Magzoid - International Art Magazine | Edition - Nov,2020

Magzoid is the an International Art Magazine featuring the works of Artists, Students and Art Galleries Internationally.

Magzoid is the an International Art Magazine featuring the works of Artists, Students and Art Galleries Internationally.


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Art Events

Digital Art & Photography

An online international art

exhibition targeted at digital art

and photgraphy from around the


To learn more see pg.09

Resurgence - The World

After Pandemic

An online international art exhibition

where artists protray their

vision of life after the pandemic.

To learn more see pg. 48

Save the Animals

An online international art exhibition

with a strong message of

saving the animals!

Welcome Note

Here we are in the middle of the storm, surprised that we’re still here but

accustomed to its ways. We’re finding ways to cope with this new form of

life and bloom and rejuvenate out of it. Finding the countless ways to scatter

out and cling on to hope to start about our new lives or resume our old ones. Art,

the expression of life and what life imitates is a tool of escape for many and

a means of finding that silver lining. As the great Martin Luther King once said,

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope”.

Our latest edition is a delightful culmination of some of the most inspiring

and exquisite talent that our exhibitions had to offer. From artworks done

by all ages and revolving around all different themes, we have it all gathered

here for you in the magic of these mere few pages. Our international

exhibitions this time catered to a very diverse audience who brought

out the best of best as splashes of eccentric colors on blank canvases.

We hope you enjoy reading our journey and precious moments as much as we

took pleasure in compiling these pearls of hope and growth. An ode to courage of

surviving these times and coming out with faith, belief and promise. After all the

human perspective through art and skill is a true reflection of survival.


A Special Thanks

A special thanks to the creative

team who worked hard to make

this magazine possible!

To learn more see pg. 50


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International Relations

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A rtist


“Inspire and Empower”

See Valentina Alexeevna’s

work on the following page!

Featured artist - Valentina Alexeevna

The charm in the moonlight

makes it the most admirable in

the night sky. To own that kind of

magic one must be unique and build

an aura with originality and love. The

unprecedented beauty of being

the only one to own the variation of

work is a task for the extremely talented

and determined. Composing

new alternatives to bridge the gap

between creativity and standing out

to be noticed is a very important and

difficult task to accomplish.

Someone who has truly worked

to identify the relevance of being

unique is Valentina Alexeevna, a

Russian artist based out in the UAE.

Valentina lives through the eyes and

the world of a doll. She is a visual

artist who works in a variety of

mediums. Her art explores identity,

femininity, and energy visualisation.

She often paint dolls and creates

abstract mixed media art. She

encompasses vibrant colours, solid

shapes and a focus on aesthetics

with elements of glitz, where perfection

is essential. United with

circles, squares, 3D elements and

childlike motifs.

She stays away from trends and

follows her vision and embraces

the unfound differences in art and

complexity. Addressing a trend, she

prefers going in the opposite direction

as it gives her the benefit of not

being one in the crowd. She loves

her style of being unique and original

and enjoys challenging

herself to make an

impactful difference.

Valentina has a novel

take on the aim of her

artworks, on being

asked she revealed her

thoughts by quoting, "I

live through the eyes

and the world of dolls.

My dolls are an extension

of me, and their

world is my inner reality,

they represent my

essence and help me

explore, express and

embrace my true self.

My dolls are personified

indirect self-portraits

and dollified mini

girls with enlarged baby

schema features, referring to facial

proportions found in infants. These

features amplify doll’s cuteness

and youthfulness, to signify a deep

appreciation for the delicate feminine

nature of women. My dolls

are inspired by children illustration,

kawaii culture and Blythe dolls." Her

divergent take on the kind of art she

portrays is discrete and new.

She was always passionate about

art, however, she pursued business

from The University of Leicester, U.K.

for many years before coming to art.

She learned fine arts in the form of

private tutoring, from artists from

the Fine Art Society of Moscow and

Pictured above: Artist, Valentina Alexeevna

became an artist by profession in

2017. She started teaching workshops

for kids and adults as she

got back to Dubai, the place she

was brought up in and the city that

kept her inspired and motivated her

art career. This career path took off

very quickly as she created signature

workshops with her own techniques,

which was completely new,

and nobody had taught before. She

worked and spread her knowledge

and the views of art and technique

in almost all art schools in Dubai,

various festivals and was the main

art teacher at World Art Dubai in

2019. Meanwhile, Valentina was

working on her new art series and

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“Inspire and Empower”

Artist Stories: Valentina Alexeevna

"...art enables us to see and beyond this reality..."

have now left teaching to focus and

give more time to her creative ideas

and art. She exhibited her work

across the UAE, including Maker Fair

and World Art Dubai exhibitions as

a solo artist. This was an impeccable

achievement and a milestone

to the blooming career of the Dubai

Doll. Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons

are her inspirations for their art, persistence

and success.

She experiences immense happiness

and pride in the fact that she

had been asked to exhibit and run

almost all the art workshops at

World Art Dubai in 2019. She further

says, "This was definitely a major

achievement, considering I am a

self-taught artist." She also shares

her experience working with WAD,

"In the previous years, the wonderful

WAD team has always worked with

large art centres and many different

artists, while last year they chose

a single art teacher. It was a wonderful

experience for me and a big

responsibility to deliver excellent

workshops!" This reflects on the

huge potential and talent Valentina

possess as an artist and a teacher.

Her dedication and hard work have

gifted her a chain of memories and

achievements to celebrate along

with new work relationships and

one-of-a-kind experiences.

She believes, art enables us to see

and beyond this reality, it opens creativity,

intuition and feelings. These

are very important for any career

path hence art plays a crucial role

in a student's life. Enabling them

with the liberty of exploring what is

boundless will teach them lessons

of decision making and creativity

at the same time. Exploring ideas

yet to be explored is an accomplishment

you should encourage children

to aim.

"Artists should make it a priority to

learn everything about the art world

and how it works. Speaking with

artists and curators is the best, to

gain this understanding." This is a

very thoughtful message Valentina

wants to share with other artists.

We encourage and highly appreciate

such actions where artists come

forward to stand along with the

other fellow community members

to share their experiences, views

and knowledge through "Inspire and

Empower", a series By the Artists,

For the Artists in association with

ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.



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Blog Spot

Pandemic: An Outstanding

Opportunity for Artists

Ten years later from now, when

we look back to talk about the

year 2020, we're all going to

sigh with a kind of relief as it's over

and also fulfilment in being able to

have abundant time to focus on

ourselves and develop the desired

skills as to build a better future post

the pandemic. This sudden pause in

our lives shouldn't be looked upon

as a threat or an undesirable change,

instead, we should unwrap the hidden

opportunities that this break

has resumed. Working hard on making

recognizable changes mentally,

physically, emotionally and financially

it has been a hard time. Pondering

over the brighter shades of

the effects of COVID-19 we realize

that during this course of time, many

have constructed a network or community

and extended their hands to

the farthest making efforts to help

one another progress over tough


The unpropitious pandemic has

actually taken a toll on being coated

with abundant opportunities for

artists across the globe. The lavish

time proposes ideas to pave the

way to the right door you were waiting

to knock. Being an artist here's

how you can yield principal benefits

from this pandemic;

1Explore new artforms

Taking advantage of the

extra hours in a day you can

try venturing into artforms

you've never tried before. This will

help you boost your confidence

and will also open new possibilities

in the vast field of art. Being

an expert in more than one artform

gives you an edge over others. So

what are you waiting for? Go ahead,

take some inspiration and try something

new with the colours you own.

2Build international


Connecting to art communities

around the world

and breaking boundaries to share

the spirit of creativity via online

meetings, virtual events, appreciating

each other's work and

interacting through social media

platforms can make an effective

impact and aid in composing

influential international bonds.

3Create awareness on

social issues

Staying relevant is the most

important thing for an artist,

it is important to be self-aware

and also have good knowledge of

the current happenings and the

immediate surroundings. Raising

your voice for or against any social

issues through your work will help

in creating an impression among

the audience. This will enable you to

connect with your art viewers on a

better level.

4Popularize your work

This is the perfect season

to use social media platforms

to their optimum

use to popularize your work and

connect with a larger audience.

Joining communities and actively

posting on your social accounts

using the right hashtags will exhibit

remarkable growth, which will

further drive you to do even better.

5Participate in virtual

art exhibitions

Being a part of online art

exhibitions and virtual

events that celebrate art and creativity

immensely helps in achieving

all the significant objectives

discussed above. ARTOZE Gallery

and Exhibitions (www.artoze.com)

hosts online events and exhibitions,

we encourage the warmth in the art

community. Helping children and

young adults to find their career

interests in art and provide budding

and established artist a platform to

shine has been an interesting part of

the journey.

Art is a boundless feeling of expression,

it is vast and there is always

something undiscovered, be the one

to explore what's new to the world.

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www.magzoid.com | Page 6 For more blog content, go to www.artoze.com



A rtist


“Inspire and Empower”

See Tommy Balogh’s work on

the following page!

Featured artist - Tommy Balogh

The great Armenian-American

painter Arshile Gorky once said,

“Abstraction allows man to see

with his mind what he cannot see

physically with his eyes. Abstract

art enables the artist to perceive

beyond the tangible, to extract the

infinite out of the finite. It is the

emancipation of the mind. It is an

exploration into unknown areas.”

Art has a voice that has different

tones and pitches, which we as

humans capture through the magical

notes of our fingers. This voice

needs to be sung through the flairs

of paintbrushes and strokes of

paints, filling a blank canvas with

mesmerizing colors and creating

an alternate reality filled with

hues of wonder and incredulity.

Tommy Balogh is an Australian artist

residing in Australia who specializes

in light-reactive organic abstract

art. His Instagram account is one

that you need to get your eyes

accustomed to, a bash of different

colors, from bright to mellow

tones, to pastels to greyish hues

all blended with different designs

and intricacies. He current follows

art trends like the spearhead interactive

organic abstract art. He likes

to follow and gain exposure from a

handful of fluid art accounts and

people with a unique artistic vision

that keep him inspired and intrigued.

priceless in the eyes

of the creator and the

viewer, to know that a

certain story or lesson

is being conveyed is

what blossoms its value.

