August 19, 1955 10:15 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]

Chelford, United Kingdom [53N16 2W16]

The Sun 26 Leo 06'11" 4th house

The Moon 22 Vir 34'06" 5th house

Mercury 9 Vir 41'52" 5th house

Venus 22 Leo 41'42" 4th house

Mars 25 Leo 12'04" 4th house

Jupiter 14 Leo 30'55" 4th house

Saturn 15 Sco 17'59" 7th house

Uranus 29 Can 43'46" 3rd house

Neptune 25 Lib 57'06" 6th house

Pluto 26 Leo 27'36" 4th house

North Node 24 Sag 23'07" 8th house

Your Ascendant

Your Midheaven

3 Tau 57'46"

12 Cap 49'02"

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 1 of 63

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 2 of 63

Welcome to 2021

A very warm welcome to your exclusive Personal Horoscope for 2021! Congratulations on discovering your route

throughout the year. You have in your hands your ultimate personalised guide to the whole of the coming year. I hope

you refer to your horoscope each day and that it brings you more insight into the events that unfold in your life during

the course of 2021.

I want you to have more control and to plan ahead so that you can get more out of every area of your life -

relationships, finances, career, and more!

Your year ahead guide starts off with your sun sign overview of 2021; for Life, Love, Luck and Loot, then we jumpstart

each month with your sun signs Monthly forecast. Your monthly forecast is a brief overview of everything that is

majorly happening in your sun sign for the month.

The meat of your report is a day-by-day personal horoscope. Calculated from your unique time, place and date of

birth - your personal prediction for the day is for you alone! To add to the daily diary feel, each day comes with daily

influences that gives you at a glance, instant insight into the highs and the lows of the most important areas of your

life. Each category is given a percentage score for that day so that you can evaluate your upcoming day quickly and

precisely! Combined with your personal prediction - this is a powerful tool!

Here's a quick tip: it will help you to group the percentages as follows:

0%-20% = Very Low 20%-40% = Low 40%-60% = Medium

60%-80% = High 80%-100% = Very High

I recommend that you form the habit of reviewing your daily horoscope each morning or the night before, while you are

preparing for your day. Use this time to reflect on the upcoming events or meetings that will be important and try to see

how you can use your forecast to the maximum benefit. You should also take advantage of being able to look ahead to

any day of the year as a great way to plan meetings around strong days. For instance, if you need to see your boss

about a promotion, try scheduling your meeting when your work category is above 60%!

Don't forget that you can use any of my products and services at any hour of the day for additional insight. Also at

hand are my team of amazing Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers who are available around the clock for you to

consult for guidance and help. Book a reading now by calling free on 0808 206 2036 (or +44 207 111 6106 from

outside the UK).

Once again, congratulations on making this wise investment in your future. I wish you a wonderful year, full of love,

money, success, happiness and whatever else your heart desires!

Best regards,

Russell Grant

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 3 of 63

Leo's Year Overview

Love & Life: Friends have stood by you through thick and thin and you want to find ways to show your appreciation.

Pampering a partner, buying gifts for friends when they least expect it and watching for ways to do someone a

good turn will be rewarding. As you keep good karma going, you will attract more abundance. Be prepared to put

time, energy and effort into realising your aims. Setting goals isn't enough; you have to be ready to fight hard to

achieve. Your power and drive will bring rewards as the year ends.

Cash & Career: Money will be tight during the first few months of the year. Don't be tempted to give a close friend

or relative a loan if you can't afford it. You will need emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses in April. A

promotion or pay rise will improve your financial situation in July. Your creative skills will impress people in power in

the autumn. Take up a challenge to join a talented team who are developing a daring project. Splash out on

luxuries as the year ends. You deserve a little pampering.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 4 of 63


Finding ways to be of service could bring great fulfilment in the opening days of the month. Donate your time,

money and resources to a worthy cause. The New Moon on the 13th beckons you to begin a fitness regimen.

Toning your body and building muscle will boost your energy and improve your outlook. Career demands could put

strain on a close relationship in the second half of January; it's important to put your cards on the table with a

romantic partner. Resist the urge to change your look towards the end of January, when the Full Moon could tempt

you to doing something drastic. Someone from your past could try to reconnect with you in the final days of

January; beware.

Friday 1st Jan - Romance: 83% Finances: 66% Work: 13% Health: 41% Emotions: 18%

There's a general feeling of dissatisfaction or a need to prove to someone that you are capable of handling a

certain job or responsibility. People are prone to over-react when the smallest of things go wrong. You won't suffer

fools gladly and you aren't in the mood to tolerate stupidity. Instead of watching folk make idiots of themselves,

you might look further afield for satisfaction.

Saturday 2nd Jan - Romance: 43% Finances: 56% Work: 44% Health: 52% Emotions: 80%

You can trust your intuition about the strangers that enter your world now as your first impressions are reliable. You

are sensitive to the needs of others and other people feel comfortable in your company. You come across to others

as being caring and compassionate. You can put yourself in other people's shoes and understand what they are

going through. Short walks in the fresh air can do wonders for your body's natural defences and will help make you

feel more relaxed too.

Sunday 3rd Jan - Romance: 0% Finances: 29% Work: 69% Health: 52% Emotions: 74%

You're tempted to speak out on a matter that is close to your heart but not everyone will agree with you and this

could cause a lengthy argument. Try not to dwell on problems caused by other people as by tomorrow, they will

have been forgotten. Your mood is likely to change for the better, once you all agree to accept that you each have

your individual tastes and opinions, and sometimes it is best to just agree to disagree.

Monday 4th Jan - Romance: 2% Finances: 34% Work: 64% Health: 54% Emotions: 43%

You are not at your most reliable. In fact a restless mood could cause accidents or mistakes. If you're feeling

frustrated or restricted, you need to get your anger off your chest otherwise holding back your feelings will cause

further problems, once you do erupt! You have energy but energy without stamina isn't likely to lead to anything

very useful.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 5 of 63

Tuesday 5th Jan - Romance: 54% Finances: 56% Work: 61% Health: 43% Emotions: 60%

If items go missing or if you misplace something, don't fret and don't waste too much time searching for things.

They will turn up eventually. In certain areas you need to learn to let go. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a

peaceful emotional and mental attitude.

Wednesday 6th Jan - Romance: 77% Finances: 64% Work: 41% Health: 27% Emotions: 46%

Relationships are happily accented and agreements are easily reached. Activities within the home are a source of

much happiness and fun times come through your recreational interests. Any changes in family plans will be met

with a positive response. Emotionally, you feel more secure within your personal relationships.

Thursday 7th Jan - Romance: 76% Finances: 72% Work: 55% Health: 56% Emotions: 30%

Venus is moving away from a link it made with your natal Sun three days ago. There is still the possibility you or

someone you live with will be on the receiving end of some pleasing news. You could feel inspired to do something

creative, today.

Friday 8th Jan - Romance: 61% Finances: 41% Work: 35% Health: 37% Emotions: 37%

You feel all bottled-up inside and it's not easy to share your feelings. You prefer to be on your own when the more

people who ask you what's wrong, the more aggravated you will start to feel. Your mood is serious but you

shouldn't spend too long dwelling on your problems. Try to find other areas to distract you from your worries.

Saturday 9th Jan - Romance: 76% Finances: 63% Work: 42% Health: 50% Emotions: 71%

This is one of your good days and there will be happiness through acting on a spur-of-the-moment whim. You may

be making some slight modifications to home or family plans but everyone will agree that these are for the best.

You feel excited about a new inspiration and you're willing to give anything a try.

Sunday 10th Jan - Romance: 66% Finances: 63% Work: 78% Health: 69% Emotions: 49%

You attract good fortune your way. You're confident and optimistic and you have that wonderful feeling that

everything in your garden is rosy. Holidays, travel and spending time with people whose company you enjoy are

essential ingredients for enjoying your retirement. If you can't get away, you might enjoy watching wildlife

documentaries and films from around the world.

Monday 11th Jan - Romance: 54% Finances: 36% Work: 46% Health: 70% Emotions: 78%

Not everything is going right for you but don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You feel uncertain or worried

about something and this could result in you accomplishing less than you had hoped. The company of a friend who

is depressed or unhappy might start to get you down too.

Tuesday 12th Jan - Romance: 47% Finances: 31% Work: 63% Health: 42% Emotions: 90%

Venus will be making a link with your natal Mercury in three days' time. Someone you hadn't liked very much when

you were first introduced now seems to show a different side of their personality. You feel more respect for them

after what you hear or witness today. If you feel you haven't been able to relax a lot lately, why don't you make

plans to enjoy a nice day out some time over the next few days. It's time you enjoyed life a bit more, isn't it?

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 6 of 63

Wednesday 13th Jan - Romance: 82% Finances: 87% Work: 36% Health: 42% Emotions: 69%

You might meet with one or two awkward situations when it's quite clear that you and someone close are not

thinking along the same lines. Innocent misunderstandings could be avoided if you're willing to take a step back.

Count to ten before saying anything that might be regarded as argumentative or controversial. Difficulties in

relationships might have a negative affect on your health.

Thursday 14th Jan - Romance: 92% Finances: 98% Work: 3% Health: 27% Emotions: 37%

You could do with holding back before taking any kind of action. It helps to know when to make your move and

when to hesitate. Acting on impulse could lead to aggravating mistakes so don't let impatience get the better of

you. Extra effort might be needed in order to get results. In contentious situations, try to be diplomatic but at the

same time, don't let anyone walk all over you. Take care of your own interests.

Friday 15th Jan - Romance: 62% Finances: 36% Work: 44% Health: 30% Emotions: 46%

Because you're finding it so difficult to concentrate you might miss something of importance. Details need more

careful attention. You aren't in the mood for anything too serious and there's a strong desire to avoid

responsibilities. You could find yourself getting involved with a troubled individual or a friend with emotional

problems might drag you into their affairs.

Saturday 16th Jan - Romance: 49% Finances: 43% Work: 50% Health: 49% Emotions: 100%

It's difficult to get things to go your way even if you can't quite put a finger on why everything seems to be going

wrong. You need to be more patient. Take care that you aren't too critical of friends and loved-ones and try to make

allowances for other people's shortcomings. Health might suffer through stress-related illnesses. Try to relax more.

Sunday 17th Jan - Romance: 68% Finances: 42% Work: 42% Health: 48% Emotions: 94%

Because you can't seem to get along with certain people at the moment, especially those who are markedly

younger than yourself, you might prefer to distance yourself from others. You prefer to be on your own, rather than

with folk you're arguing with all the time. You wish you could get people to understand your feelings but there is

tension in close relationships. As a consequence you feel quite lonely.

Monday 18th Jan - Romance: 39% Finances: 19% Work: 51% Health: 73% Emotions: 37%

It might surprise you to discover a younger person you really care about is starting to feel as if you're demanding

too much from them. Don't offer ultimatums unless you're truly prepared to continue without them. It's a challenging

time but you will see results if you're diplomatic and sensitive with others..

Tuesday 19th Jan - Romance: 50% Finances: 41% Work: 58% Health: 70% Emotions: 14%

You're bored with routine. Unexpected happenings could disrupt plans already made and although this will help

spice up your days, your need for a change may upset the people around you who are sticklers for routine. This

could be an unsettling time as far as your social life is concerned. A friend may act in a way you would never have


Wednesday 20th Jan - Romance: 65% Finances: 47% Work: 48% Health: 61% Emotions: 29%

You have more time for your social life and you are enjoying your friendships. It's a good time for voluntary work

involving the public. Financial or legal contracts of a long-term nature are discussed and agreed on. Living with a

sense of purpose will help keep you motivated. You're never too old to set yourself new goals. Keep these realistic

and this will help you savour your sixties.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 7 of 63

Thursday 21st Jan - Romance: 74% Finances: 67% Work: 45% Health: 53% Emotions: 91%

Your mood is friendly and you will find it easy to circulate and socialise in big social gatherings. Within close

relationships, you will enjoy talking about the past as this helps you come to terms with events that are happening

now. You could be out and about more than usual these days.

Friday 22nd Jan - Romance: 52% Finances: 42% Work: 27% Health: 29% Emotions: 85%

Expect to be putting thought and emotional energy into your domestic affairs, your family relationships and close

partnerships. Close alliances are enhanced and you're likely to get great pleasure from group projects that take

place in your home. Creative ideas are discussed and you might decide to make some practical changes to your


Saturday 23rd Jan - Romance: 35% Finances: 20% Work: 57% Health: 27% Emotions: 76%

Communications with others give you the incentive to get started on a task that requires concentration and

imagination. Your mental faculties are at a high level and you won't find it hard to make full use of your knowledge

and creative talents. If you feel it would be of benefit to a younger colleague or relative to acquire additional skills or

qualifications, you could tactfully point this out to them now. Don't forget to explain your reasons.

Sunday 24th Jan - Romance: 16% Finances: 36% Work: 68% Health: 28% Emotions: 62%

Although all seems quiet on the surface, there's a lot going on behind-the scenes. Relationships come under some

strange and weird influences when you can't decide who you can trust and who you can't. You sense secrets in the

air but currently you can't put your suspicions into words.

Monday 25th Jan - Romance: 2% Finances: 25% Work: 38% Health: 16% Emotions: 60%

You might be interested in joining a group or society where people get together to share interests and experiences.

If you're asked to take on a leading role this will be all the more satisfying. Joining a Parish Council might be a

great way to help other people benefit from your experiences.

Tuesday 26th Jan - Romance: 34% Finances: 51% Work: 11% Health: 27% Emotions: 94%

You're happy to enjoy anyone's company, as long as they will talk to you! Spending time with quiet folk who are too

wrapped up in their own concerns won't suit you at the moment. Variety is essential as you will quickly become

bored with routine. Find new ways to liven up your life so every day doesn't become too humdrum and routine. If

you enjoy writing think about starting on your memoirs and share this with family and friends.

Wednesday 27th Jan - Romance: 76% Finances: 79% Work: 16% Health: 61% Emotions: 54%

Arguments might cause you some tension. Matters that have been hidden or kept secret in the past are suddenly

brought out into the open. If you're struggling financially make some enquiries as you may be entitled to allowances

or annual payments that you hadn't realised was available.

Thursday 28th Jan - Romance: 74% Finances: 72% Work: 13% Health: 61% Emotions: 1%

Events and experiences inspire your creative imagination. You're in touch with your inner self and if you remember

your dreams, spend some time trying to analyse them. This could lead to some interesting revelations. If food

doesn't taste the same any more, think about changing your diet to make it more interesting. Choose colourful

foods that look attractive.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 8 of 63

Friday 29th Jan - Romance: 47% Finances: 46% Work: 8% Health: 63% Emotions: 5%

If there's someone you feel you can't trust but they're closely involved in your business, you should keep a closer

eye on them. You might feel there is something secretive going on and that's why you are more alert than normal. If

you're concerned about a young relative who seems to be getting involved in something they don't understand, try

to advise them on why they should keep out of it.

Saturday 30th Jan - Romance: 11% Finances: 27% Work: 75% Health: 62% Emotions: 68%

Keep a low profile and avoid those you can't seem to get along with. If you are looking for new things to do you

might talk to friends and ask about their interests. There may be classes and groups in your area where you can

learn new skills or how to develop existing talents. Painting, sewing, craftwork and writing are some activities to


Sunday 31st Jan - Romance: 0% Finances: 33% Work: 67% Health: 48% Emotions: 79%

You will be taking more care in your domestic and family dealings. A need to be organised encourages you to deal

with routine matters that have been lying around for too long. You want everything to be neat and tidy and

emotionally, you will feel much better once your environment is free from clutter.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 9 of 63


Striking a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives will be challenging at the beginning of

February. Although your best friend or romantic partner will want to spend more time together, you'll feel compelled

to put more hours into your work and longer-term professional prospects. Don't make the mistake of neglecting

your loved one on the 11th, when the New Moon will compel you to refresh your commitment. If you don't, there's a

good chance the relationship will end. Your allure will be heightened during the second half of the month; use it to

get favours and win hearts. After a series of false starts, you can sign a contract that gives you more creative

freedom. The Full Moon on the 27th will bring a big payment.

Monday 1st Feb - Romance: 48% Finances: 57% Work: 34% Health: 20% Emotions: 81%

Unexpected visitors or the chance to get involved in a community exercise will bring you joy. It's not always fun to

stick to the same schedule day after day after day. You're in the mood for something new. You will happily accept

the chance to do something different that will provide a fun distraction.

Tuesday 2nd Feb - Romance: 65% Finances: 72% Work: 44% Health: 41% Emotions: 69%

Activities centred on the home and family will be lucky for you and you could benefit through a loved-one's good

fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is starting to turn in your favour and you're likely to see improvements in family

relationships. The domestic budget might also get a pleasing boost. This is a happy time of progress and


Wednesday 3rd Feb - Romance: 84% Finances: 71% Work: 38% Health: 28% Emotions: 12%

You know you must try to perk up but you aren't feeling very happy. Someone is being overly fussy and their

insistence on dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's is starting to irritate you. You wonder whether you're ever

going to get a move on but patience will bring its just rewards. It will take longer than expected to get where you're

aiming for but don't give up. Regular exercise will keep your joints and bones strong and enhance the quality of life

in your golden years.

Thursday 4th Feb - Romance: 75% Finances: 54% Work: 55% Health: 53% Emotions: 23%

Action that you need to take but have been putting off can no longer be avoided. Hesitation will cloud the issue

when you know that the most sensible thing to do is to face up to your responsibilities. You might begrudge or feel

angry about having to carry out jobs that should belong to another or clearing up someone else's mess. Expect a

period of temporary turmoil and frustration.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 10 of 63

Friday 5th Feb - Romance: 30% Finances: 24% Work: 71% Health: 49% Emotions: 62%

A new approach might help you solve an old problem. Emotions are powerful and the force of your passion makes

you a force to be reckoned with now. Try not to let feelings of resentment take hold as it's difficult to control your

reactions. Refrain from being overly domineering or stubborn.

Saturday 6th Feb - Romance: 36% Finances: 43% Work: 65% Health: 63% Emotions: 44%

One minute you want one thing and the next, you want something else. Emotionally, you're all at sea. Other people

will complain about your moodiness making their lives miserable. You might think they're joking but actually, they

are being serious. Try to find ways to relax. Memories and past events have a habit of springing into your mind

when you're trying to forget about them. That's another reason why you need to find something to do that keeps

your mind occupied and distracted from thoughts you don't want to dwell on.

Sunday 7th Feb - Romance: 51% Finances: 49% Work: 52% Health: 75% Emotions: 37%

You should value your intuition as you will be intensely aware of your gut-feelings at the moment. You have a way

of 'knowing things in your bones' either because certain people or places make you feel uplifted or they make you

wary. Relationships benefit through your ability to empathise with other people. Home and family based activities

go well.

