New Zealand aviation company profiles (pdf, 1.03MB

New Zealand aviation company profiles (pdf, 1.03MB

New ZealaNd aviatioN iN iNdia

New ZealaNd Overview

The New Zealand aviation industry

is significant and has critical mass:

• exports of US$3.25 billion.

• exports of over US$74,000

per head.

• Over 1,000 aviation organisations.

• One aircraft for every 1,100 people.

• 813 helicopters – the highest rate

per capita in the world.

iNdia/New ZealaNd Overview

india is an important market for

the New Zealand aviation industry.

There is wide ranging engagement

covering the provision of aviation

goods and services.

• 410 indian nationals gained

their CPls (fixed-wing and

rotary) in New Zealand between

2008 and 2011.

• india is the most important

international market for

the New Zealand pilot

training industry.

• airways New Zealand installed

a Future Navigation System for

aai in Kolkata airport.

• Christchurch engine Centre

services darT, JT8d and v2500

engines for several indian airlines.

• Glidepath and atrax supply

baggage and freight handling

systems to airports around

the country.

• radiola aerospace, through

TaTa Power Sed in 2012,

secured a four year contract to

undertake flight inspections of

new navigation aids at 30 military

airfields throughout india.

• redesign has designed the food/

restaurant areas at several major

indian airports.

• rishworth aviation has supplied

captains and first officers to

airlines for many years.

• Serko provides an online booking

system for a major airline in india.

• Superstructure Group provides

its risk and safety management

system, aQd, to one of the major

airlines in india.

The New ZealaNd aviaTiON SeCTOr

PrOFeSSiONal we have real expertise

aGile we specialise in smaller production runs

PraCTiCal we develop effective solutions

reSPONSive we engage with our customers

aCCOUNTable we deliver value, to spec, on time and to budget


New Zealand supplies

‘fit-for-purpose’ training which

improves your performance

New Zealand provides a challenging

training environment - lots of

clear airspace over spectacular

and diverse terrain, with varied

weather patterns.

New Zealand teaches professional

and life skills.

New Zealand companies customise

to client requirements, and produce

quality graduates.


New Zealand’s competitive

engineering Maintenance repair and

Overhaul (MrO) expertise keeps

your aircraft safe and cost-efficient.

• Top quality performance, and

on time delivery, are critically

important attributes of the

New Zealand industry.

• rising productivity levels and

moderate OeCd-level costs

mean New Zealand companies

are internationally competitive.

ServiCeS aNd airPOrTS

New Zealand provides practical,

elegant and new technology

applications to solve your problems.

New Zealand provides practical

and realistic approaches to

problem solving.

New Zealand draws expertise

from world-class marine and

flourishing information technology

industries to develop new solutions

for customers.

‘My training captains

were pleased in

particular with my manual

flying and situational

awareness skills’.

NZ TraiNed FirST OFFiCer wiTh

iNdiaN airliNe

Radiola aeRospace limited

radiola aerospace combines technical and

operational expertise with global experience, to

offer iCaO compliant, accurate and cost effective

flight inspection and validation services.

Radiola aeRospace limited

radiola has provided flight inspection and instrument flight

procedure validation services to over 40 countries since 1997. This

depth of operational and technical experience enables the team

to evaluate, understand and solve complex customer requirements.

Committed to safety and accuracy, radiola’s flight inspection

systems and procedures meet the rigorous requirements of

iCaO annex 10 and dOC 8071.

long term flight inspection contracts are in place with customers

in australia, india, (where the company has been contracted by

Tata Power Sed to provide flight inspection services at 29 military

airfields) iraq, Sudan, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Fiji, and Morocco.

The Company operates flight inspection systems manufactured by

Kansas based airfield Technology inc. and has teaming agreements

with appropriately certified aircraft operators

around the world.

coNtact details

Brent Albiston

Managing Director

Phone: +64 4 237 9232

Cell: +64 21 430 118


• ICAO approved flight inspection

service provider.

• UK CAA CAP 670 flight

inspection certification.