Tommy’s work aims at

awakening our sense

of awe and wonder

through his arts fusion

of organic abstract form

and light within people

and he successfully

does this with immense

grace and poise.

He has developed his

career from scratch,

never shying away from

taking major opportunities

and learning

and growing with them

through an eclectic mix of experiences.

Long story short, it started

with graduating with an Honor from

the Australian National University

School of Art to a stint in street

art on the streets of Sydney, to an

invite-only residency to Germany

by the founders of VIVID international

light festival, to his most

recent collaborations with international

companies, entrepreneurs

and thought leaders. It’s been an

incredible journey on which his family

is also quintessential to him and

his path as an artist and person.

Pictured above: Artist, Tommy Balogh

individual for that matter to find

worth in their being and is a motivating

force to keep trying and daring

to take higher leaps. Tommy is proud

of many things but the most significant

turning points for him is the

landmark exposition at Nishi Gallery

in 2016 in Canberra, Australia. Voyage

was his most successful exhibition,

it made the Australian National

News and he was interviewed on TV

to tell his story, plus the invite-only

residency to Studio Kybra, Germany

which gave him extraordinary experiences,

opportunities and contacts.

A meaning and purpose behind an

artwork is what makes it even more

Pride and self-satisfaction are components

that help an artist or any

This pandemic has brought out the

challenges in life that we thought

Page 7 | www.magzoid.com

“Inspire and Empower”

Artist Stories: Tommy Balogh

we would never face, putting

things in perspective for many of

us and giving a new meaning to our

life. The pandemic brought Tommy

out of his comfort zone. Through

these challenges he set up his

home studio, kicked up various

collaborations, participated in podcasts

and generated new concept

pieces to push his practice further

and spread his message to

the world through the digital realm.

Passing on your practices and lessons

as a creator is one of the

greatest gifts you can bestow upon

the world apart from your art. Tommy’s

message to other artists is to

never give up and fight for your passion

in life, which is your art. But the

most important thing is that if you

are young, plan ahead where you

want to be. That way you can step

in the right directions and define

your career trajectory early on. His

advice can not only be applied in the

field of art, but in all walks of life.

In Tommy’s view art is important

because it frees your imagination,

but if a student is serious about art

they must be determined and learn

through example to make it a real

career. Art is not easy to make into

a paying career, especially one that

you can support your family on. Having

said that, never losing sight of

the bigger picture and what you want

to contribute to the world at large is

very important. The source of your

drive should be what should be

remembered during the dark times.

A family is an unbreakable unit that

bears through every weather, making

sure its roof stays put. For Tommy

too, his family is his greatest inspiration

because they have gone through

it all with him, including his parents

in the early years of his career and

journey. He is highly influenced by

artists of the likes of Anish Kapoor,

Damien Hirst and James Turrell.

We encourage and highly appreciate

such actions where artists come

forward to stand along with the

other fellow community members

to share their experiences, views

and knowledge through "Inspire and

Empower", a series By the Artists,

For the Artists in association with

ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.




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"..art is important because it frees your imagination.."

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ONGOing Events

Digital Art and Photography Exhibition

What is creativity? This question

has a simple answer, creativity

is an art and it is bound to one's

imagination and endeavour of experimenting

with colours and thoughts.

An artist is made on the grounds of

their ability to be creative with their

expression and portrayal through

their art forms, hence it's not the

skill but the sole mind of a person.

Digital Art is a unique form of art that

uses digital technology as a part of

the creative process. It is a skill you

have to learn, painting on a canvas

or making strokes on a device both

require experience and patience.

ARTOZE stages an opportunity for

all the digital artists out there to

exhibit their imaginative and igniting

artworks, a platform requested by

many out there, here we explore the

contagiousness of creativity and

the importance of flourishing one's


This is an open call for all digital artists

of all ages over the spectrum of

the globe. Our virtual doors are open

to all having a silver lining over their

skills in digital art on their fingertips.

It is a shout out for an intriguing artsy

experience that is guaranteed

to blow your minds. It will be held

Live at www.artoze.com

on the 15th of October, 2020. Your

submissions and digital magic are

much awaited by the team.

The registration link is as follows:


The exhibition promises artists the

benefit of international exposure

and experience which will further

knock on numerous doors ahead

of your dream career and passion.

This is an opportunity that offers to

assure scope for those seeking to

venture into their respective artistic

fields. The event ensures to give

artists outstanding visibility and

comprises a team who are ready

to support and back each other up.

Every artist will be awarded for participation.

You can register and join us on the

artistic rollercoaster of vision and

clarity with striking pieces of work

and a world of art painted for a visual

treatment of appeal. Every participant

will be showered with the gift of

appreciation, recognition and constructive

criticism that will further

assist you in refining your digital

art skills. Experts will manifest their

valuable feedback on every slant of

the artist's work that will help to

curate an art of superior quality on

upshot. Celebratory victory along

with community-based support is

sure to make this a once in a lifetime


ARTOZE is just simply gratified to

meet those with vibrant thoughts to

express and welcomes you all to the

enlightening journey of digital art.

We believe in the true appreciation

of talent in every form it exists and

is constantly making efforts to give

you the best online global exhibition

experience ever. We wish you all

the very best and are eagerly looking

forward to provide you with this

opportunity to showcase your skills


Page 9 | www.magzoid.com

Virtual Exhibition:

The Creative Buds

Our souls are like drops in the

ocean, waiting to be found

and having the sunlight glint off of

them. They’re the Pandora boxes to

our personalities and the culmination

of our heart, body and minds.

These precious elements give birth

to some of the most beautiful qualities

that make a person a human.

Talent, imagination, creativity, compassion,

empathy and love. Souls

are the embodiment of art, of pure

human elegance and rawness. From

the time of birth, a child is exposed

to all forms of art and hues around

it. Art is what helps it pave its way

into the world and make sense of

the haunting yet magnificent chaos.

Art is the building block for a child to

grow and blossom into an independent

and assured adult. It’s a tool for

them to find themselves and make

sense of their surroundings in the

most astounding manner. It’s what

encourages people to leave a mark

on this world.

Our International exhibition ‘The

Creative Buds’, was a long awaited

ride, that gave a refreshing boost

to all those who participated and

were a part of this experience. The

award ceremony was an exciting

event that kept all the participants

as well as their parents on the edges

of their seats. This would have

not been possible without our honorable

jury members, Kritika Rawat,

Rich Mccor, Maria Mishkareva, Dhaval

Khatri and our sponsors, Equifax

Tourism and Travel LLC and BrainO-

Brain. Obviously it would have been

an incomplete evening without our

talented students and their ever

supporting parents.

As students and jury members

started entering the call a thrilling

buzz had settled in the air. Webcams

were popping on with their shy yet

energetic faces showing up on the

screen. The feeling of restlessness

to begin the show was apparent in

everyone’s voices. The event started

off with a bang with our energetic

host who embraced everyone with

a warm, accepting and lively sentiment.

The first category was filled with

paintings from our younger artists,

ages up to seven, that left us

in immense awe. The theme of this

category was ‘Planet Earth’, a very

important subject during these frail

times that our planet is facing. To

see such young kids exhibit such

talent was truly inspiring. Their

scenes of sunsets and night skies

left us feeling exhilarated. The first

prize in this category was awarded

to Insiyah Mansoor of Gulf Indian

High School. The second prize was

awarded to Amrita Syam of Gulf Indian

High School and the third prize

was a tie between Burhanuddin Maimoon

of MSB Private School and Lun

Hoi Ching Alyssa of Hong Kong Ling

Liang Church Tsuen Wan Kindergarten.

This category was followed by a

token of wisdom from our jury member

Kritika Rawat who is the biggest

and most awarded Asian celebrity

in the Middle East, Co-founder of K

Kompany and also called the unofficial

Ambassador of the Asian Community

in Dubai, a voice that numerous

south Asians relate to. She has

been doing radio for the last 15

years and single-handedly has built

an empire of her own.

Throughout the event along with the

award distribution there was simultaneous

polling and activities taking

place on our socials that made it an

even more interactive and thrilling

session. Our second category featured

students from the ages eight

to thirteen with the designated

theme as ‘The Beautiful Nature’. The

students made sure to do justice

Page 10 | www.magzoid.com

to each and every aspect of this

theme. They brought their own special

touch of imagination, perspective

and originality to it. The first

prize of this category was awarded

to Angira Dasgupta Arinda of Loreto

Day School. The second prize was

awarded to Samiksha Kamal Verma

of Saint Xaviers School. The third

prize was once again a tie between

Kirti Avinash Phadtare of JSS International

School and Vanessa Daniela

Ferreira da Cruz of Pinheiro Basic and

Secondary School. Our esteemed

jury member Rich Mccor, is a London-based

photographer who has

been described as a non-destructive

vandal within the confines of a

camera viewfinder. He has a grown

social media following and has been

hired by numerous brands to bring

his unique perspective to their marketing.

He left us with some insightful

gems into the world of creativity,

bravery and talent.

Our third jury member Maria Mishkareva,

a renowned watercolour

Upcoming Jury Talks

artist located in Russia whose work

has left us all in total awe and admiration

lent her immense support and

insight into our event. What better

than some joyous games and activities

to bring up the morale of kids as

well as break the ice between them

and create a bond. Students faces

lit up with joy as they heared of

the planned ice breakers. We played

the classic ‘Simon Says’ that always

gets the crowd moving and leaves

you with stomach-aching laughter.

It was indeed a sight to behold, students

running about, jumping, touching

their noses with their tongues

and laughing all along.

As the rush settled in we began

with our third category which was

themed as ‘The Future I Visualize’.

This was for students aged between

fourteen to eighteen, who left us

enlightened with their thoughts and

vision for a better tomorrow. Their

paintings were that which were filled

with hope, empathy, human connection

and passion. The winner of

the first prize for this category was

Varsha Saju Nair of Delhi Private

School. The second prize was given

to Vaishnavi Satheeshkumar of Gulf

Indian High school. The third prize

was awarded to Selimaq Achour of

Star International School.

