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OCTOBER 26, 2020 | ISSUE NO. 1

Announcements for All

• As a result of Guam’s PCOR1 status, the GWHS Office will

remain closed to the public, with visitors allowed only on

appointments basis.

• Official start date for 2nd Quarter is October 19. For hard

copy learners AND for those who have made arrangements

with teachers, work from 1st quarter will still be accepted

and graded, even if already in Quarter 2.

• 1st Quarter Grades will be a reporting of progress: Pass (P),

Fail (F), (No Grade) - See page 2 for more details

• Need a laptop? The device application is on our school

website. Download, complete, and send to gwhs@gdoe.net.










• The district is proposing a move away from the hard copy

model and the possibility of only two options: face-to-face or

online. We are encouraging ALL students to remain - or

switch - to the online model. Laptops are available and

Internet services will soon be available for GDOE students.

Requests to change from online to the hard copy model is

highly discouraged.

• GWHS will also be designated as a Community Learning

Center (CLC), where students will be able to do work in a

Computer Lab, or avail of WiFi in the school cafeteria. Details

about CLC opening and hours of operation will be announced

at a later time.

• Requests for transcripts can be made through our school

website under the ‘Forms’ tab

• Requests for verification can be made by emailing


Important Dates

• October 29 (Thurs), Faculty

Meeting via Zoom, 2:30pm

• November 2 (Mon) - All Souls’


• November 3 (Tues) - General

Election, NO CLASSES;

Professional Development for


• November 6 (Fri), Parent Teacher

Conference, scheduled

individually with teachers -


Parent Teacher Conference

• Individual appointments should be

made with teachers between PTC hours

• Teachers’ email addresses are available

on the DIRECTORY tab on our school

website: www.gwhsgeckos.com

• November 11 (Wed) - Veterans

Day Holiday, NO CLASSES


Dates for online learners and hard copy

learners are detailed in separate pages in

this newsletter

Any changes to the school’s schedule or

procedures are posted on our school website,

social media sites, and sent out through SWIFT

Power Announcement.



www.gwhsgeckos.com 734-2911 @gwhsguam

gwhs@gdoe.net 300-3084 @gu.gwhs

298 Washington Drive

Mangilao, Guam 96913

GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 2

Attendance Policy Approved by GEB | October 16, 2020

Grading Policy

Approved by GEB | October 16, 2020

1. 1st Quarter will be used as a Progress Period/Grade or “Point-in-time” snapshot for the 1st semester and

NOT a summative 1st quarter grade.

a. This Progress Period/Grade will be reflected as either:

i. Pass (P): Enough evidence to determine passing



Fail (F): Not Enough Evidence to determine passing

No Grade (NG): No contact with student or no evidence submitted. This grade will remain until

changed by teacher or school official and will NOT automatically convert to an “F” as per existing

grading policy.

2. Grading for 2nd quarter will follow regular GDOE grading policy with a final percentage grade for the


3. Honors and AP classes will be offered using all Models of Learning for the remainder of the 1st semester.

However, effective 2nd semester, all AP and Honors classes will be offered only as Online or FTF classes.

Interested students who do not have consistent access to equipment will be provided with a device. Internet

access will be available at designated Community Learning Centers.

a. School Administrators will address special requests for Hard Copy accommodations or alternative mens of

instruction on a case by case basis.

4. Performance Based Classes: For 2nd Semester, Performance Based Classes will be offered only as

Online or FTF classes. Interested students who do not have consistent access to equipment will be provided

with a device. Internet access will be available at designated Community Learning Centers.

a. School Administrators will address special requests for Hard Copy accommodations or alternative means of

instruction on a case by case basis.

5. The Divisions of C&I and RP&E, in collaboration with school representatives will develop a formative and

summative evaluation plan to monitor the implementation of Distance Learning Plans and policies.

GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 3



Student Body Association

School Year 2020-2021

Josiah Taitingfong

SBA President

Rebeccalyn Mangegol

Vice President

Hafa Adai, Geckos!

Makenna-Loren Luty


Joseph Hapdei

Activities Coordinator

Alison Dilipy


Welcome to the start of another great school year at George

Washington High School! The GWHS Student Body Association is

looking forward to again, providing enriching, enjoyable programs

and activities for the students and families of GW. As your newly

elected SBA president, I look forward to working alongside my

amazing team to put together fun and exciting activities for all of us

to enjoy. Due to the current global health pandemic, our school life

has changed drastically. Our team is working on creating virtual

activities and outreach programs to help maintain school spirit

during this time. Please be safe, wash your hands, practice social

distancing, and wear a mask. As a community, we will get through

this together!

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

georgewashingtonsba@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram at


Nicole Pajaro

Public Relations Officer

Best. Regards,

Josiah Tait∈gfg

Rhy’an Shimizu


Matua Salas


Connect with your SBA

Be sure to follow them on

Instagram: @sbageckos_

Lola Aguon


Any ideas to make this school

year fun and exciting -

even in a digital space?

Let them know!

GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 4


Happy Retirement

Ms. Lucille Lauron

25 years

Mrs. Bobbie Quinata

34 years

Ms. Melen Ruiz

47 years

A teacher affects eternity;

he never knows where his

influence stops.

- Henry Adams

Mrs. Nenita Salinas

34 years

Ms. Martha Tenorio

29 years

Ms. Bernidete Perez,

Administrative Officer

29 Years

For Online Learners


At least once a week, during

scheduled subject per day


Throughout the rest of the week,

working independently and

applying lessons learned during

synchronous learning session

GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 5


Expectations: Online

Check your GDOE email for invites to Google

Classroom (If you didn’t get an invitation,

EMAIL your teacher and ask to resend.

Teachers’ emails are posted on the website

under ‘Directory’)

Log onto your classrooms as scheduled per

subject area. Not attending class equals an


You should have a SYNCHRONOUS learning

session Monday-Thursday for each of your


Throughout the week, you may be engaged in

asynchronous learning as you practice what

you’ve learned

Be sure to READ and SIGN the revised MOU

(given through English teachers, and also

available on the school website

Each day is

designated for a

particular subject

area(s), and should

be the same for ALL


Times may vary,

depending on team

agreements, and



Notify teachers and/

or admin -


(teachers’ emails in

‘Directory’ on our

website) with any


GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 6



Expectations: Hard Copy

Pick up packets EVERY OTHER WEEK -

this also counts towards attendance

Complete assignments and RETURN

when picking up new packet

Complete assignments with INTEGRITY

Check the school website, follow GW on

social media sites, or check-in with

teachers via email frequently. Any

sudden changes to the Grab & Learn

Schedule will be posted immediately

through these avenues.


• AP/Honors students are highly

encouraged to switch to the online

model. Those who remain in the hard

copy model during the 2nd semester may

not receive the additional 10 points at the

end of the semester

• Beginning 2nd Semester (3rd Qtr), some

performance-based classes will ONLY

be offered ONLINE (ex, ROTC,

Keyboarding). More info forthcoming.

Reason for change in Grab & Learn Schedule

GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 7

LIFE READY: College and Career Supports

For more information: https://www.gwhsgeckos.com/college--career-prep.html

Contact your counselor

for more information

about college or career


Don’t know who your counselor is? See the next page.

The Admissions Team at Saint Mary’s College of

California is thrilled to have connected with so many of

your students via virtual high school visits, college fairs,

interviews, and more this fall! Although we aren’t able to

travel to your schools and fairs and meet you all inperson,

we still want to do everything in our power to

share the wonderful, world-class experiences Saint

Mary’s offers our students.

Upcoming Deadlines:

• Early Action Deadline—Nov 15

• Regular Decision Deadline—Jan 15

• Departmental Scholarships—Jan 15

For more information, contact Ms. Monica Lujan at


GECKO WATCH OCTOBER 26, 2020 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 8

Additional Information

School Personnel

Find your cohort:

Cohort A Cohort B Cohort C

Last Name

A - Flores

Know your counselor:

Student’s Last Name

A - Cepeda, Ja

Cepeda, Jo - Gamow

Garcia - Laman

Lane - Palop

Pangelinan -

San Nicolas, Ma

San Nicolas, Pa - Z

GCC Programs

Last Name

Fm - Patis

Last Name

Paulino - Z


Dr. E. Ichihara-Rosario

Dr. V. Camacho

Mr. G. Comia

Ms. N. Cruz

Ms. L. Montague

Ms. Lujan

Ms. H. Analista

• Information for November 3rd PD


• Be advised that during PCOR1 status of

‘teleworking,’ all faculty and staff are

required to be ‘available’ during working

hours whether through phone, email, or

teleconference. Leave shall be charged


• Emails are to be checked daily, and

responded to accordingly

• Synchronous learning sessions are

expected on designated subject area day.

Google Classroom invitations or meeting

links should be sent to GWHS admin


• If a synchronous learning session will

NOT take place during designated day,

admin needs to be notified prior to,

and leave must be requested

• Inputting of grades via PowerSchool is

expected weekly.

• Students who have received laptops will

be participating in the online model of

learning. Please help in their transition

and allow ample time to catch up.

• 16Bs are to be emailed to parents (copy

Ms. Elane and CRTs in correspondence) no

later than October 29th.

• Students’ requests to change model of

learning should be directed to admin.

• Grade book: When marking ‘NG’, be sure

to include comment stating reason and

appropriate next steps

• Counselors: Any changes made to MOLs

and/or student schedules shall be shared

with affected teachers

• Content meetings should be held on

Fridays. Minutes and attendance are to be

submitted to admin.

• Grab and Learn:Be guided by SOP and

Oct/Nov Calendar sent via email


COMMUNITY SAFE: In the event of the

following, you are to stay home, notify

admin immediately, and wait for further


- Contacted for contact tracing,

- Have tested and are awaiting results,

- Have an immediate family member in

your household who has tested

positive, or

- Have a fever, flu-like symptoms, or

suspect you may be positive

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