Gail Borden Foundation - Thank You to the Community

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<strong>Thank</strong> <strong>You</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Community</strong>!<br />

This year’s pandemic has challenged our library community in so many ways, affecting every aspect<br />

of our lives. We are especially grateful for <strong>the</strong> community’s support of <strong>the</strong> <strong>Gail</strong> <strong>Borden</strong> Public Library<br />

District <strong>Foundation</strong> during 2020. <strong>You</strong>r generosity has helped us continue <strong>to</strong> support <strong>the</strong> Library in<br />

providing innovative programs and services for people of all ages—newborns, elementary school<br />

students, teens and adults during this extremely challenging time period.<br />

During 2020, <strong>the</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> provided additional outreach opportunities with <strong>the</strong> purchase of a new<br />

Library vehicle and established a school year reading program <strong>to</strong> keep students reading as well as<br />

helped <strong>to</strong> maintain programs such as Career Online High School. The <strong>Foundation</strong>’s commitment <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>the</strong> community continues <strong>to</strong> support new ways <strong>to</strong> enrich lives. <strong>Thank</strong> you!<br />

What is <strong>the</strong> Library <strong>Foundation</strong>?<br />

The <strong>Gail</strong> <strong>Borden</strong> Public Library <strong>Foundation</strong> supports and celebrates <strong>the</strong> Library’s quest <strong>to</strong> enhance<br />

<strong>Thank</strong> <strong>You</strong><br />

literacy in this community and <strong>to</strong> sustain a world-class library district. We support reading initiatives,<br />

engaging exhibits that have changed lives, capital projects and more. The <strong>Foundation</strong> is a nonprofit<br />

organization and donations are tax exempt. Projects that <strong>the</strong> <strong>Gail</strong> <strong>Borden</strong> Public Library <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

has supported continue <strong>to</strong> make a significant positive difference for everyone who uses our Library’s<br />

extraordinary services and resources.

Bringing More Books<br />

and Programs <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong><br />

The addition of a Sprinter van is providing<br />

<strong>the</strong> Library with more opportunities <strong>to</strong> bring<br />

books and programming <strong>to</strong> those who<br />

cannot visit in person. The 2014 model<br />

purchased from a suburban library by <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> in Oc<strong>to</strong>ber was already outfitted<br />

as a bookmobile with a wheelchair lift.<br />

Smaller than <strong>the</strong> Library’s bookmobile, <strong>the</strong><br />

van has flexibility <strong>to</strong> visit community events<br />

and venues of all sizes.<br />

Library staff members have been able <strong>to</strong> use<br />

<strong>the</strong> van <strong>to</strong> bring materials <strong>to</strong> even more<br />

children who have no access <strong>to</strong> books<br />

because of school library closures due <strong>to</strong><br />

COVID. Also, <strong>the</strong> van brings books,<br />

s<strong>to</strong>rytimes and literacy activities <strong>to</strong> at-risk<br />

preschool children along with resources in<br />

English and Spanish for parents.<br />

Reaching <strong>the</strong>se children and helping <strong>the</strong>m<br />

prepare for school is important as we know<br />

that more than half of preschoolers in our<br />

community don’t have <strong>the</strong> literacy skills <strong>the</strong>y<br />

need for entering kindergarten. Some of <strong>the</strong><br />

van’s scheduled visits include <strong>the</strong> Boys &<br />

Girls Club of Elgin, <strong>the</strong> Taylor Family YMCA<br />

and several KinderCare facilities.<br />

The van serves as a dedicated vehicle <strong>to</strong><br />

help staff provide programs such as Tales &<br />

Travel, Memory Cafes and Home Delivery<br />

Service. Staff members are able <strong>to</strong> deliver<br />

services <strong>to</strong> senior care facilities, group<br />

homes and o<strong>the</strong>r vulnerable members of our<br />

community.<br />

The flexibility of <strong>the</strong> van invites even more<br />

opportunities for <strong>the</strong> future, such as<br />

delivering technology. The possibilities <strong>to</strong><br />

serve our community are endless for 2021!

