<br />

closed, and polic<br />

given powers to<br />

the measures, in<br />

the use of fines.<br />

Our Monthly International<br />

Patient & Caregivers Meetings<br />

We also started our virtual Support Group<br />

meeting in April with 42 attendees from<br />

the UK and every month increased the<br />

number of attendees, with August having<br />

116 attendees from 22 countries including<br />

China, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia,<br />

USA, UK, Taiwan and many more.<br />

We hold the meeting every second<br />

Wednesday of the month starting at 18:30<br />

BST and finishing around 21:00 with<br />

speakers from around the world including<br />

Surgeons, Nurses, Patients, Caregivers,<br />

and Industry all talking about Head &<br />

Neck Cancer.<br />

Join us online on the second Wednesday of every mo<br />

Our 24/7 Patient and Carer suppor<br />

service is answered by a real per<br />

34 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

29 th<br />

March<br />

30 th<br />

March<br />

these<br />

e into<br />

ch, the<br />

ent for<br />

any<br />

ber of<br />

s.<br />

shops,<br />

of<br />

unds<br />

s are<br />

e are<br />

enforce<br />

cluding<br />

The government will send a letter to 30 million households warning things<br />

will “get worse before they get better,” and that tighter restrictions could<br />

be implemented if necessary. The letter will also be accompanied by a<br />

leaflet setting out the government’s lockdown rules along with health<br />

information. Now the impact on Head & Neck Cancer patients and<br />

caregivers start…<br />

Over the coming months our 24/7 Support Line became very busy with<br />

both patients and caregivers call with concerns they could not talk to<br />

the teams at the hospital as lines were busy or not being answered.<br />

Loneliness, frustration, uncertainty, fear, unanswered questions, isolation,<br />

eating and drinking problems, the need to talk with someone who<br />

understands are just a selection of the topics in the call.<br />

Most calls prior to Covid-19 were between the hours of 22:00 and 6:00<br />

the next day with very few calls through the day as patients had a direct<br />

way to contact their health team.<br />

Then Monday, 30th March<br />

started with the first call at<br />

10am. “I can’t contact my<br />

nurse, what should I do?”<br />

The line has just got busier<br />

and busier throughout the<br />

months, going from an<br />

average of 10 calls a month<br />

prior to Covid-19, and now<br />

fast tracking forward to August<br />

seeing total calls of 48 during<br />

10:00 to 22:00, and 21 during<br />

22:00 and 5:00.<br />

What have we learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic?<br />

nth<br />

t line<br />

son<br />

Patient Advocates:<br />

One important thing is the importance of the advocate in supporting, signposting and more importantly an ear<br />

for patients and caregivers to off load their concerns, thoughts and worries in a time when they do not have<br />

immediate access to their health team.<br />

Health teams:<br />

Our health teams should look to be better prepared for the future by using patient advocates, support groups and<br />

charities within the ‘Pathway’ to a greater use and help them deal with the patients & caregivers in the community<br />

waiting, going through or post treatment stages. This would free up time to allow the health team to deal with<br />

patients who need to come in or are in hospital. The NHS Commissioners need to look at the savings, patient<br />

experience and improved patient outcomes a service like ours deliver then look to commission the service with<br />

agreed deliverables.<br />

The Ask...<br />

What is the need for the next coming months? Overall, patient advocacy groups are under extreme pressure to<br />

deliver a quality service to patients on a 24/7 basis, so support is at the point “when they need it, not when people<br />

think it is need it”. Clear that COVID-19 has brought challenges to maintaining funding but at the same time the<br />

offered service has increased two-fold.<br />

So, “what is my ask?” My ask is that we join forces and find collaborations to secure funding for advocacy groups<br />

to maintain the level of service patients deserve. We know times are very difficult and challenging for Head & Neck<br />

Cancer patients and their Caregivers. And these patients do not have time to wait, they need our support now.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Providing help and support for everyone<br />

living Providing and help dealing and with support cancer for everyone<br />

living and dealing with cancer<br />

We understand that a cancer diagnosis is daunting. There’s a lot of information to take in, treatments<br />

and We understand appointments that to a juggle, cancer and diagnosis symptoms is daunting. and medications There’s a to lot monitor. of information to take in, treatments<br />

and appointments to juggle, and symptoms and medications to monitor.<br />

At Careology, we believe that putting you more in control can make your diagnosis that little bit easier<br />

to At manage. Careology, Careology we believe has that been putting specifically you more designed in control to help can make you track your your diagnosis treatment, that understand little bit easier your<br />

symptoms, manage. monitor Careology medications has been specifically and much more. designed It also to help lets you keep track family your treatment, and friends understand updated with your<br />

any symptoms, information monitor you medications choose to share. and much more. It also lets you keep family and friends updated with<br />

any information you choose to share.<br />

Manage your symptoms<br />

and understand when to<br />

Manage your symptoms<br />

contact your clinician<br />

and understand when to<br />

contact your clinician<br />

Keep tabs on where you<br />

are in your treatment plan<br />

Keep tabs on where you<br />

are in your treatment plan<br />

Keep your treatment<br />

journal<br />

Keep your treatment<br />

journal<br />

Log your medications<br />

and get reminders<br />

Log your medications<br />

and get reminders<br />

Keep friends and family<br />

up to date<br />

Keep friends and family<br />

up to date<br />

Every cancer journey has its ups and downs. But,<br />

at Every Careology, cancer journey it’s mission has its ups to make and downs. the down But,<br />

days at Careology, more manageable it’s our mission – and to make the the up down days<br />

come days more manageable often. – and make the up days<br />

come more often.<br />

To find out more, visit: www.careology.health<br />

To find out more, visit: www.careology.health<br />

What<br />

Careology helped me keep on top You get so many apps out there but<br />

of my medication, taking the right<br />

people What<br />

Careology helped me keep on top you You can get so tell many that this apps comes out there from but<br />

stuff of my at medication, the right time. taking I also the find right someone you can tell who that really this understands.”<br />

comes from<br />

are people<br />

the stuff ability at the to right put symptoms time. I also find one someone who really understands.”<br />

saying are<br />

place the ability and to have put a symptoms record that in I can one The caregiver side is something really<br />

refer place back and have to with a record my nurses that I really can quite The caregiver special and side different is something to anything really<br />

about saying us<br />

helpful.” refer back to with my nurses really else quite out special there.” and different to anything<br />

about us<br />

helpful.”<br />

else out there.”<br />

36 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong><br />

24/7 Patient and Carer support line service: 07504 725 059 www.theswallows.org.uk

