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7 Ways to Get More

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Garden of Life ® kids

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



What’s more important than our kids’ health? As hard as we may try, kids don’t always eat nutritious meals

throughout the day or get the required nutrients for optimal health. Garden of Life® offers an array

of clean nutrition to fill in those gaps. From immune support and digestive health to strong bones and

essential vitamins, † our Kids line offers Certified USDA Organic and/or Non-GMO Project Verified

formulas in delicious gummies, powders and liquids.



November 2020 / Vol. 82 / No. 11






Sweeten your


table with this

Cranberry, Pear,

& Orange Relish


BN’s 2020 Best of

Supplements Awards

Our annual look at the cream of the dietary

supplement crop features more than 50 winners

in categories ranging from Brain Health to

Immunity to Weight Loss. If you’re trying to

decide which brands are best for your particular

concerns, this is the place to start.

Stop Fueling the Flames

Chronic inflammation is now recognized as a

contributing factor in dozens of serious health

conditions, including cardiovascular disease,

diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Here’s how to tame

those inflammatory flames before they become

a significant problem.

Gobble, Gobble!

Wondering what you’re going to do with all that

leftover Thanksgiving turkey? These healthy

and creative recipes can help you put that

entire bird to good use long before you get tired

of turkey sandwiches.



10 Reasons to Be Thankful

Plus the latest research on yoga,

cinnamon, vitamin C, and more.


A Mission in Search of a Company

The story of Miyoko’s Creamery and

their heavenly vegan cheeses.


Look What Just Arrived

Discover the latest natural products.


Get a Crush on Resveratrol

Combat cognitive decline, heart

disease, osteoporosis, and more.


Know Your Heart

Prevent all forms of heart disease.


Boosting Male Testosterone

Levels Naturally

Natural ways to treat low T.


Niacinamide for Great Skin

This unique form of vitamin B 3


work wonders on your complexion.


5 Apps That Make Your

Workouts More Fun

Take fitness to a whole new level.


Are There Benefits to

Going Nuts with Your Diet?

You’d be nuts not to eat more nuts.


Don’t Stress It With Magnesium

Seven great food sources of this

calming mineral.


Relish These Fall Fruits

The search for the perfect holiday

relish is over.


Eat Your Veggie—Muffins!

Sweet potatoes make a mighty

tasty muffin base.

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Ignite your sexual

chemistry & libido by

amplifying testosterone

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LJ100 ® and PrimaVie ®

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B Y B L U E B O N N E T®



Available at fine natural food stores

For additional information on Bluebonnet nutritional supplements, please visit, or write: Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation,

12915 Dairy Ashford, Sugar Land, TX 77478 USA

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

To optimize intimacy, Bluebonnet offers a complete line of Intimate Essentials ®


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Our Writers

Meet the passionate

people behind this issue

of Better Nutrition!

Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, is an

award-winning educator, author, and a

real food chef. She’s helped thousands of

people make lasting healthy changes to

unhealthy habits.


Editor in Chief

Creative Director

Executive Editor

Associate Editor

Digital Editor

Copy Editor

Beauty Editor

Contributing Editors

Nicole Brechka

Rachel Joyosa

Jerry Shaver

Elizabeth Fisher

Maureen Farrar

James Naples

Sherrie Strausfogel

Vera Tweed, Helen Gray

Supplements are increasingly becoming

a part of daily life for the average person.

Especially with Covid, preventive health

has become more relevant than ever.

What's more, the choices are endless.

Don’t like to swallow pills? There’s a

gummy for that. Have trouble absorbing

certain nutrients? There are “optimized”

or “activated” versions of many nutrients

for better utilization and better results.

With all those options, it might be

hard to decide which supplements to

buy. We’ve got you covered with our

Best of Supplements Awards on p. 30.

We put a lot of time and effort into

researching a wide range of formulas

from a variety of brands. We test

them out ourselves and examine the

ingredients: Was a therapeutic dosage

used? Is the product third-party tested?

Is the herbal blend a good one?

So we feel pretty confident in (and

excited about) our list of winners—these

are standout products that deserve a

spot on your supplement shopping list!

And speaking of shopping list:

Download our free Best of Supplements

Shopping List on

Also on our site: a new (and also free!)

eBook: 25 Super Supplement Tips.

I hope you enjoy this special issue

and find it helpful in your search for

high-quality supplements.











Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, is a boardcertified

nutritionist and the bestselling author

of 15 books, including The 150 Healthiest

Foods on Earth.

Michele Burklund, ND, is an integrative

physician, avid researcher, writer, and the chief

science officer of Puriya.

Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc, has a private practice

in Juneau, Alaska. She is the author of

Managing Menopause Naturally and other


Jill Schildhouse is an award-winning writer

and editor specializing in travel, health and

wellness, fitness and nutrition, beauty, and

consumer products.

Melissa Diane Smith, Dipl. Nutr.,

is a holistic nutritionist with 25 years of

clinical experience. She is the author

of Going Against GMOs and other books.

Mark Stengler, ND, is the founder of

Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine

in San Diego. Voted the 2019 Doctor

of the Year by the International Association

of Top Professionals, Stengler has authored

several books, including the upcoming

Heal Your Prostate.

Sherrie Strausfogel has been writing

about natural beauty for more than 20 years.

Based in Honolulu, she also writes about

spas, wellness, and travel. She is the author

of Hawaii’s Spa Experience.

Lisa Turner is a chef, food writer, and nutrition

coach in Boulder, Colo. She has more than 20

years of experience in researching and writing

about nourishing foods.

Vera Tweed has been writing about

supplements, holistic nutrition, and fitness

for more than 20 years. She is the editorial

director at Natural Health Connections and

author of Hormone Harmony.

Neil Zevnik is a private chef specializing

in healthy cuisine, with clients who have

included Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron,

and the CEO of Disney.

Contributing Writers

Print Ad Coordinator

Prepress Manager

Prepress Specialist

Editorial Offices

Vice President, GM

Publisher & Director of

Retail Sales

Integrated Media Sales

Director, West Coast

Integrated Media Sales

Director, East Coast & Midwest

Senior Brand Marketing


Marketing Designer

Accounting & Billing

Retail Customer Service

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, Jeannette

Bessinger, CHHC, Joyce Goldstein,

Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc, Chris Mann,

Melissa Diane Smith, Lisa Turner,

Neil Zevnik

Kim Hoff

Joy Kelley

Idania Mentana

512 Main Street, Suite 1

El Segundo, CA 90245


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Traditional expressions of gratitude

at this year’s Thanksgiving may be

challenging, what with social distancing,

empty seats in football stadiums, and

a television-only Macy’s Thanksgiving

Day Parade. But there are still plenty

of reasons to be thankful.

❶ You can still watch the Macy’s parade

on TV—as most people usually do.

❷ If you’re a football fan, you can

still watch the games on TV, and if

your fan buddies aren’t with you,

share the experience with them by

phone or video.

We know now more than

ever before about how to lead

healthier lives by eating whole

foods, being more physically

active, managing stress, and

getting enough sleep.

We have more choices of

fresh and organic food than

ever before, along with a nearly

infinite number of recipes online

(go to and

search “Thanksgiving” for some of

our favorites from past issues).

We can eat, drink, chew, or swallow

multivitamins and other supplements

for nutritional insurance, natural

relief from ailments, and other

specific benefits. Ashwagandha and

magnesium, for example, can ease

anxiety and help you relax and get

a good night’s sleep.

Opportunities for physical activity

are endless, either by going outdoors

or streaming exercise routines in your



to Be

home—with or without special

equipment or a virtual trainer.

Although air pollution and

greenhouse gases are threatening

our planet, there’s more awareness

than ever about what needs to

be done. In the natural products

industry, for example, more than

650 companies are taking action

to protect the Earth.

In addition to efforts to reduce

sources of pollution, new technologies

are being developed to suck carbon

out of our air and store it in

the ground or at the bottom

of the ocean.

Although bad news is

available 24/7 on every

electronic device, you always

have the power to turn it off.

You’re here. You’re alive.

And you have the power to do

a lot of good for yourself, for

others, and for the planet.


6 • NOVEMBER 2020

Support your

Immune System...


• A unique complex of herbs that are

ideal immune boosting supplements

• Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, Kosher

and made in the USA





8 • NOVEMBER 2020

Overweight people who routinely

eat a healthy, Mediterranean-style

diet live longer than their thinner

counterparts who eat an unhealthy

diet of take-out and fast food, according

to a 21-year study of 79,000 middleaged

and older men and women in

Sweden. “These results indicate that

adherence to healthy diets such as a

Mediterranean-like diet may be a more

appropriate focus than avoidance of

obesity for the prevention of overall

mortality,” said the authors in the

journal PLOS Medicine.

The healthy diet in the study included

ample fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes, whole grains, ocean fish (not shellfish),

olive oil, and moderate amounts of wine, but no soda or other sweet drinks.

People eating this type of diet were also less likely to gain weight as they got older.

Although there was some increased risk for heart disease among obese people,

it was tempered by the Mediterranean-style diet.


Consider Cinnamon

Cinnamon doesn’t just add flavor

to your favorite recipes. Taking a

500-mg cinnamon supplement

three times per day for 12 weeks

can lower high blood sugar and help prevent type 2 diabetes, according to a

study of 51 people with prediabetes. Led by Boston’s Joslin Diabetes Center,

the study found that compared to a placebo, cinnamon lowered abnormal

fasting glucose levels and improved the body’s response to carbohydrates.


for Whatever

Ails You

Feel anxious? Bloated?

Do your hips hurt?

Or maybe all that time at

your computer is giving you

a touch of carpal tunnel

syndrome. There’s a yoga

pose for these and many

other ailments, free of

charge, at

And if you prefer a class,

take one online from a

certified yoga instructor

for a mere 99 cents. There

are dozens of classes to

choose from.



The human body loses 1 percent of muscle mass per year after age 50,

which doesn’t sound like a lot. But over the years, it adds up and can

lead to frailty, diabetes, and disability. Fortunately, vitamin C can slow

down this loss of muscle. British researchers looked at data from more

than 13,000 people between the ages of 42 and 82 and found that

those getting the most vitamin C in their diets had the least amount

of muscle loss. They estimate that eating an orange plus a vegetable

side dish every day would provide enough vitamin C.


Nutrition for Kids!

NEW! |


| @childlifeessentials


companies fostering personal & global well-being

A Mission in Search

of a Company

Chef. Jazz singer. Restaurateur. Animal sanctuary founder.

Miyoko Schinner has been all these things. But she may have finally

found her perfect niche with Miyoko’s Creamery, specializing in

gourmet vegan cheeses and butter. BY NEIL ZEVNIK

Ever since she went vegan in the mid-

1980s, Miyoko Schinner’s life has been

about one thing: “I want to convince

the world there’s a better way to eat.”

So her story began as a mission in

search of a company, not the other

way around.

“First I started playing around with

cashews and tofu, turning them into

creams, mayos, spreads, and desserts,”

she says. And eventually the breakthrough

came when she cracked the

code for making 100% non-dairy cheese

and butter from organic, real foods

such as nuts, legumes, and other

plant-based ingredients.

Using traditional creamery

cultures, age-old cheesemaking

techniques, and modern technology,

Miyoko reinvented real foods into

new and exciting forms. “The world

of cheese opened up once learned

how to ferment nuts, seeds, and

legumes; turn them into cheese; and

get them to melt, and act and taste

like dairy products.”