• British Overseas Territories

OTAR Part 173 flight inspection


• NZ CAA approved flight

inspection organisation.

• NZ CAR Part 171 certification

for operation and maintenance

of aeronautical navigation aids.

• Australia CASA (MOS Part

173) approved flight validation


• UK ASSI approved flight

validation organisation for

British Overseas Territories.

• AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000

(since 1993).

aRdmoRe FlYiNg school

ardmore Flying School is committed to

quality. it offers flexible, individually

tailored courses to ensure pilots are capable

of operating at the highest levels in the

commercial and corporate sector.

aRdmoRe FlYiNg school

ardmore Flying School trains fixed-wing and helicopter pilots to

the highest standards of excellence in aviation, safety, education,

competency and command.

located at ardmore airport, close to auckland international

airport, ardmore has been providing training expertise and

services since 1961. its fixed-wing division has had extensive

experience training indian pilots.

ardmore meets all New Zealand regulatory requirements for pilot

training and can provide a diploma of aviation.

coNtact details

Mike Newman


Phone: +64 9 298 5055

Cell: +64 21 423 604

Ardmore Flying School

PO Box 72-744





• The Director/Chief Instructor of

the fixed-wing and rotary schools

have 35 years commercial airline

experience and over 40 years

military and civil experience


• Specialises in CPL and Multi Engine

Instrument Rating.

• ATPL and CRM Airline Integration

Courses available from 2013.

• Tailored programmes for advanced

training in high performance aircraft.


• Seventeen Cessna 172R training

aircraft (four are fitted with Garmin

1000 glass avionics).

• Frasca G1000 glass cockpit

simulator for use with Cessna

training aircraft.

• Three Beechcraft Be76 twin engine

aircraft with glass cockpit EHSI and

Garmin 430 GPS.

• Frasca TruFlite twin engine aircraft

simulator 180 degree visuals.

• Two Schweizer 300 Cbi and one

Schweizer 300 Cb.

• One each of Robinson R22, Robinson

R44 and Bell Jetranger III.

RishwoRth aviatioN

with over 55,000 qualified professionals on

its recruitment database, rishworth aviation

connects the aviation industry with the expert

staff it needs – worldwide.

RishwoRth aviatioN

rishworth aviation is a market-leading specialist aviation

recruitment company. with offices in New Zealand and Sweden,

and market representatives in india, China, indonesia, Japan and

vietnam, rishworth has tailored recruitment and crew leasing

solutions for more than 100 aviation companies over 25 years.

Current clients include air india, air China, Korean air and asiana,

Fokker asia, Pratt and whitney, Norwegian air Shuttle and virgin

Tech. The company has experience with numerous fleets, including

all boeing and airbus wide and narrow-body aircraft.

rishworth employs highly experienced, degree-qualified staff, who

build long-term relationships with clients to source, select and

recruit the best international flight and maintenance crew, either

on placement or a leasing basis.

its database of qualified aviation professionals contains over

55,000 registered candidates across more than 150 countries, and

is expanding by over 7,000 new candidates every year.

coNtact details

Mr Vinod Suri

India Representative

Cell +91 98 1980 1797


• Recruitment strategy planning

and marketing.

• Remuneration structuring and

contract development.

• Rishworth database search,

industry networking and

global advertising.

• Pre-screening and selection.

• Crew information and education.

• Deployment and logistics.

• Personnel contract management.

• Client and crew support.

• International payment.

• Medical and accident insurance.

• Training.

seRKo limited

Serko’s award-winning online business

travel management solutions are delivering

unmatched cost, resource and time savings

to some of the world’s largest companies.

seRKo limited

Ground-breaking technology has allowed Serko Online to develop

asia-Pacific’s leading online corporate booking engine, integrated

with expense management systems and real time financial

reporting tools.