The anticipation for the Public

Choice Award was growing by the

second with almost more than

3000+ appreciations. But before

that our esteemed jury member,

Dhawal Khatri who is a phenomenal

artist and a unique talent inaugurated

this category. His artwork has

been showcased internationally and

recognized by the most renowned

people across the globe.

A game of riddles got everyone

hyped up and rushing to use their

grey cells. With answers popping in

from every viewer, a beautiful chaos

settled in, a perfect gateway

for the public choice award winner

announcement. Cheers erupted at

the name of our award winner Vanshita

Aggarwal of Gems New Millennium

School and there was complete

bliss that settled in. What a

beautiful way to end the evening and

yet a refreshing break right before

the school routine begins. What we

saw was hope, what we recognized

was the small joys and pleasures of

life and what we learnt is that our

kids are truly the leaders of a better

tomorrow. The pioneers who will

leave deep shining marks into this


See Jury Talk on pg. 14

Kritika Rawat

See Jury Talk on pg. 17

Rich Mccor

See Jury Talk on pg. 21

Maria Mishkareva

See Jury Talk on pg.25

Dhaval Khatri

www.magzoid.com | Page 11

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Debashreeta Das


Esther Bhanja


Jemima Misha Madhu


Mihika Panda


Prakash Ram


Pritam Saha


Priyanka Mondal


Rajdeep Biswas


Faiza Hashik


Johan Chris Jijil


Jovaan Cristo Jijil


Kirti Avinash Phadtare


Myra Prasad


Samiksha Kamal Verma


Sharon Xavier


Shreya Vishwakarma


Subhadra Sugathan


Faiza Hashik


Myra Prasad


Jovaan Cristo Jijil


Page 12 | www.magzoid.com







Simple yet powerful employee productivity boosting and work

tracking with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports,

attendance, project and task management and more.

Register for you Priority Access now at





Jury Talk

“...a journey of self-expression...”

Kritika Rawat



Kritika Rawat is one among the most

awarded Asian celebrity in the Middle

East. She is called the unofficial

Ambassador of the Asian community

in Dubai, a voice that numerous

south Asians relate to. She has been

doing Radio for the last 15 years and

single-handedly has built an empire.

ARTOZE is very much thrilled to have

such an honourable personality as

the jury member for the International

Art Exhibition organized for

children. Her name is very popular in

the middle east and does not need

any kind of introduction as she is

considered family by most of the

South Asians living in the UAE, she

even has the likes of the Ex-President

of India that they request only

she interviews them when they are

in the UAE.

Kritika Rawat believes in curating art

and she encourages young minds to

pour their imagination on plain paper

not just to express but also because

it is a testament of times that we

live in. She also said "Art they say

is not a destination, it's a journey, a

journey of self-expression", and we

totally dig this thought.

Her voice and the light in her personality

reaches people over so many

countries like; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

and the Philippines. Listeners

across UAE, Doha, Oman, Bahrain

and even prominent places outside

the GCC like New Zealand, UK, USA,

Australia and more, are all fans of


She has a wide foundation and fan

base duly because of the kind of

humanitarian acts performed by her.

Kritika so far has raised over AED 5

million for the underprivileged not

just in the UAE but also in India, Pakistan

and Nepal via her Radio show

to help a lot of needy unfortunate

people. She believes that while

most charities and Voluntary

organizations are doing a

wonderful job, they somehow

tend to overlook individuals

that don’t get the

help they need. She is a

true philanthropist.

Kritika is the Co-Founder


Media Solutions, the

leading Media Company

in the UAE and

it is the largest

Asian Television

Production/ Content

provider in

the Gulf. She hosts

the Evening Drive

Time show called

“Kritika Express”.

It is the Number 1 show on prime

time as per all ratings. It is a

bundle of heart to heart conversations,

fun, emotion, drama and more

importantly, “Konnecting"

www.magzoid.com | Page 14

Jury Talk

What is Kritika Rawat Up To?

All her achievements have been

acknowledged and awarded, some

of which are NRI OF THE YEAR 2013

– TIMES NOW received from India’s

biggest superstar Amitabh Bachchan,

award by Ex Indian President

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for her work

and contribution towards the Indian

community, Emirates Woman

of the Year 2012 and many more.

She is a flamboyant personality

all south Asians are in love with, a

celebrity who owns the aura and

style of her own. She is called the

‘Oprah Winfrey’ of the region and is

also referred to as “the voice of the

Asian community in the UAE”.

Follow Kritika Rawat


Foodshala Kids, Season 3

Call It Spring in Sahara Center

Follow us:




Coolest Children's Party

Heavyweight Foodshala Season 8



Producer (Foodshala)

Kritika Express on 89.1 Radio


Did you know?

Néstor Canavarro is an artist

specialized in hyper-realistic

art, he spends around 50

hours to complete a coloured

pencil portrait of a celebrity.

Page 15 | www.magzoid.com

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Adwaith Arun


Akanksha P.


Aliza Khan


Amatullah G. Malpurwala


Amrita Syam


Anagha Jothish Babu


Aparna Syam


Arya Ijam


Asfia Amal


Asima Das


Aurel Aradhana Das


Chandrama Kisku


Srushti Avinash Phadtare


Ehan Sheheer


Eshaal Ayesha


Vanya Jalan


John Ijam


Karthik S. Pillai


Keerthana Prabakaran


KM Shravya


Lamya M. Panvelwala


Laxmi Ijam


Lun Hoi Ching Alyssa

Hong Kong

Mohammed Aahil Aga


Page 16 | www.magzoid.com

Jury Talk

Rich Mccor

“...a journey of self-expression...”



Human beings live to express, this

stirred art forms like; painting, acting,

dancing, singing, writing, sculpting,

photography, and more. Expression

of one's feelings like love,

frustration, sadness, loneliness,

happiness, fear, or passion curates

the kinda art that one stops by to

experience. Traveling through the

world an artist designs, through his

work is bliss on itself and when it's a

blend of two forms it’s magical.

Rich Mccor, popularly known as

@paperboyo, brings together the

art of photography with paper cutout

silhouettes. As mesmerizing

as the idea sounds are his final

products too. His vision is unparalleled

and he has the ability to find

any place encompassing him to be

his backdrop for the paper cutouts.

He believes in staying imaginative

and bringing creativity to art in your

own conception of style and art. He

quotes "I like to describe myself

as a photographer, but the reality

is I started doing my style of art

because I wasn’t a good photographer

so maybe I lean more towards

being an artist", in an interview with

Travel and Destinations.

The demeanor of the artist reflects

how humble he is as a person

which enables him to connect

with everything and everyone

around him. His personality is

soo pleasant and his style of

work is owned by him as he

calls it "Photography with an artistic

twist". The independence in his

craft makes him stand out from the

crowd. Hence we learn taking creative

liberty always puts you a stair


Rich Mccor celebrates creativity

among the youth and the upcoming

generation. He believes, creativity is

what keeps one going as any career

you pick requires the right amount of

your shades of uniqueness and creative

glow to it. Believing in what art

you curate as a child will teach you

important lessons such as self-belief

and confidence which will further

help you in embodying your

thoughts and ideas unmoved

from reality. He encourages students

to make art and motivates

them to believe in their ideas.

Make your passion your career and

you'll find yourself in love with your

work, more than worrying about

how to make money out of it, think

about how it's going to make you

happy and fulfilled with what you do.

That was a wise message from Rich

that we can take back home.

www.magzoid.com | Page 17

What is Rich Mccor Up To?

Jury Talk

Flashback to a trip to Tokyo

Painting the sky

Taking a dip in London

Enjoying a latte

Remembering a weekend in Blackpool

Painting mountains in Italy

Follow Rich Mccor


Follow ARTOZE on Instagram:


04 October

You can view the Gallery and Register at www.artoze.com

Save the Animals

15 October

and Photography Exhibition

Digital Art and Photography

27 October

Ongoing events

Resurgence - The World After Pandemic

www.magzoid.com | Page 18

20 Novemeber

International Online Art Exhibition

World Children’s Day 2020

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Vaibhav Santuka


Vanshita Aggarwal


Abigail Nanda


Samiksha K. Verma


Adyasha Nanda


Chandrama Kisku


D Jaden Pris


Eshaal Ayesha


Karthik S. Pillai


Nancy Prodhan


Pratik Das


Shekinah Nanda


Sakina Hussein Ali Bohra


Srushti Avinash Phadtare


Vanya Jalan


Johan Thomas


Sheza Aftab Zubairi


Sakina Mansoor


William Thomas


Manik Mondal


Vanshita Aggarwal


Vaibhav Santuka


Anusha Joshi


Anwesh Das


Page 19 | www.magzoid.com

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Aayan Ahmed


Bineetta Sara Binu


Burhanuddin Maimoon


Charushi Janiani


Faiza Hashik


Gowri Arun


Insiyah Mansoor


Johan Chris Jijil


Jovaan Cristo Jijil


Kartik Jayakrishnan


Khadeejah Khan


Khan Ayaan Abdulla


Kirti Avinash Phadtare


KM Shraddha


Manobithi Majumder


Mohammed Chataiwala


Muhammad Ali Moula


Myra Prasad


Omar Ahmad Ansari


Rohith Sai


www.magzoid.com | Page 20

Jury Talk

“...a journey of self-expression...”

Maria Mishkareva




"From dancing, vibrating light-filled

passages to richly coloured transparent

darks, from cascading wet

washes to staccato dry brush

effects, watercolours can produce

painting effects which no other

medium can match." ~Anonymous

Watercolours vibe different from

the set, because of the unique

serenity of choice it posses, the

artist holding the brush decides the

severity of the paint and art,

and this brings a personalized

swing of emotions to the

final product.

Ms.Maria Mishkareva (

@maria.mishkareva )

is a watercolour artist

based out in Russia.

Watercolours captured

her interest

and it became

the best and the

most fascinating

material for her

to work with, it

inspired her and

taught her many

life lessons. She

connects memories

of childhood

with all the wondrous

works she

created with watercolours, it is a

material that can be easy and hard

to play along at the same time. The

skill of controlling the amount of

water in the paint is an art in itself.

