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2019 - 2020 Vol. 2


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2020 OCHS Valedictorian

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2020 Graduates

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Superintendent - Jenn Thompson

High School Principal - Ben Dykhouse

K-8 Principal - Len Fakkema

Preschool Director - Jane Reichert

Director of Academics - Rob Behnke

Business & Finance Director - Nancy Geertsma

Director of Technology - Ken Yeh

Athletic Director - David Parkes

Community Development Director - Nickole Vander Dussen

Marketing Director - Junior Ibarra

Middle School Dean - Aaron Genzink

Director of Educational Options - Catherine Trani

Accreditation Chair - Kelli Slager

Director Of Facilities & Security - Mike Buckly

Admissions K-8th - Tira Dennis


President - Christine Koontz

Vice President - Lisa Vander Meulen

Treasurer - Kyle De Graaf

Secretary - Laura Veltman

The Knightline is published two times a year.

This newsletter is a publication of Ontario

Christian School at 931 W. Philadelphia

Street in Ontario, California. Ontario Christian

School is a member of Christian Schools

International (CSI) and is accredited by CSI

and the Western Association of Schools and

Colleges (WASC).

The mission of Ontario Christian School

is to provide a Biblically-based, quality

education for the children of Christian

parents that nurtures students to grow in

knowledge, conviction, and maturity;

therefore, our focus is to equip students

with the vision and skills to engage all

relationships and culture under the

authority of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this publication is to foster

strong ties between Ontario Christian

School and its alumni, supporters, and

association members to nurture Christian

education in the school and in the family, and

to better inform its readers of the activities of

Ontario Christian School.

Alumni are encouraged to submit news

and photos to Nickole Vander Dussen

We reserve the right to edit.

Please inform the school of any address changes

by providing both the old and new address.

Vicar - Heidi Laidlaw

Marc de Falkenberg

Pete Nanninga, Jr.


931 West Philadelphia Street

Ontario CA 91762-6218


Project Coordinator




Junior Ibarra

Kindred Ink

Kindred Corporation

OCS Staff, Nancy Ziebell,


Another school year is behind us, and by the time you receive this

magazine, another has begun. The 2019-2020 school year was

certainly one for the record books and a very memorable 75th

anniversary. The year began with firmly planting our feet firmly on

God’s Word as the entire high school student body and staff, along

with many hearty volunteers, spent a few days on a mountain retreat.

By the end of the year, that same staff, along with the senior class,

celebrated graduation by attending a socially distant, drive-through

ceremony. God’s faithfulness at Ontario Christian at both of those

defining events and every other event in between has never been

more obvious. COVID-19 brought us into a season of emergency,

which for OC included remote learning, virtual celebrations, and

growth in grace for each other.

As I reflect on this past year and its joys and challenges, I am reminded

of the Israelites exodus out of Egypt. At a time when God provided a

release for His people with the promise of new land, the change of

routine was not easy for everyone. People got distracted from what

God was doing and how He was leading, and they had doubts. Some

of the questions and comments that God’s people had at that time

were: When are we going to get there? Can’t we go back to the way

it was in Egypt? I don’t really like this food. When will it be normal

again? The people were tired, frustrated, and angry—even Moses,

God’s chosen leader for His people. Emotions were high.

Superintendent Jenn Thompson

Jump to the 2020 pandemic. Although the Israelites journey lasted many years, Ontario Christian had quite a journey

this year, too. In mid-March, with the health and safety of our students, teachers, and families at risk, OC shifted to

remote learning. After just a few weeks, some of the questions and comments the OC administration heard sounded

familiar. When are we going to get back to normal? I don’t like this home learning experience? Can’t we get back on

campus? The people were tired, frustrated, and angry. Emotions were high. Even now, with so many questions still

unanswered, we all just want to get back to normal. The normal that we miss most at OC is being in community and

being in relationships: teachers with students, families with each other, and students with students.

Yet God, who is rich in mercy, has not forgotten OC, and He continues to reign. God’s provision allowed Ontario

Chrisitan to support some families who experienced serious financial hardship. We prayed together, prayed for each

other, and grew as a community of God’s people. I am grateful it is God who leads us, for we serve a God who is

trustworthy and loving, full of grace and compassion. Commit with me to pray for Ontario Christian to be a brilliant

beacon of God’s goodness as we let our light shine in our community and around the world. We are committed to

boldly living out God’s Word as we Grow Christian Leaders.

We have a busy year coming up that includes the completion of a new building, a number of facilities improvements,

and further instructional technology improvements as well. Join with me in prayer for Ontario Christian as we set

ourselves firmly on Jesus Christ, as we prepare students to be strong disciples, equipped with vision, understanding,

and discernment of who God is and how they can serve Him in our world. To God be the glory.


Jenn Thompson






3 Way Thrift Store Inc.

All American Car Wash, Inc.

Circle T Land & Cattle

Citizens Business Bank

CrossPoint Church

Edison International Match Program

Genske, Mulder & Co., LLP, CPA’s

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Huizenga Dairy

HUB International Limited

Kuhl Family Trust

Marilyn J. DeGroot Charitable Trust

Marlo A. De Young Trust

Marvin R. Bernstein Foundation

Neil De Vries Dairy

Ontario Christian School Foundation

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Troost Administrative Trust

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The Ontario Christian School Foundations was

established in 1967 for the purpose of providing

income for scholarship needs and other

programs for Ontario Christian Schools. Over the

years, the Foundation has grown through direct

donations, planned estate giving, and through

honorariums given in memory of departed friends

or commemorations of celebratory events.

The Foundation has faithfully given tuition

support to qualifying families and has helped

to support numerous academic programs. For

more information about the Foundation, please

contact the Business Office.

Gifts noted below include receipts from July 1,

2019, to June 30, 2020.

The OCS Foundation gratefully acknowledges

all gifts received:

Ontario Christian Foundation


Yes! ___________________________________ wants to be a Foundation Builder

(your name here)

1. $____________ in memory of _______________________________________

2. $____________ in celebration of _____________________________________

3. $____________ in support of Christian education

Ontario Christian Schools thanks YOU for your support!

Please return your gifts to: Ontario Christian Schools

Please return your 931 gifts W. to: Philadelphia St., Ontario, CA 91762

Ontario Christian




931 W. Philadelphia St., Ontario CA 91762

Attn: Advancement

Ed & Shirley Talen

The OCS Foundation gratefully acknowledges all gifts received this past quarter:

John “Hockey” Haagsma*

Anker Trucking Inc.

Haringa Farms

J & J Vander Poel Dairy

John Dykstra Dairy

The Elmore Company

TiVa Dairy

Jake & Elaine Alewyn

Mr. & Mrs. G. Anema

Richard & Sherye Ayres

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Shelvie & Ann Crittendon

Phil & Dianne De Groot

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Ted & Debbie Dykstra

Ramon & Kristine Echeverria

Craig Elmore

Bill & Donna Fien

Manuel Gasper Gasper

Juan & Sherry Gonzales

Richard & Kathleen Haagsma

Kay & Jana Hallmark

Ed & Lynnie Haringa

Lori Hendrix

Mary Lou Hettinga

Frank Hilarides

Shirley Hilbrands

Kathy Hobbs

Bruce & Lynette Hunt

Stephen & Sandra Igo

Neil & Mary De Vries

Richard & Dorthy Docter

Rheta Haringa

Frank Hilarides

Mary Lou Hettinga

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Elsie Gorzeman

Patricia Jones

Lou & Cheri Kingma

Jesse & Cheryl Koopman

Mr. & Mrs. T. Lanting

Manuel & Bobbette Oliveira, Jr.

