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A word from the Principal...


We have had an incredibly busy two weeks at Ludgvan, with involvement in some national events

as well as exciting additions to our own provision.

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, we were unable to attend

a full Remembrance Service this year, but our Y6 children walked up to

the church on the 11th November to show their respects along with a

few members of the community. The service was socially distanced,

outside and lovely to be a part of so thank you to Canon Nigel for

inviting us and leading the service.

We celebrated Children in Need last week and the children (and staff!) looked

wonderful in their brightly coloured clothes with crazy hair! Through cash do

nations and our JustGiving page, we managed to raise around £300 will make

a huge difference, so well done all!

Our Reception, Y4 and Y5 classes started their Forest School programme last week, which will consist

of six two-hour sessions led by Jo Cooper. The children engaged with a range of outdoor activities,

lit fires and enjoyed a snack around the fire-pit! After Christmas we will be ensuring that all of

our children get to make the most of this fantastic addition to our outside space.

This year, we will be unable to hold any type of physical Christmas events, so we will be producing

a virtual carol concert. Each class will perform a collection of songs, from a location of their choice

to really capture the wintery, Christmas spirit.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


What’s been going on...


Christmas Cards

All of our children have designed Christmas Cards and this year, you can buy them online

at The

deadline for ordering your cards is Saturday 21st November (as it takes up to 2 weeks for

them to be printed and sent back).

Healthy lunch boxes

We have noticed that a number of children are coming into schools with lunchboxes filled

with food that does not represent a balanced diet. Please read this document for how to

create a lunchbox that will support your child to function well at school and promote healthy



EYFS request

If you have any empty jam jars at home, could you please send them in for our Reception

class. Thank you.

Prospective Parent Tour

On the 24th and 25th November at 4pm, we will be running socially distanced tours for parents

of children starting school in September 2020. If you, or someone you know, are interested,

please contact the office to book your place. All children and staff will be out of the

building and presentations and tours will be socially distanced to ensure a COVIDsafe


Dog free site

A reminder that we are a dog free site, including evenings and weekends. There have been

several occasions recently where dog mess has been found on the school site, which is not

acceptable. Thank you.

Contacting School Staff

Please be reminded that unless urgent, I ask you to keep your communication with our staff

members via email or dojo to within normal working hours. Thank you.


All classes have windows and doors open throughout the day to ensure adequate ventilation.

If your child would like to wear an additional layer under their school uniform, this will help

prevent them from feeling the cold.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

7th September – 17th December (Half term: 26-30 October)

Spring Term

5th January – 31st March (Half Term: 15-19 February)

Summer term

19th April – 21st July ( Half Term: 31 March – 4 June)

In term Inset Day

7th June

What’s been going on...

Welcome to our School Parliament...

Ludgvan School Parliament

Our school parliament have been working behind the scenes since September

and are doing a fantastic job. All of the children were democratically voted into

their roles by their own class after sharing a speech to their peers. Every other

week on a Wednesday afternoon our school Parliament meet (socially distanced)

in the school hall to discuss issues that are important to our children. Within the

school parliament the children voted further to assign key roles to various

children. The children would now like to introduce themselves to you and

explain some of the roles they have.

If you think you could further support our school parliament in anyway, please

contact myself via email.

Hello, my name is Megan and I am in

Year 6. I am the Prime Minister for

Ludgvan School Parliament.

I run the meetings and act as the

main spokesperson for the school


I enjoy dance, swimming and being


My name is Beau. I am in Year 6. I am

the Deputy Prime Minister and I

support Megan. I enjoy being helpful

and I am always cheerful. One of my

hobbies includes swimming and I

have represented Ludgvan School in

swimming galas.

My name in Casey and I am in Year 6.

My role in the parliament is a Sports

Minister. I am a keen sportsman and I

really enjoy football and cross

country. I have represented my

school in many sports.

My name is Alfie. I am in Reception

Class. I am an MP for my class and I

enjoy playing football.

My name is Evie. I am in Reception

Class. I am an MP for my class and I

enjoy being funny.

My name is Harry. I am a MP for Year

2. I am kind and caring and enjoy

playing football.

What’s been going on...

Welcome to our School Parliament...

My name is Kaoimhe and I am an MP

for Year 2. I am confident and enjoy

sharing my ideas in parliament


I am Ena and I am in Year 5. I am one

of the parliament secretaries, which

means I take the minutes in meetings.

I enjoy reading, writing and sewing.

My name is Kyla and I am a Year 5

student. I am the treasurer with

parliament. I count the money and

decide if we can afford new things!

My hobbies include football,

swimming and horse riding.

My name is Sofia. I am a Year 5 pupil

and I am an MP for my class. I am

intelligent and funny and enjoy


I am Jakey and I am in Year 5. I have

been invited into the school

parliament to be an ambassador of

kindness. I spread fun and kindness

around our school.

I am Ilani and I am in Year 4. In school

parliament I am an advertiser. It is my

job to create posters. I have already

created some for our library. I enjoy

dancing and swimming.

My name is Harry and I am in Year 4. I

am a Sports Minister. I am kind and

caring and enjoy playing football and


My name is Summer and I am in Year

3. I am also a secretary. I enjoy

swimming and gymnastics.