Monday 8th Feb - Romance: 24% Finances: 19% Work: 96% Health: 57% Emotions: 70%

You will easily drum up the energy to carry out plans of a creative nature. Especially if these have something to do

with your home or garden. There will be plenty volunteers to carry out whatever you can't do yourself. Sharing

ideas and plans with other family members will be rewarding as everyone works constructively and harmoniously

towards a shared goal. A personal triumph is likely.

Tuesday 9th Feb - Romance: 42% Finances: 31% Work: 100% Health: 42% Emotions: 82%

There's a degree of tension in your close relationships and it's not easy to hide your feelings. You really need to try

to control your responses otherwise emotional reactions could turn out to be costly in that they may lose you

friends, or money. It's not the right time to try to win others around to your way of thinking. Your social life could be


Wednesday 10th Feb - Romance: 81% Finances: 58% Work: 15% Health: 18% Emotions: 35%

People around you are overly-sensitive and difficult and you might feel as if you're constantly having to watch what

you say. New routines aren't going as well as expected. It may be necessary to spend time modifying them if you

want life to run more smoothly. You're more emotional than usual but if you can direct your efforts in a no-nonsense

way, you're more likely to see results.

Thursday 11th Feb - Romance: 84% Finances: 90% Work: 17% Health: 17% Emotions: 52%

It can be difficult to cope with someone who has a powerful personality. Sometimes it is easier to let them have

their own way. It certainly makes for a more harmonious life. But no one deserves to be controlled and if you're

worried about any relationship then it is important that you do something about it. There won't be any easy answers

but you could start by letting others know that when you've made a decision they aren't going to talk you out of it.

Friday 12th Feb - Romance: 62% Finances: 60% Work: 50% Health: 67% Emotions: 90%

Tomorrow the Sun will link with the Sun in your birth chart. You won't be waiting around for anyone's approval if

you're thinking of buying something new or doing something different. Maybe you feel as if domestic life could be

improved if you were to introduce a labour saving appliance into your home. It's a time to act on your ideas,

especially those ones that might bring improvements you're your life.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 11 of 63

Saturday 13th Feb - Romance: 73% Finances: 35% Work: 59% Health: 50% Emotions: 100%

Close relationships are serious, private and rewarding. You're thinking of the future and your mood is such that you

will be adopting a no-nonsense policy. You will insist too that your partner, if you have a one, follows suit. An

ultimatum will lead to one of two possibilities: new joint commitments or the ending of a relationship. Try not to be

too serious and solemn all the time. You need to inject more fun into your life and friendships.

Sunday 14th Feb - Romance: 70% Finances: 46% Work: 73% Health: 71% Emotions: 100%

There's a power-struggle going on inside you and you need to bring past disappointments, upsets or disturbances

up to the surface in order to face up to your feelings, needs and desires. Painful experiences that you'd rather

forget keep popping into your thoughts and dreams. You need to get to the bottom of issues that are disturbing you

as until you do, they won't go away.

Monday 15th Feb - Romance: 45% Finances: 72% Work: 31% Health: 65% Emotions: 61%

You're feeling a little uncertain about a friend or associate. There's no real reason for this, it's just a feeling you

have that you can't explain but you can't ignore it either. Relationships are unsettling when you might wonder why

someone is being overly friendly. Could it be that they want something from you? You must trust your instincts.

Tuesday 16th Feb - Romance: 66% Finances: 74% Work: 30% Health: 63% Emotions: 43%

Time spent with your partner or favourite companions will draw your attention to the true value of friendship. It's a

great day for socialising, enjoying your friendships and getting pleasure from creative hobbies. You may even get

to enjoy all three simultaneously!

Wednesday 17th Feb - Romance: 76% Finances: 73% Work: 56% Health: 76% Emotions: 74%

You feel curbed or restricted and it won't always be easy to hide your frustration. It sometimes feels like you want to

go one way but everyone else around you is choosing to go in the opposite direction. If you want to travel but a

partner isn't keen, you might find a friend who will eagerly accept an invitation to be your travel companion. If it is

your partner or another loved one who is desperate for a change of scene let them know you won't hold them back.

Thursday 18th Feb - Romance: 67% Finances: 25% Work: 50% Health: 75% Emotions: 50%

Home and property matters could be experiencing delays or obstacles and you need to exercise as much patience

as possible in order not to upset anyone. Problems are getting you down and your mood is low but if you are

determined, you will find the strength necessary to overcome these hurdles.

Friday 19th Feb - Romance: 47% Finances: 42% Work: 54% Health: 89% Emotions: 55%

Is there a sensible reason why you are turning down offers that in your heart you know you would enjoy? You might

for instance turn down the opportunity of a lifetime because you feel responsible to others and can't let them down.

This would be a shame. Talk over the positives and negatives of new opportunities. Ideally, those who are

dependent on you will be happy to make alternative arrangements so you are able to pursue your dreams. Life in a

new place would make you feel very comfortable.

Saturday 20th Feb - Romance: 2% Finances: 45% Work: 58% Health: 59% Emotions: 63%

You're making decisions based on emotion but it's hard to ignore the little voices in your head that tell you that you

could be wrong. You swing from one mood to another and you can't make up your mind when it's difficult to make

sense of your thoughts and feelings. This mood will only be temporary so don't worry too much about it.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 12 of 63

Sunday 21st Feb - Romance: 12% Finances: 65% Work: 48% Health: 50% Emotions: 81%

Accept social invitations and let the outgoing side of your personality shine. Your charm will attract new friends your

way and you tend to have a positive impact on everyone you meet. An invitation to a cultural event could come as

a pleasant surprise and you could find this incredibly relaxing.

Monday 22nd Feb - Romance: 32% Finances: 63% Work: 0% Health: 47% Emotions: 100%

If you are in a partnership, shared experiences will help strengthen that love considerably. You are intensely aware

of your feelings. You feel so strongly about someone that you can't help but be a little suspicious that they aren't as

serious as you or they're being secretive in some way. Try to control your emotions or loved ones will feel they can't

make a move without your approval.

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Romance: 53% Finances: 69% Work: 7% Health: 44% Emotions: 89%

You feel compelled to give close relationships a priority. You want to do all you can do to make those you love feel

happy and contented. Your happiness currently comes through seeing other folk enjoy themselves. Focusing on

your important friendships puts you in a strong position to build the security within relationships that you need.

Wednesday 24th Feb - Romance: 67% Finances: 88% Work: 21% Health: 55% Emotions: 55%

A confusing situation could arise and routine plans may be subject to change with hardly any notice. You need to

be flexible in order to cope with the unanticipated events of the day. A woman is unreliable or changeable and you

feel as if you don't know where you stand with her.

Thursday 25th Feb - Romance: 53% Finances: 35% Work: 34% Health: 51% Emotions: 6%

Obstacles to your progress make you angry and excitable. You won't hold back from showing others how

determined you can be but this could result in you alienating someone or rubbing them up the wrong way. You

must try to adopt a philosophical approach to current setbacks. There will be a way to overcome hurdles but losing

your temper will only cause further delays and frustration.

Friday 26th Feb - Romance: 41% Finances: 25% Work: 18% Health: 56% Emotions: 0%

You're strongly aware of your feelings and reactions and even if these seem to contradict the general mood around

you, your own emotions are too strong to ignore. There is interest in supernatural or mystical subjects. You are

reminded of places you spent time in during your childhood and these memories linger for quite some time.

Saturday 27th Feb - Romance: 8% Finances: 30% Work: 66% Health: 59% Emotions: 46%

You won't keep your views to yourself because you won't be happy until your views are known. Anyway, keeping

things locked up inside has always caused you inner tension You know that stress could affect your health and

because you want to take care of yourself you will be doing all you can to stay relaxed. A problem shared will be a

problem halved.

Sunday 28th Feb - Romance: 3% Finances: 34% Work: 89% Health: 65% Emotions: 81%

You are trying so hard to make a relative or someone at home happy and yet the more you do for them, the more

they seem to be expecting from you. You might also feel as if pleasure pursuits are a waste of money. Your mind is

starting to think about how you might replace responsibilities you have now given up with something that gives you

a sense of purpose.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 13 of 63


Your allure is very strong throughout the first half of March. Use it to win favours and influence people. If you're

looking for romance, you could find it by working for a humanitarian organisation. Meeting a fellow philanthropist

will be exciting, even if the early days of your courtship are conducted via phone, Skype and e-mail. Money from a

partnership or business alliance could arrive on the 13th, courtesy of an enriching New Moon. Spend this windfall

on some luxury items that are near and dear to your heart. Mid-month is good for attending to legal matters; you

can settle a contentious matter out of court. The Full Moon on the 28th warns against posting angry responses on

social media.

Monday 1st Mar - Romance: 51% Finances: 62% Work: 53% Health: 29% Emotions: 69%

Four days ago Mars formed a link with the Sun in your chart. I think you should still avoid rash action of any kind.

Try to be more diplomatic in your relationships as you're inclined to show your anger very quickly and this could

intimidate people who are sensitive and thin-skinned.

Tuesday 2nd Mar - Romance: 83% Finances: 95% Work: 45% Health: 38% Emotions: 55%

Taking the initiative in group or family concerns should bring good results. Your family appreciate your opinions.

You might find you have become the centre of attention and your charm, dignity and confidence will inspire respect

from others.

Wednesday 3rd Mar - Romance: 67% Finances: 69% Work: 34% Health: 30% Emotions: 43%

The best way to spend your time now is to give in to the mood of the moment. You will prefer being free to do your

own thing and to do something that appeals to your need for something different. You will take a versatile approach

to the opportunities that come your way and even those who are younger will wish they had your energy and


Thursday 4th Mar - Romance: 40% Finances: 28% Work: 33% Health: 32% Emotions: 32%

You're ready now to reduce commitments and to try to ease yourself away from some responsibilities. You could

be surprised by how someone might insinuate you are being selfish. As if! The struggle between keeping people

happy and taking care of your own interests could have a negative affect on your health. Find a way to balance

your energy in a healthy way, perhaps through swimming or aerobics. Believe too, in the power of positive thinking.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 14 of 63

Friday 5th Mar - Romance: 47% Finances: 35% Work: 38% Health: 68% Emotions: 0%

Your mood is productive and your approach to life is positive and efficient. Because you're willing to make thorough

plans and think things through carefully, it's unlikely that anything will go wrong. You can get a lot done regarding

future aims and frustrations of the past are lifted. Someone who knows what they're talking about will offer some

wise advice and you will be grateful for their no-nonsense attitude.

Saturday 6th Mar - Romance: 43% Finances: 51% Work: 46% Health: 78% Emotions: 10%

A day ago Venus made a link with your natal Mercury and I think that changes seem to be the order of the day.

Something exciting could happen with regard to a social function and this may call for some rearrangement in your

usual schedule. Loneliness can affect your diet. If you aren't eating as much as you should do, could it be because

you need some stimulating company?

Sunday 7th Mar - Romance: 31% Finances: 42% Work: 90% Health: 38% Emotions: 87%

You feel strangely unsettled as changes within the home area or in your close relationships seem to threaten your

security. A lack of confidence or a pessimistic attitude may beset you and it's not easy to make decisions

concerning home and family matters. You need to make a conscious effort to control your emotions. Discuss your

feelings with a female friend.

Monday 8th Mar - Romance: 47% Finances: 46% Work: 75% Health: 32% Emotions: 100%

Keep a watchful eye on expenditures. If you have a joint account check that your partner isn't being careless with

your cash. Be sensible regarding your health needs. Some light exercise would be a good idea.

Tuesday 9th Mar - Romance: 77% Finances: 40% Work: 73% Health: 42% Emotions: 44%

New friendships are formed someone who was once an important part of your life could return and old friendships

are renewed. It's a good time to make a wish list of all the things you imagine for yourself in the future. It's never

too late to go after certain dreams if you know they could be achievable.

Wednesday 10th Mar - Romance: 82% Finances: 65% Work: 38% Health: 22% Emotions: 34%

Your attention is focused on family matters, personal affairs and the possibility of having some alterations done to

your home. Not everything will go as well as you'd hoped. Try not, however, to get into arguments otherwise these

will only get you down. You aren't as patient as normal and other folk feel you're being a bit 'grumpy'. Don't let inner

worries make you distance yourself from close ties.

Thursday 11th Mar - Romance: 65% Finances: 57% Work: 11% Health: 6% Emotions: 36%

A heart-to-heart will alert you to someone's feelings and helps to clear the air. Close relationships are full of sparks

and yet there's something exciting about the friendly little arguments that are going on now. Friends get to see your

wonderful sense of humour.

Friday 12th Mar - Romance: 69% Finances: 41% Work: 31% Health: 48% Emotions: 77%

In four days' time Uranus will be making a connection with Mercury in your chart. The one thing you will notice over

the months ahead is that no matter how organised you try to be, not everything in your life can be predictable. You

might set out to accomplish certain things but interruptions seem to keep you from your aims. If you can't avoid the

distractions, you should view them as ways to relax. It's best to move with the flow of energies when Uranus is in


JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 15 of 63

Saturday 13th Mar - Romance: 69% Finances: 37% Work: 42% Health: 41% Emotions: 85%

Mercury is now one day from your natal Sun and although Mercury is moving away, there is something that is

connected with the last few days that still needs your attention. The problem is: other people keep getting in the

way. You won't feel good about having to tell others you have other commitments or appointments. But you should

try to think of your own needs today.

Sunday 14th Mar - Romance: 40% Finances: 8% Work: 41% Health: 39% Emotions: 55%

In four days' time Mars will be linking with Mercury in your chart. Are you really happy? If not you could use the next

few days to find interests and activities that are more likely to occupy you both mentally and physically as you need

more stimulation and interests in your life now. If you are forgetful or find it hard to concentrate these days, think

about how what you eat might affect your mental health. Cakes, biscuits and pastries can sometimes make your

thinking sluggish.

Monday 15th Mar - Romance: 51% Finances: 51% Work: 55% Health: 78% Emotions: 32%

What's past is past; it's the present you should be concentrating on now. There's not a lot of rapport in your close

relationships; you feel you can't reach those around you, emotionally. You're trying to look on the bright side but

sometimes it's not that easy.

Tuesday 16th Mar - Romance: 62% Finances: 87% Work: 45% Health: 73% Emotions: 59%

You're restless but unless other links in your chart suggest otherwise, these feelings will soon pass. In the

meantime, avoid getting drawn into rows that might get heated and overly emotional. Someone in the family might

be behaving in erratic ways. One moment they can't do enough for you, the next, they don't want to know.

Emotionally, you feel all at sea.

Wednesday 17th Mar - Romance: 63% Finances: 70% Work: 21% Health: 41% Emotions: 80%

Trying to do too much could take a toll on your health and it would be wise to avoid foolish risks. Worry could cause

headaches or digestive upsets. You need to protect your overall health by being sensible. If you aren't as active as

you used to be, some light exercise every day is a good idea.

Thursday 18th Mar - Romance: 53% Finances: 50% Work: 19% Health: 19% Emotions: 78%

Everything around you and everyone you are dealing with seems to cause you aggravation and frustration. Little

things keep going wrong, people say things that upset you and a drama is made out of a crisis. Arguments will

hinder your progress when your feelings are so strong and it is difficult to remain calm and focused.

Friday 19th Mar - Romance: 17% Finances: 12% Work: 58% Health: 49% Emotions: 64%

An out of the ordinary situation will work to your advantage so go with the flow. Don't make too many plans

because you're likely to have to change them. An offer or unexpected opportunity could mark an important turning

point in your life although this might involve an abrupt adjustment.

Saturday 20th Mar - Romance: 9% Finances: 25% Work: 92% Health: 85% Emotions: 37%

Strong feelings can make you irrational and it won't be easy to put your emotions into words. Your judgement is

poor because you're allowing emotions to interfere with reason. A critical juncture might occur in a relationship with

a woman. Avoid saying anything that might aggravate current problems.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 16 of 63

Sunday 21st Mar - Romance: 2% Finances: 15% Work: 73% Health: 47% Emotions: 20%

Expect to meet some interesting new people. A female friend will be interested in your inventive thoughts. This

could be a strange and exciting time for you and the emphasis is on spontaneous decisions, experimentation and

making the most of interesting new activities.

Monday 22nd Mar - Romance: 39% Finances: 69% Work: 10% Health: 30% Emotions: 77%

Two days ago Mars formed an exact link with your natal Mercury. You will still be feeling this I think in that you want

to be active mentally and physically. You have a lot of energy to burn. Try to channel this in positive and productive

ways. Play mind-stretching games like scrabble, crosswords, bingo and bridge. If a younger member of the family

wants to show you their computer games, take an interest. You may even enjoy having a little try yourself.

Tuesday 23rd Mar - Romance: 67% Finances: 88% Work: 0% Health: 39% Emotions: 78%

Mars linked with your natal Mercury three days ago. You could be feeling irritable with someone for no real reason.

You're quite restless too. Try to control your feelings. If you have a lot of anger inside, a little light exercise might

help burn off all your restless, nervous energy. If you have a dog, you will find it incredibly relaxing, today, and a

great way to escape tension, to walk your pet.

Wednesday 24th Mar - Romance: 84% Finances: 94% Work: 35% Health: 74% Emotions: 71%

Four days ago Mars formed an exact connection with Mercury in your chart. This isn't such a favourable time for

reaching agreements with other people as you might only feel irritable and angry when they take the opposite view.

Sometimes you feel confused and unable to understand those around you. There is a need to be patient when

things don't go your way.

Thursday 25th Mar - Romance: 56% Finances: 45% Work: 30% Health: 54% Emotions: 44%

There's a need to balance plans and ideas with realistic expectations. Set your sights too high and all your hopes

will come crashing down around you. Sound planning and caution is what's needed to get the best results. If you're

restless and bored with routine why not make some space in your life for activities you are best at.

Friday 26th Mar - Romance: 10% Finances: 32% Work: 39% Health: 53% Emotions: 53%

You're alert to plans and ideas that might enhance your future prospects. Someone who is experienced in their field

might be able to pull a few strings to help you. Personal aims and goals are within striking distance and the more

organised you are, the easier you will find it to fulfil your intentions. Staying socially connected will help enrich your


Saturday 27th Mar - Romance: 14% Finances: 39% Work: 53% Health: 68% Emotions: 58%

Socially this could be a fun time but within the family there may be some tension. An argumentative female relative

might spoil an otherwise happy occasion. Meetings and appointments may need to be rescheduled due to delays

or mix-ups. Discussions at home generate tension and could stir up trouble in relation to past unresolved issues.

