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Seed Treatments


Detonate STW: Wheat

Detonate STB: Soybeans

Detonate STC: Corn

Competitor- left / Detonate ST- right

Detonate ST, a 7 tier biological seed treatment,

will let your seed maximize its genetic potential of

explosive growth and yield by stimulating the plant

and maximizing the soils microbial force.

Detonate ST products have 3 key nutrients added to

the biological sources to help your crop germinate

faster, show stronger early vigor, reduce plant

stress, and maximize nutrient uptake.

Detonate STW, STC, and STB each have

unique and ideal ratios of biologicals and

nutrients, engineered specifically for each

respective crop to maximize results.

Competitor- left

Detonate ST- right

• Faster, more uniform


• Larger roots, bigger &

stronger stalks

• Higher nutrient levels in

the plant

• Higher yields, more ROI

Competitor- Left / Detonate ST- right



• Detonate STW consists of four biological sources to

stimulate and increase beneficial soil microorganisms.

These biologicals are specifically balanced to enhance the

microbes that most support wheat growth and yield.

• Cobalt is added for the reduction of ethylene, which is the

hormone that is released when the plant is stressed.

Ethylene slows plant growth and long-term ethylene spikes

reduce yield.

• Molybdenum is critical for nitrogen to be synthesized into

amino acids in the plant. Mo deficiencies can reduce wheat

yields by up to 30%

• Zinc levels must be adequate in wheat for stronger

emergence, faster stand establishment, healthier root

growth, and increased plant vigor.

Application Rate: 6 ounces per 100 lbs of seed

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N)….……1.0%

Soluble Potash (K2O)…….1.0%

Cobalt (Co)…………….…..0.02%

Molybdenum (Mo)……..….0.10%

Zinc (Zn)…………………0.24%


• Detonate STC contains four biological sources to

stimulate and increase beneficial soil

microorganisms. These biologicals are specifically

balanced to enhance the microbes that most support

corn growth and yield.

• Zinc is added to increase the speed and uniformity of

emergence. Zinc also plays a critical role in auxin

formation, leading to bigger/stronger roots and


• Cobalt is added to reduce the levels of ethylene in the

plant when stressors such as cold, heat, drought, or

excess water threaten your crop.

• Molybdenum is added to help the seedling more

efficiently utilize nitrogen. Molybdenum and Cobalt

work together to improve nitrogen efficiency and

protein building to support the rapid increase in

vegetative growth of young plants.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N)….……1.0%

Soluble Potash (K2O)…….1.0%

Cobalt (Co)…………….…..0.10%

Molybdenum (Mo)……..….0.20%

Zinc (Zn)…………………0.38%

Application Rate:

12-16 ounces per 100 lbs of seed

• Detonate STB contains four biological sources to

stimulate and increase beneficial soil microorganisms.

These biologicals are specifically balanced to enhance the

microbes that most support soybean growth and yield.

• Cobalt is added to enhance nitrogen fixation. Cobalt is

necessary for the bradyrhizobium in nodules to

synthesize B12, a cofactor in nitrogen fixation.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N)….……1.0%

Soluble Potash (K2O)…….1.0%

Cobalt (Co)…………….…..0.03%

Molybdenum (Mo)……..….0.20%

Iron (Fe)…………………0.30%

• Molybdenum is also required for the soybean nodules to

fix nitrogen efficiently. Moly is also needed to produce

proteins in the plant.

• Iron is added to help the plants natural disease

protection system. It is also synergistic with

Molybdenum, which helps the uptake and efficiency of

both nutrients. Iron is also the central molecule of


Application Rate: 8 ounces per 100 lbs of seed

Standard corn treatment- Left

Over treatment with DETONATE ST- Right

We have seen our yields climb year

after year with ROI Biologicals

products and agronomic advice.

- Trovillion Farms Grantsburg, IL

Since we have started using

ROI Biologicals products we

have seen a steady increase in

both yield and ROI.

