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Elections in America - The people voted

What now ?

We are heading into 2020 . It's choice in the US. Always a special spectacle, but this

time it throws big shadows. In the primaries, the two candidates Trump and Biden

held their own. Let's take a closer look:

Donald Trump



Donald John Trump born on 14 . Born in Queens, New York City, New York on June

16 , 1946 , is an American entrepreneur, entertainer, and since January 2017 the

45th . President of the United States.



Donald Trump grew up knowing that he was special and superior to others. His

father encouraged him by saying he was a " K önig " and had in everything he does,

a " killer " are. Even in preschool age, Donald was noticed by his aggressiveness

towards other children. Like his siblings, he first attended the Kew Forest School in

Queens. There were strict rules at school and at home, but Donald could not be

restrained and was therefore often detained. He performed well in school sports,

especially ball sports. His favorite sport was baseball, its " Mecca " in the mid-

1950she was New York with its three top clubs for years. Because of his massive

physical exertion, Trump was feared by opponents. To escape the orderly, quiet life

in Queens, he and a friend took secret trips to Manhattan on Saturdays, where they

got switch knives, inspired by the musical Westside Story, which was a big hit on

Broadway. One day in 1959 , Fred Trump discovered his son's knife collection and

learned about the secret excursions. He decided that a radical change was

necessary and sent the son to the New York Military Academy in the small town of

Cornwall, New York, about 100 kilometers away, a private boarding school with premilitary

training. There was strict discipline there, and Donald Trump had to forego all

luxuries and had no privileges because of his origins. He came to terms with it, and

took pleasure in getting awards for the cleanest room and the shiniest shoes. For the

first time he also developed an ambition for good academic performance. In

baseball, he became the team captain, and that was probably the first time he made

headlines: Trump Wins Game for NYMA. In 1964 he left the academy with a high

school degree.



Trump then studied economics, first from 1964 to 1966 in New York at Fordham

University and from 1966 at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, the renowned

economics faculty of the University of Pennsylvania with a department for real estate

economics. Trump was unremarkable academically, personally, and politically during

his college years; according to his biographers Kranish and Fisher, he spent almost

as much time working with his father in New York as he was teaching at Wharton

School. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in 1968 , after he had been

postponed four times with attested fitness as a student, for medical reasons he was

not called up for military service and a possible deployment in the Vietnam War. The

files do not contain any further details; According to Trump's own statements in 2016,

it was heel spurs.

In 1977 Trump married model Ivana Zelní čkov á Winklmayr from Czechoslovakia .

From this marriage the sons Donald Jr., called Don (* 1977 ), and Eric (* 1984 ) and

the daughter Ivanka (* 1981 ) were born. In 1990 Ivana filed for divorce for " cruel

and inhuman treatment " , which the media got lively. In a divorce affidavit, Ivana

Trump stated that she was raped by her husband in 1989 . In a television interview in

2018 explained they ärte that she had invented the allegations on the advice of their

lawyers. From 1993 to 1999 Trump was married to the American actress Marla

Maples, with whom he has the daughter Tiffany (* 1993 ). In 2005 he married the

Slovenian model Melania Knauss; In 2006 their son Barron was born, the youngest

presidential son since John F. Kennedy, Jr.



After their father took office as President, the sons Don and Eric took over the

management of the family business The Trump Organization. Daughter Ivanka, who

was successful as a model and entrepreneur, is one of the president's most

important advisors, just like her husband Jared Kushner. Trump is a ten-time


Trump's older sister Maryanne Trump Barry (* 1937 ) was a judge at the 3rd appeals

court until February 2019 . Federal District Court. His older brother Fred Jr. ( 1938 -

1981 ), called Freddy, worked for a few years in his father's company, but did not

show the ambition and strict discipline that the father demanded. He then embarked

on a career as a pilot, which he gave up after some time because of his significant

alcohol consumption, and died of heart failure at the age of 43 .

Trump's father, Fred Trump, had become a multimillionaire with the construction of

residential buildings in the New York districts of Brooklyn and Queens as well as in

Norfolk (Virginia). [ 25 ] Donald Trump worked and was able to work in his father's

company, Trump Management, while studying after graduation in 1968, thanks to the

deferment from military service, boarded fully. As early as 1971 , at the age of

around 25 , he took over the management of the company, while his 65- year-old

father assumed the position of chairman. He was responsible for 14,000 rental

apartments, many of which were rented to low-income earners.



The milieu with which Donald Trump now had to deal when he had to collect

outstanding rent, for example, was strange and uncomfortable for him. Even he lived

in luxury and orderly conditions in Queens, and at the Wharton School, he had been

among budding business people, not a few of far richer families of which came

Himself. His goal was to gain a foothold in Manhattan, and in 1971 took he rented an

apartment there on the Upper East Side. For the first time, however, he became

known to a broader public not because of his entrepreneurial success, but as a

defendant in a trial for racial discrimination. On 16 . In October 1973 his name

appeared on the front pages of the New York Times and other newspapers, where

his company Trump Management was accused of systematically discriminating

against black prospects when selecting tenants.

A high degree of racial segregation in the occupancy of tenement complexes was

common and not a criminal offense until 1968 , and the Federal Housing

Administration, which administered government subsidies for housing construction,

from which Fred Trump had profited greatly, had even mixed ( " inharmonious " )

Allocations not recommended. But in 1968 the Fair Housing Act had come into force,

which banned such discrimination nationwide. In New York, black and white test

subjects began to apply for the same apartments, and Trump's company found a

particularly high level of inconsistencies, including statements from employees that

they had strict instructions to turn away black prospects or to be limited to residential

complexes intended for them.



In view of the charges against both of them personally, Trump and his father went to

a law firm, where they were advised to seek a settlement with which they would

remain unpunished. But that was out of the question for Donald Trump. He turned to

renowned lawyer Roy Cohn, from whom he had noticed an open letter in the New

York Times to US Vice President Spiro Agnew, who had just resigned on allegations

of tax evasion. In it, Cohn accused Agnew of a lack of courage and passionately

advocated defending himself in such cases, as he himself had successfully done

several times. Cohn, who had achieved dubious fame as the right hand man of

Joseph McCarthy in the McCarthy era but was now one of the most influential people

in New York, agreed to champion Trump's case. The process dragged on for two

years and then ended in 1975 with a settlement that included the obligation to make

a statement in the local press at your own expense that people of all races were

welcome to rent Trump apartments. This was generally seen as a minority victory.

Grand Hyatt New York, Donald Trump's first construction project



At that time, the city of New York was in a serious crisis. Funding for housing

projects, which had previously been the Trumps' core business, had to be stopped in

1975 due to a lack of funds. But Donald Trump saw the crisis as an opportunity for

his own plans in Manhattan. As part of the breaking up of the bankrupt Penn Central

railway company, large spaces and four once renowned hotels in Manhattan were for

sale. For one of these hotels, the shabby 62- story Commodore (now Grand Hyatt

New York), there were no interested parties. As a newcomer to this trade without his

own capital and without the necessary contacts, Trump initially had poor prospects,

and his father was very skeptical, but still supported him. He found a very helpful

colleague who gave him the contacts he needed in Louise Sunshine, who had

previously carried out the fundraising for Hugh Carey, the governor of New York

state, and had won Fred Trump as one of the largest donors. The hotel chain Hyatt

was interested in the project as a possible operator of the hotel after a restoration

and modernization, because it did not yet have a hotel in New York. Speaking to

Penn Central, Trump claimed he already had an agreement with Hyatt, although that

wasn't the case yet. The company then granted him a right of first refusal if he made

an advance payment of $ 250,000 . Trump didn't have that money; the fee for the

architect Der Scutt had to pay his father. Still, Trump claimed to the city, whose

approval he needed for the project, that he already had a contract with Penn Central,

and received approval on that basis, even though there were now better offers from

other applicants



With a personal guarantee from his father for the necessary credit, he finally

succeeded in acquiring the building with Hyatt as a 50:50 shareholder and in 1980 to

complete it as a modern first-class hotel. In addition, Abraham D. Beame, the

outgoing Mayor of New York and a long-time friend of Fred Trump's, ensured that

Donald Trump was granted a tax exemption on the last day of his term in 1977 - the

first such exemption for a private project in New history York - causing it to 2,017 sch

ätzungsweise 400 should save millions of dollars.



For the next project, the representative Trump Tower, Trump bought an old

department store on Fifth Avenue to use the property. By having the sculptures on

the Art Deco facade destroyed, even though he had promised the Metropolitan

Museum to provide him with the sculptures in return for a tax-deductible donation

receipt, he again drew criticism in the press. For the demolition of the building, which

was very costly due to the construction situation, he deployed numerous illegal

Polish immigrants who had to work under very poor conditions and for low wages. In

order to speed up the construction of the new building, Trump - like many of his

competitors at the time - got involved in companies and unions controlled by the

mafia and with which his lawyer Cohn had good relations. Work on Trump Tower

remained unaffected by a wave of strikes in 1982 . When the building was ready for

occupancy in 1983 , the costs of selling the 266 apartments had already been paid.

