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STATIC LIVE Magazine is Central Florida’s premier publication dedicated to celebrating music and culture. STATIC LIVE provides extensive, detailed community information from fashion to art, entertainment to events through noteworthy interviews, sensational photography and in-depth editorial coverage. STATIC LIVE is the only publication of its kind in Central Florida and reaches all target markets through wide distribution channels. Our staff includes highly accomplished contributors with award-winning backgrounds in music and entertainment; we know how much business is captured from the entertainment market. Our free full color publication can be found throughout Central Florida at key retailers, hotels and restaurants in high traffic areas. Our mission is to highlight the incredible talent, culture and lifestyle in Central Florida. With eye-opening profiles and coverage of the music and art community, STATIC LIVE readers will be positively influenced by our topical content and trending advertisers. STATIC LIVE Magazine is the most effective tool for branding connectivity with consumers in our area.


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Flying High with

Twenty One Pilots

Jeff Mann:

The Nicest Guy in

Holly wood

Funk and Blues




On The Block

ART Feature




One of my “White




Sully Erna

of Godsmack

50 On The Block-We Didn’t

Learn Anything, We Just Know






6 Goddess

8 Save Splash Mountain

12 Let It Be: The Beatles

Weren’t Orcs After All

16 Musician’s Cookbook

22 A Day in the Life of a

Gigging Musician

23 What’s in Your Phone?

24 Funk and Blues

28 Event Calendar

38 Rare Earth Reviews

39 A Word From the Throne

40 Blues and Brits

42 Chronicals of Cannabis


Flying High with

Twenty One Pilots



Jeff Mann:

The Nicest

Guy in


Tips For a

Musician’s Holiday

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Oh My Godess...




Making great music since 1999

Jenny is a full time dual enrollment student at Eastern Florida State

College. As a young girl, she played competitive soccer; as she got

older, she was a cheerleader and played on championship

basketball teams in high school. Exactly one year ago, she

was discovered by Premier Model Management in New Smyrna Beach

and is now signed with Next Models in Miami.

She is giving up hoops to live her dream on the runway!

For scheduling, Contact Sean at (386) 847-2716

By Phillip Kippel/ Photo Credit Les Kippel

For more than 30 years, Splash Mountain has been an

iconic and classic attraction at Disneyland, Walt Disney

World’s Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, loved

by millions of fans all over the world, many of whom

have grown up with it and have many fond memories of

riding it.

Disney is considering Re-theming the Ride. Doing so

would erode the nostalgia that lives in the Disney theme

parks and take away the magic that is now there.

Splash Mountain and the movie it is based on, “Song of

the South”, are based on a series of short stories collected

by Joel Chandler Harris and Robert Roosevelt (Teddy

Roosevelt’s Uncle), who spent a lot of time in the slave

quarters in the mid-1800s. Harris first heard the stories,

along with many others, directly from the tellings of African

folklore. Throughout his teen years, Harris worked

on a plantation where he befriended slaves and listened

to their stories and experiences. As a result, Harris preserved

part of their culture and gave a voice to a race of

people that did not have a voice back then. Harris, whose

original stories are all set after the American Civil War

and the abolition of slavery, was a reconciliation activist

writer and journalist of the Reconstruction Era, when he

would go on to write for the Atlanta, Georgia newspaper

where he created the characters of Uncle Remus (who

was based on a real person), Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer

Bear, etc. to talk about racial issues of the time. Thus

the Uncle Remus stories were literally written to inform

people about racial issues in the 1800s!

The ride never gets old and nobody wants to see The

Laughin’ Place get replaced!

The stories and folklore surrounding this wonderful

attraction are from actual African folklore! The idea of

erasing or burying the stories told by African Americans

is really awful, as it represents a part of American history

and it’s best that they not become forgotten. If they do

become forgotten, history will be doomed to repeat itself

once again!

Another thing adding to all the hypocrisy is the fact that

the popular song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” (which has become

a Walt Disney Company anthem alongside “When

You Wish Upon a Star”) is still being heavily featured in

official Disney media.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah also won an Oscar for Best Song

and is #47 in the American Film Institute’s Top 100

Songs in Movie History.

The Replacement for Splash Mountain is “The Princess

and the Frog”.

Walt Disney insisted on adding new attractions and improving

the older ones by plussing them, not replacing or

retheming such iconic legendary attractions.

Walt did not like repeating himself with creative works,

he always created new films and experiences--it’s the

reason why he never made sequels to any of his full-length

animated features and why he would never retheme an attraction,

because he would’ve ended up repeating himself

Walt Disney loved nostalgia--it is the reason why Walt

loved steam-powered trains and created Main Street USA.

As he once said, “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we

never lose some of the things of the past.” Plus the nostalgia

factor is another key component of the Disney theme

parks that has helped make them stand out from the

crowd and be seen as better than most other theme parks.

Going through with the retheme, 10 years from now, the

revision to the ride will start being seen as racist - - The

Princess and the Frog becomes “insensitive for modern


Stereotypes in The Princess and the Frog are MUCH

worse than the ones in Song of the South. If anything,

The Princess and the Frog is actually a racist movie deep

down, whereas Song of the South is actually a movie that

takes a stand against racism! Disney executives, employees

and cast members need to wake up and realize that there

are way more people that want to keep Splash Mountain

as it is rather than destroy it!!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Lodge and Epcot’s African Outpost also serve as homages

and tributes to African heritage and African American

culture, from artifacts to architecture to symbols and so

much more. This is a celebration, and Splash Mountain

deserves to be treated the same way because they’re all


Whenever Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear come

out for meet-and-greets in the Disney theme parks and

resorts, guests are always happy to see them.

Not once do things like racism pop into the guests’ heads

when meeting those wonderful characters! The Brers are

just as popular, timeless, iconic, beloved and important to

Disney’s history, legacy and lore as Mickey Mouse, Donald

Duck, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, the Princesses

and all the other characters.

The Brers have been mainstays at the Disney parks since

the late 1960s and guests have enjoyed meeting them and

seeing them ever since!

The people upset about the announcement to retheme

Splash Mountain and these other things are not racist,

selfish or overly-nostalgic! They want to save them because

they are NOT racist and want it all to be preserved

for future generations! Retheming Splash Mountain

would actually erase the voices of African Americans and

slaves—it’s their stories and they deserve equal display

alongside the likes of Cinderella.

Retheming Splash Mountain to The Princess and the

Frog would make it exclusive, not inclusive.

Splash Mountain, along with Pirates of the Caribbean,

Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room, It’s a Small

World, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn

Bobsleds, Country Bear Jamboree, Jungle Cruise, Carousel

of Progress, Peter Pan’s Flight and Space Mountain

are the magnum opus amid quintessential Disney

theme park experiences.

The Disney parks have already been inclusive since the

opening of Disneyland in 1955! Walt Disney wanted

Disneyland and the other parks to be happy and magical

places where guests from all backgrounds, races

and walks of life can have a good time, create magical

memories that will be cherished forever, travel to

whole new worlds and forget about the problems in the

real world for a while! He did not want political statements

or political upbringings in his beloved parks!

Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the rest are supposed

to be free from politics!

Ever since the announcement of Splash Mountain being

rethemed to “The Princess and the Frog” on June

25th, 2020, it has divided many Disney fans and cast

members alike, creating nothing but hatred and ignorance

with fans attacking each other and defending vitriolic

behavior nonstop and anyone posting comments

on social media sites defending Splash Mountain and

Song of the South getting met with personal attacks.

Changing Splash Mountain’s theme is not going to

make the parks or anything else better! Doing it will

destroy many happy memories made there by guests

who rode the popular iconic classic attraction! Retheming

Splash Mountain will not erase the world’s

problems, as it is a sacred attraction to most guests

from around the world!

Many fans from all over the world

and online are sharing and

voicing that Splash Mountain

must be kept as it is. It is

one of Disney’s crown

jewels and a legendary

and well-done

attraction. Fans share

their passion for

the attraction and

they’ve shared their

Splash Mountain


collections, fan arts,

letters, emails and

T-shirts to show them

that they’re true fans!

The Splash Mountain fan

testimonials and opinions

show that Splash Mountain

is here to stay, if not physically in

the Parks, but in the minds of Splash Fane


If films like “Gone with the Wind”, “The Birth of a Nation”, “The

Color Purple”, “Blazing Saddles”, etc. can still be made available to

watch by the general public, it is time for “Song of the South” to finally

follow suit and be released from the Disney Vault as well as


Retheming is a great disservice to both Walt Disney’s legacy and the Black

community as a whole!

After all, as Uncle Remus taught Johnny, “You can’t run away from trouble.

There ain’t no place that far.”

Educate, don’t eradicate!

To be kept up to date, join our Facebook group:

3401 S. Atlantic Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 386-423-8787

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Nov 20 th - Bobby James 3pm

Nov 21 st - Bobby James 2pm

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Nov 27 th - Bradford Buckley 3pm

Nov 28 th - Smyrna Erb 2pm

Splash Mountain Preservation Society, where many true are working

on plans to get Disney to preserve the Splash Mountain attractions as

they are, get Song of the South released and below:


Let It Be: The Beatles Weren’t

Orcs After All

I’m certain I am one of only 53 people in the

entire U.S. who has seen the Beatles’ movie

“Let It Be.” And now we Fab Four freaks will

have to wait until August 2021 to see the new,

totally revamped version, crafted by director

Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” fame and

retitled “The Beatles: Get Back.”

The way things are going, this is gonna crucify

me -- but at least I got to see the original.

When I was living in Dothan, Alabama, in

the late 1970s, the local theater -- where my

younger brother Rusty happened to work --

would show midnight movies on weekends.

The lineup was always cult films, alternative

stuff (but not any faux classy art films!), and

rock documentaries or concert flicks (yes,

those actually existed back in ye olden days

before MTV).

Circle West Cinemas in Dothan, in the midnight

hour, was where I first saw “The Rocky

Horror Picture Show” – replete with Sonny, a

theater employee, riding an

actual motorcycle through

the auditorium

when the Eddie


arrived on the

screen . . . which,

by the way,

would be

plastered with

raw eggs by

audience members,

much to the horror

of Jim the theater manager, and despite the

attempts of my brother and other ushers to

prevent such wild-ass play-along

with the movie.


