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to upskill




Leona Mbire

is heading for

New York

Artist wows international judges with her passion

STAR POWER: EL student Leona Mbire has been chosen to take part in the IMTA Convention in

New York City next year Picture: SUPPLIED


East London Secondary

School pupil Leona Mbire,

18, was recently selected

to take part in the International

Modeling and Talent

Association (IMTA) Convention

next year in New York City, US.

Mbire earned her spot after

excelling at the recent

International Arts Talent

Showcase (IATS), which took

place between October 29 and

October 31.

“I am very passionate about

singing and acting and have

always dreamed of becoming a

famous singer and actress, of

becoming one who would

inspire others to follow their

dreams no matter what

background they come from,”

Mbire said.

It was this dream that

inspired her to enter the IATS in

the first place.

“I auditioned for singing and

acting back in June. Due to

Covid-19, the auditions

happened over Zoom and it was

really exciting to get out of my

comfort zone and actually go

for it,” said Mbire.

Following her audition,

Mbire received a callback to

take part in the showcase and

performed for a panel of six

international judges.

“There I realised how much I

love the stage and how amazing

it felt to see people smiling and

cheering for me, especially my

f a m i l y,” she said.

She then received another

callback inviting her to the

IMTA Convention in 2021.

“I remember I had already

fallen asleep at the time so

everything only sank in in the


“I'm happy and proud that I

haae taken the step up. Now my

New York dream is about to

come true,” said Mbire.

She is currently raising funds

to cover the costs of attending

the convention in New York.

“Dreaming is really easy but

stepping up towards that dream

is the hard part.

“I have to prepare to be

better than ever and fundraise

more than before. It's going to

be a long journey but I'm

prepared for it all and I have

faith that God will answer my

p raye r e s ,” she said.

Those looking to help Mbire

raise money for the convention

can contact her at 064-418-

3072 or riambire@gmail.com.

On a mission to help local communities


The Small Projects Foundation

(SPF), based in Southernwood,

has been in operation for over

30 years and continues to

pursue its mission helping local


“It's core focus is to improve

the lives and livelihoods of poor

and disadvantaged communities

through empowering them with

knowledge, support and access

to services,” said SPF CEO Paul


SPF, said Cromhout, focuses

on four key fields: healthcare,

education, social services and

small enterprises.

“We look particularly at

primary healthcare in terms of

empowering poor people across

the Eastern Cape with

knowledge and information on

how to maintain their health

and stay healthy and thrive in

their communities,” Cromhout


For example, SPF has a

number of projects aimed at

preventing HIV/Aids

transmissions as well as

combatting the spread of TB.

In the education field, SPF

works alongside Masithethe

Counselling Services to provide

mental health services to


They have also partnered

with Norway-based investment

company Kistefos to provide a

number of projects such as the

Kistefos Sinako Academic and

Leadership Project, which aims

at empowering principals,

school governing bodies (SGBs),

management teams, staff,

learners and the community.

When it comes to supporting

small enterprise development,

Cromhout said they assisted in

offering micro-MBA training to

local businesses.

“It's a seven-module, fiveday

kind of training that helps

you identify what your market

is, what products you should be

selling, how much they cost,

what you should sell them for,

how to manager your money

and all those things,” he said.

“Many small businesses

have actually closed during this

Covid-19 time and we're now

supporting the restarting of

many of the surviving small

e n t e r p r i s e s .”

Finally, SPF supports a

number of programmes aimed

at assisting social services.

“We've got an emergency

response team of two social

workers who are available 24

hours a day and we've got a call

centre that benefits all of our

REACH OUT: Paul Cromhout,

Small Projects Foundation


b e n i f i c i a r i e s .”

To find out more about the

SPF, visit their website at

www.spf.org.za or contact their

call centre at 080-006-0010.

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EC premier

welcomes SAB


CROSSWORD number 1207

R30-million worth of medical supplies provided


Minister of health Zweli

Mkizwe has

welcomed a donation

by South African Breweries

(SAB) of R30-million worth of

medical supplies to the Eastern


The donation included

locally manufactured FF2P

medical grade masks and gloves

for surgery and general use.

Mizwe said the donation

came at an important moment,

given that Covid-19 cases are

seeing a sharp increase in the

p r ov i n c e .

“Our government is putting

in every effort ot protect the

nation against Covid-19. Now

more than ever, it's time for the

private sector to step up and

help flatten the curve wherever

it pops up,” said SAB corporate

affairs manager for the Eastern

and Western Cape Tinumzi

L u b e l wa n a .

“Only together can we beat

this pandemic.”

Lubelwana said SAB had

been approached by Eastern

Cape premier Oscar Mabuyane

to assist “in any way it could” in

combatting Covid-19.

“We jumped at the

opportunity to help the Eastern

Cape department of health.

Given the countless evidence

around the shortage of medical

equipment in the province, as a


Contact the News Desk on (043) 7022125 or e-mail: goexpress@arena.africa

by Monday 4pm in publication week


● U3A E.L. Writing Group –

Nancy Tietz. Starts 10am.

U3Ael is unable to hold face-toface

meetings and is offering a

wide and varied Zoom program

to members. Links will be

provided. New member’s

joining fee is R50 per year.

Enquiries: Gill: 083-651-7879

or u3ael2020@gmail.com

● U3A Overberg – Hermanus

Personalities – N i ch o l a s

Montserrat with Dr Robin Lee.

Starts 10am.


● CROQUET: Typos Croquet

Club's new playing times are

1.30pm Saturdays or 11am

Sundays and Wednesdays. Join

the team for a game;

alternatively Rob and Linda are

available for free training

sessions. Practise equipment

(mallets etc.) are available on

the day at no cost. For further

details call Linda 083 579 4085.

Covid-19 restrictions are

adhered to. Typos Club, Union

Avenue (next to Clarendon High

S ch o o l ) .

● Narcotics Anonymous. St

Nicholas Church, 22 Pell Street,

Beacon Bay. From 7pm to 8pm.

Call 083-900-6962

South African business we felt it

was our duty to answer the call.”

❝ Given the countless

evidence around the

shortage of medical

equipment ... we felt

it was our duty to

answer the call

● Gonubie Saturday Stalls at

BCM Building, Main Rd from

8.30am to 12.30pm. Variety of

pop up stalls. Browsers

welcome. Face masks essential.

