Home Textile Exports November 2020


International Home Textile Exports November 2020

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Let’s be more


Bed news followed each other in early days of the current year and the

world was deeply affected by the Covid-2019 pandemic. Now we have

started to hear good news one after another. The decrease on the number

of infected people is the most important good news except some

countries which still suffering rising figures.

The vaccine studies are promising. Many of the developed health industries

around the world have given first priority to find a remedy for this

disaster. We are hopeful about this.

The third factor is the idea and understanding that economic turmoil

and crisis could be worse than the pandemic. So, the governments

have been striding to activate normalization taking necessary measures


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Many of the industry representatives are keen to go and to participate

in international events by taking necessary precautions but it seems

it won’t be possible before Proposte, Italy to be held in April. It will

trigger the trade in the fabric sector. Then Heimtextil and Evteks will

generate the long time-squeezed trade volume in all items of the home

and contract textiles and decoration businesses between supply and

demand. I wish the disease of the millennium goes away of the agenda

by that time completely.




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Mycey’s body pillows and

cushions offer a comfortable

sleep for mothers

Aiming to make mothers and

babies happy in every period,

MYCey shapes its product portfolio

with quality and reliable products

according to their needs. Maternity

support cushions and pillows

produced by MYCey in line with

the importance given to the comfort

of expectant mothers during

pregnancy help them to meet their

resting and sleeping needs in the

best quality.

Mothers sleep in comfort

During pregnancy, the range of motion of expectant

mothers is increasingly restricted. With the months

approaching birth, sleep and relaxation can be extremely

painful and uncomfortable. Making life easier for

mothers and babies with functional products and accessories,

MYCey transforms the rest and sleep of expectant

mothers into the most valuable moments. “Pregnancy

Support&Body Pillow”, “Pregnancy Cuddle Pillow” and

“Pregnancy Support Wedge”, which are in the “Pregnancy

Comfort” category of MYCey, draw attention with its ergonomic

structure and comfort.

Cushions placed under the belly give mothers the comfort

they want while sleeping and resting. Thanks to their ergonomic

structure, cushions and pillows, which also relieve

back and leg pain due to the baby’s growth and weight,

relax the body and reduce the pressure. Specially designed

for pregnant women, the cushions are also placed

between the knees to give the body the ideal back, hip

and leg alignment. Pillows and cushions also help prevent

bloating and cramps and let to a comfortable sleep for

mothers. The more comfortable pregnancy term lived,

the easier beginning of an after birth period mothers will


November 2020




New fabrics for Spring 2021

by Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Although Autumn and Christmas may be on most

people’s minds, the interior world has taken a dive

into 2021 and has started to introduce Spring colour

trends and styles. With predictions from Pantone,

Dulux, WGSN and many more, Yorkshire Fabric Shop have

introduced some brand new fabrics that fit perfectly with

the colours we should expect to see at the start of 2021.

Soft gold/ beige colours are looking to take a stand in

2021. The Phoenix Laser Cut Pattern in Tea Green is a

sandy/ gold hue that is ideal to bring in for spring. You

could also introduce the Phoenix Laser Cut Pattern Soft

Velveteen in Apple Green for a bright spring colour. If you

are looking for something a little more subtle, opt for the

Wiltshire Plain Poly Cotton Flat Weave Upholstery Curtains

Fabric In Silver Colour. Classy and sheek, this fabric would

pair well with modern accessories.

There have been a variety of pink hues introduced over

the past couple of years, from millennial pink to fuschia

pink. For 2021, Magenta pink is going to be the pink of

the year. The Phoenix Laser Cut Pattern in Soft Velveteen

Magenta Pink would be ideal to keep up with the pink

trends. If pink is not your thing then go for the Mehari

Linen Effect Flat Weave Semi Plain Upholstery Fabric In

Blue Colour or the Wiltshire Plain Poly Cotton Flat Weave

Upholstery Curtains Fabric In Lime Green Colour.

November 2020




Liberta, the name of contemporary

elegance for the carpet

Enza Home, which brings a breath of fresh air to contemporary

decoration, applies the minimal aesthetics

you are looking for in your living spaces with

Liberta Carpet, where abstract patterns meet a grey-navy

colour combination.

Enza Home, which changes the spirit of life spaces with its

timeless designs, adds elegance to the spaces with Liberta

Carpet, the newest piece of the carpet collection featuring

so many elegant models. Liberta Carpet, which is woven

with the 480 thousand stroke per square meter method,

stands out with its quality texture, grey and navy colour

combination and an abstract pattern harmony. Liberta

Carpet has five different size alternatives: 80 x 2.00, 80 x

3.00, 1.20 x 1.80, 1.60 x 2.30 and 2.00 x 2.90, so it can

be easily used in any area you want.

