June 14, 2012 - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office


June 14, 2012 - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

June 14, 2012


Michael Wojciechowski Steven Oldroyd

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office captured two burglary suspects on the run

Wednesday evening near Niceville.

A deputy responding to a call of a prowler in progress around 7:20 p.m. June 13 th at

108 Antiqua Cove in Bluewater Bay arrived to hear the sound of breaking glass in the

rear of the house. He confronted two men carrying two bags who took off running in

different directions. He found a black Ford Ranger truck parked nearby and checked the

license plate. It returned to Steven Oldroyd, who matched the description of one of the


While other units arrived to help, a silver car came down the street at a high rate of

speed. The deputy recognized a passenger as Michael Wojciechowski, a known associate

of Oldroyd. A traffic stop was made and both Oldroyd and Wojciechoswki were

detained, along with the female driver. Wojciechoswki requested an attorney but Oldroyd

admitted to the burglary attempt.

21-year old Michael Steven Wofciechowski and 20-year old Steven Reese Oldroyd,

both of 4600 Range Road in Niceville are charged with burglary, possession of burglary

tools, trespassing, and criminal mischief.


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