Sunday 28th Mar - Romance: 42% Finances: 21% Work: 53% Health: 25% Emotions: 57%

If little things start getting you down, it might be a good idea to take a break from routine activities. Communication

is difficult when it feels as if other folk are speaking in a different language. Someone who likes to gossip starts

getting on your nerves. Try to be tactful, however, when with a friend who tends to be easily upset.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 17 of 63

Monday 29th Mar - Romance: 61% Finances: 50% Work: 85% Health: 57% Emotions: 51%

You seem flustered, anxious and desperate for some time to yourself, only when you get it, you're just as confused.

An issue that can't yet be dealt with causes you so much upset and grief that it's almost making you ill. Avoid

solitary habits as you need something or someone to keep your mind off things.

Tuesday 30th Mar - Romance: 83% Finances: 89% Work: 78% Health: 77% Emotions: 31%

No matter how much effort was put into the planning-stages, plans, projects and arrangements seem to be going

all wrong. Your sense of humour seems to have left you and you can't see anything amusing in the problems you

now face. Frustrations leave you physically and mentally exhausted. Being more strict with your time will help you

conserve your energy.

Wednesday 31st Mar - Romance: 51% Finances: 50% Work: 34% Health: 18% Emotions: 37%

Mars is moving away from Jupiter; the exact link was two days ago. I think you should be pleased with your recent

efforts to get tasks you have set your mind to, accomplished. This is also a superb time for reaching accord with

others. If you find yourself arguing with someone of a similar age, downplay your differences.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 18 of 63


April begins with a powerful desire to expand your horizons. Scheduling a long-distance trip or enrolling in an

advanced course will fill you with excitement. It's possible your business or romantic partner won't approve of your

plans, fearing they will be a distraction from your relationship. Do your best to reassure your other half of your

loyalty. On the 12th, the New Moon could prompt you to embark on a spiritual journey. You could adopt a belief

system or take up a sacred practice. Attending a family reunion in mid-April will be lots more fun than expected.

Don't despair of a career path dries up on the 26th; the Full Moon will connect you with bigger and better

professional opportunities.

Thursday 1st Apr - Romance: 69% Finances: 46% Work: 23% Health: 22% Emotions: 70%

Conflicts are possible now. It won't be easy to keep a hold of your temper. You're more impatient than normal and

you want to see instant results. This isn't always possible. This could lead to careless mistakes or accidents. You

might expect this to be an unsettling time when it feels like you're going round in circles and getting nowhere. You

need to get a grip on your emotions or outbursts of temper will upset relationships.

Friday 2nd Apr - Romance: 55% Finances: 57% Work: 36% Health: 61% Emotions: 50%

There's some frustration within a close relationship when you might feel as if someone has let you down. Trust is

an important component to help keep relationships together and you will do all you can to persuade someone that

they can rely on you completely.

Saturday 3rd Apr - Romance: 16% Finances: 13% Work: 100% Health: 63% Emotions: 39%

You are adaptable in your thinking and this helps you find reasons for problems that have occurred in the past. It's

a good time to read about or study unusual interests. The success of your efforts will stem from your ability to be

divergent in your thinking. You're never too old to learn. Sign up for a class or home-learning course. Study a

subject you've always been interested in and this will help boost your self-esteem.

Sunday 4th Apr - Romance: 50% Finances: 30% Work: 95% Health: 56% Emotions: 49%

Don't brood over what you lack. Instead, you should make the most of your talents and abilities. For every negative

there is a positive if you look hard enough so stop dwelling on disappointments. If changes are ahead, adopt a

wait-and-see attitude. Don't try to rush things as no news is good news at the moment.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 19 of 63

Monday 5th Apr - Romance: 58% Finances: 55% Work: 83% Health: 37% Emotions: 50%

Because some affairs aren't unfolding as you had expected, you may be at a disadvantage. The harder you find it

to adapt to the unexpected little happenings of the day, the worse it's going to be for you. Try to flow with the tide

as it's unlikely the changes you're experiencing at the moment will cause any lasting consequences.

Tuesday 6th Apr - Romance: 75% Finances: 65% Work: 53% Health: 28% Emotions: 45%

With the fiery planet Mars four days from making an exact link with Venus, a hope or dream that is very special to

you, may be advanced some time soon. This could come with a little help from a male friend who has contacts in

'all the right places'. You might be surprised at how supportive other people are towards you now. You are warmed

by the cooperative spirit in the air and if you have had some difficult experiences with someone lately, your faith in

humanity is restored.

Wednesday 7th Apr - Romance: 73% Finances: 55% Work: 52% Health: 9% Emotions: 80%

Emotions are highly-charged especially when you are dealing with women. You're worried that you might get

carried away in your involvement with a special project and because of this you keep pulling yourself back. You

need to feel emotionally in control. Trust your intuition as this will keep you on the right path.

Thursday 8th Apr - Romance: 59% Finances: 52% Work: 41% Health: 62% Emotions: 99%

You need to be active mentally now. You feel it is time for you to enjoy new experiences but this might not fit in

with current commitments that tie you to the one location. Family might rely on you to help out with child-minding or

other chores they can't fit into their days. You feel slightly resentful that your help is being taken for granted.

Friday 9th Apr - Romance: 73% Finances: 49% Work: 19% Health: 55% Emotions: 87%

In two days' time Mars will connect with Venus. Cooperation is the keyword now. Diplomacy should be linked with

the willingness to assert yourself! Your progress over the next few days will all depend on how well you get on with

those around you. So as I've just mentioned, at times, there'll be the need for diplomacy and care in both speech

and actions.

Saturday 10th Apr - Romance: 30% Finances: 50% Work: 5% Health: 44% Emotions: 56%

Much can and will be achieved now. If you believe you can do it you will find a way to do so! Exploit your creativity

and use your imagination to make your world a better place to live in. If you are inclined towards mystical and

spiritual interests, you are likely to be more aware of this side of your nature. You're more dreamy too and there's

nothing wrong with that! You might enjoy debates with like-minded friends over a pot of tea and biscuits as you put

the world to rights.

Sunday 11th Apr - Romance: 28% Finances: 58% Work: 61% Health: 75% Emotions: 60%

You realise now that you have been putting your trust in the wrong person and you feel as if they have betrayed

you or let you down. So much deceit and secrecy is in the air and someone's feelings are likely to get hurt by

whispers and gossip. You have more leisure hours to fill now and this is a great time to think about starting new

hobbies and interests. Make a list of all the books you've always wanted to read, start adding all your photographs

to family albums or drawing up a family tree.

Monday 12th Apr - Romance: 40% Finances: 35% Work: 59% Health: 76% Emotions: 40%

If close relationships have been problematic, you could experience a resurgence of happiness and contentment.

Arrangements with close ties will take a lot of care, thought and energy but you will be happy to give other people

the priority. Be discreet about your private business. A female friend might help you tap a hidden resource or


JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 20 of 63

Tuesday 13th Apr - Romance: 63% Finances: 71% Work: 44% Health: 68% Emotions: 75%

Changes occurring now can seem to turn your life upside down. At times you don't know which way to turn and not

everyone is helpful or supportive. You might feel angry with those who deliberately seem to make life awkward for

you. Travel, study (you're never too old to learn) and similar arrangements could help take your mind of aspects of

your life that are causing you some concern

Wednesday 14th Apr - Romance: 59% Finances: 55% Work: 25% Health: 40% Emotions: 79%

Life can still be fun and exciting in your sixties. If you're feeling restless, shake up your everyday routines by

introducing new things into your life. Try new interests. Travel! Loved ones who are set in their ways might be

finding it hard to keep up with you these days. But you have the right idea when you know a little excitement and

adventure will help keep you young at heart.

Thursday 15th Apr - Romance: 0% Finances: 5% Work: 43% Health: 30% Emotions: 50%

Be careful about who or what you believe as someone nearby is out to deceive. There's some confusion over plans

and you might feel as if someone isn't being honest with you. Mystifying circumstances cause you some

bewilderment as you find it impossible to make sense of it all. Negative emotions can disrupt your plans and your


Friday 16th Apr - Romance: 0% Finances: 48% Work: 86% Health: 70% Emotions: 48%

Having the energy and sense of purpose to pull off the plans you are now making marks this as an important

turning point in your life. There is a strong possibility that you will be taking action to change areas that no longer

bring you any pleasure or satisfaction. This is a great time to open yourself to new experiences. Whether it's

learning a language or travelling to new places, it can still be fun to experiment and enjoy activities you never got to

experience in your younger days.

Saturday 17th Apr - Romance: 8% Finances: 81% Work: 67% Health: 79% Emotions: 59%

Ties of affection play an important role in your affairs now, keeping you close to your home. Your powers of

intuition are high and your feelings, intense. Heed your hunches, never mind what other people might think. You

will be presented with some wonderful opportunities to experiment, try new things, develop healthy habits and

enjoy the kind of lifestyle you would like to lead.

Sunday 18th Apr - Romance: 40% Finances: 87% Work: 9% Health: 61% Emotions: 98%

A day ago, Mars linked with the Sun in your chart. You are likely to continue to feel this transit as your desire to get

stuck into anything you take on will still be high. You need to keep active just like you have done over the past few

days. Otherwise you could get irritable. You might enjoy being outdoors, even if it's just to take a walk.

Monday 19th Apr - Romance: 65% Finances: 71% Work: 6% Health: 66% Emotions: 76%

Taking an ill-advised risk is not wise especially if this might cause problems between you and a loved one.

Disruptions and disturbances seem to be the order of the day. Avoid irregularities that might get you into trouble.

Try not to fight against the changes going on in your life now as in one way or another these will be inevitable.

Tuesday 20th Apr - Romance: 71% Finances: 41% Work: 59% Health: 83% Emotions: 0%

Mars is now three days away from the connection it made with your natal Sun. Although you won't be feeling as

active as you have been, you will still happily accept the chance to join like-minded friends in some social activities.

You might be introduced to a new exercise regimen that is designed with your physical needs in mind.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 21 of 63

Wednesday 21st Apr - Romance: 60% Finances: 40% Work: 42% Health: 66% Emotions: 1%

Four days ago, Mars connected with your natal Sun. You may not have as much energy as you have had lately but

you still don't intend to drift aimlessly through your days doing nothing. If you team up with other people and

combine your energy, you could still accomplish quite a lot.

Thursday 22nd Apr - Romance: 25% Finances: 53% Work: 33% Health: 32% Emotions: 82%

In four days' time Mercury will link with Jupiter in your chart. Your mind is working overtime now and it's hard to

switch off. You are making plans that should help make your life more interesting over the months ahead. These

may involve other people of a same age to yourself or travel. You have a loot to do and you wish there were more

hours in a day but what you really need to do is: prioritise.

Friday 23rd Apr - Romance: 0% Finances: 56% Work: 40% Health: 32% Emotions: 82%

Mercury is travelling towards Jupiter in your chart and the exact connection will be in three days' time. Mentally,

you are active, interested and curious. You want to find out more about some subjects that are of interest to you.

The main thing is: are you trying to do too much at once? Try to focus on one or two main areas and you will

achieve more.

Saturday 24th Apr - Romance: 3% Finances: 31% Work: 31% Health: 40% Emotions: 33%

In two days' time Mercury will make an exact link with Jupiter in your natal chart. You're going to feel quite restless

these next few weeks. It won't always be easy to settle in any one place. Your mind is on past holidays and

journeys and you remember the excitement of setting off on new adventures. You may even be offered the chance

of some travel but you haven't the energy to do anything too demanding, you prefer to just think about it instead.

Your imagination is incredible these days.

Sunday 25th Apr - Romance: 69% Finances: 56% Work: 22% Health: 22% Emotions: 60%

Tomorrow Mercury will be forming a connection with Jupiter. I think little worries will seem to increase in your mind

over the weeks ahead if you don't face up to them instantly. They will keep nagging away at you and everything will

become exaggerated, causing you more anxiety than it should. Problems should be resolved immediately rather

than pushing them to one side and giving yourself more to worry about!

Monday 26th Apr - Romance: 77% Finances: 80% Work: 69% Health: 48% Emotions: 61%

There's no enthusiasm in the response that others show towards your ideas and proposals. People are hesitant

when you might have expected a more eager reaction. A younger person seems to be impatient whenever they are

with you and their attitude towards you is starting to depress you. You wouldn't know it from the aloof way someone

is acting with you, but they're actually trying to be helpful.

Tuesday 27th Apr - Romance: 66% Finances: 52% Work: 82% Health: 81% Emotions: 26%

If you're worrying about how to express yourself in a close relationship, stop torturing yourself and tell others what

is on your mind. Discussing plans for the future should be constructive. Do all you can to utilise your mind, spirit

and body. Read books, attend spiritual lectures, visit museums and get involved in groups of like-minded people.

Keep active mentally and physically to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Wednesday 28th Apr - Romance: 33% Finances: 5% Work: 51% Health: 25% Emotions: 33%

Mercury is getting closer to your natal Sun and will be in aspect in three days' time. You have some firm views

about things at the moment and it's unlikely anyone will get you to change your mind. At the same time have you

stopped to consider how other people feel? Maybe you're being a bit too stubborn do you think? The thought is

worth some consideration. If financially, you feel worse off than you were a year ago it may be time to take a good

look at the budget to see where you can cut costs.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 22 of 63

Thursday 29th Apr - Romance: 56% Finances: 32% Work: 61% Health: 60% Emotions: 40%

I think you might notice some tension within yourself or your relationships now that Mercury is two days away from

connecting with your natal Sun. There could be a clash of personalities between you and someone you have just

been introduced to. Someone seems to be rebelling against certain rules or promises are broken.

Friday 30th Apr - Romance: 53% Finances: 41% Work: 21% Health: 79% Emotions: 12%

With Mercury being one day away from making an exact connection with your natal Sun you might notice the need

for more diplomacy in your relationships. Communications between you and those around you aren't as smooth as

they could be and you might feel someone isn't interested in what you have to say or they just aren't paying

attention. You sometimes wonder whether children are taught how to be polite and how to respect their elders

when you aren't seeing a lot of evidence to this effect at the moment!

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 23 of 63


Your romantic or business partner won't give you much support for career plans in early May. It's important to

pursue a golden opportunity regardless of what anyone thinks; you don't want to be consumed with regret. On the

11th, the New Moon could find you accepting a wonderful position involving real estate, luxury goods, or gourmet

food. This work will feel like you're getting paid to have fun. In the middle weeks of the month, your love life could

really sizzle. Spending as much time with your amour will give you an attractive glow that turns heads. Renewing

your commitment to each other is a strong possibility at the end of the month. A risk could result in loss on the 26th,

due to a conflicted Lunar Eclipse.

Saturday 1st May - Romance: 43% Finances: 53% Work: 64% Health: 56% Emotions: 87%

Thoughts are vague, unclear and fuzzy. You can't reach firm decisions because you're uncertain about how you

really feel. The words and actions of other people make you suspicious and you might think you can't trust

someone. Rather than attempting to deal with practical affairs, admit to the need to relax more. Family

photographs, records and talking over days-gone-by will help you wind down.

Sunday 2nd May - Romance: 57% Finances: 63% Work: 44% Health: 18% Emotions: 81%

In order to understand others, you must first understand yourself. You need to be more than usually aware of your

strengths and weaknesses. This will help you resist temptation and face up to challenges and overcome them. You

imagine people are against you when often all they're trying to do, is help.

Monday 3rd May - Romance: 93% Finances: 57% Work: 41% Health: 23% Emotions: 28%

You're happy to do anything that's different or out-of-the-ordinary. Creative inspiration and following up unusual

ideas could brighten your day considerably. Be alert to news in connection with an old friend. There could be the

chance to involve yourself in some new social pastimes.

Tuesday 4th May - Romance: 76% Finances: 30% Work: 58% Health: 37% Emotions: 13%

Contention within a close relationship or friendship may result in frustration, moodiness or even tears. Harmonious

relationships are essential for your general well-being but it might not be easy to tune into other peoples' feelings.

You're overly sensitive and may take offence where none was intended.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 24 of 63

Wednesday 5th May - Romance: 57% Finances: 37% Work: 73% Health: 63% Emotions: 81%

Emotional relationships generate nervous tension. Buried desires, hopes and longings rise up to the surface and

cause you to look at life and relationships through different eyes. You may have to face up to the need to change

your attitude regarding a close relationship.

Thursday 6th May - Romance: 64% Finances: 43% Work: 45% Health: 47% Emotions: 100%

Home-based activities are rewarding but you must be tactful in your dealings with female members of the family.

You might misinterpret other people's words or actions and this could confuse relationships. Drink plenty of water

today and watch out for hidden sugars that can be added to soft drinks without it being very obvious.

Friday 7th May - Romance: 69% Finances: 48% Work: 2% Health: 28% Emotions: 74%

If you are working you might feel ready to reduce your professional commitments. Even if you love your job and

never planned on retiring, you have personal ambitions you would like to fulfil and you are starting to think that now

is the right time to make these a priority.

Saturday 8th May - Romance: 58% Finances: 38% Work: 36% Health: 44% Emotions: 33%

Developments within close relationships will make you feel young again as you remind yourself you aren't too old to

have a little fun. There is some surprise linked with creative pursuits. If you're single and looking for

companionship, you could meet a person who shares your outlook and interests and you can imagine them soon

playing a big part in your life.

Sunday 9th May - Romance: 55% Finances: 44% Work: 52% Health: 75% Emotions: 16%

You can show your emotions through hugs and affectionate gestures and you should see positive developments

within many of your relationships. A friendship grows stronger now and you might enjoy sharing a hobby or interest

with like-minded people.

Monday 10th May - Romance: 52% Finances: 72% Work: 59% Health: 74% Emotions: 72%

Yesterday transiting Mercury formed an exact connection with your natal Mercury. Your mind is overflowing with

thoughts at the moment but not all of these are practical. Attending to chores you could do with your eyes closed

might be enough precautions to safeguard you from making foolish mistakes. Leave anything important for another

day! If you're always feeling tired, try to get a good night's rest.

Tuesday 11th May - Romance: 53% Finances: 55% Work: 39% Health: 39% Emotions: 92%

Your mood is bright and cheery. Activities going on in your home environment will help keep you motivated and

there's a lot of contentment within your emotional-life. You are adaptable and lively and there will be moments too,

when you will know instinctively, what other people are feeling.

Wednesday 12th May - Romance: 46% Finances: 31% Work: 35% Health: 17% Emotions: 62%

The Sun is four days away from linking with your natal Sun. It's a time when you will be held to your promises so be

sure not to promise more than you can deliver. New responsibilities are likely to demand a lot from you over the

next few days. Your attitude will have a lot of influence on your success. If you believe you can do it, you are more

likely to succeed.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 25 of 63

Thursday 13th May - Romance: 18% Finances: 30% Work: 59% Health: 35% Emotions: 62%

People seem to have no faith in your plans and you feel challenged by their negative attitude. Constraints or

restrictions make you edgy but it's not worth fretting about matters that are beyond your control. You might feel as if

there's no fun or enjoyment in your life at the moment but the good news is: this feeling won't last.