William & Marilynn Poe

John & Jolene Schoneveld

Mark & Shannon Southfield

Eugene & Harriet Stedman

E. Mae Streelman

Charles Tadema

Mr. & Mrs. E. Talen

Jim & Ivonne Te Velde

Ted & Carol Terpstra

Harold & Pam Tillema

Maynard & Marie Troost

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Johnny Vermeer

Kelly Vermeer

Ms. Helen Wilson

Jerry & Candace Zwart

Thomas Zylstra

Mr. & Mrs. B. Slegers

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Randy & Denise Vander


Sharon Curti Haagsma*


Joe & Linda DeHoog

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John & Jeanette Dykstra, Jr.

Rich & Jacque Dyt

Bill & Donna Fien

Evelyn Garcia

Gary & Laurie Haagsma

Richard & Kathleen Haagsma

Sharon (Boer) Haagsma

Kay & Jana Hallmark

Mary Lou Hettinga

Kim Johnson

Daniel & Melinda Kaemingk


Rick & Arlys Jasper

Gertrude Luth

Don & Carolyn Sevier

Ed & Shirley Talen

Dee Van Dam

Leona Luth

Deneise Vander Pol

Julie Koning

Steve & Heidi Laidlaw

Fred & Joanne


Roger Sybesma



Betty Meendering

Sheryl Meendering

*Dontations are designated for specific projects.

Beatrice Moons

Manuel & Bobbette Oliveira, Jr.

William & Marilynn Poe

Dolores Schoneveld

John & Jolene Schoneveld

Joann Skaggs

Maynard & Marie Troost

Bill & Dee Van Leeuwen

Rick & LoriVan Vliet

Thelma Van Vliet

Sherry Vander Eyk

Randy & Denise

Vander Meulen

Thomas Zylstra

Bill & Dee Van Leeuwen

Grace Vander Weide

Henry & Lena

Vander Weide

Gary & Lois Voorman

Curtis Vanden Berge

Randy & Denise

Vander Meulen

Derek Vander Ploeg

Todd & Rosie Wester

Len & Tess


Mr. & Mrs. B. Slegers

Foundation Builder

Arlan Vanden Bosch

Bernice Visser

Roger Sybesma

Ellen (Weeda) Hilt

Adriana Weeda

Gordan Swangel

George & Betty Groen

Jayleen Bollema*

Thelma Van Vliet

Jon Veenendaal*

Mr. & Mrs D.

Vander Meulen

Lynn Fischer

Sheryl Meendering

Nancy Heuker

Sheryl Meendering

Pat De Vries

Grace Vander Weide


I often enjoy reflecting on each school year, and this year is no different. Ontario Christian School’s theme this year was “Forever Faithful”. Looking back over the last

ten months it is certainly easy to see God’s faithfulness in so many ways. From celebrating 75 years in Christian education to building a brand new gym, numerous

exciting events have taken place.

What stands out the most in my mind, of course, would be the last quarter. The fourth quarter is what teachers often refer to as the “sweet spot”. At this point in the

school year, we really know our students. Much joy and laughter can be found in our classrooms during those last nine weeks.

At the end of February, my mind was focused on the transition to the last quarter; I looked forward to that “sweet spot” with my class. I was aware of COVID-19, but

in no way did I expect its impact to reach within our current system of education and change everything about the way we deliver instruction to our students. As we

moved into mid-March, it became apparent to everyone that COVID-19 was going to have a much larger influence on our country than originally thought. Thankfully,

our proactive administration at Ontario Christian School was already meeting behind the scenes to lay the foundation for what we now refer to as “remote learning”.

On March 13th, schools across California made the very difficult decision to close their campuses. However, because of Ontario Christian School’s careful planning

and God’s faithfulness to our community, a closed campus did not mean the end of our own students’ learning. By March 16th, our leadership communicated the

remote learning plan to our staff. For the next two days, each grade level met tirelessly to put the plan into action. At this point, I would certainly be remiss if I did not

give a shout out to my own fifth-grade team; I certainly could not have done this without them (thank you, LuAnna and Evelyn)!

Ontario Christian School’s long-standing commitment to Christ-centered, quality education, and to providing one-to-one technology-based instruction in each

classroom allowed us to transition smoothly into an online platform. Of course, a learning curve accompanies anything new, and staff and students had to adjust from

a relational setting to one maintained via technology. As teachers, we had to think outside the box. How do we keep our students connected and engaged during

remote learning? How do we continue their academic progress without losing momentum?

I am incredibly thankful for our community of educators who came together to create and share countless resources to help maintain those

hard-earned connections with our students. Utilizing platforms like Zoom and Google classroom, we were able to continue providing

instruction in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. I had the blessing to meet with my students every day. I not only got to

see their smiling faces, but I was able to personally check in with their families, their siblings, and if I was lucky, sometimes even

their pets. I got a glimpse into their lives that I would not normally see and was able to build relationships with my students and

their families in a unique way that I had never done before.

I am proud to say that I saw my students flourish during remote learning. I witnessed them really take ownership of their

education and making an incredible amount of progress in doing so. As a teacher, I could not have successfully implemented

this plan without the support of each of the families in my class. I am very grateful for the role each of them played to help

make this happen.

Throughout this experience, I have been reminded of something significant—relationships matter. We are created to be

in relationship with Christ and with others. The community of believers we have at Ontario Christian School and the

support we are able to provide to one another during uncertain times is essential in so many ways. Our learning did not

end just because our campus closed, and our relationships did not cease to exist just because we were not able to

meet in the classroom. The last few months have been challenging for many of us, but I encourage you to look for

God’s faithfulness. Our theme verse for 2019-2020, Lamentations 3:22-23, says, “The steadfast love of the LORD

never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” I encourage

each reader to reflect upon the places you saw God’s blessings and faithfulness over the last few months.

For me, the greatest takeaway from remote learning is that we are blessed because Christ has given us a community of

believers who can rely on each other in difficult times and because we know that He is in control of all things. In times

of uncertainty, we know that Christ is forever faithful!

By Sarah Abate, Fifth Grade Teacher







Christmas vacation is the midpoint of our school year,

an opportunity to rest from school demands and

spend time with family. So how do students propel

themselves back to school after two unscheduled

weeks away? The Middle School faculty lures them

back with interest-building Interim classes—two days

filled with a variety of experiences, endeavors, and

exposure to opportunities outside of core curriculum

and conventional classroom sessions.

Many experienced the great outdoors. Teams of

students worked collaboratively to see what goes

into planning a camping trip, from creating shelter to

building a fire. Some endeavored to get things built.

Critical thinking was at play as students designed and

constructed a minigolf course from duct tape and

cardboard or built shelving units and a media desk

for the MPR from wood. Others received exposure

to the arts. Students focused on creative learning by

applying the techniques of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

and the Quechua people from the Andes Mountains.

Students and teachers were also collaborative

workers helping each other learn to play the ukulele

as well as learn the techniques of crocheting.

