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Are you seeing for cola juice drinks manufacturer company in Kinshasa, DRC, Africa? Festa is a leading brand of soft drinks in Africa that offers lemon juice along with, grenadine, orange, tangawisi, ananas, cola with amazing flavors.

How is Festa Cola manufactured?

Cola juice drinks have been the most celebrated and popular beverages of all time.

They are primarily made up of carbonated water, sugar with added flavours. All

across the country, people enjoy the sweet sparking cola beverage and drink them

to quench their thirst and as an energy booster.

Cola drinks are the most consumed drink of all times, even the Greeks and

Romans enjoyed them in ancient eras. Festa Cola Juice drinks are the most

preferred drinks of all and made up of low calories and low sodium content.

Festa Cola has a unique taste and over the years has managed to gain the trust of

people. We have other Festa flavours as well whose appeal has increased as we

have always been up to date with our consumers.

Well, trust us, Festa Cola Juice is among the Top 10 soft drink companies in

Kinshasa, DR Congo. The drink is available near you to try and enjoy. We are

going to share with the manufacturing process of how we make Festa Cola, the

best cola juice drinks in Africa.

What is the Festa Cola Manufacturing process:

1) Clarifying the water: The process of making Festa cola begins with removing

of water from the suspended particles, organic matter and bacteria, a series of

traditional steps like coagulation, filtration and chlorination are used to achieve

such a feat.

2) Purification, Filtration and Dechlorination of Water:

The next process involves clarified water which goes through the sand filter and

removes fine particles of floc. After filtrations, bacteria and organic compound

purified for almost two hours. After purification, water dechlorinated using an

activated carbon filter.

3) Mixing the ingredients: The water, which got processed after two steps get

mixed with the dissolved sugar and concentrated flavours. The machines used to

mix and combine them by regulating the flow rates and ratios of the liquids,

pressurized with the carbon dioxide for avoiding aeration of the mixture.

4) Carbonating the beverage: The finished beverage product is slightly overpressured

with carbon dioxide and carefully controlled temperature.

5) Filling and packaging: The final product is transferred into bottles and cans

at high flow rates and sealed off with the pressure-resistant closures. Then, Festa

cola is cooled off and put in the containers with labels. The labels contain

information like ingredients, brand, safe use of the product with the manufacture

date and the expiry date. And finally, they are packed into cartons or trays and

send off to the distributors.

We obey strict water quality standards set by the National Soft drinks

Association regarding the iron, sodium, alkalinity, chlorides, sulphates and

allowable solids. We manufacture Festa Cola through continuous sterilization and


We all love to try new things and crave for different tastes that surprise us. Our

flavours are unique and are guaranteed to give you all the feels and chills.

Wait no more, grab Festa and let yourself loose. It is time to go with the No.1

CSD Cola drinks in DRC, Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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