By Rick De Yampert

I also saw “A Boy and his Dog,” the cult film

based on a short story by one of my favorite

sci-fi writers, Harlan Ellison, and starring a

young, unknown Don Johnson. “Kentucky Fried

Movie” and other skit comedy flicks, which

were a thing back in that era, were in regular

rotation at Circle West.

And so were rock documentaries: the Rolling

Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” (editor’s note: Holy

fuck you can see a


dude being stabbed to

death by a

Hell’s Angels biker!),

Led Zeppelin’s

“The Song


the Same” (I attended


repeat showing), a Yes


film whose title I have


and, most


the Beatles’

“Let It Be.”

During the

“Let It Be”


the film

– this was








– broke eight or 10

times. During one lengthy wait for the projectionist

to fix the problem, some guy in the

audience got out his harmonica – dude! – and

treated the 50 or so of us Beatles fans to a

plaintive tune.

But man! This was the Beatles and “Let It Be”!

I had never seen this Fab Four documentary

before, and I haven’t seen it since. From what I

can tell, the $300 DVD on Amazon is a bootleg,

and contains only an edited-down version of

the famous Apple rooftop concert.

The $119 VHS version looks legit, but who the

hell uses a video cassette player anymore other

than to watch 1970s porn flicks?

The surviving Beatles have long shunned

re-releasing “Let It Be” for either theatrical or

home consumption – shunned it so much that

you’d suspect it shows the four of them farting

around a campfire. It doesn’t. Well, not that

I remember, but it has been 40 years since I

saw it.

However, as one of the 53 Americans and 72

Britons who saw the doc – and I’m not so sure

John, Paul, George and Ringo could claim the

same – I can say that the accounts presented

by Beatles historians are accurate: The film is

not only humorless but depressing as it depicts

the Fab Four pimp-slapping each other

like Orcs while writing and rehearsing a few

tunes in the studio.

As a Beatles freak, I am

gob-smacked that Peter

Jackson is re-visioning

“Let It Be” for theatrical

release and utilizing the

50-plus hours of film

footage that was

exiled to the cutting

room floor

during the


of the


flick in



to early


press accounts,

“Get Back” is a

radical reworking:

It turns out there was

a ton of footage that

showed the Beatles being

all goofy and Mop Top-ish and

having a good time, and those

are the scenes that dominate the

new version. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr,

who have seen a rough cut, have confirmed


As Paul said during a call to Howard Stern’s

show on April 24, 2020: “It’s so lovely for me

because I had kind of bought into this whole

idea that me and John were rivals and didn’t

like each other and stuff. But you see the film

and it’s like ‘Thank God it’s not true.’


obviously having fun together.

You can see we respect

each other and we’re mak

-ing music together. It’s

a joy to see it unfold.”

Yes, it’s odd, even







chaos of








to alter

his perceptions

of intimate


– his


with John --


he experienced


But that’s a

topic for

another column.

Last summer came news that “The Beatles:

Get Back” faces a long and winding road: Originally

set for release in September, the film

has been pushed back to Aug. 27, 2021.

Until then, we hundred or so Beatles freaks

who saw the original are stuck with images of

John, Paul, George and Ringo Orc-ing out.

Flying High with Twenty One Pilots

Chances are if you’re over 30 you will not recognize

the band on the cover of this month’s issue; but then

again, you may be that one person that keeps up

with the modern times and modern music. While

you may not recognize them by their picture there’s

no doubt that you’ve heard their songs as they seem

to be everywhere on the airwaves and lately they’ve

been at the top of the charts as well. One thing is for

sure; if you take the time to listen to the lyrics of each

song you will see that they are attempting to challenge

you mentally. They are a duo from Columbus,

Ohio with Tyler Joseph as

According to the band, their purpose for making

music is “to make people think” and encourage them

to find joy in what they come to believe in life. Twenty

One Pilots derives their band name and philosophy

from literary origins. “Bicycle Thief ” and “Chill

Coat” were among some of the rejected band names.

This goes back to college days, according to lead

vocalist Tyler Joseph, when he was studying theater

at Ohio State University. He got the band’s name and

meaning from reading the 1947 play “All My Sons”

by American playwright Arthur Miller. In the story,

the main protagonist is a war contractor named Joe

Keller who crafts airplane parts for war planes. Upon

discovering some are faulty and would fail if used, he

must decide whether or not to recall them. Keller is

forced to make a decision to either spend his money

trying to repair the faulty parts or press forward

and use them. Though he wants to do what’s right,

Keller is afraid to lose money and needs to support

his family, so he decides to send the parts anyway, to

Europe during World War II. As a consequence of his

decision, twenty-one pilots perish. At the end of the

play, Keller commits suicide.

While it’s not a happy story it represents the true

nature of the deep thinking between bandmates.

Here’s a little more history about twenty one pilots

and why we should all look forward to some of their

new projects:

By Relctant genius

Tyler Joseph and bandmate Nick Thomas were childhood

friends; Joseph met the third founding member

of Twenty One Pilots, Chris Salih, while attending

Ohio State University.

Their first (self-titled) album was recorded in the

basement of the house they shared. Salih and Thomas

both left the band in 2011; Josh Dun, a Guitar

Center co-worker

of Salih was invited to take his place in the band,

abandoning his plans to pursue drumming in Nashville.

Joseph and Dun released Twenty One Pilots’

second album, Regional at Best, in July of 2011. After

constant touring and building their social media

fanbase, they caught the attention of several record

labels as an unsigned local group playing a sold out

concert at Columbus’ Newport Music Hall.

In April of 2012, they announced their signing with

Fueled by Ramen, an Atlantic Records subsidiary,

and went on tour with Neon Trees and Walk the

Moon. Their first charting single, Holding Onto You,

reached number 21 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs

chart. They joined Panic! at the Disco as an opening

act for Fall Out Boy on their Save Rock and Roll

Arena Tour in May of 2013.

This success was followed by appearances on the

MTV Movie Awards and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In December of 2014, they released a video

for the song “Ode to Sleep”, depicting their rapid

growth in the three preceding years. Their fourth

album, “Blurryface”, was released in May of 2015

and they also recorded the single “Heathens” for the

soundtrack of the movie Suicide Squad. This made

them the first alternative act to have two top ten

singles at the same time. Their fifth studio album,

Trench, was released on October 2018. This made

them the first artist to have every song from two

albums certified at least gold.

The duo largely defies categorization, although they

are best described as alternative hip hop. Their

songs are a mixture of styles. Both Joseph and Dun

are musicians, each playing multiple instruments.

During live performances, they use programmed

beats and pre-recorded keyboard tracks. They have

become known for their energetic live shows. Their

fans are called the “Skeleton Clique” (or just the

Clique), referencing the skeleton’s use in many of

their performances, graphics and videos.






November is here and we can expect

some cooler temps… so, we need

some comfort food! This month,

I will be focusing on the ultimate

breakfast pie known as the Quiche

Lorraine. This fantastic breakfast

food features bacon, eggs, cheese and

cream in a warm flaky crust. This is

not my first breakfast venture… my

August article featured a wonderful

potato & bacon dish known as the

Spanish Omelette. If dinner is more

your thing, read about my complete

meatloaf dinner in last month’s edition.

​The Quiche Lorraine is perfect for

fall company staying over. Waking

up in the morning will be a real

treat when your guests come to the

table. This plentiful dish feeds up to

6 people and is truly a delight for

everyone. Even the pickiest eaters

will go for the winning combo of

eggs, bacon, and flaky crust. As always,

I encourage my readers to take

advantage of Tupperware and Pyrex

and save what they don’t eat. Quiche

holds up especially well as a leftover

so it will taste as fresh as the day it

was made when reheated… so feel

free to make two!

​My discovery of this recipe stems

from a chilly, fall morning where I

attended a home estate sale nearby.

This beautiful residence was full of

classic glassware, cookware, and baking

accessories. My attention caught

an antique, ceramic pie pan with a

big illustration of Quiche ingredients

followed by a quaint, simple recipe.

I had no pie dishes and figured this

would be a great buy for just a dollar!

Over the years, I have tweaked the

recipe slightly into what I’m presenting

you with today.

Now, I’m going to admit right away that I do not

make my own pie crust. If you would like to go this

route, there are many recipes and videos available

online walking you through the process. However, I

feel that this is a tedious task and pre-made crusts are

just as good and much easier to work with. Pre-Made

pie crusts can be bought in their own tin baking pan

(makes for a quick clean up!) or you can buy the

Pillsbury style that you roll out on your own and affix

to your own pie pan (If you don’t have a pie pan, buy

the crust that comes with the disposable tin baking



Pre-Made Pastry Crust

1 Cup Swiss Cheese (Shredded)

12 Slices of Bacon (Crumbled)

1/3 Cup Onion (Minced)

2 Cups Cream

1/8 Teaspoon Red Pepper

3/4 Teaspoon Salt

1/4 Teaspoon Sugar

4 Eggs

​Let’s get it poppin! Start by preheating your oven to

425 degrees. Chop your onion very small or use a

mincer. Cook your twelve pieces of bacon in a pan,

remove from grease, and crumble. Add onion, bacon,

and shredded swish cheese into pastry crust.

In a large mixing bowl, crack and beat four eggs.

Add cream to the large mixing bowl and beat more

(either use heavy whipping cream or light cream).

Add pepper, salt, and sugar to the mixing bowl and

continue to beat the mixture very well. Pour the egg

and cream mixture into the pie dish and bake for 15

minutes. Lower the oven temperature to 300 degrees

and bake for an additional 30 mins. The best way to

make sure this is properly cooked is to insert a clean

butter knife into the top (1 inch from edge) and pull

it straight out. If it comes out clean, your egg mixture

is fully cooked. Let stand for at least 10 mins to allow

the Quiche to finish properly. Use a pie knife to cut

into wedges, serve, and enjoy!