All in all, the first two days of Middle School 2020 were

filled with distinguishable learning opportunities,

paving the way for the beginning of a great second


By Aaron Genzink, Middle School Dean



Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus

A group of Ontario Christian High School students and three faculty members had the opportunity to serve at the Dream Center in Downtown Los Angeles during

interim 2020 on a Short Term Mission Trip. While there, we were able to interact with the Dream Center staff and the many people groups served by the numerous

and various outreach programs serving the community. In the weeks leading up to the trip, we asked all the high school students to donate towards the current mostneeded

supplies, which were toiletries, socks, coats, and blankets. Through the generosity of the OC family, we filled the school van from floor to ceiling with these

donated items and delivered them to the Dream Center.

During our stay, we boarded in the short-term mission trip dorms each night, took our meals in the Dream Center kitchen along with the 700 full-time residents and

anyone who walked through the doors who needed a meal. Each morning and afternoon, we served in two outreach programs in a different location and a different


Our first outreach program was in the foster care ministry. This ministry provides services to keep families together and keep children out of the foster care system by

providing the support the families need, i.e. beds for the children, diapers, fresh food, produce, clothes, and shoes. We were assigned a family in the projects who had

four children; all slept on the floor. The three Dream Center (DC) staff and the OC team showed up with a truckload of IKEA furniture and supplies. The four kids were

all peeking out the front door and jumping up and down as we arrived. The DC staff members said they did not think there was any way this truckload of furniture

could be assembled and moved into the two-story apartment in the three hours we had. They were sure they would have to return a second day. However, they were

not aware of the big hearts of the OC team. We worked together all the while connecting with the family and the four very excited children. We built furniture out in

the front yard, on the first floor, and up in the bedrooms. By the end of our time there, we had made some great friends and had put together four kids’ beds, one adult

bed, and two dressers. We also assembled a dining room table and a storage unit. The family was provided with new mattresses, bedding, chairs, and a set of dishes.

At the end of our time together the family joined hands with us and we all prayed together. We crossed cultures and joined hearts. All were changed by God’s love.

That afternoon we participated in the Skid Row Hot Dog Cart ministry. For this outreach, we packed up hot dogs prepared by the Dream Center kitchen and lots of

cold bottled water. After careful instructions by the DC staff, who also accompanied us, we spent several hours walking through Skid Row, passing out the hot dogs

and water, and talking to people. All of us had chances to witness and share God’s love with many marginalized people. We discovered as we talked and laughed with

them how much more alike than different we are. This ministry was one of the most impactful for the high school students.



On day two, we worked on the food truck ministry. The Dream Center mobile food trucks visit more

than 24 local sites every week, serving more than 40,000 people. DC staff provides a driver and one

loader/helper, and we provided the hands and feet of Jesus! First, we loaded the truck following

the careful instructions of the driver and loader. We drove to the location where there was already a

long queue of people waiting for the food. We unloaded the truck onto pallets. Then each of us was

assigned to a pallet to distribute the allotted amount of food items to each person. We interacted

with each person coming through the line to share Jesus’ love.

The last ministry was the Sidewalk Kids Jam. We drove to the projects in Watts and helped with a

regular after school program. It was like a shortened version of Vacation Bible School. We had the

opportunity to play with kids one-on-one and in small groups. These kids are so hungry for attention

and loved to hold hands, sit on laps, wrestle, and play. There were also opportunities to interact with

the parents. We had chances to pray with some of the kids and to share in the telling of the Bible


Each student and each adult who went on this Dream Center Short Term Mission Trip said they

would like to go again; even the seniors said they would like to come back and participate again next

January. We were blessed by this experience. These people need help so much and are so grateful

and joyful with so little. We left humbled and received much more than we gave. What a joy to be

able to serve.

by Audrey Berniklau, High School Math Teacher



“Legacy locks, celebratory music, cars decorated with streamers, window chalk, teachers from all grade levels cheering for graduates,

a professional live stream for anyone to watch online...these were all part of the May 15 Graduation Celebration Drive Through. Since a

typical graduation was not possible this spring, a group of parents, administrators, and staff members created this unique celebration.”



High School Graduation Drive-Thru 2020

Senior families entered campus near the gym

where they checked in and were given a sign (with

the graduate’s name) to place on their windshield.

They then drove through the softball field area

where elementary and middle school staff members

cheered for the graduates as they drove by.

The main celebration happened as senior families

drove around the stadium track and made four stops.

At the first stop, students received their graduation

regalia: chords, stoles, etc. At the second stop, there

was a “legacy lock” for each student that had their

name, graduation year, and the OC logo engraved on

it. They then “locked in their legacy” by placing the

lock on a special display board. (You can see this if

you stop in the high school office.) Students received

their diploma covers and had their names announced

at the third stop. Graduates also had professional

pictures taken as they posed with their families. The

fourth stop included a gift bag, special senior t-shirts,

and awards.

At all stops, high school staff cheered for students

and celebrated with families. We were so glad to

be able to celebrate the students in a personal and

unique way. The evening was filled with joyful,

smiles, and laughter from parents, students, and OC

staff members. God is good, even in a graduation

ceremony in the midst of a pandemic. Feel free to

check out the highlight video and full-length live

stream on the Ontario Christian YouTube channel.


by Ben Dykhouse, High School Principal


Welcome family, friends, faculty, staff and most of all my fellow graduates, the class of 2020.

Today. we are here to celebrate our graduation, a time that many of us, if not all of us, thought

would never take place. We truly had no idea that a pandemic would completely change the

course of our senior year and almost derail just about all that we have been looking forward

to. Many of us did not expect the unexpected; our overall ideas of what senior year would look

like did not go exactly as planned. Our year was cut short by the global pandemic, causing us to

start remote learning and not see our classmates and friends every day. Everything we thought

would be the highlight of our senior year—JSB, Senior Awards Night, the talent show, senior trip—

suddenly became something that we would not experience, something that would not take place.

However, if this pandemic has shown me one thing, it is the strength of the senior class. It has

shown the adaptability we have from abruptly switching from face-to-face to online learning,

although it may have been difficult in the beginning. As this quarantine has gone on, we made the

best of every situation, taking advantage of our phones and laptops to constantly keep in touch

with our classmates. We texted, we Facetimed, we communicated in every way possible. All of

this created a stronger community in the class of 2020; we supported each other in our times

of hardships, oftentimes relating to one another and letting others know they were not alone in

their situation. During this time, we were able to reflect on our favorite high school memories,

such as singing the “Oceans Remix” and National Anthem at freshman year homecoming,

playing that one sport and watching the student section go wild, dressing up for the spirit weeks

and still not winning unless it was March Madness. We were able to act in Mrs. Stutz’s class for

The Crucible. We learned in Mr. Schaap’s class to never ever ask the question, “Who’s Beowulf?”

We were scared by Mr. Jaurez whenever he would make a loud noise during a test just giving

the excuse he was killing a fly. We played very intense games of trashketball in Mr. Fischer’s

class. All these memories are thanks to the teachers and staff with which we had the pleasure to

experience our high school careers. The teachers and staff helped shape us into the people we

are over the past four years.

And let us not forget our families. Though our teachers had us for about seven hours a day, it was our families that supported us through our lives. They were there to

guide us through the years. They were there to support us, to help us through tough times, to ensure that we remained on track to reach this point in our lives. Our

families molded us into the young adults we are today. Now it is our time to make them proud, to go off to college or into the workforce, and show them that we are

thankful and appreciative of all that they have done for us.