A new clinical<br />

trial for people<br />

diagnosed with<br />

head and<br />

neck cancer.<br />

The TrilynX Clinical Trial is evaluating a liquid investigational medication, xevinapant (Debio 1143),<br />

to see if it may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy when taken<br />

together for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.<br />

Key Eligibility Criteria<br />

• At least 18 years of age (or equivalent majority age in your country)<br />

• Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx, hypopharynx and/or larynx that has not spread to other<br />

parts of the body<br />

• Unable to have surgery to remove the cancer and have not received other cancer treatments<br />

• HPV-positive oropharynx patients are not eligible<br />

About xevinapant (Debio 1143)<br />

• May optimize the effectiveness of chemoradiotherapy (CRT) when administered together<br />

• A potential first-in-class oral antagonist of IAPs (inhibitor of apoptosis proteins), that sensitizes tumor cells to radiochemo<br />

therapy by promoting programmed cell death and fostering anti-tumor immunity<br />

• Granted breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA in early <strong>2020</strong><br />

About Debiopharm<br />

Debiopharm is a global biopharmaceutical company<br />

headquartered in Switzerland whose main area of expertise<br />

is oncology. Debiopharm is committed to bringing innovative,<br />

life-saving treatments to people with cancer. For more<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong><br />

information about Debiopharm, visit debiopharm.com.<br />

@H_and_Ncancer<br />

Copyright © <strong>2020</strong> Debiopharm<br />

TrilynX H&N Conference Poster_Global-English_<br />

V1_21OCT<strong>2020</strong><br />


MR Linacs can<br />

significantly<br />

improve head and<br />

neck cancers<br />

Cancer care in the UK continues<br />

to experience the fallout from<br />

the Covid-19 pandemic and<br />

cancer services have been<br />

one of the biggest casualties<br />

of the first lockdown and<br />

subsequent restrictions.<br />

Despite this however, cancer<br />

care in the UK continues to<br />

push the boundaries when it<br />

comes to incorporating new<br />

and advanced technologies and<br />

treatments to treat cancer.<br />

One such advancement is the introduction<br />

of MR Linac by Elekta at the Rutherford<br />

Cancer Centre North West in Liverpool<br />

later this year. MR Linac is a way of<br />

treating patients with radiotherapy with<br />

far greater accuracy due to the machine<br />

having an MRI machine incorporated<br />

within it. It allows for real time tracking<br />

of tumours and enables radiotherapy<br />

treatment for sensitive cancers such as<br />

head and neck.<br />

This type of treatment makes it possible<br />

to visualise the tumor with highresolution<br />

images during treatment<br />

through combining high-field MRI<br />

technology with a linear accelerator. This<br />

allows extremely precise delivery of the<br />

radiation dose, enabling higher dosing to<br />

the tumor bed while better sparing the<br />

surrounding healthy tissues. While this is<br />

expected to lead to better tumor control<br />

and fewer side effects it is crucial to show<br />

38 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

that the advanced technical capabilities<br />

of MR/RT translate into real benefits for<br />

the patient, such as prolonged diseasefree<br />

survival and better quality of life.<br />

The MR Linac by Elekta will be the first in<br />

the Rutherford Health network and will<br />

be offered alongside other cutting-edge<br />

treatments such as high energy proton<br />

beam therapy at the state of the art<br />

facility in Paddington Village, Liverpool.<br />

Professor Karol Sikora, chief medical<br />

officer at Rutherford Health, said: “This<br />

is an important development for cancer<br />

care in the UK. The UK has historically<br />

been behind the curve when it comes<br />

to advanced cancer therapies and often<br />

we’ve had to send patients abroad for<br />

their treatment. We need to embrace<br />

advanced technologies and treatments<br />

as a vital tool to fight cancer.<br />

“The pandemic has caused<br />

havoc with cancer care services<br />

and our backlogs are huge. In the<br />

near future we will have to treat<br />

more patients with advanced<br />

cancers and having advanced<br />

treatments is critical to improve<br />

their chances of survival.”<br />

Rutherford Health is a network of cancer centres across<br />

the UK offering the most advanced cancer treatments and<br />

diagnostic services. It has four centres in Wales, Reading,<br />

Northumberland and Liverpool and offers chemotherapy,<br />

immunotherapy, radiotherapy and high energy proton<br />

beam therapy. The centre in Wales was the first to introduce<br />

high energy proton beam therapy to the UK in 2018.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Trusted nutrition for every stage of life<br />

Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people<br />

live more fully at all stages of life. Our portfolio of lifechanging<br />

technologies spans the spectrum of<br />

healthcare, with leading businesses and products in<br />

diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded<br />

generic medicines. Our 107,000 colleagues serve<br />

people in more than 160 countries.<br />

For more information, visit nutrition.abbott/uk<br />

UK-N/A-2000224 September <strong>2020</strong><br />

Abbott Ad.indd 3 12/10/<strong>2020</strong> 22:49<br />

All my best,<br />

Jim Lauder<br />

Call us at 800-388-8642 or e-mail me at jklvoice@aol.com.<br />

We carry most of what you may need. What we don't carry, we usu<br />

will be happy to refer you to a distributor.<br />

At Lauder - The ElectroLarynx Company our most important goal is to make available the very best<br />

speech aids and laryngectomee products to our customers at fair prices.<br />

Our company began when my father Col. Edmund Lauder self-published his book, "Self Help for the<br />

Laryngectomee." Col. Lauder was himself a Laryngectomee; thus bringing needed experience and clari<br />

to the project. Throughout the years, this book has become an indispensable guide for laryngectomee<br />

We have ways of<br />

and those who care for them.<br />

making you talk...<br />

• voice <strong>amp</strong>lifiers and • batteries.<br />

• books • tapes • electrolarynges (sales and service)<br />

Our products include:<br />

In 1990, when I was planning to print and update my father's book<br />

customers by offering the best products available today for the lar<br />

Our company began when my father Col. Edmund Lauder self-pub<br />

Laryngectomee." Col. Lauder was himself a Laryngectomee; thus b<br />

to the project. Throughout the years, this book has become an ind<br />

and those who care for them.<br />

At Lauder - The ElectroLarynx Company our most important goa<br />

speech aids and laryngectomee products to our customers at fair<br />

In 1990, when I was planning to print and update my father's book, I felt I could further serve his<br />

customers by offering the best products available today for the laryngectomee.<br />