Buyers included celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and Michael Jackson. The

shops in the five-story atrium were rented for up to $ 1 million a year. In the 26 .

Trump set up his office on the first floor, and the top three floors were converted into

an extremely luxurious penthouse with 53 rooms for the now five-member family.

It was through this building that bears his name that Trump became famous beyond

the borders of New York. This also increased his creditworthiness, and in 1985 he

was able to buy the Mar-a-Lago property in Florida as another residence. He

appeared on the front cover of the men's magazine GQ, and its owner Si Newhouse

suggested that he publish a book with Trump as the alleged author at his publisher

Random House. Ghostwritten The Art of the Deal became a bestseller in 1987 .



People from his environment at the time describe that Trump's behavior changed

during these years. While his employees had always had access to him in the past,

he now kept his distance and surrounded himself with people who applauded him

and did not express any concerns. This also included three bodyguards. He also

developed a tendency to outbursts of anger.

On the other hand, he developed a keen interest in reporting on him. It became a

daily routine in the morning to read everything that had been written or said about

him in the past 24 hours. He usually answered inquiries from journalists himself and

often immediately. And he tried to influence the type of reporting with positive

incentives or with the threat of legal consequences. He was also interested in

promoting his business, but above all in attracting as prominent attention as possible

at all times. In particular, since the tabloids soon everything seemed newsworthy,

that had to do with him or Ivana he began - often as an alleged insider under false

names like " John Barron " - Ger üchte to spread. And he won many fans, especially

among ordinary people of the blue-collar class, who saw in him one of their own who

had made it, and also among immigrants, for whom he was the embodiment of the

American dream.



Trump already wanted to set up a casino at the Grand Hyatt, but his attempts to

legalize gambling in New York were unsuccessful. However, in 1977 , gambling was

legalized in neighboring New Jersey. Trump licensed three Atlantic City casinos and

constructed the city's tallest building to date, the 39- story Trump Plaza Hotel &

Casino, which was completed in 1984 . The following year he was able to purchase

another building from the Hilton Corporation because Hilton was not granted a

license for casinos. He named it Trump Castle Hotel & Casino and, to everyone's

surprise, handed it over to his wife Ivana. However, profits from the casino business

remained well below Trump's expectations and declined. In 1988 Trump Castle even

made losses, and he subsequently withdrew responsibility from his wife.

In the case of the casino in Trump Plaza, Trump accused the operating company,

Harrah ' s from Las Vegas, of mismanagement. He was convinced that with a third,

even larger casino hotel under his name, he could dominate the gambling scene on

the east coast. Therefore, in 1987 , he bought the half-finished Taj Mahal. To his

surprise, however, he was no longer able to get any regular credit for completing it -

he was now heavily in debt - and therefore had to take on high-yield bonds.



Despite the growing financial problems, Trump bought his own airline in 1988 , for

which he took out further loans. For $ 365 million, he acquired Eastern Air Lines' no

longer profitable airlines between New York, Washington and Boston, as well as the

21 associated Boeing 727s . His idea was to luxuriously upgrade the old machines

and thus make the lines profitable again. He had leather seats installed, maple

veneers and chrome fittings installed, and the toilets fitted with gold-plated sinks,

which cost about a million dollars for each plane. When in June 1989 the flying

operation was taken up under the name Trump Shuttle, made the company -

especially because of the debt burden - from the beginning losses.

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City



At 10 . October 1989 , a few months before the planned opening of the Taj Mahal,

three of its key employees in the casino area were killed in a helicopter crash. Trump

was more affected by this than his employees had ever seen him, and he later

described it as the worst experience since the death of his brother Freddy. He

personally called family members and attended the funerals. [ 40 ] Two weeks before

the opening of the Taj Mahal, an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal in which

analyst Marvin Roffman was quoted as saying that the casino hotel would be over

Experience a boom for a few months, but cannot last in the long term because the

required demand is not available in Atlantic City. Trump responded immediately by

faxing Roffman's company under threat of legal action demanding that Roffman be

dismissed immediately or an apology presented. He also called Roffman personally

and urged him to draft a statement that the Taj Mahal would be one of the greatest

achievements. Roffman was forced by management to sign a revocation and then


The opening of the “ Taj ” in April 1990 was staged grandly for a week. There were

over 100,000 visitors, and at the height, Trump performed with guest star Michael

Jackson. The fact that the casino was closed by the responsible authorities on the

second and third day because large amounts of gaming coins had disappeared,

could Trump with the assertion that they could not keep up with the unexpectedly

strong rush to count the coins, in the media. Behind the scenes, however, he was

very upset and accused, among other things, two of the three recently perished

executives of being responsible for the resulting chaos.



In June 1990 , Trump could no longer service his liabilities for the first time. Its debt

had grown to $ 3.2 billion, and of its 22 assets, only three made a profit. An

association of many creditors, with whom he had been negotiating since the spring,

came to the conclusion that everyone would lose if they dropped Trump, because the

casinos in particular would be hard to hold without the connection with his name. In

August 1990 they granted him the additional loans he needed and in return acquired

the lien on large parts of his property, including the three casinos, his Mar-a-Lago

estate, his mega-yacht Trump Princess and his private plane. Trump also pledged to

hire a chief financial officer to fix the Trump Organization's finances. In this situation,

his second book, Trump: Surviving at the Top, was again published by Random


Even at the height of financial difficulties, when he couldn't make more and more

payments due, Trump cultivated the image of the extremely successful businessman

and billionaire day after day. In fact, in December 1990, he again enlisted the support

of his now 85 -year-old father, who, in order to avoid the seizure of his donation,

bought game coins worth $ 3.5 million for Trump Castle that were never used. At the

time, the Castle was the most vulnerable of its casinos as customers were migrating

to the Taj Mahal, and three debt servicing payments were already overdue. Trump

forged $ 10 million from the company for the divorce settlement of his first wife Ivana

, and when Marla Maples married in July 1991 , she presented a wedding ring

valued at $ 250,000 on television . When asked by his angry donors, he stated that

the ring had only been borrowed.



In 1995 , Trump founded a stock company, still heavily in debt, and went public with

it. This enabled investors to participate in the supposedly successful “ Trump brand ”

, while he himself managed the business as chairman and received annual

compensation in the millions. Initially, the AG only owned Trump Plaza in Atlantic

City, but in the following year also acquired the two other, highly indebted casino

hotels at inflated prices. Contrary to investor expectations, she was in debt to the

tune of $ 1.7 billion, while Trump was on the Forbes list of the richest Americans for

the first time since 1989 . As a result, the company made losses year after year

because of debt servicing. The market price, which in 1996 a peak of 35 reached US

dollars, fell to 2,005 to 17 cents. Trading was then suspended and, as part of a

settlement, Trump reimbursed shareholders for part of their losses. Until 2009 ,

however, he received a total of $ 44 million in compensation as a manager , and

without the highly indebted casinos, which were never really profitable, he officially

rose to become a billionaire again.



After the crisis in the 1990s , the Trump brand was no longer as flawless as it had

appeared before, but ultimately it was Trump's image that saved him. Now there was

an opportunity to increase his reputation considerably. In 2002 , the television

producer Mark Burnett approached him and presented him with his plan for the

reality show The Apprentice, for which he wanted to hire Trump as the star that and

whose company would be everything. Trump had never been interested in reality TV,

but was quickly convinced that Burnett's project would offer enormous opportunities

to make the Trump brand even better known and more popular. Burnett promised

him that he would only have to invest a few hours per episode, and Trump

demanded that his private jet show up in each episode and that the Taj Mahal be

shown. Even after this first meeting, the “ deal ” was perfect, without Trump seeking

any advice. And he secured a 50 percent stake in the project.

Finding a television company for the show turned out to be difficult for Burnett,

especially since Trump declined to work with CBS Corporation because it had

previously been no longer interested in the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty

pageants he organized. Eventually, Burnett came to an agreement with NBC, which

considered him a successful producer of the reality series Survivor. Trump was only

to be signed for one year after NBC was introduced, followed by other well-known

entrepreneurs. The concept of the show was that 16 candidates fought to get a oneyear

contract as employees of the Trump Organization. For Trump, only the rather

modest role was intended to explain the task to be solved at the beginning of each

episode and to announce at the end which candidate was eliminated from the race.