Friday 14th May - Romance: 8% Finances: 60% Work: 78% Health: 71% Emotions: 68%

In two days' time the Sun will link with your natal Sun. You want to succeed in what you do now but life is quite

challenging. There may be some contention in relationships and you need to be more diplomatic with others if you

want to get your own way. Cautious optimism would be better than being overly optimistic now. Be sensible, too,

about your health.

Saturday 15th May - Romance: 49% Finances: 87% Work: 29% Health: 88% Emotions: 92%

Current events may not be living up to your hopes or expectations but had you set your sights too high? Comparing

what's going on now with happy times of the past may ruin what you have in the here-and-now. Today's success

largely depends on the attitude and approach you're putting into your affairs. The more positive you are, the more

pleasing everything will be.

Sunday 16th May - Romance: 74% Finances: 87% Work: 27% Health: 82% Emotions: 92%

Secret suspicions and buried feelings cause resentment in relationships, driving a wedge between you and friends

or loved-ones. Problems are intensified due to strong emotions and buried desires that are starting to come to the

surface. Personal challenges are overcome with determination.

Monday 17th May - Romance: 65% Finances: 86% Work: 0% Health: 56% Emotions: 63%

You intend to use your energy in practical ways as you don't want to waste it. It's a good time to sort out practical

matters, legal affairs and financial concerns. Your practical approach to problem solving will help you resolve

issues that need concentration, skill and determination. Piles of chores that have been standing around for ages

will disappear in no time now.

Tuesday 18th May - Romance: 76% Finances: 93% Work: 27% Health: 57% Emotions: 53%

Two days ago the Sun linked with your natal Sun and although it is moving slowly away, you could still be feeling

the effects of this transit. If you made promises in the recent past, people will be expecting you to keep them. If you

took on commitments, they may be proving to be more time-consuming than you expected. However, you will

continue because you made an agreement and you will keep it no matter what. Just try not to be so stubborn that

you disregard your health needs.

Wednesday 19th May - Romance: 69% Finances: 75% Work: 31% Health: 39% Emotions: 56%

New opportunities could give you a lot of emotional satisfaction. Whether it's learning to play an instrument or

discovering a musician you love to listen to, this could lead to experiences that touch your heart and soul.

Relationships in the family should be harmonious, or at least you will feel others are making an effort to make you

happy now.

Thursday 20th May - Romance: 21% Finances: 22% Work: 86% Health: 52% Emotions: 56%

You have a lot of things you want to think about. You need time to analyse your thoughts and feelings. Everything

seems fragmented, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that must be put together in order to make sense. And the only way

you're going to sort out your complicated emotions is through getting a hold of your deepest feelings. Meditation will


JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 26 of 63

Friday 21st May - Romance: 20% Finances: 21% Work: 97% Health: 65% Emotions: 67%

You are looking for ways to make life more enjoyable. Get busy with other people as group projects will go well.

The more others allow you freedom of self-expression, the greater the feeling of satisfaction will be. In your

relationships you will express your feelings openly and honestly and this will be an asset in resolving any past

misunderstandings. Life these days can be very fulfilling and enjoyable. It's all down to your mental outlook. If you

can keep your thoughts positive and hopeful you might find something new each day to enjoy.

Saturday 22nd May - Romance: 44% Finances: 45% Work: 39% Health: 6% Emotions: 69%

Personal interests will go well and these include creative activities and hobbies carried out in your home. Someone

close will show a more spirited and imaginative approach to family projects that they may have turned down in the

past. Whatever you're doing at the moment, there's sure to be plenty personal satisfaction.

Sunday 23rd May - Romance: 60% Finances: 87% Work: 29% Health: 24% Emotions: 59%

Sharing interests with people whose company you enjoy will remind you of how wonderful friendship can be. A

relative might contact you and ask you for a favour. This probably isn't the type of thing they would do without good

reason and with this in mind you will be happy to help them out. You don't want to do anything too strenuous today.

Watching a movie in your home or reading a light novel would suit your more leisurely mood.

Monday 24th May - Romance: 48% Finances: 81% Work: 69% Health: 78% Emotions: 30%

Yesterday Mercury formed a link with your natal Venus. Life is still looking good, relationships are harmonious but

excessive enthusiasm could lead to careless mistakes. Your optimism is high but unless you take the time to plan

ahead, you could find yourself swimming in deep waters. Be especially careful in legal and financial matters.

Tuesday 25th May - Romance: 36% Finances: 29% Work: 56% Health: 29% Emotions: 51%

In four days' time the Sun will link with your natal Mercury and you might already be starting to feel the restlessness

this is likely to bring. There's something not quite right in your life at the moment and I think that unless you express

your dissatisfaction with the situation, you are going to feel more and more negative and uncertain. Think about

your mental health as well as your physical well-being. A healthy diet for instance not only keeps your body healthy

but can benefit your brain and nervous system too.

Wednesday 26th May - Romance: 82% Finances: 21% Work: 46% Health: 17% Emotions: 45%

In four days' time Venus will form a link to your natal Sun. Over the next few days focus on your closest

relationships. There may be a money theme in the air when you might be thinking about buying someone close a

gift for no reason other than you want to. Or a younger member of the family might appreciate a loan and if you

have the money you will offer this before they even ask for it. You are in tune with other people's feelings.

Thursday 27th May - Romance: 41% Finances: 30% Work: 84% Health: 91% Emotions: 27%

You're in need of a mental challenge as the Sun approaches your natal Mercury. In three days' time it will form an

exact connection. There is so much you want to do but you can't really get yourself organised and unless you make

sensible use of your time, you're unlikely to achieve anything!

Friday 28th May - Romance: 14% Finances: 27% Work: 99% Health: 63% Emotions: 46%

In two days' time Mercury will be linking with your natal Sun and you might be feeling restless and in need of some

form of mental challenge. You are aware of the need to keep your mind as active as your body and you might find

that joining a reading group or debating current affairs with friends will help keep you mentally alert.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 27 of 63

Saturday 29th May - Romance: 68% Finances: 59% Work: 66% Health: 37% Emotions: 83%

You have exceptional vision as your imagination is enhanced and your intuition will be spot on. You're sensitive to

body language and to the moods of those around you. Spend time with people who have a similar outlook and

share your interests. Take care of your health. Avoid eating a lot of sweet or sugary based food.

Sunday 30th May - Romance: 94% Finances: 47% Work: 50% Health: 27% Emotions: 19%

This should be an upbeat time for social interests. Friendship activity will bolster your popularity. You have a strong

need to be with people. Your presence seems to have a strong impact on others and their tendency to confide in

you could provide you with some interesting information.

Monday 31st May - Romance: 89% Finances: 70% Work: 46% Health: 24% Emotions: 31%

You're moody and unpredictable but if you act principally for your own ends without considering how other folk

might be feeling, you run the risk of alienating those around you. You could become a little obsessed or fixated on

one particular area in life that you hardly notice other people are trying to get your attention. You need time to relax

and to face up to your deepest emotions.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 28 of 63


It's possible you'll take the helm of a prestigious professional or political organisation in the opening days of June.

People respond well to your excellent communication skills. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th is ideal for making a

speech, publishing a piece of writing, or recording a podcast. Your words will uplift and inspire people. Mid-month

will be an especially busy time, as you'll be intent on promoting your agenda whenever and wherever possible. By

the second half of June, your focus will turn to an intimate relationship. Giving your other half some room to breathe

will be good for your union. Use the power of the Full Moon on the 24th to complete an important work project.

Tuesday 1st Jun - Romance: 49% Finances: 55% Work: 16% Health: 9% Emotions: 79%

Mercury connected with your natal Sun two days ago and I think that you should think twice at the moment before

going along with plans for change. Have you thought it all through or are you acting on a whim? It could well be that

you are about to start something you're unlikely to finish. Some people in your life seem a little erratic and


Wednesday 2nd Jun - Romance: 65% Finances: 39% Work: 64% Health: 63% Emotions: 100%

You want to do a thorough job of everything you take on and that means you will be taking extra care when

attending to details. It's difficult for anyone to distract you once your attention is focused on certain affairs. A job

well done makes you feel emotionally calm and relaxed. You need to feel that you're doing the right thing.

Thursday 3rd Jun - Romance: 75% Finances: 46% Work: 94% Health: 97% Emotions: 90%

Fantasy can be fun and there is no harm in dreaming of new possibilities or even of letting your mind wander down

paths it does not normally follow. Some fantasies you might prefer to keep to yourself or they may inspire you to

write a poem or start on that novel you've always been meaning to write. Seek out new people to mix with. Birds of

a feather might stick together but it can be good for your soul and intellect to widen your circle of friends.

Friday 4th Jun - Romance: 27% Finances: 23% Work: 55% Health: 76% Emotions: 22%

The more someone tries to tie you down, the more caged-in and restless you will feel. People want to discuss

contentious matters but you feel conversations are going around in circles and are therefore a waste of time. You

need time on your own in order to step back and analyse the situation. Refuse to talk about sensitive issues until

you sort out your true feelings regarding certain difficult affairs.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 29 of 63

Saturday 5th Jun - Romance: 51% Finances: 72% Work: 14% Health: 59% Emotions: 21%

In four days' time Venus will be linking with your natal Mercury. I think that if you put your imagination into the

things that you do, you will get more pleasure out of it. Think carefully about offers put to you at this time as you

don't want to take on more than you can comfortably handle. Younger people around you seem so full of energy

and inspiration and their enthusiasm about creative projects will make you smile.

Sunday 6th Jun - Romance: 58% Finances: 94% Work: 28% Health: 60% Emotions: 64%

Mercury is moving away from Mars; the exact link was formed four days ago. There is still a lot going on around

you. What you might be starting to notice, however, is that you haven't the mental or physical energy you have had

over the past few days. Don't push yourself too hard and if you feel a new exercise routine that was recently

devised for you is too demanding, ask that it is altered to suit your needs.

Monday 7th Jun - Romance: 50% Finances: 70% Work: 27% Health: 47% Emotions: 88%

An inclination to withdraw into yourself could cause some problems in your close personal relationships. Emotions

are felt very strongly and it isn't easy to restrain yourself when people or events seem to be going against you. You

feel as if other people don't understand you and don't see you as the person you really are. The good news is: this

period of conflict is only temporary. Soon you will find the solution to a problem that is troubling you.

Tuesday 8th Jun - Romance: 42% Finances: 36% Work: 34% Health: 25% Emotions: 76%

You need to know that other people share your feelings before continuing with certain courses of action. Other folk

might find it difficult to know what you want and you need to spend some time sorting out your own emotions before

putting them into words. If you can avoid being over-anxious and inflexible, you will encourage greater harmony

within your close relationships.

Wednesday 9th Jun - Romance: 12% Finances: 13% Work: 68% Health: 26% Emotions: 67%

New opportunities will hold a degree of risk but your mood is such that you're willing to try anything new for a

change. Routine matters will be quite irritating as you just want to do something different that could be fun and

exciting. Pay attention: impulsive moves might not always be the right one. Keep an eye on a younger relative who

could be getting himself into a lot of trouble through his current dealings.

Thursday 10th Jun - Romance: 9% Finances: 53% Work: 67% Health: 51% Emotions: 70%

Important relationships improve due to an increased level of emotional sensitivity. You feel as if you can really talk

to your loved ones now. Your energy and enthusiasm for group activities will soar through the love and

encouragement other people are willing to give you. Pleasure trips are likely to be on your agenda. These aren't

likely to be any huge distance away but what you will like most about all of this is you get to enjoy a pleasant

change of scene.

Friday 11th Jun - Romance: 35% Finances: 75% Work: 17% Health: 70% Emotions: 80%

A day ago Venus made a link with your natal Mercury. It is still a time when no-one can resist your wonderful sense

of humour and glowing personality. Although Venus is moving away from this link, you could be feeling really good

at the moment and the day is likely to end in a relaxed and light-hearted fashion.

Saturday 12th Jun - Romance: 55% Finances: 60% Work: 13% Health: 43% Emotions: 82%

The Sun is four days away from linking with your natal Sun. This is a great time to relax, go with the flow and keep

the atmosphere light-hearted and relaxed whenever you can. You could probably benefit from a little light exercise

because you're feeling rather lazy. Even a walk or doing some gardening might help increase your energy levels.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 30 of 63

Sunday 13th Jun - Romance: 73% Finances: 92% Work: 22% Health: 58% Emotions: 80%

Venus formed a connection with your natal Mercury three days ago. You aren't feeling as outgoing or sociable as

usual and you won't be in the mood for anything too crowded or lively. Just spending time in the company of a few

people who are special to you would be more to your liking.

Monday 14th Jun - Romance: 65% Finances: 81% Work: 39% Health: 65% Emotions: 31%

In three days' time the Sun will connect with your natal Sun. What you desire most at the moment is to have

relaxed and harmonious surroundings. You feel you've worked hard for it and you would love to enjoy a less

stressful lifestyle. This transit stimulates your creativity and imagination. A close friendship will bring you happiness

over the next few days.

Tuesday 15th Jun - Romance: 70% Finances: 76% Work: 27% Health: 53% Emotions: 34%

In two days' time the Sun will link with your natal Sun. You're feeling quite optimistic and hopeful at the moment.

You could be willing to take a risk or to make financial decisions without really considering all the pros and cons. So

do be careful here: hesitate before jumping into new financial transactions because further research will be

necessary before negotiations are agreed on.

Wednesday 16th Jun - Romance: 11% Finances: 26% Work: 56% Health: 38% Emotions: 56%

Your presence has a strong emotional impact on someone you've recently met. You're charismatic and you should

make the most of your social and romantic popularity. Accept invitations to get-togethers or find a reason to throw a

party yourself. It's a good time to channel your creative energies into the home environment.

Thursday 17th Jun - Romance: 6% Finances: 32% Work: 64% Health: 56% Emotions: 82%

You're blessed with inner feelings of serenity and this has a pleasing effect on your relationships and friendships.

Taking up new hobbies and interests you can enjoy in your home will go well and you will appreciate the loyalty

and support of your loved-ones. Although you might be invited to join some friends who are going out this evening

you might prefer to stay in and have an early night.

Friday 18th Jun - Romance: 31% Finances: 29% Work: 45% Health: 10% Emotions: 75%

In four days' time Uranus will be connecting with your natal Jupiter. I think there may be some tension these next

few months when people in your life are talking about making changes. Because before you know it they will have

acted on their ideas and if these weren't the right moves, it might seem almost impossible to get things back to the

way they were!

Saturday 19th Jun - Romance: 60% Finances: 50% Work: 72% Health: 29% Emotions: 38%

Two days ago the Sun linked with your natal Sun and although it is moving away, you could still be feeling the

effects of this aspect. I think you will naturally feel some relationships in your life are improving. You are able to say

the right thing to people who come to you for your wise advice. You're in a creative frame of mind and you will

encourage others to stamp on any negative emotions.

Sunday 20th Jun - Romance: 59% Finances: 72% Work: 68% Health: 91% Emotions: 22%

The Sun is now moving away from a link with your natal Sun; there was an exact connection three days ago. You

have had a few things to consider lately and if you haven't made an effort to act on some decisions you made, it's

not too late. Think about doing so now. There's no time like the present!

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 31 of 63

Monday 21st Jun - Romance: 76% Finances: 77% Work: 5% Health: 23% Emotions: 32%

Think about how your partner or other loved-ones might feel before you decide to make an impulsive move that

seems very out of character for you. Beware too, of making promises you can't keep. Your intentions are good but

your judgement isn't. Socialising today could leave you tired and wishing you had stuck with your original intention

which was to enjoy a little time on your own.

Tuesday 22nd Jun - Romance: 28% Finances: 33% Work: 50% Health: 19% Emotions: 91%

A constructive and productive day for dealing with red tape and bureaucracy as you play them at their own game

and come through with all flags flying.

Wednesday 23rd Jun - Romance: 44% Finances: 31% Work: 75% Health: 85% Emotions: 46%

Does your love life lack lustre? Inject a little tantalising titillation into your intimate affairs and watch the twinkle in

your lover's eye sparkle.

Thursday 24th Jun - Romance: 52% Finances: 48% Work: 57% Health: 93% Emotions: 32%

Little things go wrong and upset you and you might find yourself at odds with a female relative. Not everything

goes as expected and you aren't in the mood to deal with anything untoward. Guests might suddenly drop by when

you weren't expecting them or are not prepared for them. It's difficult to relax when you feel as if you're swimming

against the tide.

Friday 25th Jun - Romance: 41% Finances: 36% Work: 93% Health: 51% Emotions: 78%

Tension or arguments could have something to do with shared resources or family dealings. If you and those

around you do your best to keep your thoughts to yourselves, you should get through the next twenty-four hours

without too many arguments. Avoid impulsive decisions and try to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

Saturday 26th Jun - Romance: 60% Finances: 40% Work: 91% Health: 56% Emotions: 49%

If you are single and have been hoping to find someone new, you could find yourself drawn to a person in a

romantic way. And you're never too old for a little romance. What's even more surprising is when you discover they

feel the same way about you too but wait a wee while. Because as you get to know each other you might discover

there are aspects of their nature you aren't too keen on.

Sunday 27th Jun - Romance: 87% Finances: 74% Work: 35% Health: 39% Emotions: 0%

In four days' time the Sun will link with your natal Mercury. Relationships are better than they have been of late

especially your closest ones. This should help you to make up for any bad feeling that has recently surrounded a

friendship. You seem to know all the right things to say to please people today! In fact your charm and wonderful

sense of humour will help brighten someone's day.

Monday 28th Jun - Romance: 90% Finances: 64% Work: 37% Health: 0% Emotions: 50%

For a while you might enjoy a new friend or neighbour's company. Eventually they can't seem to leave you alone

and you may have to discourage this friendship. There's the need to dig deep to get to the root of problems within

the home. You're about to be reminded about something you had forgotten. If you're thinking about how you can

make your diet more healthy choose low-fat dairy products and poultry if you aren't a vegetarian

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 32 of 63

Tuesday 29th Jun - Romance: 66% Finances: 46% Work: 55% Health: 55% Emotions: 89%

In four days' time Mars will be connecting with Jupiter in your natal chart. You will I think be feeling a need to do

things your way over the next few days. You want to do things you want to do, go where you want to go. At the

same time, if other people are involved, few will be able to resist your powers of persuasion!