She says, "The magical world of

water, paints & brushes gives you

that absolute freedom of imagination,

unlimited artistic possibilities,

but at the same time you can’t fail

it, you have to give it justice and do

your best". Maria believes in trying

until what you do is the best output

from your side, exploring your creativity.

Rightly as she says, we have

no control over the flow of life, and

even the paints resemble the characteristics

as the flow colour from

the brush is regulated but cannot be

controlled and sometimes the best

choice is to give up and watch the

path of paint create its magical aura.

Maria shares some important life

lessons she has learned from the

art of working with watercolours,

she delineates about how it teaches

you to deal with loss, accept mistakes

and appreciate subtle beauty.

"The things which inspire me can be

very ordinary – it can be anything

from the pack of carrots from the

supermarket to the light, playing in

my wine glass when I am lost in conversation…

I love to notice and picture

those shades, shadows, lights

we don’t seem to notice in our busy

lives – and I am so grateful that so

many people do appreciate my

work and I hope everyone can see

different beauty for themselves

in my paintings, open something

Page 21 | www.magzoid.com

Jury Talk

What is Maria Mishkareva Up To?

new to them", this gives us a picture

of how she is connected to her surroundings

and the ambience she is

in, artistic ideas that gush over her

mind amidst an episode in her life

portrays the love and passion she

has for her work.

Maria is an inspiring personality with

a colourful and imaginative range of

thoughts. Her wise words and kind

demeanour leaves a long-lasting

impact just like her elegant pieces

of art.

Peonies and blue plates

Still life featuring tea cups

Follow Maria Mishkareva


Follow us:






Strawberries and milk


Tulips watercolour painting

Watercolour painting

Check it out!

...tune in











The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Mohammed H. Darbar


Munira G. Malpurwala


Murtaza Huzeifa Saifee


Mustansir Huzeifa Saifee


Nadha Mehtaj Kakkeri


Nakshatra Sanjay


Nancy Prodhan


Niranjana K. Sarathkumar


Pranav Reddy


Pratik Das


Rahmah Fawad


Rony Sarkar


D Jaden Pris


Vanya Jalan


Selima Achour


Shreya Ijam


Srushti Avinash Phadtare


Sheza Aftab Zubairi


Manisha Das


Yousif Jalal Khlaifat


Akshara R.


Amalia Calvo


Sheza Aftab Zubairi


Shreya Vishwakarma


www.magzoid.com | Page 24

Jury Talk

Dhaval Khatri

“...never give up, no matter what.”




Nothing is impossible! This threeword

sentence has a definition

boundless to creativity, perseverance,

passion, weakness and

strength. What makes you different

depends on what you possess and

what you don't and making it the

strength for the light of elation and

music of passion builds a character

of utmost sincerity, courage and

inspiration to the mass.

Dhaval Khatri is a unique artist who

finds the spirit of light in every corner

of the room, he is a fighter and a

winner of life and its challenges. His

humble and lovable nature brings a

smile on our faces as he paints his

surroundings with immense positivity

and joy. He believes in destiny and

takes control of its steering, and

drives by the road of inspiration and

art that keeps him happy and enthusiastic.

"Hi! I am Dhaval Jyotsnaben Kaushikbhai

Khatri. I am passionate about

my Art. On my website, you can find

some unique arts that I have created

during my life as Artist. This

is unique because I am not Artist

by choice but by chance. At the

age of 14, an electric shock took

my both hands away. Since then I

was not even interested in Art. But

there were two people who took it

the other way, My Mom and My Dad.

When they were expected to put

aid tools they put Paint Brush in my

hands. And today that has created

a Unique Artist out of an ordinary

boy. Please visit my gallery for more

arts and do not forget to provide

your feedback by filling the contact

form." His parents have been the

root to the ever-growing talent in

him since a 14-year-old boy, their

constant support motivated Dhaval

to paint again which helped him find

joy all over again.

He is specialized in acrylic painting,

oil painting and sketching. His

work mostly comprises paintings

and sketches of popular Bollywood

celebrities and Influential Indians.

Dhaval also performs his art on

stage and inspires many young people

to take up art and never give up

no matter what.

Talent is gifted and in Dhaval Khatri's

case, he is the talent and

epitome of hard word,

confidence, perseverance

and love

for his passion,

art. We express

immense joy

and gratitude

in being able

to coordinate

with such an

uplifting personality


our Jury


www.magzoid.com | Page 25

Jury Talk

What is Dhaval Khatri Up To?

Creating a second YouTube channel!

Painting portraits

Portrait sketch

Making guest appearances

Live speed painting

04 October

Pencil work

Follow Dhaval Save Khatri the Animals


Inaugurated on 15 October

Follow us on Instagram:


and Photography Exhibition

Digital Art and Photography

Inaugurated on 27 October

Register at www.artoze.com

Resurgence - The World After Pandemic

20 November

International Online Art Exhibition

World Children’s Day 2020

28 December

Upcoming events

International Online Art Exhibition

A New Start: Welcoming the New Year

www.magzoid.com | Page 26

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Abigail Nanda


Adyasha Nanda


Angira Dasgupta


Anshika Nayak


Arbind Oraon


Ariana Sharon Deep


Fredrick Minj


Jaykishan Ekka


Kapil Khati


Kokhon Mondal


Laxmi Oraon


Puja Gain


Rimal Minj


Robin Biswakarma


Roma Xaxa


Saraswati Das


Shekinah Nanda


Sompa Oraon


Sulin Ekka


Suman Tirkey


Vanshita Aggarwal


Karan Lohar


Amazing work from our

young budding artists!

See more in the

upcoming pages!

Page 27 | www.magzoid.com

Our Podcast



To get your story Featured,

Email us at


Listen us on:

The Creative Buds

Artworks from Around the World

International Art Exhibition

Sadhika Sejeesh


Samiksha Kamal Verma


Sayantika Banerjee


Shaiqah Aga


Sharon Xavier


Shweta Ijam


Subhadra Sugathan


Tasneem M. Ghadiyali


Tina Ijam


Vaibhav Santuka


Vaishnavi Satheeshkumar


Vanessa Cruz


Varsha Saju Nair


Vishruthy Saikumar


Zafirah Zahid


Zayed Mohamed


Zuhayr Khan


Sakshi Ijam


Kush Avinash Phadtare


Mitra Vishal Wagle


Page 29 | www.magzoid.com

A rtist


See Giulio Rangoni’s work on

Instagram at: @kant_onata

Cover Artist - Giulio Rangoni

Art is about reflecting reality. While art may reflect reality, it also acts as an expression of imagination.

Giulio Rangoni is one such artist, who exemplifies the same. Being raised in Italy, Giulio moved to

USA when he was 19 for studying entrepreneurship and innovation. Here’s his views and story as

an artist,

Q. How did your journey as an artist begin?

Giulio: It was at a very early age as my family were having an atelier at our house in Italy, I

used to paint acrylic on canvases, as I was obsessing on the monster figures from my imagination.

During my teenage years I picked up urban photography and I have always wanted a way

to connect to these different artistic worlds that coexisted in my mind. After this period, I have

focused on digital collages which you can find now on my Instagram account “ @kant_onata “

Q. What are the different forms of artworks that you do?

Giulio: I have been working on the digital collages which is a mix of drawing, old paintings,

photography and random fantasy elements. It gives me the possibility to express myself

freely and once my digital works is done, I paint them on canvas to create the final


Q. What does your work aim to say?

Giulio: “ @kant_onata “ is an artistic project that explores the relationship

between accelerating technological progress creating the basis for material

advancements and the struggle of humanity to find its personal and

cultural identity in this new fast-paced and changing world.

Q. What is that one line of quote that you abide by in your life or

you would like others to follow?

Giulio: "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

-John Lennon.

I feel being curious and also taking a flexible approach toward what

happens to us is the best strategy to tackle life. Random little events can

have quite the effect and it is important to recognize small clues as to

when they can start a transformation process in our lives.

Q. Please tell us a bit about an artwork of yours that you are

immensely proud of?

Giulio: The covid series are the works that introduced so many people

to. I received a lot of unexpected attention and my followers kept

texting me that they could relate their very own experience throughout

my work. That was something that happens quite rarely and I

received it quite well.

www.magzoid.com www.artoze.com | | Page Page 30 30

Q. How have you been keeping up

during the pandemic and what are

the new things that you have started?

Giulio: My Covid series are one of the

digital collages series to make the

observer reflect on this pandemic.

The aim is to draw a connecting line

between the old masterpieces of

the past and our current situation in

a humorous yet sophisticated way.

Putting things into perspective by

combining elements and experiences,

by not just pointing out similarities

but also highlighting differences

is something that I have been

focusing upon with them.

Q. What is that one question that

you would have asked yourself and

we haven't yet?

Giulio: Since a long time ago art has

always been a passion of mine but it

was never a full-time job. I wonder if

one day it will take a more prevalent

part in my life.

Q. What are the best resources that

have helped you in your way?

Giulio: A friend of mine,” Mr.Matt Dilapo”

was a key figure for the realization

of the covid series. During quarantine

which we spent in Spain, we

used to interrogate ourselves all the

time and come up with ideas envisioning

pieces that would be both

POP and recognizable but also trigger

questions, inner reflections and

emotions to the observer.

Q. According to you, how important

are Virtual Exhibitions in the present-day


Giulio: Virtual exhibitions are a great

way to keep people involved in the

art scene. I feel both artists and

spectators have a great opportunity

to stay in touch and make new experiences

thanks to this new technology.

Virtual expositions make

art more accessible to the public,

in addition artists can reach larger

audience without being tied up geographically.

Q. How do you feel being the Featured

Artist in the Magazine?

Giulio: It is a brand-new experience

for me. I am super-excited and looking

forward to it and I am grateful

for this opportunity given to me by


Q. What message and advice do you

have for the readers?

Giulio: Art is often perceived as

something distant, at times inaccessible.

It is not like that at all.

You can start from simpler ideas

and inspiration is present everywhere.

Concentrate on your intuition

and get moving, by following this

approach you will figure out things

along the way.