My name is Florence and I am in Year

3. I am an MP for my class. I enjoy

swimming, gymnastics and ballet.

My name is Jowan and I am in Year 1.

I like swimming and playing with my


My name is Amelia and I am in Year 1.

I am an MP for my class. I like playing

with my friends.

The winter school games...

Following on from the first ever virtual school’s games back in the summer term,

Active Cornwall and our local School Games Organisers created the first every Virtual

Winter Games. Our children competed virtually against 54 schools across the county

to complete a variety of sports activities across the week. The activities ranged from

indoor athletics, to gymnastics to a ‘making up the miles’ walk and all pupils scored

points for our school whilst doing these activities. The event was for Key stages 1 and

2, but our Early Years children were just as keen to join in, so they also took part in

their first virtual sports event! The children had great fun and the fact that it was virtual

meant that every child was able to represent Ludgvan School in a sports event,

as well as learn a new skill. Our Year 2 pupils received Gold awards for their athletics

and gymnastics. A huge well done to all of our children.

Alongside this there has been a virtual sports event for a different class each week

and the children have been competing against their peers in other schools across

Penwith. As a school we are currently in joint 3 position within Key Stage 1 and we

still have our Year 5 and 6 children to compete before the Key Stage 2 results are

revealed. Good luck to Key Stage 2!

Broad and Balanced...


Last week in Rainbow class we were learning about Remembrance Day and

why it is important to remember. Everyone made a poppy and then we went

into the new outdoor area where we had our own Remembrance Day celebration.

We took part in the Virtual Winter games and were very excited to complete

challenges, such as balancing beanbags on a tennis racket. We also learnt

about Diwali and enjoyed hearing the story of Rama and Sita.

This week, we enjoyed our first forest school session. We had so much fun

learning about how to stay safe around fires, collecting, sorting and threading

leaves. We even found time for some warm apple juice and cake!

Don’t forget to keep checking Tapestry for observations and some activities to

try at home.

Broad and Balanced...


Last week class 1 were learning all about Remembrance day. They wrote great

sentences describing the poppies in the fields and created beautiful artwork.

We took part in the Cornwall Winter virtual school games along with the rest

of the school. The children enjoyed completing the multi skills and gymnastic


This week we have been focusing on the story of The 3 Little Pigs. The children

have sequenced the story, written descriptive sentences, made puppets and

retold the story. In science the children were challenged with making the 3 Little

Pigs houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. They worked incredibly hard to

problem solve and find ways to support their structures using different resources

within the classroom.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have been very creative recently. After learning about Remembrance

Day and the reasons we choose poppies to symbolise our thanks and appreciation,

we decided to sketch and also make our own 3D poppies. We are very

impressed with how stunning they look and will be using the 3D poppies to add

to our book corner ‘Reading Garden’ display. Thank you to all the parents that

sent in plastic bottles to do this.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have been learning about non-chronological reports and have written

their own about Ancient Egypt. They have focused on ancient Egyptian clothes,

farming, pharaohs, and the importance of the River Nile. These have now been

bound together to create a class book and have been read aloud on Seesaw to

share our learning with the children’s families. To continue our learning about

Africa, the children have begun learning about African drumming and have

been learning a traditional African dance alongside this. This week the children

have combined maths and computing to learn about angles and turns and have

had great fun using the Beebots.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 4 have used our drawing skills, practised this term, to plan, design and

create Roman pillars out of clay. We had lots of fun using skills learnt from year

3 to cross-hatch and stuck clay parts together in order to ensure our 3D modelling

was a rigid structure.

We have also begun our diary writing and have created diary entries based

on our class story of Boudicca’s Army. Our use of first person language, past

tense, feelings and emotions and chronology has been fantastic. Finley Clarke

even created his own amazing diary entry based on our learning, at home.

Broad and Balanced...


This week the children took part in their first forest school session which they

thoroughly enjoyed. The session was run by Jo Cooper, who is a Woodland

Ranger and Forest School Leader. She planned their 6 weeks sessions around

our class topic ‘How do humans affect the lives of animals?’ This week the children

focused on exploring our newly developed forest school area, fire safety,

team building, mapping habitats and ecosystems. They also got to enjoy melted-chocolate,

banana splits and warm apple juice by the fire with their peers.

In English, the children have been writing their own stories about animals that

are critically endangered in the world. In each story, there is a moral behind

what humans are doing to destroy their habitats or lives, and solutions for a

better future. The children have really enjoyed learning more about roman numerals

in maths. They have enjoyed creating codes for Mr Anderson to crack.

Can you crack the code?

Broad and Balanced...

Year 6

What a busy and creative two weeks Year 6 have had! In Geography, we have

been learning all about grid references and compass points. Having mastered

the eight compass points, we went outside for a navigation challenge. Each

group had to follow directions and spell out a mystery word using letters found

at each location. There has also been some brilliant work in Music, creating

different rhythms. We soon realised that we have some very rhythmic members

of Year 6. In RE, we discussed the positive and negative reasons for believing

in God. As well as creating some beautiful pieces of artwork, Year 6

were extremely reflective about both sides to the argument and represented

their thoughts very clearly. Finally, we have been creating informative and very

professional Non-Chronological Reports about an aspect of World War One and

look forward to sharing our final published pieces with you soon. Well done

Year 6!

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