But moving from products she

created in her kitchen to global

distribution was a difficult endeavor.

“The road was rocky. There was a

time when I wondered if we would

ever get it right,” she admits. But she

never lost sight of her mission, and it

spurred her on. “I love the opportunity

to inspire passion for everything

that food brings—conviviality, heart,

conversation, and the ability to impact

the world positively.”

Saving Goats, Saving the World

Schinner’s credo threads through

everything in her life, not just her

products. In 2015 she cofounded

Rancho Compasión, a nonprofit farm

animal sanctuary that began with two

adopted goats and now provides a

safe haven for over 70 animals.

Everything comes together

in her worldview. “The

“I love the

opportunity to

inspire passion

for everything

food brings—


heart, conversation,


the ability

to impact

the world


says Miyoko


Photo: Matt Lever

10 • NOVEMBER 2020

Photo (top):

most important thing about our product

is that it can help save the world.

Literally. Because it is so much more

sustainable than dairy cheese, it can

reduce our impact on the environment

while saving ecosystems and wildlife,

and take animals out of the food system,

saving them, too. And then there’s the

contribution to human health—so

literally, it’s helping to save the world.”

Delicious products, clean ingredients,

environmental benefits—it’s all there.

But for Miyoko, everything she does and

creates is meant to work in service of her

deeply held belief in a “phenomenally

vegan” life. “My single greatest motivating

factor was and continues to be the

lives of the gentle animals I want to take

out of the food system by giving people

another choice—one that is more sustainable,

healthier and, most important,

compassionate,” she explains.

make it!

Ultimate Vegan Grilled

Cheese Sandwich

Serves 2

Pair this with a hearty bowl of soup,

and you’ve got the perfect comfort

food for chilly days!

4 slices whole-grain bread

2 tsp. Dijon mustard

1 6.5-oz. Miyoko’s Creamery cheese wheel, Sharp English Farmhouse, cut into ¼-inch slices

1 Tbs. Miyoko’s Creamery Spreadable oat milk butter

1 large heirloom tomato, cut into thin slices, optional

Handful of wild arugula leaves, optional

1. Spread mustard on two slices of bread, then divide cheese slices between them. Top each

with a remaining bread slice, and lightly butter the outside of both sandwiches.

2. Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Place one sandwich in pan, and heat until

cheese begins to soften and bread turns golden brown. Flip and heat until other side is

golden and cheese is melted. Repeat with second sandwich.

3. Open each sandwich enough to insert half of tomato and arugula, if using. Serve hot.

Per serving: 530 cal; 18g prot; 30g total fat (6g sat fat); 43g carb; 0mg chol; 850mg sod; 3g fiber; 9g sugar

NOVEMBER 2020 • 11

HOT BUYS * new & notable

Look What Just Arrived

A refreshing way to nourish your gut, gluten-free chickpea pizzas,

premium ginseng root, and more!

❶ Happy Gut

Give your microbiome

the fuel it needs

to thrive. Inner Life!

Prebiotic Peach Iced Tea

Flavor nourishes your

microbiome with

3.8 grams (per serving)

of the prebiotic fiber

Arabinoxylan, which is

proven to promote the

growth of beneficial

bifidobacteria in your

gut. Mix a packet with

water for a refreshing

drink, sweetened with

monk fruit and stevia.

❷ Chickpea Pizza,


Meet the first frozen

chickpea-crust pizza.

Banza Chickpea Crust

pizzas deliver a crunchy

crust with a doughy

center, thanks to the

versatility of chickpeas,

which comprise more

than 90% of the crust.

The pizzas, in Four

Cheese, Margherita,

Veggie, and as Plain

Crust, are gluten-free

and high in fiber

and protein.

Support Your Liver

A healthy liver promotes

whole-body wellness.

Show your liver some

love with Carlson Ultimate

Liver Support. Designed

to detoxify and optimize

liver function, this blend

contains everything

you need for a healthy

liver, including milk

thistle, NAC, alpha lipoic

acid, and glutathione.

Got Ginseng?

Korea Ginseng Group has

introduced a new line

featuring 6-year-old

mature, pure ginseng

root. Pick from Wellness

(ginseng and theobroma

cacao for overall

health); Stamina (ginseng

with maca and other

herbs for men’s

performance); Balance

(ginseng with angelica

and other herbs for

menopause); and

Energy (ginseng liquid

stick packs).

Catch the Banana


Move over coconut and

almond milks—there’s

a new nondairy option

in town. Banana Wave

Non-Dairy Banana Milk is

a plant-based beverage

packed with vitamins

and fiber-rich oats.

It comes in Original,

Mango, Strawberry, and

Chocolate. Try it in this

quick-and-easy recipe.

make it!

Banana Wave Banana Blueberry Bread Serves 8

1½ Paleo flour (or flour of your choice)

²⁄ ³ cup monk fruit, erythritol, or blend

1. Mix first nine ingredients in bowl,

then add blueberries

of both

2. Preheat oven to 350°F, and spray

1½ tsp. baking powder

8x4-inch loaf pan with cooking spray

¼ tsp. baking soda

¼ tsp. sea salt

3. Spoon mixture into prepared pan,

and bake 55 minutes or until inserted

½ cup oats

Per serving: 210 cal; 5g prot; 9g total fat (1g sat

toothpick comes out dry.

²⁄ ³ cup Banana Wave Original

fat); 27g carb; 0mg chol; 210mg sod; 4g fiber;

5g sugar

¼ cup safflower oil

4. Cool 15 minutes, remove from pan,

½ cup applesauce

1 cup blueberries

and cool completely. Serve with honey

or maple syrup for an extra kick.

Recipe adapted with permission from Banana-


Reversing Brain Aging

“Our observed improvement in

overall cognitive performance

with resveratrol could potentially

reverse cognitive aging by up to

10 years.” This statement was

made by Australian researchers

in the journal Nutrients,

14 • NOVEMBER 2020

guide to cutting-edge supplements

Get a Crush on


How this extract from wine and grapes

can help fight brain aging, diabetes,

heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.


Resveratrol has been touted—and doubted—as an all-round,

age-reversing miracle supplement, partially based on early

research showing that it extends the life of some animals,

such as worms and killifish. Initial lab and animal studies

also fueled its popularity by finding that resveratrol

stimulates beneficial genes, has antioxidant and

anti-inflammatory properties, and enhances

function on a cellular level.

How does this translate into tangible

improvements in human well-being?

In the past few years, dozens of clinical trials

have looked at the effects of resveratrol on

different health risks and conditions and

have identified some specific benefits.






Add Sambucol to your Daily Routine.

From syrups to gummies, we

offer many powerful ways to help

support your immune system *

with some of the best protection

nature has to offer.

** IRI MULO as of

March 22, 2020

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


after comparing the effects of resveratrol

and a placebo in a group of 129 postmenopausal

women between the ages

of 45 and 85.

A decline in mental function is a

common complaint of women who

are approaching or have gone through

menopause. In this study, women took

75 mg of resveratrol, twice daily, for

12 months and experienced overall

improvement in mental performance.

An earlier study of older men and

women found that 200 mg of resveratrol

daily improved memory. Both studies

also found that resveratrol improved

blood flow to the brain, which typically

declines with age.

In another study of young people

who took 500 mg of resveratrol daily,

blood flow to the brain also improved.

However, there were no noticeable

improvements in function, possibly

because unlike older people, they were

already functioning at their peak.

Fighting Type 2 Diabetes

Over a dozen studies of

more than 600 type 2

diabetics found that

resveratrol lowers blood

sugar. Some studies also

found an increase in “good”

HDL cholesterol and less

insulin resistance—an early


well-being in menopausal women (75 mg twice daily).

* Relieving ulcerative colitis symptoms (500 mg daily).


taken in addition to medications for rheumatoid arthritis.


16 • NOVEMBER 2020

trigger of diabetes where cells don’t

respond to insulin, causing a rise

in blood sugar. One study also found

that resveratrol reduced stiffness of

arteries, a condition that is more likely

to develop with type 2 diabetes.

Dosages of resveratrol in these studies

varied from 100 mg to 1,000 mg daily.

Helping the Heart

Studies of more than 400 men and

women have found several ways in

which resveratrol improves heart

function. Among people who were

not taking medications but had some

degree of heart disease or risk, the

supplement reduced inflammation,

systolic blood pressure (the top number),

cholesterol, and triglycerides, all of

which contribute to atherosclerosis

when elevated.

In addition, studies show that

resveratrol stimulates natural production

of nitric oxide, which dilates blood

Inflammation Buster

Infections, from flu to pneumonia to Covid-19, become deadly when the

immune system generates excessive inflammation in a misguided attempt

to beat a virus or bacteria. Lab, animal, and preliminary human trials have

found that resveratrol reduces inflammation and helps to regulate the

immune system to enhance its protective effects. Resveratrol benefits

identified in other recent studies include:

Reducing hot flashes and osteoarthritis pain and improving overall

Reducing symptoms more than medications alone (1,000 mg daily) when

Increasing muscle mass more than exercise alone in men and women over

the age of 65 (500 mg daily) when taken in conjunction with exercise.

Garden of

Life RAW









500 mg

vessels. Healthy dilation enhances blood

flow and reduces stress on the heart by

more efficiently delivering oxygen and

nutrients. Most studies used doses of 75

or 100 mg daily for general heart health,

and 150 mg daily or more to reduce

blood pressure.

Another study tested 100 mg daily

of resveratrol on 85 patients who were

taking medications for heart failure.

Compared to a placebo, taking resveratrol

significantly improved ejection fraction,

a critical indicator of how well the

heart is working. In those taking the

medications with a placebo, average

ejection fraction improved by 3.2 percent

in two months, compared to a

9.7-percent improvement

with resveratrol during

the same period.

Enhancing Bone

Mineral Density

Resveratrol has

improved bone

mineral density in

both women and men. In a study of

125 post-menopausal women, 75 mg

of resveratrol, taken twice daily for

12 months, improved bone density

sufficiently to reduce the probability

of a hip or other major fracture

during the next 10 years. In a study

of 66 middle-aged men, bone density

improved with 1,000 mg of resveratrol,

taken daily for 16 weeks.

Another 6-month study compared

a placebo and resveratrol among

192 people with type 2 diabetes.

It found that 500 mg daily of resveratrol

significantly reduced bone loss.


A Probiotic for

Both of You

Jarro-Dophilus ® Prenatal is a unique formula that includes four

patented, clinically documented vaginal probiotic strains plus

B. infantis M-63, a clinically documented probiotic strain

associated with improved growth of newborns.*

Visit us at to learn more!


answers to your health questions

Know Your Heart

There are several reasons why your ticker may give out before

you’re ready to go. Here are the top natural ways to address them.


The heart is a complex muscle that pumps 60 or so beats per minute for

1,440 minutes per day, 365 days per year. That math gives us an astounding

look at the number of oxygen-delivering contractions our hearts will

perform over a lifetime. Unfortunately, cardiovascular “disease”

is still the leading cause of premature death in the U.S.,

just above cancers and respiratory illnesses.

One of the most common determinants of early

death from heart disease is uncontrolled high blood

pressure, which can result from clogged arteries,

or, less likely, an adrenaline-secreting tumor.


I have a strong family

history of heart

disease, and many of

my relatives died fairly

young. I’m 45. What

can I do to decrease

my risk?


Is Your High Blood Pressure a Sign

of Stress or Heart Disease?