Although we take our memories with us as we finish high school, we do leave something behind. We leave our legacy. Oftentimes when we think about legacies, we

think of who liked us or what stories are told about us; however, this is not the true legacy we leave. Our legacies are not about our high school popularity, our grades,

or the amount of Tiktok followers we have. Our legacies are the ways we treated others and the effects we had in their lives. Hopefully, what people will remember

most about us is the kindness we showed and the happiness we caused. We leave a legacy by being servant leaders and by demonstrating moments of helpfulness. We

leave a legacy by becoming role models to the younger generations. We leave a legacy by being the individuals we are and not looking for the acceptance of others.

Our legacy is the type of people we were throughout our four years in high school. We will have magnificent stories to tell about how our senior year was interrupted

by a global pandemic, but in the end, it is our legacy that will stay with us, and the school, forever.

Now we face our future, excited to see what comes next in our lives. Each of us will be starting new chapters whether it be college, the workforce, or the military. We

will make new friends and acquaintances. We will face new challenges and obstacles. We are all going into times that are new to us, times that can change at a rapid

pace, but we are lucky. We have learned in a short period of time to become adaptive, to change the way we learn, and to succeed. Though we may not know it, our

experiences over the last months have helped prepare us for the future we face.

With that, we will all be successful in whatever we do and wherever

we go. We will all play a part in the lives of others. We will all

become something amazing, and that is what we should

all look forward to. We all have a solid foundation, as

Isaiah 58:11 says, “The Lord will guide you always.”

With that knowledge, I hope we will all continue

to trust in God and follow the path he has

created for each and every one of us. By

following the Lord closely in our faith,

we will surely go out and do great things,

things everyone here cannot wait to see.

So as we move on from high school,

remember to enjoy the memories, leave

legacies, give thanks, follow God, and

do the impossible.

Congratulations Class of 2020!




Lawrence Anthony Aboukhalil

Emma Raquel Albers

Rebecca Renee Allen

Taylor Charles Alm

Andrew Michael Anaya

Hailey Nicole Apostolou

Selena Michelle Balderas

Sierra Rae Banuelos

Micchi Israel Berry

Jaclyn Nicole Blattner

Kira Madison Blyther

Brooke Elizabeth Buckly

Charlie Jiovanni Camarata

Mikayla Renay Campbell

Peiyun Chen Elsa

Spencer Timothy Cherry

Joshua Vann Israel

Nicholas Ivan Colon

Serenity Lolita Contreras

Hayden Donald Cornell

Christie Marie Counts

Thomas Alden Darney

Karizma Chanel De Casas

Breanna Rachelle Dodge

Trenton Ryan Englebrecht

Jacob Lee Estrada

Yixuan Feng Ella

Cole Jackson Fikse

Annika Penelope Flores

Mia Cordelia Galdamez

Aaron Daniel Gaudy

Xiang Guan Richard

Kaitlyn Joy Hawkins

Xiaoyan He Henry

Jeremiah Hinojoza

Jenna Layne Holmes

Jane JiHyun Hwang

Justen Thomas Iglesias

Jalyn Erin Ito

Yanting Ji Joey

Nolan Howard Jorgenson

Jaemin Kim Jay

Sydnee Claire Koop

Cody James Laidlaw

Jonathan Lam

Caleb Michael Lanting

Tinghui Li Nancy

Isaac Hwei-i Liang

Nathaniel Brian Lozano

Shaylan Elizabeth Macera

Mariam Raina Martinez

Michaela Marie Martinez

John Jarrett McBrearty

Joshua Elias McTarsney

Ryan Evan Mendez

John Mark Mendoza

Katherine Millo

Luis Francisco Ramirez

Connor Justin Mooneyhan

Raymond Joseph Moors

Alexis Shea Mouw

Mikaela Shea Mouw

Eve Marie Nava

Joshua Martin Navarro

Ashlyn Rose Noreen

Erica Yvette Parada-Mendez

Alexander James Peauroi

Vincent Michael Pedroza

Chad Jered Phillips

Ryan Nicholas Poling

Anisa Marie Quintanilla

Clarisa Marie Quintanilla

Sergio Andres Ramirez

Evan Nathaniel Sadler

Matthew Felix Sanchez

Alexander Edward Schloeman

Jacqueline Nadine Schmeling

Dylan Matthew Schwartz

Daniel Robert Serna

Logan Joshua Stache

Jason Christian Stewart

Elijah John Stool

Tyler Ezekiel Sutton

Peyton Olivia Tazelaar

Ashlyn Jeanne tenBerge

Hailey Ashton Tomashek

Rachel Lynn Torres

Daniel Andrew Trani

Raina Siobhan Tuzzolino

Steele William Twiford

Slater Landon Vis

Giselle Leilani Vogel

Sophia Lynn Walski

Ziqi Yang Olaf

Jordan Marie Young

Jinhong Zhang Carlos

Nan Zhou Zachary











Growing Christian

Christian Leaders




The vision of Ontario Christian School is to equip each student to be a Biblically

The vision of Ontario Christian School is to equip each student to be Biblically


discerning vision

disciple of Ontario

in order Christian

to serve School

God, is

seek to equip

His kingdom,

The vision of Ontario Christian School is to equip each

each student

and impact

student to

to be

be the

a Biblically


discerning disciple in order to serve God, seek His kingdom, and impact the




discerning disciple

disciple in

in order

order to

to serve

serve God,

God, seek

seek His

His kingdom,

kingdom, and

and impact

impact the

the world.




To provide and promote a Biblically-based, quality education that nurtures the

To provide and promote Biblically-based, quality education that nurtures the


children provide

of Christian and promote

parents Biblically-based,

to grow in God-centered quality education

discipleship, that

equipped nurtures





of Christian promote


a Biblically-based,

to grow in God-centered

quality education








vision, understanding, of Christian parents

discernment, to grow

and the

children of Christian parents to grow in

in God-centered

service in order

God-centered discipleship,

to renew all

discipleship, equipped


vision, understanding, discernment, and service in order to renew all






and culture

vision, understanding,

to be under

understanding, discernment,

the authority

discernment, and

of Jesus

and service


and culture to be the authority of Jesus




in order

order to

to renew

renew all

all relationships



and culture

culture to

to be

be under

under the

the authority

authority of

of Jesus

Jesus Christ.


2020-21 Tuition

2020-21 Assistance

Tuition Assistance



















Every year, the Fall Fund Drive helps provide Christ-centered education to families and students through financial support.

Every year, the Fall Fund Drive helps provide Christ-centered education to families and students through financial support.

Due Every

to year,

the unforeseen the Fall Fund

circumstance Drive helps provide

many have Christ-centered

experienced education

in the year to

2020, families

this and

year's students

Fall Fund through

Drive financial

will be utilized support.



