Find the Cola Juice Drinks Company in Africa – Festa


Are you seeing for cola juice drinks manufacturer company in Kinshasa, DRC, Africa? Festa is a leading brand of soft drinks in Africa that offers lemon juice along with, grenadine, orange, tangawisi, ananas, cola with amazing flavors.

3) Mixing the ingredients: The water, which got processed after two steps get

mixed with the dissolved sugar and concentrated flavours. The machines used to

mix and combine them by regulating the flow rates and ratios of the liquids,

pressurized with the carbon dioxide for avoiding aeration of the mixture.

4) Carbonating the beverage: The finished beverage product is slightly overpressured

with carbon dioxide and carefully controlled temperature.

5) Filling and packaging: The final product is transferred into bottles and cans

at high flow rates and sealed off with the pressure-resistant closures. Then, Festa

cola is cooled off and put in the containers with labels. The labels contain

information like ingredients, brand, safe use of the product with the manufacture

date and the expiry date. And finally, they are packed into cartons or trays and

send off to the distributors.

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