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A word from the Principal...


Firstly, I would like to publicly thank Gail, Nigel and Oliver for their time and hard work to improve

our outdoor area. You will hopefully have seen the fabulous outdoor seating area that they have

created and an additional pagoda-covered area is almost completed. These extra outdoor spaces

will be a great asset to our school and the support of the FLS in their provision is greatly appreciated.

It is vitally important that whilst there is a tightening of the COVID related rules and regulations in

the wider community, we do not feel immune simply because schools are expected to remain fully

open. In our Friday assembly we talked about our in-school rules and how we need to be additionally

vigilant now as there are significantly more cases locally. To support this, I ask that all adults

and siblings over the age of 12 wear face coverings when on the school site, dropping off and collecting.

I appreciate that it is not always possible to remain socially distanced, especially at the end

of the day, so face coverings will provide an additional safety measure for all.

This term, we will be supporting two very important charities: BBC Children in Need and Cornwall

Christmas Box. There will be more information about Cornwall Christmas Box in our next newsletter,

but we will be celebrating Children in Need on the 13th November by encouraging everyone to

come into school with ‘Crazy Hair and Colourful Clothes’. Donations can be made on the day in cash

or through our own online donation page:

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


What’s General... been going on...

Breakfast Club Booking System

Thank you to those of you who are using breakfast club, it’s great to see that the increased

opening hours are helpful to many of our working parents. However, please ensure you book

in online through the school money portal as due to the popularity of the provision, we need

to use pre-booking to ensure we have adequate staffing. If you are unable to login to your

schoolmoney account, please let me know or contact Mrs Badcock in the office.

Out of hours

We have always been committed to offering a place for children in our community to socialise

and so have always kept our school site open during evenings and weekends. Unfortunately,

we have been coming into school in the mornings to litter strewn across our site. If your

children, of primary school age or older, use our school site outside of school hours, please

remind them to treat it with respect so that we can continue to keep it open.


Please remember to park/wait/drop-off in a sensible and responsible manner at the start

and end of the day. The community path takes less than a minute to walk and alleviates the

issues of trying to find a space on the main road.

Prospective Parent Tour

On the 24th and 25th November at 4pm, we will be running socially distanced tours for parents

of children starting school in September 2020. If you, or someone you know, are interested,

please contact the office to book your place. All children and staff will be out of the

building and presentations and tours will be socially distanced to ensure a COVIDsafe


Disabled Parking Space

Unless you are a Blue Badge Holder, please do not park in our disabled parking space under

any circumstances. We appreciate on-site parking is limited, but this space needs to be

available throughout the day. Thank you.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

7th September – 17th December (Half term: 26-30 October)

Spring Term

5th January – 31st March (Half Term: 15-19 February)

Summer term

19th April – 21st July ( Half Term: 31 March – 4 June)

In term Inset Day

7th June

Broad and Balanced...


It’s been a busy week in Rainbow class and the children have really enjoyed

being back with their friends after their half term. They have had lots of fun

learning about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. They made their very

own sparklers using bread sticks, chocolate and sprinkles – they loved eating

them after they had watched their very own fireworks display in the classroom!

The role play area of the classroom has been turned into a winter wonderland;

the children have loved using it to help them imagine what it would be like to

live somewhere icy and snowy – there have been lots of snowball fights! This

week, we have learnt all about the number 4 and that 4 is a square number;

they have been really busy finding 4 in the classroom and outside. In phonics,

they have learnt the sounds g, o, c and k. Another great week Rainbow class,

well done!

Broad and Balanced...


This week class 1 has been learning all about Victorian homes and what it was

like to live in a Victorian house. We had some interesting conversations about

living without electricity and no indoor toilets! Our book for this week has been

Major Glad and Major Dizzy by Jan Oke a lovely story about two toy soldiers

found in a Victorian house. The children asked thoughtful and interesting questions

about the story and then wrote sentences describing the pictures.

In science the children explored magnets and had to find out if all metal was

magnetic. They had great fun exploring the different activities. In RE the children

have learnt all about Christenings this week. Our focus for art this half

term is sketching and the children worked extremely hard to use a pencil to

sketch an eye.

Broad and Balanced...


Last year, Year 2, who were then year 1, came up with a reward chart. They

had to earn class gems to achieve each reward. We came up with a selection of

activities that we could do and then we used our democratic voice to select the

top choices. We never got to experience any of the activities due to lockdown.

However, last half term we managed to fill our class gem jar which meant we

could go to the park. It was a lovely afternoon and the children were beaming.

Now we are working towards ours next reward which will be a picnic.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have been so enthusiastic about their learning this week and have made

a fantastic start to the second half of this term. The children are now focusing

on Egypt within their topic lessons and have begun looking at what life is like in

Egypt in modern times, as well as what it was like a long time ago. They will be

writing reports about Ancient Egypt and have started researching and planning

these. They have continued with their sketching and have drawn some excellent

Pharaohs, which were sketched in pencil before they were completed in

pen. The children will be using these designs over the coming weeks to create

their own Pharaoh masks. In PE this week Year 3 have been taking part in the

Virtual Penwith Schools Cluster sports event and have been competing against

other schools by completing an obstacle course as quick as they can to score

as many points as they can. They had lots of fun doing this!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 4s spent the afternoon at Penzance tennis club today. Their facilities were

great and the tennis coaching by Ian and Sam was brilliant. Over the course of

several weeks, we have learned skills such as back-hand, forehand and controlling

our movements.