​Watch my full cooking video for this recipe on my

Facebook page “Ian Opalinski Music” or follow the

link: facebook.com/ianopalinskimusic






EVERY TUESDAY : $3.00 pint nite /


Check out the FULL CALENDAR @



690 E 3rd Ave. New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169



For nearly three years, we have featured

a different artist each month

in this little magazine; while some

of them are similar in the mediums

they use, no two are exactly the same.

That’s what makes it special. In fact,

just being different is an art form in

itself and this month’s featured artist

is no exception when it comes to

separating himself from others. His

displays and talent of painting as well

as his live performances make him

stand out in the art community here

in Florida and around the world.

What makes him stand out is that he’s

able to mix performing art with actual

painting, creating a unique display

of vibrant colors and high-energy

music that usually have the crowd

begging for more. Whether it’ using

his hair to put on a finishing touch to

a piece or taking fluorescent paint to

highlight the soft curves of a woman’s

body under special lights, crafting a

sexy yet tasteful creation, there’s no

doubt that Perego is a mastermind

of charging up the crowd during his

shows. Here’s a little bit more about

this month’s artist and why we chose

to feature him:

What Criss Angel did to magic, performance

artist PeregoLive is doing to

the art world. Making it rock.

To see a Perego paint live (yes, he has

a legal single name) is like a Motley

Crue party with paint. War paint to

be exact.

Looking wild in his painted suit, he

attacks the canvas like a beast. Fierce

and precise, he spins his brushes like

a gunslinger and slashes colors as if in

a rage.

“What i like best about doing live

shows is that it satisfies my craving to

blow people’s minds.

What someone saw before, won’t blow

their minds today, you have to give

them something they have never seen

before. To create an unforgettable

moment to me is gold. Its magic.”

And like magic, before your eyes he

paints an iconic image, stopping and addressing

the crowd, even painting some

of them with “war paint” then flies back

to the canvas to add more brush strokes.

His by-line is “Art that Rocks” and his

tribute sets usually include musical

legends and feature their music, giving

the old school rockers something to set

their teeth into, but Perego also always

switches it up using Drum & Bass,

Dubstep, Electro and other remixes and

mashups to give the kids the killer beats

to rock out to too. Critically acclaimed,

his shows are nothing short of unforgettable.

If creating a masterpiece in minutes

doesn’t impress you, his signature

sure will.

At the close of his performance he has

guests come to the stage, some VIP and

some right out of the crowd, and has

them pour paint down his long hair, (its

nearly to his waist) and then he slams

his hair against the canvas, the foot

and a half long slash of paint being the

downstroke of the “P”, he then takes a

brush and writes the rest of his name.


The crowd goes crazy and every phone

is in the air, Perego bows and exits the

stage. Usually. On occasion he stays

and, believe it or not, it gets even crazier.

During his now famous - or is it

infamous - show, “A tribute to Jimi Hendrix”,

he paints the iconic image of Jimi

lighting his guitar on fire and worshipping

the flames.

After his signature hairslam, he then

sets the canvas on fire, the painted flame

becoming real, as he kneels like Jimi enticing

the flames higher, the crowd now

has lost their minds.

A third start looking for an exit thinking

Perego just set the room on fire, a

third are people looking for a fire extinguisher,

the rest all have their phones in

the air, knowing they will never forget

this moment but want the video of this

artist badass to show all their friends

this unforgettable performance.

As the bewildered audience tries to

wrap their head around what they just

saw happen, Perego in closing shares a

profound message to the crowd.

“Thank you all so much! Now that I

have your attention, I would like to

share with you something. What this

was tonight, wasn’t about me, it wasn’t

about you, It was about US.

THAT is the magic. EVERYONE is creative.

Everyone is an artist. YOU are the

art, and together we are the Art Army.”

As he walks off stage, covered in paint,

the crowd shows its gratitude, knowing

that it just saw an Art Warrior in action.

No one will ever be the same.

A PeregoLive show is beyond “entertaining”

it’s revolutionary.


What’s IN Your Phone?

Most Used Social

Media App: Instagram

iPhone 11 Pro


Number of



GEAR up! The music season is in full swing and

the holidays loom large. Musicians depend on lots

of mechanical parts functioning perfectly. We know

problems pop up and we also need a back-up plan

for when things go haywire at the gig. Even acoustic

players face these issues, with strings and windings

and tuners and pegs. The bridges and bridge pins, the

straps and locks, the nut saddles and even pics need

to be perfect. The selection and maintenance of these

many parts and pieces is fundamental to the professional

string instrumentalists tone and sound, second

only to the choice of instrument.

These physical attachments in music are hard for

me and other happy-go-lucky types. I am generally

unconcerned with how many barrels are in the carburetor

or how many inches on your rims. I wanna

feel how the car DRIVES. Same goes for music

equipment. Watch my eyes glaze over if we talk about

watts and speaker brands. New tubes in your amp?

Great! Let me HEAR them, I really don’t care if they

were handmade by elves in Finland. When it comes

to music equipment we want to trust our ears. First

and final say is the ear.

A Day in the Life of a Gigging Musician

By Adam Floyd

That being said, I do have a few pieces of advice

regarding equipment: Well known brands are often

better, especially in the mid and low price points.

Next, remember that mass and volume are related.

Get a richer sound with thicker strings, heavier pics,

a bigger guitar and larger speakers. Strings, picks and

bows have unmeasurable influence on your sound

so go for high quality. There are many great brands

of music gear. I like Shure Beta 58 mics, Fender or

Gretsch guitars, D’Addario strings, Dunlop nylon

picks, Ampeg amplifiers and Yamaha or Mackie

sound reinforcement products. While I’m not sponsored

by any of these brands, I do enjoy the many

hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve made using

these products.

I am obviously not a gear head and more prefer to get

my tone from the hands. This isn’t the only way to get

tone though, and we can hear amazing sound variety

with stomp boxes and effects. Grab a delay pedal

with a looper and the fun is endless. Be brave and

experiment. Add a multi-effects processor and you

can zoom around in 5th GEAR.

Number of unread emails

314, I read my emails everyday however, this is only

two days of me not getting through all of them.

Most-listened-to Artist

Lately, I have been into old Dr. Dre, my phone is

stating his, “2001” album is most played recently.

Most-recent car-service ride

I use Uber. On August 7th, I was in downtown

Charleston, SC traveling back to my sister’s house on

John’s Island, $46.31, & this was after we got out of

the first Uber-which is a whole other story.

Battery % at which you feel compelled to

charge your phone

I continuously charge my phone, I plug it in at night

and in the car during the day, rarely does it reach a

danger zone.

Our very own Managing Director, 43, writer, artist,

mom, wife, and entrepreneur sharing her phone.

Outgoing voice Message

There is usually space to leave me a message

but, I will say text is better

Essential travel app

It is really a toss up between, Uber, Google

Translate, and Units Plus-basically comes down

to what country I am in...

Does Your screensaver have a meaning

It is a quote from Jacob Nordby, “Blessed are

the weird people--poets, misfits, writers, painters,troubadours--for

they teach us to see the

world through different eyes.” I could not agree


Can you live without your phone

I could, as long as I had an

endless supply of books

Funk And

I think we can all agree that this year has

been pretty weird and it doesn’t seem to

be getting any less so. If you find yourself

in a bit of an “election year” 2020 funk

lately, may I invite you to get down and

FUNK-a-delic with me instead for a while.

With the election making everyone crazy

and Thanksgiving just around the corner,

maybe it’s a good idea to seek out something

most people can agree on and appreciate

together, like good Music!

Last week my brother Jesse sent a link on

the sibling text thread with a nice message

that simply said “For anyone who needs

a lovely day today”. As you might have

guessed it was the song “Lovely Day” by

Bill Withers. His text happened to come in

at the perfect time, on a morning when the

funk of the world, housework and homeschooling

was starting to settle heavy on

me. I had just read some awful combative

commentary on FB and was feeling, well,

less than enthusiastic about our society.

By Candice Beu

I reluctantly clicked the link he sent while

warming my coffee. The funky intro stirred

me even before the appealing voice of Bill

Withers started speaking to me from the

beyond, reminding me of some important

things I was forgetting about being alive

on this day. The lyrics not only made me

smile but the rhythm of the beat made my

own heart start beating differently. All of

a sudden I was appreciating my day rather

than dreading it. I must’ve played that one

song on a loop, like an affirmation, for the

next 15 minutes while I sipped my coffee

and recalibrated my mood.

My whole attitude shifted, due to one

song and I soon found myself going down

the YouTube rabbit hole in search of more

good old fashioned Funk & Soul Music to

combat the November funk and blues. In

no time I found myself feeling like a Bad

MamaJama and blaming it all on the boogie!

This got me thinking, what kind of magical spell does music cast upon us? How does it

affect our emotional barometer, that it can take us from one stagnant state and trans

port us to an elevated one in a

matter of minutes? I had

to ask myself,

could funk and

soul music, (or

any dance

music for that

matter) be the


out of a



funk? Could

be, but

music isn’t





Music is





alchemical in

nature. Our

creation and

expression of it

is as unlimited as

the universe itself.

When we unite through the experience

of music we do connect with a kind

of magic. We join with other humans in

ways we may not have been able to do otherwise.

We link up to the core of one another’s

shared soul experiences. We start to

feel into spaces of relatability and

bridge the gaps to the ancestral, the

archetypal, and to the one human

tribe we all emanate from.

We feel into it together.


We fall into the beat of each-other’s

universal heart-song. Music stirs us into

rhythm and harmony, encouraging us to

move in sync. We find the thread of existence

therein and we start getting back

to who we actually are as a people. It’s a

reminder of what we are...limitless, boundless,

joyful and free to be.

When the bliss inside our souls rises

up in song and brings our bodies and

minds together, music is usually the

one leading the way in this dance of


There are so many possibilities hidden

within a song. Through a shared love of

music we can feel a little closer to our

brothers and sisters and let our compassion

and grace lead our interactions

with people that we may not always

agree or get along with. If nothing else,

music just puts us in a better mood,

faster than anything else can. Within a

few bars our blood pumps differently,

which helps us to see things differently,

which encourages us to act differently.