Trump with former basketball player Dennis Rodman at The Celebrity Apprentice,


It was already clear after the first episode that the script had to be changed. Trump

had shown amazing talent as a show host, and NBC officials and 20 million viewers

were thrilled with his performance. Trump did not stick to the detailed specifications,

as is usual in such shows, but improvised from the start. His saying “ You're fired. " (

" You are fired. " ) Was not planned, but came spontaneously. But he soon showed

other sides as well, sometimes appeared thoughtful and insecure, consulted with the

employees who sat next to him and occasionally followed their advice. And he

quickly learned to build up such a tension and evoke strong emotions in the

candidates. The audience numbers rose to 27 million in the course of the first

season .

Thanks to The Apprentice's popularity, Trump soon found himself in great demand as

a guest on talk shows, where he began speaking about political issues. In retrospect,

the success of his show, the star of which he remained until 2015 , is considered a

prerequisite for the chance of becoming president. After his controversial statements

as a presidential candidate (see below), NBC renounced Trump's future participation

in The Apprentice in June 2015 .

Marketing the Trump brand



In parallel to the preparation of the first season of The Apprentice, Trump started

another project: He wanted to bring men's clothing onto the market under his name.

With great personal commitment and under the impression of the success of the first

season of his show, he managed to win the manufacturer Phillips-Van Heusen as a

licensee, who produced under the Calvin Klein brand, among other things. The

issuing of licenses was not associated with any costs or risks, and in addition to the

omnipresence of his name, it also brought him income in the form of license fees. To

this end, he set up a separate department in Trump Tower, and by 2016 the number

of licenses issued had grown to 25 . These include, for example, the mineral water

Trump Ice and the perfumes Trump Success and Donald Trump the Fragrance.

2002 the licensed video game Donald Trump appeared ' s Real Estate Tycoon,

which in 2010 he was classified as very poor in retrospectives years. Still, it was

selling well at the time of publication.



In 2005 Trump presented his project called Trump University. These were seminars

that were supposed to convey how to get rich as an investor in the real estate

market. Trump promised to hire the best experts as lecturers and to contribute to the

development of the teaching content himself, but neither of these happened. The first

event was free of charge and, according to the instructor's instructions, was used to

promote paid seminars, priced from $ 1,495 to $ 34,995 . When registering,

interested parties had to provide detailed information about their financial situation,

which was supposed to be used to give them personal advice, but was actually

evaluated in order to identify suitable addressees for the most expensive offer,

Trump Gold Elite. Another promise was that Trump would not earn anything from this

project, but only want to pass on knowledge and donate the profits to charity. That

did not happen either. By the end of operations in 2010 , Trump Gold Elite had won

almost 600 people. Many of them later asked for a refund because they felt they had

been betrayed.



At the same time, Trump began issuing naming licenses for construction projects in

the US and other countries. The impression was given that these were projects of

the Trump Organization, while in fact he was only collecting fees for the use of his

name. He also founded Trump Mortgage ( " Trump Hypotheken " ) and spread great

optimism about the real estate market, although the end of the boom was already on

the horizon. When the financial crisis began in 2007 with the bursting of the real

estate bubble in the USA , many of the projects bearing Trump's name got into great

difficulties, while as a mere licensor he sometimes sued the entrepreneurs

concerned if they asked for the payments owed to him to be postponed. Conversely,

many small investors who had bought apartments in a residential complex that had

not yet been built and had only been licensed, trusting Trump, sued him for fraud.

The numerous legal disputes dragged on for years until Trump put an end to an end

in 2016 .

Investigations against " Trump University " and Trump Foundation



Trump and his companies were (as of 2016 ) in about 3500 involved legal

proceedings, including in 1900 as Kläger.Gegen his from 2005 offered management

courses under the name " Trump University " (see above) of the New York Attorney

headed in the same year General investigation " because Operation without approval

and deception of customers ” . Trump reportedly offered courses that failed to earn

diplomas and still raised about $ 40 million by 2011 . Attorney General Eric

Schneiderman asked for the money back. Trump called the " Universit ät " in " Trump

Entrepreneur Initiative " um.Schneiderman threw Trump 2013 before, " his Ber

ühmtheit " used and personally affected people with false promises in commercials

to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for teaching they never got; there were

several lawsuits against him. Shortly after the presidential election, in mid-November

2016 , Trump agreed to pay $ 25 million in an out-of-court settlement so that more

than 6,000 course participants could be compensated.

In September 2016 , the New York Attorney General opened an investigation against

the non-profit Donald J. Trump Foundation for violating IRS rules and improper

handling of donations. Independent studies have shown that Trump has not paid into

the foundation since 2008. [ 64 ] Third-party donations Trump gave, among other

things, for a life-size portrait of himself ( $ 20,000 ), for a football kit signed by Tim

Tebow ( $ 12,000 ) and in 2013 for an illegal payment ( $ 25,000 ) to Florida Attorney

General Pam Bondi, who then closed the investigation against Trump University in

Florida. At 24 . December 2016 , Trump announced that he would dissolve the

Foundation in order to avoid possible conflicts with his role as US President.



In June 2017 , business magazine Forbes reported that Trump had channeled

donations that had been made to his son Eric's charitable foundation for children with

cancer since 2011 into his own company. The donations did not go to a children's

hospital as announced, but to the Trump Organization or other foundations

associated with Trump that spent the money on events on Trump's golf courses.

Trump allegedly violated tax laws and regulations against self-dealing and deceiving

donors. In June 2018 , New York State sued Trump, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric,

and his daughter Ivanka for allegedly illegal use of funds from his family foundation.


Trump's private jet since 2011 : a converted Boeing 757 , built in 1991

Ever since Trump gained a certain prominence as an entrepreneur, he consistently

presented his wealth as evidence of extraordinary business acumen, and on this he

ultimately based his claim to be particularly qualified for the office of president. Over

the years, however, his statements about his fortune were never really verifiable and

therefore a subject of controversy. When the New York Times ran an article on him in

1976 , he claimed he was worth $ 200 million. In the same year, his taxable income

was just under $ 25,000 , and in 1978 and 1979 he reported negative income totaling

3.8 million. During this period he took out a $ 35 million loan from Chase Manhattan

Bank and borrowed another $ 7.5 million from his father.



In the course of the 1980s , the information about Trump's wealth increased

significantly. When Forbes magazine started its annual list of the 400 richest

Americans in 1982 , Trump stated a fortune of $ 500 million; However, Forbes only

listed him and his father at an estimated 200 million together. This value is then

increased from year to year until 1989 with 1.7 billion reached a maximum. That year

it was revealed that Trump had billions of dollars in debt and Forbes downgraded

him to 500 million, removing him from the list. Instead, the magazine devoted an

article to him, in which his debts were presented and he was certified as having

major problems in making regular payments (cash flow). For six years in a row he no

longer appeared in the Forbes list (see above: casinos in Atlantic City and difficult

1990s ).



Throughout his career, Trump took legal action against people and organizations

who criticized his self-portrayal as an extremely successful entrepreneur and his

alleged wealth. An example, aroused the attention is his conflict with the New York

Times writer Timothy O ' Brien. This was expressed in his book TrumpNation,

published in 2005 . The Art of Being The Donald, which was based on extensive

interviews with Trump and employees of his company, was skeptical about the

information circulating about Trump's fortune. The current pronouncements were

very contradicting, ranging from 1.7 to 9.5 billion. Therefore asked O'Brien three

unnamed insiders, the assets of 150 bis 250 US dollar appreciated million. A week

before the book was released, Trump learned of these details and his intention to

pre-publish it on the NYT. He arranged for his attorney to write to the publisher of the

book describing it as false, vicious, and defamatory, and a request for the NYT to

pre-produce the proposed article to correct any errors. The paper was unimpressed

and ran the article, What's he really worth? (How rich is he really?). After the book

was published, Trump sued O'Brien and his publishers with an estimated amount in

dispute of 5 billion. The legal battle dragged on until 2011 and ended in Trump's

defeat. In this context, it became known that Trump's lender Deutsche Bank also did

not classify him as a billionaire, but estimated him to be worth $ 788 million. Trump

rejected that as well.



When he announced his presidential candidacy in June 2015 , Trump listed assets of

more than eight billion US dollars, which he increased to over ten billion in July 2015

. The difference should be due to an initially inadequate valuation of some

properties: On the basis of publicly available data, Forbes estimated Trump's net

worth at 4.1 billion US dollars in June 2015 , and the media company Bloomberg at

2.9 billion US dollars in July 2015 Forbes list " The World ' s Billionaires " from 20 . M

arch 2017 fell Trump with an estimated fortune of 3.5 billion dollars ( 3.3 billion

euros) from position 324 at No. 544 back. The reason given was the decline in the

value of his real estate, especially in New York. In February 2018 , Forbes estimated

Trump's net worth at $ 3.1 billion. Of this, 1.5 billion was in real estate in New York

City, 500 million in real estate outside New York City, 560 million in golf clubs, 180

million in branded businesses and 290 million in cash and personal assets.

