CMI 2020 Annual Report


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Outstanding Students

On-campus accomplishments shine

Editors Note: These profiles first appeared on Point Park University’s website.

Noah Fodor

Colton DeBiase


Exceptional Alumni

Graduates make their mark

Editors Note: These profiles first appeared on Point Park University’s website.

Kalea Hall

Maggie Stasko




April 2021

“The [photography] program is rigorous and demands a lot,

but it fuels me every day to become the best artist ... Point

Park has given me everything I need to become a successful

artist and my professors have become sources of inspiration,

and influence me as I continue to make work.”

Marlee Pinchok


Broadcast Reporting


April 2022

“’Live Like Fred’ is an idea started by me and my mother. We

decided to go around the Pittsburgh area and interview

people whom we call inspiring neighbors. I hope to continue

to encourage everyone, young and old, to live like Fred.”

Mya Pici

Job Title & Employer

Automotive reporter, The Detroit News


Journalism, Multimedia (Multimedia, Graphic Design)

“When I left, I felt ready to tackle every story thrown at

me from the tearjerkers to the hard-hitting investigative

pieces that create change.”

Miles Ritenour

Job Title & Employer

Account Executive, BCW Global


Public Relations and Advertising

“I’ve always felt so prepared for what I do professionally

because of what I was taught at Point Park. Having

professors who are still in the field makes all the

difference because they’re able to teach from experience.”

Ryan Yorgen


Broadcast Reporting, Broadcast Production and Media Management


April 2021

“I chose Point Park because from the moment I started

looking at this school, I knew it would provide me with

exceptional hands-on experience both inside and

outside of the classroom.”


Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management


April 2021

“My marketing and sales classes have taught me so much

that I actually use in the real world. I was challenged to

plan an entire week of free programming for kids at the

Lamp Theatre this summer - something we’ve never

offered before.”

Job Title & Employer

Director of Marketing Communications, Bud Light -



Public Relations and Advertising

“I had great professors with journalism experience like

Helen Fallon, M.A., who really helped frame how I think

about how a particular marketing campaign can get news

Job Title & Employer

Producer, PensTV, Pittsburgh Penguins


Broadcast Production and Media Management

“Point Park has been instrumental in leading me to land

my dream job. Everyone who is a part of the School of

Communication was committed to helping me reach

my goals.”


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