Those were some really insightful

words and experiences that Giulio

has pointed out. We encourage

and highly appreciate such actions

where artists come forward to

stand along with the other fellow

community members to share their

experiences and views.

You can read the magazine &

Subscribe at: www.magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com | Page 31

Virtual Exhibition:

My Brush Strokes

The International Art Exhibition

'My Brush Strokes' was

an event much awaited by

the followers of ARTOZE, the launch

ceremony was indeed an intriguing

and insightful ride over the waves

of thoughts and perceptions that

rippled in discussions and talks that

followed. The event took abode at

5:00 pm, but the participants had

stated joining before in time beginning

from 4:30 pm which was the

joining time.

The art gallery of the previous event,

The International Art Exhibition for

Students 'The Creative Buds' inaugurated

the journey towards the

next. The hosts announced the

social media contest. This instantly

stirred the chatbox with numerous

warm and positive comments which

ignited the spirits of the organizers

even more. The overwhelming

response on social media, where the

meeting participants posted photos

on Instagram tagging @magzoid.global

that day was a fulfilling

achievement accomplished via the


All guest speakers were in attendance

and there was an engaging

chat with John Hui about how the

www.magzoid.com | Page 32

previous event was essential as it

nurtures and encourages a passion

for art in a tender age before being

wrapped in creative blocks and hindrances

of life, which will eventually

open doors of self-discovery for


The entire pace and excitement

of the event hyped as the current

exhibition gallery was presented,

this also included, how one can walk

through the gallery on their own as

well, this resulted in a remarkable

outpour of response from the audience

in the chatbox. The temperatures

raised as the enthusiasm

among the audience fired.

Following was the introduction of all

the panel members one by one in the

following order, all of them actively

took part in discussions during the

event which certainly enlightened

everyone sharing and receiving


Mr. Eric Dailey was our First Guest,

he is from the United States of

America and is the President of the

International Basketball Tournament

at ESPN Wide World of Sports at

Walt Disney World resorts Orlando

in the US, Global Cup World Championship.

Mr.Eric is also the President

of International company, Dailey

Training International. These companies

operate out of three continents

around the world, Europe, Asia

and South America. He is a native

Floridian with roots in Ocala. Also,

a 1994 graduate and four-year letterman

and team captain at (TCU)

Texas Christian University which led

to a ten (10) year professional basketball

career in Europe, Asia, and

South America. Mr. Dailey perceived

a creative vision coordinating the

legacy of peace and social tolerance

through international basketball.

It was truly a pleasure to have him

aboard on the journey with ARTOZE.

Our next Guest joined all the way

from India, Mr. Suvigya Sharma, he

has been awarded the Bharat Gaurav

Award and has been felicitated by

Asia Book Of Records, India Book Of

Records, Limca Book of Records. He

is a miniature and portrait artist and

a fashion designer known for his artworks

across the globe. He paints

intricate Miniature artworks from

a coin size to a life-size using the

same miniature painting technique

with 24-carat gold. He commissions

artworks for well-renowned personalities

like HH Sheikh Mohammed

Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Ruler of

Dubai and Vice President of Dubai,

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra

Modi, Honourable President of India

Shri Ramnath Kovind Sir, Mr Sachin

Tendulkar, Justin Bieber(Pop Singer)

and many more.

An artist from the land of the setting

sun, Spain Mr.Juandres Vera from

Spain. He is an International 3D artist

and a very well renowned street

artist who has a history of some

really big brands in his kit, some of

which include Nike, Walt Disney and

many more. He has also been featured

in the Guinness Book of World

Records for ephemeral anamorphic

street painting on the pavement, 6

x 140 meters. He has obtained several

awards from urban art projects

on both ephemeral and permanent

murals in two-dimensional mode and

anamorphic mode (3D) in countries

such as Dubai, United States, United

Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland,

Belgium, Thailand, among others.

The career of Juandres kickstarted

after winning first prize in two consecutive

contests while studying

for his Bachelor of Visual Arts, Vera

participated in a Street Art contest.

Our next guest Mr. John Hui from

London has been sought after by

many among the participants here

today as one of their favourite artists.

His artworks defamiliarize the

subject depicted through abstraction

and surrealism in an effort to

convey an uncanny sense of beauty

that challenges social archetypes.

His latest project includes blog publications

that are centred around

sharing stories, thoughts and art

that are related to our most innate

human connections such as love,

pain and compassion to empower

others. His artworks have an uncommon

sense of innate portrait of

thoughts depicted visually.

We also took a dive into asking the

panellists about their respective

fields, which indeed became an

inspiration for many among the participants

of the event.

Upcoming Guest of Honour Articles

Eric shared his experience through

the journey of his career, he said he

has always been very passionate

about sports and also the business

side of the industry which actually

led him to create the empire

he owns today. Eric’s answer for

potential plans of revival was very

inspiring and motivating, the piece

of advice was simple but something

very essential, he stated that

this newfound free time should not

be taken for granted and everyone

should actually focus on improving

themselves and prepare for

the next best thing, as you never

know when that might come!

Mr.Suvigya has a niche style of art,

on being asked about his unique talent

and expertise he shared that he

was born into an artistic family and

the craft was passed down from

generation to generation and he felt

a calling to miniature paintings as it

was like an understated style.

John owns his style of art, it is a variation

from the others in the crowd,

its a blend of different forms that

intrigued the audience and all of us

as well.

He elaborated and said that it was

a mix of surrealism and abstraction

and he also shared that he always

wanted to make his artwork look

realistic but was also never into

the idea of traditional paintings and

enjoyed creating his own art style.

The exceptional participation from

the audience about their individual

art styles was such a breath of fresh

air filled with the vibrancy of creativity

and passion, each member from

the audience had something uplifting

to say. The audience also had

some reflective questions to ask

the panellists.

The panel discussion went on with

a wave of experiences, laughs,

thoughts, journeys, perceptions, art

and more, it was a time at its best on

a Monday evening.

Follow us on Instagram:


Eric Dailey

See on pg. 38

Suvigya Sharma

See on pg. 43

Juandres Vera

See on pg. 46

John Hui

See on pg.53

www.magzoid.com | Page 33

EHH & Radisson RED HOTEL


Graduation Ceremony

Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique

Swiss Hospitality School - Vocational Education

www.magzoid.com | Page 35

My Brush Strokes International Art Exhibition

Artworks from Around the World

Aisha Javid Ali Mir

Saudi Arabia

Celso Pereira


Claire Waltner Decker


Diego Roa Castillo


Faria Zubair

Saudi Arabia

Fatema Udaipurwala


Joydeep Bhattacharjee


Kevin Donoghue


Maggi Soni


Massimiliano Esposito


Maureen Grayson


Naaman Chami


Nada Al Barazi


Resul Jusufi


Rima Al Zoabi


Sarah Ghanooni


Sherin Glady


Shipra Mathur


Smita Kakati


Taznin Mannan


Yunwei Zhang


Zain Ahmed Samdani


Zartaj Kamran Khan


Miranda Griffin


Page 37 | www.magzoid.com

Guest of Honour

Eric Dailey

We love those moments,

watching sports matches

on our television with

our families all huddled up. It brings

a feeling of joy and tense electricity

in the room, with everybody

rooting for different teams. As we

watch players give in their all in the

game, their sweat, blood and tears

materialize into raw talent, we keep

ourselves entertained by these

national treasures. What many of

us forget to realize is the immeasurable

hard-work and dedication that

goes behind it. Their talent and skills

are incomplete without adequate

training given to them by the most

exemplary mentors, who always

keep pushing them to be the best

versions of themselves; to always

keep rising past the failures and

hoping for more.

Our first guest of honor for the evening,

Mr.Eric Dailey is the President

of the only International Basketball

Tournament at ESPN Wide World of

Sports at Walt Disney World resorts

Orlando in US organized annually,

Global Cup World Championship.

He is also the President of another

International company, Dailey Training

International. Both companies

operate out of three continents

around the world, Europe, Asia and

South America. He is a former professional

basketball player with

over 10 years professional playing

experience. He is a native Floridian

with roots in Ocala. Also, a 1994

graduate and four-year letterman

and team captain at (TCU) Texas

Christian University which led to

a ten (10) year professional basketball

career in Europe, Asia, and

South America. Mr.Dailey perceived

a creative vision coordinating the

legacy of peace and social tolerance

through international basketball. He

believes art and sports go hand in

hand since they require the similar

work ethics and the possess the

beauty of bringing out human life

and experience.

This pandemic has turned all of our

lives upside down, throwing us into

a completely unexpected loop which

many find difficult to come out of.

It’s been a moment of losing and

finding yourselves at the same time

and finding motivation to keep going

on during these trying times. Mr.

Dailey left us with some precious

advice for during and post pandemic.

His words couldn’t be better said

in game terms, ‘To make a comeback’.

This time right now that we

have, during which we’re immersed

in listening, watching and hoping

everything gets back to normal and

are so absorbed in our surroundings,

preparing for a comeback

with a better and more

self-content version of

yourself if the best that

you can do. This is a

time to rejuvenate as

well as train yourself

to be a masterpiece.

His calm manner


years of experience

and hardwork


us a lot about

humble greatness


the will and

strive to keep going on and bettering

one’s self. It was truly a pleasure

having him with us.




www.magzoid.com | Page 38

Left profile or right profile?


Interesting facts you might not know!

Artists have conferred their compatible inclination

of capturing the view of their subject from

the left side, it is said that turning your left

cheek toward the camera makes you look more

attractive. Studies have further pronounced

that people tend to be more interested in the

left side view of faces as it is usually more

expressive than the right cheek.


Can you find the answers to this trivia?

If you can, tag us on any of our social media handles.

Write out the answers creatively and stand a chance to win!

1. How many exhibitions are

there in the month of October?

4. Name the platforms on which

you can listen to the podcasts from


2. Nestor Canavarro is an artist

specialised in hyper-realistic art.

How much time does he need to

complete a coloured pencil portrait

of a celebrity?

5. What is the 20th of November

famous for?

3. How many sponsors are

there in the magazine?