● Christmas market at the

Dutch Reformed Church, Bonza

Bay. Quality and quirky stalls

booked with a variety of items

on display, all aimed to make

your early Christmas shopping a

fun experience. Please wear

your masks. For details contact



● At Kingsmall shopping centre

from 9am where you will find

delicious pancakes, homebaked

cakes, tarts and sweets,

knitted and crochet items,

Tupperware, mosaic and bead

work, fresh garden plants, a

variety of seedlings and many



p re m i e r O s c a r

Mabuyane and


minister Zweli

Mkizwe have

welcomed a

g e n e ro u s

donation of


equipment by

SAB. Pictured

is Frere

Hospital P i c t u re :


Mabuyane said he was

proud to see local businesses

helping their community.

“We know that SAB is part of

a world-wide corporation but

we knew we could rely on its

support when we needed it


“This equipment will go a

long way to ensure the integrity

of our health system is

maintained so we can look after

our people in their time of

n e e d ,” he said.

other special and reasonably

priced Christmas gifts.


● Gonubie Lions invite readers

to visit Kingsmall shopping

centre between 9am and 12pm

where we have a lovely display

of 172 paintings created by

talented local artists, as well as

interesting mosaic items that

will make unique and

reasonably priced Christmas

gifts. This exhibition is in aid of

the Carel du Toit Centre.


● Narcotics Anonymous. St

Nicholas Church, 22 Pell Street,

Beacon Bay, from 7pm to 8pm.

Call 083-900-6962.

● U3A Art Appreciation –

Howard Hodgkin. Starts 3pm.



Gonubie Lions

re p re s e n t a t i v e

Jeanette le

Roux, left, and

Carel du Toit

Centre project

manager and

principal Paula

Kumm. P i c t u re :


The winner of crossword # 1186 is: M e l i ssa

win a 1x 250g bag of coffee plus two free cappuccinos

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Send in a completed, correct crossword for a chance to

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‘Muddy’ water causing havoc

Discoloured tap water has KWT residents on full alert


Brown, gritty municipal

water coming out of King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town taps for a

week was caused by a new

chemical being introduced in

the treatment plant, according

to a Buffalo City Metro helpline.

Daily Dispatch tried hard to

get an official explanation from

BCM after residents went on the

alert for potential health


Guest house owners said

they were giving guests bottled

wa t e r.

West Bank, King William’s

Town resident Vuyo Mbetsha

said he had called the BCM

helpline in King William’s Town

and was told a new chemical

was causing problems with the

water quality.

Daily Dispatch called the

line and the woman who

answered at the number,

advertised by BCM for residents

to report leaks, said: “Yes, the

water is not clear.

“They have started using

new cleaning stuff, but it is not

working the same as the one


“You can drink it [water].”

Late on Monday, BCM

spokesperson Samkelo

Ngwenya responded to e-mails

and WhatsApp messages saying

there was nothing wrong with

the chemical treatment of the

water and that they had enough

chemicals in stock. Allegations

about insufficient chemicals

were untrue, Ngwenya said.

“As for the brown-coloured

water, this appears after a burst

and consumers are requested to

contact the depot and inform

the call centre as to which areas

are affected so as to address this

issue whenever they notice

changes in the water.

“Furthermore, municipal

employees are prohibited from

posting any municipal related

information on social networks.

“White-coloured water is an

indication of air in pipes and

this also will appear after a burst

and is the result of residual air

not purged from a pipe.”

Resident Dorcas Pillay did

not believe the water was


She said it had been

discoloured for weeks, but on

Monday February 10, it went

brown and stayed that way.

She said her domestic

I don’t understand

why it has gone on

for so long. We have

had no feedback

from BCM

helper, who lives in Ginsberg,

said the water was also brown


Pillay said: “I thought it

would rectify in a few days, but

it’s getting worse.”

She was finding sandy grit at

the bottom of her drinking


“My child would not eat my

potato salad; he said it had a

metallic taste.”

Tia der Ridder, owner of the

four-star 16-room Lavender

Guest House, said her percale

sheets came out “a brownish,

yellowish, orangey colour, like

sand and mud” after being

wa s h e d .

Expensive detergents and

additional water had to be used

to restore the sheets, “and we

are on water restrictions”.

Giselle Verwaaij, owner of

the four-star Glencoe Guest

House, said: “It has been very

brown since Wednesday.

“I tell guests, please don’t

drink the water. We supply

bottled water.

“I don’t understand why it

has gone on for so long. We

have had no feedback from

B C M .”

Amatola Mountain View

Guest House co-owner Pat

Speirs said: “My bath is brown;

we are not happy with this.

“I am not keen to drink the

wa t e r.”

Many of her guests, most of

them government officials, were

bringing their own bottled

wa t e r.

Connie Mazinyo posted on

Facebook that in the area near

the golf course, the water had

been brown since February 7.

Linda Logan, owner of an

aftercare centre in Alamein

Crescent, said: “We have 30

kids. For the past two weeks I

have told them they cannot

drink the water.

“I don’t want them getting

s i ck .

“We don’t know what to do.

We approached the

municipality over two weeks

ago but we are getting no help.”

Daleview resident Johan

Howes said the water had had a

brown tinge for some time.

“We use filtered water to

drink and brush our teeth. We

only shower in municipal

wa t e r.”

His WhatsApp

neighbourhood watch group

had sent out warning messages.

A reliable source at the King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town Pick n Pay said

the store had a large tank and a

backup (tank) which were being

drained by a sudden increase in


He said customers had been

queuing up “big time” to have

their bottles refilled.

“We have to keep a close

watch on the tanks to keep them

f i l l e d ,” he said.- Daily Dispatch

BAD TASTE: Residents in King William’s Town have raised

complaints about the quality of their water Picture: PIXABAY



PHONE (043) 743 2142



SATURDAY 8.30 AM – 11 AM

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FEELING FUNKY: The children at Grensies Petite Daycare recently celebrated their Funky Hair Day, with many bright and

colourful hairstyles proudly displayed Picture: SUPPLIED

SWIRL OF COLOUR: Sonwa Sakuba takes on the role of

Joseph in the classic family musical, ‘Joseph and the Amazing

Technicolor Dreamcoat’, by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd

Webber. It is presented by the Guild Theatre and Wela Kapela

Productions and will run from 15-23 December. It also stars

Kerry Hiles as the narrator and a talented cast of

performers. Read next week's GO! & Express to find out how

you can win tickets to see the performance at the EL Guild

Theatre Picture: ALAN EASON


In the words of Matthew

McConaughey: “Ladies… Fr o s t

Yo u r s e l ve s ! ”

GoIndustry DoveBid brings

you diamonds and jewels galore

this Christmas season for that

special someone who needs

spoiling after a turbulent 2020.