-Lafont Farms Brookport, IL

1 Gal Amplify Max, 2 quarts boron

1 quart zinc: Left (V4 App.)

Untreated: Right

• Amplify Max is a high quality Humic and Fulvic acid

product, sourced from the highest humic and fulvic acid

content parent material on the planet with added amino


• 37 concentrated amino acids added to enhance plant

health, nutrient uptake, and yield

Use Rates:

With burndown: 2-4 quarts per


• Improve nutrient uptake and fertilizer efficiency by

feeding soil microorganisms and naturally chelating

nutrients in the soil which helps plant uptake of fertilizer

• Ideal food source for beneficial soil fungi such as


In furrow: 2-4 quarts per acre

Foliar application: 2-4 quarts

per acre per application

• Can be used with burn down, in furrow, or foliar to

increase absorption and longevity of applied nutrients

• Exalt consists of 5 biological components and 3

specific micronutrients to enhance the stimulation

and populations of soil microorganisms

• Broad-spectrum food source for soil microbes that

increases populations of both beneficial bacteria

and fungi (other biological products only stimulate

either bacteria or fungi, while Exalt increases

populations of both)

• Faster germination and emergence when applied in


• Increased nutrient content in the plant

• Improved stress tolerance in treated crops

Use Rates:

In furrow: 2-3 quarts per acre

Foliar application: 2 quarts per

acre per application

#1 in furrow product for

2019 & 2020 on corn and


• Micronutrients are often the MOST

yield limiting factor in crop

production. When N, P, and K are

sufficient, typically some

micronutrient will be limiting you

from reaching your crops full

potential. This micronutrient blend

can help overcome that and help you

climb past your yield plateau’s.

• Checkmate is a chelated blend of 8

different micronutrients

• Balanced ratios of nutrients,

engineered for maximum uptake of

each nutrient

• Added Humic, Fulvic, and other

biologicals to enhance plant response

• Compatible with a wide range of tank

mixes for post-emergence


Use Rate:

Foliar: 2 quarts per acre

with early post application

from V3-V10

Not for use in furrow

8.7 bu. Average increase on corn

6.1 bushel average increase on


Bio-Stim Micronutrients

• “Brix” is a reading of your plants sugar content.

Photosynthesis is performed by plants to

manufacture sugar, most of which is

translocated to roots and secreted to feed soil

microbes in exchange for nutrients, growth

hormones, antibiotics, etc. The higher your brix

content, the healthier your plant is

• Big-Brix contains 37 key amino acids needed by

the plant for various functions such as cell wall

strengthening, plant disease resistance,

improved nutrient utilization, and more

• Also packed with betaines, manitols, and

naturally derived carbon compounds that are

synergistic with functions of amino acids

• Improve nutrient content, stress mitigation,

reproduction, fruit formation, Brix levels, and


Use Rates:

In Furrow: 1-2 pints per acre

Foliar: 1-2 pints per acre per


• 7.5% Bio-Stim Zinc (EDTA)

• 6% Bio-Stim Copper (EDTA

• 8% Bio-Stim Boron (MEA)

• 3.65% Bio-Stim Iron (EDTA)

• 4.8% Bio-Stim Manganese


• Blackout is highly pure, low salt phosphorus

based starter fertilizer

• Complexed and stabilized with Humic and

Fulvic acids to avoid nutrient tie-up and

maximize root uptake

• Nitrogen and Phosphorus are synergistic for

maximum plant uptake of both nutrients

• Safe to apply in furrow, directly to the seed

at 1-2 gallons per acre

• Can also be applied in 2x2 systems with UAN

at 2 gallons per acre

After testing every biological product available

with each individual nutrient, we have paired each

micronutrient to the biological(s) that most helps

foliar uptake of that respective nutrient. When you

apply a micronutrient, it has to make it inside the

plant to be effective. We have ensured this will be

the case with our product line.

ROI Biologicals, LLC



For product or price inquiries, please contact:

cody@roibiologicals.com or shawn@roibiologicals.com

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