Due to


the unforeseen

the Fall Fund


Drive helps provide

many have




in the year








Fall Fund




will be utilized



help Due to

meet the

the unforeseen

immediate circumstance

needs of those many

hurting have experienced

in our community.










needs of those



have experienced

in our community.

in in

the the

year year

2020, 2020,

this this

year's year's

Fall Fall

Fund Fund

Drive Drive

will will

be be

utilized utilized



help help

meet meet

the the

immediate immediate

needs needs

of of

those those

hurting hurting

in in

our our



Your generous gift to the Fall Fund Drive helps keep families and students at Ontario Christian and fulfill our mission of

Your generous gift to the Fall Fund Drive helps keep families and students at Ontario Christian and fulfill our mission of


Your Your Growing

generous generous



gift gift



to to

the the

Fall Fall

Fund Fund

Drive Drive

helps helps

keep keep

families families

and and

students students

at at

Ontario Ontario

Christian Christian

and and

fulfill fulfill

our our

mission mission



Growing Growing

Christian Christian



Donate Today at

Donate Today at



This past February, I had the honor and privilege to return to OCHS as an almost-10-year-alumna and

speak to the students in chapel. When asked to speak in December 2019, I was nervous and excited but also

terrified about speaking to these high school students. I’m only roughly 10 years older than them, I thought,

how could I possibly have anything of value to share with them?

However, the request to speak and my prayerful consideration of the opportunity led me to reflect deeply

on my 9 years since graduating from OCHS in 2011 and the amazing journey the Lord has led me on since,

and I realized that God certainly had taught me many things about Himself, myself, and my relationship with

Him. I also realized that He had put something on my heart that I absolutely had to share with the current

students regarding what God has been teaching me the last few years about being both obedient to and

joyful in Him.

Growing up, my parents were dedicated to raising me in a Christian home, revolving heavily around church

and Christian education. I attended OC from kindergarten all the way through high school, and I know that

Christians do not always have that luxury, and I am very thankful for it. But, like many things, what can be a

blessing can also be a curse, and the curse that came from my involvement in the Christian community is

that I was very prideful in my obedience. Much of my time in high school was spent “checking all the boxes,”

meaning my faith became a list of DOs and DON’Ts instead of a relationship with my Savior, and I became

very prideful in being “the good Christian girl.” Sadly, though I spent many hours in New Testament class

learning that pride was the fault of the Pharisees, I did not see that I WAS THE PHARISEE, and I hurt myself

and many others around because of it.

This view of my faith lasted throughout high school and well into my first two years of college, though if you ever asked me then, of course, I would have told you

my faith was a deep relationship. I am very thankful that God saw fit to send me to a Christian college because I do not think that my faith would have survived at a

non-Christian school. When the entire way I saw my faith was built around DOs and DON’Ts, I realized that my faith might not hold up anywhere else.

I attended Providence Christian College, a small liberal arts college in Pasadena, CA, and, during my third year there, through the help of my Bible and English

classes, I finally began to understand that my faith went way beyond sitting in church for an hour on Sunday--way beyond simply obeying the Ten Commandments.

I distinctly remember reading Ecclesiastes 3:9-13, where we’re told that “...there is nothing better for [man] than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also,

that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all this toil—this is God’s gift to man” (ESV). I could not believe that God intended for us to have joy in this life,

but that was exactly God’s intent for Adam and Even in the garden, and though our world is now marred by sin, it does not take away God’s intent and purpose for His

people! The same day I read Ecclesiastes 3 in class, I also read the first Q&A to the Westminster Catechism, which tells us that humankind’s purpose is “to glorify God

and enjoy Him forever.” I could not believe it; another place where we are commanded to have joy, and we find that ultimate joy in God.

I always thought that my faith was just something I needed to have as security to get to heaven one day while making sure to do all the right things so that I would

ensure I get there. But our God calls us into a loving, lasting relationship with Him—a relationship where we do the things He calls us to do out of love and joy of Him

because He has redeemed us, not just so that we can get into heaven. As the relationship grows, we get to serve joyfully in His Kingdom, doing the wonderful work He

has called us to do. I know that my parents, teachers, pastors, and community were teaching me this all along; it just took a long time for my heart to soften enough

for me to hear it.

After my time at Providence, I knew God was calling me into the field of education, so I went to Cal State Long Beach for my MA in English. When I graduated, God

opened a door for me to return to Providence, first as an administrator, and then the following year as a professor of English. I now get to teach college students and

be involved in their faith journeys the way my Providence professors were a part of mine, and it is the most rewarding and joy-filled Kingdom work to which God

could have ever called me.

My hope and prayer for the OCS students, my own students, and for all of us is that we will seek earnestly to live and find joy through a deep relationship with our

Savior, a relationship that continually transforms our lives and faith beyond a list of DOs and DONTs. One that continues, as one of my favorite authors C.S. Lewis puts

it, to bring us the joy on this earth that is “merely a taste” of the joy and life to come.



2019-20 Ambassador Cup Final Standings



Ontario Christian (Champions) 2.33

Linfield Christian 2.56

Aquinas 2.78

Woodcrest Christian 4.13

Western Christian 4.89

Loma Linda Academy 5.71

Arrowhead Christian 5.75

Desert Christian Academy 6.67

*Scores are based on a schools varsity team’s overall average finish in the league standings.*

2019-20 Ambassador League Champions

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Boys Varsity Soccer

2019-20 Ambassador League Player of the Year

Aiden Vorster - Cross Country

Chloe Brigss - Girls Basketball

2019-20 Ambassador League Coach of the Year

Matt Hoekstra - Football

CIF-SS 2019-20 Coach of the Year

Paige Leibhart - Girls Volleyball

Dave Belden - Girls Soccer

CIF-SS and CIF State 2019 Champions

Girls Volleyball

CIF-SS and CIF-State 2019-20 Runner-up

Girls Basketball

Girls Soccer

All CIF-SS Selection

Ricky Freymond - Football

Nathaniel Lozano - Football

Connor Mooneyhan -Football

Selena Balderas - Volleyball

Jenna Holmes - Volleyball (Player of the Year)

Peyton Tazelaar - Volleyball

Chloe Briggs - Basketball

Alex Schloeman - Basketball

Evan Sadler - Soccer

Brooke Buckly - Soccer

Julia Galdamez - Soccer

Anisa Quintanilla - Soccer

CIF-SS Team Qualifiers

Boys Cross Country

Girls Cross Country

Girls Volleyball


Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

CIF-State Finalist

Aiden Vorster - Cross Country (12th Place)


OCHS Athletics Named 2019-2020 Cal-Hi Sports State School of the Year

Class of 2020 College Bound Athletes

Selena Balderas - Azusa Pacific University Volleyball

Sierra Banuelos - San Bernardino Valley College Softball

Aaron Gaudy - Dordt University Football

Kaitlyn Hawkins - Biola University Softball

Jenna Holmes - Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Volleyball

Nolan Jorgenson - Navy Baseball

Cody Laidlaw - Dordt University Football

Ryan Mendez - Oregon Tech Baseball

JohnMark Mendoza - Cal Baptist Cross Country

Ryan Poling - Oregon Tech Baseball

Anisa Quintanilla - Dordt University Soccer

Clarisa Quintanilla - Dordt University Soccer

Evan Sadler - Sonoma State University Soccer

Alex Schloeman - Ottawa University Basketball

Dylan Schwartz - Pepperdine Baseball

Daniel Serna - Missouri Valley College Football

Peyton Tazelaar - UC Santa Cruz Volleyball

Gissele Vogel - Baylor University Volleyball


Selena Balderas

Scholar Athlete of the Year

Boosters Athlete of the Year


Jenna Holmes

19-20 Three Sport Varsity Athletes

Madison Bachar

Micah Belden

Brooke Buckly

Elsa Chen

Campbell Darney

Riley DeGroot

2019-20 Record Breakers


JohnMark Mendoza


Nolan Jorgenson

Tyler Ford

Taryn Galindo

Aaron Gaudy

Cody Laidlaw

Alex Paredes

Sydney Peters

2019-20 Individual Record Breakers

Girls Basketball (Single Season)