Serko solutions pair innovative, creative technology with clear,

simple functionality to deliver tangible cost, resource and time

savings, irrespective of the size and specialisation of a business.

winner of the Microsoft Supreme iSv (independent Software

vendor) of the Year award for 2010 and other significant

awards, Serko products are now being used worldwide by major

international corporates, government agencies, the energy and

resources sector and travel management companies. This includes

Serko providing an online booking system for one of india’s

leading airlines.

coNtact details

Michael Thorburn

Director of Sales and Marketing

Phone: +64 9 302 9206

Cell: +64 21 668 045


• Travel booking speeds 10 times

faster than traditional methods.

• Easy integration and high

adoption rates for Serko Online.

• Potential savings of 20 percent or

more on travel costs.

• Crew/group movement

flight manifests for automated

online bookings.

• Mobile travel services for direct

content delivery.

• Integrated site management

for scheduled and charter

flights, camp accommodation

and transfers.

• ERP and expense management

integration provides seamless


stepheNsoN & tuRNeR

Stephenson & Turner is an award winning

architectural and engineering design practice

with over 20 years experience planning and

designing world-class airports.

stepheNsoN & tuRNeR

backed by leading technology, Stephenson & Turner’s teams are

responsive, innovative, and driven by a passion for outstanding

design. Completed airport designs are valued at over NZd$1

billion with over 75,000m 2 of terminal space constructed in

staged developments, at times maintaining full airport operational

capability at international and regional terminals.

its award-winning auckland international airport, ranked top in the

australia / Pacific region category in 2010, has been recognised as

a project that ‘will act as a model for future airport buildings.’

a collaborative work style, and partnerships with firms in australia,

North america and europe, allows Stephenson & Turner’s to

supplement internal capability with specialist aviation skills and

expertise where required.

coNtact details

Ken Stanton


Phone: +64 9 920 9510


• Iterative masterplans with 30

year growth forecasts have been

developed to identify optimal

development strategies.

• Local cultural requirements

have been incorporated into

international and domestic

airport terminal designs which

are both modern and practical.

• Large scale planning of future

airport cities.

• Architectural design.

• Building services engineering.

• Construction observation –

involved in ongoing development

of the airport.

• Detailed resolution of passenger

and vehicle flows throughout

terminal and precinct areas.

• The creation of public, secure,

operational, border control and

administrative facilities.


with more than 650 projects completed

in 63 countries, Glidepath is an undisputed

world leader in airport baggage handling

and security.


Glidepath’s airport baggage and air cargo handling systems

offer world-beating efficiency, accuracy, security and speed.

For over 40 years, Glidepath has designed, manufactured and

installed baggage handling and security systems. its intelligent,

customised solutions are being used in airports in more than 63

countries, from low cost carrier terminals to major gateway hubs.

The company understands airport growth is on-going and plans

its systems with a value engineered approach and a focus on

future proofing.

in an increasingly challenging security environment, Glidepath’s

expert staff have worked with many national authorities to develop

comprehensive integrated security screening systems.

The company has a long-established relationship with indian

airports, with 13 completed projects in the region and a sales

and support office in Mumbai.

coNtact details

Rajesh Kalra

Regional Sales Manager

Phone: +64 9 818 3354

NZ Cell: +64 21 335 064

Indian Cell: +91 982 127 4293


• Baggage and cargo handling


• Proprietary system management

software and systems integration.

• Parcel sortation.

• Airport and baggage security.

• Moving walkways.

• Design and layout, project

management and site installation.

• Manufacturing, mechanical and

electrical and design software.

• Operation and maintenance.


redesign Group is an internationally renowned

spatial design company that provides new and

innovative design solutions in locations such as

South east asia, india, Middle east, United States,

and europe. redesign was established in 1998.


in the last two years, it has set up offices in Gurgaon-india, doha-

Qatar, ho Chi Minh City-vietnam and riyadh-Saudi arabia to

facilitate work in the regions and better service client requirements.

redesigns’ core business is the development of food and

beverage and retail outlets in major airports around the globe.