Blood pressure often reads high at the doctor’s

office, so get a cuff for home use to get an idea of

your baseline. Sit quietly for 3–5 minutes thinking

pleasant thoughts before measuring. And consider

measuring 3 times, with a few minutes of rest between

each attempt. Then write down the lowest set of numbers.

Upper number: Systolic, the upper blood pressure


number, bounces around because it measures the

vasoconstricting (blood vessel narrowing) effect of

adrenaline, aka, the “fight or flight” stress hormone.

Unfortunately, the body reads stress as stress, whether it’s

a life-threatening predator or a bill in the mail. Your body

responds to both stimuli in much the same way, which creates

a big jolt of heart-jittering anxiety.

If your upper number is variable and always higher than 120

(age up to 55–60) or 140 (age 60 or more), then you likely have

adrenaline-induced blood pressure spikes, and the best remedy is

stress management. Try meditation, forest bathing, hot-tubbing, chilling

with friends, or spending time alone. These soothing activities need to

be scheduled so you take this commitment seriously—and with joy!

Lower number: The bottom number in a blood pressure reading,

diastolic, indicates the relative ease with which your heart muscles

contract to push freshly oxygenated blood from the largest heart

chamber (the left ventricle) into the aorta, which delivers oxygen-rich

blood to the entire body. Oxygen drives our ability to produce glucose

for fuel, to burn fat for energy, and to complete the thousands of

metabolic tasks our bodies perform constantly.

If your diastolic number is usually above 80 (age 55–60) or 90 (age 60

or more) then you likely need some type of cardiac muscle toning, and

that means exercise—likely with a focus on weight loss. Every extra 10


18 • NOVEMBER 2020


Herbs to Heal Your Heart

Leonurus cardiaca is a lovely, tasty plant medicine in the mint family that can

help stabilize light arrhythmias. It’s particularly useful for cardiac problems

coupled with sadness or grief. The common name for this pretty flower is

motherwort, and it’s known to “gladden the heart.” It is a favorite of mine

to add to other heart tonics such as the better-known hawthorn (Crataegus

oxyacantha). For a tired, congested heart, I generally prescribe 2 grams daily

of the solid extract of hawthorn berries, which is widely available (my favorite

brands are Wise Woman Herbals, Gaia Herbs, and Herb Pharm).

Another much-researched Ayurvedic heart tonic is arjuna (Terminalia

arjuna), taken from the bark of a tropical almond tree. A dose of 500–1,000

mg twice daily has been shown to revive heart failure subjects to 75 percent

productivity within 4 months.

The most famous Ayurvedic herbal cardiac medicine is Rauwolfia

serpentina, from which the pharmaceutical drug reserpine is derived. Reserpine

blocks the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline, thus lowering

blood pressure. However, Rauwolfia can have some serious side effects.

Although this is generally unusual with herbal medicine, Rauwolfia should

not be taken without supervision from a licensed naturopathic doctor or

well-trained herbalist.

pounds of weight can raise your The Best Way to Treat Arrhythmias

diastolic (pump measure) by as & Congestive Heart Failure

much as 2.2 points. So, if you’re 50 Sometimes the heart is overstressed

pounds overweight, your diastolic by electrical problems, as opposed to

could be tipping from 80 (acceptable) plumbing problems (as in the case of

to 91 (borderline dangerous) just high blood pressure). Electrical problems

from excess weight alone. Weight cause irregular heart rhythms that can

loss also lowers insulin (which be benign (PVCs) or life-threatening

raises triglycerides, a type of fat (ventricular fibrillation, or V-Fib).

that infiltrates internal organs and

sticks on the waist), lowers leptin

A-Fib vs. V-Fib: A common arrhythmia,


(your “hunger” hormone), and lowers especially in older folks, is atrial

noradrenaline, almost identical to fibrillation (A-Fib) which isn’t as

adrenaline, but it’s produced in the dangerous as V-Fib, but can progress

nervous system, not the adrenals. to V-Fib. Mostly A-Fib puts folks

20 • NOVEMBER 2020



CoQ10 is an

almost magical

oxygen booster.

If you have a

sluggish heart,

are out of shape,

and/or are taking

a CoQ10-robbing

statin, then


with CoQ10

is crucial.

at risk for blood clots (because the

blood is eddying around irregularly,

not flowing smoothly), and clots

can get lodged in the heart muscle

(heart attack) or in the brain (stroke).

Arrhythmia Treatments: In general,

the best way to treat arrhythmias

is with ablation (either burning or

freezing) of the source of the irregular

rhythm (usually in one of the pulmonary

veins). I have found that cactus

tincture can be very effective for mild

arrhythmias. (Please work with a

licensed healthcare professional.)

If you do have an arrhythmia,

it’s also a good idea to quit coffee—a

major cardiac stimulant—and to

follow a regular schedule. Get up and

go to sleep at same time each day. Eat

regular meals without snacking. Take

time daily to exercise. This gets your

body back into a rhythm.

Congestive heart failure: If you get

out of breath easily when trying to

exercise, and your blood pressure and

weight are up, you may have what

used to be called “congestive heart

failure.” This means the heart is just

not strong enough to vigorously pump

oxygen around the body. In this case,

your heart needs toning, which can

be tricky when you are too tired to

exercise. Start with simple walking

and work up from there.


Why Exercise Is so Important

All muscles serve the heart, especially the

big leg and butt muscles. Anytime your

skeletal muscles are active, this helps

move blood through the vascular system

and eases the burden on the heart.


Walking poles: As an active senior,

I have learned to really appreciate

walking and hiking with poles. The

poles give me double the contact with

the earth and help my balance—and

the work of my arms translates to

the chest, heart, and core muscles,

increasing whole-body tone.

Nutrients That Enhance

Oxygen Delivery

COQ10: This supplement is an


almost magical oxygen booster.

If you have a sluggish heart,



are out of shape, and/or are taking a

CoQ-10-robbing statin, then supplementing

with CoQ10 is crucial—

200 mg daily for someone who

weighs 175 pounds is about

right. Take more if you can

afford it. With more highly

absorbable forms (e.g., Ubiquinol),

a lower dose will work as well.

PQQ: Another popular oxygenator

is PQQ, which improves the ability

of energy-producing units within

every cell to pump out more energy.

These tiny engines inside all cells

are called mitochondria.

VITAMIN C: One of my favorite

mitochondrial helpers is vitamin C.

It can have a laxative effect, so go

slow and cut back if your stool gets

loose. I prefer to take vitamin C at

bedtime so the micro-tissue repair



Find a licensed

naturopathic doctor for

a virtual (telemedicine)

or in-person

consultation at


that happens overnight gets a

fresh boost of vitamin C to work

with. I use a non-corn-sourced,

buffered ascorbic acid powder.

WATER: Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Blood is 97 percent water, and if your

water volume is low, it makes the

heart’s job much harder. Drinking a

few extra glasses of water each day is

the easiest (and most refreshing) thing

you can do to give your heart a hand.


holistic strategies to help you feel better

Boosting Male Testosterone

Levels Naturally

If you’re feeling like half the man you used to be,

low T could be the problem.


Testosterone deficiency, or low T,

negatively affects a man’s quality of life

and is a known risk factor for early death.

Testosterone levels are at their highest

by early adulthood, and then decrease

by 1–2 percent each year around age 40.

Why is low T harmful? Testosterone

has effects on the brain, skin, bones,

and heart, and impacts erectile function,

fat metabolism, muscle growth, bone

density, energy production, lipid levels,

insulin balance, and much more.

The Most Common Cause of Low T

Primary hypogonadism, which occurs

when the testicles don’t produce

enough testosterone, is the leading

contributor to low testosterone. This

may be spurred by certain endocrinedisrupting

chemicals that find their

way into the body through water

bottles, and other plastics, cosmetics,

canned food, fertilizers, toothpastes,

clothes, soaps, paper, textiles, carpets,

utensils, deodorants, bedding, and

other commonly used products.

The Best Way to Get Tested

The primary test for testosterone

deficiency is total testosterone.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a consensus

as to what precise range indicates

a deficient blood level of total testosterone.

Laboratories differ in their testosterone

reference ranges, although they

normally range from 250 ng/dL to

400 ng/dL and up to 1000 to 1100 ng/

dL. The American Urological Association

states that a total testosterone level

below 300 ng/dL is a reasonable cutoff

for healthy testosterone.

Testosterone deficiency should

be diagnosed with two separate total

testosterone measurements in the early

morning. Serum testosterone levels

vary significantly due to normal hormonal

rhythms of the endocrine system and

are highest in the early morning.


22 • NOVEMBER 2020


A Mediterranean

diet centered on

fresh veggies and

healthy fats is a

good choice for

men with low T.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

A study in the journal Nutrients

demonstrated that the Standard

American Diet (SAD) is significantly

associated with low total testosterone levels

and an unhealthy body composition

(decreased skeletal muscle mass and

increased visceral fat mass). Specifically,

this study found that dietary patterns

“characterized by high-frequency consumption

of bread and pastries, dairy

products, and desserts; eating out; and

low intake of homemade foods, noodles,

and dark green vegetables” were significantly

associated with low testosterone.

A modified Mediterranean diet is a good

choice for men with low T. Think vegetables,

fruits, seafood, poultry, beans,

herbs and spices, olive oil, nuts, moderate

dairy, and limited red meat.

The Right Exercise

Resistance training is typically recommended

for improving testosterone levels

in men. However, a study of 87 men with

erectile dysfunction who followed aerobic

exercise with stationary cycling had a

better increase of testosterone than those

who performed strengthening exercises.

The total amount of exercise may be

more important than the type.

Top 2 Herbal Remedies for Low T

Testosterone replacement, usually with topical creams or gels, or through

intramuscular injections, is often used as a treatment for men with an overt

testosterone deficiency. However, men with mildly low testosterone levels or

low-normal levels will usually respond to tried-and-true herbal therapies,

especially ashwagandha and Eurycoma longifolia.

Ashwagandha extract has been shown to significantly increase

testosterone levels compared to placebo in men. In an 8-week

randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study, 57 men aged

18–50 with little experience in resistance training were given

ashwagandha extract (300 mg) or a placebo twice daily. Baseline

measurements were taken, and then the men followed a resistance training

program. Their measurements were retaken at the end of the eight weeks.

Researchers found the men taking ashwagandha extract had significantly

increased testosterone levels (96.19 ng/dL) compared to those taking a placebo

(18.0 ng/dL). The men taking ashwagandha extract also had a significantly greater

increase in muscle strength as measured with bench press and leg extension

exercises, increased muscle size of the arms and chest, greater decreases in

body fat percentage (3.5 percent compared to 1.5 percent for placebo), and

decreased exercise-induced muscle damage (as measured by serum creatine

kinase level). None of the participants experienced adverse effects.

Another study, published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative

Medicine, looked at the effect of ashwagandha on hormone levels (including

testosterone) and the sperm-producing activity of 46 men with low sperm count.

The men were randomized to receive ashwagandha extract (675 mg per day) or a

placebo. Serum hormone levels (testosterone and LH) were tested at the beginning

and end of the 90-day study. Serum testosterone increased by 17 percent and LH

(which stimulates testes production of testosterone) increased by 34 percent as

compared to baseline. Participants taking a placebo did not have an increase in

testosterone levels.

Recommendation: 600–675 mg daily of a standardized extract.


Safety: Ashwagandha is well tolerated.