Chloe Briggs

Most Points Scored (1216)

Highest Scoring Average (33.8)

Most Field Goals Made (421)

Most Field Goals Attempted (963)

Most Free Throws Made (233)

Most Free Throws Attempted (302)

Most Rebounds (453)

Most Defensive Rebounds (303)

Most Assists (231)

Highest Assist Average (6.4)

Most Steals (176)

Highest Assist/Turnover Ratio (1.96)

Madeline Martinez

Most Three-Pointers Made (143),

Most Three-Pointers Attempted (429)

Girls Volleyball (Single Season)

Selena Balderas - Most Digs (512)

Brooklyn Goedhart - Highest Ball Handling Efficiency (52.17)

Jenna Holmes - Most Serves (2887),

Highest Reception Efficiency (96.54)

Girls Volleyball (Career)

Selena Balderas - Most Serves (1502),

Most Receptions (2100), Most Digs (1772)

Kiley Goedhart - Most Sets (5011), Most Assists (1931)

Jenna Holmes - Highest Reception Efficiency (95.10)


Fewest Passes Attempted (69)

Highest Average Yardage per Reception (21.8)

Fewest Punts (19)

Fewest Yards on Punts (659)

Fewest Yards on Punt Returns (24)

Girls Volleyball

Most Serves (2887)

Most Receptions (1668)

Highest Reception Efficiency (93.23)

Most Kill Attempts (4122)

Most Kills (1533)

Most Sets (3937)

Most Assists (1461)

Most Digs (1920)

Girls Basketball

Most Games (36)

Most Wins (32)

Most Points Scored (2445)

Most Field Goals Made (891)

Most Field Goals Attempted (2353)

Most Three Pointers Made (355)

Most Three Pointers Attempted (1167)

Most Free Throws Made (308)

Highest Free Throw Percentage (69.1)

Most Rebounds (1455)

Most Defensive Rebounds (872)

Lowest Turnover Average (12.3)

Highest Assist/Turnover Ratio (1.18)

Most Fouls (446)




OC Preschool Annual Report 2020

The preschool is 25 years old! In 1994, the preschool started in a couple of classrooms at the elementary that today are kindergarten rooms. Eventually, we expanded

to five classes at the elementary. At that time, the elementary was growing also because of all the preschoolers feeding into the elementary. Ontario Christian decided

to buy the land next door and built a new eight-room preschool building in 1999. We started out using five of the classrooms for preschool, and the kindergarten took

up three classrooms. Slowly the kindergarten moved over to the elementary. The preschool and TK now take up all eight classrooms. God is faithful!

OC Preschool ended a bit early this year due to COVID-19. Out teachers continued to keep in touch with our families and give our preschoolers activities to do

digitally. It has been a challenge, but by God’s grace, we were able to rise above and continue to serve our families.

Preschool Statistics

Approximately 170-175 students, total/8 classrooms

2 Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Classes

3 Pre-K classes (year before kindergarten)

3 Preschool classes (2- to early 4-year-olds)

Activities During the School Year

Pumpkin Patch at Cal Poly

25 Year Celebrations

Thanksgiving Feast

Christmas Programs


Grandparents Teas

End of the Year Goodbyes

OC Elementary School Report 2020

• Our students have enjoyed our playground’s new rubberized flooring. We are so thankful for our OCPA and all that they do to make our school an awesome

place to be. They have shown our throughline of Collaborative Workers.

• We began our school year with students/teachers/staff/parents encircling our playground area with prayer and dedicating the year to the Lord. Great is His

faithfulness! We hope to be Effective Communicators for His glory.

• Students/staff became Healthy Image Bearers as we raised funds through our Boosterthon activities. Many laps were run for His honor and glory.

• The various field trips that our students participated in helped them become Critical Thinkers and Creative Learners. Some of these events were the Fine

Arts Festival, Penguin Day, Walk Through California, Riley Farms, and more.

• Servant Leaders are present and have been on our campus. Students have led in chapel, in the classroom, and in the community. We have superb teachers,

staff members, and aides that have modeled what true Servant Leaders are like in our world today. We are truly raising Christian Leaders!

• Remote learning dominated the fourth quarter of our school year. Thank you to our teachers, students, and parents for being so flexible and understanding.

It takes a village to raise our children, and this unique time in education definitely demonstrates our throughline of Collaborative Workers.




OC Middle School Annual Report 2020

OCMS students learn and accomplish many things as teachers work to weave the school’s Throughlines into an array of learning experiences. Here are a few examples

from this year:

Healthy Image Bearers

• Teachers shared their faith-stories in chapel throughout the year.

• 8th grade Christian leadership retreat at Thousand Pines Christian Camp in September.

• A student-formed and led “Christian Club” met during lunch on Fridays.

Creative Learners

• ASB students organized a talent show for grades 6-8 in December.

• New elective classes prompted students to strategize through board games, generate photo and video production projects, construct STEAM ideas in

Creative Lab, acquire new skills in Lifetime Sports, and operate simple and power tools in Woodshop.

Collaborative Workers

• Many student-athletes participated in team sports this year, highlighted by an undefeated girls basketball team.

• Implementation of NGSS science curriculum placed students in collaborative groups to problem-solve different issues affecting California such as creating

cost-effective and environmentally conscious land bridges over freeways for safe animal crossings (thus also protecting CA drivers).

Effective Communicators

• Fine Arts Festival provided an opportunity for students to be involved in a variety of ways to share their God-given talents, such as band, instrumental and

vocal solos and ensembles, dramas, creative writing, and knowledge bowl in February.

• Students prepare a devotional based on weekly Christian character traits. Each student then leads devotions in Advisement class the week the trait is


• Throughout the school year, students catalogue their work in a Google site portfolio that is then shared at student-led conferences. Students practice

presenting their work and some personal responses to questions with classmates before presenting to parents.

Servant Leaders

• Service days providing on-campus help as well as serving in the community at Feed the Children and 3-Way Thrift Store in October.

• Students participated in “Buddies”, a program that matches an elementary class with a middle school class for a variety of interactions throughout the year.

• ASB gathers, cleans, and sorts campus recycling each week. Funds from recycling cans and plastic bottles support two Compassion International children.

Critical Thinkers

• Middle School Interim students applied skills outside of core academics: crochet, ukulele, coding, archery, construction, and photography, among many

other things in January.

• CREW provides a weekly opportunity for small groups to meet and respond to chapels and other important topics in a purposefully spiritual way.

OC High School Report 2020

• Our first all high school retreat, You-Knighted, at Forest Home. This experience exceeded all of our expectations and has consistently been named as a

favorite event for students and staff.

• Our quick transition to Remote Learning and the incredibly hard work of our staff to make that happen.

• The second year of our STEAM program (“STEAM” stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.) In addition to our Introduction to

Engineering class, we offered a Principles of Engineering class for the first time.

• Excellent athletic teams that included a 2nd straight State Championship (Girls Volleyball), State Tournament appearances (Girls Basketball and Girls

Soccer) CIF appearances (Girls Tennis, Girls and Boys Cross Country, Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Softball,) and CIF Semi-final

appearances (Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer). We lament with the Spring sports teams as their seasons were cut short by COVID-19!