6. How can you order a print

copy of this magazine?

Page 39 | www.magzoid.com

Guest of Honour

Eric Dailey

What is Eric Dailey Up To?

Basketball event at Walt Disney

Basketball Competition on a cruise

Supporting youth

World Basketball Competition

Always supporting his son, Eric Dailey


Follow Eric Dailey


Follow us on Instagram:


www.magzoid.com | Page 40

www.artoze.com | Page 41


My Brush Strokes International Art Exhibition

Artworks from Around the World

Abeer Al Edani


Aghakishiyeva Gunel


Akshita Kapoor


Anisha S.


Anmol Mathur


Antara Saha


Arpa Mukhopadhyay


Ashok Kumar


Brandon Alfredo


El Meaux


Emma Burke


Emmanuel Adedayo


Fatimah Nadwi


Felsa Marie Hortiza


Hadeel Azmi Tomaizah


James Robertson


Joelle Hanna


Khushpreet Kaur


Liji K.


Lizelle Poolman

Saudi Arabia

www.magzoid.com | Page 42

Guest of Honour

Suvigya sharma

Something about seeing the

detailed miniature versions of

real life objects and paintings

leaves us in awe. Seeing a

person’s prized perspective on such

things presented in a highly oriented

and flawless mini version can be

really humbling and mindboggling at

the same time. It is an art of its own,

a souvenir, an ode to finding beauty

in the small things of life.

Our second Guest joined all the way

from India, Mr.Suvigya Sharma. He

has been awarded the Bharat Gaurav

Award and has been felicitated by

Asia Book Of Records, India Book

Of Records, Limca Book of Records.

He is a multi-talent, a miniature and

portrait artist and a fashion designer

known for his artworks across

the globe. He paints intricate Miniature

artworks from a coin size to a

life-size using the same miniature

painting technique with 24-carat

gold. He commissions artworks for

well-renowned personalities like

HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

Al Maktoum, The Ruler of Dubai and

Vice President of Dubai, Prime Minister

of India Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable

President of India Shri Ramnath

Kovind Sir, Mr.Sachin Tendulkar,

Justin Bieber(Pop Singer) and many


He shared with us a piece of his

work ethic. What keeps him going is

the meaning behind every artwork

of his. Even though the detailing

and work that goes in is very time

consuming, the end product is one

that leaves people breathless and

serves as a feeling of pride for Suvigya.

Learning across the way has

been his biggest achievement, as

he is constantly picking up and bettering

his methods. His experience

and confidence all this way has

instilled in him a great sense of aesthetics

that he incorporates in his

work in the most beautiful manner.

We are always honored to have

someone of his stature with so

much international recognition and

achievements. The lessons and

inspiration gained from him was not

only a motivating source for us but

everyone present. All budding artists

were eager to know the secrets

behind this artistic talent. It was

truly a pleasure have him.




Follow us:






Page 43 | www.magzoid.com

Guest of Honour

suvigya sharma

What is Suvigya Sharma Up To?

Painted on

Celebrating women of power

It's all about the detail

Making an appearance on a magazine

Realisitic portrait

Portrait of Justin Bieber

Follow Suvigya Sharma


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www.magzoid.com | Page 44


Interesting facts you might not know!

How did the popular portrait of Mona

Lisa win all hype around it?

The Mona Lisa painting caught all the attention

after being stolen in 1911. The portrait

was over 350 years old before the critics and

scholars recognized it as a masterpiece and

celebrated the worthy painting.

What was a romantic gesture like back in

the 18th and 19th century?

Wearing a miniature portrait of your lover's eyes on

your jewellery like a locket was deemed to be a secretive

romantic gesture in the 18th and 19th centuries.

'Lovers Eye' jewellery worn on the wrist or near the

heart delineated your love for another

How a ball of mud is also a form of art?

A ball of mud is rolled in the hand and polished until

shiny and smooth, this is a Japanese art form and is

called Dorodango.

Page 45 | www.magzoid.com

Guest of Honour

Juandres Vera

The human eyes are a marvel

capturing marvels of the

world around them. A diamond

inside a Pandora box. Yet some of

the beauty around us still takes

some time to grasp. Despite seeing

it a couple of times, we’re still

hit with a certain awe seeing the

beauty around us. The greatness

and vastness of things are difficult

to digest for the human mind and

yet there are those amongst us who

bring out this magnificent splendor

in the most sophisticated and real


We were honored to have with us one

such talented artist from the land of

the setting sun, who's hailing from

Spain. He is an International 3D artist

and a very well renowned street

artist who has a history of some

really big brands in his kit, some of

which includes Nike, Walt Disney

and many more. He has been featured

in the Guinness Book of World

Records for ephemeral anamorphic

street painting on the pavement, 6

x 140 meters. He has obtained several

awards from urban art projects

on both ephemeral and permanent

murals in two-dimensional mode and

anamorphic mode (3D) in countries

such as Dubai, United States, United

Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland,

Belgium, Thailand, among others.

The career of Juandres kick started

after winning first prize in two consecutive

contests while studying

for his Bachelor of Visual Arts, Vera

participated in a Street Art contest.

He briefed us about the technicalities

and the exquisiteness of

3D art and giant art mediums. This

doesn’t only requires artistic skills

www.magzoid.com | Page 46

but also the intellectual capability

to see from different perspectives

and angles and have a unique point

of view on the artwork. It isn’t an

easy branch of art since one painting

can take up to six or seven days

and can be challenging especially in

outdoor environment under natural

elements. He has been working on

this since ten years and has gained

respectable experience in his field.

His experience with it is his best

teacher as it has help him gain confidence

and blossomed his innate

instincts to keep creating something


We are grateful to be in his presence

and learn inspiring lessons of great

artistic ability and drive.




Follow us:






Guest of Honour

Juandres Vera

What is Juandres Vera Up To?

3D Painting in Dubai

Flying through Dubai 3D painting

Carpe Diem - chalk/concrete board

Bite A Byte - Acrylic on canvas

Saving the environment on 3D painting

at a time

3D Painting for the Formula One

Mexican Grand Prix

Follow Juandres Vera


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Page 47 | www.magzoid.com

Virtual Art Gallery


outstanding visibility.


October, 2020, Tuesday


Virtual Art Gallery


ONGOing Events

Resurgence: The world after pandemic

Healing and rejuvenation starts

from within and begins with

hope. It’s a spiritual and mental journey

that gives our physical bodies

the boost to revive and come out

stronger through tough times; to

make a comeback like never before.

Taking lessons about your surroundings

and yourself and moving forward

with these priceless gems to

imagine and lead a better tomorrow

is the way to go. It isn’t always the

easiest since the pressure of it all

can weigh a person down, but with

dedication and optimistic approach

to life, one can blossom and flourish

through the gloomy days.

We have been capturing life and

talent during this grave pandemic.

During this time where spirits may

be running low and circumstances

seem hard, we are here to offer artists

and budding talents an opportunity

to rejuvenate and explore their

artistic sides through their visions

for life after the pandemic. On some

days things may seem better, while

on some the world may look like it’s

falling apart, but the true perception

of how we adjust and live our

lives after this chaos is through the

unique lens of each individual and

how they decide to thrive.

Our latest expedition is the online

international art exhibition, ‘Towards

The Change’ for artists of all ages

across the globe. The dominant

theme of the event and artworks are

‘Resurgence- Life After The Pandemic’.

It will take place on 27th of October,

2020 which is on a Sunday and

the artworks will be showcased in an

online art virtual gallery. Our online

virtual galleries have been known to

www.magzoid.com | Page 48


Call for





provide a surreal experience and are way in the world of art, but along

sure to leave you wanting for more. with it Benefits feedback and constructive

criticism are the healthy tools for


your Showcase artwork

Showcase your infront


You can register at the following link: success. We guarantee to offer


you with the world.

mediums and stepping

stones from the best experts.

of the

Apart from the enhancement of your A Feedback from experts.

Appreciation for your creativity

Get a team that supports you.

A network of art lovers who are

and celebration of your victory.

ready to back you.

certificate of participation will


One of it's kind

artistic skills and a cause to look at be awarded to every participant for

the of silver Participation.

lining of this whole phenomena

taking AED place, such types of

Certificate their victorious contributions.



Registration Registration




exhibitions guarantee international We are simply pleased and excited

recognition and outstanding visibility.

It gives you an opportunity to to paint. We are constantly making

to meet those with ARTOZE

vibrant thoughts



| www.artoze.com AND


/artoze.global /artoze /artoze_global

showcase your thoughts in front of efforts give you the best online

the world and a chance to contribute global exhibition experience. We

your opinion to many people’s lives.

This will ensure immense support

from a network of art lovers who are

ready to back you up at any moment

and a team that supports you. Support

and appreciation go a long

promise a one of a kind experience

and wish you all the very best and

look forward to see you all.

Register at this link!


Sign up!

My Brush Strokes International Art Exhibition

Artworks from Around the World

Lucia Kalei

Costa Rica

Mady Piesold


Marianne Zeinoun


Matthew Sproul


Meenu Chourasiya


Najna Basheer


Nelia Janik


Noah Wing


Patrizia Gallo

Costa Rica

Pav Szymanski


Reel Ishag


Reva Goswami


Rufana Dunyamaliyeva


Sara Al Bannay


Sarah Al-Dulaimi


Shabna Abdul Rahiman


Shabri Maheshawri


Shreya Dua


Sunita Bisht Sharma


Raghav Babbar


Page 49 | www.magzoid.com

ONGOing Events

Save The Animals

They walked the planet long

before us and inhibited it in all

its glory and peace. Through changing

weathers, climates and periods,

diverse species of animals have

evolved and graced their home,

Planet Earth. Along with human civilization

came the industrialization.

What should’ve been a codependent

chain became a predatory pattern

risking extinction of many species.

Our settlements haven’t only been a

threat to them but their homes too,

with forests and deserts, water bodies

and mountains being reduced

in area to pave way for human life.

The realization and active need for

conservation of animal life and protection

has become evident and

been made a priority in our current

generation. October 4th is celebrated

as World Animal Day and we wanted

to honor this special occasion by

having our International Virtual Art

Exhibition themed ‘Save The Animals’.