Our most important goal is to make available the<br />

very best speech Our aids products and include: laryngectomee products<br />

to our customers at fair prices.<br />

• books • tapes • electrolarynges (sales and service)<br />

Our products include: • voice <strong>amp</strong>lifiers and • batteries.<br />

Electrolarynges We carry (sales most of and what service) you may • need. Books What we don't carry, we usually know where you can get it and<br />

Tapes • Voice will be <strong>amp</strong>lifiers happy to refer you • Batteries<br />

to a distributor.<br />

Call us at 800-388-8642 or e-mail me at jklvoice@aol.com.<br />

We carry most of what you may need. What we don’t,<br />

we usually know All where my best, you get it and will be happy<br />

to refer you to Jim a distributor.<br />

Lauder<br />

Call for<br />

www.electrolarynx.com<br />

Catalog 800-388-8642<br />

40 4754 Shavano Oak, Suite 104 • San Antonio, H&N TX CANCER 78249-4027 • CONFERENCE www.electrolarynx.com <strong>2020</strong><br />

Email me at jklvoice@aol.com | 4754 Shavano Oak, Suite 104 | San Antonio, TX 78249-4027<br />


All my best,<br />

Jim Lauder

Centre for Regenerative Medicine<br />

‘Virtual’ Behind-the-Scenes Tour<br />

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a research laboratory?<br />

Who are the people working on new treatments for head and neck cancer?<br />

Meet members of Dr Elaine Emmerson’s research team who will take you on a<br />

special behind the scenes virtual tour of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine,<br />

a world leading medical research facility based at the University of Edinburgh.<br />

Elaine’s lab are researching ways to regenerate salivary<br />

glands (regrow and restore function), following damage<br />

caused by radiotherapy. Their hope is to develop a new<br />

treatment for head and neck cancer patients who are<br />

suffering from chronic dry mouth.<br />

Hear more about the ground-breaking research happening<br />

within the laboratory and get to know the scientists working<br />

behind the scenes.<br />

Dr Elaine Emmerson<br />

Wednesday 4 November, 15:30 – 16:30<br />

Register: https://regenerativemedicineroom.eventbrite.co.uk<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Expert Hand. Human Touch.<br />