From one of South Africa’s

premier jewellery corporation

houses comes an avalanche of

exclusive investment quality

ladies’ jewellery — at

ridiculously reduced prices.

With over 500 magnificent

handpicked pieces to choose

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‘Frost yourself’ at upcoming live auction

looking for, at a fraction of the

price. We are delighted to be

able to offer high-end jewellery

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extensive collection of luxury

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This sale will be held via


online auction, closing on

December 8, on GoIndustry’s

global online marketplace,


Seize this unprecedented

opportunity — p u rch a s e

spectacular diamond and




Pick up some


jewellery at

the upcoming



auction P i c t u re :


tanzanite necklaces, tennis

bracelets, rings, pendants, and

earrings, as well as stunning

black diamond, sapphire and

precious stone jewellery items.

Highlighted featured items

include a breath taking 18K

white gold oval tanzanite and

diamond dress pendant,

exceptional tanzanite and

diamond pear shaped dress

earrings and a triple strand

diamond bracelet set in 18K

white and yellow gold claw


Buyers have the confidence

that all purchases are

accompanied by a certificate of

authenticity (COA).

Some exciting news for

buyers — the majority of these

items have no reserves and

therefore priced to sell. This

means that if you are the

opening bidder, you could be

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Bigger ticket items that have

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24 hours from the closing bell.

What happens when you

successfully win your bid?

Firstly, you congratulate yourself

on your new purchase! Once

we receive full payment, your

items will be delivered to your

door via secure courier, within

South Africa.

As part of our special service

offering, all purchases will be

couriered to you at no charge,

within South Africa.

International buyers will be

responsible for their own

courier costs.

In accordance with Covid-

19 health and safety regulations

as well as security and

insurance purposes, there

will be no physical viewing of

the stock prior to the auction


However, every piece will

be sold as per the lot catalogue

with extensive descriptions,

multiple high resolution

photographs and the COA,

giving our bidders a clear

picture of the magnificent items

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To browse and bid on this

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jewellery. For more information,

contact Philip Powell on

082 551 5654 or


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weighs options

after second

matric paper leak

Boost for EC’s

vehicle industry

Changing public perception of trade qualifications


The automotive industry in

the Eastern Cape is set to

receive a much-needed

boost following a partnership

between the Retail Motor

Industry Organisation (RMI)

and the German-bashed

Chamber of Crafts, Erfurt that

aims to drive vocational training

in the sector.

RMI CEO Jakkie Olivier said

the partnership formed part of

their commitment to further

developing the industry.

“Technological advances in

the automative aftermarket

sales, repair and maintenance

sector continue to provide

challenges for businesses to

attract staff with the right kind of

skills who can add value.

“The access to international

trends will be invaluable for our

apprentices, particularly in an

environment where skills are

valued and provide businesses

with a competitive advantage,”

said Olivier.

RMI training manager Louis

Van Huyssteen said the

upskilling of workers in the

automotive industry was


“This partnership will also

ensure the department of

higher education and training

TVET centres of specialisation


“Public and private

collaboration can ensure greater

success in the gradual

expansion of these centres into

other provinces,” he said.

According to Olivier, they

hoped to change public

perception of trade


RMI and the

Chamber of

Crafts, Erfurt

have joined

forces to



training in




Picture: FILE

qualifications and make them

more attractive to young

workers looking to start their

own careers.

“We will be working with

the Chamber of Crafts, Erfurt to

uplift the perception of skilled

crafts and we also want to see

far more women coming into

the profession.

“We are delighted with the

progress technical schools in the

Eastern Cape are already

making and our collaborative

partnership will give this

additional impetus,” he said.


Consternation greeted news of

the leak of a second matric

exam paper this week.

On Monday, the basic

education department

confirmed the physical science

paper 2 had been leaked. The

maths paper 2 was leaked last

M o n d ay.

The Public Servants

Association (PSA), which

represents thousands of

educators and administrative

staff at schools across the

country, said the leaks

“derecognised the hard work

done by educators to push the

syllabus and ensure that learners

are ready”.

The Eastern Cape manager

for the PSA in Mthatha, Thami

Makuzeni, said the leaks were

indicative of the pressures

Grade 12 pupils faced.

The National Association of

School Governing Bodies

(NASGB) described cheating as

“u n wa r ra n t e d ”.

NASGB Eastern Cape chair

Monga Peter said “whatever the

❝Whatever the

p re v a i l i n g

circumstances [that

would lead pupils to

cheat] as a

re s p o n s i b l e

organisation ... we

do not wish for any

form of cheating to

take place

prevailing circumstances” that

would lead pupils to cheat, “as a

responsible organisation... we

do not wish for any form of

cheating to take place”.

Provincial education

spokesperson Malibongwe

Mtima said the province had not

been left “unscathed” by the


“They have affected almost

all provinces. They were

identified in some social media

p l a t f o r m s ,” he said.

Mtima said the investigation

was at a “sensitive stage” and

more information would be

provided when possible.

On Monday night, national

basic education spokesperson

Elijah Mhlanga said the council

of education ministers held an

urgent meeting “to consider the

implications of the latest

developments with the leak” of

the two papers.

Mhlanga said the Hawks

would investigate the maths

paper 2 leak and that teams

would “recheck the security

systems” in all provinces.

The department said a

decision on whether all pupils

or only those in a circuit, district

or province would rewrite

maths paper 2 would be based

on the recommendation of the

investigative team.

Some maths experts warned

against ordering all pupils to

rewrite the paper.

Deonarian Brijall, a

professor of maths in the faculty

of applied sciences at the

Durban University of

Technology, said most learners

were not exposed to the leaked

paper and “should not [bear]

the brunt of a rewrite”. -


YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/Go&ExpressNewspaper

Win tickets to see Andre


Back by popular demand, East

London’s favourite Andre the

hilarious hypnotist will be back

in town for what will have to be

his absolute final visit here

before emigrating to the UK

next year.

He has squeezed in these

extra shows as a way of


thanking East Londoners for

their support – his previous

shows here were sell-outs

despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

He will be giving three more

performances at 7pm

nightly from Thursday

December 3 until Saturday

December 5.