So far, Trump, unlike most other US top politicians, has not published his tax returns.

In May 2017 , he submitted a financial self-assessment to the Office of Government

Ethics that he had at least $ 1.4 billion in assets with liabilities of at least 310 million -

probably more than $ 500 million dollar - against überstanden.Das Wall Street

Journal, however, had in January 2017 wrote that he owed solely by Deutsche Bank

about 2.5 billion US dollars; other major lenders include Wells Fargo, JPMorgan

Chase, Fidelity Investments, Prudential plc, and The Vanguard Group.



Trump claims that he owes his fortune solely to his business acumen. His father only

lent him a million dollars in seed capital, which he paid back with interest. In contrast

, research by the New York Times published in October 2018 found that he had

received donations from his father's fortune in a variety of ways since early

childhood, in excess of $ 400 million.

According to research by The New York Times (NYT), Trump did not remit income

taxes to the U.S. Treasury Department for 10 of the 15 years from 2005 to 2020 , as

he said he had more losses than income. The NYT also stated that Trump claimed $

70,000 in hairstyling expenses during his years as host of the TV show The

Apprentice. [ 85 ] Furthermore, according to the NYT (as of September 2020 ), he

has outstanding debt amounting to 421 million dollars, most of which come from

loans of its Golf hotels Trump National Doral Miami and his hotel in the Old post

Office Pavilion, is liable for it personally. Since Trump keeps the identity of the

creditors a secret, this was discussed in the election campaign for the US

presidential election 2020 .

Relationship with Saudi Arabia

Trump with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ( 2017 )



Trump's relationship with Saudi Arabia has been viewed very critically since the

murder of the regime-critical Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who lives in the

United States, in October 2018 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He has maintained

good business relationships with the Saudi royal family and wealthy Saudi

entrepreneurs since the 1990s . When he got into serious trouble in the early 1990s

because of the losses at his casinos (see above), after a long search he found a

buyer for his mega yacht Trump Princess, which he himself bought from Adnan

Khashoggi, in the Saudi prince al-Walid ibn Talal , an uncle of Jamal who was

murdered in 2018 . Walid also took a stake in the indebted Plaza Hotel, which was

then owned by Trump. Until recently (as of 2018 ), wealthy Saudis are among the

best customers of Trump hotels in New York and Washington. At a 2015 election

campaign event , Trump said that was why he held the Saudis in high regard.

Trump was confirmed as a child in the Presbyterian Church. In October 2020

explained he ärte, henceforth to be seen as non-denominational Christians.

He is the owner of the conglomerate Trump Organization and headed it as CEO from

1971 to 2017 . He made a substantial fortune in the real estate industry and made

his name " Trump " a brand. Primarily for his reality show The Apprentice ( 2004 -

2015 ), he became one of the most famous people in the United States.



Trump supported various political parties, but has been registered as a Republican

since 2009 (with a brief interruption) . As their candidate, he won the presidential

election on 8 . November 2016 against the Democrat Hillary Clinton and was on 20 .

January 2017 US President - as the first without previous political office or military

rank and with the highest age on assuming office.

Its eclectic, changeable political program contains elements of populism,

protectionism, liberalism and isolationism. With a simple style of speech, provocative

remarks and radical proposals - for example on immigration and Islam - Trump

attracts the attention of the media in a special way and becomes an information

producer himself through intensive use of Twitter. His post-factual statements contain

a very large number of easily transparent untruths.

At 18 . December 2019 , the Democratic-ruled House of Representatives of the

United States launched an impeachment trial against Trump on charges of abuse of

power and obstruction of Congress. On 5 . In February 2020 , he was acquitted on

both counts by the Republican-dominated US Senate and the proceedings ended.

As announced in 2017 , Trump will step down on 3 . November 2020 as a candidate

for election for a second term as President.

Source: Wikipedia



Joe Biden



Joseph Robinette " Joe " Biden, Jr. born on December 20 . November 1942 in

Scranton, Pennsylvania is an American Democratic Party politician. From 1973 bis

2009 go he centars as a representative of the State of Delaware in the United States

Senate. From 2009 to 2017 he was the 47th president under President Barack

Obama . US Vice President. At 25 . April 2019 he announced his candidacy for the

2020 presidential election . Since the withdrawal of Bernie Sanders at 8 . April 2020

and his official nomination on 18 . August 2020 he is the Democratic candidate

standing against incumbent Donald Trump.

The son of Joseph Robinette " Joe " Biden, Sr. ( 1915 - 2002 ) and Catherine

Eugenia " Jean " Finnegan ( 1917 - 2010 ) grew up with two Br üdern, James Brian

Biden and Francis W., and a sister, Valerie (Biden ) Owens, on. Biden's family is

Roman Catholic and Irish-American. When he was 10 , his family moved to

Claymont, Delaware, where he grew up in suburban New Castle County. Biden's

father worked as a car dealer. In 1961 , Biden graduated from the Roman Catholic

Archmere Academy at Claymont, and in 1965 graduated from the University of

Delaware at Newark, majoring in history and political science. He received the Juris

Doctor from the College of Law at Syracuse University in 1968 and worked as a

lawyer in Wilmington (Delaware) from 1969 . From 1991 he taught constitutional law

at the Widener University School of Law.



On 27 . In August 1966 , Biden married his high school sweetheart Neilia Hunter in

Skaneateles, Onondaga County. From the marriage produced three children: Joseph

Robinette (called III " Beau " , 1969 - 2015 ), Robert Hunter (* 1970 ) and Naomi

Christina ( 1971 - 1972 ). At 18 . December 1972 , Neilia and Naomi were killed in a

traffic accident, the two sons survived injured. Biden took his oath for the US Senate

in January 1973 at their sickbed. At 17 . June 1977 Biden married in New York City

Jill Tracy Jacobs, with whom he has the daughter Ashley (* 1981 ). At 30 . May 2015

his son Beau died of a brain tumor. Biden has seven grandchildren.

Biden won his first political mandate when he was elected to the New Castle County

Council in November 1970 . In the election to the US Senate in 1972 , he was one of

the youngest ever to win at the age of 29 and represented the state of Delaware in

the United States Senate from 1973 until he became Vice President in 2009 . He

won five re-elections. As a daily train driver, he represented Amtrak's interests in the

Senate, and saw himself as an advocate of Dover US Airforce Base and the

Delaware chicken processing industry. As a speaker he is known for his eloquent

and emotional, often long speeches. For many years he sat on the United States

Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the United States Senate Committee on

Foreign Relations. In the latter he was most recently chairman and thus one of the

most prominent foreign politicians of the congress.



Biden was chairman of the judiciary committee from 1987 to 1995 and as a ranking

minority member from 1981 to 1987 and from 1995 to 1997 . During his tenure as

chairman, the highly controversial negotiations on the nominations of the

conservative Supreme Court judges Robert Bork ( 1987 , rejected by the Senate)

and Clarence Thomas ( 1991 ) fell.

Biden was instrumental in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (

1994 ), which restricted gun ownership, extended the death penalty and investigative

powers to the federal level for a range of crimes such as certain immigration crimes,

hate crimes, gang crimes, and sex crimes. Part of the law was the Violence Against

Women Act, which expanded the rights of women. He was also the author of the

Reducing Americans ' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act (RAVE Act) in 2003 , which drew

criticism from the electronic music scene due to its extensive measures.

As chairman of the International Narcotics Control Caucus, Biden worked on US

anti-drug policy laws. As a member of the committee, Biden campaigned for

tightened measures against flunitrazepam, MDMA (ecstasy), ketamine and steroids.



In foreign policy, Biden was involved in the fight against terrorism and weapons of

mass destruction and specialized in Europe after the Cold War, the Middle East and

Southeast Asia. Shortly after the fall of Yugoslavia, he advocated an active and, if

necessary, violent US foreign policy in the Balkans. He called Slobodan Milo šević a

war criminal early on and campaigned to lift the arms embargo against opponents of

the Serbs and to train Bosnian Muslims militarily. His advocacy of NATO air missions

was one of the key elements in convincing Bill Clinton of this option.

After the attacks of 11 . September 2001 Biden supported US President George W.

Bush and called for more ground troops in the Afghanistan war. In the Senate, he

approved the resolution on the war in Iraq, believing that Saddam Hussein should be

overthrown, but today, like other leading Democrats, regrets that decision.