Eurycoma longifolia (also known as Tongkat Ali, Malaysian

Ginseng, and Longjack) has been shown to improve erectile

unction, libido, and male sexual well-being, as well as stimulate

the synthesis of both total testosterone and free testosterone. In a

study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,

researchers looked at the effects of 200 mg of Eurycoma longifolia extract on people

who were “moderately stressed.” Compared to placebo, those taking the extract had

a significant increase in testosterone (37 percent) and a significant decrease in cortisol

(16 percent). Furthermore, those taking the extract showed significant improvements

in tension, anger, and confusion.

In a five-week study of physically active male and female seniors (ages 57 to

72), supplementation with Eurycoma longifolia extract (400 mg daily) was shown

to significantly increase total and free testosterone concentrations and muscular

force in men and women. Handgrip strength measures improved as a reflection

of an increase in muscle force. No side effects were noted for those supplementing

Eurycoma longifolia extract.

Recommendation: 200–400 mg daily of an extract


Safety: Eurycoma longifolia has been shown in a review of studies to be safe based


on no significant changes in liver or kidney function tests.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 23


pure ingredients for skin & body

Niacinamide for Great Skin

Used by dermatologists to treat a variety of skin conditions,

this nourishing form of vitamin B 3

can also work wonders in your

at-home beauty regimen.

Check the ingredients in your face

serums, moisturizers, masks, and eye

creams, and you may be surprised to

find “niacinamide” listed. Not to be

confused with niacin, this is a different

form of vitamin B 3

that has the versatile

ability to improve hyperpigmentation,

visible signs of aging, and acne.

Niacinamide helps support the skin

barrier, allowing it to fight off free radical

damage. It also increases skin’s resiliency,

improves texture by making pores appear

smaller, helps balance oil production,

brightens the complexion, improves elasticity,

and can be used by all skin types.


Topical niacinamide has been shown

to reduce skin inflammation, which is

why dermatologists use it to treat acne

and rosacea. Niacinamide can also inhibit

oil production, which is beneficial to those

dealing with acne. And new research

points toward the potential of niacinamide

to protect against skin damage caused by

UV radiation, which can decrease the risk

of developing skin cancers.

The new distressing skin concern,

“maskne,” acne due to facemasks, is

rising. The friction from a mask, along

with increased heat and humidity from

trapped breath, makes a perfect breeding

ground for acne-causing bacteria.

Dermatologists are also seeing an

increase in folliculitis (infected hair

follicles) and other forms of dermatitis.

Moisturizers rich in niacinamide that

hydrate and protect the skin are proving

to be beneficial for these issues.

When purchasing niacinamide

skin care products, make sure the

ingredient list includes “niacinamide,”

not just niacin or vitamin B 3

. New to

niacinamide? Introduce your skin to

it gradually—use it just a few times

per week—as it may result in mild

redness, itching, or burning.


❶Transform puffy-looking eyes into

wide-awake eyes with Derma E Vitamin C

Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches. Cooling eye

gel patches moisturize the delicate

under-eye with niacinamide, while allantoin

increases skin smoothness, caffeine

depuffs, and vitamin C brightens dark

circles. After 10 minutes, your undereyes

will feel soothed and refreshed.

❷ Rejuvenate your under-eyes with

Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care Eye Cream.

Packed with niacinamide, peptides

that help reduce wrinkles and undereye

discoloration, moisturizing shea

butter, antioxidant white tea, and

anti-inflammatory pomegranate seed

oil, this light eye cream will reveal

smoother, nourished skin.

Illuminate your complexion with

InstaNatural Skin Brightening Serum. A blend

of niacinamide, vitamin C, alpha-arbutin,

and licorice extract visibly reduces dark

spots, while hyaluronic acid and CoQ10

hydrate and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Use for a few weeks, and your skin will

get its glow back.

Revive your skin with MyChelle

Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Beauty Mist.

Niacinamide, cactus water, hyaluronic

acid, and plant stem cells refine

and hydrate skin. Use as a toner or

throughout the day to refresh.

Combat shine and oversized pores

with Pacifica Pore Warrior Booster Serum.

This concentrated oil fighter contains

niacinamide, extracts of raspberry

and black currant leaves, and silica.

Use alone on clean skin or add a

dropperful to your favorite moisturizer

or foundation.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 25


Gone are the days when your workouts

have to feel like a monotonous chore—

walking on an endless treadmill, suffering

through sit-ups, and counting jumping

jacks are so 2015. Instead, you can use

virtual reality to put yourself right into

a video game workout or game your way

through a series of planks. And we owe all

this newfound fitness fun to technology.

“In many ways, technology is driving

fitness,” says Mohammed Iqbal, founder

26 • NOVEMBER 2020

exercise & diet for active lifestyles

5 Apps That Make Your

Workouts More Fun

High-tech ways to work up a sweat at home or on-the-go.


and CEO of SweatWorks, a design

development agency focused on

delivering bespoke digital products to

the fitness industry. “While the use of

technology has been commonplace at

fitness centers, the evolution that has

been happening over the past 10 years

is the personalization of fitness and

moving it closer to your home. The

addition of a wearable, such as an

Apple Watch or Fitbit, exponentially

expands the influence of all-day tracking

into your fitness journey.”

Iqbal says that brands have started

investing in their digital experience

significantly over the past four years

as the trend toward on-demand and

at-home fitness has continued to

grow. And the timing couldn’t be better,

considering the pandemic’s far-reaching

effect on the fitness industry—gym

closures, restrictions on community team


sports, and fewer people getting outside

for physical activity means sticking to a

fitness routine is harder than ever.

“Covid-19 has accelerated the evolution

of wearables and digital fitness by at

least three to five years,” says Iqbal. “What

Covid-19 has enabled is faster adaptation

of technology with consumers.”

One of the best benefits of the union

of technology and fitness is that it leads

to innovative and fun ways to work up

a sweat—some are so fun, in fact, that

you’ll actually be excited for your next

“workout” instead of watching the

clock. Here are some of our favorites:


If you’ve ever

taken a boxing

class or religiously

popped in a Tae

Bo video, then you’re going to love this

new twist on a boxing workout. BoxVR

helps improve rhythm, agility, hand-eye

coordination, and stamina with its

adrenaline-pumping virtual reality boxing

workouts. The app—which works with

Oculus, Steam, or PlayStation VR, and

needs to be purchased separately—

transforms your living room into a

virtual boxing ring where you’ll jab,

uppercut, weave, and deflect punches

in routines that are choreographed to

awesome beats by professional fitness

instructors. The workouts range from

three-minute warm-ups to hour-plus

endurance classes. The app also tracks

your progress and calories burned to

help keep you motivated—as if being

transported into your own video game

isn’t motivation enough?

99 Walks

Walking is the most

underrated form of

exercise, despite its

numerous benefits—

it improves cardiac health, boosts

mood, improves posture, and enhances

circulation, and it’s a great low-impact

option for people with knee, ankle, and

back problems. But sometimes it can be

hard to find the motivation to go for a

walk. Enter 99 Walks: a monthly

walking challenge app that inspires

people of every age and ability to get up

and get moving. You can use it to walk

outdoors, walk around your house or

the mall, or walk on a treadmill. There

are daily classes, monthly rewards

(stainless steel bracelets with inspirational

messages), pace data, meditations,

podcasts and music, virtual teams, and

a supportive community to engage with.

Soon, you’ll be walking with purpose.

Sure, you could

just create a

playlist and have

a living room

dance party, but

wouldn’t you

rather learn some

new moves and

make sure you’re

hitting all your

muscle groups?


Not only is the same

old fitness routine


boring, but your body

quickly starts to get used to the moves—

and that’s when plateaus happen, making

it impossible to hit your goals. Instead,

confuse your muscles and take your

fitness to the next level with ClassPass,

an app that aggregates the best workouts

from studios and on-demand platforms

around the globe. Don’t be overwhelmed

by the fact that there are 50,000 weekly

digital options to choose from (that can

all be done in your living room either

with real-time instruction during a live

class or on-demand to fit your schedule),

because you can easily sort based on

genre, length, and studio. You’ll have

fun switching things up and exploring

such categories as HIIT-style workouts,

strength-training, yoga, Barre, Pilates,

kickboxing, and more.


If doing a dull cardio

workout makes it

seem as though time is

standing still, maybe

it’s time to try dancing! Sure, you could

just create a playlist and have a living

room dance party, but wouldn’t you

rather learn some new moves and

make sure you’re hitting all your muscle

groups? Verv—a holistic health and

wellness app featuring fitness classes,

nutrition info, sleep stories, healthy

recipes, and meditations—recently

launched hip-hop style classes led

by expert dancer and trainer Mike

Peele (who has appeared in videos

with Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna,

among others). Each workout lasts

approximately 20 minutes and can

burn 400–800 calories. And the routines

are so high energy, you’ll forget you’re

not rocking out at a concert.


Anyone who believes there’s nothing

more dreadful than an ab workout

has never tried a dynamic core

workout with Stealth, the device

that lets you work 29 muscle groups

while playing video games. You’ll use

your body as the game controller

while you twist and turn to compete

for high scores. How? By using your

abs, glutes, legs, low back, obliques,

arms, and shoulders to balance in

a plank position. Simply place your

smart phone on the board, pull up

the app, and you’ll have an unlimited

number of gameplay options at

your fingertips. Since no two

workouts are the same, you’ll never

get bored.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 27

Where the Real Magic of

Mushrooms Happens

There’s more to mushrooms than meets the eye: largely hidden from view

is a vast, complex network that’s rich in profoundly healing compounds.

health. Mushroom mycelium engages

natural killer cells, white blood cells,

and other components of the immune

system. Years of industry-based research,

as well as internal and third-party testing,

have demonstrated that mushroom

mycelium offers powerful, balanced

immune support.*

Using the Fruitbody and Mycelium

While fruitbodies are rich in immunesupporting

beta-glucans, they’re only

part of the whole mushroom story. The

mycelium is the rest of the narrative.

That’s why Host Defense uses both.

Host Defense mushroom supplements

utilize the complex chemistry of the

entire mushroom life cycle, including

the mycelial stage, for a significantly

wider array of beneficial compounds

and a broader range of health benefits.

In human blood (ex vivo) and human

clinical trials, Host Defense supplements

with fruitbodies and mycelium were

proven to have powerful immunological

activity—not only engaging, but also

modulating, immune response.* Tests

using three Host Defense mycelium-

Special Advertising Section

Throughout temperate woodlands

in North America, Europe, and Asia,

mushrooms are a familiar sight. Growing

on dead or dying wood, they break down

and recycle plant and animal matter,

and are an integral part of a forest’s

ecosystem. What makes them so

powerful when it comes to healing? The

secret lies deep within the mushroom.

Fruitbody vs. Mycelium

The visible portion of the mushroom

that grows above the ground is called the

fruitbody. But the main part of the mushroom

is the mycelium—an intricate web

of root-like filaments that produce the

visible fruitbody. The mycelium is a key

stage in the mushroom life cycle where based products found mycelium:

a series of complex cellular events occur. Increased innate immune cells


As the mycelium grows, it absorbs

for protection;

nutrients from its food source—in

Activated white blood cells for


nature, decaying wood or plant matter. immune strength; and


Powerful Immune Protection

During the mushroom’s mycelial stage,

new biologically active compounds

are produced, including beta glucans,

glycoproteins, ergosterols, triterpenoids,

and other constituents. And studies show

those compounds are responsible for

profound benefits, especially immune

28 • NOVEMBER 2020

Regulated immune cell compounds

for balanced immune response.*

“Growing” Mushroom Supplements

When mushrooms are grown for supplements,

mushroom mycelium cultures are

inoculated into a food source—a growth

medium called a “substrate.” The growing

mycelium ferments and cultures the

substrate, in a process that’s similar to how

yogurt is made. The fermentation process

creates unique nutritive compounds and

alters the substrate into a potent healing

compound in its own right. Research

shows that when brown rice is used as a

substrate, it engages the immune system’s

built-in method of checks and balances to

keep it from overreacting—not too little,

not too much, but just right.