It may not be a permanent fix but it’s a

great tool for getting our minds off the

bullshit and out of the sludge of combative

politics, false narratives and the

divisive “Us vs Them” mentality that is

devouring and destroying friendships

and familial relationships. This coming

holiday, if you feel an argument/disagreement

coming on, or tension at the

Thanksgiving feast, just go put on some

classic Funk & Soul or whatever uplifting

genre the whole family can appreciate

and groove to together. Have a

dance party.

Music may just help us this November

to cut loose-cut loose-cut loose the BS

and engage in gracious connect-ability

over separatism. Come into harmony

with the rhythms of life, if not permanently,

at least whilst we gather.

Go take a trip down that groovin’, Funk &

Soul YouTube rabbit hole. You may discover

some vibration raising tunes you forgot

you loved, like I did. Make yourself a prescriptive

playlist. Here are a few selections

to get you into the groove.

Bob & Earl “Harlem Shuffle”

Sly and the Family Stone “Dance to the

Music” and “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice

Elf Agin)”

Kool & the Gang “Jungle Boogie” and “Get

Down on It”

KC and the Sunshine Band “Boogie Shoes”

and “Get Down Tonight”

Jackson Five “Blame it on the Boogie” and

“I Want You Back”

Carl Carlton “She’s a Bad MamaJama”

Stevie Wonder “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a


The Emotions “Best of My Love”

Redbone “Come and Get Your Love”

Earth Wind and Fire “Let’s Groove” and


Marvin Gaye “Got to Give it Up” and “How

Sweet it is (to be Loved by You)”

Bobby Hebb “Sunny”

“Lovely Day” or anything by Bill (rest in

power) Withers

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity

to share words, ideas and music with you

all on the regular. Thank you for reading

and supporting my column and Static Live

Magazine. Have a lovely, musically rich,

harmonious Thanksgiving everyone!


- Reed Foley 12pm

- Shaker Jones 4pm

- Hannah Wilson 12pm &

Jimmy Z 5pm

- Bradford Buckley 12pm

- Jay Paski 4pm

- Heather Craig 12pm &

Smyrna Erb 5pm

- Jessie Abbey 12pm

- Claire Vandiver 4pm

- Brent Clowers 12pm &

Marty McCarrick 5pm

- Bradford Buckley 12pm

- The Evening Muze 4pm

- The Cyclones 12pm &

Aaron Lightnin' 5pm

- Robert Keele 12pm



Sunday, November 1, 2020

Bounty Bar - Claire Vandiver 7pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Reed Foley 12pm

Flagler Tavern - The Transfers 5pm

Outriggers - Bradford Buckley 2pm

Monday, November 2, 2020

Bounty Bar - Hannah Wilson 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Bradford Buckley 9pm

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Bounty Bar - Jessie Abbey 7pm

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bounty Bar - Houston Keen 7pm

Grind/Kona - The Transfers 6pm

Ormond Garage - Are Friends Electric


Outriggers - Laree App 5pm

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bounty Bar - The Transfers 7pm

Flagler Tavern - The Cyclones 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 9pm

Grind/Kona - Chuck Morel 7pm

Outriggers - Hannah Wilson 5pm

Friday, November 6, 2020

31 Supper Club - The Evening Muze 8pm

Bounty Bar - Jay Paski 7pm

Chase’s - Trees of Life 3pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Shaker Jones 4pm

Grind/Kona - Brent Clowers 7pm

Ormond Garage - Robert Keele 6pm

Outriggers - Reed Foley 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Griffin Sinclair 5pm

Saturday, November 7, 2020

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band 8pm

Bounty Bar - Griffin Sinclair 7pm

Chase’s - Eric Von 2pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Hannah Wilson


Crabby’s Oceanside - Jimmy Z 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 5pm

Grind/Kona - Heather Craig 7p

Ormond Garage - Bradford Buckley 6pm

Outriggers - Oak Hill Drifters 6pm

Tortugas - The Cyclones 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Ceasar Frazier 5pm

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Bounty Bar - Bradford Buckley 7pm

Chase’s - DJ E-Rock 2pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Bradford Buckley


Flagler Tavern - Brent Clowers 5pm

Outriggers - The Cyclones 2pm

Monday, November 9, 2020

Bounty Bar - Linda Long 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Smyrna Erb 9pm

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

31 Supper Club - Mud Rooster 6pm

Bounty Bar - Ian Opalinski 7pm

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Bounty Bar - Brent Clowers 7pm

Grind/Kona - Are Friends Electric 6pm

Ormond Garage - The Cyclones 6pm

Outriggers - Laree App 5pm

Thursday, November 12, 2020

31 Supper Club - Velvet 45 6pm

Bounty Bar - Jonny Odis 7pm

Flagler Tavern - The Evening Muze 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 9pm

Grind/Kona - Resting Bitch Face 7pm

Outriggers - The Transfers 5pm

Friday, November 13, 2020

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band 8pm

Bounty Bar - Jeff Accornero 7pm

Chase’s - 5 Time Shag 3pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Jay Paski 4pm

Grind/Kona - Smyrna Erb 7pm

Ormond Garage - Psycoustic 6pm

Outriggers - Reed Foley 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Savi Fernandez 5pm

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Bounty Bar - Chuck Morel 7pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Jessie Abbey 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Hannah Wilson 5pm

Outriggers - The Evening Muze 2pm

Monday, November 16, 2020

Bounty Bar - Claire Vandiver 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Bradford Buckley 9pm

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Bounty Bar - Jessie Abbey 7pm

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bounty Bar - Houston Keen 7pm

Grind/Kona - Hannah Wilson 6pm

Ormond Garage - Are Friends Electric


Outriggers - Laree App 5pm

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bounty Bar - Bradford Buckley 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Robert Keele 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 9pm

Grind/Kona - Ian Opalinski 7pm

Outriggers - Corey Shenk 5pm

Friday, November 20, 2020

31 Supper Club - Ricky Silvia 8pm

Bounty Bar - Nate Utley 7pm

Chase’s - Bobby James 3pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Claire Vandiver 4pm

Grind/Kona - Bradford Buckley 7pm

Ormond Garage - Heather Craig 6pm

Outriggers - Reed Foley 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Hannah Wilson 5pm

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Bounty Bar - Hannah Wilson 7pm

Chase’s - DJ E-Rock 2pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Bradford Buckley 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Aaron Lightnin’ 5pm

Outriggers - Robert Keele 2pm

Monday, November 23, 2020

Bounty Bar - Jason Lee 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Chuck Morel 9pm

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bounty Bar - The Transfers 7pm

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bounty Bar - Brent Clowers 7pm

Grind/Kona - Are Friends Electric 6pm

Ormond Garage - The Cyclones 6pm

Outriggers - Laree App 5pm

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bounty Bar - Jeff Accornero 7pm

Flagler Tavern - The Cyclones 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 9pm

Friday, November 27, 2020

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band 8pm

Bounty Bar - Casey Picou 7pm

Chase’s - Bradford Buckley 3pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - The Evening Muze 4pm

Grind/Kona - The Tropics 7pm

Ormond Garage - Ian Opalinski 6pm

Outriggers - Off the Road 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - TBD 5pm

Saturday, November 28, 2020

31 Supper Club - Joe Young 8pm

Bounty Bar - Bradford Buckley 7pm

Chase’s - Smyrna Erb 2pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - The Cyclones 12pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Aaron Lightnin’ 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 5pm

Grind/Kona - Oak Hill Drifters 7pm

Ormond Garage - 5 Time Shag 6pm

Outriggers - Jay Paski 6pm

Tortugas - Love Bomb 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Sugar Fly Duo 5pm

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday, November 14, 2020

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band 8pm

31 Supper Club - Ceasar Frazier 8pm

Bounty Bar - Heather Craig 7pm

Bounty Bar - The Evening Muze 7pm

Chase’s - Bobby James 2pm

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Chase’s - Foam Party 2pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Brent Clowers 12pm Bounty Bar - The Evening Muze 7pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Heather Craig 12pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Marty McCarrick Crabby’s Oceanside - Robert Keele 12pm

Crabby’s Oceanside - Smyrna Erb 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 5pm


Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 5pm

Flagler Tavern - The Transfers 5pm

Outriggers - Bradford Buckley 2pm

Grind/Kona - Jessica Abby Duo 7pm

Grind/Kona - Nate Utley 7pm

Monday, November 30, 2020

Ormond Garage - Jay Paski 6pm

Ormond Garage - The Evening Muze 6pm Bounty Bar - Ian Opalinski 7pm

Outriggers - The Waverlys 6pm

Flagler Tavern - Jay Paski 9pm

Outriggers - Stereo FM 6pm

Tortugas - Sugar Fly 6pm

Tortugas - Jonny Odis 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Jimmi Soldo 5pm Yellow Dog Eats - Jay Paski 5pm


Community Events



1. Their second album, Regional At Best, was

released as a _______________ at the New Albany

High School in Columbus, Ohio in 2011.

2. The band once gave away two free unreleased

songs in 2011 via their website’s newsletter.

The songs are ‘_______________‘ and ‘_______ ‘.

3. The band actually worked with

______________, the producer of such superstar

artists like Katy Perry and Adele, on their first full

length album with Fueled by Ramen, ‘Vessel’. That

album was released on 8th January 2013, reaching

an ironic 21 on the Billboard 200 chart.

11. The red armbands they wear symbolize the

character they made up called, _______________,

who is actually a representation of all of the

things that people are insecure about.

12. They’re signed by Fueled by Ramen, a subsidiary

of ________________ since 2012.

13. Twenty One Pilots didn’t have a major hit

until their _____________ album, Blurryface in

May of 2015. Their first single from the album is

called ‘Fairly Local’.

4. Twenty One Pilots is one of only three musical

acts to have __________ singles appear simultaneously

in the top five of the

5. Their fan base is known as the


6. Josh Dun was born on __________________ in

Columbus, Ohio.