In the 1988 presidential election , Biden declared his candidacy in June 1987 , but

dropped out of the race after only six weeks after plagiarism allegations were made

against him. He had copied a speech by UK Labor leader Neil Kinnock, which

included personal life details that were true in Kinnock's case but not in Biden's case.

In 2004 he was due to his experience as a possible foreign minister or running mate

of the (defeated) Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.



For the presidential election in 2008 Biden was since the end of 2004 as a potential

Democratic candidate, and declared on 7 . January 2007 that he would apply. Biden

formally entered the race at the end of January. After he had been able to unite just

under a percent of the votes in the first vote in the Democratic primary process, the

caucus in the US state of Iowa, Biden announced in January 2008 that he was

leaving the race for the presidency.

Vice President of the United States ( 2009 - 2017 )

2008 election and first term

Biden when he was sworn in as Vice President ( January 20 , 2009 )

On 23 . In August 2008 , Obama named Biden a runner-up for the presidency. After

his withdrawal from the presidential candidacy, Biden had indicated that although he

would not actively seek the running of the office, he would accept it if it was offered

to him. The politically experienced Biden was supposed to compensate for Barack

Obama's lack of experience in the election campaign, particularly in matters of

foreign policy. Biden was also considered to be respected among white workers,

which should bring more votes to the democratic ticket. At 4 . November 2008

Obama and Biden emerged victorious from the presidential election. They won a

majority in 28 states, which earned 365 votes in Electoral College, while the

Republican team of John McCain and Sarah Palin won 22 states and received just

173 votes.



Biden was on 20 . Sworn in as Vice President in a grand ceremony in front of the

Capitol in Washington on January 1 , 2009 , minutes before Barack Obama took the

oath of President. He replaced George W. Bush's Vice President Dick Cheney. While

his predecessor had exercised the office of vice president with great vigor, Biden

changed the style of administration. He wanted to be an important advisor to

President Obama in the background, said Biden. As Vice President he was

instrumental in supporting the President's course in domestic and foreign policy.

Biden also traveled abroad several times as the President's representative for talks

with other governments or the performance of ceremonial tasks that are often the

responsibility of vice-presidents. Biden was seen as a clear supporter of the 2010

healthcare reform in the United States, which President Obama vehemently pushed.

The reform gave millions of Americans access to public health insurance. In the

summer of 2011 , Vice President Biden was a key figure in the passage of the

Budget Control Act 2011 . The background to this was that the debt ceiling had to be

increased due to rising American government spending. However, with the

Republican Party gaining a majority in the House of Representatives in the

November 2010 midterm elections (even though the Democrats still retained Senate

control), it was inevitable for the Obama administration to reach consensus with the

Republicans. Since the negotiations dragged on over a correspondingly long period

of time, there was a risk of national bankruptcy without the statutory increase in the

debt limit



In the breakthrough, which came in August 2011 , the Vice President was a key

negotiator with the Republicans and their opposition leader John Boehner. Biden

also played an important role in Obama's administration in the passing of labor laws

and tax policy. In May 2012 , Biden made headlines across the country when he

spoke out in favor of enabling gay marriages across the United States. In an

interview a few months later, President Obama also stated this.

Re-election and second term

Biden (right) with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and German Chancellor

Angela Merkel at the 2015 Munich Security Conference

At 10 . November 2016 , Biden (left) receives his designated successor Mike Pence

at the White House



Before the 2012 presidential election , some US media had speculated whether

Biden could be replaced as the President's running mate, for example by Secretary

of State Hillary Clinton or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the summer of

2012 , however, Obama declared that he would compete with Biden again; both

were born on 6 . September 2012 nominated at the Democratic convention in

Charlotte, North Carolina for a second term. He shaped the election campaign of the

Democrats with his slogan: “ Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. ”

(German: “ Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive ” ). Obama and Biden won

26 states and 332 votes in the November 2012 election . Republican candidates Mitt

Romney and Paul Ryan won 24 states and 206 electoral votes. Biden was on 20 .

Sworn in as Vice President again in the White House on January 1st , 2013 .

After the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 , Biden took

over the chairmanship of a working group for a change in gun laws, in particular for a

legal ban on the sale of assault rifles to private individuals. As a senator, Biden was

involved in similar working groups in Congress. A tightening of the gun law at the

federal level did not find a majority in Congress.

During the civil war in Syria, Biden called for intervention, saying that Bashar al-

Assad could no longer rule his people.



Since Obama's re-election, Biden has been traded as a possible successor and thus

a Democratic presidential candidate for the 2016 election , in which Obama was

unable to run again due to the limitation in office. At 21 . In October 2015 , Biden

announced that he would not run for the presidency in 2016 , but would be " not quiet

" in the upcoming election campaign . In May 2016 , he said he wanted to run, but

changed his mind after his son Beau Biden died from cancer in May 2015 . In the fall

of 2016 , he made several campaign appearances with the Democratic candidate

Hillary Clinton, in which he denied the suitability of the Republican candidate Donald

Trump for the presidency. At 15 . May 2016 Biden (together with John Boehner) was

awarded the Laetare Medal by the University of Notre Dame, which is considered the

highest honor for American Catholics. At 12 . On January 1st , 2017 , Biden was

awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction, the highest civilian

honor in the United States, by President Obama; this special version is only awarded

extremely rarely (most recently in 2004 ).

The terms of office of Obama and Biden were running as scheduled on 20 . January

2017 . After Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election, the previous

governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, succeeded Biden as vice president.



Political analysts see Biden's strengths as his moderate pragmatism and balancing

nature - this sets him apart from Trump. It is difficult to stylize Biden as a figure of

hatred; In contrast , Hillary Clinton, who ran against Trump in 2016 , is one of Biden’s

greatest weaknesses. His speeches often deviated from the topic and turned into

long, uninspiring monologues. It does not get to the point and leaves a lackluster

impression, also the tenor of commentators close to the Democratic Party. Satirist

and television commentator Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show that the “

greatest danger to Biden ” lies in “ his own mouth. ” Biden made the best figure

during the first few months of the COVID- 19 pandemic in the US when he withdrew

to the basement of his house in Delaware in social isolation and largely abstained

from public statements. As a result, he gained stature compared to a President

Trump, whose misjudgments and failures in the management of the crisis became




In the primary campaign, allegations were raised that Biden was behaving

inappropriately towards women and children, including unsolicited touching and

hugging, with several women reporting encountering Biden that made them

uncomfortable, others such as Jean Carnahan, Meghan McCain and Nancy Pelosi

defended him, however. According to Susan Collins, a Republican Senator from

Maine, Biden is " a very loving individual who is a natural toucher . " Other

acquaintances also confirmed that Biden's hugs were not malicious. At the end of

March 2019 , Lucy Flores, a former MP from Nevada, and Amy Lappos, aide to the

Democrats, accused Biden of behaving inappropriately towards them by putting their

hair in his mouth and kissing the back of their head. Flores said that while she found

Biden's behavior very uncomfortable, it was not sexual. Shortly thereafter, Biden

publicly stated that he had never intended to make you feel uncomfortable, nor did

he ever think that his behavior was inappropriate. Former New Mexico Lieutenant

Governor Diane Denish said she had the exact same experience with Biden but did

not feel inappropriately treated by it. They speculated that this generation of their

liege.Am 25 . On March 23 , 2020 , Tara Reade, a former employee, accused Biden

of sexually assaulting her in the Senate building in 1993 . On the podcast The Katie

Halper Show, Reade claimed that Biden pressed her against a wall and touched her

immorally. Although the acts were already statute barred, Reade filed a criminal

complaint with the Washington police



According to her own statements, she wanted to document the case after she was

attacked on the Internet after the publication of an article in a local newspaper in

which she had already accused Biden of unintentional contact. According to her

brother and a friend, Reade told the story back in 1993 ; The friend advised her not

to go to the police, so Reade. Biden's campaign team said that while women have

the right to tell their story, these allegations are false. An assistant Biden at the time

of the alleged incident stated that she had never seen or heard of Biden's

inappropriate behavior; the allegations are false. Some quarters have cast doubt on

Reade's credibility, as she used to exuberantly praise Russian President Vladimir

Putin, support Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Party primaries , and waited

27 years to publicize the allegations. Conservatives complained a double standard,

since similar allegations against Brett Kavanaugh 2018 had been the media attention

far more and have firmly stood his fault for Democrats at the time, unlike Biden

heute.Am 1 . May 2020 , Biden commented publicly for the first time on the

allegations: They are “ not true. That never happened. “ Women deserve to be

treated with decency and respect, and allegations should be heard and investigated

carefully. Biden called on the media to look closely at the inconsistencies in the


At 12 . August 2020 Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate; She

would become US Vice President if he won the election.

Source: Wikipedia



We will not judge that, they are both probably not without (bad) flaws. However, the

question remains who is better suited for the office in these times.