The Host Defense Difference

To make its mycelium, Host Defense starts

with certified organic brown rice as the

substrate, inoculating it with sustainably

harvested mushroom cultures derived

from pristine forests near the Olympic

rainforest in Washington State. The

mycelium is harvested during the peak

stage of growth to capture the most

abundant profile of active constituents.

Host Defense includes fruitbodies from

its own farm, grown using organic

practices, along with the mycelium and

nutrient-rich substrate. And to ensure

potency and purity, all Host Defense

products are verified by independent

labs that use internationally recognized

and validated testing methods.

For the most powerful, balanced

immune support, look for mushroom

products that include not

only fruitbodies, but also

the mycelium and fermented

substrate. Because that’s

where the real mushroom

magic happens.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug

Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat,

cure, or prevent any disease.


Mushroom Mycelium Capsules


Memory & Nerve Support*

Lion’s Mane supports not just cognitive

function and immune response, but also mood

and sleep.* In human clinical trials, Lion’s

Mane supported a balanced mood, emotional

stability, and increased the experience of

restful sleep.*

Find Your Mushroom at your

local health food store and

online at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What sets one

supplement apart

from another? The

secret’s in the sauce,

as the saying goes.

We tested hundreds of

products and selected

the following based on

quality and type of

ingredients; valuable

certifications such as

organic and non-GMO

ingredients; formulation;

label transparency;

ingredient sourcing;

and innovative processing

methods, among other

attributes. Here are

the crème de la crème

of 2020.


30 • NOVEMBER 2020


Relax + Calm*


A highly absorbable

powder mix of

magnesium citrate,

malate, and glycinate

that may ease muscle

tension and promote

serenity. It comes in

Blackberry Hibiscus

Oasis and Raspberry


RidgeCrest Herbals

Anxiety Free

Find your chill with

this mix of vitamins,

amino acids, and

calming Ayurvedic

herbs. It works by

supporting the body

in creating feelings of

inner peace, deep calm,

and overall “zeniness.”


Organic India USA


This four-herb formula

supports energy and

vitality, promoting a

healthy response to

mental, physical, and

environmental tension

and stress.

Zhou Nutrition

Calm Now


Water Enhancer

Press pause on stress

with two squeezes of

this cherry-flavored

water booster (no sugar

added!). Ashwagandha,

rhodiola, and bacopa

help you stay centered,

while L-theanine keeps

you focused.

CV Sciences

Happy Lane

Cherry Jubilee

CBD Gummies

Harness the power of

CBD one sweet bite at

a time. The CBD (25 mg

per delicious gummy)

comes from hemp

grown in Kentucky,

and the gummies are


in the U.S.


Leaf Therapeutics

CBD Cinnamon

Spray Tincture

Whether you want to

sleep better, relieve

pain, or ease stress,

this spray can help.

It has 270 mg of a

hemp blend, with

10 mg of full-spectrum

CBD from hemp.




Mind Probiotic

A clinically studied

probitoic, Bacillus

subtilis PXN21, is

combined with zinc and

flavonoid-rich grape

and berry extracts, all of

which have been shown

to support brain and

immune health.


Smart Mode

Boost memory,

clarity, processing,

and more with this

patent-pending, holistic

formula specifically

designed to support

seven key indicators of

optimal brain function.

Diamond Formulas

Diamond MIND

Advanced Brain


Nourish your brain with

vitamins, herbs, and

antioxidants that have

been used for centuries

to support brain and

central nervous system

health, including

vitamin B 12

, ginkgo, and

Korean ginseng.

Host Defense

Lion’s Mane

Found on broadleaf

trees and logs, lion’s

mane mushroom has

been shown to promote

mental clarity, focus,

and memory, as well

as optimize immune



Bacopa Extract

Scientific studies show

that bacopa helps

support the brain’s

free radical protective

systems. We like this

formula because it’s

standardized to 40%

Bacosides, the herb’s

key constituent.

Quincy Bioscience


Apoaequorin, the

active ingredient here,

has been clinically

shown to improve

memory and support

brain function. It has a

long track record of

safety, with no known

adverse reactions.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 31



Emerald Labs

Reflux Health

Doctor-formulated and

additive-free, this blend

features, along with

other ingredients,

Mucosave FG

(a proprietary blend of

herbs), which has been

shown to help reduce

frequency and severity

of heartburn.



Optimize your liver

function, support its

toxin-eliminating bile

production, and increase

your body’s nitrogen

retention (a key indicator

of protein creation) with

this Ayurvedic formula

with capers, chicory,

and arjuna.

Lily of the Desert

Preservative Free

Aloe Vera Juice

Whole Leaf

From the aloe experts

comes this potent

healing juice, rich in

amino acids, vitamins,

minerals, and enzymes.

From immune to

digestive health,

aloe offers beaucoup


Paradise Herbs

AYUR-Pro Rx Cleanse

Developed by Ayurvedic

practitioners, this


formula contains

super-potent extracts

of triphala and cassia

to gently detoxify your

colon daily. It’s made

with clean, properly

sourced ingredients.

Vibrant Health

Digestive Vibrance

Relieve discomfort

while supporting

regularity with this

powdered mix of

fermentable fibers,

probiotics, and other

carefully selected

ingredients designed

to improve overall

digestion and bowel


Health Direct


Collagen Energy

Jumpstart your day

with a healthy dose of

medical-grade collagen

and energy-boosting

vitamins, minerals,

amino acids, and

antioxidants. The liquid

comes in sugar-free

Watermelon Punch

fl avo r.


Arthur Andrew


Neprinol AFD

Get your blood flowing

freely and boost oxygen

delivery to your organs

with this combination of

fibrinolytic enzymes. It

supports healthy fibrin

levels, which keep blood

from becoming too thick

and sticky.


New Chapter

One Daily Multi-

Herbal Energy Boost

Power up with this

pure and potent energy

blend, featuring clinically

studied eleuthero for

energy and endurance,

and fatigue-fighting

rhodiola. There’s no

caffeine and no crashing.

Ancient Nutrition

Multi Collagen

Protein Beauty +

Sleep capsules

Rejuvenate your hair,

skin, and nails while

you sleep with this allin-one

supplement. A

multi-collagen complex

is combined with beauty

and sleep nutrients

such as magnesium,

ashwagandha, and

camu camu.

Health Logics

BioCell Collagen

This proprietary blend

of chicken cartilage

extract, hydrolyzed

collagen, chondroitin

sulfate, and hyaluronic

acid has been clinically

shown to increase skin

collagen, reduce skin

dryness by 76%, and

lessen facial fine lines

and wrinkles.

Vital Proteins

Morning Get Up

& Glow

Sustainably sourced

coffeeberry meets

collagen, vitamin C,

biotin, hyaluronic acid,

and probiotics in this

powdered energy

supplement. Embrace

your inner glow while

also promoting hair,

skin, and nail health.

Gaia Herbs

Hawthorn Supreme

This synergistic blend

of hawthorn berry, leaf,

and flower is designed to

help maintain a healthy

and happy heart. The

liquid Phyto-Caps are

purity-tested and made

in the U.S.

Terry Naturally


Red Ginseng Energy

This unique red

ginseng is known

to contain more

ginsenosides, valuable

compounds that boost

energy and resilience

to stress.

32 •




Bluebonnet Nutrition

Targeted Choice


Support your body through

seasonal changes and breathe

better by helping to open nasal,

sinus, and bronchial passages

with this blend of immune-protective

nutrients and sustainably

sourced herbs.


Elderberry +

This delicious liquid is a blend

of elderberry, echinacea, and

licorice that can be taken daily

to maintain a healthy immune

system or at the onset of symptoms.

It’s certified organic with

no added sugar.

Nature’s Answer

Immune Boost

Herbal Blend

Echinacea, olive leaf, wild indigo,

and thuja come together in this

natural immune-supportive

tincture. All herbs are analyzed

for quality and purity using

advanced technology.

American Health

Probiotic KidChewables

Nourish your kids’ microflora with this

sugar-free chewable probitoic featuring

5 billion clinically studied live cultures,

including Bifidobacterium lactis UABla-12 and

Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. Available in

Strawberry Vanilla and Grape.

Natural Path Silver Wings

Colloidal Silver 500 PPM

Quality and concentration are

key when it comes to colloidal

silver, and this brand has both.

This formula provides powerful

immune support; use only for

10–14 days.

Pacific Resources


Propolis & Manuka

Oral Spray

Boost your health with

immune-supportive Manuka

honey, flavonoid-rich propolis,

and essential oils in this spray.


Black Elderberry Syrup

Developed by a top virologist,

this delicious syrup contains

a science-backed black elderberry

extract rich in immunesupportive



Multi Vitamin SoftMelts

Naturally sweetened with stevia and xylitol

(there’s no sugar), these easy-to-chew multis in

Natural Orange Flavor provide essential vitamins

and minerals that little ones need to thrive.


Manuka Honey

Immunity Gummies

Crafted with authentic Manuka

honey and vibrant whole fruits

like apple and strawberry, these

gummies (in Berry and Citrus

flavors) have vitamin C and

DE111 Bacillus subtilis,

a probiotic.


Nasal Spray

This popular nasal spray

features the power of xylitol,

a natural ingredient that

protects against bacterial

colonies in the nose and sinuses.

It not only cleanses, but also

hydrates dry, irritated tissues.


Immune + Daily Wellness

Fortify your defenses with this

daily immune formula featuring

organic mushrooms, including

cordyceps and reishi, vitamins

C and D, zinc, and Wellmune, a

clinically proven form of baker’s

yeast beta glucan.

Country Life

Gut Connection Kids Immune Balance

These tasty animal-shaped chewables are a

scientifically formulated blend of prebiotics

and other immune-supportive ingredients such

as Wellmune baker’s yeast beta glucan. Use to

support a strong immune system and improve

your child’s gut microbiome health.

34 •



Plant Powered

Algae Awesomeness!

Daily Support

from Head to Heart


May reduce the risk of coronary

heart disease*


Fuels your brain and supports

healthy brain functions*


500 mg


725 mg



500 mg


2,300 mg


Wellness and Immune


Vitamin D3 promotes overall

wellness and a healthy immune


Proudly Made With

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

© 2020 Wiley’s Finest LLC - All Rights Reserved




Garden of Life

Minami Platinum

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Made using a dual

supercritical CO 2

extraction technology,

this ultra-concentrated

omega-3 contains a

whopping 1,100 mg of

omega-3s in the natural

triglyceride form—in

just one softgel daily.

Wiley’s Finest

CatchFree Omega

Vegan Liquid

and Softgels

This full-spectrum omega

features DHA from

Algarithm microalgae,

omega 3-6-9s from

Ahiflower, MenaQ7 K 2


and Vitashine vitamin D 3


Health Thru


Freedom Softgels

Combat inflammation

naturally with this

proprietary blend of

curcumin, fish oil,

gamma linolenic acid,

vitamins D and E,


astaxanthin, and organic

hemp seed oil.