November 2020






to 2021

As it is known, all the national and international

exhibitions, planned to be organized in Turkey

between March 16-August 31, 2020 and considering

the measures for the Covid-19 pandemic, have

been postponed by the Ministry of Trade in accordance

with the decision of the Scientific Board of the Ministry

of Health, to be organized after the period November

1, 2020.

Under this decision, EVTEKS – 26th Istanbul

International Home Textiles Exhibition, which was

planned to take place between August 25-28, 2020,

has been postponed to May 18-22, 2021 upon the joint

decision of Istanbul Trade Fairs and TETSİAD (Turkish

Home Textile Association).

EVTEKS will be once again organized in May, on its

regular date. The organizer believes that it will come

closer to its target, being the most important exhibition

of the global home textile industry, and add power to

the manufacturers and exporters of our country in the

global competition.

November 2020




Naturalness in the

bathrooms with linens


Linens, indispensable for stylish homes, also adds a decorative

appearance to bathrooms. Towels that offer comfort

with their softness as well as their high absorbency texture

change the spirit of the bathrooms. Towels in the bathroom

group of Linens make a difference in the bathrooms with

Linens with the elegance of embroidery, integrity of colors

and original design. Linens towel models add elegance to

bathrooms with the harmony of colors and patterns, while

providing high comfort with their soft texture and absorbency.

The towel collection, produced with the naturalness of

cotton and decorated with special embroidery, changes the

spirit of the bathrooms.

November 2020




“It is time to say new things for

the Turkish textile sector”

Bordo Group Vice Chairman Fahri Sahin explained that, “The consumer

behaviours are changing in the textile sector. The demands of the new generation

are different than the previous generations. The circular economy trends in the

textile sector are metamorphosing. Sustainability in the clothing sector is becoming

more important than ever. It is time to say new things for the Turkish textile


Businessperson Fahri Şahin made a statement about

the new trends in the ready-made clothing and textile

sector after coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Şahin

emphasised that the textile sector experienced a transformation

like other sectors during the pandemic process and

stated that, “In this period, digitalisation is the most popular

topic in the textile sector and digitalisation continues to be

the most popular topic. AI and digital transformation-based

textile applications are critically important. The textile businesses

that kept their distances with digital transformation

begin to fall behind the competition.” He further stated that

“A new order in textile is waiting for us after the pandemic”

and added, “Textile firms that have infrastructure that

matches Industry 4.0, those that care digitalisation in the

production process, adapt to the remote-working business

model and effectively manage these processes will minimise

the risks and be one step ahead in the sector.”

“PLM solutions provide digital strategy in the


Fahri Şahin reminded that Product Lifecycle Management

(LM) solution in the textile sector is a new generation application

and stated that, “PLM solutions are offered as

strategic solutions to firms that are active in fashion, shoe,

sportswear, luxury wear and home textile fields. These solutions

enable the firms to achieve their operational digital

transformation solutions in a shorter time. PLM which is

an innovative business solution can coordinate the supply

chain of these firms easier. PLM has an important position

among textile trends as this solution offers a digital strategy

in unexpected situations such as a pandemic.

“Solar energy must be used more effectively in


Experienced textile businessman Fahri Şahin remarked the

importance of using renewable energy. He expressed using

solar energy in ready-wear more effectively and continued,

“Renewable energy is an environmentally-friendly and ecologic

system. The most important resource among these is

solar energy. The textile sector which is one of the locomotive

sectors in economic life requires a high amount of

energy. Therefore, we must be oriented towards the renewable

energy resources as alternatives to traditional energy

resources. Our country is rich in terms of renewable energy

resources. We must make sure to use renewable energy resources

more in production and climatization stages of the

November 2020




textile industry. Thus, we can follow a sustainable energy

strategy in textile in terms of economy and environment.”

“Traditional supply chain methods fell short”

Fahri Şahin remarked the key role of digitalisation in the

supply chain during the pandemic. Şahin emphasised that

the traditional supply chain fell short in this unexpected crisis

environment and expressed, “The traditional methods in

the supply chain fell short for current business processes.

This had negative reflections in the textile sector. We will

need sustainable, flexible and dynamic supply chains that

are not impacted from short- or medium-term extraordinary

changes. Therefore, textile firms are directed to an effective

supply chain in their operations. The supply chain management

methods that minimise the risks under conjunctural

circumstances will gain ground in the sector. The firms

must determine alternative supply chain and sales channels

and sub-branches of the supply chain must be adapted for

the new normal.”