There is no general answer to that, economically so far governments among the

Republicans have been very good. Finance professor Alfred Mettler has lived in the

USA for 20 years. He predicts that America's debt will continue to rise - regardless of

which president it is under. Quote: "It has the strongest economy, by far the largest

financial market and also the world currency. The country can still print a lot of

money and go into debt without having to face immediate negative consequences."

But the situation at the moment is as follows:



* Trump wanted growth like hell. He wanted to prove that he had the right recipes for

business. So instead of saving, he cut taxes. "The money that the state has not

taken in, ( ... ) these are the means that we lack now that we are in the middle of the

serious crisis."

Rising wages - rising costs

Initially, it was primarily companies and upper income groups that benefited . “The

more the situation on the labor market has improved, the growth has also reached

the lower income brackets”, but “the costs have also risen sharply for education,

health and rent, which is why the recovery is not as such for many Americans felt. "

(Source srf.ch)

Whatever the candidates want, in the end they have to rule with Congress. And if

Congress remains divided, the next president, whatever his name, will have a hard

time getting his economic program through one-on-one.

Politically, however, Trump is an elephant in a china shop, but it is already broken

before he comes through the door. That damages his reputation. It just needs a

different tone and a different communication, a president who approaches people

differently. The country endures this area is no longer much "Trump".

Biden stands for reliability and decency, values that count more in times of unrest,

pandemics and uncertainty.



The Americans have voted, the count continues.

But the race for the presidency is close.

Trump proclaims himself the new old president on election night and believes the

counts have to be stopped, he would have won. Of course, that's not an option,

every vote has weight. He begins with a wave of lawsuits to stop the counts and later

speaks of electoral fraud and a "stolen election victory".

Biden calls for calm and patience. He carefully points out the lead and relativizes his

"coming victory".

But this is also about the results of the congressional elections.

Together the Senate and House of Representatives make up the United States

Congress, the national parliament.

The majorities in Congress determine how far a president can achieve his goals.

"The congressional elections will take place in parallel to the presidential election. All

members of the House of Representatives were newly elected; around a third of the

seats in the Senate were up for grabs.



According to TV broadcasters, the Democrats defended their majority in the House

of Representatives in the US congressional elections. However, their hopes of

gaining control in the Senate were severely dampened. Several Republican

senators, who were considered a shaky candidate, were able to defend their seats.

Every US state sends two senators to Congress, so far the Republicans held a

majority of 53 of the 100 seats. As of 12.30 p.m. CET, the Democrats were able to

catch up one seat - according to calculations by the AP news agency, they had 45

seats, the Republicans 47. "

Source: Merkur.de

It will take a while until all votes are counted, the turnout was extremely high (quote:

"as high as it has not been for a hundred years")

What happens then remains to be seen. Trump had previously announced that he

would not accept a defeat without a fight. This fear is shared by many constitutional

and political scientists.

Because of the corona pandemic, a large number of people in the United States

chose the route of voting by post. This time, the Democrats in particular have made

use of the right to vote by post, the counts are dragging on because letters are still




Trump uses this to sow discord: "A correct count is no longer possible" and he calls it

"illegal votes" in his statement. The transition period between the day after the

election and the inauguration of the new president could not mark the end of the fight

for the White House in the US this time, but rather its continuation by other means.

There are many scenarios of how things can go on after the counts have been

completed, but there will probably not be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,

although it should be a matter of course. Handovers are only loosely regulated in the

USA, so there are many loopholes in the process hinder.

Here are 5 perspectives

Scenario 1 : Trump admits defeat

In this scenario, the President still has a few months to implement his policy. During

this time, he could not only pardon himself and thus try to protect himself from

possible legal prosecution after leaving office. He could also fire other high-ranking

officials, such as the immunologist and chief adviser Anthony Fauci or FBI chief

Christopher Wray, with whom he had been extremely dissatisfied during the election

campaign. In addition, the Trump administration could try to put as many obstacles

as possible in the way of the subsequent administration and destroy numerous


Scenario 2 : The White House intervenes in the vote count



Trump has repeatedly sown doubts about the correct implementation of the postal

vote during the election campaign. A tight result in a swing state could lead him to

either recount votes or refer them to Republican-dominated courts.

There is a precedent for this in the recent history of the USA: After the presidential

election in 2000 (George W. Bush versus Al Gore), the ballot papers were counted

again in Florida because of a very narrow result with a difference of only 537 votes.

But before a new result could be announced, the Supreme Court ruled that Bush had

won the state election.

Named after a high-quality clothing brand, the Brooks Brother riots - an organized

protest by Republicans aimed at preventing the countdown of votes in County Miami-

Dade - gives an idea of what 2020 may well be.

Scenario 3 : Dispute over the electorate

In the election, the "Electoral College" is determined - the body of electors who elect

the US President. This system could move into the center of the dispute. If the

majorities in one of the contested states change in the days or weeks after the

election, both parties could claim the electorate for themselves. This stalemate by

so-called dueling voters would then have to be resolved in Washington. The official

count of the electors at 6 . January 2021 is the responsibility of the President of the

US Senate - that is Vice President Mike Pence. But what decision-making powers he

has other than counting the votes is not in the constitution.



Therefore, observers assume that Pence Trump could at least guarantee additional

electoral votes - and possibly even a second term in office. A prolonged

constitutional crisis could result.

Scenario 4 : Trump does not admit defeat

Trump is not known for ever giving in without a fight, admitting a mistake, or defeat.

Therefore, it is conceivable that he will not be ready to officially recognize the victory

of his opponent - and still leave the White House in January 2021 as planned. The

journalist Graeme Wood considers this scenario in "The Atlantic" magazine to be the

most likely outcome - also because Trump could save face in front of his supporters

and avert possible prosecution. In the time between the election and the oath of

office of the new president, Trump could either pardon himself as a precaution or

hand over the business to his Vice Pence so that he can execute the pardon.

Scenario 5 : Trump refuses to leave the White House

The most extreme scenario is that Trump refuses to pack his things after an election

defeat and leaves the White House until April 20 . January 2021 . Then the new

president could ask the Secret Service to physically remove him from the White




The military should not be used. Mark Milley, one of the top generals, confirmed to

the House of Representatives on request that his people would not interfere in any

conflict surrounding the election.

Source: Tagesschau.de

Conclusion :

Let us wait for the things to come, it will stay interesting.

Short Corona Update

The election in America is exciting, a welcome change from the unpleasant

Corona topic, but we want to give a short update of the situation:



Although Donald Trump can't hear the topic anymore and Europe wants to explain

why the number of cases is so high, he has almost 120,000 new infections in his

own country, which he simply ignores, making America as badly affected by the

pandemic as Europe.

In most European countries, the numbers are rising rapidly, despite partial or

complete lockdown. France with almost 60,000 new infections, Italy with almost

32,000, Poland with almost 28,000 and the UK with almost 25,000 new cases are

among the most affected countries.

But also in the rest of Europe the numbers in many countries have climbed to over

20000, also in Germany.

International : The number of detected infections worldwide is more than 47.4 million.

More than 1.2 million people have died in connection with the coronavirus.

As far as the numbers are concerned, research is being done on vaccines, but also

on drugs for treatment.

Let's hope that the lockdowns will be effective and that the numbers will reach a

minimum level by Christmas.



Terror in Europe

The recent attacks took place in France and Austria, and our condolences and

sympathies go out to everyone in the communities, because it is not only the

relatives who are affected: the shock is deeply felt by everyone.

Terrorists want to spread a feeling of fear and insecurity.

Often, if a terrorist attack is committed somewhere, it is followed by others, not

necessarily in the same country.

The Parisian criminology professor Alain Bauer advised politicians such as the

former socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls and the former conservative President

Nicolas Sarkozy in questions of counter-terrorism.

He says :



"Such attacks do not work according to a simple cause-and-effect scheme.

What drives the assassins?

Some have taken action because the trial of the alleged supporters began during the

attack on the satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" in January 2015. For others, the

recent publication of the cartoons was the occasion. For still others, it is the French

involvement in the Libyan conflict. And then there is another group, such as some

Turks living in France, for whom France's support for Armenia is a thorn in their side.

Are the murders in Vienna copycats of the terrorist acts in France?

Probably not. Already in December 2019 there was an attempt of an assassination in

Vienna, which was planned by a commando with three Chechens. The investigations

after the attacks in Vienna will now take some time. Until these investigations are

completed, one should not jump to hasty conclusions. " (Source: Tagesspiegel)



Leisure activities in November

Due to corona restrictions, we are all restricted, so here are some tips for


It gets dark early, who has children can go to the lantern, that is allowed, but before

you can easily make them yourself, like this:

You need:

paper lamp

Gift ribbon



Ribbons or wool in different colors

crepe paper

fabric remnants

Transparent paper

double-sided adhesive tape

thread or yarn




That's the way to do it:

1. set up the paper lamp, as described in the mostly enclosed instructions for paper


2. now you tinker the tentacles: cut the gift ribbons and the crepe paper into strips

about one meter long. Some of them can be shorter or longer.