7. They have won _____ out of _____ nominations.

Noms have been by the American Music

Awards, AP Music Awards, ARIA Awards, Billboard

Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV

Europe Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards,

MuchMusic Video Awards, and Teen Choice Awards

– to name a few.

8. Twenty One Pilots made their late night debut

on the ___________________ on 8th August 2013.

9. Twenty One Pilots is listed in four categories,

Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, Indie-pop, and


10. The band’s ____________________ profile is @


11. The red armbands they wear symbolize the

character they made up called, _______________,

who is actually a representation of all of the things

that people are insecure about.


14. They’re the ____________ alternative group

to have two top ten singles run concurrently in

the US in 2015, ‘Stressed Out’ and ‘Ride’ from the

album Blurryface from the same year.

15. They performed the song ‘Heathens’ for

this 2016 blockbuster anti-superhero flick.

16. Their band name comes from the play, All

My Sons by Arthur Miller. The play focuses on

a man who is responsible for the deaths of 21

pilots whose planes had ___________ he’d sold.

17. What do they often wear on their heads

during their live shows?

18. What is Josh’s favorite hair color?

19. They were started in 2009 by

________________, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih.

The trio garnered notice from the public from the

start, but changes in their line up brought about

a new invigorating product that the public and

record companies were hungry for.

20. _____________ & ____________ left the

group in 2011, as they didn’t have time to commit

to the band. They were replaced by drummer Josh

Dun later that year.

21. They started as a self-releasing band

of their songs but got the attention of about a

dozen top record labels during a sold out performance

at Columbus’ _______________ in November



1. Tyler Joseph came up with the band name of Twenty

One Pilots while reading a play in college. In which of

Arthur Miller’s plays does the character of Joe Keller

cause the death of 21 pilots after his factory provides

faulty parts to the military?

2. Seeming to not have an idea about the future success

they would have, what was the name of the second

album from Twenty One Pilots which was released in


3. Which song title released in 2016 by Twenty One Pilots

completes the blank in the following lyrics? “Oh, oh

I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ________”.

4. The band Twenty One Pilots was formed in 2009 in a

large capital city within the United States. Home of the

Buckeyes sports teams, in what city was Twenty One

Pilots formed?

5. In the summer of 2016 the film “Suicide Squad” was

released with a song by Twenty One Pilots featuring on

its soundtrack. Seemingly describing the characters in

the film, what was this song that included the line “Take

it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know”?


6. The first single released by Twenty One Pilots reached

number ten on the Billboard Alternative Top 40 in 2012.

What was this song that includes the line “You are surrounding

all my surroundings twisting the kaleidoscope

behind both of my eyes”?

7. The second half of the quiz will be about song lyrics

from Twenty One Pilots. The popularity of Twenty Pilots

skyrocketed in 2015 with the release of their “Blurryface”

album. Which song was released as a single the

same day as the album’s release and included the lines:

“I truly don’t have a chance, tomorrow I’ll keep a beat,

and repeat yesterday’s dance”?

8. The three founding members of Twenty One Pilots

were Tyler Joseph as lead vocalist and keyboardist,

Chris Salih on drums, and Nick Thomas on bass guitar.

In 2011 Chris and Nick left the band and a new drummer

was signed on. Who is this drummer whose last name

sounds like a football player named Warrick?

9. The third studio album released by Twenty One Pilots

was their first while utilizing a major label, namely

Fueled by Ramen. Likely not recorded while asea, what

was the name of this 2013 album?

10. The first Twenty One Pilots song to crack the top

three of the Billboard Hot 100 was released by the band

in 2015. Relax and identify the song from the following

opening lyrics: “I wish I found some better sounds

no one’s ever heard”.

Tips For A Musician’s Holiday

It’s November and you know that means - Christmas

and Hanukkah are right around the corner. So what

should you buy your favorite musician this year? Let’s

take a look at some ideas:

For that favorite singer, how about a new mic? Many

musicians use the Shure SM 58, but how about upgrading?

The Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone is an

outstanding mic and is the first choice for many musicians

and has a spherical filter which is built into this

microphone to filter out the wind and help popping.

By Randy Pepper

of these is to try to find a used one; you’ll save about

$200 that way. But new ones are $399.

Or, how about bass lessons? You’re never too old to

learn more

Now, the easiest of all to buy for is the guitar player.

Guitar players are always wanting something new

whether it’s strings, pics, polish, straps or just a new

tuner. But let’s look at a couple things that are always

fun for guitar players:

Or, how about vocal lessons? You’re never too old to

learn more.

How about for the drummers? Drummers always

need sticks and drumheads. The best thing to do with

sticks is grab an old set they have been using to find

out what they like. For drumheads, you’ll have to

measure each one of their drums to figure out what

sizes they are using then go to the music store and ask

for drumheads in that size. You might even get some

really good drumheads to surprise them..

Or, how about drum lessons? You’re never too old to

learn more.

How about bassists? Bass

players could be a

little bit more

tricky as they

don’t really

need a

whole lot,



a new



in order? The Fender

Squier 60s classic jazz bass is a great choice

with its nice slim neck and decent sounding

pickups you will get the job done and at

a great budget price. The best way to buy one

Pedals - Most guitar players love new pedals! It’s best

to ask questions before buying one. Try saying, “I

saw so and so and they had a bunch of boxes on the

ground. Wwhat do they do? Have ever wanted any of

them?” Companies that make great pedals are Analog

Man, JHS, Rocket and for budget friendly try TC

Electronics or NUX Pedals.

Or, how about guitar lessons? You’re never too old to

learn more.

I hope this holiday season guide is helpful to you and

if you ever need any help you can always call

me at the Guitar Attic and I will be

happy to help you out with what you


Just tell me you saw my article.

Till next month -have a great day!

Randy Pepper is the owner of the

Guitar Attic in Holly Hill, FL and a

guitarist for hire.

Jeff Mann: The Nicest Guy in Hollywood

Anyone who saw any of the Transformer

movies, the flicks where the muscle cars turn into

robots, has seen the work of Jeff Mann, the nicest guy

in Hollywood. He’s the special effects set-designer

and model-maker for dozens of spectacular movies

and long-time-ago boyfriend of Courtney Love….

before Kurt Cobain.

Jeff Mann was born on August 28,

1965 in San Diego, California and has become one of

Hollywood’s best known production designers and

producers. His most notable works include Swordfish

(2001), Terminator 3 (2003), Transformers (2007),

Surrogates (2009), and Zoolander 2 (2016). Over the

years, he has worked on several other movies, TV ads

and series.

I first met Jeff in 1983 and tracked his career ever

after… he was just such a nice guy. Courtney dragged

Jeff up to meet me one week from Topanga Canyon

in Malibu where she was living with his mother,

Bernadette Mann, Sam Peckinpah’s go-to custom

designer. That’s the year they were working on The

Osterman Weekend, but Bernadette had also stitched

rags for Straw Dogs and several other Peckinpah

epics. Unconfirmed rumors persist that Jeff is Sam’s

Bioboy, but Jeff ’s career took off suddenly and I no

longer had a chance to ask… anyway, Courtney

and Jeff just showed up one day on my porch in the

Victorian in Menlo Park, I knew it was starting to

get summery because the screen door was all that

separated our living room from the street that day.

They were just standing there these two future giants

of the Entertainment Industry, not yet fully formed

into their eventual roles. They were dressed in alternative

punk-grunge garb carrying suitcases like two

desolation angels out of a Kerouac novel…. two tall,

messy, dangling and furry things who would become,

essentially, my kids for that short while.

“Come on up here so I can kick your ass”

Courtney Love:

Speaking from the stage to Stanford men

By Hank Harrison

Obviously Courtney was showing Jeff around her

old stomping grounds and we were part of her tour.

Courtney’s mom lived in Oregon and Jeff, being an

L.A. child, hadn’t seen much of San Francisco, and

since we were the only people Courtney knew over

the age of 25 we were the default parents. I think she

wanted Jeff to meet me as part of the freak tour.

Later I figured that was Courtney’s not-so-subtle way

of introducing a future husband…and she told me

she was serious about Jeff within the first hour of their

week-long visit. “don’t you think we’d make beautiful

grandchildren?” she said. I was flattered, I wondered

- was she finally going to settle down? I should have

known better.

They dated for another year, Courtney

drove Jeff nuts until he dumped her and took a

job in the West Hollywood Hare Krishna Xerox shop.

Years later a mutual friend wrote and told me he was a

wreck but apart from that info, I lost track of him until

I heard about his stunning recovery as an academy

award nominee for his work rigging the flying bus in

the John Travolta movie Swordfish.

Courtney went back to living with

Bernadette the next week. Though I never heard

from Jeff again, I sure heard from his mother, who

harassed me on the phone for about a year and

threatened to have me killed if I didn’t leave Courtney

alone. Actually Courtney was still harassing us

and demanding money for heroin between acting

jobs as she pranced about the all LAX streets running

into La Cienega and Sunset Boulevards.

It turns out Jeff wasn’t completely forgotten because

in her gold album Celebrity Skin, in the song Malibu

Courtney writes a few secret lines to Jeff:

“Hey, hey

You know what to do, drive away from Malibu…

Hey, hey

We’re all watching you

Oh, baby, fly away from Malibu…

And I knew (my)

Love would tear you apart

and I knew

The darkest secret of your heart...”

From an early age Courtney set

her hat on schoolyard boys and then finally fantasy

lovers, mainly rock stars. When she grew old enough

to venture out to see real rock stars, she developed

a passive-aggressive fixation similar to stalking, a

syndrome in which the stalker experiences self-love

to the point of narcissism only in the presence of

the trophy target. It never dawned on her that there

might be something unethical or even amoral about

her genius lyrics.

In a legal letter to Courtney’s unauthorized biographer,

the world renowned, author of “Courtney Love:

Queen of Noise” (published by Simon and Schuster)

Melissa Rossi was admonished for not including the

“fact” that Courtney lived with Jeff Mann in Topanga

Canyon from 1983-1985 in a monogamous heterosexual

relationship. It was 1996 when Rossi read me

the letter over the phone and I assumed Courtney

was trying to stuff herself back into the closet and

beat down her growing ac/dc reputation… not quite

yet accepted as “Kinderwhore” in the fashion retail

market. Nobody in Hollywood cared but it didn’t

play well in exurbia.