Protect what matters most<br />

A bit about me and my background<br />

My name is Shahin Master, I’m an associate<br />

solicitor for Irwin Mitchell based in<br />

Manchester. I was a dental surgeon and<br />

practised dentistry before qualifying as a<br />

solicitor in 2010.<br />

I’ve worked as a dentist in general practice,<br />

in the community dental service treating<br />

children and adults with special needs and in<br />

a dental hospital. I’ve also worked as a senior<br />

house officer in an oral medicine team based<br />

in a city centre hospital in London, where I<br />

was involved in seeing patients who’d been<br />

referred urgently with suspected head and<br />

neck cancer.<br />

Putting my experience to work<br />

As part of the dedicated Dental Negligence<br />

team at Irwin Mitchell I often see delays in<br />

the diagnosis of oral cancer, nerve injuries,<br />

substandard dental implant treatment and<br />

periodontal disease cases. I’ve acted for<br />

clients and their families who’ve suffered the<br />

devastating effects of head and neck cancer as<br />

a result of negligent care and I’m committed<br />

to making a positive difference.<br />

My team work hard to ensure that our clients<br />

are able to get the support and answers<br />

they need. We recognise the impact that<br />

a diagnosis has not only on the individual<br />

affected but also their families.<br />

42 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

I’m very passionate about raising awareness<br />

of the importance of the early detection of<br />

head and neck cancer, because I’ve seen firsthand,<br />

through the work I do, what impact<br />

this can have on prognosis.<br />

Shahin Master<br />

Associate Solicitor<br />

Erica’s story<br />

Erica* visited her dentist because she was<br />

concerned about a lump in her mouth, and<br />

after a number of appointments, she was<br />

diagnosed with an abscess.<br />

She went on to suffer with loosening of<br />

her lower teeth and as a result had to have<br />

some extracted. Despite this her symptoms<br />

persisted and worsened. Eventually she was<br />

referred to hospital where she underwent a<br />

biopsy and was diagnosed with advanced<br />

squamous cell carcinoma of her lower jaw.<br />

Erica then had to undergo extensive surgery,<br />

which included resection of her lower jaw and<br />

reconstruction. She’s been left unable to eat<br />

via her mouth and has to be peg fed.<br />

A helping hand<br />

Erica instructed us to pursue a medical<br />

negligence claim against her former dentist on<br />

her behalf, for failing to refer her to hospital<br />

in a timely manner under the two week<br />

referral rule. It was admitted that she should<br />

have been referred to hospital for further<br />

investigation earlier and that failure to do so<br />

constituted negligence.<br />

It was also admitted that had she been<br />

referred earlier, she would have been<br />

diagnosed earlier, which would have resulted<br />

in less extensive surgery and she wouldn’t<br />

have had to have her lower jaw resected.<br />

We were able to secure compensation<br />

for Erica, which allows her to pay for the<br />

professional care she now requires due to<br />

her ongoing condition. She’s been able to<br />

purchase the equipment she needs to live<br />

as independently as possible. Erica’s also<br />

gained access to private speech and language<br />

therapy.<br />

Erica has suffered psychologically as well<br />

as physically as a result of all she’s been<br />

through. Thankfully she’s been able to access<br />

specifically tailored therapy to help her cope<br />

with the devastating consequences of her late<br />

diagnosis and treatment.<br />

In these challenging times, Irwin Mitchell is<br />

here to protect what matters most to you. Visit<br />

irwinmitchell.com to find out more.<br />

*Erica is not our client’s real name and has been used to<br />

uphold her preferred anonymity.<br />

irwinmitchell.com<br />

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


6 riders, 289<br />

miles, 16 hours<br />

...no problem!<br />

The Swallows Charity undertook a coast to coast bike ride<br />

to raise vital funds, finishing back at the Blackpool charity<br />

shop on World Head & Neck Cancer Day <strong>2020</strong>. The 6<br />

riders raised a fantastic £17,000, which was matched by our<br />

generous sponsors Fylde Wealth Management, St James<br />

Place to give an overall total of £34,000.<br />

Day 1 - Wednesday<br />

The bike ride started on a nice sunny afternoon at<br />

4.30pm with all the riders ready to get away from<br />

the Corona Hotel in South Shore Blackpool (see<br />

picture 1) with our destination being Bridlington,<br />

West Yorkshire, 152 miles and 3 hours by car, all<br />

the bikes and supplies loaded up in the van now<br />

they start to argue who is going in the Audi Quattro<br />

7 with Sharon or the van (more about the van later)<br />

with me. Off we go...<br />

Day 2 - Thursday - 129 miles<br />

9am – All riders to travel out of Bridlington together<br />

with just one thing to do first, the back wheel of<br />

Simon’s bike needed to be in the sea, so off went<br />

Simon and Anne to paddle with their bikes then it<br />

was to the start line 3, 2, 1 go…<br />

Our first destination was Leeds some 76 miles away<br />

and some 7 hours, support vehicle’s following<br />

behind Sharon in her Audi quattro 7 with all mod<br />

cons and me in the van with no air conditioning<br />

unless I opened the window and not even a radio.<br />

Naseem and the<br />

Blackburn team<br />

joins us at the<br />

first destination<br />

and will be with<br />

us for the rest<br />

of the ride to<br />

Blackpool.<br />


First days<br />

riding not much<br />

happened apart<br />

from Andrew<br />

eating lots of<br />

bananas and<br />

Andy eating<br />

chocolate bars for<br />

energy at every pit stop, no<br />

arguing, no one falling off the bikes<br />

and all arriving safely at the destination. Nice<br />

little country pub just outside Leeds so a quick<br />

hot meal and refreshments then back for an early<br />

night!!! Well that was the plan until Simon starts to<br />

wear his hanky on his head like an Englishman on<br />

holiday and the karaoke begins!<br />

Day 3 - Friday - 110 miles<br />

We arrive at Naseem’s and her team’s<br />

accommodation to pick them up to find the<br />

Blackburn team waiting for us and Naseem is<br />

worried how she was going to charge up her<br />

electric bike, bit of cheating going on and the other<br />

riders were not going to let her get away without<br />

some gentle Banta throughout the rest of the trip<br />

44 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

and I promise this is the last I will mention<br />

it! The sun is shining a blue sky over head,<br />

no wind, apart from Simons drinking the<br />

night before ha ha), so our destination<br />

today will be Longridge, Preston.<br />

As we get to midday I realise that without<br />

air conditioning in my van I was going to<br />

struggle today as it was going to register<br />

the hottest day of the year, Sharon is ok<br />

she is in her Audi quattro 7 and the<br />

riders are in the fresh air but no one<br />

is worried about me in the van.<br />

The riders stop for more than<br />

normal water breaks and rest<br />

in the hot burning sun but<br />

manage to get through<br />

the day, me in that<br />

van almost die of<br />

BRIDLINGTON heat exhaustion<br />

and thirst.<br />

Now we all<br />

agreed what<br />

goes on a bike<br />

ride stays on<br />

a bike ride but<br />

some stories<br />

need to be<br />

told, like Vicky<br />

tipping an ice<br />

bucket on her<br />

head after one<br />

or two bottles of<br />

wine thinking it<br />

was empty, or<br />

Sharon trying to<br />

dry her hair with<br />

a fan, or Andrew<br />

the perfect bike athlete<br />

getting tipsy on a few<br />

bottles of beer, that’s enough of<br />

the headline stories as promised not to<br />

say anything.<br />

are so lucky<br />

to have<br />

this on our<br />

doorstep.<br />

As we<br />

come into<br />

Blackpool<br />

the team<br />

stop at our<br />

Famous<br />

Blackpool<br />

Tower for a<br />

quick photo<br />

shoot before<br />

setting off to<br />

the Charity Shop<br />

on Waterloo Road.<br />

They approach the mini<br />

roundabout on Lytham Road turn<br />

right into Waterloo Road to be greeted by<br />

lots of cheering family, friends, volunteers,<br />

customers and one lovely moment was<br />

Andy’s daughter with a sign, ‘Well done<br />

daddy.’<br />

The team cross the finish line to a<br />

massive round of applause and some<br />

well-deserved rest.<br />

170 miles • The Swallows Charity Bike Ride 2019 • 3 days<br />

£34.0k<br />

Matched by St James’s<br />

Place Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

£17.0k<br />

The Swallows<br />

fundraising total<br />

Day 4 - Saturday - 50 miles<br />

We get up all excited as we are on the<br />

last leg home, going through some lovely<br />

Lancashire villages and countryside we<br />

Andy Wilding the UK Sales Manager from<br />

Flen Health led the way on the Exercise<br />

Bike at the shop to ensure the shop also<br />

completed the 289 miles over the 3 days<br />

and at the same time receiving sponsorship<br />

and donations to help towards the final total.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


The PHONIQ® range is a new generation of Laryngectomy products<br />

from Kapitex with intelligent, patented features which will make<br />

meaningful differences to the lives of patients each day.<br />

The PHONIQ® System<br />

Offers comfortable discrete airway filtration and humidification with an interchangeable system<br />

of interfaces, HME filter cassettes and shower protection.<br />

PHONIQ® Interfaces include two adhesive baseplates both available in round and oval shapes,<br />

plus laryngectomy tubes and stoma buttons. All PHONIQ® interfaces are compatible with our<br />

HME filter cassettes which have a patented cough release capability.<br />

For additional safety and confidence our new soft flexible low profile PHONIQ® DigiClose<br />

Shower Shield allows for finger occlusion and voicing while showering.<br />

PHONIQ® range of<br />

Interfaces<br />

PHONIQ® range of<br />

HME Cassettes<br />

PHONIQ® DigiClose<br />

Shower Shield<br />

46 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Patented unique design features<br />