Life Extension

Curcumin Elite

Years of research

went into this formula,

which boasts 45x

more bioavailable free

curcuminoids than

standard curcumin. It’s

designed to help inhibit

inflammatory factors

and promote joint and

organ health.

Natural Factors


Made from fractionated

non-GMO safflower oil,

PEA is a fatty-acid-like

compound that

undergoes a micronization

process for

improved absorption.

It has been shown to

help ease occasional

pain and discomfort.

Vital Planet

Flora Cat and Flora

Dog Probiotic

Give your pets the

gift of immune health

and proper digestion.

Both powders, which

mix easily with food,

provide cats and dogs

over 20 billion live

probiotic cultures from

10 unique strains.

Essential Formulas

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

Get prebiotics, probiotics,

and postbiotics in one

formula. The dairy-free

formula has been refined

over the years, tweaked

to provide


acids that are

more robust

than those in

the Original Formula.


Jarrow Formulas



Designed to support a

healthy pregnancy for

mother and baby, this

formula includes four

patented, clinically

documented strains

from the main protective

bacterial species found

in healthy vaginal flora.


Kyo-Dophilus Max Probiotic

Help repopulate your microflora

with this combination of

12 beneficial bacteria, including

The Friendly Trio, a proprietary

blend of three biocompatible

human strains.

Doctor’s Best

Clear Whey Protein

Isolate Cherry Rush

This cherry-flavored

powder, which dissolves

completely in water,

contains 100%

hydrolyzed whey that’s

ultra-filtered for high

absorption and

quicker digestion

of muscle-building

amino acids.


Organic MCT Protein

Power your workout

with quick energy from

MCTs (from coconut)

and organic plant-based

protein with probiotics.

Available in Chocolate

and Vanilla flavors.


36 •


Tis the season




Nordic Naturals

Zero Sugar



Drift off sleep without

the sugar rush. Each


gummy provides

1.5 mg melatonin

to help maintain

healthy sleep patterns

throughout the night.

Redd Remedies

At Ease PM

Tap into the power

of premium natural

remedies, including

magnesium, California

poppy, hops, GABA,

L-theanine, and 5-HTP,

to help you fall and

stay asleep.


Full Spectrum


Sleep Ease


curcumin is paired

with Pharma-GABA,

melatonin, and

Venetron (herbal

extract) to help you

sleep better, longer.

Trace Minerals


Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar

(ACV) has been used for

centuries because of its

many health benefits,

including weight

management. These

have 500 mg of organic

ACV per yummy gummy.


Lutein Gummies

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These tasty gummies

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zeaxanthin, and


three powerful

carotenoids clinically

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eye health and filter

blue light from digital


Quantum Health

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Reduce the effects

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light and optimize

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supplement. Two

softgels contain

vitamin E, zinc,

curcumin, lutein,

zeaxanthin, and

omega-3s, including

DHA and EPA.



Seriously Delicious

Vitamin D3

There’s no need to take your

vitamin D with fat anymore.

This is uniquely formulated

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no meal or other fat required.

It has a creamy texture with

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Bio Nutrition

Premium Black Seed Oil


This naturally rich source of

essential fatty acids contains

thymoquinone, a compound

with antioxidant qualities.

The oil is cold-pressed, and

solvent- and hexane-free.

Dr. Mercola

Biodynamic Organic

Fermented Moringa

In addition to being a

superfood rich in vitamins

and minerals, moringa is

high in protein. This version

is a standout, as it utilizes

regenerative farming



Vitamin C Gold

This non-GMO verified,

whole-food vitamin C

concentrate comes from

antioxidant-rich organic

fruits and berries using an

exceptionally pure,

solvent-free process.

Smarty Pants

Adult Formula + Fiber

Nutrients, including B 12


methylcobalamin and folate

as methylfolate, are carefully

chosen based on extensive

research. The bottle contains

a mix of lemon, orange, and

strawberry banana flavors.

38 •


















Which came first: the

chicken or the egg?

For a long time,

research identified

chronic inflammation as a symptom

of many diseases, but only in the past

decade or two has it been linked to the

cause of many illnesses. The body’s

natural inflammatory process is beneficial

because it promotes healing

in the case of tissue injury and infections—but

when there’s a chronic

unresolved issue, it turns destructive.

Chronic inflammation can occur

for a number of reasons, including

autoimmune conditions, obesity, and

unresolved infections. Here’s a closer

look at three conditions associated with

chronic inflammation, followed by three

powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients.


40 • NOVEMBER 2020

NOVEMBER 2020 • 41

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease—a generalized

term that encompasses many diseases

that affect the heart and blood vessels—

is the number one cause of death in the

United States, with stroke and heart

attacks being two of the most common

consequences of long-term cardiovascular

disease. The underlying cause of

cardiovascular disease can be high blood

pressure, an unhealthy cholesterol profile,

a high-sugar diet, obesity, chronic stress,

smoking—and inflammation.

Type-2 Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month,

which brings awareness to the fact

that more than 29 million people in the

U.S. have type 2 diabetes. That’s roughly

10 percent of the entire population.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body

can’t use insulin efficiently. Insulin, a

hormone produced in the pancreas, is a

key player in helping the body transport

sugar from the bloodstream into cells

for energy. Imagine a two-lane road

that is cut down to one lane, creating a

traffic jam. This is what happens when

the body can’t move glucose out of the

blood because of insulin resistance.

At the same time, the pancreas tries

to overcompensate by making more

insulin to reduce the amount of glucose

in the blood. Continuous high levels of

glucose in the blood can then lead to

increased levels of advanced glycation

end-products or AGEs, which are essentially

a chemical reaction between sugars

and proteins. AGEs have been linked

to chronic inflammation and damage to

both tissues and organs.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

These include such brain-related

diseases as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,

and Huntington’s disease, all of which

progressively worsen over time. These

diseases originate in the central nervous

system (brain and spinal cord), where

they degrade the neurons and supporting

structures, causing irreversible damage.

Common symptoms can include muscle

weakness, confusion, memory loss,

and impaired mobility. The Journal

of Environmental Health Perspectives

lists risk factors for neurodegenerative

diseases that include genetic predispositions,

age, inflammation, metabolic

conditions, infection, diabetes, stress,

and several others.

Are You Inflamed?

Your doctor can diagnose chronic inflammation with a blood test. The most

common inflammatory markers requested in tests and used as benchmarks in

clinical trials include:

* C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (CRP): This is measured because levels can increase

just two hours after the onset of an inflammatory response.

* ERYTHROCYTE SEDIMENTATION RATE (ESR): This is a generalized indicator

that there’s inflammation in the body.

* INTERLEUKIN 6 (IL-6): This chemical is active only during the inflammatory

response, so if it’s on the rise, it’s a sign of inflammation.

How to Combat Chronic Inflammation

The good news is that there are many natural ways to tame

chronic inflammation and reduce your risk of developing

these inflammatory diseases. Here are three of the best:

❶ Curcumin

A yellow-orange pigment found in the Indian spice turmeric,

curcumin has been studied as a potential treatment for

inflammatory conditions from arthritis to Alzheimer’s

disease. Unlike pharmaceuticals that target just one

pathway of inflammation, the unique chemical composition

of curcumin provides it with a special ability to target multiple

pathways of inflammation.

Current research has found that curcumin has a positive

effect on C-reactive protein, an important blood-test marker

for systemic inflammation. Dose-escalating clinical trials of

curcumin have found that 12 grams a day for over three months

is safe. A study performed at the University of Texas M.D.

Anderson Cancer Center found that black pepper helped to

improve the bioavailability of curcumin, so look for curcumin

supplements that include black pepper in their formulas.

❷ Nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme made from fermented soybeans.

This powerful supplement benefits cardiovascular health

and joint inflammation. Specifically, this enzyme destroys

a sticky substance that allows plaques to adhere to arteries.

This process is also responsible for its anticlotting action,

which helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Boswellia serrata, commonly known as frankincense, has

been used for centuries in both religious ceremonies and for

its powerful anti-inflammatory actions. Since ancient times,

the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree has been used in the

treatment of arthritis and other types of pain.

Science is now able to back up these folk-medicine claims

by proving that this fragrant compound is able to block

5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme that can activate inflammation. A

study published by the Journal of Surgical Neurology International

assessed the combined healing properties of Boswellia and

curcumin and revealed that the combination was more effective

than the pharmaceutical diclofenac in treating osteoarthritis.

42 • NOVEMBER 2020

“I just noticed that

I was sharper, I was

starting to remember

things better!” ‡

“Even if you’re not noticing

an issue with memory loss,

I would still recommend

taking it. I just feel like it

makes you sharper and

keeps you on your toes.

I wish I had taken

Prevagen 5 or 10

years ago.” ‡


Susan, 52

Sales Management.

Marathon Runner.

Paid Testimonialist


Prevagen has been clinically shown to help with mild memory loss associated with aging. **Based on voting by Better Nutrition editors.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

44 • NOVEMBER 2020









The fragrant aroma of roasting turkey is a welcome scent on

Thanksgiving. But what do you do with the rest of that bird after

turkey sandwiches have lost their appeal? A few quick tips can

add life to leftovers long after the feast.

First, keep it simple. Some chefs may enjoy making stock out of a leftover

turkey carcass, but most of us want to keep kitchen time to a minimum.

Next, think color—deep-green spinach or broccoli, brilliant orange squash

or sweet potatoes, bright red or green peppers, and other vibrant veggies

lend a fresh look and flavor to leftovers. And don’t skimp on the spices!

Seasonings such as pungent ginger and garlic—or even spicy chili

peppers—add even more variety. Or, just try these three fast-and-fabulous

recipes that will get you through Thanksgiving weekend—and the rest

of that bird—with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 45

Turkey Vegetable Soup

Turkey Salad & Arugula

46 • NOVEMBER 2020

with Spicy Chipotle Mayo

Serves 4

on Ciabatta Rolls

Serves 4

1 Tbs. olive oil

1 medium yellow onion, chopped

½ cup light mayonnaise

1 tsp. minced chipotle pepper

1 tsp. adobo sauce (from canned

chipotle pepper)

4 medium scallions, minced

½ cup toasted pine nuts

½ cup minced green bell pepper

3 cups diced turkey (light and dark


4 cups arugula, washed and trimmed

1 large tomato, thinly sliced

4 ciabatta rolls, halved

2 large garlic cloves, minced

2 medium carrots, diced

1 large portobello mushroom, diced

2 cups broccoli florets

1 cup diced red pepper

5 cups chicken broth

1 cup dried farfalle pasta

2 cups canned crushed tomatoes

1 large zucchini, thinly sliced

3 cups cubed turkey breast

¼ cup minced fresh thyme leaves

Freshly grated Asiago cheese

½ cup oil-cured black olives

1. In large pot, heat olive oil over medium

1. In medium bowl, combine mayo,

chipotles, and adobo sauce. Stir in

scallions, pine nuts, bell pepper, and

turkey. Mix well and season to taste

with salt and pepper.

heat. Add onion and garlic, and sauté

1 minute. Stir in carrots, mushroom,

broccoli, and pepper, and cook until

tender, about 6 minutes. Add broth and

pasta, and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce

2. Place one halved roll on each of

heat, and simmer 10 minutes, until pasta

4 serving plates. Top one half of each

is tender.

roll with 1 cup arugula and several

tomato slices. Top other half of each roll

with turkey salad. Garnish with black

olives, and serve immediately.