By bringing up Jeff in a legal letter, fully admissible

in any court of law, Courtney opened herself up to a

courtroom discussion of the wild nights she spent at

Sam Peckinpah’s ranch. Courtney says she was faithful

to Jeff Mann for two years. This stuff just doesn’t

happen in the burbs. I got the impression the whole

scene at Peckinpah’s was like the Osterman Weekend—one

big dark and mysterious gang bang. I also

realized that Jeff ’s mom acted as Courtney’s super

heavy mentor. I got this impression because

she called me one night and screamed into the

phone “Get out of her life you fat pig, she’s mine

now!” I was only ten pounds out of shape. But

Hollywood is a world unto itself.

Like Kurt, Jeff Mann was a gentle man

but never a wimp. Yet, as strong and ethical as Jeff

was, he could do nothing to quell the Neanderthal

fire raging in Courtney’s blood. Jeff is very tall, a

Celtic Manx-Norman by bloodline, again possibly

directly related to Peckinpah. I wondered if I would

ever see a grandchild that looked like this guy? We

had dinner on two occasions in Menlo Park and the

vibes felt warm. He had a gentle eye and he loved

Courtney for the good “lady” he thought she was.

That word “lady” isn’t used much anymore, but it has

a special meaning to old knights.



“Lady” means someone you respect.

That’s what broke Jeff when he joined Hare Krishna,

when he found out Courtney had a darker side.

I wonder if Jeff knew Courtney carried several torches

for several earlier dudes? The main scar tissue

came from Roz Rezabeck, the front man for Nation

of Sheep a small Portland Group, One of Courtney’s

alienated friends told me in an e-mail: “The sole

reason Courtney was commuting between Malibu

and Portland on the dope express was to hang out

with Nation of Sheep and stalk Rezabeck, If anything

happened in Portland she could always ricochet to

the southland and stop at your house in-between.”

This sounds about right. I knew Courtney was

traveling back and forth between Portland and San

Francisco, and I assumed she was still stalking Rezebeck…her

first rock star lover. I assume she held

a grudge and wanted to Pay Roz back for rejecting

her. But why Portland? As it turns out, Portland gave

Courtney an instant fame fix. She was unknown

everywhere else, but when she came back to Portland

she was a “Mall Rat” luminary.

To find out what

happened to her in New York and

Portland during this and earlier periods, you should

read the book, Bongwater, by Michael Hornburg, still

not the Jack Black, Luke Wilson comedy flick. The

book is still available at Amazon.

So as fate would have it Jeff made it pretty big in the

movies. It was hard to find a picture of him online; he

was elusive, even hermetic, didn’t need any extra PR.

But it was great to meet him, I knew he was going up,

somewhere, I just got that feeling.

His first flick was Kalifornia. Then he did set designs

for Bruckheimer’s cult film, Gone in Sixty Seconds,

a flick which spawned Fast and Furious and at least

ten other car grinders. A Super Bowl commercial

followed. It was so good, so dynamic, that Jeff was

immediately hired for Swordfish with John Travolta—Jeff

designed the helicopter picking up the bus

sequence. After that he designed most of the Transformer

series and was called in for all sorts of films

and projects, working with everybody in Hollywood,

from Robin Williams to Schwarzenegger. I remember

watching Eraserhead on Betamax, in our den in the

old house on Laurel Street in Menlo Park with Jeff

and Courtney. That puts a time stamp on it. I’m still


November 21,


NSB Municipal

Golf Course

1000 Wayne


NSB, FL 32168




Shotgun Start



PLUS 4 Golfers



A local 501c3 Non-Profi thelping to fight back against




GENRE: Death Metal

HAILS FROM: Birmingham, England

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

PRODUCER: Scott Adkins/Grindstone Studios in England



Subconscious Terror (1990)

Darren Brooks – Guitar (1989 – Present)

The Grand Leveller (1991)

Peter Reninsky – Guitar (1989 – Present)

Transcend The Rubicon (1993)

Dan Bate – Bass (2018 – Present)

The Dreams You Dread (1995) Dave Ingram – Vocals (1990-1998,


Grind Bastard (1998)

Gio Durst – Drums (2019 – Present)

Organised Chaos (2001)

Killing Music (2008)

Scriptures (2020)

Released on October 16, 2020, Nuclear Blast has summoned from the metal catacombs, after a twelve

year stent, BENEDICTION. Produced by Scott Adkins at Grindstone Studios in England, “SCRIPTURES”

also marks the return of Dave Ingram’s classical death metal voice. Formed in 1989, BENEDICTION

releases their first studio album Subconscious Terror in 1990. Guitarists Darren Brooks and Peter

Reninsky have definitely proved the band’s longevity, and the addition of Dan Bate on Bass, and Gio

Durst on Drums, have provided a precise, piercing and punching percussion and back line to the

blistering solos and prime-evil pounding vocals. Rabid Carnality, the band’s first single off “SCRIPTURES”

has an official music video as well, which is available on YouTube and is worth checking out. In my

opinion, the production value is the best of BENEDICTION’S catalogue. I highly recommend picking up

this return to the days of dominant death metal. There is not one hint of BENEDICTION forgetting true

metal roots. In addition, the band has brought back Simon Harris, a Birmingham artist who’s artwork is

reminiscent of their early album artwork.

In conclusion, BENEDICTION “Scriptures”, in my opinion, will be one of the best death metal albums of

2020; proof positive that true metal legends never quit grinding!

A Word from the Throne


By Billy Dean

As I sit in the parking lot waiting for a dry window, Florida’s daily hurricane ebbs and flows like a child

playing with the volume knob on an old Zenith. Rain drops transform into television static as time passes.

Every second spent waiting, I am pulled further into the hum of white noise. My focus comes and goes

with the intensifying and easing of the shower. After a spell I find myself surrounded by a cocoon of impenetrable,

information-less noise.

Although safe from the deluge, the metal and glass portal that separates me from the outside isn’t enough

protection to keep my cab from being annexed into noisy nothingness. A billion droplets blend into the

wash that invades the sovereign solitude of my mental space.

Deafening static.

The spell is broken by the familiarly branded sound of myPhone—details of the rehearsal on the other side

of the downpour. My surroundings become less obscure as opaqueness turns to clarity.

As if in a hurry the clouds vacate a spot for sunlight to squeak through.

I depart my vehicle under the confused heavens.

The literal last steps of this journey were the most treacherous. The trip up I-95 was the definition of “sunsoaked”.

It was a regular, stress free day on the world’s friendliest straight away/my open audition for the

Daytona 500. A postcard oozing humidity at high speeds—business as usual. At no point could I have

predicted that the sky would decide to disrupt the events so firmly rooted in the calendar app on my phone.

Yet as I approached, shade covered the green face of exit 284. Trees began to sway and fling away their

leaves hysterically. The storm’s first drops splattered heavy on my windshield like cracking eggs. An accelerando

quickly morphed the sound of individual drops into a continuous drum roll of crackling water.

Lightning crashed and a left turn revealed that my destination was marked with the blackest of clouds.

Upon arrival I was welcomed to park by the lone spot available.

This friendly spot was prominently located at the epicenter of nature’s chaos.

All I could do was wait, think, and hope to be spared.

**This page has been brought to you u

by A Minor Solutions, LLC


BLUE AND BRITS By David Dequasie


When one mentions the term ‘The British

Invasion’ of the early ‘60’s, a few artists immediately

come to mind:The Rolling Stones,

The Beatles, The Yardbirds, etc. To the less

well rounded listener, it might be assumed

that these bands were creators of a new style

of rock and roll. This is hardly the case,

although their sense of folk-like melodies

and use of nicely arranged vocal harmonies

may have been more advanced than American

groups, to what they really owed their

sound was American blues. How were these

young musicians exposed to a form of music

from another country....a category of music

played mainly by African Americans who

were then abandoning the form?

It really comes down to just a few names and

circumstances.1950’s England was somewhat

of a hot spot when it came to dance

halls and its bands playing a tame and unexplorative

type of jazz. Not exactly inspiring

for most teenagers. Add to that, by the end

of the decade, rock and roll was headed to

a downfall. Buddy Holly had died, Elvis

had been drafted, and other popular figures

seemed to be going through a slump. Enter

Alexis Korner and John Mayall: the first

‘bluesmen’ of England to get band bookings

in the smaller jazz joints. This wasn’t polite,

watered down horn band music or happy,

bouncy rock and roll. This was some gritty,

deep grooving nastiness - the kind of music

that reminded the post World War II

generation that things weren’t alright in

the world. Alexis Korner even hosted radio

shows exposing the real deal American

blues to virgin British ears.

Inspired by the wailing cries of the originators,

it didn’t take long for the guitar to

replace the saxophone in small combos.

John Mayall can be thanked here for letting

his lead guitarists crank up their amps on

stage as well as the recording studio so that

the amp would distort and provide some

singing sustain. Now we had the first guitar

heroes, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green,

Mick Taylor, and Jimmy Page.

The blues isn’t the most difficult music to

get a handle on, and was nicely accessible

as well to those who weren’t virtuosos, The

Rolling Stones were gigging steady sticking

entirely to blues covers as well as providing

plenty of tunes for many other bands to fill

their set lists. Ringo Starr once said that if

you want to hear The Beatles really playing

as a live band on record, listen to Yer Blues.

The bass sound on that song is the meanest

that Paul McCartney has ever sounded.

The list of British rock bands fueled by the

blues is enormous. Fleetwood Mac, Foghat,

Deep Purple, Free, and so many other favorites,

all have to thank the American artists.

At the same time we can thank the Brits for

bringing attention to this great music so that

the early bluesmen will not be forgotten.