Year 4 would like to say a colossal thank you to Ian and Sam for giving us the

opportunity for this fantastic experience.

You may hear rumours that the children beat Mr Uren at a game of tennis but I

am certain this is a complete fabrication of events.

Broad and Balanced...


The children have returned to school this week after half term, ready to learn

and happy to see their peers. They have really enjoyed continuing their studies

on critically endangered animals and the impact humans have on their existence

on Earth. As part of their homework they have been focusing on endangered

animals in the United Kingdom and how they can help save them. A variety

of inspiring homework has already been produced such as ‘a poem about

the effect of lockdown on animals in the UK’, beautiful butterfly artwork and

amazing hedgehog quiz scores. In English, the children have finished typing

up their non-chronological reports about an endangered animal of their choice.

The quality of writing was excellent and will be put together to be made into

a special endangered animal book to share with the school. The children have

been accurately drawing images of endangered animals with control and dexterity

from their observations; they were so proud of their finished pieces.

All about Sifaka Lemurs.

Sifaka Lemurs are herbivores; they eat leaves, flowers, fruit, buds and tree bark (Sifaka Lemurs have been

known to eat about a hundred different plants). Sifaka Lemurs are a creamy white species with a black

patch on their face and normally a burgundy shape somewhere else on their body as well. They have little

black ears set back on the side of their head. Sifaka Lemurs are very familiar with clinging to trees with

their arms and legs with their long, swishy tails hanging behind them. Including the head and body they

are 18 inches tall their tails are also 18 inches long.

Sifaka Lemurs habitat.

Sifaka Lemurs live on the islands of Madagascar. They forage during daylight hours and go to sleep up in

the trees before sunset. These animals live in different woods and forests of this place off the edge of

Africa. Sifaka Lemurs are extremely good tree climbers (they sleep in them too) so it is imperative that

they have a good supply of bushes and trees.

Sifaka Lemur’s families.

There are 101 different species of fast lemurs in the world and they are made up of five families one of

which is the Sifaka Lemur. A group or family of lemurs are called a conspiracy. Baby Sifakas cling to their

mothers bellies after they are born and carry on doing this for about two months then they get carried

around on their mother's back. Hawks and eagles will eat the young of lemurs including this species so

lemurs would be classed as these birds prey.

Why are Sifaka Lemurs endangered?

Sifaka Lemurs are endangered because of the destruction of their forest habitats! Some Sifaka Lemurs

are hunted for their meat though, some of them are protected by the Malagasy tradition that forbids

eating their flesh. All of these species are ranging from vulnerable to critically endangered. In Madagascar

-the only place they live- there are only 250 adult Sifaka Lemurs left. A majority of these lemurs are

threatened with extinction due to anthropogenic (originating in human activity) action like land change

(deforestation) and bushmeat hunting.The Sifaka Lemur is one of the top 25 most endangered

Primates.People are destructing their green habitats by slash and burn agriculture, illegal logging,

charcoal production and mining.

Did you know facts…

Broad and Balanced...

Year 6

Year 6 have had a fantastic first week back after half term. They have come

back in with brilliant focus and motivation. During Computing, each group

designed a World War One themed course for their Beebots to travel safely

from one location to another. There were some brilliant designs and carefully

planned by testing the movement of the Beebots. Some of the groups even

added in an obstacle for the Beebot to avoid and once having a go, had to edit

their programming to correct any mistakes. They also had some excitement in

Science this week, sitting in front of a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style panel including Mr

Richards, Mr Anderson, Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Lyne. The ‘Dragons’ outlined a

challenge to design and create a Christmas decoration using circuits, bulbs and

buzzers. In a few weeks time, the class will have to present their completed

ideas to the very thorough panel. That afternoon, they began to test different

circuits in order to light up bulbs and sound buzzers. Well done for having such

a productive week Year 6!

Information Classification: CONTROLLED

Early Help

Parenting Worker

Advice Line

Penwith and Kerrier

Our regular parenting courses are currently being delivered virtually due to

Covid-19 restrictions.

Do you need some support and advice to understand your child’s needs and


Advice on positive parenting and how to keep your child safe

To understand the importance of routines for your family

To get in touch with your questions please send an email to

Myra Whitney, Area Parenting Lead, or

call 01209 310000 and leave a message mentioning Parenting Worker

Advice Line with your contact details and the best time for us to contact


A member of the Parenting Team will contact you back by phone

within two working days.

Information Classification: CONTROLLED

West Autumn Term Virtual Parenting Programmes

BPAPEY 1-3 yrs 10-11.30 Tuesday 10/11/2020 17/11/2020 24/11/2020

BPAP 5-11 yrs 10-11.30 Thursday 26/11/2020 03/12/2020 10/12/2020

TAKE 3 12-16 yrs 6:00-8:00 Wednesday 4/11/2020 11/11/2020 18/11/2020 25/11/2020 2/12/2020

BPAP with an

awareness of ADHD

5-11 yrs

10-11.30 Tuesday 17/11/2020 24/11/2020 01/12/2020

BPAP with an

awareness of the


5-11 yrs

BPAP with an

awareness of the


5-11 yrs


6:30 -8:00



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