Per serving: 560 cal; 32g prot; 23g total fat

2. Stir in tomatoes, zucchini, and turkey,

and cook 3–5 minutes, until zucchini

is tender. Stir in thyme and Asiago

cheese, and season to taste with salt

and pepper.

(2.5g sat. fat); 60g carb; 65mg chol; 870mg sod;

Per serving 440 cal; 36g prot; 15g total fat

2g fiber; 6g sugar

(6g sat. fat); 42g carb; 75mg chol; 1360mg sod;

7g fiber; 15g sugar

Rice Pilaf with Turkey

Serves 4

1 Tbs. olive oil

1 small leek, washed and thinly sliced

4 garlic cloves, finely minced

1 cup cubed butternut squash

½ cup wild rice

½ cup brown rice

2½ cups low-sodium chicken broth

2 cups cubed turkey (light and dark


½ cup dried cranberries

½ cup chopped, toasted walnuts

3 cups baby spinach leaves

¼ cup minced fresh basil

1. Heat olive oil in saucepan over medium

heat. Add leeks, and sauté 3 minutes.

Add garlic, and sauté 2 minutes more.

Stir in squash, wild rice, brown rice, and

broth. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and

simmer, covered, 40 minutes, until rice is

just done.

2. Stir in turkey, cranberries, and walnuts,

and cook 5 minutes. Stir in spinach

leaves and basil, and remove from heat.

Cover and let stand 3 minutes, or until

spinach is wilted. Season to taste with

salt and pepper if desired.

Per serving: 440 cal; 22g prot; 15g total fat

(2g sat. fat); 56g carb; 40mg chol; 135mg sod;

5g fiber; 14g sugar

Photo: (previous spread and this page)


— with —

HRG80 Red Ginseng

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in both




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FORM for

improved greater absorption!

Whole root

red ginseng for full

spectrum benefits

Delivers 7X more rare,

noble ginsenosides †† , shown

to be 17 times more absorbable †

Ultra-clean process;

Grown without


Try HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy to

Feel Energized Every Day! *

†Compared to classic ginsenosides in an in-vitro scientific (Caco-2) study. ††Compared to the rare, noble ginsenoside content of conventional ginseng.




QMy daughter and I love

eating nuts, especially

during the holidays. But we

usually try to hold ourselves

back and refrain from eating them. I

have metabolic syndrome and think

that nuts probably aren’t good for my

condition. My daughter thinks that they

are fattening. Are we right about nuts?

48 • NOVEMBER 2020

answers to your food questions

Are There Benefits to

Going Nuts with Your Diet?

As long as you aren’t allergic or don’t binge on them, these

nutrient-packed morsels are some of the best foods you can eat.


No. The truth about nuts is quite contrary

to what you and your daughter

believe. According to the research,

nuts and seeds are some of the best

foods you can eat for overall health,

metabolic syndrome, and weight loss!

To Avoid Nuts Is Just Plain Nuts

Most people don’t realize it, but a low

intake of nuts in the diet is a major

killer. The 2017 Global Burden

of Disease Study, the most

comprehensive analysis of

the causes of death ever

undertaken, involved nearly 500

researchers and examined nearly

100,000 data sources. The study calculated

that not eating enough nuts and

seeds was a leading dietary risk factor

for death and disability around the

world, killing more people than processed

meat consumption, and more

than low intake of fiber and vegetables.

In fact, eating more vegetables could

potentially save 1.8 million lives, but

eating more nuts and seeds might

save 2.5 million, according to the

study. The research also found

that the healthy foods missing

from the most diets around the

world actually are nuts and seeds!


What’s a Realistic Serving?

The key to reaping the benefits of nuts is to eat them in moderation.

All it takes is a ½ oz. to 1 oz. serving daily up to five days a week. The

following amounts equal 1 oz:

didn’t eat these foods. A study conducted

in 2013 found that people who consumed

more than two servings of nuts per week

had a 32 percent lower risk of metabolic

syndrome than those who never or almost

never consumed nuts.


24 almonds

18 medium cashews

12 hazelnuts,

8 medium Brazil nuts

12 macadamia nuts

What Makes Nuts So Healthy?

They’re a source of healthy fats, dietary

fiber, and vegetable protein, and they

also contain numerous heart-protective

vitamins and minerals, including

vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, vitamin B 6


magnesium, zinc, copper, and potassium.

Nuts contain the nonessential amino

acid arginine, which plays an important

role in protecting the inner lining of

the arterial walls, and they also contain

phytochemicals, biologically active plant

chemicals with high antioxidant properties

that help protect against disease.

Fewer Deaths From All Causes

Higher nut intake is also associated with

less cancer risk and decreased risk of

death from all causes, including diabetes,

respiratory disease, neurodegenerative

disease, and infections. The authors of

the 2017 meta-analysis wrote: “These

findings support recommendations to

increase intake of nuts to reduce the risk

of chronic diseases and premature mortality

in the general population.”

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Research points to nuts being beneficial in

the prevention and treatment of diabetes

and metabolic syndrome. Nuts are low in

carbohydrates and don’t raise blood sugar

14–15 walnut or pecan halves

35 peanuts (technically a

legume but with a similar

nutrient profile to

tree nuts).

Raw or sprouted nuts are healthiest. Eat them as they are, or

toast in the oven (below 350°F). Dry-roasted nuts are the next

best option. Avoid nuts roasted in vegetable or seed oils (e.g.,

soybean oil) and salted or sugared nuts.

Keep these nutrient-dense morsels at room temp to

have grab-and-go foods around. If you’re storing a lot

of nuts, refrigerate or freeze to keep fresh.

levels much. Therefore,

substituting nuts for

higher-carb foods is a good strategy

for lowering blood sugar levels.

Several studies have shown that

blood sugar, blood pressure, and other

health markers improve when people

with type 2 diabetes and metabolic

syndrome include nuts in their diet.

Research suggests that nuts may exert

beneficial effects on metabolic syndrome

by improving inflammation, the balance

between free radicals and antioxidants,

and impaired functioning of the lining

of blood vessels. These mechanisms in

turn can improve insulin sensitivity

and secretion, and decrease the risk

of diabetes, unhealthy blood lipid levels,

abdominal obesity, and hypertension,

all components of metabolic syndrome.

Prevent Metabolic Syndrome,

a Prediabetes Condition

Eating nuts also lowers the risk of

developing metabolic syndrome. One

cross-sectional study of 13,292 participants

reported that people who ate tree nuts

and nut butter had a lower prevalence

of metabolic syndrome and four of its

components—abdominal obesity,

hypertension, elevated blood sugar, and

low HDL cholesterol—than those who

A Strong Heart

Two large epidemiological studies—

after adjusting for other coronary heart

disease risk factors—linked the intake

of five or more servings (five ounces)

of nuts per week to a 35–50 percent

reduction in risk of coronary heart

disease incidence and death.

Staving Off Weight Gain—

or Boosting It

Increasing nut consumption

by just half a serving (½

ounce per day) is associated

with less long-term weight gain

and a lower risk for obesity in adults,

according to a large, long-term observational

study, published in the online

journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention &

Health in 2019. Replacing unhealthy

foods, such as processed meats, French

fries, and potato chips with half a serving

of nuts may be a simple strategy to

stave off the gradual weight gain that

often accompanies the aging process,

the authors of the study write.

Even though nuts are a concentrated

source of fat and calories, research

indicates that eating moderate amounts

of them either has no significant effect

on body weight or actually helps prevent

weight gain—and sometimes even

promote weight loss.

In a study of overweight women,

those eating almonds lost nearly three

times as much weight and experienced

a significantly greater decrease in

waist size compared to those who

didn’t eat them. The few trials that

have contrasted weight loss through

meal plans that include or exclude nuts

indicate more compliance and weight

loss when nuts are part of the diet.

Many researchers believe that nuts

may help with weight control for the

following reasons:

NOVEMBER 2020 • 49






Chewing nuts takes some effort, leaving

less energy for eating other foods.

The high fiber content of nuts

delays stomach emptying, which

provides a longer-lasting sense of

satiety and fullness.

A portion of fat stays trapped

within the nut’s fibrous wall during

digestion, and your body doesn’t

absorb all of the calories in nuts.

The Nutrition Facts on a package

of almonds may indicate that a

1-ounce serving has 160–170

calories, but your body

absorbs only about 129 of

these calories.

There is some evidence

that the high unsaturated

fat content of nuts increases

resting energy expenditure,

which may help ward off weight gain.


We’re all biochemically unique, so keep in mind two exceptions to the

research indicating that nuts are beneficial for health:

❶ If you are allergic to one or more kinds of nuts, you shouldn’t eat them.

Eating your specific food allergens is dangerous to your health.

❷ If you are a compulsive eater or binge-eater who starts to munch on

nuts and can’t stop, avoid eating nuts until you reach a maintenance stage

of treating this condition and nuts no longer trigger overeating.

In either of these cases, seeds can sometimes be good substitutes for nuts.

Seeds—other than perhaps sesame seeds—generally do not cause allergic

reactions as much as nuts do. Also, some people who binge on nuts

are not triggered in the same way to overeat seeds.


Nuts have prebiotic

properties: their high

levels of fiber and polyphenols

(types of phytochemicals)

are metabolized by

gut microorganisms, which helps

improve gut microbiome balance

and intestinal health. Researchers

believe these effects also help with

weight control.


Delicious &


Plant Based, Zero Fat, Great with Recipes!

Eco-Friendly, Vitamin Packed, Vegan



You know you need magnesium for

healthy bones. But this important

mineral—the fourth most abundant

in the human body—plays a key

role in many other, equally crucial

physiological processes. The majority

of your body’s magnesium is stored

in your bones; the rest is distributed

in muscles, tissues, and bodily fluids,

where it takes part in hundreds of

enzymatic reactions. In addition to *

bone health, magnesium is essential

for energy production, nerve function,

muscle contraction and relaxation,

heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood

glucose levels, and more.

And if you find yourself irritable,

stressed and downright depressed

during the hyped-up holiday season,

this critical mineral may help. Studies

suggest that adequate magnesium

intake can calm stress, improve mood,

and enhance sleep. Some highlights:

* Stress and anxiety. Magnesium plays

a key role in regulating the body’s

response to stress. Chronic physical

or mental stress depletes your body

of magnesium, and low magnesium

levels intensify stress—creating a

vicious cycle. Magnesium modulates

activity of the body’s stress response

system, and studies suggest increasing

magnesium intake may reduce

anxiety, ease stress, and minimize

the response to fear.


* Mood and depression. Magnesium

is important for many of the

pathways, enzymes, hormones, and

neurotransmitters involved in mood

regulation, and it’s also associated

52 • NOVEMBER 2020

foods & meals that heal

Don’t Stress It

With Magnesium

Sleep, anxiety, and depression—magnesium helps improve all of them,

and most of us don’t get enough. BY LISA TURNER

with inflammation, known to play

a part in symptoms of depression.

Studies link low magnesium intake

with a higher risk for depression,

and suggest increasing magnesium

can significantly improve symptoms

of depression and anxiety—in

some cases, as effectively as an

antidepressant drug.

Sleep. Magnesium interacts with

GABA, a neurotransmitter that

reduces the activity of neurons in

the brain, quieting and calming the

nervous system and encouraging

sleep. It also impacts melatonin,

the hormone that influences the

body’s sleep-wake cycles, and relaxes

muscles to induce deeper sleep.