PHONIQ® DigiClose HME Filters with Cough Release<br />

PHONIQ® DigiClose HME Filters feature a patented unique pressure release<br />

mechanism which activates during reflexive coughing or sneezing. This feature<br />

helps prevent the HME from being ejected from the baseplate.<br />

COUGH<br />

1] In its normal operating position<br />

the DigiClose cap of the HME is<br />

flush with its clear housing.<br />

2] During coughing or sneezing<br />

the DigiClose cap moves quickly<br />

forward to allow extra airflow<br />

through the filter.<br />

3] The DigiClose cap is pressed<br />

gently back into place to resume<br />

normal functionality.<br />

Phoniq® DigiClose Active Provides low breathing<br />

resistance and allows for high flow rates for exercise or<br />

those with lung conditions.<br />

Phoniq® DigiClose Comfort Allows regular flow<br />

and resistance for normal every day activity levels.<br />

Phoniq® DigiClose caps requires less pressure to<br />

occlude the stoma when compared with competitor<br />

HME’s and are available in both beige and clear.<br />

PHONIQ® DigiClose Shower Shield<br />

Patented flexible silicone low profile design means the wearer can finger occlude<br />

the Phoniq® DigiClose HME Filter while showering and speak freely.<br />

Flexible Silicone Interface<br />

• Allows finger occluding speech with an HME<br />

• Provides extra safety and security in the shower<br />

• Designed with soft rounded edges to prevent skin abrasion<br />

Low profile<br />

• Discrete<br />

• Can be worn outdoors to deflect wind and rain<br />

visit www.kapitex.com for more information<br />

Kapitex Healthcare Ltd, Unit 1, Erivan Park, Sandbeck Way, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 7DN<br />

Tel: 01937 580211 Email: sales@kapitex.com<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


48 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Severn Healthcare have a long and proud history of supplying market leading products to<br />

support the laryngectomy community with their communication and stoma care needs.<br />

The spread of the new Corona Virus has reinforced the importance of stoma protection for<br />

neck breathers. Stoma care, managing a laryngectomy tube or stoma button, changing a<br />

baseplate or cleaning a voice prosthesis (or valve) in as clean an environment as possible is<br />

vitally important. Management of voice prostheses and stoma products are especially<br />

difficult at the moment because access to NHS services is severely restricted. Information<br />

and support that is easy to access now has a greater priority than before.<br />

Severn Healthcare would therefore like to extend an invitation to you to visit the<br />

Laryngectomy Forum which can be found at: www.severnhealthcare.com<br />

In an effort to provide helpful information during this difficult time, postings are being made<br />

by Speech and Language Therapists, professional organisations, individuals within the<br />

laryngectomee community and their support groups.<br />


1. On any internet browser please type ‘SEVERN HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES’<br />

2. Next click on ‘FORUM’<br />

3. Click the ‘SIGN-UP’ button in the top right-hand corner and create an account<br />

Alternatively, if you already have an account then please sign-in<br />

4. Once you have registered/signed-in then please browse the Forum posts and feel<br />

free to add any of your own comments<br />

5. The Forum has two groups. One is designated for Clinicians, the other is a general<br />

discussion group which every member has access to<br />

50 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Head & Neck Cancer<br />

Make sure you know the dangers<br />

theHPV Virus<br />

is linked to some<br />

Head & Neck<br />

Cancers<br />

12k<br />

people will be<br />

diagnosed with<br />

Head & Neck<br />

Cancer every year<br />

Symptoms<br />

• Sore in the mouth<br />

that won’t heal<br />

• Sore throat<br />

• Lumps or patches in<br />

your mouth<br />

• Trouble swallowing<br />

• Changes in voice<br />

• Lump in neck<br />

4%<br />

Head & Neck Cancers account<br />

for around 4% of all UK Cancers<br />

Smokers are<br />

15x<br />

more likely to develop<br />

Head & Neck Cancer<br />

than non-smokers<br />

Sinuses and<br />

nasal cavity<br />

Lips, tongue<br />

and mouth<br />

Salivary glands<br />

Throat<br />

Voice box and<br />

thyroid gland<br />

Reduce<br />

your risk...<br />

75% of Head & Neck<br />

Cancers are caused<br />

by alcohol & tobacco<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Sarah's Story<br />

Being told that one has Cancer is not much fun, and when I was diagnosed nearly 18<br />

months ago it was inevitably a shock. This was compounded by the certainty of an operation<br />

(double mastectomy), possibility of chemotherapy and almost certainty of Radiotherapy.<br />

The Chemo I escaped, the operation went well, but it was the anticipation of the<br />

Radiotherapy which, for me, presented the worst fears. It was not a fear of 'nuclear_<br />

medicine', it was the side-effects: I was almost promised these ... blistering, weeping skin,<br />

bright red and extremely itchy patches around the treated areas.<br />

It was just before I started Radiotherapy, however, that I was introduced to someone who<br />

had travelled an identical path to mine, and she swore by Flamigel RT. It was prescription<br />

only and our GP, himself a 'skin man', agreed that Flamigel RT was the route to take. About<br />

four days into my Radiotherapy I switched from E45 to Flamigel RT. And I have not looked<br />

back ...<br />

I have had NONE of the promised nasties, no weeping skin, no blistering effects like<br />

sunburn. Yes, three weeks after I finished treatment two angry red patches appeared<br />

around my collar bone but they only itch a tiny bit, easily soothed by a quick application of<br />

Flamigel, and I expect them to go away soon. Most importantly, of course, it WORKS and I<br />

had none of the miseries that I had anticipated.<br />

I sincerely hope that Flamigel RT will soon be widely and easily available to ALL those<br />

unfortunate enough to have to undergo the rigours of Radiotherapy.<br />

Sarah Rendall<br />

For Radiotherapy Induced Dermatitus<br />

lllib<br />

Reference<br />

1. Korting HC, Schollmann c, White RJ. Management of minor acute cutaneous wounds:<br />

importance of wound healing in a moist environment. Journal of the European Academy of<br />

Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV. 2011;25(2):130-7<br />

2. Censabella s, Claes s, Orlandini Met al (2017) Efficacy of a hydroaclive colloid gel versus historical<br />

controls for the prevention of radiotherapy-induced moist desquamation in breast cancer patients. Eu<br />

JnloncNsg29:1-7<br />

Flamigel RT is a registered trademark of the Flen Health Group<br />

o copyright 2018 Flen Health Group.<br />

1 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N SBW<br />

Tel. +44 207 872 5460<br />

www.flenhealth.co.uk I info@flenhealth.com<br />

52 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


The quality<br />

of life you<br />

deserve.<br />

Head and neck tumours represent diagnoses where the benefit of proton therapy is very high.<br />