We are now


Drink Specials


Chronicals of Cannabis

By John Kent

Let’s go to “Heaven” - Jardin Dispensary has a covered

staircase near it’s entrance we used to “QC”

smokables privately, or our cars back then - like a

fan blowing behind a Sausage Sizzle proliferating

aroma profiles Jack Herer would be proud of. And in

one particular Tuesday afternoon incident, a team of

marketers from an ad agency stopped by on a cold

call. As part of my qualifying process, our team and

I enjoyed having a smoke session with key people in

key moments. Call it character revealing and this was

one of those moments. Yes, even newbies partook in

a ceremonial communion of new commerce. After

all, indulging in something once so taboo was our

new personal right in freedoms - while respecting

local compliance.

We had a great dialogue, their team and ours on

what we needed to be accomplished, what goals

were relevant and important, what expectations

were tentatively agreed upon. We sparked a few

joints - puff puff & passed - in a clockwise customary

tradition - sharing perspectives on the local market,

local commerce, the medical to recreational cannabis

market transition post July 2017. We had a chinwag,

exchanged stories and experiences from all over the

world. We looked like the United Nations of all peoples,

a glimpse into the rainbow warriors perhaps the

Hopi prophesied. We arranged a meeting time for the

next day at 4pm after contemplating all the world’s

woes and blessings to review the proposal pitch. So

the next day, 4pm rolls over... Then 5pm… I reached

out to the marketing firm in confusion thinking,

was I too baked to make a mistake? Was I mistaken?

Nope - an email comes through notifying me, the

gentleman had suffered a heart attack hours after our

communion of commerce!

But get this - cannabinoids help blood flow and

blood vessels so this guy’s team let me know as his

body relaxed and allowed better circulation he got hit

with the little one - avoided the big one in the

near future where smoking that joint saved his life!

I’d never imagine such a moment manifesting - My

Mind Blown!

This event was talked about

internally as we discuss and

QC’d cannabis on a few

occasions. So the team gets

together often, shares

insights, dialogues on

various perspectives. I’m

always amazed at how

this plant brings about

people from all walks of

life. How this plant saves

people in the weirdest of moments. This industry’s

in its infant stages - first few years of generational

formation in a new world economic order. Fast forward

from 2017 to 2020 post Covid19 pandemic and

still, similar stories of how this plant helps give life.

I scour the cultivation and production market hunting

for a customer centric value proposition - sight,

smell, color, taste and feeling. How blessed to be part

of the industry insiders to do this for a living in making

a life. If anything has been revealed, doing what

one loves is the surest way into happiness. Sharing

this is joy. Serving the community in such a manner

provides purpose and warmth I feel blessed to share

with my fellow cannabis community values ingrained

within our work ethic. And in this billions only cash

economy the gratitude we share in common for the

type or work empowers the companies doing it right,

rightly as customers vote with their wallets. Until

next month, stay safe.

NEW STORE Opening Soon on FLAGLER AVE NSB 32169

my”White Whales”


The Morning HOG / 95-7 The HOG Weekday 5-10am


@saturdayloud on Twitter The Morning Hog on fb


Hello, friends!

I finally landed one of my “White Whale” interviews

as I caught up with Sully Erna of Godsmack ahead

of his Daytona stop on the Aaron Lewis/Sully Erna

The American Drive-In Tour. A unique show from

a unique talent who has churned out stacks of hits

with Godsmack as well as his solo material. Let’s peel

away the layers & see what we get!

RIGGS - Great to catch up with you, man! How did

this tour with you and Aaron Lewis of STAIND come


SULLY - Well, we both played in the clubs in Massachusetts

before either one of us were signed so we

have a long history together. And we’ve always wanted

to kind of do something together or have a reason

to get together.

I think over the years a lot of the fans have even

wanted to hear our voices together so it was kind of a

no-brainer when they called.

RIGGS - GODSMACK was supposed to be a big part

of Welcome To Rockville here in Daytona but obviously

fell victim to the pandemic. Was there a plan to

remain on tour before it all went down?

SULLY - No, we were coming off of an album cycle

anyways and when you do that you know usually

take some downtime yourself. I don’t go out, I’m not

really one to go out and bar hop and all that stuff

and then obviously to write music you kind of have

to isolate anyways so you know, life really hasn’t

changed a whole lot for me. Although I’ve been up

on things pretty closely and trying to be responsible

about it when I do have to go out.

I have a daughter that’s very asthmatic and I wouldn’t

want to roll the dice with her with this crap but for

the most part, you know, we’re okay. I mean we didn’t

really get hit hard up in New Hampshire where I’m

at so it’s been fairly normal for the most part. I’ve just

kept myself busy as best as I can helping people and

make sure that they are able to have some work. I

helped out with my crew guys, things like that and I

helped another friend of mine and his wife renovate

their restaurant so they didn’t lose their business and

kind of revise it so it was even better than what it

was. It gave them a new beginning so I’ve definitely

kept myself busy and tried to distract myself just to

pass time, you know, because in the end I don’t care

which political view you take on this thing, time is

the only thing that’s going to help this thing.

RIGGS - Tell me about what’s behind this Sully and

Aaron tour.

SULLY - It is pretty stripped down, it’s pretty raw.

We go out there every night and we really don’t have

a plan, right? Me and Aaron just wanted to keep

this loose and unpredictable. So we do some favorite

Godsmack stuff, some favorite STAIND stuff, Aaron

does some of his solo stuff and I do some solo stuff.

And we’ll bust out some covers for fun, we’ll tell

some stories, we’ll break each other’s balls, hahaha...

and it’s just kind of a very organic unproduced show.

RIGGS - That’s probably nice compared to a normal

tour with production concerns and more, just to not

have to worry about that.

SULLY - Yes, you go up there and just play. Yeah

that’s exactly what it is, we just go out there and we

just kind of roll with it and feel out the audience and

take it from there. But all in all it’s cool and it’s fun

to get out there and just play music again. And I

think the audience feels the same way where they’re

just happy to be out somehow in some capacity with

some sense of normalcy, to hear live music is very

satisfying to them right now and that’s what we’re

trying to bring.

RIGGS - When GODSMACK started, the industry

was very different. Do you like the way the music

business is set up now, allowing for you to have more

control on your product and allow social media to

spread your music?

SULLY - Well, that doesn’t really apply to us so much

because we’re a band of 25 years now plus and I think

maybe pertains more to the younger bands that are

just starting out and getting a deal. But for us, you

know, we have to kind abide by our contract to a certain

degree but we also have earned the history with

the label as well and they trust that they know when

we come out with a product it’s going to be a quality

product and so they don’t really have much they can

do when it comes to pushing us in that way. They

know once we deliver, we usually deliver something

good and then we also tour on it for two, two and a

half, three years at a time so we’re out there doing our

work above and beyond probably what our duties call

for. But we do it because we love it and we love what

we do.

RIGGS - The song “Under Your Scars” from your

most recent album has become so much more than

just an album track. It spawned The Scars Foundation...

Can you give us the story behind that evolution?

SULLY - Yeah, well it started almost two years ago.

I had come across an event, I guess I can call it a

situation, in my life and anybody who knows about

me and how I operate as a lyricist and as a songwriter

knows that I never write about anything fiction.

Everything I write about has somehow happened or

affected me on an emotional level, good or bad, and

“Under Your Scars” was one of one of those songs. I

was involved with somebody and I don’t really want

to mention too much about that but it kind of made

me realize that just through talking about subjects,

acting a certain way sometimes, you can really hit

people, strike a nerve with people and not know

you did it. And what I found is that people are very

embarrassed or internal about things that they feel

insecure about.

So long story short, when we discover these things

the first thing we do if someone touches onto a topic

or something that’s personal that they don’t really

want to make visible to other people, what we do is

we internalize it, right, and we shut down and we

close up and we walk away. I feel like people should

expose these wounds and these traumas and these

things that we call scars. Whether they’re physical or

emotional, I think that we should wear them loudly

and proudly like a badge of honor to show where

we’ve been in our lives and things that we’ve endured

and how it’s made us stronger and grown from that.

So, when the song came about this was about just

letting people

know that like,’

hey, you know, I get it’ and we don’t have to kind

of shy away from each other. I’m okay with the

scars that you have as long as you’re okay with mine

because we all have this baggage that we carry and

then from there that thought process evolved into

a song. And then the song got me thinking about

all the things that I’ve went through in my life and

how maybe this is a way I can help and give back

since I always wanted to be involved in some kind of

nonprofit and I just never could quite find my lane

because I was never affected by someone who I lost

from cancer or AIDS or something like that. Not

that those aren’t serious topics because they are, but

they didn’t ever affect me on a personal level. I’ve

never thankfully lost someone to one of those categories.

But the whole anxiety and drug abuse and

addiction and life of abusive families and crime and

all that stuff, that’s the life that I know and remember

and I know that all those kinds of different topics

can feed people into a depressive state of mind. So

I started to figure out that depression, I felt, and

especially after losing some friends to suicide... some

of our amazing artists that people know about, the

Chris Cornells, the Chester Benningtons, Amy Winehouse

to addiction and Lane Staley, like I mean we

can go on and on, right? But the bottom line was, I

think people behave that way and they fall into these

patterns because they are depressed to some degree.

Some more than others, and so I wanted to find

every topic that dealt with depression and that’s what

the Scars Foundation became.... The only charity I

think in the world that deals with multiple categories.

Most charities deal with one and we decided to try

to find out all the topics that funnel people into a

depressive state of mind whether it is suicide prevention,

bullying, PTSD, severe depression, addiction, all

those things is what we cater to when we try to reach

out and give people the tools that they need to try

to help heal themselves. And to let them know that

there’s a community here for them to have a voice,

and that’s what The Scars Foundation is.

RIGGS - Well it is an extremely vital outlet for people

for sure. Is the song something that you like to play

on this current tour?

SULLY - Oh sure, yeah, I mean it was written as

an acoustic song and while we were recording the

“When Legends Rise” album I kind of transposed

it into a piano song and I found that it liked it even

better. It really almost had a classic feel on the piano

like a “Dream On” would and so I chose to go in that

direction with it and make it a big epic ballad. But it

certainly translates great on acoustic and translates

great on a piano and vocal so I’m sure I will be playing

that on this run.