Wednesday 30th Jun - Romance: 73% Finances: 41% Work: 50% Health: 63% Emotions: 99%

A relationship dispute could raise a few hackles. There may be disagreement over a family or financial matter and

you won't be in the mood for younger people who continually test your patience. Hobbies and social activities will

be expensive however accepting a travel offer will give you something special to look forward to.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 33 of 63


Pushing too hard towards a goal could backfire in the opening days of the month. Instead of working around the

clock, take a relaxing break and assume that what you want will arrive. You'll be delighted by the results of this

approach. The New Moon on the 10th finds you devoting more time to spiritual pursuits. Detaching from the

material world can be as simple as taking nature walks, listening to mystical music, or gazing at a body of water.

The middle of July urges you to emphasise love over work. On the 24th, the Full Moon will bring exciting

developments in an intimate relationship. An engagement or marriage is possible. If you're single, you'll encounter

several suitors at the end of July.

Thursday 1st Jul - Romance: 31% Finances: 24% Work: 10% Health: 30% Emotions: 74%

Mars will be linking with Jupiter in three days' time. Prepare for a time when you will enjoy having a little more

money in your pockets. A feeling of hope and well-being comes with the security of knowing you have enough

money to do what you want. To help build a firm foundation, spend money wisely now. Invest skilfully and avoid

foolish risks!

Friday 2nd Jul - Romance: 37% Finances: 41% Work: 38% Health: 52% Emotions: 53%

In two days Mars will form an exact link with your natal Jupiter. I think some fast decisions in money matters or to

do with travel are going to be necessary. If you prefer to have everything organised and well-planned this is just

one of those times when you have to take a deep breath and go for it. There are unlikely to be any regrets.

Saturday 3rd Jul - Romance: 62% Finances: 56% Work: 39% Health: 77% Emotions: 18%

Tomorrow Mars will link with your natal Jupiter and this therefore should be a great time to establish bonds with

people who are on the same wavelength. This transit will help you turn all those 'maybes' you've been thinking of

lately into workable ideas!

Sunday 4th Jul - Romance: 93% Finances: 95% Work: 38% Health: 97% Emotions: 64%

In four days' time Venus will form a link with your natal Jupiter. This should be a good time for your social life. Your

charm impresses other people and all you have to do is smile and someone will fall over backwards to please you.

Energy levels are higher than usual. Creative juices are flowing. You have every reason to feel optimistic now.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 34 of 63

Monday 5th Jul - Romance: 61% Finances: 61% Work: 15% Health: 45% Emotions: 78%

You stand a good chance of getting on the wrong side of an authority figure unless you are more diplomatic and

careful. If you are working, your boss or a senior colleague may not be as patient or understanding as you had

expected over an oversight or error. A minor accident in the home or workplace could be blown out of proportion.

Once the dust settles, issues that have caused everyone frustration will be confronted.

Tuesday 6th Jul - Romance: 3% Finances: 12% Work: 47% Health: 21% Emotions: 76%

Venus will be connecting with your natal Jupiter three days from now. Whatever you take on if you give it your best

effort and you put a little imagination into what you are doing, you could see some fine achievements. It's a good

time to make travel plans or to take a journey if you feel so inclined.

Wednesday 7th Jul - Romance: 0% Finances: 40% Work: 67% Health: 46% Emotions: 77%

In two days' time Venus will be linking with your natal Jupiter. You will make a special achievement and will soon

have reason to give yourself a pat on the back. Your family and close friends are all important in your life now.

Thursday 8th Jul - Romance: 11% Finances: 67% Work: 78% Health: 79% Emotions: 67%

Home based activities go well and you could be inviting some friends around. Issues that have caused problems in

the past can now be easily conquered through a more perceptive and understanding approach to the situation.

Future ideas will come as inspirations and you feel more content about life in general. If you enjoy being on the

computer set some time aside to write some emails to old friends who would love to hear from you.

Friday 9th Jul - Romance: 41% Finances: 74% Work: 12% Health: 63% Emotions: 90%

You're motivated to make positive efforts in order to learn something new or improve your skills. It feels as if you

can read other peoples' minds and often you will know what they're going to say before they open their mouths.

Clairvoyant and telepathic abilities are heightened and you might want to learn more about astrology, mysticism

and New Age subjects. It's good to keep mentally active.

Saturday 10th Jul - Romance: 74% Finances: 88% Work: 8% Health: 55% Emotions: 85%

Yesterday Venus formed an exact connection with your natal Jupiter and although Venus is moving away, I think

you could still use this transit to encourage a happier and more harmonious life. Smile at someone, they will smile

back. People will react positively to a little praise. So be sure to express gratitude where 'thanks' are due.

Sunday 11th Jul - Romance: 80% Finances: 70% Work: 30% Health: 69% Emotions: 26%

In four days' time Venus in the skies now will be close to Venus in your birth chart. This will be a great time for

friendships and family relationships. In money matters, perhaps you should be more cautious than usual: watch

your spending and don't be taken in by a door-to-door salesperson's patter.

Monday 12th Jul - Romance: 84% Finances: 65% Work: 40% Health: 77% Emotions: 29%

In three days' time Venus will connect with your natal Venus. You could find yourself feeling more creative, more

sentimental and more emotional over the next few days and you will know how it feels to be in someone else's


JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 35 of 63

Tuesday 13th Jul - Romance: 30% Finances: 27% Work: 59% Health: 35% Emotions: 37%

Two days to go and transiting Venus will be close to Venus in your chart. You will enjoy using your imagination and

being creative keeps you feeling young. Someone might encourage you to discuss your current beliefs and even if

this person holds different attitudes they will be interested in what you have to say.

Wednesday 14th Jul - Romance: 17% Finances: 23% Work: 64% Health: 52% Emotions: 54%

Venus is about to form an exact connection with your natal Sun and this will happen in four days' time. If a

relationship has been painful or difficult, I think you will find it easier to stay close to your more mature friends who

can understand you and whose company is relaxing but not demanding. As the days go by you will find yourself

feeling more calm and more accepting about some recent upsets or disagreements.

Thursday 15th Jul - Romance: 21% Finances: 27% Work: 81% Health: 81% Emotions: 64%

In three days' time Venus will be connecting with your natal Sun. Like yesterday, you will probably find it easier still

to seek the company of people you can trust. Especially if you've been through some tension or difficulties recently.

They will be interested in what you are going through and seem able to respond in a soothing way that makes you

feel they really understand. It might make a pleasant change to have someone to talk to rather than have other

people come to you.

Friday 16th Jul - Romance: 45% Finances: 27% Work: 58% Health: 27% Emotions: 55%

You're going through a difficult time now. Responsibilities are heavy and you aren't getting on too well with an older

person who plays an important part of your life. You feel as if you need a break but circumstances are such that

you are restricted in what you can do. If you are working, you might feel ready to retire but circumstances prevent

you from being able to do so yet. Or you might be forced to retire when you don't feel ready to. Hard work without

relaxation causes tension and this could have a negative affect on your health.

Saturday 17th Jul - Romance: 78% Finances: 93% Work: 64% Health: 36% Emotions: 78%

You can't be absolutely certain about your feelings or what you want to do now because your emotions keep

getting in the way. You're confused and annoyed with yourself for being confused. The more you try to get in touch

with your feelings, the more difficult you find it to understand yourself. Your imagination is working overtime and on

the positive side, you feel creatively inspired.

Sunday 18th Jul - Romance: 52% Finances: 78% Work: 33% Health: 40% Emotions: 24%

Developments in a close relationship could change your life considerably. Some links with people, groups or

organisations will be severed, new relationships will begin. Finding new uses for old items will inspire your

creativity. This could be the start of a hobby such as refurbishing old furniture. Important changes are taking place

in your close relationships. This could require a period of emotional adjustment.

Monday 19th Jul - Romance: 65% Finances: 47% Work: 47% Health: 44% Emotions: 23%

Venus is one day from your natal Sun and although Venus is moving away you will still feel the effects of this

connection. You will have a gentle sense of humour and you're able to brighten up the world of those around you

by giving out a sensitive compliment or two. You can almost sense what your friends and loved-ones are thinking

and this can sometimes amuse you.

Tuesday 20th Jul - Romance: 60% Finances: 8% Work: 55% Health: 43% Emotions: 23%

Two days ago Venus connected with your natal Sun. You will still be aware of your heightened sensitivity to other

people's feelings. There are good vibrations in all your relationships and it's still a great time to mend fences if there

have been any problems between you and a friend or neighbour.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 36 of 63

Wednesday 21st Jul - Romance: 48% Finances: 57% Work: 69% Health: 70% Emotions: 80%

Your are keen on making changes especially if you feel they will bring you more freedom or independence. Your

restlessness could, however, cause problems in relationships when you are unusually highly-strung and

unpredictable in behaviour. You could be mixing with people with strange interests or beliefs.

Thursday 22nd Jul - Romance: 21% Finances: 23% Work: 99% Health: 43% Emotions: 79%

You're tuned into the needs of others and you will take action to help alleviate other peoples' hurt or suffering. If

you are mystically inclined, you're likely to be making some new discoveries. Remember too, that looks can be

deceptive. A well-built man could turn out to be something of a guru!

Friday 23rd Jul - Romance: 44% Finances: 22% Work: 86% Health: 44% Emotions: 80%

If someone accuses you of being far too stubborn, perhaps you should try to listen to them. You are entitled to your

views. But if other people are making suggestions that might make life easier for you in the future, they're just trying

to help. You might find there are moments when you're more accident prone than usual but are you expecting too

much from yourself these days? Try to be realistic and remember: you aren't as young as you used to be. Pushing

yourself too hard will eventually make you ill. Be prepared to make a few compromises.

Saturday 24th Jul - Romance: 84% Finances: 42% Work: 42% Health: 34% Emotions: 8%

A day ago, Mars was in the exact position in your chart as your natal Sun. You will still be feeling this aspect

perhaps through your need to be active. You will be passionate about anything that grabs your interest now. Just

be sure not to squander your energy otherwise you will be disappointed by the results and you will feel annoyed

with yourself because you've wasted time that could have been spent more constructively.

Sunday 25th Jul - Romance: 97% Finances: 58% Work: 29% Health: 12% Emotions: 0%

Mars is moving away from your natal Sun's position and is now two days away; you should be pleased, I think, with

your achievements of the past week or so. You've certainly had plenty energy. Now you might look at it all from a

different perspective. You've taken on some extra commitments and you will hope to continue to find all the energy

and stamina necessary to continue. Stay positive.

Monday 26th Jul - Romance: 66% Finances: 46% Work: 36% Health: 41% Emotions: 59%

Mars is now three days away from the connection it made with your natal Sun. You're starting to notice your energy

is decreasing now and you should pace yourself accordingly. You might still be feeling a little restless but having

something to focus your energy on helps you keep restlessness at bay.

Tuesday 27th Jul - Romance: 61% Finances: 29% Work: 39% Health: 49% Emotions: 92%

Spend some time developing your thoughts and ideas as it would be a waste not to do anything with them. Avoid

cautious people who are likely to hold you back now. You're restless but don't let this make you too impetuous.

Wednesday 28th Jul - Romance: 62% Finances: 32% Work: 23% Health: 37% Emotions: 68%

Four days ago, Mars connected with your natal Sun. Recently you have been keen to enjoy something new and

different. Even so, you're wise enough to know that life can't all be fun, pleasure and challenging. There are times

when you need to pause and recharge your battery. Maybe you still have a little energy to spare but don't waste it,

will you?

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 37 of 63

Thursday 29th Jul - Romance: 52% Finances: 23% Work: 33% Health: 45% Emotions: 34%

A meeting with an old friend or someone you used to work with could benefit the both of you in pleasing ways.

Someone has the knowledge or talents to help turn your creative ideas into reality, or vice versa. You're keen to

develop new hobbies but you're also aware of the high expense involved and you can't decide whether or not it will

be worth it. A female friend has a question that will challenge your knowledge and intellectual skills.

Friday 30th Jul - Romance: 48% Finances: 27% Work: 61% Health: 80% Emotions: 29%

Vague feelings of dissatisfaction make it difficult for you to get excited about anything. You know you should be

feeling pleased but worries and uncertainties that you can't explain spoil the mood. You're easily upset and you

take things too personally at the moment. You will also soak up other people's negatives mood like a sponge.

Saturday 31st Jul - Romance: 59% Finances: 75% Work: 57% Health: 65% Emotions: 88%

You won't want your everyday affairs to get too monotonous with Venus recently having connected with your natal

Mercury. This link was two days ago to be exact. Think about travelling to new places, joining a craft group or even

starting a one, yourself. Find ways to keep mentally occupied and to be creative. This will help keep you from

falling into a mental rut.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 38 of 63


You'll notice a definite generation gap during the first half of August. It will be much easier to communicate with

people from your age group than members of previous and subsequent demographics. Beware of obeying an

impulse to change your look on the 8th, when a challenged New Moon can tempt you to overhaul your image. It's

better to wait until next month to alter your hairstyle or dramatically update your wardrobe. Your financial and

professional prospects will soar during the middle of the month. This is a great time to negotiate a raise or land a

lucrative position; you might return to a former employer who always appreciated your talent. The Full Moon on the

22nd will cause a close relationship to burst into flower.

Sunday 1st Aug - Romance: 62% Finances: 63% Work: 16% Health: 44% Emotions: 96%

You could get a few good laughs out of your relationships with Venus having passed over your natal Mercury three

days ago. All the laughs, the fun, the gossip and the interaction will remind you what it is to be human. Maybe

you've lost touch with that more easy-going side of your nature recently. Try not to let it happen again!

Monday 2nd Aug - Romance: 32% Finances: 19% Work: 13% Health: 0% Emotions: 42%

Four days ago Venus made a connection with your natal Mercury. A friend might come to you with some problems

of a personal nature and you will lend them a shoulder to cry on. You have been enjoying your relationships lately

and if someone needs you, you will do your best to offer the advice and guidance they seek without trying to dictate

what they should do. After all it's their life and the ultimate choice is up to them.

Tuesday 3rd Aug - Romance: 6% Finances: 12% Work: 48% Health: 26% Emotions: 13%

In four days time Mercury will be connecting with your natal Venus. You might expect to receive a few invitations

from friends and neighbours and there will be plenty going on to keep you interested and occupied these next few


Wednesday 4th Aug - Romance: 1% Finances: 37% Work: 96% Health: 89% Emotions: 48%

Creativity can be expressed through art, poetry and photography. Don't feel guilty if in the mood to daydream as

you could come up with some inspired ideas. You're keen to help young people perhaps through voluntary efforts

using modern-day technology. Some of your friends might have a downbeat attitude but there is a whole culture

taking interest in technical devices and electronic reading and you might feel there could be advantages in this for

young people and their studies.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 39 of 63

Thursday 5th Aug - Romance: 21% Finances: 60% Work: 9% Health: 47% Emotions: 90%

People will help out if you need assistance and ask for it. Especially if you try, most of the time, to be independent

and you don't often ask for help, no-one will begrudge you a few moments of their time. There could be some

special moments shared with younger family members. If you find yourself with some time to spare you could

always catch up on your reading. Try genres you don't normally read and lose yourself in a good novel for a while.

Friday 6th Aug - Romance: 57% Finances: 78% Work: 1% Health: 26% Emotions: 90%

Mercury is getting closer to your natal Sun and will be in aspect in three days' time. You might want to get some

feedback on some of your recent thoughts and feelings but you may be aware of people who are too curious about

your ideas. They want to pick your mind because they're unable to come up with any original thoughts of their own.

For this reason, if you must confide in anyone, be sure it is someone you know you can trust. This is a good time

for get-togethers with like-minded people.

Saturday 7th Aug - Romance: 86% Finances: 80% Work: 33% Health: 54% Emotions: 39%

You might notice yourself becoming increasingly restless in a mental way now that Mercury is two days away from

connecting with your natal Sun. You're in need of more excitement or variety in your life now. Your need for

something different could spark a new beginning perhaps a home-study course to further your knowledge in a

subject you've always been interested in - purely for pleasure, of course! You have strong views and in some

aspects of your life you will be working single-mindedly towards your aims.

Sunday 8th Aug - Romance: 62% Finances: 84% Work: 34% Health: 56% Emotions: 38%

You're extremely popular these days. You could find yourself at the centre of attention and whatever the reason,

you will enjoy feeling needed and appreciated. You're generous in your dealings and there will be enjoyment

through cultural, social and recreational activities. You're determined to look on the bright side.

Monday 9th Aug - Romance: 34% Finances: 68% Work: 47% Health: 67% Emotions: 50%

A private conversation will give you a lot to think about. Creative pastimes and anything that demands inspired

thought and imagination will bring you pleasure and success. You are strongly aware of background influences that

not everyone will pick up on and you might also notice increased levels of psychic ability.

Tuesday 10th Aug - Romance: 0% Finances: 25% Work: 58% Health: 59% Emotions: 55%

You feel a strong need to clear away matters that need to be concluded or rectified. This may involve some

research or talking with people about the past. If someone accuses you of being out of touch, ignore them. You do

know what you're doing. There may be some worry that a young relative is getting too deeply involved in a mystical

or religious organisation and this is starting to become an obsession.

Wednesday 11th Aug - Romance: 4% Finances: 20% Work: 46% Health: 32% Emotions: 76%

Two days ago Mercury was in connection with your natal Sun. You've been adamant that it is time to take up new

aims and although it is early days yet, you can see your vision starting to take form. You will have gone about

everything the right way and all is now neatly falling into place.

Thursday 12th Aug - Romance: 53% Finances: 41% Work: 43% Health: 14% Emotions: 59%

Mercury connected with your natal Sun three days ago and you will still be feeling the effect of this connection. You

have always known that you can make things happen through positive thinking and being assertive and this is just

such an example. It is becoming quite clear now that over recent days, you have been making the right decisions.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 40 of 63

Friday 13th Aug - Romance: 78% Finances: 84% Work: 55% Health: 48% Emotions: 49%

The Sun is 4 days away from linking with your natal Sun. You might find yourself thinking about the future and

considering making new starts. You may start looking for a new home, a less stressful job if you are still working, or

a way to make better use of your skills you've not used for a while. This is the time to reflect on your future so that

over the days ahead you can plan ways to achieve your new goals.

Saturday 14th Aug - Romance: 49% Finances: 76% Work: 65% Health: 67% Emotions: 39%

With Mercury linking with your natal Mercury in two days time, you will be looking for ways to keep your mind

active. You need to be mentally active and might take your kindle or e-reader along with you when travelling.

Quizzes, debates, reading and writing help keep you occupied. You might enjoy crosswords, logic puzzles and the

like. It doesn't really matter what you choose to do, you just need to find new ways to exercise your brain and to

keep you from feeling too restless.

Sunday 15th Aug - Romance: 49% Finances: 41% Work: 38% Health: 7% Emotions: 60%

In three days time the Sun will connect with your natal Sun and in astrology, this marks a great time for you to

make new personal resolutions. You could be thinking of making changes. You feel motivated to improve your life

and whatever goals you decide on, you will be serious about them.