Proton therapy enables us to treat patients with tumours that were previously difficult to manage,<br />

found near healthy tissues such as the optic nerve, the retina or the spinal cord. Proton therapy<br />

considerably reduces the risk of developing undesirable side effects of radiation and it<br />

also reduces the risk of secondary tumours. The benefit of proton therapy can be seen early<br />

during treatment, as the vast majority of patients manage the therapy without hospitalisation and<br />

various invasive interventions, such as the insertion of a gastric tube in the stomach to provide<br />

nutrition. In the long term, proton therapy reduces the risk of damage to the vision, hearing,<br />

intellectual functions, the risk swallowing and breathing problems, and dry mouth.<br />

The Benefits<br />

In addition to increasing curability, the aim is<br />

to reduce late side effects and maintain the<br />

quality of life of the patients.<br />

Significant dose reduction of undesirable<br />

radiation to the brain, preventing the risk<br />

of developing memory impairment.<br />

Significant dose reduction of undesirable<br />

radiation to the spinal cord by up to<br />

80%, preventing the development of<br />

myelopathy accompanied by movement<br />

impairment or even paralysis.<br />

Significant dose reduction to all optic<br />

structures (macula, cornea, retina,<br />

optic nerve), mitigating the risk of visual<br />

impairment or loss.<br />

Lower risk of hearing impairment or<br />

loss, namely at high frequencies.<br />

Our Clinic<br />

The Proton Therapy Center located in<br />

Prague, Czech Republic, offers the most<br />

advanced and accurate form of<br />

radiotherapy currently available. Proton<br />

beam therapy, using pencil beam scanning,<br />

allows for a precise dose to be delivered to<br />

highly complicated target volumes while<br />

sparing nearby critical organs and healthy<br />

tissue.<br />

We know fighting cancer is one of the hardest<br />

battles you will ever face, but you don’t have<br />

to face it alone.<br />

FREE Case Assessment<br />

Call us<br />

+44 (0) 1268 919 046<br />

Significant dose reduction to the<br />

structure of swallowing pathways,<br />

decreasing the probability of swallowing<br />

For more information on how<br />

difficulties, saliva production disorder, Proton Therapy Center can give you<br />

and need for the insertion of a nutrition<br />

the quality of life you deserve:<br />

feeding tube into the stomach (PEG).<br />

info@ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

54 H&N ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Head & Neck Cancer<br />

The Symptoms<br />

Look out for the warning signs<br />

Persistent<br />

sore throat<br />

Foul breath<br />

Hoarseness or<br />

voice changes<br />

Swelling of<br />

throat<br />

Lump, bump or<br />

mass without pain<br />

White or red<br />

patch<br />

Persistent nasal<br />

obstructions or congestions<br />

If you have any of these symptoms contact your<br />

medical practitioner immediately<br />

Head to www.theswallows.org.uk to find out more<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Welcome to Atos Care<br />

The only integrated care and distribution service for people<br />

with a laryngectomy or tracheostomy in the UK.<br />

Atos Care is a comprehensive support service, dedicated to<br />

making life easier for people living with a neck stoma.<br />

We provide a range of services to patients and the clinicians<br />

who care for them, including delivery of prescription products<br />

and a rich network of care and support services to help adjust<br />

to life after a laryngectomy or tracheostomy.<br />

The Atos Circle of Care<br />

Best Start: Get off to the best start in life after a laryngectomy or tracheostomy.<br />

• Enhanced support for their first six months from our Welcome Team of CQC<br />

Registered Nurses<br />

• A welcome pack and a welcome call<br />

• Practical tools and equipment to make life easier, including a<br />

complimentary care bag containing a range of helpful items<br />

• Regular liaison with clinicians for joined up care<br />

Connection hub: Stay connected to those who know and understand.<br />

• A dedicated Customer Care Representative<br />

• Personalised service - your patient can choose how and when they hear from us<br />

• CQC Registered Nurses to support patients in their daily routines, in close<br />

partnership and communication with clinicians<br />

• Educational events in the community for people with similar experiences<br />

• Atos MyLife app to provide inspiration and information on living well after<br />

a laryngectomy<br />

Care delivered: Bringing the right products and care their way.<br />

• Easy and convenient ordering<br />

• Optional convenient monthly reminders<br />

• Electronic Prescription Service<br />

• Rapid, reliable delivery<br />

• Discreet packaging<br />

• Convenience orders by subscription<br />

Contact us to find out more about how we can support your patient:<br />

Call: 0800 783 1659 Text: 0780 014 0059 Email: info@atos-care.co.uk Web: www.atos-care.co.uk<br />

56 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Freevent XtraCare<br />

For tracheostomy patients<br />

Freevent XtraCare (HMEF) includes an electrostatic filter which<br />

offers >99%* viral and bacterial filtration. The filtration works<br />

on both inspiration and expiration, meaning protection for the<br />

patient and also their surroundings and healthcare professionals.<br />

• Warms and humidifies the air to help<br />

reduce coughing and mucus production<br />

• Reduces the inhalation of airborne<br />

particles (such as viruses, bacteria,<br />

dust and pollen) via the tracheostoma<br />

• Protects the direct surroundings<br />

from airborne particles by effective<br />

filtration of the patient’s expired air<br />

• An HMEF designed specifically<br />

for use in self-ventilating<br />

tracheostomy patients with<br />

minimal dead space<br />

Provox Micron<br />

For laryngectomy patients<br />

Provox Micron is an HMEF with a highly effective electrostatic filter that protects<br />

against airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, with a filtration efficiency<br />

>99%*<br />

• Warms and humidifies the air to help<br />

reduce coughing and mucus production<br />

• Reduces the inhalation of airborne<br />

particles (such as viruses, bacteria,<br />

dust and pollen) via the tracheostoma<br />

• Protects the direct surroundings<br />

from airborne particles by effective<br />

filtration of the patient’s expired air<br />

* Please refer to the Instructions for Use for<br />

full information on the products. Since<br />

pathogens can enter the body in other<br />

ways, such as the mouth, nose, and<br />

eyes, 100 percent protection cannot be<br />

guaranteed.<br />

Contact us to find out more about how we can support your patient:<br />

Call: 0800 783 1659 Text: 0780 014 0059 Email: info@atos-care.co.uk Web: www.atos-care.co.uk<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer 57