“90% of the clothes are destroyed as waste”

Şahin stated that sustainable fashion approach was

mentioned more during the pandemic period and said,

“Sustainable fashion is completely embedded in the textile

industry. As Bordo Group, we greatly care for sustainable

fashion. Our production line has sustainable and organic

cotton textiles. Sustainable fashion is not only about the

production process. We re-use the produced organic products

when the season ends. Textile businesses that can

organise their production processes with innovative, sustainable

and fashion strategy will gain advantages in various


Fahri Şahin assessed this topic as follows, “The sustainable

marketing and sales techniques in the fashion are in

the agenda of the textile sector during new normalisation

period. There are various dynamics in how the textile industry

can become more sustainable. According to studies,

more than 50 tons of cloths are manufactured every

year. Approximately 90% of these clothes are destroyed as

waste. This is a huge number. When we think about re-using

these clothes, it is clear that we will achieve greater gains

for the economy and environment. Therefore, every actor

in the fashion sector must seriously consider sustainable

fashion approach.”

“It is time to say new things in the textile sector”

Şahin also talked about the popular topics in the new textile

economy and said, “We need to decrease or prevent the

harmful material emission. To increase the number cloth

re-use in the clothing design, we need to focus on high-quality

clothes. We need to provide an effective process for

textile product recycling. This way, we can save billions of

dollars every year. Additionally, we need to ensure effective

resource use and focus on renewable processes in textile.

We may decrease the raw material input need in the textile

sector with recyclable textile products.”

Fahri Şahin further emphasised that there is a high demand

in the medical textile products during the pandemic. Şahin

stated that medical textile export should be facilitated

and concluded that, “The demands of the new generation

are different than the previous generations. The circular

economy trends in the textile sector are metamorphosing.

Sustainability in the clothing sector is becoming more important

than ever. The demand for anti-bacterial products

around the world is increasing. The environmentally conscious

production is becoming the undeniable truth. When

we add these things up, we can say it is time to say new

things about the Turkish textile sector.”

November 2020



Ozgul Packing, entered to packaging sector in

1999 which takes an important place in Turkish

and world economy; today it has carried

production facilities to 4.000 m2 indoor area from

140 m2 indoor area which was founded for PVC

bags producing.

Beside wire frame, piping and biding bags

it has expanded markets which was provided

facilities to high frequency packaging and offset

box packing as well.

Ozgul Packing is a leading company in

packaging sector with experienced staffs,

machine parks in the line with changing IT, R & D

efforts and product design.

Adil Mh. Vahdet Cd. Yamanlar Sk. No:9A/1 Sultanbeyli - Istanbul - TURKEY

Phone: +90 216 592 62 44 Fax: +90 216 592 95 75

Mail: info@ozgulambalaj.com




Yataş Bedding to add colour

and energy to the living spaces

Yatas Bedding, which makes a difference in home textiles with its original designs,

adds colour to the living spaces with the Skyway Series, which stands out with its

vivid colours and patterns.

Yataş Bedding’s Skyway Series, which you

can use with pleasure, is spectacular with

its original designs, rich patterns and colour

options in home textile collections, and it

adds colour to your home. With its duvet cover

set, bedspread, decorative pillows, peshtemal

and towels, the series looks very elegant with

wrap patterns and tassel details.

With single, queen and king size options, the

Verna Satin Duvet Cover Set complements the

elegance of the bedrooms with vivid colours and

patterns. Apart from its soft and bright 100%

cotton fabric, Verna Satin Duvet Cover Set has

a standard pillow as well as a flywheel pillow.

Nona Tasselled Duvet Cover Set makes a special

touch to the bedrooms by combining durable

ranforce fabric quality made of 100% cotton with

November 2020


rib and tassel details. Reflecting the soft harmony of white

and powder pink, the Nora Ranforce Duvet Cover Set combines

the comfort of its soft handle with its stylish design.

Nona Tasselled Duvet Cover Set and Nora Ranforce Linen

Are available in single, single XL, queen and king size options.

Hope Bedspread, which blends with duvet cover sets

in the Skyway Series, has a modern and vibrant effect on

bedrooms with its summer-specific colours.

Decorative pillows in the Skyway Series also add dynamism

to the bedrooms with colourful tassel details, stylish embroideries

and durable fabric quality. Penny Peshtemal,

which stands out for its healthy and comfortable use with

its 100% cotton texture, has an elegance that you can use

not only in the bathroom but also on the beach and by

the pool. Farel Towel stands out with its soft texture and

colourful tassel details; Carte Towel, that is completed by

the pompom detailed strips of exclusive embroidery applications,

adds an aesthetic touch to the bathrooms.




780-year-old Messe Frankfurt’s Istanbul

company turns 20 th successful year!

As an important part of Messe Frankfurt, the leader and the legendary

establishment of the event organizing industry in the world, Messe Frankfurt

Istanbul has been celebrating its 20 th anniversary.

With almost 800-year experience, Messe Frankfurt

is the global leader in the fair organizing industry.

Its portfolio of over 100 fairs in around 30 countries

offers the exhibitors the opportunity to increase their

international trade volume and discover the world’s most

dynamic markets. The pandemic has caused a lot of cancellations

or postponements in the schedules of the company.