• A successful Interim (Jan. 5-8) that gave students the opportunity to travel (abroad, domestic, and local), job shadow, and take a number of classes on

campus, taught from teacher’s passion areas. (See for more details.)

• A truly unique and celebratory graduation event, on May 15. Graduates were able to drive through the OCHS Stadium with their families. Each graduate

was celebrated at four different stops. See the recap article in this edition of the Knightline to learn more about this special evening.

• A very special senior class that left their legacy at Ontario Christian. The college destinations for the 2020 class include Northern Arizona, Oral Roberts,

Claremont McKenna, Brown, Baylor, Pepperdine, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UC Berkely, UC San Diego, UCLA,

UC Santa Cruz, US Naval Academy, Azusa Pacific, Cal Baptist, Point Loma, and more.



Budget Review 2020

TOTAL INCOME 19-20 18-19 TOTAL EXPENSES 19-20 18-19

Tuition & Fees K-12 $ 10,084,467 $ 9,899,326

Salaries & Benefits

$ 10,038,250 $ 9,840,978

Preschool & Daycare $ 814,000 $ 1,164,976

Instructional / Curriculum $ 976,711 $ 1,006,632

EdOpt & On-line

$ 477,224 $ 504,431


$ 874,919 $ 936,150


$ 561,255 $ 392,273


$ 428,443 $ 501,578

Rental Income

$ 311,784 $ 326,347

Debt Payments

$ 195,691 $ 198,761


$ 195,407 $ 357,560

Summer Maint & Improve $ 122,218 $ 160,815

Total Income





Total Expenses






Income (Loss)






Expense below Budget









Donations Report 2020

Total Donations = $1,445,832.86



Gym/Blessings: $860,226.70

Tuition Assistance:

$398,556.93 (128 students) - Note: $98,000 rolled over from last year’s “Fall Drive”

Learning Environment/other: $187,049.23*

Total Donations (July 1st 2019-June 30 2020) $1,445,832.86 given by Generous Donors, The Ontario Christian Foundation Board, Booster’s Club, and

Supporting Organizations.

*OCPA fundraisers not included in Learning Environment donations.

A 4 year total of $ 4,087,872. in scholarships offered to Ontario Christian students.

Acceptances to:

Northern Arizona University

Oral Roberts University

University of Oregon

Claremont McKenna

Brown University

Baylor University

Case Western Reserve University

Penn State University

Grand Canyon University

Pepperdine University

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

UC Riverside

UC Irvine

UC Berkeley

UC San Diego


UC Santa Cruz

UC Riverside

US Naval Academy

CSU Long Beach

CSU San Bernardino

CSU Fullerton

Sonoma State



Point Loma University

Dordt University


Senior Post Grad Plans 2020

Percent seeking higher education 98%

Directly to 4 year schools 70 %

Community College and transfer: 9 %

Community College: 19 %

Employment: 2%






to 4 year



College and







2019-2020 Major Themes

Celebration Room to Grow

Rapid transition to Remote Learning Diversity representation in leadership

OC community/relationships on campus Justify costs/too much fundraising

Teacher communications Remote Learning/More Synchronous

*Many comments and questions about return to school after Covid-19, tuition discounts/


2018-2019 Major Themes



Celebration Room to Grow

Caring community Costs - tuition, retreat

Faith Integration Curriculum, Homework,

Academic perception

Safe Place Student Discipline and Behavior

Busses Communication- clear, proactive,

tell the WHY

Extra and Co Curricular offerings

Demographics not reflected in


Opportunity to be central of Christian


Top Scores:

Faith Integration,

Teachers, Support Staff,

response time from


Lower Scores:

Board of Trustees,

Food Service,

Discipline Procedures,


Email, Social Media

Top Scores:

Faith Integration,

Teachers/ Staff,

response time from



Lower Scores:

Remote Learning,

Discipline Procedures

Most effective communication tools:

Emails, Facts/RenWeb

PARENT SATISFACTION SURVEY 2019 (275 resp) 2020 (308 resp)

Commitment to Growing Christian Leaders

OC Partners in educational experience

Extra Curricular experience

Strategically Planning for future

Recommend OC to others (7/10 or higher rating)

78% (16% N/A)










0% 100%



Christina Antill: Preschool Teacher (2002-2020)

Christina started at OC Preschool 18 years ago. She started teaching

with our PM 1/2 Day class. When we expanded our preschool to

add more classrooms in our preschool building, she helped develop

the Transitional Kindergarten program. Christina taught that until

she retired. Christina will enjoy retirement spending time with her

grandchildren and volunteering. We are going to miss you, Christina!

May God bless this next chapter in your life.

Carol Gabrielse: Middle School Admin Assistant (1995-2020)

Carol Gabrielse is retiring this year after serving as the MS secretary

for 25 years. She’s the definition of a lifer - having attended Ontario

Christian from 1st-12th grade, and all three of her children went to

OC for all their years of school as well. Carol kept things organized

and running smoothly in the middle school on a daily basis, and she

provided help to many students and parents throughout the day.

Thank you, Carol, for all you’ve done, and we pray that God blesses

you in this next stage of your life.

Emily Bonn - Elementary & Middle School Teacher (2018-2020)

Emily Bonn came to OC two years ago to teach fifth grade and moved

to eighth grade when a math position opened up last year. Mrs. Bonn

taught geometry, algebra, and pre-algebra classes, sharing her passion

for mathematics to 7th and 8th grade students alike. In her board

games elective class, Mrs. Bonn introduced students to a variety of

strategy games, encouraging them to think in challenging new ways.

She has left her impact on the math department in her two years at

Ontario Christian, and we appreciate the dedication she showed to her

students and their learning on campus. We wish Mrs. Bonn the best in

her future endeavors.

Jennifer Chong: Third Grade Teacher (2016-2020)

Jennifer has served as a third grade teacher for four years. She was

an important part of our third grade team and she will be missed.

Jennifer went above and beyond to meet the needs of her students

each year. Jennifer showed God’s love through her positive attitude

and willingness to serve on various committees. Jennifer had a love

for technology and was always searching for ways to utilize it in her

clas room. She had a desire to do God’s will in all that she did each and

every day. Jennifer will be moving to Florida to help her parents and

will seek God’s will in her life while there. We are going to miss her and

it’s been a privilege to work with her.

Monique Diz: Health Clerk/Receptionist (2018-2020)

Monique has served our elementary campus for a year and a half. She

has done an outstanding job in the front office. Monique always had a

smile for everyone and was willing to go the extra mile to help others.

It’s been a pleasure working with Monique and we are going to miss

her. Her love for the students, organizational skills, friendliness, and

flexibility were attributes that she brought to the table. We hope and

pray that as she moves forward to her next endeavor, that the Lord will

richly bless her and her family.

Carolyn Feikema: Learning Center Teacher (1985-2020)

Carolyn has served Ontario Christian for thirty five years. She has

worked as a kindergarten teacher as well as most recently a teacher

in our K-2 Learning Center. Carolyn is retiring from teaching and is

looking forward to traveling and spending time with her family. We

are going to miss her and pray that she will enjoy her time with her

grandchildren. Carolyn has a love and passion for students that

struggle in the classroom. She has helped an extraordinary amount

of students overcome their struggles and for that we are grateful.

Thanks, Carolyn for all the extra time you put in to help students. May

the Lord richly bless you in your retirement years.

