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Here i am sharing best 3 free online tools, like age calculator, business name generator tool and salary calculator tool. All three tools are totally free and easy to use. By using of our free tools, people can calculate their salary, age and also they can create name for their business.

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Best Free Online Tools

Calculate An Age From Date of Birth…

Our age calculator is a free

online tool, where users can

quickly calculate their age. By

using our age calculator, you

can calculate the age of a

person and anything else, this

age calculator calculates age

from date of birth or any given

date, here you can quickly

calculate your age in terms of

years, months, weeks, days,

hours, minutes, and seconds.

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Free Business & Company Name


When you start a new

business, then most

important thing is create a

suitable name for your

business, because a business

or company name play an

important role in the success

of your business and your

company. You can use our

business name generator

tool to create a unique name

for your business.

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How to Calculate Your Biweekly Salary?

If you want to calculate

your salary that you get per

month or years without

through any calculation,

then you are going to need

a monthly salary calculator,

You can use our free salary

calculator which can be

calculate your salary or

wages in terms of monthly,

semi monthly, bi-weekly,


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Age Calculator

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Name Business Generator

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Salary Calculator

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