Representing Messe Frankfurt fairs in Turkey, Messe

Frankfurt Istanbul has been successfully turning its 20th

year. We conducted an exclusive interview with Tayfun

Yardım, general manager of Messe Frankfurt Istanbul, to ask

the effects of the pandemic, the prescription to the trade

disturbances of the disease, the present situation of the

industry, suggestions and recommendations for the exhibitors

and visitors. He offered more in the talk.

Would you start with furnishing us with the

information about the foreign structure of Messe

Frankfurt, a legendary fair organizing company

which celebrates its almost 800th anniversary, in

general and about the position of Messe Istanbul

in particular?

Messe Frankfurt is the largest fair, congress and event organizer

of the world in its field. The company has been serving

to 190 countries with its 30 affiliated companies employing

2,600 people. Our company, which organizes over 150 fairs

of which more than half are in Germany, is a public establishment

owned 60% by Frankfurt Municipality and 40% by

Hessen State.

November 2020


Messe Frankfurt Istanbul International Fair Organization

Ltd. was established in the year 2000. The main idea behind

establishing a company in Turkey was to determine

the Turkish market and to adopt the manufacturing areas.

Our company has been striding to lead Turkish exporters

to new markets. It gives us a special pride to see that the

companies which we serve have been influential players in

international markets and to contribute to the export volume

of our country.

Can you tell us the main headlines of the

milestones of 20 years of Messe Frankfurt


More than 3000 Turkish companies had the opportunity to

exhibit their products and services and establish new business

connections in our fairs organized for different sectors

in 40 cities around the world for 20 years. We are proud

to have successfully organized dozens of successful organizations

notably Automechanika Istanbul and Motobike

Istanbul, during last 20 years. However, what makes us

happy as the Messe Frankfurt Istanbul family is the growth

of our companies in 20 years and the contribution we have

made to the export volume our country has reached.

You organize the world’s largest fairs in their

sectors such as Heimtextil, Ambiente and

Automechanika. Are there other fairs in which

Turkey is in the first-three national exhibitors?

Does Messe Frankfurt Istanbul Turkey assume

a role for Messe Frankfurt events or operations

outside Turkey or its only mission is about the

participation of Turkish companies in Frankfurt

fairs and organizations held in Turkey such as

Automechanika Istanbul?

Not only in Frankfurt but in many of our international fairs,

our companies clearly reflect the production potential of

Tayfun Yardım

General Manager of Messe Frankfurt Istanbul

our country with the increasing participation rate every year.

Over 300 companies participated in Heimtextil, the most

leading home textile fair of the world, this year and the largest

exhibition space belonged to us. At Texworld Paris, one of

our clothing fabric fairs, we are the second country with the

highest number of exhibitors after China, with the interest

shown by our exhibitors to the fair for many years. Leading

automotive industry fair Automechanika, the ISH trade fair

for our construction and energy sectors, and many more in

our fair Light + Building, Turkey is among the countries with

the greatest participation. As Messe Frankfurt Istanbul, we

also intend to ensure the continuity of this development.

Not only in Motobike Istanbul and Automechanika Istanbul

which we organize in Turkey, no matter where in the world,

we are aiming minimum one Turkish exhibitor to take place

in all of our fairs.

During the pandemic, the fair industry was one of

the most affected industries. What do you expect

during and after the normalization process?

Recently, we often hear the expressions of “normalization”

and “new normal”. From the beginning of 2020, the global

coronavirus pandemic is challenging the event industry, as

there are numerous reasons that have forced humanity to

change their daily lives and living conditions throughout its




nearly 200,000-year history. But as you may understand,

in the 780-year period many pandemics, wars, economic

and political crises have passed. During this period, both

in Turkey and around the world it will be the beginning of

a new era and although the expectations as an exhibition

area will undergo a change in perception; tough periods

such as a pandemic actually accelerate or slow down ongoing

processes. Issues such as digitalization and security

were already on our agenda, the pandemic accelerates the

process only at this point. At the end of the day, whether

it is lighting, automotive or textile, both the manufacturer

and the consumer are human. As a social being, human

always prefers to meet face to face. In cases where physical

meeting is restricted or there is no feasibility, digital

platforms are of course a very good opportunity offered by

technology. However, as long as humanity remains on the

stage of history, and as Messe Frankfurt’s platforms have

made possible for 780 years, the most important success

factor of the trade fair industry will continue to be face-toface


As Messe Frankfurt, we take measures to maintain social

distance on the basis of increasing corridor widths and

minimum stand areas, one / two-way traffic practices in

the corridors, regulations in food and beverage areas and

regular health checks in all the organizations we organize

after the pandemic and will organize in the upcoming period.

Will there be any new events Messe Frankfurt will

organize Istanbul in Turkey?