If you missed him the last

time he was here, you have just


Watch Andre

the Hilarious

Hypnotist at

the East

London Guild

Theatre on


3-5 P i c t u re :



His way of thanking

East Londoners for

their support

these opportunities to see him

l ive , encouraging the comical

capers of participating patrons.

Tickets can be purchased

from Computicket and you also

have the chance to win one of

five sets of double tickets to the

opening show on Thursday

December 3, with thanks to the

East London Guild Theatre.

● To enter the competition, visit

www.goexpress.co.za and click

on the Events tab.

Entries close at 4.30pm on

Monday November 30 2020.

Winners will be notified by

December 2 by the GO! &

Express. Entrants qualify for

entry only if they haven’t won

any competitions with our

publication in the last

t wo m o n t h s .

The East London Guild

Theatre adheres to the required

Covid-19 health and safety

guidelines — no mask, no entry.

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The many histories of Black Friday

From discounts on slaves to post-Thanksgiving celebrations, the origin of big sale day is a puzzle


Once again, Black Friday

is upon us. While it’s

still an unofficial

“h o l i d ay ”, it seems fair to say

that it has firmly entrenched

itself in South Africa.

Like many of SA’s h o l i d ay s

not based on historical events –

Valentines and Mother’s / Fa t h e r ’s

Day and so on – it’s actually

borrowed from the US and its

history is rather interesting.

I say that because there is

actually no established history

out there.

All that exists is a bunch of

legends and hearsay, although

some do seem more likely than


For today, we’ll look at three

of the most popular ones.

The first is probably the

darkest of the lot.

The legend goes that Black

Friday got its name from 1800s

US when plantation owners

could buy slaves for drastically

reduced prices on the day after

Th a n k s g iv i n g .

Putting aside the rich

metaphorical potential in this

rumour, there are absolutely no

facts to back it up so we can

safely put it aside as just one

more bit of highly fictionalised

p o p h i s t o r y.

The second story is the

version often promoted by

retailers. According to this

version, Black Friday started out

as a kind of accounting in-joke.

After a year of running at a

loss (“in the red”), the post-

Thanksgiving sales gave

businesses a sudden surge in

profit (“in the black”).

While this is certainly a

more likely origin than the first,

it is equally lacking of a factual

basis. It makes for a nice

marketing one-liner but that’s

probably all it is.

The third story does have

basis in fact and is widely

considered to be true.

The term “Black Friday” wa s

first used in its modern context

by the police in Philadelphia,

SHOP TIL YOU DROP: Black Friday has a very interesting history Picture: PIXABAY

US in the 1950s to describe the

day after Thanksgiving.

On this day, hordes of

shoppers and tourists would

descend on the city for the

annual Army versus Navy

football game.

Needless to say, this placed

incredible strain on the police

force every year, hence the term.

The problem was so bad that

in 1961, a number of Philly

businesses tried to

unsuccessfully re-brand the day

as “Big Friday” but that never

s t u ck .

However, the term “B l a ck

Fr i d ay ” didn’t catch on in SA

until nearly 30 years after its


In the late 1980s, businesses

finally succeeded in flipping

Black Friday’s reputation,

turning it from a derogatory

term for one city’s logistical

nightmare to a special day

dedicated to shopping till you


The rest, as they say, is

h i s t o r y.

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Stay safe while

out shopping

Be on guard against increase in theft, shoplifting


The festive shopping

season is here and in

addition to the necessary

health and safety precautions

neccessitated by the ongoing

Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers

will also need to be on their

guard against the increase in

theft, shoplifting and similar

crimes that usually follows this

time of year.

“With the festive season

approaching, shopping centres

will be busy regardless of the

negative effects of Covid-19 on

the economy and consumers'

p o ck e t s ,” said Fidelity Services

Group head of marketing and

communications Charnel


According to Hattingh,

shopping centres are an

especially tempting target for

criminals for a number of


For one, the large crowds

that fill these centres, especially

during the festive season, are an

advantage to criminals since it

makes it easy for them to blend

in and escape detection.

People are also often

distracted while they shop, and

sometimes don't notice that

they've been robbed until it is

too late.

Parking lots also provide

plenty of opportunities for

would-be thieves, whether its to

case a potential victim or

secretly jam the locks of cars to

gain access to their contents.

Hattingh urged shoppers to

be careful when out and about.

“Remain on guard at all

times while shopping, be aware

of who is around you and

especially keep your children

and valuables safe,” she said.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Shopping centres are a target for criminals as the large crowds that fill

them, especially during the festive season, allows thieves to blend in and escape detection.

Picture: PIXABAY



Black Friday 20% off any purchase.



Mathew: 083 379 9166




QUIGNEY 071 671 8852

Black Friday Opening Prices:









622 - R980

628 - R980

631 - R800

639 - R1050

638 - R1050

650 - R1340

657 - R1460

658 - R1460

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Win autographed copy

of local author’s book

The Campbells will hold two talks at St Nicholas United Church, Beacon Bay


Artist, cartoonist and

author Elizabeth (Liz)

Campbell (née

Robertson) is the author of two

books despite being dyslexic.

The first is The Choice wh i ch

she describes as “a roller coaster

journey of gut-wrenching

choices, wavering faith, reasons

for compromise while staying

true to myself with far-reaching

c o n s e q u e n c e s .”

Her husband, Jamie,

said: “Liz’s humour makes her

tragic testimony and teachings

very palatable. Her second

booklet and DVD called

Shabbat Shalom and all that

Jazz — What ’s it got to do with

me? is a classic example, all the

while bringing understanding

and preparing God’s people for

His imminent return and how

we all, Jews and Gentiles,

belong together in our crazy

wo r l d .”

Born in Queenstown and

raised in East London, Campbell

has strong ties to Cambridge

High, Clarendon High School

for Girls and Stirling Primary

Schools and is looking forward

❝ Through laughter and

tears, she shares the

mysteries, hidden

from past

generations, about

Jesus’s Hebraic


to catching up with those who

know her and also to making

new acquaintances when she

and Jamie present two talks

there in December.

The talks will take place at St

Nicholas United Church,

Beacon Bay on Thursday

December 10 and will run from

6.45pm until 8.30pm and

Saturday December 12 from

7.30pm until 9.30pm.

There is no cover charge.