Monday 16th Aug - Romance: 73% Finances: 33% Work: 33% Health: 35% Emotions: 54%

In two days time the Sun will link with your natal Sun. Other people admire your confidence and will encourage you

to talk about your past experiences. They are genuinely interested in hearing all about you. You might be thinking

of your lifestyle in general and if you start on a diet or a gentle new exercise routine you will soon feel the difference

this will make in your life.

Tuesday 17th Aug - Romance: 64% Finances: 45% Work: 60% Health: 85% Emotions: 23%

Tomorrow the Sun will be connecting with your natal Sun; this happens once a year signifying a time of resolutions.

Today you're likely to be slightly wistful or reflective as you consider your future and decide on what you want out of

the year ahead. Enjoy the increasingly sociable mood that's now around you.

Wednesday 18th Aug - Romance: 18% Finances: 26% Work: 100% Health: 57% Emotions: 26%

It won't be as difficult as expected to adjust to new developments when you know they will be in your own best

interests. There may be the need to make some secret manoeuvres in order to achieve your goals but consider the

affect your actions might have on others. Conversations may involve how much you may have to expect to pay in

the future for care or help with household chores.

Thursday 19th Aug - Romance: 46% Finances: 42% Work: 98% Health: 35% Emotions: 93%

You're happy to lose yourself in a world of fantasy and dreams. Use your imagination in practical ways to consider

future possibilities. There's an interest in new hobbies and interests that will help you focus your creativity. You're

more sensitive to the needs and feelings of friends and dear ones.

Friday 20th Aug - Romance: 80% Finances: 56% Work: 39% Health: 14% Emotions: 70%

You are practical in your thinking and you will be able to come up with ways and means of turning plans into reality.

New routines and methods will make for greater efficiency. You won't let anyone distract you from your aims.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 41 of 63

Saturday 21st Aug - Romance: 79% Finances: 60% Work: 45% Health: 20% Emotions: 24%

You might be invited to stay with a relative for a few days and the break would do you good. Or someone in the

family will hint that they would like to come and stay with you. Communications and activities shared with a group

of women will be constructive but it won't always be easy to understand them. You might feel as if you've put your

foot in it but if you're quick to notice their reaction, a funny remark will ease the tension.

Sunday 22nd Aug - Romance: 78% Finances: 51% Work: 55% Health: 4% Emotions: 43%

You have the skill and stamina to make some worthwhile accomplishments. Another reason why you will achieve a

lot is because you are focused on what you are doing and you know what you want. Also, if you're hoping to get

someone else organised or to gently point them in the right direction, this is the time to calmly show them the way.

Monday 23rd Aug - Romance: 75% Finances: 47% Work: 55% Health: 56% Emotions: 87%

Four days ago the Sun was connected with your natal Sun. I think you've been considering your long-term goals a

lot lately and there are some special aims you're hoping to achieve over the year ahead. These may be linked with

dreams you've always had for yourself and a realisation that it's not too late to act on these dreams. Try to put a

few moments aside today to be on your own to think about serious issues. Private matters take on greater


Tuesday 24th Aug - Romance: 74% Finances: 42% Work: 60% Health: 69% Emotions: 90%

Friendships are tense and there's the need to remember that all relationships require a degree of give-and-take.

You aren't feeling your usual self and you may have some foggy notions that won't make a lot of sense. If you can't

understand your own feelings, you can't expect others to understand you either. For this reason, you're better off

spending some time alone reading, watching TV or enjoying a favourite hobby.

Wednesday 25th Aug - Romance: 29% Finances: 7% Work: 54% Health: 62% Emotions: 12%

There's a big difference between the attitude and expectations of female relatives and the response of the men in

the family. Some loved ones feel badly misunderstood and they may turn to you in the hope that you will help

restore harmony. Problems that have been brewing are now completely out in the open. Eat plenty fruit, vegetables

and grains to be sure you are getting plenty good nutrients.

Thursday 26th Aug - Romance: 57% Finances: 45% Work: 54% Health: 80% Emotions: 12%

Four days ago Uranus formed a connection with Jupiter in your chart. What you might notice on and off over the

months ahead is your environment or your personal circumstances, is in some way slowly changing. People

around you are restless and they may all be going off in different directions. Changes may occur suddenly when

you would have preferred to have had more time to adapt to what is going on.

Friday 27th Aug - Romance: 65% Finances: 88% Work: 42% Health: 85% Emotions: 66%

Have you noticed how much you are doing for others at the moment? Well in four days' time the Sun passes over

your natal Mercury and you might be thinking how little time you get to yourself. I think you will be doing more in the

next few days than you probably have done over the past few months and this will all entail the need to

communicate, make decisions and be mentally active! - Mentally you're really alert and that's great.

Saturday 28th Aug - Romance: 44% Finances: 49% Work: 38% Health: 38% Emotions: 94%

An invitation for you to get involved in a new project brings a breath of fresh air into your life. You work well in

partnerships and group concerns and you're happy to give your time and effort generously, without feeling put upon

by others. You will enjoy working with other people but you might wish one person in particular would calm down,

relax more and be less intense.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 42 of 63

Sunday 29th Aug - Romance: 36% Finances: 42% Work: 34% Health: 17% Emotions: 77%

You're focused on intellectual matters with the Sun approaching your natal Mercury. In three days' time it will form

an exact connection. Of course there's still more room for you to work on other areas but you are definitely wanting

to get correspondence, paperwork, communications and other such matters organised now.

Monday 30th Aug - Romance: 12% Finances: 38% Work: 37% Health: 12% Emotions: 66%

In two days time Mercury will be passing over your natal Sun and you will be noticing how mentally alert you are

now. It is good to focus on your work if you are employed and on voluntary and other such matters especially if

they need mental concentration. Make time to play too, it doesn't matter how old you are, play computer games,

board games, do crosswords. It doesn't matter what, just keep your mind active. Feed your brain!

Tuesday 31st Aug - Romance: 18% Finances: 64% Work: 38% Health: 57% Emotions: 64%

Tomorrow Mercury will be connecting with the Sun in your birth chart. It might feel as if currently your brain is at the

centre of everything you do; decisions need to be made and your mind is overflowing with thoughts and ideas.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 43 of 63


If you're given a choice between taking freelance assignments or accepting a steady job at the start of the month,

pick the latter. Having a regular paycheque will make you more relaxed and confident about the future. Expect a

great job offer to arrive on or shortly after the 7th, thanks to an enriching New Moon. The middle of the month could

find you arguing with a romantic partner; one or both of you may not be fulfilled. Work together so that you both feel

valued and satisfied. The Full Moon on the 20th could attract a financial windfall in the form of an inheritance,

royalty cheque, or legal settlement. Don't make any reservations for a trip at the end of September.

Wednesday 1st Sep - Romance: 30% Finances: 61% Work: 8% Health: 68% Emotions: 65%

You've got some great ideas but it's important to consider other peoples' viewpoints too. A good time for signing

contracts and pulling off lucrative deals if you are business minded. You will be thinking realistically and you won't

have any patience for anyone's pie-in-the-sky suggestions. You might enjoy activities that get those brain-cells


Thursday 2nd Sep - Romance: 35% Finances: 43% Work: 21% Health: 67% Emotions: 68%

Yesterday Mercury passed over your natal Sun and you might still be feeling mentally curious and in need of

stimulation. Be sure to keep up with things that are interesting to you, in fact you probably will do so because when

something is important, it's hard not to think about it! There are some areas of your life you are mentally absorbed

in now.

Friday 3rd Sep - Romance: 63% Finances: 83% Work: 18% Health: 67% Emotions: 66%

Mercury connected with your natal Sun two days ago and this may have helped you find ways to use aspects of

your brain you feel haven't been exercised recently! Be sure to keep this up. Just as new exercise helps build up

underused muscles, your brain needs regular exercise too. Remember this over the weeks ahead.

Saturday 4th Sep - Romance: 70% Finances: 82% Work: 33% Health: 54% Emotions: 37%

Mercury is moving away from a link it made with your natal Sun three days ago. There is still a lot of information

you are trying to process in your brain. I think this may have kept you awake at nights. If you start keeping a

journal, this might help you get your thoughts into some sort of order.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 44 of 63

Sunday 5th Sep - Romance: 49% Finances: 50% Work: 46% Health: 37% Emotions: 41%

Four days ago Mercury linked with your natal Sun and these past few days your brain cells have been kept busy.

Even so, your mind is not a supercomputer and you do need to rest. Walking and light exercise and/or meditation

might help you relax as you do need to try now to get your mind off matters that are causing you some tension.

Monday 6th Sep - Romance: 0% Finances: 40% Work: 60% Health: 58% Emotions: 52%

Someone's strange behaviour arouses your suspicions and you may find yourself dealing with some form of deceit.

You really trusted someone but as you feel you should have learned a long time ago: looks can be deceptive. On

the plus side, this is a wonderful time to make use of your creative imagination.

Tuesday 7th Sep - Romance: 3% Finances: 28% Work: 58% Health: 63% Emotions: 56%

You could wind up important projects, tie-up loose ends and take care of matters that need focused attention.

Finishing what you start puts you in a good position to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are about

to come your way. If you're wondering whether you can trust someone, the answer is probably 'yes'.

Wednesday 8th Sep - Romance: 51% Finances: 66% Work: 60% Health: 41% Emotions: 77%

Two days ago Venus made a link with the Sun in your chart. I think a personal problem that's been bothering you

on and off for a while will be solved or at least reduced to some extent. Most relationships in your life today will

continue to be harmonious depending of course on what other transits suggest as the general influence of this

aspect is now waning.

Thursday 9th Sep - Romance: 62% Finances: 79% Work: 51% Health: 42% Emotions: 60%

You will enjoy spending quiet hours within your own four walls. Your mood is a private one and that's not you being

awkward or unsociable. You just want to spend some time alone in contemplation or meditation. You might be

thinking of ways to make your home environment more suitable to your changing needs. It can be soothing to enjoy

the company of a pet.

Friday 10th Sep - Romance: 55% Finances: 60% Work: 49% Health: 61% Emotions: 27%

Venus is moving away from a connection it made with your natal Sun four days ago. A shopping trip might bring

you pleasure when you find an item you have been searching for, for ages, at a very reasonable price.

Saturday 11th Sep - Romance: 55% Finances: 39% Work: 53% Health: 27% Emotions: 39%

Yesterday Mercury linked with Jupiter in your birth chart and although Mercury is moving away, you will still feel the

effects of this transit for a few more days. If therefore you come up with some fresh ideas regarding a community

project that hasn't gone too well lately, share them with those around you because I think other people will be able

to benefit through your suggestions

Sunday 12th Sep - Romance: 66% Finances: 19% Work: 58% Health: 37% Emotions: 71%

Mercury is moving away from Jupiter; the exact link was two days ago. There will be times today and even over the

next few days when someone will be trying extremely hard to get their message across. But they haven't the skills

to express themselves articulately in which case you should try to read between the lines.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 45 of 63

Monday 13th Sep - Romance: 48% Finances: 62% Work: 41% Health: 58% Emotions: 32%

Three days ago Mercury made a connection with Jupiter in your chart. You're still feeling mentally active and there

is every chance your resourceful ideas come as a shock to some. I also get the impression, depending of course

on other transits that you will feel good about plans that are being discussed for the months ahead.

Tuesday 14th Sep - Romance: 30% Finances: 79% Work: 67% Health: 34% Emotions: 49%

With Mercury four days from making an exact link with Venus, you're likely to see a pleasing difference in your

relationships now. Especially in areas where there has been discord or tension. So before you start on your plans

for the days ahead there may be one or two disagreements that need sorting out. A compromise will eventually be

found and this shouldn't affect the consequences of a joint project.

Wednesday 15th Sep - Romance: 36% Finances: 23% Work: 83% Health: 38% Emotions: 84%

In three days, Venus will connect with your natal Mercury. The next few days will be good for working in tandem

with a helpful person. You will start to feel more at ease in your relationships and emotional harmony prevails

between family and long-standing friends. A young relative could make an interesting suggestion although you will

want to have more time to think it over.

Thursday 16th Sep - Romance: 26% Finances: 3% Work: 88% Health: 63% Emotions: 42%

Venus will be connecting with your natal Mercury in two days' time. I think over the days ahead there will be pride

and satisfaction in seeing someone close achieve something special. You will support a loved-one's aims and your

encouragement will mean a lot to them. You may even offer to help a young relative purchase books, materials or

other items that will help them develop a special skill.

Friday 17th Sep - Romance: 76% Finances: 47% Work: 63% Health: 69% Emotions: 3%

Tomorrow Venus will link with your natal Mercury. There will be more commitments in your relationships now. The

types of obligations you accept will make you happier about life in general. You feel inspired to take up a creative

hobby you used to enjoy when you were younger or to encourage a young relative to try their skills in this direction.

Saturday 18th Sep - Romance: 87% Finances: 72% Work: 32% Health: 0% Emotions: 55%

You're temperamental at the moment, aren't you? People find you a tad tiresome as you tend to make mountains

out of molehills. Avoid being too bossy or too much of a know-it-all. You need a challenge, something to get your

teeth into but at the same time, you haven't the patience to see anything through.

Sunday 19th Sep - Romance: 53% Finances: 58% Work: 35% Health: 46% Emotions: 99%

In four days' time Venus will form a link with your natal Jupiter. You're feeling very generous and you won't think

twice about dipping into your savings to buy someone you care for something they crave only they can't afford it.

This is all very well but they could make a habit of coming to you whenever they want something new and before

you know it, money you had put aside for the future will have drained and you may be left wondering how you are

going to pay your bills. Curb your generosity. Be sure others don't take advantage of your kindness. It's a great

time to express your feelings through art or some other creative outlet.

Monday 20th Sep - Romance: 62% Finances: 44% Work: 27% Health: 51% Emotions: 97%

Venus will be connecting with your natal Jupiter three days from now. There is a chance you're thinking of doing

some travelling in the near future. If so, be sure to check all arrangements down to the last detail. It may also be

that a travel companion could cause you some problems through their carelessness.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 46 of 63

Tuesday 21st Sep - Romance: 42% Finances: 31% Work: 13% Health: 53% Emotions: 23%

A change of scene appeals to your spirit of adventure. Take the initiative in planning affairs that are different or

out-of-the-ordinary and encourage others to try new methods. You're keen to experiment with new ideas and fresh

enthusiasm sends you off on a quest for new experiences. Having aims to work towards will help keep you feeling

motivated. You're never too old to set yourself new goals. Keep these realistic and this will help you savour your


Wednesday 22nd Sep - Romance: 53% Finances: 42% Work: 52% Health: 85% Emotions: 16%

Tomorrow Venus will connect with Jupiter in your natal chart. Emotional affairs could I think be a little turbulent over

the days ahead. If there are disagreements in the family you could find yourself in the middle of them. Emails and

messages to and from people overseas may cause you some uncertainty or anxiety. A female relative could be

splashing out on an extravagant buy which you know will leave her strapped for cash in a few months' time.

Thursday 23rd Sep - Romance: 59% Finances: 44% Work: 48% Health: 80% Emotions: 19%

Motivate yourself. Especially if you've got into the habit of telling yourself you're going to do this and that but you

never get around to it. You may not have deadlines to work towards but you could set yourself firm goals and keep

to them. You may have to guard against a quarrel with a younger relative about money.

Friday 24th Sep - Romance: 77% Finances: 67% Work: 46% Health: 72% Emotions: 81%

What's going on around you will arouse your imagination and your head is in the clouds. It's not easy to focus your

attention but if anyone needs any bright ideas, you will come up with some wonderful suggestions. A good time for

contemplation and meditation.

Saturday 25th Sep - Romance: 41% Finances: 21% Work: 68% Health: 24% Emotions: 74%

Venus is moving away from Jupiter in your chart; the exact link was two days ago. I think an ethical or religious

matter that has already been discussed might come up again; tread carefully and if you are diplomatic you should

be able to resolve this without anyone being upset.

Sunday 26th Sep - Romance: 4% Finances: 3% Work: 82% Health: 27% Emotions: 59%

In four days' time transiting Venus will be forming a link with Venus in your birth chart. It could be that a relationship

dilemma will soon come to a head. Decisions you are making won't just depend on how keen you are about certain

plans but how healthy you feel. You might like some ideas but you aren't sure you have the stamina or energy to

get involved and you don't want to commit to anything only to let others down because you aren't up to it.

Monday 27th Sep - Romance: 0% Finances: 45% Work: 86% Health: 68% Emotions: 71%

In three days' time Venus will connect with your natal Venus. It might be hard to get on with your own life at the

moment when friends and loved-ones keep coming to you with their problems. Even though you would like to help

you might sometimes wish some people would face up to their own mistakes. Or just learned to stand on their own

two feet.

Tuesday 28th Sep - Romance: 8% Finances: 54% Work: 27% Health: 38% Emotions: 35%

Two days to go and transiting Venus will be linking with Venus in your chart. If you are involved in any kind of

creative work you could find it hard going now and that's because you just can't be satisfied with anything you do.

You might know you are disappointing someone but if you aren't in the mood for social events that they are

planning, you feel you cannot accept their invitations to join them.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 47 of 63

Wednesday 29th Sep - Romance: 81% Finances: 90% Work: 0% Health: 48% Emotions: 92%

Venus is about to form an exact connection with your natal Sun and this will happen in four days' time. You want to

tell younger relatives who are relying on you to help them out more and more that you do have a life of your own

too. You would like to pamper yourself and to enjoy life more. If you've been working really hard lately you

shouldn't feel guilty about taking such a self-centred attitude to life. You will feel so much better if you did take a

little time off simply to relax and wind down. You deserve it.

Thursday 30th Sep - Romance: 74% Finances: 70% Work: 11% Health: 49% Emotions: 97%

In three days' time Venus will be connecting with your natal Sun. You might be taking more interest in what's going

on in your social life now. You'd like to enjoy a little more time to relax, be creative, meet people and remind

yourself that life can be relaxing and fun, no matter what your age. Even if commitments are heavy, you can always

lose yourself in your daydreams and 'pretend' life isn't so arduous!

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 48 of 63


Intellectual stimulation gives you great pleasure at the start of October. Take this opportunity to attend an online

course or watch some instructional videos. The New Moon on the 6th is a great time to brainstorm with a creative

partner. You could develop a product or service that is highly successful. A serious relationship could burst into

flower this month. Getting engaged, exchanging vows, or forming a business alliance are among the possibilities.

On the 20th, the Full Moon could deliver a disappointing legal decision. Rather than dwelling on your

disappointment, give thanks this matter has concluded. You'll have more time for creative and romantic pursuits in

the closing days of October. A power struggle with your amour can be resolved in the bedroom.