School Year<br />

Reading Program<br />

Establishing a virtual school year reading<br />

program with prize incentives was ano<strong>the</strong>r<br />

program that <strong>the</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> supported in 2020.<br />

Last summer, <strong>the</strong> Library sent a survey <strong>to</strong><br />

parents for feedback on upcoming children’s<br />

programs and found that half of parents would<br />

like a school year reading program for <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

children.<br />

Providing incentives for children <strong>to</strong> read while<br />

restricted <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong>ir homes will help parents ensure<br />

that <strong>the</strong>ir children keep reading and maintain<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir reading skills. The new reading program<br />

has <strong>the</strong> same foundation as summer reading. An<br />

app called Beanstack helps parents keep track of<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir children’s reading progress and makes<br />

reading fun with online badges and games <strong>to</strong><br />

enhance readers’ experience.<br />

148,372 Minutes Read<br />

(As of 11-9-20)<br />

Top 12 Books Read<br />

(As of 11-9-20)<br />

Participants in <strong>the</strong> program will receive small<br />

prizes for reading accomplishments throughout<br />

<strong>the</strong> year and be entered for a grand prize<br />

drawing. The library’s KidSpace department is<br />

planning for hundreds of students <strong>to</strong> participate.<br />

The school year reading program is just one<br />

more way that <strong>the</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> helps support<br />

literacy in <strong>the</strong> community.<br />

Name:<br />

Month:<br />

Start<br />

School Year<br />

Reading Program<br />

How <strong>to</strong> Participate<br />

1. Sign up or log in <strong>to</strong> Beanstack at<br />

gailborden.beanstack.org.<br />

2. For every 20 minutes you read,<br />

color in one box and log it on Beanstack.<br />

3. Read 460 minutes each month and enter your minutes<br />

in<strong>to</strong> Beanstack <strong>to</strong> unlock a Monthly Challenge Badge.<br />

4. When you reach 3,600 minutes of reading, you earn an<br />

additional ticket for a grand prize or a free book of<br />

your choice.<br />

Minutes<br />

Minutes<br />

Minutes<br />

Minutes<br />

Click on each <strong>to</strong> view it in <strong>the</strong> catalog.<br />

11768 LE<br />

Congrats on reading 460 minutes!<br />

Now that you smashed this month’s reading goal, sign in<strong>to</strong> Beanstack,<br />

log your minutes (you can enter it all 450 at once), and see if you have<br />

unlocked any special reading badges or prizes.<br />

https://gailborden.beanstack.com/reader365<br />

Minutes<br />


The <strong>Foundation</strong> supports many o<strong>the</strong>r initiatives:<br />

Summer Reading<br />

Program<br />

Encouraging students <strong>to</strong> maintain<br />

reading skills over <strong>the</strong> summer.<br />

Exhibits<br />

Bringing world class<br />

exhibits such as dinosaur<br />

GIANTS and SPACE <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

community.<br />

Board Members<br />

Mike Lee<br />

President<br />

Libby Hoeft<br />

Vice President<br />

Bookmobile<br />

Bringing books and programs <strong>to</strong><br />

children and adults who cannot<br />

get <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> library.<br />

Career Online<br />

High School<br />

Helping adults earn a high<br />

school diploma.<br />

Paul Larson<br />

Secretary<br />

Jerry Turnquist<br />

Treasurer<br />

Giving Opportunities<br />

To make a tax deductible donation <strong>to</strong> positively impact this community, please visit <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>’s online Donate page: www.gailborden.info/foundation/donate<br />

Or donations can be sent <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Gail</strong> <strong>Borden</strong> Public Library District <strong>Foundation</strong> at<br />

270 N. Grove, Elgin, IL 60120.<br />

Jo Ann Armenta<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Harry Blizzard<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Karen Fox<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Pho<strong>to</strong>: Ursula Wilson of <strong>the</strong> EFS <strong>Foundation</strong> and Mike Lee, President<br />

of <strong>the</strong> <strong>Gail</strong> <strong>Borden</strong> Public Library <strong>Foundation</strong>.<br />

View<br />

Complete<br />

Donor<br />

List<br />

Amanda Garcia<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Larry Jones<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

<strong>Thank</strong> <strong>You</strong><br />

<strong>Thank</strong> you <strong>to</strong> all who have directly made a donation <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> and<br />

everyone who donates or purchases from <strong>Gail</strong>'s Sales, <strong>the</strong> used book room<br />

located at <strong>the</strong> Main Library.<br />

This year, <strong>the</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> received donations that will make significant positive<br />

impacts on our community. <strong>Thank</strong> you EFS <strong>Foundation</strong>, Montiegel Trust,<br />

Comcast Internet Essentials, Taos <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>, KCT and Got Robot.<br />

We are extremely proud of <strong>the</strong> many names that are highlighted on our<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> Donor Wall that was unveiled last year in <strong>the</strong> Main Library<br />

Entry Rotunda.<br />

Susan N. Moylan<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Cherie Murphy<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Leo Nelson<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Karen Schock<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Mike Lee<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> President<br />


John Shales<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

11951 LE 11-25-2020

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