Thursday night’s topic of

“The Choice – Testimony Night”

will be presented in a manner

that is guaranteed to have you

laughing and crying.

“On the Saturday night, the

topic will be ‘Preparing the

Bride – Jew and Gentile.’ I will

explain how God’s blended

family, Jew and Gentile, can at

long last become one in Christ

before our King’s approaching


“This is an essential topic to

understand in these

unprecedented end times.”

Humorous storytelling,

blatant honesty and being as

vibrant as her paintings ensures

that her talks are a fascinating

and challenging experience few

will ever forget.

“Through laughter and tears,

she shares her story plus the

mysteries, hidden from past

generations, about Jesus’s

Hebraic narrative — a side of

the coin that sadly gets

neglected but once explained,

as Liz uniquely does — that life

and revelation are its fruits,”

Jamie guarantees.

Her books and artworks will

be on sale and she and Jamie

look forward to seeing you


Due to Covid-19 protocol,

seating is limited, so it is advised

that you book soon for what

promises to be life-altering and

inspirational talks.

Contact Neil at

neilnewman7@gmail.com or

073 931 7203 to book your




Brown will take over as

principal of St Christopher’s

Private School – Kidd’s Beach

next year Picture: SUPPLIED



Stand a chance of winning an

autographed copy of one of Liz’s


Simply e-mail the answer to

the question below to

gocontests@arena.africa with

the subject line WIN A BOOK

● What is the title of Liz



Campbell is the

author of two

books despite

being dyslexic.

The first is ‘The

Choice’ which she

describes as ‘a

roller coaster

journey of gutw

re n c h i n g

choices’ P i c t u re :


Campbell’s first book?

Please include your full

name and daytime contact

phone number.

The winner will be notified

by the GO! & Express before

Thursday, December 4. They

would also need to have prebooked

for one or both of the

talks and must be in attendance

to receive their prize in person.

Action plan

to assist


p re v e n t i o n

in schools


In order to promote crime

prevention in South African

schools, the Safer South Africa

Foundation (SSAF) recently

launched the

Yo u t h 4 S a f e r S o u t h A f r i c a

initiative in seven provinces,

including the Eastern Cape.

The initiative is part of their

Criminal Justice Programme

(CJP) and is being run in

partnership with the Training

Firm (TTF).

Yo u t h 4 S a f e r S o u t h A f r i c a

offers a number of training

courses that focus on

leadership, public speaking and

speechcraft. The programme is

based on Zoom to help reach

learners in rural areas.

At the time of writing, over

70 schools were involved, with

over 5,000 learners taking part.

So far, 175 learners have

completed the 11-session

p r o g ra m m e .

According to SSF CEO Riah

Phiyega, they will be running

their training workshops until

December 12 with an interprovincial

virtual debate

capping it all off.

Phiyega said a diverse

selection of topics are debated

during the programme, such as

substance abuse, gender-based

violence and bullying.

“We believe that children

are citizens too and they have a

role to play in the fight against

crime. With this debate, we will

be able to explore the creative

ideas the learners have to fight

crime and come with new

innovative crime prevention

m e t h o d s ,” he said.


Dynamic new principal for St Christopher’s Private School — Kidd’s Beach


St Christopher’s Private School

in Kidd’s Beach is proud to

announce the appointment of

Jocelyn Brown as principal from

January 2021.

Brown has been involved in

education for over 20 years.

After matriculating from

Queenstown Girls’ High

School, she obtained a BSc Joint

Honours degree from Rhodes

University in Grahamstown. She

then went to the UK to work and

to travel the world. After

teaching at a US summer camp,

she decided that she wanted to

become a teacher and did her

Post Graduate Certificate in

Education at Cambridge

University in the UK.

St Christopher’s Private School


Palm Springs Road, Kidd’s Beach Green Estate

Tel: 043 555 0345 | Fax: 086 683 2584

E-mail: admin@stchriskb.co.za

We are excited to announce the appointment of

Ms Jocelyn Brown as our new Principal.

With her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge

we look forward to being of service to our community.

35 years at the forefront of low-fee, quality private education

“We aspire to inspire beyond limits”

LEADER: Jocelyn

Brown will take over

as principal of St

Christopher’s Private

School – Kidd’s

Beach next year


She taught at numerous

schools in the UK before

returning to South Africa. Her

portfolio ranges from Head of

Humanities to Head of House

and Head of Grade.

She has coached numerous

sports such as tennis and

swimming, taken school

expeditions to a variety of

countries such as Iceland,

Croatia and Borneo and been in

charge of a number of cultural

activities such as Interact and an

Overseas Exchange Programme.

She was a matric exams

marker for the Independent

Exam Board for a number of

years, organised a National

Geography Conference and

updated the matric geography

syllabus for 2Enable during

l o ck d ow n .

Although she has taught a

variety of subjects such as

history and English as a foreign

language, her passion lies with

physical geography and

m a p wo r k .

She has taught the full age

range from Grade 5 to Grade

12, including A levels and the

International Baccalaureate.

She is also passionate about

Thinking Skills and making

learning more accessible to

students through a range of

audio, visual and kinaesthetic

teaching techniques.

She has travelled the

world and lived in a variety of

places but is returning to the

Eastern Cape, ready to make a

difference in education in

our area.

Her vision for St

Christopher’s Private School is

to assist in making it a top, selfsustaining,


friendly school offering a variety

of sports.

She would like to see

better communication and

engagement with the local

community so that together we

can make a difference in our

local children’s lives.

❝ Brown has

travelled the

world and

lived in a

variety of

places but is

returning to

the Eastern

Cape, ready to

make a

difference in

education in

our area

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Valid until

2 Dec 2020

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Adventure awaits

you at Christmas

market at Hope


Situated just off Voortrekker Road in

Summerpride is Hope School, an

independent Christian school whose

name couldn’t be more fitting.

“Constrained by the love of Jesus,

we want to see the brightest possible

future for children who are infected,

affected or orphaned by HIV/Aids”

— this is Hope Schools’ vision


The NPO-registered school offers

a holistic approach to its needy 281

pupils through the provision of

quality education, school

transportation, nutrition as well as

emotional and spiritual care which is

not limited to the classroom.

As with the majority of schools,

sufficient funding plays a pivotal role

in their success at

providing scholastic essentials as

well as extras that Hope Schools has

to give its pupils to ensure they are

able to attend school and function at

their best.