Friday 1st Oct - Romance: 63% Finances: 51% Work: 52% Health: 64% Emotions: 40%

Venus will be meeting with your natal Sun in two days' time and I think you're in a phase of your life now that you

would like to feel all your hard work does have some reward. If for instance you're doing some voluntary work and

there is no respect or gratitude coming your way for this, you're bound to start wondering whether it's worth

continuing. Especially if you're making sacrifices to do so.

Saturday 2nd Oct - Romance: 63% Finances: 54% Work: 45% Health: 55% Emotions: 16%

Tomorrow Venus will be connecting with your natal Sun and you're starting to take a more practical view of life

now. For instance you might like to feel you can help other people and you may have been putting a lot of your

spare time into helping your local community or into fund-raising efforts but if this is taking a toll on your health,

you're going to have to ease off now.

Sunday 3rd Oct - Romance: 7% Finances: 31% Work: 54% Health: 52% Emotions: 22%

You want to take it easy, not because you're feeling ill, it's just that you're feeling quite lazy. This does not,

however, make you anti-social and your popularity is not on the decline. Far from it: you're in demand and people

seem to really enjoy your good-natured company. A word of caution: you could be penny wise and pound foolish

when it comes to spending money.

Monday 4th Oct - Romance: 0% Finances: 38% Work: 50% Health: 52% Emotions: 64%

Venus is one day from your natal Sun and although Venus is moving away you will still feel the effects of this

transit. If you're shopping for instance, you might not have time to really look around and you could end up

splashing out on items that you don't need and don't really like. Avoid carelessness and if you find yourself running

out of time, delegate.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 49 of 63

Tuesday 5th Oct - Romance: 0% Finances: 48% Work: 80% Health: 60% Emotions: 93%

Two days ago Venus connected with your natal Sun and I think you might still be feeling this transit especially in

your relationships. If there has been some tension between you and another, although it won't be as awkward as it

was, you might still sense some resentment coming your way from others and you're doing your best not to return

to past arguments.

Wednesday 6th Oct - Romance: 58% Finances: 81% Work: 71% Health: 56% Emotions: 73%

Venus connected with your natal Sun three days ago. You might still be feeling slightly frustrated about someone's

lack of sensitivity I think. It might feel as if younger members of your family expect you to always help them out yet

when you were there age, you just had to get on with it, on your own. Also you may have been hoping to find more

time lately for friendship and hobbies only somehow, you've not been able to follow these inclinations.

Thursday 7th Oct - Romance: 69% Finances: 91% Work: 49% Health: 54% Emotions: 40%

You will be still be feeling the effects of the Venus connection with your natal Sun that happened four days ago.

The good news is: where there have been misunderstandings, someone is now showing a greater willingness to

find compromise. By the end of the day you won't be feeling as stressed or harassed as you have been lately.

Friday 8th Oct - Romance: 51% Finances: 46% Work: 51% Health: 46% Emotions: 25%

Mercury is moving away from your natal Venus the exact link was three days ago. A recent decision concerning a

child or young person may make you wonder whether you're actually doing them any favours. Why don't you take

them aside and listen to their views? This could help you make the right move. The spotlight for a short while

longer is on communications and relationships. A loved one may have some good news to tell everyone and you

may be sharing the benefits. You might also arrive at some sort of decision about a group or community matter;

perhaps a voluntary or fund-raising event you are involved in.

Saturday 9th Oct - Romance: 25% Finances: 0% Work: 53% Health: 29% Emotions: 45%

Four days ago the Sun connected with your natal Venus. You've enjoyed some good times of late and you might

want this to continue. If so it's time perhaps to start thinking about what you are going to do to make your future a

more content one. This may mean reducing responsibilities so you are able to have more 'me time'. You realise the

benefit of relaxation so be sure to fit more into your life.

Sunday 10th Oct - Romance: 46% Finances: 35% Work: 70% Health: 63% Emotions: 58%

With the Sun four days from making an exact link with Venus, I would say that when a friend or loved-one wants to

mend fences which were broken in the past, you should respond in a favourable way. Domestic problems will be

more easily resolved over the days ahead. Your mood will be a more easy-going one.

Monday 11th Oct - Romance: 58% Finances: 56% Work: 68% Health: 93% Emotions: 46%

You sense moods, atmosphere and feelings and this helps you understand what other people are expecting from

you. Intuitive responses are likely to lead you in directions that will be good for you even if you sometimes find

yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do. Trust your intuition.

Tuesday 12th Oct - Romance: 37% Finances: 13% Work: 78% Health: 42% Emotions: 46%

With Venus linking with your natal Mercury in three days' time you might notice some conflict occurring in a close

relationship with someone of the opposite sex. This could affect your health. Try to relax through listening to music

or if you are creative, get your feelings out in a piece of art. Think about how you can improve your health. Gentle

exercise can be good for your brain as it gets the circulation going, the heart pumping and this will increase blood

flow and carry oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 50 of 63

Wednesday 13th Oct - Romance: 63% Finances: 54% Work: 68% Health: 35% Emotions: 74%

Be tactful with an authority figure who is younger than you. They might think they know it all but you know

otherwise. Even so they are in a position to put problems your way if you get on the wrong side of them and you

won't want to do that. At home, someone's careless behaviour could cause an accident or breakage. Even though

you aren't happy about it you can't turn back the clock and it would be better to let the incident pass without too

much complaint.

Thursday 14th Oct - Romance: 72% Finances: 74% Work: 41% Health: 30% Emotions: 43%

In a day's time Venus will be forming a connection with Mercury in your chart. I think your enthusiasm for a

commitment you took on recently is now waning although you don't want to really admit it. Try to avoid dedicating

yourself exclusively to one task or one person. You need variety at his time.

Friday 15th Oct - Romance: 51% Finances: 40% Work: 21% Health: 12% Emotions: 44%

Diplomacy is necessary in your close relationships. There's a tendency to say what you think without realising that

you might upset someone with a sensitive personality. You want to make your presence felt and your views known

but you might accomplish more by remaining in the background and saying nothing. This will also help you work

out what other people are getting up to without you having to ask them, outright.

Saturday 16th Oct - Romance: 60% Finances: 42% Work: 61% Health: 72% Emotions: 65%

A day ago Venus connected with your natal Mercury. It's not such a good idea to make any holiday or travel plans

with other people at the moment. Your family for instance may be keen to travel with you only it might work out that

they are hoping you will do babysitting duty while they go out in the evenings. Or it could be that their idea of an

ideal holiday destination doesn't interest you at all.

Sunday 17th Oct - Romance: 75% Finances: 32% Work: 56% Health: 51% Emotions: 91%

You're likely to sense some strain in your domestic relationships with Venus recently having connected with your

natal Mercury. This link was two days ago to be exact. You could also be hearing news of matrimony and yet I feel

you will receive this with mixed feelings. Could it be that you feel someone is rushing into making a commitment too

quickly and you can't help think it will be a case of: marry in haste and repent at leisure.

Monday 18th Oct - Romance: 41% Finances: 19% Work: 41% Health: 46% Emotions: 56%

You're more inclined to follow your intuition even if there is no practical or realistic reason why you decide on

certain courses of action. Meditation will be both relaxing and inspiring. Think of gentle exercise such as swimming

or ballroom dancing as a way to keep your body moving.

Tuesday 19th Oct - Romance: 35% Finances: 48% Work: 29% Health: 60% Emotions: 31%

Give special attention to areas in your life that haven't been going well lately. You're likely to come up with ideas for

positive changes that will benefit both yourself and those around you. Activities with friends lead to you achieving a

mutual goal. Social affairs put you in touch with the more assertive side of your nature.

Wednesday 20th Oct - Romance: 69% Finances: 70% Work: 25% Health: 67% Emotions: 19%

Four days ago Venus made a connection with your natal Mercury. Don't try to do too much for other people now

that you leave little time for yourself. Reserve an hour or two to spend with a close friend or loved one whose

company you always enjoy, later in the day.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 51 of 63

Thursday 21st Oct - Romance: 76% Finances: 87% Work: 35% Health: 71% Emotions: 83%

In two days' time Mars will connect with your natal Sun. If you pick and choose carefully you could make some

surprising achievements over the days ahead. You will notice that your energy levels are higher than usual. It's a

good time to get on with projects that need a little physical exertion. Keeping active will also make you feel more


Friday 22nd Oct - Romance: 54% Finances: 46% Work: 17% Health: 28% Emotions: 87%

Four days ago the Sun connected with your natal Sun. I think that you will slowly be acknowledging the need to be

more practical now. You have put some decisions off for long enough and if you did not act on them yesterday, you

should do so today. You might be aware of duties you've been neglecting recently. Try to catch up on these now

when a stitch in time will save nine. A touch of humour should help see you through today's difficult moments.

Saturday 23rd Oct - Romance: 14% Finances: 12% Work: 42% Health: 11% Emotions: 67%

You sense things going on in relationships that aren't instantly apparent, nevertheless, you can't ignore your

gut-feelings. Someone might be using passive aggression in order to get their own way. You aren't impressed as

you'd rather they had the guts to come straight out with whatever they have to say. Your imagination is working

overtime and a new creative venture will inspire you. What some people may not realise is that you notice more of

what's going on than they give you credit for. Use this to your advantage.

Sunday 24th Oct - Romance: 4% Finances: 33% Work: 80% Health: 61% Emotions: 43%

Two days ago Mars formed an exact connection with your natal Mars. Your energy levels may be waning but that

doesn't mean you aren't capable of steady effort. If there is something you feel you really need to do, this is the

time to get on with it. Don't put it off any longer.

Monday 25th Oct - Romance: 2% Finances: 30% Work: 98% Health: 84% Emotions: 54%

Mars is moving away from a link it made with the Sun in your natal chart. I think you will look back on the past few

days and wondered how you managed to do so much in such a short space of time. Some activities will have

captured your imagination and kept you physically active.

Tuesday 26th Oct - Romance: 3% Finances: 36% Work: 15% Health: 60% Emotions: 87%

Mars is moving away from Mars; the exact link was formed four days ago. I think the morning hours will be your

best time for purposeful work if you want to make progress. Later you may have mixed feelings about getting on

with jobs that have been keeping you occupied lately.

Wednesday 27th Oct - Romance: 52% Finances: 65% Work: 7% Health: 65% Emotions: 65%

If you feel as if it is a long time since you really relaxed, you will soon get the chance to do so. Venus will be

forming a link with the Sun in your chart in four days' time. I feel that you should take any opportunity that comes

your way to get involved in creative or social activities. Generally good feelings and a harmonious atmosphere

makes this a good time for you.

Thursday 28th Oct - Romance: 80% Finances: 83% Work: 3% Health: 57% Emotions: 11%

You're focused on intellectual matters with the Sun approaching your natal Mercury. In three days; time it will form

an exact connection. You might get the chance now to get on more friendly terms with someone you come into

contact regularly because of their profession. This adds a new dimension to your relationship when you start to

appreciate a person for who they are, rather than what they are, professionally.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 52 of 63

Friday 29th Oct - Romance: 75% Finances: 91% Work: 17% Health: 44% Emotions: 48%

In two days' time Mercury will be forming a link with your natal Sun. Those around you are full of fun at the moment

but there's something on your mind that stops you from relaxing completely. It's as if you have some thinking to do

or there is something you would like to discuss with someone if they are willing to give you the time you need to

talk through this matter thoroughly.

Saturday 30th Oct - Romance: 52% Finances: 63% Work: 27% Health: 28% Emotions: 78%

In four days' time Mercury will be connecting with your natal Sun; expect your mind to be ticking over in all sorts of

interesting ways. These next few days you might be coming up with some new ideas for the days ahead. You will

also enjoy anything that stimulates your imagination. If, for instance, you get into a good book now you won't be

able to put it down. You just want to keep your mind active.

Sunday 31st Oct - Romance: 2% Finances: 32% Work: 63% Health: 54% Emotions: 62%

This is likely to be a relaxed and peaceful interlude. You feel in tune with nature and sensitive to the moods and

feelings of the people around you. Peace and privacy is what you're searching for now and you will consciously

avoid crowded or noisy places. A friend's kind gesture will touch the cockles of your heart.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 53 of 63


Family matters will inspire a big change on or around the 4th, due to a conflicted New Moon. Alter your approach to

work so that you can spend more quality time with your nearest and dearest. If you're looking for a place to live,

you might have to alter your list of non-negotiable items to secure a good abode. The middle of the month finds you

facing off with your best friend or romantic partner. Be honest when they ask for more than you can deliver. A

Lunar Eclipse on the 19th could mark the end of a professional role, allowing you more time for romance and

learning. If you've been contemplating a relaxing vacation, the final days of November would be good for planning


Monday 1st Nov - Romance: 12% Finances: 35% Work: 70% Health: 71% Emotions: 47%

Your personality is charismatic and people will feel drawn to you now. You feel more aware of what is necessary in

order to strengthen relationships that are important to you. Your creativity is enhanced through high levels of

intuition and inspiration. You might find yourself helping a younger person develop skills that come naturally to you.

Tuesday 2nd Nov - Romance: 49% Finances: 31% Work: 56% Health: 22% Emotions: 46%

In four days' time the Sun will link with your natal Jupiter. You're hopeful for the future and you are planning some

changes that will hopefully make y our life easier. Even so, I think care, diplomacy and attention is necessary in the

important affairs in your life to avoid mistakes from occurring.

Wednesday 3rd Nov - Romance: 60% Finances: 98% Work: 44% Health: 46% Emotions: 65%

The Sun will be linking with Jupiter in your chart in three days' time and this suggests you will be feeling quite

positive and hopeful now. It's a phase in your life of movement and new horizons. You will be interested in plans

other people are making but stress that arrangements need to be made very carefully. A journey or some social

event you are looking forward to could be on-and-off and then on again and sometimes you won't know where you


Thursday 4th Nov - Romance: 55% Finances: 90% Work: 51% Health: 61% Emotions: 43%

You feel bored with situations that have remained the same for so long it almost feels like it has been forever. You

feel guilty because you want more fun, adventure and excitement in your life now but there is nothing wrong with

that. If you don't give in to a need for something different your lack of satisfaction could stress you to a point of

actually making you physically ill. If you're making decisions that could have long-term consequences be sure to

weigh up all the pros and cons

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 54 of 63

Friday 5th Nov - Romance: 61% Finances: 37% Work: 49% Health: 1% Emotions: 54%

It's important to bear in mind that other people could be hurt or upset without telling you. You might trample on

someone's feelings without even realising you have done so. Also, don't be too suspicious as you might be reading

things the wrong way. If you're thinking about starting a diet or new exercise routine this should be carefully

monitored by your nurse or doctor.

Saturday 6th Nov - Romance: 76% Finances: 38% Work: 49% Health: 47% Emotions: 58%

Something serious could develop out of the plans and ideas you are working on now. You want to get on without

interference and you would prefer to be left to your own devices. The more organised you are, the more likely it is

that you will see positive results for your efforts.

Sunday 7th Nov - Romance: 63% Finances: 58% Work: 41% Health: 68% Emotions: 50%

Yesterday the Sun linked with Jupiter in your birth chart. The weeks ahead promise all sorts of wonderful things.

You might admit to feeling a little excited about some plans. Even so, if you don't want to get yourself into any

difficulties you should curb your extravagance, be sensible about your spending and double-check all

arrangements involving travel.

Monday 8th Nov - Romance: 39% Finances: 37% Work: 81% Health: 40% Emotions: 79%

The Sun is moving away from Jupiter; the exact link was two days ago. You're still feeling quite positive and even

quite lucky. Good things are happening to you now and news from overseas will make you smile. Even so some

plans or arrangements you are making will be costly and you need to be careful about spending money that had

been put aside to cover everyday expenses over the months ahead.

Tuesday 9th Nov - Romance: 52% Finances: 40% Work: 89% Health: 44% Emotions: 91%

With the Sun linking with Venus in your chart in four days' time, pay attention to what's going on around you now.

Be willing to join forces with other people as that's how you will benefit too. You don't want to spend all your time

talking to yourself do you? You could pick up a lot of useful information by making time to talk to those you are

introduced to, today.

Wednesday 10th Nov - Romance: 87% Finances: 49% Work: 22% Health: 52% Emotions: 9%

In three days' time the Sun will be forming a connection with your natal Venus. You could I think be mixing with

someone who is quite aloof or cold with you. If you're willing to be patient and see the person underneath, you

might be surprised at how deceptive looks can be. Because they may really be sensitive and surprisingly

understanding. Give new relationships a chance to develop before you make any judgements about other people.

Thursday 11th Nov - Romance: 100% Finances: 61% Work: 25% Health: 10% Emotions: 16%

The Sun will be linking with your natal Venus in two days' time now. It is hard to feel relaxed when there are things

going on in some relationships that you aren't happy about. Problems with friends or relatives concerning money

could mar your enjoyment of social pleasures.

Friday 12th Nov - Romance: 53% Finances: 51% Work: 32% Health: 36% Emotions: 88%

Birds of a feather flock together and you might find, with the Sun linking with your natal Venus tomorrow, that it's

difficult to be accepted in some circles. You've seen this happen in other places, before. Trying to feel a part of an

organisation or club seems almost impossible but if you stick at it, you might form a bond with someone who helps

you feel more included.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 55 of 63

Saturday 13th Nov - Romance: 53% Finances: 41% Work: 40% Health: 43% Emotions: 90%

You and a friend or loved one may be on different wave-lengths and their cold attitude makes you feel lonely and

uncertain. There's a strong need to be loved but your efforts to please people seem only to be pushing them away.

Close relationships are tense and you're trying too hard to make others feel happy when it's your own happiness

you should be considering now.

Sunday 14th Nov - Romance: 76% Finances: 41% Work: 67% Health: 72% Emotions: 91%

In three days' time the Sun will connect with your natal Sun. You feel ready to try new pastimes and activities in

order to feel you are getting something positive out of life. You will be serious about your responsibilities but you

don't have to push yourself so hard that you might make yourself ill.

Monday 15th Nov - Romance: 49% Finances: 0% Work: 72% Health: 51% Emotions: 11%

You are organised in your thinking and the more time you spend in planning and preparation, the less likely it is

that things will go wrong. You might have to get your mind around the fine points and details of fund-raising for a

worthwhile community objective. Efforts in this direction will be worth it. Whatever is begun now will have pleasing

long-term possibilities.

Tuesday 16th Nov - Romance: 61% Finances: 43% Work: 51% Health: 71% Emotions: 17%

It's a good time to discuss important relationship issues, particularly because you are able to sense what others are

feeling. Female relatives and close friends will be grateful for your kindness and understanding. You feel in tune

with others, emotionally, and some news within the family could send your spirits soaring.