#HaNCAwareness<br />

Helping one person<br />

might not change the<br />

world, but it could<br />

change the whole<br />

world for one person.<br />

24/7 Patient and Carer support line service:<br />

07504 725 059<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

58 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Returning to<br />

work after Head<br />

& Neck Cancer:<br />

Patient<br />

perspectives<br />

Want to get involved<br />

in research?<br />

We are looking for people to share their views of<br />

working after Head and Neck Cancer treatment<br />

There is very little research worldwide on the experiences people have when returning to work<br />

after Head & Neck Cancer. The aim is to secure insights that may improve the chances of people<br />

successfully returning to work following Head & Neck Cancer treatment..<br />

We want to interview people who work in a wide range of job types to find out:<br />

What influenced your return to work journey?<br />

What helps you remain in work?<br />

What affects your work satisfaction?<br />

Any problems, concerns or difficulties you might have had, and any thoughts about<br />

how these problems could have been made easier<br />

Get involved in the study:<br />

Take part in interview lasting up to 1 hour exploring different aspects of returning and<br />

and remaining in work after Head & Neck Cancer<br />

How do I find out more or arrange to take part in the study?<br />

Get an Information Pack from your Head & Neck Health Care Provider or Support Group<br />

Please contact Abi Miller: ntxam33@nottingham.ac.uk<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Sodium hyaluronate + amino acids, glycine, L-proline, L-leucine and L-lysine HCl<br />

in the everyday<br />

Targeted treatment<br />

for oral mucositis and dry mouth<br />

• Protects, relieves and treats<br />

• Suitable for both adults and children<br />

• Available as a mouthwash and convenient oral spray<br />

Mucosamin ®<br />

Mouthwash<br />

For use alongside<br />

your daily<br />

dental routine.<br />

Mucosamin ®<br />

Oral Spray<br />

For fast, targeted<br />

relief when and<br />

where it’s needed.<br />

Mucosamin ® Mouthwash and Mucosamin ® Spray (Sodium hyaluronate and synthetic amino acids - glycine, L-Proline, L-Leucine, L-Lysine HCL) Prescribing Information<br />

Presentation: Mouthwash Topical oral solution Spray Topical fl uid gel Indications: Mouthwash At start of radiological therapy or chemotherapy to help reduce incidence of oral mucositis; treat<br />

(e.g. pemphigus, pemphigoid, erosive lichen planus); recurrent aphthous stomatitis; following surgical operations on tongue and oral mucosa; burning mouth syndrome. Spray Oral mucositis du<br />

mouth, distributing product evenly throughout oral cavity and keeping in mouth for at least one minute. Use 3 or 4 times a day. Do not rinse after treatment. For rear sections of oral cavity, pro<br />

uniform layer into oral cavity by repeatedly spraying until the entire affected area is covered, 3 or 4 times a day according to severity of symptoms. Contraindications: Known hypersensitivity<br />

known secondary effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding; use at physician’s discretion. Legal category: Class IIa Medical Device. Cost: Mouthwash £19 for 250ml bottle. Spray £19 fo<br />

- Via Ciro Menotti, 1/A – 20129 Milan - Italy Distributor: Aspire Pharma Ltd, Unit 4, Rotherbrook Court, Bedford Road, Petersfi eld, H<strong>amp</strong>shire GU32 3QG, UK. Date last reviewed: October 2<br />

60 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

ment of oral mucositis due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy; ulcerative pathologies of oral cavity<br />

e to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Dosage and method of use: Mouthwash Pour 5-10 ml into<br />

duct can be gargled. May be diluted with water, according to severity of symptoms. Spray Apply<br />

to ingredients. No reports of side effects or interactions with drugs or medicinal substances. No<br />

r 30ml spray nozzle bottle. CE number: CE 0373. Manufacturer: Professional Dietetics S.p.A.<br />

020. Version number: 1010461476 v 2.0<br />

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information<br />

can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Adverse events<br />

should also be reported to Aspire Pharma Ltd on 01730 231148.<br />

10104611043 v 1.0 October <strong>2020</strong><br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Facts about...<br />

MOUTH<br />

CANCER<br />

What is Mouth Cancer<br />

This is the general term given to the variety of<br />

malignant tumours that develop in the mouth,<br />

(oral cavity). The Mouth Cancer Foundation<br />

promotes awareness of all head and neck cancers<br />

i.e. throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), salivary<br />

glands, nose, nasal, sinuses, lips and skin.<br />

Symptoms<br />

...................................................<br />

• An ulcer or white or red patch anywhere in the mouth<br />

that does not heal within 3 weeks.<br />

• A lump or swelling anywhere in the mouth, jaw or neck<br />

that persists for more than 3 weeks.<br />

• Difficulty swallowing, chewing or moving the jaw or tongue.<br />

• Numbness of tongue or other area of the mouth.<br />

• A feeling that something is caught in the throat.<br />

• A chronic sore throat or hoarseness that persists<br />

more than 6 weeks.<br />

• Unexplained loosening of teeth.<br />

1 person every 3 HOURS is lost to Mouth cancer<br />

Over 8300 new cases in the UK each year<br />

Each year 2700 + lives are lost to Mouth Cancer<br />

Worldwide Mouth Cancer affects 650,000 per year<br />

Risk Factors<br />

...................................................<br />

• Tobacco use is the main cause of mouth cancer.<br />

• Drinking alcohol to excess can increase risks four fold.<br />

• Drinking and smoking together can make mouth cancer<br />

up to 30 times more likely to develop.<br />

• Poor diet and social deprivation is linked to a third of<br />

all cancer cases.<br />

• The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), transmitted through<br />

oral sex, could overtake tobacco and alcohol as the main<br />

risk factor within the next decade.<br />

• Exposure to the sun is a cause of skin cancer which can<br />

affect the lips and face.<br />

Mouth Cancer is TWICE as common in men<br />

78% off cases occur in the Over 55 age group<br />

Incidence has risen by 49% over the past 10 years<br />

5 year SURVIVAL rate has hardly improved in last few decades<br />

To make a donation or for FREE information visit<br />

www.mouthcancerfoundation.org<br />

Advice Line: 01924 950 950 • Head Office +44 (0) 208 940 5680<br />

Alternatively you can email info@mouthcancerfoundation.org<br />



SCAN TO<br />

WATCH<br />

OUR<br />


VIDEO<br />

62 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

Head and Neck Cancer patients &<br />

Work – an opportunity to participate<br />

in research<br />

Head & neck cancer patients have more difficulty returning<br />

to work than other cancer patients.<br />

Will you help us understand why that is?<br />

Please complete this 15 minute survey & share your<br />

experiences of head and neck cancer and work.<br />

Access Survey here<br />

https://bbk.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_79bbaXXQQNilAB7<br />

