Lucid Canvas and Veil: Wide-span Translucent Fabrics for Luminous Ceilings & Walls


This translucent textile is designed to let 50 percent of light through the fabric, giving architects and designers the flexibility to build intricate lighting and illuminate designs into their plans. UV-printed and LED-backlit Lucid Canvas creates a stunning glow across the ceilings and walls for truly unforgettable interiors.

Lucid Canvas is a printable translucent textile designed for backlit ceiling and wall installations up to 16ft wide. In its non-printed application, Lucid Canvas and Veil are installed together. This thin polyester textile serves as the ""dust-ply"" layer designed to keep dust and bugs from collecting on Lucid Canvas over the years.

Typical uses include lobbies, showrooms, restaurants, houses of worship, studios, gyms, and many more.

Available in 10'2 and 16'8" wide x 164' long rolls


In our photokinetic art installations, LEDs can be controlled individually or in groups, allowing for

dynamic color and light distribution. Our lighting designer collaborates closely with our art design

team to program the software to perform light shows which enhance the visual impact of the backlit

installation. Our clients can receivea pre-programmed package of light shows for any event and venue

occasion with an option for integration with any major control system such as Crestron, Lutron, DMX,

AMX, Savant and others.

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