RIGGS - I know you are a huge New England Patriots

fan and because your Pats are going through

a transition, I want to know your feelings about the

temperature of that team?

SULLY - Well I can tell you the temperature from the

fans (laughs) We don’t know what’s going to happen

with the Patriots but In Belichick We Trust, that’s our


I know that he’ll continue as long as he stays in there

longer to rebuild and that’s what he does. He created

Tom Brady so it’s going to be interesting though

because right now, the temperature is a little cool...

hahaha! We don’t have the fever, that’s for sure. But it

is what it is, Cam Newton is a great quarterback and

he will continue to get sculpted and molded by Bill

Belichick and he will get better and better and maybe

have more weapons than Brady had. But I certainly

don’t think he’ll be a better quarterback than Brady

but he does have different tools because Brady is a

straight pocket quarterback and Cam is very agile.

But at the same time (Brian) Hoyer is in there now

and he absolutely stinks. That is just the reality of

that. That guy sucks. So we’re trying to get through

our “COVID quarterback”.(laughs)

RIGGS - Is it nice to be able to sit down on a Sunday

since you’re not on tour and maybe watch an entire

game, something that your schedule hasn’t allowed

for over the last decade?

SULLY - Well it probably won’t be the most interesting

year to watch but I watch ‘cuz I’m a fan of

football. I root for Tampa! I love Tom and Gronk. I

have no bitter feelings or feel sour about it. I wish he

would have retired in New England because Boston

is known as a city of pride, especially with their

sports. I don’t know of any other city in the country

that is more proud of all their sports teams. I mean, if

anyone wants to be honest about it and get off the

competitive thing for a second, Boston has had a

tremendous run in sports history between the Celtics,

the Red Sox, the Bruins and the New England

Patriots. So any New England fan right now that’s

throwing their nose up in the air and is all bent, they

need to get a grip on themselves because we had the

greatest quarterback of all time. I mean we went to

nine super bowls and won six of them! And for 20

years it’s insane what we’ve done with this guy, so as

much as everyone wanted him to have the integrity

and be proud enough to stay in Boston for whatever

reason, we don’t think that he and Belichick could get

to the other side enough to be able to do that. And

for whatever reason he left and that’s the only part

that people regret. That we just wish that when he

retires he retires with a blue shirt on.

RIGGS - Do you have a top 4 “Mount Rushmore” of

Godsmack tunes?

SULLY - God, I don’t know, we have so many songs

at this point... I’m not sure I could just riff off a

perfect four period. I will say though that right now

where time stands I would probably put more songs

from the “When Legends Rise” album in front of

older stuff because I just feel like the band has grown

to a much better place. I think we sound better and

there’s a lot more maturity in the playing and musicianship.

I just love the old stuff because it’s raw and

edgy and it’s just very exposed and raw but the new

stuff is really better songwriting and it would be hard

to put a list together without those songs. I would

lean towards stuff like “Under Your Scars”, “When


Rise”, “Unforgettable” and “Something Different”...

there’s a song that’s well done that works.

RIGGS - Well I need to go blast some of your tunes

RIGHT NOW! Thanks so much for your time, man.

SULLY - Thanks for having me!

Dining. Drinks. Music.


Our outstanding views are only surpassed by our exceptional menu. Enjoy very fresh

seafood, southern cuisine with a marina flair, craft beers and signature cocktails.

Happy Hour: Monday thru Friday 3-6pm. Weekend specials and live music 6-10pm.

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On The Block

By Jenny McLain

We Didn’t Learn Anything, We Just Know Everything

In January of 1981, Phil Collins

released “In the Air Tonight” and

it took on a life of its own. In

addition to generating buzz about

what is probably the most iconic

drum break of all time, the song

spawned a variety of urban legends

with the common themes of

drowning, revenge and loss. No

body knew for sure whether the

meaning was literal and people

discussed it and theorized and

listened and wondered. Today, we

can Google “In the Air Tonight

meaning” and learn in less time

than it takes to listen to the iconic

drum break itself – even Phil

Collins doesn’t know what it

means. In an interview with

Rolling Stone Magazine in 2016,

Collins said, “I wrote the lyrics

spontaneously. I’m not quite sure

what the song is about, but there’s

a lot of anger, a lot of despair and

a lot of frustration.” He had written

the song in the wake of divorc

ing his first wife. Phil Collins

didn’t have to watch somebody

drown to write “In the Air To

night” but it made people take

notice and wonder and experience

the process of not knowing.

There is a comedian named Pete Holmes who does a

bit about how, in the past, if you didn’t know something,

you just didn’t know. And there was a certain

feeling of longing to know and then a certain

feeling of accomplishment once you did know. But

now, knowing feels exactly the same as not knowing

because the information is available almost instantly,

so you don’t feel what it’s like not to know something

for any significant amount of time. The example he

uses is that in the past if you wondered where Tom

Petty was from, you would ask actual people, who

also didn’t know (and then they would be curious).

Then, one fateful day, you would come across a girl

wearing a Heartbreakers t-shirt and ask her - and she

would tell you that Tom Petty is from Florida. And

you would feel a wash of endorphins and meaning

and pleasure. The joke is even funnier with the ending,

“...and that’s how you met your wife ...and your

wedding song was Refugee”.

Think about it; instant gratification isn’t really gratifying

because there is no time to feel any void. There

is an attitude of entitlement to know everything in

a matter of seconds. This has created a generation

of impatience because they will never know that

wash of endorphins and meaning and pleasure in

Pete Holmes’ story so they don’t understand that the

frustration of not knowing something is worth that

feeling you get once you have the answer. There is

no anticipation of or satisfaction in knowing. The

argument can be made that this instant access to all

the answers has affected today’s music. Give them a

beat and some catchy phrases repeated over and over;

they don’t have to wonder whether there is a message

because, literally, it is what it is. The analytics are the

focus. It has become more about instant fame, going

viral and being popular and less about expressing

yourself through your music. This has created some

wildly popular karaoke singers and YouTube stars -

not artists or musicians.

Who can remember sitting in their poster-plastered

bedroom with headphones that weren’t wireless,

tethered to a record player and listening to an album

while devouring every bit of information printed

on the cover, without interruption or distraction?

Would most millennials actually sit and listen to an

entire Pink Floyd album? It would take more patience

than they have managed to develop. Would

they even appreciate the experience if they could?

Can you imagine how your life would be different if

you didn’t have that experience somewhere in your


As comedian Pete Holmes says in his story, “We

didn’t learn anything; we just know everything. And

it’s ruining our lives.”


Dr. Peppar Spraed


Matthew Caws (Nada Surf)

The drink: Greyhound

Ingredients: Grapefruit juice, vodka

and ice

How to make it: Put a few ice cubes

in a glass, pour in as much or as little

vodka as you’d like, add grapefruit


Why it’s great: I stick to water, wine

and whiskey on tour because anything

else is not so great for singing, but

when I’m not doing shows, this is my

favorite alcoholic beverage. The grapefruit

juice makes it taste good but its

inherent bitterness reminds you that

you’re drinking something serious and

helps keep you from overdoing it.

Nada Surf is an American alternative

rock band which currently consists of

Matthew Caws, Ira Elliot, and Daniel

Lorca. Based in New York City

and formed in the 1990s, Nada Surf

continues to tour. Their ninth album,

Never Not Together, was released on 7

February 2020.

1. Their second album, Regional At Best, was released as a FREE CD at the New Albany High School in Columbus, Ohio in


2. The band once gave away two free unreleased songs in 2011 via their website’s newsletter. The songs are ‘HOUSE OF

GOLD‘ and ‘TWO‘.

3. The band actually worked with GREG WELLS, the producer of such superstar artists like Katy Perry and Adele, on their

first full length album with Fueled by Ramen, ‘Vessel’. That album was released on 8th January 2013, reaching an ironic 21

on the Billboard 200 chart.

4. Twenty One Pilots is one of only three musical acts to have TWO singles appear simultaneously in the top five of the


5. Their fan base is known as the SKELETON CLIQUE.

6. Josh Dun was born on JUNE 18, 1988 in Columbus, Ohio.

7. They have won 30 out of 90 nominations. Noms have been by the American Music Awards, AP Music Awards, ARIA

Awards, Billboard Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards,

MuchMusic Video Awards, and Teen Choice Awards – to name a few.

8. Twenty One Pilots made their late night debut on the CONAN O’BRIEN SHOW on 8th August 2013.

9. Twenty One Pilots is listed in four categories, Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, Indie-pop, and ELECTRO-POP.

10. The band’s TWITTER profile is @twentyonepilots.

11. The red armbands they wear symbolize the character they made up called, BLURRYFACE, who is actually a representation

of all of the things that people are insecure about.

12. They’re signed by Fueled by Ramen, a subsidiary of ATLANTIC RECORDS since 2012.

13. Twenty One Pilots didn’t have a major hit until their FOURTH album, Blurryface in May of 2015. Their first single from

the album is called ‘Fairly Local’.

14. They’re the FIRST alternative group to have two top ten singles run concurrently in the US in 2015, ‘Stressed Out’ and

‘Ride’ from the album Blurryface from the same year.

15. They performed the song ‘Heathens’ for this 2016 blockbuster anti-superhero flick. SUICIDE SQUAD

16. Their band name comes from the play, All My Sons by Arthur Miller. The play focuses on a man who is responsible for

the deaths of 21 pilots whose planes had FAULTY PARTS he’d sold.

17.What do they often wear on their heads during their live shows? BALACLAVAS

18. What is Josh’s favorite hair color? PINK

19. They were started in 2009 by TYLER JOSEPH, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. The trio garnered notice from the public

from the start, but changes in their line up brought about a new invigorating product that the public and record companies

were hungry for.

20. THOMAS & SALIH left the group in 2011, as they didn’t have time to commit to the band. They were replaced by drummer

Josh Dun later that year.

21. They started as a self-releasing band of their songs but got the attention of about a dozen top record labels during a sold

out performance at Columbus’ NEWPORT MUSIC HALL in November 2011.

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