However, the Covid-

19 pandemic dealt fundraising

efforts a tremendous blow and as a

result they have had to evolve their

fundraising events to make up the

deficit as much as possible.

One such event is the original

Hope Christmas Fair which has been

renamed the Hope Adventure Mile

and Market. The event has been

sponsored by Vodacom4U in Berea,

for which the school is extremely

g ra t e f u l .

The revised format promises to

add fun and excitement to the festive


While the market, which will be

held in the recently completed

school hall, is sure to provide

opportunities to purchase unique

Christmas gifts and an assortment of

other wonderful goodies, the

Adventure Mile is set to challenge

participants both mentally and

p hy s i c a l l y.

Teams of four to five members

are welcome to enter the race which

will consist of a combination of

obstacles, strength and endurance

challenges, logic puzzles, teamwork

tasks and rock climbing.

The adventure is suitable for

young and old, experienced or

inexperienced persons.

“It's a race against the clock, with

each team working together to

conquer the course as quickly as

possible and claim the title,” said

Hope Schools representative Evette

Jo u b e r t .

“In order to limit numbers on the

course, each team will be given a



Adventure Mile and Market on

December 15 promises fun for all


specific time slot and there will only

be one group on each part of the

course at once. This leaves you and

your group free to enjoy the day

without worrying about social

distancing from other racers.

“Simply register, pay the entry

fee, show up 10 minutes before your

time slot and get ready to race.”

Both the Adventure Mile and

Market Day will take place at the

school premises, which is just west

of Johnson & Johnson, on Saturday

December 5 starting from 8am and

9am respectively.

Entry tickets to the market are

R10 per person while the entry costs

for the Adventure Mile are R50 per

adult and R25 per child under 12

years of age. You can register and

view the course at https://forms.gle/

E S X j d C c q A 9 T 3 nv i n 8

Covid-19 regulations will be in

place, so bring your mask.

To book a stall or to purchase

tickets to this event, contact Jess on


BCM joint action

a huge success

Cattle impounded,

taverns closed and

suspects arrested


Amulti-disciplinary joint operation

between Buffalo City Metro

Inland and the South African

Police Services conducted in King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town over the weekend

yielded many successes.

A total of 137 people were searched

during stop-and-search operations, 18

cattle were impounded, three taverns

were closed due to non-compliance on

Covid-19 regulations and five suspects

were arrested for driving under the

influence of liquor, dealing in dagga,

possession of drugs and possession of an

unlicensed firearm and ammunition

r e s p e c t ive l y.

King police station commander

Colonel Nomvuyo Mrwebi said the

operation formed part of their safer

festive season initiative and will

continue until next year.

“We want to send out a message that

criminals beware and we won’t tolerate

any form of criminal activities during

this festive season,” said Mrwebi.

King community police forum

chairperson Desmond Coetzee

commended all stakeholders involved in

the operation on a job well done.

“Our communities need to be safe,


LEADING BY EXAMPLE: King police station commander Colonel Nomvuyo

Mrwebi, right, and visible police head Luitenant-Colonel Kumbulani Bhele

checking a trolley during an operation over the weekend Picture: SUPPLIED

have the right to live in peace and

harmony so I welcome these operations

and my desire is that it could be done

more regularly,” said Coetzee.

All suspects appeared in the King

magistrate court on Monday.

GOING TO WASTE: A small lake and stream form on the corner of Derby Road and Tecoma Street in Berea. According

to residents, the problem has been going for a number of months with no repairs being attempted. According to BCM

spokesperson Luxole Komani, the issue is caused by a blocked drain and they were working to fix it. He urged residents

to report any water-related issues to the appropriate call centres: Coastal: 043-705-9234/5/6; Midland: 043-705-9860/1;

Inland: 043-050-5682/3/4 Picture: MATTHEW FIELD

Christmas Greetings

The Go!&Express will be publishing a special page for businesses to publish

their Christmas Greetings and trading hours. Each advert will be a set size/

format and in full colour - the price will be R529 incl. It will appear in the

paper on Thursday 17 December 2020.

Phone Cheryl Larsen 082 432 5665 or Yaneliseka Dyomfona 061 214 0184

to place your greetings.

Our last edition for 2020 will publish on Tuesday 22 December.

Friday 18 December and will reopen on Monday 11 January 2021.

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PEACE AND QUIET: It's a calm day at the Quinera Lagoon Picture: MILIND CHITNIS

Penny’s project to help many

PNA Stationers EL’s back-to-school colouring-in competition is on


Penny, the monkey mascot

of PNA Stationers East

London, has a project

with which everyone can

help, regardless of their age.

Annually, Penny has a backto-school


competition for young children

and simultaneously runs a

community campaign.

Pe n ny ’s Project is about

collecting new and pre-loved

stationery and story books

for needy children in our

c o m m u n i t y.

Contributions can be

handed in at PNA Stationers, 98

Old Transkei Road,

Nahoon during their normal

trading hours and donations

received will be given to a

designated charity or charities in

the new year.

The colouring-in form as

well as competition information

can be found in the GO! &

Express on select Thursdays

until January 21, 2021.

Children, aged between 4

and 9 years of age on January 1,

2021 are invited to take

advantage of their limitless

imagination and can enter

as many times as they would

like to.

“Giving is great and sharing

is caring,” says Penny. So get

colouring-in, children!



monkey mascot

Penny and their

Superhero Squad at

the presentation to

East London Child

and Youth Care

Centre of donated

stationery items

earlier in the year

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View our full range online @ www.bradlows.co.za

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13:00. All products & prices are subject to stock availability & price fluctuation – E&OE • *CREDIT TERMS • When applying for credit please bring your ID-Book, latest

pay-slip, 3-months’ bank statements & proof of insurance (if you have your own) • INTEREST RATE FROM 14.25% PA, 10% DEPOSIT, INSTALMENT & CREDIT PRICE

MAY VARY BY CREDIT PROFILE & LOAN TERM. The participant must have qualified for a 0% interest, 6 (six) months term loan that is subject to participant’s risk

profile and affordability assessment. Connect Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Reg no.: 2018/431596/07) a registered Credit Provider (NCRCP11158) trading as Bradlows,

Abacus Life Ltd and Abacus Insurance Ltd.

**LAY-BY TERMS • Up to 12 months’ interest free • Lay-by is not available on items of less than R500 • Requirements - ID-Book/ Passport and R100 deposit.

