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Mat Kearney urges students to

make their own music for success

By Lou Corsaro


Always up to something: CMI hosts

local media visitors year-round

‘YaJagoff!’ sits all over CMI couches

The YaJagoff podcast, hosted by John

Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck, recently

visited the CMI to record an episode with

retired Steelers’ linebacker Arthur Moats.

The pair talked with him about his book,

“Moats’ Theory of Life: A Guide to Becoming

a Person of Impact and Inspiration.”

Photo By Nick Ruffolo

PTL goes live from Third & Wood

Photo by Meghan Zaffuta

Singer-songwriter Mat Kearney poses with SAEM students and faculty after his presentation.

Point Park alumna Celina Pompeani of KDKA

hosted a segment of Pittsburgh Today Live

from inside the CMI, talking with Point Park

President Paul Hennigan and Leatra Tate,

visiting assistant professor of psychology,

about what’s happening at Point Park and

how students can combat homesickness.

Imitation might be the sincerest form of

flattery, but it also can get pretty boring for

the person making copies.

Singer-songwriter Mat Kearney told Point

Park University students that he started

making his own music when he got tired of

playing covers of other people’s songs.

“Honestly, I started writing music …

because I liked music, but I was terrible

at covering other bands,” Kearney said. “I

just started playing a couple of chords and

making stuff up.”

Kearney visited the Center for Media

Innovation on Friday, Jan. 31, prior to his

sold-out show at the Roxian Theatre in Mc-

Kees Rocks. Before an audience of dozens

of students and faculty members, Kearney

his start, the business lessons learned

along the way, and why he decided

to release his latest album independently.

He spent 45 minutes answering

questions from students, many of whom

have their own dreams about entering

the music and entertainment industry

after graduation.

Kearney talked about his own journey

from the classroom to the stage. While

studying in California, he met a guy who

was moving to Nashville to be a music

producer. He asked Kearney to help him

move there, and urged him to stay.

It worked out. Since then, Kearney has

found success with hit songs such as

“Nothing Left to Lose,” “Ships in the Night”

and “Closer to Love.” He has scored

eight Top 25 songs on the U.S. Adult

Photo By Tyler Polk

Three anchors go ‘Off The Record’

Ahead of its Oct. 3 performance, Off The Record

brought some notable names and belly laughs

to the CMI for a press conference. Every year

since 2001, News Guild of Pittsburgh and

SAG-AFTRA Ohio-Pittsburgh members perform

a musical satire about the region’s headlines,

which has raised more than $600,000 for the

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Photo By Tyler Polk

talked about his career music – how he got Contemporary chart.

Photo by Meghan Zaffuta

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