The last day of registration is

28th September, 2020. The exhibition

will be conducted on 4th October,

2020 itself.

Registration Link:


We are honored and excited to see

what all our participants will have in

store for us and their unique outlook

on empathy, compassion, acceptance

and change towards the fauna

around us. Their keenness to

create awareness about saving the

animals can be expressed through

their wonderful art which speaks

volumes more than words ever will.

Acceptance and appreciation are

the booming factors for any artists

and we ensure those with

a network of art lovers who are

ready to back you up. Participation

in the exhibition also guarantees

international recognition and outstanding

visibility. Every participant

will be awarded with a certificate

of participation as a token of

their hard work and involvement.

We’re excited to have everyone and

experience this one of a kind event

with us. Join us while we celebrate

this noble cause with art and colors,

adding a human touch to the life of

our planet. Give voices to those who

cannot speak with your artwork. We

are simply pleased and excited to

meet those with vibrant thoughts

to paint. We are constantly making

efforts to give you the best online

global exhibition experience. We

wish you all the very best and look

forward to see you all.

Follow us:






Page 50 | www.magzoid.com

My Brush Strokes International Art Exhibition

Artworks from Around the World

Adel Ibrahim Sudany


Amani Haj Ali


Batul Murtaza Mansoor


Deena Radhi


Ekaterina Shuvalova


Hilea Hutchinson


Hina Raheel


Jasmine Mohammed Rizvi


Julia Babahina


Minika S.K.


Vicente Garvia


Whitney Melton Jeffreys


Zain A. Samdani


Yunwei Zhang


Smita Kakati


Sherin Glady


www.magzoid.com | Page 52

Guest of Honour

John hui

Art captures all forms of life.

It captures every area of life,

the beautiful glossy parts

as well as the dark ugly ones. The

confusing ones that challenge the

set social norms of our societies.

It brings out what even words are

unable to convey. It has this sort of

power that brings about hope within

people and a therapy of some sort.

In these times of digital progress,

graphic designing has been on the

rise with its own beauty hidden in its

web of intricacies.

Our guest of honor Mr.John Hui from

London has been sought after by

many among the participants here

today as one of their favorite artists.

John is an artist and graphic

designer based in London. His works

defamiliarise the subject depicted

through abstraction and surrealism

in an effort to convey an uncanny

sense of beauty that challenges

social archetypes.

His latest project includes blog

publications that are centered on

sharing stories, thoughts and art

that are related to our most innate

human connections such as love,

pain and compassion in an effort to

empower others. He is one among

the highly looked for and sought

after artist. His artworks have an

uncommon sense of innate portrait

of thoughts depicted visually.

ing up artwork and digital art again.

For him just the idea that a person

could be sitting in their room and

creating such magic out of the simplicities

of life is inspiring. He loves

being original with his paintings and

tries to use materials in their own

unique way and add a special touch.

The message of a piece is always

one of utter importance. For him this

holds a special place in his heart. For

every piece to have its own message

and story which helps in connecting

with people. Each painting

represents a specific person and

where they come from. The beauty

of the painting lies in the seeing

greatness in every person.

He resonates a lot, since his current

project also revolves around

connecting with people and their

stories of pain and vulnerability

through art. It meant so much to us

that he too felt a connection with

us and that we’re set out on similar

paths. It was truly an honor to have

him with us..




Follow us:






As a child John used to paint but

stopped it for a long time since he

felt like everything that could be

painted had already been done.

After completing his studies from

university in London he started tak-

Page 53 | www.artoze.com

Guest of Honour

John hui

What is John Hui Up To?

Yung Nugget painting

Gouache painting for DanteWuzHere

John Hui's first gouache painting available

for print!

Gouache painting with gold accent

Realistic portrait drawing

Realistic portrait drawing

Follow John Hui


Follow us on Instagram:


Page 54 | www.magzoid.com

My Brush Strokes International Art Exhibition

Artworks from Around the World

Resul Jusufi


Naaman Chami


Maggi Soni


Lizelle Poolman

Saudi Arabia

Raghav Babbar


Brandon Alfredo


Fatimah Nadwi


Felsa Marie Hortiza


Follow us:




Shabna Abdul Rahiman


Mady Piesold


04 October

Ongoing events

Register at www.artoze.com

Save the Animals



Inaugurated on 15 October

and Photography Exhibition

Digital Art and Photography

Inaugurated on 27 October

Resurgence - The World After Pandemic

20 November

International Online Art Exhibition

World Children’s Day 2020

Page 55 | www.magzoid.com

A rtist


See Supriti Chauhan’s work

on the following page!

“Inspire and Empower”

Featured artist - Supriti Chauhan

The laburnum tree is the personification

of life and beauty; it

is a part of nature that stands out

because of its vibrant yellow shades.

The golden chain tree is home to the

rainbow of wildlife. With all the love

and grace the tree carries, it tends

to reflect more on the canvas of

Supriti Chauhan, an Indian artist and

educator based out in India.

Supriti Chauhan connects to the

heart of nature which explains the

secret of originality and inspiring

beauty brimming in all her paintings.

Her work aims at bringing enlightenment

and the urge to admire and

find the beauty of our surroundings,

that we have probably forgotten in

our mundane lives. Her paintings

bring an insightful tinge of excitement

in our perspective of nature,

it germinates the buried feelings

for the rain, flowers, foliage and the

little visitors who play an important

role keeping this world together in

one piece. It is an experience that

holds true to the visual appeal of a

naturalistic and artistic view. Her

work drives you to seek inspiration

from nature and value the essence

of what you own.

She believes that nature has the

power to transform you if you allow

it to, one has to embrace it the

way it is and that’s when the magic

begins to unravel- of the restorative

and spiritual realm of a world within

you, in sync with nature. She enjoys

www.magzoid.com | Page 56

gardening and encourages

her audience to do

the same as it is important

to adopt sustainable

practices that help you

lead a healthier life by

developing organic eating

habits. In her view

this is very much possible

even though it may

seem like a long haul.

If you truly love nature,

you will find beauty

everywhere"- Vincent

Van Gogh. He has

remained to be her all

time inspiration for the

way he captures the

intricacies of nature

in his perspective and

then to the canvas. She

also loves Claude Monet's works for

the way he plays around with light,

colors and how it influences human

emotions. She has forever been

intrigued by their techniques of capturing

nature and portraying it the

most appealing way possible.

Pictured above: Artist, Supriti Chauhan

Focus and concentration are important

parts of not only student life but

also the life in a world outside the

comfort zone. It is essential to be

pressed and motivated to achieve

the set goals in life and attaining

them helps one discover oneself

like a book of mysteries. In Supriti

Chauhan’s view, art teaches students

to be focused as one perseveres

through any creative endeavor

or a medium, focus is imperative;

one becomes more purposeful striving

towards a planned and intended

outcome. She believes art helps

children in developing important

characteristics that they will need

as adults- creativity and imagination,

communication, collaboration,

confidence, critical thinking, problem

solving apart from patience and

aesthetics. The list is endless.

This shows how as an educator she

focuses not just on the academic

excellence of a student but also

acknowledges and embraces the

creative and artistic instincts of a

“Inspire and Empower”

Artist Stories: Supriti Chauhan

springing young talent and the fact

that she has been able to successfully

juggle between her profession,

family and creative endeavors gives

her a high. It makes her feel proud

to be able to learn something new

every single day.

Her message to other artists is

simply just effective and inspiring,

she encourages and urges creative

minds to start their journey, and

not wait for that one moment or

that perfect art supply. She says,

"Just start, flow with it and let the

magic of colors take over." Pursuing

your passion that brings you joy

and helps you rejuvenate and heal

yourself is nothing wrong, she asks

other artists to take colors as their

guide and travel through the unravelling

journey they take you through.

She believes challenging yourself

to paint every day can make a big

difference as consistency is key to

the uphill ride. She considers participation

in art challenges and interaction

with the online community

members (this is exactly what we at

ARTOZE aim at) as a method to stay

consistent with your daily practice

and keep you inspired throughout

the adventure.

Art is not a career for Supriti Chauhan,

it is a retreat. She is an educator

by profession. ‘Laburnum Soul’, is

something that takes her away from

it all and helps her destress, heal

and feel rejuvenated every single

morning, brimming with new ideas

not only at her work-place but also

in all her creative endeavors.

Being a soul stringed to nature, she

has taken various steps in this lockdown

to contribute to the mother

earth. She learned to grow her own

microgreens in a limited space and

practice hydroponics. The Pandemic

also led her to become more mindful

in the garbage disposal system and

she has adopted more sustainable

practices for the same.

We conclude by quoting the words

of the Supriti Chauhan "Nature is

mindful and restorative. All these

practices are reflective and evident

in my artworks."

We encourage and highly appreciate

such actions where artists come

forward to stand along with the

other fellow community members

to share their experiences, views

and knowledge through "Inspire and

Empower", a series By the Artists,

For the Artists in association with

ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.




"...she encourages and urges creative minds to start their journey..."

Page 57 | www.magzoid.com

Featured Artists

Artworks pictured

to the left:

Created by artist,

Shankar Jangid



Follow us on Instagram:


A Message to ARTOZE Community

“The Truth is that Teamwork is at the heart of Great Achievement”

We the ARTOZE community are with you supporting in every step of the

way. We help you on your journey so that you may raise yourself and in

turn help raise others in never ending ripple of togetherness and growth.

Your dream and goals, the obstacles you face and the amazing

achievements you accomplish are all part of your ARTOZE – Your Global Portrait of success. We at

ARTOZE are committed towards building this amazing and creative artistic community that helps

each other and also comes to be the support system for all the brands, corporates and SMEs

looking forward to growth with our innovative and strategic exclusive ideas of growth for you.

We are in it together. Let’s write a new chapter of Growth together.