We welcome a lot of suggestions from the collaboration of

exporters’ unions and associations which we cooperate in

our foreign fairs about organizing a new event in Turkey. Of

course, we continue our evaluations for a fair organization

for the right sectors at the right time. We will provide platform

infrastructure for the Virtual Hometex Turkey 2020

digital event, which will be organized by Denizli Exporters

Association and Denizli Chamber of Industry between 18-

20 November 2020, and bring international visitors from

the home textile industry together with our companies, and

we will provide international marketing services for more

than 100,000 company officials all over the world. In the

near future, we will work on similar digital projects in different

sectors with our other export associations.

What are your recommendations to prospective

exhibitors and visitors for the new term?

We are in a period where pandemic and international travel

restrictions continue. In this process, postponing or canceling

international trade fairs for future dates has generated

a need for new product arrangements and new business

connections for both manufacturers and purchasers.

Unless trade fairs are organized, manufacturers cannot find

the opportunity to present their new products and services

to their potential customers and purchasing professionals

cannot find the chance to meet new suppliers that will meet

the demand in their markets. When the international trade

fairs reopen, the effect of the pandemic will continue, and

it will take time for the number of exhibitors and visitors

to reach the previous level. However, our advice to our

companies is that they take all personal health precautions

as long as they can travel to the fair and take part in our

fairs, not to miss the chance to “turn the crisis into an opportunity”

arising from the pandemic. With our hybrid fair

applications, as long as you are participating in our fairs,

even visitors who cannot travel will be able to view your

products in digital environment and communicate with you

live thanks to your presence in both physical and digital

platforms. In this way, you can convert your fair investment

to export in a short time by establishing new business connections.

November 2020




Cotton Box brings the

power of colors to bed

this season

Cotton Box continues its journey, inspired by the naturalness

of cotton, with passion and excitement this

season. Making a difference in home textiles with its

quality production policy and innovative design approach,

Cotton Box reveals the perfect harmony of colors with its

2020 Autumn & 2021 Winter Collection. Combining original

colors with stylish patterns, the collection appeals to all

tastes with its wide range of products. The Folk Art series,

which attracts attention with its vivid color, reflects the elegance

of simplicity to the bedrooms, while the Elegant series

with modern traces creates a brand new atmosphere. The

Plain series, combining different colors with the elegance

of black, displays a noble stance. The Brode series, which

amazes with its elegant embroidery, adds nobility with its

elegant stance.

Traces of autumn- Cover the beds

Combining the most beautiful colors with the most stylish

models, Cotton Box once again reveals the power of colors

in decoration with the Folk Art series. The True Cinnamon

duvet cover set in the series brings a new breath to bedrooms

with its eye-catching color and plain pattern. The duvet

cover set, dominated by the color of cinnamon, known

as the harbinger of the autumn season, creates a peaceful

and warm environment.

Simplicity and elegance together

Cotton Box blows modern winds in bedrooms with its

Elegant series, which is carefully prepared for those

who are in favor of simplicity. Designs in which

simplicity is at the forefront create a spacious bedroom

away from ostentation. While the Stripe Blue

bedding set in the series creates a peaceful sleep

environment with the calming feature of blue, Stripe

Beige complements the bedroom decoration with the

harmonious stance of the beige color.

November 2020


The perfect harmony of colors is revealed with

Plain Serie

Plain series, which combines different colors with the nobility

of black, adds difference to bedrooms. Petrol Black

duvet cover set in the series attracts attention with the attractiveness

of the oil color.. The Tile Black duvet cover set,

which is dominated by the tile called the color of nature,

adds energy to the bedrooms. Designed with mustard color,

which has recently become a trend in home textiles,

Mustard & Black creates a stylish and warm environment.

The serenity prevails in the bedrooms with the Gray Black

duvet cover set, which reveals the admirable harmony of

black and gray. The series, which also includes a check patterned

cotton blanket, creates a cozy sleep environment in

cold weather.

Elegance prevails in bedrooms with Brode Satin

Cotton Box turns beds into a flower garden with Brode Satin

in its new collection. Flower embroideries meticulously embroidered

on white add innovation to bedroom decoration.

Lona Navy Blue, which is in the series, crowns the harmony

of white and dark blue with tiny flower embroidery. Elsa

Mercan, dominated by the coral color that adds positivity to

its environment, adds elegance to the beds with eye-filling

rose embroidery. Adel Blue and Adel Gray bedding sets,

which bring calmness to bedrooms, are appreciated by

those who are in favor of modernity.

Healthy sleep with Cotton Box

Cotton Box, which gained the trust of consumers with the

use of natural raw materials, protects the health of its users

with its quality and natural content designs this season.

Producing in European standards in all printing and dyeing

stages, the brand balances body temperature thanks to its

highly air-permeable and breathable cotton-like surface.

Thus, Cotton Box, which prevents the formation of allergies

by preventing sweating during sleep, offers comfortable

sleep in all seasons.