redesign works feature in airports such as delhi T3 and T1d,

hyderabad and bangalore, dubai Terminal 3, dublin international,

belfast international, Schiphol, atlanta USa, Kuala lumpur low

Cost Terminal, Christchurch and auckland NZ. with the expertise

in this sector, redesign is able to deliver high quality design

which is functional and suited for the traveller. redesign has a

talented team of experienced designers able to produce a unique

trademark design in all projects.

coNtact details

Jo Pennycuick

Managing Director

Phone: +64 3 377 1804

Cell: +64 021 925 306

India: +91 95 827 90054


Our specialist team of designers

work across many disciplines


• Spatial design

• Retail and food and beverage

• Commercial office planning

• Airport and mall interior design

• Graphic design and branding

• Franchise set up and


• Project management

• Construction.

iNteRNatioNal aviatioN

academY oF New ZealaNd

New Zealand’s premier flight training

organisation, iaaNZ successfully trains 100

pilots every year, ready for employment in

the international airline industry.

iNteRNatioNal aviatioN academY

oF New ZealaNd

with a fleet of 38 aircraft, one of the most experienced instructing

teams in australasia, and a purpose-built training complex at a

world-class international airport, the iaaNZ has long been ‘trainer

of choice’ for pilots heading towards an airline career.

iaaNZ offers the full range of professional flight training

qualifications. high calibre flight instructors and a state-of-the-art

programme ensure its graduates are fully airline-ready.

Trainee pilots experience an extensive range of aircraft, with

the iaaNZ fleet including four multi-engine and 34 single-engine

trainers, of which six are glass cockpit aircraft. iaaNZ also

has three simulators, including a Frasca advanced Flight

Training device.

coNtact details

Steve O’Neill

Chief executive

Phone: +64 3 359 2121

Prince Joel

Professional Associate

Phone: +91 992 034 4597


• Operating since 1928.

• Flight training qualifications

include CPL, MEIR, ATPLs,

Airline Integration Course and

Type Ratings.

• An Air New Zealand Partner

Flight Training Organisation.

• More than 10 different types

of single and multi-aircraft and

three simulators.

• First foreign school accepted by

CAA of Sri Lanka.

• The only flight trainer to be

based at a fully functional

interaction airport in Australia

and New Zealand.

• Range of learning environments,

including controlled and

uncontrolled airspace.

• The company has extensive

experience training Indian cadets.

NelsoN maRlBoRough

iNstitute oF techNologY


NMiT’s aviation programmes provide

international and New Zealand students with

a gateway into an exciting and rewarding

career as a pilot or aircraft engineer.

NelsoN maRlBoRough iNstitute

oF techNologY (Nmit)

NMiT’s aviation Programme area offers high quality, stimulating

tertiary courses in key aviation trades: Pilot and aeronautical

engineer. NMiT’s aeronautical engineering programmes are open

to international and local students and delivered from specialised

training facilities at the base in blenheim. NMiT manages pilot

training programmes for helicopter and fixed-wing pilots, delivered

by expert Flying Training Organisations in New Zealand. Small

class sizes ensure personalised attention, with a balance between

theoretical and practical training.

coNtact details

Ben Langley

Pilot Training Programme


Phone: +64 3 572 9624

Adam Bogg

Aviation – Head of School

Phone: +64 3 572 9624


• The Diploma in Aviation Science.

• As a tertiary institution NMIT is

capable of developing certificate,

diploma and degree programmes

tailored to meet specific

market needs.

• The Diploma offers Commercial

Pilot License, Multi Engine

Instrument Rating, C. Cat

Instructor’s Rating, Airline

Transport Pilot License Theory,

Business Management and English

training courses.

• NMIT offers the new national Pilot

training qualification, the New

Zealand Diploma in Aviation.

• The two-year cornerstone

Certificate in Aeronautical

Maintenance Engineering provides

the skills and practical experience

for successful employment in

aeronautical maintenance

and repair.

• The Diploma in Aeronautical

Maintenance Certification is an

online programme for experienced

Aeronautical Engineers preparing

to take their Licensed Aeronautical

Maintenance Engineer exams.

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