With Warm Regards,

Aishi Bhattacharya

Regional Director


www.magzoid.com | Page 58


Blog Spot

Art Beyond Art Supplies

The COVID-19 has imprinted

major shifts in every aspect

of our lives, making up to the

changes that waved over and lending

a helping hand to one another has

become an important part in keeping

the world running in harmony amidst

all the other emergencies befalling

around us. The pandemic has made a

difference in the functioning of artists

in all fields, this has led to the

closing of museums, cancellation of

concerts and shoots, unavailability

of art supplies and street artists are

unable to perform on the sidewalks

due to the stay at home restrictions.

Being out of supplies or not having

the usual assets that help you

spread your wings of creativity

shouldn't hinder your artistic expression

on canvas or anywhere else for

that matter. Here are different ways

in which you can still be creative

with the resources you already have

lying around your house. Let's make

something extraordinary out of the


1Best out of waste

Bottles, CD's, plastic,

polythene bags, newspapers,

used sheets and

many more recyclable and reusable

materials occupy so much space in

our homes. Using these basic items

we can create wondrous artworks.

Children can also take up activities

like this which will instill the idea of

saving our nature, this will encourage

them to abide by the rules of the

four R's. Doing something creative

and sculpting artistic pieces out of

waste materials like old paintbrushes,

plastic and glass to place them

around your house gives a different

artsy and personalized vibe. This is

called 'junk art or 'recycled art'.

2Making textured


This is a fun activity everyone

has been this quarantine!

Making textured paper is worth

the effort as you have the choice to

create paper moulding to your preference

of thickness, colour, shape,

patterns and texture. This is how

you can make textured paper;

1. Soak small pieces of paper in

water overnight

2. Blend this mixture in a blender

(Optional- You can add colour)

3. Strain the pulp out into a mould

4. Leave it for drying overnight

5. And now you have them ready!

3Art with makeup

This is a major trend of this

decade, makeup is nothing

less than complicated

art supplies and you have yourself

as the canvas. Drawing illusionistic

and perspective art on yourself

with makeup has become the most

popular art and cosmetic trend on

social media platforms like Instagram

today. This requires hours of

patience and skill to work in intricate

details of the whole art. Most social

media influencers and makeup artists

have ventured into this form, it

is interesting to watch a video with

groovy soundtracks in the background

where artists are displaying

their skills in face art with makeup.


Makeup on paper

Makeup is also used to create

mesmerizing work on paper.

Making portraits of celebrities

and faces have quite caught the

interest of the Millenials. Exploring

new materials that express colours

apart from regular paints is definitely

a challenge and to be an expert

www.magzoid.com | Page 60


Blog Spot

in this category demands time and

effort. Using some red lipstick when

you run out of red paint isn't a bad

idea right?

and non-toxic too. All you have to do

is mix half a cup of flour, salt, water

and colour into the bowl and mix it

well to obtain the perfect consistency.

Follow us:



5Light watercolour


Going out of paints? Go for

this! Mixing excess water to

the paints to obtain more of one

shade is most useful when you are

out of stock. These paintings look

elegant and beautiful, they give a

subtle vibe of joy and is eye candy in

a living room of aesthetic furniture

and showpieces.

04 October

Its always about going out of your

usual ways to explore new mediums


and styles to work with colors and


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A rtist


See Michelle Gonzalez'’s

work on the following page!

“Inspire and Empower”

Featured artist - Mihcelle Gonzalez

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher

was once quoted saying,

“The aim of art is not to represent

the outward appearance of

things, but their inward significance.”

Apart from the superficial aspect of

art, it always holds a deep meaning

with its creator. A purpose, reflection

or a special message. The beauty

of art is when others viewing the

artwork can find this link, or have

their own interpretation of what it

means to them and use this to their

advantage. Use this perspective to

hone their own demons and bloom

their individualistic identities.

Art has been excessively used in the

field of psychology. From psychological

analysis to artistic therapy,

its benefits and contribution have

been seen on a large scale. Artistic

expression has been very useful to

those suffering from depression,

anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

etc. Art therapy can be valuable

in navigating anxiety. It can become

another healthy tool in our collection

whether you are suffering from

anxiety that is occasional or chronic.

One big benefit of art therapy is its

ability to calm the nervous system.

When we’re focused on creating, our

attention shifts away from worrisome

ruminations. For many artists,

holding on to these healing properties

of art is essential to their work.

Michelle Gonzalez is a Filipino artist

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living in the Philippines

itself. The main art form

that she specializes in is

watercolors. Her Instagram

page is a proof of

all her beautiful current

trends, ranging from

loose floral to botanical

watercolor. The lightness

and airiness of her

brush strokes can be

felt through her paintings.

With depictions of

birds to picturesque floral

paintings sprawled all

over her feed, it is truly a

sight for sore eyes.

Every artist wants to

send a message through

their art. To know that

someone out there

connects with your work and that

it helps them in some way is the

best gift one can receive. Her aim

is to inspire watercolor beginners

through her art, as well as those who

are using art to manage their stress

or anxiety, or use art as therapy for

mental or physical health.

Michelle has been painting with

watercolors since 2018. She painted

on sketchbooks almost every day

to learn more about the medium and

also to cope with her own stress

and anxiety. In 2019, a wonderful

miniature painter and modern cal-

Pictured above: Artist, Michelle Gonzalez

ligrapher, Niña Hidalgo, invited her

to have art challenges collaboration

with her and an amazing art supplies

business, Hue & Ai. This experience

motivated her to continue engaging

with her followers with more art

challenges. Later on, she found herself

connecting with more artists

and art brands. Latter part of 2019,

she started to teach on Skillshare

and it has been a remarkable journey

since then.

Self-perseverance and belief in

your abilities takes one a long way.

Michelle’s personal growth through-

“Inspire and Empower”

Artist Stories: Michelle Gonzalez

out her art journey is one that seeps

immense pride into her. She was not

fortunate to have support from her

parents to pursue her love for fine

arts when she was younger, and so

what she currently is and has, is

something that she never thought

she would achieve. At her age, she

never thought she would ever

become creative again. She thought

her skills were lost and is so glad

that she has evolved and improved

through the last couple of years. To

see that someone could rise up and

succeed despite the lack of support

from the strongest unit of family in

their lives, really sparks a flicker of

hope within people. Such stories

restore their belief and confidence

in their own skills.

During this pandemic, when hope

and motivation are on an all-time

low, Michelle along with Moonster

Handmade Leather and an art friend

who she greatly admires, has initiated

an art challenge to spread

positive messages for front liners

all over the world, #apartbuttogetherinart.

Through this art challenge,

artists were encouraged to post

their artworks dedicated to front

liners. The winner receives a prize

for themselves and another one for

the front liner of their choice. This

also ensures to create a priceless

support system between those who

are on the front lines and the rest of

us. It is a sense of appreciation and

gratitude, as well as a token for their

endless hard work and dedication to

saving lives.

Her message to other artists is

through commending everyone who

create artworks because this benefits

not just themselves but others

as well. Their commitment to creating

art not only gives them growth,

joy, and so many emotional, physical,

and psychological benefits, it also

gives everyone else the feeling of

wonder, inspiration, and joy. During

this chaotic time, they can use their

gift to spread positive energy into

this world.

Art gives students a unique perspective

into anything. It widens

their imagination, breaks boundaries

and enables them to go out of

the box. Her advice to students out

there would be to keep trying, never

think it to be too late to venture into

their artistic capabilities and realize

the power that art holds.

We encourage and highly appreciate

such actions where artists come

forward to stand along with the

other fellow community members

to share their experiences, views

and knowledge through "Inspire and

Empower", a series By the Artists,

For the Artists in association with

ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.




“...keep trying, never think it to be too late...”

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Blog Spot

Art During Covid

The legendary composer Duke

Ellington was famously quoted

saying, “A problem is a

chance for you to do your best.” Over

the course of these stagnant times

when productivity seems to be on

an all-time low and the urge to make

use of your talent and free time

is strong, small businesses seem

like an ideal thing. For beginner artists

this is a perfect opportunity to

gain more exposure and recognition.

It’s a way to develop your entrepreneurial

side, grow your art and

provide your graceful breathtaking

services at a small price. Especially

for artists or freelancers looking

out for work and experience, this

is a perfect time to expand your

business right from the comfort

of your homes. We have some tips

curated for you that could be a useful

boost to the start of a career.

2Passing on your knowledge

and lessons to others is

the greatest gift that we

ever in a growing creative market.

can give as a generation. It

also adds into the purpose of life

5Do you have a good eye for

of sharing and widening the skills

beauty in arts? Art dealers

and expertise of those around you.

find beautiful pieces of art in

Online classes and workshops are

order to sell them to various

a great way to do this. Whether

art enthusiasts. With dedication,

for kids or older age groups, it’s an

this business could grow allowing

amazing way for customers to learn

you to open your own art gallery,

new things over this period and it

while helping other artists get their

practices social distancing protocols


works noticed. Art dealers are as

much artists themselves.

3Handicrafts have been an

all-time favorite for artists,

whether its furniture, ornaments,

jewelry, household

items, fashion products, accessories

etc. They add an organic

touch and value as compared to

industrial or machinery produced

goods. People love having these

1What could be better than small souvenirs and gifting these

serving and having your own priceless beauties. During this time

contribution to this pandemic?

Many of us can’t be on it’s a perfect opportunity to work

where we’re stranded in our homes,

the frontlines protecting lives or

in positions that actively contribute

to regulating and saving lives,

on handicraft items and sell them

through online blog sites or other

social media platforms.

but all of us can play our own small

parts too. As artists, making equip-4It’ment and essentials with an artis-

there in business. Many com-

a competitive world out

tic twist needed during this crisis

panies, startups, and brands

can be a great contribution. Many

are now seeking help from

creators are coming up with making

affordable, breathable and stylish

face masks that fulfill the purpose

and add an element of beauty to it,

sort of lifting people’s spirits up too,

while they wear them.

‘creativity consultants’ for their skills

to find solutions and produce innovation.

As a creative consultant, your

job is to develop concepts, discover

ideas, and help business grow. Such

expertise is now needed more than

We hope that these gems of advice

have been of help and are looking

forward to seeing you come out

flourishing from this pandemic with

new ideas and progress in the artistic

as well as career-oriented facets

of your life.

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Up next award winners for classes 3 and 4

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