Sinay Mensucat offers quality products

and services in the upholstery fabric

and home textile industries

Bahri Sinan Yazaroğlu, who started to work in

Istanbul Manifaturacılar Bazaar (İMÇ) in 1989,

continues his works in Bursa with his partner

company in 1997. As of 2003, Sinay Mensucat continues

its activities in İnegöl by gathering Bursa-İnegöl and

Bayrampaşa branches under one roof in order to provide

better service.

With its 1200 m2 showroom in İnegöl, it offers a variety

of products with both quality and service in the upholstery

fabrics and home textiles. It renders services with

the storage of imported and domestic products close

to 3,000 meters providing domestic and international

fabrics with the motto of ”whether 1 meter or 1000


The main products that come to the fore with their special

charts and presentations for furniture manufacturers

are; suede, velvet, artificial leather, nubuck, woven,

November 2020


chenille and linen fabrics as well as raschel, velvet

printed and unprinted, laminated and laminated

products. In addition, it adds value to the

sector with its plush, sequin sequins and pillow

varieties used in accessory production.

Sinay Mensucat, one of the few companies that

can produce special products according to the

conditions of the day, blends the fabrics it offers

with technology. It is leading the sector with

non-flammable and water repellent nano technological


The company serves as sinay.com.tr and sinaymensucat.com

in e-trade.

Bahri Sinan Yazaroğlu



An innovative R&D technology

product from Aksa Akrilik:

Aksa Akrilik launches its textile product

with permanent antimicrobial effect


The textile industry is preparing to welcome a brand new product

with “Everfresh”, produced in Aksa Akrilik’s R&D center. With its

permanent antimicrobial feature, the product will fully meet the hygiene

and comfort expectations of consumers.

Aksa Akrilik, the world’s largest acrylic fiber producer,

has added yet another line to its innovative efforts.

Developed in the R&D center after extensive

research, the product “Everfresh” will bring a breath of fresh

air to the industry. Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz Taş

stated that the textile products used in many different fields

will stand out with their innovative features, and emphasized

that there is no example in the world matching the

features and cost-effectiveness of this product.

Aksa Akrilik’s textile product “Everfresh” offers a solution

to consumers’ hygiene expectations with its permanent

antimicrobial properties and stands out by being environment-friendly

and contains no harmful chemicals to human

health. Thanks to the zinc ion technology and by being

trapped inside the product during its production, Everfresh

provides strong antimicrobial effects, and prevents harmful

bacteria, mold and fungi formation. The fact that zinc

ion technology, the active ingredient that gives Everfresh its

antimicrobial effect, is contained in the fiber, ensures that

the antimicrobial feature is permanent, while not causing

damage to the skin during or after use. On the other hand, it

is stated that the antimicrobial properties introduced using

silver in similar products are more costly, and they have

harmful effects on human health and nature.

In addition to the mask that has become compulsory due

to the coronavirus pandemic, Everfresh can also be used

in clothes such as thermal underwear, socks, jeans, shirts,

baby products and active clothing. It is also possible to use

November 2020




in home textile products such as hand-knitted products, pillows

and quilt covers, bedding, carpets, blankets and towels.

Permanent antimicrobial property

With its thermal insulation, vapor permeability, air permeability

and quick drying properties, Everfresh stands out with

its resistance to wear and aging and offers endless washing

durability for all products. Even after dozens of washing, the

product does not lose its strong antimicrobial properties.

No bad odor on clothes

With its antimicrobial properties, Everfresh technology

prevents the bacteria that cause bad odor from arising in

clothes. Keeping socks, underwear, thermal underwear, daily

clothes and performance products dry, Everfresh eliminates

bad odors and makes users feel cleaner and fresher

for much longer. Everfresh reduces the need for frequent

washing in clothes and supports the use of less water and

energy while also extending the product life.

“Will set an example to the world”

Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz Taş stated that

Everfresh has a wide range of usage advantages thanks to

its antimicrobial properties, and added that there is no product

similar to this new R&D product, which was introduced

to the global textile industry, thanks to its usefulness, special

features and cost-effectiveness. Taş stated that silver is

used in other products with similar features to Everfresh,

which results in a higher cost and that the effects of these

products on human health and nature were known. Taş underlined

that Everfresh’s zinc ion technology not only reduced

costs but also made a product suitable for health.

Cengiz Taş

General Manager of Aksa Akrilik

hygiene due to the pandemic. We developed a pioneering

product that created its own market as a result of the meticulous

efforts of our experienced R&D team. A first with

the technology used in its production, Everfresh is getting

very positive feedbacks from the industry. We believe that

the demand from the market for Everfresh, offering users a

comfortable and hygienic experience, will further increase

in the coming days.”