Studies suggest that magnesium

improves total sleep time and

quality, and shortens the time it

takes to fall asleep.

As important as magnesium is,

many of us don’t get enough—an

estimated 56–68 percent of Americans

fail to meet the recommended daily

intakes of 310–320 mg for women and

400–420 mg for men. Make sure you’re

getting what you need—especially

during the stress-filled holidays. Pile

your plate with these seven sources of

magnesium for a more peaceful season.

Chard is abundant in magnesium,

as well as calcium, antioxidants,

and other important nutrients.

One cup of cooked chard has 150 mg

of magnesium, about half the RDA for

women. Spinach, kale, and other dark,

leafy greens are also excellent sources.

Recipe Tips: Finely shred chard and toss

with blueberries, goat cheese, slivered

almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette;

blanch whole chard leaves and use as

a wrapper for cooked red lentils and

quinoa; purée cooked chard with tahini,

olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic for a

magnesium-rich dip.

2Black beans are an excellent

source of magnesium, as well

as protein, fiber, and polyphenol

antioxidants. One cup of cooked black

beans has 120 mg of magnesium,

and white beans are equally high.

Chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils

are also good sources.

Recipe Tips: Toss black beans with

minced scallions, red peppers, corn,

and avocado cubes; purée black beans

with salsa, heat until bubbly, then top

with jalapeño peppers and cheese for

a warm, spicy dip; sauté black beans,

onions, and cooked cubed sweet potato

in olive oil with garlic and cumin, then

top with cilantro.

3Almonds are one of the

highest nut sources of magnesium,

with about 97 mg in a quartercup

serving. They’re also rich in healthy

monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.

Cashews, pine nuts, peanuts, and walnuts

are also good sources of magnesium.

Recipe Tips: Combine almonds, pumpkin

seeds, and flax seeds in a high-powered

blender or food processor and grind

into a magnesium-rich flour alternative;

purée almond butter with frozen

bananas, spinach, and milk or soy milk;

sauté slivered almonds with edamame,

shredded spinach, leeks, and garlic.

4Pumpkin seeds are exceptionally

high in magnesium, with

162 mg in a quarter-cup serving.

They’re also good sources of iron, zinc,

vitamin E, and B vitamins.

Recipe Tips: Toss pumpkin seeds, finely

chopped kale, shredded carrots, and

sliced radishes with an Asian vinaigrette;

purée pumpkin seeds, spinach,

and garlic into a paste, and toss with

zucchini noodles or cooked pasta; combine

pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds,

chia seeds, coconut oil, coconut sugar,

and cinnamon, then bake until golden

for a grain-free granola.


5Flaxseeds are rich in magnesium,

with 120 mg in just three

tablespoons. They’re also high in

fiber, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants.

Chia, hemp, and sesame seeds are also

excellent sources of magnesium.

Recipe Tips: Mix ground flaxseeds with

almond butter, almond milk, honey,

cinnamon, and raisins, then form into

cookies and bake; make vegan burgers

with puréed black beans, flaxseeds,

minced onions, garlic, and spices; combine

whole flaxseeds, rolled oats, and

vanilla yogurt, and refrigerate overnight

for an instant next-day breakfast.

6Avocados have a decent

amount of magnesium, with

about 67 mg per cup. And they’re

rich in healthy monounsaturated fats,

as well as fiber, potassium, folate, and

vitamin K.

Recipe Tips: Combine mashed avocados

with garlic and minced rosemary,

and spread into endive leaves; make

bruschetta with sliced avocado, chopped

cherry tomatoes, shallots, basil, and

toasted whole-grain baguette; toss diced

avocado with cubed watermelon, feta

cheese, and baby spinach.

7Edamame are a great source

of magnesium, with about 100 mg

magnesium in 1 cup of cooked

and shelled edamame. They’re also high

in protein, fiber, iron, and vitamin C.

Other forms of soy, such as tofu and

make it!

Roasted Red Pepper & Black Bean Soup

Serves 6

In addition to the magnesium punch from black beans, this hearty recipe features red

bell peppers, which provide more than twice the amount of vitamin C and 11 times

more beta carotene than green peppers. And one large bell pepper has just 44 calories.

¼ cup finely chopped cilantro

¼ cup sour cream (or nondairy sour

cream for a vegan version)

5 large red bell peppers

1½ tsp. olive oil

2 large onions, thinly sliced

3 cloves garlic, minced

¾ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pepper

2½ cups water

1 10.5-oz. can black beans, rinsed and


1. Preheat broiler.

2. In small bowl, stir together cilantro and

sour cream. Transfer to bowl and chill

until ready to serve.

3. Cut bell peppers lengthwise, and place

skin-side up on broiler pan. Broil 4 inches

from heat until skin is blackened,

tempeh, are also rich in magnesium.

Recipe Tips: Purée edamame, white

beans, spinach, cashew butter, garlic,

and lemon juice into a hummus-inspired

dip; toss edamame with cumin,

about 12 minutes. When peppers are

cool enough to handle, peel them with

sharp knife.

4. In nonstick Dutch oven, heat oil over

medium-high heat. Stir in onions,

garlic, salt, and black pepper, and sauté

until onions are softened slightly,

about 2 minutes.

5. Add bell peppers and water to pan.

Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to

medium-low, and cook until peppers and

onions are very tender, about 10 minutes.

6. In food processor or blender, purée

soup. Return purée to saucepan. Add

beans, and cook over medium heat

until warmed through. Serve soup

topped with cilantro cream.

Per serving: 140 cal; 5g prot; 3g total fat

(1g sat fat); 22g carb; 5mg chol; 340mg sod;

7g fiber; 8g sugar

cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and olive oil

and bake until golden; simmer edamame,

leeks, white sweet potatoes, and

celery in broth until tender, then purée

into a creamy soup.

NOVEMBER 2020 • 53


did you know ...

Fruits are a terrific and

The leaves are down, healthy companion to

the wind is blowing, savory dishes. They add

and the fireplace is flavor without adding

getting a workout. But fat—and you can impress

for me, November is your guests with your

just a lead-in to the gourmet flair!

food holiday of the


One of my all-time favorite seasonal

side dishes is a Cranberry, Pear, and

Orange Relish. It gooses a turkey, makes

54 • NOVEMBER 2020

eating clean made easy

Relish These Fall Fruits

Cranberries, pears, and oranges shine in this

healthy-and-delicious Thanksgiving side.


a ham shine, and

dazzles alongside a

cornbread stuffing.

And it’s even better for


it with sliced turkey,

sliced avocado, and

watercress between

two pieces of multi-grain bread, and you

have a healthy sandwich that delivers

maximum pleasure.

make it!

Cranberry, Pear, & Orange Relish

Makes 3 cups (6 servings)

2 12-oz. bags fresh cranberries

3 semi-ripe pears, preferably Comice

or D’Anjou

1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice

2 large navel oranges

¼ cup organic honey

2 Tbs. sugar

1 Tbs. finely chopped, peeled fresh ginger

1. Rinse cranberries, and place in heavy

saucepan. Peel and core pears with

sharp knife, then cut into half-inch dice.

Toss with lemon juice.

2. With vegetable peeler, remove rind from

one orange with a shallow cut, being

careful to take only the orange part, not

the white pith underneath. Using very

sharp knife, cut ring strips crosswise into

a thin julienne. Measure out 2 Tbs., and

discard the rest.

3. Cut away pith from peeled orange,

and entire rind from remaining orange.

Working over a bowl, cut segments

from both oranges between membranes,

allowing segments and juices to fall

into bowl.

4. Add julienned rind, orange segments,

and juice to saucepan with cranberries.

Add pears, honey, sugar, and ginger.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, then

reduce heat and simmer, stirring often,

until cranberries soften, about

15 minutes.

5. When cranberries are soft but still mostly

intact, increase heat to medium-high,

and boil, stirring constantly, 3–4 minutes,

until some liquid is reduced and relish

reaches desired consistency.

6. Remove from heat and keep refrigerated

until ready to serve.

Per serving: 200 cal; 1g prot; 0g total fat

(0g sat fat); 52g carb; 0mg chol; 0mg sod;

9g fiber; 35g sugar



During the low-fat craze of the ’80s, people

would routinely scarf down humongous

“no-fat” blueberry muffins, thinking they

were consuming healthy fare when in

fact they were consuming close to 1,000

calories of processed carbs that turned

out to be way more of a health hazard

than fat ever was. What a fiasco.

Classic bakery muffins are loaded

with sugar, not to mention high-calorie

butter, and they rarely contain much,

if any, fiber. In fact, muffins are pretty

56 • NOVEMBER 2020

recipe makeovers full of modern flavor

Eat Your Veggie—Muffins!

These high-fiber, low-sugar seasonal treats are a huge nutritional step

up from your typical bakery muffins.


much the dictionary definition of a

high-calorie, low-nutrient food. But

not so with these gems. They’re high

in fiber and other nutrients from the

sweet potatoes, and there’s only ½ cup

of sugar in the entire recipe. Best of all

the taste is out of this world—sweet

and spicy at the same time. Although

you can use this recipe to make

regular-sized muffins, making “mini”

muffins can help with portion control.

This is comfort food that makes sense!

Notes from the Clean Food Coach:

Another option for turning out muffins that don’t stick is to use silicone muffin

pans. If you bake a lot, it’s worth it to invest in a set. They’re inexpensive, nonreactive

and allow you to release muffins made of even the stickiest ingredients

with relative ease. Because they are so flexible, it’s safest to draw them off the

oven rack straight onto a cookie sheet for support once the muffins are baked.

make it!

High-Fiber Sweet Potato


Makes 18 mini-muffins

4 Tbs. butter, softened

(or coconut oil)

½ cup sugar (or Lakanto

for a lower glycemic load)

2 large eggs

1 cup applesauce

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1½ cups oat flour (or wheat flour,

use whole wheat pastry flour

to increase the fiber)

½ cup toasted wheat germ

¼ cup ground flaxseed

1 tsp. ground cardamom

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. baking soda

¼ tsp. salt

3 cups grated sweet potato

1. Preheat oven to 375°F and spray

a mini-muffin tin with cooking oil.

Set aside.

2. In mixer, cream butter and sugar

together. Add eggs, applesauce, and

vanilla, and beat until smooth.

3. In medium bowl, whisk together

flour, wheat germ, flaxseed,

cardamom, cinnamon, baking

soda, and salt.

4. Add dry mix to wet mix and beat

on low until just incorporated.

Gently fold in sweet potato by hand

until evenly distributed. Pour batter

into tins, and bake 20–25 minutes,

or until a toothpick inserted in

center comes out clean.

Per serving: 120 cal; 3g prot; 4.5g total fat

(2g sat fat); 18g carb; 25mg chol; 140mg

sod; 2g fiber; 8g sugar


Faster Absorbed ◊ . Better Absorbed ◊ . Longer Lasting ◊ .





Sleep Ease

Helps you fall asleep quicker and

stay asleep longer so you get a

good night’s rest.* †

Brain Works

Helps support mild memory

and focus problems

associated with aging*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

NovaSOL® is a trademark of AQUANOVA AG, Germany. Pharma GABA® is a registered trademark of Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd. Venetron® is a registered trademark of Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd.

BacoMind® is a trademark of Natural Remedies Private Ldt. Exclusively distributed by AIDP in North America. Licaps is a trademark of Lonza or its affiliates. ◊ Compared to native curcumin extract. †For occasional sleeplessness



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