CMI 2020 Annual Report


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Community Outreach

Outreach workshops with

Pittsburgh-area high schools

show increase in media literacy

By Stacey Federoff, CMI Graduate Assistant

New survey data from the High

School Workshops hosted by the Center

for Media Innovation showed an increase

in student participants’ media literacy and

fake news awareness.

With about 50 students participating from

four different high schools this fall, students

were surveyed prior to each workshop,

then given the same survey afterward.

As part of each workshop, students learn

from a session to discuss these media

literacy topics.

When reviewing the survey results, respondents

reported a better understanding of

news when compared to information, facts

versus opinions, what makes something

news or newsworthy and how to spot fake

news. All questions showed an improvement

in the number of students who

“agree” or “strongly agree” on a five-point


In the spring, the CMI was able to host one

workshop with Brentwood High School,

which featured a social justice-focused live

podcast recording with Point Park professor

Dr. Robert Ross. Four other sessions

were scheduled, but had to be cancelled

because of the COVID-19 coronavirus shutdown

that closed the CMI and the rest of

Point Park’s campus.

This is the second year the CMI has hosted

these workshops for groups of about 20

students from individual Pittsburgh-area high


Students participate in a hands-on session

in the TV studio and control room, as well as

the media literacy session, podcast recording

and information about applying to Point

Park from the university’s admissions office.

Participating classrooms become CMI Affiliate

Schools and are welcome to shared resources,

as well as content from recorded and

livestreamed events.

“ I love this! I’m the media

teacher at Westinghouse

Arts Academy. We haven’t

been able to participate

in the live sessions due to

bussing. These digital ones

are perfect! Our school is

still in session and working

online. I would love to

leverage these sessions

as part of our curriculum.

Please keep them coming.”

- Elizabeth Speed

Photo by Stacey Federoff