Taş said, “Everfresh is one of the newest members of the

Aksa Akrilik family. We aim to change the user habits with

the convenience we offer consumers with Everfresh. With

its antimicrobial properties, we offer solutions for increased

November 2020




Focus on: Window Dressings

When it comes to dressing our windows, there’s a lot to think about. From the

basics of whether you prefer blinds or curtains, to the finer details such as linings,

headings and fabric choices, there’s a lot to consider and each one brings its

own benefits and drawbacks. Here to help demystify the process is Debbie Leigh,

Design Manager at ILIV, offering essential advice from both a practical and style

point of view.

When deciding on window dressings, one of the first

decisions is whether to have curtains or blinds.

Debbie advises, “If you have the room either side

of your window, then full-length curtains will create a cosy,

comfortable and inviting feel. Not only do they provide

complete privacy, choosing a quality thick fabric will also

provide an extra layer of insulation, as well as creating a

sense of luxury. For more compact rooms and windows, roman

blinds are a good option as they take up less space and

can be more cost-effective, as they use less fabric. They

are also flexible, allowing varying amounts of light into the

room.” If opting for curtains, Debbie advises that paying for

quality is well worth the investment; “Good quality, lined

curtains are suitable all year-round, offering temperature

control and privacy. Black out and thermal linings are great

for bedroom curtains as they help to keep the room warm,

increase energy efficiency and block out unwanted light.”

In terms of the overall look you wish to achieve, curtains can

be cleverly used to create a sense of space. “Hanging panels

higher than the window will add to the sense of height in a

room.” explains Debbie. She continues, “Measure from the

November 2020


top of the window (plus the added inches of height where

the curtains will hang from) to the floor. For a more traditional

look, try having the curtain slightly puddled on the

floor by adding another two or three inches to your length.

For those who prefer a contemporary look, having the panel

fall flush with the floor is a popular option.”

When it comes to thinking about curtain headings, this is

often a matter of personal taste and researching images of

the various tape options on websites such as Pinterest is a

great starting point. “The easiest curtains to hang are eyelets,

(shown below left) as it’s as simple as hanging them on

a pole. Slightly more complicated, but increasingly popular,

are the wave-header (shown bottom right). Wave header

curtains create wave like folds of fabric that appear to float

below the track or pole” says Debbie.

If you are restricted on space or have a radiator under your

window, then Roller or Roman Blinds are a popular choice.

Although significantly more fabric is required for a Roman

blind, it will give a more sophisticated look, making it a

favoured option for Living Rooms and Bedrooms.

“Of course with both options, there are a huge array of

beautiful fabrics on offer which can really make an impact

in your room,” comments Debbie. ILIV’s stunning collection

of fabrics are perfect for curtains or blinds and with a

huge choice of patterns, colours and plain styles available,

there really is something for everyone.


Her excellency Turkish home

textiles industry

Turkey is one of the first countries that come to mind in

world markets when home textiles and contract businesses

are mentioned. The Turkish home textile and contract

business industries provide top quality in all respects, from

production to promotion and from quality standards to marketing.

This success has been achieved by focusing on high

added value, design and brand quality as part of Turkey’s

export boosting strategy.

We need to adjust to some of the changes in the global

market: Twenty years ago, the world was less complicated.

Developing countries possessed a much smaller stake

in the global economy and prosperity than that of today.

The last twenty years things have changed a lot. Today, de-

November 2020

veloping countries no longer play the role of passive participants.

On the contrary, they have become much more

active catalysts of globalization. In the past, foreign direct

investment went from developed countries to the developing.

Now, emerging markets are investing in advanced

countries. In the past, developing countries attempted to

sell low-cost goods to more developed countries. Now, every

one of the developing countries themselves is a market

for the upper segment. Today, at important events in

both the home textile and the contract textile industry, for

example in Istanbul, Shanghai, and Moscow, there are participants

from all over the world. It is becoming more and

more obvious that expectations and perceptions are being

re-shaped both in developed economies and new emerging

economies within the home textiles and contract textiles

sector, such as those of Germany, Italy, USA, Turkey, China,

and Russia.



When we have a look at the contract business market, we

see that the market is mature and highly competitive. The

consumers are looking especially at value and quality. In

design, production / technology, socially responsible behaviors

etc. smaller and bigger brands alike are trying to be

better. There is strong interest in products of contemporary

design, and also in antiques and reproduction furniture.

Another important trend is shortening of the distribution

chain in order to cut costs, especially for the larger organizations.

Additionally, many importers, whether they are

retailers, importer/wholesalers or agents, ask for exclusivity

when they buy a product. The reason is to reduce the possibility

of the appearance of the same product on the market

in other retail outlets.