3. make wavy tentacles from thin cloth or transparent paper. Place both on top of

each other in several layers so that the plate still fits on top. It serves as a template:

Draw a circle around the plate and cut it out. Cut the circle spirally from outside to

inside. The resulting stripes should be 1 to 2 cm wide.

4. now glue the fabric and transparent paper strips, the crepe paper and the gift

ribbons alternately to the lamp from the outside with the double-sided adhesive tape

If the fabric strips with the adhesive tape do not hold, fix them with safety pins.

5. cover the glued areas with a wide fabric tape or crepe strip. Use the double-sided

adhesive tape for this. It looks even nicer if you cut the crepe into fringes: Cut a 4 to

5 cm wide piece from the roll and cut it in half several times. Wind up the piece and

fix it to the lampshade with double-sided adhesive tape in several layers.

6. tie a thread at the top of the lamp and hang it up.

You can also use it as a lampshade, it looks great and not everyone has one.



Or so :

To make the transparent lanterns you need

Transparent paper


acrylic paint


Lantern rod





large cheese box / lantern blanks

How to make the transparent lanterns

1: Cut the tracing paper to size: it must be long enough so that you can put it

completely around the cheese box once. The width depends on how high your

lantern should be at the end.

2: Now you can paint the transparent paper of the lantern! There are no limits to your

imagination - paint your desired motif on the lantern.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also stick many small pieces of colorful transparent paper

in different colors on the paper!

3: Now take the base and pierce two small holes in the middle. Attach the

candlestick to them.

4: Glue the painted (or glued) transparent paper of your lantern around the round

base. Glue the two ends of the transparent paper together.



5: Now coat the ring of the lid with glue and glue it to the upper edge of the

transparent paper. Let everything dry well.

6: Carefully pierce two opposite holes for the lantern bracket on the upper edge of

the lantern. Then put the candle into the candle holder. Your transparent lantern is


If you want to go for a walk, take it in the woods and in the alleys, collect chestnuts,

acorns, leaves, pines and fir cones.

So you are outside and can make great things at home, not only figures but such








November Recipes

Outside wet cold, inside delicious



2 onions

1 garlic clove

1 white cabbage (approx. 1 kg)

500 gr. Minced meat (mixed)

0,5 L vegetable broth

1 pinch of sugar



salt and pepper

Paprika powder

Crème fraîche (to serve)


Step 1

Peel and finely dice the onions and garlic. Clean the cabbage and cut into bite-sized


Step 2

Heat some oil in a pan and fry the minced meat with the onions and garlic. Season

with salt, pepper and paprika powder.

Step 3

Let it sweat until it is lightly browned and slightly glassy

Step 4

Then deglaze with the vegetable stock and let everything stew covered for about 15




Step 5

Now season everything with a pinch of sugar, and possibly again salt and pepper.

Serve with crème fraîche. Potatoes go well with it. Bon appetite.

Lentil soup in no time


For 4 persons

1 stick of leek

2 carrots



1 onion

2 tablespoons butter

300 g red lentils

3-4 teaspoons vegetable stock (instant)

4 Vienna sausages

salt and pepper


2 tablespoons fruit vinegar



Clean, wash and cut leek into rings. Peel and wash the carrots, cut them in half

lengthwise and cut into slices. Peel onion and chop finely. Heat butter in a large pot.

Sauté the vegetables for about 5 minutes.




Add about 1.2 l water and lentils to the vegetables. Bring to the boil, stir in broth and

simmer for about 8 minutes. Slice the sausages, add to the soup and continue

cooking for about 5 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, 1 pinch of sugar and vinegar.

Fiery chili pot


For 4 persons

1 can of kidney beans

1 can of corn

2 bunches spring onions



1 kg pork goulash

2-3 tablespoons of oil

salt, black pepper

1 tablespoon flour

2 teaspoons vegetable stock

100-150 ml Thai chili sauce

1 can of tomatoes

0.5 bunch of parsley



Rinse and drain the beans. Let corn drain as well. Clean and wash spring onions and

cut into thick rings. Dab the meat dry and dice it smaller if necessary.




Heat oil in a roaster or casserole. Brown the meat in portions. Season with salt and

pepper and remove. Sauté the spring onion rings briefly in the frying fat


Add all the meat again. Dust with flour and sweat. Stir in 3/8-1/2 l water, stock and

chili sauce. Add beans, corn and tomatoes together with juice, crush tomatoes a little

bit. Season with salt and pepper


Bring everything to the boil, cover and braise in the preheated oven (electric stove:

175 °C/circulating air: 150 °C/gas: level 2) for approx. 1 3/4 hours. Season to taste.

Wash and finely chop the parsley and sprinkle on top. Serve with taco chips and sour

cream and a cool beer




Horoscope for the month of November


Lust & Love



Mars is currently giving you an enormous boost. Singles are unstoppable when

flirting and tend to hit on several people at once. But beware: Venus shows that it

doesn't work without a sure instinct. Couples challenge each other quite a bit. They

want to move a lot together and yet often have very different ideas. But at least this

way it remains exciting

Job & Finances

You are intrepid when it comes to business. You tackle and do not let yourself be

distracted from your plans. When it comes to money, however, you tend to expect

too much until 11.11. Patience pays off. From 21.11. onwards, you will reap the

recognition you deserve on the job and can secure your position. Hesitant

colleagues or customers can finally convince you of your concepts and your skills.

Health & Fitness

In November you have a lot of energy and are more confident in all areas. In

everyday life you are powerful and score points with lightning-fast reactions. That's

why you are a favorite for first places in sports competitions. You step on the gas and

yet always make sure that you pamper your good condition and the hardened body

with high-quality food and the necessary care.




Lust & Love

Now relationship routine creeps in. Especially from 22.11. on you should invest more

feeling and ideas to keep love fresh and alive. Singles are very busy with themselves

and question their ideas about love. With new flirts it is worthwhile to be open

nevertheless and not to sort out applicants hastily

Job & Finances

In November, the security idea is especially important for you. In your job, you pay

attention to payment, retirement provisions and everything that remains in your

account in the end. From 11.11. onwards, however, you could appear too profitoriented.

Money is not everything, also the fun at work is important. Speaking of

money: You are now only interested in the most expensive things and spend quite a


Health & Fitness

Jupiter has a very beneficial effect on you and your constitution. You take care of

yourself and your health. Even in November you like to be outdoors and walk

through nature on beautiful days. Thanks to Neptune, you will also quickly find peace

and quiet in the evening and can relax deeply.




Lust & Love

Venus and Mars bring wonderfully lively flirt impulses, which totally euphorize

singles. They could track down a special person online. Couples get along splendidly

and are wonderfully playful when it comes to eroticism. Everyday life is also going

well and joint projects are making progress.

Job & Finances

You will be envied for your creative ideas. Until 21.11. you can convince customers,

improve business contacts and present product lines in an optimal way. This will also

have a positive financial impact, your account will be in the black. Your enthusiasm is

great and you can expand your radius of action. You act cleverly and profitably with

social media.

Health & Fitness

Venus now conjures a special smile on your face. Your charisma is strong, you care

for yourself extensively and simply feel good. Beautytreatments and wellness now

have a particularly intensive effect. But that's not all: Powerplanet Mars gives you a

boost and motivates you to do sports and fitness training. Your endurance is greater

and you are virtually never out of breath.




Lust & Love

With pairs it goes highly highly. They tend to insist strongly on their point of view and

to doubt the opinion of the mate. From 22.11. it runs then again more relaxed,

cuddling course is announced. Singles have quite high demands until 21.11. and are

looking for an unreachable dream partner. Starting from 22.11. Venus supplies then

nevertheless still something suitable.

Job & Finances

They want to assert themselves in November and not give in on the job. You do not

avoid conflicts if you expect advantages from them. Merkur also makes you eloquent

and convincing. In the end you get the best out of it

Health & Fitness

Nervously you are quite resilient in November. You stay cool, even when stress is on

the agenda. Nevertheless, you are not so resilient when doing sports and should

rather take more time to relax. Gather inspiration for your fantasy by reading a good

book, this will help you to switch off.


Lust & Love



Venus and Mars offer singles the best chances to attract the attention of others. Until

21.11. they dally here and there, after that it is easier for them to make up their

minds. Couples pull together and let energies and interests flow together. However,

there is not much time to talk now, because they want to be active together and

achieve a lot.