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Beauty Clinic Gift Vouchers

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Support local. 12

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E: dyomfanay@goexpress.co.za

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150,000kms. Tel 043

748 3721 Michael


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Music by Ian H

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Derek 082 557 4099.


Repair / Services


Fridge, stove, etc. All

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Free call out. Call or

WhatsApp Reggie

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of fridges on site.

Hendrik 072 368 3030.


& services. All makes.

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746 6023.


Misc. Wanted





078 218 6112 (SAVE THIS NUMBER)

WANTED: Looking for a

copy of "Frontiers:

Evolution of South

African Society" by Noel

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Building Services




Employment Offered


Misc. Wanted

LEE- buy quality

used clothing, bedding,

linen, curtaining, shoes

and much more. Tel:

Lee-Anne 081 789 1291 /





Accomm. Off / Wtd



flats To Let or For Sale.

Persons between 50-80.

Call Elaine from 8-2pm

043-7029800 Prices have

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Employment Offered












The nostalgic

memories we

store away

In my last piece (‘Childhood games

then and now’, GO! & Express,

November 19), I mentioned how

much I had enjoyed the IPL cricket

tournament coverage from the

United Arab Emirates, the big hitting

of highly paid international batsmen

and the astonishing talent of the up

and coming Indian youngsters.

We saw some lightning-fast

bowling and some sickening blows

which felled a number of batsmen

during the course of the tournament.

From time to time there was also

talk of the “throat ball”, a fast delivery

rising sharply off the pitch and aimed

at the region of a batsman’s throat.

It’s a nasty missile intended to

intimidate, which if struck where

intended could seriously injure or

even prove fatal. The batsman has to

be very aware.

The tragic passing of Australian

cricketer Phillip Hughes several years

ago when he was fatally struck by

such a delivery brought to mind a

similar, but mercifully not fatal,

incident which befell Natal cricket

captain Berry Versveld some 50 odd

years ago. I remember doing a story

on the incident, which happened in

the pre-helmet days.

A short-pitched ball pole-axed the

helmetless Versveld and the event, I

seem to recall, led to the introduction

of a rudimentary type of head

protection for batsmen.

Versveld survived the dreadful

blow and went on to a successful

business career.

For something to do in this

capricious weather, I looked for the

article in old files located in the space

above the built-in cupboards in our

bedroom, but to no avail.

As this particular event happened

all those years ago, I am not

surprised. Have you ever tried to find

something six month’s old, never

mind an item going back more than

50 years?

Anyway it was an opportunity to

❝ Then in a fluff of ancient

dust, I came across a

tattered old rugby

photograph in the

accumulated junk... It

depicted a rugby team

for which I played some

60 years ago



Charles Beningfield

stay indoors and clear away some of

this hoarded sediment of time.

Needless to say I was distracted

and failed miserably.

I am afraid I have not the quality

of non-attachment required for this

type of work.

For most of the time I was

overcome by sentimentality while

browsing through this archaic

assortment of clutter. It is really

amazing the unlikely lumber a man

gathers in his journeying.

Here is a picture of the school

Under 15 cricket team and there we

are, third from the right in the second

row. Lying there are the letters written

to mom from boarding school. How

can we burn them now?

Then in a fluff of ancient dust, I

came across a tattered old rugby

photograph in the accumulated junk

which brought back nostalgic


It depicted a rugby team for which

I played some 60 years ago when

working for the Weekend Post in Port


Next to me was a colleague I

remember being badly injured in a

match. We met up some 20 years

later when we both worked at The

Rep in Queenstown (Komani). He

still walked with a limp.

He is sadly long dead now, along

with several other members of that

rugby team, all sitting in that faded

photo with arms folded, so young, so

full of the joys of living.

There it reposes at the bottom of a

battered old trunk long forgotten

among other pathetic relics of our

past - a stark reminder not only of the

perils of manly sport but that life is

short - enjoy it while you may, it’s

later than you think.

Ta i l p i e c e :

A letter home from a teenage boy

in his first term at boarding school:

“Send some food, they only serve

three meals a day here.”

AFTERMATH: A storm passes over Gonubie Picture: YVONNE DE WET

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What can

men do to

help end



16 Days of Activism against GBV provide us

with an opportunity to reignite hope


Sixteen Days of Activism

against gender-based

violence (GBV) is here.

While many of us are

starting to lose hope that the

scourge of violence against

women will ever end, the next

16 days provide an opportunity

to reignite some of that hope,

reimagine new strategies and

remind those oblivious few just

how bad things are for the

women of South Africa.

The brutal rape and murder

of Uyinene Mrwetyana shook

the nation.

Protestors flooded the

streets, mourners stretched from

Cape Town as far as East London

and it was a shocking moment

of reflection for us as a nation.

Fear among women grew

with the #AmINext campaign.

Women were reminded of just

how vulnerable they were.

As for men, they were

reminded that she was

someone’s daughter in an

attempt to try and rationalise

with the male brain.

Having to remind men that

she was a man’s daughter in an

attempt to humanise her as if

being a woman is not enough

for the sympathy of a man.

To have to relate her to a

man in an attempt to get men to

be upset with the situation

shows just how deep patriarchy

and toxic masculinity runs in

South African men .

This murder and the protests

that followed occurred last

August. What has happened

since then?

Foundations have been laid

and harsher punishments for sex

offenders have been announced

by the presidency.

However, rape is on the rise

and femicide is still happening.

It is not safe for women in

South Africa. We cannot blame

women for feeling unsafe.

It is men that committed

53,293 rapes between April 1,

2019 and March 31, 2020.

And let’s not forget the

drastic increase reported during

the level 5 national lockdown.

Uynene is just one of the


There were 53,292 other

rapes and acts of violence

against women and there are an

unknown amount of unreported

crimes because the survivors of

rape are simply too afraid to

report crimes or don’t get the

services that they need.

Some men still feel that

movements like #MenAreTrash

and #AmINext are uncalled for,

but what else can women do to

bring awareness to this scourge,

to end this pandemic?

Women are screaming for

men to stop the violence against

women and children.

Men simply need to do

better. But what can we as

men do to fight this scourge?

Here are 10 things men can

do to end men's violence

TAKING A STAND: There have been many protests against

the abuse of women and children, such as this march from the

Museum to City Hall to hand over a memorandum to the MEC

for Social Development Picture: MARK ANDREWS

against women:

● Acknowledge and

understand how sexism, male

dominance and male privilege

lay the foundation for all forms

of violence against women.

