New Fair Flowers Fair Plants results in participants - Danske ...

New Fair Flowers Fair Plants results in participants - Danske ...

PRESS RELEASE – Honselersdijk, 7 March 2011

New Fair Flowers Fair Plants results in participants & certification partners

Fortunately the market is getting more and more positive again and FFP bears the

fruits of this good development. Some new chains (Bellaflora and Florito), producers

and wholesalers in various countries have joined recently as FFP participant. In the

meantime on the production side FFP works together with 5 certification programmes,

equal to the FFP standard. This means an increase of participating producers (and

available assortment) at short notice. Due to the economic crisis and a lacking signal

of demand from the market unfortunately some growers and traders have left FFP.

However more new ones have joined and the overall picture is a growth of FFP

participants being positive and active in the market.

New possibilities for consumers in Germany and Austria

Bellaflora, a garden centre chain in Austria with 24 shops, has decided to start with the sales of FFP

plants. Within some weeks the consumer in Austria can find the plants in the shops.

The sustainable developments in Germany continue to increase and therefore also the interest in Fair

Flowers Fair Plants. The concrete result of this is the registration within FFP of the 43 shops of the

German florist chain Florito. Since December 2010 the shops are selling FFP roses from Ethiopia.

Also garden centre Dehner who started with their FFP sales in April 2010, is expanding their offer in

the shops with more labelled FFP plants. The plants come from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium

and Denmark. The positive attitude in the sector has been very noticeable at the IPM in Essen as well,

which ended in a lot of new and interested contacts for FFP.

More FFP products from growers and via new wholesalers

Besides the earlier cut flower expansion from Italy and Ecuador, FFP has experienced a lot of

movement at the German producers market. At the IPM 5 plant growers from the Gärtnersiedlung

and 3 production sites from Helix Pflanzen got their SQ-certification which now allows them to supply

under FFP. Also Bruns Pflanzen Export is an FFP producer supplying to a number of FFP traders.

To link the producers to the points of sale FFP is very happy to have welcomed new wholesalers

lately. Among these are Thomas Fleurs (with 7 C&C’s in France and Spain), Burger Pflanzen, Helix-

Pflanzen and Gärtnersiedlung Rain (Germany).

All actual FFP producers and traders are listed on the FFP website.

Certifications meeting the FFP standard

The FFP standard is based on the ICC (the International Code of Conduct) and environmentally equal

to MPS-A. Worldwide there are several certification programs focussing on sustainable aspects. Fair

Flowers Fair Plants wants to make it possible for producers to serve their customers without too much

certifications. Over the past years various certification programs have been compared to the FFP

standard and in the meantime accepted as approved certification schemes for FFP participation.

The FFP standard can be fulfilled with one of the following schemes:

MPS Socially Qualified (international), Fiore Giusto (Italy), Kenya Flower Council Silver Code of

Practice (Kenya), Forest Garden Products (Sri Lanka) and Control Union Fair Choice (international).

Also 2 other organizations have applied for a benchmark with the FFP standard. Positive

developments like these will bring forward a growth in the number of producers participating in FFP.

The increasing choice in approved certifications offers every producer the option to meet the FFP

standard, enabling him to supply his products under the label of FFP. This growing assortment of FFP

cut flowers and plants is awaited eagerly by the international trade.


Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP), P.O. Box 533, 2675 ZT Honselersdijk, The Netherlands

T +31 174 615 707 F +31 174 633 696 E

Note for the Editor:

More information via Fair Flowers Fair Plants,

Regina Dinkla

Operational manager

Co-financed with support from the

Horticultural Commodity Board

Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP), P.O. Box 533, 2675 ZT Honselersdijk, The Netherlands

T +31 174 615 707 F +31 174 633 696 E

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