Job & Finances

Success comes along and the recognition you receive builds you up. Mars provides

super motivation and enormous diligence. From 11.11. onwards, however, it is

important not to be careless in price negotiations and not to appear too generous.

Calculate exactly and insist on fair payment. And take a close look while shopping so

that you don't fall for tempting offers.

Health & Fitness

A fiery Mars provides you with an extra portion of power. They are aggressive and

have more confidence in November. From 21.11., the sun will also provide even

more joie de vivre and confidence. It is easy for you to come to terms with yourself

and to be mentally balanced. You are more consciously focusing on organic products

and natural care series.




Lust & Love

Couples feel familiar and like to remain faithful to each other. Joint discussions bring

them closer together. From 21.11. Venus delivers sexy vibes that ignite new passion.

Also with Singles something does itself. From 21.11. on, a meeting tickles

particularly intensely and a flirt can actually develop into a relationship.

Job & Finances

In November, it will be easy for you to be less modest in your job and to use your

talents more purposefully. You are sure of recognition and you can hold your own

both within a team and as a freelancer. Job interviews and price negotiations are

going well from 11.11. This is also a good time for signing contracts.

Health & Fitness

Sun and Jupiter will give you a stable health in November. You do a lot for yourself

and your well-being and attach great importance to an optimal work-life balance.

From 21.11. onwards you will feel more like care, wellness and rest. Whether in the

form of beauty treatments, masks or massages: whatever you do for yourself will

have a particularly intensive effect on you. Your digestion is now also more robust.


Lust & Love



Singles present themselves sexy and desirable in November, they attract attention.

They are open for an acquaintance, but need time until they head for the bedroom.

With couples, things are varied, Venus and Mars are in conflict. Sometimes harmony

and tenderness dominate, sometimes a heated discussion is called for. But there's

something to be said for that, because it's certainly not boring.

Job & Finances

In November you are one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. Venus inspires

you, all creative people experience a creative peak. Mercury can also bring about a

lucrative assignment or better income. Until 11.11. you can get more for yourself in

negotiations about salary or prices. However, your commitment to success is also

quite high.

Health & Fitness

This month it is worthwhile for you to indulge yourself thoroughly with wellness and

care. Thanks to Venus, you'll relax faster than usual and respond particularly well to

cosmetic products, creams and anything that helps you look good. You are not as

motivated when it comes to exercise. Your energy level is rather mediocre and you

take it easy.




Lust & Love

Their sex appeal shows effect, sun and Venus let singles magnetically affect a

possible companion. From 21.11. at the latest, they are ready for love from head to

toe. Also with couples it tingles intensively and they refresh their feelings for each

other. Good conversations and tender romance make sure that the bond between

them becomes even stronger.

Job & Finances

The way to the top is open, your professional commitment is now also financially

worthwhile for you. Merkur helps you to convince others and develop smart ideas.

From 11.11. onwards, there are opportunities for bargains and profitable sales.

Health & Fitness

The sun gives you more drive and a large portion of vitality in November. You can

assert yourself, gain more confidence and recharge your batteries. But you also take

time for mindfulness: meditation and yoga play a major role in your free time.


Lust & Love



Singles get to know nice people, now Cupid's arrows are especially accurate.

Harmony dominates in couples, but Mars prevents it from becoming boring. They

allow their energies to flow together and achieve a lot together. Family planning is

favored and eroticism is especially hot right now.

Job & Finances

Mars motivates you to tackle ambitious goals. You enjoy your work, but always pay

attention to fairness and meaningful teamwork. Venus also provides creative input.

On a financial level, you tend to spend more money on beauty and luxury, yet you

will not exceed your limits.

Health & Fitness

Satisfaction and balance are now tangible and you are strong, charismatic and

confident. In sports and in everyday life you step on the gas and reach your goal

quickly. But not only action is the order of the day, Venus will awaken the

connoisseur and gourmet in you by 21.11. You take time for yourself, enjoy cooking

and relax wonderfully.


Lust & Love



Venus and Mars provide conflict material, it will not be easy to keep your beloved

coolness. Couples are often of a different opinion, only from 21.11. on the waves will

be smoothed out again. Singles lack until 21.11. the desire to actively look for a

partner. After that they are more open for flirting and nice encounters.

Profession & Finances

Your obligations and strenuous tasks demand a lot of discipline. As a Capricorn you

are not out of your depth, but now you also feel that you cannot do everything alone.

Good networking and emotional intelligence in cooperation and financial planning

are necessary to remain successful as usual. You can do that!

Health & Fitness

Your desire for sports and action is rather moderate in November. Your energy level

is lower, so a lighter training program is recommended. Sun and Jupiter help you to

find inner peace quickly. It is easy for you to lean back and distance yourself from

stress. Meditation and conscious mindfulness in everyday life contribute a lot to this.


Lust & Love



In November, sparkling stars of Venus and Mars will get you in the mood for

everything that's more fun in twos. You refresh your relationship and feel safe and

secure with your partner. Singles are on the move, actively looking for a partner and

will find one in no time. They can fall in love and are ready for a relationship.

Job & Finances

Until 21.11. you are creative and score points with your ideas. From 11.11. onwards,

however, Mercury brings financial surprises with it, unplanned expenses will cost you

money. But that will quickly come in again, because you work with great motivation

and achieve particular success. You improve your position and are prepared to take

on more responsibility in your job.

Health & Fitness

Energy Planet Mars provides you with the best possible support in November. You

develop new strength and are agile and confident. Self-doubt is a thing of the past,

you know what you can do. Aesthetics are also important to you. You pay attention to

your weight, eat healthy food and regularly ensure the necessary recovery.


Lust & Love



Above all starting from 11.11. Singles develop to contact geniuses. They send out

Likes and smile at attractive people even when going out. Couples have a good

connection to each other, the conversations are characterized by great harmony.

From 21.11. the stars can even give you a special highlight, you can be curious.

Job & Finances

Sun and Mercury will give you more recognition and better pay in your job. What you

tackle succeeds, you have the right feeling for what is hip and worthwhile. You also

develop the best ideas and improve teamwork. Tip: Seminars and further training

bring the hoped-for effects.

Health & Fitness

An unusually strong intuition will help you in November to make sense of everything

to do with fitness and health. Your self-confidence grows and you find the right

mixture of exercise, relaxation and meditation. From 21.11. Venus provides the best

impulses for wellness and care. Possible food intolerances can be reduced.




The Einstein riddle

Albert Einstein wrote this puzzle in the last century. He claimed that 98% of the

world's population is not able to solve it.

1. there are five houses, each with one color

2. in each house lives a person of a different nationality

3. each house inhabitant prefers a certain drink, smokes a certain brand of cigarettes

and keeps a certain pet.


The references:



The Brit lives in the red house.

The Swede keeps a dog.

The Dane likes to drink tea.

The green house is on the left of the white house.

The owner of the green house drinks coffee.

The person who smokes Pall Mall is holding a bird.

The man who lives in the middle house drinks milk.

The owner of the yellow house is smoking Dunhill.

The Norwegian lives in the first house.

The Marlboro smoker lives next to the person who holds a cat.

The man who holds a horse lives next to the one who smokes Dunhill.

The Winfield smoker likes to drink beer.

The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.



The German smokes Rothmanns.

The Marlboro smoker has a neighbor who drinks water.


The family on the suspension bridge

A family (father, mother, son and daughter) wants to cross a dilapidated suspension

bridge at night.

Due to the poor condition of the bridge, a maximum of two people can enter the

bridge at the same time. The family only has a flashlight at their disposal to light their

way. The two persons must therefore walk together. In order that the next couple can

reach the other bank without danger, the flashlight must be returned.

The pace of the family members varies. To cross the bridge needs:

The mother (25 minutes)

The father (20 minutes)

The daughter (10 minutes)

The son (5 minutes)



In which pairings does the family have to go if they have a maximum of 60 minutes

to cross the bridge?

(Note: the lamp cannot be thrown back but must be carried back)


Einstein Puzzles


nationality color pet cigarette drink

1 Norwegian yellow cat Dunhill water

2 Dane blue horse Marlboro tea

3 British red bird Pall Mall milk

4 German green fish Rothmanns coffee

5 Swedish white dog Winfield beer

Suspension bridge puzzle




First, daughter and son leave.

Duration 10 minutes

Then the daughter goes back alone.

Duration 10 minutes

She hands the flashlight to the parents, who then cross the bridge together

Duration 25 minutes

They hand the flashlight to the son who goes back.

Duration 5 minutes

Son and daughter then cross the bridge again together at the end.

Duration 10 minutes

Cumulatively, the family needs 60 minutes.


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