● Examine and challenge our

individual sexism and the role

that we play in supporting men

who are abusive.

● Recognize and take a stance

to end violence against

wo m e n .

● Remember that our silence is

affirming. When we choose not

to speak out against men’s

violence, we are supporting it.

● Educate and re-educate our

sons and other young men

about our responsibility in

ending men’s violence against

wo m e n .

● Break out of the “man box”

— challenge traditional images

of manhood that stop us from

actively taking a stand to end

violence against women.

● Accept and own our

responsibility that violence

against women will not end

until men become part of the

solution to end it. We all must

take an active role in creating a

cultural and social shift that no

longer tolerates violence against

wo m e n .

● Stop supporting the notion

that men’s violence against

women is due to mental illness,

lack of anger management

skills, chemical dependency,

stress, masculinity and so

on. Violence against women is

rooted in the historic oppression

of women and the outgrowth of

the socialisation of men.

● Take responsibility for

creating appropriate and

effective ways to develop

systems to educate and hold

men accountable.

● Create systems of

accountability to women in

your community. Violence and

discrimination against women

will end only when we take

direction from those who

understand it most....women.

Now is the time for men to

take responsibility, now is the

time for men to do the necessary

work to make South Africa safer

and now is the time for men to

be men and not monsters.

Liam Parrish is a counsellor

at Masithethe Counselling

Services. Masithethe

Counselling Services (formerly

LifeLine East London) has been

offering confidential and free

counselling to residents of the

Buffalo City Metropolitan

Municipality since 1985.

Contact number: 043-722-

2000 or WhatsApp 084-091-


MAKING A SPLASH: Merrifield College head of waterpolo Luvuyo-Takalani Rubushe has been

selected as the National Senior Men’s assistant coach for the South African team that will head

to the Olympics next year. The national sides head to the squad’s training camp in Stellenbosch

from December 11 to December 14 to continue preparations for the 2021 Olympic Games



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Water woes in King PAGE 12 Merrifield coach makes it big PAGE 15



twist to



The celebrated annual Berlin November

traditional horse racing event will still happen

this year, but with a few Covid-19 twists — first,

there will be no horses and second, it will not

be held in Berlin.

The event attracts thousands of traditional

horse racing fans every year.

This year, the seventh edition, will be held at

East London’s Jan Smuts Stadium on November

28, and it will have a special focus on charity.

The show will take the form of an exclusive

charity hospitality event that will feature a race

day fashion show, live music, an auto show, and

all-day hospitality for 400 lucky partygoers.

Organiser Luthando Bara told the Dispatch

that though regretfully there would be no horse

racing at this year’s event, all funds raised would

be donated to the traditional horse racing

community “to stage races in their own areas”

or to choose how to “alleviate the effects of

C ov i d - 1 9 ”.

Bara said the event would be broadcast live

on the Berlin November social media pages.

He said the 400 revellers would need to

observe social distancing while enjoying the

f e s t iv i t i e s .

“Instead of horse racing, the big treat will be

a brand new auto-show concept designed to

entrench the positioning of the Eastern Cape as

a key destination for auto manufacturing,” said

B a ra .

He said it was all systems go for the event.

“As a socially responsible company, we felt

we ought to respond to the clarion call by

President Cyril Ramaphosa to honour and

remember all those who have succumbed to

Covid-19, as well as to the growing scourge of

attacks on women and children.

“The president and his cabinet have called

for a week of national mourning from

November 25 to November 29 for the lives lost

to both pandemics and we wanted to amplify

the awareness of both issues and use this

popular platform to augment the ongoing fight,”

he said.

“We will allocate 30 minutes of the day’s

programme to these causes.”

Bara confirmed that, for the first time since

the event’s inception, it would feature only top

artists born and bred in the Eastern Cape.

The headlining acts would be Zahara, Naaq

Music and Nathi, as well as a host of talented

local artists.

“Event-goers will be required to wear masks

as part of their fashion plan for the day and

complete a compulsory Covid-19 health

questionnaire before being allowed into the

ve n u e .

“And the fun-filled weekend will also feature

an All Black themed afterparty that will take

place at OhMi at Hemingways Mall on

November 29, in keeping with the tradition of

the event,” said Bara. — D i s p a t ch L I V E

Instead of horse racing, the big

treat will be a brand new

auto-show concept

2021 Kearsney Rugby

Festival teams named


College from

Makhanda on

the roster for the

first time


The teams for the 2021

Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival

have been announced, with

three new schools being added to

the roster.

Two of the new schools,

Michaelhouse and Hilton College,

are from KwaZulu-Natal while the

third school, Kingswood College, is

from Makhanda.

They will join traditional

Kearsney rivals Martizburg College

and Glenwood High School from

KwaZulu-Natal, Hoërskool Dr EG

Jansen and Pretoria Boys High from

Gauteng, Hoërskool Noord-Kaap

from the Northern Cape and Eastern

Cape-based Selborne College, Dale

College and Hoërskool Framesby.

Next year's festival marks a

special occasion, since it is also

hosts Kearsney College's centenary

ye a r.

“We are delighted that schools,

both independent and State, drawn

from across the country, have

accepted the invitation to celebrate

Kearsney's centenary year with us at

this festival,” said Kearsney

headmaster Elwyn van den

A a r dw e g .

“The different styles of play that

characterise each participating

school will ensure that every fixture

is set up to produce thrilling contests

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in the finest traditions of schoolboy

r u g by.”

The 2020 festival was cancelled

due to the outbreak of Covid-19 but

organisers say that preparations are

undeway to ensure the 2021

centenary is “commemorated in


In addition to the Easter Rugby

Festival, special events planned


Go!&Express subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African

Print and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair

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or lodge a complaint on our website: www.presscouncil.org.za

include 24-hour inter-house sports

challenge, a relay marathon reading

of the New Testament in the

Kearsney Chapel, an outdoor

musical proms event featuring old

boy musicians and performers, a

Centenary Ball, with the year’s



The 2021

Kearsney Easter

Rugby Festival

will coincide

with Kearsney




Pictured is

Selbone flanker

Jarrod Taylor at

the 2019

festival P i c t u re :


celebrations culminating in a 140km

Kearsney Epic, a relay run from the

chapel at Kearsney College in

Botha’s Hill to the chapel at Old

Kearsney, near Stanger on the KZN

North Coast, where the College

started in 1921.

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