Joanne Gammon: High School Admin Assistant (2002-2020)

The first and last person most people see when they visit OCHS is

Joanne Gammon. You are likely to receive a smile, a warm greeting,

and kind direction about whatever you need. Joanne has worked at

OCHS’s front desk for 20 years. She knows virtually everything about

this school. We will miss her as a friend and confidant. We will miss her

laughter. We will miss her love for people and the work she does each

day. Thank you, Joanne! Enjoy your retirement.

Chris McMains: Preschool Teacher (1996-2020)

Chris came to OC Preschool 24 years ago. Chris has taught the 3

year/4 year old class in all the time she has been here at OC Preschool.

Before retiring she even got to teach some of her own former student’s

children. Chris was known for her cheery and welcoming face in the

early mornings when she opened the preschool at 6:30 AM. Chris will

enjoy her retirement spending time with family, grandchildren, and

traveling. May you shine your light in retirement on all those you meet.

Raquelle Mouw: High School Teacher (2018-2020)

Laughter and energy on the OCHS campus can often be traced

to Room 1, the home of English and Christian Leadership teacher,

Raquelle Mouw. Raquelle’s positive personality and desire to improve

her teaching craft are infectious. After two years here, she is moving

to teach high school English in Boise, Idaho where she will be close

to her family. We will miss you, Raquelle! May the Lord bless you and

keep you.

Jennifer Paredes: First Grade Teacher (2018-2020)

Jennifer (Jenn) has served as a first grade teacher for two years. She

was a great asset to our first grade team. Jenn came to our school

with many years of teaching experience as well as administrative

experience. She was loved by everyone that she came into contact

with. Jenn could light up a room with her wit and enthusiasm. Her

teaching was exceptional and we are going to miss her tremendously.

Jenn has a servant’s heart and was willing to do whatever was needed

to make our school a great place to be. She was not hesitant to make

suggestions and loved jeans day. It was a pleasure to work with her and

we pray that her move to Wisconsin will be a blessed one.

Bob Rip: High School Teacher (2001-2020)

If you asked OCHS staff members who they look up to, chances are

that Bob Rip’s name will be mentioned. Standing 6 feet 7 inches (or

maybe taller), it’s easy to understand why. However, Bob’s height is not

all that’s to be admired. In his 20 years of teaching science at Ontario

Christian, Bob has displayed faithfulness, follow-through, humor, and

a strong desire to teach science with fidelity. Thank you, Bob, for your

service to Ontario Christian. Enjoy your retirement! You will be missed.

Ontario Christian welcomes 16 new faculty and staff members. Please follow us on social media to learn more about the awesome new team members.


931 W. Philadelphia Street

931 Ontario, W. Philadelphia CA 91762 Street

Ontario, CA 91762

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EdOp Back to School Orientation Night

5:00 PM OCMS Media Room

8 Preschool/TK Orientation

6:30 PM

Multi-Purpose Room

11 Veterans Day - NO SCHOOL

11-13 High School Retreat

12 Preschool Picture Make-Up Day

12 1st-8th Grade Meet the Teacher

5:00 PM

ES Campus

18 High School Grandparents

13 1st-8th

Day Drive-Through

Grade First Day of School - HALF DAY

23-27 Thanksgiving Break 13 - NO Elementary SCHOOLand Middle School Open Prayer

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13 OCPA Meet & Greet

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ES Library

13 Kindergarten Meet the Teacher

13 Preschool/TK Meet & Greet

14 First Full Day of Preschool/TK and Kindergarten

15 High School First Day on Campus

19 High School Parent Orientation

6:30 PM

HS Campus

7 High School Band/Choir 20 Elementary Concert School Parent Orientation

6:30 PM

ES Campus

8 Preschool Christmas 27 Program Middle School Parent Orientation

6:30 PM

OCMS Campus

12 High School Band at Chino Christmas Parade

14 5th-8th Grade Band/Choir 2 Labor Concert Day - NO SCHOOL

15-18 High School Exams 14 - HALF Homecoming DAY Dance

18 End of First Semester 16 - HALF Boosters DAY Meeting

7:00 PM George Groen Library

20 Middle School Bowling 17 8th Grade Retreat

20 Kindergarten Christmas



Preschool/JrK Open House

6:30 PM OC Preschool

23 Parenting a Knight

6:30 AM Albers Chapel

21-31 Christmas Break - NO SCHOOL

25 See You at the Pole

27 OCPA Family Movie Night

30 Christian College Fair

6:30 PM Albers Chapel

1 Christmas Break - No School

26 Kindergarten Information Night

4 School Resumes

27 Colonial Museum

4-6 Middle School/High School Interim

4-9 8th Grade DC Trip 1 High School Fall Blood Drive

9 High School Open 7-11 House Elementary - Knights Experience School Book Fair Week ES Library

11 Parenting a Knight 7 6th-12th Grade Choir Concert 6:30 PM Albers Chapel

14 High School New 9 Student Preschool Picture Day Picture Day

15 PS/TK Snow Day

11 End of First Quarter - HALF DAY

17 Parent/Teacher Conferences - HALF DAY

18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

18 Parent/Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL

21 EdOp Information



OC Great California Shake Out

25 Elementary and Middle School Shadow Day

30 High School Shadow Day

1 Priority Re-Enrollment Begins

22 5th-12th Grade Band Concert

1 High School Preview Night

25 5th - 8th Grade Fine Arets Festival

2 Preschool - 8th


Grade Open

8th Grade






26 Booster-Thon Ends

1 Harvest Festival

2:00 PM

HS Campus

8-12 Spiritual Emphasis Week

5-6 Walk Through California 8:00 AM Multi-Purpose Room

11 Middle School Skating

7 8th Grade Knight's Quest

12 Teacher In Service 8 - NO Teacher SCHOOL in Service - NO SCHOOL

13 Homecoming Dance 11 Veterans Day - NO SCHOOL

15 President’s Day 21 - NO SCHOOL Preschool/TK Thanksgiving Feast

11:30 AM OC Preschool

16 Booster-Thon Begins 21 HS Grandparents Luncheon

HS Campus

25 Professional Development - NO SCHOOL

26-29 Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

8 6th - 12th Grade Choir Concert

11 Preschool Grandparents Day

6 2nd Annual All School Silent "Knight"

6:00 PM HS Campus

12 End of Third Quarter - HALF DAY

9 High School Band/Choir Concert

6:30 PM

Albers Chapel

15-19 High School March 12 Madness Preschool Christmas Program 5:30 PM Multi-Purpose Room



Parent/Teacher 13 Conferences Middle - HALF School DAY Talent (ES/MS Show ONLY)

Parent/Teacher 16 Conferences 5th-8th - NO Grade SCHOOL Band/Choir (ES/MS Concert ONLY)

6:30 PM Albers Chapel

18-20 High School Play 18 TK Christmas Program 8:45 AM Multi-Purpose Room

23 Middle School Sex 19 Ed Parent 1st & Meeting 3rd Grade Christmas Program

6:00 PM Albers Chapel

25 STEAM Night 19 2nd & 4th Grade Christmas Program

7:00 PM

Albers Chapel

20 End of First Semester - HALF DAY

20 Middle School Bowling Dates subject to change. Please refer to website for updates.

20 Kindergarten Christmas Program

9:00 AM Albers Chapel

26-1/3 Christmas Break - NO SCHOOL

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