Wednesday 17th Nov - Romance: 73% Finances: 95% Work: 29% Health: 69% Emotions: 78%

Keep your aspirations within reasonable limits. You should know what you are capable of. If you set your sights too

high, you're going to find it difficult to achieve your goals. You might sometimes feel as if you're talking to a brick

wall when dealing with authority figures but persistence and politeness will pay. Don't take on more than you can

handle. Remember there are other people who could help you. Take care of your health.

Thursday 18th Nov - Romance: 81% Finances: 68% Work: 15% Health: 34% Emotions: 93%

Yesterday the Sun formed a link with your natal Sun and I think you might be feeling you've got to tread carefully in

some areas of your life now. If you sense tension in relationships, watch what you say. It's a busy time and you are

willing to work hard but you might not have been expecting some of the hurdles and frustrations that come your

way. Some people aren't as helpful as you had hoped they would be.

Friday 19th Nov - Romance: 46% Finances: 34% Work: 31% Health: 19% Emotions: 71%

You feel you don't have a lot to show for your efforts when other people get in the way. There's a lot of talk going

on but not a lot of action. You and those around you aren't on the same wavelengths and it's not the best of times

for getting involved in group activities. Patience in your relationships is absolutely essential now.

Saturday 20th Nov - Romance: 7% Finances: 11% Work: 76% Health: 33% Emotions: 57%

The Sun is now moving away from a connection it made with your natal Sun; there was an exact connection three

days ago. Life has been quite tense lately but if you've been careful and cautious you might now be seeing some

practical results of your recent hard-working efforts. If you're feeling more tired than usual take regular naps during

the day to recoup your energy.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 56 of 63

Sunday 21st Nov - Romance: 6% Finances: 35% Work: 77% Health: 62% Emotions: 55%

Consider future plans very carefully before making commitments and taking action. Be realistic about how and

where things went wrong in the past and this will help you approach new plans more sensibly and constructively. A

serious and steadfast approach to your new goals will bring positive benefits your way. You have plenty energy.

Use it to improve your life now.

Monday 22nd Nov - Romance: 29% Finances: 65% Work: 16% Health: 61% Emotions: 82%

There is something on your mind and you won't rest until you have resolved a certain issue. It doesn't matter how

long you must spend on this and you aren't bothered about how much research you have to do, you're determined

to get to the root of the problem. You're almost obsessed with one particular area but this fixation could lead you to

missing out on fun things that are going on elsewhere.

Tuesday 23rd Nov - Romance: 47% Finances: 54% Work: 31% Health: 52% Emotions: 80%

Two days ago Mercury was in connection with your natal Sun. Lately you may have noticed there have been

communication problems in some of your relationships and although a truce may have been called, you will still

sense some tension in the air whenever you get together with a certain person. This will be a temporary phase but

while it lasts try to think before you speak.

Wednesday 24th Nov - Romance: 64% Finances: 90% Work: 7% Health: 39% Emotions: 63%

Mercury connected with your natal Sun three days ago and you will still be feeling the effects of this connection.

You may have agreed to take care of a friend's pet, or to drive them to regular appointments, and this is taking up

more of your time than you had expected. You're finding it hard to please everyone and to fit everything you want

to, into your days.

Thursday 25th Nov - Romance: 77% Finances: 85% Work: 15% Health: 48% Emotions: 18%

Mercury is now four days from your natal Sun and moving further away. All the tension you have recently been

experiencing in certain relationships will now be waning. You might look back and wonder what caused all the

problems and worry. It will be good to realise whatever it was, it was just a storm in a teacup!

Friday 26th Nov - Romance: 70% Finances: 49% Work: 18% Health: 41% Emotions: 9%

In four days' time Mercury will connect to your natal Mercury; you will be curious, restless and you might find it hard

too to focus on any one thing. Conversations can get a little confusing when it might seem as if you and other

people are talking a different language. Try to approach your responsibilities with a cool head. If you are having

trouble sleeping, think about taking a relaxing bath before going to bed. Avoid alcohol if it seems to be making you

feel mentally fuzzy and confused.

Saturday 27th Nov - Romance: 19% Finances: 28% Work: 75% Health: 47% Emotions: 54%

Three days to go before Mercury connects with your natal Mercury. Your thoughts are likely to be all over the place

at the moment. If possible avoid having to work on anything that needs a lot of concentration over the next few

days or you will just get more and more frustrated with yourself! It's worth thinking about giving your mind a daily

work-out such as through reading, joining a reading group or enjoying a daily crossword puzzle and make this a

regular form of mental exercise over the months ahead. This will help keep your mind more focused.

Sunday 28th Nov - Romance: 0% Finances: 33% Work: 66% Health: 50% Emotions: 92%

With Mercury linking with your natal Mercury in two days' time, you will find it hard to focus your mind on any one

particular thing. There's some tension in a friendship or domestic relationship. Why not try to repair problems in

friendship and other alliances before they get out of hand?

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 57 of 63

Monday 29th Nov - Romance: 52% Finances: 39% Work: 39% Health: 0% Emotions: 71%

Tomorrow Mercury will be connecting with the Sun in your birth chart. Travel could cause a few problems at the

moment I think. Guard against making hasty decisions and it could be someone is trying to get you involved in a

community endeavour or group enterprise and this just won't interest you at all. If you're always feeling tired,

forgetful and you find it hard to concentrate, look into how your diet and exercise can help keep your mind agile.

Tuesday 30th Nov - Romance: 72% Finances: 48% Work: 73% Health: 40% Emotions: 26%

You might be inclined to speak out about a matter you feel strongly about and you don't care what other people

might think. Communications, conversations, meetings and appointments could take it out of you, mentally. News

you have been waiting for may not be what you wanted to hear. Headaches or other aches and pains are a sign

that you should start taking it more easy. You might be finding it hard to concentrate and mentally you're feeling a

little fuzzy. If you can enjoy a daily crossword or puzzle your mind will start feeling more active.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 58 of 63


The New Moon on the 4th could pave the way to a passionate romance or rewarding creative project. An

experienced partner will give you the courage to take some risks that are incredibly fulfilling. Hard work will be a

theme in the middle of December; you could be putting in long hours for the sake of a demanding project. If you're

unemployed, you may plunge into a rigorous interview process. The Full Moon on the 19th marks the conclusion of

a stimulating group project. You'll miss your colleagues, who have become integral members of your social set. Try

not to take out your frustrations on your romantic partner or work associates in the second half of December;

they're just innocent bystanders.

Wednesday 1st Dec - Romance: 74% Finances: 78% Work: 87% Health: 94% Emotions: 25%

Yesterday Mercury formed a link with your natal Sun and you might still be feeling mentally restless and easily

distracted. There is some tension in close relationships. You might find the attitude of younger people disrespectful.

Meetings and appointments may mean a number of frustrating short journeys when you aren't in the mood to

travel. If you are a driver, your mind might drift off onto other matters while you are driving when it should be on the

road! You may feel irritated with other drivers.

Thursday 2nd Dec - Romance: 71% Finances: 70% Work: 34% Health: 38% Emotions: 47%

In four days' time Mars will connect with your natal Sun. You have so much energy to burn and it won't always be

easy to control it. Sometimes you might find yourself getting angry about little things that don't normally bother you.

I know it won't always be easy to just let the anger go but I really think that's what you should try to do now.

Friday 3rd Dec - Romance: 25% Finances: 28% Work: 48% Health: 27% Emotions: 60%

There's a saying 'don't get mad get even' and you should bear this in mind as Mars approaches the Sun in your

chart. The exact connection will be in three days' time. Instead of putting all your energy into being mad about

something find ways to solve the problem. You could get some secretive amusement out of taking a calm approach

to a matter that someone else is in a dither about. You will enjoy doing something productive.

Saturday 4th Dec - Romance: 46% Finances: 77% Work: 69% Health: 76% Emotions: 63%

In two days' time Mars will form a link with your natal Sun. You might find yourself getting into arguments very

easily at this time, especially if you don't find more positive ways to channel all your energy. Why not suggest

taking some youngsters in the family to the park? Use exercise to blow off all that steam and you will be giving their

parents a rest too! Or, if you have a dog, take it for an extra long walk.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 59 of 63

Sunday 5th Dec - Romance: 9% Finances: 39% Work: 99% Health: 53% Emotions: 39%

Tomorrow Mars will make a link with your natal Sun. You want your own way and you find it hard to see things from

anyone else's point of view. You know you're being slightly immature but you can't help your feelings. Arguments

are likely; don't blame anyone else. If you're in a bad mood, it's not their fault! It's not a good time to take risks.

Monday 6th Dec - Romance: 46% Finances: 27% Work: 96% Health: 38% Emotions: 92%

High levels of personal energy and vitality helps you move forward very quickly towards your current goals. There's

a danger, however, of becoming impatient or irritable when you come across opposition or conflict. Try to find a

way to siphon off your nervous energy without getting into arguments. Avoid risks that could cause accidents such

as climbing on chairs or going outside in icy conditions (depending on the time of the year) but what's important

during the time of this transit is that you take care of hazards that could cause physical injuries.

Tuesday 7th Dec - Romance: 63% Finances: 22% Work: 48% Health: 19% Emotions: 63%

Yesterday Mars formed a connection with your natal Sun. There could still be some contention in the air. Your

mood is not that brilliant and you really don't want to dwell on your anger. Remember anger is negative energy. Try

to find more positive ways to channel all this powerful feeling.

Wednesday 8th Dec - Romance: 95% Finances: 62% Work: 28% Health: 20% Emotions: 20%

You are charming and other folk enjoy your good-humoured company. You want to enjoy the good things in life.

You don't have to give up your favourite foods but you could cut down on sugary treats and introduce more fruit

and vegetables into your diet.

Thursday 9th Dec - Romance: 96% Finances: 71% Work: 17% Health: 0% Emotions: 56%

Don't place too much credence on the promises that others are making as someone might be promising more than

they can deliver. You might feel ready to break away from commitments that no longer give you any pleasure and if

anything, cause you a lot of hassle. There is tension in close relationships but it's not really a good time to try to

seek a compromise.

Friday 10th Dec - Romance: 73% Finances: 49% Work: 45% Health: 55% Emotions: 99%

Mars formed an exact connection with Mars in your chart four days ago and although it is moving away now,

energy levels are still high. You might be feeling slightly restless too and if you enjoy travelling, you might be

thinking about booking a short break in the not too distant future.

Saturday 11th Dec - Romance: 61% Finances: 48% Work: 56% Health: 55% Emotions: 100%

Any short trips taken now could be in connection with a group or organisation. You might be asked to help organise

an event because of your past experience. Or you may have contacts that will help make arrangements flow

smoothly. You get to use skills you never thought would come in useful again and this can be enormously


Sunday 12th Dec - Romance: 34% Finances: 32% Work: 58% Health: 46% Emotions: 68%

You're tempted to indulge your appetite for change and doing something new and different and why not? You're

feeling energetic and it will do you good to go with the mood of the moment. Certain areas of your life have become

stale lately and you will now be taking action that will add a little spice to your days.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 60 of 63

Monday 13th Dec - Romance: 69% Finances: 59% Work: 62% Health: 79% Emotions: 29%

You aren't feeling very calm, cool or collected. In fact, you're likely to be the opposite. You're tense, on edge and

easily upset at the moment. A build up of difficult influences or experiences set your nerve on edge and taking

someone's misleading advice could cause you further problems. It will take effort but do your best to remain in


Tuesday 14th Dec - Romance: 71% Finances: 95% Work: 49% Health: 76% Emotions: 49%

In two days' time the Sun will link with your natal Sun. This is a time when you will have an uncanny instinct for

knowing which side of the bread is buttered on! So when your intuition speaks to you, be sure to listen to it. You

should be pleased with many developments in your life at this time.

Wednesday 15th Dec - Romance: 58% Finances: 70% Work: 19% Health: 35% Emotions: 81%

Tomorrow the Sun will link with the Sun in your birth chart. Over the next few days, if you have been having

problems in your life, some hurdles will disappear. This could come through another person's help. You might enjoy

escaping routine for a while and appeasing your need for something different. I get the impression too that a friend

or relative who never lacks ideas will know how you feel and they might come up with some good ideas to help you


Thursday 16th Dec - Romance: 55% Finances: 61% Work: 11% Health: 13% Emotions: 79%

Avoid tasks that are complicated or time-consuming today because you just won't be in the mood to concentrate on

these. Confused events or relationships cause you some stress and apprehension. A female friend you had trusted

may let you down. Someone might be trying to interest you in a club or class you could join that might help keep

you fit as well as giving you a chance to socialise with other members.

Friday 17th Dec - Romance: 19% Finances: 23% Work: 39% Health: 13% Emotions: 60%

This is a positive time of self-renewal. Changing your attitude towards yourself can be a positive step in making

your future more satisfying. Clear the clutter from your life. Rid yourself of commitments, ties and responsibilities

that no longer benefit you. It might feel as if you have spent a lifetime putting other people first. Now it is time to

pamper yourself without feeling guilty about it.

Saturday 18th Dec - Romance: 5% Finances: 36% Work: 81% Health: 66% Emotions: 59%

Two days ago the Sun linked with your natal Sun and although it is moving away, I think you will still be going

through a pleasing phase of harmony and happiness. Your interest in social affairs is heightened and you're feeling

quite creative too. This is a great time to brighten up your home, perhaps by adding flowers, hanging new pictures

on the walls or persuading a relative to paint your living room! It's a good idea too, to get out in the garden if you

have a one and depending of course on the weather.

Sunday 19th Dec - Romance: 27% Finances: 67% Work: 12% Health: 74% Emotions: 64%

The Sun is now moving away from a link with your natal Sun; there was an exact connection three days ago and if

you look back over the past few days you might feel life has been reasonably good for you. You could do with a bit

of a break but it's possible some friends might call around when you aren't expecting. Although you may not be in

the mood to socialise, you will enjoy it once you get into the right spirit!

Monday 20th Dec - Romance: 50% Finances: 64% Work: 7% Health: 67% Emotions: 80%

Four days ago the Sun connected with your natal Sun. Maybe your life has had its ups and downs over the past

few months but I think you will have noticed the tension has decreased over the past few days. I think too that a

more cooperative attitude from those you see regularly will help you get things onto a better footing.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 61 of 63

Tuesday 21st Dec - Romance: 72% Finances: 73% Work: 27% Health: 66% Emotions: 62%

Mercury made a link with your natal Mercury two days ago. I think you might still be busy with communication

matters. Letters need to be written or you could be communicating regularly with people by email. Everyone seems

talkative these days and friends keep you talking on the phone for hours. The days fly by when you're being kept so

occupied and mentally active.

Wednesday 22nd Dec - Romance: 68% Finances: 63% Work: 57% Health: 71% Emotions: 36%

Three days to go before Mars forms an exact link with your natal Mercury. This could have an effect on your

relationships in that either you or someone you are spending the day with, could be more aggressive than normal.

There is a competitive spirit in the air and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It's a great time to share views, enjoy

debate and to act on ideas.

Thursday 23rd Dec - Romance: 73% Finances: 67% Work: 35% Health: 55% Emotions: 41%

In two days' time Mars will link with Mercury in your chart. Mentally and physically, your energy levels are high. Be

sure to find a positive outlet for both. You might be more focused on your personal goals. You could be dealing with

some apparently very foolish people but if you don't want to get into pointless arguments, try to keep your own

views to yourself.

Friday 24th Dec - Romance: 20% Finances: 38% Work: 33% Health: 28% Emotions: 48%

Letters and 'phone calls and listening to the ideas of others, especially your female friends, will be helpful. You

won't want to do anything without talking plans through, first. Encourage others to bring their feelings out into the

open as the more honest people are with you, the more you will feel that you are able to help them.

Saturday 25th Dec - Romance: 7% Finances: 52% Work: 22% Health: 24% Emotions: 62%

Either you or someone nearby is argumentative and verbal disputes could grow quite violent if they're allowed to

get out of hand. You might have trouble getting people to understand you but that does not give you licence to give

them a 'piece of your mind'. Likewise, if someone gets impatient or angry with you, the best thing to do is walk

away. You need to keep your mind as well as your body healthy. The more active your brain is, the better your

memory is likely to be. The greater the variety of the ways in which you use your mind, the easier you'll find


Sunday 26th Dec - Romance: 11% Finances: 54% Work: 36% Health: 22% Emotions: 86%

A day ago Mars formed a link with Mercury in your chart. You should still, I think, be feeling a need to be active

physically and mentally. Many areas of your life will be interesting and stimulating. You can at times jump to

conclusions or get irritable very quickly. Be on your guard and use diplomacy rather than aggression. Curb

comments that other people might construe as criticism.

Monday 27th Dec - Romance: 54% Finances: 32% Work: 67% Health: 25% Emotions: 67%

In three days' time the Sun will be making a link with Mercury in your chart. You might enjoy, these next few days,

getting together with friends and family and talking over ideas about life in general or plans for the future. You will

get on well with younger people as you seem to be able to see things from their perspective. After all, you were

their age once and you haven't forgotten what it feels like!

Tuesday 28th Dec - Romance: 65% Finances: 38% Work: 75% Health: 62% Emotions: 10%

In two days' time the Sun will be making a connection with Mercury in your chart. Expect to be in more contact with

a younger neighbour or relative. They may want to pick your brains and you won't mind giving them the advice they

seem to need. If you still like to get out and about, you could be making plans to travel. This isn't likely to be a long

journey but it will be enjoyable. It's a great time too to share your thoughts and experiences.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 62 of 63

Wednesday 29th Dec - Romance: 67% Finances: 80% Work: 68% Health: 69% Emotions: 31%

You're restless and irritable and this could cause problems in your relationships. Guard against hasty action and

think twice before opening your mouth. Otherwise you might say things you will later regret. Routine plans might be

changed or there may be some kind of disappointment in association with a friendship. Carelessness could lead to

accidents, causing a minor strain or injury.

Thursday 30th Dec - Romance: 39% Finances: 49% Work: 34% Health: 0% Emotions: 59%

Someone might turn down your ideas or think your plans are a little far-fetched and it will be up to you to prove

otherwise. Your social life seems to be hectic at the moment and between voluntary efforts, community concerns

and group activities you might feel you're starting to spread yourself too thinly. It is time to cut down your

involvements in some areas as you should remember that you need to think of your health too.

Friday 31st Dec - Romance: 58% Finances: 24% Work: 47% Health: 53% Emotions: 39%

The Sun is moving away from a link it made with Mercury a day ago. You might still notice there is a lot going on in

your local community and quite a lot of this, you will be involved in or at least interested in. People might come to

you for some advice and you will seem to say all the right things. Certainly they will go away feeling as if they know

more than they did before they approached you.

JOHN DERBYSHIRE - August 19, 1955 page 63 of 63

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