Furthermore, we know that perceptions have changed in the

past few decades. Twenty or thirty years ago people were

searching for greater comfort in their own homes amongst

other places. The desired home designs were found in hotels

and so on. Over the past twenty years this trend has

changed a lot. Now designers concentrate on bolder and

more radical home designs. Style has gained great signif-

November 2020

icance. We are creating and applying sophisticated interi-7ors

to hotels and other places which people strongly desire

but are reluctant to apply in home design. The identity of

a place is critical. Designs and production are now harmonized

with identity and expectations. On the other hand,

classical forms, tones, and styles continue to maintain their


At the end of 2018, the total exports of textile and clothing

of Turkey is recorded as 26,1 billion USD. Total textile

exports of Turkey are 8,5 billion USD. Total Home Textile

exports of Turkey are recorded as 2,7 billion USD. Towels,

bed sheets, curtain fabric, bathrobes, the other furnishing

articles, curtains, interior blinds, curtain and bed valances

and upholstery fabrics are the main export articles.

Today, Turkish Home Textile companies are intensively exporting

to countries such as the Germany, USA, Bulgaria,

France, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland,

Iran, Spain and others; more than 190 countries and regions

spanning every continent.

In home textiles and contract textile business, as Turkey,

at the point that we reached today, decorating a hotel in

Berlin, furnishing a restaurant in Shanghai, completely providing

the textile needs of a hospital in Moscow, to supplying

seat coverings of a cafe in California is our business.

Tens of thousands of people in many countries of the world,

especially for high segment needs, use our products.

One of the main goals of Turkish Home Textile Sector and

Turkish Contract Business Sector is to strengthen its success

in both traditional markets and in new markets with

its own brands. The positive and strong relations with these

global partners that Turkey has been pursuing have also

been initiated between these countries’ industrialists and






postponed to May 2021

The reasons for the postponement are based on the latest developments regarding

the worldwide rampant COVID-19 pandemic. There is a general uncertainty

in relation to travelling abroad. Many countries have introduced strict travel

and quarantine regulations and it is impossible to predict for how long these

regulations will be in place.

Although two thirds of the exhibition space – about

62,000 square meters – had already been booked

and a comprehensive hygiene concept had been

developed to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations,

Deutsche Messe AG has decided to postpone the next edition

of DOMOTEX to 20 – 22 May 2021. The show was

originally scheduled to take place from 15 – 18 January

2021. The reasons for the postponement are based on

the latest developments regarding the worldwide rampant

COVID-19 pandemic and on the fact that, in view of these

developments, clients, exhibitors and visitors have asked

for DOMOTEX to be held at a later date. DOMOTEX is now

planning a digital conference to take place on 15 January

2021, the show’s original start date.

The wide international reach and high-calibre visitors,

such as top decision makers, are considered to be among

the core benefits of DOMOTEX, the leading trade show for

carpets and floor coverings: in January 2020, 70 percent

of visitors came from abroad and more than 80 percent

of exhibitors represented more than 60 nations. As every

year, the flooring industry came together in Hannover.

Now, the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

show that infection rates are rising again everywhere.

Many countries have introduced strict travel and quarantine

regulations and it is impossible to predict for how

long these regulations will be in place. There is also a

general hesitation to travel abroad and we do not know

when people will feel safe to travel again. And then again,

November 2020


there is also the prospect that a vaccine may be available

by the end of this year.

“It is our duty to act responsibly. From many conversations

with exhibitors and partners we have learned that,

first and foremost, we have to ensure planning security

in good time”, says Dr. Andreas Gruchow, board member

of Deutsche Messe AG. “With our comprehensive hygiene

and safety concept, as well as with the positive registration

situation, we were very optimistic until very recently.

But the latest developments show that we do not know

whether the travel situation will have significantly improved

by January 2021. Consequently, we have decided

to postpone DOMOTEX from January to May 2021. The

discussions that we had with industry representatives on

this issue have all been positive and have shown that the

postponement is the right decision!”

Something else has also become clear in the many discussions

with stakeholders: there is a need for complementary

digital formats in order to respond to the rapidly rising

number of online channels in the flooring industry and

to establish an international, neutral platform under the

name of DOMOTEX. Therefore, DOMOTEX 2021 will take

place from Thursday to Saturday (20 – 22 May) as a hybrid

event: a physical show complemented by virtual formats.

Visitors who, for differing reasons, will be unable to travel

in May, will thus at least have an option to participate digitally.

For exhibitors, the hybrid format also guarantees the

wide international reach for which DOMOTEX is known:

physically, in the exhibition halls and also digitally extended,

using new presentation formats to generate an even

wider reach.

DOMOTEX sets up digital conference

The DOMOTEX team is also working on a digital conference,

which will take place on 15 January 2021, which

would originally have been the first day of the trade show.

The keynote theme of “Cover New Ground!” is intended to

encourage the industry to discuss what the “new normal

in times of COVID-19” will signify for carpets and floor

coverings and, regarding the design and application of

flooring, to provide inspiration to think beyond existing

strategies, visions and experiences and to look towards

the future. More information will follow in due course.

DOMOTEX 2021 will take place from 20 – 22 May in

Hannover, Germany.

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