Please share widely. Closing date is Nov 30 th <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Any questions? Please email Emma Kinloch at:<br />

ekinlo01@mail.bbk.ac.uk<br />

Thank you.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


Friends of<br />

The Swallows<br />



Established in 2009, Aspire is a privately owned British company offering a range of medicines,<br />

medical devices, diagnostics and OTC products. Each product is carefully thought through, offering<br />

value and differentiation to patients and healthcare professionals.<br />


We understand that the first step to living your best life is good health. Everything we make is<br />

designed to help you do just that. That’s our commitment to building life-changing technologies that<br />

keep your heart healthy, nourish your body at every stage of life, help you feel and move better, and<br />

bring you information, medicines and breakthroughs to manage your health.<br />


We are passionate about making life easier for people living with a neck stoma, by providing<br />

personalized care and innovative solutions.<br />


Proud to be among the many supporters of the vital and ongoing work undertaken by The Swallows.<br />

Bristol Myers Squibb works with and provides funding to The Swallows to improve Head and Neck<br />

cancer patient outcomes through activities such as disease awareness and supporting the sharing of<br />

best clinical practice.<br />


At Careology our patient-first digital solutions are connected, intuitive and easy for everyone to use.<br />

With our mobile app, you can feel more organised and in control. You can monitor your symptoms<br />

and be alert to changes. You can manage your medication and responses to it. You can reach out for<br />

support when you need it, anticipate how you’re going to feel and make plans around your treatment.<br />

Yes, there will still be down days. But, together, we can make them more manageable - and make the<br />

up days come more often.<br />


Whatever field of healthcare you work in, CCMed Ltd can become a trusted supplier - providing quality<br />

medical devices and excellent customer service.<br />


As dentists, we believe that prevention is key to having clean, healthy teeth. Our message is<br />

that everyone’s dental health is ultimately in their own hands. This is why we invented Dr. Heff’s<br />

Remarkable Mints: to help you take better care of your teeth throughout the day, save money on<br />

expensive dental treatments and enjoy the feeling of having fresh breath and a happy, healthy mouth.<br />


Patients suffering from skin & wound disorders often have to, or will have to give up on activities they<br />

enjoy the most. We, at Flen Health, want to provide innovation that allows these patients to enjoy the<br />

life they love. This is our original, present & future mission.<br />


Giving the best possible advice is about more than knowledge and expertise. It means understanding<br />

the people and businesses you work with as deeply as possible. It means taking the time to listen to<br />

what matters most to them. It’s what we call ‘the expert hand with human touch’.<br />

64 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>


Kapitex was founded in 1991 and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of laryngectomy,<br />

tracheostomy and dysphagia medical devices, based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.<br />


Merck, a leading science and technology company, operates across healthcare, life science and<br />

performance materials. Around 57,000 employees work to make a positive difference to millions of<br />

people’s lives every day by creating more joyful and sustainable ways to live.<br />


Mrs Jocelyn Harding Dental Hygienist GDC 4276 CEB Dip Dent Hygiene 1992.<br />

Jocelyn is an award winning dental hygienist, she has been in dentistry for over 30 years and her career<br />

started in the Royal Navy.<br />


Oralieve products have been specifically designed and tested with dry mouth sufferers to help<br />

supplement the natural protective enzyme system in saliva and provide effective, lasting relief for dry<br />

mouths. Free from strong flavours, alcohol and SLS,<br />


The Proton Therapy Center (PTC) located in Prague, Czech Republic, offers the most advanced and<br />

accurate form of radiotherapy currently available. Proton beam therapy, using pencil beam scanning,<br />

allows for a precise dose to be delivered to highly complicated target volumes while sparing nearby<br />

critical organs and healthy tissue.<br />


Proud to be the Swallows Charities approved film company. Located in Lancashire, Red Dot Digital is<br />

a Video Production Company that operates in all market sectors. We work with clients and alongside<br />

creative agencies, producing outstanding work on time and within budget - in the North West and<br />

throughout the UK.<br />


For more than 30 years they have provided a key service link between manufacturing partners around<br />

the world and consumers of pharmaceuticals in the UK and Ireland.<br />


The centres deliver high-quality diagnostic imaging and the latest in advanced cancer treatments<br />

including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and, in the future, proton beam therapy across<br />

all centres.<br />


Salivary Gland Cancer UK is dedicated to those with rare salivary gland cancers such as Adenoid Cystic<br />

Carcinoma. We are an information and support network for people affected by, or treating, these cancers.<br />


We are currently supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, from families with young<br />

children living with cancer, to older people who have never used a mobile device previously. ‘Cancer<br />

poverty’ is something affecting more people every week.<br />


We are currently supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, from families with young<br />

children living with cancer, to older people who have never used a mobile device previously. ‘Cancer<br />

poverty’ is something affecting more people every week.<br />


Developed by a UK pharmacist and manufactured in Cambridgeshire, Saliveze is one of the most<br />

widely prescribed dry mouth products in the UK. pH neutral and mild flavoured, the solution contains<br />

electrolytes and is also suitable for vegans.<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />


It helps when you<br />

speak to someone who<br />

understands you<br />

Our 24/7 Patient and Carer<br />

support line service is<br />

answered by a real person<br />

Alternatively visit our website<br />


Suffering with Dry Mouth?<br />

Get some soothing relief!<br />

Due to the impact on a person’s quality of life,<br />

clinicians often prescribe a Dry Mouth Spray like<br />

Saliveze, to help relieve symptoms.<br />

Benefits of Saliveze include:<br />

• pH neutral<br />

• Vegan friendly<br />

• Soothing relief<br />

• Mild minty taste<br />

• Sugar-free<br />

• On prescription<br />

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For more information or<br />

request a s<strong>amp</strong>le call us on<br />

01531 631105 or visit<br />

www.wyvernmedical.co.uk<br />

Soothing Dry Mouth Spray<br />

#H<strong>NCCONF</strong><strong>2020</strong> @H_and_Ncancer<br />






IN PERSON IN 2021<br />




68 H&N CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2020</strong>

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